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tv   New Day Weekend With Victor Blackwell and Christi Paul  CNN  October 24, 2020 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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we have some breaking news. u.s. reporting more than 80,000 new covid-19 cases. >> we are now in the fall surge. >> we're rounding the turn. we're rounding the corner. it's going away. >> the truth of the matter is we're turning the corner into a tsunami. >> as president i will mandate mask wearing in all federal buildings because masks save lives, period. >> we will need to double down on the kind of public health measures we've been talking about so long. >> we don't have to be held prisoner by this administration's failure.
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good morning to you on this saturday, october 24th. i'm christie paul. we have somebody else up early with us this morning. >> good morning, christi, i'm boris sanchez. we haven't gotten a chance to do this together in about a year. crazy to think about how much the world has changed since then. >> look where we are now, boris. look where we are now. ten days until this election and while we are rounding the final turn of the 2020 race, you just heard what the president said there, we are not, as he insisted again yesterday, rounding the turn of this pandemic. >> yeah. the u.s. now reporting its highest number of new coronavirus infections in one day since this pandemic started. again, the highest number of new infections in a single day. more than 83,000 new cases added yesterday. >> we'll let those numbers sink in for you and pull out some of these numbers that are so important. hospitalizations, for example,
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have increased by 33% this month, which means right now there are 41,000 people in the hospital fighting this virus. >> cnn correspondent paulo sandoval joins us. part of the concern is we haven't hit the apex of this fall surge. the next few months are going to be worse. >> reporter: boris and christi, we keep hearing it from the experts, the worse is potentially here. we cannot say it enough, 83,000 new cases. the highest number of new confirmed covid cases ever. over 83,000 people just starting their fight against covid. here in new york there is concern about hospitalizations as well. the highest since june. this d.c. art display is a visual representation of the lives taken by a virus that seems to be surging again. over 223,000 dead and counting.
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eight months into the covid crisis, hospitalizations are at an all-time high. this week marked the first time since late july that the number of daily new cases exceeded 71,000. >> if you'll look at the numbers of the daily infections, the upticks on the map are more than 30 states that are having upticks, it's not going to spontaneously turn around unless we do something about it. >> reporter: as the press claid claims, we are rounding the turn, many others are saying we are only headed to a dark winter. >> the reality is the worst could be yet to come. this could be a warmup act for what's about to hit. we're seeing that across the northern states. if you look at covid-19 heat map, the whole northern part is lit up. >> reporter: with hope hanging on a safe covid-19 vaccine, drug maker astrazeneca said it has a green light to resume the vaccine trial in the u.s. they've been on pause since
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september after volunteer developed a new condition. they're growing increasingly worried even after a safe vaccine is approved, the growing number of americans may not be willing to take it. recent cnn poll found 45% would not try to get a vaccine even if one was widely available. possibly allowing the virus to stick around for years as dr. francis collins. >> i've been talking so optimistically that we would be likely, but if only 50% of americans are taking it, we're never going to get to the point of immunity where covid-19 goes away. >> reporter: this week an updated model published in the journal "nature" suggests we could see up to a million covid deaths by the end of february if social distancing mandates are eased and only half the population wears masks in
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public. anthony fauci tells cnn he thinks the u.s. should just mandate mask use. >> i get the argument, if you mandate a mask, then you're going to have to enforce it, that will create more of a problem. well, if people are not wearing masks, then maybe we should be mandating them. >> reporter: this weekend big ten football is back prompting some mayors to ask the conference for help fighting the spread of virus. the mayors wrote that football games, quote, generate a lot of activity, gatherings and the consumption of alcohol. these activities have been associated with an increased spread of covid-19. >> health officials believe that small gatherings are to blame for some of these increases. specifically family events. we heard from maryland's governor, we heard from the governor who says that was one of the main causes of transmission in this state followed by house parties. >> all right. paulo sandoval, great wrapup for
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us. thank you so much. >> thank you. the pandemic is going to be a major challenge for whoever wins the election. a record number of americans are handing down their verdict early. more than 52 million ballots have already been cast. that's according to the survey of election officials by cnn edison research and catalyst. >> that figure eclipses 2016's pre-election total in 38 states. that's where data were reported at that time. it's more than 38% of the 136 million total ballots cast in 2016. >> that is an incredible figure. today both campaigns are busy in the battleground states. president trump is heading to north carolina, ohio and wisconsin. vice president pence, he's hitting two stops in florida. the democratic nominee, meantime, joe biden has two events in pennsylvania and his running mate, senator kamala harris, will be in ohio. notably former president barack obama is stumping in south
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florida. president trump begins his day there in florida. cnn's sarah westwood is there. the president has big rallies. his schedule today, north carolina, ohio, wisconsin. the point is those are also three covid hot spots. so what do we expect from him on the trail today? >> reporter: that's right. good morning, boris and christi. president trump waking up this morning at his mar-a-lago club here in florida for the first time since the pandemic. he has not traveled down there since march 6th. obviously a lot has changed since the last time we were all here. he's got a very busy day today ten days out from the election day in the final sprint. first stop is voting presumably for himself here in florida. he's registered here in florida. voting in person which is the method he has been aggressively pushing his supporters over the option of mail-in voting. then he heads off to the trio of rallies, north carolina, ohio, wisconsin. all where he won in 2016, all
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where the margins are thin. trying to shore up support in states that will be crucial come ten days from now. at rallies yesterday we saw the president promoting optimism about the end of the pandemic which isn't rooted in fact. let's take a listen to what he said in pensacola. >> a safe vaccine that quickly ends this horrible pandemic, and we're rounding the turn. with or without the vaccine. we have the vaccine, but with or without it, we're rounding the turn. normal life, that's all we want, fully resuming. we want normal life fully resuming, and that's happening. >> reporter: now images of the president's rallies have often shown people not wearing masks, not adhering to social
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distancing guidelines. local officials have cautioned the president from holding these rallies. yesterday at the villages the president continued his ambivalence about following the social distancing guidelines that his administration is putting forward. >> some people want to stay in. that's good. do it. do it. i'm sort of like lead your life, right. some people agree with me, some people -- but if you want to stay in, if you want to do what you're doing, do you it. if you want to get out, you want to be careful, socially distance, all of the things that -- you can wear a mask if you can't socially distance. there are a lot of things you can do. some people want to stay in. >> reporter: the president's closing argument clearly seems to be based on in part a gamble that people are not as afraid of the virus as they used to be. that's even as the death toll in this country is continuing to climb and today his rally is packed with multiple visits to multiple states. that's the kind of aggressive
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schedule we do expect him to keep up in the next couple of days in the final sprint to election day, boris and christi. >> you hit the nail on the head. not rooted in fact. we have the highest numbers in one day and the president says we're leaving it behind. sarah westwood with the president in florida. thanks, much. so we just kind of ran through where the president and joe biden are going to be today. we know there's this who's who of democratic party leaders who are going to be on the ground for biden in 8 battleground states today. >> the former vice president and his wife are campaigning in pennsylvania. cnn's m.j. lee has more. >> reporter: good morning, christi and boris. at this point in the race, at every joe biden speech or campaign event, we are seeing him talk a lot about the covid-19 pandemic and the crisis. it is clear at this point that this virus is going to be so central to his closing message as we get closer and closer to
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election day. of course, earlier this week on thursday night we saw the very different visions presented by president trump and the former vice president. president trump at some point even describing the situation as a rosie situation where the former vice president, joe biden, said a dark winter was ahead of us. at a speech in wilmington, delaware, biden sort of pulled all of these threads together into one comprehensive speech and laid out his own vision for what he would do with this virus if he were elected president talking about the enforcement of mask wearing, what he would do with the distribution of vaccine and ppe and also went after what he sees as the failures of president trump in handling this virus and even said that he believes the president has quit on the american people. now an important running theme that we saw in that speech
3:12 am
yesterday from biden was basically asking americans to imagine a better future when it comes to this pandemic. take a listen. >> we don't have to be held prisoner by this administration's failures. we can choose a different path. imagine a day in the not too distant future when you can enjoy dinner with your friends and family, maybe go out to a movie. when you can celebrate your birthday, weddings, graduations surrounded by your nearest and dearest friends. >> reporter: now the biden campaign has said we should expect to see the former vice president with a robust schedule in these final days. later today we are going to see him campaigning in pennsylvania including in the philadelphia suburbs and this is a state i should remind you that president trump narrowly won in 2016 but a recent cnn poll showed that biden had a 10 point lead in the state against president trump.
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christi and boris, back to you. >> it may all wind up coming down to pennsylvania. m.j. lee, thank you for that reporting. still to come, dr. anthony fauci says a considerable number of lives could have been saved if public health measures had been fauld. saju matthew weighs in on what needs to be done heading into the winter months. we're learning that a 19-year-old heavily armed man in federal custody researched joe biden and came quite close to his delaware home. we have more details on that. stay close. just get a quote at really? i'll check that out. oh yeah. i think i might get a quote. not again! aah, come on rice. do your thing. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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surgeon general jerome adams warned that the united states could see its highest number of new coronavirus cases since the pandemic began this upcoming week. >> you know he was right. as of yesterday the u.s. reported an all-time high of more than 82,000 new cases in a single day. 32 states seeing a rise in infections. here's dr. fauci on the impact
3:18 am
of following public health measures. >> i don't want to put a number on it because, you know, that's a model study, but i feel quite confident that if we had uniformly done the things that i was talking about just a moment ago, that certainly considerable number of lives could have been saved. >> joining me now to discuss is public health specialist and primary care physician, sanju matthew. thank you for joining us and getting up early this morning to discuss. we just heard dr. fauci on adhering to public safety measures could save lives. how do we reset and turn this pandemic around? >> good morning, boris. i always say, listen, we should learn from history. i was reading about the spanish flu pandemic back in 1918 where 500 million people, 1/3 of the world's population, was affected and 50 million people died. guess when most of the people
3:19 am
died? they died at the beginning of that second peak in october, november of the year 1918. you know, it's almost a dark sobering thought that we are exactly kind of at that same place. now at that time it was in the middle of the war and the soldiers were carrying the virus with them. people were living in tight spaces, but guess what? quarantine fatigue hit these people. they took off the masks, went in the streets and that's when most people died. unfortunately we are at that point right now. we've got people who are saying, i'm done with this pandemic. i thought that all i had to do was to follow these measures for three months. you know, we don't have a vaccine. i want to live my life. and what i would urge most americans at this point, boris, is to not give up. this is the time to hunker down. listen, just follow the simple guidelines. wear the mask. wash your hands. watch that distance and make decisions about not going into indoor activities and large
3:20 am
public gatherings. it's actually fairly simple. >> yeah. so it's important to keep that concept of quarantine fatigue in mind especially when you hear the president and others in his administration talk about rounding the corner. how does it make you feel? are you frustrated when you hear these officials talk about the pandemic in a way that promotes the idea that this should be over already, that that might promote quarantine fatigue? >> yeah, exactly, boris. i'm a primary care physician and it's made my job so much harder. i feel like i had to educate every patient that i see whether they have covid or not. and help them realize that this is absolutely not a hoax. you know, ultimately if you look back, the reason that we're in the position that we are is we didn't really have any modeling from our top officials. if you look at countries where they followed the rules, leaders that followed the signs, boris, these are the countries with the lowest rates.
3:21 am
we just have to let science lead the way. the vaccine may or may not happen in the next six months but until then it's really important for leaders, politicians, physicians like myself to model the behavior and give people hope and speak the truth. >> so speaking of the vaccine, there are currently four late stage phase 3 trials in the united states. the national institute of health director dr. francis collins says he's cautiously optimistic that one vaccine might reach the public before the end of the year. when you look at the time line, when do you anticipate that the general public might have access to a coronavirus vaccine? >> i think we're looking at probably april, may of next year. let's remember that a lot of the vaccine trials that are showing success, like moderna and pfizer, they are two shots. you know, it's tough enough to get people to come back for a series of hepatitis shots in my office, much less think about getting americans to come back
3:22 am
for the second shot. let's also remember, this is not going to be a shot where you can walk into your primary care office. these shots have to be refrigerated at minus 70 degrees. so we're looking at buildings and establishments that have to be set up where people can safely get the vaccine. and i hope that more than 50%, i'm hoping 70 to 80% of americans will decide to get this vaccine when it is available. >> it's certainly a lot to hope forgiven so much skepticism around vaccines in general, not including skepticism about this pandemic in itself. dr. saju matthew, thank you again for the time, sir. >> thank you. all right. still to come, federal court documents say a man connected to a van filled with guns and explosive materials researched democratic presidential nominee joe biden. we'll have more details on what we've learned about him next. and because it's a ninja foodi,
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a man who was arrested in north carolina on child pornography charges also researched democratic nominee joe biden. >> he searched for biden's home address online and eventually ended up about four miles of biden's home in delaware. here's cnn's josh campbell of more. >> it was an abandoned van full of weapons in a north carolina bank parking lot that would lead fbi agents to a man who researched and traveled near the residence of vice president joe biden. that man, 19-year-old alexander treisman was originally arrested in may on a weapons violation and he was arrested for child pornography. according to the order signed by a federal magistrate judge, he
3:28 am
had conducted online searches of biden's residence and traveled within 4 miles of the democratic nominee's home. they found a checklist written by him which included the word, execute. he posted an online meme posing the question, should i kill joe biden? in addition to numerous firearms, they seized drawings of swastikas and planes crashing into buildings, downloaded images of the 2019 mosque killings at christchurch in new zealand and describing plans for a mass shooting. cnn is attempting to reach his attorney but according to the new court document, his attorney indicated that his client has been diagnosed with aspergers syndrome and he had no prior criminal history. although a grand jury indicted him for possession of child pornography, he has not been charged with the pep ponce weap possession nor the charges to
3:29 am
attempted killing of joe biden. we are down to the final ten days until the presidential election and a new round of sec filings shows joe biden's cash on hand. he has $162 million in the bank. look at that come parativelily to president trump who has 43 million on hand. if you include money raised by pac committees, biden's lead is still there. altogether there is a lopsidedness here, $107 million advantage for joe biden heading into the final days of this campaign. and i want to bring in cnn political commentator and host of the podcast you decide, erroll lewis. ten days. >> good morning, christi. >> good. >> listen to him. good. let's get this done, he's saying. $107 million cash advantage for biden. what exactly does that equate to
3:30 am
at the end of the day? >> well, at the end of the day it amounts to resources. it doesn't really take off the biden campaign, the pressure and the obligation to figure out where they're going to go. you can spend that money very, very quickly in television ads in florida, for example, or in ohio or in arizona or michigan or pennsylvania. the question becomes, which states are you going to target? and how much will be ground game? how much will be online, the kind of direct appeal that you can reach people through facebook, for example, or traditional television ads? and trying to figure that out, believe me right now there are a bunch of strategists who stayed up all night and are still trying to figure this out. $100 million advantage is a great thing to have in the last ten days, but not if you use it incorrectly, christi. >> very good point. let's look at where the candidates are going to be in the next couple of days. president trump starting today in florida. he is expected to vote before he leaves that state to go to north
3:31 am
carolina, ohio and wisconsin. that's just today. vice president biden is going to be in bucks county and luzerne county. we know that. those are all battleground states. what do you read from the travel schedules? >> the fact that the candidate is in wisconsin for president trump tells you that they're trying to make a serious move there, that the different places that they found success four years ago which gave them the victory, michigan, wisconsin, pennsylvania, wisconsin is still in play. that's what his travel schedule tells me. the fact that obama, by the way, is going to be in southern floor at that means that the biden campaign wants to at a minimum tie up trump's resources in florida. they may not be able to win the state but they certainly want to make a fight of it. here again, it's something like ten media markets, christi. it's really expensive to try to compete in florida and to try and push the trump campaign to spend its dwindling hours and
3:32 am
its dwindling resources in florida means that the biden team may be trying to sort of tie them down there, shore up what they're doing in the midwest and bring home a victory that way. >> so we're talking about, you know, the money they have, how they're spending it, where they're spending it. let's talk about the message here. david giergen last night, i was listening to him, the trump rallies don't help him reach any new voters that he needs to reach. they're talking about how the rallies don't give the public an answer on covid and how you're going to tackle it. they don't seem to be extracting support for biden. the rallies are a miscalculation. he believes if biden wins it's likely because he believes the science behind covid. do you think that will be vice president biden's ticket? >> well, that is a very astute observation. the problem that trump has
3:33 am
encountered over and over again is that this is the issue. he doesn't want people to let, as he's put it, covid dominate their lives. well, it is dominating all of our lives, and not just because of the media. it's cold hearted reality that he's running against, and reality seems to be winning. so, yes, a message that joe biden can bring saying we have to do something different, that over 200,000 deaths is a catastrophic toll that the sitting president cannot be expected to be forgiven on, and so, yeah, it's a really effective message because everybody, i think, is looking for some plan and some way out of this. if the message from the trump campaign is, hey, just ignore it and go about your life, well, we've tried that. it doesn't work. so politically joe biden really starts out with a huge message advantage there, and trump's decision to, you know, kind of mobilize in space rather than try and persuade others to come to his side is going to be
3:34 am
something that may leave him short by the time we finish counting all of the votes. >> there have been several conversations about the importance of the african-american vote in north carolina. the african-american vote is important anywhere, but why north carolina specifically is it so imperative? >> it's a very large percentage of the vote in north carolina. that's the long and short of it. you also, by the way, you find it in rural counties as well as the cities. so it's not just, you know, raleigh and durham and charlotte. you've got a lot of other places where there's a big black community. when you start to sort of go through it though and look at what's happening with early voting, north carolina is a place where they've been doing sort of rallies and voter registration on a weekly basis. they've been doing this moral mondays crusade for years and years and years. you've got a highly activated base. that's what brought narrow victories for barack obama.
3:35 am
they're going to try to reproduce that now. you can't write off that many electoral votes. the trump campaign has to really, really focus on it and it will make north carolina a very serious battleground in the last ten days. >> very good to know. erroll lewis. thank you for your perspective. >> thank you. you can count on cnn to bring you coverage of the 2020 elections throughout the entire day. tonight join cnn's randy kay. she's talking with voters for a special report, divided we stand. inside america's anger. that is tonight at 10. still ahead, a second grand juror says that homicide charges were not offered for the jury to consider against the officers involved in the death of breonna taylor. your legal brief with joey jackson is up next after a quick break. alexa, tell roomba to vacuum in front of the couch. experience clean in a whole new way. now roomba offers you personalized cleaning suggestions and vacuums exactly where you need it.
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3:41 am
previously made by kentucky's attorney general. joey jackson is here to explain why this is so significant. joey, thank you so much for getting up early for us. we always appreciate your expertise here. talk to us, will you please, about what the reason would be not to include homicide charges. >> this is very concerning, christi. good morning to you. it is for a number of reasons. we know we have a process, and just backing up. a grand jury, just to be clear, unlike a trial jury is not there to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, they're not even there to do anything with regard to voting unanimously or anything like that. what the grand jury simply does is number one, assess whether there's reasonable cause to believe a crime was committed and number two, whether the subject of the proceeding committed it. that is largely run by the district attorney or the state's attorney or the person from the state who's presenting. in this case you have the state
3:42 am
attorney acting as special prosecutor. we all heard the expression, chrissie, that a grand jury can indict a ham sandwich. why? they're largely controlled by what the prosecutor wants them to consider. here it was common knowledge and understanding, obviously, that there was a death, a homicide. so why not put before them the ability and give them the ability with the facts and information to vote on that? now we're hearing from grand jurors that what the state attorney general said he did is far different from what he did do. and so as a result of that you have the release of this grand jury transcript that released some of the grand jurors allowing them to speak which is suggesting that you told the public that you presented charges, there was no justification, the grand jury was about trying to do justice. they said, wait a minute, we didn't get any of that stuff. so homicide to your initial point would be something clearly you would think they would consider. they did not. justification in terms of self-defense, something they
3:43 am
should plainly they did not. it goes against the trust the public has for the process and that is a shame. >> we know we will keep up on that and let you know how that progresses, let our viewers know. we want to get to ghislaine maxwell quickly here. deposition of her connected to this 2015 defamation case was brought up today. it was unsealed this week. this was a civil case settled in 2017. 418 cases. it's a transcript. she refused to answer a lot of questions. this was about -- she's epstein's former girlfriend and allegedly sex trafficking accomplice. what stood out to you in the unsealed papers that we now have some knowledge of? >> so quite a bit. to your point, christi, we're talking about 418 pages. just to back up, in a deposition what happens is there's no judge
3:44 am
there, it's an attorney asking questions of a person who has to answer them, in this case ms. maxwell. at that time sworn to tell the truth. who he was employed by, was he bringing in underage women. at any point in time did you have any awareness of this. was he giving massages? were you giving massages? there were a lot of questions posed here. we do know, christi, as a result of the indictment that while it may be unsealed to us, that prosecutors had, in fact, this deposition and used that for perjury charges and so what stood out to me to your initial point, i don't know, don't recall, don't remember, wasn't there. that's number one. number two, the specifics of the question she's asked with regard to what jeffrey epstein was doing, when he was doing it and who he was doing it with. everyone's innocent until
3:45 am
presumed guilty. the public will make its determination in reviewing the transcripts whether she was fair and accurate. when she's prosecuted she'll have to answer was she truthful or was she not? >> that trial for her coming up in july of 2021. joey jackson, always good to see you. thank you so much. >> thank you, christi. i appreciate it. what happens when you lose one of the best home field advantages in college football? you bring it home. check out all the fans dancing. big ten football is back. i'm looking for my client. i'm his accountant. i'm so sorry. [ sighs ] hey! hey man! you're here. you don't trust me here is vegas, do you? well... i thought we had a breakthrough with the volkswagen. we did. yes. we broke through. that's the volkswagen! that's the cross sport. wow. seatbelts. ♪ please, just tell me where we're going. ♪
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49 minutes past the hour.
3:50 am
coy wire joins us. coy, the dodgers retaking the lead. the rays never had a shot. >> reporter: boris, christi, thursday after losing game two, one dodgers player said not only are we the most talented team, but we've got that swagger. they backed that up. 11,000 fans in arlington under a close group for the first time this season due to rain. dodgers ace beuhler nearly untouchable throwing a no hitter near five. he finishes with a ten best strikeouts and their bats just as feared. justin turner launching a franchise record. he was the club's all-time leader in postseason hits. rbis and doubles. la wins 6-2 taking a 2-1 series lead. big ten football is back. number 14 wisconsin hosting illinois as madison deals with a
3:51 am
surge in covid cases. the badgers making their own noise. gram mertz, the first freshman starter completes his first 17 passes. even boris couldn't do that. a dropped pass in the third. going 20-21. in his five passing touchdowns ties a school record. playing house of pain. jump around in the third. still happened just in pandemic passion. 45-7 with mertz still getting the hang of this post game presser. >> definitely weird not having any fans but the boys we kept saying all week, we're here on juice. collin did a great job of sending that home. we always kind of fed up each other. we were proud of that. what was the first part of the
3:52 am
question? start of the first game. i mean, it was definitely fun. >> all right. for the first time since 1943, the iconic army/navy game will be played on campus. moving to west point. the core of cadets and the midshipman can attend. that wouldn't have been possible at the traditional philadelphia location due to the current attendance limitations. having those young men and women in attendance part of what makes the army/navy game more than just a game. dating back to 1890, it's a celebration of the future defenders of our nation. >> amen to that. coy wire, thank you so much. thank you to them for their service, too, shipping out. up next, minneapolis already has record-setting snow and there is actually more on the way. speaking of snow, it could provide temporary relief for some of those wildfires out west. allison chinchar is up next.
3:53 am
listen, as we head to break, for the many people who have lost their homes to the wildfires in california, a cnn hero is providing them shelter. take a look. >> unfortunately, this fire has affected a lot of first responders. six of seven lost their homes including the chief. we did what we do, we sourced a couple of donated rvs, we headed out to california and delivered one to chief reed rankin. >> i just can't say thank you enough. thank you. i deeply appreciate this. going to be coming on another month and a half. at least we've got somewhere to be. >> he loves his community. >> it's huge. i mean, i -- >> a couple thousand of his neighbors are left homeless. 15,000 kill 1500 killed in the fire.
3:54 am
>> start over somehow. i just have to get everything done up here and get the fire completely out, get people back in and then i can start trying to figure out what i'm going to do. i'm definitely staying in berry creek. i'm definitely going to rebuild. hopefully fema will help us out. >> for woody's full story, go to confused about which medicare plan is right for them. hey, that's me. i barely know where to start. well, start here with me, karen. i'm a licensed humana sales agent. well it's nice to meet you karen, i'm john smith. hi john. at humana we know you're unique, so you have different needs from other john
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a mix of fire and ice in this weekend's forecast. fire conditions remain poor in
3:59 am
parts of the west, but a little bit of snow could offer some relief. >> yeah. people in spokane, washington, got a little taste of it. take a look at this. more than six inches fell in the city. local meteorologists say it's the most snow they've seen in the month of october. >> for more on the record cold and snow, let's go to cnn meteorologist allison chinchar. allison, who is turning on the heat and lighting their fireplaces this weekend? >> i would imagine a lot of people are for the very first time so far this season. again, it's not just a couple of states here. at that i can a look at all of these dots. they represent who could end up seeing possible records over the next several days. this is huge swath of the country but it's not just the cold, it's also the potential for some snow, sleet, freezing rain. all of that. we have numerous states stretching from washington all the way over iowa under some type of weather alert for most of the state. it's for a lot of snow. take a look at this. widespread amounts. 4 to 6 inches.
4:00 am
in the rocky mountains. you could be talking well over a foot of snow. in some spots, that's good news. it's still moisture at the end of the day. it can still help combat a lot of the fires that are ongoing in numerous states, but especially in colorado, guys. we're still dealing with these two huge fires right here, and hoping that that extra moisture will help contain these fires a little bit better. >> all right. allison chinchar. always appreciate you. thank you. second hour of "new day" starts now. breaking news. u.s. reported more than 80,000 new covid-19 cases. >> we are now in the full surge. >> we're rounding the turn. we're rounding the corner. it's going away. >> the truth of the matter is we're turning the corner into a tsunami. >> as president i'll mandate mask wearing in all federal buildings and all interstate transportation because masks save lives, period. >> we really need to double down on the kind


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