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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  December 17, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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"t"the lead with jake tapper" starts right now. >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. welcome to the lead. i'm jake tapper. we begin with president trump ahead of the historic impeachment vote in the house tomorrow has sent a stunning and scathing stream of consciousness letter to house speaker nancy pelosi. it appears to be something dictated 2700 word rant almost as if it's 60 angry tweets co cobbled put together. about 40 references to himself. and four to northwestern people. a letter that president trump says he wrote for the quote purpose of history.
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the letter accuses democrats of violating their oaths of office and cheapening impeachment, trying to steal the 2020 election and quote declaring open war on american democracy by pursuing impeachment. president trump calls the abuse of congress articles of impeachment -- i'm sorry abuse of power of articles of impeachment a disingenuous, measure litless and baseless invention of pelosi's imagineation and in territorial of the case obstruction much congress, preposterous and dangerous. the president misrepresenting a number of quotes from speaker pelosi and joe biden also accusing pelosi of either lying when pelosi says that she prays for him or prays for him in the negative sense. the president claims his phone call with the ukrainian president was perfect when we know if his own administration officials had shared that view the president would not be right now on the brink of only the third impeachment of a u.s. president in the history of this republic.
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cnn's katelyn collins joins me live from the white house. it doesn't appear this letter went the through much of edited. >> reporter: you see the president use on his twitter feed, capitalization. a lot of it reads like the president dictated this letter. the white house sent while the president was in the oval office with the leader of guatemala and we've seen the president in the last several weeks really ever since september attack this impeachment inquiry. what you're reading here is essentially a summary of his objections. >> to impeach the president of the united states for that is a disgrace and it's a mark on our country. >> reporter: on the eve of a house vote to impeach him president trump fired off a missive to house speaker nancy pelosi accusing her of violating her oath of office and cheapening the importance of the very ugly word impeachment. writing in a six page letter that read like his twitter feed
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the president claimed you're declaring open war on american democracy. the president accusing pelosi offending americans of faith bay saying she prays for him quote when you know the statement isn't true unless you meant in a negative sense. in his crusade against the two articles of impeachment, president on white house letterhead the president claimed more due process was afforded to those accused in the salem witch trials. the president ending his letter by telling pelosi that the american people will not soon forgive your perversion of justice and abuse of power. as house democrats head towards the impeachment vote the president told reporters today he hasn't been paying attention but made no mention of his scathing letter. >> i have not seen it. ate hoax the whole impeachment thing. ate hoax. rope he made clear he takes no responsibility for potentially being the third president in u.s. history to be impeached. >> no.
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i don't think any -- zero, to put it mildly. they took a perfect phone call that i had with the president of ukraine, an absolutely perfect call. they all know it. nothing was said wrong in that call. >> reporter: now, jake, despite this letter from the president that vote is still going to happen tomorrow. even he seems to hint in here at the end that he doesn't think this letter is going change the outcome of that vote but he says i write this letter to you for the purpose of history and to put my thoughts on a permanent and indelible record. thank you. let's chew over all this and let's start with cnn using the term scorching or scathing to describe the letter. really there's so many adjectives that can be used. what's the word you would use? >> typical. >> alarming. >> exhaustive. >> trump. >> very trump. >> we did a lightning round and actually had one word.
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>> really good. so speaker pelosi said she prays for the president on the first page the president said he doesn't believe her, she's offending people of faith. and it's a terrible thing you're doing but you have to live with it, not i. mary catherine your take? >> not i. no. >> there are eight explanation points. >> very typical trump letter. quite long. there are some things true in it and i'll point those out for sake of argument. people who want impeachment should be nonpartisan and this is not. it's a point worth making. a lot of this is pretty exhausting. >> exhausting in addition to exhaustive. he says quote, you're breaking your allegiance to the constitution and you are declaring open war on american democracy. of course impeachment is in the constitution. >> right. i think what trump understands
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this impeachment process is boiling down a battle between public opinion and court of law. you see republicans and democrats take two different sides. everything else is in line with what trump tends to do when he's in a time of crisis, impugn his opponents, muddy the waters and lash out. this letter comes at a time when the president is realizing he won't get what he wants when it comes to a senate impeachment trial. he won't get the exoneration. we'll hear more directly from him. this is a president who thinks he's his own best spokesperson. >> that was my sense. at this point seems mitch mcconnell, they will have a trial. not a lot of witnesses opinion you see schumer and mcconnell debating that today. okay president trump let us put all your feelings in a diary entry, your burnbook. you sit here and dictate it. get your exclamation points out.
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burn nancy pelosi as much as you can. that is what was so striking to me about this. he really can't stand being impeached even as he says this is helping me. he hates this. he also can't stand nancy pelosi, talking about her not believing she's actually praying for him, talking about this idea that she's going about this in a solemn way and in here he's like essentially -- perhaps most insulting is your false display and that you hate me, nancy pelosi, he says of how she feels about him and we, of course, what she felt about the word of the used hatred there. >> he says the president is all about demonstrate not able to get over his win in 2016, pelosi said you view democracy as your enemy and then honestly this is almost a letter like kim jong-un wrote. the hyperbole is really strong.
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then quote you have so little respect for the american people you expect them to believe that you're approaching impeachment somberly, reservedly. no intelligent person believes what you are saying. you know, that's not accurate. >> actually, i think that speaker pelosi whether you like her not has done an excellent job of keeping it somber and serious and avoiding a circus. if you have been watching what senator schumer has been doing for the past two days, he's trying to do the same thing. i don't think he's under the illusion that 67 senators are going to vote to convict the president. but he wants to complete the process in the senate with the perception in the public that he handled it very soberly and seriously. i think he's trying to do that. i will point out, one line was exhausting and predictable. one line we've seen of this same message from a number of republicans which is the last line where he says 100 years from now when people look back at this affair i want people to
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learn from it so it doesn't happen to another president again. we see a number of republicans suggest this is lowering the bar for future. impeachment will happen tomb. is that ludicrous. i hope democrats go out there and say if a democratic president does this in the future that president should be impeached because that's a line we're seeing happen over and over again. >> that's the president trying to edit himself. >> of course, the third impeachment of a president in my lifetime. not like it never happens. it happens. when presidents cross a line. >> i think it's also worth pointing out we may accelerating that process right now. >> roughly every 20 years. >> if a future president, if it becomes standard that a president of the united states is going to ask a foreign adversary for dirt or foreign ally for dirt on their political opponent then now we're setting the bar that's okay. i think a democratic president should be impeached if they do that in the future. >> we are setting that bar.
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>> that's what democrats want to do say this is not what american presidents should do and if they do it they would face senate impeachment in the house and scrutiny in the senate as well. >> we have more to talk about. before that letter was sent out the big story came out of this small committee room in the house, the debate before tomorrow's big impeachment. mitch mcconnell has an admission that you wouldn't hear in any courtroom. what is it? stay with us. so bob, what do you take for back pain? before i take anything, i apply topical pain relievers first. salonpas lidocaine patch blocks pain receptors for effective, non-addictive relief. salonpas lidocaine. patch, roll-on or cream. hisamitsu. if your glasses aren't so will we. no we won't.
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boom! getting settled. rewarded. learn more at the explorer card dot com. and get... rewarded! in just about 24 hours president trump will face an impeachment vote in the house of representatives and today the house rules committee is setting the stage for those historic proceedings while senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is preparing for the senate expected trial shooting down a democratic request for witnesses. minority leader chuck schumer is planning to force a vote and put every senator on the record. >> this is a day where we're going disagree and disagree very strongly. >> reporter: partisan divide on full display. ground rules being seat by a house panel. >> it's up to us to decide whether the united states is a
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nation is nobody is above the law. >> reporter: raskin arguing the president has been unrepentant. >> we believe this conduct is impeachable and should never take place again under our constitutional system. he believes his conduct is perfect and we know, therefore, it will take place again and again. >> reporter: while house judiciary republicans led by doug collins held the line. >> the clear and present danger in this room is the pattern of attack and abuse of rules and decisions to get at this president. >> reporter: a new cnn average of recent polls shows that americans are split on impeaching and removing the president by a narrow margin more oppose it. all of this setting the scene for the senate trial to come with leadership contentiously disagreeing on the senate floor over what the trial should look like. majority leader mitch mcconnell shooting down democrats
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proposals which call for more high-profile trump administration witnesses. >> democrats case is this deficient, it's not for the judge and jury to cure it here in the senate. the house should not impeach on this basis in this first place. >> reporter: chuck schumer requested subpoenas for, among others acting chief of staff mick mulvaney and former national security adviser john bolton. >> what is leader mcconnell afraid of? what is president trump afraid of, the truth? but the american people want the truth. >> reporter: for schumer to win this argument he needs four republican senators to vote with democrats, but so far the eight moderate republicans in schumer's sights are showing little signs ever defecting. >> i'll talk to colleagues. listen to the leadership and giving it a great deal of thought. >> reporter: so schumer and mcconnell are no closer to
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agreeing how this historic trial will look when it's expected to start in a few weeks. after speaking on the senate floor today schumer said mcconnell is using the senate to participate in a cover up while mcconnell told reporters because this is a political process he does not intend to be an impartial juror at all. >> thanks so much. let's listen to that sound from mcconnell saying he won't be an impartial juror. >> i'm not an impartial juror. this is a political process. i anticipate we'll have a largely partisan outcome in the senate. >> i would ask every one of our republican colleagues do you want someone who proudly says they are not impartial to be on a jury, judging high crimes and misdeamnors, serious charges against the president of the united states? >> the senate likes to think of itself as more of a distinguished bipartisan place
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of comity where people can come together. >> mcconnell is facing pressure from the white house, although it does seem they succumbed to this idea mcconnell might know what he's doing here. at the end of the day mcconnell needs to protect his majority. that's the calculus. i interviewed a senator from indiana who is pretty conservative and he said in line what mcconnell said about mutually assured destruction, that's just to get this done quickly and unlikely to change his mind and he doesn't think any new witnesses would bring any new information and most senators have been listening. they listened to four weeks of witnesses and testimony in the house and that there's -- everyone has heard what they need to hear. >> there are a number of key witnesses we haven't heard of that democrats want, including mick mull, john bolton and a number of other officials. is it going to be hurtful to senator susan collins of maine
1:20 pm
the republican up for re-election, senator from colorado, for democrats the to say they voted against for even calling witnesses. >> possibly. if you're any of those senators, just a handful of the ones you picked out there, you were worried about that, particularly susan collins who will face a stiff challenge from a democrat in her home state. most of these senators if not all have made up their minds about this. they will play coy a bit. you heard mitt romney who said he'll talk to his colleagues and susan collins will do what she does, she will play will she or won't she until the end and vote with this president. like most americans who have made up their minds and senators have also made up their minds, how to run in he some of these states on the senate side, if your susan collins you're going to be in trouble if you vote to not impeach and not to call
1:21 pm
witnesses. at least seem like you're going about this in a not completely partisan way. >> listen to chuck schumer. >> senators who oppose this plan will have to explain why less evidence is better than more evidence? the american people understand if you're trying to conceal evidence and block testimony, it's probably not because the evidence is going to help your case. it's because you're trying to cover something up. >> i think he thinks that might actually be more devastating to susan collins and corey gardner than voting not to remove the president from office. like the idea -- that might be reasonable you shouldn't remove a president from office but you're not going to let witnesses come forward. >> i'm not sure he's right. we'll gavel this thing in. mcconnell is basically taking the goldilocks position. he knows the temperature of his caucus and what they are willing
1:22 pm
to do. unlikely the senate subpoenas bolton when the house did not do so. democrats are not willing to go through the process of a judiciary dealing with these questions of who can come and testify. and then the other question is how much appetite do voters have for this in a place like colorado or maine? that's an open question and you have seen independent voters who are important skeptic fiscal sliver not be moved by house hearings. it's part of the obligation when you use a potent tool like impeachment is to convince people and they haven't gotten there. >> there's some slippage in favor of not removing the president, not impeaching him and against impeaching. in cnn polls which is a survey of all polls, 46% say yes to remove, 49% say no. democrats went down in that cnn
1:23 pm
poll. >> my bet is it's not because democrats are less inclined to remove the president from office, it's that they are worried this could make it easier for him to get re-elected. we don't know that from the data but that's my best guess. what senator schumer is looking at is 70% in a recent poll of the american public thinks people should testify and he is viewing this as an opportunity, given the cover-up of this by members of congress, could not play well in their states. >> everyone stick around. we have more to talk about. the president's letter is making waves on capitol hill. a reaction from a member of the house. stay with us. ( ♪ ) at chevy, we're all about bringing families together. this time of year, that's really important.
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we're back with the politics lead. thanks but no thanks senate majority mitch mcconnell rejecting the democratic request for key the drugs officials to appear at an impeachment trial against president trump in january. tomorrow the full house of representatives will vote, likely to impeach president trump. joining me now is democratic congresswoman jackie speier. thank you for joining us. i want to get your reaction to the letter president trump just sent to house speaker nancy
1:29 pm
pelosi later this afternoon. it's six pages long. i won't read the whole thing. in one part it said kwoot you have spent three straight years attempting to overturn the will of the american people and nullify their votes. you view democracy as your enemy. your reaction. >> the letter is more like a midnight rant by the president and regrettably it's filled with lies which he often uses to promote a particular perspective that he wants to show. the fact of the matter is that telephone call with president zelensky was not perfect. it was filled with references to meet with rudy giuliani, my attorney. that has nothing to do with the american people, has everything to do with his re-election bid and wanting a foreign country to be engaged in his efforts to undermine one of his opponents. >> one thing that is true in the letter it does point out a number of democratic leaders in the house said if an impeachment ever were to happen it needs to
1:30 pm
be bipartisan and it doesn't appear this impeachment will be bipartisan in any way. your response to that? >> my response to that is that we have an obligation, and this is nothing to do with democrats or republicans any more, this has to do with what our founding fathers decided would be grounds for impeachment. a treason, bribery or high crimes and misdeamnors. bribery is written all over the transcript or the summary of that july 25th phone call. and the president has to be reined in. he can't continue to abuse the power of the presidency as he is want to do. it's our responsibility at this point to take action to impeach him and i think there will be a very powerful message that will be expressed to him tomorrow. he can have his rant today. he's going to hear from those who represent the american
1:31 pm
people tomorrow. >> congresswoman you say bribery is written all over the rough transcript of that call with president zelensky on july 25th, but it's not, the word is not written all over the articles of impeachment that it doesn't use the word bribery or extortion or any of the other crimes that have been alleged including by the house judiciary committee. was that a mistake? >> i asked the counsel to the committee about that specifically because i think bribery is something that should be specified. he said it was subsumed in the abuse of power impeachment article. it will be raised by many of us as part of the makings of abuse of power. >> majority leader mcconnell said he's not an impartial juror in the senate impeachment trial. what was your reaction to that? >> i think we're going to have to call for a mistrial before it gets to the senate. my understanding is that each of the senators is going to have to
1:32 pm
take an oath they will independently evaluate the evidence for impeachment and for conviction. it sounds like there's no interest in doing that whatsoever and i would think mitch mcconnell should rescue himself. >> have you talked to any house republicans, any of the ones whose votes might have been possible for impeachment at one point, whether congressman from florida, or will herd from texas? have you spoken to any of them about their thoughts? >> well, i have spoken to a couple of members, not the two that you identified. and, you know, they look at it from a re-election perspective. when 80% of the republicans do not support impeachment, they would be hollowing out their base of support. so, you know, a decision is being made here not based on the constitution but based on re-election for many of my colleagues. >> you, obviously, think this is a very clear and shut case. polls indicate that the country
1:33 pm
is divided at the very best for your case. there's also some reason to believe that polls might be slipping a little bit among independents, but be that as it may, why do you think there isn't this stampede among the public and public pinto agree with you that the president should at the very least be impeached? >> so it is messy for the american people. they have, you know, their lives to lead. they got to put food on the table. they got to go do their jobs. they find all of this way too messy. what should be compelling, though, is the fact that 700 historians and 500 legal scholars have all opined that, in fact, the grounds for impeachment are clear even with the fact that the president has withheld those who could be persons of information that would be relevant to this, no document from the state department or from the department of defense has been forthcoming. we've been able to piece this
1:34 pm
together on kurt volker's text messages and one email from ambassador sondland. there has been a concerted effort to obstruct this investigation by the president. many have to ask the question if you're so innocent mr. president, why wouldn't you cooperate with this investigation? >> democratic congresswoman jackie speier of california, thank you so much for your time. can you ever have a fair impeachment trial if some members of the jury have already said publicly they are biassed? stay with us. spray and advanced pad system braava jet breaks up messes and gets deep in corners. braava jet. only from irobot. hi. maria ramirez! mom! maria!
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we're back with the breaking news. democrats and republicans in the house battling over final rules
1:39 pm
for the debate during tomorrow's impeachment vote as both sides fight over whether witnesses will appear at a senate trial come january. joining me now discuss constitutional lawyer and former justice department official. bottom line, you're no maga hat trump supporter but you don't think democrats have made the case effectively. >> they haven't. i've been critical of that all along. they have not sold the public on impeachment. you had constitutional scholars who have done a great job talking about the constitution. you got lawyers who have done a great job of lawyering. what you haven't had is a sales pitch to the public. i'll say during the rules committee hearing today, the senator did a decent job of summarizing the case, the best i've seen but as we've seen from public opinion polls the public hasn't been sold since the beginning of this process and that's key in an impeachment. >> part of the problem is this is what happens when you have an impeachment trial in the age of
1:40 pm
twitter and instagram. people want viral videos and splashy moments. if you look at just the facts, jake, of the transcript of the call, the president's conduct, his conduct respect to rudy giuliani and on down there's a factual record that establishes the president violated his oath of office. it's dry. congressman raskin is a constitutional law professor so he's not is going to appear to be a splashy individual that sells to the public. that's what we're confronting here. we're in a different media and news information, news gathering climate than teen 1990s were. >> the ranking republican on the house judiciary committee, congressman collins of georgia he's made the point that the democrats are just on this timetable, the calendar and the clock, and they've been slaves to that. they want to get this done as quickly as possible and that's has undermined their case in terms of going to court to for the white house to release documents and witnesses, in
1:41 pm
terms of getting other witnesses. do you agree with is that is that your main contention with how they've done it? >> no. in a prototypical imimpeachment it's something that should shock the conscience. holy cow this public official should not serve for another day. i don't think an impeachment should or needs to go on for a long time. having said that these are issues that may take a while for the public to wrap their heads around or it's not there. it's either one of the two. either case isn't there or the democrats just haven't done enough to build a case. and i think that's what it boils down to. >> elliot, mitch america connell making the same basic argument about how democrats didn't exhaust this before voting to imimpeach tomorrow. take a listen. >> chairman adam schiff and house democrats actively decided not to go to court and pursue
1:42 pm
potentially useful witnesses because they didn't want to wait for due process. now the senate democratic leader would like our chamber to do house democrats homework for them. you want to volunteer the senate's energy and time on a fishing expedition. >> he's as good an actor as politician. this is theater. their sudden belief in process. what would be different. that's what should be asked. if this was played out would he suddenly, had this gone through the court, have died these witnesses need to appear in the senate or that the house's properly was conducted. >> i would like to point out it is worth noting rick gates the president's deputy campaign manager in 2016 was sentenced today after 45 days in jail,
1:43 pm
three years probation, gates was convicted of federal crimes. the president a republican saying, cares deeply about corruption. thank you for your time. rudy giuliani with nonstop admissions that are music to the ears of democrats. that's next. berg's never been afraid of tough fights, the ones that make a true difference in people's lives. and mike's won them, which is important right this minute, because if he could beat america's biggest gun lobby, helping pass background check laws and defeat nra backed politicians across this country, beat big coal, helping shut down hundreds of polluting plants and beat big tobacco, helping pass laws to save the next generation from addiction. all against big odds you can beat him. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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we're back with our world
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lead president trump personal attorney rudy giuliani told cnn the president is very supportive of his efforts to dig up dirt on the bidens in ukraine and the two are on the same page he says but it is important to remember where giuliani is getting much of his information in ukraine. from two former ukrainian prosecutors who experts formerly and currently in the trump administration have called not credible and corrupt. here's how the former u.s. special envoy to ukraine described one of the these men. >> i told mr. giuliani in my view the prosecutor general with whom he had been speaking was not credible and acting in a self-serving capacity. then there is this exchange with former u.s. ambassador to ukraine marie yovanovitch about a different giuliani source. >> in fact, did giuliani try to overturn a decision that you participated in to deny shokin a visa. >> yes that's what i was told.
1:49 pm
>> that denial was based on mr. shokin's corruption? >> yes, that's true. >> the list of republicans questioning exactly what mr. giuliani is doing is growing. >> rudy giuliani is still running his own game of diplomacy aiming to dig up dirt on democrats in ukraine. he said president trump was very supportive of his efforts in ukraine. >> how much has giuliani shared with you about his recent trip to ukraine? >> not very much. he's a great crime fighter. he loves our country. he does this out of love. >> giuliani stopped short of saying whether trump directed him to go on his most recent trip to kiev but we're on the same page giuliani told cnn. giuliani comments back up a central argument for democrats in favor of impeaching the president, that drufrp and his personal attorney pressured
1:50 pm
ukraine. giuliani admitted to helping recall the former u.s. ambassador to ukraine off, a well-known anti-corruption advocate. saying he spoke with both trump and secretary of state mike pompeo about it. believed that i needed marie yovanovitch out of the way giuliani told "the new yorker". she was going to make the investigations difficult for everybody. >> you forced out marie yovanovitch. >> i didn't get her out of the way. i forced her out because she's corrupt. >> reporter: with an impeachment vote set for wednesday giuliani insisted to cnn in case you think we're on defers we're not. if this is giuliani's attempt to play offense both parties say he could be stirring up trouble. >> what i find most striking about giuliani's comments is the admission, the confession that they needed to push ambassador marie yovanovitch out of the way to -- because she was going to get in the way of these corrupt investigations that giuliani was pushing. >> extremely disturbing. it argues, again, for slowing
1:51 pm
down, putting these guys under the threat of perjury under oath and testifying, find out all the things he was doing over there. >> reporter: now pompeo has been asked repeatedly what he thinks of giuliani's adventures in ukraine and he repeatedly has dodged the question. >> this is stunning. if in the middle of the clinton impeachment bill clinton was out dating on the town the. >> right. >> just flaunting this. it's almost unbelievable. >> it is. rudy giuliani has been laying low and teasing this stuff on twitter, apparently working on some documentary with a right-wing network and here he comes out at this point essentially helping the democrats case, the case they laid out essentially saying the firing of marie yovanovitch was the fir part of this month long siege and then yes, the democrats case here was right in terms of what he was doing. democrats and republicans are
1:52 pm
united in wanting rudy giuliani to go away. >> i have to say there's no evidence that marie yovanovitch is corrupt or has done anything wrong. none. >> no. most of what giuliani has been peddling is conspiracy theories. he needs better sources. the reaction to this story this week, giuliani's countless interviews distill the parallel universes that democrats and republicans are living in. when you have rudy giuliani having repeated contact with the former prosecutor general in ukraine and then coming back and talking to president trump on the tarmac about it, you know, this is behavior that republicans call simple pli pushing the envelope and behavior that enrages democrats and makes them say this undercuts the defenses that you put forth for this president for this entire impeachment process. one, president trump is concerned about corruption, he's clearly not when he's talking about joe biden with rudy giuliani. and two, that, you know, this whole process has not been --
1:53 pm
the president has not been directly implicated in this process has not not direct lir ordered giuliani or sondland to carry out this pressure on ukraine. >> we had a piece yesterday, the kremlin loves what rudy is doing, anti-corruption activists in ukraine heralded ones, respected ones, hate what he's doing. >> they never listen to me. they can't help themselves. the origin of this whole ukraine story line is the day after the mueller report come out and he has some heat off of him. you know what we should do, talk to ukraine about political adversaries. >> this is a whole day is night, black is white. >> giuliani is basically wearing a t-shirt that says i'm guilty and i'm part of this conspiracy with the president and republicans are like nothing to
1:54 pm
see here. so if you're a democrat you're like what the heck? this is not a normal sishs. on the kremlin front of course they love this. this is confusing the entire argument of what corruption is and what corruption isn't. giuliani and trump are helping them. >> you have these two indicted giuliani associates who were indicted for campaign finance violations, funneling money illegally to pro trump organizations. >> and may have wanted to talk here, essentially implicate some of the players. what i think this also suggests the president hasn't quite damaged hunter biden and joe biden as much as he initially wanted to. he likely wanted to knock him out of the primary process. joe biden seems to be doing okay at this point. you see rudy giuliani and the president in this letter trying to advance more and more -- >> in fact joe biden is doing better than he was at the beginning of the impeachment process. >> giuliani also told "cnn
1:55 pm
today" he and president trump are quote on offense when digging on dirt on democrats. what does that look like, foef? if this is the beginning of offense i can't imagine. >> like the president, giuliani knows the value of sucking up the oxygen in the room and getting the attention on him. >> everyone stick around. we have more to talk about. more reaction from members of congress of president trump's letter to nancy pelosi. stay with us. who've got their ea under control. with less eczema, you can show more skin. so roll up those sleeves. and help heal your skin from within with dupixent. dupixent is the first treatment of its kind that continuously treats moderate-to-severe eczema, or atopic dermatitis, even between flare ups. dupixent is a biologic, and not a cream or steroid. many people taking dupixent saw clear or almost clear skin. and, had significantly less itch.
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tune in tomorrow for coverage of the major vote in the house. it starts at 8:00 a.m. eastern. our coverage on cnn continues right now. see you bright and early tomorrow. i'm wolf blitzer in "the situation room". we're following breaking news. this on the eve of the historic house impeachment votes, president trump has just sent a scathing six page letter to the speaker nancy pelosi denouncing the process and accusing democrats of kwuft quote declar open war on democracy. the house committee is meeting to lay out rules for tomorrow's impeachment votes. as the war escalates between senate leaders mitch mcconnell and chuck schumer over how president trump's trial will