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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  September 6, 2020 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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the fallout over reports that president trump made disparaging comments about fallen u.s. troops. now there are new allegations regarding more controversial remarks. also ahead -- >> okay. >> oh, my god. >> holy -- >> just keep going. >> [ bleep ]. >> fleeing for their lives, these are some of the people trapped by a fast moving wildfire in california. we'll have more on the extreme weather in the state. and a powerful typhoon heads towards southern japan as thousands are told to evacuate. we'll speak to a storm chaser
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who's there. live from cnn world headquarters in atlanta, welcome to you, our viewers here in the united states and around the world, i'm kim brunhuber. and this is "cnn newsroom." cnn and other news organizations have now confirmed some of the shocking allegations in the atlantic magazine that u.s. president donald trump privately denigrated american war dead during a trip to paris in 2018. the president and his allies have insisted the allegations are false, but a former senior trump official confirms to cnn that the president spoke in crude and derogatory terms of u.s. marines who died in world war i and are buried near paris. we get more from cnn's jeremy diamond at the white house. >> reporter: well, the white house is still reeling from this
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report in the atlantic magazine that president trump referred to american soldiers who lost their lives in a critical battle in world war i as losers and suckers as he was deciding not to attend a ceremony at a cemetery where some of those war dead were buried. and now a former senior administration official is confirming to my colleague jim acosta that the president did indeed refer to those american war dead in crude and derogatory terms. now, of course, president trump and the white house had vehemently denied this story, insisting that the president has the utmost respect for veterans and service members. the president saying even what kind of animal would refer to dead american service members in such a fashion. but nonetheless, now a former senior administration official confirming to cnn that the president did indeed make those comments. and in addition, another source who is familiar with some of the president's remarks has now told cnn that the president has also repeatedly questioned why vietnam war veterans would have
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served in that war, suggesting that those service members did not know how to get out of the draft, how to work the system, much in the way that the president himself did. we know that president trump received multiple educational deferments to avoid serving in the vietnam war and he also ultimately receives a medical deferment after he got a doctor's note claiming that the president had bone spurs making him ineligible for military service. jeremy diamond, cnn, the white house. >> james clapper, the former director of national intelligence under president obama has been a critic of president trump, he's also a retired three star general in the u.s. air force who served two tours of duty during the vietnam war. here is what clapper had to say about those allegations. >> insulting. it really is. it never occurred to me that, you know, to try to avoid it.
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in fact, i sought duty in vietnam because i thought it was the right thing to do as a professional air force officer. so i went and served and went back for another tour. and i'm certainly no exception. i had the good fortune i wasn't -- i wasn't killed. and -- or wounded. unlike so many others. and, you know, i just can't help but think of the families of those who lost their lives, paid the ultimate price for their service in vietnam and to hear that from the commander in chief is very, very troubling. there were more demonstrations in the u.s. on saturday against the police killings of black americans. police in portland, oregon, declared a riot during the 100th straight night of protests in the city. police accused the protesters
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throwing molotov cocktails and engaging in violent conduct. portland has become an epicenter of the movement against racial injustice and police brutality. cnn's lucy kafanov is there for us. >> reporter: it is the 100th night of protests here in downtown portland. we're near ventura park, the largest gathering took place in the evening. there is maybe 200, 300 people, some demonstrators throwing molotov cocktails that made the police declare it a riot. they came in with flash bangs and tear gas and the crowds dispersed. now we're seeing a different group regrouping here, trying to march back down, possibly toward the park, possibly toward the police precinct. it is sort of a repeat of what we have seen night after night, though, again, with this being the 100th night, it is somewhat of a larger gathering than what we have seen in previous evenings. there had been smaller gatherings across the city, those have been largely peaceful, including a park caravan of folks supporting
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black lives matter that rolled down through the streets. the demands of the protesters fairly consistent, they want change to the policing system here, they want racial justice and racial equality. they also want things like $50 million to be diverted from the police budget and reinvested in community programs, housing, education, things of that sort. we also saw on saturday a rally in memorial of the far right supporter of president trump who was killed by an activist who supported anti-fascism. that activist michael reinoehl was killed in a confrontation with police on thursday when authorities moved in to arrest him. 100th night of protests here, the clashes, the gatherings still continue. lucy kafanov, cnn, portland. and another night of unrest has been gripping the city of rochester, new york. >> since you refused to leave the roadway, you will be placed under arrest.
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>> hours of peaceful protests, demonstrators and law enforcement clashed for a fourth straight night. police deployed pepper balls and tear gas on the crowds, thousands flooded the streets demanding accountability for daniel prude who died in police custody in march. the attorney general announced her office will call a grand jury to investigate prude's death. the man who was the subject of massive racial justice protests in kenosha, wisconsin, released a new video message to his supporters. jacob blake was shot seven times in the back by police officers and is unable to walk. in the video, he talks about the devastating effects of his injuries. >> i just want to say, man, to all the young cats out there, and even the older ones, older than me, it is a lot more life to live out here, man.
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your life, and not only just your life, your legs, something you need to move around and move forward in life can be taken from you like this, man. and i promise you, the type of [ bleep ] you'll go through, staples, i got staples in my back, staples in my stomach, you do not want to have to deal with this [ bleep ], man. 24 hours, every 24 hours it is pain, it is pain. it hurts to breathe. it hurts to sleep. it hurts to move from side to side. it hurts to eat. please, i'm telling you, change our lives out there, we can stick together, make some money, make everything easier for our people out here, man. it is so much time that has been wasted. >> in louisville, kentucky, activists marched outside churchill downs racetrack during saturday's running of the kentucky derby. they were demanding justice for breonna taylor. police killed her in a raid on her home in louisville in march. protesters aimed to shift attention from america's most
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famous horse race to her case. cnn's jason carroll was there. >> reporter: the demonstration ended where it began, at a park just about a mile away from churchill downs. at one point their numbers were in the thousands as they got to churchill downs, marched around the perimeter and then just as the race got under way, they stood, they shouted, they voiced all of their concerns, voiced their message, which is trying to get justice for breonna taylor. there was some concerns about whether or not this protest would be peaceful, whether or not it would be nonviolent. we spoke to one of the organizers who said this was a protest that went off just the way it should have. >> me, talking to you right now, was a part of our plan. we wanted the world to see, we wanted everyone to see and understand that we're not happy, we're not satisfied with what the attorney general is doing, what the mayor is doing. we want justice for breonna taylor. while that race was going on, people were forced to pay
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attention to what was going on outside of churchill downs and we did so nonviolently. we're going to continue to do this. >> reporter: the derby ran without fans so you didn't have the thousands upon thousands of fans that would be at the derby as they were leaving. no matter to the demonstrators out here today who feel as though their point got across, to make sure they are not going to let up on the demonstrations until they see justice for breonna taylor. jason carroll, cnn, louisville, kentucky. for more on how this is playing into the race for the white house, let's bring in natasha lindstadt. the president's re-election campaign is relying in large part on creating anxiety about urban unrest. does the violence that we're seeing have the transitive properties he's hoping for that the blame for violence in
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democratic cities will fall indirectly on biden instead of himself as president, you know, in the here and now? >> i think there is an interesting thing going on here. when we look at some of the most recent polls on how well trump is handling the protests, how he's handling race relations, and whether or not racism is a problem, on the one hand, he's actually not doing very well on these questions. there are more americans that think he's not doing a good job, he's not making the situation better, and in fact only 13% of americans according to a recent ipsos poll say his rhetoric is helping matters. and the poll asked a number of questions whether or not he's able to make you feel safe, make the country feel safer, and biden scored better on every single question, compared to trump. but we're also seeing a recent cnn poll that indicated that more republicans feel that
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racism isn't as big a problem as it was in june, and more republicans approve of the way trump is handling the situation. and i think it is also important to note that if trump is able to make the election about protests, about violence, about unrest, about chaos in our cities, that's going to be a lot better for him in the 2020 election than if the focus is on covid, on the economy, on this recent story about him denigrating people who served in battle, so he really wants the narrative of this election to be that the country is so unsafe right now, if joe biden takes over, it is going to make it worse and the democratic leaders and governors are the problem. and that he is the only one that can resolve it. >> yeah, and, you know, trump at least seems to be moving the needle in terms of voters' concerns. law and order seems to have
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risen dramatically in terms of the rankings of people's concerns compared to 2016 and then, you know, people's views of the black lives matter movement since june. i wonder if painting joe biden is captive to the violence loving left, you know, joe biden, you know, joe biden condemned the violence on both sides. i'm wondering is it worth the capital for biden to distance himself further from all of this violence or is that just basically a waste of time? >> well, i think biden does need to keep coming in and urging for unity and trying to project an image of strength, trying to appear to be presidential and trying to convey to the american public that he is the leader that can heal the nation. and it is important for our -- our morality that we have been lost under trump, and that we have become increasingly polarized and we need a leader
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that can come in to urge for messages of unity, rather than messages of division. he doesn't want to focus on this so much that it loses the attention on some of the other things that democrats want to be emphasizing, which is the covid-19 situation, of course, and the economy and how democrats feel that they can get the country out of this mess, rather than if trump is leading. >> all right, thanks to natasha lindstadt. it looks like the trump tell-all section at the bookstore might need another shelf. the president's former attorney michael cohen's memoir "di "disloyal" is out on tuesday. he writes trump was so obsessed, he actually fired a fake obama for a video where trump, quote, ritualistically belittled the president and then fired him. cnn reached out to the white house for comment.
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cohen pled guilty to numerous crimes including tax evasion, lying to congress and campaign finance violations. he's also sharing his concerns about the upcoming presidential election. take a listen here. >> donald trump will do anything and everything within which to win and i believe that includes manipulating the ballots, i believe that he would even go so far as to start a war in order to prevent himself from being removed from office. my biggest fear is there will not be a peaceful transition of power in 2020. >> in the next hour, cnn's "new day" will have much more on cohen's book for viewers in the u.s. police in birmingham, england, declared a major incident reports of multiple stabbings in the city center. a witness tells the bbc radio 5 it appeared to begin as several people arguing outside a
2:16 am
nightclub. she said they yelled racial slurs and the situation escalated into an all-out brawl among a large group of people. now at this point, we don't know how many people have been injured or how serious those injuries are. holiday travel in the era of coronavirus. just ahead, we'll take a look at what kind of security changes americans should expect over the labor day weekend. plus, later in the show, california warns it may have to ration electricity as millions suffer through a dangerous heat wave in the middle of a pandemic. stay with us. hey allergy muddlers... achoo! your sneezes turn heads? try zyrtec... starts working hard at hour one... and works twice as hard when you take it again the next day. zyrtec muddle no more.
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instantly delivers 2 times the hydration. and keeps hydrating all day long. running dry of supple, bouncy skin? never! hydro boost. pair with hydro boost wipes to cleanse and hydrate. neutrogena® coronavirus deaths in the u.s. top 188,000 with more than 6.2 million infections according to johns hopkins. cases are rising in 17 states, as you can see there from the map and they're only falling in 14. this as the country heads into the labor day holiday monday. public health officials worry the cases will spike after this weekend, which is exactly what happened after memorial day and the fourth of july. they urged people to stay safe as they have by wearing masks
2:21 am
and maintaining distance from others. and the u.s. transportation security administration says it screened hundreds of thousands of travelers ahead of the holiday weekend, as cnn's pete muntean reports, travelers are facing some new procedures before boarding their planes. >> reporter: the lines here are pretty thin compared to a normal holiday weekend. air travel a fraction of what it was a year ago. but the tsa thinks the number of people passing through security at america's airports will break a new record of the pandemic over the holiday weekend, the high point on thursday was ten times the low point seen back in april, the tsa thinks 900,000 people will have flown on friday, but that official number will not be out until tuesday. those who are flying are facing an entirely new experience here at security. you're being asked to empty your pockets and put everything into your bag, by passing the typical trays in order to reduce touch points. tsa employees are blocked by
2:22 am
acrylic screens, the goal is to protect you, but also workers about 1800 of them have now tested positive for coronavirus since the pandemic began. one other way of keeping up social distance is being tested here for the first time at reagan national airport, a new machine will scan your i.d. and also your face to prove that it is really you. you briefly have to drop your mask in order for that to happen. airlines are mandatie ining mas starting at check in all the way to your flight. delta says it banned 270 passengers for refusing to wear one, that averages out to three a day since delta's policy went into place. pete muntean, cnn, reagan national airport. pandemic related travel restrictions and closures have had a massive impact on places like hawaii. the state's economy depends on tourism. the university of hawaii's economic research organization has been tracking businesses across the islands. recent research found that
2:23 am
between 6 and 15% of local businesses may have to close permanently. an earlier study determined the state's economy might not return to precovid levels until 2029. a yelp study suggested nearly 900 businesses on the island of oahu closed either temporarily or permanently. now earlier i spoke with sherry mcnamara the president and ceo of the chamber of commerce hawaii and we talked about the impact the pandemic is having on businesses across the state. >> hawaii experienced one of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation, precovid. as soon as covid hit our state, it went up to one of the highest in the nation, leaving more than 200,000 people unemployed, almost overnight. so as you can imagine, it has been having a devastating impact on our economy. we did partner with hero on a
2:24 am
couple of surveys and the most recent survey showed that 75% of businesses had to either cut positions or make other reductions. one in six businesses said that they cannot survive covid. and about 40% said that they cannot reopen until tourism reopens in hawaii. >> well, now so that was, you know, there was a first shutdown, now a second shutdown in oahu. many business owners and the employees also depend on those paychecks are scared that if, you know, first shutdown didn't bankrupt them, the second one will. >> right. unfortunately we're forced to have a second shutdown. as you can imagine, many small businesses, local businesses were on their last lifeline before the second shutdown. and so they have already been in a dire situation and with the second shutdown took place with two days notice, you can imagine how they're going to get out of this. that's what we're worried about,
2:25 am
having our local businesses go away and essentially changing the fabric and livelihood of our communities. >> what about the federal programs that were supposed to help, like the paycheck protection program, you know, loans meant specifically to help small businesses, is any of that help getting to hawaii? >> well, we received about $2 billion, so it did help many of our businesses in hawaii, but like many businesses across the nation, they spent those ppp monies based on the original deadline. so many have run out of money, and without additional federal support and state support i don't think many of the businesses will be able to survive. hawaii does rely on the tourism industry, but it is our number one economic driver. so if tourism doesn't reopen for us, then we will see second wave of businesses shutting down, not only those directly impacted
2:26 am
such as accommodations, attractions, restaurants, retail, but a lot more that goes along the supply chain that support tourism hawaii. >> you mentioned you need more help from the state and from the federal government. we know the state is facing record short falls, they're asking for more money from the federal government, but in all that is stuck in congress. that must be frustrating when every day you see businesses are wondering if they have enough money to last another day. >> absolutely. we have been hearing the stories every day, we get phone calls on a regular basis from small business owners wondering what else can they do to keep their doors open. so it is definitely have a devastating economic impact, they're in a dire situation, we need to do what we can to support our businesses to sustain their operations during this most challenging time. and that's why it is so critical that we receive federal support.
2:27 am
again, the state level as well, providing financial relief temporarily so that they can continue to keep jobs in place, keep people employed during this time. >> all right, well, listen, we wish you the best of luck during this very difficult time. our thanks to sherry menor-mcnamara for joining us there. coming up, dozens of people saved by an airlift in california. we'll have the latest on that state's devastating wildfires. plus, major evacuations as a dangerous storm moves toward the japanese mainland. we'll get an update on typhoon haishen ahead. stay with us. start your day with secret. secret stops sweat 3x more than ordinary antiperspirants. with secret, you're unstoppable. no sweat! try it and love it or get your money back. all otc pain relievers including volthave one thing in common none are proven stronger or more effective against pain
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welcome back to you our viewers in the united states, c canada and around the world. more than 12,000 firefighters are risking their lives in california, battling almost two dozen major wildfires. lightning strikes and extreme heat led to more than 1 million acres burning. residents who can't be evacuated are being told to shelter in place. but a group of at least 63 people in the mammoth pool reservoir had to be airlifted from the area. this here is the view coming up from a helicopter entering the inferno to save lives. at least 12 of those rescued or hurt, some critically. one of the fires, the creek fire exploded in size so fast that the surrounding area was blocked and so fast in fact that a group of hikers barely made it out of the woods. take a listen to their harrowing
2:32 am
escape. >> oh, my god. >> holy -- >> just keep going. >> [ bleep ]. >> oh, my god. >> just keep going. >> go, go, go. >> keep going. >> [ bleep ]. >> [ bleep ]. >> oh, my god. >> we did it. we made it. >> all right. >> [ bleep ]. >> and to make matters worse, the already high heat is also expected to get worse. temperatures in many spots will soar well past 100 degrees fahrenheit, that's around 38 celsius. more than 50 million people are under excessive heat alerts and officials are warning they may have to ration electricity across the state as everyone tries to cool down. paul vercammen reports. >> reporter: this wound up being a supreme test, people trying to beat the heat and also be socially distant and safe in the middle of a pandemic. if you look at the people that flocked to manhattan beach, what were they fleeing from? some record high temperatures throughout the area.
2:33 am
we saw temperatures inland valleys, up 114, 115, even more than that. the rule on manhattan beach was wear your mask unless you're playing a game or perhaps surfing. and we saw a lot of people on the pier who were adhering to the mask wearing rule. >> i see a lot of people here they are wearing their masks, it is like a public shaming if you don't, you're kind of out here wilding. but pretty easy. at least here in l.a. it is. >> people are sort of doing whatever it is they have to do just to get by. i think that, you know, what is being asked of us isn't too extreme. and i think that if this is what we need to do to be able to come out and enjoy this, why not? >> reporter: so the beach, much cooler, but inland, some interesting measures. the city of burbank banning hiking on hiking trails after two rescues. and the national weather service saying this is a deadly, potentially deadly heat wave and warning people to get their pets
2:34 am
out of cars, to get other humans out of cars, issuing other warnings, saying people need to hydrate, that this is just a rare event that is whipping through southern california. and causing so much misery on so many different fronts. reporting from manhattan beach, paul vercammen, now back to you. >> all right, let's bring in meteorologist derek van dam. i used to live ten minutes away from paul was standing there, not used to that type of heat, at least not at this time of year. take us through all the problems that are going on right now in california. >> it feels like the middle of july, when the calendar says it is the early parts of september. this is what explosive fire growth looks like. this is a horizon shot of the creek fire in madeira county, central county, california. you're looking at the updrafts created from the intense fire. the heat rising so far into the atmosphere, bringing that smoke and ash nine to ten miles into
2:35 am
the stratosphere th. this is absolutely incredible. these are the harrowing moments that these individuals, hikers, their hike was cut short. they had to be evacuated, taken to safety by one of the rangers and just what an intense moment as that fire closed in on their only escape route, which was that dirt road leading out of the region. now, there were reports of hikers and campers and rvers around the mammoth pool reservoir that had to shelter in place. this is visible satellite imagery showing how quickly the fire spread. li look how the winds are pushing the smoke and allowing that to billow up, seven, eight, nine, ten miles into the atmosphere. just absolutely incredible. so we have high fire danger warnings and also heat warnings in place for much of the western
2:36 am
u.s., but we focus our attention across california now, because that is an area that will be breaking records once again today. and right through the early parts of the labor day weekend. but you can see, temperatures are going to change as we go into the next few days. but we have to get over this hurdle, the next 48 hours is going to be very difficult, especially on some of the utility companies because they are going to have increased demand, increased capacity, and that means the potential for rolling blackouts. really incredible to see how our weather is connected from the other side of the world, a typhoon impacting japan, and the korean peninsula is actually responsible for helping bring in the heat. and also the cooler weather across the rockies will -- we'll see snowfall in denver. this is a quick update on typhoon haishen, 110-mile-per-hour winds, a category 2 storm as we speak right now. kim, back to you. >> all right, for more on typhoon haishen, let's go to james reynolds, he's a storm chaser who was following along and took some incredible videos
2:37 am
that we're going to show. so tell us about how bad it was out there. >> yeah, it has been a really rough day on amami island since the sun came up to around 1:00 in the afternoon. we just had torrential rain and powerful winds ripping up the pacific ocean. thankfully in the last four hours or so, conditions have really improved as the typhoon's accelerating away to the north. unfortunately that means that southern mainland japan and korea are next in the firing line. >> and some of the things they can expect, you know, people are saying strong winds and enough to topple homes, rains so fierce like pouring buckets of water on your head. people have been warned about this, so how are they reacting to the warnings and how is covid sort of complicating the evacuations? >> yeah, people are taking this storm really seriously. some of the most be you know,
2:38 am
complete preparations i've ever seen in the japanese typhoon taking place on this island yesterday. buildings boarded up, people have been flooding to the hotels on the island, taking up all the rooms. one reason for that might be because it is more attractive option than a crowded evacuation center right now, given the problems with coronavirus. >> and given how much rain is expected, what type of flooding problems are we likely to see? >> yeah, this is my main worry for impacting in kyushu and southern mainland japan. this area is incredibly flood prone. it is a mountainous area. they already have seen a major flood disaster earlier in the summer. so this is just a real big worry, just because of the history of the destructive flooding in that area. and this typhoon is going to bring a lot of rain. >> all right, well, listen, we'll be following this story throughout the next coming days. thank you so much, james
2:39 am
reynolds, we appreciate it. well, a pro trump boat parade in texas went awry when several boats sank. officials say they were responding to multiple calls involving boats in distress in lake travis north of austin. there are no reports of any injuries. according to a facebook posting, more than 2600 people had been scheduled to attend the parade. amid the race to find a coronavirus vaccine, an unusual promise from pharmaceutical companies. the goal is to calm fears about fast track research and keep people safe, so we'll explain after the break. and soaring coronavirus case numbers in india have health officials there worried. we'll have that and more straight ahead on cnn. stay with us.
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yup, the best really did get better. magnificent. xfinity x1 just got even better, with peacock premium included at no additional cost. no strings attached. well, many hope for a
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vaccine that can end the pandemic, at least three pharmaceutical companies made an unusual joint agreement. they won't seek approval for any treatment unless it has been proven to be safe and effective. according to the wall street journal, pfizer, moderna and johnson & johnson signed the pledge. u.s. president donald trump has claimed a vaccine could be approved before election day and the surgeon general asked states to be ready for distribution on november 1st, quote, just in case. one health official tells cnn he worries that the approval process could be politicized. >> the problem is that the fda is not an independent group. they are part of health and human services, which is part of the executive branch, can they be politicized? yes. they have been politicized with hydroxychloroquine decision. they have been politicized with the convalescent plasma decision. that's what makes people worried. as long as we rely on the
2:44 am
committee to give good advice, i think we're going to be okay. if the fda gets politicized as they did in the other two instances, it is going to be a problem. >> it is fair to wonder whether americans will actually trust a vaccine that seems rushed to market. cnn's dana bash asked democratic vice presidential candidate kamala harris about that. >> do you trust that in the situation where we're in now that the public health experts and the scientists will get the last word on the efficacy of a vaccine? >> if past is prologue, they will not, they'll be muzzled. they'll be suppressed. they will be sidelined because he's looking at an election coming up, in less than 60 days, and he's grasping for whatever he can get to pretend he's been a leader on this issue, which he has not. >> let's say there is a vaccine that is approved and even distributed before the election. would you get it? >> well, i think that's going to be an issue for all of us.
2:45 am
i will say that i would not trust donald trump. and it would have to be a credible source of information that talks about the efficacy and the reliability of whatever he's talking about. i will not take his word for it. >> that entire interview with kamala harris is on "state of the union" here on cnn at 9:00 a.m. eastern time. that's 2:00 p.m. in london and 9:00 sunday evening in hong kong. melbourne, australia, saw anti-lockdown protests saturday. victoria police said 15 people were arrested, strict lockdowns in police in melbourne since july. tough restrictions set to ex-nir a week have been extended. they made the decision because they want a christmas that is close to normal. >> there is one option, and that
2:46 am
is to do this, in a series of steady steps, you can't run out of lockdown, because all you're doing is running into a third wave and we'll all be locked up again. i want a christmas that is as close to normal as possible. and this is the only way, these steps are the only way that we will get to that point. >> meanwhile, good weather and the holiday weekend saw brazilians pack the nation's beaches this weekend. this despite the fact that the country is number two in the world in total cases behind the united states. and india has recorded its all time highest single day spike in coronavirus cases. the country's health ministry reported more than 90,000 new cases sunday morning. those numbers have alarmed indian health officials. we're in new delhi with more on this disturbing surge.
2:47 am
>> reporter: congested streets, crowded markets, india's exponential increase in covid-19 numbers has done little to deter people from venturing out. >> people thought that once the numbers go down, this was it. they had won the war. and everybody was out and everybody was -- you know was out there, without wearing a mask, without any social distancing, without any sanitizers. >> reporter: while it took india five and a half months to pass a million cases, it has taken the country just 50 days to add more than 3 million infections. medical experts say one of the reasons for the big surge is aggressive testing. india will soon cross 50 million tests, reaching more than a million a day. >> reporter: a significant
2:48 am
increase in case load has been reported from rural areas. the public healthcare system remains extremely poor and lean. >> the pandemic is spreading in the rural area. it is mainly affecting the seven states of this country, which are responsible for almost 75% of the cases. >> reporter: india's health ministry has often quoted low fatality and high recovery rates to. plain i explain its numbers. they said this has made people complacent. >> i think it is because of the mixed messaging that we are putting out. we're not telling people exactly what is going on. we are giving them half truths about recovery rates, but not telling the exact gravity of the situation. >> reporter: the government has relaxed restrictions. with malls, restaurants and temples already reopened, subway trains will be back on track for
2:49 am
monday. another possible hazard in the times of covid. with the fastest growing case load in the world, india is on track to surpass brazil's numbers. and could soon be second only to the u.s. in covid-19 cases. cnn, new delhi. police are cracking down on protests in hong kong. you're seeing live pictures right now of what is happening there. we're going to take you to our reporter in that city and find out what demonstrators are defying orders to gather in the first place. we'll take you there now after the break. stay with us. when you have depression,
2:50 am
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all otc pain relievers including volthave one thing in common none are proven stronger or more effective against pain than salonpas patch large there's surprising power in this patch salonpas dependable, powerful relief. hisamitsu. all right, i want to take you now to hong kong, where police are clashing with protesters. our senior international correspondent ivan watson is there with the latest. ivan, we're seeing this huge police presence behind you, in the streets there. take us through what led to this big response. >> reporter: sure. you do see the riot police presence here, it is substantial in hong kong's neighborhood.
2:54 am
today was supposed to be local elections. but several weeks ago the government postponed them for at least a year on the ground that they couldn't be properly conducted with the coronavirus pandemic. part of why we're all wearing masks. the opposition argues that's an excuse, that the pro government parties were likely going to get creamed at the polls and that would be embarrassing for the hong kong government and by extension the communist party ruling in beijing. demonstrators had called for a protest, and we have seen signs of some people trying to come out chanting things like the great hong kong revolution in our times, which is an arrestable offense now in this city, and insulting the police. the police have come out and they have been periodically arresting people on the streets, putting them behind these orange lines, in what the police call containment operations. then searching pedestrians and taking down their i.d. cards. i have seen maybe two or three
2:55 am
incidents of people throwing water bottles at the police, but it has been a peaceful show of dissent. what we're clearly seeing here is that organized peaceful political protests is simply not tolerated by the authorities in hong kong. you will be arrested if these police officers see you chanting something against the government. and it is part of a much broader crackdown, kim, where we have seen members of the opposition, opposition leaders and activists beg arrested in recent months, and rounded up and prosecuted with charges. and, of course, there is what happened on july 1st, where beijing imposed a national security law, on this former british colony, which critics, including a number of governments, which have scrapped their extradition treaties with hong kong, they charge is basically the ruling communist party ripping up the autonomy
2:56 am
agreement that hong kong was supposed to enjoy until the year 2047. the hong kong authorities, the chinese government, they claim that this is intervention in hong kong and china's internal affairs. but, again, we haven't seen protests in the streets of hong kong in quite some time, and this is what happens when people try to disagree, show they disagree with the government. you're going to get very likely thrown in jail. kim? >> very stark scenes there. thank you so much, ivan watson. we'll keep on that story for the rest of the day. with that, that wraps up this hour of "cnn newsroom." i'm kim brunhuber. for viewers in the u.s. and canada, "new day" is just ahead. and for everyone else, it is "living golf." did you know that your clothes can actually attract pet hair?
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the wildfire has forced evacuations in numerous fresno and madera county mountain communities. >> we don't want anybody to be threatened by this incident. >> we made it. >> it looks like the trump tell-all fiction at the bookstore might need another shelf. >> the donald will do anything with which to win. the michael cohen memoir is coming out on tuesday: president trump and his loyalists are strongly pushing back on the atlantic's reporting that he insulted america's war dead. >> now an official is con fifrming the story. >>


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