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tv   The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  October 24, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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this is cnn break news.
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welcome to the viewers here in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer here in washington. this is a special edition of the situation room. ten days is off that is left between president trump and joe biden, election day here in the united states. the reality is each day there are fewer and fewer voters who are still walting to cast their ballot. more than 52 million americans have already cast their vote. it's a stunning number and another number that could have a stunning and massive impact on the outcome of the election. the johns hopkins university reporting that 83,757 new cases of the coronavirus occurred in the united states yesterday. that is the highest number of new cases reported in a single day since the pandemic started many months ago. nearly 1,000 americans died from the virus just yesterday. and so little time left, the
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candidates, their running mates, they are out in force, late tonight in was wris we are begin. let's go there, the president ready to hold a rally. he has been very busy all day. cnn's jeremy diamond is in wisconsin for us. i want to start with some breaking news. you have new reporting on a positive virus test in the vice president's inner circle, vice president mike pence's inner circle? >> that is right. we are a few weeks away from the president united states testing positiver and now it seems that the vice president's mike pence's bubble is also perhaps burst by the coronavirus. one of his top medical advisers, marty oaks, tested positive for the virus this week. a source confirming that for me. they said that he tested positive for the virus on wednesday. now, it's not clear from my
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reporting at this point when the last time was that marty was in the vicinity of or in close proximity. but it's going to raise questions abltd t questions about the vice president and whether or not he will continue to do so or have to quarantine amid the news. it doesn't seem so. the vice president has been campaigning in the days since marty oaks tested positive for the virus. today, he was continuing to campaign. and troubling news that one of the vice president's top political advisers has tested positive. we know that president trump, he is continuing a very active campaign zedd. we are penguinsing him to arrive right here in wisconsin very shortly. he already has landed in milwaukee and he is on the way here now. and what we are seeing a continuation for the disregard of the public health safety
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measures. we have thousands of people here tightly packed together, a majority of the people here are not wearing masks. and of course we know that the white house's own coronavirus task force said these kind of events, large public gathering, are exactly the events you want to avoid when you see a surge in cases, hospitalizations and deaths as the state of wisconsin is seeing right now, as the entire current is at this moment. >> all right, we will get back to you. good music in the background by the way. jeremy diamond joining us now, and jeremy faust and dr. patrice harris. doctors, to you, thanks so much for joining us, and on friday, the u.s. posted the highest number yet of new confirmed coronavirus cases in a single day. more than 83,000 americans
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diagnosed just yesterday. but the president has griped about news coverage of the pandemic at his campaign rallies. he is doing so throughout the day. here is what he said a while ago at a rally in ohio. >> covid, covid, covid, if a plane goes down with 500 people, they don't talk about it. all that -- they are trying to scare everybody. you have to lead your life and you have to get out, you have to be vigilant. be careful. socially distance. you get too close, put the mask on. put it on. lots of different things. >> so dr. faust, that is certainly not the first time he has done that today. when you here similar use covid as a laugh time as he is doing today, you hear him down playing that nearly 220,000 americans have died in the last several months. and saying, put the mask on if
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you have to. >> he is acting like it's not his problem. and the same time, he is running for re-election so it can continue to be his problem. he is saying it's no big deal, and he said, i heard it clearly, his strategy is what is called herd immunity. let's get the virus and learn to live with it. and it's not like people who are going out are human shields. they get the virus and give it to other people. he is talking out of both sides of his mouth here, and it couldn't come at a worst time. as we said, the number of cases we have is atrstr astronomicall and we are worried about prkts pe and drug shortages and the next four to eighth weeks are
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not what eye look forward to. >> we had more coronavirus confirmed deaths in the united states, nearly 225,000 in the month, more than any other country in the world. dr. harris, the president said we are rounding the turn, rounding the corner on the virus, yet the record spikes are occurring across the country. he claims the case numbers are up simply because there is more testing going on. clearly that is false. is the president's stance in discussing this really hurting americans right now who may be thinking, well, it's not a big deal. >> well, it is certainly painful, and to hear anyone down the seriousness of his pandemic, and as you note, we are breaking records we don't want to break. we are seeing more hospitalizations in some areas of the country. we are back to icu bed capacity issues. and we know what happens after a
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trend of increased hospitalization. loves are lost. so it is so important that doe what we do to work. and wearing a mask is hard. it's hard. and patients have done hard work to stay well and get well. under go round of chemo chairperson and i have seen newborns play with surgery. those are the things that are hard. wearing is mask is not hard. we should not down play the seriousness of this disease or what we need to do to prevent the spread of the disease. >> 95% of the public wore masks when they were involved with other people, they would save thousands and thousands of lives. and dr. fauci, made a very important point about young people.
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they may not know they have coronavirus but the fact is they are transmit to parents, grandfathers, family members and other people. it is a big deal if they come down with coronavirus. the president is saying his 14-yard son had it, and it's no big deal. and it is a big deal, i want to you elaborate on it. >> thanks for having that question. it's been a listening time coming to understand what is really happening to young americans. this week, the u.s. centers or disease control and prevention, the cdc, came out with a record that said black and hispanic young people, are having a horrible experience with the virus. it's causing real deaths. they are actual big movements and that young people are dying at high rates. i'm working with a research group here at harvard medical school and we are looking at the question, and we can no longer say this is just a decide iseas the elderly. that is the most affected group
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but it actually hits younger people. and every day we are closer to a vaccine, a young life is lost, it reverberates so long. and someone older dies, it's 50, 60 years and where are the siblings and the parents of your chin. they are the deaths that hit us harder. and we need to stall. we need to get a little more time for the vaccine to come. >> we are also learning that even if someone is asymptomatic, there harris, a young person, you don't know what a long term ramifications are going to be six months down the road. there is a lot we don't really understand right now about the coronavirus. right? >> there is a lot we don't know. and that is just all the more reason for us to continue to be hyper vigilant. and there said, you know, when it's your child, your son, your
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daughter, you don't much care about the denominator. you doncare about the numeratord we have seen the long term reports of symptoms and we have seen issues around a heart inflammation, and younger adults and older adolescents. no one wants to take a chance here. yes, there is less of a chance for worse outcome. and there is certainly not zero chance. again, we need to all do what we know works to prevent the spread of coronavirus. >> so important indeed. dr. harris, dr. faust, thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. meanwhile, the former president of the united states, barack obama, he was in florida today campaigning for joe biden. he did not hold back at all in his tough and bitter criticism of the incumbent president, president trump.
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for 45 days. just ten days now until the election here in the united states, and former president barack obama stumping for joe biden in the truly critical battle ground state of florida today. biden making it very clear who he thinks is and isn't fit to lead the united states out of the worsening pandemic, and cnn is following the biden company in miami. what did we hear from the former president of the united states today? >> well, florida is always one of the close battle grounds and president obama travelled here hoping he can help deliver the state that he won twice for his former vice president in november. he told supporters if they are able to bring home florida for
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joe biden, the election will be over, and the former president held a socially distant driving rally here in north miami. he talked about the character and leadership traits he has seen in jo biden and contrasted that and slammed president trump. he took over the president over his handling of the coronavirus pandemic and his handling in office, saying that is not a normal way for the president to act. and president obama talked about the up coming 60 minutes interview. take a listen to what he had to say. >> when 60 minutes and lesley stall are too tough for you, you ain't that tough. if you have to walk out of a "60 minutes" interview, you are never going to stand up to a k dictator. if you're spending all your time talk about how mean reporters
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are to you, you are not going to stand up to putin. >> so that is one of the rare moments where you see a former president criticizing their successor. and an overarching message for obama in florida is encouraging supporters to make a plan and get out there and vote early. as the election is reaching a ten 46 day period as the election is quickly approaching. they have the heavy hitter here on the ground in florida, the bid biden campaign is also hitting the air waves, airing another add in the world series this evening. this advertisement narrated by brad pitt earlier in the week. and they have run ads in the world series. the biden campaign putting their resources on the national air waves. they have a lot of wash on hand and trying to use it and maximize it to the best of their
6:19 pm
abilities, wolf. >> and campaigning for biden. >> we haven't gotten an exact schedule yet from president obama. he would be doing handful of events in the final stretch of the election. and trying to hit states where early voting is under way. they hope the former president can help mobilize men and voters in the crucial final stretch. all of the events so far have been solo, there is a po possibility that joe biden and barack obama can appear together in the end of the campaign, repricing their partnership. >> if you listen to president obama's speeches he did today, and the other way, 35, 40 minutes, it says he has the campaign ability and under scores while he was twice elected president. very good.
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thank you very much. let's bring in the senior and thanks so much for joining us. let's take a moment to listen. >> eight months in the pandemic. new cases are breaking records. don't trumpd isn't going to suddenly protect all of us. he can't even take the basic steps to protect himself. we don't want a president who threatening people with jail for just criticizing him. that is not normal behavior, florida. florida men wouldn't even do this stuff. with joe and kamala at the help, you wouldn't have to think about them every single day. there might be a whole day where they might not be on tv. there might be a whole tv where they don't tweet some craziness. >> you know, the former first
6:21 pm
lady michelle obama says when they go low, we go high. did the former president -- he was very, very decisive in condemning the former president of the united states. >> he is talking about a current president who is suggesting he should be arrested and indicted along with joe biden, and his family. you know, i not that one clip, former president own really got two of the central vulnerabilities that trump faced, one that predates the coronavirus. a sense among many voters that he has not conducted himself as they expect a president to do so. and when former president obama says you my not have to think about joe biden for a day, that is a pretty relaxing prospect for americans who are exhausted. and the new development this year -- it is worth noting that donald trump is trailing in the
6:22 pm
polls before the pandemic began. and it was hitting him on the handling of the virus, and i think the virus has sent a clear signal, that even as cases are spiking, he is still dismissing and it that is really going to find a gamble of the company when 60% of the country disapproves how he is handling it. >> what obama can do, and you're an expert. he can really energize the democratic base. so many democrats who voted for obama in 2008, 2012, got him elected twice, and they didn't show up, and that basically cost her the election, right? >> there with two problems from the 2012 to 2016 period. first, the after can american turn out dropped from 67% to 60%. the biggest election decline in
6:23 pm
american history, that was felt in detroit, cleveland, in those states,ist was a big problem for hillary clinton. the other problem of course was that there were a lot of blue collar white voters who did vote for obama and switched to trump in 2016, and joe biden has been laser focused on them. and he is not take his eye off them. he is doing what democrats wanted him to do, a county that obama won that trump won by 20 points, one of the 90 counties in the rust belt that flipped, he spent a lot of time in that county. and biden, president open can be helpful there, and may never solve that problem with joe biden. but they can do it well enough to combine with the recoil from president trump with some improvement, and it has biden in a strong position here.
6:24 pm
>> you're an expert when it comes to political polling. the national polls four years ago are fairly accurate. they did show health caillary c was ahead and she did win the popular vote by 3 million votes. but the polls in the key battle ground states, wisconsin, michigan, pennsylvania, they failed. had there been major changes in states that will make them more accurate this time? >> yeah. and they could still fail again. i mean, look, donald trump won in 2016 because he turned out more noncollege and more nonurban whites. they have made scaignificant changes in methodology, and to answer the poll in the first place. they feel they have a better handle on the electorate. it will be on the route, turning
6:25 pm
out more of his core voters. the problem he's got, wolf, is that last time, we said, he turned out more of his side while african-americans -- and latino turn out once great. and know everybody is voting in huge numbers. look at what is happening in harris county, texas, where there are other a million votes where the turnout is, the odds of train changing the turn out is, if the pool is getting larger. so that does put biden in a better position than clinton. but that is the big risk. no question, and there are democrats who are worried about how many noncollege and nonurban whites are voting in the rust belt states in the early voting. >> we will see, ten days to go. thank you so, so much. and with only ten daps until election day, one key group could decide the election in the key state of michigan. that is ahead when we come back.
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new garlique healthy blood pressure formula helps maintain healthy blood pressure with a custom blend of ingredients. i'm taking charge, with garlique. president trump won michigan by less than 11,000 votes back in 2016. but this year that battle ground state could come down to the critical voice of black voters. in detroit, one women is on a personal mission to make sure voters don't sit this one out. cnn's kate baldwin reports. >> reporter: you ain't registered. let's get you registered, okay? >> i think that the apathy has
6:31 pm
grown, and people are just trying to survive. we have to get back to enpowering people. >> let's go back this way. >> a woman with no shortage of energy. she doesn't work for any company but since august, she says she spends three days a week every week before her full time job and taking care of two kids, using that energy to try to convince fellow detroiters their vote matters. >> at this point, this is our survive now. what happens politically is part of our survival and there is no escaping it. >> 10,704. what does the number mean to new. >> this is that how many votes trump won by? >> that is how many votes. >> that number, it hurts. it hurts. >> wayne county, cha includes detroit, went for hillary clinton by a wide margin in 2016 but she got 76,000 fewer votes
6:32 pm
there than obama in 2012. trump won the state by just 10,704 votes. >> are you vit voting for joe biden or against trump? >> 20% against trump and 80% for joe biden. that is what i say. >> i know as a voter and a black women there's a job i have to do, and order to get a represent sif who will come close to protecting my people in office. but i'm not necessarily excited about having another representative there. >> this woman has lived in detroit her whole life. but at 63 years old, she sees the chase differently. >> i'm 100% voting for biden.
6:33 pm
>> does biden make you excited? >> yeah, he does. his enthusiasm, his past record. it's like a charge. >> president trump says he has done more for the clak communities. >> he is full of [ bleep ]. he has not done nothing. i had people say, well, he's not my president. i don't vote. i said, did you vote at all. and i said, if you do not vote, you did vote for him. >> amber davis is one of those detroiters who voted for obama in 2012 and didn't at all in 2016. >> why didn't you vote in 2016? >> i didn't want trump and i didn't want hillary. i didn't really care who won that election. >> what is your plan this election? >> i don't like biden but i will vote for biden. the coronavirus, everything that is going on, it's horrible. he grot to go. >> one pass to flipping michigan blue again, and a phew suit of
6:34 pm
the biden campaign, to get the voters to show up. and right down the road for the democrats, specifically in detroit. how unusual -- a republican presidential campaign open in office. >> i have never seen it. i have never seen it. ever, ever before. >> what does it tell you? >> michigan and detroit and the black vote. the parties, both parties need ugs, really. >> are you going to help me. >> everyone else talks about on tv, i always talk about how black women are the backbone of the democratic party. >> we are, we are. and do you think the democratic party takes you for grounded? >> absolutely. they take it for grounded. and they know they are going to help them get the big wins they need. and they also know they -- they
6:35 pm
can give us the bare minimum knowing that we aren't going to choose the other side. >> what does it say about the country? >> it says we have a long way to go. when the backbone of the country is the most neglected. >> kate baldwin, excellent, excellent reporting. ten days until election day here in the united states, and candidates and the surrogates span out in the final day where do they go. they can tell us needed to be elected. we are going to break it down for you when we come back. -coll, it was built on blue-collar, hard work. hard work means every day. getting it right. it's so iconic, you can just sit it on a shelf if it's missing, you know it. your family, my family, when they drink that coffee,
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6:40 pm
battle ground states, and then ohio, and wisconsin, and biden made his pitch to voters in pennsylvania. and joining it right now, what are the polls tells us about the current state of the race? let's start with north carolina. >> sure, you know, if you take a look right now at the polls in north carolina what you find is a slight biden advantage there. but here's of course the key thing. you can recall, this is a pattern we are seeing consistently where joe biden is doing better than hillary clinton did and he is right near 50%. >> what about wisconsin? >> wisconsin is a must win state in any mind probably for joe biden. as closes a you can get. a lot of the maps that get him to 270 include wisconsin, and he is leading there right now. he is lead issing by six points. he is over 50%, and everybody,
6:41 pm
wisconsin is one of the most key contests in 2016. and it leads a path with pennsylvania and michigan very much open. >> we know florida is such a critical battle ground state right now. i always believe if the republican incumbent trump doesn't win florida, he is certainly not going to win the election. who do the poll numbers in florida tell us now? >> yeah, i think exactly what you just said, wolf and look at the polls in florida. it's close like north carolina and again, you see the leave for biden, a state that trump won by over a point, and what you said is right. don't trump certainly needs to win florida. he doesn't win in the state of florida, get this, he has a less than 5 brnt chance of winning election without winning florida and joe biden f he doesn't win
6:42 pm
without florida, he has a 60% chance of winning. obviously biden wants florida. but it's not necessary in the same way as it is for trump, and since 1928 no republican has won the presidency without winning florida. >> and florida is a big -- highly populated state now with a lot of electoral votes. that is why it's so, so critical and why the former president was campaigning this morning. thanks very much. really appreciate the exper advertise. ten more days to go, and all eyes are turning to florida. we will take a closer look at why the state will play such a pivotal role. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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a huge issue in the election year in the united states. the president is claiming another major accomplishment in that area, announcing that sudan, and more on the significance of the historic agreement.
6:48 pm
>> wolf, this is a significant foreign policy accomplishment for the trump administration and the timing couldn't be ignored here. a week and a half before election, and trump is trailing in the polls. it's a lifetime for netanyahu who is under attack from the right, and he is under threat because of his handle of the coronavirus, and corruption charges. it's critical in sudan, with a fragile government, and a lead to democratic institutions and the country's own future. they needed financial help and for that to happen, it needed trump to remove it from the state sponsored terrorism list. perhaps not as fast as trump and netanya netanyahu wanted. it has to be ratified by the
6:49 pm
ladies and gentlemen sl legislative council. >> thank you very much. and ten daps away from what mote might be the most con ttentious election. and cnn will air an hour highlights the passion and emotions inside this key battle ground state. in divided we stand, inside america's anger, randi kayee talking about those who feel strongly about voting him out. with the 29 elector votes, donald trump wins florida. >> independent was a stunning devote. >> he won this gralt ground state here. >> i donald john trump do solemnly swear -- >> four years later. >> if you are still supporting donald trump, you're a racism
6:50 pm
ist. you're a bigot. >> my students are very aware what is happening. they are very aware of the police killings. >> when do you meet people who are supporting joe >> very short. >> the political divide. wider than ever. >> no peace. >> you oar literally talking in different realms of fact. >> it was just out and out nasty. >> and in florida -- >> we are expecting a record number of people to mail-in vote. millions of ballots. >> the anger and unrest are driving voters to the polls. >> i wanted to do something. >> what made you switch parties? >> i feel like the party moved in a different direction. >> it only solidified my position. >> the difference? who wins this swing state often wins the white house. >> is florida a must win for donald trump? >> there really is no math. he really has to win here to have any chance of being president. >> whied matters for biden.
6:51 pm
>> this is the most important election in our lifetime. >> and for trump. >> my administration is focused on delivering real results. >> how would you describe this part of florida? >> 10,000 kill watts of red state debate. >> and randi kaye is joining right now. this documentary "divided we stand," what did you hear about so much division and anger out there in florida right now? >> yeah. it is pretty ugly out there, wolf. as you know. we spoke with dozens of people, teacher teachers, veterans and there's anger among all of them and it seems to be a fear and anxiety giving rise to the anger on both sides. the left feels that they have been left behind by this administration. the right feels that they have been emboldened and 'em powered by this administration to speak their mind and say anything
6:52 pm
which we have certainly seen but we have met people who are afraid for their lives, afraid of losing their lives, guns, afraid for their health care and we founds with covid people have less control really of their emotions, of their lives and that's why they're lashing out both sides really and become such a volatile situation and in this documentary you will meet people who really at it got into a fist fight and not teenagers. i'm talking about senior citizens out there in the villages here in florida so it is ugly and we saw it firsthand. >> florida is such a key battleground state, that probably intensifies the anger out there between the various factions. thanks so much for what you're doing. really appreciate it. "divided we stand: inside america's anger" airs at the top o. hour. coming up, as the united states breaks the record for new daily confirmed cases of coronavirus, we're going to show
6:53 pm
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i'm wolf blitzer in washington. thanks for watching. isle be back tomorrow night with an another special edition of "the situation room" at 8:00 p.m. eastern but before i go, a warning of what's at stake in this coronavirus pandemic. earlier tonight i showed you the moment when the illinois public of health director fought back tears while sharing statistics about the virus in her state. watch the doctor. >> since yesterday, we lost an additional 31 lives. for a total of 9,418 deaths. these are people who started with us in 2020 and won't be with us at the thanksgiving table.
6:58 pm
to date, we are reporting 3,874 cases for a total of 364,033 confirmed cases since the start of this pandemic. excuse me, please. >> it's okay. >> dr. ezike found the strength to go on and end wizardsed with warning, one that applies to all of us. watch. >> my message to you is stay strong. i have never run a marathon but i have the utmost regard for those that train and finish a marathon but this is a difficult race when you can't see the end point and i'm sorry that's the message i have for you. nevertheless, i'm asking you to
6:59 pm
fight the fatigue. fight the urge to give up on social distancing. fight for your kids to have safe, healthy opportunity to have in-person learning in school with teachers who are trained to teach them in the classroom. fight to have safe, healthy environments in which we can work so that businesses can remain open so that our economies can start to thrive again. this does mean wearing your mask. >> we know the consequences when we fail to listen to the advice of public health professionals like dr. ezike. this is why every night we end with a tribute to the victims of the coronavirus pandemic. dr. shandra was a cardiologist in ohio just 57 years old. he died last sunday from coronavirus complications after being diagnosed early on in the pandemic. an avid runner that completed nearly 20 marathons, the passing
7:00 pm
reminds us that this virus does not discriminate against the young or the healthy. the doctor leaves behind a wife and two children. warren bowie was a high school english teacher in wisconsin, recently retired he passed away sunday from coronavirus complications. the career spanned 20 years and impacted thousands of students who remember him as a true inspiration. he was just 57 years old. may they rest in peace and may their memories be a blessing. the following is a cnn special report. ♪ >> with its 29 electoral votes donald trump wins florida. >> it was a stunning defeat. >> he won this battleground state right here, florida. >> i, donald john trump do


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