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tv   New Day Weekend With Victor Blackwell and Christi Paul  CNN  August 1, 2020 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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it's in the public health best interest of k through 12 students to get back in face-to-face learning. >> i think i would feel better about it if we had stronger m mandates in our school system. >> i have the ages here between 6 and 10, 51% of them became infected. >> i didn't want to go because i was scared of getting it and --
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>> hurricane isaias is a very healthy looking hurricane. >> we still have to take precaution. >> they are facing the unprecedented double threat of a hurricane and a coronavirus pandemic. >> the governor says that the state is ready. he says there is plen tty of pp pl plenty of supply here. >> announcer: this is "new day" weekend with victor blackwell and christi paul. live look at the white house this morning. good morning to you, thank you for being with us. there is this new projection from the cdc this morning. they estimate that at least 20,000 more americans will die from the coronavirus in the next three weeks. >> so far more than 153,000 people have died in the u.s. there is some hope here, dr. anthony fauci says he is, quote, cautiously optimistic that there will be a vaccine by the end of
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the year. >> millions of americans lost the extra unemployment benefit at midnight. negotiations on a new stimulus package ended with no progress, just deadlock. also several covid-19 testing sites in florida have closed as the hurricane barrels towards the state. allison chinchar is tracking the path right now. what can you tell us? >> hurricane isaias is headed towards florida with sustained winds of 85 miles per hour, gusting up to 105. we'll talk about where the track is headed and who will be impacted coming up. >> thank you. more on the striking projection from the cdc. polo sandoval following the latest on the coronavirus pandemic. good morning to you. what are you hearing this morning? >> reporter: good morning. what we're hearing here in the new york area is a lot of the focus is across the river in new jersey where authorities reported 2,000 cases over a four-day span something
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concerning for governor phil murphy who says the levels they're seeing now are the worst they've seen in about a month. you're about to hear what could be behind him and if he does not see a slow down, he could possibly roll back reopenings. the coronavirus may kill another 20,000 americans by late august according to a fresh forecast from the cdc. the cdc projections warn of an increased in reported deaths in puerto rico, washington state, kentucky, alabama, tennessee and new jersey. the governor there says house parties are contributed to covid spread among young people. >> we are not past this. everyone who walks around refusing to wear a mask or who hosts an indoor house party or who overstuffs a boat is directly contributing to these increases. >> reporter: the white house coronavirus task force says cases are plateauing in
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california, arizona and texas. florida is also on that list, though it may face further complications with approaching hurricane isaias. nearly 8,400 covid patients remain in florida hospitals and there's possibility some in the path may have to turn to shelters. >> it forces people to remain in close quarters. and this is where we need to get that message out. that people need to make sure that those protocols are not sacrifi sacrificed. they understand how important it is to wear mace masks. >> reporter: this week texas surpassed new york in the number of cases. the highest count is in south texas. this funeral facility is overwhelmed. they're turning to additional storage for the influx of bodies and worried surviving family
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members may spread the virus. >> it's the loved ones that m come in to give condolences to the families, that's where the danger is. you get all sorts of people coming in at one time and that's what makes the families vulnerable to having this disease spread amongst the living. not actually the dead. >> reporter: with many schools nearing reopening, a new cdc study offers insight into what could happen when young people are allowed to assemble. researchers looked a at georgia summer camp and found high infection rates among the facility. >> as the study shows when you have large groups of people, children especially because you can't expect children to adhere to some of the safety precautions, there is a high risk of transmission. >> reporter: students back in the classroom at indiana's hancock county where the local health department confirmed on the first day of school that a
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middle schooler tested positive for the virus. school officials told parents the student was immediately isolated. yesterday a group forecasting the pandemic said there are still not enough americans wearing masks, predicting we could see close to 230,000 deaths by november, victor and christi. they said if more americans cover up, that number could drop below 200,000 so a little could go a long way. >> polo sandoval good to see you this morning. thank you. later this hour by the way we're talking with a father whose son was at a summer camp in georgia where hundreds of people, including children, tested positive. president trump says that he will take executive action to ban tiktok from the u.s. and that could happen potentially today. >> you know how popular this video app is. it's owned by a chinese company.
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so critics fear that data from the u.s. users could end up in the hands of chinese government. kristen holmes is at the white house. the president has a said a lot in the past about what his power is. does he have the power to do this and what is the specific reasoning for doing this right now. >> good morning. that's the question. we just don't know enough about what exactly this will look like. president trump was very vague in how exactly he's going to ban this app. he said he could use emergency economic powers. at one point he said he could also use some sort of an executive action. so without knowing exactly what the language will look like, it'sable impossible to see whether or not he can do that and what kind of legal challenges will be risen when he does, in fact, put something out. but this is coming at a time where there are also reports that microsoft was in talks with tiktok to acquire their u.s. operations.
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president trump said that he was not in favor of that deal, told that to reporters when he was announcing this ban on tiktok. and it also comes at a time in which the u.s. government is doing a national security review of the app. i just want to repeat what you said, christi, why is this a big deal? it is a chinese owned app, it is wildly popular here in the u.s. and across the world. you're talking about hundreds of millions of downloads. as you said, it has raised a lot of concerns that the u.s. data is somehow going to end up in the hands of the chinese government. now take a listen to what tiktok had to say about that. they issued a statement saying tiktok user data is stored in the u.s. with controls on employee access. tiktok's biggest investors come from the u.s. we're committed to protecting our users' privacy and safety as we continue to bring joy to families and
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meaningful careers to those who create on our platform. as you know we've played their videos morning after morning. a lot of people during the pandemic have turned to tiktok. the security threat is real. we know the army and navy have banned tiktok on government owns. we know the pentagon urged employees to uninstall the app. and we know joe biden's campaign told their staff to delete the app from their phones. crediti critics of the president said this is in retaliation because people used the app to inflate the tulsa numbers and embarrassing president trump. while critics are saying that, this is again also a very real security concern for people. >> kristen holmes for us at the white house. thank you. >> coming up, these frightening numbers of covid tests from kids
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some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. upper respiratory tract infection and headache may occur. tell your doctor about your medicines, and if you're pregnant or planning to be. otezla. show more of you. so there are hurricane warnings in effected for several counties across florida and the east coast, the state is bracing for heavy rains and flooding from hurricane isaias. that could impact the surge of covid-19 across the state. we know the storm has already flooded parts of puerto rico and the caribbean. knocked out power also for many people there. >> meteorologist allison chinchar is tracking the storm for us. we know the bahamas is getting hit right now. how badly? >> pretty badly. you have gusty winds hitting.
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but the outer bands from the storm are p pushing into florida. you have 40 mile per hour gusts into florida. right now hurricane isaias sustained winds at 85 miles per hour gusting to 105. the forward movement to the northwest at 12 miles per hour at this time yesterday it was 17 miles per hour. we have noticed it slowing down on the approach of florida. that does not mean that florida will not have impacts from this. what it means is the time line will be shifted but that's basically about it. we still anticipate a category one storm to slide right along the coast or perhaps slightly inland of florida as we get into the day on sunday. it will ride up the coast potentially impacting not only the carolinas but also the northeast through tuesday and wednesday of next week. so this is a storm we have to keep an eye on the next five
4:16 am
days. you have hurricane warnings and t tropical storm watches up and down the east coast of florida. you have winds the next 48 hours and power outages will be likely. looking at the radar, look at some of the heavy bands. they will stretch the entire width of the state of florida. so tampa, st. petersburg are likely to get rain from this system before it continues to the north. when we talk about winds, the red areas here, melbourne, jupiter, likely to get winds around 70 miles per hour or higher. farther to the west, fort lauderdale, 73 to 58 miles per hour. and orlando even though they are inland, they could see wind gusts up around 60 miles per hour. storm surge is going to be one of the biggest factors with this storm, especially from jupiter towards jacksonville where you could get two to four feet. monday is a full moon, which means a lot of the areas will
4:17 am
experience some of the highest tides they have all month coinciding with hurricane isaias as it slides up the coast. talking about rainfall, oddly the rainfall isn't likely to be highest across florida. it's expected to be at its highest across the carolinas because it will push further inland, allowing the right-hand side of the storm to push into the carolinas and throughout the northeast. so even states like massachusetts, new york likely to get several inches of rain throughout the storm. florida one to two inches, carolinas, 2 to 4 and up north, new york, philadelphia, boston, 2 to 4 inches is not unlikely as we get through the middle portion of next week.
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new details from the cdc, hundreds of people who attended a summer camp in georgia tested positive for coronavirus. the camp followed some not all of the cdc recommendations to prevent the spread of the covid-19. after studying the details, the cdc said it shows what to expect when schools reopen as well. i want to bring in tom molaro, his son attended the camp where the virus broke out. good to see you this morning. >> thank you so much. >> thomas is doing well, right? >> he is. >> when you first got the call -- you sent him to camp i know you had him tested before he went, when you got the call or the email after three days they're sending everyone home, what do you think? >> we said darn it, the camp had done everything they could to ensure that our kids were safe.
4:19 am
and they had the best laid plans. so when it happened, we just called and said should we pick him up? we went and picked him up and that was pretty much it. >> we do know that there were a couple of things that did not go right for them, in terms of what they were doing. the kids were not wearing masks which is one of the things the cdc said they should be doing. you knew the protocols, i understand, before you sent thomas there. did you have any trepidations about sending him? >> not really. the camp and the director did an amazing job of keeping us all up to date on what was going on. the preparations, the emails, the videos they sent out. again, all the kids and the camp counselors were tested and everyone was tested negative. so when we sent thomas there, we felt secure. when we drove up and dropped him off and all the counselors were wearing masks.
4:20 am
and this was before -- this was the week of june 22nd. so this was the week before masks really became a huge deal. we told him, wash your hands, make sure you're staying with ten people, keep yourself -- his camp, his pod was separated from everybody so we felt really secure in everything that the camp did and him being there. camp is just such a part of life for us that we were -- he needed this experience based on school closing -- not closing but him being virtual for so long. >> there are a lot of parents who understand what you say about kids needing social interaction. i forgot to say this off the top, i meant to. my daughter goes to this catch, my kids go to the camp, my daughter was supposed to go back and be a counselor. she went to the three day
4:21 am
training, she was negative, she tested right before she was supposed to go to camp and she tested negative again. and then they cancelled and she never went. you said thomas came home and he was sick, you thought it was strep? >> he came home with a sore throat we thought it was just being at camp, the yelling and screaming when thiey're there. after a few days it still hurt. we called the doctor, he said bring him in, and he was confirmed with strep throat and covid. we got him on amock sill lan, and he was fine. we did the isolation, moved him to his brother's room with his own bathroom. he had a two week quarantine, which is amazing because he got served by his parents for two weeks. the only thing he was lacking was a bell when he needed
4:22 am
something. >> we're not getting him a bell. >> no, we're not getting him a bell. >> at the end of the day, what happened at the camp does that shape the way you view what should happen now as we talk about sending kids back to school? >> that's a really good question. i'm torn on that, there's no substitute for in-person learning. we all know that. i want my kids to go to school. my kids want to go to school. their friends want to go to school. i think they're really -- i think they're dying a little bit from not having the interaction they used to have. but we know that the best laid plans, as we saw with camp, something could happen. so if i had the opportunity to send my kids back to school face-to-face, i would but i think there would be more education on their part about what to do, wearing a mask right now, washing hands and trying to keep as much social distance as they can. >> real quickly, knowing what
4:23 am
you know now, would you still send him to camp? >> absolutely. i mean, camp is such a part of every kids' life that i would. but i think there would be more education, again, for him on what to do to avoid those particular situations that manager may occur that he would catch the virus. >> we're glad thomas is okay. thank you for getting up early for us. we appreciate it. >> take care. >> you too. the question now is what do you do with the information as we look ahead to schools safely reopening? parents, teachers, students all have the questions, we have a guest who says there's no absolute right answer here. what to do when the number of cases start to rise. dentures. yeah. that many! but right now, is not the time to talk about it. so when you're ready, search 'my denture care'. poligrip and polident. fixed. fresh. and just between us.
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do you think schools should safely reopen this fall with
4:28 am
in-person learning? >> yes, i think it's important to realize it's in the best interests for students to get back to face-to-face learning. there's consequences of the school closure. >> some students are back in the classroom, most are still a few weeks out from the start of the school year. and most people agree there will be cases in schools. the question is how to prepare for when that happens. with us now we have with us emily oster, an economist at brown university. profess or thanks for being wit us this morning. >> thanks for having me. >> let's start here with the op-ed you wrote in "new york times." you write the first part of the plan should recognize that schools should not open in person until cases of the virus in the surrounding areas are low. you acknowledge that low is going to be hard to come up with a precise number. but for parents, families, what should they look for if it's
4:29 am
their choice? >> i think what families should be looking for is first that the school has a good prevention plan. so that means making sure the kids are hand washing, distancing, wearing masks, tracking of symptoms. and then at the same time looking at what is the school going to do if and when they see a case, how are they going to isolate, close? it's part of the public health safety piece for parents but also the planning for what are they going to do as the school year unfolds. >> you highlight the cdc is clear about what to do if a student or faculty member or staff member is diagnosed with covid-19 but not much after that, they leave it up to the school district or the health p professiona professionals. is that the right plan? should these guidelines be a little bit more clear?
4:30 am
>> i think it would be helpful for schools and planning if the guidelines were a little more clear, but some of it is going to depend a little bit on how isolated groups are within a school. so i can see there's value in allowing schools to make choices for themselves, so thinking about the distinction what do you do if there's a case in the classroom if the classroom is able to be isolated, maybe you can isolate your quarantine or symptom tracking to that group as opposed to having an entire floor or area of the school isolated. but i think many schools and school districts and parents are finding themselves lost in the absence of something specific. >> you know what i'm not hearing from school districts, and we've had this conversation for weeks now, is the specifics when to call it. is there a specific number -- i'm not asking you for the number, but should each school district come up with a
4:31 am
threshold, if hospitalizations reach this percentage or icu availability drops to this or transmission gets to this number we're going to suspend in-person, should they get that specific now? >> i'm cautious about being so specific. when people ask i say the way you should probably structure this is to say here are the things people think about, hospitalizations, transmission rates, testing positivity rates, what is happening inside the school. there should be a group at the school district or the school level that looks at all of those things and that is prespecified what they're going to look at but maybe doesn't go so far as to say if hospitalizations are above this number because those thresholds are subject to some reporting. they're a little bit fuzzy, so i think we want to look whoholis c
4:32 am
holistically so you need a plan. >> we know a study shows that children 11 and over transmit the virus much like adults and 10 and under not so much. should we have a k through five and then a junior and senior high scho high conversation? >> i think so. younger kids transmit less effectively,less likely to be effected than older kids. high school kids are much more easily able to transition to remote learning than kindergarteners so to lump them together misses the public health differences and the learning differences. >> professor emily oster, thank you so much. i advise everyone to read the op- op-ed. it's inevitable there will be cases the question is what will you do then.
4:33 am
thank you so much for being with us this morning. we'll talk about the school year throughout the morning. at 10:00 we'll be joined by the president of rice university, how his school is preparing for the fall semester. >> plus the top infectious disease expert in the u.s. says he's cautiously optimistic about having a vaccine by the end of the year. but if there is one, has politics undermined your confidence in using it? inum plur of oxi. cascade platinum + oxi breaks down food soils some detergents can leave behind, washing away even the smallest food residue, so it doesn't redeposit on your dishes. and oxi is cascade's most powerful clean, formulated without chlorine bleach, for a hygienic clean you can see and feel. cascade + the power of oxi. the #1 recommended brand in north america.
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the animal data and the human data we feel optimistic that we will have a vaccine by the end of this year and as we go into 2021. so i don't think it's dreaming, congresswoman, i believe it's a reality. >> that was the nation's top infectious disease expert, dr. anthony fauci saying he's optimistic the vaccine being developed will be successful and be ready by the end of the year. >> the first phase three clinical trial started this week, about 30,000 volunteers signed up to be tested. with us to discuss the latest on treatments dr. adaja. thank you for being with us, doctor. i want to ask you about the head of operation warp speed said on thursday he wouldn't be
4:39 am
surprised if a vaccine turned out to be 90% effective against the virus. dr. fauci said time will tell us that, but is 90% effective attainable? >> it would be a high bar to reach. we don't know if our first generation vaccines will be something that gives us sterilizing immunity, prevents you from getting infected or will it prevent you from having complications, being hospitalized, any of those is a win. but we shouldn't let perfect be the enemy of the good and we should look for a vaccine that just decreases the complications, that should change the game. >> public health in this case requires public confidence we know. and we heard from dr. fauci about the confidence americans should have in the vaccine that's coming, although we know some people will be reluctant, here's what dr. fauci said. >> the commissioner of fda, dr. steven hawn, has assured me
4:40 am
and spoken publically, he would make sure any decision on the part of the fda will be based on sound, scientific data proving the safety and efficacy. >> the fda commissioner also declined to say whether the president was right or wrong when he said that 99% of coronavirus cases were harmless. there's what we're seeing with the cdc and the softening of guidance for schools and rushing states to be open and governors saying maybe they opened too soon. has or can politics impact one's willingness to take this vaccine? >> definitely that can be the case. we've seen that with the rise of the anti-vaccine movement enabled by celebrities and po politicians like rfk jr., for example. so we have to be clear what the risks and benefits of the vaccine is, what the side effect profile is, and age groups, different side effects occur.
4:41 am
we want to be open and transparent about it because we know there are voices from politics, culture that are going to tell people not to get the vaccine. we saw it in the 2009 h1n1. we're in a different era where people have this distrust of expertise that's coming from the top down and we want to make sure that we have a safe and effective vaccine. and i think that's going to be the case but we need to work on public health communication because it doesn't matter if we have a vaccine if it's not getting into the arms of americans. >> if it doesn't matter if we have a vaccine, as you said, if it did you want get into people, what about a treatment, are there conversations going on to find at least a treatment for this virus that might give people some more confidence? >> we definitely have a lot more tools now in july of 2020 than in march. we have remdesivir, which has an fda emergency use authorization,
4:42 am
we have the use of steroids both are used in hospitalized patients to decrease the length of stay or mortality. these are great tools. there are other tools in the pipeline as well. plasma, getting the blood from survivors and good data that shows this might decrease mortality but we need to see it in a randomized control trial. we're hearing about antibodies that are synthetic in phase three trials looking good. i think we'll have a treatment in the fall that will modulate how severe this could be in hospitalized patients. we don't have something to give patients as outpatients to keep them out of the hospital. if we had that, that would be a great tool but we're not there yet. we're looking at treatments for hospitalized patients which i think are welcome. >> there's something interesting about research outside the u.s. and uk, namely china and russia. here's what dr. fauci said. >> i do hope the chinese and
4:43 am
russians are testing the vaccine before they are administering the vaccine to anyone, because claims of having a vaccine ready to distribute before you do testing i think is problematic at best. >> so what's the protocol there? if the russians or the chinese say we have the vaccine, do we start in the u.s. at phase 1 for testing here or what happens then? >> it all depends upon the vaccine. we know that china and russia are developing vaccines, china has one that has provisional approval to be used in the chinese military, we were questioned about if military officers are informed when they're getting vaccinated, we've seen some data that looks promising. we don't know how robust the data is. if one of those vaccines happens to be first, it's often the case the u.s. isn't the first with the vaccine, we want to look at the data, make sure it's safe
4:44 am
and effective and probably do some mini version of a trial in the united states before that gets approval. we need to look at other countries as well and make sure it's important the data integrity is intact and it's challenging because there are many different candidates out there and we don't know which is going to cross the finish line first. >> doctor, so glad to have you with us. thank you. >> thank you. millions of people struggling to keep up financially during the pandemic have now lost unemployment benefits. our financial expert is going to be here to talk about what he sees as the next round of stimulus, this path forward and how lawmakers can help keep this economy going. gillette proglide and proglide gel. five blades and a pivoting flexball designed to get virtually every hair on the first stroke, while washing away dirt and oil. so you're ready for the day with a clean shave and a clean face.
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well, a $600 federal unemployment checks that have kept millions of people afloat in this pandemic, they're done as of today. and the infections rising in some places, there are fears of another shutdown. so where are the leaders, you might be asking right now? congress is away. they're gone for the weekend. at the still can't figure out how to move forward with the stimulus package. and a lot of families are trying to plan. our a financial expert is here. good to have you here. first of all, help us understand how serious the unemployment numbers really are?
4:51 am
>> it's pretty bad, last month, national unlimit as 11.7%. i expect it will get worse here as initial jobless claims have gone up. christi, since march 20th, 50 million people in america. why people need this, claims were 18 million a week. 70% of the people today are in service-based jobs, christi. when you look at areas like restaurants and retail hammered right now. even yelp had a study that said 60% of restaurants that were temporarily shut down are now going to permanently closed. we have cities in america, christi, like detroit, 30% unemployment, boston at 19% unemployment. you can tell people to go back to work and get a job, christi. this is like turning queen elizabeth in a bathtub. >> what proposals are on the table that might give you a little bit of hope or skepticism? >> well, christi, look, how would you like to go to work
4:52 am
today and take a 65% pay cut. that's what's going to happen to americans. the average american was getting $921 a week. they're going to $321 a week. let's remember, 75 days ago, on may 15th, congress passed the act. since january 2021. the gop all that comes to the table is extra $200 a week at extended unemployment benefits. the proposal says you'll get up to 70% of your overall wages. in the gig economy. 1099 contractors. it's difficult for them. mitt romney came to late stage to start at unemployments at $500 and move them down to $300. you don't want to pay people more money to not work than to work but you don't want to leave americans in desire straits. >> what is the next step in your opinion.
4:53 am
>> here's my take on this, christie. the next 90 days, you need tour extend this unemployment of $600. just until politicians can get their heads together and figure this out. we have to have job creation. i would recommend a dual-headed infrastructure plan. one for traditional things like roads and dilapidated schools. and also infrastructure, so many people working at home, we need bigger and faster broadband. imagine doing a telemedicine appointment and your doctor is trying to talk about a rash you have and all of a sudden it says internet unstable. we can't have that. we got to have infrastructure rates low for the next 12 months. >> ted jenkin, appreciate getting your insight. >> thanks. hurricane isaias is making the impact in the bahamas this morning. the storm son a path to hit florida. meteorologist alice son chinchar will give us an update, next.
4:54 am
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well, this sunday on an all united cashade of america, w. kamau bell explored cleveland, ohio. take a look. >> to understand where students are going you have to know where they're coming from. i wanted to know what does it mean that a zip code can tell
4:59 am
you where a child is going to end. you. >> we need to understand not just the differences between students' test scores and that kind of stuff, we need to understand how inequality works in schools. how does that work with george washington carver middle school? >> an assistant principal saw me fooling around. and said cam myou don't have th potential. >> they created an award for the things that i did and she had to hand it to me. >> "united shades of america" is tomorrow night at 10:00 right here on cnn. and the next hour of your "new day" starts right now. it's in the public health best interest that k through 12 students to get back to face-to-face learning. >> i think i would feel better about it if we had stronger mandates in our school system. >> out of the people that could get tested, they found that
5:00 am
young people, the ages here between 6 and 10, 51% of them became infected. >> i don't want to go because i'm scared of getting it. and -- hurricane isaias is a very healthy looking hurricane. >> i don't think it's going to be a fear but a precaution. >> they are facing unprecedented double threat of a hurricane and a coronavirus pandemic. >> governor says that the state is ready. he says there is plenty of ppe. plenty of supply here. >> announcer: this is "new day weekend" with victor blackwell and christi paul. >> thank you so much for waking up with us here on your saturday. it's 8:00 here in the east. we're always so grateful to have you. this morning, we do have striking new


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