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tv   New Day Weekend With Victor Blackwell and Christi Paul  CNN  December 14, 2019 4:00am-5:00am PST

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2020 election. >> to use the power of impeachment on this nonsense is an embarrassment to this country. north korean state announcing another crucial test. >> we really feel like we're going back to familiar territory here. top of the hour now. good morning to you. president trump now a step closer to impeachment. the full house is expected to vote on two articles of impeachment. that's wednesday, and if passed, that will make president trump the third to be impeached. >> the president isn't shying away from a political fight
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here. we learned he would prefer a long senate trial with witnesses. i'll do whatever they want to do. it doesn't matter. i wouldn't mind a long process because i'd like to see the whistle-blower who's a fraud. the whistle-blower wrote a false report, and i really blew it up when i released the transcript of the call. and then schiff gets up and he -- i blew him up, too, because he went up in front of congress, and he made a statement about what i said that was totally false. cnn's kristen holmes is at the white house. president trump seems like he's going to be fully involved in this senate fight after abstaining from the house portion of this. >> good morning, victor. you're absolutely right. president trump at heart is a
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show producer. he would like the whistle-blower to testify. he would like adam schiff to testify, making it a splashy trial. but senate republicans, many of them, they're concerned about that. they don't want to open the door to more witnesses broughty birepublicans because that means more witnesses brought by democrats. remember the senators will malt lilt finally decide what the trial looks like. we know majority leader mitch mcconnell has been working on this. they agreed to work together. they said they would be working in close coordination. now, just this conversation between the two of them enraged house democrats who said it was completely unfair. take a listen. >> the foreman of the jury, mcconnell, is going to
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coordinate with the rules that. makes no sense whatsoever. that is an outrage. >> of course, we do know. we've tried to reach out to a lot of these senate republicans. we're jurors. however mitch mcconnell said this. >> not surprising, they were coordinating their strategy. we're on the same side. >> our dana bash talked to tom daschle who was the senate majority leader, a democrat, during the clinton impeachment. he said while he did not talk to clinton at the time, his staff was working very closely with the white house staff. they were trying to get all the logistics, the moving parts in place. he said that was a necessity. >> kristen, when you talk about witnesses and the president wants to call some. that would make them in his camp
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vulnerable. we understand his personal lawyer rudy giuliani was at the white house. what do we know about this. >> this is an act of a defiance by president trump. this is the day that these articles are being voted. and the man who is at the center of all of this impeachment is here showing up at the white house that. is president essentially saying i don't care what happens. like this is what i am doing right now. this is my tragedy. that is all part of the not retreating strategy. keep this in mind. the entire impeachment is centered around this idea that president trump and giuliani together were running this pressure campaign on ukraine to try to get information about the bidens. we do know that giuliani was just over in ukraine. president trump spoken about that visit a come of days ago saying giuliani had information about congress, president trump's allies. so it's possible that trip was one of the things that came up
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during that visit yesterday. but again giuliani showing up here moments before that vote. that is president trump essentially saying take me on. i believe this is a hoax and i just don't care what you guys think. >> all righty. kristen holmes. appreciate the update. thank you. with us now to discuss all this -- gentlemen, welcome back and good morning to you. >> good morning. >> so let's start here. rudy giuliani. "the wall street journal" reporting the president called as he landed back in the u.s. after the trip to ukraine and asked what did he get. he told according to the report the president, more than you can imagine. he's come pieipiling a 20-page . does i got to trump, twitter, doj, fox news, or does it end upton senate floor in this trial? >> it seems like president trump
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is the only person who wants to hear from rudy giuliani. even republicans in the senate, members have been keeping him at arm's length because he has been livewire in this entire process. he pursued this scheme to try to dig up dirt on the bidens, try to pressure ukrainians to investigate the bidens. he's been hinting at this bombshell he's had for several months now and we haven't seen any evidence and some of the people he's dealing with in the ukraine are known widely as corrupt individuals. some are known. it's not clear that anyone even within the republican circles wants to hear what rudy giuliani has to say, but because president trump is keeping them so close and trying to force his evidence or his proposed evidence on the senate runs, it does appear they're going to try to get rudy giuliani and whatever he's saying to be part
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of this senate impeachment trial, but it's not clear that they want to bring them into the process. >> paul, consider this. we've heard in recent weeks senator grand, senator kennedy, senator cruz as well add some suspicion or expressed some suspicion over ukraine's influence or meddling in the 2016 election. is it a foregone conclusion that we will not hear the results or the episode of giuliani's mysteries in this senate trial? >> well t president's reendorsement of giuliani suggests we may well hear some things that giuliani claims to have discovered on his trips to ukraine. this has, of course, always been a central part of the president's defense that anything done with it had a legitimate foreign policy reason, and, two, expressing
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ukrainian involvement was always going to be a relevant investigation. obviously it was the russian investigation that occurred, so that was proper. so why not a ukrainian investigation. i think we'll hear more from giuliani. it's actually a very striking and public endorsement of giuliani that the president continues to meet with him. a lot of people thought the president might distance himself from giuliani because some of giuliani's statements have been pretty wild and pretty outrageous, but i think he's going to play a prominent role in the impeachment. >> last hour we spoke about some of the house moderates who were uneasy about potentially voting for articles of impeachment. let's flip it and talk this hour about some of the progressives, the activists in the party. i mean there's a piece of the atlantic this weekend who were dissatisfied with the narrow scope of these two articles of impeachment. is there a significant fear or
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concern about those dissatisfied progressive activists, and is there potential pushback, consequence, for the narrow scope? >> there is some concern trying to bring together the liberal progressive wings and more moderate wings of this impeachment will be very difficult in part because you have the progressives who say president trump should have been impeached a long time ago including several of the presidential candidates who are saying the mueller report has plenty of evidence and nothing about the report, nothing about ee moll meants has made its way. i think several democrat is progressives are very happy we're at least finally impeaching the president. i think they've been wishing for this for a while and i think there's less concern they will voice their displeasure and that
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some of the moderates will ultimately vote against these articles of impeachment. you've heard from a couple of democrats, and there could be a handful or more. that's something that has them a little more worried about, that they could lose some people on their right or moderate flank. >> let's turn to the supreme court. the supreme court said yesterday they will take up fights. these subpoenas in three separate cases to get the president's financial records. before we get into the political implications, detail for us. just drive home the significance of the acceptance of this case and what it means for this court. >> well, it's very important that the supreme court did accept the case. in a way it helps the president because the court won't get to this case until -- they'll probably start looking at it in march. they may not issue a decision until june.
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until then tax records will not be released. that's a victory for the trump administration. over the long run, the court in accepting the case is going to decide a very important thing and that is whether the financial records of a president, the tax records in particular, can be legitimately subpoenaed, one n a criminal proceeding because there's been a criminal proceeding in new york issued and, two, by kron gregsal oversight committees for assistance to help in drafting legislation. they're looking at whether new legislation may be needed to deal with a president that has an enormous array of business dealings which we haven't really confronted in the past new state. so there are a lot of important principles here. the other thing i wanted to add that we really haven't touched on, too, is the wild card in these impeachment proceedings is john roberts, chief justice of the united states.
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what role is he going to play. remember, he's going to be ruling on the admissibility of evidence. he can rule on whether it's promote or totally irrelevant to call witnesses. we've got to see how john roberts shapes up as a major character in these proceedings as well. >> he will certainly be watched closely. thank you both. >> thank you, victor. breaking overnight, north korea has claimed for a second time in a week here that it's conducted a, quote, crucial test at a missile site. >> so state-run media says a launch happened friday northwest of pyongyang, but north korea will not say exactly what it tested, not even specifically fit was a launch. >> cnn's paula hancocks live. we know north korea, paula, claims this test was part of what it calls a nuclear deterrence system. what are you hearing from where you are?
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>> reporter: we >> well, they say they don't have anything specific that they can confirm at this point, so they're obviously analyzing the information as well to try to figure out what exactly it was that north korea has tested. they have said it was crucial. they have said it was very successful and part of a nuclear deterrent. the very fact that it's the second test is significant. this is a missile launching site, and it's the one that u.s. president donald trump had said he promised him he would shut down. there was satellite imagery proving he was dismantling this area. earlier this year there was satellite imagery proving it was being rebuilt once again. it shows once again how the relationship between the u.s. and north korea is deteriorating. we're seeing more rhetoric as well between the two leaders.
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the words dotard and rocket man have resurfaced showing that things are not going well. this comes just a day before steve beacon, the u.s. special representative for north korea, arrives here in seoul. he's going to be meeting with south korean officials. it was a last-ditch effort to put them back on track, but, of course, with north korea carrying out this test just before he arrives here, it's showing north korea is focused on the christmas gift it's promised the united states and the deadline for washington. once again we're back to speculation, trying to figure out exactly what north korea is going to test next and, of course, what this christmas gift could possibly be. >> paula hancocks, appreciate it so much. thank you. consider this if you have those in-home security cameras. a family in tennessee is
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claiming that hackers accessed their cameras and watched their daughter in her bedroom. >> who is that? >> i'm your best friend. i'm santa claus. also, there's new information out of new zealand this morning following the eruption of a volcano on white island. we'll tell you what's happening now. it's a game where pageantry meets history on the football field. here's coy wire. >> reporter: welcome to philadelphia, pennsylvania at independence hall when thomas jefferson signed the declaration of independence. it's also the home of the nation's sporting gaming, the army/navy game. now under six-hundred dollars. every best. gift. ever. begins with kay.
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volcanic eruption. dozens were visiting the very popular tourist spot. officials say the death toll is now 15. some are missing at sea. officials have released the name of another victim. she and her father were on the island. her mother staid on tyed on the. new orleans was hit by a cyber attack. the city says servers were powered down. no ran some has been demanded in the attack and she does not believe the city's information has been compromised. >> youtube channels posing as
4:20 am
u.s. yououtlets have posed as n sites. it automatically creates channels on certain topics. youtube has shut down many of the accounts now. it raises questions, though, about the company's preparedness for tackling misinformation on its platform weeks before the iowa caucuses. cnn reporter dodi . >> these accounts are run from southeast asia by scammers and spammers trying to make money from those sort of ads you see on youtube.
4:21 am
these false images going viral seen at least 10 million times on the platform. it was brought by a company who briefed youtube and they took down system of these channels as a result of that research. again, as you said, it raises a lot of question as to how prepared these platforms like youtube were like a few weeks ago to iowa. >> good point. i want to focus on another story we're following today, another home security system that was hack hacked. it makes you wonder how long they were watching them.
4:22 am
>> what. >> wait. does your child look like an oreo? >> so the come was -- i want you to envision this. you're in your home, you're cooking dinner, and all of a sudden a voice comes up in your home and is talking to you and telling you things that you have been doing. >> a couple many mississippi say a hacker harassed their 8-year-old daughter. look at that. >> who is that? >> i'm your best friend. i'm santa claus. >> okay. so then the girl screams for her mother there because, again, she's in her bedroom. all of a sudden this person
4:23 am
comes up and starts talking to her out of nowhere. people at home are going, how do i make sure this doesn't happen to me. to that you say what? >> the sort of sad thing about this is the hackers probably weren't even all that sophisticated. many of us use the same passwords across all of our different programs, email, ring logins, social media. years ago myspace was hacked, linked in. it's possible that your password from those services are on the open web and anybody can access them. so if you're then using that password for your ring, that's how a hacker could potentially get in and see what you're doing at your home and speak directly like a voice of god coming into your home. so how do you protect yourself against this? you should change your password
4:24 am
frequently. it should not be something someone could easily guess like the name of your pet. you think of the security questions if you get locked out of your accounts, oftentimes s will say what was the name of of your first girlfriend or favorite pet. most of us post photos of our family and dogs. >> pets and names. >> so if your dog is named bailey. don't make that your backup security question. also in this case, there's, of course, the two-factor awe them indication where you can get a code texted to your phone. ring is basically suggesting that a lot of these people didn't have two-factor authentication. i think the company should make it a mandatory part of logging into a system like. this people before might not have cared so much of saying, if somebody gets into my email, they get into my email.
4:25 am
but this really shows how technology is combining and being part of our real lives. if somebody has your password, they're not just getting into your email account but getting into your home to watch what you're doing. >> and to maybe try to configure how to get into your home when you're not there. donie o'sullivan, thank you so much for the information. officials are saying flat out this was a hate crime, an act of terrorism. plus, we'll talk about hate crimes in america with professor frederik lawrence. 's a destine gived lecture ur and an author of "punishing hate." that's next. want to shake with .
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officials say it's being investigated as an act of terrorism with, quote, a hate crime bias slant. >> cnn's alexandra field has more for us. >> surveillance video shows the chilling situation as the attack happened. they opened fire. they've been identified as francine graham and david anderson. authorities say they're now looking for a white van that belonged to anderson as part of the investigation. authorities say the
4:30 am
investigation could take weeks or months. they have now recovered five firearms that belonged to the suspects. the suspects also had an improvised explosive device, a viable pipe bomb to get to the market. hundreds of shell casings were also recovered at the scene. it could have been far worse. they credit two police officers who heard the gunfire, ran to the market, and were able to keep the suspects from getting back out on the streets. >> they had intentions of murdering more than three people. that's not a secret location. that's a known location where the jewish community congregated. there was no question it was a hate crime, rooted in anti-semitism. i'm happy we're calling it for what it is. >> they're now calling it a domestic terrorist tick ic even.
4:31 am
along with the three people that they killed inside that kosher market, the shooters also killed a 15-year veteran of the jersey city police department. his body was found about a mile away from that market. he was a father of five. detective joseph seals will be laid to rest in jersey city on tuesday. we have mr. frederick lawrence with us now. he's a distinguished lengcturer and an author of "punishing hate." what stood out to you as evidence of a hate crime? >> the fact that they traveled quite a distance to commit this crime, that they picked the particular location, which is known to be a congregating place for a jewish community, the
4:32 am
kosher market, next to a school. people worry about how do you prove racial motivation and sometimes it's hard. i regret to say sometimes it's not hard at all. this case looks like a powerleful case for a religiously motivated hate crime. >> social media sites are fertile ground for some of these hate groups to pro grow and proceed here. we know there are threats on facebook, youtube, reddit. is there any legal navigation to break down these groups without infringing on, you know, some might say some of it is first amendment right. where is the breakdown there? >> well, look. the answer is people can express hateful views, but they can't act on those hateful views. so how do you address it when it's happening? the answer is words have consequences. those come from all sources. i think if you listen to what the jersey city mayor has said
4:33 am
about this crime, that's the kind of talk that is extremely helpful. it's important we label this as a hate crime, and he's right. i think making that message loud and clear, that you influence people who would otherwise be potentially drawn to this type of behavior. >> that could be dangerous. is there a rise in hate crimes as you see it, or are we just getting better at identifying? >> that's a great question. i think we've gotten better at it. what appears to be happening is, in fact, a rise in hate motivated behavior, which is extremely disturbing. i have to tell you when i first wrote punishing hate, i hoped these issues would be well behind us and would be beyond other things. i would have never dreamed that we would still be dealing with this, but if we are, then it is terribly important that we call these crimes what they are. these crimes don't just have an impact on the individual
4:34 am
victims. you've got jewish americans all over the country who feel victimized by. this it's not just a sympathy. they feel victimized themselves. this is the classic pattern of a hate crime whether it's an ame baptist church that's vandalized. it's not just that church. americans all over the country feel victimized. >> real quickly, mayor bill de blasio says a unit will be focused on that. is that something? >> could be. there are otherwise people that might be drawn to this that police are drawn to this. people have to know when they operationalize those beliefs in a criminal way, that those will not only be punished but punished at a higher level because they exact a deeper harm on individuals, target community, and really on the
4:35 am
entire society. >> frederick lawrence, very thoughtful mindset there. thank you so much. good to have you. >> thank you. good to be with you. the battle over who gets in in 2020 could have consequences. coming up, why nearly a quarter million voters may soon be removed from the rolls. making "time" magazine's cover, getting hit with criticism by president trump, climate activist greta tonbehun says she needs a break. her plans for the future. not today. you took our conversation about your chronic coronary artery disease to heart. even with a stent procedure, your condition can get worse over time, and keep you at risk of blood clots. so you added xarelto®, to help keep you protected. xarelto®, when taken with low-dose aspirin, is proven to further reduce the risk of blood clots
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well, after months of protests and trekking around the world, 16-year-old climate change activist greta thunberg says she needs a break. >> you need to take breaks. otherwise, you cannot -- you cannot do this all the time. you have to rest as well. i don't know how long i will
4:40 am
rest, but not for too long. >> she was named "time's" person of the year for raising awareness to the climate crisis. justin, welcome to the show. >> thanks for having me. >> let's start with the simple question. why greta for person of the year? >> i think there are two really obvious reasons. one, she's changed the discussion around climate change. a year ago or i should say in august of 2018 she was one person striking, and in september, she brought 7 million people along with her, and that's really reinvigorated the conversation for climate activists in many ways and also changed a lot of the politics surrounding climate change. that was one obvious reason. the other, there's been a whole
4:41 am
slew of different youth movements that have popped up this year and in recent years, and she's sort of the best representative of all of those dichbt mo different movements. she doesn't represent them but she's a sign of the young people standing up and saying it's time to do something different. >> speaking of doing something different, she spoke to leaders at copp 25, this u.n. climate change meeting in madrid, and she said the strikes, which you mentioned -- the major strike was last september. achieved nothing, she said, because greenhouse gases have continued to rise. you also heard she said there, she needs a break. is she starting to show a degree of frustration with how slowly some of this moves? >> the truth is she's been frustrated the whole time. that's her -- that's her -- that's how she expresses things. she told us when i talked to her
4:42 am
before she left, you know, some things are changing, but basically nothing is changing so long as we continue to keep emitting carbon dioxide. i think that's been part of her message that's been pretty consistent. i'm sure it is frustrating that you can bring 7 million people to the streets, but a lot of people aren't listening. >> justin worland, thanks so much for bringing that piece. >> thanks for having me. army/navy day. one afternoon where brotherhood takes a back seat to bragging rights. >> coy wire is in philadelphia. hey, coy. >> reporter: hey, hey. good morning to you. coming up, we're going to talk about some of the things that makes this rivalry so special. each uniform tells a story.
4:43 am
army/navy, coming up after the break. i didn't choose this exact type of metastatic breast cancer.
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is today. brotherhood and service meet in a good old-fashioned rivalry. >> coy wire is in philadelphia. this is the one game they point to every year saying you've got to win, yes? >> reporter: yes, no doubt about it. this is their super bowl that brings bragging rights. this game is so special. the only major college football game that's played today. president donald trump will be here for a second year. a special rivalry.
4:48 am
so special, each team unveils new uniforms. here some of the players have something to say about ew unifo >> it's the one time a year we get to get twisted up a bit. >> going out there, it looks sweet. nike designed it. >> when you look good, you play good. >> we take a lot of pride knowing our uniforms look better than theirs. >> not only do they look sick, there's history behind them. it's war gear. it may look pretty, but the game is not meant to be pretty. >> now, as i said, each uniform telling a story. army represents the first cavalry division from back during the vietnam war. navy's uniforms represent their '60s era when they had two
4:49 am
heisman trophy winners. now each navy jersey also pays tribute to someone who has served in our u.s. navy with a patch. this patch that i have here represents caleb king, a former navy linebacker who was one of two navy aviators who was killed when his plane crashed. this is what this game is all about. more than just football. it's this one saturday afternoon at 3:00 p.m., we all get to watch, cheer on, and support those who have committed themselves to a life of service and to all of us. that's just one of the many things that makes the army/navy game so special. >> so well put. good luck to everybody for the game, but thank you, first and foremost, for your service and your families. thank you so much, coy. >> thanks, coy. >> we really appreciate
4:50 am
>> the man accused of slapping a reporter's back side while she was live on air is facing charges. an update next. the enchanted disney fine jewelry collection. with exclusive bridal styles at zales. fine jewelry collection. here's the story of green mountain coffee roasters sumatra reserve. let's go to sumatra. the coffee here is amazing. because the volcanic soil is amazing. so we give farmers like win more plants. to grow more delicious coffee. which helps provide for win's family. all, for a smoother tasting cup of coffee. green mountain coffee roasters.
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well, a wisconsin court decision with big 2020 implications this week. a judge ordered the state of wisconsin to tupurge 234,000 nas from its rovoters rolls. >> a conservative group sued. this could be a very big deal. here's why. in 2016 president trump won wisconsin's ten electoral votes by fewer than 23,000 votes. the man accused of slapping a reporter on the back side as she reported live at an event in savannah, georgia, has been arrested and charged with sexual
4:55 am
ba battery now. >> alex, a cnn affiliate told police a runner identified as thomas callaway smacked and grabbed her buttocks last week. you can see that happen here. we've highlighted it. it stunned her, as you'd imagine. but she finished the report. he turned himself in yesterday, was released on bond. he has not commented but he apologized earlier this week to the reporter. in iowa, council bluff firefighters saved a duck that was stuck on ice. yes, we have video. it was stuck in the middle of a frozen like. the favorites said it was a good opportunity for them to train. >> after crews rescued the duck, they took it to the humane society for treatment. it appeared to have an injured wing. the humane society will look after the duck until they find it a new home.
4:56 am
>> i'm glad its all better. i hope everybody in wisconsin is okay, too, with the just nasty weather that everybody's seen the last few days. next hour of identify new day" starts after a quick break. please be my wife? give a gift that says it all. yes! yes! ♪ only at jared
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we see sparks in every aisle. we see you find a hidden gem, and buying diapers at 3am. we see your kindness and humanity. the strength of each community. we've seen more sparks than we can say. about 20 million just yesterday. the more we look the more we find, the sparks that make america shine.
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mr. nadler -- >> aye. >> ms. jackson lee. >> aye. >> for the third time in a little over a century and a half, the house judiciary committee has voted articles of impeachment against the president. >> we are defending the constitution and defending the integrity of the 2020 presidential election. >> to use the power of impeachment on this nonsense is an embarrassment to this country. >> the media announcing what it calls another successful quote, crucial test. >> it's a deadline for the u.s. to change its attitude. we really feel like we're going back to familiar territory here. this is "new day weekend" with victor blackwell and christi paul. >> 8:00 here in the east. good morning to you. president trump is now just one step away from impeachment. the full house is expected to vote on two


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