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tv   The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  October 18, 2020 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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this is cnn breaking news. >> welcome to our viewers here in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer in washington. this is a special edition of e
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"the situation room." a blunt assessment from dr. anthony fauci. he says it doesn't come as a shock to him at all that president trump was diagnosed with covid-19. listen to this. >> were you surprised that president trump got sick? >> absolutely not. i was worried that he was going to get sick when i saw him in a completely precarious situation of crowded, no separation between people and almost nobody wearing a mask. when i saw that on tv, i said, oh, my goodness. nothing good can come out of that. that's got to be a problem. sure enough, it turned out to be a superspreader event. >> dr. fauci also said it doesn't make any sense at all why president trump equates wearing a mask with weakness.
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his very stark comments come as concern grows over a very disturbing rise in coronavirus cases across the country. look at this map. only to states in the u.s. are not reporting spikes, missouri and vermont. yesterday alone, the u.s. reported more than 57,000 new infections worldwide. total cases are approaching 40 million. experts say this is the fall surge they have been warning about for many months. despite these horrible numbers, president trump ignores the advice of his own coronavirus task force. he is going out there on the campaign trail from coast to coast. look at some live pictures coming in from a rally he is holding in carson city, nevada. joining us now, the dean of the brown university school of public health, and cnn's medical director and ryan nobles,
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covering the president at the rally in nevada. you know dr. fauci. are you surprised to hear him speak out so bluntly about the president right now that he was not surprised at all that the president came down with coronavirus? >> wolf, thank you for having me on. i am not surprised. dr. fauci is somebody who speaks his mind. when asked a direct question, he will tell you what he is thinking. what he was thinking is what all of us have been thinking for months, which is, we have been surprised the president didn't get infected earlier given the poor sort of protections they had around him. of course, dr. fauci is telling us what everybody i think already knew. >> hold on for a moment. i want to go to ryan nobles who is on the scene to tell us about the timing of what's going on. all of a sudden, 16 days before the election, we hear from dr. fauci speaking rather bluntly.
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>> reporter: it is pretty interesting, wolf. as of late, president trump has attempted to distance himself from dr. fauci. he has always been careful to not directly criticize anthony fauci because he has a lot of confidence from the american people. i was at a rally a couple of days ago in north carolina. he accused dr. fauci of being a democrat. he said that he doesn't necessarily agree with fauci's assessment on a lot of the big topics that have a lot of agreement across a wide spectrum of the scientific community. just a few minutes ago, president trump specifically attacked the steps that democratic governors in many states have taken and even republican governors have taken to stop the spread of the coronavirus, the lockdowns and restrictions in place. president trump even said, he almost mocked people that tell him he should follow the lead of scientists. he said, if i followed the lead of scientists, i would have
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driven this country into a massive depression. it seems as the cases continue to rise, even after the president himself has contracted the coronavirus pandemic, he still doesn't seem to be getting the full picture as to how serious this virus is. >> i want to play more of what dr. fauci said on "60 minutes." he was asked about the trump campaign ad that misrepresented him as praising the president for his tpandemic response. listen to this. >> i do not and nor will i ever publically endorse any political candidate. here i am, sticking me right in the middle of a campaign ad, which i thought was outrageous. i was referring to something entirely different. i was referring to the grueling work of the task force that we were knocking o ining ourselves seven days a week. i got ticked off. >> from what you know of dr.
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fauci -- we know him well -- how big of a breach of personal ethics was this for him? >> i think dr. fauci is one of the most circumspect people i have spoken to when it comes to politics. he is very careful with his words. frankly, i am surprised in contrast that he is saying what he is saying now about being surprised or not being surprised that the president came down with coronavirus. he is very careful not to take sides politically, to stick with the science. so i do understand his frustration with being thrust in the middle of a political situation when that's really what he tries to avoid. >> the president -- i want you to respond to this. he is continuing to hold, even as we speak, these large, in-person campaign rallies, people are packed in. no social distancing at all. most of the people not wearing masks. three this weekend alone, his campaign website shows more are
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planned over the next 16 days. potentially, correct me if i'm wrong, endangering many thousands of americans out there. what goes through your mind when you see these images? >> wolf, it's just a level of carelessness and lack of regard for his own supporters. what we know is that people who have attended these rallies have gotten infected, have gotten sick. many of them have been hospitaliz hospitalized. you would think that the president would care about that, care about his own supporters and protecting them. he doesn't. it baffles me. it has baffled me from the beginning. it continues to baffle me. you would think if all -- if nothing else, that he would care about the people who are supporters of him and his agenda. >> i want to play a little bit more of what dr. fauci said just now, his analysis of the president's belief in science. listen. >> do you find it at all ironic that the president, who has not
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always consistently followed the advice of scientists, seems to have been made better by science? >> i don't think it's ironic. i think it's fortunate the president of the united states benefitted from science. i think deep down, he believes in science. if he didn't, he would not have entrusted his health to the very competent physicians at the walter reed army medical center. >> at the same time, he wasn't worn masks, he pushed back against things you said. >> i think that's less anti-science and more a statement. >> what kind of a statement? >> a statement of strength, we are strong, we don't need a mask, that kind of thing. he sometimes equates wearing a mask with weakness. >> does that make sense to you? >> no, it doesn't. of course not. >> let me get dr. gounder's reaction to that. what do you think? >> it would be like saying our troops in afghanistan don't need body armor, our police don't
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need bulletproof vets. does that make you weaker as a policeman? is that just recognizing the risk of the job inherent to the job and you are taking the right steps to protect yourself? i think that's really a non-sense cnon nonsense cnon -- we know it's the most important things you could do to prevent the spread of coronavirus. >> let me ask ryan nobles in nevada at this rally, what are we hearing from the president on this day about coronavirus? what's his message? >> reporter: wolf, his big message is he feels the steps many local governments have taken to restrict movements to stop the spread of the virus has been too much. he attack ee eed gretchen whitm the governor of nevada. he suggested his advice on how
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to handle this, just to opt country back up, makes more sense than the advice that scientists have given. listen to what the president just said. >> if you vote for biden, he will surrender your jobs to d e china, your future to the virus. he will lock down. he will listen to the scientists. if i listened to the scientists, we would have a country that would be in a massive depression instead of -- we are like a rocket ship. look at the numbers. that's despite the fact that we have five or six of the democrats keeping their states closed because they are trying to hurt us on november 3rd. the numbers are so good anyway. they would be better. >> reporter: what's interesting about the response to this is that there are scientists that argue that if the president had taken these more aggressive steps early on, that perhaps the economy would have opened at a quicker rate and that might have
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benefitted him more. even the advied advised advice e to wear a mask might have helped the economy out. his thinking, which he says that the cure cannot be worse than the virus itself, doesn't make that much sense if you listen to the dr. faucis of the world and other doctors that have talked about this. i have to tell you, wolf, i talked to a number of voters, they trust the president. they believe they don't need to wear a mask because he tells them they don't need to wear a mask. that's part of the reason why you see so many people here not wearing a mask. you have to assume, they're doing the same thing when they go about their daily lives. >> stand by. we have more to discuss on the breaking news. more from dr. anthony fauci, what he is saying about when he might be ready to get a vaccine to deal with coronavirus. more on the breaking news right after this. ndwich, far from it. it's a reason to come together.
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we are following the breaking news, dr. anthony fauci, the top infectious disease expert, speaking out in an interview on "60 minutes." he said this, listen. >> if the fda says it's okay to take the vaccine, are you going to take it? >> i'm going to look upon the data that they make the decision. i trust the dreth irector, the commissioner of the fda he will not let politics interview. we have an advisory committee to the fda who are made up of independent people who i trust. put all those things together. if the final outcome is that the fda approves it, i will take it. >> important words from dr. fauci. joining us, dean at the brown university school of health and dr. gounder. what's your reaction if the fda says the vaccine is safe and
5:17 pm
effective, would you take it? >> i will be following exactly the same process as dr. fauci. i will be looking at what data was submitted to the fda to get that approval. did they complete at least two months of follow-up after all of the doses of vaccine -- in some cases it's two doses. make sure there are no adverse side effects. is it safe and effective? if i see all of those boxes are checked, then, yes, i would move forward and i would get the vaccine. >> what about you? >> i would follow exactly those guidelines that dr. gounder said. the two-month guidance is from the fda and scientists there. if we get that, then -- if dr. fauci takes it and says -- gives his stamp after proval, i think that will help. at the end of the day, it's about the science and data that's underlying it.
5:18 pm
that's what i think we all need to look at. >> are both of you optimistic that there will be a safe and fa effective vaccine by the end of the year? >> i think we will have a safe and effective vaccine. then we are looking at a massive manufacturing and distribution problem. the pfizer vaccine, which is the one that may well get an fda approval in late november, we are looking at maybe 50 million doses in the first batch and 100 million by the end of the year. it requires two doses. divide that by two in terms of the number of people vaccinated. 25 and 50 million by the end of the year. there are 330 million people in the u.s. not to mention that these are vaccines that need to be refrigerated, really frozen at minus 94 degrees fahrenheit, something that most doctor's offices can't do. this is for many reasons a massive logistical and manufacturing challenge.
5:19 pm
>> it's not like getting a flu shot, going to the drugstore and going home. i'm anxious to get your thoughts on that as well. >> absolutely. i would not be surprised, wolf, if we have two or three vaccines that get emergency use authorization before the end of the year. i agree that the pfizer vaccine is probably on track to be the first. we have moderna, we have j & j which has had a pause. there are others as well. i wouldn't be surprised if we have a few. i completely agree that most americans are going to get vaccinated in 2021. we are looking at a march/april, if things go very well time frame when a large proportion of the american people get access to the vaccine. >> even if we do get a safe and effective vaccine, dr. fauci told me, even if it's 70% effective, which would be very good, that means 30% of those who get the vaccine would still
5:20 pm
be possibly capable of getting coronavirus. right? >> absolutely. let's be very clear on what a vaccine will do. it will make a big difference. it will bring the level of infections down. it will not make this virus magically disappear. we are probably still going to be wearing masks for a while. some of the high-risk activities will be very difficult. i suspect a second generation or third generation of vaccines will get better on the numbers and life will start coming back to a new normal after that. it will help a lot. even a 70%, 80% effective vaccine will make a big difference in transmission. >> i think for most of next year, all of us will wear masks. the white house coronavirus task force, dr. atlas, posted a tweet that sought to undermine the importance of face masks. twitter took it down. it claimed that the world health
5:21 pm
organization, the cdc discounted the usefulness of masks. dr. atlas is a radiologist, neuroradiologist, not an infectious disease specialist. what's your reaction to what his allegations are about masks, especially since he seems to have the ear of the president right now? >> wolf, dr. atlas is one of the top proponents of the herd immunity approach. everybody would become infected, which would mean many, many people would die as a result. you probably would still not achieve herd immunity. we have never achieved herd immunity with a natural infection. smallpox, we had in the human population for centuries. it took a vaccine to get to herd immunity. ditto for measles. basically, this is a policy being anti-mask, it's really a policy of herd immunity, which
5:22 pm
is not going to work. >> what do you think? >> i thought the tweet was totally irresponsible. i flagged it early as something that was a source of disinformation, particularly disappointing coming from the white house. i have to say that that kind of disinformation coming from the white house and from other sources in the government has really made it hard to fight the pandemic. masks work. people need to be wearing them. >> it's not hard to put on a mask. just wear a mask. you will save lives out there. thank you to both of you for joining us. appreciate it very much. >> thank you, wolf. we are days away from the final presidential debate. after a disastrous first debate, which ended with the president actually diagnosed with coronavirus, the public wondering if he did get tested before the debate. we will speak about that and more with the chairman of the democratic national committee, tom perez, he is standing by. we will discuss what's going on
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only 16 days to go. according to the latest figures, a turnout tracking data said more than 27 million americans have cast their ballots. 27 million, that's more than six times the number of votes cast by this point back in 2016. tom perez is the chairman of the democratic national committee. he is joining us. thank you so much for joining us. as you have seen, all of us have seen the images, despite the long lines, occasional technical
5:28 pm
glitches in some places, people are definitely showing up to vote in huge numbers already. what does that tell you? >> people are motivated. they are motivated everywhere. you look at these numbers. they are off the charts. you look at wisconsin. they had 135,000 people who voted absentee four years ago. they are over 800,000. they will have 3 million people vote. they have a quarter of the people have voted in wisconsin. you go to florida where over 2 million early votes have been cast. roughly, half are democratic ballots. what's interesting about it is, people often say, well, it's not a big deal because a lot of it is people who would have voted on election day. that's not the case. in florida, 350,000 of those ballots that i just mentioned that are democratic ballots were people who didn't vote in the last two elections. we are seeing incredible energy.
5:29 pm
we take nothing for granted. we know this is going to be close. that energy that we see out there, it's everywhere. joe biden is playing offense. donald trump is playing defense. there's energy in texas, in iowa, in ohio, in arizona, michigan, wisconsin, north carolina, georgia, florida. all over the map there is energy, wolf. we are telling everyone, make a plan. go to and get out there and vote. that is how we win. i think we will have record turnout this year. i have no doubt about it. our democracy as we know is on the ballot. >> despite the coronavirus out there. some people would be afraid to wait in long lines. that's totally understandable. do you think that the polls, the respected public opinion polls in those key battleground states are more accurate this time than they were four years ago? >> i always tell our team, don't get on the poll-er-coaster.
5:30 pm
the only polls that count are after election day, the results after election day. there is not an iota of complacency on the biden team. we are all sprinting to the finish line. we know it's going to be close. when people tell me, the vice president is up by 11, i don't believe it. we tell people, it's going to be close. get out there. make sure you make a plan to vote. people have options, wolf. i like -- it's really important in a pandemic era that people have options on how to vote. i want people to exercise whatever option they want. make sure you make a plan. don't wait until november 2nd to make a plan. make a plan, make it early. whether it's -- a lot of states, like florida, tomorrow, in-person early voting starts. when you have a couple weeks for in-person early noting that can help to minimize the lines. i expect there will be lines. there's no doubt about it.
5:31 pm
when you do have two weeks, you can be more covid compliant moving forward. we will continue to see this energy. people -- we are in crisis right now. the reason why there's so many people voting, we're in crisis. we're a country in crisis. this president doesn't have a plan for the coronavirus. he doesn't have a plan for the economy. he doesn't have a plan to deal with the george floyd situations. he doesn't have a plan for the climate crisis. people want leadership that will get us out of these crises. the coronavirus is the third leading cause of death in the united states right now. the president had the audacity literally yesterday to say, we have turned a corner. i don't know what corner he is talking about. maybe it's a pentagon or octagon. but there's seven more corners to turn before we are going to get out of this. >> it seems to be getting worse by the day. if you are going to vote with a mail-in ballot, make sure you
5:32 pm
follow the instructions, the signatures and all that stuff to make sure your vote really does count. read the instructions very carefully. there's a presidential debate as we know, the last presidential debate will be the second, it's scheduled for thursday night in nashville, tennessee. is everything all set? is there any doubt in your mind whether or not it will happen given some of the problems that we have seen with the first debate, the second debate was canceled after the president refused to do it virtually? >> vice president biden is preparing. he will follow the -- whatever the directives of the debate commission are. he expects to be there. he looks forward to it. he is going to be prepared to answer those questions. we're a country in crisis. joe biden has a plan to get us out of the coronavirus. he has a plan for building back better our economy. he has a plan to make sure that we come together as a nation.
5:33 pm
because people are sick and tired of being sick and tired. they are sick and tired of a president who just continues to divide. this debate is an opportunity for both candidates to make a closing argument. the problem with president trump is he doesn't have an argument. his closing argument in michigan yesterday was, lock her up. that just -- that encourages more violent extreme activity. joe biden has a clear plan to get out of this, to listen to scientists, to build back our economy. this is not the first rodeo for joe biden. he came in in '09 and we left to donald trump an economy that had the longest uninterrupted streak of private sector job growth. joe biden has the experience to do this. what i hear is, i want a president that can unite us. >> because i suspect what we will hear from the president at the debate thursday night is
5:34 pm
some really, really nasty allegations against the former vice president. he tweeted this week, biden is a national security threat, he is a member of an organized crime family. i suspect you are gearing up to hear that as well. >> when you don't have any answers to the crises of the moment, you have to distract. in 2018, it was the caravans. in 2020, socialism. even though as the senator from nebraska correctly points out, the authoritarian leader in the united states right now is donald trump. he will try to use those distractions. the american people are on to him by now. they understand that he just doesn't have a plan for the coronavirus. and he doesn't have their back. health care is on the ballot. in the middle of a pandemic, he is trying to do away with coverage for people with pre-existing conditions. healthcare was the issue in '17,
5:35 pm
'18 and '19. i think it's big irnger now bec of the pandemic. more people have pre-existing conditions. they are trying to ram through a supreme court nominee to accomplish what they couldn't accomplish in the congress, which was to do away with the affordable care act. health care is on the ballot. it's on the docket of the supreme court a week later. we need to get out there and send a very strong message about what our values are. we want to make sure we protect coverage for people with pre-existing conditions. make a plan. this is the election of our lifetime. vote like your life depends on, because, frankly, it does. >> it's going to be a huge turnout. tom perez of the dnc, thanks for joining us. >> always a pleasure, wolf. >> thank you. former trump administration officials, including john bolton, olivia troy, miles taylor, they will join jake tapper with an urgent warning. that's coming up at the top of
5:36 pm
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we are getting a new look right now at some really chilling new videos of the suspects accused in a plot to kidnap the michigan governor, gretchen whitmer. in at least one of them, they are seen carrying out what appears to be training you are getting other new details as well. update our viewers what's going on. this is so disturbing that these individuals, 13 or 14 of them, actually were plotting to kidnap a democratically elected governor. >> reporter: that is the allegation, wolf. we are seeing the stunning new
5:41 pm
images released in the alleged kidnapping plot. the videos were entered as evidence in court by federal prosecutors. you are looking at evidence that was played in federal court of the field training exercises federal prosecutors say were carried out in a plot to storm michigan's capital and kidnap gretchen whitner. wxmi obtained it after the preliminary hearings for six men charged with conspiracy to kidnap a sitting governor. several pieces of evidence were played in court. >> i'm sick of being robbed and enslaved by the state. i'm sick of it. these are the guys who are actually doing it. if we're doing a recon or something and we come up on them, you better not give them a chance. you either tell them to go right now or else they're going to die, period.
5:42 pm
that's what it's going to be. they are the [ bleep ] enemy, period. >> reporter: the suspects' deeds and words were shown to the judge to see if there was enough evidence to go to a grand jury. in this video, the lead fbi agent acknowledged in testimony the defendant adam fox is inside a basement appearing to be speed reloading his weapon to minimize the time that your weapon is inoperable in case of a gunfight. prosecutors say the video was taken inside this vacuum shop in grand rapids. the owner of the shop says, adam fox lived here for the last couple of weeks. he lived behind this door and down into the basement. >> he was only going to stay until november. >> reporter: why did you decide it was time to go? >> he was buying attachments for an ar-15 and buying food. i'm not stupid. i was in the marine corps. i told him he had to go. >> reporter: he says he had no
5:43 pm
idea what was going on in his business' basement after hours. the fbi testified this is inside another defendant's basement where you can see an arsenal of weapons in a gun locker, including an illegal short barrel rifle. beyond the videos, the fbi says they infiltrated encriypted tex and chats. in one chat, the suspects used code names and discussed killing governor whitner, not just kit napping her. the fbi identified beaker as suspect daniel harris who writes, laying in bed, craziest idea, have one person go to her house, knock on the door and when she answers, just cap her. at this point, f it. someone with the code name text responds, lol, only if it would be that easy. beak heer replies, catch her an dome her. then yourself.
5:44 pm
why create a manhunt. do it in daylight and do it. good point. the alleged plot was never carried out. the six men along with seven others were arrested. six were charged federally. the rest charged by the state for acts of terror. we are learning that there is an eighth suspect that has been arrested in the state's case bringing the total accused in this plot to 14. it goes without saying, all of the defendants are innocent until proven guilty. we reached out to their attorneys after receiving the video. we have not heard back. >> excellent reporting, sara sidner. terrific, terrific work. this is so, so scary. thank you so much for that. we will take a quick break. more news right after this. they were always thin and i wasn't... i ate a lot of food. and then after i had my son it was really difficult to lose the baby weight, and everything took so much time and energy
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manancy is known as the dotg wife of ronald reagan. she played more than a supporting role in the first hollywood presidency. this week on original series "first ladies" we take a look at how nancy reagan was a major force from behind the scenes. >> reagan carries an unprecedented 49 states in the '84 election. nancy's eye turns toward securing his legacy. >> in 1997, i asked her, was there some area that you felt you had an affect. she said, no, no, no. ron knew exactly what he wanted to do from the moment he was
5:50 pm
elected. then she paused and very softly added, well, maybe the whole russian thing. i was like, the whole russian thing, the main thing of his administration? >> kate bennett is joining us now. kate, nancy reagan has been credited as being the political brains behind her husband ronald reagan. how instrumental -- you have done a lot of reporting on this. how instrumental was she in getting his career going? >> she was the engine behind the machine of ronald reagan. everything he did, nancy either approved or thought of or she was right by his side. when you look back on pictures -- this program tonight is great. we see her inside the oval office, in the situation room. she's more in the west wing than she was in the east wing. that really goes back to her protecting ronald reagan and wanting him to shine.
5:51 pm
she was involved. she was really a part of the entire political machine. >> she certainly was. nancy reagan tried to emulate jackie kennedy in some ways, her attempt at bringing glamour to the white house. she was highly criticized at times for her decorating, the way she dressed. why was the media and the public so tough on her in those areas? >> this was the '80s. two things were going on. there was this super wealthy dynasty moment and then there was a country in financial decline. those two things sort of met up in the white house. nancy reagan asked friends from back home to donate money to fix up the white house. the carters hadn't done anything for renovation. she wanted new furniture and upgrades. she would borrow clothes from designers, which is a no-no for first ladies. first ladies must pay for their own clothes. she got hit by the press there. the era of freebies and luxury,
5:52 pm
those moments kind of went away when nancy reagan got busted really by the media for playing into her role as first lady and getting some of the things, sometimes for free. >> the assassination attempt on president reagan, of course, had a huge impact on nancy reagan and her mission to protect her husband. it leads her to turn to some questionable sources to try to keep things in her control. tell us about that. >> i think we all -- i'm old enough to remember that nancy reagan astrology fixation. you wonder whether it was true. a very smart first lady. she's been around. yet, she's making phone calls to an astrologastrologer. she found this astrologer who would tell her days good for travel and days that weren't. certain days that were okay. she really relied on this.
5:53 pm
it was more psychological to help her cope with this life that she had to live with the president, with his life possibly hanging in the balance. she turned to astrology of all things, the first lady calling from the east wing to her astrologer. it was true. there's more tonight. >> very interesting. all first ladies, as you know, they take out a favorite cause during their time. nancy reagan's just say no to drugs campaign was one of the most well-known. what's the legacy of that program? >> i remember that i had a just say no sticker on any notebook. it was popular. i think there's a difference stigma and more wanting people to get help and understanding that it's a disease. nancy reagan was, just don't do it at all. we remember mr. t from the a team going to the white house and just say no became her signature campaign.
5:54 pm
>> it was so important and so well done. kate bennett, thank you so much for joining us. to our viewers, make sure you tune in to the new episode of the cnn original series "first ladies" that will air at 10:00 p.m. eastern and pacific tonight, only here on cnn. we'll be right back. needles. essential for sewing, but maybe not for people with certain inflammatory conditions. because there are options. like an "unjection™". xeljanz. the first and only pill of its kind that treats moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis,
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before we go, we want to honor the lives of people we lost to the coronavirus pandemic. james ham ill hamilton died fro complications related to covid-19 leaving behind two adult daughters. the campus police chief said hamilton greeted students with a smile. he served as a town councilman for many years. james hamilton was 55 years old. christopher henderson was a personal trainer in virginia. he and his wife became ill last month. weeks later, he died in the hospital with danielle by list side. she says she took this picture of her son standing next to his graveside until everyone else was gone, covering the grave with flowers. christopher henderson was only 46 years old. may they rest in peace and may
6:00 pm
their memories be a blessing. thanks very much for watching this special edition of "the situation room." i'm wolf blitzer in washington. we are back tomorrow 5:00 p.m. eastern. a warning from former trump officials starts right here, right now on cnn. welcome to the cnn special report, a warning from former trump officials. i'm jake tapper in washington. the world has never before witnessed so many former top u.s. government officials warning about the president for whom they once worked. it's just never happened before. not in these numbers and not with the same stark conclusion that president trump in their view is unfit for the office he holds. the office he is asking you to return him to. it's a phenomenon we cannot ignore. his former chief of staff,


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