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tv   New Day Weekend With Victor Blackwell and Christi Paul  CNN  December 7, 2019 4:00am-5:00am PST

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four people are dead including the shooter after an attack by the pensacola naval base by a member of the saudi military. >> they're looking into whether it was related to terrorism. >> it's a horrible thing that took place. we're getting to the bottom of it. president trump's legal team will not participate in house impeachment proceedings. >> a new letter from white house republicans tells all but tells democrats to get lost. speaker nancy pelosi, sources say, hearing all corners on the caucus on whether to hear elements of robert mueller's report. >> we knew and that's why i said it's a conscious vote.
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good saturday morning to i'm victor blackwell. >> and a i'm amara walker in for kristi paul. we start in florida. >> three people were killed. several others injured when a man started shooting in a classroom building. i want to get to cnn's natasha chen with the latest. what are you learning this morning? >> reporter: let's briefly walk through what happened here on friday morning. just before 8:00 a.m. eastern time, a call came in about an active shooter. sheriff morgan said he has a precinct close to the base so it took the deputies about 3 to 5 minutes to respond. two of the deputies exchanged fire with the gunman and killed him. the two deputies were injured but they are expected to be okay. the two deputies are among the eight injured. as you said, three others, unfortunately, were killed in addition to the shooter. the fbi last night, in a press
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conference talked about the fact this is a large crime scene and they have a team processing the evidence overnight. so presumably they're still working on it right now. the fbi would not talk about the shooter or his motivations. they said more may be released today. two law enforcement sources told cnn that the shooter is identified as a saudi national mohamed al shamrani. a defense official said he's been here since august of 2017 as part of a military training case funded by the kingdom of saudi arabia. he was here for more than two years. he would have finished his training in august of 2020. defense secretary mark esper was asked about whether the vetting process of bringing foreign nationals to train here should be revisited. he said he would be interested in looking at those procedures but said, first and foremost, priority is figuring out what happened here and why. what is the motivation here? president trump also spoke with
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king salman who expressed his condolences. here is what president trump said about that phone call. >> the king said this person in no way, shape, or form represents the feelings of the saudi people who love the american people so much. >> reporter: king salman has ordered his security forces to cooperate with u.s. investigators in this case. back to you. >>. let's get the view from saudi arabia. >> yeah. we'll bring in diplomatic editor nic robertson in riyadh. hello to you. what sort of message can we glean from this call from the saudi king and president trump? has there been any other public acknowledgment there of what happened in pensacola?
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>> reporter: there has a lot. we can read a lot about it. the fact that the king called so quickly on friday, a day typically in saudi arabia where officials can move a little slowly. the fact the king called president trump so quickly. the fact the king is involved in this really shows you what the king is saying that this is heart felt. he really is upset by this. that this is a deep felt anger by saudis. this is what i'm finding here talking to people. i talked to a former senior military officer who was involved in training young recruits in the military here. i talked to somebody else, a saudi who has been involved in training and some young recruits have been through the pensacola facility. everyone is shocked by it. when the king said they're angered and feel deep sorrow, this has come out of the blue for a lot of people here.
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the king, i think, has doubled down on his real effort quickly to try to repair the damage that is being done here and the relationship between the two countries. he told saudi security services absolutely open up. help the united states in any way possible. the fbi, obviously, has representatives here in saudi arabia. so undoubtedly the king is instructing his people to work closely with them. we've talked to the uncle of the attacker. he said there is nothing in this young man's background that indicated he was going it do something like this. he had been in contact with his nephew over the past couple of years while he was in the united states. none of that changed. the tribe he comes from are saying, look, this is outrageous. this is disrespectful. we don't support it. it's wrong. it's against our king, our country, against what we believe in. i think this is the message that is coming across loud and clear
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here. you have the deputy defense minister, the former ambassador to the united states, you have the saudi ambassador to the united states herself also expressed condolences and the foreign minister here express the condolences. officials are all over this in firms of sorrow, regret, and condolences. >> i want to ask you the big picture. you know more than most about the united states and saudi arabia's strategic and complicated relationship. obviously, saudi officials are concerned. can you talk about what they're concerned about and what you make of president trump's quite measured response to this and how it might further put a strain on the relationship, if you see it that way. >> absolutely. it's kind of a little bit conspicuous to me the absence of
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mohamed al salman and the voices. so the king is taking charge. president trump clearly takes political heat for the defense contracts he has with saudi arabia. sending in a large amount of weapons. i think clearly there's something between president trump and the saudis. if the saudis lose the political and public support in the united states, such that they would lose valuable weapons systems and military support in the region, that would expose them to the enemies in the region. that would be a huge -- >> i appreciate your expertise. thank you so much. >> thank you. we're learning three members of the minnesota national guard died thursday after their blackhawk helicopter crashed during a routine maintenance test flight. >> according to our cnn affiliate wcco, a may day call was put out about an hour and a half after the helicopter went they say it was found tangled in
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trees on a family farm. the u.s. army aviation center is sending investigators to determine the cause of the crash. so this morning we've learned an american prisoner in iran is coming home! there are some details about his release that the president did not disclose in his statement about this. we'll have more on that in a moment. also, democrats facing the very real possibility of having an all-white presidential debate later this month. coming up, how the most diverse field of candidates ended up lacking diversity. president trump has some issues with water-conscious t toilets and showers and faucets. he's longing for the good-old days when you had to flush one time. >> they take a shower and water comes dripping out. it's dripping out very quietly
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we're following breaking news this morning. an american graduate student who was held in iran since 2016 is coming home. >> we'll go to cnn national correspondent in krirsen holmes in washington. >> reporter: this is 38-year-old wang. and the details of the actual release are trickling in. we have just learned from a source who said he's not yet on u.s. soil but, according to the statement from the president, he's on his way back to the united states. i wanted to talk here what happened. we only have a statement from the president that says that this prisoner was released from iran. that this american is coming home. however, the iranian foreign minister said it was part of a prisoner swap. that wang was essentially traded for an iranian who had been in
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u.s. custody since 2018. a stem cell scientist. so waiting to hear back on the white house on that part there. now let's talk about who he was is. he's a princeton graduate. he was in his final year getting his ph.d. in history when he traveled to tehran in order to do research. this is when he was arrested back in 2016. on charges that he was a spy. or a potential spy. now he is coming home. and i want to read you part of a statement i think is moving. it's from his wife who put out our family is complete once again. our son and i have waited three long years for this day and it's hard to express in words how excited we are to be reunited with him. we are thankful to everyone who helped make it happen. and i want to make one thing very clear here. president trump has made releasing american prisoners in foreign countries a big part of his agenda. we know at least app dozen prisoners have been released
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since he took office. but this negotiation with iran is particularly interesting. there was lot of skepticism he could actually get these american prisoners released. any of them. there are still several that are in iran being held. and that was because of the enormous amount of tension between the united states and iran. you have to remember, president trump enacted severe economic sanctions. even as recently as this week, we heard from pentagon correspondent barbara star who said there's new u.s. intelligence that shows there might be some kind of threat, iranian threat to u.s. troops. unclear how it'll play out in that realm. it will be fascinating to watch and the make take away, this american is coming home. >> all right. kristen holmes for us there in washington. thank you so much for being with us. also, hearing from princeton university. they just put out this statement. we can confirm the announcement of the white house this morning. and we are working with the family and government officials to facilitate his return to the
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united states. well, the white house will not participate in the impeachment hearing process. that's happening right now in the house. they rejected an offer from democrats to present any type of defense for president trump during those hearings. in a strongly-worded letter, the white house counsel called the proceedings baseless, reckless, and a charade. joining me now is michael moore, former u.s. attorney for a middle district of georgia and lynn sweet, the washington bureau chief for the "washington sun times." the judiciary committee can vote next week. that can include robert mueller's findings of obstruction of justice. we're hearing how frustrated some of the moderate democrats are getting about that. what are the potential risk fsz the democrats do expand the scope of impeachment beyond just
4:16 am
ukraine. >> the potential risk for democrats in general, is that it backfires politically and gets them in trouble in trump-leaning districts. there's a remedy. we know that from the clinton impeachment in 1998. here is how you give some people at least some cover. that is you put in clinton congress had four articles of impeachment that were voted on, two actually went to the senate. that means there will be, if the mueller-related articles of impeachment are put out there, they could easily be voted down and that gives cover to the moderates that you're talking about. i would not be surprised if that strategy surfaces in the coming days. >> do you think that will be successful. do you think that mueller's findings will be included? >> it's possible because if you're looking at the whole
4:17 am
story, if there is an obstruction charge, there is a point to be saying it's not just a oneoff. this isn't an outlier. it's not something we can debate was an accident that there is a pattern and practice. that's what the mueller report could show. but you can remedy that by giving these endangered democrats articles of impeachment to vote down and still, in a sense, let the public know what you're talking about. >> yeah. it sounds like it would be a risky move. michael, to you. no surprise that the white house is saying, look, we won't be participating in the house impeachment proceedings. what you have now is the president, the white house are focussing on the upcoming senate trial. they're focussing on what the defense will be. we know the white house advisors, white house counsel have reached out to particular lawmakers in the senate. what is the defense going to look like, do you think? >> you know, i think they'll ultimately say well, he was
4:18 am
acting within the scope of his authority. there was nothing he did that was particularly improper or out of the ordinary. that he has the duty to protect the country. to negotiate certain things world leaders. they'll push off there. we've been listening to him talk about, you know, every excuse you can come up with and things like tear the country apart, let's wait a year. let the voters decide. those are red herrings. when it comes down to defending the phone call, that will be a tougher case. essentially the phone call and the transcript is by and large an admission. it's a confession he, in fact, reached out to a foreign leader to ask him to look into the conduct and the behavior of an american citizens. that's going to be a big hurdle for them to overcome, if they move forward, which with that is a lot of defense. >> what about the testimony, quickly. do you expect the senate republicans to call, you know, the likes of hunter biden and even the involuntary manslaughter whist-- anonymous
4:19 am
whistle blower to testify. >> i think they'll try to do that. i hope we get more evidence. there are reports the house is doing practice rounds on the hearings coming up, and what they did last time is talk too much about sfeeblg -- academics. if you're talking about the murder case, you want to talk about the murder. you bring the pathologist later. here the house went backwards. hopefully the senate we'll get to real testimony or actual evidence and away from the campaign speeches and the time wasting by the lawmakers by saying things like thank you for coming and i believe this is terrible. we've heard that. let's hear what the witnesses have to say. >> despite the impeachment cloud hanging over the white house, i mean, the reality is the economy remains strong. we got recent numbers. unemployment set a -- excuse me, a 50-year low. and if you look at some recent polling that cnn did, you'll see
4:20 am
that, you know, we have graphics of that. according to the republicans and those republican-leaning registered voters that were polled, the economy is the most important issue. and then, also, among all registered voters that were polled, the economy is in the top three of those most important issues. if you look closely there, the impeachment inquiry ranks much lower than the economy, except when the democrats are polled on this. at the end of the day, lynn, if the economy remains strong through election day, i mean, will that be trump's ticket to re-election? >> he has a fair path to re-election, even if he's impeached and has a senate trial. we know it won't result in a conviction because you need a super majority of senators and there's enough republicans to prevent his being convicted and removed from office. so you have exactly the point. and that's where the democrats
4:21 am
have the political problem of being seen as overreaching. it's a problem because the clinton impeachment took place in december of 1998. the midterm had just happened. even though the republicans controlled the house. the democrats picked up five seats. they had some built in immunity to an immediate political backlash. here the democrats don't. we're going into an election. hey, trump might be impeached on december 19th. that's the night of the next democratic debate. so you have all these moving parts happening at one time. so, and a good economy, which is a blessing, in a sense, for president trump. >> thank you to you both. >> thank you. for president trump was talking about toilets with business leaders at the white house yesterday. he wasn't joking around about a
4:22 am
call for more water efficiency. watch this. >> we have a situation where we're looking very strongly at sinks and showers. and other elements of bathrooms. you turn on the facet and you don't get any water. you take a shower and water comes dripping out. it's dripping out very quietly dripping out. people are flushing toilets 10 times. 15 times as opposed to once. they end up using more water. so epa is looking at that very strongl strongly at my suggestion. president also blamed environmentally-friendly lightbulbs for giving off a certain glow. they said they make him look orange. they rolled back energy-efficient rules on
4:23 am
lightbulbs. the president said there that water is dripping quietly. he seemed sentimental about it. >> passionate. >> yeah. 15 times you got to flush sometimes. 15 times! all right, go ahead. thanks. we are weeks away from the next democratic presidential debate and there is real possibility that the debate stage won't look anything like the make up of the party. coming up, why the december 9th debate may feature only white candidates. plus, a big jobs uptick, but beneath the big numbers, are there warnings signs in the trump economy? some people say yes. and this holiday season it may not just be chestnuts you smell roasting on an open fire. kentucky fried chicken is hoping your home might smell finger lickin' good. you just know love is her
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the stage of the next democratic national debate may look different than the party and the rest of the field. senator kamala harris' exit from the debate, means the debate could include only white candidates. the december debate, thus far, based on who has qualified includes former vice president
4:28 am
joe biden, senators elizabeth warren, bernie sanders, amy klobuchar, pete buttigieg, and tom steyer. joining me now is steve philips. steve, welcome back. >> thanks for having me. >> let's start here with this debate then i'll get to other issues of race in the party. most diverse field in the history of the process to potentially involve white deb--l white debate stage. what do you think? >> it's a response to the election of a president who has got into power and fanning the flames of white racial resentment. people are drawing an incorrect conclusion that the way to beat this president is to get a white guy to go after him.
4:29 am
so that notion is wide spread and pervasive. so it affects to the negative way the candidates of color and a perception a candidate of color is viable. that's what kamala harris ran into and what cory booker and julian castro are facing. >> one of the narratives of the 20 20 2016 primary the difficulty senator sanders had with resonating with black voters. the latest poll from cnn shows more than 60% of, umm, democrats support either former vice president joe biden, 39%, 22% for senator sanders. has he done something or this is, as you said, the narrative that you need a white guy to beat another white guy? >> that's the dominant narrative of the democratic politics right now. and, i mean, it's not entirely illogical when you put forward
4:30 am
in 2016 probably the most qualified person to run for president. and white people chose that white guy over the female candidate. so there's a lot of fear and at the present -- trepidation. the conclusion is we need our own white guy. it's not correct. almost half of the voters from the democratic side, half of the voters elected obama are people of color. in point of fact, the only person to have won the white house in the last 20 years, has been a person of color. >> let's talk about, and i know you have written about this. democrats investing in and supporting candidates who can be the next primary field. and during the research of black governors, black senators. it jumped out to me there are now currently as many current
4:31 am
white governors who have admitted to wearing black face as there have ever been elected actual black governors. that is just striking to me there are two sitting white governors who have worn black face, we know of, and two elected black governors. what is the democratic party doing to invest in or support the next black governor? the next black senator so there's a bigger field, a more diverse field qualified to run. >> right. that's the challenge and that's the issue. what are we doing to identify and elevate back and back early. both stacy abrams, andrew gillium, all democratic nominees in 2018 had to fight against the establishment and the system to become the nominees. we should be looking now to identify the promising people, promising talent getting behind them, getting their networks out, giving them opportunities
4:32 am
to get national exposure. so that's the challenge before us. one of the things we need to be looking at is going to be committing early to making sure that the democratic ticket is no longer desegregated. are we going to have someone like a stacy abrams as a vice presidential candidate and committed to making sure it's not an all-white ticket. >> you wrote ahead of a pick in 20 2016 to pick tim kaine would be a personal insult to people of color across the country. so a diverse ticket so minority voters are excited and engaged. who does that? because there's been a lot of talk about kamala harris but her numbers with black voters weren't very high at all. >> yeah. she, again, was running against biden, who people thought it was going to be the safest pick. and so that was the calculation. but clearly stacy abrams is somebody who needs to be on very
4:33 am
high on a short list. stacy got more votes in the state of georgia than any democrat in the history of this country. more votes in georgia than jimmy carter got when he ran for office. so clearly she was able to inspire and bring forward the type of enthusiasm that will be necessary for democrats to prevail in 20. >> quickly, let me flip from the race of the candidates to the race of the electorate. former secretary julian castro said that leading off with iowa and new hampshire simply does not make sense. when you look at the demographics, we have graphics to show the states are far whiter than the rest of the country. 60% of the u.s. population. when you go to iowa in the high 80s. 90s% for new hampshire. is this important enough to be some reckoning for the party? >> it is important enough. because the issues that get dominated are the ones that are not necessarily the ones that are most pressing to the
4:34 am
communities of color. again, who make up half of the democratic electorate. one thing they can think about doing is rotating. you have four states. you have south carolina and nevada that follow. start with south carolina and have iowa and new hampshire go later. so would change the issue set and it would also put in play a different role which candidates emerge as the ones who are the leaders. >> steve philips, good to have a question you, sir. thanks for coming. >> thank you for having me on. and end to the legal fight between a cave diver and a billionaire. a jury comes to a quick decision over elon musk defamed a guy on twitter. plus, he claims he was framed after the killing of trayvon martin. george zimmerman wants more than $100 million from martin's parents and others involved in the case. does this lawsuit stand a chance in court? ♪ - [woman] with my shark, i deep clean messes like this,
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in this morning's legal brief, a jury in california said elon musk did not defame a british cave diver when the tesla ceo called him a peddo. he criticized musk for trying to get involved in efforts to free the teen boys and their coach. musk's defense team said the pedo guy tweet was meant as a joke. his attorney argued the client was right to be angry. >> if you do not sue, it is true. >> criminal defense attorney and cnn analyst joey jackson joins me to discuss. so, joey, is this the outcome you expected? elon musk being cleared? >> yes. interesting case. good to see you, amara. what did you say, if you don't
4:40 am
sue, it must be true. i think the jury was moved be a few things. not every dispute rises to the let level of a federal case. elon musk was offering to help. the person he was helping suggesting it was a pr stunt. elon musk being upset saying pedo guy. ultimately apologizing. not everything rises to a level case. when it comes to defamation, you have to establish there damages. you have the gentleman who said he was defamed. he's out $200 million. it was a successful rescue attempt. i think number three, they were offended. you're asking for $200 million. if everyone insulted me i would be $200 million. the jury said enough. get rid of the case. i think that's the right result. eight years after george george zimmerman was e quitted of all charges to the killing of
4:41 am
trayvon martin he's claiming he was the victim. zimmerman is suing for $100 million. the statement wednesday afternoon, the family's attorney called the lawsuit unfounded, reckless, and shameless attempt to profit off the lives and grief of others. what are your thoughts on this? >> i don't think it has legs. initially optically it's so horrific that you can think about taking a 17-year-old's life and, yes, you are acquitted. that's fine. but now to go and then to be suing the parents who, of course, have lost their child and are in eternal, you know, suffering as a result of that. i think that just optically is really so wrong. to the merits of the case, it talks about malicious preciou prosecution. there's nothing malicious about attempting to get justice. this is not a case where someone is framed. this is a matter where a person was ultimately killed. it sparked a lot of controversy
4:42 am
and the prosecution did their best to move forward and to attempt to get justice. the fact they didn't doesn't entitle you to $100 million. by the way, it happens this lawsuit, that is, to be on the vern verge and on the face coming out when there's a movie talking about the trevon hoax that happens to be coming out. i wonder if the time frame is sce consequences. the same attorney had the birther lau birther lawsuit and you have to consider the source. >> thank you so much, joey. >> thank you. up next, good jobs news across the country. if you zoom in on three states that matter in 2020, is it the same story? at t-mobile, we're lighting up 5g, and when you buy a samsung note 10+ 5g, you get one free. plus you can experience it on the nation's largest 5g network. so do this. on that. with us.
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so if you've got money in the market, friday was a pretty good day for you. the big three indexes all up on some pretty good jobs numbers. >> yeah. unemployment went down again matching a 50-year low. in states the president promised to help the most, the jobs picture is more bleak. our christina with more. >> reporter: a gang buster jobs report surpassing all expectations. look, this data helps donald trump going into 2020, no doubt about it. he'll continue to hammer how successful his economic policies have been. i'm watching other data that shows a less rosie picture of employment in america. swing states like michigan, ohio, and wisconsin all lost jobs in the first 10 months of the year. that's according to most recently available state by state jobs data it was analyzed by a think tank. the group focuses on the geography of economic growth. and the fact these states were shedding jobs is pretty
4:48 am
stunning. other states have benefitted under the president this year. michigan, which the president narrowly won in 2016, lost about 26,000 manufacturing jobs from january through october. wisconsin shed 8500 manufacturing jobs, and ohio registered a lot of 7300 all in the same period. look, there's one important caveat here. we may see these numbers bounce back in november. that's because striking gm workers resumed work after a six-week strike that began in mid september. trump's economic policy also doesn't seem to be working for the deep red state of west virginia. the mountain state is on track to have the worst performing economy in the country over the next six months. that's according to a federal reserve bank of philadelphia estimate. this is darrylimning for a stat trump promised to help in 2016. and that's pennsylvania is hurting. state will likely experience an
4:49 am
economic contraction into the second quarter of 2020. trump might ignore the hardships facing these state which are deep rooted and not easily solved by tax cuts and farm subsidizes. luckily for trump, this doesn't grab as much attention as the monthly jobs report. >> thank you so much. all right. kfc has something new for you this christmas. you can pick up a yule log that smells like chicken! searching for a way to help stop your cold sore? only abreva can get rid of it in... little as 2 1/2 days when used at the first sign. abreva starts to work immediately to block the virus and protect healthy cells. abreva acts on it. so you can too. here's the story of green mountain coffee roasters sumatra reserve. let's go to sumatra. the coffee here is amazing. because the volcanic soil is amazing. so we give farmers like win more plants. to grow more delicious coffee. which helps provide for win's family.
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so this holiday season you can add 11 herbs and spices to the traditional smells of the season. >> i can't smile about this story. grossed out. kentucky fried chick sn selling chicken scented firelogs. the kentucky fried timber sets you back $19 through and we checked the website and the logs have rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars. people like it! one reviewer wrote, this will get your guests' mouths watering and ready for the holiday
4:56 am
dinner. that isn't even there. i mean -- i would be angry. >> and one of our camera operators said the worst thing about this, you have the house smelling like fried chicken, you get home and there's actually no chicken. just a tease. >> that is a total tease. get worked up, excited and -- there's no food. stay with us. next hour of "new day" starts after a break. f your daily roue so why treat your mouth any differently? listerine® completes the job by preventing plaque, early gum disease, and killing up to 99.9% of germs. try listerine®. need stocking stuffers? try listerine® ready! tabs™.
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this is a dark day for a very great, a great place. >> four people are dead including the shooter after an attack on a pensacola naval base by a member of the saudi military. >> reporter: fbi investigators are looking into whether the shooting was related to terrorism. >> i can tell you it's a horrible thing that took place. we're getting to the bottom of it. >> president trump's legal team will not participate in house impeachment proceedings. >> a new from white house counsel tells them to get lost. >> done by frankly losers. >> speaker pelosi hearing out all corners of the caucus whether to include special counsel robert


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