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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  December 5, 2019 3:00am-4:00am PST

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at 9:00 a.m.? the white house has until tomorrow whether to participate in the house investigation. a full house vote on impeachment could come the week before christmas. >> this 9:00 a.m. statement from pelosi is a big deal. this is not the regularly scheduled briefing. this is scheduled to talk about impeachment. we have not seen this before from her. luckily we do have the number two democrat in the house steny hoyer in just a bit. we will ask him what they plan to say and maybe what their schedule is for impeachment. that comes up shortly. also getting new information about how the white house wants to handle the likely senate impeachment trial. white house lawyers met behind closed doors with republican senators and the bottom line, they want to call witnesses in the senate. we're going to talk about how that might work. this all follows a day when the house heard from legal scholars, three making the case that these are the epitome of impeachable offenses, what the president did. one asking if this isn't
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impeachable, what is? and a fourth academic said maybe it's impeachable but democrats are rushing things. let's begin with the breaking news on capitol hill. in three hours we're going to hear something from the house speaker. >> reporter: that's right, john. as a matter of fact, we just learned about this at 5:30 this morning. the house speaker nancy pelosi's office actually announcing that, yes, it's going to be 9:00. she is going to make a statement on the state of the impeachment inquiry. it is going to happen on the house balcony, on the speaker's balcony. the last time that happened is when she officially announced the impeachment inquiry. it could indicate the next phase of all of this. all of it comes at the same time while there is a robust debate within democrats about whether or not they're moving too quickly. democrats are measuring just how quickly they want to expedite the impeachment process. >> we will receive the report next week from the intelligence committee. so a presentation will be made
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to the judiciary committee. then we have a make a decision. >> reporter: a full vote on the house floor could come before christmas, but nancy pelosi who will ultimately decide democrats' final timeline is staying quiet. multiple sources tell cnn she's meeting privately with her party members asking if they're ready to impeach president trump. house democrats are looking at what potential articles of impeachment could be. including abuse of power and bribery, obstruction of justice, and obstruction of congress. >> we're not rushing it. we're at day 71 right now. we've had extensive hearings, extensive witness transcripts. then the most damning evidence came out first. >> reporter: republican allies of the president hammering the issue of speed at wednesday's hearing. >> the calendar is driving impeachment, not the facts. >> reporter: jerry nadler stressing they had no choice. >> if we do not act to hold him in check now, president trump will almost certainly try again
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to solicit interference in the election for his personal political gain. . >> reporter: as house democrats weigh the next steps towards impeachment, the white house is preparing for the likely senate trial. pat cipollone meeting with republican senators telling them they're ready to play defense without getting into details of a strategy, one senator tells cnn. but on capitol hill, four scholars testified about impeachable conduct. >> if what we're talking about is not impeachable, then nothing is impeachable. >> reporter: all three of the democrats' witnesses say trump's efforts to pressure ukraine into investigating his political rivals amounts to impeachable behavior. >> did president trump commit the impeachable high crime and misdemeanor of abuse of power? >> reporter: we three are unanimous. >> the republicans' witness jonathan turley says it's premature to move forward. >> i'm concerned about lowering impeachment standards to fit the
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abundance of anger. >> reporter: i asked sheila jackson about that anger and she says the country will get over that anger if there is impeachment. a critical deadline tomorrow. whether or not the president and white house counsel will appear in future impeachment hearings. so far they have been uninterested. >> all right. keep us posted. because this announcement moments ago that house speaker nancy pelosi will deliver a statement on the status of the impeachment inquiry at 9:00 a.m. this is a formal statement. the likes of which she has not made since this whole inquiry began. what will she say? we'll discuss next. ♪ ahhh
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we do have breaking news. house speaker nancy pelosi will make a statement at 9:00 5easten on the impeachment investigation. joining us now is joe lockhart and elie honig. she'll be speaking from the speakers balcony. that sounds important. that seems like more than just a status report. what are we to expect? >> my guess is at the end of the day yesterday, republicans
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scored a few points saying where are we going, what's going to happen next. that's what she's going to talk about. she's doing the cnn town hall so she's got to set some things up so she's able to talk about other issues tonight. wild speculation? there is some rumblings that they may try to make a deal with the white house. you know, pause and say, you know, maybe the -- if you come in and you'll testify, white house aides will provide documents, you know, i doubt that will happen. >> but there are rumblings about that? >> there are because elie and i were talking about them in the green room. >> they're green room rumblings. >> the worst kind to report on the tv. >> that seems like days of old. days of yore a deal would be made, but no longer. >> but i think what she'll do is lay out what's going to happen next week, the week after. and in some ways address some of the things that the republicans and professor turley talked
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about yesterday. >> i was saying to you on the set nancy pelosi is the most important person in the world right now. because nancy pelosi will decide what happens next with this impeachment schedule. >> and i was pushing back, but i'll spare you the debate we had before the show. >> sur fiffice to say i won the discussion. the only question that matters in the impeachment. she controls 100% of it. and our manu raju has reporting on this. pelosi is having this steady stream with colleagues about whether they're ready to impeach donald trump and what they think should be included in articles of impeachment. that's according to multiple democrats familiar with the matter. that was last night. if manu's reporting holds, then what we could hear from her is the calendar. we'll vote on impeachment next friday and a full vote in the house the week after. and maybe what will be in those articles of impeachment.
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>> i think one of the big goals of yesterday's hearing is let's take some of the mystery and wonder out of the hearings. this happens once a generation at most. and i think what nancy pelosi needs to do is let's be clear about what's going to happen. everyone knows something big is going to happen between now and christmas. that's been said publicly. we will get this done. but how, when? next step, first of all, the judiciary committee is going to have to draft up those articles. then they'll have to go to the full house. as to the question of are they re ready? is there enough? i think there is. i don't think they should be deterred by anything he said yesterday. i don't buy that argument there's not enough or they haven't dwelled on it long enough. >> i'm curious about that, elie. why couldn't they have subpoenaed giuliani and bolton and mulvaney and i understand not wait for the entire court system to play out. but just do it to take away that argument in. >> i agree with you. i think in an ideal world with
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unlimited resources, you would do both. have the hearings and be in court fighting for all those witnesses. i think they've made just a tactical decision. they don't want to divert resources and attention into court battles. we have enough with the call, with the taylors, the vindmans, fiona hill. that's just a tactical decision they made. >> joe, the cnn reporting is that nancy pelosi held a meeting with the caucus yesterday. she walks in and says, are you ready. and the response was yes. there was a roar then. from a political standpoint, what are you hearing now from democrats about what house democrats people connected to this directly, what they want to see? >> i think they all want to move forward. i think the case has been made and they've made the case about how this is important not only for our national security but for our democracy. and you can't then walk that back. i think there's still a debate about how many articles of impeachment. and i think that's what they
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spent some time talking about yesterday. there's a very good argument for bringing in mueller and obstruction. because that case is already made. all they have to do is cut and paste from the mueller report. i think there's also a very good case being made by some members, let's just keep it to ukraine. when you bring back mueller, it brings back the bad memories of the fights and bill barr and all that. i don't agree with it, but i think that's what will bring the day. >> the bringing it back or not? >> not bringing it back. as elie has introduced to my lexicon, thin to win. >> it's like a peloton ad. >> oh, gosh. i think the mueller report will play into this either as its own article or as necessary background to ukraine. which immediately followed on it. >> gentlemen, thank you very much. we await 9:00 a.m. to hear what she's going to say. also tonight cnn's town hall with nancy pelosi could not come
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at a more pressing time. so tune in tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern. jake tapper moderates. and stay tuned for 9:00 a.m. eastern. >> whatever she says this morning, we'll be able to follow up extensively. >> don't change the channel. >> ever. breaking news. rudy giuliani, the president's attorney is reportedly back in ukraine. yes, you heard that right. meeting with some of the same cast of characters that set this stage for the whole impeachment inquiry. what's he getting at here? we have a new interview with giuliani next.
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new questions this morning about rudy giuliani as if there were not enough already and whether he's continuing his back channel efforts in ukraine even as the impeachment investigation intensifies. "the new york times" reports that giuliani met with several ukrainian prosecutors in budapest and kiev this week. giuliani was asked about this in a new interview. listen to this. >> you're in ukraine now. i didn't know you were going. what's the ukraine trip all about? >> well, i can't really describe it. i can't even confirm it. all i can tell you is that i'm doing today all day and all night maybe what i've been doing for a year and a half. i'm representing my client. >> can't confirm it or describe it. >> why not? >> what's going on here? back with us joe lockhart and
3:21 am
elie honig. and alisyn camerota also. rudy giuliani is in ukraine meeting with some of the same people. this impeachment investigation is largely in part due to rudy giuliani messing around with ukrainians trying to get them to investigate joe biden. the fact he is there on the eve of impeachment shows you that perhaps he's not cowed by this. that he just doesn't care. >> he's not easily deterred. my mind goes back to the piece of testimony from sondland when he said everyone was in the loop. so many different people were involved in this. maybe it's part of his strategy. maybe his strategy is i keep on doing it and don't blimpg, then it will seem like nothing's wrong. >> he's also, i guess looking for more evidence or propaganda depending upon which side you're on. i mean, reportedly, he's there with oan.
3:22 am
that's described as a propaganda network. they run baseless conspiracy theories. but they're getting a lot of viewers. he's doing something sort of special with them. in the brazenness and going back is one of the angles of this. >> my guess is the oan thing may just be a cover and a way to fuel conspiracy theories. i think the significance of him being in ukraine is it underlines and underscores and makes the democrats' argument real. which is, why do we have to do this now? why can't we wait? because rudy giuliani is in ukraine today doing exactly what we're impeaching the president for. and he's saying i'm doing it on behalf of the president. i'm trying to dig up dirt on joe biden. and i think democrats struggled
3:23 am
a little bit to say why they couldn't wait. rudy giuliani has answered it for them. >> there are new photos being posted on facebook right now. that rudy giuliani met with a ukrainian lawmaker. so this is who rudy's been meeting with. >> we assume this is the last few days. we don't know when these photos are from. >> i think the actual content of what he's doing is more or less relevant. we know what he's been at there. we also know that line he gave on the interview is bull. i can't even con fimfirm it. what is he playing? secret agent man? >> he's the reason working on behalf of america or the president's lawyer. the president keeps saying, like, you know, rudy has his own business there. this is -- herein lies i think some of the answers that democrats are looking for. >> and we also know that giuliani made these phone calls that came out in the intelligence community.
3:24 am
thus is all around the time that the u.s. ambassador to ukraine was recalled. so dana bash was texting with rudy in ukraine even though he refuses to acknowledge it yesterday. and he said i don't remember calling omb and not about military aid. never knew anything about it. does his memory matter? >> i've seen a lot of phone records in my time as a prosecutor. phone logs tend to not lie. they tend to be reliable. if you made a call, if that happened, it's reflected on the charge. he can deny it now, but he made these calls and a lot of them and during key times in this whole ukraine timeline. so ultimately, are investigators going to be able to see what was called during phone calls? that might be from rudy or mick
3:25 am
mulvaney. that's the next big question. simply saying didn't happen holds no water. >> you've been in the white house. why would a president's personal lawyer be calling the omb? >> a lot of people focused was he talking to the president? that's not remarkable as far as i'm concerned because he's his lawyer. it's the calls to omb. it's putting someone outside government who's self-professed profession right now is to dig up dirt on the president's political opponents injecting himself into the budget process. i mean, omb is an organization that basically counts the money. they get it from congress, they disperse it. and if rudy giuliani's in there saying don't. hold onto it, hold onto it. then it is a very valuable piece of information for the democrats and impeachment. >> one other key development yesterday which is that white house lawyers and officials, the guy who runs legislative
3:26 am
officials meeting with senators. republican senators, thank you. to talk about what will happen during the likely senate impeachment trial. the one thing we know is that the white house now is saying they want witnesses. they want to be able to mount an active defense which they really haven't done yet. what do you see as the significance of this? >> it'll be interesting to see what that defense is. i suspect they're not going to actually address the interactions with ukraine. i think they're going to go with the division nar taary tactics. i think what they want to do is shift the focus from the exchange, the deal with ukraine, onto all of the others. ultimately that could backfire. i think one of the advantages of being the majority in the senate is if they acquit, they can claim victory. if they put on a circus of their own, they will lose that political high ground. >> i think it's a negotiating position. it's like when the richard burr went out and said this could take six to eight weeks. they want to tell the democrats we can make this a circus.
3:27 am
so when they sit down to do the rules, they have some leverage in that conversation. remember in 1998, trent lot and tom daschle worked it out and sold it to them. >> that meeting hasn't happened yet. >> it has not. >> schumer and mcconnell. but both sides believe it will and probably within the next few weeks. thank you. now to this story. a murder/suicide at the pearl harbor navy shipyard just days before ceremonies to commemorate the 1941 attack. we have a live report on what happened next. we're reporters from the new york times.
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developing overnight, the u.s. navy investigating a murder/suicide at the pearl harbor naval shipyard in hawaii. an active duty sailor killed two employees and wounded a third before taking his own life. barbara starr is live at the pentagon with more. what have you learned? >> reporter: good morning. the navy still investigating, trying to figure out the motive for this incident. two shipyard employees were killed, another one wounded and in the hospital before this u.s. navy sailor apparently turned his weapon on himself. they are trying to figure out exactly what happened. this sailor, his name has not been released, but he's identified tentatively as someone assigned to the uss columbia, a u.s. navy nuclear powered submarine that was in dry dock for routine maintenance. now, you know, one of the questions when these things happen, military installations are much like american workplaces. if you have a pass, if you have
3:33 am
access to a base, generally you are not searched when you come to that base for weapons and contraband. there's simply too many people. pearl harbor where this happened, of course, iconic. we are just two days before the anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor, december 7th, 1941, that pushed the u.s. into world war ii. and this is a very important base even now today. some 66,000 military people and families live aboard that base. >> we're thinking about them this morning. barbara, keep us posted on that. meanwhile, new signs this morning that federal prosecutors are widening they're look into rudy giuliani and associates. their focus is deepening on ukraine's state run oil and gas company and its ceo. what are you hearing in. >> so we know that federal prosecutors met this week we the
3:34 am
ceo of the natural gas company. one of the fourth people they spoke to associated with the company or are trying to speak with. we're seeing prosecutors focus in on this company. here's why. it's because the rudy giuliani associates lev parnas and igor fruman have approached the executive hoping to do business with him. saying maybe we should get rid of the ceo. looking to see what was behind that. these men were trying to get a business deal going. they wanted some change at the company and they were working at the same time with rudy giuliani. so that has raised a lot of questions. what was rudy giuliani's involvement with this, if any, now prosecutors are starting to dig into this and to ask questions. rudy giuliani's lawyer says he has had no financial interest in the company. this gas company they were trying to get going. but it definitely raises questions and in a court hearing on monday, prosecutors said they were likely to bring a superseding indictment, that means additional charges. they said specifically about lev
3:35 am
parnas that they are investigating him for other crimes. alisyn as many. >> oh, my gosh. the questions just keep adding up or piling up, i should say. thank you very much. up next, we're going to speak with one of the four expert witnesses who testified at yesterday's hearing. what are his thoughts now that the smoke has cleared this morning? you wouldn't do only half of your daily routine so why treat your mouth any differently? listerine® completes the job by preventing plaque, early gum disease, and killing up to 99.9% of germs. try listerine®.
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breaking news. house speaker nancy pelosi will make a statement at 9:00 a.m. eastern time on the status of the impeachment investigation. this is very unusual from her. we are waiting to hear what she will say. this comes after four law professors testified yesterday about the constitutional basis for impeachment. three of them laid out why they believe president trump's alleged abuse of power for personal gain rises to the level of impeachment. >> if what we're talking about is not impeachable, then nothing
3:40 am
is impeachable. this is precisely the misconduct that the framers created a constitution including impeachment to protect against. >> that was university of north carolina law professor michael gerhardt. he joins us now. professor, thank you so much for being with us. why did you feel that was an important point to make? and when you say this is precisely what the founders intended to be the bar for impeachment, what precisely were you talking about? >> i was talking about the extent to which a president abuses his power for personal gain. corruption is one of the most important things that the framers were creating a constitution to protect against. and so when we have a record, a transcript and a whole plan that the president put together apparently, to apply pressure to the ukrainian president to get something that was important to the president personally, that's exactly the kind of thing that
3:41 am
the framers were worried about. they were worried about our leaders becoming corrupt either by foreign influence or becoming -- being corrupt and then trying to enlist foreign help to help themselves. >> one of the things that professor turley talked about was he doesn't see any direct evidence or direct testimony. you just talked about the transcript which is a primary document, a log of this phone call. how important is that transcript, that record of the president's ask. is that ask in and of itself, do you think, an impeachable offense? >> the ask itself is, i think, an impeachable offense. and the transcript i think speaks for itself. it represents or is the culmination of a concerted effort to get the ukrainian leader to help the president personally. in fact, the ukrainian leader was fully prepared. we know that from other transcripts and other evidence. the ukrainian leader was prepared to deliver what the
3:42 am
president wanted and then the whistle-blower blew his whistle. that's why the aid eventually got released. >> i think the existence is often overlooked hooer. you have people suggesting there was no evidence. you have people saying there are no agreed upon facts here. well, we all agree that the transcript exists and the words on it are the words. so it does seem to me that that is an important piece of evidence. one other thing he said is that, look. while maybe the facts bear out that impeachment is something that should happen here, this is being rushed. this is happening too fast. what do you say to that? >> i think impeachments always have their own timetable. i don't know if this is too fast or too slow. the other thing to keep in mind here is much of what professor turley was asking, the committee had already tried to do. all the witnesses he mentioned and all the witnesses they were
3:43 am
mentioning are people the committee's already tried to get. the problem is the president has ordered them not to cooperate. so the order itself is problematic. and the committees tried to do what it can to get this other evidence. and the president's order is perhaps another act that the committee will look at as a possible impeachable offense. >> that third branch of government has a right to weigh in on impeachment. what does the constitution say about the judiciary's role in the impeachment process? >> it says absolutely nothing about it. you know, jonathan's a friend of mine. we're going to have to disagree about this. the judiciary has no formal role on this process. the house historically doesn't have to wait for anything or any other pranch to do its job. in fact, the constitution says the house has the sole power of impeachment. that obviously suggests that the
3:44 am
courts don't have a role here. the house doesn't -- the house's authority does not depend on the courts. >> in terms of what the articles of impeachment may be, based on what you heard yesterday and the questions asked, does it seem like there may be three articles, one on bribery, abuse of power, obstruction of power, obstruction of congress. is that the frame work here? >> i think that is the likely frame work. excuse me. the house members are going to go with, again, the evidence they've got. they've got to follow that and see what it fits into. but i think what we heard about and the questions we got yesterday suggested i think the focus is beginning to sort of zero in on three different things as you described them. abuse of power, bribery, and finally obstruction of congress. >> very quickly, our colleague john dean put out a notion last night. he tweeted, let's impeach him now and not send it to the senate. rather, keep investigating the
3:45 am
house and add supplemental articles as needed. just hang it over his head. he's suggesting that have the impeachment vote on the house. but you don't necessarily have to deliver it to the senate so they start a trial. is that possible? >> i think it's technically possible. the problem is that it's problematic otherwise. every time the house in the past has impeached someone, it has sent its articles over. the house has always treated its affirmation as the end of its inquir inquiry. >> always great to have you on and learn from you. thanks for being with us. >> thank you. that hot mic moment of america's closest allies venting and laughing about president trump is now a campaign ad. that's next. lactaid is 100% real milk, just without the lactose. so you can enjoy it even if you're sensitive. yet some say it isn't real milk. i guess those cows must actually be big dogs. sit! i said sit!
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3:49 am
say, the president of the united states during those nato meetings. sources tell cnn that justin trudeau did not apologize for the incident when he spoke with the president yesterday. even after the president called him two faced. cnn's paula newton live in ottawa i think with a lot of the world reaction to this. >> yeah, it was a viral moment. it hit everyone's news feed. canadians cringed. trudeau didn't apologize. he wanted to put this into context is what they're saying. but also stressed the president, the prime minister know what they call substantive interactions after the incident. still what a got ya moment. if you'll allow me one hockey analogy. canadians cringe thinking a rookie move on the part of trudeau. >> reporter: sipping a cold beer, trudeau was burned by a h hot mic. he was seen and heard laughing
3:50 am
it up with boris johnson, emmanuel macron, and others seemingly at donald trump's expense. >> reporter: trudeau tried to explain but did not apologize. >> last night i made a reference to the fact there was an unscheduled press conference before my meeting with president trump. and i was happy to take part of it, but it was certainly notable. >> reporter: trump's comeback? >> well, he's two faced. >> donald trump fires back at justin trudeau. >> reporter: canadians were catching up on the petty skirmish between the neighbors. >> down playing a diplomatic gaffe. >> trudeau is trending right now on twitter. >> reporter: from the streets of ottawa -- >> trump's going to make, you
3:51 am
know, a hash out of everything. any little slight, he's going to go at him. >> reporter: to the online conversation on the west coast. in one tweet, the u.s. president shredded the canadian prime minister. and so canadians here are bracing themselves for the fallout. many agreed that it would have been better had trudeau shown just a little bit more discretion. no, it isn't. >> i used to be in the military. i served overseas with american soldiers. they've always had our back and we'll always have their back. yeah. in spite of our politicians. >> reporter: keyword, in spite of. truth is this isn't idle cocktail chatter but an insight into how the strongest of historical bonds are fraying. you know, the issue here, this isn't even the worst thing that donald trump has called justin trudeau. he's called him weak, dishonest. these things have blown up before. but you know, the comment from that service member there, that
3:52 am
has resonance here. the two greatest neighbors in historical terms still can't get it together. and i think finally at almost three years in, there is no trump whisperer. you better hold your tongue at these events. >> all right. took them three years, but okay. to learn that lesson. but thank you very much, paula. joining us now, cnn global affairs analyst bianna golodryga. does it blow over or is it a rift? >> i think it blows over. the president five minutes after saying trudeau was two faced said he's a good guy. so the fact the president got up and left clearly shows that his feelings were hurt and he wanted to leave. i don't think this causes permanent damage. >> i do wonder whether we're missing the larger point here about what happened at this
3:53 am
meeting. it seems for the first time world leaders, u.s. allies presumably, they're no longer scared of president trump. they're no longer walking on egg shells when it comes to him. we saw it with emmanuel macron just fact checking the president in realtime. we saw it with, you know, justin trudeau openly talking about the president and not apologizing after when paula says canadians say you better hold your tongue with president trump. i wonder whether the lesson the leaders are learning is it's not worth trying. >> it makes you wonder if they've taken this attitude from the get go what would have happened? and perhaps even the respect that he has for them knowing that he can only push them to a certain degree. look, all of these presidents have constituents back home. and they've got real problems at home too. and you look at what's happening regardless of who's president of the united states. what's happening in europe whether it's brexit, a liberal democracy like poland and hungary really moving apart. and then you've got the question of turkey. and russia.
3:54 am
and then china. so this is really a crossroads for nato 70-year anniversary for the alliance. the one thing you can argue this president has done is focused on how much these countries are contributing to defense. >> let's talk about that. he has taken a lot of credit for that, he says, increasing the defense budget of these other countries substantially. in fact, the nato secretary general gave him -- heaped lavish praise on him for that. so can we put that in the win category? >> i think so. look, you have the nato secretary general and all these countries, they didn't even want to call this a summit really. but they came in with a mission to focus on how much each country is contributing to defense. and relative to just a few years ago, now you have nine countries out of the 29 who are contributing 2% of the gdp towards defense. so that is a gain and significant. i think what the concern was is just the rhetoric.
3:55 am
and you're already -- we were talking about the divisions of europe as a whole. but for the rhetoric, you've got allies. the rhetoric that we've seen surrounding what this union is all about and the alliance is all about was really frayed and in question. and so i think people wondering what the long-term consequences of the president's actions towards nato would be, you know, that's -- that remains to be seen. but given more countries are contributing to their defense, that's a good thing. >> cnn reporting and also "the new york times" the president was uncomfortable and had his feelings hurt, basically. those aren't the exact words. it's not about the departure. the cnn reporting that he was annoyed by that conversation. >> i'm sure he was. >> whether or not that's why he chose to leave is a different subject. and you can see the president's political opponents already picking up on that. the biden campaign has already come out with this digital video. let's watch. >> world leaders caught on camera laughing about president
3:56 am
trump. >> my administration has accomplished more than almost any administration in the history of our country. didn't expect that reaction, but that's okay. >> the world sees trump for what he is. insince insincere, corrupt. dangerously incapable of world leadership. >> it is interesting. again, i get why democrats are pushing that message. it may be an effective message for joe biden. it's interesting the president was uncomfortable and didn't like there was that laughing going on. one thing that has worked for the president is to say, i don't want the approval of the world. i want to be iconic. >> the president also wants to show results especially going into an election year. we don't have a trade deal with china yet. so when it comes to what are the results. the saying i don't care what the
3:57 am
world thinks of me. we can get things done with or without allies. there's a lot to be said what his accomplishments are. i'm frankly surprised we haven't seen an ad like this sooner. >> stand by. it wasn't just joe biden that picked up on this. it was the late night comics as well. here are your late night laughs. >> during a reception at buckingham palace world leaders including justin trudeau and emmanuel macron were caught gossiping about president trump. if you haven't seen it, here it is. >> trump was so upset by the video, he actually canceled a press conference and left nato early. he said take me home to where i'm respected and then he flew home to be impeached. >> trump was asked what he thought of trudeau's trash talking and he had this to say.
3:58 am
>> -- prime minister trudeau talking about you last night? >> well, he's two faced. >> two faced. trump's like, if you're going to trash somebody, do it like a man. you know? at 3:00 a.m. on twitter. >> as for trump going home early, guys, i think they hurt his feelings. yeah. it's like trump was at a sleepover and all the other kids turned on him. you know? now he's just there like, mom, i know it's a day early, but can you come pick me up from nato? >> i hear you laughing. >> no, it's a lot like -- nato is a lot like a sleepover. >> yeah. he's lucky he didn't wake up with just one eyeeyebrow. nancy pelosi to make a statement this morning about the impeachment inquiry. "new day" continues right now.
3:59 am
welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. this is "new day." we do have breaking news. an announcement a short time ago from nancy pelosi. she will make a public statement about the impeachment process later this morning. this is unusual. this is not something she has done since she launched the whole impeachment inquiry. what will she say? we don't know. it could be she wants to lay out the schedule, how exactly she plans to proceed from here. this is what we know already. expected to hold another areaing with staff attorneys from the intelligence committee that would set the stage in a full house vote before christmas. >> and there are new details this morning on how the white house plans to defend the president against a senate impeachment trial.
4:00 am
that they talked about calling live witnesses. so this follows a day when the house heard from four legal scholars. three of them saying it does amount to impeachable offenses. but warned the democrats were rushing the process. congresswoman, great to have you first. before we get to what happened yesterday and what will happen, do you have some insight after what speaker pelosi will be announcing at 9:00 a.m. in. >> i am sorry, i do not. i'm not sure what she is going to be announce, but i'll be anxiously awaiting like everyone else. >> so this came as a surprise to you at 5:30 a.m. as it did to us. >> it did. that's right. >> okay. that will be interesting to hear what she has to say.


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