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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  October 8, 2020 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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priscilla was 69. her daughter, victoria says she was a good singer and cook, who was into politics and close to her three children and five grandchildren. may they rest in peace. and may their memories be a blessing. erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. "outfront" next, breaking news. michigan's governor is "outfront" after the fbi thwarts an alleged plot by an anti-government group to kidnap her. why she's calling out president trump. plus, the president in the oval office tonight, as he battles coronavirus. why is the white house still dodging the most basic questions about when he last was tested negative? why were some staffers at walter reed asked to sign nondisclosure agreements during trump's visit last november? and president trump says
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he's out, won't do it because it's virtual debate. let's go "outfront." good evening to all. i'm erin burnett. "outfront" tonight, we begin with the breaking news, an alleged front to storm the capitol and kidnap michigan's governor. the alleged attack thwarted by the fbi. in a moment, i'm going to talk to the governor of michigan for her first national interview since the plot became public today. we'll give you the details as we have them now. they are alarming. according to the fbi, the group planned to storm the state capitol with molotov cocktails, taking whitmer hostage and overthrowing the government. that attack was set to take place before the 2020 presidential election. and we're now learning just how involved the fbi was in uncovering this operation. at least seven fbi field offices from across the country involved in thwarting the attack, and just a short time ago, whitmer held a press conference and put some of the blame on president trump.
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>> just last week, the president of the united states stood before the american people -- >> and now, whitmer being criticized by the president. he criticized her for her response to the pandemic, a response which included a lockdown to slow the spread of coronavirus. at one point, president trump tweeting in all caps, liberate michigan. and today, biden was asked if he believes tweets like those encourage groups like the one allegedly behind the plot to kidnap whitmer? >> yes, i do. words of a president matter. >> words of a president do
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matter. and kaitlan colins is live. the white house is now responding. >> reporter: yeah, they are. they're firing back in a way that wasn't anticipated after you saw what happened and saw these bizarre details oh of this plot to kidnap the michigan governor. i think it's because of that direct tie that you heard governor whitmer make to the president and to what he said at that debate, something that cause sod much consternation and it took the president several days to condemn those groups after he didn't do it on the debate stain. when he finally did it, it was the night he tested positive for coronavirus. now we have a new statement from the press secretary two says that president trump is continually condemned white supremacists and all forms of hate. governor whitmer is sewing division by making these allegations. notice, erin, missing from that statement is any condemnation of the six men arrested today as
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part of this plot to kidnap the governor and other details in this anti-government attitude that they had. but given the governor's statement earlier tying the president's remarks and what she says is a refusal to condemn white supremacy, there's nothing in these court documents from the arrest today saying these people were inspired by the president's words. but what governor whitmer is saying in this argument is base chi they did not see the president's words as a rebuke, but as a rallying cry instead. >> thank you very much. so, you know, it's a stunning thing to think that there's this group of vigilantes plotting in an intricate way to storm a capitol with molotov cocktails, they scoped out her home to kidnap a sitting governor. what else do we know about this plot and the man behind it? >> i never could have imagined anything like this. >> reporter: a plot to kidnap
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the governor of michigan foiled by the fbi. today, the fbi charging six men in the conspiracy. >> the fbi began an investigation earlier this year after becoming aware that through social media, that a group of individuals was discussing the violent overthrow of certain government and law enforcement components. >> a months' long investigation alleges the men met on june 6 with several others and discussed taking a sitting governor before one of the men, adam fox, reached out to a michigan based anti-government group. the complaint says on june 14, a confidential informant recorded a conversation between fox and the group, saying he needed 200 men to storm the capitol building before the november 2020 presidential election. officials say fox and others met again on june 20th to discuss plans for assaulting the state capitol. planning for firearms and tactical training in july. in august, a group allegedly shifted their plan to kidnap
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whitmer at her vacation home. >> reporter: members of this conspiracy, on two occasions, conducted coordinated surveillance on the governor's vacation home. >> reporter: the group allegedly used code language and encrypted messages to communicate and successfully detonated and improvised explosive device in october, while fox confirmed he purchased a taser to use in the kidnapping. the group planned to meet again october 7. >> the fbi and state police executed arrests on several of the conspirators when they were meeting on the east side of the state to pool funds for explosives and exchange tactical gear. >> reporter: several others linked to an extremist group were charged in state court for planning to storm the state capitol building, taking hostages, including whitmer and planning to instigate civil war. >> all of us in michigan can disagree about politics. but those disagreements should never, ever amount to violence.
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>> reporter: and erin, the fbi director just recently warned that these are the kinds of threats that certainly concern the fbi. it is one of the biggest dangers that we face in this country, these extremist groups. and them wanting to attack here in the united states. the fbi director saying this is one of the biggest concerns right now. also, the department of homeland security saying that this is one of the biggest threats we face here in the united states. >> they're making it very clear from their assessment. thank you. and governor gretchen whitmer is now "outfront." so governor, you know, look, at this crossed today, people were shocked. i mean, when were you first aware, when did officials first inform you they thought there was this plot to attack, to storm, to kidnap you? >> so, i can't discuss too many details because it's around my security, and that's what is at issue here. we have to make sure that we
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stay safe. however, in the recent weeks, it was brought to my attention, of course, we know every time that this white house identifies me or takes a shot at me, we see an increase in rhetoric online, and so there's always a connection and certainly it's something that we've been watching. but this took it to a whole new level. >> you say you found ut no recent weeks, so we know they had been planning for quite some time. at least one of them wanted to do this before election day, so you were coming into the final days, just 26 days away from election day. how close do you think they were from trying to do something to you? >> you know, i can't answer that with any certainty, erin. i just know that the fbi and the michigan state police worked incredibly hard in a coordinated fashion. this sis unlike anything we hav seen before.
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the brave men and women of these two police organizations put their lives on the line to keep me and my family safe. i'm incredibly grateful and humbled by the work they do. >> you say every time the president has said something about you, and he does frequently, you have been one of his biggest targets. but you see this increase in the rhetoric from groups, groups like this, okay? and earlier today you said that the president telling the far right proud boys group to stand back and stand by was, in your words, a rallying cry for these sorts of groups. so now, after your press conference, you said that. and then jason miller, trump's senior campaign adviser, called the plot horrendous but came out and said this about you. >> these are some pretty shameful comments here from governor whitmer. because how you can go from a moment of unity to attacking president trump i thought was just completely ridiculous. if we want to talk about hatred, then governor whitmer, go look in the mirror. the fact that she wakes up every
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day with such hate in her heart towards president trump. >> he said if you want to know hatred, look in the mirror. what is your response to that, governor? >> i think it tells you everything you need to know about the white house and the people they surround themselves by. you know, the fact that after a plot to kidnap and to kill me, this is what they come out with. they start attacking me, opposed to what good, decent people would do is to check in and say are you okay? which is what joe biden did. i think that tells you everything that's at stake in this election. we have a choice between a leader who is going to have his minions attack people when they are being targeted by domestic terror groups, and we have a leader who calls to see how you're doing, to check in and to see what they can do to be supportive. it tells you everything you need to know about the two people on this ballot that we have to choose from in a few weeks. >> we have spoken together
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throughout the coronavirus crisis. in april, we saw the demonstrations in your capitol. there was armed protests. you were in the capitol, they were all outside masked. one of them even took place inside the statehouse. there was a whole lot of silence from washington about this, they were quick to criticize other protests, but this one there was silence. here is an exchange that bill barr, the attorney general, had over the summer at a congressional hearing about those protests. >> are you aware that these protestors called for the governor to be lynched, shot, and beheaded? >> no. >> you're not aware of that? >> i was not aware of that. >> major protests in michigan, you're the attorney general, and you didn't know that the protestors called for the governor to be lynched, shot, and beheaded? so obviously you couldn't be concerned about that -- >> well, there are a lot of protests around the united states. >> so he blew it off. i remember we talked after that. you told me you didn't believe
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him then. now we have a plot that was at a point with seven fbi field offices, multiple law enforcement agencies involved. they scoped your vacation home twice. they planned molotov cocktails, they were going to attack, storm, and kidnap you. do you believe the attorney general knew anything about that? >> if he didn't, he's incompetent. the fact of the matter is, i have raised this very issue with this white house and asked them to bring the heat down. i have asked leaders, republican leaders in the state, let's bring the heat down. i was aware of a lot of the threats that were being made against me and my family, and i asked for their help and they didn't do a darn thing about it, and then denied even knowing that it was a problem. and here we are, we came very close to a lot that was to kidnap me and to murder. that is what the affidavits say. also, to hurt law enforcement, to bomb our capitol. meaning all the press and the democrats and republicans in our
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capitol. this cannot stand. and we have to call it out for what it is. it is domestic terrorism. and i quoted ronald reagan in my comments earlier today, because there are good republicans who stand up and take this on. and i would like to acknowledge charlie baker, the governor of massachusetts, who called to check in on me. that's what decent people do. that's what good american leaders do. >> let me just ask you one other question, just as a personal level, you know, with children. how is your family? >> you know, we're doing fine. you know, our burden is a lot less than many, and we keep that in perspective throughout covid and through these challenging times. but i do have kids and a husband who have seen people with automatic rifles on our front lawn mowre weekends than i care to mention. but we need lead who can bring
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us together and need leaders who recognize the enemy as the virus, not fellow americans. these are hard times but we'll get through them. >> governor, thank you so much. i appreciate your time. >> thank you, erin. >> governor gretchen whitmer of michigan. next, trump's doctor has released a letter about the president's health. he says trump can return to the campaign trail this weekend. and the government's top vaccine expert who lost his job because he refused to push hydroxychloroquine is speaking out, as 11 states are setting new coronavirus records as the temperatures turn south. and president trump saying he won't take part in the upcoming virtual debate. why not? why not? why is he bluffing? anthony scaramucci is "outfront." into a smaller life?
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significantly improved symptoms of schizophrenia compared to placebo. fanapt may change your heart rhythm which could elevate risk of sudden death. your doctor will consider this when deciding among treatments and may prescribe another medication first or may instruct you to take a smaller dosage of fanapt. the good thing to know, is we're not alone. call 8557 fanapt breaking news. the president's doctor just releasing a new letter on president trump's health. the headline, dr. conley says the president can return to public saturday. kaitlan, this is the letter the white house had said this is coming. what more are you learning? >> reporter: it's notable we had to wait until 7:00 p.m. to get this update. we have not seen or heard from dr. conley in person since monday. he has not taken questions from reporters since then either and has only provide with us these
4:19 pm
brief written updates like the wen we just got that says his judgment says the president will be able to return to public engagement starting on saturday. obviously, if you know president trump, that means the campaign trail. and it's notable because, of course, the big question would be, why has this changed? because just this past monday, we heard from dr. conley. he said he would not breathe that final sigh of relief about the president and his diagnosis until monday, meaning october 12th. so it's not clear why that has changed. what's the difference in that 48-hour period why now he decided that saturday is the day the president can go back on the campaign trail when before it was monday when he said he would feel the safest. of course, the biggest thing missing from this statement is whether or not the president has tested negative for covid-19. they have not told us that yet. they refused to say when the president's last negative test was before he tested positive one week ago today. but this just gives a brief
4:20 pm
rundown of his vitals and vaguely worded statements about the president's condition but it doesn't say whether or not he is still infected with covid-19. and it certainly doesn't say what the president said this morning, which is when he maintained he is no longer contagious. that is nod a medical opinion, that's the president's opinion. >> thank you very much. of course, the president also said today he recovered from covid because of his being a perfect physical specimen. "outfront" now, dr. jonathan reiner from george washington university hospital, who advised the white house medical team under president george bush. dr. jeremy faust and abby phillip. the letter says the president can be back in public on saturday, two days earlier than they indicated a few days ago. they say that's ten days since
4:21 pm
his diagnosis. what do you say? they say he's back out in public on the campaign trail. >> yeah. so once again, the brief by the president's physician is notable for what it doesn't describe, which is just about everything. and they resort to using this really obtuse language. the president's physician said based on the trajectory of diagnostics, the president can go back into public on saturday. what does that mean? based on the trajectory of advanced diagnostics? tell us what tests you're referring to. what tests are reassuring you that the president is not infectious. the cdc guidelines state for most patients they can return to the public after about ten days of isolation after their symptoms begin. but they reserve 20 days of isolation for people with severe or critical illness,
4:22 pm
acknowledging that virus can be shed by those patients by up to 20 days. so did the president have severe illness, which would require 20 days? or did he have more of a mild case. if he had a mild case, why did they throw the kitchen sink at him last week and treat him with all these experimental therapy? that needs to be clarified. >> three days in the hospital, oxygen at least twice. that could not be a mild or moderate case by any layperson's definition of that. dr. fauci, when we say what's in the letter, heart rate 69 beats a minute, blood pressure 127/81, pulse oxygenization, 96%. he's the oldest president in american history. what do you see and not see in that information? >> well, the letter says that
4:23 pm
there's no sign of progression, no comment about symptoms. we keep getting hodgepodge on that. we have one slice of time, that's the afternoon. we don't know how he's doing overall. we see what's kind of processed for the viewer. what i think is, we're waiting to see how he does. one thing that's for sure is that he wasted a tremendous opportunity to save many, many lives but not down playing thor is i have -- down playing the s of this. he took a cocktail and said he is cured. the president is not a very good witness here. he thinks something happened, but people are going to suffer because they are falsely reassured. >> the president came out today, and sometimes when you say things he says, it's as if you're trying to be funny. i'm not trying to be funny. he said that he's a perfect
4:24 pm
physical specimen and that's why he was able to beat covid. it's difficult for people to trust what's coming out of this white house, because we just have not gotten a lot of really basic information, including crucial information about his lungs. >> yeah. and about his overall health and what kinds of long-term impacts this might have on his overall health. we know that the president wants to paint the rosiest possible picture of his own health, and that predates covid. i mean, he's been doing this since the campaign when he had his new york doctor kind of write this ridiculous report and release it to the public. so this is something that he tends to do. but in this case, because voters are already voting and they're heading out into the polls, it's critically important to understand what is going on with his health here. and i think that he's also trying to use his own case study as evidence for american seniors who he is desperate to try to win back in the electoral
4:25 pm
process as evidence that this is really not all that bad or that they themselves will be saved by the treatment that he got. and i just think that's the situation where the president really shouldn't be talking about things like that. because he's not a doctor and not a scientist. and it's important that he not give people a false sense of security to dr. faust's point about what exactly these treatments really can do for people who are not him and not getting this kind of world class, rare one in -- one person in the entire planet. he's the only person get thing care. >> fewer than ten people in this country have gotten this, and it is fully experimental. what about this issue of the negative test? there's the negative test he needs to get multiple times to show he's not shedding virus. and they have refused to reveal the date of his last negative test. at this point, we know why. it wasn't recent and it's going to cost him serious problems
4:26 pm
about that debate. so we know in some capacity. but from a medical point of view, there's people who could have been exposed that they don't care. they're not sharing the information. >> yeah, there's no contract tracing, there's no effort as far as i heard to reach out to the gold star families he met with. to me, in terms of accelerating the return to normal schedule, the problem there again is people might actually come down with this infection and think well, the president can go back to work, so can i. that's why we have a pandemic because we keep spreading this thing and we aren't disciplined enough to control this thing. when eisenhower had a heart attack, they handled it wright and we could learn a lot from that. >> the president, we're finding out more information here about something that seems to predate
4:27 pm
covid, that the president went to walter reed back in november, when he went in the car, kind of -- they said it was routine, but it wasn't. because we would have known about it. it would have been on the schedule. and the white house said it was just to get a head start on his physical. as if you break that up into a bunch of different trips to walter reed. we are now learning tonight that at that time, some medical professors at walter reed were asked to sign nondisclosure agreements. this is something the president has always favored. by the way, that's what the doctor has any way. so you've been there. you treated the vice president while he was in office. what do you take away from this? when he went in november, at that bizarre time, he made them sign a nondisclosure agreement. >> i would have refused to sign it. in eight cares helping to care and caring for the vice president of the united states, not a single time was i asked to sign a nondisclosure agreement.
4:28 pm
and with the many consultants that we brought to the white house or to george washington university hospital to see and treat the vice president, not once did i ask in of those outside consultants, some of whom were from around the country, not once did i ask them to sign a nondisclosure agreement. it's built into the dna of the patient. when you see a patient, you develop a relationship based on trust. if my patient asks me to sign a nondisclosure agreement, my patient is saying he doesn't trust me and that breaks the relationship. >> abby, this president of course does not trust. >> no. he doesn't trust anyone, and he makes really virtually everyone, including people working in government, sign a nondisclosure agreement. so it doesn't surprise me he attempted to do this. again, erin, more questions about the president's health, about the preexisting conditions he may have had going into this
4:29 pm
episode, and what he has coming out of it. >> right. by the way, what happened in november to a president who we know has issues, not just -- his obvious age, obesity, heart issues, what happened in november at walter reed may be important. i thank all of your time. next, president trump insulting senator kamala harris. >> this monster that was on stage with mike pence. >> the third highest ranking democrat in the house james clyburn responds. and the upcoming presidential debate is in question. president trump backs out of the next one next week. but can he afford to skip them? anthony scaramucci is "outfront." see... (customer) something like that... (burke) well, here's something else: with your farmer's policy perk, new car replacement, you can get a new one. (customer) that is something else. (burke) get a whole lot of something with farmers policy perks. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ ♪water? why?!
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more dangerous and corrupt president than trump. he's harming our basic values,
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giving rise to hate, and he's selling out america to big corporations. i'm working to protect immigrants, women, communities of color, and lgbtq people. and i'm making corporations like pg&e and insurance companies play by our rules. we need experienced leadership to wipe away trump's stain on america for good. breaking news. president trump reversing course yet again on a stimulus bill, to you saying he is open to a large-scale deal. remember two days ago, he came out on twitter and canceled it all together, said he had no interest in it, talks were all off on a big deal. a few hours later, he said i'll do some stand alone bill and we'll give individual checks to
4:34 pm
people. it's whiplash, and "outfront" now is the third highest ranking democrat in the house, james clyburn. let me ask you, congressman, this is a really important topic, whatever people may think about the role of government, there are a lot of people in this country in an incredible amount of pain and economic relief is needed if we are to have a much more serious economic depression. so the president now says he wants a large-scale bill -- or is interested one. two days ago he said no way, i'm done with it. do you think this is negotiable at this point, that you can negotiate with him? >> well, i would certainly hope so. thank you very much for having me. you know, the president seems to judge everything in this country economically based upon what happens on wall street. now, the reason he jumped back into the fray is because after he made his statement, cutting off all negotiations, wall street started to tank.
4:35 pm
and then he came back into the discussion. and i think somebody in the white house must be informing him that there are a few other streets in america where people live, where people play, where people work, outside of wall street. and so i would hope that he would take into account there are so many things on main street or side street, martin luther king jr. boulevard, if you please. people's lives are at stake. their livelihoods are under threat. their health is deteriorating. we have got to do something and do it quickly. and i would hope this president would stop jerking people around and get serious about being president of this country. he seems to feel that he's involved in some kind of a game or a talkradio or tv program. >> so there's the stimulus that
4:36 pm
obviously you're talking about the urgency of that. on top of that, the speaker, who obviously is involved in those discussions, is introducing a bill that would establish a commission to determine if a president is able to do his job. so this is about the 25th amendment in which the vice president and the cabinet would transfer power so the vice president, because if the president is unfit basically. so where doe're 26 days away fr election day. do you think this is good to be doing this right now? >> well, you know, this is not a new bill. this bill has been around for a while, and i'm assuming it's the same bill. >> yes, it is. >> -- that they're going to be reintroducing. at any rate, i think the president is displaying some very erratic behavior. and i think that the american people are beginning to become very concerned about this. and so i think that it is good
4:37 pm
for the president or at least the people in the white house, most especially the chief of staff, to realize that he is not going to be allowed to jerk the country around and to do what seemed to be whatever willy-nilly may come to this president's head. so this may be the kind of attention getter that we need. >> so in an interview today, the president came out and said some things about the vice presidential nominee kamala harris, which were not really about her performance at all in the sense of they were, you know, just sort of deeply personal. here is what he said. >> she was terrible. she was -- i don't think you could get worse. and totally unlikable. and she is. she's a communist. and this monster that was on
4:38 pm
stage with mike pence -- >> what is your reaction to that, a monster that was on stage? >> well, look, with the communist thing. i was born and raised during the time of sumpter. bethune was born in that county, just ten miles from where i grew up. my mother made me learn everything in the world about mary bethune. he was the greatest woman whoever lived. well, mary bethune is about to bring her statue up and replace a confederate statue in the capitol. her portrait is up in the statehouse. i had a little something to do with putting that portrait in the statehouse here. she was called a communist every day on the floor of the house of representatives here in south
4:39 pm
carolina when we were trying to get the legislation passed. martin luther king, jr. was a communist. now we've got things all over, even a holiday named after him. every time a black man or woman stand up to be counted in this country, there's some buffoons running around calling her a communist. i've been called a communist for trying to integrate a lunch counter. this is the kind of foolishness. and then i see a member of the house from north carolina saying that the only reason she was picked is because of her race. these kind of racist tropes have got to stop, and the american people have it in their possession, with their votes, to stop this foolishness. this country is teetering on a disaster. and i would hope people will wake up and really do what's necessary to put this country back on track.
4:40 pm
this president and his entire administration ought to really be removed from office and do so quickly. >> congressman clyburn, thank you very much for your time tonight, sir. >> thank you. and tonight, the top government vaccine expert who says he lost his job because he refused to push hydroxychloroquine to treat coronavirus is speaking out. claiming president trump could have prevented many of the 212,000 american deaths so far. here is dr. rick bright in an interview with jake. >> i believe president trump and this administration has failed america, failed to respond to this pandemic, and many people have died needlessly. there were many lives that were lost that we could have prevented. and there are many more lives that we're going to lose this winter that are preventable. >> that amid major warning signs
4:41 pm
for the united states, where only two states right now are seeing a decline in the number of new cases. hawaii and alabama. 25 states are increasing, including spikes in some of the states hardest hit at the beginning, hike new york and new jersey. nick watt is "outfront." >> reporter: protests in new york city's covid-19 hot spots. some schools and indoor dining closed again today. religious services limited. >> we can stop this challenge from turning into a full-blown second wave and we must. >> reporter: a field hospital is about to open in wisconsin. the tennessee titans now under nfl investigation after 23 positive tests, and an unsanctioned practice. kentucky's mask mandate extended another 30 days. >> we are on pace of another record week. >> reporter: these 11 states setting records right now. highest average daily case
4:42 pm
counts ever, in just two states, home to less than 2% of americans, average new case counts are actually falling. alabama and hawaii. latest national numbers, more than 50,000 new cases wednesday. and more than 900 dead. meanwhile, on the much hoped for vaccine -- >> pending fda authorizations, we believe we may have up to 100 million doses by the end of the year, enough for every american who wants a vaccine by march to april 2021. >> reporter: the morning after the vice president said this to kamala harris -- >> stop playing politics with people's lives. >> reporter: his boss, the president, is doing exactly that. claims there's now a covid cure. there is not. >> the regeneron was, i view it as a cure, not just a therapeutic. >> reporter: he took an experimental antibody made. ely lily is developing something
4:43 pm
similar. both just applied to the fda for emergency use authorization. >> are they going to get snit >> yeah, they're going get it. >> reporter: that decision must be apolitical. the president still playing politics with people's lives, again and again. and mean while, we have the governor of new mexico saying the state is at risk of uncontrollable spread. the governor of new jersey calling the case tally sobering. and miami-dade in florida opened schools earlier this week. today, the first confirmed case, an elementary school student. erin? >> nick, thank you. next, the president say thing in hit latest interview. >> joe's not lasting two months as president. they're going to have thousands of people that are murderers, rapists, just pour into our country. >> he doesn't even say some of
4:44 pm
them are good people. what does anthony scaramucci make of the president's behavior? and potential new trouble for trump as a senator is distancing herself from him. -well, audrey's expecting... -twins! grandparents! we want to put money aside for them, so...change in plans. alright, let's see what we can adjust. ♪ we'd be closer to the twins. change in plans. okay. mom, are you painting again? you could sell these. lemme guess, change in plans? at fidelity, a change in plans is always part of the plan. you're having one more bite!? no! one more bite! ♪ kraft. for the win win. tonight... i'll be eating roasted cauliflower tacos with spicy chipotle sauce.
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4:48 pm
breaking news. next week's presidential debate in limbo. not officially canceled yesterday according to the debate commission co-chair, but it follows a standoff between the trump and biden campaigns, because trump rejected the twitch to a virtual debate because of concern about the white house coronavirus outbreak. he was saying he wants no parts of it if it's virtual. "outfront" now, anthony scaramucci, former white house communications director, who supports joe biden for president. the president doesn't want the debate because it was virtual. now he's going to hold a rally. joe biden then said okay, he'll do a town hall next thursday. but obviously the debate is not officially cap se lly canceled e president made this big ting abo -- big stink about it. can he turn it around? >> he can turn it around, but he's playing a lot of the things
4:49 pm
he did in 2016, the rapist comment, so he'll probably cancel it. he doesn't want to be on that stage for 90 minutes with a list of all the malfeasance, the malpractice, the destruction of the economy, the mishandling of the covid-19 virus, and then the super spreading that he created for his staff and his family. so i don't think he's going to make that debate. and i think in his mind, why should i have 70 million people witness me melting down like i did in the first debate? when he left that debate stain, so -- debate pastage, 6 out of 10 said he wouldn't go back and debate. now he's sick with covid-19, it's 90% he doesn't show up, erin. >> whatever the format, i understand it's a town hall, but there could be -- he's going to
4:50 pm
be called out. when was that last negative test? these are questions he will not be able to evade. you mentioned the rapist sound bite i played coming into the commercial. that was from an interview he did this morning with fox business. that was one of several bizarre things he said. here they are. >> look, i stood next to joe and i looked at joe. joe's not lasting two months as president. this monster that was on stage with mike pence, who destroyed her last night, by the way. everything she said is a lie. they want to have thousands of people that are murderers rapists just pour into our country. >> so, speaker pelosi earlier said the president is in an altered state right now. obviously you're not a doctor and i'm not asking you in that capacity, just as someone who knows him well. is this behavior and these statements any different than what you've seen in the past? >> well, you don't need to be a doctor, though, right? if you and i are watching a
4:51 pm
football game and somebody's legos in the opposite direction than it should, we both know the leg is broken. younch to be an orthopedic for that. so he's obviously unwell. so the question is who's telling him, who's intervening, and the answer is no. so, i mean, maybe his next job is going to be, you know, playing the king, george iii in "hamilton," you know, coming out with a robe on singing. i don't know what they're going to do with guy at this point. here are two things people should consider. that was a racist statement that joe biden is not going to last two months. i could hear the racist truck beeping as he was backing up over joe biden. that's a tell to his base, that's a tell to the proud boys and all the racists that he's trying to gin up. and the second thing, and this is the thing i find so horrifying and disfiguring about him right now is that he wants people to be hearurt. he doesn't have any caring or compassion about him, and he's put these secret service people and staff members in harm's way
4:52 pm
inside the white house. so how is he going to protect your family as an american citizen if he's doing that to the families around him? so, to me, i find the behavior disgusting. i just don't understand why a family member that loves him or maybe they don't love him, i don't know what it is. why aren't they intervening and sort of putting him in the penalty box. >> jennifer jacobs from bloomberg who reported about the hope hicks infection, read her test. the white house wasn't going to put it out. reported that security had been hospitalized at the white house for covid. you've talked to friends who are there, people who have the virus. how are they all doing? >> well, listen, i think it's a mixed bag. i think some of them are struggling. i think some of them, you know, had flu-like symptoms, particularly the younger ones, and they're getting over it fairly quickly, but it's a mixed bag and i think when the president tells people that it's not dangerous it's just incorrect. it could be dangerous for you. you don't know that. you and i both know long-haulers
4:53 pm
personally that had the disease. it's just unbelievably irresponsible behavior, and those people, i hope they all get better, i pray that they do and i hope they rethink their relationship with the president because he's hurt them and their families. it's time to move on and get away from him. >> anthony, thank you so mucver, i appreciate your time. >> thank you. next, arizona, vital to winning the white house. tonight, though, there are new concerns for the president and his campaign there. blind. and non-24 can throw my days and nights out of sync, keeping me from the things i love to do. talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424.
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but despite the rising pain and anguish made worse during the pandemic, insurance companies still refused to cover mental health and addiction treatment. until now. senator scott wiener went to work - taking them on. passing a law requiring the insurance industry to cover mental health and addiction treatment. now more than ever, californians need mental health coverage. i won't let up until the stigma of mental health and addiction is finally over. tonight joe biden, kamala harris and vice president mike pence all in arizona, a state vital to winning the white
4:57 pm
house. the senate race there, though, could be signaling trouble for trump. miguel marquez is "outfront." >> reporter: it's the combat fighter pilot -- >> i'm mark kelly -- >> reporter: versus the astronaut. early voting now under way across the grand canyon state. >> why is the senate so important? >> l, i believe that -- accepting what donald trump has done to the country and looking the other way is unacceptable. >> what draws you to senator mcsally? >> i mean, just, honestly, it's who i've been following for a long time, and, yeah, she does support trump and that's something that i'm big into because i do support trump as well. >> reporter: the contest to fill the last two years of the late senator john mccain's term. his legacy and long-running feud with the president a presence in the race. >> to hear senator mcsally not stick up for senator john mccain when the president of the united states is attacking him -- >> did you not stick up for senator mccain.
4:58 pm
>> quite frankly, it pisses me off when he does it. >> july 4 of 2006, gaby thought i was going to propose from space. >> reporter: kelly, husband to former congresswoman gaby giffords who was seriously wounded in a mass shooting. >> attacking mcsally for her support of the president and for voting to eliminate protections for pre-existing conditions. >> mcsally voted to gut or eliminate protections for pre-existing conditions. >> reporter: mcsally has attacked kelly as a tool of the progressive left, overly friendly toward china and hiding his true agenda. >> he's too liberal for arizona. >> reporter: for mcsally, a former u.s. representative from southern arizona, it's her second run for senate in two years. she was narrowly beat by democrat chris incinema in 2018 when republican jeff flake retired after clashing with president trump.
4:59 pm
>> her false attacks against me were desperate and over the top. now she's doing the same to mark kelly. >> senema even taking the unusual step of going on the attack against her senate colleague. polls have shown kelly with a consistent lead over mcsally. >> arizona may have two democratic senators. shock? >> not a shock in the sense that you've seen the direction of the republican party. >> reporter: arizona republican political strategist chuck coughin says the gop here has two problems, an ideological base beholden to trump and a rapidly evolving electorate. >> if we have two democratic senators for the first time since 195 2, as senator mccain would say, it's always darkest before it turns black. it's going to turn black for republicans here. >> keep in mind, all of this is to finish off the last two years of john mccain's term. no matter who wins, they'll have to run again in 2022.
5:00 pm
and because it's a special election, if mark kelly wins, he could play a role in the nomination process for amy coney barrett to the supreme court. of course that assumes she's not confirmed by election day. erin? >> all right. miguel, thank you very much and thanks to all of you. anderson starts now. good evening. the president of the united states is certainly living up to the title bob woodward's book about him. the book, of course, is "rage" and the president's clearly in one. fading in the polls he's lashing out at perceived enemies demanding the attorney general bring charges against his opponent. his 2016 opponent and the last president, describing senator kamala harris as, quote, this monster. in addition, he continues to mislead the public about a pandemic that itself is raging once again and has now taken more than 212,000 lives in this country. but the president being the president isn't focussing on them or on their loved ones or any covid experience but his own. as a result he's floating dangerous results