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tv   New Day Weekend With Victor Blackwell and Christi Paul  CNN  July 26, 2020 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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as we watch cases spike nationwide, we're seeing a massive push to get kids back into the classrooms. >> we have parents feel like we got -- >> forcing teachers to come back to school. you better be careful about that. many days of goodbyes for former civil rights icon and congressman john lewis. >> thank you merciful master for the boy from troy who was the conscience of -- >> hanna made landfall as a
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category 1 storm on padre island, texas with sustained winds of 90 miles per hour. >> doesn't end up to look like this one. it's always good to start a new day with you. it's sunday, july 26th, i'm victor blackwell. i'm abby philip in for christi paul today. thanks for spending your sunday morning with us. >> the number of confirmed coronavirus cases around the world, now more than 16 million. more than a quarter of those cases in the u.s. and the u.s. added more than 65,000 new cases just yesterday. and florida, they now have the second highest number of cases and is second, just behind california. >> americans in all 50 states are waiting to know if more economic relief is coming. senator majority leader mitch mcconnell hopes to get the new
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relief bill to the house in the next two to three weeks. the federal unemployment benefits, however, expired this past week. some hopeful news. the first phase 3 trial of a coronavirus vaccine in the united states will start tomorrow. 30,000 volunteers are expected to take part in the study at 87 locations across the country. >> we've got all the angles covered. we'll start with new york to look at the numbers across the country. some numbers surging, some dropping. >> the real focus, victor, is not the areas plateauing, but the areas spiking with thousands of more cases yesterday. american medical experts are urging political leaders to shut down the united states to contain this pandemic. this as we surpass well over 4 million cases now. >> florida on saturday became the u.s. state with the second highest official coronavirus case count passing new york, once the epicenter early on in
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the pandemic. the number of people being hospitalized in florida up a staggering 79% since the july 4th holiday. nearly half of the covid-19 death are linked to long-term care facilities. at least 50 florida hospitals saturday reached icu capacity. >> every day, miami-dade county right now, about 200 people go into our hospitals because they're too sick. 20 to 30 of them will likely die. a good portion of them will end up two weeks on -- in icu and another portion on ventilators and survive. >> despite that and surgeon case numbers, there's a push to reopen bars in florida. we're also learning heartbreaking details about the youngest detail who was just nine years old when she died last week. florida now tops new york in cases. texas now sits close behind new york with more than 380,000 cases of the coronavirus. texas saturday afternoon reported more than 8100 new
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cases and 168 deaths. >> we have reported 386 people who died in the city. not the county, but in the city of houston. 151 of those deaths came just in the month of july. we have had more people to die in july than march, april, may, june combined. >> leading the nation now in confirmed cases of covid-19, california. and friday, 159 people died of the coronavirus in california. the most deaths there in a single day. arizona hits the second highest daily death toll on saturday. they face a cutoff in critically needed unemployment benefits as congress fights over the relief. that could cause pain for many people in arizona and other states. >> we're all about making sure the working class are taken care of. we're not going to stick to
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strict ideology and in the process somehow destroy family incomes and family stability. so, of course, we'll look at some compromises. >> as cases and deaths spike mags wide, a massive push to get kid back in the classroom. the cdc has new guidelines coming down hard in favor of reopening schools with the new school year just around the corner. families and communities are weighing whether to send their children back for in-person learning. >> for parents, it's really important to prepare, to know where your kid is going to go every day. if we have to dial back on that, like in the spring, this could be really, really devastating for parents. we want to forecast with the best possible knowledge of what the future is actually going to look like rather than what an administration's political priorities are for what they want them to look like. >> all this as cdc analysis as coronavirus symptoms can stick around for weeks, even in those who are otherwise healthy. >> here in new york, testing
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continues before the week has started. there were close to 70,000 people tested, victor and abby, according to governor cuomo, 646 tested positive. 1% positivity rate here in new york city. the concern here is that it could rise with more traveling in from some of those hotspot states and that's why the travel restrictions for dozens states are still in place. the travel advisory, traveling to those states to quarantine for a couple of weeks. of course, the challenge is enforcing that. >> absolutely. polo sandoval in new york. thank you. he talked about schools there and the debate over reopening them. let go to georgia's large it's school district where some parents, some students are demanding the option of in-person classes in the fall. there was a protest, kid over covid. >> cnn's natasha chen has a closer look at the concerns on both side of this contentious
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issue. >> that's our future. >> during a typical summer break, children aren't usually demanding to go to class. in the mid-of a pandemic, these parent and students are protesting the largest school district change heart on reopening. going all virtual instead of offering some in class options. >> the rug is pulled out from underneath us all and we're scrambling. >> she said she understands the health risks and understands parents who wish to keep their kids at home. she and her husband also need to leave home for work causing a potential child care issue. >> the airlines are open, corporate america is opening up. what have you. we have parents feel like, we got left in the dust and you all just figure it out.
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>> kids over covid. >> look, they can protest. and that's their right. however, there's no science behind it. even if they decide to keep their kids -- make them go face to face, that's on them. i can't back that at all. >> she runs an unofficial facebook brook for fulton county schools. she says the argument whether masks should be required and the argument for in school versus virtual, she says it should be about the science. >> what i can tell you, whether children under 10 in the united states don't spread the viruses the same as children over ten. i think that's still an open question that needs to be studied in the united states. we certainly know from other studies that children under ten do get infected. it's just unclear how rapidly they spread the virus. >> the overall data in georgia
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shows a staggering rise of cases. the highest in red states. in cobb county, the virus is spreading a gres sieving. >> we're in that high spread -- we as an organization cannot add to the transmission rate increasing. >> parents opinions vary by zip code and if they can afford child care or private tutoring. 43% of gwinnett county parents want all in classroom learn and over half of them would be uncomfortable with that. in the urban core, parents in the south and west -- were likely to prefer virtual learning. it's a preference often based on personal experience. >> i have tended to covid-related funerals recently. it's happening. even if it's not happening to you, it's happening. it's terrifying.
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>> that tash chen, cnn atlanta. >> meantime, senate republicans cop unveil plans for the next coronavirus stimulus bill. >> it was supposed to be delivered last week, but republicans could not agree on -- including enhanced payments for workers. sarah westwood is here with more. are they closer to an agreement? >> good morning, abby and victor. yesterday, mark meadows and steve mnuchin were on capitol hill continuing the talks through the weekend. they have been saying consistently that they have a fundamental agreement. but there have been a number of sticking points along the way. one of the biggest ones is unemployment insurance enhancement, the extra $600 a week that some americans are getting right now. that effectively expired last week. it doesn't officially expire
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until july 31st. republicans and the white house have been going back and forth about how they ix tend that. they want to move to a system that replaces specifically the wages of workers losing up to 70% and not just a one size fits all payment. take a listen. >> we're not going to use taxpayer money to pay people more to stay home. we're going to transition to a ui system based upon wanl -- we've talked about 70% wanl replacement and we're going through the mechanics of that. >> initially, senate republicans wanted to unveil this on thursday. now an aide said that will be monday at the earliest. this is just the opening offer. the hard part will be when they take it to the democrats to get
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to a bipartisan agreement that could pass the house and the senate. democrats have said they want something in the neighborhood of -- republicans are looking at something closer to $1 trillion. they're far apart. that means congress is a long way away, relatively speaking from passing a stimulus bill if there are disagreements just among republicans right now. >> go ahead, abby. i apologize. >> sarah, thank you for that. it's also notable, saturday is august 1st. rent is due. while they wait a couple of weeks, the country is waiting for leadership on that issue. let's take you to seattle now where at least 45 people were arrested yesterday after demonstrations turned violent. >> yeah. so there were about 1 thousand people who showed up to support protesters in portland. police say the people here threw glen oaks and bottles fanned --
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someone set fire to a portable trailer at a construction site. at least 21 officers were injured in the violence. a lot of them were able to return to work. hurricane hanna makes landfall in texas striking areas already hard hit by the coronavirus. we're going to take you there for a whief update from our weather center. plus, ch regis philbin, we'll look at his legacy and his master stroke of the art of conversation. stay with us. a lotta folks are asking me lately how to get their dishes as clean as possible. i tell them, you should try cascade platinum plus the power of oxi. cascade platinum + oxi breaks down
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the lake the beach my place for my neighbors my community my people my country my home for him for her for them for you. ♪ for you. for bathroom odors that linger try febreze small spaces. just press firmly and it continuously eliminates odors in the air and on soft surfaces. for 45 days. the first atlantic hurricane patricia of the season slammed parts of texas. 90 miles per hour. also saw a lot of rain. several inches of rain. >> yeah. which downgraded to a tropical storm. made landfall at a category 1
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hurricane near padre island in texas. it is one of three separate storm system threatening the u.s. and caribbean over the weekend. cnn's allison chinchar is in the weather center with the latest. what are we seeing down in texas with this storm? >> even though it's been downgraded, it's not gone away. we have plenty of rain to get from this storm. here you can see the live radar. look at all of this moisture being funneled in across south texas and areas of louisiana too. you still have a lot more rain to go, which is not a good thing given how much rain has fallen. widespread locations picked up 6 inches of rain. you have a couple of locations with over a foot. you have an additional 2 to 4 inches of rain to fall in some of these locations. it wasn't just rain. it was gusty winds. several places reporting those hurricane strength winds and even tropical storm.
3:19 am
corp. urs chrisris -- corpus ch picking up winds. you have 250,000 people without power in the state of texas. it's going to be slow to get that power back on because the storm isn't done. it will eventually continue to push into portions of mexico today. but as we showed you, the rain bands are still there. they'll stay there for several more hours. again, notice through much of day, you have a lots more rain to go before it clears out. in addition to rain and gusty winds, you have the potential for waterspouts as well as tornadoes. we're also keeping an eye on another system, this is hurricane douglas heading fords hawaii. winds are 90 miles per hour. similar to hanna yesterday. moving west, northwest at 16 miles per hour. you have hurricane warnings and tropical storm warnings in place for this storm. storm surge, rip current, a lot of that is going to be the main focus, victor and abby, with this particular storm. you will also have heavy rain bands pushing in through the
3:20 am
islands. >> allison chinchar watching it all for us. we have with us the corpus christi mayor on the phone with us. >> good morning. >> before we talk about damage, let's address life and limb. any reports of injuries caused by or related to the storm? >> i'm not aware of any at this point, of any fatalities or injuries that -- we're very grateful for that. our goal was to not have any fatalities and to my knowledge, there is none. >> mayor, you know, this is coming at a time when the state of texas is really feeling the brunt of the coronavirus crisis. what is the situation with the resources in corpus christi? how are first responders managing any of the fallout from this massive storm that has hit
3:21 am
your coast and the ongoing coronavirus situation? >> well, i guess the good news is we did not have to evacuate, which would have been a nightmare in trying to deal with evacuating the people with covid because of icu kins and all of that. we're very grateful that everything got to stay in place. we did urge people if they did have to move to higher ground, did with family members in anticipation the storm, they make sure they take masks and even wear them while in the house if they had a crowded condition where two families were going together to ride out the storm. i think we're pretty good. a lot of the city lost power. a lot of hospitals have backup generators. to my nonl, we didn't have a significant amount of damage and
3:22 am
emergencies, i don't know that we had any additional demand to deal with hurricane victims that could continue to focus on the people with the normal hospital patients and the people with covid. that was the good news as far as hospitals go. we did close down obviously our testing facilities and probably won't start those back up until, i think they rescheduled them originally for tuesday. i think probably today when the sun comes up and we do an assessment of where we are following the storm, once the sun comes out, if it's not too bad, they can get their people back together, they may start them back on monday. but right now, they're going to resume testing on tuesday. that's the plan. we're just kind of waiting and see. it's 5:15, 5:30 here. we haven't had a chance to assessment damage ear than what
3:23 am
we've seen. e-mailing or facebooking different pictures of what they were around, whether it be water on the shoreline, sinking boat or whatever, the city managers called a meeting today, about 9:00, 10:00, look at the weather conditions. the wind still blowing pretty good. >> pardon me for interrupting. what do you know about the pier. it was damaged i heard. >> well, it was. it's owned and operated by new a sis county. it's about a p 50 feet off the gulf of mexico. which is popular. it's got a t on the action. the wave action took the t off of the end of the pier. it collapsed it. the ep trans to the pier where the water was hitting up against
3:24 am
the shoreline, ramp that you would get from the parking lot up to the pier, that was also -- had the concrete knocked out from under it because of the wave action. that was probably -- like i said, i haven't seen -- an opportunity to go around. from the reports, that seems to be the biggest surprise an the large he's piece of damage we had because it survived harvey and a lot of other big storms. but the surge got it this time. >> we're grateful that there have been no other injuries that we know of so far. we wish you and the people of corpus slis i. mayor thank you for joining us. >> thank you very much. appreciate it. for decades, we laughed at some of his jokes and he was in our living rooms and then the big hit with who wants to be a
3:25 am
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for the same medications as the vet, but up to 30 percent less with fast free shipping. visit today. today we're remembering the life of the legendary tv host regis philbin. he died of natural causes according to a family statement. >> he co-hosted so many television shows. people remember live with regis and kathie lee which was eventually live with regis and kelly. >> over the years, philbin hosted miss america pageants and game shows like who wants to be a millionaire. cnn's richards-ross reports on the reactions to his passing. >> reg, your lips are chapped. >> that's right. frank. take the tight closeup. >> blessed with the gift of gab,
3:30 am
regis philbin spent his career in the spotlight. he co-hosted live with regis and kathie lee and later live with regis and kelly. >> i won best daytime host when i was in between co-hosts. ironically enough. >> having a wardrobe malfunction. >> it's been fun. i've enjoyed this. >> his quick wit and spontaneous ad lib charmed audiences. a talented he credited to his irish italian up bringing. >> my wife had a lot of sisters and brothers and nieces. they would converge at our home in the bronx. it gave me the talking ability i had. if you didn't talk, you weren't going to get a word in edgewise. >> philbin was born august 25, 1931. despite his parents' large extended family, regis francis
3:31 am
xavier philbin was an only child until he was in college when his parents had another son. he graduated from notre dame and then served in the u.s. navy. >> that's wild to bear it like that. >> have any special significance? >> no. it's like a thing, man. that's his thing. >> i'm glad he finally got one. >> the bronx native eventually landed a spot as comedian joey bishop's side kick on the joey bishop show. it gave him access to the rat pack, hollywood's royalty in the late '60s. >> more co-hosting jobs and -- imt he shared the spotlight with joy. who often filled in as his co-host on his live show. philbin racked up huge camera time morning and night. in 2011 he broke his own guinness world record for the most on camera hours on u.s. tv. >> 16,746.5 hours.
3:32 am
>> he proved he could charm nighttime audiences hosting the quiz show who wants to be a millionaire. >>let play millionaire right now. >> he was a frequent show on the late show with david letterman, even filling in for him when he underwent quintuple bypass surgery. >> what do you think einstein? >> excuse me. the guy calls this morning -- [ laughter ] >> it will be something new. please, please regis. >> philbin often said it was his work, the exchanges with numerous co-hosts and guests that gave him lasting satisfaction. for a man with so many questions, he spent his life sharing the answers with us all.
3:33 am
>> what a life and a legacy. >> let's bring in chief media correspondent and host of cnn's reliable sources, brian stelter. brian, he was known as the hardest working man in show business. you can see from that lengthy career why that is. i mean, he's a mainstay in so many people's living rooms. what a loss. >> yes. a 60-year career on television. tracing the history of the media -- as a broadcast tool. that's why he was beloved. he brought joy to the lives of millions of people through his broadcasts. a first on radio and tv and then nationally on live with regis and kathie lee. we've seen tributes this weekend from people like kathie lee gifford who wrote on twitter simply, there will never be another. that was her message.
3:34 am
we heard from the current host of the program. of course, regis co-hosted with kelly ripa for many years. he left that program in 2011. went out on top about a decade ago. now that program is co-hosted by ryan see crest. they said we are beyond saddened chld. he was the ultimate class act bringing laughter and joy into our homes for more than 23 years. we were beyond look i to have him as a mentor in our careers and inspire every day to fill his shoes on the show. kelly and ryan conclude to say, we send our deepest love and condolences to their family and hope they can find comfort in knowing he left the world a better place. that's a statement from the current hosts of that program. it's a testament to reg, i want to call him reg still. to regis philbin's career and success that i turn on the tv at 9:00 a.m. and think he's going to be there.
3:35 am
he left a real mark on morning television and helped to define the morning talk show format. ultimately, it's about companionship and he was the ultimate companion. someone you wanted to spend time with through the television. >> we saw that in that transition from when kathie lee gifford left the show and kelly ripa won the show. he won that emmy still being that companion. i don't know if you saw it. the monochromatic shirt and tie from who wants to be a millionaire. when that was hot. i don't know if it was silk or satin. i didn't have much money. but we saw the former president wearing it. >> i love it. so many influences. >> yes, he did. >> you think about who wants to be a millionaire, it was the biggest show in the world. that was partly thanks to regis philbin. he made it so entertaining and interesting. it really -- he made it look
3:36 am
easy. but it can be hard on television to keep a conversation going, to make people comfortable. to make a stressed out guest feel relaxed in the chair. he had all of those qualities. he was an extraordinarily charming conversationalist. i notice david letterman who as was mentioned, he would be on the show a lot, they were friends. letterman put out a statement overnight saying regis was always my best guest. he was in the category of johnny carson. he was charming, lovable but could tack a punch. you want someone to be there and make the show better. he made every show he was on better. >> he was funny to boot which helps a lot. brian stelter, thank you so much for that. you can catch more of brian later today on reliable sources at 11:00 a.m. eastern time later this morning. celebrating a hero. family members and politicians, civil rights leaders in alabama to remember and honor
3:37 am
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he often told us, if you see something wrong, do something. his actions showed us just that. in a time when going to jail was perceived as trouble, he reminded us that it was good trouble, necessary trouble. see something, say something, do something. >> that was miss rosa mae tyner. the late congressman's sister. the memorial services will continue to celebrate at troy state university there. congressman lewis will be honored again with a short prayer and song at brown chapel ame in selma. after that his casket will be carried through the streets of selma to the foot of the edmund pettus bridge and then military honor guard will lead a
3:43 am
horse-drawn hearse carrying lewis across the bridge for a final time. >> his body will be taken to the alabama state capitol in montgomery. alabama's governor kay ivey is expected to be there and he will lie in state inside the capitol. >> there will be services throughout the week on monday and tuesday. he will lie in state at the capitol rotunda in washington, d.c. >> on wednesday, a special ceremony before he lies in state at the georgia state capitol and on thursday, a celebration of life at the ebenezer baptist church in atlanta, georgia. lewis will be then laid to rest at the south-view cemetery in atlanta. still ahead, a lockdown and state of emergency in north korea after the country reports its first suspected case of coronavirus. how they think it may have gotten into the country. have be.
3:44 am
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north korean leader kim jong-un convened an emergency meeting after the first suspected case of covid-19. >> the patient is in isolation and under quarantine. isolation measures are in effect for the border area near the town. cnn's paula hancock has the latest on this story. >> reporter: this is the closest that north korea has come so far to admitting the coronavirus is within the country. we know from state run media, the leader convened an emergency meeting. within that, he and his elite agreed to a maximum emergency system. according to kcna, kimo owe he said there's a runaway, a
3:49 am
defector who left north korea and on july 19th crossed back in, across the dmv. the military are looking into this to confirm whether or not that was the case. according to the particular -- they did show symptoms. uncertain results was from a medical checkup. the individual was put into strict quarantine as were many others according to this article in a border city along the dmv. up until now, north korea has claimed they have zero cases within the country. this is something that authorities and officials simply did not believe. they did close off the border very early on and they're one of the very few countries in the borld that can completely isolate in this respect. but this is really the first time that we have heard any indication and it's coming from the top, from kim jong-un, the coronavirus is in north korea. paula hancock, cnn, seoul. a quick programming note for
3:50 am
you. tonight on cnn, join frederico whitfield for a look at the countless ways unconscious bias impacts our lives. here's a preview. >> dealing with an issue of covid-19 all over the country and we're also in the midst of that trying to deal with racial bias because we know bias is more likely to come forth when we're living in situations of scarcity. when there's scarce resources, like when not everyone has access to testing for covid or not everyone -- >> tempers flare. >> you could show up at the hospital and how do you know who is going to get tested and who isn't. who is going to be turned away. who gets a bed and who gets a ventilator. all of those situations, when there's scarcity, bias could be more likely. you mentioned tempers flaring.
3:51 am
if we think about bias in terms of health care workers who are working in these overwhelming conditions where they're tired and they'reover worked, they're having to work long hours and make all these split second decisions, the decisions under which bias can come alive as well. >> this will be a must-watch. unconscious bias facing the realities of racism airs tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern time. >> we watched the yankees and the nationals. they neild before the season opener. soccer players around the world kneel as well. players in the wnba, what they chose to do made a statement as well. we'll show this to you after the break. (vo) audi e-tron. the next frontier of electric.
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thursday on we watched the yankees and the nationals kneel before the game. not during. but before the national anthem. at the wnba, they seem to be a little past that conversation once the season tipped off yesterday. the players didn't kneel. they actually walked out. coy wire is with us right now. coy, the message they sent was loud and clear. at the wnba, they're not new to this issue of standing up for social justice. >> yes. good morning, abby and victor. long before it was a norm for athletes to protest, wnba players were out in front fighting for social justice.
3:57 am
they opted to sit out to focus on initiatives, including one of the biggest stars, maya moore who is doing so for a second straight season. this is, as you said, nothing new to the players. the wnba, holding a 26-second moment of silence. she was 26 years old. her name will be on every jersey as part of the say her name campaign. there you have the new york liberty and the seattle storm as the anthem played they walked off the -- this is not a political issue. it's a human issue. >> it's about honoring breonna taylor's life and about bringing awareness to the fact that her murderers have not been brought to justice. >> this is an evolution for many. for us, i feel our evolution has to do with the eyes and the ears on us and the figures that could
3:58 am
help us be progressive and we express ourselves from powerful women on the court. >> for the games, here's the first pro bucket of number one overall pick by the new york liberty, sabrina ionescu. she shot over 25% in an 87-71 loss to the storm. play of the day to l.a. sparks star brittany sykes. get out of her. 6'9", britney sykes. >> doing something not since february. they're holding a championship. the chicago red -- holding the game from their bubble in u tachlt the u.s. pro team sports league to return to action last month at nws -- it's going to
3:59 am
help leagues. no reported positive tests during the tournament. rockies pitcher daniel barnes hasn't pitched in more than seven years battling a case of the yips. he got a win against the rangers yesterday in his home state. coming in, in relief in the 5th. giving the rockies the first win of the season. his manager said he walked off the mound and said, that was fun. daniel bard, welcome back. here we go. the first cardboard calamity. adam duvall hitting a rocket into a canine cutout. oh, this is the mets one-year-old doggie. the daughter of our jet macneal. dodgers will smith, nearly
4:00 am
decapitated this poor cutout during the ninth inning of their loss to the giants. that left a serious mark. now victor, abby, i, too, have my cardboard cutout. i'm a huge fan. as you see, i ran out of ink. i need more printer ink. >> you need more ink. >> thank you, coy. >> as we watch cases and deaths spike nationwide, we're seeing a massive push to get kids back in the classroom. >> when you talk about forcing teachers to come back to school, you better be careful about that. >> many days of good-byes for former civil rights icon and congressman john lewis. >> thank you merciful


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