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tv   Inside Politics  CNN  February 4, 2020 9:00am-10:00am PST

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blue collar resurgence that he caucuses. the iowa democratic party says will argue he is responsible those delayed results should for, and if be happening. come later today. the campaigns were told to call in for more information right he makes overtures about now. in the meantime, frustration, anger, and yes, this is politics, after all, campaigns bipartisanship. we had a president deliver a spinning lthe iowa results even state of the union address though they don't know the during his impeachment trial, numbers. and it's a real overreach. >> it's clearly a victory for us we need to come together now. even as we, along with the whole that's not the mode he's in. country, impatiently wait for you had bill clinton saying, i know i did something wrong, results from the caucus. let's move past it. for us it was extraordinary. he had members of his party >> we know we did incredibly saying, yeah, you did something well. we won a bunch of precincts and wrong. we're not seeing that with president trump. he's not admitted he did delegates at places we didn't anything wrong, so i think what expect to win, and so we're we'll see is much more of a, feeling good. >> when i left iowa, i said it yeah, you should work with me, was too close to call, and it but not a whole lot of let's still is, but i feel good. move past this partisan moment >> several candidates are making new hampshire stops this hour. and get through it together. we'll try to keep an eye on iowa after a debacle last them. dip in if it seems newsworthy. night, the democratic party telling the campaigns it will release a majority of the results in a few hours. laila asiago is in new ited tim,
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we're making it an even better deal. hampshire. laila, they hope to get more now you can get two lines for only $55. information this hour. >> reporter: right, and they're that includes unlimited talk, text and data. very frustrated and some are with no annual service contracts. becoming impatient, but a campaign aide tells me they will it also includes talk, text and data when traveling in mexico and canada. be having a conference with the iowa democratic party. when i specifically asked this so if you're 55 and up, you can now get two lines for only $55. campaign aide, what do you plan because at t-mobile, to ask in this conversation, we have a plan designed just for you. they said, we want answers. this is infuriating given they spent millions of dollars and countless hours from volunteers, really investing in iowa for their candidate and now they still feel they don't have answers. i thought this was interesting, the same campaign aide told me as much as i want to be oh, hi, samantha. you look more like a heather. sympathetic to what they're do you ever get that? going through, them being the it's nice to finally meet you in person. democratic party in iowa, i you're pete nocchio? oh, the pic? don't feel they're sympathetic to what we're going through. that was actually a professional headshot. and, again, called this i'm sure that's it, yeah. infuriating and said that in the past, the last few phone calls i, uh, i think i've lost a few pounds recently too. they've had with the iowa i'm actually doing a juice cleanse. wait! you don't... (glass breaking) (gasp) ah! oh...!
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democratic party, they have lalslal lasted about half an hour. suspected that this phone call with geico, the savings keep on going. given there is growing frustration may take a little just like this sequel. built longer, but really hoping 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. they can get more clear answers as to exactly what happened in iowa and how exactly iowans are feeling so they can continue to move forward in these early voting states and these candidates can continue to make their case and their pitches to the voters. john? >> remarkable day, layla. if you get any information on call during the hour, please come back and share it with us. here with us, sonja kim, julie pace, rachel bade, also with the a lot will happen in your life. wrinkles just won't. "washington post." this is quicksand day in the sense that the day after iowa is neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair's normally when we find out two or derm-proven retinol works so fast, three candidates get a bounce. two or three candidates, because it takes only one week to reveal younger looking skin. the field is so crowded, get the neutrogena® boot. they go on fundraisers and say, sorry, we're not giving you any more money.
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you're just back from iowa chaos. at the moment, what is the situation with this campaign? >> it is total chaos, and going to the caucuses, there was a real feeling on the ground of anxiety. voters were uncertain, campaigners were uncertain what was going to happen, and that's heightened right now. you have a lot of candidates that are spinning results. we don't actually have results. i think it's very possible we don't have results before new hampshire, despite what the party is saying, or we have results and no one will really believe that. no one is really going to take them at face value. it pultsts a lot of pressure onw hampshire and the states that come next. >> we don't have firm results. the campaigns have people at all these precincts. there's 17 precincts around the state. they have a rough idea, which is why this is interesting from the biden campaign. kate banfield sent a tough letter to the iowa party last night and this is a top official in the campaign saying, maybe we
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can't trust this. >> look, you know, you see in the letter we have real concerns about the integrity of the process. i think there were some significant failures in the process last night that should give voters concern. >> you could say this is horrible. you could say it's stronger than that, because it's appropriate to use stronger than that. st . some more information, the they say wait and see, we trust democratic party says it will the democratic party to count, have some of the results later but we'll get there. what's the point in saying, we today. jeff zeleny is in des moines, don't trust this in the end. iowa with more information. there were problems of jeff, more than half the integrity. >> the campaign is going to spin results? explain. >> reporter: more than half the results. what they think they know about they said at least 50%. the results, and i think we're so we'll see how much more than seeing that start to take shape. a 50% it is, john. one of the things, clearly it all depends what they find because this is such a mess and the fact there is no actual this afternoon and what they clear result yet, i think some verify. interestingly, we are learning of the campaigns, like the biden from some of the conversations on that phone call the questions campaign that don't expect to do as well, and this will be a big that some of the presidential campaign's advisers were asking setback for joe biden if it of the democratic party. turns out he did come in third and fourth and other candidates take a look at this. had surged ahead of him, that he one says if you put out 50% of the results, people are going to wants to set the expectation so that if that result does become take that as final. that perhaps is someone who clear that that isn't taken as feels pretty good about their
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the be all, end all, that he can performance, perhaps a campaign that feels pretty good about still stay in the race and potentially go forward. it's striking to me having their performance. they clearly do not want only covered this impeachment and the fact that the integrity of the half of this to be learned as election, the idea that opposed to forgetting about the candidates might cheat or that the voting system can't be second half. we're in a busy news environment trusted in some way has been so this week, the state of the front of mind for the public in union, the impeachment, so the this whole debacle, i think this is really going to enhance that. question is who won the second half? whoever won in iowa will lose whether or not the campaigns lead into this message f you can't trust it, i think voters out on this traditional bounce are going to wonder, can we trust the results here and what and flight out of here. do we do with this information going forward? >> at the moment, nobody knows the results. some campaigns are stronger than jeff weaver had a discussion others. they might have a better sense. with the officials from the this is elizabeth warren, senator from massachusetts, democratic party. wanted to come out of iowa he said, look, i'm giving you a strong to get back to her hard time and i'm sorry about that, but he's saying the rivals neighborhood where she knows are starting to slow down. senator bernie sanders of vermont and also very strong you can almost imagine who he is saying, i think this is good but talking about, probably the we're not sure. >> it's a tight three-way race biden campaign. interesting the dynamics here, at the top. but as of now we think by about we know that the three of us 4:00 p.m. here in des moines, 5:00 p.m. in washington, we'll will be dividing up most of the see at least half of those delegates coming out of iowa. results. john?
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>> a lot of anger, not a lot of i'm feeling good. trust as we await partial we had a bumpy start to the democratic process yesterday in results. jeff, i appreciate your long iowa. >> that's the understatement of night into the day here. the day, a bumpy start. thank you for joining us. by three, she means sanders, more on the iowa caucus continues after a very quick break. have a good afternoon. warren, buttigieg. that's what the people on the ground were saying, but we don't know that. if you're a democrat, if you're but is his treatment doing enough to lower his heart risk? a donor around the country, if [sfx: glasses clanking.] sorry. maybe not. warren had a great night last jardiance can reduce the risk of cardiovascular death night, sanders had a great night last night, you can raise for adults who also have known heart disease. millions of dollars overnight. so it could help save your life same for klobuchar and from a heart attack or stroke. buttigieg. biden less so in that space. and it lowers a1c! jardiance can cause serious side effects how will this impact the race? including dehydration, >> that's what's so frustrating genital yeast or urinary tract infections, for these candidates who spent so mut of iowa, there were and sudden kidney problems. ketoacidosis is a serious side effect that may be fatal. a rare, but life-threatening bacterial infection supposed to be clear winners, clear losers. in the skin of the perineum could occur. usually after the iowa caucuses, stop taking jardiance and call your doctor right away you see people drop out. if you have symptoms of this bacterial infection, ketoacidosis, or an allergic reaction. their supporters are all for do not take jardiance if you are on dialysis
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or have severe kidney problems. maybe the top three. taking jardiance with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. that's obviously frustrating for lower a1c and lower risk of a fatal heart attack? people like warren who were hoping to get some sort of bump on it... from lower tier candidates who with jardiance. ask your doctor about jardiance. went out. >> i think before the caucuses last night, if we were to project that bernie sanders would probably have a very good night, but the mess we're seeing here with the lack of results, whatever boost a winner could have had, they're really robbed of that, and that's why i think pete buttigieg, relying on the data he says his campaign has, went out there and declared victory even though we are at 0% at basically every precinct level to try to steal some of that momentum even if in the end he comes in second or third at the end of the day. >> there are some practical cal implications, though. iowa never offers enough delegates to give anybody a lead here. but if you're an amy klobuchar, if you're a joe biden whose funding has not been particularly strong, if this race really heads into super
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tuesday and we expect this big crowded field to land there with michael bloomberg, the millionaire, waiting. you need money to get there. i think it's an open question whether some of these candidates will be able to run really robust campaigns in those later states. >> even if amy klobuchar was a surprise. let's say she's in a tight race with joe biden. it might be fourth and fifth, but if it was viewed as something she could have spun last night, i'm in line with the former vice president. they raised so much money in iowa. this is as of december 31st, so a lot of money was spent in the last month contesting iowa. bernie sanders, 18 million on hand, pete buttigieg, 14, elizabeth warren 13, joe biden, 8, amy klobuchar, 5, andrew yang, 3.7. if you're joe biden, especially, and you rely on these big donor
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events because you don't have an online funding operation, what do you tell the donors today? >> it's an open question, and it depends, too, how the donors react. what are they going to do with this result? are they going to sit and wait and say, we're going to wait and see what the final count is whenever that might come along, or are they going to say, this is not the result we were hoping for. >> we'll deal with that more as we go through the hour. the process has always been criticized. the plus side is the candidates do get to do a ton of town halls. they do get asked a ton of questions by everyday americans. this is david plouffe who was jeern a senior adviser to barack obama. it was a narrow victory in iowa, but barack obama used that as a springboard for the presidency. iowa is about the momentum you
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gain or lose with the delegates. those who do poorly do not pay the full price. it is what it is, but it could materially affect the race. that's the interesting part there. buttigieg, if he came in first i appreciate what makes each person unique. or second, would he have gotten that's why i like liberty mutual. more? would biden be paying more of a they get that no two people are alike and customize your car price today if he was fourth? insurance so you only pay for what you need. >> the day after the iowa almost done. caucuses is really this sorting that happens with the field. you see some candidates having what do you think? to consider dropping out. certainly i remember that '08 race and the obama campaign came out of there with a head of i don't see it. steam. only pay for what you need. we're just frozen right now. there is no movement in the ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ field because no one actually knows what happened last night. >> and the anger last night. i was expecting after an hour or so, you get some results, later you get more results. now they'll dump it all at once. hopefully we'll get more information on that call.
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will we, by tonight, be able to trust the process, trust the we're following the chaos and the confusion in iowa. numbers? >> who knows? we don't know what they're turning up today. the state democratic party this year it seems like the prepares to finally release some democrats really needed iowa of the results from the than previous years. caucuses. i'm wolf blitzer in the cnn there were so many candidates, and democrats were really election center. the presidential candidates' looking at this opportunity to sort of narrow that which would campaigns were briefed by phone just a little while ago on the help them find the right breakdown of the vote reporting candidate to challenge trump. system and what happens next. this has failed so far. we're told party officials >> last night was the starting promise to go public with a gate of the process for the majority, a majority, of the democrats to pick a nominee to results as they have them go up against president trump. we'll see what happens. right now this programming note. cnn will have presidential town halls in new hampshire throughout the week. eight democratic candidates over two nights. that's wednesday and thursday night starting at 8:00 p.m. eastern right here on cnn. one scene from last night's chaos, a coin toss deciding a delegate between bernie sanders and the pete buttigieg campaigns. >> tails. there you go. you get to delegate.
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this hour the iowa democratic party holding a call with very angry presidential campaigns. the purpose? to try to get a timeline of when we might finally get results from last night's iowa caucuses. in a statement early this morning, the state blaming a coding issue for the chaos. it would not publicly say when we'll know who won. from pages across iowa this morning, muddled, snagged, late. those are the headlines. most charitable, "iowa blows it." jeff zeleny, what do we know about the calls for these candidates, if any party will tell us when, and b, give us the results? >> reporter: i'm told the call was delayed a little bit, actually. it was supposed to start at 11:15 in iowa, 12:15 in the
9:17 am
east. certainly when they last left things, it was a very contentious phone call. think about the evening. this was shortly after midnight between 12:00 and 1:00. a lot of those candidates were expecting to be on a plane to new hampshire, a lot of those candidates were expecting to have a victory or be able to spin a victory, well, they were left in confusion. it was a very contentious phone call. the chairman of the democratic party did not have satisfactory answers for presidential advisers who were on that phone call. we'll see what we learn from the latest round. i've been talking to advisers for presidential campaigns all morning long, and they simply said they do not have much information, entirely being sort of shut out of this, which is not necessarily unusual. this is not a campaign or election that they are running, it's a party function here, but they're working hand in glove. john, a couple things going on here. how could this have happened? iowa has done caucuses before. yes, there was a new math c
9:18 am
mathematic mathematical equation. you talked about it all last evening including the state delegates. they still know how to do this. the app on people's iphones did not work in many respects. we've heard that directly from some precinct chairs, and we're also hearing it was not part of the training. there was extensive training to be a precinct leader. you have to welcome people, you have to sort of keep order. i was at a precinct last night and you can see why they're sort of put through their paces on this. but i was told the app wasn't ready by last week so there was not enough practice rounds on this. they thought they could resort to the phones, the phones were jammed, and that's what led to this. i was talking to a precinct chair in council bluffs, iowa. she said she was provided a number. many were not because they were sleeping. will all of them be released or just a sliver of them? we don't know at this hour, john. >> training without the app.
9:19 am
that's like driving school without the steering wheel. okay. thanks, jeff zeleny. i appreciate the reporting. if you get anything on that call, please jump back as soon as you can. i don't mean to make fun of it, but it's just t-ball when you hear they had training but they didn't involve the app which is going to be used to record the results. polk county, the largest county in the state, the mdemocratic party chair, i don't know if they know what they don't know. >> they said they wanted to wait until the last possible moment to make that available, and that certainly seems to have backfired because you had people who couldn't figure it out. some of these precincts are in rural areas. you don't have great wi-fi
9:20 am
there, you're trying to download an app in some places that clearly backfired. >> this is all volunteer. especially for people watching around the world, the caucuses are quirky. i haven't done it in a long time. this is not where you walk in and some secretary of state or local official is organizing it. it is a party event run by a places around the country. if you're asking them to use the technology, you should train them on it.f the app and having this new system this time around was supposed to be it would be less vulnerable to potential interference, to potential outside people hacking it. this was the point of having this new system. so the fact they established it, they had it ready to go but they didn't train anyone on it is doubly mis mystifying. >> in the impeachment drama,
9:21 am
there is the president trying to push a conspiracy theory that it was ukraine, not russia, that interfered. the democratic party says it's certain it was not hacked. they have a paper trail, and by the end of the day when they finally have these results, they'll be trustworthy and they'll be able to back it up that it's trustworthy. but look at the internet. in the age we live in, this is a conspiracy theory. his point is, if we want to give people confidence in american elections, we've got to be better than this. >> this does reinforce the desire, i think, as we get into a primary season of paper ballot backups, and it does also reinforce the fact, as we started to see over the internet, conspiracy theories pop up, whether domestic or foreign, efforts to try to undermine confidence in our elections, that those threats are out there. they remain out there.
9:22 am
and there are particularly foreign forces that want to undermine america's confidence. >> again, every piece of information we have today was this was a screw-up in iowa. incompetence. there is not another word for it. not interference. however, in the age we live in, people are going to do this, and when the co-chairman, ranking member warner there was talking about conspiracy theories. they said they were withholding it because they were rigging the system in iowa. the senior adviser in iowa, can't run a caucus, can't run a country. the campaign manager, democratic party meltdown. they can't run a caucus and they want to run a government. no, thank you. is this going to make a difference for any democrats in iowa? i don't think so. but it's t-ball at this point.
9:23 am
>> one of the failures at the caucus last night is bringing up bad memories from the barack obama screw-up. it's not a good place to be in, and with evidence or not, it gives the republicans something to feed on, and that's why senator warner is saying what he's saying. >> hold on one sec. i want to hold that thought. i want to go immediately back to jeff zeleny who is in des moines, iowa. the democratic party is trying to explain to the campaigns where they are in the process. jeff, what are we learning? >> reporter: john, we're learning the chair jack price telling campaigns and other democratic officials on the call that they plan to release the results at 4:00 p.m. central time here in des moines, 5:00 p.m. in the east, but he said they planned to release the majority of the results. we do not know what majority of the results means.
9:24 am
that's 50 plus 1. the issue here, the expectations would be that it's more than that, of course, but he said they would release the majority of the results which indicates there is still some work being done to try to reach some of those precinct leaders and captains here as well as to reconcile the difference in the data. but as of now just a few moments ago on a conference call, the chairman of the democratic party jack price saying the majority of the results will be released by 5:00 p.m. in the east, just a few hours before the "state of the union" address, and 4:00 p.m. here in iowa. john? >> this is a big deal for the candidates, for voters in new hampshire and around the country, and for people watching around the world saying, what the hell is going on in america. it's the chairman of the party along with 11 presidential campaigns. you say the parties that are
9:25 am
concerned about the future of their caucuses. the majority of the results. any other information about how or why or assurances about how they're going to back this up so that when they do release those results -- will we see any transparency of how they got there? >> reporter: that is a great question and i assume those questions are being asked right now of the party chairman. i was there at the very top of the call which happened 15 minutes or so after the hour, maybe 20 minutes after the hour. i can assure you those questions being asked by various campaigns about the scope of this. of course, they all have their own interest in this. they've been releasing selected pieces of information from different precincts where they were doing well, but we have not yet gotten a full picture of the results. john, there is also discussion here in des moines, is there going to be legal action? could this be slowed down because of something like that. we're keeping an eye on that. it just so happened my first beat happened to be in the polk
9:26 am
county office here in des moines. when we get into a situation lik like that, you can't help but think of the puerto rico recount. this is going to be a tense afternoon here for some a positive light. we may find out the answers this afternoon, we should find out the answers this afternoon, so we'll see what the reality is here. we'll get back to you if we learn more from this call which i'm told is still underway, john. >> i don't know if that was smart or unwise to tell your bosses where the courthouse is. >> it's just down the street. >> grab a cup of coffee along the way. this is a big deal. so today, middle of the afternoon or early in the evening here on the east coast, 4:00 out there, they have to understand the pressure on that. they have the campaign shouting at them, complaining. their own state county chairman and the like in anxiety but
9:27 am
looks like three and a half, four hours to go. >> there's a lot of pressure on the iowa democratic party because the only thing worse than last night would be to put out results and have those results be wrong. we saw in 2012 there was a lot of issues with those results. i think it will be really interesting to see the results. are they putting out partial results, are they putting out results from partial counties? you have candidates who have different strengths in different areas of the state. >> that's why this is particularly problematic, because if it's the majority of the results and not the full picture, this is already going to be a close race and people were already expecting the numbers to be between bernie sanders, elizabeth warren, pete buttigieg could be very close, and that might not tell us who has the leg up and who doesn't, and people, again, will be saying, which counties did you count? this is not my area of strength. posititentially i could come ba
9:28 am
ask w and win this. it's just going to create uncertainty. we're going to take a very quick break. we have people reaching out in the campaigns. the iowa democratic party says they will have the results several hours from now. stay with us. we'll be right back. and let me tell you something, i wouldn't be here if i thought reverse mortgages took advantage of any american senior, or worse, that it was some way to take your home. it's just a loan designed for older homeowners, and, it's helped over a million americans. a reverse mortgage loan isn't some kind of trick to take your home. it's a loan, like any other. big difference is how you pay it back. find out how reverse mortgages really work with aag's free, no-obligation reverse mortgage guide. eliminate monthly mortgage payments, pay bills, medical costs, and more. call now and get your free info kit.
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back now to the hour's big breaking news. the iowa democratic party
9:33 am
telling the presidential campaigns, the angry presidential campaigns, that by 5:00 here on the east coast, four and a half hours from now, it will release a majority or more than 50% of the results of last night's iowa caucuses. that, in and of itself, a, the delay, and b, they promised the results would come out in total, and now they're saying they'll have more than 50% of the results released later. they will answer some questions by releasing some of these results, and i'm guessing, raise some questions. if they release 50% of results in a campaign that doesn't fare well, they'll say, this is happening to me. >> do they get a fair sampling from the rural, the suburban, areas. the potential of just releasing a majority of results could raise more questions than have answers, but they're also clearly under a lot of pressure to release something right now.
9:34 am
the fact that we had zero results from the caucus at this point, the morning after, is stunning, and i see the iowa democratic party trying to balance those two needs right now, but they are under pressure to get something out and also make it accurate. >> and certainly under pressure with some campaigns. the biden campaign has asked not to release partial results. the biden campaign says this would be a mistake to do that. part of the reason they don't want to do that is because they don't think they did as well as other candidates, and if you have an area with big university students that tend to favor bernie sanders, that could look worse for joe biden. or some areas that buttigieg has put a lot of emphasis, they're afraid for the full results, but definitely partial results. >> as jeff noted, there is a courthouse down the street and some of the other campaigns. i'm looking at messages, i apologize, i'm looking at messages from aides to other
9:35 am
campaigns that they hear the biden campaign is going to file an injunction. we don't if that's true. buzz goes around with the candidates. but we heard them talk about the possibility. every campaign talks to its donors the day after big events whether it's a debate, caucus or primary. he had a talk with his campaigners because he wanted to say something. he didn't claim victory because he didn't know the results. the state that launched barack obama, iowa, said they expected to come out with delegates -- didn't say how many -- and the fundamental narrative of the campaign doesn't change. that could be very wishful thinking. >> yes, and as we said earlier, this is about delegates, of course, but it's also about momentum. if it is the case they're going to try to put the brakes on and say we don't have partial results and even potentially challenge those results, part of the reason is because they want to leave the door open for themselves to maintain some momentum going into new hampshire and beyond, if in fact
9:36 am
we're in the situation where we don't learn the full results of the caucuses for many days or even longer than that, they want to reserpreserve the possibilitt he actually has done better than people are assuming that he did or well enough to keep on going. >> this is unfamiliar territory in many ways. it appeared in 2008, mitt romney was the winner, and then it looked like rick santorum was the winner. rick santorum didn't have much money, mitt romney did. rick santorum said, maybe i would have another shot. >> he was never able to keep the money going long enough to see what happened when the party changed its mind. the only thing we did see was significant upheaval in the iowa republican party after that huge mistake. it's still something that
9:37 am
parties talk about a lot on the ground and you're likely to see something similar. >> i'm fascinated by this decision in the sense that the party last night knew it was under fire. the party last night knew it had a problem, and they pulled back and said, look, what's most important is the integrity of the process, what's most important is that when we do this, we do this right. that would seem to lead you to full comprehensive results and then some keihne ind of a brief say they went back in the process and triple verified. now they're going to release in four hours some partial results. it's risky. >> not only will they release partial results, but officials are going to various precincts and getting those paper copies of voting to make sure they are counting this right. you bring up the possibility of different people declaring victory at different times. pete buttigieg already out there saying we think iowa is victorious. you could have bernie sanders saying something like that later today, and then elizabeth warren coming out five days from now
9:38 am
after everything is counted and saying she was the winner. it's just confusion after confusion, and it really puts a spotlight on the iowa caucuses and the whole, you know, should they be the first in the nation voting state? >> confusion at a very critical moment. we're going to continue to report. there is a lot flying around. we'll try to sort the rumor and gossip from the truth. going to amy klobuchar looking back on last night's turmoil. >> we are still awaiting the results from iowa, but i can tell you that we feel very good about where we are, and we won so many precincts and delegates that i don't think people gave us a chance to win. it had this grassroots feeling that new hampshire would be proud about. here's the america i know.
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again the hour's big news. we're told we should be able to fill in this map a couple hours from now when the iowa democratic party releases what we're told will be partial results. the iowa mess one of the political stories today. the president's annual "state of the union" address is tonight. that's a huge event, anyway, but a larger than life event for this president who is asking, of course, for four more years and sees his political standing improving in spite of impeachment. the president, 270 electoral votes. this map is where most strategists see the race,
9:44 am
brought to us by data from the "wall street journal" poll. the best guess is the president starts the campaign with 204 electoral votes, the democrats with 200 votes. how do they get there? this is analysis of the polling data. if you look at the national polling, joe biden beats the president on average by about six points, bernie sanders by four, elizabeth warren by three, mayor buttigieg by one. you look at that and say we're beating the president nationally. that's how hnot how it works. the president runs very strong, well ahead of the democrats. the democratic candidates run even stronger against the presidents. it is the swing states as always, and, look, biden runs strong, sanders runs okay. the other two democrats on this chart essentially in a dead heat now with the president which makes you see this one is up for
9:45 am
grabs. of these swing states, north carolina leads red in presidential elections. flori florida leans red in presidential elections. if the president just picked that up there, bang, he's at 259. that would get the president within striking distance, right? if he could win wisconsin again, that would get him within one. in the last election, the president won one of these electoral votes up in maine. if he won one of them, it would get him to the finish line. if he won the whole state, it would get him there. it doesn't mean the president is going to win, it just means he's much stronger than a lot of democrats think, and his numbers at the moment are getting better, something in his rallies he likes to celebrate. >> he cannot get to 270, remember. electoral college. he cannot get to 270.
9:46 am
maybe if i have a great night, 269, but 269 loses, right? we got 306 to 223. [ cheers and applause ] >> 306-223. so then we're right. you cannot get to 270, you can get to 306. >> that's the president in iowa, of all places, earlier in the week making light of this. but if you look at the numbers, the nbc "wall street journal" analysis there, the gallup poll of the numbers, the president's numbers aren't great, but they're stronger than they've been in a very long time. >> he's almost 50% approval rating. he's certainly used impeachment to rally up his base and get them excited to come out and vote for him, but he's also out there sort of claiming victory on the economy. people feel good with their pocket books and that could help him in those swing states that
9:47 am
are really critical for him to win. >> what does he do with this giant platform tonight? any politician, you get to speak to the country, you get to speak to the world. in this case heading into your election campaign, unemployment is low. they went on fox this morning saying, i don't think you want to try to push the boss. roy blount says, i would avoid that subject. it's time to move on. senator kevin cramer, i wouldn't include it, but -- and senator bill cassidy, i think the american people want to have bipartisanship, to actually know that we can get stuff done. >> he sort of lays out a
9:48 am
platform and perhaps even nods at bipartisanship. there is one point where white house counsel pat cipollone was saying the president wants to get back to the people, wants to get back to a regular agenda. they said, look, we can't even get stuff done in a normal election year. there is not a lot of hope from capitol hill. i think a lot of democrats expect the president to sort of tout the upcoming impeachment acquittal. maybe he stays on script and we'll see in a couple hours. >> you just dashed everybody's hope with the return of infrastructure week. we're having fun here, but this is an interesting moment for the president. he's angry and raw about impeachment. will he divert from his script when he looks out and sees adam schiff, when he looks over his shoulder and sees nancy pelosi? we will see. engs up and do expanding economy, low unemployment, the china trade deal. that's what they want to talk
9:49 am
about. this is a president whose approval rating has hovered pretty much around 40 from day one. now they hover around 50. that's not fantastic, but for this president, those are the best numbers of his presidency. >> i think he will talk about those things. he will have the teleprompter, and they've made it very
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