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tv   Inside Politics  CNN  December 24, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PST

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no doubt anywhere near the five years that macron promised it would take to rebuild, kate. >> absolutely. such a long and arduous process ahead. melissa, thank you so much. thank you so much for being here. and "inside politics" with manu raju starts right now. welcome to a special holiday edition of "inside politics." i'm manu raju. thank you for sharing your day with us. president trump speaks from mar-a-lago and the topic of impeachment is unavoidable. mitch mcconnell, though, may like what he hears. plus rudy giuliani's work in ukraine and says he would love to go inside the impeachment trial. as much as the weight of the impeachment and russia are on his mind, no one was forgetting
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it's still christmas eve. >> is "home alone 2" your favorite holiday movie? >> well, i'm in "home alone 2," so a lot of people mention it every year, right around christmas. they say, i just saw you in the movie. i was a little bit younger, to put it mildly, and it was an honor to do it. it turned out to be a very big hit, obviously. >> we begin this hour at the president's mar-a-lago property in florida where he's spending the holidays. this morning president trump did a christmas eve video call with troops around the world thanking them for their service in our country and answering their questions. but shortly after hanging up, he was right back to impeachment, focusing both on the trial to come and how the house handled its inquiry. >> we're in a very good position. ul ultimately that decision will be made by mitch mcconnell, and he
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has the right to do whatever he wants. he's the head of the senate. people remember they treated us very unfairly. they didn't give us due process. they didn't give us a lawyer that would link selectively with the sick, corrupt politician named schiff. he's a corrupt politician. no, they treated us worse than anybody has been treated from a legal standpoint in the history of the united states. >> fact checks notwithstanding on parts of that, but president trump also had some critiques for the speaker of the house. >> she hates the republican party. she hates all of the people that voted for me and the republican party. and she's desperate to do it. she's doing a tremendous disservice to the country. she's not doing a good job, and some people think that she doesn't know what she's doing. a lot of people think that, a lot of people have said it. >> cnn's kristen holmes joins me live from west palm beach.
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kristen, what has the president's schedule been like this week and what are you gleaning about his mindset going into christmas? >> reporter: manu, the president has been largely surrounded by close allies and supporters this entire trip. he's been golfing, he had lunch with rush limbaugh, he's been seen lingering with members at mar-a-lago, including rudy giuliani, whogs is a friend of his, his personal attorney, as well as hosting ed gallagher, the man who got him to reinstate his status here. the only actual public event was him speaking at a student summit, and just to give you some ideas of the other speakers there, it was sean hannity, his son don jr., so a very receptive crowd. a picture of him surrounded by his biggest fans, full of positivity. despite all of that, it's clear his mind has been on
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impeachment. we haven't seen him, but we've heard from him endlessly on twitter. he's gone after nancy pelosi and he's called this remarkably unfair. this really hasn't stopped. he brought it up right after that call. so it's clear that this is where his mind is at at this point during the holiday season. we want you to know that the white house has begun preparing a strategy for this impending senate trial, and they were hoping president trump would really shift his focus to that, try to figure out that preparation there. right now it looks as though he's still sticking to twitter, still trying to hit the process, maybe not necessarily working on the actual strategy part. >> despite the holidays, more trump grievances to come, i suspect. kristen holmes, thanks for joining us. here with us to share their reporting and insights, lauren fox, john bresnan with
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"politico" and margaret talev with "axios." the president said today he will essentially let mitch mcconnell take the lead on this. he said mitch mcconnell is the leader of the senate and he'll set the rules here. there's been an interesting divergence in the last few days because trump said he wanted this done quickly. can we assume trump and mcconnell will be in lockstep, assuming the trial takes place, over this or will there be a division between the two? >> i wouldn't go as far as division. they have similar goals but not exactly. mcconnell is running on the same ticket as president trump so he's going to stay intensely loyal to president trump. that would be his goal, anyway. but he also has to protect his own senate majority and he has
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vulnerable members in swing states, like cory gardner in colorado, susan collins in maine. he has to kind of thread the needle here, mcconnell. one thing trump said that isn't true at all, mcconnell can't do whatever he wants. he needs 51 votes to do anything. he'll have to handle the process in a serious manner, but he can't look like he's just, you know, trying to push it through and not take any input at all from his own members. so he's going to have to balance a lot of competing different interests here, and it's going to be hard for him, but i think overall he said he's going to stay in step with the president. i think he will largely. >> and it's been interesting to watch how mcconnell has dealt with this. pretty shrewdly. he went on "hannity," trump watches "hannity." he said he would work in tandem with the white house office. he said he'll be impartial. he wants us to quickly deliver that blistering floor speech against the democrats.
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it's really given trump some confidence here that mitch mcconnell is going to do what the president wants and he's going to hold firm against what chuck schumer is asking. >> before we've sort of seen this discussion that's going to happen between schumer and mcconnell, and everybody was waiting on the democratic side for those two leaders to meet. after he started going on fox news, he said, it's not my job to be an impartial juror here. all of a sudden you saw schumer making that letter request for four witnesses. you saw him request documents. democrats have been a lot more aggressive than they have been previously in part because i think they felt like mcconnell was really trying to shape the narrative of what an appropriate trial looked like, and they really needed to get out in front of it. certainly trump is watching that and seeing that mcconnell is laying out a pretty clear path here. >> the schumer move seems to have united republicans in the senate, but most people spend christmas eve doing things with their family. we are, of course, here working.
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>> this is our family. >> this is our family, exactly. the president this morning after talking to service members, we showed part of it, but he also ranted about his political problems. here's what he said. >> we were spied on, my campaign was spied on, and what they did to general flynn is very unfair, in my opinion. now we found out they're a bunch of dirty cops and paid for by the dnc, paid for by hillary clinton in many cases. they did a phony dossier, they used the dossier for fisa, but these were dirty people, these were bad people, these were evil people, and i hope that someday i'm going to consider it my greatest or one of my greatest achievements, getting rid of them. >> so there are several factual inaccuracies throughout that statement. the inspector general of the justice department did acknowledge there were problems in how the surveillance word was carri
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-- warrant was carried out by carter page. here's what the president's own fbi director testified to as well as what inspector general horowitz said about these matters. >> well, that's not the term i would use. look, lots of people have different colloquial phrases. i believe the fbi is engaged in investigative activity and part of that involves surveillance activity of different shapes and sizes, and the key question is making sure it's done by the book. >> we did not find evidence that the fbi sought to place confidential human sources inside the campaign, or plant them inside the campaign. >> so trump is going to say i've been spied on. he's going to make this case all throughout the campaign. if you think that's an effective strategy, facts be damned. >> this is the way donald trump operates, right, and usually this message to the troops is such a mundane part of christmas week, it barely gets any
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coverage at all, but you know if president trump has cameras in front of him, he'll make some kind of statement. it appears today he wanted to have the last word before the christmas holiday and doesn't pay any attention to the impeachment process. essentially when you've seen him do here is what he's done since the beginning of the impeachment process is throw a word salad out and let the people grab the narrative they want to feel comfortable with. he throws out words like spy and witch hunt, all these words down the line to confuse and deflect about the issues that are at the core of this conversation. and that's been his strategy from the beginning because president trump views this as a battle of republic opinion. and the more that he can keep his core supporters by his side and then, really, just create a level of fatigue with the rest of the country, he views that as a victory because it will be more politically palatable to people that have to make the decision. >> and undercut the ability of
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investigations, but there's also some ammunition the president may have to try and make the case that he's the victim of democrats investigating him. the filing yesterday from the house judiciary committee democrats say they were, in this case, trying to get the testimony of the former white house counsel don mcgahn. this has been fought for months and months in the courts. the court asked why do they still need don mcgahn's testimony because of the impeachment, the president was impeached last week, and the democrats said they need his testimony in order to know whether or not to act on impeaching the president again, potentially, saying in this filing the committee's investigations did not cease with the house's recent impeachment vote. if mcgann's testimony produces new evidence supporting the conclusion that president trump committed impeachable offenses that are not covered by the articles approved by the house, the committee will proceed accordingly, including, by
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considering whether to replace the president. they are not investigating whether this goes to their favor. they're hearing don mcgahn's testimony in the heat of the campaign and their problems may not be done here. >> one goes back to the mueller probe, the other goes to ukraine, but they both go to the question of obstruction. the kind of circular reasoning here has been the white house saying on the impeachment case -- well, actually, on the mueller case, too -- if you don't like our stance, take it to court. and this proves why that probably wouldn't have worked if democrats had pursued that route, because guess what, you take it to court and the white house says the court shouldn't be considering this, or if the courts are going to consider it, consider it later, don't consider it during impeachment, that's not fair. it's important for the public to know whether you're a supporter of president trump's or you're not or somewhere in the middle
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or you're just sick of the whole thing. almost nothing in the video clips you played this morning are factually accurate. it is one thing to understand the facts of this impeachment probe and to say, i don't think the president should be impeached for this or let the election bear it out. there's another thing to contest the facts, and what he said there in terms of dirty cops and spying and it's watergate, it's just not true. it is important to operate in a set of facts when you're making an assessment about how you feel about this, whether you're a member of the senate or whether you're a member of the voting public. >> it's very hard for voters and viewers to keep up. it undercut the credibility in the eyes of a lot of president's supporters. ahead, the president's personal attorney goes off in a bizarre interview involving expletives and bloody marys.
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the president's personal attorney was making headlines in a new interview with new york magazine. the magazine sat down with rudy giuliani earlier this month and in the interview giuliani insisted he did nothing wrong during his ukraine trips. he also shared his thoughts on investigators looking into him and on his inner circle that is getting smaller among many, many other things. >> so many things. >> and the question is how much is him, giuliani, being giuliani and what he has to say. he said, the president was annoyed because over the last couple of weeks i've been pulling all his facts together and i haven't been on television. people who think he doesn't like me on television, i don't know where they get that from. it's just the opposite. does the president want him out
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there even though he's in the middle of this impeachment and scandal? >> number one, if this is all an orchestrated plan, i will buy everybody lunch. i don't think it is. number two, the president thinks he is his own best spokesperson. if the president were to rank his own top aides and rudy giuliani, giuliani would be between somebody else and president trump. number three, most of the president's aides and lawyers do not want mayor giuliani on television because so many things he says are provocative, and some things he says contradict each other on established timelines and put not only mayor giuliani's story in question but some of the president's explanations in question also, and that's what's been problematic politically. >> his aides may be uncomfortable, but we often see this disconnect between his aides and the president, because it seemed like a month ago the president was opening the door to distancing himself from rudy giuliani, and that doesn't appear to be the case anymore.
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it seems pretty clear that president trump himself appreciates whatever role giuliani is playing in this whether it deflects or distracts from the president himself and focuses on giuliani and his antics, or he still truly believes he is the type of messenger that's effective in trump's response. i think if president trump truly didn't want rudy giuliani out there, it would be a lot more clear than what we see right now. >> let's remind everyone why this is significant, because rudy giuliani played a central role in the impeachment saga. he was dispatched by the president. he enlisted him as a personal attorney to carry out ukraine policy. several top u.s. officials testified that the president directed them to talk to rudy giuliani, and they said it undercut u.s. national security, undercut foreign policy. also said that rudy giuliani was pushing these investigations to be announced that would help the president politically, including the investigation into the bidens, and his claims come a d
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amid, you know, all the reports that he is himself under investigation by the u.s. attorney's office for the southern district of new york, and he says in this, if they think i committed a crime, referring to the investigators, they're out of their minds. i've been doing this for 50 years. i know how not to commit crimes, and if they think i've lost my integrity, maybe they've lost theirs in their insanity over hating trump. do you think he thinks if he gets in trouble he could get a pardon for trump and this is part of what he's doing here? what's your takeaway from this? >> with giuliani, it's hard to say. even in the article he contradicts himself. he says, i have no interest in ukraine. i'm not sure he's thinking -- you have to go back to the 2016 campaign with rudy giuliani and trump saying he knew information about the clinton investigation at the time. that was before it even came
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out. so i don't know if he's thinking about a pardon. i really believe he thinks he's done nothing wrong, but clearly he was close to the two ukranians who indicted. >> through all this, lauren, lindsey graham, the judiciary committee chairman, is open to have him testify about this supposed dirt he had gotten in his recent trip abroad to meeting with the ukranians. >> and rudy giuliani also suggests in that article that he would be interested in being part of the president's defense team on the senate floor because he says i'm very good at cross-examining witnesses, that was one of my favorite things to do. very clear, that would become a major problem for republican rank and file. you and i reported back when the ukraine investigation was really unfolding how many republican members would say, i don't think the president has done anything wrong, but rudy giuliani is a little bit of -- we're not quite sure what might be coming out when it comes to him. >> he's got his personal attorney, he's made his
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decision. it's as if rudy giuliani was operating in a vacuum when it was the president clearly directing rudy giuliani to carry out these things the president wanted. but he also made a lot of stunning remarks in this interview, but this one talking about george soros. he says, don't tell me i'm anti-semitic if i oppose him. soros is hardly a jew. i'm more of a jew than soros is. he doesn't go to church. he doesn't belong to a synagogue, he doesn't want israel. soros was a holocaust survivor. his family escaped the holocaust from hungary. they were immigrants from hungary. they escaped nazi persecution during world war ii. rudy giuliani isn't jewish, he's catholic. his argument was george soros is pulling the strings in this ukraine matter, including maria yavonovitch who was recalled during that smear campaign that rudy giuliani was launching
9:24 am
himself -- >> it's still being perpetrated. >> what's your reaction? >> i think it's not worth responding to. those are distracting comments also not based in reality. >> he didn't just say he was pulling the strings with yavonovitch, he indicated that there were as many as four ambassadors in europe that george soros hand-picked so he could have some sort of mass globalization plan or something along those lines to put in his liberal doctrine. there were so many things in this article that were just not based in any level of fact, and again, it goes back to this distraction and confusion campaign that giuliani is a key component of, and i think there is some complicit endorsement from the president himself in the way giuliani conducts himself. >> explicit is right. mcconnell and nancy pelosi
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welcome back. nothing says holiday spirit like a partisan staring contest in washington. republican and democratic leadership on capitol hill still stuck at an impasse over the looming impeachment trial in the senate. chuck schumer ramping up his demands for the senate to pursue
9:30 am
witnesses and documents. he goes so far as to say he will try to force a vote if he has to. >> we, at the very minimum, will require votes from all the senators on each of the witnesses and about each of these sets of documents. and i don't think my colleagues, recommend kra democratic or republican, are going to want to vote for evidence in such an important trial. >> that's a no go for him. sources tell us mcconnell is open to going to the floor without schumer's support on a rule that would lay down the ground rules for a trial, and during the clinton trial, john br bresnahan, that didn't happen there. it laid out the ground rules of the debate, but the rub here is that chuck schumer wants a deal first of witnesses and documents to be agreed to as part of the rules in the ground rules. mitch mcconnell says let's put
9:31 am
off those issues until a later date and republicans are in line with what mcconnell is seeking here. do you sense there is any chance that mcconnell and schumer could come to a deal here? >> i don't know. i think it's too early to tell. i think mcconnell has to see how this plays. he wants to use the clinton model as how the senate proceeds on this impeachment trial, and what he's saying is in 1999 there was no deal for witnesses when they came to the floor. you have to remember in 1999, then senate majority leader didn't want a trial. he wanted to get rid of it if he could have. in this case schumer and dashell didn't want a trial, tom dashell, the democratic leader, didn't want a trial, either. every trial is a win for democrats the way schumer sees it. as we said before, i'm not sure mcconnell would try and go and say just force it, unless he can
9:32 am
commit his swing state republicans that, you know, this is the way to do this. >> and that's the question. we actually have a list here of the possible senators to watch here in the impeachment trial, the people who could actually break ranks. we'll see. most of them are holding their cards close to the vest. lamar grant of tennessee is a republican that's retiring. he's someone who has yet to say how he'll come down on these key questions. susan collins of maine up for reelection. senator murkowski of alaska, she has broken with the president, including voting against the supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. mitt romney is someone who is a frequent critic of the president.
9:33 am
tom tillis, he's a north carolina republican. he's aligned himself increasingly and you see the three democrats there. it's hard to see where the four votes come from because generally they'll side with the president. >> early on when mcconnell was talking about a short trial, you heard some moderate republicans arguing, well, perhaps we need to see how this will go and perhaps we want to hear from more people. over time that started to shift because the reality of having to vote on witnesses, and it's not just democratic witnesses they would have to vote on, it could be republican witnesses like a whistleblower. that is contentious for someone like susan collins in the senate and has to make a decision on whether to vote for the president who wants to hear for a whistleblower or whether that would be problematic for some of the republican voters she needs back in maine. >> susan collins has always typically sought after votes, she breaks ranks once in a while, she's a rare moderate and
9:34 am
republican side of the aisle. she's up for reelection in a state that's leaning democratic but she needs a republican base. trump will be competing for the vote in that state, so whether she breaks from the president remains to be seen. there was an interesting tweet a couple days ago from lindsey graham that said susan collins showed unbelievable courage during kavanaugh's confirmation, had a steady voice. then last night trump retweets that and says, i agree 100%, perhaps working the jury, potentially. the president needs to keep these republicans -- >> i think what's so fascinating about that list you put on the screen, manu, it seems as if each of these members have a different view of this and it impacts each of their situations differently. for some, mitt romney or someone like that, it's about a legacy. for someone like cory gardner and susan collins, it's about the upcoming election.
9:35 am
for senator murkowski, who knows what the motivation is. it's like herding these cats in all the same direction, and that's why i think he's interested in getting this done quickly with as little drama as possible. >> and some groups want to take advantage of this, a group opposing the president. >> key witnesses in the ukraine scandal must testify in the senate impeachment trial. these witnesses include rudy giuliani, mick mulvaney, mike pompeo and john bolton. call senator romney and tell him these witnesses must testify. >> do you think that will work, margaret? >> romney is a good one. if you're going to make a bet, maybe romney is a good guy to make a bet on. when you're talking about what could be brought into the senate trial, you talk about witnesses and documents as a batch, but they really are two different things, and the documents are
9:36 am
much less volatile in terms of what could happen on the stand. they are important, though, because it goes to these questions about executive privilege and it could create a president for the executive branch, not for the senate. so if i were mitch mcconnell and i was looking to make a deal, i might blink first on the documents before i blinked on the witnesses. >> we'll see if there is any deal to be had. right now it doesn't seem that way but a lot of questions in the days ahead. next, the stock market soars and trying to hit another record high today, and the president, of course, weighs in. in the case of a disaster. be informed about possible emergencies in your area. make a plan that covers where you'll go in an emergency. build a kit with the things you need to survive. there is no one more capable of planning for your situation, than you. start your plan today. go to
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servicemember killed in afghanistan as sergeant first class michael jch. goebel. he was assigned to eggland air force base in florida. the taliban has claimed responsibility for goebel's death even as peace negotiations between the group and the u.s. continue. it's a short trading day for christmas ooeeve, but stocks ar yet at another record. they finished off at an all-time high and the president said so in a telephone call from mar-a-lago this morning. >> our country has never done better economically. we just set a stock record yesterday. that would be the 135th in less than three years of my presidency. we've never had an economy anywhere close to this. our unemployment numbers are the best we've ever had. they're african-american, asian american, hispanic american.
9:42 am
the numbers are incredible. >> so this is clear the message the president wants to convey heading into reelection, but can he stay on message and focus on the economy? that's the area he gets the best polling numbers but he gets diverted very quickly. can he stay on message? there are no signs that he can. >> that is the big question. it has been the number one feather in his cap going into this campaign, and traditionally if you're a president with a good economy, you're reelected. you hear these presidents having to explain away the numbers, really, it's not that great out there. i think it's somewhat aftof a gamble to make that argument with people, because you're not inside these people's homes and you don't know what their situation is. if you try to convince the economy is as good as it is,
9:43 am
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itreat them all as if, they are hot and energized. stay away from any downed wire, call 911 and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe. right now the 2020 candidates are taking a break from the campaign trail for the holidays. but it's not a break from trying to sway those elusive voters.
9:48 am
elizabeth warren said, when you're catching up with people you haven't sneen a while, it's the perfect time to talk with them about why you're on team warren, too. former vice president joe biden and mayor pete buttigieg have been slicing that group, the moderates. cnn spent time with both men and the voters somewhat torn in the middle. >> what i'm going to have to look at with mayor pete is how could he be effective? would he be as effective as joe biden in the healing part of it? >> joe has age on mayor pete, too. that's part of his experience. i think mayor pete can step in. >> we already had years of joe, so i know what he can do. with pete, i feel good about all
9:49 am
of his ideas and he's so articulate, i love that, too, so what's a guy to do? >> ryan, you spent a lot of time in iowa. how fluid is the race right now? >> it's really fluid right now, manu, but i think what's starting to develop here is a consolidation of the moderate and progressive wings of the base. the question here is do both sides retreat to one candidate and we end up with a two-person race by the end of iowa, or is the factions going to continue to be dispirited and you'll see pete buttigieg and a better carrier of the message than joe biden and elizabeth warren may be better, et cetera. there is a lot of enthusiasm, and it's incredible with how many events i'm going to in iowa where you still have many undecided voters showing up. >> clearly the candidates are taking advantage of t. loit. looking at the candidates in the
9:50 am
events, amy klobuchar, julian castro have had a ton of events. >> elizabeth warren is planning on spending new year's eve in des moines. >> do you think iowa is going to be just as much of a significant stage this time around as past dates, but given the crowded field, is it really going to have as much of an impact or do you think this could draw on more than iowa? >> it's the contest where you spend the most sort of time on the ground. but because it's such a crowded primary, there is certainly the possibility that you have different voters in iowa than you have in new hampshire than you have in south carolina than you have in nevada and so many choices that people -- it's just not clear yet. and that's why you see strategies like the bloomberg strategy that's betting, that thinks there is a good enough chance that after three or four contests, it's not completely
9:51 am
locked in, the momentum is not entirely behind one or two people. no one has ever had that kind of money. >> no question about it. we can see michael bennet, the colorado senator, has not had much traction in this race. a supporter said he needs $700,000 in order to address a program in new hampshire saying they'll be forced to make some decisions if they don't reach that goal. some senators will have a difficult choice and they'll be forced to stay in washington. they could lose some key time, according to these voters in iowa. >> i was asking dick durbin, who is the democratic whip, about this same issue. are you hearing from members who need to be back on the campaign trail? he said, look, i'll tell you what i'm telling you now. this is your responsibility, to be at the impeachment trial.
9:52 am
yes, they'll probably lose some ground in iowa, and the president might be thinking about that as well, but this is their responsibility. they'll be in the senate for this impeachment trial without cell phones and without being able to talk for penalty of being removed from the senate chamber. >> they'll talk afterwards. cory booker is making his dad jokes on the trail. there are some zingers. brace yourself. >> what do you call a crowded beach at christmas? sandy claus. why does santa have a garden? because he likes to ho, ho, ho. the doctor's office might mejust for a shot.o but why go back there
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the house district voted yes on both articles of impeachment. they caught up with her on saturday where impeachment was not a top issue. she said, i get plenty of feedback, plenty of calls from both sides. iowans care about the issues. they care about the votes but they have bigger things to worry about. she was a freshman, she won in 2016. what does this tell you that this is not a major issue in her town hall? one town hall doesn't mean
9:58 am
everything, but do you think this will be a defining issue in districts who voted yes on impeachment? >> i think it will be, i don't think it will be maybe the one issue. look, trump is going to be the dominant issue in 2020, and for anybody, republican or democrat on the ticket, are you for trump, are you against trump, where are you on trump? i think it's going to be. impeachment may not be by itself alone, but how do you respond to trump? how did you vote? how did you act in response to what he did? were you for him or against him? he's such a dominant figure that, you know, that will be the issue in a sense, but trump is the issue. >> exactly. and one of the interesting things is a poll that was taken by npr and pbs testing midwest voters, of course, an important key battleground in the 2020 election for the president, keeping the house majority for the democrats, they tested the issues that are important to the voters. impeachment was not asked as part of this, but it did register the economy 35%, health
9:59 am
care 26%, immigration, education and gun policy rounding out the top five. where does this tell you about 2020, him being impeached, the one president facing impeachment being impeached? >> i think it shows us impeachment doesn't matter, whether you're for or against itment i think that's one of the most remarkable things being on it is campaign trail is how little the topic of impeachment is even brought up. i'm talking about in democratic circles even if you're in republican areas, this is not the dominating concern for most americans. it doesn't affect their daily lives. they're far more concerned about jobs, health care, what's impacting their kids on a day-to-day basis, climate change, how they pay for college, those kinds of things. i think there is some political expense that both sides will have to suffer for this, but the idea this will be the dominating issue that decides the 2020 election i think remains to be seen. >> and it explains why nancy pelosi has made it so clear that she does not want to talk about
10:00 am
impeachment. she constantly talks about her domestic agenda, and one reason they get impeachment done. >> and move back to health care. we have to go. thanks for joining us on this special edition of "inside politics." brianna keilar starts right now. i'm brianna keilar live from cnn's washington headquarters. welcome to this special holiday edition underway right now. so much for holiday cheer. president trump spending his christmas eve railing against impeachment, repeating debunked conspiracy theories and accusing nancy pelosi of hating republican voters. maybe it's a missile test, maybe it's a base. president trump playing down north korea's promised christmas surprise. and a california deputy on leave after disturbing video shows him violently pulling a man from his car, slamming his head into the


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