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tv   Americas Choice 2020 Republican National Convention  CNN  August 27, 2020 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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rate than anybody. over the past three months, we have gained over 9 million jobs and that's a record in the history of our country. unfortunately from the beginning our opponents have shown themselves capable of nothing but a partisan ability to criticize. when i took bold action to issue a travel ban on china very early indeed, joe biden called it hysterical and xenophobic. and that i introduced a ban on europe very early again. if we had listened to joe, hundreds of thousands more americans would have died. instead of following the science, joe biden wants to inflict a painful shutdown on the entire country. his shutdown would inflicts unthinkable and lasting harm on our nation's children, families
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and citizens of all backgrounds. the cost of the biden shutdown would be measured in increased drug overdoses, depression, alcohol addiction, suicides, heart attacks, economic devastation, job loss and much more. joe biden's plan is not a solution to the virus but rather it's a surrender to the virus. my administration has a very different approach. to save as many lives as possible we are focusing on the science, the facts and the data. we are aggressively sheltering those at highest risk, especially the elderly, while allowing lower risk americans to safely return to work and to school and we want to see so many of those great states be open by democrats. we want them to be open.
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they have to be open. they have to get back to work. they have to get back to work and they have to get back to school. most importantly we are marshaling america's scientific genius to produce a advancie v record time. we have three different vaccines in the final stage of trials, right now, years ahead of what has been achieved before. nobody thought it could ever be done this fast. normally it would be years and we did it in a matter of a few months. we're producing them in advance so hundreds of millions of doses will be quickly available. we will have a safe and effective vaccine this year and together we will crush the virus. at the democrat convention you barely heard a word about their agenda, but that's not because they don't have one, it's
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because their agenda is the most extreatment set of proposals ever put forward by a major party nominee. joe biden may claim he is an ally of the light, but when it comes to his agenda, biden wants to keep us completely in the dark. he doesn't have a clue. he has pledged a $4 trillion tax hike on almost all american families, which will totally collapse our rapidly improving economy and once again record stock markets that we have right now will also collapse. that means your 401(k)s, that means all of the stocks that you have. on the other hand, just as i did in my first term, i will cut taxes even further for hard working moms and dads. ly n i will not raise taxes, i will cut them and very substantially.
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and we will also provide tax credits to bring jobs out of china back to america and we will impose tariffs on any company that leaves america to produce jobs overseas. we will make sure our companies and jobs stay in our country as i've already been doing for quite some time, if you've noticed. joe biden's agenda is made in china. my agenda is made in the usa. [ applause ] biden has promised to abolish the production of american oil, coal, shale and natural gas, laying waste to the economies of
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pennsylvania, ohio, texas, north dakota, oklahoma, colorado and new mexico, destroying those states, absolutely destroying those states and others. millions of jobs will be lost and energy prices will soar. these same policies led to crippling power outages in california just last week. tremendous power outage. nobody's seen anything like that but we saw that last week in california. how can joe biden claim to be an ally of the light when his own party can't even keep the lights on. joe biden's campaign has even published a 110-page policy platform, co-authored with far left senator crazy bernie sanders. the biden/bernie manifesto calls
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for suspending all removal of illegal aliens, and providing illegal aliens with free taxpayer-funded lawyerseveryb. y everybody gets a lawyer. come on over to our country, we have a lawyer for you. that's what we need is more lawyers. joe biden recently raised his hand on the debate stage and promised to your -- he was going to give away your health care dollars to illegal immigrants, which is going to bring massive number of immigrants into our country, massive numbers will pour into our country into order to get all of the goodies that they want to give, education, health care, everything. he also supports deadly sanctuary cities that protect criminal aliens. he promised to end national security travel bans from
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jihadist nations and he pledged to increase refugee admissions by 700%. this is in the manifesto. the biden plan would eliminate america's borders in the middle of a global pandemic and he's even talking about taking the wall down. how about that. biden also vowed to oppose school choice and close all charter schools, ripping away the ladder of opportunity for black and hispanic children. in a second term i will expand charter schools and provide school choice to every family in america. and we will always treat our teachers with the tremendous
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respect that they deserve. great people. great, great people. [ applause ] joe biden claims he has empathy for the vulnerable, yet the party he leads supports the extreme late-term abor abortion defenseless babies right up until the moment of birth. democrat leaders talk about moral decency but they have no problem with stopping a baby's beating heart in the ninth month of pregnancy. democrat politicians refuse to protect innocent life and then they lecture us about morality and saving america's soul. tonight we proudly declare that all children born and unborn have a god-given right to life. [ applause ]
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during the democrat convention, the words "under god" were removed from the "pledge of allegiance." not once but twice. we will never do that. but the fact is this is where they're coming from. like it or not, this is where they're coming from. if the left gains power, they will demolish the suburbs, confiscate your guns and appoint justices who will wipe away your second amendment and other constitutional freedoms. biden is a trojan horse for socialism. if joe biden doesn't have the strength to stand up to wild-eyed marxists like bernie sanders and his fellow radicals, and there are many, many, we see them all the time, it's incredible actually, then how is
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he ever going to stand up for you? he's not. the most dangerous aspect of the biden platform is the attack on public safety. the biden/bernie manifesto calls for abolishing cash bail, immediately releasing 400,000 criminals on to the streets and into your neighborhoods. when asked if he supports cutting police funding, joe biden replied, yes, absolutely. when congresswoman ilhan omarr called the minneapolis police department a cancer that is rotten to the root, biden wouldn't disavow her support and reject her endorsement. he proudly displayed it shortly later on his web site, displayed it in big letters. make no mistake, if you give power to joe biden, the radical
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left will defund police departments all across america. they will pass federal legislation to reduce law enforcement nationwide, they will make every city look like democrat-run portland, oregon. no one will be safe in biden's america. my administration will always stand with the men and women of law enforcement. every day police officers risk their lives to keep us safe and every year many sacrifice their lives in the line of duty. one of these incredible americans was detective miost f
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miostis familia. she was part of the nypd, who i got their endorsement. they're allowed to do their job, you have no crime in new york. rudy giuliani knows that better than anybody. detective familia was murdered who hated her for wearing the badge. she was a single mom. she recently asked for the night shift so she could spend more time with her kids. two years ago i stood in front of the u.s. capitol alongside their beautiful children and held their grandmother's hand as they mourned their terrible loss and we honored detective
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familia's extraordinary life. it was extraordinary. her three children are with us this evening. genesis, peter, dehlila, we are so grateful to have you here tonight. thank you very much for coming. thank you very much. [ applause ] thank you very much. i promise you that we will treasure your mom in our memories forever. we must remember that the overwhelming majority of police officers in this country, and that's the overwhelming majority are noble, courageous and honorable. we have to give law enforcement, our police, back their power. they are afraid to act.
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they are afraid to lose their pension. they are afraid to lose their jobs and by being afraid, they are not able to do the job that they so desperately want to do for you. and those who suffer most are the great people who they protect and who they want to protect at an even higher level. when there is police misconduct, the justice system must hold wrong doers fully and completely accountable and it will, but when we can never have a situation where things are going on as they are today, we must never allow mob rule. we can never allow mob rule. and the strongest possible terms the republican party condemns the rioting, looting, arson and
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violence we have seen in democra democra democrat-run cities like kenosha, portland, democrats run. there is violence in the streets of many democrat-run cities throughout america. this problem could easily be fixed if they wanted to. just call. we're ready to go in. we'll take care of your problem in a matter of hours. just call. we have to wait for the call. it's too bad we have to but we have to wait for the call. we must always have law and order. all federal crimes are being investigated, prosecuted and punished to the fullest extent of the law. when the anarchists started ripping down our statues and monuments right outside, i signed an order immediately, ten years in prison and it was a miracle, it all stopped. no more statues.
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they said that's just too long as they looked at a statue, i think we'll rip it down. then they said ten years in prison, i think that's too long. let's go home. during their convention, joe biden and his supporters remained completely silent about the rioters and criminals spreading mayhem in contract-run cities. they never even mentioned it during their entire convention. never once mentioned. now they're starting to mention it because their poll numbers are going down like a rock in water. it's too late, joe. in the face of left-wing anarchy and mayhem in minneapolis, chicago and other cities, joe biden's campaign did not condemn it. they donated to it. at least 13 members of joe biden's campaign staff donated to a fund to bail out vandals,
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arsonis arsonists, anarchists, looters and rioters from jail. here tonight is the grieving family of retired police captain david dorn, a 38-year veteran of the st. louis police department, a great man and a highly respected man by all. in june captain dorn was shot and killed as he tried to protect his store from rioters and looters or as the democrats would call them, peaceful protesters. they call them peaceful protesters. we're honored to be joined tonight by his wonderful wife, ann, and beloved family members brian and kaelin. to each of you, we will never forget the heroic legacy of captain david dorn. thank you very much for being here. thank you. [ applause ] thank you very much.
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great man. great man. as long as i am president, we will defend the absolute right of every american citizen to live in security are dignity and peace. if the democrat party wants to stand with anarchists, agitators, rioters, looters and flag burners, that is up to them, but i, as your president, will not be a part of it. the republican party will remain the voice of the patriotic heros who keep america safe and salute the american flag. [ applause ] last year over 1,000 african-americans were murdered as a result of violent crime in just four democrat-run cities.
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the top ten most dangerous cities in the country are run by democrats and have been for many decades. thousands more african-americans are victim and victims of violent crime in these communities. joe biden and the left ignore these american victims. i never will. if the radical left takes power, they will apply their disastrous policies to every city, down and suburb in america. just imagine if the so-called peaceful demonstrators in the streets were in charge of every lever of power in the u.s. government, just think of that. liberal politicians claim to be concerned liberal politicians seem to be concerned but who exactly is attacking them? who is hiring the radical professors, judges, and
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prosecutors? who is trying to abolish immigration enforcement and establish speech codes designed to muzzle dissent. always remember they are coming after me because i am fighting for you. that's what's happening. and it's been going on from before i even got elected. [ applause ] and remember this. they spied on my campaign and they got caught. let's see now what happens. we must reclaim our independence from the left's repressive mandates. americans are exhausted, trying
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to keep up with the latest lists of approved words and phrases and the ever-more-restrictive political decrees. many things have a different name now and the rules are constantly changing. the goal of cancel culture is to make decent americans live in fear of being fired, expelled, shamed, humiliated, and driven from society as we know it. the far left wants to coerce you into saying what you know to be false and scare you out of saying what you know to be true, very sad. but on november 3rd, you can send them a very thundering message they will never forget.
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[ applause ] thank you. four more years four more years four more years. >> thank you. joe biden is weak. he takes his marching orders from liberal hip chris wypocrit drive their cities into the ground while fleeing from the wreckage. the liberals rant to eliminate school choice while they enroll their children in the finest schools in the land. they want to open our borders while living in waldorf communities, the best neighborhoods in the world. they want to defund the police while they have armed guards for themselves.
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this november we must turn the page forever on this failed political class. the fact is i'm here. [ applause ] what's the name of that building? but i'll say it differently. the fact is we're here and they're not. [ applause ] to me, one of the most beautiful buildings in the world. it's not a building. it's a home, as far as i'm concerned. it's not even a house. it's a home. it's a wonderful place with an incredible history. but it's all because of you. together we will write the next chapter of the great american story. over the next four years we will make america into the
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manufacturing super power of the world. we will expand opportunity zones -- thank you, tim scott -- bring home our medical supply chains and we will end a resilience for bad things, we will go right after china. we will not rely on them one bit. we are taking our business out of china. we are bringing it home. we want our business to come home. we will continue to reduce taxes and regulations at levels not seen before. we will create ten million jobs in the next ten months and it will be higher than that. we will hire more police, increase penalties for assaults on law enforcement, and surge federal prosecutors into high-crime communities. we will ban deadly sanctuary cities and ensure that federal
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health care is protected for american citizens, not for illegal aliens. [ applause ] >> we will have strong worders and i have said for years, without borders, we don't have a country. don't have a country. strike down terrorists who threaten our people and keep america out of endless and costly foreign wars. we will appoint prosecutors, judges, justices, who believe in enforcing the law, not enforcing their own political agenda, which is illegal. we will ensure equal justice for citizens of ever race, religion, color, and creed. we will uphold your religious liberty and defend your 2ened amendment right to keep and bear
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arms. [ applause ] and if we don't win, your 2nd amendment doesn't have a chance. i can tell you that. i have totally protected it. we will protect medicare and social security. we will always and very strongly protect patients with preexisting conditions, and that is a pledge from the entire republican party. thank you, kevin. we will end surprise medical billing, require price transparency and further reduce the cost of prescription drugs and health insurance premiums. they're coming bay down. we will greatly expand energy
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development, continuing to remain the number one in the world and keep america energy independent. and for those of you that still drive a car, look how low your gasoline bill is. you haven't seen that in a long time. we will win the race to 5g and build the world's best cyber and missile defense, already under construction. we will fully restore patriotic education to our schools. we will always, always put free speech on college campuses. [ cheers and applause ] and we put a very big penalty
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in, they do anything having to do with your free speech, colleges have to pay a tremendous, tremendous financial penalty. again, it's amazing how open they've been lately. we will launch a new age of american ambition in space, america will land the first woman on the moon and the united states will be the first nation to plant its beautiful flag on mars. this is the unifying national agenda that will bring our country together, so tonight i say to all americans, this is the most important election in the history of our country. there has never been such a difference between two parties or two individuals in ideology than there is right now. our opponents believe that america is a depraved nation.
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we want our sons and daughters to know the truth. america is the greatest and most exceptional nation in the history of the world. [ cheers and applause ] our country wasn't built by cancel culture, speech codes, and soul crushing conformity. we are not a nation of timid spirits. we are a nation of fierce, proud, and independent american patriots. we're a nation of pilgrims, pioneers, adventurers, explorers and trail blazers who refuse to be tied down, held back, or in any way reigned in. americans have steel until their spiern spines, grit in their souls and
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fire in their hearts. there's no one like us on earth. i want every child in america to know that you are part of the most excitesing and incredible adventure until human history. no matter where your family comes from, no matter your background in america, anyone can rise with hard work, devotion and drive, you can reach any goal and achieve every ambition. our american ancestors sailed across the perilous ocean to build a new life on a new contine continent. they braved the freezing winters, crossed the raging rivers, scaled the rocky peaks, trekked the dangerous forests and worked from dawn till dusk. these pioneers didn't have money, they didn't have fame, but they had each other. they loved their families.
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they loved their country, and they loved their god. when opportunity beckoned, they picked up their bibles, packed up their belongings, climbed into their covered wagons and set out west for the next adventure. ranchers and miners, cowboys and sheriffs, farmers and settlers, they pressed on past the mississippi, to stake a claim in the wild frontier. legends were born. with white w whie at erp, annie oakley, davey crockett and "buffalo" bill. they built their homesteads on the open range. soon they had communities, then towns, with time, great centers of industry and commerce.
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that is who they were. americans build their future. we don't tear down our past. we are the nation that won a revolution, toppled tear any and facism and delivered millions into freedom. we laid down the railroads, built the great ships, raised up the skyscrapers, revolutionized industry, and sparked a new age of scientific discovery. we set the trends innant and music, radio and film, sport and literature, and we did it all with style and confidence and fla flair, because that is who we are. whenever our way of life was threatened, our heroes answered the call from your town to
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gettysburg, from normandy to iwo jima, american patriots raced into canon blasts, bullets and bayonets to rescue american liberty. they had no fear, but america didn't stop there. we looked into the sky and kept pressing onward. we built a six million pound rocket and launched it thousands of miles into space. we did it so that two brave patriots could stand tall and salute our wondrous flag and plant it on the face of the moon. over the next four years, we will prove worthy of this magnificent legacy. we will reach stunning new heights and we will show that the world for america, there is
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a dream and it is not beyond your reach. together, we are unstoppable. together, we are unbeatable. because together, we are the proud citizens of the united states of america. [ cheers and applause ] and on november 3rd, we will make america safer, we will make america stronger, we will make america prouder, and we will make america greater than ever before. up am very, very proud to be the nominee of the republican party. i love you all. god bless you and god bless america. thank you very much.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> blistering attack on the democratic presidential nominee joe biden by the president of the united states. no one will be safe in biden's america. president trump just said repeating that theme over and over and over again. he clearly had the advantage of being the incumbent president of the united states, being able to deliver his acceptance speech at the republican convention on the south lawn of the white house. about 2,000 invited guests applauding and interrupting repeatedly. there he is on the stage with his family. the fireworks are beginning to go off. look at the advantage an incumbent president has in washington. the fireworks over the washington mon you'll. right now right across from the white house. there you see an impressive scene indeed. the democratic nominee joe biden could not do this. he did not have a crowd when he
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spoke. he spoke, by the way, biden, for about 24 minutes. now the president spoke for over an hour. no one will be safe, he said, jake. in biden's america. that was the theme of his acceptance speech, as he also went on to outline what he plans on doing if he's re-elected over the next four years. >> the president spoke for 70 minutes 11 seconds, not as much as his 75-minute speech four years ago but stishlgs these are the two longest acceptance speeches in decades. those wondering, joe biden spoke for just under 25 minutes when he accepted the democratic nomination. he does not have the ability to speak at the white house or have fireworks over the capital like this. no american president has ever accepted the nomination of his party from the white house. it was thought to be
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inappropriate, a violation, even, of the hatch act to have white house individuals working on such an event clearly marked for a political event. but once again, president trump shattering norms, standards, perhaps even laws by holding such an event. you saw this evening it and the last four nights the view of the world from planet trump. the view of the world as the president wishes it were. he talked about tonight how nine million jobs have been created in three months without mentioning, of course, that in the previous two months before that, 22 million had been lost in the reception caused by the pandemic. he has talked about the world and the pandemic as if almost it is over in terms of the event and how he's holding this event. pandemic event, nobody was social distancing with a crowd
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of 1500, 2,000 individuals. very few masks. no mass testing. it was as if we were not in the middle of a deadly pandemic, which is, of course, what the president wishes were the case, but it is not the case. that is one of the points that i think's important about the speech and i think is important about the last four days. there has been a completely filtered president trump. we have seen the world through his eyes and through the eyes of his advisors. he has not spoken extemporaneously. there were some ad-libs but he pretty much kept to the teleprompter. the other times we've seen him this week, he has been on tape or he has been quiet when they came to the speeches of vice president pence and first lady melania trump. that is the trump that white house officials and campaign officials wish they had tall time, one who is not sending tweelts that upset people, one who is not making comments
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upsetting people when he ad-libs, and i think it's important to note that i do expect that there might be some kind of narrowing in the polls after this rather filtered week, but we still have many days to go and we'll see if the president can stay as disciplined, dana. >> disciplined is a good word for it. what we saw and what we heard from this president was teleprompter trump. it was the kind of speech not necessarily in content but in delivery that we see at state of the unions. he was doing what he has to do, not what we wants to do, when it comes you to what he is saying. he delivered the kind of speech that his advisors have been desperate for him to be doing when it comes to the strategy for him to win re-election and more importantly, to do that by really throwing the toughest
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punches as he possibly can, rhetorically, against joe biden. we saw the strongest and most robust attempt by the president or frankly anybody in his campaign to define joe biden the way that a lot of advisors that i talked to and i'm sure my colleagues also talked to have been really desperate for him to do. to craft joe biden's potential world as something that is not what those voters who are on the fence want despite maybe the fact that they're not completely in love with the idea of a second trump term over ando on a whole host of issues we saw and we heard the president do that. but one thing that i did notice, though, back to kind of the delivery, it was only a few moments where he went off script that you saw the trump that
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enjoys this kind of political theater where he's talked about that you pointed to the white house behind him and talked about the fact that he lives there and they don't. the rest of it was almost -- he was trying to be solemn and he was trying to be presidential but it also came across as a little bit of a downer compared to the way we are used to seeing donald trump at rallies. it's obvious that he was told or he felt that rally trump is not going to play in this kind of setting that he chose to accept the nomination, but it felt a little bit discordant from the donald trump that we know. really enjoys when it comes to being a politician. the one thing i want to say about the joe biden continental travis is that last week joe biden certainly talked about donald trump, but he didn't
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mention him by name. he knew what he was saying. that is not the case tonight. donald trump mentioned joe biden's name more than 40 times to make that point, to hit home how that he thinks, abby, that joe biden would be as an alternative to him. it, of course, really highlights the job that the president had tonight, which is defining joe biden. as we're watching this, this is an opera singer performing outside the white house. i do want to note quickly that as president trump was speaking, you could literally hear in the background protests that are happening just outside the white house. hundreds probably people who gathered in black lives matter plaza right above lafayette square and near the white house to protest. it was audble from the south lawn where all these festivities
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are going on. one of the lines in president trump's speech was about this stark divide. he really leaned into that tonight. that was a core part of the speech and it is all about trying to clarify to the american public who they want them to think joe biden is. i do think the trump campaign worries that americans think they know joe biden. so they've had to try to redefine him. some of the ways that the president has redefined him, he said that joe biden is weak, they called him a trojan horse for socialism. the idea being, and i think ivanka used the words, they called him an empty vessel, someone who can be filled with, in their words, radical socialist beliefs, so as you were saying, the president sounded kind of almost down.
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it's a pretty negative picture they were painting of the democratic nominee even as the president tried to talk in optimistic terms about the united states. he had to paint a very negative picture of the united states under a joe biden presidency, and it is interesting and notable that it relies on not saying that joe biden is radical but rather that he is surrounded by radicals. jake, i thought that that was a theme, not just of president trump's speech but really of a lot of the speeches we've seen over the last couple of days. >> i agree kchlt we take a minute to acknowledge how untraditional, to use one word for it, the scene we're witnessing right now is the president has just accepted the nomination of his party from the white house, which has never been done before and now we're not hearing happy days are here
8:45 pm
again. we're hearing an opera singer "hallelujah" i think once again the degree to which president trump krsz himself alshowman, whether it is reality television for president, this is certainly nothing the typical convention and while, of course, because of the pandemic, that's generally the case -- >> jake, can i just mention that -- >> yes. >> -- this is exactly what you would hear if you were at the end of a trump rally. they would billion playing this song -- he loves it. it is a trump ral ilstaple. >> it absolutely is. some of the songs where he chooses on his play list, which he curates don't really match in terms of the content and the leerics to what you would think
8:46 pm
a politician would want to put forward. this, i believe was sung in a kate mackinnon skit after hillary clinton lost. there's some odd irony book ends there of some sort. i'm not sure whether -- i'm not sure that the president obviously knew -- or even thought that through. >> i don't think we've ever seen a political rally like this on the south lawn of the white house. i spent a lot of years covering the presidents over decades and i've never seen anything like this before, the acceptance speech on the south lawn of the white house, 200 invited guests sitting very close together, by the way, most of them not wearing masks, even in the midst of a pandemic, and a blistering attack. at one point the president said if joe biden is elected, your vote will decide whether we protect law abiding americans or whether we give free reign to anarchists, agitators and
8:47 pm
criminals who threaten our citizen. then he said and this election will decide whether we will defend the american way of life or whether we allow a radical movement to completely dismantle and destroy it. he's suggesting that if biden is eleked this country will turn into a disaster. it will be a socialist, if not a marxist, country. the economy will collapse and everything we know about america will go away. >> right. it's kind of preposterous. the economy has collapsed, i would note. it collapsed a few months ago because of the pandemic and we're still clawing our way out of it, which is one of the huge complications the president has when he makes this pitch. four years ago he promised that as of his inauguration violence in the cities was going to end. now he is making the same basic argument four years later having been president. there are advantages to being an
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incumbent. there are also disadvantages. you now have a record that you have to run on and this record when it comes to a lot of the things that he pitched to them and are pitching now, it's not good. >> jake, i think what you're saying is so true. it's bizarre to be having this conversation as we're listening to an opera singer sing" ave maria" on the white house lawn. this is remarkable in ever sense of the word. as you were saying there were so many things in the speech i know, danithey'll go through an fact check but there were a lot of things that were not right not only about what his record is but about what he accused of joe biden of being and of doing. one of the things when it comes to the coronavirus, you know, we didn't see or hear a lot of sympathy or empathy.
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we did hear a nod from the president for and to the people who have been beside the people mourning those lost. he didn't dwell on that but he did mention it. again on this, abby, he warned in very stark terms that if joe biden were elected and would shut down his term's, the economy again. there would be drug over dose, depressions, suicides. that is unbelievable rhetoric even from somebody who we're used to hearing over the top rhetoric from. >> and a lot of the rhetoric on the coronavirus was simply false. we have to say that. it was an exaggeration in some casings. in some cases it was zbierl false. there's a lot to say about that, but you know, before we go forward, i mean, we're watching what seems to be maybe the finale of this concert unfolding at the white house.
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"god bless america" being played with the entire trump family, which i should say we rarely see the entire trump family all together at the white house. they're all at the podium. this is the president putting on a big show for the country in a way that a lot of people will say and we should acknowledge is unethical, the use of the white house in this way for a completely political event and i don't know that we'll ever -- as jake likes to say, i don't know that we'll ever come back from this. this is a norm that's been broken. now i think future presidents might be looking at the white house differently in terms of how it might be used. back to the coronavirus issue, dana, i was struck by the way in which the president, the vice president yesterday and ivanka trump tonight glossed over some key parts of how this really went for the country. the president's delay in using
8:51 pm
the defense production act early on in the crisis, the fact that the new york outbreak came -- was seeded from europe, and that china travel ban, as he likes to call it, was not enough to stop the virus from spreading. the president tonight promised a vaccine before the end of the year. he suggested it might be even earlier than that. then he talked about convalescent plasma almost as a panacea for this virus, when we know what the experts say, it is not proven. there's a lot there, wolf. i think it bears pointing out because this is the most important thing in the lives of americans right now and it's not -- it would not be responsible for us to allow these kinds of misrepresentations. >> obviously, it's a complete misrepresentation, especially when it comes to coronavirus, but i have to say, look, every
8:52 pm
political convention is propaganda, but i don't know that we've ever been fed a staple of propaganda like this. what's so interesting about the last four days, abby, is that they are asking the american people to not believe what they already think according to polls. they're saying that they have -- they had individual after individual say i wish you could see what he's really like behind the scenes. i wish you could see it. as if that would change the perceptions that the american people would have, a majority of americans disapproving of the. so many people think he's a sexist or misogynist. he's not, he's done so many things for women. here he is a naturalization ceremony. and so many americans, this is why he's so vulnerable, even if the race does fyten a little bit, so many americans disapprove of the job he's done
8:53 pm
with the coronavirus, because they see the evidence before their eyes as to how the administration response has not been adequate. they see it and the message has been oh, no, he did a really good job. they are asking you to disbelieve what you already think. wolf. >> the president and first lady and their family now heading back into the white house. the vice president and the second lady walking back into the white house as well. this republican national convention is now over. anderson, the president was very confident that the coronavirus pandemic seems to be moving in the right direction. let's not forget that more than a thousand americans are dying almost every single day continuing this crisis, this pandemic is by no means over. >> i think it's clear that this president has done everything possible to make you forget that over the course of the last several nights. no really representation of the
8:54 pm
tremendous loss that has gone on. a loss which is unparalleled in the world in advanced countries. we are an outlier in the way we have responded to this pandemic or the way this administration, i should say, responded to this pandemic. gloria, it went on as long as the wedding scene in "the godfather" and sadly there were some other parallels to other scenes as well. >> yeah. >> what do you make of this event and also how this week has gone. >> first of all let me start and following my colleagues about what they've been saying tact picture of this event. without masks, without distancing, and somehow you're sitting at home and you know what your life is like every day. you can't go out without a mask. you are worried about whether your children can go to school. you may have lost your job. and with this occurring at the white house as if its were an
8:55 pm
alternate universe, you have to say doesn't this make people feel like their sacrifices have been worth nothing? is there going to be a super spreader event at the white house, perhaps? >> you know this. there were huge blassive protests across the countr over the course of the summer and people weren't wearing masks. >> this is on the lawn. this is on the lawn of the white house. we can go over the question whether it should or should not have been there but this is on the lawn of the white house. this is the president and a vice president who have a coronavirus task force which was not consulted about this event, as our reporting shows. you have to have that picture and you go on to the rest of it. i'll let my colleagues talk about this, but this whole question of softening donald trump. i was listening to speaker after speaker tonight, his daughter saying i wish americans could see him with his grandchildren and other people saying i wish everyone could just see the deep
8:56 pm
empathy of this man. and that's another thing i think people might be scratching their heads about. you didn't hear him say sleepy joe tonight. called him a lot of other names but seems they finally arrived on the trojan horse for the radical left. but the redrawing over the last four days of who donald trump really is, the question i have is when he steps on the stage p and he's not in front of a prompter, is he going to blow it all up again by being donald trump or by tweeting something? >> david. >> the answer is yes. >> that was ra tore calling. >> right. >> tomorrow morning donald trump is going to wake up and look at his iphone -- >> or his ratings. >> he's going to do what donald trump does, he'll start tweeting and we'll be off to the races again this week. 180,000 people have died, a
8:57 pm
country has 10% of unemploymen,. in a country we're little more than 40% give him a positive approval rating. they needed a reality show. they couldn't deal with the reality. they needed to change the reality. they did it in two ways. one, humanize him and say he's not a racist, he's not a misogynist. there was another vein that runs right through this, that is vote for biden and marauding rioters will show up at your door. that was the team that ran right through this convention. it was lend by the situation in kenosha. you heard the police chief, rudy guiliani and the president himself. if there's a lesson we've learned from this, that is going
8:58 pm
to be a major theme of this election. and they accomplished that. they got everybody talking about it. and that's what they wanted to do. >> but it's so interesting, david, the portrait that the president's painting is police are afraid, give police back their power, you know, police officers saying they'd never seen anything like this. this is happening -- donald trump is president, so he is -- >> right. >> -- overseeing a country where he said police are afraid. give them back their power. ok. so he can do that if he has the power to do that with whatever magic fairy dust he has, hesk do that right now, but he's portraying it as if he's just observing this and somehow once he's re-elected then somehow that will -- >> there's another -- there's another more insidious message to this, anderson, and i think you can speak to this as well,
8:59 pm
but what he is saying is all these protesters, all these marchers, they are handcuffing our police, they are trying to stop the police from doing what they need to do and if you elect joe biden that's going to be the policy that will prevails here. that is really -- that's what you really heard from the police union leader. we heard from guiliani and the others. there's a not too subtle racial component to this message. >> right. this is a black mob. this is not -- >> exactly. >> this is not -- >> yeah. we started with that couple from st. louis. they set the tone for the week. >> nya? >> they set the tone for the week, i think that's right. you had in and out african-americans people like ben carson, beam like jerron smith to be there and say donald trump is great, he's not a racist. almost all the black people had to testify and be donald trump's black friend tonight and
9:00 pm
throughout i think this whole convention. we'll see what that does for white moderates, what it does for african-americans. i thought what was so interesting about tonight is how boring donald trump was, how low energy he was, how disconnected he was from the words he was speaking. >> they weren't his. >> yeah. even the attack lines on joe biden were delivered so flatly, sort of the end of the speech where you're kind of supposed to go up and it's like a crescendo and a hopeful message. he was going down. he was very limp, i thought, in terms of -- >> he was exhausted. it had gone on for a long time. >> he was exhausted. which is why they probably shouldn't have had him speak for 72 minutes or whatever it was. it might have been more effective to be shorter and much more conversational. he was -- he didn't really live up to like the strong commander in chief of all the videos we saw throughout ts


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