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tv   Inside Politics  CNN  February 19, 2020 9:00am-10:00am PST

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journalists getting expelled from china and these three "journal" being told to leave. >> there's nothing to stop them. it makes the country appear less than a confident rising power than a thin-skinned bully. thank you. appreciate it. thanks for joining me. inside politics with john king starts right now. >> thank you, kate. welcome to inside politics. tense times for the president and his attorney general. and tweets issued and pardoned issued without talk of input. is it real or just a message. a heart attack caused a brief campaign pause and senator sanders says he will not release
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any additional health records. michael bloomberg joins the debate for the first time and allegations he was central to a climate of sexism and misogyny at the business where bloomberg made his billions. >> there are things about his record i think the american people may not know. >> do you think michael bloomberg is trying to buy the democratic nomination for president? >> yes. yes. >> i don't think when people look at donald trump they automatically say, hmm, can we get someone richer? >> a lot of news to get to this hour but we start right there in nevada. nevada caucuses are saturday and there's a lot at stake tonight. bernie sanders looking to solidify his front-runner status. joe biden hopes to prove he has a comeback plan. the biggest spotlight will be on the debate newcomer, michael bloomberg, skipping nevada's caucuses entirely but picking up
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support with the states that vote in march. that threatens the other democrats and be prepared for him to be challenged for lavish campaign spending and allegations of misogyny and sexism in the 1990s. arlet is in vegas. let me start with you. is this debate bigger for bernie sanders or mike bloomberg? >> reporter: i think it's bigger for both of them. this could turn into a democratic brawl on the vegas strip. this will be the first time democratic contenders are coming face-to-face with michael bloomberg. they have been waiting some time for his record to come in the spotlight. he could be criticized on a host of issues whether maisogynistic remarks or stop-and-frisk. joe biden says he thinks other
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candidates like bloomberg should have their record scrutinized the same way he's been scrutinized for months in this democratic field. then, there's the question of bernie sanders, the front-runner, pulling away with a double-digit lead in national polls and could they take aim at bernie sanders. michael bloomberg has been preparing some time with his advisors and we will see how it plays out in a few hours from vegas. >> that point makes it interesting. if you're the other candidates, bernie sanders is taking off in the polls nationally, momentum in nevada, new hampshire. if you're trying to stop the front-runner, bernie sanders, or the moderates, looking down the road, is michael bloomberg a bigger threat? >> if you're achemy klobuchar o
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biden, or buttigieg, there is a road paved to somewhere other than victory with the idea you should go after everybody except the guy actually leading in the polls. this idea the way you take on bernie sanders is kill off all the other moderate options and eventually you will be the alternative. these candidates don't have this kind of time. if we are talking this time tomorrow about this pile john for michael bloomberg, that's a great night for bloomberg and problematic for everybody else. let's talk about obama. we will spend a lot of time later in the program. joe biden thinking clearly again michael bloomberg trying to steal his space. >> reporter: that's right. the fact that bloomberg is trying to appear as if he's linked to obama, that's affecting joe biden given the
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close relationship they had. hoping for a turnaround in nevada to propel him into more diverse states, south carolina and tuesday contests, but after the disappointing finish in new hampshire, joe biden needs a strong commanding performance tonight. >> elizabeth warren, not mentioned, the candidate of the summer, finds herself almost >> i think the stakes are pretty high. a state six months ago or a year ago a lot would have look at and said this is potentially elizabeth warren country. she does still have a strong campaign organization here and the question, will she use it to get back in position, maybe not first place but closer than she has been in the contest. you look at the presence of mike bloomberg on stage. he is potentially an extremely useful foil for her and the question is will she use it.
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>> we will see. arlette saenz, thank you. looking at the apostle shows bernie sanders has a 12 point lead over vice president biden. 29% of white voters support senator sanders. he's also leading, this is significant, double digits of non-white voters, 35%. and biden holds a narrow five points over sanders with black voters. michael, heather, and from axios. it is a strange dynamic that bloomberg is not competing in nevada but there he is for the first time in the debate stage. if you're a progressive he's the billionaire foil. if you're a moderate, buttigieg,
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hello, i just won iowa and new hampshire. what about me. amy klobuchar has a surprising third in new hampshire and yet almost lost because of the spending by michael bloomberg. >> i think a lot of the non-biden candidates who were moderates were expected to be seen as the alternative to biden if they performed well. and now, bloomberg is rising so quickly they don't have a chance to take him down. how do they do that? progressive left attacks are obvious on the money, approach to politics and quote-unquote buying the election. on the moderate side they have to figure out who will bring up issues of race and policing? what else can they take to bring
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michael bloomberg down a notch. i think it's a difficult problem for other candidates. i'm not sure one debate night will be sufficient to do that job given this dynamic of bloomberg versus bernie is starting to be the dominant narrative of the campaign right now. >> elizabeth warren has the most to gain and least to lose in this occasion. we have seen this in klobuchar and warren with super pac supporters to try to get her through the weekend with funding and being on the air with ads. ironic in elizabeth warren's case, one of the central pillars of her campaign is she's against super pacs. we have a group of progressive women saying we know you're against this but we will do it anyway. a statement from her campaign saying her position hasn't changed since day one she's been against this and thinks all the candidates should ban together and be against this.
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nonetheless, this is an opportunity for her. she was at one point the progressive and the support coalesced around bernie sanders. she got stuck in the middle place between the really liberals and central liberals, and she's fading financially. michael bloomberg is an opportunity for her to return to her core values, right, like the criticism of billionaires, criticism of wall street corporation and status quo capitalism. see if she can do it and how he responds. >> she was the growth stock candidate over the summer, she kind of stepped back and made her name. she is a good debater. here she is in nevada trying to reassert herself saying, you need me. >> it's not enough to go out and say as many candidates have, i have a good immigration plan. you also need a good plan for
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getting it enacted. i don't want to be president just to talk about good things, i want to be a president to get it done. that's my plan on immigration. it takes a woman with a plan to get something done! >> trying to play on a number of factors here. number one, trying to appeal to democratic voters, you want a woman in office to get things done, trying to make the case, i'm progressive like bernie but i can build relationships and get things done. you hear it in the voice, it is tough to run for president. they've been at it for months now and some of them are at a crossroads. you get worn out. it's hard. >> that underscores a point i wanted to make about bloomberg, not to take anything away from the attacks on his record which will come. those are important. the examination of his record is important. mike bloomberg is somebody that has not been impressionistically seen by people.
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they don't know who he is. these other candidates have been out talking to voters and they've seen them in debates again and again. this is the first time outside slickly produced campaign ads, people will see how bloomberg reacts and answers questions, how does he interact with his colleagues and the moderator. that's really important. that will help determine whether or not he will really be a force come the super tuesday states or fade quickly if people don't react to them. >> does it help or annoying that bernie sanders and his supporters talking about michael bloomberg so much and close to the debate, spent $4 million and will spend more at a time sanders passed biden in national polls and opened up a double-digit lead and clearly the front-runner of the race and yet the attention goes elsewhere. california, the largest basket
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of delegates available to any democrat. bernie sanders, if you look at it here, 32%, more than 2-1 over joe biden and elizabeth warren. that is stunning. you need 15% to get any delegates out of california. if you're down below, you're hurting. bernie sanders, 40%. and look at elizabeth warren. bernie sanders in california, running second to joe biden. in some ways, one state one poll showing some evidence he can expand his coalition a little. >> i think bernie sanders posture on the stage tonight is so important. does he present as the front-runner and contrast himself with trump and not get in the trenches or try to land a trump on him. we have seen their two camps sparring on twitter over the last week and it's gotten very
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nasty. does he take that to the debate stage. how threatened does he feel by bloomberg. also in the polls, he is leading. there was a "wall street journal" poll yesterday that asked what are the things that turn you off about a democratic candidate, over 75, the term "socialist," having a heart a tack is one of the things he asked and can he expand it in his base. >> now that he's in the lead without a doubt, he will get questions about democratic socialism and health records. cnn does continue. our town halls ahead of the nevada caucuses tomorrow, joe biden and elizabeth warren on cnn. up next, the attorney general and his future. treat your cough seriously with robitussin cf max. nothing lasts longer
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today, plenty of evidence the president sees himself as
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his own best counsel and will use hus powers however he chooses pardon donning a roster of criminals, rod blagojevich given pardon from the president yesterday. how serious is the continual's suggestion he might resign? the justice department calling the multiple reports quote beltway rumors" and has no plans to resign. and making clear yesterday how he sees his relationship to the attorney general and who reports to whom. >> the attorney general is a man with incredible integrity. just so you understand, i chose not to be involved. i'm allowed to be totally involved. i'm actually, i guess the chief law enforcement officer of the country, but i've chosen not to be involved.
9:19 am
>> to the white house with cnn's kaitlan collins. i assume the chief law enforcement officer in the country can be involved and the attorney general has to deal with it. >> reporter: he has felt this way about his relationship with the justice department since he took office. bill barr is telling people he is considering resigning from his job because of the president's ongoing inference in criminal matters, mainly tweets. that prompts many to say, is he really considering resigning or trying to send a message to the people to be aware this is something floating out there. we do know the tension between the president and attorney general over this is real and has caused a lot of frustration of the rank and file members at the justice department making bill barr's life harder. he is a very calculated person
9:20 am
and knows this president well. we have seen it tried in the past. chief kelly, he would threaten to resign when he and the president got in a disagreement so often people did not take the threats seriously. we will see if that's the case. bill barr is one of the president's favorite cabinet members and his staunch ally and been by his side executing what he wants done at the justice department. the question is whether he will actually consider stepping down from this job if the president continues to tweet. this is a president people say he will not stop tweeting and bill barr certainly knew that when he took this job. live at the white house. appreciate it. keep us up to date on the drama, i guess the best way to put it. i want to play a little bit more of the president, who makes it clear, yeah, i sometimes make him uncomfortable. >> i have great confidence in
9:21 am
the attorney general. i do make his job harder. he is a straight shooter. we have a great attorney general and he's working very hard. >> it's essentially, like, yeah, deal with it. >> there are questions, is he serious about resigning. if he is serious about resigning, he will resign, and if he did, it will have a cat ca chr -- cataclysmic effect on the president. that's why you saw others coming with a statement of support. >> a, they want to support him and, b, they want him to stay. >> the control of the senate is at stake in the next elections. if the president did get reelected and democrats kept the house somehow which would be a difficult electoral math, there could be massive repercussions. just the stance of government
9:22 am
for months to come if barr were to go. i don't have a truth lasso and don't know what he's actually thinking. i think it is certainly plausible he has considered it. we were hearing the same thing yesterday as well, and someone is threatening to go. if the whole reason they're saying it is to reset expectations, that's the washington picture we are in. you have 2,000 bipartisan prosecutors expressing real concern whether he can stay in that role, emergency meeting of federal judges trying to sustain the dependability in the american justice department. >> yet the president keeps poking the bear with pardons for cheaters. if you're bill and barr, you're for law and order and if you're
9:23 am
republican you used to be for law and order. people who cheat the system, especially in the case of governor blagojevich, mr. milken, using their money and power to cheat the system, swamp creatures given pardon and clemency by the swamp president. >> and the thing so different about this president and previous presidents, there is no shame involved. past presidents have on occasion used the pardon power to benefit people who are shady. they usually do it either on the way out. president clinton did it literally the last day he was in office. >> in the bush inaugural parade when that happened. >> even if they didn't do it on the last day, there is an effort to try to explain away, what you see in front of you is not really what i'm doing, there's other reasons for it. this president doesn't bother with any of that. he puts it all out there at a
9:24 am
time that the hypocrisy saying he's trying to drain the swamp doesn't do it. he's just finished being impeached over issues of corruption, he pardons people basically accused of corruption. it's really bald-faced convicted of it and it's really bald-faced. he sort of, as that clip suggested, he sort of shrugs, yes, whatever. >> it's the president of the united states celebrating corruption, is what it is. >> the president's allies have noted he has pardoned or commuted sentences far fewer than his predecessors, which is true. you look at the how and why of this? the president acknowledged yesterday he saw these people on television, some of them, saw rod blagojevich's wife on television and his lawyers and friends and donors have implored him to intervene in these cases. the president seems to not --
9:25 am
there are thousands of cases of the administration of justice in this country not working fairly. it's obvious in those cases where people are sentenced for minor crimes or given longer sentenced or convicted in crimes he does not convict. the president doesn't seem to have interest in any of those things and only interest in things he has seen on fox news. that is right is the problem with the process, not just the pardoning of corruption, he only seems to care what his friends -- >> and yesterday, on that list, you saw, yesterday, this list of white men convicted of financial or corruption crimes. a handful of women of color much more traditionally part of the political argument president trump is trying to make to voters of color, black americans and women of color by saying, look, i'm sensitive to these issues of racial injustice. you're talking women who ended
9:26 am
up in prison because of drug-related offenses, that sort of thing, being mixed in with these guys in a completely different category. >> they make it more -- those cases might get more attention if the president would focus on those and maybe do an event and announce why. that is a worthy cause if he can focus on it. quick break. more when we come back about michael bloomberg's treatment of women the workplace. it cleans grease five times faster. on easy messes, just spray, wipe, and rinse. on tough messes, the spray-activated suds cut through grease on contact, without water. just wipe, and rinse. get dishes done faster. new dawn powerwash dish spray. spray. wipe. rinse.
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try to win by attacking, now, we know the trump strategy- distorting, dividing. mr. president: it. won't. work. newspapers report bloomberg is the democrat trump fears most. as president, universal healthcare that lets people keep their coverage if they like it. a record on job creation. a doable plan to combat climate change. i led a complex, diverse city through 9-11 and i have common sense plans to move america away from chaos to progress! i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. you are beautiful ..that would be wonderful.. know what.. um.. you are smart ..mmhmm.. oh, i miss you guys. you are strong
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michael bloomberg's last debate was 11 years ago, when he was seeking reelection as new york's city mayor. tonight is his first time on a presidential debate stage. allegations bloomberg repeatedly used sexist and harassment as ceo of his data and media company. reporting on this issue, live from las vegas. bloomberg is likely to have a target on his back over this issue. what specifically are you learning about these allegations? >> reporter: that's right. when michael bloomberg takes the debate stage tonight. these allegations of bloomberg making sexist and maisogynistic
9:32 am
remarks will loom live for him and brought note from others. it was brought from a woman from the 1990s, a former bloomberg employee, she described a culture of basically a boy's club, where she says women were encouraged to have sex appeal. women who were married or had children would lose out on professional opportunities. she describes telling bloomberg at the time, when she found out she was pregnant, according to the complaint, bloomberg said, "kill it" and muttered great, number 16, suggesting to plaintiff his unhappiness that 16 women in the company had maternity-related status. the complaint describes in detail other kinds of crude and crass remarks bloomberg allegedly made in the workplace.
9:33 am
i should note in the campaign, michael bloomberg said he never said any of the things in this particular lawsuit. that pushback is important to note. i want to point out from the second lawsuit cnn examined, also from a former bloomberg lp employee, she accused a bloomberg executive at the type of rape. this is a serious allegation. as part of that lawsuit, there was a michael bloomberg deposition and the village voice reported, according to the deposition, michael bloomberg himself said he would only believe a rape allegation if there was an unimpeachable third party witness. this is what bloomberg spokesman, stu, told cnn about the description from the deposition. he said it was a contentious deposition and this is not what mike believes. this is one of many issues
9:34 am
michael bloomberg might get some heat for either tonight on the debate stage or weeks to come as his presidential campaign continues. john. >> m.j., in your hunt for context and guidance, we understand you spoke to a former bloomberg employee about the culture at bloomberg lp. what did they tell you? >> that's right. this is a former bloomberg employee we spoke with and they said they saw first hand the kind of sexist and misogynistic environment described in the two lawsuits we were just talking about. they said, when you're a woman who worked at bloomberg, you had to look beautiful. you had to look gorgeous. if you were overweight, they would call you horrible names. it's mean stuff. the bloomberg's campaign pushback to these allegations said, look, complaints aside,
9:35 am
and there have been many of them because bloomberg lp is a large company, michael bloomberg himself does not condone this kind of behavior. i will leave you with this statement the campaign chair woman patty harris shared. she said in any large organization there are going to be complaints. mike has never tolerated any kind of discrimination or harassment and he's created cultures that are all about equality and inclusion. anyone who works hard and performs well is going to be rewarded regardless of race, sex and sexual orientation. >> glad you're bringing the context with it. we're bringing into the room, a major business leader, three-term mayor of new york city now running for president of the united states in the democratic party. he has to answer that to his fellow candidates and american people tonight, is he not? >> absolutely.
9:36 am
part of the argument you will hear from the other candidates is these allegations that exist against bloomberg, not just the culture at his companies or own alleged comments, also his comments on issues of race and the fact he is so wealthy and using his me on the way he is in this campaign is going to undermine the democratic argument against trump. makes the contrast with trump much more difficult. i think you will hear that from bernie sanders and a number of other candidates trying to make this point a long time. for voters who have only heard about bloomberg or seen him in some of these incredibly glossy ads and some might think barack obama endorsed him and only see him through this lens, some may feel they need a candidate who is the polar opposite of trump
9:37 am
or a candidate who is, in essence, trump's peer in a lot of ways. there are some democrats who like the fact that bloomberg is very wealthy and may get under the president's skin. >> these are very serious allegations and the mayor will face questions i assume from the panel tonight and some of his rivals tonight. most of you watching have never seen michael bloomberg on a debate stage. they could come up tonight, a whole host of questions for michael bloomberg spent almost $400 million to get in a position for the race. this is 2005, bloomberg back running for mayor. >> if you've done such a good job, as you claimed, why spend so much >> i'm trying to get my message out to everywhere in this city. it cost as lot of money. this city has gone in the right direction and we can do a lot more. explaining the facts to the
9:38 am
people takes time and organization and a lot of tv time. >> pretty straightforward answer there. we have not seen him in this setting. from talking to other people and i interviewed him over the years, he gets a little prickly sometimes when you criticize him. >> he spent a significant amount of time preparing for this debate and will expect these questions and attack. the question is how does he answer them? in a way that puts people at ease especially on sexual harassment and the workplace and in this like that. hoe spent almost $400 million in ads. that can't buy a debate performs. you can have all the preparation in the world but if you're not authentic, people will see it. >> if he stumbles and doesn't give an answer either not well thought out or he bumbles it, typically in a campaign, there's
9:39 am
a way other rivals take advantage of that. none of the other rivals have the kind of money he has, especially going into states in california and elsewhere they're really expensive. he has an opportunity, yes, he can stumble tonight and opportunity other candidates wouldn't recover. >> whether this will breakthrough the same way the ads breakthrough, we all care about it and cover politics. >> a lot of people don't watch it. >> that is a question and so is the question of how -- the timing of some of these allegations, the allegations about treatment of women tend to be in the decades old category, the criticism about criminal justice policies and disproportionately affect people of color, much more current or recent during his time or tenure as mayor of new york. that will be a big impact in super tuesday states, but the
9:40 am
bloomberg campaign's premise so far by all the free media he got in 2016 was just able to get the message out the way he wanted it and michael bloomberg, through paid media, can get his message out. >> bernie sanders says, if you have any question about his age or recent heart attack, don't expect medical records but come follow him on the campaign trail. as a struggling actor,
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senator bernie sanders says do not expect more information about his health in the wake of the heart attack that forced him off the campaign trail.
9:45 am
he says he believes three letters released by his doctor after the heart attack are enough and anyone with questions about his health should follow him. a campaign spokesperson and an unfounded claim about michael bloomberg. >> i think the americans have a right to hear as much as other candidates currently and historically. you're seeing a smear and skepticism campaigns run against a lot of different candidates in the past. it's really telling in that none is demonstrated for michael bloomberg, the same age as bernie sanders and suffered heart attacks in the past. >> that she was complaining about was a smear. the bloomberg campaign says that last part is a lie. briahna is walking back her comment saying i misspoke when i said he had a heart attack,
9:46 am
heart attacks blurl, he had the same stent procedure. mayor bloomberg's stent procedure was done as a preventive measure, not a heart attack. senator sanders, in the am in of trump, you don't release your taxes, release a letter from a doctor who says you're the most fit man that ever walked the planet, superman would be jealous of you. he is right, he is energized on the campaign trail but he is straig 78-year-old. >> i was a pool reporter in a room with piles of papers we had to go through, there were limits, they didn't release everything, there were some things they just released to the pool that were then summarized but there was an understanding that given the particular
9:47 am
situation that the senator was in, given the maladies he had had and his age, there was a need to be open. it's really remarkable, it seems to me, given senator sanders situation, that he's resisting. >> there's a way to do it, done in the past, have an interview with the "new york times" medical correspondent, sit down with sanjay gupta at cnn, give them the full and release the records. then you say enough. but we shall see. president obama has not endorsed in the 2020 presidential race but you might not think so if you watch the television ads. we go to break, former democratic governor of illinois, rod blagojevich thanks president trump. >> we want to express our appreciation to president trump. how do you thank someone who gave you back the freedom stolen to you.
9:48 am
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lowser. former president barack obama is officially neutral for the candidates for the president of the united states.
9:53 am
but if you turn on the campaign ads. >> he has been a leader the past years. mr. michael bloomberg is here. elizabeth understands a strong growing economy begins with a strong middle class. >> joe's candid honest counsel made me a better president in chief. and the best part, he's nowhere close to finished. >> in south carolina, a voter who switched frommed byton sanders, says, walla, barack obama, who is neutral. >> you really would not know. i have been talking to the other campaigns. this is a source of anxiety. voters are coming away from the television screens believing obama has weighed in on this race when he has not. there's nothing you can do about it. the ads are everywhere.
9:54 am
the debate stage, i'm sure someone will bring this up tonight. that will not do the trick. especially for joe biden, a real problem for him. >> someone will criticize obama for endorsing them all. >> make a decision. >> just to show you how much his good will is within the democratic party but no way we can return to the obama way of doing this. >> i saw him at the all-star game in a panel discussion, i saw him briefly backstage, he did not want to get involved in this at all. >> i think for biden he has a stand-out moment tonight. he has the most legitimate claim for president obama and why not attack bloomberg and have a moment for yourself on this stage. >> you mentioned bloomberg spending a lot of money on an ad where obama praises him. >> i would argue today we are more segregated in america
9:55 am
certainly in terms of race than we were a dozen years ago yet we're just finishing up eight years with our first black president. why are we more separated than we were before is a question you have to ask yourself. why didn't the obama administration didn't we pull together. ask the president. that's his job really to pull people together. >> that's not love. that's not love. >> there's no love lost in the obama camp for bloomberg. they remember all of those moments and remember bloomberg'ses he tans to endorse obama. so, yeah, none of this is going down particularly well. i think we will hear more about it. >> to be continued this time tomorrow. a big debate to talk about. don't go anywhere. brianna keilar starts after the break. home instead offer persos for your loved ones. home instead senior care. to us, it's personal.
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i'm breanianna keilar, live from cnn's washington headquarters. they say he is a maniac billionaire trying to buy tonight's elections. he's 78 years old, recently had a heart attack and wants to be president for the next four to eight years. bernie sanders says you can't see his medical records. plus, your move, bill barr, the president testing him again today after sources say the attorney general considered resigning over


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