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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 29, 2020 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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following this for us. >> this could be what air travel could look like. for a few months, they will require passengers on one particular flight to test negative for coronavirus. it's from newark to heathrow. what's so interesting here is passengers must show up three hours ahead of time. this is not even allowing them to bypass the mandatory 14-day quarantine in the uk. united says this is just a prove of concept for now brianna? it is the top of the hour. i am brianna keilar. right now florida is the epicenter of presidential politics. president trump and joe biden are hosting dueling rallies.
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across the nation politics and the pandemic are colliding, as cases spike in 41 states, including florida. the country is reporting nearly 9,000 new coronavirus cases in the last day. cnn's ryan nobles is in tampa at the trump rally. we have cnn's jessica dean in coconut creek where biden is holding a drive-in event. ryan tell us what the closing message is for floridians. >> reporter: he's basically making the argument, brianna, if you appreciate his work the past four years, you should give him the opportunity to take another four years in office. he's mag that argument strong here in florida, which is essential to his path to the electoral votes they were key to his victory last time around and they will be this time around. so many people have already voted, both republicans and the
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president in particular are focused on those who will show up on election day. they believe the bulk of their voters will either vote in person and do it on election day. they are kind of downplaying the big number of mail-in ballots and early voting that seems to show at least a lead with democrat registranting here, because they believe they can close that gaps. that's why they believe these rallies are so important. they describe people who come here as low propensity voters, those who don't show up to vote that often, and they say they are motivated to go out and vote when they show up at a rally like this. of course, that ignores the growing coronavirus crisis here in this state. governor desantis spoke earlier this morning and touted the state's response, despite the fact he's lifted all restrictions, and the cases here are spiking. of course, you have the optics
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of this rally behind me. thousands of people packed shoulder to shoulder, very few wearing masks. in fact i've been to so many, and i would argue this is the least amount of people i see wearing masks at any of these trump rallies. the president doesn't seem to think that's a problem, he's still making the case we are moving past the coronavirus, and essential it's going to be voters who decided whether or not they believe him on election day. melania trump is speaking behind me right now, introducing her husband, a rare appearance for her on the campaign trail. she welcomed the crowd and said it was going to be back in their home state of florida. of course, the president and first lady voting here as it is now their official residence. brianna? >> ryan, thank you so much. jessica, it's worth noting that joe biden and the dnc are outspending republicans two to one on ads in florida. what is florida's role in biden's pathway to 270 electoral votes?
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>> reporter: well, brianna, it's not a must-win for biden. there's other ways to get to 270, but certainly if biden wins florida, it's a show of strength and could really end trump's chances of reelection, especi especially if it's an early victories, if they can declare a winner on the night of the election. so a lot of eyes here, as well as money. they are outspending president trump over two to one here in florida, flooding the air waving with ads, both on television, digital ads, and of course spending time here. vice president biden will be here in broward county momentarily. they have a large democrat ecelectora ecelectorate. it also is made up of a lot of african-american voters, a key part of the coalition that the biden campaign is hoping to put together on election day, and
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the biden campaign really encouraging early voting. that's what this drive-in rally is all about. again, it's different from trump's. it's socially distanced. it's a drive-in really. everyone staying inside their car. it's staying central to biden's closing argument to floridians here. again, brianna, they're relying heavily on the message of early voting. >> it is in full swing there in florida. jessica dean, thank you so much, and to ryan as well. i want to bring in our cheat analyst gloria borger. florida is a gold mine when it comes to electoral votes and a lot of elections can come down to florida. why? >> there's gold in florida. it's called 29 electoral votes. when you look back on recent history, barack obama won the state twice. donald trump squeaked through with about 1% of the vote, and
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in this election, it's really clear, as jessica was saying, that donald trump needs to win florida. if he doesn't win florida, he's got to run the table on his 2016 victory. if you look at the polling, that would be incredibly difficult for him to do. biden wants it, of course, because on election night florida will be one of those states that may report early. if you see that joe biden is winning in florida, or has won florida by the end of that night, people who are biden supporters will breathe easier. so he would like that head start. >> jessica hit upon this, why broward county is so important, but how crucial is brow county to a potential biden success? >> first of all, lots of senior citizens. biden is about up seven points
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with senior citizens. a lot of those senior citizens are transplants from the northeast, who decided to move to florida for the better weather. i think one thing that kind of makes the democrats a bit nervous about florida is that they were ahead, i believe, by nine points in the early voting. now that gap has been narrowed to about four points ahead of republicans in the early voting. what he's trying to do is get these supporters out there to the polls. you know, he understands that that's not going as well as he would like, so he's trying to push that number, as is trump in tampa. >> gloria, wonderful to see you. i know i will be seeing a whole lot of you in the coming days. >> thanks, bri. the economy recovered over the summer at a record rate. gdp was up 33%.
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that number does need some context. i want to bring in julia chatterley for that. how does the pandemic factor in? >> it's all about the cash, too, that was used to effectively buy the dramatic recovery we're seeing in the third quarter, dramatic recovery following dramatic collapse in the second quarter. but i want to put the annualized effect of this number in perspecti perspective, too. when we talk about annualized number, we're talking about what it would look like if it continued for a year. that clearly will not happen. what drop this is stimulus checks, reopening of the recovery, which ended a couple months ago. now people are simply spending what they managed to save in that interim. it's best to look at it on a quarterly basis. the changing growth on the second quarter. the third quarter was around
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7.5%. it's still a record number, but a much smaller number, and now we're in the fourth quarter with covid cases arising. we didn't see an agreement to provide more financial aid, so the risk is that the fourth quarter looks very, very different. >> and stocks took a hit this week, julia. what are you expecting here in the months to come. >> great question. deep uncertainty at least in the short term for investors, but also for american consumers, brianna. this is the key. we have recaptured around two thirds of the growth we have lost in the first half of this year, but we have only recaptured about half of the jobs. now, of course, we have record covid cases going into the winter months. the starting point is that much weaker. remember we still have around 22 million americans claiming some form of jobless benefit assistance. we have more than 10 million people still out of work, and a lot of them were struggling
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before the crisis hit. the management of this economy, the management of the health crisis, the pandemic, and of course the ability to agree on more financial aid is critical for americans beyond this election. >> julia, thank you so much for that. next we have a cnn exclusive. we are tracking how a push from the white house coronavirus adviser to slow down testing seems to correlate with a drop in covid tests in a key state. plus new tapes released from bob woodward reveal white house advisers bragging about cutting doctors out of the coronavirus respond. there was a new wave of cyberattacks this week, targeting hospitals. we'll explain what the motive could be. ry quiet. we worried over loved ones, over money, over our planet, and over takeout. let's remember this time
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cnn has exclusive new reporting on dr. scott atlas and his influence on the white house task force. his controversial views may be tied to decisions in one key state. jon avalon lays this all out for you. >> remember this? >> when you do testing to that extent, you're going to find more people, more cases. so i said to my people, slow the testing down, please. >> trump said he was joking after that rally, but he wasn't joking. he was doctor shopping. he found what he was looking for in dr. scott atlas, who he had seen on fox news. he joined the white house on august 10th, soon became president trump's primary pandemic adviser, pushing aside more experienced advisers like dr. fauci and dr. birx.
11:16 am
atlas strongly supported the decision in august to revise cdc guidelines to de-emphasize the need to test, but he shared this view with state officials, including governor ron desantis and others, including from transcripts of public events. it is general toe as if he decided to give a lecture on rocket science. >> the purpose of testing is to stop people from dying. when you start introducing closure of schools because people have positive asymptomatic tests, that's sort of not the purpose of testing. >> we're in agreement on focusing strategies in school on people who are symptomatic. >> the point of all these things are to save lives, not to document asymptomatic people who
11:17 am
are low risk. i have been speaking can governor desantis for quite a while about the pandemic, and he's really an example of doing something with the exact, thoughtful approach that we need in this. >> got that? in that push to de-emphasize test coincided with a dramatic drop in testing. cnn analysis of the florida state official numbers aggregated by the covid tracking project showed that testing dropped off at the end of july and early august for a peek seven-day average of 90,000 tests a day, but six weeks later, the average dropped by nearly half and hovered there between there and 60,000 during the fall. if the advocacy was in fact responsible for the state's testing decrease, that could be very much in keeping with the wishes of president trump. some state and local officials believe the pair was influential in taking the anti-testing
11:18 am
pronouncements helping to turn them into public policy. they both declined to discuss their views with cnn. they have articulated them in public, and a white house spokesman said atlas never advocated for less testing, but this drop-off is in deep concern, as positivity rates remain high. there is no way to hide the pandemic by not testing, even if we don't count the people who have mild or no symptoms, they still have it, and they're still infectious to others and it will show up eventually. now we're seeing the results of these policies in florida. there's no question more people will die, says miami beach's mayor. we are flying blind out tests. joining me to discusses is dr. or say rodriguez. dr. rodriguez, you heard john avalon's reporting, reducing
11:19 am
testing to attempt to, unsuccessfully, hide the pandemic. how detrimental is this to florida? how important is it that other states not do this? >> well, these very detrimental not just to florida, but to all of us. let's not forget we're all connected one way or another. the reason for testing is to prevent lives. we do that by seeing who is infectious and hopefully tracing to see who they come in contact with. since that has been basically awarded and we don't have that, you know, in place, checking people to see if they are positive lets them know they shouldn't be in contact with other people. at the end of the say saves lives. so what we need is more testing, not less testing. no state, no state should follow this political generated policy. >> when you hear discrete atlas talking about the point of
11:20 am
testing is not there for to be closures, because you reveal people are positive, that suggests is just asinine, because those people still spread it. >> it's absolutely moronic. it's like we're not going to do any mammograms so we don't have any positive breast cancer results. basically this is sort of junior high school student council politics running health care. i don't mean to insult any junior high school students, but it really is, you know, the cart leading at the horse, and it is so idiotic. >> i want to ask you about this audio that cnn has object stained as a president trump senior divorce and son-in-law jared kushner telling bob woodward in mid april that trump had cut out the doctors and
11:21 am
scientists vising him on covid-19. let's listen to this. >> there were three phases. , and it won't be pain for a while. that basically was we put out rules to get back to work. trump is back in charge. >> what do you think? a couple things i noticed, how oppositional the language is to doctors, and then the legal -- sort of the legalese lens of a negotiated settlement with the doctors, like they are the enemy in court. it's really the opposition to doctors.
11:22 am
what do you make of that? >> that was exactly what i was going to say. if you start listening to the way he speaks, first of all, it's adversarial, it's always an us against them, and you know, doctors aren't trying to take over the country. we're trying to do what we do every day. even though, you know, the bus among physicians is we're really annoyed and upset about this, we really don't have time to worry about this. we're dealing with the real world. we're dealing with people who can't breathe, people on ventilators, people with blood clots. it appears this administration always needs a foil, an enemy, and we're today's enemy. you know what is ironic is at the end of the day, if you don't trust doctors, man, if you're sick, parent a helicopters will land off lawn of the white house immediately and you'll rush to walter reed to see doctors.
11:23 am
so, again, it's just politics that is, you know wagging the dog here. so, hey, guys, we're not trying to run the country, we're just trying to save lives. >> yeah, just trying to save lives. also saving lives, last i checked, good politics. dr. jorge rodriguez, thanks so much. the long list of states where the trump campaign and republicans are fighting to make it harder to count your ballot. plus susan collins had 30 seconds to talk about systemic racism during her very contentious debate. see why she only took five. priceline works with top hotels, to save you up to 60%. these are all great. and when you get a big deal... ♪ feel like a big deal. ♪
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this hour more than 79 million americans have already cast their ballot. as the number continues to grow, so does the list of places where republicans are trying to stop ballots to be counted. their efforts are targeting battleground states like pennsylvania, where republicans appealed twice to the supreme court to stop ballots being counted three days after the election. republicans have argued no ballot received after election night to be tallied. a similar story in wisconsin, except there the supreme court sided with republican officials.
11:29 am
then in north carolina, the trump campaign has fought to reduce the amount of time to count payments postmarked -- ballots postmarked on election day or before. then in nevada the trump campaign has sued to ask for a halt in mail-in ballots, they don't like that observers don't have better process to the access. in texas, which is, of course, rich with delegates, the state's top court voting to uphold governor abbott's policy which limits one dropbox for mail-in ballots per county. just one. that includes, for instance, harris county, where houston is located. it's home to nearly 5 million voters. one dropbox. finally in michigan a
11:30 am
conservative judge has ruled that residents can carry an unconcealed gun to polling places. this is what president trump says about these lawsuits. >> we'll see what happens at the end of the day. hopefully it won't go longer than that. hopefully the few dates remaining that want to take more time, that won't be allowed by the various courts. >> this shouldn't be a republican or democratic issue. it's about people's right to vote and ensure all ballots are counted, even if it takes a few days, especially in the pandemic where the mail system is flooded and people are trying to stay safe. voters are still out there, shattering early voting records, but they're forced to stand in line for hours in some cases in order to do this. tomorrow is the last day of early voting in georgia. and a columbia university professor, staff writer for "the new yorker. made this comment today.
11:31 am
he made his selection, bought the piece and left. then realized it takes hours' less time to buy a gun in georgia than it does to vote there. abby phillip is with us now. have states like georgia needed. >> i think in states like georgia, a lot of activists would say it's been pretty bad for years. this is a huge issue going back many years, but particularly after the 2018 election, when there were accusations and basically the road blocks being put in place to -- for example, like voter i.d. laws and changes to polling locations, consolidation of polls locations had a suppressive effect, particularly on black and latino voters, there have been some studies found that black and latino voters are more likely to wait this lines, they tend to wait about 45 minutes longer than white voters, so the
11:32 am
concerns there are real. i would say also about georgia, you know, there's been a rash of sort of voter purging of the voter rolls, they say to clean up the rolls, but the result is often people who are rightfully allowed to vote who should still be registered are taken off, making it more difficult to vote when they want to. just this year, about 200,000 people were reportedly taken off the rolls improperly, claiming that they moved when they hadn't actually moved. so i think obviously georgia has a long-standing problem as a lot of southern states, it's a long-standing problem, one that both parties have been fighting over for many decades. >> i want to ask about a moment between susan collins and her challenger sarah gideon. >> senator, 30 seconds for a follow-up here. is systemic racism a problem here? >> i do not believe systemic
11:33 am
racism is problem in the state of maine. >> she had 30 seconds to answer, and she opted not to use it. >> very interesting. you know, you and i both are familiar with susan it's something that he wants to do. i thought it was interesting and in contrast. >> in which she explained there are all kinds of -- like maine, you know, what's interesting about that choice, though, brianna, yes, this issue matters to voters of color, but it also matters to a lot of white voters, too. in a state like maine, where there are a lot of vote who are in the middle of the political spectrum, they want to know
11:34 am
their candidates are being thoughtf thoughtf thoughtful, i finds it interesting she didn't give a more robust answer. what we are seeing in this election cycle, it's not just that this issue matters to voters of color. it also matters to white voters as well. it can be particularly damaging to seem tone-deaf around the issues of race with those voters who, in a state like maine, could be decisive. >> it's hard to understand that someone was awake for the last several months and didn't notice that. we're seeing live pictures from thinks biden and trump dueling rallies going on in florida. we've had a split screen here. what do you make of this scene, abby? >> well, we're obviously in the final stretch, but look at the scene behind president trump in florida. look at that scene.
11:35 am
a couple people wearing masks, but a lot of people are not. actually this is a bit different. they have tried really hard to make sure the people behind the president are wearing masks to blot out thinks criticisms. on the other sigh, joe biden standing alone, it's really a tale of two images going into this final stretch with very different messages about -- particularly about how they treat this pandemic and how they lead on the issue of the pandemic. yeah, i think these two images paint that stark picture. that's exactly actually what the biden campaign wants. they want that contrast to be there. the president is making it easy for them with picture like that out of tampa. >> you can see when they went to the accountaway shot for joe biden, it's a drive-in event. i think it's a hard time to
11:36 am
campaign during a pandemic, but this is how they figured out a way to do it. to deep people in their pod units, in cars, to be outside, to be socially distanced, to be far away when it -- obviously car lengths away from other people, abby. >> president trump obviously loves his rallies. they versus self-reinforcing to him on a personal level. he really wants them and needs them to feel adulation from his supporters, but there's a big difference from that approach to campaigning, to one that says it's more important to protect people than to have people in a crowd cheering me on. i do think that the trump campaign you hear his advisers actually doubling down on that, and kind of making fund of the drive-thru sort of implying that it's to hear cars honking sounds sad or pitiful in some ways
11:37 am
because it's not a roaring crowds, those are two different approaches. it's either about the roaring crowd or the idea that safety is important. that is the choice that they are laying out to the american public for them to make within the next couple of days before this election. we already know, based on the polls, the american public, they are not satisfied with how this president has been handling the pandemic. he's just doubling down on that kind of messaging in this final stretch. >> he is putting the health at risk of people who put their trust in him, and there are many voters who do not think that's a good look. we'll have to see if that makes any kind of difference in a few days. >> abby, thanks for being with us. >> good to be here. next we are live in the battleground states of florida, michigan and wisconsin, as early voting continues to set reports. you're watching cnn special live coverage. (sneeze)
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we are just five days to election today. there are dueling rallies in the state of florida. the supreme court ruling that mail-in ballots in key swing states in north carolina and pennsylvania can be accepted for several days after election day. our correspondents are tracking all of the action in battleground states, and we begin in florida. >> reporter: i'm drew griffin in tallahassee outside a polling booth, a steady stream of voters here, but the real effort is in south florida, where we have these dueling political rally right now. joe biden right now in broward county. he needs to harvest every democratic vote he can in that stronghold there. and president trump in tampa, trying to get every single voter he can there.
11:43 am
the big story remains turnout. now, today, 7.4 million floridians have already cast their vote. that is more than half of all registered voters in this state, the ballots are already cast. >> reporter: i'm miguel marquez. just today joe biden's in the date -- the trump kids, tiffany and eric are here, and betsy devos is here. the president was here earlier, the vice president was here. the president will be back here a friday, and president obama and joe biden will hold their first joint appearance here a saturday. people who would have mailed in
11:44 am
their ballots normally are now being told to drop them off at places like this, drop boxes across the state. this one in detroit. it is going to be hard fought all the way through to election day. >> i'm bill weir in madison, 1.6 million absentee ballots already in. another quarter million o outstanding, though some may have changed their mind and will show up. the ground game for republicans got more complicated today whether the state gop announced they had been taken by an online phishing scam, with someone with familiarity with how the operation was working made off with $2.3 million and they're cooperating with the fbi. brianna? >> my goodness, the wisconsin governor has warned critical staffing shortages amid a spike
11:45 am
in covid cases. what can you tell us? >> well, it's the infection rate that is scaring so many people. another 3800 people, 45 deaths, but if you do the math, that means wisconsin's icus will overflow within the next couple weeks and they have a field hospital on the state fairgrounds. they're using an agent who goes with their, d. and ballot to vouch for them as well, but it's really alarming how this virus is tearing through america's dairy land here. >> thank you, bill, as well as to our other colleagues around the country. cnn will be the place for the most comprehensive coverage on election night. this will begin love at 4:00 p.m. eastern. tune in for that. next, several hospitals have targeted in a series of alarming
11:46 am
rans ransomware attacks. and we'll have details on what the hacker was able to do.
11:47 am
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they all endorse yes on prop 25. to end unfair, unjust, discriminatory money bail. governor gavin newsom and van jones. they're voting yes on 25. the western center on law and poverty. the dolores huerta foundation. californians for safety and justice. and the california democratic party. they all agree that the size of your wallet shouldn't determine whether or not you're in jail. so, vote yes on prop 25.
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hackers are targeting hospitals and health cared providers in what cybersecurity experts believe to be a massive attack. and this is in the middle of a pandemic about days before the election. certainly these attacks could not come at a worst time. patients mhad to be rerouted to other hospitals in some cases. hospitals in new york, nebraska, missouri and michigan and ohio
11:51 am
have been the target. anthony ferrante is a cnn law enforcement analyst. i think i should mention oregon as well. how do these attacks work, why are these so debilitating to hospitals? >> yeah, it is actually really, really simple. in order to effect one of these attacks, a hacker can go online and buy a kit for as little as $15 on the dark web. and then they can launch it at any organization they wish. of course they are targeting hospitals because they are watching the news and they know the hospitals are weak, they se and if they launch ransomware, the hospitals will have no choice but to pay that ransom. >> what is the ransom normally? >> it varies. they used to fly under the radar
11:52 am
with as little s as $300. but now we've see it as high as $1 million and sometimes as high as $25 million. so it really depends on the type of organize they are targeting pc, these hackers know what the end target has on their bank account and what their insurance policy will cover. so they do their research, understand who their end victim is and they target their attack so they know the chances are the organization will pay the ransom and move on quickly. >> we're all concerned of course with election security. correspond to top officiaaccordh officials in the usz government, there is a link here. but now we're hearing about a 20-year-old florida man who was able to allegedly access voter databases. law enforcement believes that he accessed voter registrations of michael jordan and lebron james and that also of the florida governor. and in the case of governor
11:53 am
desantis, he changed the home address of desantis so that desantis couldn't vote. i mean, this is incredibly alarming. >> yeah, you're right. you really can't make this up. we are not in a movie, this is real life. let's take a few steps back. we talk about the ransom ware attacks on the hospitals. department of health and human services, the fbi and dhs actually issued a 15 page intelligence product with real actionable intelligence that health care facilities should undertake immediately. small and large. and what they did, they highlighted the fact that the reason why they published the report is because they were worried about these ransom ware attacks targeting health care facilities leading into the election. and they had every reason to be concerned about that. wh in 2016 when i was with the fbi, these attacks are exactly what we were concerned about. fast forward to today, not only
11:54 am
are we seeing ransomware attacks targeting hospitals during a global pandemic, but also a 20-year-old kid who is doing exactly what the senate intel report highlighted a few years back. it said that russia was exploiting the seams of our electoral infrastructure. that is exactly what this 20-year-old kid did. he didn't hack into the vote erd base in the twra digraditional . he exploited the seams of the system and changed the information. this 20-year-old kids was able to do it quickly and easily from the comfort of his home. imagine a nation state actor doing it at scale. that very scenario is what we were concerned with leading up to the 2016 election. its extremely concerning that it can be done.
11:55 am
>> obviously we're keeping our eye on this. thank you for your expertise. the u.s. just recorded its third highest number of daily coronavirus cases ever. more than 78,000 just on wednesday. and we are tracking new data on the increased risk to health care workers and their families. stay with us. his seal, this restaurant is committing to higher levels of cleanliness. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the expertise that helps keep hospitals clean, is helping keep businesses clean too. look for the ecolab science certified seal. 100% online car buying. carvana's had a lot of firsts. car vending machines. and now, putting you in control of your financing. at carvana, get personalized terms, browse for cars that fit your budget,
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welcome to "the lead." we begin with the 2020 lead. five days until election day and right now president trump and joe biden are both zeroing in on the critical state of florida and its massive war chest of 29 electoral votes. today both will be in the same city just hours apart. tampa. on the critical i-40 corridor. a state also seeing a recent surge in coronavirus cases. florida reported 4,000 new cases for the third day in a row. the difference in the campaign events reflecting the deep divide over coronavirus and whether or not to heed health professionals. biden who does is holding drive-in events and trump who ignores the experts holds packed rallies with no masks required and no distancing. our correspondents are in florida covering the candidates. let's start with ryan nobles