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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 16, 2020 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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can attack anywhere. get fast relief here with primatene mist. available over the counter for mild ashtma. primatene mist. breathe easy again. hello, everybody. i'm john king in washington. thanks so much for sharing this day with us. discouraging numbers everywhere you look. the coronavirus case count on the way up in 39 of the 50 states. also word today another 1.3 million americans filing for unemployment benefits last week. more than 7 in 10 of you say the country is on the wrong track. 6 in 10 say president trump is failing the test of the coronavirus crisis and more than 6 in 10 give him failing grades on handling race relations.
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the president's response, blame and demote his campaign manager. the candidate is the problem, but don't try to tell him that. news last house, the president did finally speak with his top infectious disease expert dr. anthony fauci after more than a month of silence between the two men. fauci says we need to hit the reset button on the pandemic response. the president keeps saying the coronavirus is under control and that full-speed ahead is the only choice for opening schools and keeping the economy own, but the numbers, meaning the facts, tell us the country needs to be having a much more complicated, a much more nuanced conversation. just wednesday the new number of confirmed coronavirus cases 66,000. more troubling, the death curve no longer trending down. the number of new deaths across the country yesterday 941. the some total of infections 3.5 million. the pandemic death toll here in the united states, a sad 137,000 and counting. now the president is right to say it is misleading to just focus on the rising case count, but he is wrong, dead wrong,
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when he scoffs at the doctors and the scientists and tells you the virus is under control. let's take a closer look at the numbers, and this map is just bleak. i don't know a better word for it. it's stunning, it's bad, it's bleak. 39 states, right now 39 states heading in the wrong direction, a higher case count, coronavirus new case count this week than last week. 39 states, orange. the red are the worst. the case count this week running 50 mishigher or more than last week. only nine states holding steady and stu states heading down, maine and he will wear. third week here. that's not a verse under control. the first two weeks of this month cases up 30%, that's a troubling number, right? take a look at this one. in the last month the cases are up 65% across the united states of america. that is trouble for you right there. this number here, if there was some silver lining it was that the death toll was coming down.
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younger people are getting more infected now. younger people tend to recover and we are seeing in the seven-day moving average, an uptick and down and now an up again. hopefully it flattens and comes down, but now, again, the death toll something we need to keep an eye on. hospitalizations, again, you go back to april. we started to come down the hill. that was encouraging. going back up the hill in hospitalizations. that's not a second wave, that's a first wave. second hill of hospitalizations in the first wave of the coronavirus, and as the states deal with this, 39 states going up. these are the hardest hit. the positivity rate. yes, there's more testing it n.south carolina, more than 18% coming back positive. in florida it's close to 19% right-hand 17% in alabama. texas at 16%, actually an improvement. numbers starting to trickle down and so is that 24%, stunning number in arizona, stunning number of positivity but the number actually slowly trickling down and let's hope it continues to go there. florida, as i mentioned, 19% positivity and local leaders are stressing they will run out of
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hospital space and ventilators as the state deals with this crisis right now. the new numbers check in every day. let's check in with rosa flores live in miami. >> reporter: the florida department of health just releasing their numbers, nearly 14,000 new cases. the city of miami mayor francis suarez just wrapping a press confwrens and announcing that miami hospitals are at 95 capacity and that the surge of cases are being driven by 18-34-year-olds. now, this, as we learned yesterday from dr. marty from fiu that hospitals here in miami-dade county were converting regular beds into icu beds. here are the facts. yesterday miami-dade county there when 405 icu beds available, but there were 431 icu patients. now, according to the county mayor's office, they have more than 400 beds that they can convert into icu kids. definitely not a good situation for them.
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here is how miami mayor francis suarez described the situation. >> we're at highest level of ventilators that we've seen through this pandemic which is obviously worrisome because that's an indication of the death rate that will increase most likely over the next couple of weeks. >> reporter: now to give you a better pick tour of what's going on inside hospitals, here's a statement we received from jackson health. it says, quote, jackson health system has continued increasing icu capacity by converting beds and equipment and deploying staff. we are also not admitting new cases if their medical needs can wait. our focus right now is on caring for covid patients who require hospitalization, and those patients with true emergencies. john? >> rosa flores on the ground for us again. stunning numbers and a sad situation in florida. appreciate the live update. let's get insight from the johns
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hopkins bloomberg department of public hill. you heard rosa go through the numbers. we're in a second hill of the first wave and when you hear about icu units at 90% plus capacity, 13,000 new cases in a day. the hospitalization rate heading up, where are we? florida is just 1 of 39 states heading in the wrong direction. where is the country right now? >> yeah, i think in many parts of the country this is a very, very worrisome month. we've had a real acceleration of the pandemic across the country in many places, and i think that's time to get very serious about what we're saying about the epidemic. the white house and state capitals we should be calling it like it is. things are getting worse. we know what we should be doing and we should do it. >> you say we know what we should be doing and we should be doing it. we had, i guess it's encouraging word, that the president of the united states finally took time to meet with the country's top
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infectious disease expert, i think it's been closing on two months since the two have spoken. listen to dr. anthony fauci who sees these numbers, too, 39 states heading up and here's what he thinks is necessary. >> i believe we need to almost push the reset button. >> what is the reset button? >> many governors understandably, understandably say, you know, we've reopened, we're not going back to a total lockdown. governors and local school districts have to deal with, we're about to move from july to ugt a and the school year is just ahead. what's the appropriate reset button. >> it starts with the basics that people have been putting in place around the world which is universal masking. it's -- it's acknowledging the importance of social distancing and recognizing how important that is, it's -- it's limiting or ending these large gatherings that we're having socially and in businesses where -- where the business requires an indoor large gathering. we need to suspend those in
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places which are hot spots. we have to get control of the epidemic again. right now it's being driven by individual choices and some kinds of business pez and activities that are just very high risk. >> you mentioned getting it under control and you mentioned the global response. i just want to show you a graphic that jumps out at stunning, this in the united states versus the european union. you get roughly the same population, you're talking about different countries with their own approach in the european union. we have 50 states here doing their own thing. look at this. the european union and of the united states went up the hill at the same time. the european union came down the hill and kept things flat. you look at the green line is the united states. that's just stunning and sad. how is it that the european union has had success corralling the coronavirus and in the united states right now is having such an abject failure? >> well, in general if you look at how countries are treating it in europe. much more unity of message and
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much less interventions. there's much more close interaction between political leadership and science and public health leadership and it's basically being treated as a problem that society can solve together. i think in the united states for reasons that are really completely unnecessary there's been too much controversy, too much politics around particular interventions, and i think in this reset that dr. fauci called for we need to get rid of that and go back to what we're seeing work around the world. >> 110 days from an election also, i hope you're right that we could get away from that hand have an adult conversation and work things out, but that tells me 110 days from the election that's unlikely to happen. i want your perspective. you vuz governor larry hogan of maryland. obviously your hospital is located in maryland. we're watching this right now. maryland was among the states in the northeast and mid-atlantic that went through this early, new york, new england, maryland, d.c. and virginia and then they pushed things down. you're starting to see in maryland had a slight uptick again in new cases. is this cyclical in the sense that is this, you know, the
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states that knocked it down, can they keep it down in the united states of america if their neighbors are reopening, or is this, as you see maryland start to trickle back up, is it inevitable? >> i know it's inest able and you're right it's complicated that it's a patchwork of governor's choices and different policies in place, but for states we have a lot of data and you can see where numbers go up and can see when hospitalizations trend up or when diagnosetic positivity starts to go up, and i think that that's when people should be acting. if you look back in florida, texas, arizona, there's been signs for six weeks now that things were heading in the wrong direction and other states that are beginning to see signs that are worrisome. we shouldn't wait for weeks and weeks to be able to make changes. we should start to make changes early to try and avoid the problems that some of our southern states are having to go through now. >> take us inside how those conversations work with you and the governor of maryland, if you will, and i ask in the context of this had. i just mentioned dr. fauci, the
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top infectious disease expert of the united states of america had not until yesterday spoken to the president of the united states for weeks in the middle of a pandemic which, forgive me, is just reckless behavior on the part of the president in my view. dr. fauci says that he's walking a tight rope while trying to get your message out and people are trying to pitch you against the president. dr. fauci hasn't spent time with the president until yesterday, the president's own team and the president himself trying to undermine dr. fauci. how do you work that instead of doing it that way? >> well, i think the governor has had a scientific advisory team from the beginning in maryland and has been consuggest them since -- since march. we had a meeting this week. he seeks the input of the advisers that he's gathered and he's certainly free to reach out to his team in between meetings. i think it's -- i mean, we have different jobs. he has to kind manage all the various interest in the state and the public health and science team he's gathered tells him what we think is going on and what the facts are, and he's been i think responsive to that.
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>> doctor, as always, always appreciate your insight. appreciate your time? >> thank you. >> watch the new cnn global town hall with anderson cooper and dr. sanjay gupta the special guest and the former cdc director tom freed men. "drives facts and fears" at 8:00 p.m. eastern here on cnn. the president orders a campaign shake-up as joe biden opens up a double digit lead in polls. it cleans grease five times faster dawn powerwash. spray, wipe, rinse.
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the president likes to call the 2020 polls fake, but there's fresh proof today he very much knows these numbers are very real, and for him at the moment very, very bheek. the president demoting his
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campaign manager and telling allies new leadership on team trump will fix the problem, but a new campaign manager, that alone is not going to fix it. think of an incumbent president like your car. if it keeps letting you down, you get a new one and odds are you won't pick the same model. the 2020 numbers at the moment tell us a lot of americans are in the mood for something different, a double-digit lead for joe biden nationally in a campaign shaped by the coronavirus and the president's response to t.again, we showed you this map at the top of the show in the cop exit of the virus. it the matters politically, too. 39 states at the moment heading in the wrong direction. a higher case count this week than the week before. these will the 30 states highlighted in white there. those are the 30 states president trump carried back in 2016. 30 states he won, 26 of them in orange or we had meaning 26 of those states a higher case count this week than the week before. here's another way to look at it. these are the states, the pink line here, donald trump won in 2016. look at coronavirus case trend, up the hill. that's not the way you want to
8:18 am
be going. these are the states we watch in 2020, the green line, tossup states. was flat for a while and heading back up the hill as well. here's another way at that. these are the six tossup states we'll be watching the most, you see florida, carolina, pennsylvania, arizona, five of the six heading in the wrong direction when it comes to the virus. now, everybody is right to tell you. don't focus on any one national poll. you should never do that but we'll look at national polls, one of the state polls in the biggest of the tossups, joe biden not only with a healthy lead, he's above 50, is 53-40 and one big question with the campaign shake-up will team trump makes up its campaign ads, too? this is what you're seeing right now. >> the radical left wing mob's agenda, take over our cities, defund the police, pressure more towns to follow and joe biden stands with them, violent crime exploding and innocent children
8:19 am
fatally shot. who will be there to answer the call when your children aren't safe? >> with us now to share their expertise, the republican poll ter neil new howe and a democratic pollster marbly o'marra. >> the president is a republican incumbent. when had you look at the numbers, pick your polls, neighbors/"wall street journal" poll, one of your colleagues is involved in that great poll. he's the incumbent president. you're jumpinging what you've got in november. do i like it and want four more years? on race relations 63% of mefrps disapprove of president trump's handling and the moment that the country is going through a racial reckoning. 59% disapprove of how he's handling the coronavirus pandemic which right now 39 states heading in the wrong direction. the only good number for the president in "the wall street journal," nbc/"wall street journal" poll is the economy, above water and other polls show that one a little tighter. as the incumbent president in the race, 110 days out. those numbers are miserable,
8:20 am
right? >> well, you know, they are not preferable. john, i -- >> ever the diplomat. >> i heard your car analogy and the actions of this campaign kind of put on the emergency blinkers this week and i think that's a good thing. i think they have hit bottom to some extent. what president trump's actions indicate that this campaign is not in denial, that they are looking to -- to turn things around. there is a sense of urgency. there is 110 days left. i think that parscale put in place a good campaign and trusting bill stepien to continue it is a good thing. there's still time to make a change here but you don't narrow the gap in a short period of time. it just -- it takes weeks to do it, but i think it hit bottom and hopefully it will be moving in the right direction.
8:21 am
>> i don't dispute you on there's time to change this. without a doubt there's time to change this. 2016 tells us that and 2016 tells us be careful about the polls. a good campaign manager bill steppien, knows a lot about the suburbs, a good campaign manager can help and a good pollster like the two of you can help but only if the candidate gets it close. that's up to the candidate so i want you to look at another set of numberses. things in the nation are headed in the right direction or wrong track. 72 in this nbc/"wall street journal" poll say things are going on the wrong track. only 19% say the country is going in the right direction. you see the increase in wrong track since march. neil doesn't like my car analysis. maybe there's a better one, but if you have an incumbent and seven in ten voters, that moans a lot of republicans think the country is headed in a wrong direction. that's a pretty tough headwind. >> no matter how you look at these numbers they are trouble for the president across polling outlets and beneath the surface. it's not just about the
8:22 am
head-to-head. the nbc/"wall street journal" poll asks whether you think the president is honest, has the right leadership? he's president, and most people say no. does he care about people like you? most people say no, and -- and i -- i don't doubt that a strong manager who can help operate and manage a team and a large budget which is what a manager does can be an improvement. yet, we're talking begun a president who has record high turnover in his white house, and say is this really about new staffers? is this really about the candidate? to go back to your car analogy, i think you have a lot of people in the country that say we need to get on a highway and have a wobbly razor scooter. we need a solid car and the president is just not providing leadership whether it's on schools or race relations, the economy, coronavirus, you name it. people feel dissatisfied. >> i asked -- i think i teed that one up asking for the security analogy. for a lot of people watching this and i'm a broken record when i say national polls are
8:23 am
helpful and we elect presidents state by state and hillary clinton was ahead and the in fact she won the popular vote. the national polls weren't wrong really at the end of 2016. she just lost state by state but whu see the nbc/"wall street journal" ball, 50% for the president of the united states and 51% and the incumbent president at 40% and you see this play out overtime. in march biden was a 52, 49 in april and in june and he's at 52. the president has dropped from 43 to 40. a three-point, five-point race, could be down in the national polls and win the electoral college. you can't be done ten points in the national polls and still win, right. >> ice, actly right. i was hoping you're going to raise the issue of national polls. i mean, is they are a dime a dozen, and that's not how we decide elections. we came out of the field, our firm and our own dime came out with a survey showing the president down nine or ten
8:24 am
points but among the target states he's down by six. the if he's within spitting distance in these target states by maybe three or four points come october. then this -- this race is actually in play, and -- and it needs to be engaged. we need an engaged campaign where you're hearing from both trump and biden. right now all we hear from is president trump, and the rose garden strategy of joe biden, you know, is, working but it's -- i think voters are beginning to tire of it. i'll give you one stat on this, john. we asked voters in these target states has what you've seen, read or heard regarding joe biden over the last, you know, couple weeks given you a more favorable or less favorable impression of them? >> 33 more favorable and 53 less favorable. i'm beginning to wonder whether his rose garden strategy is tiring people out. >> margie, let me give you the last work quickly. in that context joe biden has a load but neil says there's
8:25 am
warning signs. what does he need to do to take advantage of the great opportunity that he has today? >> i think it's to continue to talk to, you know, to roll out policy, to talk about a strategy for getting america back on its feet, to demonstrate that he has the empathy and understanding of what people are going through. that is unique to joe biden. certainly in incredible contrast with what we have now out of the white house. >> margie and neil, great to see you both. we'll continue the conversation. is 10 days. thanks to the both of you. coming up, as some states step up to contain the coronavirus, georgia's governor says wear a mask, but he forbids local leaders from mandatings masks. this selenite grey is so pretty isn't it?
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which go coronavirus developments in the state beginning with georgia where republican governor brian kemp is banning cities and counties from mandating masks, this as coronavirus cases continue to surge in the state of georgia. with me is cnn's diane gallagher hive from atlanta. the governor says you should wear a mask but won't allow mayors to mandate it. >> reporter: yeah. i mean, that's kind of what's
8:31 am
perplexing about this, john. what was supposed to happen yesterday and what did happen is governor brian kemp extended an expiring public health emergency for covid-19 and extend it had through the end of the month. the order said for months local governments could not pass any more restrictions that were more restrictive than what the state had done but he tucked in a little new passage that county and city governments cannot mandate masks or facial conversation. that not there before and governor brian kemp who wears a mask everywhere, went on a six-state flying tour telling people to mask up. he's been in a pretty public battle with the mayor of mayor with the mask mandate here in the city. here's the thing. atlanta wasn't the only city with a mask mandate, wasn't even first. the mayor of savannah reacted to
8:32 am
the new part of the executive order saying that he felt like governor kemp just didn't give a damn about georgians and they said they were going to continue to listen to science in savannah and got a similar comment from mayor bottom's office saying the order remains in fact saying it will drive the city's decision. masks save lives and lives are at stake here in georgia. the numbers continue to climb here. yesterday we saw the new hospitalization rate trouble from what it was the day before, so the hospitalization numbers double what they were on tuesday, john. we have seen case numbers go up. the governor himself has reactivated an overflow hospital just because of the number of hospitalizations. the governor still not going to mandate masks. >> we will continue to watch that one, both a political and
8:33 am
public health debate raging in georgia. now off to texas and san antonio where refrigerated trucks are being brought in because the morgues are at capacity. the texas governor seems a little bit on a different beat than the georgia governor, ed. >> reporter: it's interesting to see how things have dramatically change. the governor of texas greg abbott sounding very different than governors of georgia and oklahoma. the governor here in texas is answer a lot of questions of concerns about another economic shutdown based on the medical data come out of this state. it's been another record-breaking week here in texas, the number of new cases continues to go up dramatically and the death toll continues to go up at record level and hospitalizations are up. the positive infection rate of
8:34 am
the new coronavirus cases has more than quadrupled in the last month and a half, and that's heeding to a question of whether or not there will be an economic shutdown here in texas. this is how he answered this last night. >> people are panicking thinking i'm about to shut down texas again. the answer is no. that's not the goal. what i want to do is to make sure that everyone begins to wear a mask so that we will be able to get covid-19 under control so we will not have to shut texas back down. >> reporter: john, you know, there is some wiggle room if you listen closely, and, again in, a briefing with reporters this morning, governor basically saying the same thing. there will be no need for an economic shutdown in his view if people go along with the mask mandate and wearing their masks in public, so there is some wiggle room. he's really basically saying that he's hoping the masks will get everything under control and not force him to shut the economy down here in texas again, but he's saying it really
8:35 am
lies on the backs of people here in the state, whether or not they comply with that mask mandate whenever they go out into mick. >> ed lavandera, appreciate the reporting live in dallas. we'll take another look has those numbers go up. now to pennsylvania, cases starting to rise there. the state's governor imposing new restrictions similar to phase one of the pennsylvania shutdown, limiting large gatherings, indoors and outside, at restaurants and at bars. the governor says this is necessary to slow the spread. >> this is what we have to do. feels like a step backwards but it isn't. it's just a reminder we need to get back on the course of mask-wearing, social distancing and successfully mitigating covid-19. joining us now the lieutenant governor pennsylvania john fetterman. thank you for your time. i just want to point to as we start this conversation, pennsylvania is in green, yes, trickling up a little bit, but
8:36 am
because of the work of your state, the commonwealth, pennsylvania in a pretty good place there. down low of you obviously see texas and florida there. i assume it's watching the experience of these states that are having the dramatic spikes right now that are causing the administration to say we're not going to wait. we see a most spike, and we're going to move. is that what is happening? >> i mean, that's a safe assumes, but it really comes back to the original question and the original balance governor wolf tried to strike and that's between lives and livelihoods. he took early action and shut the states down in ways that made sense and minimized the economic harm, but -- and as they have reopened, it we've discovered now that we are now facing a bit -- a little bit of an uptick, and he's being preemptive and i think he's doing the right thing in making sure that we keep our numbers where they need to be or less. but the thing i find about it that's most displaying is we're
8:37 am
arguing about masking. i don't know why. it has nothing to do with politics. it has everything to do about keeping businesses open, keeping each other safe, respecting our frontline workers. the fact that we're arguing about mask mc i don't understand that in the middle of a pandemic. >> i couldn't agree with you more. it's a ridiculous sideshow but it's a real sideshow, as you know. when you mentioned you have a bit of an uptic there. the can you explain or is it too soon? any one thing, large gatherings, dining, a little bit of everything? it is. >> well, it's a little bit of everything, but primarily it's bars and indoor restaurants. i think -- i think there is a little bit -- you know, people missed that experience and rightfully so, and i think that led to a jump that alarmed some people, but -- but the governor took some corrective steps to make sure that we ease back off. i mean, again, it's all about adjusting that knob between lives and livelihoods and making
8:38 am
sure we can stay as hope as we can, and it's like if you're worried about your personal freedom by wearing a mask, you know, masks maximize your personal freedom right now. it protects you. it protects the immunocompromised and frontline workers and it protects businesses, because businesses can stay open if our case load stays down, and nothing keeps the case load numbers down like universal masking, and i would just ask anybody. i don't care if you're maga or joe biden or where you are on that political spectrum. masking is going to be critical if we're going to successfully live with this virus and minimize the economic fallout of this as well as the loss of life. >> us a deal with the day-to-day challenges, including the current uptick, one of your jobs is also to study the racial disparities in what we've seen in the clifz. we have some numbers. i know we don't have complete numbers yet from pennsylvania, but if you look at the numbers from pennsylvania. what we know is the white, black, asian and other.
8:39 am
african-americans are about 8% of your state population, i believe, 12% of your state population. >> yeah. >> the cases in the deaths are running higher than those numbers. i know you're still in the middle of this and what have you learned so senator are steps being taken to address them mid-stream? are you waiting for more data? >> steps are being taken to address that. one of the most comprehensive steps that we took was one of the leading feedback information we got on the disparities is the looming rent crisis in pennsylvania that disproportionately affects african-americans and the enormous homeless problem with evictions. the governor issued $200 million in rental assistance and also extended the eviction ban in pennsylvania to the end of august. this virus has -- is laid bare the racial disparities here in our state and the next looming one we'll have to confront is
8:40 am
opening our public schools back up, whether that happens horn the in august. and you have nearly half of philadelphia's children that didn't even logon let alone receive any instruction, didn't even log on from march when the schools closed to the end of the school year so there's an idea of what will we lose if we open schools and if you want to safely open schools and that you are red or blue, republican or democrat. you know, it's about this virus, and if we, you know, need to fight our common enemy and that's the virus and we're turning on each other, and it's only going to continue to spiral until we get to the point where we can say, look. vote who you're going to vote for, but let's do it wearing masks. >> the lieutenant governor of pennsylvania, john forgetman. we'll appreciate your time as this circumstance and challenge
8:41 am
continues. >> thank you for having me. >> another 1.3 million americans file for unemployment.
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americans joining the ranks of the unemployed. that now means that more than 51 million have filed new unemployment claims since the beginning of this coronavirus pandemic. congress says it might pass a new stimulus package, struggling states, schools, the unemployed, all part of the political debate up on capitol hill about a new plan. house speaker nancy pelosi today saying she's willing to cancel a planned august recess to get a deal done, but we also know there are giant differences between the house democrats and the senate republicans in the white house. cnn's manu raju live for us up on capitol hill. any progress that we've heard from the speaker or just staking out the democratic ground? >> each side is taking its position right now. we're not getting into any real horse trading. that's probably not going to happen for more than a week and congress is out of session right now. both chambers get back into session next week. senate republicans plan to put forward their plan next week, and they are trying to get their own conference on the same page. they are not engaging in bipartisan discussions as of yet, but what mitch mcconnell, the senate majority leader is
8:47 am
talking about, is much different than what passed the house roughly two months ago. the senate republican plan, for instance, roughly $1.3 trillion and the democratic plan is roughly $3 trillion and change. that's just on the size and scope, and the details are much different. one of the big things the republicans are pushing for is to ensure that anybody affected by the coronavirus, businesses, schools, health care workers, et cetera, essentially have liability protections. democrats say no. there needs to be much more -- there needs to be other protections for health care workers and the like. there's much differences on exactly how to provide money for schools. republicans want to make it contingent on reopening schools and give that money to school districts. democrats, on the other hand, say that is not -- that's a non-starter, so those are just some of the small details. there are big other major differences ahead and pelosi made very clear here, john, that she is not yet engaged in these
8:48 am
discussions yet with the republicans, the administration, but that's something that they will have to deal with if they want to get something done, get to the president's desk and open questions still if that will happen. john? >> open question. we will see. stakeout position time now. we'll see if the trading begins later. manu raju on the hill. appreciate that very much. china pushing back now as the trump administration considers a travel ban on members of the chinese communist party. only tylenol® rapid release gels have laser drilled holes. they release medicine fast, for fast pain relief. tylenol®. for fast pain relief. i appreciate what makes each person unique. that's why i like liberty mutual. they get that no two people are alike and customize your car
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trump administration said to be considering a travel member -- ban on members of the
8:53 am
chinese communist party and could allow the u.s. to revoke visas of those here in the united states. the order has yet to be finalized but china reacting already weighing in on this proposed ban as quote pathetic. david culver joining us now live from beijing. this the latest in a number of tense little standoffs between the two governments. >> reporter: getting increasingly tense, too, john. this is suggested according to "the new york times" that some 92 million members of the party and the family members cannot travel into the u.s. and right now what we are seeing is that this is as of now just being put on to sources really. looking at the white house, homeland security, looking at the department of state in particular. but what china is saying is that this is something this is not surprising to them in that they feel that the trump administration is going to continue to ratchet up the
8:54 am
attacks on members of not only the party but also really china in general. anybody who's connected to china and the chinese government and state entities, too. what we do anticipate though is that china would respond perhaps more with rhetoric than anything else because that's what we have seen when the u.s. put sanctions for example on chinese officials involved in the internment of uighur muslims and hong kong after it was stripped of the special trade status and issues in the south china sea likewise tense so this back and forth is also from the chinese side just going to be more rhetoric that they're likely to put forward saying we'll take reciprocal actions as they like to say and necessary counter measures but it is not necessarily going to mean anything in true action as of now, john.
8:55 am
>> would there not be a question of enforceability in the sense that you mentioned the big number? if you're part of the government, part of some big government panel, obviously you're obvious, the letterhead. the united states could say, bang, we got you. how do you enforce it against rank and file members of china that identify with the communist party? >> you're right. part of a state entity is easily tied to the individual but aside from that it's tough to enforce. the reality is the folks are not necessarily stepping into the country and having to fill out a form saying that they're members of the communist party so that's something that will be interesting to see if it's actually going to be part of the criteria for applying for a visa going forward. >> we'll see if the regulation is promulgated. up next, a major twitter hack tar gets some of the most prominent days in politics 100 days before the election. hold my pouch.
8:56 am
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8:58 am
not use them for political gain. i'll do my job and i will take responsibility, i won't blame others. you know, i've said from the outset of this election, that we're in the battle for the soul of this nation. what we believe and maybe most importantly, who we want to be, it's all at stake. when we stand together, finally as one america, we'll rise stronger than we were before. i'm joe biden and i approve this message.
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i'm joe biden simon pagenaud takes the lead at the indy 500! coming to the green flag, racing at daytona. they're off... in the kentucky derby. rory mcllroy is a two time champion at east lake. touchdown! only mahomes. the big events are back and xfinity is your home for the return of live sports.
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welcome to our viewers around the united states and around the world. president trump say it is country will be back to new normal and he insists his polls will rebound but the coronavirus reality when you look at the facts is far, far different. the case count on the