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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  February 4, 2020 2:00am-2:59am PST

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than expected, but we are essentially able to report results with full confidence. >> reporter: there's not a lot of confidence left i have to say in that system there. as i said before there were people across the state reporting problems with the app they were using, left on hold for hours trying to call in the results. the democratic party some of them say they were knocking on doors of precinct chairs who haven't reported their results yet, allison. >> john, i remember harry enten yesterday telling us it was going to be complicated, the math was going to be complicated even without the technical issues and so here we are this morning. the democratic candidates are treeing to explain what happened, and they're spinning the night as a win. >> we know there's delays but we know one thing. we are punching above our weight. >> well, it looks like it's going to be long night but i'm feeling good. >> it's too close to call so i'm
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just going to tell you what i do know. >> you won. >> when those results are announced i have a good feeling we're going to be doing very, very well here in iowa. >> by all indications we are onto new hampshire victorious. >> okay, so everybody's feeling good, they say, at the moment. predictably president trump and his campaign are already mocking the debacle ahead of tonight's "state of the union" address. so let's get live to jeff zeleny, live outside the headquarters in des moines with the breaking news. what's happening, jeff? >> reporter: allison, good morning. there are winners spinning the results and losers spinning the results. the problem is we don't know which is which. the reality here this morning in des moines the numbers we are told by democratic party officials will be coming later today perhaps. but as you heard in that overnight phone call from the chairman of the iowa democratic
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party, he was saying that they're trying to uphold the integrity of this process. there's no question that has been vanished in all this. so what we do know is this. there was a strong turn out from the democrats across the state. but after that things broke down in the reporting of these results. we did hear a complaint throughout the afternoon that the app was not working. so the party officials said well just call in the results like you used to. well, one problem. there were operators, obviously not enough to answer the calls so people were on hold for so long. so you heard the candidates there all trying to spin the results in their favor. the joe biden campaign has questioned the results overall. some of his rivals said he fared some of the worst. so we are left here with just antidotal evidence with the precincts we were at. that was only one of about 1,700
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precincts or so. so we're going to begin an autopsy here what happened in the iowa caucuses but one thing is clear, this byzantine process of holding -- >> we have no results. we have nothing yet this may or may not be a result. it's simply nut yet known. now at least four of the candidates have hit the ground here in new hampshire where i am. just a few minutes ago i caught up with amy klobuchar when she arrived at the manchester airport. senator klobuchar, welcome to new hampshire. >> it's great to be here. i'm so excited. i'm wearing my gold coat from the blizzard announcement just to, you know, commemorate it.
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>> senator, what happened in iowa? >> they had -- apparently they had a problem with the computer system and getting the numbers on. i think they'll be able to count them by hand just like people used to and then they'll get them in. >> has the state told your campaign anything about when they might expect it or what exactly happened? >> coming from a state that had to count a few ballots with a few recounts they can get it done. >> i was at a rally of yours -- i've lost track of time, i think it was two nights ago in des moines and one of the lines you used that got the most applause was, we get better not screw this up. >> i didn't mean the numbers. i meant -- >> but is iowa screwing it up? >> you know what i meant by that. i meant we need to have a
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candidate that can lead the ticket that can bring people with her instead of shutting them out. and i made the argument that night that i make every day in new hampshire that you want a candidate that can bring a fired up democratic base with her along with independents, there's a lot of them in this state. and moderate republicans so that we can win big and not just eke by a victory, and that's really important. if we want to get things done on climate change and prescription drugs and finally get some decency back into the white house, then we're going to have to bring people with us. and my argument is that i'm the one to do that, my argument to our friends out here in new hampshire and across the country is we know we can win in kentucky, we just did, in louisiana, in states like kansas, michigan where we won the governor's race. so, yeah, we better not screw this up. >> but you're not including actually counting the ballots in this case in that category? >> i'm sure they're working hard. it must have been devastating to
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them and we're getting it done and we'll get the numbers. i just know that we are doing well, and i think a lot of people are just like they didn't think i'd get through the speech in the middle of the snow, and i've been through every debate stage and shown that i have the toughness and i'm nimble enough to take on donald trump, and i bet i'm the most energetic -- what time is it you guys there? >> it's 5:04 right now. we don't have official results yet obviously. obviously we have no results yet, but what have you heard from your precinct captains around iowa? >> we've heard we've done very well, that there are a number of places where we won. we did well in some of the rural areas where i don't think people have focused on as much. we and the quadcities
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areas so we're waiting on final results like everyone else. i think there are some numbers that show we did a lot better than people thought we were. >> some of the campaigns are questioning whether this throws into doubt the legitimacy of the whole process. there are people who are upset? >> no. they just had a problem with a computer glitch. they can count them by hand. that is not hard to do. the witnesses at every precinct, every campaign and people there, those precinct chairs they're going to be able to get the numbers. they're going to be a total number of people there as well as the delegates but that's not that strange. >> your colleague joe manchin was on the floor yesterday while you were in iowa or on your way to iowa suggesting there should be a censure vote in the senate. >> right now i am focused on thim peachment vote. i hope my colleagues will listen on the republican side and i really believe when you look at some of the support i got in
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iowa republicans who changed parties including andy the legislator who had literally -- andy mckeen who had been a republican last spring and changed to a democrat, we've got two former legislators here, republican who joined our team. and people in the country are not like the ones in the senate. it seems to me a lot of republicans in the senate with the exception of two when it came to the witnesses, basically donald trump says jump and they say how high. there's a lot of republicans out there and they see this election as a patriotism check, as a decency check, and they want to have a president who understands the heart of america is much bigger than the heart of the guy in the white house. >> senator klobuchar it's about 30 degrees here which i know is warm for you. >> like you know this is not even hat weather, this is not even mitten weather.
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the kind of hat that you wear when you go door knocking in new hampshire like we will be doing in the next week. >> i'll let you catch some sleep. thank you, senator. of course senator amy klobuchar from the state of minnesota, so 30 degrees really isn't that cold for her. jeff zeleny is back with us. also joining us cnn correspondent ryan nobles who's been covering the sanders campaign in iowa. amy klobuchar is in a very interesting position. she may be helped by the fact that there are no official results yet. there's a sense that her campaign was doing maybe better than expected but we don't know for sure because we haven't seen official numbersch so she was able to land in new hampshire this morning when i was there and say hey we've got the wind at our backs. >> no question then she did something very smart. she was the first candidate to come out and she was seizing victory whether she has a victory or not. reminded me of the florida scenario, you know, 20 years ago
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in 2000. never mind what the results are, you just seize victory. but we do know antidotally from precincts around the state senator klobuchar was having a strong night. so we do know some results, we just don't know the scope of them. in many places where cnn was and others, she was having a strong evening in the suburbs around des moines. but the question here is what it means for the process overall. she was, you know, not attacking the iowa process, but that is exactly what is going on here today. i mean the reality is after spending multimillions of dollars in advertising, in campaign spending, other things to have this type of result, it is going to throw a shadow over the full process regardless here. so the joe biden campaign sent a letter to the iowa democratic party, the leadership last evening really questioning the results overall where there's a lot of evidence that joe biden did not have a strong night here. so that is going to be something that's sorted out in the coming
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days here. unclear how this actually works out, john. >> right, so the biden campaign clearly have said and the sanders campaign not particularly happy either. weaver really lash out at the iowa process. byrne ae sanders think he did well. they want to be able to declare a victory if in fact that's what happened. >> there's no question about that, john. the sanders campaign finds them in somewhat of a tight spot. i do believe they're frustrate would the way the democratic party presented this caucus, but they're publicly not being very critical of them because they do not want there to be any dispersions cast upon the results when they actually are revealed because they do believe based on their own evidence and what their precinct captains were telling them across the state that bernie sanders did very well. and, you know, you could tell that from what sanders had to say in his speech last night when he came out and he told the crowd that based on what he and
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his volunteers had said across the state that they were going to do very, very well in iowa. he stopped short of declaring victory, but, you know, the subtle implication was as loud as could possibly be. so there's no doubt behind the scenes they're being crit olof iowa democratic party leaders. we know on that call, the second phone call that took place between the iowa democratic party and campaign officials, you're right senior advisor jeff weaver made it known how frustrated the campaign was with this playing out. on the other side of this i certainly hope they're hoping they're able to declare victory later on today. but they also are prepared to go on and move to new hampshire. in fact, i talked to one senior aide as this drama was playing out last night and i said to them what happens if this result in iowa is put into question and you're in a position where you can't claim victory in a fulsome way and he looked at me and smiled and said we need to go
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win new hampshire then. so the type of campaign is built for that and so they're prepared for this next stage. >> ryan, jeff, standby if you will. as we said no winner yet from the iowa caucuses, but one clear lose, giant loser and that's the caucuses themselves. there are serious questions this morning if this might be the last time we will ever see iowa go first in this type of way. we'll discuss next. i wanted more from my copd medicine that's why i've got the power of 1, 2, 3 medicines with trelegy. the only fda-approved once-daily 3-in-1 copd treatment. ♪ trelegy ♪ the power of 1,2,3 ♪ trelegy ♪ 1,2,3 ♪ trelegy woman: with trelegy and the power of 1, 2, 3, i'm breathing better. trelegy works three ways
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we are live in manchester, new hampshire. this is the site of the first primary of the 2020 contest one week from today. the question is will we know the results in new hampshire before we know the results in iowa? what a debacle. we may or may not find out who won iowa some time today. joining us now again jeff zeleny. he's back with us from des moines. and also joining us cnn correspondent leyla santiago who was at the airport in manchester
2:18 am
where the candidates are and where i was just was. cnn reporter lara buck and here and harry henton. i pt to start quickly what iowa was trying to do different this time that may have contributed to the chaos. >> the iowa caucus process is very odd. you go in and you have an initial preference. if an individual caucus you meet a 15% threshold that candidate is viable. if they're not, those candidates supporters can go to other candidates in each individual caucus and you basically run that through the gamut and you assign each of these individual caucuses a certain amount of delegates based pawn past election turn out. this year you have that initial vote, you then have the post realignment vote which is post realignment popular vote and then you have the state delegate equivalence. it seems in that process of trying to get three different counts it wasn't so easy.
2:19 am
>> something went wrong, it was new that contributed but they knew it was new and they knew it was going to happen. you would have thought they would have worked out the kinks there. i just got back from iowa, and you have a sense it is a state on tenterhooks in terms of the caucuses about whether or not they should be first anymore. and it has nothing to do with the process but the fact iowa and the democratic caucus is very white, 90% white. but last night when this went down you had more people saying than ever before that maybe iowa shouldn't be doing this. let's listen last night on our air. >> i would get rid of all the caucuses first of all. people don't have time to go spend the time like you heard here today. go vote, pull the curtain, close it vote and then leave. that is the democratic way. >> should this be it, curtains for iowa? >> this is the worst-case scenario for iowa democrats and
2:20 am
republicans who want to keep the caucuses first and is central part of the dominating process because it was as you said already under fire from people who said it's not democratic enough, it's not inclusive enough, it's not diverse enough p. the voters in iowa what claim they should have to deciding who the nominee is when the party itself looks nothing like iowa. this is the last thing advocates of the caucus needed, not a scandal but chaos like this, chaos of this time and this inconclusive result. it's going to raise the volumes of some of the concerns, and look it is still a tradition of the nominating process. it is hard to erase all the history we have the with iowa caucuses, and there are going to be people in both parties who defend the iowa caucuses and they're role in this process but it's going to get a lot louder. >> it is contributing to a very strange morning here in new hampshire. i want to go to leyla santiago
2:21 am
at the airport in manchester here, and we had some quality time together, leyla. it's so interesting. these candidates are arriving and they don't really know what to say. they don't really know how to behave because they don't know where they stood in iowa. >> reporter: right. quality time indeed. but you're right. we saw joe biden arrive here first. when he arrived i asked him a few things. he didn't respond when i asked him what would the impact of a delay of the results in iowa be. didn't respond to that. when i asked him about other candidates specifically buttigieg claiming victory he didn't say anything to that and how do you feel and he said great. that was the one thing biden said to me when he arrived here. and these candidates come in and had a mood of somewhat disappointment from iowa, but i also get the feeling they're saying move forward, now it's onto new hampshire, focus here. the problem is just a few weeks
2:22 am
ago the latest cnn poll showed here in new hampshire 49% of voters decided they were still very much undecided. a lot of these candidates were hoping to get a bump off that, to have iowa really help them in gaining momentum and moving forward in the early states. their coming here, elizabeth warren the first thing she said when she spoke to the media was, look, i didn't know in iowa who the leader was, i still don't know today so we're going to work hard in nuchl until we know what the results of that are. i spoke to one amy klobuchar supporter who was waiting for her with a sign. he said no, no, now the real race begins because now it's onto new hampshire, but he did admit he would have said that regardless of what happened in iowa. for a lot of these campaigns disappointment in iowa and it seems like a very narrow focus in being forced to just go and move forward in new hampshire with their messaging, many of
2:23 am
them focusing on electability. >> i think many of them have to consider where they will be on stage today. if and when the results do come in because if they're good for you you want to be on stage and look happy. if they're not so good, you want to be prepared for it. jeff zeleny, i think see this and you can see this already becoming a campaign issue for some of the organizations. how will it play? how will the campaigns use this uncertainty, do you think? >> well, look, i think the question here is are the democratic campaigns going to continue talking about this because the reality here is discussing the inner workings of the iowa process is not going to necessarily help find a nominee and not going to necessarily move the ball toward picking the strongest candidate to take on the president. it helps mike bloomberg without question. he waited last night as well against saying the iowa process
2:24 am
is not a good one here. so we'll see how this sorts itself out in the coming hours. but the iowa process i think will be discussed for a while. the democrats also want to set that on the back burner if you will and go forward. so this is going to make new hampshire much more important without question merchandise we know bernie sanders has been strong there. he won by 21 points as i recall so he certainly enters very strong but i think the iowa situation is going to be discussed for some time to come. because there are some delegates here but certainly many more to come. 41 here of about 1,900 you actually need to win, john. >> with the sanders campaign already running against the establishment, though, if the idea that the democratic establishment in iowa messed this up it could be something we hear from them a lot over the next few days. all right, friends. thank you very much. we have a lot more to talk about
2:25 am
over the next few hours. and coming up on "new day" we will speak with former south bend mayor pete buttigieg who declared victory last night even though he doesn't have a better sense how he does. preview of i message next. these folks, they don't have time to go to the post office they have businesses to grow customers to care for
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download the my account app to manage your appointments making today's xfinity customer service simple, easy, awesome. i'll pass. we are still standing by at tis hour for the results of the iowa caucuses. as democrats deal with the vote count chaos there, president trump is preparing to deliver
2:30 am
his "state of the union" address tonight. what do we know about his message? cnn's suzanne malvo is live on capitol hill. this is not what anyone was expecting at this hour. >> reporter: it really feels a bit like a ghost town here compared to iowa and new hampshire. but yes the president is preparing for his "state of the union" address to be delivered tonight with the cloud of impeachment hanging over him, however, there's the question of whether or not he's going to be addressing impeachment or even the likely acquittal. that vote scheduled for tomorrow. president trump will deliver his "state of the union" address tonight on the eve of senate republicans acquitting him. the reported theme for the president's speech, the great american comeback, and senior trump administration official tells cnn it will be forward looking and optimistic. with the nation watching republican senators are urging the president to avoid talking about impeachment tonight.
2:31 am
>> you know, we want to make certain that we finish up this impeachment, that we move away from this and that we get back to things that people want to focus on. on the senate floor the house impeachment managers and the president's legal team made their closing arguments. >> the president has done nothing wrong, and these types of impeachments must end, reject these articles of impeachment. >> history will not be kind to donald trump i think we all know that. >> every single vote even a single vote by a single member can change the course of history. it is said that a single man or woman of courage makes a majority. is there one among you who will say enough? >> reporter: those final pitches aimed at senators still on the fence including republicans susan collins and mitt romney. and red state democrats joe
2:32 am
manchin, doug jones and keirsten cinema. >> i remain undecided on how i will vote. >> reporter: senator lisa murkowski like many republicans denouncing the president's conduct with ukraine but refusing to remove the president. >> the president's behavior was shameful and wrong. i cannot vote to convict. the constitution provides for impeachment but does not demand it in all instances. >> reporter: minority leader chuck schumer saying tomorrow's vote on convicting the president should be an issue of conscience for all senators. >> it takes strength and courage even when you know adam schiff is right which i think a lot of them do to go against the president who you know will be vicious and unre-electing against you. >> again, senators will take to the senate floor today to give speeches. we expect them to be impassioned speeches about impeachment and
2:33 am
whether or not the president should be removed from office. and again all eyed tonight on the "state of the union" address to see how the president frames this going into the future, allison. >> okay, suzanne, thank you very much for the preview. president trump's allies are already mocking democrats for the chaos in iowa. can democrats rebound today? that's next. i suffered with psoriasis for so long. i felt gross. people were afraid i was contagious. i was covered from head to toe. i was afraid to show my skin. it was kind of a shock after...
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it is the morning after the iowa caucuses but we still do not know the winner. the iowa democratic party blames reporting inconsistencies and
2:38 am
says we can expect results later today. how will this factor into president trump's message at the "state of the union" address tonight? joining us cnn's senior political analyst john avalon and commentator joe lockhart. john avalon, this is not what democrats were hoping for this morning, and you can imagine that president trump's team is relishing this chaos that seems to have broken out in iowa, and the reason i say that is if don junewer's twitter feed is any indication for don senior's message -- here's what don junior says, if the democrats can't run a caucus that they had four years to prepare for how the hell does anyone think they can actually run the country? the answer. >> reporter: i'm not sure don juneser the person to gauge the seriousness of this moment, but, look, this is problem for the democrats. the wheels seem to have come off, but it's an effort to make sure they get it right rather
2:39 am
than jump the gun and get it wrong, which is what happened in 2012 where mitt romney was declared the winner but it turns out rick santorum had actually gotten the most votes. they're trying to do it right. it's also a reminder how serious we need to take the election process at a time our election is trying to be manipulated by other people. but, look, did we think it was going to be an i-a-wait or an i-a-what? >> joe, given the chaos in iowa does this change the momentum in new hampshire? is that a redo? you've been around a long time. what is going to happen today? >> the interesting thing is always by about 10:00, 11:00 at night everything moves to new hampshire including the candidates so when we saw amy klobuchar and others arriving.
2:40 am
so new hampshire will take over by mid to late this afternoon. but without the traditional winners and losers. and, you know, it just kind of scrambles things a little bit, but i have to say people are talking about the fate of the iowa caucuses. i think this is manageable. we'll know by this afternoon. what really struck me last night in watching is all i saw was white people caucusing, and that really is a problem for democrats when you don't have the sort of democracy that makes up the strength of the party. so if it takes this snafu to get rid of iowa first in caucuses, i'm all for it. >> there had been a move to rotate regional primaries, a lotf of leaders but this may be the catalyst. >> what does all this mean for the "state of the union" tonight? what's president trump going to do about all this? >> bill clinton gave an unbelievable "state of the union" during the height of impeachment. republican senators were
2:41 am
basically begging him via reporters to stay on message because you know he wants to gloat about this. you know he wants to condemn the folks in the audience. >> whatnot dwelling on impeachment is the difference than not capitalizing on iowa chaos. will the iowa chaos come up now? >> and here's the problem if you're a senior aid to trump, it's not something you can turn off. trump has given a "state of the union" speech where he stuck to the tell prauchter and gave speeches, he seemed subdued almost. but it was what republicans wanted. it's probably what the smart people of his campaign want. but if he is going to jump that you this, he runs the real risk of going full rally speech. it is very hard to do the -- i'm going to make fun of democrats for iowa and then stop right there. ets tha that takes some discipline and the one thing we know about donald trump is he has none of it. >> impeachment is still going on. there will be a vote tomorrow and senator joe manchin floated
2:42 am
an interesting idea we've been talking about here on this set and that is is there something between complete acquittal and conviction and removal from office as he has suggested and you have, john, censure, can't tell if that's gaining track but he made a compelling case for that yesterday. >> it should. a conversation here we had on "new day" suggesting there's a third way. republican senators are saying this is binary, it's either remove or acquit. if they're going to admit his guilt, as i think a half-dozen republican senators have done, this is great off-ramp for the country and constitution because it only requires a simple majority. will mitch mcconnell give it a vote? will republicans fight for it, because a lot of the integrity of this senate and frankly constraints of this president depend on it. so mantion is out there. it's an uphill fight but it's an
2:43 am
obvious thing for the country and constitution. >> i think if it's written properly and they if they use the words of lamar aldixer and marco rubio and lisa murkowski, just their words mitch mcconnell is going to have a tough time coming to the floor and we should not underestimate the second president of our history being censured on the floor of the senate. that is win for democrats. they will be able to capitalize on that. >> we say this a lot but it's going to be a big 24 hours. thank you both very much for all the analysis. okay, john, this is not the morning we were planning in terms of not knowing what's happening in iowa at this hour. >> you know, at this point what more could surprise us in this light over the last few years? really there's nothing left, but my question for you, allison, is when you tell joe lockhart he's been around for a long time what are you saying? >> he didn't even bat an eye. after i said it i was like uh-oh
2:44 am
is he going to give me one of his notorious icy glares? >> all right, friends. we have no results out of iowa. the candidates are arriving here in new hampshire already. we've gcaught up with a few on the ground. how will they approach the first piprimary state when the first caucus state hasn't told us anything yet? ♪ the clock is ticking, time is running out ♪
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this morning frustration and so many questions as to what happened with the results for the iowa caucuses. just a few minutes ago i caught up with andrew yang, a candidate when he arrived here from iowa in new hampshire. do you have questions about the legitimacy of the process in iowa when the results do come
2:49 am
out? are you going to wonder, hey, are these fair? >> well, i'll certainly take the folks in iowa at their word. i'm sure they would not have wished this kind of delay on anyone, and so, you know, like the data i'm sure will prove out they have a record of most all of it, a lot of it happened in public. >> joining me now is cnn political commentator andrew gillum. he was the democratic gubernatorial nominee in florida. great to see you. andrew yang is frustrated, but he trusts the process. and i suppose better safe than sorry, right? iowa didn't want to put out bad information, we'd all rather wait for good information. but it is frustrating that they have no information. >> yeah, no, you're right. and i have to say that i think andrew yang is taking the right and appropriate tone. nobody is happy with what transpired last night. not the campaigns, not the candidates, certainly not the hundreds if not thousands of
2:50 am
volunteers who have built strong organizations all across iowa for more than a year in some cases. and also you've got to imagine that the voters there in iowa feel a bit shaken as well. but i'll agree with andrew yang, and i think amy klobuchar and elizabeth warren took very similar tones where they basically said you know what, nobody's pleased by the fact they don't know what came out of iowa last night, but we have a winner or folks who placed lesser, but they trust the process. and i think all of us should be very, very careful. the campaigns and their surrogates particularly to throw cold-water or to undermine this thing, to suggest something untoward if the facts don't necessarily point that way. i think we should demonstrate a little bit more patience, let them get it right so that we're clear about what ultimately the results are of this night's primary or caucus rather. >> yeah, there's no evidence at all it's a caucus for sure it's a caucus and there's no evidence
2:51 am
there's anything wrong with the count. the evidence is there's something wrong with the reporting process. still, it is frustrating. it has been interesting in the vacuum watching how some candidates have handled it because to different degrees pete buttigieg, bernie sanders, amy klobuchar all declared a kind of victory. is it smart for them to come out with no numbers and say, hey, we won? >> yeah, it very much so is. i've got to tell you we looked to iowa to be one of those little league states. undoubtablied someone comes out and the next morning we may get a press release that says such and such candidate is withdrawing. the good news for these candidates is you probably have five tickets at least of candidates, five to six tickets coming out of iowa going into new hampshire. and nobody's really going to question whether or not they should continue on in this fight largely because of the delay and the outcome of these results. amy klobuchar probably could not
2:52 am
have been more buoyed getting off that plane last night. she gets the champion award being the first to come out and give a speech, number one. number two, getting on a plane and flying up to new hampshire and getting out there and showing great resilience and spirit. >> there she is right now and showing pictures of when she arrived just before 4:00 a.m. this morning and she had her crowd out there. and she knows you've got to get on tv. it's good for you to get on tv in iowa so the people here see you on the local news when they wake up traditionally, that's what you have to do. and as you said no one's asking any candidate whether or not they need to drop out this morning because we have no yooild who didea who did badly. >> that's right exactly right, john. and i was confused more candidates didn't take advantage of that moment. we saw joe biden looking a little bit more energy getting off that plane.
2:53 am
but is the type optically you say i'm in it to win it. >> can i ask you one question? we don't have definitive numbers out yet but the iowa democratic party basically says the turn out resembled 2016 which was not a high for them. 2016 was about 117,000 whereas in 2008 it was 240,000. are you concerned as seman who cares about the democratic party that the enthusiasm might not be where you want it to be right now? >> no, i'm not concerned. we've got a ton of candidates out there. inkreeingly people want a winner. some folks are laying back. you saw just as well as i did the undecided numbers even going into the primary, the caucuses and the polling leading up to it. i have no doubt that once we have a nominee that you're going to see the enthusiasm certainly of the democratic side off the chart to defeat donald trump. i heard the confidence from eric
2:54 am
trump and donald trump. i could not care less what the republicans have to say about this process. they could be worried about whoever we produce. i believe without momentment is going to be prepared to take them out. >> mr. mayor, andrew gillum, always a pleasure to vu-have yo on. i wish you were up here in the cold. you're like not so much, i'm okay. i appreciate it there. so it is the morning after iowa. this is when people are supposed to be in new hampshire declaring victory, but we don't have any results from iowa. what is going on? we're trying to get some answers this morning, and we'll bring you all the breaking developments next.
2:55 am
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>> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. this is "new day," tuesday, february 4th, 6:00 in the east. this was supposed to be the next contest in the democratic nominating process. the question is will we know who wins here in new hampshire before we ever find out who won in iowa last night? the candidates have already started arriving here even though the results there are not yet known. nothing yet out of iowa, zilch. this really is something of a political debacle and according to the iowa democratic party there won't be any results until later today >> we want to emphasize that this is a reporting issue, not a hack or an intrusion. and it's exactly why we have a paper trail and systems in place to uphold the i'm


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