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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  February 14, 2020 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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and the news continues. i want to turn it over to don lemon and "cnn tonight." this is "cnn tonight." i'm don lemon. coming to you live from washington, d.c. where it is all happening right now. and for anyone who wondered
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whether bill barr's strongly worded message to the president yesterday was a setup, a way for the attorney general to give the president a message, that message would be shh, mr. president, i'm doing what you want. don't say the quiet part out loud. well, what's happening right now just might give you the answer. on the same day the doj announces it's dropping the criminal investigation of former fbi director andrew mccabe, we learn that barr has quietly ordered a u.s. attorney to take a second look at some very sensitive cases, cases including the case of ex-trump national security advisor michael flynn. coincidence? well, mccabe who's now a cnn contributor has been under the shadow of investigation over a leak to a reporter for two years now. i talked to him just a little while ago and asked him was it all worth it? >> it was absolutely the right thing to do then and i would do it again tomorrow if i was in
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the same situation and looking at the same facts. look, what we have seen through the multiple investigations so far, all of the work of the i.g. looking at everything each one of us did, the decisions we made, the communications around them, everything you could possibly imagine, millions of documents even the biggest critics have concluded that we were absolutely authorized and open in the cases we did. in my judgment it would have been a dereliction of duty not to open the cases we did under the constrains we had and the facts we had at the time. we are guilty of doing our jobs and nothing else. >> just a small part of that interview. you're going to want to stay tuned to. we'll have have the full interview later on in the show. so the president predictability set to be upset mccabe won't be charged. there was no question that he thought mccabe should have been
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charged, but he hasn't said a word in public. he hasn't tweeted about it. i mean, this from a president who never, ever, ever let's go of a grudge against someone who's crossed him or someone he thinks has crossed him. don't forget it was mlk cabe who authorized the bureau to investigate the president in the first place in may 2017 after he fired james comey. the president sure hasn't forgotten. >> the people who started that investigation are mccabe who's a proven liar and was fired from the fbi. i think andrew mccabe has made a fool of himself over the last few days. he's a bad guy. i think he's a sick guy, personally. mccabe, certainly what he's done is just despicable. you look at mccabe who was a bad, bad guy he's walking around. >> remember what i said last night, projection. and despite all the president's
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fuming, the case is closed. but here's the thing, this is a case that has been dead for months really. but in all that time what do we hear from the justice department? that's what we heard from the justice department. nothing, crickets. and a federal judge made it clear none of that looked good. according to court documents at the end of september george reggie walton, a george w. bush appointee said this and i quote. i don't think anybody liked the fact you've got somebody on at the top basically trying to dictate whether somebody should be prosecutesed. i just think it's a banana republic when we go down that road and we have those statements being made and i think there are a lot of people on the outside who perceive there's undo inappropriate pressure being brought to bear.
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and that was back in september. it was only today the doj announced it was dropping the investigation. the very same day we learned the attorney general has privately ordered a review of the case against michael flynn. and let's not forget flynn, the president's fired first national security advisor pleaded dpaelt to lying to the fbi about his conversations with then russian ambassador sergei kislyak. so let's not forget that infamous oval office meeting on valentine's day of 2017, the one where the president cleared the room to talk to comey alone. comey testifying to congress and he then said i hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting flynn go. he's a good guy. i hope you can let this go. the president who never lets go of a grudge sure does go out of his way to defend members of team trump.
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>> michael flynn, general flynn is a wonderful man. i think he's been treated very, very unfairly by the media. he was just doing his job. well, i feel badly for general flynn. i feel very badly. he's led a very strong life and i feel very badly. what they did to general flynn is very unfair in my opinion. they ought to be ashamed of themselves, what they've done to general flynn. >> well, that last one was just three days ago. all of this from a president who admitted he fired flynn for lying to the fbi. doesn't make much sense, right? and now his hand picked attorney general says that he won't be bullied by the president. >> i will make those decisions based on what i think is the right thing to do, and i'm not going to be bullied or influenced by anybody, and i said whether it's congress, on loose paper, editorial boards or the president. >> so he says he won't be bullied, but he sure seems to be
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doing exactly what the president wants him, ordering a second look at the case of michael flynn just days after undercutting his own prosecutors and recommending less prison time for another trump ally, roger stone. barr says the president never asked him to intervene in a criminal case, though he surely tweeted today that's just because so far he's chosen not to. and as for barr saying the president never asked him to intervene, let's remember -- until he went to prison and so michael cohen told congress. here it is. >> he doesn't give you questions. he doesn't give you orders. he speaks in a code, and i understand the code because i've been around him for a decade. >> well, let's discuss all of this now.
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cnn white house correspondent mr. boris sanchez is here. crime and justice reporter shimon prokupecz, laura coats, and michael isikoff, investigative correspondent for yahoo news. man, i got everyone here. thank you for joining. it's good to see you all. he's quoting barr. he said the president has never asked me to do anything in a criminal case, a.g. barr, this doesn't mean i does not have president the legal right to do so. i do, but i have so far chosen not to. he says he hasn't influenced criminal cases, but he could that's what he's saying. >> well, first of all he hasn't spoken to anyone when we see these 1:00 a.m. tweets, i mean he must not be able to read them of course. but the idea the president has absolute right is belied by the constitution. he keeps referencing article 2, and that takes full faith to
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execute to law. that doesn't give him absolute authority over the department of justice. he cannot undermine the bill of rights, due process, someone's first amendment rights to be able to associate or be part of a political party or speak their mind. and he cannot put his thumb on the scale in the future in favor of favoritism. he has to actually enforce the laws as they are written. so as the president says i could certainly go about and talk about the enforcement objectives or the enforcement priorities, but he cannot go around saying this person i do not like, throw the book at them, this person i love, retreat from any prosecution. that would be giving the president more power than even king george had, and the founding fathers would not have done that in revolutionary time. >> but you said he can't. do you mean he shouldn't or can't because he's certainly trying to. >> well, he should not and under the constitution he cannot exercise absolute authority for corrupt purposes or motives.
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>> shimon, walk us through this. two big stories. andrew mccabe being dropped and he tells me how he found out he and his family, and you have barr quietly reordering a reexamination of the flynn case. >> andrew mccabe, he's been waiting for this decision for months and they were not returning their calls, they were not signaling anything. so that was very much up in the air. so that was that today. this was case going on for probably about two years and conversations he had with a reporter. >> which is interesting because you think about the climate and environment we're in right now, that the president and people around him actually thought that flynn, that mccabe did something
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wrong when he didn't. >> this case was not initiated by president trump. it was initiated by the inspector general of the justice department who was an appointee of president obama who made a criminal referral to the justice department. that's why there was an investigation. >> i'm talking about what happened after that, michael. i'm talking about the president as she said trying to put him thumb on the scale, saying he should definitely -- >> and those quotes were clearly, you know, totally inappropriate. and the idea that a president would be picking on an individual, you know, talking about he's a bad guy he should be prosecuted and way out of bounds. we haven't seen that. but just, you know, let the record be clear, there was a reason for this investigation. it wasn't initiated by the president. it was initiated by the finding of the inspector general that he lacked candor in multiple responses to the inspector general.
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so it just didn't come out of thin air. >> i never said it came out of thin air. i'm just talking about the way this particular administration and this president has handled this administration. >> that was another investigation into the investigation, right? you have the whole durham investigation which is lookingalooking at a broader view of the intelligence community. and now we learn it was secret, they were not telling anyone publicly about this, that the attorney general decided he wants to look into what was going on with the investigators looking into michael flynn, peter struck, part of that other investigator and so now he's assigned another u.s. attorney to look at this and assign an investigator. so we have this, we have the durham investigation. we have another thing going on out in pittsburgh with ukraine and rudy giuliani bringing materials there.
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and this is what barr's doing. >> boris, i see you shake your head but let me ask laura real quick. so flynn pleaded guilty so what's there to reexamine? and the president said he fired him because he pleaded guilty and lied to the fbi. >> remember he wants to withdraw his guilty plea. and he's now saying and what the prosecutors are saying about him in furtherance of his sentencing he did not agree or it wasn't on the up and up. probably he's doing that because he sees the climate he's talking about. he sees the president of the united states essentially saying this is by innuendo a reason to investigate the investigators. and so in many ways he's capitalizing that and hoping the president will exercise his clemency and -- >> maybe acted too fast in saying i was guilty. >> remember he did it early on even before people like michael cohen, before the impeachment
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trial, i believe it was before we had the peter struck and excerpts of the i.g. report. >> first the white house reaction, the president's reaction to the mccabe news. >> sources say the president had no idea this was coming, so he was blind-sided by it, apparently furious and had to be calmed down by his attorneys who basically had to explain to him why mccabe couldn't be charged. the president we're told was adamant mccabe was a deep state operator and should be locked up as we've heard the president say about many different characters who he find reasons to criticize. the president didn't enjoy hearing that. we're told he left to mar-a-lago with a bad taste in his mouth not happy to hear mccabe would not face criminal charges. >> you have to wonder about all the timing of all this. >> it certainly feels like a consolation prize coming from the attorney general, right? this news coming on a friday
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afternoon before trump is headed to mar-a-lago to take part in the daytona 500 right as we're hearing this news that michael flynn, one of his closest friends in the administration, somebody who backed him early on, his case was going to get reexamined. certainly the president likes to hear that, and obviously this news look this case had been stalled since at least september. that news could have come out at a different time. and a tumultuous week with the justice department i don't think it's a coincidence barr put this out when he did. >> now, let's get back to michael. michael, this president tweeting about his perceived political enemies and people saying it's sort of putting his thumb on the scale. he's griping about how his buddies are being mistreated. it is hard not to know what this president wants. >> sure, and i think the most important development of the many this week was barr basically laid down a marker
11:16 pm
there that if said it's impossible for me to do my job if you keep tweeting. whether it's real or not he said it and the question is president obama going to stop his tweeting -- >> president trump. >> what did i say? president obama, i'm sorry. president trump. i don't think obama even tweets that much. but anyway, trump, no, most people do not expect that he will. and so if that's the case, what's barr going to do when trump is unable to control himself and continues to tweet? i think that's the real dynamic to watch there because if he says it's impossible to do his job and trump continues to do it, then he's really got no choice other than to resign or to back away from what he just said. >> hold on, we're going to talk more. save
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and we're back. the justice department dropping its criminal investigation into andrew mccabe, an investigation that took two years. borren sanchez is back. laura coats, shimon prokupecz. warned the justice department back in september that it was looking like trump was putting his thumb on the scale. i want to read part of this where he says i don't think people like the fact you've got somebody at the top basically
11:22 pm
trying to dictate you've got whether somebody should be prosecuted. that was from judge reggie walton. he was warning prosecutors why this case was being dragged out. >> yes, and they were coming up on a deadline the department of justice on this whole thing. people were seeking information about this investigation. mccabe's lawyers had been seeking information. and there's some speculation that the reason, one of the reasons why the u.s. attorneys office decided to announce this today was that they were up on this deadline with this judge. this judge was really not happy what was going on. i remember when this was developing and the judge went after the u.s. attorneys office and the department of justice over this. he was really puzzled by what they were doing here because they weren't giving any answers to mccabe, really, to his lawyers who were just completely in the dark. there was some speculation, and they got really nervous that andrew mccabe was about to be indicted. and then when they started asking questions of the u.s.
11:23 pm
attorney, they just would not return their calls. and then there was some maybe they were about to indict him and then they thought they weren't going to get the charges, so they pulled it back and maybe they were going to bring in a new grand jury, so there was some concern about that. but here's the bottom line, don. what reel sea concerning, what people should be concerned about, no one trusts what's coming out of the department of justice. >> we have no trust because the president is undermining himself and appears the attorney general is undermining the department of justice as well. listen, i know you said this started under the obama administration -- >> no, under on obama appointee inspector general who made the criminal referral. >> but this ruling now is coming from judge reggie walton who's a bush appointee, so they can't say this was coming from an obama guy.
11:24 pm
>> i am from the u.s. attorneys office in washington, d.c. i was a federal prosecutor for maine justice as well and one of my honors has been to say laura coates on behalf of the people of the united states of america. it carried credibility with all of my colleagues that when the u.s. stood before a court they would be believed. if we made a statement, our case law was on point. we had a reason for why this case, why this sentence, why now. why this lenience, why this opposite of lenience. here you have judges questioning about the methodology, questioning the political influence, questioning whether u.s. attorneys understand the concept of equal protection of the law. that is not where you want the justice department to be by the name being the justice department. you want the sincere impression that lady justice is blindfolded and that she keeps it on even when the president tweets. when you have attorney general barr, when you have u.s.
11:25 pm
attorneys quitting and resigning entirely from the department of justice, one who by the way is a former merrick garland clerk, a justice brieer clerk, people not looking to have anything other than a life of service saying hold on, if i can't walk into court tomorrow for the next person who's lied to congress, made a false statement or had an assault charge to say i think this person is appropriate to be under the guidelines, it's all lost. and we continue to lose faith in the justice system. and frankly you would think attorney general barr would hold back -- it's a scary time. >> the judge to watch right now is judge amy berman jackson who has the roger stone case. stone's lawyers today filed a motion for a mistrial because the lead juror turns out to have been a partisan democrat who was
11:26 pm
posting things on facebook that were critical of the president. so there may be a delay because there'll be motions filed. but regardless when the sentencing hearing comes she will have the opportunity to grill the justice department prosecutors about the withdrawal of the initial sentencing recommendation and how it came about and why a new one was submitted. we will see how she handles that. >> how much this has to do with the mueller investigation and undermining that? >> well, the stone case grew out of the mueller investigation. it was the last prosecution of the mueller investigation. >> and these prosecutors were mueller prosecutors. >> yeah, they were all mueller prosecutors. >> how much longer do you think the president's going to listen to bill barr? are you going to have a busy morning -- >> i'm refreshing my twitter. honestly i think a response is inevitable because the president has built such a methodology of
11:27 pm
the deep state because i was glancing at social media and they're up in arms about it. some of his hosts on cable tv are questioning the justice department right now. i expect the president will respond. i don't think he's going to go after bill barr, though. even though there's disagreement of tweeting, at the end of the mueller investigation, the horowitz report, questions of executive privilege and roger stone. >> maybe he goes after the u.s. attorney of washington. it's the same office that roger stone is. >> thank you all. happy valentine's day. so how is the justice department rank and file reacting to bill barr's doing, what he's doing? well, i'm going to ask someone who worked in the same office as the four roger stone prosecutors and knows two of them personally. i'm not hungry! you're having one more bite! no!
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well, you can say it's been some week at the justice department. the president publicly criticizing the recommended
11:32 pm
sentence for his long time friend roger stone and the doj, then downgrading to that ask prompting four prosecutors to quit the case. trump actually congratulating the attorney general for stepping in. and then bill barr, the attorney general goes on tv saying trump has never asked him to intervene in a criminal case. and the president tweets that he could. and then today the doj drops charges against former fbi deputy director andrew mccabe, and barr orders a second look at former national security advisor michael flynn's case. that's a lot. let's talk now. christopher, he is a former federal prosecutor who worked at bill barr's doj until recently and knows four stone prosecutors, the four stone prosecutors personally. thank you. really appreciate you joining us. am i right? what a week at the doj? >> unprecedented, don, completely unprecedented. let's just start with tuesday which feels like it's been a
11:33 pm
year ago. we have a thorough 26-page that lays out all the relevant sentencing guidelines, lays out the enhancements, the facts of the investigation. hard work went into that, it was filed and then only hours later we hear that the department of justice, its changing its position. changing its position from asking for a sentence outside the guidelines, and i can tell you, don, as a prosecutor who did this for a number of years, who wrote numerous sentencing memorandums, it is unprecedented to imagine after a trial and you are advocating and you are fighting hard, to have somebody come in from main justice and tell you, no, you can't ask for that recommendation. >> what do you think happened, chris? >> i'll tell you what happened. it got to the news, and somebody at the department of justice found out that, you know, it's 5 to 7 years, and the reaction was that can't be right, it's not
11:34 pm
going to happen. and calls were made, decisions were made and at the last minute you have this, you know, frenzy where prosecutors were told they're going to have to change their position. they're going to ultimately have to advocate for something that's inconsistent with the policies of the department of justice, a sentence below the guidelines and prosecutors said no. >> where did that call come from you think to change? >> well, i think it's very clear this call came from the department of justice. ultimately i often refer to former associate justice jackson who talked about the roles of the assistant united states attorneys, talked about the sacred duty one has in representing the united states, and one should strike a blow but should always strike a fair blow. and "new york daily news" that authority that was given to them was overruled by individuals who were not involved in the case for two years. >> you worked there until recently in the barr doj, right? >> that's correct.
11:35 pm
>> how are people feeling there now? >> i think they're real shocked. you work hard, and you believe that the rule of law applies. and ultimately you're told that, no, you have to make exceptions. and for certain cases, you know, things should be done differently. and i'll tell you this, there are sentencings all across this country in district courts and in alaska and in florida, and individuals are being sentenced. and to imagine that attorney general barr would feel that this one sentence amongst all the sentences in the country deserves special treatment, and that was mr. stone. >> you also worked with jesse liu, a u.s. attorney whose nomination for a top treasury job was yanked because she ran the office that oversaw roger stone's prosecution. she also resigned this week. do you expect there's going to be more resignations? do you think more people are
11:36 pm
going to resign? >> let me just clarify one individual actually left the department of justice. all four reswreenigned num the which is unprecedented. >> and one completely left. >> one completely left, walked out. just so you know, don, we're not out of the dangerous waters yet. today we hear about revisiting the flynn case, asking new prosecutors to come in and take a second look. don, this is somebody who in federal court through a lengthy procedure accepted responsibility for what he did, acknowledged to signing a document saying that he committed a felony offense. careful questions were asked to make sure he was not pressured to reach a decision, that he was not coerced, that he understood what he was actually admitting to. now he's trying to walk away from that. now he's saying there's some
11:37 pm
kind of investigation to see what was done in that case. >> should barr resign? >> i think that's a question for william barr. i think only he knows what he should be doing for the united states right now. >> do you think we can recover from this? >> i do. i have faith in our system. it requires the checks and balances of all three branches. it requires the fourth branch which is the media, and often its regular individuals and we don't know about their names. they just go about doing their jobs on a daily basis. you can start with the four prosecutors who were involved in this case. you can see all the people at the state department who we saw before congress, regular people, patriots, public servants doing their job on a regular basis. that's what protects our democracy. and when those four people said i'm not going to sign-on to that
11:38 pm
sentencing memorandum, they stood up for all americans. >> thank you so much. you know what they say out of the mouths of babes, next how kids as young as 6 are reportedly picking up the president's toxic language, hurling insults, many at children of color. my gums are irritated. i don't have to worry about that, do i? harmful bacteria lurk just below the gum line. crest gum detoxify, voted product of the year. it works below the gum line to neutralize harmful plaque bacteria and help reverse early gum damage. gum detoxify, from crest.
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tonight a really disheartening report about a new strain of bullying in america schools. "washington post" finding that some of the nations students are picking up president trump's insulting and inflammatory language and often using it against classmates who are black, latino or muslim. so i want to talk about this with john woodrow cox, one of the post reporters on the story and susan glasser.
11:43 pm
thank you both for joining us. john, you report that since trump took office his provocative and swrexenophobic w has seeped into schools and children as young as 6 are mimicking his insults. tell us about that. >> we found in excess cases of kids as young as 6 saying things like build a wall, go back behind the wall, so back where you came from. often kids will just surround children of color, just yell the word trump at them. obviously mean it as if it's a slur. so we've seen this as sporting events. we've seen this in classrooms. we've seen adults, teachers, coaches who have said these sorts of things to students. so, you know, clearly the language that he's used in tweets and he's directed at his enemies, kids are hearing that and repeating it over and over.
11:44 pm
>> a couple of years ago this started happening we started hearing kids saying build a wall, go back -- i think we did a report on it on this show or at least a parent talked about it on this show about someone saying build a wall to her kids of color, brown, latino kids. kids are paying attention to what trump says. i want to listen to a few examples of his remarks. here it is. >> when mexico sends its people, they're not sending their best. they're bringing drugs. they're bringing crime. they're rapists. illegal immigrants that in many cases are treated better than our great veterans. countless americans are killed by illegal immigrants. we have some bad hombres here and we're going to get them out. look at my african-american over here. look at him. you know what, we're not letting these people invade our country. >> susan, he's the president of the united states and they are following his example.
11:45 pm
>> you know, don, i think this was a really powerful story and we're not doing justice to it. people should read it for themselves in "the post." in many ways it seems to me it is actually a powerful political document as well in this sort of cultural divide that having a president who speaks like this, you want to know why there's a gender gap that's unprecedented in american society. my view is that like as a mom, no mom could read this and not be horrified. the other thing i think is interesting to point out is this of course is sort of a tip of the iceberg type thing. you did essentially a database search that showed these incidents, so these were the ones that were bad enough or notable enough to be covered in local media. you know, culturally we know this is actually much more widespread. think of the enabling of bullying that might not even be some of the more overtly racist language. i spoke more recently to an
11:46 pm
educator in washington that every single day it's something he has to worry about with middle schoolboys and they're using language and insults directly taken from the president in a way that, you know, the president himself is like merchandising t-shirts on his campaign website calling senior officials in the u.s. government liar, cry baby. you know, we wouldn't tolerate this behavior and we don't tolerate it in our children. >> yeah, and it's interesting i said they're following the president because when you think about what other presidents have said, what can you mimic about, you know, yes, we can or something that a thousand points of light or whatever? those aren't these sort of racist xenophobic statements. "the washington post" reviewed 28,000 news stories of trump inspired harassment in schools and found at least three quarters of the attacks were directed at kids of minority ethnicity. there are also cases of backlash against students who support
11:47 pm
trump, but this polarization now is in our schools. and the vast majority is coming from the racist imflammatory language of this president and his supporters. >> that's certainly what we saw in our review. and we know to susan's point the tip of the iceberg. we found in excess of 300 cases publicly reported, but those were just the ones that were that bad. we know even from talking to the kids we interviewed. they told us dozens of other incidents they knew about. these were in some cases dally events where kids would hear language that was directly taken from the president and directed at them because of the color of their skin. >> maybe someone should show them the first lady's initiative. be best. they're not being their best. an alarming warning from the anti-defamation league. white supremacist propaganda
11:48 pm
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white supremacist propaganda growing at an explosive rate in the u.s. that is according to a new report from the antidefamation league. the adl is reporting the most they have ever seen and that the number doubled between 2018 and 2019. sara sidner has more on the story. sara, what are we learning about this? >> reporter: don, this is as much about trying to mainstream racist rhetoric as it is about trying to grow their ranks and recruit. these are the mechanics of hate.
11:53 pm
a promotional video made by a white nationalist group as it spreads its propaganda. >> we saw this increase in 49 states. >> reporter: according to the antidefamation league's report, in 2019 white nationalists and supremacist propaganda exploded across the united states. >> the adl has been tracking extremists for decades and decades. this year was the highest propaganda distributions we have ever seen in the 100 year history. >> adl league president said they saw them putting up stickers, flyers, posters, banners in public places has more than doubled. more than 2700 in 2019. i think there's a charged political environment and they're trying to capitalize on the division that is so pervasive throughout society. you've seen elected officials literally adopting some of their
11:54 pm
language, using their memes and injecting their poison into the political conversation. >> reporter: last year the president of the united states attacked progressive congress women of color tweeting, why don't they go back and fix the crime infested places from which they came. >> if you're not happy here, you can leave. >> reporter: three were born here and the fourth is a naturalized citizen. this is the kind of white nationalism we elected him for. the propaganda is also made to look innocuous. there is a website that is located to it that leads you to the true hate-filled intentions. the messaging has banners dropped in public places to stickers to posters on college campuses. last year we visited chapman university in orange county, california, after stickers were
11:55 pm
pasted over flyers. >> they focus on college campuses. >> reporter: chapman university professor has studied hate groups for decades even living with them to get deeper insight. he said the groups are working to intimidate groups of people they hate and entice like-minded people to join their ranks. patriot front is one of the groups spreading large amounts of propaganda. at times members come out from behind their computer keyboards and onto the streets with their hate-filled messages. public gatherings are not widely publicized and end quickly. >> we don't see any signs that this extremist activity is going to slow down. >> reporter: case in point, the video you're seeing the white nationalist group uploaded this
11:56 pm
month to highlight their small masked march to the nation's capitol. yeah, that happened in 2020 in the nation's capitol about 100 or so masked men in a group that says things like deport them all yelling, reclaim america. experts who track this kind of rhetoric say 2020 is ripe for more of this kind of rhetoric, not less. don? >> sara, thank you very much for that. president trump said to be angry the mccabe investigation was dropped. andrew mckade said opening the case against the president was worth the hell owe went through. my interview just ahead. a clear plan for retirement to help cover the essentials, as well as all the things you want to do.
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this is cnn tonight i'm don lemon. a big, big day for andrew mccabe, the former fbi


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