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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  November 30, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PST

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proceedings? >> reporter: fred, according to sources the white house was using this time to mull over and review this invitation. but they do say that these while a final decision hasn't been made, they are leaning toward not having any white house counsel represented here in these impeachment hearings. and this is interesting for a multitude of reasons. a big one being that president trump and his allies have said that this is an unfair process because he wasn't allowed to have representation in the behind the scenes hearings and as well as the public hearings. so this letter youts lines th y opportunity to cross-examine in-witnesses, to submit other outside evidence to suggest other witnesses and even a possible opportunity for president trump himself to cr s cross-examicros cross-examine some of the
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witnesses. but there a lot of discretion in the letter that is up to chairman nadler. and essentially a line that says if the white house chooses to stone walling or not allow some of these top aides to testify, then augu all of these invitations could be revoked by the committee. so that could be a factory here into the fact that they might not send counsel. when you look at the fact that we know president trump does not want his aides to testify, although he has said on testify but he can't set a precedent for future presidents would render them moot if that is what they did decide to do. >> all right, kristen holmes, thank you so much. so democrats are debating how broadly to draft the articles of impeachment. and sophia nelson is with me now. you have said that you think that narrowing the articles of impeachment is a bad idea for democrats. why? >> well, i think that again the central question before the
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congress ultimately the senate and the american people is did the president abuse his office. did he do something worthy of impeachment. i think that to narrowly focus on ukraine which of course has been be the center focus in the intelligence committee is a good focus but then it denies everything else that this president has done that we all think is pretty unpresidential if you will. right? number one, let's go to emoluments violations. the secret service, other federal agencies have spent millions since this president has taken office at trump properties when he goes to golf for example. that is a violation of the emoluments clausz. the g7 summit had to be moved, they couldn't put it at doral like he wanted because the pushback was so clouds. t loud. and then you have obstruction of justice. the mueller report, there were ten instances where they said
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that they would have prosecuted or moved on recommends. so i think that there are at least three to four articles that they should put together because i think that they might get republican report on some of them. >> and so not just stemming from say the ukranian investigation or, you know, allegations of wrongdoing involving ukraine, but you are talking about the mueller report. so obstruction of justice, obstruction of congress, emoluments -- >> absolutely. and i think that fits in no are with what is going on here. i think that central question again, i want to frame this for folks at home, do on we want a president who says i'll give you the money if you investigate our political opponent. >> and you see that as precedent
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setting if it means that the body -- the american people, congress, says that it is okay for the president do that, but the flip side of that argument, the white house is afraid that it is precedent setting in their view to allow members of the white house counsel to be a part of this process when the president has already said that this is an i will jl illegitima process and a scam. >> and judge jackson last week said it best. we do not have kings in america. president trumps are not kings. there is not unlimited powers. and at the end of the day, the issue about we're going to set a precedent here about what a president can do and what he or she cannot do. and if we allow this and i said this yesterday, if we can't impeach donald trump on the litany of things that i've listed, you will never be able to impeach an american president because this gentleman has violated so many things and so
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many rules and so many northerns of our constitution that if you can't impeach him and remove him, you may as well remove impeachment all together. >> so sounds like you are saying there is even more at stake if none of those things are done. >> everything is at stake. america is at stake. the republic for which it stands is at stake. who we are in front of the rest of the world and in front of our young people the next generation is do we allow high crimes and other misdemeanor, do we allow bribery and treason to happen or do we hold those that we suspect to have done so accountable by impeaching? and then having a trial. and the last point, the president can't say it is an unfair process and then when the house invites him to testify and have his counsel present, they decide maybe that they are not going to do it and instead they will deflect and attack. you can't have it both ways. >> so sophia nelson, always great to see you. and happy holiday weekend.
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and meanwhile republicans are also strategizing as they try to defend president trump's constant attacks on the process. here with me now, congressman charlie dent. under earlier this week that you have heard privately from forger republican colleagues that they are disgusted and exhausted by the president's behavior. so how might that influence the road ahead on this impeachment process? >> yeah, clearly they are frustrated and disgusted. thoughtful ones will say that the conduct has been at the very least inappropriate, but doesn't rise to the level of impeachment. some others will argue about the process, it has been unfair, they will say adam schiff is a terrible person and all those things. i don't think that that is a particularly effective argument. but the first argument i made that this doesn't rise to the level of impeachment even though the conduct is terrible, that is probably their best argument although it is not a great
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argument. >> why is that good argument? that okay, inappropriate, bad, wrong, but doesn't rise to the level of impeachment when you look at all that is being laid out particularly reaching out to a foreign government to influence potentially u.s. election. >> i said it was their best argument, i didn't say it was a good argument. >> but that is the one that they will stick with. >> look, bottom line is this, these guys know that the facts are terrible. and they can't defend on the facts. and so that is why they are simply resorting to that defense. i think many of them would prefer there be some kind of a censure resolution because they know that had a democratrd just done a fraction of what president trump has been accused of, they would be screaming for impeachment right now. they know that.
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>> so what will the whispering behind closed doors translate to? what kind of action might it lead to? >> i don't think that it will lead to much of anything unless the democrat decide hey, we shouldn't pursue a partisan impeachment because that is what it appears that it will be in the house, if they retreat and say let's at just get a censure on the record, then i think that you could actually see some bipartisan support for this whole process. again, i was never a great fan of censure. i didn't think it was the greatest idea in the world. but maybe now is the time to bring that out. you could always do both if you wanted to. >> so it is a tough political position sounds like what you are laying out. that is what some are feeling, that it is a tough political position because the president seemingly unwavering support from republican voters seems very impressive. and a new cnn poll out this week showing that 89% of republicans approve of how he is handling
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his job as president. so will that polling have to change so that it would provoke republican lawmakers to act differently? >> i do think that is correct that the polling would have to change. but every time see that number, that 90% of republicans support the president, what we never talk about those are people who self identify as republican. there are fewer people identifying as republican. and i think that there is a diminished base. so the president is enjoying a broader greater support among a smaller and diminished base. and again, if you talk to republicans, they know that there are problems with independents and moderate voters. look, we just looked at three elections since donald trump became president in 2016 where republicans have just been bleeding badly in the suburbs.
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>> so are those things be flewing? >> i don't know thatting it. but if i'm a republican doing a political calculation, i saw 2017, 2018 and 2019 were bad republican years and now moving in to 2020, the president is a base mobilizer for the democrats. the best hope is that democrats nominate someone like elizabeth warren. then i think that could diminish some of the president's -- that coulddy miles per hour his weakness in the suburbs a little bit. it could help them actually limit those losses in some of the areas if they go -- if the democrats insist on going hard left with a nominee. somebody more send terrorist, i think republicans are very nervous right now. >> charlie dent, thank you so much. happy holidays. >> thank you. still ahead, a whale tusk
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we continue to follow new developments in the london terror attack and the heroic acts of bystanders who likely prevented further carnage. this is video of the surreal moment brave witnesses confronted the armed suspect. one man spras him wisprays him extinguisher and another hits him with a what i what i will t. and investigators believe that the suspect acted alone. >> at this time we found no evidence, no evidence, to suggest anybody else was involved in this attack. however we're still making extensive inquiries to ensure that no one else was involved. our priority at this time is to
10:16 am
ensome you are thure no one is outstanding threat to the public. to this end we've carried out two searches at addresses. and we now know that the attack began inside the fish monger hole just before 2:00 p.m. yesterday. and the attacker stabbed a number of people inside the building and as a result five people have suffered injuries. three people, a man and two women, were injured and remain in hospital. >> mark, what more are you learning about this terror attack? >> reporter: we know that the authorities had knowledge of this man, of course it was public knowledge that he was a terrorist, convicted in 2012 at the age of 19. he was one of a gang of several men involved in what was known always the stock exchange plot, a plot to put pipe bombs in well-known areas of london and cause as much destruction as
10:17 am
possible. he was sentenced, and the judge presided said that there was a definite period that he would serve because he posed such a threat. but on appeal in 2013, that sentence was changed and it was lowered. he won an appeal and that meant that he had a fixed term which is why he came out of jail some saying far too early, less than seven years after serving a 16 year given sentence. so just under half of what he should have done. hence the reason with the tagging that he had, the surveillance that he was having, police knew who he was, so people of the highest office in britain say that the system isn't fit for purpose. >> this guy was out, he served half of his sentence, out on early release and i have long said that this system simply isn't working. it does not make sense for us as a society to be putting people
10:18 am
who are convicted the serious violent offenses on early release. and we argue that people should serve the term of which they are sentenced. that is my immediate takeaway from this. and that is why we're committed to increasing the sentences for serious and violent offenders. >> and in the worst of times of course often we see the best of what human kind has to offer. incredible scenes when several members of the public took the incidents into their own hands and bravely without thinking of their own safety piled into disarm the assailant with the weapon. of course a knife was taken from him. we now understand from the british transport police that the gentleman that took that was a plain clothes officer. but as you said, people even prior to that that took implements from the water, a
10:19 am
fire extinguisher, to try to stop the terrorist act. unfortunately, we have lost two members of the british public and potentially serious injuries to dlee othethree others. >> mark bolton, thank you so much. still ahead, severe weather is striking in the u.s. flash flooding sweeps away three children in a car stranded on an island in arizona. police are on the scene right now leading search and rescue efforts. this as intense winter storms are affecting as many as 40 million people. powerful winds, heavy snow blocking travelers from returning home from the weekend. we'll have a live update. mucinex cold & flu all-in-one. fights... oh no. no-no-no. did you really need the caps lock? mucinex cold and flu all-in-one.
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the search is on for three children who were swept away during a flash flood in central arizona. the kids were in a vehicle that was trying to cross a creek and was caught in the floodwaters. helicopters are scouring the area in search of the kids. natasha chen is joining me with more on this. so these floods are part of a much bigger system that is on
10:24 am
the move. >> that's right. so we have 40 million people across the country ucnder a winter weather alert now. and the major problem is the northeast will be hit starting tomorrow and that system is coming from the west coast where that storm has already reeked havoc. it has been a dangerous weekend for holiday travelers. take a look at this semi truck in colorado springs, this is the moment that high winds knocked it over as the truck sat on the side of the highway. high wind warning lasts through saturday afternoon. and in arizona, they are looking for three missing children in a flooded creek. nine people were in a military style vehicle friday afternoon which was swept away. and two adults and four children were rescued, about you thrbut
10:25 am
kids remain missing. in and in san diego, a swift water rescue team is seen using a raft to get everyone out of the van. and heavy snow in southern california closed six flags. but deputies responded to a few backup requests for snow ball fights. and up in fran,in san francisco rac rainbow appeared. and now it will move to the northeast. new york city is getting ready to get hit with unto 2 feet of snow. massachusetts may get 12 inches. so a lot of focus on people tomorrow traveling home from thanksgiving. so best of luck to everyone. >> a lot of folks will be having to stay put. let's check in with ivanka brey came breyer wra to get more on that on what people can expect.
10:26 am
>> yeah, quite the storm. it will head to the northeast but first it will dump snow across minnesota and northern wisconsin. here it will be the blowing snow because the winds are going to be 40, 50, 60 miles per hour. and we'll forward the clock to sunday morning as everything winds up. now we are talking heavy rain along the coast, windy conditions as well. we'll have a period of a wintry mix that will be freezing rain and so we are talking icing and also sleet. and on the northern colder side of the storm, definitely talking snow and it could be significant. this is going to be tricky here for massachusetts as it always is. north and west of boston, that is where the totals will be heftier. but even into boston prop, we
10:27 am
could be looking at anywhere from 4 to 6 inches of snowfall. and then of course all this snow all the wind, and the rain, and everything else, we are going future red across the northeast. if you do nopt wat want to trav your airline may be taking care of you as we have waivers now with multiple airlines. so my suggestion if you can, put it off until tuesday. much quieter conditions by then. >> great advice. ivan, thank you so much. and still ahead, joe biden set to kick off his tour of iowa in a matter of hours. it is a crucial state to win the 2020 election. can he gain momentum or will voters place their bets on another candidate? one of the products i helped develop at 3m was a more secure diaper closure. there were babies involved... and they weren't saying much. that's what we do at 3m, we listen to people,
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just a few hours from now,
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former vice president joe biden will embark on an 18 county bus tour. campaign officials are calling the blitz the no malarky tour. and it is intended to provide voters a more up close and personal view of candidate biden. and while his popularity may not be surging in iowa, but he is on the top on the national level. and a recent cnn poll shows biden leading the other top tier candidates by double digits. and joining me is maria cardona and charlie dent. good to see you both. so charlie, mayor bootigieg has enjoyed a huge surge in iowa, but nationally biden is still on top. so what drives biden's frontrunner status nationally and how might his bus tour help him in iowa? >> well, joe biden has clearly broad support among democratic primary voters. the question is how deep is that
10:33 am
support. but of course we don't have a national election in this country, we have 50 state elections. and i think that right now the news for the vice president at least in iowa is not very good .buttigieg is surging. and that is why biden is now going to go there on this bus tour. so really the question for the vice president is, you know, how deep is that support because it seems that many voters are looking for perhaps an alternative to joe biden. although i think that he has hung in there pretty well so far and he is stronger than i thought he would be at this point. >> and earlier today i spoke with a democratic congressman who announced on this show that he is endorsing biden. listen. >> i want joe biden to be our next president. i want somebody that comes from the middle class, from the working american, to be our president, who understands who it is to try to make it in america as a family working in a factory, in a construction site,
10:34 am
in an office, trying to provide health care. that is joe biden. he is standing shoulder to shoulder with obama during those eight years. caring about our veterans, caring about the working men and women. so yeah, i'm all in for joe biden. >> and i represents california and he is throwing his support behind biden and not kamala harris. any significance to in a? >> she's run into a lot of problems recently. bullpen i think that but we have to remember that conventional wisdom is out the window. the state of the race is still very fluid. and i don't think that people will really pay 100% attention until after the holidays. that is why for joe biden to go into iowa is really smart
10:35 am
because charlie is right that he needs to have a really good showing in iowa even though right now he is tied for second place among three, not a bad place to be. and the flip side is also true. how deep is the support for any one candidate in iowa where we have even quite a few democraews be on top of several polls. so you go back to the fluidity of this. and both for biden and even kamala harris. it is not the end until it is the end. i think if everybody focuses on doing whatever they can in iowa and new hampshire and in the two other early states, which by the way joe biden is incredibly strong there and has been on top for several months, so we'll see what happens when people really start paying attention.
10:36 am
>> and almost all the candidates will run into some speed bumps and some are lucky enough to ride the wave on top. they are getting some really great attention. but at the same time, you see for mayor pete, he is running into a little friction now. people are being a bit more critical about his recent ad that paints tuition free public college as something too radical. listen. >> i believe that we should move to make college affordable for everybody. there is some voices saying that that doesn't count unless you go even further, unless it is free even for the kid s of millionaires. but i only want to make promises that we can keep. >> so is he alienating some voters because of his points of view? >> i think that is a pretty effective ad. in fact, sure, pete buttigieg will run into problems with the far left who want to give everything away.
10:37 am
free health care, college, everything is free. that is the fantasy world. and that is why i think pete buttigieg has some people to those who know that there isn't a free lunch everywhere. i think that he is right. we need support to those who have the need rather than to everyone. and some of the far left won't like this, but it is a good message. >> and alexandria ocasio-cortez is accusing of using gop talking points. charlie you like what he is saying but does that and i will h ali alienate him? >> and yeah, and he is a republican, a sensible moderate republican which i love, but he is a republican and he is using the talking points that
10:38 am
buttigieg is putting out there. and the reason i'm pointing that out is i think it is dangerous. for buttigieg or frankly any other democrat to be out there describing what other candidates' positions might be and though he doesn't name any names, we all know who he was talking about. and because in the end, let's say buttigieg is our nominee. i can tell you one thing, every other republican perhaps not charlie dent, but every other republican will be attacking buttigieg for being a socialist, for being a radical for wanting to give things away for the things that he said even in that ad that he wants to make college affordable for everybody. and then they can use exactly the talking points that buttigieg talked about against him. i think that it is dangerous for democrats to be going after each other in those kinds of terms. you can talk about what fopete broot judge wa buttigieg wants do, but doing it
10:39 am
in a way that we can all afford without going after other candidates. >> and let's switch gears. daniel stella has been permanently suspended from twitter after she said that omar should be tried for treason and hanged. so charlie, what is the message to that region and to your pa y party? what support has she had or maybe continues to have? >> well, danielle made an error. look, when you are running against somebody like ilhan omar, it is really not hard to run a campaign based on the incendiary comments that omar ma has made. why chase down some conspiracy theory or something floating out there in social media and use that as a basis of attack. a terrible blunder.
10:40 am
you beat these extreme candidates from the center. not from the far right or far left. so again, terrible error for this candidate and i doubt that she will be successful in the campaign as a result. >> all right. we'll leave it there. thank you both so much. and still ahead, police uncover a plot to form a new nazi party seizing rifles and swords. how authorities thwarted a potential attack, next. celebrating a successful business trip together is easy,
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police in italy say they have uncovered a plot to create a new nazi party. special forces cared out operations after suspects were tipped off to their investigation. >> reporter: this is some of the paraphernalia found by police during a two year investigation into a pro nazi group in italy. police seized a stash of items including pistol, rifles, swastikas, books and pictures of adolf italy. and police also found this, a sticker showing the group's
10:45 am
symbol. they call them the italian national socialist workers party. and 19 people are being investigated following a series of raids across the country. police say the group used social media and chat groups to recruit new members. the investigation comes on the heels of rising far right hate across europe. earlier this month in italy, a holocaust survivor was given full police protection after receiving around 200 pieces of ant anti-semitic hate mail a da. and treat sistreet signed dedic those who died were defaced in rome. forming a that nas nazi party h crime since 1952, but poe session the rpropaganda is not. the investigation continues.
10:46 am
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thapgts gi it is not just about football, it is also a huge movie weekend and one film that is getting rave reviews, "a beautiful day in the neighborhoo neighborhood". i want to sing. starring tom hanks.
10:50 am
based on the true story of the friendship between fred rogers and journalist tom juneau. juneau met rogers in 1998 after being assigned to write a profile piece on him for esquire magazine. >> this piece will be about heros. do you consider yourself a mehe? >> i don't think of myself as a hero, not at all. >> what about mr. rogers, is he a hero? >> i don't understand the question. >> well, there is you, fred, and then there is the character you play, mr. rogers. >> you said it was a play at the plate. is that what -- is that what happened to you? >> i'm here to
10:51 am
doing, isn't it? >> so juneau soon discovered the tv star's caring on-screen persona wasn't make believe at all and had a very real and pro found impact on the children and adults he crossed paths with including juneau. tom juneau joining me right now. wow, this is extraordinary, do you have a lot to give thanks in this relationship? >> i do. 21 years ago i wrote a magazine story about fred rogers. here we are two-plus decades later talking about him which doesn't happen. i am thankful for it. >> i was struck by your december issue in the atlantic that fred rogers was the first person or friendship that would come out of your reporting. you were kind of a hard nosed
10:52 am
reporter, doing serious stuff to be assigned to write about mister rogers because it was the magazine's effort to profile american heroes. you weren't completely onboard? >> yeah. i was a little bit too old for fred, i was 12 years old when fred made is nationally, which is like a bad age for fred. i was not convinced he was an american hero. he was the nice guy who got pairo dooed on "saturday night live." >> we're afew years apart where as for me i was about five or six when i started watching mmr m mist mister rogers. that was the period of watching him for me. and he seemed to me to be the one who was emphasizing some of those important lessons of kindness that you would get from home. >> right. and i've talked to so many people since the movie has come out and i've gotten started in
10:53 am
this whole thing for whom fred rogers was a father figure. even people who didn't have a father in the home and they would come home after school, sit down in front with milk and cookies and he would talk to them as the kindest authority figure there ever could be. >> from the initial interviewing of fred rogers, a relationship, you know, would bud. you guys would continue in phone calls, you know, emails, you know, actually personal meetings. you would pick him up and ask for advice at times. along the way you realized what an incredible gift, as this movie is, but you would continue to ask, why me? have you come any closer to, why me? why would become the one who have have this wonderful enriching friendship with mister rogers? >> one of the things that my relationship with fred and the movie has made me ask, why
10:54 am
anyone? you look back at your life and you realize how lucky you are to have the people that have been in it in there to help you. but, you know, with fred, his friendship was so extraordinary that i asked myself that all the time. my answer was that i wasn't the only one. he had a long list of people that he ministered to, that he prayed for. >> do you think he picked people? >> in the movie he sort of, tom hanks picks matthew reese. i do seeing the movie does make me feel that he saw something in me at the time that maybe i didn't see in myself. >> wow. so then what has that experience been like, going to see this movie? because initially you weren't that thrilled about the idea, because there were certain, you know, i guess embellishments in the movie, beginning with the name, they didn't use your name. >> right, lloyd vogel.
10:55 am
>> and then liberties they took with other people. >> yeah. >> but then you were onboard meeting the actors who would play these beautiful characters including yourself. and then there was something transformative, was it not, in that process? >> yeah. the thing i relate to in the movies is the similartize. the differences melt away. the similarities to my own st y story -- i've seep the movie a number of times. every time it grabs me. the movie is wonderful because it makes you not just see and learn about mister rogers, but you experience mister rogers, his friendship is extended to you in the audience. so i feel like he's reaching out to me when i watch the movie. >> fred rogers the same or different from mister rogers? >> extraordinarily the same. there was no mask there. the man who put on the red sweater was the same man who wore the blue blazer. that was the remarkable thing
10:56 am
about meeting him is that there was no difference. part of that was because he had such displirch and such inner strength and he brought that to all phases of his life. >> do you think mr. rogers, fred rogers, would like this depiction of him and your friendship? >> yeah, i think he would like the movie because i think fred did want his message to get across. he had something that he wanted, you know, to say, and which is that he wanted people to be the best sort of versions of themselves that they could possibly be. the fact that 20 years after my story came out, that this movie is there to give him a chance to extend his audience, i think he would be proud of that. >> i love it. i learned soech about this story and your relationship and fred rogers by your writing. i had no idea that he was a man of ministry and he made it applicable to reach children,
10:57 am
ceos, entertainers, but made it applicable in a very different way of fostering and teaching kindness. >> sure. when he said his famous words were, you are special. you know, when he said that in my opinion, he was sort of getting across like a sacred or religious message. but it was a firmly secular show. he never proselytized, he never mentioned god on it. but he ministered to people through his show and in his daily relationships. he ministered to me and that's what he called it. >> he reached me too and i didn't get to know him like you did of course, but we all celebrate what he imparted to so many of us about the real importance of kindness and loving each other. >> he was a remarkable man, one of a kind. >> you are too. thafrpgd to meet you. >> thanks very much. >> thank you so much. >> it's great talking to another fred. >> i love that too. appreciate it. >> great being here.
10:58 am
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