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tv   CNN Right Now With Brianna Keilar  CNN  March 4, 2020 10:00am-11:00am PST

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i've been 'round long enough to know what's what. i'm proud to be a part of aag, i trust 'em, i think you can too. trust aag for the best reverse mortgage solutions. so you can... retire better. i'm briana keeler, live from cnn's washington headquarters. we start with the turning tied of the presidential race and what has become a joe biden tsunami. his win and avalanche of endorsements to carry the win on tuesday. he adds nine states including big victories in texas, north carolina and virginia. bernie sanders won three states, his home vermont, colorado and
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utah. biden and sanders finishing first or second in every state up for grabs. and former new york city mayor, michael bloomberg called it quit this morning suspending his campaign. he spent nearly half a billion with his only success coming with a win in american samoa. let's look at the delegate count. tuesday's victories putting biden out front there. there is still one big prize that has not been determined. that is california where jessica dean is. she is in los angeles. you have been following the biden campaign and we have christina in new york with the bloomberg campaign. bloomberg didn't just drop out, he also endorsed biden. take us through this decision. >> reporter: that's right. his $500 million plus bet on himself didn't pan out so he's trying to find a way to redirect some of those resources to joe biden. let me give you some color how
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this all shook out. last night was terrible for michael bloomberg. not only did he not win a state but the states his campaign invested in, in those areas, like tennessee, oklahoma, arkansas, those he did not perform well in. all that ad money didn't get him very far in those states. he came back to new york, his house, his home just behind me, and he made the decision after looking at that data seeing there was no clear path. from here on out, his advisors are telling me it's how to support joe biden. he does have an incredible operation. to give you a sense of that, 2400 staff, 500 in battleground states and 200 field offices around the country. these are really important stats for joe biden because there's been a lot of talk and reporting around the fact he does not have a strong field and ground
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operation. so all of that being directed towards joe biden somehow some way they have to figure that out. in a larger context of michael bloomberg, it was the fact opposition research didn't help him. weak debate performances did not help him. the last minute momentum from joe biden out of south carolina leading up to last night did not help mayor bloomberg, the former mayor of new york city. we will hear him later on in a press conference with more details then. >> we will be looking forward to that in a couple of hours. thank you. this endorsement, you heard about the kind of money bloomberg had, silly me on the amounts of which they couldn't comprehend being spent on a campaign. this must be something the biden campaign is very happy about. >> right. they're still trying to work through how does this
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practically all play out. we're looking how it does play out, how will this money be used and tap into this and functionally work. the biden campaign happy to see more coalesce sense behind vice president joe biden. they really hoped saturday's win in south carolina would give him the bounce to expand beyond last night. this is beyond his wildest dream, unprecedented comeback and rallying around joe biden like so many and to have somebody like michael bloomberg and those resources you alluded to, to use, is an incredible boost to the biden campaign. you look ahead to the states coming up next, places like florida, michael bloomberg would have probably been viable in florida and eaten into biden's
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support. this is something we're looking at getting into this delegates game further down the road. now, this is a numbers game in so many ways. >> it is. let's dig into the specifics how and where joe biden did so well and the specifics leading up to super tuesday. we have tom foreman here. walk us through there. >> you hit it, who showed up at the polls. if we looked at the states joe biden had won to date, it would have been just this, south carolina, and he's been running off and on for president for decades. now, he has 10 of them. he did it because there were voters who showed up, all stripes of people, huge support from african-american people, educated, college white voters, uneducated college white voters,
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all showed up for joe biden big in these places and shocked everyone. by comparison, look what happened to bernie sanders. he is famous for his money raising capabilities and fervent support among young educated voters. progressives and each in some way has their own tie to that progressive front. it may not be as important but maybe not as broad-based as you saw with biden yesterday. he really didn't do anything. massachusetts, tennessee, arkansas, oklahoma, that also speaks maybe not as much to joe biden as this overwhelming desire among democrats to beat.. that seems like one of the big revelations here. early on, polls favored biden because they thought he could beat.. he stumbled and in south carolina made people believe he
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could. all these states way up in turnout except oklahoma. who is turning out? this is the catching point for biden versus sanders. sanders has huge support among the latino community and younger voters. he sweeps younger voters and runs away with them. everybody else is trending towards biden. when those numbers pushed up the people the democratic party is counting on showed up. >> lonely ok. they're down, not following the trend. eight days ago at the democratic debate in south carolina joe biden was asked if he would drop out if he didn't win south carolina. no one else on stage was asked that question. fast forward and three of those candidates are out of the race and endorsing biden. this includes today's dropout, michael bloomberg. i want to bring in a professor at the harvard institute of
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politics and from hill tv, what a reversal of fortune. >> unbelievable. i don't know we've ever seen a day of swing just 48 hours before a vote like we saw here. i think the sanders campaign which has been friendly towards and values i really support, has to recognize the fact they had a theory of the case young people and latinos in this working class coalition would turn up in overwhelming numbers and that would be their path to victory. they will probably be even in terms of delegates but they have to reset and build that coalition within the existing democratic party. i would argue the most available are suburban voters with pete, bernie, amy, now, they're with
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joe. maybe they're solidly behind joe but we don't know that. perhaps you can win those voters. joe biden is hillary clinton 2.0. we've run this playbook before, same issues with trade and joe biden is hillary clinton 2.0 and he will run into that wall as well. >> that would be interesting, tara. there are voters who said i liked hillary clinton better than i liked bernie sanders and they are up against wondering if they agree with this electability issue that maybe bernie sanders would have given.a better run for his money, they may or may not agree with that. >> first, joe biden is not hillary clinton 2.0. joe biden is likable. he doesn't have the same baggage hillary clinton has. moderate and never trump republicans like myself would feel comfortables casting a vote
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for joe biden. joe biden has enough sense to campaign in states clinton did not. he has an appeal for white middle class voters in michigan and wisconsin and has a relationship with those folks because of growing up in pennsylvania and delaware, a blue collar guy. he is a far far cry from hillary clinton. you won't run into the same repressed vote in 2016, so many republicans did not care for donald trump but refuse to vote for hillary clinton. so far, he has not been able to bernie sanders has not lived up to getting out the massive voter turnout he thought he was going to do especially with younger people.
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that hasn't materialized at this point. they have not responded, it has gone to joe biden. >> i think joe biden is a more likable candidate than hillary clinton. on the other hand, donald trump is at a much stronger place now than then and hillary was leading by more than joe biden is. it's not the obama coalition because we don't have the young folks. that is critical. these young people who organized with the sunrise moment because they believe in the green deal. if joe biden is going to be the nominee, the party has to think hard not trying to bully them into voting for joe biden, what they can offer them for people so excited for bernie sanders, i will tell you, feeling very demoralized every establishment figure in the party lined up
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behind joe biden and said, this time is not your time. >> let's talk about arguably an establishment figure there. bernie sanders has a new ad campaign out featuring former president obama, praising the senator. i wonder what you think about this, tara. biden is accused of not really wanting to -- he's sort of harkens back to the obama era, here you have bernie sanders touting this obama connection. he's arguably the establishment, isn't he? >> this is an incredibly dishonest ad, frankly. if ads like this continue to get put up the former president has to make a statement where his support lies. it's clear bernie sanders using barack obama as, you know, for an ad to show, see, i have credibility with those folks it absolutely is hypocritical. you're either with the
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establishment or not, only when it's convenient for you and misleading where prob's allegiance lies. joe biden was a vice president for eight years, a heart beat away from the presidency eight years. president obama clearly trusts joe biden to take over day one even though he hasn't said where his support lies. joe biden is allowed to use president obama because he has a record and stood by him eight years. it's dishonest and deceiving and will force the former president to come out and take sides sooner than he is comfortable doing. >> at this point, all the candidates have done this, i would say given what we know now. >> joe biden hasn't. >> joe biden has released ads that have barack obama in them. >> he was his vice president. >> i'm just saying, let's be
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consistent. mike bloomberg did the same and elizabeth warren did the same. >> when joe biden does it it's not the same as bernie sanders or michael bloomberg doing it. >> these were really his words used in the ad. from a strategic point of view, the case now knowing what we know the turnout with the youth vote didn't materialize and the revolution didn't materialize but more open witness the democratic party to bernie sanders and overwhelming support for medicare for all where his favorability is very high. he could have made, don't be afraid, these values are your values. that's what he needs now is friends. normal mainline friends who will vouch for him if he will make a play for that vote. i think the landscape is very difficult but that's the most gettable group. >> he hasn't really cultivated
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that. he's even misrepresented how often he's in touch with obama. anyone knows if bernie sanders is going to make his way to the nomination and certainly win in the general election he's going to need to broaden his support. why hasn't he done that work ahead of time? >> i think it's a mistake, a real mistake. there were two directions you could go. when he ran for mayor of vermont and shocked everyone and drove up turn-up 50%, he went hard against people in power. there was no i will be with you in the end, me against you, end of story. that worked to drive up turnout. the other model the more doable and natural model for him. these people are his friends ultimately. he never goes after joe biden without saying, he's my friend and pledged to back all of them. after nevada there was a moment of momentum and looked like the
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time to jump on the bandwagon, then, they could have gotten those endorsers in. at this point, it's still a challenging task and worth working on. maybe elizabeth warren is the person to give him validation and comfort there. >> this is not a real world version what bernie is doing. he's gone after the establishment, joe biden, done nothing saying he is trying to unify the democratic party. his entire brand is -- he's not even a democrat. >> i love this conversation. we have to leave it there. tara, crystal, thank you so much. i will go to a former candidate who shared the stage with biden and sanders. plus, the u.s. drops limits for coronavirus testing. what does that mean if you have symptoms. the nursing home at the end center in washington state. the daughter joins me live on
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a short time ago, sources tell cnn congress struck a deal for dealing with the coronavirus outbreak. it can't some soon enough. it's getting worse by the day. 130 cases across 13 states. nine deaths, all in washington state. in less than an hour, vice president pence will brief house members about the response. and let's bring in cnn correspondent elizabeth cohen to explain this to us.
10:22 am
there is new guidance for tethering of coronavirus. what other changes has the vice president promised, elizabeth? >> the vice president has promised to get more tests out there. that's really crucial here. now that he says anyone can get tested, if you don't have enough tests, it doesn't matter what he says. when i talked to hospitals around the country who said, look, i have patients i wanted to test and first i have to get in touch with the state health department and that was a million steps to do just that and some states state does the testing and other states they send it to the cdc in atlanta. that's time consuming in either situation. doctors want to test quickly just as a strep test or flu test or any other test they commonly do. >> yeah. they do it in the office. thank you very much. we appreciate it.
10:23 am
health officials say this virus appears to be deadlier than the flu. our next guest is working with the national institutes of health for a coronavirus vaccine. doctor, thank you for joining us. tell us a little bit about this effort. we know you're part of this effort to begin this vaccine and trial in the next two weeks. then what? how long does this take? >> nih is leading this effort. if we think about vaccine development in general, we're looking at a target of safety testing initially in a small number of people. of course, in the united states, we put a high premium on safety of vaccines.
10:24 am
once it's tested in a relatively small number of healthy people we continue to move forward and test the vaccine in larger numbers of people, perhaps broader age groups of people. before it is released to the general public it really has to go through this extensive safety testing and of course we want to know if it creates an immune response and likely to work. >> the world health organization says this strain of coronavirus has a higher fatality rate than flu and influenza. is it more contagious, though, or can you say for sure and which statistic should we be focusing on more? >> sure. both influenza and coronaviruses cause serious illness and are contagious. they spread in the same way, through coughing and sneezing,
10:25 am
close contact, touching our eyes and nose and mouth. it's very difficult to compare the two viruses at this point. we studied influenza for decades, we studied it extensively. we just heard elizabeth cohen talk about the lack of availability of diagnostic tests for coronavirus. we are going to learn a lot more about people who have coronavirus, less symptomatic, may be asymptomatic, have mild systems now that we have a greater availability of diagnostics. >> that is good news but also unsettling how we need to know more at this point in time and appreciate you explaining it to us. thank you. tomorrow night, join anderson and dr. gupta tomorrow night at 10:00 eastern on cnn. there is devastation across
10:26 am
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24 people have died. 18 are missing. a tornado leveled homes and restaurants and business business. a state of emergency has been declared there. schools are closed and we're learning small children are among some of the victims here. nick valencia talked to one mother whose home was completely destroyed. she took cover in the closet with her kids, and when they came out, this is what they saw. >> reporter: tell us what happened. take us through the house. this is what's left of it. >> this is our kitchen. this is the first roof that came off. this whole side, this whole area was open.
10:32 am
daughter noticed it first the roof was gone. >> reporter: you said you only had about three minutes? >> yes. three minutes from the time i woke up and an alarm about the weather. >> reporter: this is where you were hiding? >> this is where we were when i got the text. my kids and nephew were laying where that is laying. they built a fort and wanted to sleep there. i jumped up because my dad called and the power went out. we got to go now. by the time we got to right here it was already busting the windows open and you can feel it shaking the whole house. >> reporter: how long did it last for? >> maybe about five minutes. it was quick, the wind was still going. after about five minutes it calmed down. we stayed in there until they lifted the tornado warning. >> reporter: where did you go hide? >> back here in my daughter's room. we all hid in this little
10:33 am
closet, all four of us, all five of us, me and four kids. >> reporter: in there? my gosh. i don't think i could fit in there. >> you could feel the whole roof was gone and the house shaking and wind coming underneath the door. it was shaking everything here. i thought for sure it would take the whole house up. >> you must have been thinking you guys would get hurt or die. >> i've never been more terrified in my life. >> reporter: what are you thinking right now? you lived through this and walk through your house and debris everywhere. >> i'm so thankful it could have been much worse. some neighbors were not this lucky. we can replace with you. >> you had four kids with you and a lot injured or killed are kids. >> it's terrifying, what am i
10:34 am
going to do? all i could do was thinking to keep them safe. i thought it would be the safety place in the house to get. i didn't think it would be a tornado, bad storms. we got in the closet and so thankful we did. >> reporter: glad you're alive. >> me, too. thank you. >> our thanks to nick valencia in putnam county, tennessee. a drama shift for the race in 2020, the state of the race. i will speak to one former candidate who once shared the stage with both bernie sanders and joe biden. he will give us his reaction what this means for democrats going forward. plus, it's the nursing home at the center of the coronavirus in washington state, what one person says happened when she showed up to see her mom there.
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a book that you're ready to share with the world? get published now, call for your free publisher kit today! we're witnessing a major consolidation of the race for president. michael bloomberg is the fourth candidate to drop out in 72 hours. elizabeth warren may not be too far behind. they're assessing. one advisor says the decision is
10:40 am
not whether to drop out but whether to endorse biden or sanders or no one at all. >> this puts biden ahead in the delegate count for now at least. i say this because delegate rich california is still counting its ballots and sanders is ahead there. with signs elizabeth could be getting out, do you think she needs to pick either biden or sanders to endorse or can she stay on the sidelines? >> it's up to her. good afternoon, brianna. i think wherever she goes she should be proud of the race she's won and ideas she put out there. people across the country and young men and women who believed in her campaign. that's really up to her. i think candidate by candidate has to make that decision. winning in november has to be the most important factor for any of us as candidates.
10:41 am
>> your endorsement is? >> i'm getting there, brianna. as you know, i ran on the issue of ending gun violence. i'm looking at the candidates that remain now. that's important to me as the father of a 1-year-old and 2-year-old. i believe vice president biden has a long record on this going back to the assault weapons ban, and i look forward to talking to all the candidates this week about that. %-p to stand out more when it comes to gun rights than the other, right? sand irs comes from vermont, his record has reflected that. >> that's right. also, i want to win. with all the candidates we have remaining, they can say something donald trump can't. they're not corrupt. when it comes to healthcare they're for addition, not subtraction. for climate they want to live at sea level and donald trump wants us under water.
10:42 am
we have three left who can win and i hope do make that decision soon. >> as you mentioned, you were in the race early on and you had a moment that got a lot of play when you were running. this is what you said really about joe biden when you were on the stage. >> joe biden was right when he said it was time to pass the torch to a new generation of americans 32 years ago. he's still right today! >> i want to ask you about this. you also said here on cnn i don't think we can nominate a -- let's see, sorry, my prompter stalled for a moment, i don't think we can nominate a candidate who has been in government longer than 20 years. this applies to sanders and biden. i wonder if you're so surprised these are such older candidates really rising to the top and what this says about voters deciding? actually, we are ok with someone who has been here in washington for decades. >> when i ran across the country
10:43 am
i made a generational case and much the same mayor buttigieg made, we like that you're running and issues you're raising but we're so anxious to losing to donald trump we're not going to roll the dice on a generational candidate. it was hard to hear that. i get that. people want to be normal again. they want the anxiety where this president has taken us to go away and steady leadership and experience of vice president biden has certainly been appealing. he was the first person to call when when i got out of the race and told me on the issue of passing the torch and promise you if i am president i will do everything i can to put young people in positions of leadership. that's what i and young people will look to, to see if the biden administration will put young people in position to step up. >> since you are from california, i want to ask you, since there are six new
10:44 am
coronavirus states which means your state is dealing with more cases than any other at this point in time. does your state have the testing it needs? >> no, it does not. you're in this pickle you are supposed to stay home and if you stay home too long it gets catastrophic and may not come out in good shape. having the testing is critical. i'm meeting with the vice president today with my democratic colleagues and the message is we want you to succeed and work with you. we struck a deal on funding but that has to include getting testing kits widely disseminated as soon as possible. >> thank you, eric swalwell. still ahead, anger and frustration after five people at the same nursing facility in washington state died from the coronavirus. what's being done to protect everyone else there. i will talk to a woman whose
10:45 am
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one nursing home in washington state located about 11 miles from seattle is looking more and more like the epicenter of the coronavirus in the u.s. of the nine people who have died, five of them resided at the life care center in kirkland. families are furious and want answers why this happened. kim fry is with us. her mother lives at that nursing home. i am so sorry you and your family are dealing with this.
10:50 am
how is your mom doing? >> the last i talked to her her biggest concern was she can't be with us and can't talk to us. she actually u got sick before she came to that nursing home. i think she may have immunity. there's so many questions about that whole situation. when i -- i believe she's in good care. i know it's easy to jump to conclusions about what's going wrong, but you know, we've taken her there several times after breaking her knee or her hip or whatever, and they rehab her and send her back home, and you know, every time we're like i don't know if she's coming home. this one especially feels very challenging. >> and you're just worried about her being isolated, too, as you contend with that. so you think -- you think that
10:51 am
she was sick before maybe with coronavirus. your brother was regularly visiting your mom. he's now tested positive for coronavirus yesterday. you had to take your father to the hospital, is that right? tell us about that. has he been tested? >> he's been -- i'm sure he's been tested. you know, we're all going to be tested. >> yeah. a little bit too little too late. i mean, we should have been tested back when we were asking for it before, but the tests weren't even -- i mean, it wasn't even in the dialogue when my mom was at evergreen, and so the questions weren't even being asked at that time, and you know, so now even last saturday when this all broke loose, we were all saying, well, are we going to get a test. like do we know? and the answer was no. you had to fit these certain criteria in order to get that test. so you know, there's a lot of frustration there. it's really easy to get upset
10:52 am
about things, and i think what i've had to really come back to is getting upset doesn't help anybody. it doesn't help people do their job better. the people that are working in that nursing home are putting their life on the line really. they're putting theirself at risk, and you know, we should be supporting them as much as possible. it's easy to get upset at the hospital. it's easy to get upset at the cdc or the president or whoever, but you know, all in all, this is something that is kind of out of the box, and there's not a whole lot of answers, and i think most importantly we need to be patient with each other through this whole process. and i've had wonderful people nf my life that remind me of that. you know, they remind me to just be still, pray to god. >> yeah. >> be at peace with the circumstances, and now that there's a bigger picture, and so i am, i'm praying regularly about this, and i have to leave
10:53 am
my parents in his hands, and it's a challenging thing. and then the whole community is concerned, so you know, and i don't have answers. that's the whole thing that's so hard about going back home. there's no answers for them. they want to know am i contagious. i haven't had a test, i didn't even have the option of a test. literally this morning i was given this information that, yes, they want to test me, and they want to test everybody, and so we'll be getting in line for those tests and then we're going to wait three days. my brother tested positive. my sister is very sick. i have another brother that was sick. you know, there's other people that i am hearing getting the headache and, you know, a fever, and so all the questions come up, and then you get the test and you wait. >> and look, i think your frustration is so valid, but it's also amazing to hear your grounded perspective on what is
10:54 am
a very difficult situation to deal with. will you tell us a little bit about going to see your mom? you actually -- you went, i mean, understandably you're so concerned about your mom being isolated, you expected the facility wouldn't be open to families, but what did you find? >> well, you know, that's the thing. it's like things happened so rapid fire. people are making decisions left and right without being fully informed, without being fully aware, and then after you're in the middle of this chaos, it's hard to think. it's hard to process everything, and yet i was led in, and i'm terribly sorry for the turmoil that that's created. you know, the only thought in my mind was i want to see my mom. last time i saw my mom she was at evergreen, and she literally was on her death bed and i didn't know if i was going to be able to see her again before i came back. this time i'm there, and i don't did issue no one has seen her or talked to her. i don't know if she's dehydrated
10:55 am
or if she's wasting away or if she's good, so getting an opportunity to check on her, i didn't hesitate. i didn't think and i didn't hesitate. i think a lot of people are going to be in that position where if you do a little prep ahead of time, and you say okay, what's our game plan. what's going to happen, but so many people are in denial that this is even a thing. it's like you say coronavirus and people laugh it off. so but people do need to give it a little bit of a thought because when it hits, it's a surprise, and you didn't expect it, and then you're not prepared. and quite frankly, i wasn't prepared. i didn't think about that when i went to see my mom. i was so glad to see her in good condition and smiling and actually joking with the health care people that were there. they didn't seem rushed and the other people that i saw in there actually looked like they were in -- it was peaceful, surprisingly peaceful. >> kim. >> yeah. kim, i am so sorry. we are out of time. you would love to talk to you more about this. i just want you to know we are thinking of you.
10:56 am
we are certainly praying for your family, and we will be back in just a moment. kim fry, thank you so much for talking to us. >> okay. thank you. unday night and every. nyquil severe. the nightime, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffy head, best sleep with a cold, medicine. where we can find common ground... big enough to dance on. for a better us, donate to your local y today.
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