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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  December 13, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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top of the hour. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. when he was elected the 45th president of the united states, donald trump became the latest member of a pretty exclusive club and is now poised to join another one. u.s. presidents who have been impeached. >> today is a solemn and sad day. for the third time in a little over a century and a half, the house judiciary committee voted articles of impeachment against the president for abuse of power and obstruction of congress. the house will act expeditiously. thank you. >> the house judiciary committee voting to advance articles of impeachment for abuse of power, and obstruction of congress, to the full house. manu raju is cnn's congressional correspondent. judiciary committee had its day along party lines. no surprise. shall we expect more of the same
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come next wednesday? >> reporter: going to about fiery debate that will take place on the house floor when that happens on wednesday. it will reflect what we heard over the last several days in the house judiciary committee. a very bitterly divided house expected to vote ultimately to approve these two articles making the president the third to get impeached by the ho us in american history. that will happen by wednesday. there are some questions about how those votes ultimately will come down in terms of the ultimate vote count because there are democrats particularly ones who came from swing districts, trump districts, freshman members in particular who told me over the last several days are weighing the decision, weighing how to vote. hear reaction from voters back home over the weekend before they ultimately decide what to do. republicans, however, are on lock step with the president. we're not expecting any republican defections right now. and a number are still defending the president even on the basic ask that a president made to president zelensky of ukraine, asking for an investigation into
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his political rivals. earlier today i had a chance to ask one of those republicans, debbie lesko, who sits on the house judiciary committee about the president's ask of joe biden, of zelensky, to investigate the bidens and the whether or not that was appropriate. >> reporter: is it ever okay for an american president to ask a foreign power to investigate -- >> he did. >> reporter: he did ask. >> he did not do that. >> congresswoman -- >> yes. >> reporter: asked president zelensky to invest gad joe biden and hunter biden. why is that okay? >> that was because, i think, logically, more likely than the democrat story is because he wanted to vet out the corruption. >> reporter: so i asked her about the corruption. the president didn't mention corruption on that phone call. she didn't respond to that question. also, of course, the president did, in fact, ask president zelensky of ukraine to investigate the bidens.
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she said he did not do that. that is certainly not the case if you look at the rough transcript that the white house itself put out. nevertheless hearing republicans offer a full-throated defense of the president's actions and you can expect that to play out in the coming days as we expect total republican unity voting against those articles of impeachment next week. brooke? >> get your rest this weekend. you got a big week next week as well. manu, thank you very much. the president lashed out at democrats and the entire impeachment process in the wake of today's judiciary committee vote. >> it's a scam. it's something that shouldn't be allowed. and it's a very bad thing for our country, and you're trivializing impeachment. >> michael smerconish, host of cnn's "smerconish" and awesome to get to talk to you. can we dive in underscoring how historic this is.
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the third president to face impeach innocent before nixon only used once in nearly 200 years. my question to kick it off with you, is this becoming the new norm until a polarized america? >> right. third in my lifetime. i wasn't paying close attention when we went through it with nixon but the third in my lifetime. so the argument that the president would make is, hey, we're normalizing this. making it so easy. there's nothing here that warrants my being impeached. the response, however, is to say, wait a minute. if the conduct meets the description that was put forth by the founding fathers, then members of congress are dare fledare -- derelict in their duty not to complete it even if it's a fete acomp p acompli. americans tuned it out.
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that new marquette survey in wisconsin say 52% don't want to see him impeached. i wonder are they putting this in the category of more partisan bickering, each side suiting up in usual jersey and people gravitating towards being a democrat, a republican, instead of scrutinizing the conduct. >> to your point being a fait accompli, americans know he's be acquitened and thus face no consequences. what's the remedy? how do we fix that? >> well, the remedy i think is bigger than this impeachment process. the remedy, i'll explain it i think this way. i was watching last night's debate on cnn with my wife and she said to me, i find it unusual that no one steps out of their party. all the republicans see it one way. all the democrats see it a different way. how in the world can people line up so diametrically opposed? and my response is to say
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they're playing for different audiences. it's all about the primary basis for each of these appears, and self-preservation. hate to say it, be so signiccal. >> politics. >> members looking at how do i stay here for another term. >> yep. as they are, precisely right, thinking, how do i get reelected? i'm wondering, obviously donald trump wants re-elected. play it forward. assume he's impeached, not removed by the senate. today when you watch trump he threatened payback in that post-impeachment era. how do you think he will behave then? >> i think you know exactly how he'll behave. he'll have a sound bite. it will probably be, i told you. no quid pro quo, and in the same way that he repeated the mantra of no collusion, no obstruction post-mufl
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post-mueller. about the third week of january i think you'll hear that from him. he will hope it emboldens him heading into the 2020 cycle as americans begin to vote. the democratic response, look, even if the senate doesn't go along with it we've created a record and hope it seeps into the conscience of voters and keep. in mind when they vote in november. >> exactly what a democratic congressman just told me. how he's seeing it, going to the vote next wednesday. what of rudy giuliani? the fact back at the white house today on this day of all days. i mean, just when you look at this picture, shows they don't care and it's the very thing trump is being impeached over. technically still going. tweeted, the american people made up their mind on this #impeachmentscam. this will be proven. let's say joe biden is not the democratic nominee. does this ukraine push by the trump white house continue?
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>> i think that the lawyers, the full-time lawyers, pat cipollone and others who are around the president are probably a bit frustrated. this is my hunch, but i pay close attention. the extent to which mayor giuliani has the president's ear. because the president is a receptive audience for those conspiracy-like theories and using his twitter account or access to the airwaves, inclined often to spread them. i just don't think that unless rudy found something in ukraine that's new, i don't think they're grounded in fact. >> michael smerconish, thank you. we watch you saturday mornings right here 9:00 a.m. eastern on cnn. >> thank you. >> thank you. president trump also is saying today he doesn't mind if his impeachment trial is long or short, but we know the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is consulting white house lawyers on how it should play out. democrats, by the way, say that's unconstitutional. plus, cnn learned the white house is restricting who could listen in on the president's
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we're back. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. the next step in the impeachment case against president trump moves to a full house vote next week senator majority leader mitch mcconnell is preparing for a senate trial in january telling fox news he is preparing a full acquittal of the president and coordinating with white house counsel. >> everything i do during this i'm coordinating with the white house counsel. we'll be working through this process hopefully in a fairly short period of time in total coordination with the white house counsel's office and the people who represent the president as well as the senate mts today some democrats are outraged by mcconnell saying he's choosing the president over his constitutional duties. >> that is a complete surrender of the constitutional duties and
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prerogatives of the senate. essentially turning them over to the white house. let's hope that there's sufficient clamor within the senate and within the country to make him rethink this idea of coordinating strategy with the defendant in the case. the president is essentially a constitutional defendant. >> let's discuss with two of my favorite people. ana navarro and frank rooney columnist for the "new york times." frank rooney, start with. listening to the particular ed earlier today he was like i'm going to do what i want and named leader mcconnell, and senator graham, i'm going to do what he want. leader mcconnell says he is cooperating, coordinating with white house counsel? >> not surprised. inevitable in this partisan moment. would be same if parties were reveir revers reversed. we said impeachment is not a legal criminal process.
12:16 pm
it's a political process. perfect illustration of that. the senate is not turned into a court of law. not turned into a conventional courtroom. it's a political theater. the perfect illustration of that is you have mitch mcconnell who in a different kind of construct would be the jury's foreman kword a coordinating with the defendant. it's a political process playing out. >> obvious, how it played out in the house as well, but a lot of chutzpah to say it out loud. not even try to pretend to have any independence and do your constitutional duty and have coequal branches of government that respect each other. i mean -- it's amazing to me we've gotten to the point where there's not even an attempt to hide the obvious. right? look, how do i see it? i think mitch mcconnell is a guy who's going to try to control
12:17 pm
the process. we've seen it i think get a little out of hand in the house. yesterday when i turned on the tv after three christmas parties at 10:00 at night and saw that -- still going on. it's almost like, you know, like republicans have decided to make us forget the facts by putting us all into an impeachment induced coma, out of the tediousness that this process became, and i don't think you're going to see that level of spectacle in the senate. >> let me ask you about that. i know. >> too angry to fall into a coma. representatives gaetz doing what he did, the way he brought up hunter biden, to me an illustration how low. >> i was capable of full outrage in the morning. by 10:30 at night my eyes glazed over like that charlie brown in the classroom, wa, wa, wa, wa,
12:18 pm
wa. >> and what we saw yesterday, gross and ugly, they don't even believe everything they're saying. they were playing to an audience. that audience is donald trump. donald trump tweeted or retweeted what it? 125 for a reason. a way telling republicans, i'm watching. i'm engaged. i care. don't you dare do anything less than a full defense of me. >> so what happens on the senate side? you have the mcconnell and talk about decorum in the senate how they want it to be quick. powerful. you know? and then keep him in office verse president trump who threatened a spectacle and theater and dragging witnesses in in person, which where is your money? which way do we go? >> careful what you wish for. you might get it. worst thing for president trump, some witnesses to be dragged in, in person. you want rudy giuliani proven himself completely unhinged on tv interus and vis ntestify?
12:19 pm
yes, please. it's going to wind up being a very bad thing for you. i think it's going to be a quick process. it's gogsz to be a distracting process and i don't think you'll see the auditions for best supporting actor in a drama that we have seen come out of the gop in the house. and i do hope we don't have moments like what frank alluded to with matt gaetz yesterday a very shameful moment particularly hypocritical he brings up hunter biden's substance abuse when there are 20 x 10 foot billboards with his face and the dui arrest he had. look, no, i actually don't say this as funny, because in my family, substance abuse. i think in most american families right now, there's been substance abuse and it is something that makes the entire family suffer. a hell of a lot of families this christmas that will be missing a family member that's either missing somewhere or buried because of substance abuse.
12:20 pm
how dare you. how dare you pick on that and how dare you make light of that? and how dare you bring that up particularly given as the congressman from georgia said the fact that you know, pot, don't call the kettle black. >> saying it was gross. it was gross. >> just when you think they can't go lower. >> well -- >> they win the limbo contest, and we're not done. >> last question. reading maggie haberman, color what to expect in a post-impeached non-removed president trump. the quo, mr. trump advisers worry the snap back of his anger once the impeachment process is over they predict him to be furious and looking for payback. to both of you, finally, what does that look like? >> i don't know what it looks like but something we should be braced for. of all of these delusions none is more powerful he's a martyr and prose persecuted and convinced himself and this
12:21 pm
impeachment process validated that for him. yeah. i think you're going to see trump unplugged and we thought unplugged already. right? i mean so i don't know. >> i don't know what that means. 120 tweets in one day. nots unpluggedgod help us what unplugged means. >> the nation's business done, how? tweeting 120 times? >> the good thing about impeachment. preoccupied watching the process, not doing critical things for the nation. maybe he, if he's preoccupied tweeting about impeachment he won't be tweeting against a 16-year-old who just won the "time" cover. >> most powerful person on the planet gets into a twitter attack with a 16-year-old? that's the trump presidency. >> these two available for your christmas party. >> just said ahead of that. cook. >> can't cook for 20 people. >> we'll continue this in the
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commercial break. appreciate you. could we have them every day? please? coming up -- thank you both very much -- up next, president trump congratulating the uk prime minister for a landslide win in elections there. why this might make some 2020 democrats nervous. outraged when her son's name came out in the impeachment hearing. how does the first lady explain her husband's personal attacks against the 16-year-old frank alluded to? we'll share the just released statement, next.
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barely two days before new tariffs were set to kick in against china president trump tweeting he's reached "phase one of a trade deal with beijing" slamming the brakes of planned tariffs. at the white house the president predicting beijing will buy $50 billion worth of farm goods. >> in agriculture hit $50 billion, yes. >> this year? >> pretty soon. already stepped it up. my deal with them two months ago, had if in pretty good form. i said, do me a favor start buying agriculture.
12:28 pm
and they did. they started. look, started buying even before the deal, they're buying. >> farmers hit especially hard by the tariffs. it's uncertain if this is beginning of the end for 19-month tariff war between the two biggest economies. cristina alesci is politics and police correspondent and i heard you say the phase one trade deal is like a band-aid. >> it doesn't address the underlying issues. what this deal does is essentially overt a crisis that donald trump himself created. so we were going to head into a situation where we'd have additional tariffs going into effect this weekend. this deal cancels those new tariffs and surprisingly, this is not something widely expected rolls back or reduces, rather, the rate on tariffs for some existing goods. now, if that sounds like a concession to the chinese, it is a huge concession. and in exchange, the u.s. might
12:29 pm
get some more purchases from china for u.s. farm goods, which china stopped purchasing, because they were rejecting trump's tactics of just ratcheting up the tariff war. now what happens is trump kind of painted himself into a corner in a way, because if the new tariffs had gone into effect, three thing wos have happened. the consumers would have been hit. farmer would not have gotten relief, and the markets would have crashed. that would have all happened in the middle of an impeachment hearing. >> you just -- >> giving the other side more ammunition and more ways to attack you. one of the things president trump is doing is saying, why impeach me? the economy is gang buster. you know? we have low unemployment. stock market's going well. he wasn't going to jeopardize that by imposing new tear of the. china sniffed that out. >> yep. >> and -- >> 2020. thinking next year. we'll hear more from him.
12:30 pm
for now, thank you very much. also in to us here at cnn we've learned the white house is restricting the number of administration officials allowed to listen in on the president's phone calls with foreign leaders. the limited access has been in effect since revelations emerged from president trump's july phone call with ukraine's leader. the conversation now centerpiece of the impeachment inquiry. april doss, involved in the intelligence investigation. what do you make of this new reporting? >> really unfortunate. having career national security staff able top listen to calls is an important part of the process. it's an important part of making sure the president gets the policy advise needed, insights he need keeping effective records what happens on these calls laying the foundation for subsequent decision-making, how danger us could it be? >> depends.
12:31 pm
the chief danger in a lot of ways is the rick that the president could get into a thought bubble. ideally in a well-functioning national security council you have career people with lots of experience who are acting in a non-partisan way who can advise the president about history and context and things like that. if there's a sense of suspicion or distrust that causes the number of people who can listen in on the calls restricted too tightly the run the risk of only people who are politically lly aligned from a domestic sort of perspective and so can really impair good, informed decision-making. >> let me also ask you as we look ahead to impeachment on the senate side and the trial and the possibility that this kw whistle-blower may have to testify. the whistle-blower's team is preparing for that possibility. do you think that that's likely to happen? and if so, what would the imp mr. cases be? >> well, whether it's likely is
12:32 pm
a great question depending entirely how the senate decides to approach the structure of the impeachment. the trial process. on the merits, really it shouldn't be necessary for the whistle-blower to testify at this point, because -- >> so much what this person said has been corroborated? >> exactly. at this point who the whistle-blower was is less relevant than all other information developed since then. >> how about attorney general, bill barr, he contradicted his own justice department's, ig report giving weight to trump conspiracies? are you concerned the doj is no longer independent? >> well, i'm really concerned that some of these comments can create that impression. irony is an independent inspector jern general at the d like other agencies is an
12:33 pm
important part of or system. strong judicial oversight and strong, independent inspectsers general. casting doubt on the report of his own independent ig really runs the risk of undermining confidence in that work. >> april doss, thank you. >> thank you. how about this question? should boris johnson's landslide victory make 2020 democrats nervous? we'll talk about that. and the first lady silent over the president's attack on a teen activist. what the white house just put out a statement, responding to the critics. steyer: i'm about to say two words
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so president trump is congratulating the man, calling him his british twin boris johnson. trump promising britain and the u.s. will be free to strike a massive new trade deal once britd e britain leaves the eu. loves brexit. and holes against the labor parties jeremy corbyn. why? saying he went far left resulting in a massive crash. a lot fears this could happen in the 2020 election. first thing i thought, other than the fact i have an english husband who constantly reminds
12:39 pm
meep what's happening in england pt think back to the 2016 brexit vote and harbinger of things to come with trump's win. do you see it as a predictor of what we'll see in 2020? >> there are clearly parallels. could be victory of the center-right big personality politician who rails against the establishment and has an odd relationship with the uk could order the same thing in the u.s. next year pofor president trump. it's less for a couple reasons. jeremy corbyn, labor party leader, hugely unpopular personally and politically. it's unlikely whoever the democratic nominee is next year, that person is going to be so at odds with what many see as their own country's foundational values. one thing. the other thing is, of course,
12:40 pm
this was almost like a second brexit referendum. you won't have those conditions in the u.s. many labor voters who voted to leave, thousands of them, in fact, were angry with their own party, because jeremy corbyn had a rather muddled prediction on brexit and lashing out because they hadn't been able to leave the european uniyoounion. lightly have different and less perfect for 2016. >> you have this, former vice president joe biden jumping in, capitalizing on the news in uk. only a centrist like him can beat president trump and corbin was far left. do you see this at all as an appropriate warning for democrats to stay a little more in the middle? >> right. interesting post for tmortem gon in the uk like we've been having among the u.s. senator sanders and warren going
12:41 pm
too far left leaving the vast middle ground where elections are usually won behind. another interesting parallel in that the democratic party and the labor party appear to have left their own voters in many cases in their heartlands behind. they've culturally shifted away from those voters where all of those results came in last night in the labor hot lines north of england and scotland. old, industrial areas. mining areas. similar to election night in the u.s. in 2016. a great shock the president won pennsylvania, won ohio and won wisconsin. reason for both, labor party culturally has become, and democrats have become a metropolitan liberal party but not on the same page as more conservative working class voters. >> thank you for the analysis. good to have you on. and before we go to break i freed to get this off my chest. greta thunberg at 16 years of
12:42 pm
age has become the face of the climate change fight. at 16 years of age has addressed the united states, at 16 years of age has been nominated for the nobody pell peace prize. 16 years of age youngest to be names "time" magazine's person of the year and at 16 years old attacked by the president of the united states -- twice. after being honored by the magazine the president said she had an anger management problem, to chill. she embraced it much like nancy pelosi moving the attack to the top of her megaphone. greta thunberg has been open about her dying notions of asperger's calling it her super power that helps fuel her activi activism. so while it should go without saying the president mocking a teenage girl with asperger's is pretty appalling, but unfortunately we are in a different time now. a week after the president and his allies criticized law professor for invoking his
12:43 pm
13-year-old son's name, silence in this case. over at the "washington post" saying he reached out to all people offended by the mention of barron trump to see if they are just as offended by the president's attack on greta thunberg. none responded. and as for the first lady, remember, last week she said, a minor child deserves privacy and should be kept out of politics." using a child to pander publicly is shameful. quote/unquote. today after a day of silence, the white house press secretary just responded to criticism saying in part, their son is not an activist who travels the globe giving speeches. so she seems to be saying if you're a minor who stands up for what she believes is right, that that's fair game to be personally attacked? i guess. only sometimes. coming up next, the creator of marvel character than noos js
12:44 pm
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a regular president would have been under a table thumbing the mouth saying take me home, mommy, this is too tough for me. true. they know.
12:51 pm
>> that was president trump just this week at a rally in here she, pennsylvania, riling up his supporters and his campaign has taken that tough guy talk one step further. the trump war room twitter account released this ad superimposing trump's head on top of marvel villain thanos who is infamous for being this genocidal war lord. it features the president snapping his fingers to turn democratic leaders including nancy pelosi and congressman adam schiff into dust. the comic book writer artist who created thanos, jim starlin was not so assumed. he joins me here in new york. a pleasure to have you on. >> it is good to be here. >> my goodness. when you first saw this, i read what you had written, that you felt violated? >> i probably shouldn't use that term because that is so much connected with the me-too movement. i was mostly shocked and
12:52 pm
saddened. shocked to begin with and then saddened. >> tell me why? >> i'm old enough where i remember our presidents when they spoke to the public they did so to encourage to inspire, to lead, not to complain like some teenage girl who had a bad day and that is what i see so much going on with this particular administration. and i'm sad for my country. >> you point out -- for people who aren't megamarvel fans, explain -- the fact that they took thanos of all of these characters and used thanos in this ad, explain who thanos is. >> well in the movie thanos is a giant manny acand wipes out half of the universe with the infinity gauntlet with a snap of his fingers.
12:53 pm
why anyone while they're trying to get elected would choose to take this image on just escapes me. >> do you have any recourse? you could have them take it down. >> no. the first amendment protects it under satire if nothing else. i feel that the only thing i can do is sit there and speak out about it because as an artist my creations, would like them to be used for something that has something to do with what is going on in me, rather than somebody else to exploit. and i felt sort of obliged to speak out on this particular point. >> you had written and i'm quoting you, fortunately, all things, event nightmares eventually come to an end and i think it is safe to assume you are not voting for trump in 2020. >> seems unlikely. >> so who would you like to see replace him?
12:54 pm
>> just about i would say 80% of the people that i've seen on the democratic ticket i would vote for easily. my dream ticket right now would be elizabeth warren and cory booker. i think that would just bring in the voters and that would be the end of that. jim starlin, thank you very much. >> my pleasure. >> thank you. it is a historic day on capitol hill. the house judiciary committee voting to send the articles of impeachment to the house floor. we have details on the vote for next week. can my side be firm?
12:55 pm
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a former army medic, made of the we maflexibility to handle members like kate. whatever monday has in store and tackle four things at once. so when her car got hit, she didn't worry. she simply filed a claim on her usaa app and said... i got this. usaa insurance is made the way kate needs it - easy. she can even pick her payment plan so it's easy on her budget and her life. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa when army/navy take to the field tomorrow in one of the biggest college rivalries they will bring 120 years of tradition with them ander cory
12:59 pm
wire is there in philadelphia. so coy, we know the rivalry is a big deal. but tell me really how big of a deal it is. >> reporter: you think about the history, brook, it dates back to 1890. this is our nation's greatest display of tradition and path -- pageantry and 10 u.s. citizens will attend, president trump is expected to attend tomorrow for the second straight year. it is said this game is the only college football game where everyone on the field is willing to sacrifice their life for everyone who is watching. and it is so much more than just a game. >> because of what it represents. what each team represents. >> it is everything to west point. it is on every brick and stone. >> the army-navy game is america's game. >> it is a national treasure. >> the army-navy game is the
1:00 pm
greatest rivalry in football. >> our 34th president eisenhower said the army and navy are the greatest friends 364 1/2 days of the year but this saturday we are the worst of enemies. the game is tomorrow. >> thank you for being with me. i'm brooke baldwin. "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. only 3 other people in history have a stain on their legacy like this. "the lead" starts right now. breaking today, the house judiciary committee passes both articles of impeachment against president trump as the full house gets ready to vote and the senate leader works with the white house on the coming trial. unite or fight. joe biden, elizabeth warren tangling over the best way to beat trump and move on. plus a murdering mom and child rapist walking free thanks to pardon by the former kentucky governor as he walked out