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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  December 22, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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you're live in the cnn newsroom. i'm ana cabrera in new york. president trump his first weekend as an impeached president, but you wouldn't think so just by looking at his job approval opinion polls. despite being handed the strongest punishment possible by the democrat controlled house, president trump's supporters are so far anyway standing by him. take a look at these numbers according to the polling group 538, an average of polls shows the president this week saw his highest approval rating in more than 2 1/2 years, just shy of 45%. his popularity peaked on the day he was impeached. analysts point to the strong economy for keeping the president's opinion poll numbers study. as for how he stacks up against the democratic candidates, president trump is trailing former vice president joe biden but not by as much as he did in
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october. trump also gained ground against senators bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. how those numbers will change during or after the senate impeachment trial time will tell. and this number jumped out of the newest cnn nationwide polling. it's about the soaring u.s. economy. 76% of americans feel the economy is good. that number that high hasn't been seen in 18 years. in iowa where joe biden is meeting voters and leyla santiago at an elizabeth warren event. it's not a very big town but people there are getting a lot of attention today. >> reporter: they sure are, ana. joe biden is going to be attending an event here in just a short while. mayor pete buttigieg thooz candidates coming to iowa to make share mark and make their case why they should be the democratic nominee. now joe biden earlier today in
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atlantic iowa, he talked a little bit about impeachment. he has long said the house and senate will focus on impeachment hearings, and his focus will be on making the case that donald trump needs to be defeated. take a listen to what he had to toll voters there about impeachment. >> the fact is that it's really hard, impeachment. there's nothing to celebrate about it. there's nothing to celebrate when a nation goes through an impeachment process. it really is a reflection of at least the concern of all the failure in our system. and the rest of the world looks at us and wonders what's going on, but in this case and don't get me wrong donald trump has brought this on himself. he indicted himself on the white house lawn, and he said we were left no choice. >> reporter: now joe biden is wrapping up a two day swing through iowa right now.
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and while he was here in the hawkeye state his wife was down south. she went to the u.s.-mexico border and visited a migrant camp in mexico. i actually spoke with her on the phone just a little while ago about why she thought it was so important to head down there to see first-hand these asylum seekers who she said was just coming to the u.s. trying to find a better life and hope for their families. she insisted to me that under the biden administration the asylum seekers would be treated differently. and she told me what the trump administration is doing on that front is just wrong. we are 43 days out from the iowa caucuses and biden is going to be spending most of his time in january here in the hawkeye state as he's trying to get closer to potentially securing that democratic nomination. >> you are in oklahoma city. that's where senator elizabeth warren was born and went to high school in that very school you're standing in. are people giving her any points for being back in her hometown?
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>> reporter: this is town hall that has a bit of a different feel. senator warren is speaking right now, but i've got to tell you her introduction, she typically at town halls runs directly on stage. she didn't do this time. she gave a bunch to her supporters here, and now she's speaking. the first thing she did was introduce her family. her brothers are here, and that's interesting because she often talks about the boys, her brothers and points out that two of them are republicans. so, yes, very much a different feel for her being back home in the very high school where, by the way, there is still a trophy up with her name from her being a debate champion. but let's talk about debates, right, because the last debate stage she was on there was a lot of exchange with mayor pete buttigieg about her fund raisers given that in the past when she ran for re-election in the senate she did take money from big donors, something that she is now staying away from. and she's receiving a lot of scrutiny for another fund raise,
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in which she gave out bottles of wine to her donors. so i asked voters how they felt about that. here's what they had to say. >> that's politics, you know? and i know that she had money that from a past campaign that she donated toward her campaign, but, you know, that's i guess part of politics. i don't think it's all neat and clean. >> to me what's very important right now is we need to get out of the big money in politics. there's too much influence in big money in politics, and i want the influence to be from people like myself. i don't want our leaders to be chosen by big money interests. >> reporter: so i've got to tell you, ana, i've asked so many people, you know, what is that number one issue for you. and the number one thing that has come up again and again is health care. yesterday in iowa in her last
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town hall she was asked about social security and also her ability to compromise, could she work across the aisle? so far she's kind of sticking to her bullet points here in terms of what she typically says at her town halls, but we'll have to wait and see what the voters here ask her about. >> leyla santiago, arlette, thank you, ladies. our next guest is running for president but didn't make the last debate. here's what yang said about that. >> it's both an honor and disappointment to be a lone candidate of color on the stage tonight. i miss kamala, i miss cory though i think cory will be back. >> senator cory booker is live now with us in the cnn newsroom. senator, what were you thinking when you heard yang say that? >> i appreciate it. look, i'm friends with so many people on the stage and he's definitely a good one. and i i'm glad he recognized that especially in the fact that
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anybody who's campaigned in places like iowa sees how strong our campaign is on the ground. we are number two or three i think in that favorability in a state where people haven't made their choices, but at the top of the field endorsements. we've got another county chair person endorsing our campaign. our campaign is strong. and remember john kerry, john edwards were polling at 4%, 2%, 6 and 7 in the field and one month later they went onto finish one and two in the caucuses. it's the kind of thing we're thriving on, and we need help. we need people going to cory booker,.com. but if they continue to do that we'll have our best online fund-raising of the campaign. we'll continue to build and build here to compete with people who don't have a lot more money but have our field operation. >> i hear optimism where you're headed but your presence or lack thereof was noticed at the
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debate this past week. and let's talk about the factor here. i asked about why perhaps there was that lack of diversity. here's what he thinks was behind it. >> i think 2016 was kind of a traumatic election for a lot of democrats, and they fear that -- i think they rightly see the elebz of donald trump as a backlash to the two terms of the first black president. and so they are thinking we need to pick someone who is going to seem less culturally threatening to the other side. >> senator, i remember so visibly on election night, van jones calling president trump's election a backlash. do you think that's what's happening here? >> well, i don't know who the commentator was, but i never heard such a wrong commentary just based on the facts. for example, we lost michigan, wisconsin, and pennsylvania by about 70,000 votes. there was a massive diminution in african-american turn out. in fact, in milwaukee alone
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there's about 70,000 less african-americans who came out. if hillary clinton had gotten the same black turn out that barack obama did, she would be president hillary clinton right now. we're going to win back the senate even. we need to win in north carolina, georgia, south carolina. we need a person that can excite the fullness of our coalition. i know some people want to make it seem like it was somehow white voters who turned against hillary clinton, but that's just too sim plitic of an analysis. we really had a massive fall off of black and brown voters turning out for the democratic party. the next nominee better be someone who can excite the fullness of an obama coalition, which involves all of our voters. and white voters and particularly african-american voters and latino voters, asian-american, the full coalition. and i'm the best person in this race. we've seen this in new jersey. when i'm on the ballot, the turn out of black and brown folks in the state has gone way up. so i know as the nominee that i
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can not only beat donald trump and provide the kind of wave we need to send mitch mcconnell to the back benches. >> so how do you get back on that debate stage to make sure your voice is represented especially considering the dnc just raised the threshold again, you may be off the campaign trail soon for an impeachment trial in the senate. >> we've seen our poll numbers already pop up. we've now had three polls we've gone from 3% to 4%. that means we're 1% shy of making their threshold. we know some of these state polls come out, we to it on the ground the energy and surge we're having that we know we're going to go up. again, we need to continue to do tv ads like a lot of the people who have literally billions of dollars are in this race. that gins up peoples poll numbers. i rely on small dollar contributions. and if folks want me on that stage please go to cory so we can do the kind
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of advertising necessary to meet the artificial polling thresholds to get my voice back into those debates and frankly a voice we need if we're going to be that obama party that resurrects the coalition. >> the remail just released through a foya request reveals just 90 minutes after president trump's phone call with ukraine in which he asks a favor, though, a white house official asked for a hold on the military aid. he then wrote, quote, given the sensitive nature of the request, i appreciate your keeping that information closely held to those who need to know to execute the direction. senator, what does this new detail and time line mean to you, and how important is it that a senate trial allows democrats to call witnesses? >> it is fundamentally critical for justice, for us to have a trial that is thorough and involves witnesses with direct hand observations about what the
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president did. if the president says he did nothing wrong, then let your chief of staff who was in the room swear under oath before the united states senate testify to what happened. let's have fact witnesses in this trial so that all of america can know what happened. so we are seeing damning evidence, but the trial can be something so straightforward. i know this president has done things whether you think it's impeachable or not that violate the fundamental of this country to hold up our taxpayer dollars from a country in crisis in order to try to get, extort or to use the legal term, to pressure them to do personal favors. this is unconscionable to me. we should have a trial that's thorough, that involves fact witnesses, that can speak truth to the matter of what happens. >> senate minority leader chuck schumer said he already if he
4:13 pm
could call witnesses and documents, and mcconnell told him straight up no. it seems pelosi is going to sit on the impeachment articles until that changes. do you think that's the right call? what's the leverage? >> well, first of all nancy pelosi has been a light worker in dark times then way she's handled this whole process, pulling together almost the entiry of the democratic caucus. i have a lot of respect for her. i think a lot of americans she's earned more and more respect. those articles are going to come over to the senate. we know that's the case. she's trying to do everything she can to make sure the trial and processes on the senate side are fair and are delgt with the gravity and the seriousness that this -- that they should receive. we're going to deal with them i hope by more people expressing outrage. everybody should believe that fact witnesses should come forward, that acting chief of staff mulvaney, for example, who can give first-hand testimony
4:14 pm
under oath can clear up a lot of stuff. >> but on the time line and delay on sending over the articles, white house official mark schwartz says pelosi's position is unattenable and here's why. >> it's a really untenable position we think for speaker pelosi to say this president is such a clear and urgent danger to the world, to the globe that we have to basically trample his constitutional rights to force a quick impeachment and then say, well, we're going to hold up impeachment papers and articles of impeachment to send to the senate. how can you possibly justify the contrast to then say, well, we'll have to wait and see? >> how do you argue on one hand this is so urgent wrg smsh must be done before the election, we can't wait for the courts to get those witness tuesday come forward, but on the other hand democrats can afford to wait this out? >> i don't really give that much credence to complaints from the white house about the process when they wouldn't even participate in it, they wouldn't
4:15 pm
release documents that are germane and urgent to what the congress was doing and for them to with hold witnesses. here's folks again that have been undermining the ability for congress to do its job and to provide checks and balances, and this right now has much to do about nothing. those impeachment articles are coming to the senate and what she's doing right now to ensure it's a fair trial, which i think every american believes it should be a fair trial. >> thank you very much for taking the time this evening. i know it's been a long weekend sending you a very healthy and happy holiday season. >> thank you and merry christmas to those who are celebrating as well. >> exactly. the thank you again. new evidence in the ukraine scandal. 90 minutes, that's all it took for the white house to free security funding after president trump's phone call with his ukrainian counterpart. so what does it mean, and what impact could it have on impeachment? r at average risk.
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president trump is spending the holidays in florida, but he is not alone. his historic impeachment by the house of representatives is right there with him having followed him south from washington, d.c., and that say made very clear last night at an event where he bashed the house democrats who impeached him. he bashed the news media, which he calls corrupt. he even accused the speaker of the house of intentionally stalling the further impeachment process saying it's because she,
4:20 pm
quote, has no case. the top democrat in the senate, minority leader chuck schumer, spoke to reporters today and he says the impeachment trial in the senate has got to include witness testimony and nothing kept secret. >> until we hear from the witnesses, until we get the documents, the american people will correctly assume that those blocking their testimony were aiding and abetting a cover-up, plain and simple. so i'll close by saying this. president trump, release the e-mails, let the witnesses testify. what are you afraid of? >> cnn's christian holems joins us from south florida tonight with more. >> reporter: ana, altimately it's not going to be up to the president. it's going to be up to the senators what exactly does this trial look like. we have heard mitch mcconnell say time and time again he's
4:21 pm
work in lock step with the white house, but we also know mitch mcconnell has a different idea what he would like this trial to look like than the president. president trump had expressed behind closed doors he wanted to have a big trial, he believed this would exonerate him. he wanted to have a lot of witnesses. and mitch mcconnell and other republicans senators have really tried to steer the president in a different direction. essentially saying that the more the witnesses are there, the more the likelihood there could be problems for president trump. earlier today we did hear from the vice president's chief of staff mark schwartz who said the president is actually looking forward to a senate trial. take a listen. >> he's frustrated by what he found to be a completely unreasonable impeachment, but he's also anxious not just to get acquitted but exonerated in the senate. he's looking for an opportunity to have a fair trial in the senate. >> reporter: while short said he was looking forward to this senate trial, if you look at the president's twitter feed you may
4:22 pm
not believe that. he spent the day tweeting at nancy pelosi calling her crazy, slamming democrats, bashing the process overall. but what it comes down to is this is where we are. you have senate republicans and democrats and really overall democrats and republicans who have really dug in their heels on this process. democrats again wanting witnesses. republicans not wanting a long trial, and now we have a congress that's not back in session until early january. ana? >> we have to wait. kristen ho cri kristen holmes, thank you. police pass a car without realizing there's a teenager trapped in the trunk. chilling new information tonight about the jayme closs abduction and the suspect's guilt. fast sp. almost 2 gigs here in minneapolis. that's 25 times faster than today's network in new york city. so people from midtown manhattan-- --to downtown denver-- --can experience what our 5g can deliver. (woman) and if verizon 5g can deliver
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new tonight starting details about the kidnapping of jayme closs. one year after her abduction, and unbelievable escape and rescue, police are releasing more documents that shed more light into her kidnapping. closs was just 13 years old when she was abducted in october 25018 by 20-year-old jake patterson. patterson went to the closs house, killed jayme's parents,
4:27 pm
stuffed her into the trunk of his car and for 88 days she was held hostage before managing to escape and run to a nearby house for help. thousand of report pages have just been released by wisconsin police and cnn's pablo sandoval has been reading through these for us. what are you learning? >> reporter: the release of all of these documents also includes police dash camera video that was taken on that night on october 2018, and if you look closely you can see officers unknowingly pass patterson's vehicle as he sped to the scene of this double murder kidnapping back in 2018. investigators saying at the time then 13-year-old jayme closs was actually hidden in the trunk of the car. when you listen to audio of body camera footage also recently released you can hear officers call it a possible suicide after discovering both of jayme's parents were dead, and of course we now know the investigation took a very quick turn there
4:28 pm
when they discovered jayme was missing. theords also painting a picture, very disturbing one of the time patterson spent with jayme as he held her against the will in a remote cabin. patterson describing her as being quote terrified and petrified with him. patterson admitting to investigators though he did have sexual thoughts about jay. me who was 13 years old at the time, he never actually acted on those feelings, saying he felt guilty about killing her parents. the documents also describing that day in january when jayme was able to escape that cabin. she left it wearing mens shoes and found a neighbor nearby, telling that neighbor he killed my parents, please help me, i want to go home. now that we're learning more we can look back to may and that's actually when patterson was not only convicted but eventually sentenced to two life sentences for the murders and also 40 years for the kidnapping of jayme closs. >> such chilling details.
4:29 pm
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prof: maria ramirez mom and dad: maria ramirez!!! to help more employees achieve their dreams. senator bernie sanders is holding steady in the polls consistently rounding out the top three with joe biden and senator elizabeth warren. but he appears to be up selling in states with a large latino population. in california for instance he's polling 25% support among latino voters there virtually tied with biden for first. the sanders campaign hoping to give the senator a boost in nearby nevada this weekend. they held a spanish town hall headlined by congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez and san juan mayor car lean cruz and the mayor joins us now. she's the sanders campaign co-chair. thanks for being with us. >> thank you for having me. >> why is senator sanders resonating so much with latino
4:34 pm
voters? what is he offering that the other candidates aren't? >> well, a couple of things. senator sanders understands that latino families are just like any other families. but there are certain issues, not only the immigration issue which is a different look that bernie sanders takes to that position but also the housing issue. having housing and not being subjected to gentrification is very important to the latino population, having education for all and ensuring that children are able to go to school, not even only at the grammar school level, not having to pay for lunch, for example, but also at a college for all and getting rid of student debt. it's also very important the medical aspect of it. medicare for all. and even for those that do not have the necessary papers or status to be in the united states. so senator sanders, bernie like
4:35 pm
alexandria started the call and it's caught on is a person that latinos as needing the same human rights and basic needs as any other particular person, and it's also a movement. bernie, you can trust bernie sanders. he's got a lifetime of commitment. i summarize his commitment three ways. he's committed, he's courageous, and he is consistent. and those three things are resonating with the latino population. >> as you know enthusiasm among this voter group is important for democrats to win back the white house. and according to pugh research the 2020 election will mark the first time accounting for just over 13% of eligible voters. in 2016 latinos made up about 11% of voters nationwide but clinton underperformed with latinos in 2012. how do democrats ebsure latinos
4:36 pm
are energized behind the eventual nominee? >> well, a couple of things. i just came off the first campaign that's had an all spanish town hall meeting. and it's important because what that says about bernie sanders is that language is not going to be a barrier to having people engaged in the conversation and shaping the conversation. and that's very important for bernie sanders. it's also important that people participate, that the grass roots movement that he has begun not now but many years ago continues to grow. and now three things. one, immigration. of course it's a very important aspect of the latino population. the protection of daca, which he says often on day one, so he's not saying i'm going to wait. he's saying i'm going to do it on day one, of course, through executive order. but also through understanding and engaging people. and how do you do that? when you have a track record and when your life is blueprint for
4:37 pm
fundamental change, people know that what you see is what you get with bernie sanders. and they understand with our campaign and our movement more than with any other campaign and movement that what's in it for each one of us is a society that allows us all to thrive. >> and i'm not just talking about bernie sanders campaign but let's just talk about democrats in general in the to20 election. if we're comparing apples to apples in the last election, clinton got 66% so obviously more than the majority, but she got 91% support from black voters. why are democrats seeing the same level of support from latinos? are they taking hispanic voters for granted? >> no, maybe that was in the past, but it isn't right now. one of the things is that latinos are not being lumped into other categories, and
4:38 pm
special attention is being paid -- the burny sanders campaign, for example, has more latinos employed in the campaign and having take charge positions than any other -- is not the political director for the latino portion of the bernie sanders campaign. she's the political director for all of the bernie sanders campaign. for example, there's four co-chairs. each one of us represent a particular group, and the voices and challenges of those groups, and we're not only engaged in that particular section, so what we're looking at is a transformation of how politics is done on multigenerational, multiethnic, multicultural movement that will catapult people forward. >> but why aren't democrats winning upwards of 80% or 90% among latino voters? >> well, in the past i think you're right, the latino population was taken for
4:39 pm
granted. in the past also the latino population was a lot more engaged at community grass roots and did not see how that engagement really translated into the -- the national politics. but now campaigns are seeing things certainly from the get go the bernie sanders campaign has seen that in a different way. human rights are latino rights and latino rights are human rights. and we have a president right now that demonized the latino population, demonized the immigrant population. and it's a lot different than that. we are engaging people by ensuring that the conversations that we are having we are bringing people onboard from the get go so that people understand that sanders agenda is their agenda. >> good to have you here. thank you very much.
4:40 pm
merry christmas. >> thank you very much. happy holidays. spending trump is spending the holidays at his mar-a-lago estate, but some are concerned about privacy and security. we'll have a closer look at the risks next. if your gums bleed when you brush, you may have gingivitis. and the clock could be ticking towards bad breath, receding gums, and possibly... tooth loss. help turn back the clock on gingivitis with parodontax. leave bleeding gums behind. parodontax. enjoy your prime rib! anyone ever call you, "meat santa"? no, that's... weird. happy holidays. enjoy. next customer? enjoy. if you don't get [there in time, ] it will be a massacre. good luck. the ones that make a truebeen difference in people's lives.
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newly released documents are revealing new information about the time line of when the trump administration decided to freeze aid to ukraine. now, according to an e-mail from an official the efforts to freeze that aid began about 90 minutes after that infamous july 25th phone call between president trump and ukrainian president zelensky. here was how the vice president's chief of staff mark short responded to this revelation. >> there was a lot of e-mails and back and forth exchanges about time of this. the aid was released. at best account there's maybe 55 days and delays we did our own review. >> that brings us to your weekend presidential brief. this is segment we bring you every weekend with the most pressing national security issues president trump will face tomorrow. thank you for being here
4:45 pm
especially with hanukkah. mark short there seemed to imply the timing of this e-mail was just coincidental. what's your assessment of it? >> quite the coincidence but we do have about a week unaccounted for. an omb official notified departments about these freeze on july 18th. what we've now learned is 90 minutes from this phone call the actual order from omb to the pentagon was given to implement that freeze. again, we have a week in there where we don't know what happened. that could be solved of course by having key officials testifying. i will note ahead of calls he's updated on things like security assistance. so the actual issue of the freeze couldn't come up while the presidnt was preparing for this call. again if you prepped with people other than rudy giuliani. now, timing is everything to an extent, but i really want to note for our viewers the important consideration here is not just when the aid was frozen but why.
4:46 pm
and if you actually read these documents which i have, it's clear agencies and departments were struggling to come up with justification for the freeze after the fact, after the order was given. that throws cold-water on any notion this freeze was done for policy reasons because they were trying to engineer a reason after it happened. >> because of the president's impeachment we're learning that north korea's kim jong-un is deciding to do more of a wait and see approach when it comes to dealings with president trump. what are the national security officials thinking about this? >> well, the more it changes the more it stays the same. i mean, to a large extent kim jong-un has been taking a wait and see approach to donald trump from the get go. he had the veneer of quote-unquote negotiations with president trump for some time. but, ana, he has never substantively engaged with president trump on the actual issue of denuclearization. so he may now be saying he's stepping away from the negotiating table, but any
4:47 pm
actual expert would tell you he was never really there. in the first place what we are waiting to see is whether and when kim jong-un implements another illegal test. he could test a satellite. he could test a long-range missile, or he could do an underground nuclear test. kim is walking a bit of a testing tightrope here. he wants to show president trump he has capabilities, that he can really make these negotiations look completely offtrack, but he doesn't want to ostracize china and russia too much. they've been carrying his diplomatic water, and if kim goes so far and let's say test a nuke that could force china to backing kim which does not back president trump's interests. >> there are new security concerns about mar-a-lago given, you know, just this past week there was another woman who was arrested trying to enter, arrested for trespassing. this was the third recent security breach there. how much of a national security
4:48 pm
threat is this? >> well, ana insecurities abound in mar-a-lago, and i'm not just talking about the president's ego here. mar-a-lago is not a controlled presidential site like camp david or the white house. it is a temporary site, really a commercial private entity which means the secret service does not control security. the host does. and what we know is two chinese nationals just this year alone as you mentioned have trespassed, but actually invited guests pose counter intelligence risks. they have direct access to president trump and his surroundings at mar-a-lago. that makes him a gold mine for even the most amateur foreign intelligence services. the mar-a-lago site is really just the jackpot for human intelligence because there are so many high value targets for foreign intelligence services to recruit. and finally an actual counter intelligence risk walked into mar-a-lago today. his name is rudy giuliani.
4:49 pm
rudy giuliani is under counter intelligence investigation by federal authorities, yet he was at mar-a-lago just like he was invited to the white house by president trump. and that really boils down to president trump inviting a known counter intelligence risk into mar-a-lago where president trump is supposed to be doing official business. >> he was seen dancing, socializing, a grand old time. thank you for being here. happy holidays. i'll see you in the new year. debate over fashion on capitol hill. we're used to seeing congressman jim jordan without a jacket. but look he got dressed up for impeachment last week. now he's going viral. you're live in the cnn newsroom. to avoid screening for colon cancer. i'm not worried. it doesn't run in my family. i can do it next year. no rush. cologuard is the noninvasive option that finds 92% of colon cancers. you just get the kit in the mail, go to the bathroom, collect your sample, then ship it to the lab. there's no excuse for waiting. get screened.
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making history landing the first american space capsule designed to keep passengers on land. touching down in the new mexico desert. after the inaugural test flight to the space station. >> the first flight test. >> nasa calls the star liner test a huge success even though it failed to dock. to deliver holiday gifts and supplies as planned. that miswas abandoned after a timing issue put the spacecraft
4:54 pm
in the wrong orbit following the launch. it could carry astronauts to space next year. what's it take for ohio congressman to suit up? how about a historic impeachment. >> reporter: you may know him as republican representative jim jordan. we guess many know him as the congressman who never wears a jacket. >> i'm so angry i couldn't even wear a jacket today. >> he carries it. but rarely wears it. leading to jokes like found jim jordan's jacket. floats has it. even on tv talk shows. no jacket. i'm going to start a telethon to get representative jordan a blazer. he's usually a blaze about something. >> we have six people having four conversations in one sentence. >> always in short sleeves. something truly historic
4:55 pm
happened. not impeachment. jim jordan dressed up. the ohio congressman actually put his arms through the sleeves of a jacket. jim jordan is wearing a suit jacket and looks almost as unconfidentable u uncomfortable as he makes us. >> what's the deal? does he have a hang up about wearing jackets? >> i don't know why. i only wear it when i have to. >> the rules require him to wear one for the impeachment vote on the house floor. >> i wear it around the president. in the white house i wear it. >> multiple twitter accounts reporting to be the jacket. all i want is to be worn. when he posed in the overly big jacket belonging to a radio host. his missing jacket posted who the bleep rolls up a suit jacket sleeve? jordan has a theory. >> you daent get fired up and get into it if you have a jacket slowing you down. >> short sleeves for speed.
4:56 pm
>> chairman, i object! >> i'll allow it. >> today in washington, the annual lighting ceremony of the national menorah on hanukkah. ♪ ♪ >> lighting of the 30 foot high menorah across from the white house. the celebration draws thousands every year. and this was no different. it's an event that dates back to 1979. under president carter. something you may want to make an annual new years eve tradition. watch two best friends one epic
4:57 pm
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