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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  August 26, 2020 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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welcome to viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm john king in washington. thank you for sharing a busy tuesday with us. we are at the halfway point through a republican convention. a sharp focus on the people and places the president sees as pivotal in his re-election chances. plus a very determined effort to both distort joe biden's record
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and distort coronavirus reality. first a day of angst and anxiety here in the united states. hurricane laura now a category 3 storm sending millions in texas and louisiana into a rush to get ready or get out. in wisconsin, a new fracture over how this country threets black men and a new debate making a line through protests and undermining your argument through destruction. and kenosha the latest tinderbox. a third night of protests over the police shooting of a black man. the shooting took place just before midnight. police trying to sort exactly what happened in that chaotic scene. county demanding the governor call up more national guardsmen to police. jacob blake shot by police sunday seven times. the blake family attorney say the 29-year-old was trying to stop a fight between two women. police followed him to his car and opened fire.
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blake is now paralyzed from the waist down. cnn sara sidner is live on the scene in kenosha. sara, what's the latest? >> reporter: a couple bits of new information. the family attorney talking about whether or not jacob blake had a weapon on him. there's been a lot of talk about what led up to the shooting where he ended up being shot in the back seven times by police. i want to let you hear that and then we'll talk about what happened in the streets here in kenosha where two people were shot and killed and a third person wounded. first, let's listen to what the attorney is now saying about whether or not jacob blake actually had a weapon. leading up to this altercation with police, where police ended up shooting him. >> do we know if mr. blake own add weapon or was in possession of are one? >> he did not. so in the vehicle he did not have a weapon. i can't speak directly to what he owned.
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>> reporter: so you hear there him saying he did not have a weapon in the vehicle and why that is significant, this is according, of course, to those who are representing jacob blake, why that's significant is there was a lot of questions whether or not he was reaching in his car for something that could harm police or not. his attorney emphatically saying he did not have a weapon inside of that car, where, by the way, his three children were sitting and witnessed all of this. i want to jump to what happened in the streets here overnight in kenosha. quickly, there was, there is great consternation here in this city that this situation has become so untenable that violence is exploding and now two people are dead. a man with a long gun going down the street. a lot of people chasing after him trying to grab on to him, and it turns out that indeed he ended up shooting someone and you see it on camera. and we are now sort of hearing there's a manhunt under way for this man.
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there is also, searching for someone else possibly who ended up shooting someone in the head. we talked to a witness today who witnessed all of that and more on that coming up in a bit. >> sara sidner live on the ground in kenosha. great follow for the live reporting. keep in touch. continue the conversation with a community leader concerned with this. supervisor andy berg. thank you for being with us. supervisor berg, i should say. walk through this. a lot to talk about. one, the county asked for more national guard press tons try to prevent what happened last night. what is response from the governor? do you have one? >> i have not heard a response from the governor as to additional troops. i know we doubled troops yesterday in the 125 on monday to the 250 yesterday. as to the additional beyond that i'm not aware of. >> and what do you know and are you getting information that you think as quickly as you need about what happened last night? obviously, you've seen the
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video. you're there in the community. had protests in the street and then a shooting. do we know what caused it and who was the person who opened fire? >> there was apparently a citizens' brigade that decided they wanted to rally up the american patriots, if you want to call them, and come arms to kenosha to protect our city. we didn't ask them to come here. we don't need them here, as was the result of last night is what you saw. >> are you certain they're not from kenosha, when you say "they came here"? >> the shooter's not from kenosha, the suspect, but others in our community, yes, they did show up with long guns. most certainly. >> one of the ways to perhaps dial back the protests, those mad about the shooting of mr. blake is to get results from the investigation. where does that stand? >> word is -- the results?
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what you're asking? >> yes. where is the kenosha police department in the tone of investigation of what happened to mr. fwlak? >> the kenosha police department is not investigating the event. the state is taking on that investigation. where that is, i'm not privy to that information. >> what's it like to about leader in the community? you've watched it play out, sadly, in other american cities. a black man shot by a police. we have every trite get to the bottom of it but legitimate anger in the streets and escalation into more sadness. what is it like to be in a community, i assume ran into you a month ago you would not expect this to play out in kenosha? i'm not -- i don't know if i wouldn't be expecting it. i wouldn't be surprised. i represent one of the second -- the second most diverse district in my county, and it's been talked about. people have talked about what needs to be changed, changes that need to happen in the community and we've failed as
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elected leaders to make those changes for people in our community. people are scared right now. people are leaving kenosha. residents are leaving kenosha not only because of the protests but because of what happened last night. businesses are being burned. a lot of the destruction is happening, it's not from people of kenosha. it's people coming in. everybody -- across the board -- all residents of kenosha are asking people to not come here and asks residents to stay in their homes so the world sees that it's not us. it's people coming in. >> supervisor andy berg, appreciate your thoughts and perspective today. we'll keep in touch. hope for more peace tonight. hurricane laura churning through the golf of mexico. a category 3 storm expected to come ashore tonight or early tomorrow morning as a powerful cat 4. and a tweet, people only haval a few hours to prepare and wherever you are by noon local
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time, coming up, where you'll have to ride out the storm. cnn's chad miers in the ky ers latest. >> exactly what we expected when it got over the warm water. the same warm water that had katrina, charley and rita, as you know and ivan. rapid intensification of the warm water in the southern gulf of mexico. this went from a 65 mile-per-hour storm yesterday about this time to 125. and it's going to 145. john, it's not turning. this is something i'm very concerned with. i mean, we have it on the left side of this cone, almost the entire time. european mod many said, left side of the cone. left side of the cone. we need this to turn. we need this to get to the right, or houston, millions, millions more people, are going to be in trouble. now, that said, lake charles, if it does turn, you are in trouble.
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you are the place where the wind will come in somewhere around 125, 130 miles per hour. and also a storm surge up to 20 feet. you need to be away from the water and away from the wind. there's no good place for this to go. so i know i said we need it to turn and don't freed it to turn. i'm saying if millions of people in houston won't be devastated, but this will have to turn and it's not. it's simply not making the right-hand turn yet. we'll continue to see if it does. it will be very close to the beaumont, port arthur area. winds 130, 145. there's no good place for this to land. once the storm gets in the gulf of mexico, john, there's no good place for it. that's what's going to happen here. it's in the gulf of mexico, still very strong. look at the lake charles winds. 127. can you imagine that over downtown houston? imagine the windows out of the buildings and things like that? continues to move to the north, loses steam, but still shreveport, 85 miles per hour later on tonight.
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this continues to be a major storm. major surge, and the hurricane center calling it unsurvivable storm surge at 15 to 20 feet. >> critical warnings there and critical for anybody in the area given the unpredictability, as chad said. keep in touch here at cnn and listen to local officials. chad, appreciate the update. we'll be in touch going through the next several hours. up next, cdc make as major change to its coronavirus testing guidance and a little of the experts have concerns.
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important new reporting just in to cnn about the coronavirus. cdc overnight changing its testing guidelines saying if you're asymptomatic you don't need a test even if you came in contact with somebody with coronavirus. our reporters called the cdc he declined comment referring comment to the hhs. this came from the top down. more on that in a moment.
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look at the latest trends now as we look through it. look at the 50-state map now you see orange and red. the 10 states, 9 going up modestly. one in north dakota up dramatically meaning cases compared to week ago, 10 states trending up. improvement without a doubt. 20 states trending and 20 states trending down including florida, texas, arizona and california. the four states that were the big drivers in the summer surge. improved outlook there especially as cross those states. the death trend. might have progress, still a sad map. you have 19 states more deaths now than a week ago. a lagging indicator. 16 states holding steady. 15 states, green states there and again, texas, california, florida and arizona reporting fewer deaths now than a week ago. why the numbers are getting better somewhat. case count number dropping. three day nas row fewer than 4,000 new infections reported in thes united states three days in a row.
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improving number from peak of the summer surge. not a great number going back to late may early june. should all of the cases have happened part of both public health and political debate in the country but encouraging to see three days in a row under 40,000. fewer than 40,000 new infections. see if that can continue to be pushed down. one of the questions is the positivity rate. when taking tests. right? 5.8% on tuesday. public health experts say shove that first, get it empty low 5%, push it down. remains stubborn. not as high as its been peak of the summer surge but stubborn and high here. state-by-state, deeper blue, higher positivity rate and texas, you see mississippi, you see south carolina. still a lot of states in a deeper shade of blue. that means positivity rate still too high. need to push that one down. in terms of the trend of new tests, new tests since june. pretty much a flat line up here. not at high as some public
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health experts think. administration says they have the tests they need. a big question now, is the cdc changing its test guidelines? dr. scott godly former fda commissioner saying that raises questions. >> nots clear why cdc reversed guidance whether a new clinical understanding they have or more likely they're recognizing they don't have enough testing to keep up with the epidemic and keep up with these case-based interventions in tracking and tracing and trying to prioritize testing towards people who are symptomatic. >> discuss with cnn medical analyst dr. michelle valensky. massachusetts general hospital. doctor, good to see you. what is your take? a smart move from the cdc is doing essentially relaxing guidance for testing who should get a test and when? or does it trouble you? >> good afternoon, john. i think we need to fully understand one of the best interal veninte
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interinterventions against covid-19 is testing in addition to social distancing and mac masking. anything more is probably the wrong move. to be clear, though. after a contact people were not always testing in the right time. we need to be smart about testing. we need to test smart. need to test during the right time. it you're exposed yesterday testing today is not the right time to be testing. so i think that the cdc guidance, i question the guidelines and say after exposure you need a test. i advocate for calling for in addition, public health authority saying when is the best time to get the test after being exposed? finally, i want to say where the cdc guidance really falls short is that they speak about anti-body testing, speak about diagnostic testing and still seven months in we don't have any guidance or surveillance testing. when we have so much asymptomatic disease out there propagating new infections we need to do surveillance testing.
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>> it is -- a tough spot. is there -- can you get the motivation behind it? do you agree with dr. godly they don't have enough testing. just read for viewers, you explain the difference. previous guidance. testing recommended for coronavirus infections. new guidance, in close contact of a person with covid-19 infection at least 15 minutes but no symptoms don't necessarily need a test. that's an easing, my word as a layman, from a medical professional, again, does it make sense, and what's the motive? >> i don't understand the motive. i would agree it probably has something to do with lack of available tests for all people exposed. the only positive i could say based on science here is to say maybe it's advocating for people to call and get help to try to understand when would be the best time to get the test. >> and so one of the other new things we've seen in the last couple days, proof. proof we've talked in the past.
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a big event, not safe. guess what? a super spreader. research up in boston now about that biogen conference back beginning, very beginning. now researchers believe could be responsible for 20,000 cases, many as 20,000 cases, in the massachusetts area. now we have at least 70 cases linked to that sturgis motorcycle rally in south dakota. this is the way the governor put it yesterday. governor of massachusetts, charlie baker. >> it speaks to the power of that virus to move from one person to another to another to another to another if you don't wear masks, social distance, don't take seriously the fundamental strength of covid-19 is its ability to get from one person to the next quickly. >> now, the biogen conference there in boston a long time ago. the very sturgis rally, a couple weeks ago. reading on my way up to set, a
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bachelorette party, most from massachusetts, super spreader state, are people learning lessons? >> i would like to think so. you see the big events you worry they're not. indeed, the boston study demonstrated that a third of the first 772 cases probably came from that singular genetic mutation, genetic event that happened at biogen that then led, propagated to 20,000 new infections. indeed, the first week of march. we weren't doing a lot of, all the things we know now to do and, boy, do i hope other people are doing them as they start to gather. >> doctor, as always, grateful for your time and incites. >> thank you so much. up next, republican national convention. a different take on the coronavirus than your life, and this from the first lady. >> whether you like it or not, you always know what he's thinking.
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the republican convention is at the halfway point. vice president mike pence is tonight's big headliner of course lead gt the white house coronavirus task force and of course fond of saying the president has been smart add decisive from the earliest days of this pandemic. trying to rewrite your coronavirus experience is a major convention focus.
9:27 am
one trump adviser last night referred to it in the past tense. that's an affront to frontline workers and parents wrestling now with back-to-school. to her credit, the first laid containedly acknowledged the disruption and pain. she, too, throw, glossed over the many missteps and portrayed her husband, the president, as a man of action. >> donald trump is not and will not lose focus on you. he loves this country, and he knows how to get things done. as you have learned over the past five years he's not a traditional politician. he doesn't just speak words. he demands action and he gets results. >> conventions most of all tell us what a party thinks it needs to win and where it thinks it needs to win. take a look at this map. right now as we're half way through the republican convention, how cnn rates the race. joe biden significant lead. favored in 200 states, 268
9:28 am
electoral votes. only takes 270 to win. the president's in a ditch right now with only 170 electoral votes. take a breath. look at it from the republican perspective. these gold states toss-up states. right? ohio, yes, in play now. strong republican dna. lean into the president. north carolina, same thing. obama won 2008. since.icans carried it two time say the president holds that one. florida, always the toss-up, but does lean republican and getting more republican. give that to the president. georgia democrats say this is the year. georgia, we'll see. history says georgia leans, dna, republican. same with arizona. demographics are changing. democrats have a strong chance this year. look at history, you would bet at least for now that arizona goes republican. now look where we are. the president can carry those 268-269. maine a two state that picks, wards electoral votes based the
9:29 am
on electoral. pick up this district? the president. gets you the race there. 268-260. what's left on the board? state of wisconsin. go blue? joe biden's your president. goes red, donald trump wins narrowly, which is why among the speakers last night a farmer, and a lobsterman. >> my husband gary, our family and i, milk 1,000 cows on a dairy farm from wisconsin. our entire economy and dairy farming are once again roaring back. one person deserves the credit and our vote. president donald truj. trump. >> from maine. i make my living from lobster fishing. as long as trump is president fishing families like mine will have a voice. >> discuss now with dan balls of "washington post" and lisa lare from "washington times."
9:30 am
that's how the trump campaign looks at it. think can win more, flip minnesota, for example. promised to compete out in nevada. if you look at it from a conservative perspective, michigan and pennsylvania, two states the president did flip last time, consistent be biden leads a long time, looking at a narrow path including a very careful targeting? >> yeah. i think that's exactly right, john. you know, you honed in on wisconsin as the tipping point state in this election, which i think people have believed it's likely to be and have thought that better part of the last year. you know, you're right. at this point the former vice president, democratic none -- nominee joe biden looks to be in good shape. there's a long way to go. we'll see whether this convention begins to turn things in the direction of the president. that's clearly what they need to get out of this. and then figure out a way to sustain it. >> you have, lisa, a turnout
9:31 am
machine. the convention just as democrats did. democrats, moderate republicans come on in. suburbanites, come in, african-americans turn out. democrats. republicans, the president's evangelical base, farmers and one of the questions, with the controversy distract this president? invited to the white house thursday night, gives acceptance speech. congressional candidate from georgia believes in the qanon conspiracy theory. bumped from the program last night another speaker who retweeted very anti-semitic horrible, horrible remarks and done so in the past as well. are these distractions to the president or part of his coalition? >> frankly i think part of his coalition. we know qanon is an online conspiracy theory designed to support the president. an interesting thing to watch over the past two nights has been how the president and his team have tried to sort of cut the cake between rallying the base, you mentioned social
9:32 am
conservatives, folks in rural states, farmers, and the people that they really need to make in-roads in if they want to win the election. which is largely folks in the suburbs. president trump, of course, won the suburbs by four points last time parearound. this time down by double digits in those areas. every republican who won a presidential race since, i don't know, 1980, have won these voters. a crucial battleground for the president and you've sooner overtures to the voters in a lot of ways over the past two nights. >> dan, covered incumbents. talk about the rose garden strategy. this president, as always, rewriting the rules, if you will. blowing through the norm. literally using the rose garden. melania trump's speech in the rose garden. president appearing several times last night at white house events including use of the united states marines to swing open the doors for him walking into a naturalization ceremony and the secretary of state who in the past normally sits out conventions. a secretary of state and
9:33 am
democratic and republican administration saying, i represent america and the world. i'm sitting it out. not mike pompeo in the middle of an official taxpayer funded trip pops up in the convention from jerusalem. >> i'm speaking to you from beautiful jerusalem. looking out over the old city. president trump has put his america first vision into action. it may not have made him popular in every foreign capital, but it's worked. >> ethics in d.c. throwing up their arms. file a complaint. violates this, that. does it matter to voters? >> probably doesn't matter to many voters. it certainly is worth raising flags about. i mean, to the degree he has appropriated the federal government to make it as if its his own and put it into a political campaign is unprecedented and deserves scrutiny and criticism it's getting, questions about it. i don't know in the end voters will make a determination based
9:34 am
whether there's a violation of this. a more fundamental issue. what do they think of this president's performance in om office and how do they judge joe biden as an alternative. no question, they're trampling all norms we're used to at political conventions. >> and continue. the president's acceptance speech thursday night delivered from the white house. the vice president tonight speaking at a national park. lisa, a big challenge for the president, he's been incumbent during this horrible pandemic. lair kudlow referred to the coronavirus in the past tense. melania trump to her credit again acknowledging the pain and voicing condolences for those who lost loved ones but saying her husband was on top of this. six months ago today, my question, convince voters with a four-night convention or will voters remember the long path of this including this, all in one day six months ago today. >> the risk to the american people remains very low.
9:35 am
may get a little bigger. may not get bigger at all. which you have 15 people and 15 within a couple days down to close to 0, that's a pretty good job we've done. we have it so well under control. we're testing everybody we need to test. and we're finding very little problem. >> the convention presents a very different reality. can they convince people that at least that they can turn the page? >> i mean, certainly that's their hope. john, got to tell you. that is awfully hard. people are living with the daily impacts of this pandemic. many have lost jobs. those who still have jobs, fortunate to be able to work at home, still doing so. parents whose kids are heading back to school or not heading back to school, heading back to online school, child care for so many families still a disaster. i just think it's going to be really hard to convince the american public that what they are seeing and experiencing in their daily lives is something that is in the past tense. something the president took swift action on.
9:36 am
so i do think they're really trying to reconfigure reality here, and it's going to be pretty tough to do. >> appreciate reporting and incites. the halfway convention resumes tonight. join us here for our special coverage. and nba discussing a possible boycott in response to that police shooting of jacob blake. i'm making pizza on king's hawaiian mini subs. yum! king's hawaiian.
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the nfl's detroit lions canceled practice tuesday after an emichel teach conversation about the shooting of jacob blake in kenosha, wisconsin.
9:41 am
strong reaction across the nba too. maybe boycott games to protest another police shooting of a black man. answers this from the los angeles klimme ermers coach, do rivers. >> all you hear, donald trump and fear. we're the ones getting killed, getting shot. we're the ones that are denied to live in certain communities. we've been honed, we've been shot, and -- all do you is keep hearing fear. it's -- it's amazing. why we keep loving this country, and this country is not loving back. >> cnn's coy wire with us with more. powerful message from doc there. why? >> reporter: big moment. doc rivers nba champ and coach all-star as a player.
9:42 am
his father was a police officer. you could see through the tears in his eye the shooting of jacob blake overwhelming from him. happened just 40 miles where he went to college and where he dated his future wife. racial abuse, because of their relationship. believes in good cops but training of the police force has to change. players for the raptors and celtics upset about the cumulative wait are considering boycotting their upcoming playoff game. boston's marcus smart feels it could redirect people's focus back to racial justice and social change. here he is. >> a peaceful way. tried it protests and tried to come out here and, you know, get together and play this game, and, you know, try to get our
9:43 am
protest across. we still have a bigger issue underlying issue going on and the things we try haven't been working. so you know, we definitely need to take a different approach. >> john, you mentioned in the nfl, the detroit lions deciding to cancel practice yesterday in response to the shooting of jacob blake. players gathering outside the team's facility holding a big board of messages like "the world can't go on" and "we won't be silent" while speaking to the media. tre flowers afterafterwards, fo change to happen it nuft get uncomfortable. they will play football but try to change the world. canceling practice during training time? when the outside world is unusual lly non-existent. to being too concerned angry to practice showed how serious the players are taking their part, potential part, in create
9:44 am
canning positive change. >> i know the president doesn't like it but it's good to hear players exercise their first amendment right and speak their minds. maybe will get attention because people in the community often listen to the athletes. coy, appreciate it. we'll stay on top of this. when we come back, back to the republican convention. the vice president speaks tonight. the big question, all about the base or mostly about the base? can that be a winning strategy? e your keys on the dash and we'll replace your windshield with safe, no-contact service. >> tech: schedule at >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ here's a choice you don't have to are always making choices. the largest 5g network... award-winning customer satisfaction... or insanely great value. now, with t-mobile for business, there's no compromise. network. support. value. choose. any. three. t-mobile for business
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political conventions are about motivating voters in the 2020 republican program tracks the president's 2016 path to victory. >> cancer is happening to people around the country who refuse to be silenced by the far left. >> the radekical left is government power. >> between two radical anti-life activists and the most pro-life president we have ever had. >> incoevangelicals. is it enough to get him victory? and our guests, congressman start with you. a veteran republican, someone who knows how to put together a coalition, are you satisfied with what you've heard so far, if you were working for the trump campaign advising the
9:50 am
trump campaign, running its ground operation in utah, for example, is the message something that help us develop a broad base or is it all about the base? >> okay. so there are several thing there's to unpack. first of all, there are some things i would advise the president personally. there are a lot of people that have come out to the defense and done a phenomenal job. tim scott did a phenomenal job. we could talk a little about nikki haley and the message she sends across the board that is, that is something that my brother-in-law actually mentioned. i'm tired of turning on the tv and feeling like i'm a racist. this is a person that votes democrat. may be overplaying, democrats may be overplaying their hand on issues. they have to make sure they're not alienating people who are good people and watch and see, and want to see change in areas we need definite changes. when you continue to have
9:51 am
someone like tim scott, a message from -- to congress. people like my dad can see himself in that, and people, a great message. i advise the president to stick with that kind of message, because when you go on and you start talking about woe is me. these are what people have done to me. first of all you want to look like you're tough. second of all, look like there's a vision for america. what i would advice the president. stick to the theme, like, with people like -- nikki haley and tim scott and other people i've seen in the convention. >> they were, michael, nikki haley and tim scott north carolinians, upbeat, future o oriented than others inbe colluding in the president's family. we howard from larry cud loewku talked about coronavirus in the past tense. >> a 17b 00-year pandemic, awful, health and economic impacts tragic.
9:52 am
hardship and matter break everywhere, but presidential leadership came swiftly and effectively within extraordinary rescue for health and safety successfully fight the coronavirus. >> was awful, were tragic. no, are awful, are tragic. you wrote about this in the dispatch yesterday. the campaign plan, convince voters the president might be a jerk but got the job done. the great ocean liner of the economy hit the ice biberg of covid-19. showing the people the president has a plan to defeat the virus. half way through, michael, how are they doing? >> terrible. there is no plan to defeat the virus. they're trying to pretend it's over. you heard larry kudlow's remarks 0en a day of 40,000 new cases. 1,2 hen 1,200 deaths and vice president pence talking to a woman whose small business had gotten a ppe
9:53 am
loan kept tif going as if the virus was over. we don't get to prosperity and the economy going again if people can't take their kids to school or go to jobs. can travel the country on airlines. we can't get back to prosperity without a serious plan to address the pandemic. the president doesn't have one and is trying to pretend it's over. >> can you do that, congresswoman? this is so personal. the president proven very effective creting a different reality. changes people's minds using tweets, platform. using his powers of persuasion whether you like them or not he can be persuasive. this is so personal. michael mentioned parents sending children back to school. first lady, to her credit, reached tz out, acknowledged people with pain and suffering but nowhere in the yenconventio said, it's complicated, yes made mistakes but here's our plan, as michael says. why can't they try that? >> right. it's not just the actual
9:54 am
pandemic itself. you have to understand there's the economic pooart of that peoe are concerned about feeding their families. that's a reality. again, the first lady did a good job reaching out saying, hey, we feel you. but i think the american people need a plan going forward. they need to say, this is what -- need to hear a leader saying, this is what we're going to do. this is the plan. by this time, i want to have this many people back at work. they need to have a light at the end of the tunnel and i'm telling you. to give people a little hope, a little bit of inspiration, a light at the end of the tunnel, they will follow. if i were to advise again the president i would say, sosw a plan. let the people know you have a vision what the country will look like even before nofr avem and they can count on you to help them get there. >> we'll see if they listen. up next, pennsylvania
9:55 am
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pennsylvania now looking at an interesting way, an understatement, to ep ihelp its economy recovering from the pandemic. legalizing marijuana. grants going to small businesses and restore justice programs helping people in communities harned by marijuana-related crimes. marijuana legal for medical purposes in pennsylvania since 2016. watch how that plays out. thanks for joining us today. hope to see you tore. special convention coverage tonight. anderson cooper picks up our
10:00 am
coverage right now. have a great day. >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. i'm anderson cooper. welcome in the united states and around the world. the president suggested slowing down testing in america. it appear as reality. cnn learns the administration pressured the cdc to abruptly change its guidelines who should be tested for coronavirus. to give you a sense how much things have suddenly changed, look at this comparison the cdc website then and now. previously the agency recommended tests for, i quote, all close contacts of persons with sars, co-v2.