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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  February 12, 2020 2:00am-2:59am PST

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>> the idea this was just adjustments on the sentence, nonsense. this is "new day." >> welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. this is a special early edition the new day." 5:00 in new york. breaking news. senator bernie sanders wins the new hampshire primary. with 97% of the votes counted, sanders leads with 25.9% of the vote. former mayor pete buttigieg posting an impressive second-place finish. senator amy klobuchar coming in third, outperforming expectations there. and lagging behind senator elizabeth warren, coming in fourth followed by former vice president joe biden who is in fifth. >> bernie sanders did eke out a win, but it wasn't by a lot. and check this out -- bernie sanders and pete buttigieg end up with the same number of
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delegates out of new hampshire. amy klobuchar has six delegates. neither warren nor biden get any. as we sit here, pete buttigieg holds a delegate vount in the case to -- count in the race to days, something we need to watch over the next days, weeks, maybe months. phil mattingly is at the magic wall to tell us what happened in new hampshire. it was a fairly late call, phil, and print close. >> reporter: it -- pretty >> reporter: it was a fairly late call, but the folks in new hampshire got the results in on the night of. even earlier than new hampshire traditionally gets them in. let's dig into the results. why did bernie sanders win? it was a narrow victory and wasn't near what he did in 2016. but he did win, and here's why -- john, if you look at the major population centers in new hampshire, the top three largest townships in new hampshire, bernie sanders won all three. if you look at the public university towns, the towns with the types of students that often come out in major numbers for bernie sanders, bernie sanders
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cleaned up in those, as well. and that is in large part what made up his margin of victory. and it was a victory. while it was a thin victory, only about 4,000 votes, and why that matters is this -- guys, look back at 2016. that light blue is bernie sanders. that light blue is a washout of hillary clinton. now you could say it was because he's from a neighboring state, obviously vermont. if you look at the areas bordering vermont did very well. if you look at the population centers, did very well. did very well everywhere. look at what happened last night. on the border of vermont. look at the light green. you've got pete buttigieg actually breaking into the wall that bernie sanders laid out back in 2016. those population centers, some of the more affluent communities in the syrioutheastern part of state, pete buttigieg did well there, as well. and the dark blue is amy klobuchar, a lot of towns that lean republican, they went to amy klobuchar. that was an interesting dynamic. another key thing, if you started watching the results
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come, in you noticed the race stayed stat fix for the three candidates throughout the entirety of the night. we always talk about lanes. who's kind of where based on the lanes. take a look at where bernie sanders came in first, second, and third. and you see that almost the entire map fill in. even in places that pete buttigieg won or amy klobuchar won. and that's static between all three candidates. it wasn't that they were just townships that only progressives did well in or moderates did well in, they pretty much, the three, swept the entire map. which makes a problem for two candidates in particular. take a look at elizabeth warren. coming in fourth place. another neighboring state senator from massachusetts not performing overly well on the night. and obviously joe biden, actually having to scroll down to see where joe biden got 8.4%. to underscore what a rough night it was beyond the fact that he was in south carolina and not new hampshire when the results were coming out, look at the map of where joe biden came in first place. you don't see anything. look at where he came in second place. this is a very, very small township.
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third place, also very, very small townships in the northern part of the state, underscoring the red blinking siren that the biden campaign has as they go into territory that they feel more comfortable in. however, they thought they had at least earlier in the campaign a real shot to come in the top three here, and they were nowhere near that. the big question is with the demographics changing, with the map changing, are there opportunities for those other candidates to prevail or do better? right now if you look at the delegate map as things currently stand, pete buttigieg up by two delegates, bernie sanders, as well. both doing very well in the first two states. the map changes, but clearly those two candidates happy with iowa and new hampshire, guys. >> two down, now a lot more to go. thank you so much. and there's an ocean of time before the next contest. nevada and south carolina. i think we have a calendar. there we go. look how much time before nevada, a week and a half. they go 2.5 before south carolina and then super tuesday on march 3rd. abby phillip still in new hampshire with how the
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candidates are spinning the results and what they're looking at now. >> reporter: well, the democrats finally have the election results they've been waiting for on the night of the election. and bernie sanders had a big night. a good night for him and a moral victory for him and his supporters. also pete buttigieg and amy klobuchar doing well and pitching forward to these next states that are coming soon. joe biden is also looking forward but for very different reasons after posting a disappointing showing in iowa. he did the same in new hampshire. and now he's looking forward to south carolina. >> this victory here is the beginning of the end for donald trump. >> reporter: with a win in new hampshire, senator bernie sanders taking control as the democratic front-runner. >> no matter who wins, and we certainly hope it's going to be us, we are going to unite together and defeat the most dangerous president in the modern history of this country.
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>> reporter: not too far behind him -- pete buttigieg. >> we're here in aonstitue that goes by the motto "live free or die," you made up your own minds. [ cheers ] >> reporter: the former south bend mayor earning a strong second-place finish, again saying he's a great alternative to voters who may see sanders as too progressive. >> vulnerable americans do not have the luxury of pursuing ideological purity over an inclusive victory. >> reporter: despite winning the popular vote in both iowa and new hampshire, sanders is behind in the overall dallas race by two. >> hello, america. i'm amy klobuchar, and i will beat donald trump. >> reporter: aim klobuchar seemingly appealing to the manfort and independent -- moderate and independent voters. >> donald trump's worst nightmare is the people in the middle, the people who have had
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enough of the name-calling and the mud slinging have someone to vote for in november. >> reporter: the minnesota senator ending tuesday's contest with a surprisingly strong third-place finish and a new attitude. >> we've been strong, and we've never quit. >> reporter: senator elizabeth warren who placed fourth praised klobuchar for her performance. >> i want to congratulate my friend and colleague amy klobuchar for showing just how wrong the pundits can be when they count a woman out. [ cheers ] >> reporter: with a fifth-place finish, joe biden left the state even before the votes were counted for south carolina. >> it ain't over, man. we're just getting started. [ cheers ] >> reporter: eager to quickly put his dismal showings in the first contests behind him. >> we just heard from the first two of the 50 states. where i come from, that's the opening bell. not the closing bell. and the fight to end donald
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trump's presidency is just beginning. just beginning. >> reporter: biden isn't the only candidate looking ahead. sanders setting his sights on the next states and super tuesday. >> we're going to nevada, we're going to south carolina, we're going to win those states, as well. [ cheers ] >> reporter: last night we saw two candidates pulling out of the race. businessman andrew yang and senator michael bennett. we also this morning expect that we will hear from duval patrick, former massachusetts governor, who says he will make a decision about the future of his campaign in the next few hours. >> sounds like a lot can happen over the next few hours. thank you so much. what happens now as the race moves forward? will more candidates drop out? what does it look like heading into nevada? all that next.
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okay, now i can see. senator bernie sanders -- >> one more stanza -- go to the chorus -- ♪ >> big finish. >> that was a big finish. senator bernie sanders edging out pete buttigieg in new hampshire. he seems to be consolidating the progressive wing of the party while the moderates are still duking it out. joining us now to explain what any of this means is andrew gillum, cnn political commentator and former tallahassee mayor, and karen finney, cnn political commentator and former senior spokesperson for hillary clinton's 2016 campaign. great to see both of you. mayor gillum, bernie sanders -- i heard you last night saying that the voters keep trying to tell us something and they need to listen to the message.
2:14 am
what is the message? >> good morning, yes, the truth is is we're one of i think the last sort of windows to break through which are those of us who are commentators and those in the media keep quickly moving over the victory of bernie sanders, and the voters told us something in iowa -- it wasn't as decisive. they told us something again in new hampshire. again, maybe not as decisively, but i believe we need to listen to what they're saying. one thing came clear last night is, one, they want change, but what also became clear is they want to a candidate who can beat donald trump. and i think you'll find that democrats will unite around that by and large. if you're klobuchar who had a good night, if you're pete buttigieg who again had a really good night, i am thinking about if i'm them and inside their campaign what do i need to do to strengthen the foundation going into nevada and south carolina so that this momentum doesn't get flipped on its head when it comes to trying to win the votes
2:15 am
of more diverse constituencies. if they find a way to do that, then i think that this may be an interesting race for them. otherwise, i do believe we might find ourselves looking at some other sort of leading candidates if you will. >> two things can true -- bernie sanders can be the front-runner, which he clearly is nationally based on the results of the first two caucuses, that can be true. but it wasn't resounding victory i think by any stretch of the imagination. you look at the margin, he beat pete buttigieg by 4,000 votes, less than two points. four years ago he had double the number of votes, karen. i know there were only two candidates in the race -- >> yeah -- >> but if you're losing half your support over four years, that's not a great sign. if you look at the people who came down below bernie sanders there and what they were voting for, the exit polls tell us, they were looking for something others than bernie sanders. there's still a muddle this morning. >> at least we get to talk about
2:16 am
results this morning unlike last week. look, the difference i think this time, though, is remember, bernie sanders is with a more diverse field, there are, you know, elizabeth warren represents some of these ideas. obviously she didn't have such a good night. the point is in a two-person race, it was easier for sanders to deutsche himself as "i'm the outsider, she's the insider, i've got the, you know, bolder ideas." it's harder when you have someone like a pete buttigieg who is young and new and dynamic and voters are getting to know. and say -- who is, you know, also offering a different kind of change. as the mayor was saying. if i'm in the sander campaign, one of the most important thing is he hasn't been the national front-runner like this in the last two cycles. now it's -- you got to be the front-runner and show that you can build a broad coalition and bring people in because one of the things i did see in our polling here, our exit polls,
2:17 am
was that people want someone who can bring the people together, bring the party together. you've got to show can you be presidential, can you be that disrupter, but can you be presidential i think is the question being into nevada and south carolina. obviously the are get of those electorates -- the diversity of those electorates. >> i spent time with amy klobuchar in the final hours leading up to the vote yesterday. and she was on a roll. just going from event to event to interview to interview just rapid-su i asked where she gets her energy, she said she doesn't sleep much, but she seemed to be enjoying it. i'm just -- you know, i'm impressed this morning by how well that strategy worked. she really canvassed new hampshire. she got out there and did all these events. and for her to have such a strong finish. how do you see it? >> i mean, she told us early on steady. but not to cut her out.
2:18 am
she showed us in her announcement through the blizzard that she could withstand the weather inclement for sure. but even beyond that, i mean, she's had several impressive debates where she's shown up. and i think one of the things that penetrates at least for me as it relates to her is i find her authentic. i think that she speaks directly and speaks truthfully. i think there's a likability factor that all the candidates have to pass, and i do think she's at the top of that heap. obviously going forward, the challenge probably most immediately for her is going to be, one, can we finance this thing going into super tuesday, right. you've got nevada coming up which will be a little bit more expensive. you know, it's a calk state. so not as -- caucus state. so not as bad as a primary state, south carolina. and super tuesday, you get the influence of bloomberg's money coming in the interview, i found it personalable, opened up, let people in and authenticity is still a major theme in this election.
2:19 am
i think she showed that. get ready, klobuchar, because the attack knives will come out now that you appear to be a ska buttigieg has been havpport. amy klobuchar hasn't done much better, just she wasn't getting it at all. we covered bernie sanders front-runner, two, the rise of the moderates, klobuchar and buttigieg and maybe how the electorate is going that direction. the third thing is just the dramatic plunge of former vice president joe biden and elizabeth warren. that may be the clearest result out of new hampshire. fourth and fifth and not a close fourth and fifth, a distant fourth and fifth. >> very true. and actually if i'm not mace -- not mistaken, we're up to a state where we saw high turnout. i say a state where you had high turnout, to see such a drop, i think it makes it all the more dramatic. it really is disappointing for
2:20 am
elizabeth warren. there should have been something of a home state advantage. i think the question for her will be, i mean, she's got infrastructure already in place in the super tuesday states. can she hang in there and have a good showing in nevada, south carolina. she did very well with african-american women, particularly over last summer. will that help her in south carolina? and as we know, joe biden didn't even wait until the polls closed, and he was trying to change the story so fast and got to south carolina and that is really before -- as we've said, that's his firewall. he's trying to drive the message you got to win the diversion coalition and i'm the one to do it. >> he might. he might win south carolina. we've always talked about that. here at this table, we've talked about what happens if there's a different winner in each of these states. and that might be what we're looking at coming up. karen, andrew, thank you both very much. coming up on "new day," we will speak to pete buttigieg about his strong showing in new
2:21 am
hampshire. we'll also talk to andrew yang who dropped out of the race last night. all right. if not for the primary, this would be a story that i think would just blow people's minds. all the prosecutors in roger stone's trial, they en masse after the justice department intervened to reduce their recommended prison sentence. roger stone, close friend of the president. how involved was the president in this? there are so many questions. that's next. when it comes to autism, finding the right words can be tough. finding understanding doesn't have to be. together, we can create a kinder, more inclusive world for the millions of people on the autism spectrum. go to
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get cash back on thousands [ fast-paced drumming ]. major developments overnight in the move some are calling an
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unprecedented power play by the justice department to benefit a friend of the president. the department overruled the sentencing request in the case of roger stone. he, of course, was convicted of lying to congress and witness tampering in the investigation into the russian attack on the 2016 election. all four prosecutors in this case quit after the department argued for a later sentence than those prosecutors wanted. stone has been close to the president for decades, and the president publicly criticized the prosecution. overnight, the president attacked the lawyers themselves. laura jarrett now to understand this really is unprecedented, laura. >> as the justice department is facing its biggest test yet about a president who says he can do anything, it's a case that any other defendant any other time would be straightforward. we see a tweet, an aboutface from directive on high at doj and a tuesday night mutiny among career prosecutors.
2:27 am
a stunning development as four federal prosecutors withdraw from roger stone's case after top justice department officials sdwroefrled their sentence recommendation calling it too harsh. stone, a longtime con fay -- confidante was accused of obstructing the investigation of the trump campaign and russia, stemming from robert mueller's investigation. prosecutors originally told the erle and that stone -- federal judge that stone should serve seven to nine years in prison. then the president expressed his outrage on twitter calling it a for very unfair situation," adding, "cannot allow this miscarriage of justice." hours later justice department leaders intervened. one senior justice department official tells cnn that the sentencing recommendation that prosecutors made was not communicated to leadership at the department before it was submitted. >> this seems to be a full-scale reversal in a politically charged case by the department of justice.
2:28 am
i've never seen anything like it. >> reporter: the official said, quote, the department was shocked to see the sentencing recommendation. the department believes the recommendation is extreme and excessive and is grossly disproportionate to stone's offenses. the presiding judge will have the final say on the sentence. >> the idea that this was just adjustments on the sentence that are small routine, nonsense. this is nothing routine about this. now the one thing i would add is that i do think that the seven to nine years recommendation was very high. i was surprised by it. >> reporter: a justice department spokeswoman insists that the white house was not involved in overruling the prosecutors. >> i thought it was ridiculous that -- >> did you ask -- >> no, i didn't speak to the justice -- i have the absolute right to do it. >> reporter: the president railed against the prosecutors, the judge, and the case saying it's all starting to unravel with the ridiculous nine-year
2:29 am
sentence recommendation. democratic leadership in congress outraged by the president's rhetoric. >> i have called for an investigation by the office of inspector general. this political interference by the president of the united states using the attorney general as his henchman is not only an insult to the career dedicated prosecutors but also to the jurors, ordinary americans who serbed on that jury and convicted roger stone of nine serious felonies. >> reporter: behind the scenes, sources tell cnn that the president was furious about the original sentencing recommendation for roger stone. my colleague, indicates lynn collins, reports -- kaitlan collins reports that several allies have stepped up appealing to trump by discussing stone's devastating legal fees and highlighting the damage to his family. but there are also multiple people who have advised trump that doing so would be harmful politically during his run for
2:30 am
re-election. >> we don't know if that holds much sway with him. thank you very much for explaining that. what is attorney general bill barr doing lobbying on behalf of a man convicted of lying to investigators? we discuss that next. in one week... a lot will happen in your life. wrinkles just won't. neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair's fastest retinol formula works so fast. it takes only one week to reveal younger looking skin. making wrinkles look so last week. rapid wrinkle repair® pair with retinol oil for 2 times the wrinkle fighting power. neutrogena® finding the right words can be tough.n it comes to autism, finding understanding doesn't have to be. together, we can create a kinder, more inclusive world
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febreze one neutralizes stale, stuffy odors and releases a subtle hint of fragrance like bamboo or lavender & eucalyptus. to eliminate odors with no heavy perfumes, try febreze one. brand power. helping you buy better. developing overnight, president trump is celebrating the justice department's decision to intervene in the case of his longtime friend and political adviser roger stone.
2:35 am
that's stunning. also stunning, the develop. overnight where the entire prosecution team resigned in mutiny. this after the department of justice officials overruled their sentencing recommendation. laura jarrett back with us. she just explained what the whole case is. and political analyst john avalon joining us. we'll get to the legalities in the procedure in a second, john. i don't think people should lose the bigger picture of what went on here which is, as laura said, a mutiny. the lawyers worked for the prosecution for a man convicted of a jury of his peers recommended a sentence and bill barr and other folks in the justice department said, nah, nah, we don't want it. >> a lot more than that, right? the president had a tantrum, and bill barr seems to have done his best to do a favor, in effect recommending reduced sentencer the president's former political crony who was convicted of lying to congress and tried to intimidate witnesses. sounds like biefr we've seen from members of this
2:36 am
administration. the more serious issue, of course, is the justice department is all about impartial justice like the oath the senators took was -- they are undercutting that under this president and under this attorney general. it's a principle stand that the prosecutors said we're not going to play that game. we'll see how the judge reacts to this yesterday. but people should be wide awake about what this means. this is an undercutting of a basic premise and promise. the justice department makes to the american people. they're acting in a partisan way to protect the president's cronies. >> furthermore, does bill barr want to send the message to americans that you can lie to investigators, you can tamper with witnesses, and you will get leniency? somehow different rules apply for regular mornings. >> just yesterday he was actually making a speech railing against das for being too light on defendants. you have to question as you pointed out impartial justice. what message does this send to just the run of the mill defendant about justice in this
2:37 am
country if roger stone can get a break for lying to congress, for lying to investigators, for witness tampering? the whole reason that he was supposed to get seven to nine and that's just the regular guideline sentence, the whole reason was because the justice department said "you get an enhancement when you threaten a witness." this didn't come out of thin air. there was a reason he was supposed to -- at least the recommended sentence, and we can have a debate about whether seven or nine is too long, but that is the guidelines. >> we are learning day by day how much of this nation is governed by laws and how much of it has been governed by norms. and when you have an administration that is willing to shatter norms, you realize that there's really no protection against this. the justice department can do this. the president can do this. there's nothing to stop it at this point. and you put this on top of what we've seen the last week, firing lieutenant colonel vindman from the nsc, moving ambassador
2:38 am
gordon sondland home from the eu. there is nothing to stop the president from doing this type of thing at this point. >> that's exactly right. and what we've -- the president has is a blank check, right. i mean, the doj officially says that the president of the united states can't be indicted. the only recourse is impeachment. senate republicans have basically said that's never going to happen. so you have a blank check until election day. look, retaliation is illegal, but who's going to enforce it? who's going to enforce it against this president? and so you've got something dangerous. an i thinkry and un-- aunhinged doesn't feel accountable by his attorney general and the justice department to go after against his political enemies and try to protect his associates who have been declared guilty. that's a very dangerous situation. that is where we are today. >> but there is a check on the system. the check is the courts. that's why judge jackson is going to have a role to play here. the justice department doesn't get to just pull this back without an explanation. they're going to have to get up
2:39 am
and explain to her -- it's part of why you may see attorneys saying i don't want to be a part of this. they owe the court a duty of candor. for them to have to explain this with a straight face may have just been more than they were willing to -- >> play this out. say that judge jackson gives the seven to nine originally recommended sentence -- >> the constitution says says he can pardon that. >> then -- so then all voters have the message which is the president and his friends play by -- get to play by a different set of rules than regular americans. that's it. that's the only possible punitive -- the only court of last resort which is people knowing, i get it, there's a different sells of rules if you're the president's best friend. >> yeah. but keep in mind, it's not just the president pardoning or the tactic of let's kick it through the court to higher courts to try to delay and get past the
2:40 am
election which we see a lot. it's that the president if he pardons, will that be what people make their decision on? is -- why is the justice department acting this way to protect this president and his political cronies? what's the degree of influence? also the president of the united states calling out this judge by name. not only denouncing the prosecutors and the recommended sentence but this judge which is also a pattern. this is not the way we do things in america. democratic norms do matter. >> we did things, not the way we did things. >> i'm going to make the case we've got a continuing character despite whatever president occupies -- >> the optimist this morning. >> every day. what drove new hampshire voters to the polls? four-wheel-drive vehicles. actually, i think we're talking about metaphorically. we'll have the polling numbers next. ok everyone!
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anyone hoping that new hampshire would clarify where the democratic party stands ideologically will have to wait a little longer. here to explain, cnn senior politics writer and analyst harry snding next to you at the wall. you know, the past few days, we haven't been able to be together. we're together on television -- >> it's the restraining order. >> oy vey. what do the results tell us? >> one of the things we've been talking about is how the moderate conservative inlane hasn't been able to coalesce behind any one candidate. we see it here. buttigieg, 27% among moderates and conservatives. klobuchar, 26. sanders down at 16. biden, 11. look though at this very liberal lane here. look at this -- sanders running away with it, 48%. warren blowing out his nearest competition. he has taken over this lane,
2:46 am
19%. i think the real question as we go forward in this primary season is whether or not in manfo moderate will get it, if so bernie won't win as many states as say he has won in new hampshire. >> interesting. when did new hampshire voters make up their mind for who they were going to vote for? >> yeah. i think this is another key thing. if you like bernie sanders, you decide on him very early. if you decided on him in the last few days, look at this -- buttigieg and klobuchar, 29, 24. sanders back at 16. earlier than that, sanders at 37%, blowing out the field. it seems to me as you sort of look at the results, a t reminds me of the 2016 republican field where there was this group of voters who knew they didn't want to choose sanders, but they were trying to determine when of the more moderate to conservative candidates they were going to decide upon. the last few days they split and
2:47 am
that helped bernie sanders last night. >> margin of victory for sanders, what does that tell us? >> i showed this slide yesterday. new hampshire voters in non-income and primaries, we were wondering would the winner in new hampshire this time around be 29% -- no, sanders came in with just 26% of the vote which i think is another illustration of the great divide in this democratic primary and this messy, messy field that doesn't seem to becoming clearer at least in the near future. >> first-time voters, you who did they vote -- how did they vote? >> this was key. bernie sanders was claiming, i'm going to bring in new voters, they're going to come out, there's going to be a great show of of course. among the first-time voters, pete buttigieg got it at 29%. this is a clear indication that perhaps the claim that bernie sanders is making that i'm going to energize the electorate is not coming to fruition, at least in new hampshire. >> let's talk about black
2:48 am
voters, other minority voters, hispanics. so as we've discussed, new hampshire is extremely white. what do we know about how black and hispanic voters are leaning? >> this i think is important going forward as we head to nevada and south carolina come are obviously much more diverse than new hampshire. so among the white voters, sanders, buttigieg, very close together. but look at the nonwhite voters. they're a small percentage of the electorate in new hampshire. sanders overwhelmingly ran away with them. so if there's one good sign as we head into the diverse states, it's this right here, sanders has a clear edge on buttigieg and klobuchar who were well behind with 15% and 11%. >> you're talking about the 1% of voters, right, in new hampshire? >> yeah. that's exactly right. i mean, look, it's just a small portion of the pie. the nonwhite voters in new hampshire. but the fact is that sanders and biden, one and two, perhaps a one decide side for biden who had a bad night. he has the appeal with the
2:49 am
nonwhite voters. question -- does that work out in nevada and south carolina? we'll have to wait and see. >> yesterday when you and i spoke, when i was out in the cold and it was starting to snow as you may remember, and you were in a comfy studio, you said that we needed to look at the time that the results were finally tabulated. what it you learn about that? >> yeah. look, i showed this yesterday. i thought it was not going to be like iowa. we were correct. the nearest analogy are the ant anti-lock decided by awe few democrats, decided in the 10:00 p.m. hour, we had a winner by 11:00. thank you, new hampshire, you know how to count votes -- unlike in iowa. >> and thank you, harry. always great to talk to you wherever you are. >> shalom, be well. >> you, too. >> maybe stay another day or two. 40 more passengers on board a quarantined cruise ship have been diagnosed with coronavirus. we have a live report on the growing outbreak next.
2:50 am
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has focused on keeping confidence up when markets are down. an approach where portfolio managers work well independently. and even better together. who don't just invest, but are personally invested. can i find a proven approach designed to deliver results? for investment risks and information. this morning record highs on wall street after the president unveils his budget plan with some hidden but critical footnotes. chief business correspondent christine romans joins us with the details. >> good morning. stocks doing well despite uncertainty over the coronavirus outbreak. strong economy pushing theipeis and the nasdaq to record highs for the second day in a row.
2:55 am
another notable record, though, consumer debt. new data shows household debt topped $14 trillion for the first time ever. low mortgage rates spurring action t.i., but one in nine student loan holders were delinquent. credit card debt hit a record high. young borrowers are having trouble paying it back. it's why democrats running for president want to forgive student loan debt. but president trump's budget this week would eliminate a public student loan forgiveness program that's already in play. that cut is part of his $4.8 trillion budget. it calls for big cuts to the safety net programs like medicaid while sparing medicare. it cuts global health programs even as the world is dealing with the spread of the coronavirus. it would remake how the government regulates tobacco products. it could push oversight out of the fda. the fda under fire for how it regulates e-cigarettes as vaping among teens grows. and the president wants just a 1% pay raise for civilian
2:56 am
federal workers. he cited curiously national emergency or serious economic conditions for such a small raise, despite his claims that that this economy is booming. despite those cuts in that budget, budget experts say it would not eliminate the deficit in the next decade. tax cuts and big spending increases, of course, have swelled the deficit. >> it has exploded on this president's watch. >> yes. >> and there was a time when republicans used to care about that. thank you very much. >> you're welcome. new coronavirus numbers overnight. the death toll is now more than 1,100 in china. even as chinese officials insist rate of infection is slowing. meanwhile, 40 more cases have cropped up on board the quarantined cruise ship in japan. matt rivers is live where that ship is docked in japan, what's the latest? >> reporter: the quarantine eff or so passengers that remain on that ship. and yet japanese health officials announced earlier that
2:57 am
another 40 people had tested positive for the virus. what they are saying is that those cases just like all the others announced so far are people that contracted the virus before the quarantine started. they maintain that the quarantine is working, and yet you can imagine people on board the ship that we've spoken to, their patience is running out. they're not believing in some cases japanese health officials. at the least they're worn out. here's what man had to say. >> feels a lot like -- just another day, more passengers, it gets a bit tiring for sure. kind of feel like a punching bag. you just don't know what's going to be next. >> reporter: everybody we talked to said they're wondering when can they go home. they might find some good news in the united states. the first group of americans that were evacuated out of
2:58 am
wuhan, china, the center of the outbreak, they kind of graduated of sorts from the military base in california. all americans taken out of wuhan cleared of the coronavirus. i can tell you after speaking with people on board the ship here in yokohama, that's what they want to be doing as soon as possible. back to you. >> all right. good news for them. matt rivers, thank you so much. please keep us posted there. meanwhile, dramatic developments in the democratic race for president. we have actual results from the new hampshire primary. >> and they're positive. >> "new day" starts now. we tested positive from new hampshire. our campaign is not just about beating trump. it is about transforming this country mp. [ cheers ] >> we heard from nevada and super tuesday. >> americans do not have the luxury of pursuing ideological
2:59 am
theories. four federal prosecutors withdraw from roger stone's case after top justice department officials overruled their sentence recommendation. >> we have an attorney general, mr. bar, that is working to clean this up and rightfully so. >> this seems to be a full-scale reversal. i've never seen anything like it. this is "new day" with alisyn camerota and john berman. >> welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. this is "new breaking overnight, they held a contest. they counted the votes. and there is a winner. vermont senator bernie sanders managed to eke out a win in the primary. he edged just ahead of mayor pete buttigieg with 97% of the votes in. sanders has 25.9%. buttigieg right behind.


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