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tv   Election Night in America  CNN  November 4, 2020 5:00pm-9:00pm PST

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51%-47.6%. that's arizona. in georgia, 16 electoral votes. president trump is leading biden but that has dramatically slunk 49.9%-48.9%. let's check in with our reporter on the scene for us to you in phoenix. what's the latest there? >> reporter: well, we are watching our clocks here because in just about one hour we are anticipating and that's fluctuating about an hour, it is proximate that we are anticipating a ballot update of the maricopa county's office. all the data have come out, we anticipate to get some numbers, numbers we have not had all day, some numbers to come out in just about one hour. a few hours after that. that's a bit floating but a few hours after that we'll get a second ballot result.
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we are going to have two ballot results here in maricopa county. why am i here? this is a county where phoenix is. this is a highly populated county. if you can win moaricopa, you cn win arizona. we are watching early ballots that were not counted on election day. these were ballots came in on saturday, sunday and monday. they are being processed. across the entire state, we are getting this latest number, cnn ballots about ll county 650,000 ballots here in arizona that still have to be counted. this is before we get that ballot dropped here at moaricop county. one other note i want to make, one hour away from that ballot results of what we are starting to see and something we have not seen yet in the parking lot. we are starting to see politically motivated activity
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coming to the place where the ballots are being counted. there was a post on social media that there is going to be a rally in support of the president but it is happening here where the votes are being counted in the most populace county. i have seen more security and a bit more eyes on what's happening outside, wolf. >> kyung, we'll stay in touch with you. dramatic development. i want to check in with gary tubman. these ballots arrived yesterday at 7:00 point . we know this. 36,000 ballots that needed to be added to the website and they
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hope to do it before midnight or shortly after. there is 142,000 absentee ballots. they finished 160,000 of them. there are 36,000 left. this is the largest county in the state of georgia. the second largest county is gwinett. the fourth largest county to count down. the reason i mention these counties not only they are large but they are also heavily democratic counties. the trump campaign says they saw 50,000 ballots arrived late. i asked the director here what they thought about the lawsuit. he didn't want to comment on the president. we locked the ballot boxes and we did not accept any ballots after 7:00. i want to mention to you they scan the ballots here and then
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go to counters in a different room. as i mentions before this is an important thing. they had one republican and one democrat looking at the ballots. they then make a decision if the ballots should be counted. if they disagree it is one and one, then they have an election observer making the final decision. that's the way it is unfold here in fulton. in other counties they have one democrat and one republican working together. that's the process when there is a problem in ballots, you look at it in a bipartisan way. >> do we know how many outstanding ballots there are in all of georgia? >> according to the secretary of state's office, there are currently and here is the number. 149,000 ballots that still have to be counted. we don't know if that number needs to be higher than that.
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that's the number we have been told by the secretary of state office, the secretary of state of georgia is republican. he's stressed in this kind of in direct a sigh to the lawsuit. he says everything has been secure and no ballots are accepted after that. >> of those approximately 149,000 outstanding ballots, do we know mostly or all mail-in ballots? >> reporter: yes, they are all absentee mail-in ballots. there are some other ballots that comes in that have not been ballots. they all arrived in time by 7:00 last night to be counted. >> interesting indeed. we'll get back to you, gary. jon king, trump is ahead in
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georgia right now by 60,000 or so. there is 149,000 outstanding ballots. who knows what can happen? those are mail-in ballots. democrats like those mail-in ballots. and a much higher rate than the statewide total. eye den joe biden is winning those ballots so far. about 149,000 ballots according to the secretary of state. officials are trying to do the best they can. that tells you joe biden if he performs very well, he can catch up, there is enough votes. we come over here shy of 48,000. gary just noted, gary is here in metro atlanta. let me zoom in. shy of 48,000. fulton county, that's part of it.
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g that's where gary is. joe biden needs to run it up. 36,000 more ballots should be counted here. joe biden has been winning 70% plus of those ballots throughout the day. it is a narrow window and you can get through. dekalb county over here, more ballots to be counted here. 4400 i believe you said. 83%. joe biden is getting 83% of thoe those ballots so far. that's where the map works. joe biden's total is not as great here. if you are getting 58 % or 60%. it shows you in the metro atlanta region, 3600, there is some map here in deep blue area here to make some votes. that's not all of them.
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i mispronounced this. a couple of thousands we are still out here. the president is doing well here. he's going to catch up when these votes are all counted. it does not mean they're all his or 50% is counted. you come over here chatham county along the coast. there is been some arguing and the counters here about the count. we'll watch it play out. you look here right now, again, 57% for joe biden to 41%. joe biden needs to do better statewide than the 58% but remember that's the full count of everything counted so far. we do know in the mail-in ballot his rate of return has been higher than that. that's just why, look how close the state is, going back to the
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governor's race, stacey abrams and brian kemp and the nnot eno attention is paid here. >> jon, 88% of the estimated vote is in. the president's leading to 600,000 to 200,000. there are still a lot of votes out there. >> what makes this lake county
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interesting. i would say fascinating. you bring it up, we still have 70% estimated reporting. well, look at this map. joe biden is getting 79% close to 80% in the city of philadelphia for the president of the united states. they still have a lot of votes to count in philadelphia. the clinton campaign, they thought they did a great job in philadelphia, four years ago. look, 584,000, we know and we know where our anticipation is. it is a high turnout election. look, joe biden is 457, we have every reason to believe this number is going to go occuup an up substantially. it helps joe biden narrow that gap. montgomery county up to 92% now. joe biden winning 62% of the
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vote here. every reason to expect mail-in ballots. we'll see if it changes. as you count them, a little more conservative and a little more close and 13 or 14 points at chester county there. joe biden is going to rack up some votes. if you come up, here is a trump county, up to 94%. still can in these states. we'll go through them all. there are places worth possible where the president picks up some votes. that's why we have to count them. allegheny county, 89%. 40% for the president when you round it up. would it be higher for biden? we don't know that's why we count the vote. you come back and vote, 200,000,
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that's stunning because you can roll the tape back several hours when we are talking about 400,000 or 600,000. the calculations now the president is still leading there. if i can walk over here for a second. so where are we is the issue. 253 to 213 which means joe biden is closing in. it is just a couple of different ways to gain the south. this is what's going on in the campaign right now. joe biden is leading there and joe biden is leading there. if he holds those, that's it. that's gamover. the president has his lawyers in several of these states. we have a contentious environment there. if the president were to win and you have joe biden at 270. it would be a divided country. what would happen if joe biden can come back in georgia and pennsylvania then you get above 300. the president's lawyers will
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still have their questions but you are in a different political environment. i will leave that to our white house reporters. if you have 306, above 300, well, enough republicans are going to lead on the white house, sorry, this broke the other way which is why it is critical that we count all the votes. it is conceivable that he holds that one narrowly and we expect he's holding on that one. we know the president is going to win alaska and at the moment he's leading in maine. it is possible if joe biden holds his lead here that he's the president-elect or in theory he's the president-elect. we have demands for recount and the country waits for that to play out at 270 to 268 which is essentially where we are po polarized. we know these are the two that
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could clinch it. if joe biden wins them, they get into the finish line, how these other states play out is going to say a lot in the next maybe 24 hours or 48 hours or 72 hours about the blaallots in that electoral count and the political move. >> we'll see if we can make more projections in the coming hours right here as well. jake, over to you. >> wolf, the most powerful nation in the world continue to figure out who's going to be our leader the next four years. let's go to jim acosta at the white house. what's the latest? what are you wearing from team trump? >> reporter: there is high anxiety inside the trump's campaign about georgia. you heard jon king talked about that gap is nearing between justine sky z joe biden and donald trump. i am told by an add vviser look
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at the numbers right now. this add vviser telling me they feel georgia will be fine and close. and now the same adviser is saying georgia is a jump all. in the words of this adviseadvi the president can't lose georgia. if he looses georgia in the opinion of this senior trump campaign adviser, the president is likely to lose this election. if you take those 16 electoral votes in georgia and put them in joe biden's column, he's at 269, he's on the doorstep of 1600 avenue. it makes it much easier for joe biden to win the presidency if he has georgia. who would have thought we would be talking about georgia. but georgia is certainly on the
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minds of people at the white house. they did not see this coming. >> thanks a lot. let's go to jeff zeleny now. we are waiting to hear from georgia, nevada and pennsylvania, how does the biden's team this is all ultimately going to end? >> the biden's campaign is feeling confident. we'll see more ballots and more votes coming in. we still have the biden's campaign watching all of this carefully as it unfolds. that's 17. there are 17 electoral votes away from hitting that 270. that's all he needs to win the white house. georgia would be extra on top of that. other states as well. the biden's campaign is being extraordinary disciplined. they're not responding with statements after every time the trump campaign is sending one
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out. that's different from what we have seen throughout the course of this campaign. when the president says something, the biden campaign responds. we did not see that at this moment. one thing has been a surprise here is the silence from the president. all day long the biden's campaign is wondering what going to do. is he going to speak? he tweeted but not spoken. that was certainly different from the formal president. joe biden of course struck a tone here in an afternoon address talking about unity and bringing the country together. virtually 24 hours they're hoping to have some type of a celebration behind me here. everything is set up. they do not know when this will end. they are confident and they still need those votes to come in. they'll be watching nevada tomorrow and arizona tonight and georgia should it happen? that would be ice cream on top of this, jake. >> jeff zeleny.
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thank you very much. abby, we don't know who the president is going to be and who's going to get to 270 electoral votes but i would rather be biden at trump at this point in terms of where the outstanding votes are. >> yeah, there are a lot of polls in the president's wall that he has to patch up. georgia is a big problem for him. i think the campaign knows that which is one of the reasons why we saw that lawsuit comes through. if the president loses georgia, and either arizona or nevada, this is over. it is as simple as that. they understand that and trump's ham cocai campaign headquarters. like all of these states, the votes are coming in from heavily democratic part of the state. it is creating a problem for
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them. we have to see what happens but it is not looking great. >> yesterday the biden's people were telling me the outstanding states where they thought is going to be like virginia which was a lot of trump votes. richmond and fairfax county, virginia and biden won. they said that's going to happen with wisconsin and it did and michigan, it did. now we are awaiting to see if it happens elsewhere. >> we'll know very soon. this has been exciting and certainly angst provoking for a lot of people. if you look now at 8:00 or 9:00 p.m. eastern and according to kyung, we'll get a big draw of votes that are outstanding that could give us a sense of how big of a gap joe biden has or how much of a lead he has or whether it is going to shrink.
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we are potentially knowing the next presidents of the united states is. it is remarkable. the fact that it is a potential pivot point for the president of the united states who was a democrat just shows that demographics are changing in my states and number one is arizona. >> arizona is their best shot right now really. if you really look at what's going on in arizona, they have been expressing so much confidence about arizona because the state is not, you know, maricopa is not quite as polarized as atlanta. they feel like they might get a favorable splits of those votes coming in. that's not saying a whole lot. they have a fair amount of ground to make up in that state. it shows how big of a problem
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they have that arizona is their best shot and it is not a good situation they are face right now. that state is -- joe biden has a comfortable lead for arizona and if he's able to hold onto it and it blocks donald trump's path to the white house. >> so much of the trump's era hashas been as if con severed in -- con seve in -- -- and just went onto attack john mccain and john mccain died and he was incredibly ungracious and continued to attack him. cindy mccain is beloved and
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respected endorsed biden. there are many people tearing their hairs watching arizona returning. >> you read my mind. i was sitting here thinking arizona and thinking john mccain and cindy mccain. and now jeff flake endorsed joe biden but much more of mccain legacy. i am sure you are talking to people close to john mccain that it is john mccain's last laugh that it is his beloved adopted state goes for joe biden, his hold friend who spoken at his funeral, eulogized him, when mccain was an aide to senator biden and other members. can you imagine the poetry of that if it happens.
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all right, take a look at this, the electoral college where things stand, biden has 5 253 electoral votes. trump has 213. 270 needed to be elected president of the united states. biden is getting very close. let's take a key race alert. arizona right now with 11 electoral votes. 82% of the estimated vote is in. biden is still ahead. almost 93,000 lead over trump.
5:28 pm
51%-47.6%. the next half hour we'll get a whole bunch more votes out of arizona. take a look at georgia right now look how it is narrow so dramatically, donald trump leads in the state of georgia at 95% of the estimated vote is in. that lead was in the hundreds and hundreds of thousands and now it is at 39,000. look at the lead how it sluhrun for pennsylvania. 88% of the estimated vote is in 20 electoral votes in pennsylvania. very dramatic development. we are watching pennsylvania, georgia and arizona. let's check in with dana bash, she's got a closer look at the u.s. senate.
5:29 pm
what are you learning? >> we have a projection to make in the state of michigan, gary peters will go onto another term in the u.s. senate defeating republican challenger john ding. democrats have 47 seats and republicans have 47 seats. six seats remained to be called. democrats need four seats to take back the senate. that's where they were when they started this race. let's look at the some of the tight races right now. arizona, this is one where marklemar mark kelly has been way ahead of mcsally. he had 52.6% and mcsally at 47.4%. we'll talk about david perdue
5:30 pm
who's 133,000 votes ahead of 50.2% and jon ossoff at 47.5%. this is going to run off, dem warnock and against kelly loeffler, that's happening january 5th of next year. >> thom tillis is ahead. he's at 48.7%. the challenger cunningham at 46.9%. >> 94% of the estimated votes are in there. susan collins, she's ahead by our count at 52,000 votes to 30.3%.
5:31 pm
sara gideon at 43%, she has conceded that race alaska, dan sullivan at 62.9% and al gross at 31.8%, trailing significantly. democrats have 47 seats and republicans have 47 seats. this has been a heartbreak for a lot of democrats because they thought this is the opportunity to take back the senate. right now it is a tough flaw for them to achieve that goal. >> we'll continue to watch with you dana. thank you very much. under 40,000 votes lead now in georgia. let's check in with gary an
5:32 pm
first. i know we anticipate with a lot of numbers about to be released. >> reporter: georgia has been a reliably red state for a long time. the last time it picked a democrat for president was 28 years ago, bill clinton. that's why these numbers are eye opening. 39,000 now separates donald trump from joe biden. the republican secretary of state says there are still 122,535 outstanding votes. these are processers and scanners looking at absentee ballots arrived last night. they'll count the total of 142,000 when it is all over. they still have 36,000 just in this county that'll be posted tiep tonight.
5:33 pm
that's the plan around midnight. they plan to book 36,000 additional votes. if there is any problem with the counter, the adjudicator is a two-person team, one democrat and one republican to make sure the intent of the person filling it out is clear. if they disagree, a third neutral person looks at it. the fourth largest and this is 7,500 votes to count. they plan to finish their counting tonight. we can tell you it is a tense and interesting scenario when you are in with these people. these folks are doing important work. it looks like a beehive and no one is stop working. everything is being done
5:34 pm
honorably. the trump campaign is filing a lawsuit saying one county here in georgia that they spotted 53 absentee that came after the deadline put on the pile of abo absentee ballots to be counted. the ballot box were taken away. no mail is accepted today. every ballot on these people's desk came before 7:00. one more thing. a lot of counties in the state are counting absentee ballots. in the atlanta area we are talking about 60,000 total ballots. a total of 122, that's another 62,000. one of them is in a republican county. it is halston county and not houston county. there is a houston, texas. >> gary, just to be clear now,
5:35 pm
60,000 ballots in the metro atlanta area, those are all mail-in ballots, right? >> yes. these are all mail-in absentee ballots. which is the way people voted for a long time and the way our military votes. each state has different rules when the absentee ballots arrive. >> reporter: here in georgia, they have it arrived by 7:00. >> trump is ahead by less than 4,000 votes in georgia. in the metro atlanta area there is a significant number. >> roughly half of them are in metro atlanta. so again let me blank this out. i want to keep metro atlanta
5:36 pm
circled. so you think 122,000 left. that's a narrow lead of shy than 40,000. a at midnight last night -- that's donald trump's lead. 372,000 votes. it is 39,800 votes right now. that's the moment, that's what's happening of these ballots over night and throughout the day today. that's your number of midnight and your number now. you're nervous at the trump's campaign, count those votes please and you want to see them. again, 93%, more ballots to be counted. we should get those later tonight. we know joe biden at 72%. we know that's a little higher. the votes for joe biden is a little higher today. so if you are trying to make up that gap, that's what you need
5:37 pm
to do. gary mentioned, more ballots out in dekalb county. joe biden is getting more than 80 80% of the votes there. we have more coming in in gwinett county. this one is closer at 58 and 43. you pull it back out, you see the blue star, that's going to determine the outcome of this race as they continue to count it. he mentioned halston down here, we'll count the votes there. that means you got a couple thousand left. it could come the president's way. they could be democrats mailing in their ballots. we know gary mentioned chatham and this is one of the places the republican party is going to fight with the county here.
5:38 pm
we'll see how it plays out and let the process plays itself out. you see here 6.8%. the suburbs around savannah and you see joe biden doing quite well here, 58% of the vote if you round it up and 41% for the president. so what do you get? in most elections, you see 95% and well, they split them and the president would eat it up. knowing what we know and what has happened since last night, that was 372,000. these mail-in ballots are overwhelmingly voting for joe biden. we'll see. what happens in dekalb, east of fulton county. we still have some more from gwinett here.
5:39 pm
we'll see if that will stabilize for the president. again. interesting right now for arizona and nevada, the map of those two states if joe biden wins them, he gets 270 and gets him in the finish line. they're not done. if you are eye djoe biden and h backup plan right here in georgia. that would be remarkable. plan b would be pretty good at this moment in time. the president has nothing left. he has to pick out arizona still or nevada, he has to hold that or game over. >> we are about to get a whole lot of ballots, results coming in at georgia. this is arizona. we'll share it with you when we come back. look limu! someone out there needs help customizing
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welcome back, votes are being counted in georgia and arizona. we are expecting to hear it at
5:44 pm
the end of the night. do you think we'll have an answer? >> arizona will tell us whether arizona is in play or not. if numbers don't move much then what we were told which is election day voting which is going to be heavier for republicans. i don't think it is the end. >> that's the belief that some republicans have tonight that some of the votes are coming in. >> at least something. and something more, you know, on the margins that's not a good sign. and georgia -- getting much nervous in georgia. my friends in georgia that we'll pull it out. i think most people think that perdue is going to a run-off
5:45 pm
which means united states senate will be determined by two run-offs in the state of georgia, either joe biden, either way is a 50/50 state. talk about going to georgia between now and first of the year is going to be an expensive time. >> yes, yesterday wallas this roller coaster, up and down. today is just a slow, steady grind. trump is just sitting there every hour watching his life gets smaller and smaller and numbers are going down and i got to say -- you don't have a smile on your face. >> reporting the news and the facts. yesterday it was really scary. today is just democrats feeling a little better and always nervous and a little better. if you are donald trump and sitting in the white house just
5:46 pm
watching these numbers getting smaller and smaller and everybody -- you are not having a good day. >> our reporting from the white house that even donald trump is telling allies with who he's speaking to i am not sure these lawsuits will make much of a difference. he understands that. unless there is something to sue for. >> and a lot of what he always does has to do with positioning. and right now he's trying to hold a place that these suits are saying there is still a chance here and we can fight these things. if georgia goes. >> it is not over but -- georgia has five more electoral votes than arizona. >> which means stacey abrams in
5:47 pm
georgia brought the trump's presidency down. they whine up having the biggest impact. >> georgia was so overwhelming last time over 200,000 votes. if republicans are very nervous now about taking it, it says something about those senate races that may be coming up and i think you are right. stacey abrams had a lot to do with it. >> some one made this point, arizona, it shows -- i mean president trump has gone after john mccain from the beginning. this is still partly john mccain's sending a message back. >> and cindy mccain's ad in that
5:48 pm
maricopa county area i think must have been very, very powerful. >> i mean the number of times that president trump gotten in his own way of winning is extraordinary. >> i spoke with an ally of the president who said they have tried to talk him into pursue cindy mccain and trying to make peace with her in some way because they understood how important she was and they knew where her head was and she refused. he could not get over himself with that. cindy mccain would accepted his treaty to make up. it is kind of the ultimate in a way revenge of john mccain should that state -- >> and black women. it is not just stacey abrams.
5:49 pm
african-american women across the board and not just the backbone to be a democratic party. the backbone of the democratic party, african-american women work their butts off who get people out and kamala harris being able to finally break one of those glass ceilings, this party was carried across the party line by black women. >> donald trump did better with african-americans. >> 3% instead of 1%? at the end of the day -- no, i understand. the point is i think we are going back to that had he not gotten in the way of himself. john mccain is a great example and with women and with african-americans and with hispanics, there was opportunity in a whole new coalition based on what donald trump was doing
5:50 pm
instead >> let's talk about to want, though, and what to be looking for in this first grouping of votes. we expect arizona to be first, right? >> i think arizona will be the only -- there will be two trenches from arizona. now nevada says they're going to be tomorrow. we're focussed on arizona tonight. the big question is -- there sides are saying different things. if that number in maricopa county shrinks, then there was a flood from republicans that the trump campaign said they expected. if it is a more -- even if it narrowed a little, you -- you know, that would not do it. you need some dramatic movement. and i think people will begin to lose faith in that theory if there is not some big movement.
5:51 pm
that's, i think, what everyone is will looking for. if after both traunches, the number is not different in terms of margin, then there is not a lot of life left in this. >> trump needs to get in arizona with these traunches about 52% to 55% of the vote. so it's not that he has to come in and do what frankly joe biden is doing in pennsylvania, which is getting 80% of the vote. he has to get 52%, 55%. but 55% isn't going to be a big number. but you keep that up, you make up the difference. >> yeah. >> it's going to be difficult to see if he can do that, and that's why last night when a couple of places called the state for -- for biden that trump people went nuts about it, right? because they know how important it is. >> there is the reporting that
5:52 pm
president trump is already talking with people that he's in communications with pointing out that he doesn't really think some of these legal challenges will do anything. do you think he might -- given the fact we haven't heard from him all day. obviously that's intentional. he had the opportunity to come out and speak and you think he would have been motivated to speak after the former vice president came out and spoke and got a lot of attention for what he said. do you think he might change course and just realizing if, in fact, he has lost realizing that -- figuring out the best path out. >> that would be my prayer for the country. it is not in keeping with who we have seen. the idea that he -- >> right. but if you are going to be a loser, is it better to be a good loser in the trump mind than -- >> i think in trump's mind, no loser is a good loser. losing is not good. >> we'll see. >> donald trump loves this country.
5:53 pm
i know some of you don't agree with that, but i do. i think donald trump loves this country. and if donald trump is going to lose, if it's clear he's lost and there is no place to go, donald trump loves this country and he'll do what's right for this country. i mean, he's done it repeatedly in my mind throughout the course of his presidency. >> he didn't do it last night. >> he's still the fighter in the arena. and, yes, does he hit behind the neck and does he punch below the belt? yes, he does. >> i pray that you're right. what i'll say is, first after all, i do agree with axlerod, that would be the best thing. if he does do that, if he does come out and just concede graciously, i think there should be no -- democrats should accept that and be -- >> good luck with that. >> it is just as likely democrats will accept it as he'll do that. but if it does happen, i think we should accept it. the fear that we have on the democratic side is that he has
5:54 pm
said so clearly that the only way he could lose is if it is rigged. he has a whole bunch of people that are geared up. can he back away from that? i don't know. i hope he does do what he said. >> i think we spent four years talking about donald trump pifting and turning into somebody that he isn't. >> true. >> he is who he is. now, if he thinks it is in his own shelf interest at a certain point, he will say maybe, okay. but they cheated, but there is nothing more i can do about it. he's never going to give up on the notion that this election may be legitimate. he's always going to think it wasn't. because what obsessed him was about the last election and the popular vote was that democrats were trying to de-legitimize. >> with a trump network if in fact he's voted out of office, whatever his next step is, having grievances. >> that's the point.
5:55 pm
i have always felt that there were two -- there were two reasons. he wants both -- he wants to express his own sense that i'm not a loser. and secondly, it is a launching point for whatever his next thing is. >> it is all about arizona just minutes from now when new vote tallies will be released. we'll have a little bit more of a clear idea. will the state push joe biden to victory? we'll find out after the break. election night in america continued, brought to you by borat, subsequent movie film. an amazon original movie. - i didn't know why my body was moving on its own.
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we're closing in on a potential turning point in the presidential election as it's continuing tonight. i'm wolf blitzer in the cnn election septembcenter. joe biden is on the brink to win the white house and defeat president trump. this hour we expect new vote totals out of arizona where biden is in the lead. arizona is one of six undecided states right now. georgia is another. we're awaiting new results there as well after a very significant tightening in the race. biden now with 253 electoral
6:00 pm
votes is looking to hit the necessary 270 mark. president trump trailing with 213 electoral marks right now. let's get a look at the state by state numbers. let's take a look at these two states starting with arizona. 82% of the estimated vote is in. biden is ahead of trump almost 93,000 votes right now. in nevada, 86% of the estimated vote is in. biden is ahead there as well but only by 7,600 votes or so. 49.3% to 48.7%. in georgia right now the trump lead has dramatically diminished. 16 electoral votes. trump is up by nearly 40,000 votes over biden. 49.8% to 49%. he was up by more than 300,000 votes overnight. now less than 40,000.
6:01 pm
in pennsylvania right now where there is 20 electoral votes, 88% of the vote is in. trump remains ahead by 195, 196,000 votes. 50.9% to 47.8%. let's check in with phoenix right now. we're about to get a whole lot more numbers from arizona. >> emphasis there is about to. we anticipate at any moment that we are going to get our first real look at where the ballot count is here. i'm standing in the belly of the beast. this is where the counting is happening in the most populus county in arizona. this includes the phoenix, arizona population. this counting is still going on. you can see that we have adjudicators over here still looking at the ballots, the ballots that need to have some type of -- oh, we're just hearing now. i will hit refresh. i'm looking at my screen because we have new numbers.
6:02 pm
and you can see here. this is -- i want to clarify here. this is numbers for maricopa county. joe biden at 887,457. trump 802,160. so that is 52% of the vote for joe biden, 47% of the vote for donald trump. i'm going to repeat that. the number for joe biden is 887,457. that's 52% of the vote here in maricopa county. for president trump, we have 802,160. 47%. so there is a five point spread here. it is very tight here in maricopa county. the advantage, though, for the
6:03 pm
vice president who is at 52%, president trump at 47%, a five-point spread, that has fluctuated a bit ever since we started watching the returns last night, but it is tightening here in maricopa county. it is the reason why maricopa county is so important. this is the most populus area in the state of arizona. it is a growing population. how maricopa goes will mean how arizona goes. you have to win it here if you want to win in the rest of the state. is it possible to not have that happen? anything is possible. but it is extremely unlikely. both republicans and democrats here in arizona will tell you, you got to win maricopa county and those last totals coming in are extremely important. so we are getting, you know, just -- i'm so bad at math here.
6:04 pm
what we're looking for here is what's going to happen with the next ballot of release as well, wolf. that is expected in the next few hours. >> all right. standby. we have a key race alert. let's show our vouters what's going on in arizona. 84% of the estimated vote is in. biden maintains his lead over donald trump, 50.7% in the whole state, not just in that county. 47.9%. 47.9% for donald trump. let's talk a little bit about what's going on. biden still has a very significant lead in arizona. >> so you are up to 84% of the estimated vote. we have to keep going, right? every time you get new votes, has it changed the dynamics of the race? again, 5 2% if you round up, 47%, if you round up. that's a close race. i want to go back and look.
6:05 pm
four years ago the president in arizona did quite while. so you come up now, biden on top. that is part of the suburban shift in the united states of america. and the suburban shift in this particular state raises the potential in what would be a flip. donald trump carried the state four years ago. the challenge simply is if every time we get new votes joe biden is on top, he's leading in the race. so that's the dynamic now. when you are in the lead, you need to come up one more than the other way when you have votes and you will make it through the night. where else? we'll get more from maricopa county. in tucson, joe biden is winning by more right now, so we have some votes out there as well. you would expect him to adhere. and that's the challenge as we go through pennsylvania, georgia and arizona. joe biden needs 50 plus one the
6:06 pm
rest of the way. the lead might narrow some and then we will look next door. >> hold on. you and i are going toto katie hobbs. tell us what's going on in arizona. we got the new numbers from maricopa county. how much more of an outstanding vote is there in your state? >> well, it's around 600,000. and right before the ballots that were just uploaded, there were 420,000 outstanding ballots in maricopa county. i don't know how many ballots they just uploaded. so that doesn't answer the question of how many outstanding there were. but before 7:00, there were around 600,000 in the state. >> they just uploaded 80,000. that's the number that we just got. >> okay. so if i'm doing my math right,
6:07 pm
they're down to 340,000 outstanding in maricopa county. >> so there is plenty of votes left out there. >> where are the rest? it would be the biden campaign, the more votes there, the better for you, at least you think that. how about pima county? how many of the outstanding are in pima? >> just over 90,000 are in pima county. >> i just want to pull out so people can see the map. in terms of these more republican counties, if you are the trump campaign, you are trying to make this up. what about yuma county? >> yeah . it looks like about 17,000, 18,000 in yuma county. as we go through the blue counties where joe biden is leading. as we move up, is that about the same or is that fewer? >> it's less than a thousand.
6:08 pm
>> less than a thousand. so you see, again, this is a place where the president is running quite well. and madam secretary, i pulled out the whole statewide numbers. you move up here, how many there? >> 13,000. >> again, in a place where joe biden is running ahead where you have a bulk of the votes. but do you have any sense of where we're going to see the rest of these? >> maricopa said that they are going to do another upload later tonight at 10:30 our time, so 12:30 for you guys. and then they have said that they're going to do 7:00 every night until they are done. >> are these really -- >> and i need to clarify that i did misspeak about pima county. they are 46,000, not 91,000. >> so are these early votes mail-in votes or today votes or
6:09 pm
yesterday votes, should we say? >> yesterday's votes are done. so what we're looking at right now are early ballots that were either mailed back or dropped off, received by counties monday, tuesday. >> what are the rules in arizona right now as far as mail-in ballots? they have to be received by a certain day, right? what if they arrive a little late. they had to be in by 6:00 p.m. >> including military counts overseas? >> i'm sorry. off the top of my head, there may be a few days leeway there. but they get their ballots earlier and they have the ability to upload them electronically to our office. >> do you know the party affiliation of the outstanding votes right now? how many democrat versus how many republican? >> yeah. unfortunately, we don't know that number, and i know the counties right now, what they're
6:10 pm
focussed on doing is getting those ballots processed and tabulated and they're not, you know, sorting them by party or precinct or anything like that. >> when will we get 99% or hopefully 100% of the vote in arizona? >> i wish i could tell you that. i don't know the answer. but i think we'll have a more solid answer about that by tomorrow or friday. >> well, we definitely want you to come back on. you have been very helpful to us. thanks so much for joining us. >> thank you. >> you got a great state. we love arizona, too. just a little note. go ahead, john. >> whether you are talking about it, they're busy. they're stressed. they're doing the right thing. they're being transparent about it, which i think is the best
6:11 pm
part. places that are putting a spotlight on this, some places have journalists in them. democrats, republicans and independent observers in there. there is a lot of dust being stirred up right now about vote counting. these people know what they're doing and they're in a good mood about it as well. we should be grateful. we should not be criticizing them. we should be grateful. keep an eye on them and count the votes. but it's remarkable. she's tired. it's fascinating. everybody understands the stakes here. if joe biden flips this state, he's the next president of the united states. that's why we're asking. that's why the secretary of state, she understands this as well, the country and the world are watching her and watching the count in her state. so they're going to get it right. again, if you are look at the trajectory in the biden campaign, you have an almost 80,000 lead. again, if you look at them, you
6:12 pm
know, you can do the statistical analysis at home. these are absentee ballots. the expectation is they will stay somewhere in that ballpark, but you don't know them until you count them. you have to narrow that down a little bit. you are not comfortable to project the state until you get closer where you have people vote by mail. people using drop box, the people who came out and turned out a natural way on election day. different states are dealing with different issues. we're always cautious. just count votes and figure it out. again, it is 80,000 votes. that's a decent lead. we just wait and hopefully we get more by the end of the night. as we narrow down the ballots, you make more ballots. then you get the next one. is it about the same? is the lead growing? is the lead contracting? we run it through. great people in arizona and we'll figure it out. >> 84% of the vote is in.
6:13 pm
that means 16% of the vote is still out. so we'll wait for more of those votes. i agree. we're grateful to so many of those poll workers. they're doing really important work for our country. let's go back. >> thanks, wolf. appreciate it. as all this news is coming in, most of it not seeming all that good for president trump. you have some news to report. >> i talked to a source familiar with president trump's thinking who said that the president is down, obviously tired, which is understandable, but not feeling all that great. despite the public bluster we have seen and heard from his campaign, from his children that the president is seeing what's happening. he's seeing that in some of these key states that will determine whether he's president or not his lead is shrinking or if joe biden is ahead, notwithstanding what we just saw, this is before that just happened, it's just not looking that bad for the president. and the sense from the source
6:14 pm
that i spoke to is that the president is starting to see this slip away. that's the mood of the president. now, could that change like this with changes in the vote? of course. but it also kind of dove tails with some reporting we had earlier from our college who said the president is calling to allies saying that he doesn't understand the strategy that his campaign is using to kind of have these lawsuits in various states. why didn't they try this more aggressively before the votes were counted? there is some hand wringing going on behind the scenes while there is some public bravado. >> and i don't blame him for being confused about his legal team's strategy because it is confounding when you look at what's going on, the way in which the strategy is talking out of one side of their mouth in arizona and in nevada and then out of another in
6:15 pm
pennsylvania and georgia and michigan. so it is confusing. and earlier in the year, the president really did push his team and the rnc to have a very aggressive legal strategy. i think he really had hoped a lot of this stuff would be resolved before he got to this point. much of it had been resolved and litigated in the courts, which is why you are seeing some of the legal challenges they're putting out now as we discussed fairly thin. so i'm not surprised to see that the president finds it to be a somewhat unconvincing case. >> but do you think that his issue is he's not finding their legal strategy now to be up to the standards that he wants or he doesn't understand why they're not able to stop the counting of votes? i mean, that seems more like in keeping with donald trump. his legal team was fairly aggressively out there. they were trying to stop mail-in ballots in any number of ballots, including the
6:16 pm
commonwealth of pennsylvania. just because he's president, he's not able to stop mail-in ballots or the counting of ballots. i think you are giving him a little too much credit. >> i mean, i'm sure it's a little bit of both, that he wants to stop the ballots from being counted. i'm sure he's not blind to the fact that these cases being brought are long shots. >> that's not the legal team's fault. >> no, it's not, but as we have been saying all night, they are throwing everything they can up against this wall. the president obviously wants to win. he wants the ballots to perhaps not be counted, but i think he understands these cases are not as rock solid. >> that's exactly right. it sounds to me like he is just voicing his frustration.
6:17 pm
and the one thing he can hang it on right now because it is the way that they're being active in the trump campaign is by the lawsuits right now. and because he actually has so much experience in the courts, maybe not in election law, but experience in the courts that he is seeing that the campaign is just trying to find ways to publically say we don't believe this, we're going to challenge this. but it's not necessarily something that is really -- that he's not standing on firm ground. >> he doesn't have experience winning in courts. he has experience with completely frivolous lawsuits. let's table the first. i want to go to kaitlyn collins at the white house who can give us some more insight into president trump's frustrations about what's going on. kaitlyn? >> well, it's so interesting to hear you guys talk about the legal strategy because this legal strategy came about because after fox news called arizona for joe biden last night, something we should know
6:18 pm
cnn has not done yet, that's when the president went this panic mode with aids after thinking he was going to win and pull this off that he instructed him to start filing these lawsuits and start pursuing litigation we have seen play out all day. that is what campaign aids have spent the day doing. some have conceded in part, jake, so they can buy themselves more time as they are waiting on votes to come in. the other thing the president has spent the day doing since we have not seen him in person today and we are not expecting any appearances from him, he is angrily calling republican governors as he is trying to will what is happening and what we are seeing playing out from what is happening. that includes arizona, georgia and ron desantis from florida. he has been angrily calling him. of course florida is a different situation. i think that's more of a venting
6:19 pm
situation. but that is what the president has spent the day doing. but casting doubt on the legal strategy he has told his own aids to pursue. of course if you talk to the campaign aids who are working on this, some of them don't believe these lawsuit wills be successful. but they feel like basically they have run out of options at this point. when the president feels like he is backed into a corner, even before he was in office, his go to strategy has been to sue or to file lawsuits or to try to make some kind of legal challenge to stop what is happening from happening. >> that's exactly what i thought was going on, the idea that he's waging these frivolous lawsuits because he's telling them to do it. thank you so much. let's go to the biden team in wilmington, delaware. what are you hearing from team biden? there is obviously still a narrowing race in arizona. we don't know what's happening in nevada, a narrowing race in
6:20 pm
pennsylvania and of course in georgia. well, jake, they are closely watching these results coming in in arizona. but at this point, they are still projecting confidence about his standing in that state. the biden campaign acknowledges that the margin could tighten in a county like maricopa county, but they don't expect his current standing will be overcome, even as the trump campaign has pushed that narrative over the course of the day. arizona and nevada is looking to hold on to, those are states that joe biden only visited once as the democratic nominee, which is quite the contrast to the time and resources he's devoted to those blue walls he was trying to reclaim this time around. now, the biden campaign started the day projecting confidence about that blue wall, the michigan, wisconsin and pennsylvania. at this point, they have had two of those three states called in
6:21 pm
their favor. now heading and looking forward to pennsylvania, the biden campaign says they still remain confident as those votes continue to be counted and say that they will remain vigilant about ensuring every last vote is counted in that state. >> thank you so much in wilmington, delaware. we should also talk about the fact that i do and i'm sure you do expect arizona to narrow. i do think that margin of victory -- >> it started to. now it's -- there you go. 50.7% to 47.9%. >> and the biden campaign also expect it to narrow but they believe he will win. so, yeah, it's not going to be a blow-out in arizona, but the question is can president trump make it up with the votes that are outstanding? it narrowed a little bit. but it's -- the split based on
6:22 pm
what we know from maricopa, the president needs to do better than that. it needs to be a little more republican, more pro trump in order for him to try to even overcome it. >> remember what the secretary of state said to wolf and john. we might not know until friday. she said they're counting as fast as they can, but we might not get the results of all of the outstanding ballots until friday. >> same with pennsylvania and in november november we're not expecting until tomorrow. but tit is funny you clarified yourself on the republican votes versus pro trump. >> even on a good day i don't like assuming that party affiliation is going to translate into votes. but if you dig into a little bit of the exit polls in the state of arizona, you see something interesting that we were talking about. president trump doing a little worse with republicans, getting
6:23 pm
88% of the vote among republicans. joe biden taking 10% in a state where as we discussed cindy mccain came out strong against him and the native son john mccain was notoriously in this feud, i guess you could say, with the president. >> and this is totally anecdotal, but to help make your point, i got a text from family members who are telling me they have friends who are lifelong republicans, registered republicans telling them they're voting for joe biden just because we are seeing republican votes come in doesn't mean those are trump votes and maybe vice versa. 80% is a lot, but for trump, he's in the 90s. >> that's the thing. if joe biden ends up winning arizona by 40,000 votes, guess what? that's 40,000 reasons that president trump should not have attacked john mccain. david chalian, let's talk about
6:24 pm
arizona and what needs to happen in these remaining ballots that have yet to be counted. >> yeah. so we're taking a look. this is the state of play after the vote dump we just got in arizona. joe biden is 50.7%. donald trump 47.9%. 84% of the estimated vote is in. and that is a 79,000 vote lead for joe biden. here is what we now know about the outstanding vote. what has not been counted yet after those votes were dumped into the system. it's down to 515,000 outstanding votes in arizona. that's a rough estimate. and, so, we take a look at what each candidate needs. i will just say donald trump actually benefitted a little there. you saw it narrowed and he benefitted there from the latest dump in terms of narrowing the gap with biden. he needs 55% to 57% of the
6:25 pm
remaining outstanding vote, of those 515,000 votes in arizona to overtake joe biden and actually keep this state in his column. joe biden needs 40% to 42% of the outstanding ballots in order to hang on to his lead there and actually flip arizona from red to blue. donald trump -- that percentage is not out of reach for donald trump in arizona. obviously it is a bit better than he has statewide right now with his 47.9%. but it is obviously still in the hunt in some sense. and we got to count the rest of these 515,000 votes before we can see the final state of play there in arizona. >> david, of the 515,000 uncounted votes, we believe most of them are from counties that biden won. is that correct? >> right. it sounded like if i heard the secretary of state properly from pima county down in the tucson area and maricopa county, the
6:26 pm
big population centers, we also heard that almost all of it, i think she said, is not election day vote, that it is from prior to that. we have also seen that being a biden advantage category. but, again, i just want to say, guys, donald trump got a little benefit out of that last dump. and, so, if he gets more votes that he can continue to narrow in what we see the next time they update their vote tottotal then it will go down a little bit. >> that's why we count all the votes, to see who actually won. whether it's trump or biden. as more results are coming in tonight, will joe biden's electoral count go up? much more of our election coverage coming up. thank you.
6:27 pm
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6:31 pm
dramatically. right now biden has 253. trump has 213, 270. that's the magic number. you get 270, you are the president of the united states. let's get a key race alert right now and see where things stand in these four states. in pennsylvania right now where there is 20 electoral votes and 88% of the estimated vote is now in, trump maintains his lead, 190,000 vote lead over joe biden. 50.9% to 47.8% in pennsylvania. in georgia right now 95% of the estimated vote is in. trump still maintains the lead, but it has really been diminished. 49.8% to 49%. in arizona, 84% of the vote is in. biden maintains his lead. just under 80,000 over trump. and in nevada, 86% of the vote is in. biden maintains his lead, but it is a small lead.
6:32 pm
49.3% to 48.7%. let's walk over to john king over at the magic wall. we're looking at all these states very closely. which is jumping out to you? >> joe biden is knocking on the door of 270. the surprise of the day, if you will, has been the closing race in georgia. so let's just start there. i say surprise because the shift has been so dramatic. here's where we are right now. that's where president trump is ahead right now with 49.8% so round it up to 50%, remarkably close race. i want to show you a new feature we have. let's go back in time. this is midnight. we talked about this earlier. look at midnight statewide in georgia. that was the president ahead. then they're counting votes overnight. at 9:00 p.m., it was down to 103,705 votes. by 3:00 this afternoon, you are down inside 80,000 votes. then you move up to 6:30 p.m.
6:33 pm
then at 7:30 p.m., it dropped over more. i want to show you that's just looking at statewide. watch the suburbs outside of atlanta. you heard gary tuckman talking about this earlier. at midnight last night, 81,600 right here. so how did joe biden come back overnight? watch these as it plays out overnight. look at that 265,000. again, 81,000. if you went to bed at midnight, by 9:00 this morning, these are the democratic suburbs just to the east of atlanta. the vote count at 3:00. at 4:00 it went up there. stayed stable after that. so you just see what has happened after that. if you went to bed at midnight, the president had a lead. now you are in a position where a 38, almost 39,000 vote lead. if joe biden keeps his lead in
6:34 pm
arizona and nevada, he gets to 270. this is a great moment of tension when it comes to georgia. again, we're watching arizona as well. you can make the case the president narrowed the gap a little there in arizona. >> let's take a look at arizona. >> we can show you the same impact and effect right here. let's start right here and see where we are. 84%. a couple hours later, a decent chunk of votes from maricopa county. both of those are blue. so we expect joe biden. the expectation is because he's running so strong. 52% in maricopa. so the biden campaign thinks it will gain in those places. again, 79,000 right now. let's take this and go back in time. let me bring this up for you right here. switch to arizona, and we'll go
6:35 pm
back in time. this is midnight. you see joe biden 207,000 votes ahead. then you see it starts to slip a little bit overnight. there is 1:00 a.m. here is 3:00 a.m. at 155. 4:00 a.m., it is 130. 10:00 down to 93. and look at that lead, 93,000 in the biden campaign. more votes gets it down to 79,000. this is trending in the right direction. but we're in the same spot. where joe biden had a more comfortable lead overnight and donald trump closed the gap a little bit, that's largely from here making up some ground. the flip side in georgia, the overnight was good to joe biden. >> i want to go to georgia right now. gary tuckman is in the atlanta area for us right now. you have a special guest who can update us. what's going on there? >> that's right, wolf. we're here in atlanta, georgia. this is where they are
6:36 pm
processing and scanning the absentee ballots right now. these are the votes that are about to be counted that may help decide who the president of the united states is. with me right now is richard barron, the election chief here in georgia's largest county. this is the largest. i want to ask you. you told us there was 142,000 mail-in ballots you got. what is the up-to-date number of ballots you counted? >> we adjudicated a little over 113,000 so far. >> that's about 29,000 that you still have to count. >> yes. yeah. we will have to adjudicate the remainder of that, the 129,000. >> that means if there is a problem with the ballots you have a democrat and a republican look at it to make sure that the intention of the voter is known. >> right. they look at any voter intent on any ballot flagged by the
6:37 pm
software. >> when do we see the absentee ballot votes? >> some time between midnight and 3:00. >> so it will be tonight? >> yes. we have thrown in some fresh bodies and we will make sure every vote is counted tonight and we will do what it takes to stay where do you live night. >> it looks like a beehive. yeah. it's been all energy all day here because we know everyone is looking at us, looking at georgia. it could determine the next president. >> a lot of pressure, right? are you feeling any pressure or getting any pressure from either donald trump's campaign or joe biden's campaign? >> no. we haven't received -- i haven't felt any pressure from either of the campaigns. i think it is mostly the fact there are so many people interested in this. we have a lot of media in the room so obviously interest is high. >> do you feel pressure on your shoulders? >> well, yes, because we want to
6:38 pm
make sure all the votes count. it is an immense pressure because this is an important election. all presidential elections are important. but i think there has been a lot of focus this year on this presidential election, and we have been preparing for months. so, yes, it is a lot of pressure. >> the trump campaign has filed suit saying that it wants georgia to not count absentee ballots that came after the deadline alleging that in savannah, georgia, by the way, one of the most beautiful cities in the united states. atlanta is nice, but savannah is beautiful. alleging that county book 50 ballots that came too late and put them in a pile of ballots that are allowed. what do you think of that su ba came in before 7:00, all those ballots should be counted. we had somebody at all of your ballot drop boxes at 7:00 p.m. and that's the way it should
6:39 pm
work. all the votes that are cast by 7:00 need to be counted. >> so we're seeing lots of ballots. these are all -- do you know for sure they're all legal? >> yes, they are all legal. >> i think it is an important. how do you know there is someone here that takes a pile of ballots they don't like and walks home with them? >> we have a chain of custody. it goes through a whole process of being opened and cut over to the flattener and then over to the scanner so we can balance that. >> final question for you, richard. you must be very proud. >> my staff has been working long hours for many months since before the june election. we have been hit with a covid outbreak of 25 people a couple weeks ago so we have been impacted hard. >> thank you for joining us. >> you're welcome. >> i hope i can tell you there is 60,000 votes just in the atlanta area including here that still haven't been counted. back to you.
6:40 pm
>> we'll wait for that to be counted and then we'll report the use as we always do. please thank mr. baron from all of us. we want to speak with a former presidential candidate to discuss how close this race is. we'll be right back. ♪ [sfx: typing sound] ♪ [sfx: typing sound] ♪ [sfx: typing sound] it is what separates knowledge from wisdom. you carry it with you - to prepare you for what's ahead. at university of phoenix, students with relevant life experience and
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welcome back to election night in america continued. joining us now former presidential candidate democratic senator amy klobuchar of minnesota. thanks so much for joining us. >> thanks, jake. >> congratulations on minnesota going blue, which i know you wanted it to. >> uh-huh. >> there was a lot more drama four years ago. >> yes. >> have you talked to the former vice president, joe biden? how are you feeling about the results so far? >> i haven't talked to him directly. i think he should be focussed on how he is focussed, and that is on being calm. i think the fact that he has addressed the nation now twice and i think it gives you some idea of how he's going to govern, making very clear he wants all the votes counted, yes. but that his demeanor is going to be really important as we go
6:45 pm
forward. so i feel good about what's happening. arizona, the fact that this was a state that the president sent years going after their favorite son as dana just pointed out an hour ago, john mccain, the repercussions of that and cindy going all over the country helping joe biden. the fact that in pennsylvania so many votes in the suburban area, philadelphia are still outstanding. we feel good about that. and then georgia. one of the points i want to make is these are local election officials just doing their jobs right now. you can see them. it is transparent. in georgia, you have a republican governor, republican secretary of state, donald trump, you know, going after them for still counting ballots. give me a break. you have democrat and republicans just doing their jobs right now. let them be. let them do their jobs. and i think it contributes to
6:46 pm
this idea that this is democracy in action and we have got to allow the votes to be counted. >> you have had a few recounts in minnesota if i recall. >> yes. >> overall, these results, these election results were not the large scale repudiation of president trump the democrats were hoping for. i know we're still waiting on final results, but that must be disappointing considering the fact that so many democrats thought that this was going to be a landslide victory for joe biden and that the republicans were going to lose control of the senate and on and on. joe biden may well win, but it isn't the repudiation you were hoping for. >> look, you always want to win big and you want to win every single seat. we know that. and, sure, it's hard, especially when you have had some seats we have lost with such good, great, amazing candidates and elected officials like my friend doug jones that i talked to today, so many people. but that being said, what matters here, oxygen on the
6:47 pm
white house first, is that we win the white house. and to me, it looks like that is a direction that we are headed. and given that we didn't win every seat that we wanted. i actually can't think of a better president for that time than joe biden. he's someone that can work with people regardless of where they come from and where their political view is and i'm going to deal with all that after we find out what all the results are because there is still a lot of seats outstanding. tonight our focus should continue to be on the numbers we're seeing coming in on the presidency because that's all donald trump is doing. i think we have to be laser focussed on that right now. but when and if joe biden wins, and i have every reason to believe he will, he will be very effective at working with congress. >> what happened in the democrats attempt to take the senate? susan collins was re-elected in
6:48 pm
maine. danes in montana. ti tillis in north carolina. with the exception of colorado and arizona, it is really not a good result for democrats. it was a really tough map and every single person that looked at it, any expert in that would say that from the get go. so many republican states, so many heavy trump states, including some of the house districts where of course nancy pelosi will still be the speaker, but there are losses there as well. a lot of it had to do with that. i will note we are still one ahead in the races. winning in what's considered a red state turn to be turned blue of arizona and also governor heckenlooper. we are certain to have one runoff, if not two. >> before you go, your husband john had coronavirus.
6:49 pm
has he fully recovered? is he doing okay? >> yes, he is doing great except maybe he's watching your station too much. >> no such thing. >> he may be watching right now because he has become an expert on every single ballot issue. so i have had to urge walks and things like that because i think just he is like everyone else. i think when he personally had to experience this, you really want a president in there that's going to get us through this, get us through the other end, have a plan because he doesn't want what happened to him to happen to other people. so many americans are as we speak watching this right now who are sick or worried that someone they love is going to die. i think it just makes this even more important as we go into these next two days and we just ask people to be patient. we always knew this, jake. i put out a report with bernie and a few other senators about ten days before the election. we knew that pennsylvania and
6:50 pm
wisconsin count late. they start the day of the election, and we knew there could be some close states. and the important thing is to use that patience of joe biden and get through it instead of acting like donald trump. and i think we're doing the >> i have time for one more question i want to ask you. >> oh, good. >> when you look at the exit polls and you look at how close this election continues to be with neither biden for trump having secured enough electoral votes, do you think your party needs to work on connecting to the working class in a way that you maintained during the primaries was important for your party? i mean obviously joe biden isn't necessarily having as much of a problem as some of your other house and senate candidates, and i'm wondering if you think that reckoning needs to happen with the democratic party and the democratic leadership? >> well, i'm not ready to comment on exactly what happened here when you look at some of these senate and house races.
6:51 pm
i start out with the fact that these were in states like alaska and montana where you had significant trump vote. that being said, i think so much of this is going to depend on the economic agenda and what we can get done with joe biden working with the house, working with the democrats in the senate, and then in his unique way being able to work with some of the republicans, something that i have done throughout my career in the senate. we are going to have to come up with some way to work with them. there's no doubt about that. let me be clear, there are so many people suffering economically right now, and the problems we had before the pandemic, problems with paying off student loans, hard for people to get training, hard for people to be able to get child care, all of those remain unsolved for so many americans. so we just have to get to work. enough of this garbage of just the constant, constant republican attacks on everything we want to do. i think the american people are not going to stomach it anymore,
6:52 pm
and joe biden's victories in these states, what i think about to happen in arizona and georgia and pennsylvania and the entire upper midwest, i think it is a message to them, too, jake. that's a message to them. >> okay. senator klobuchar, thank you so much. i appreciate you stopping by today. >> thank you. we are standing by for new numbers at the top of the hour from more states where the vote is very close. stay with us. our special coverage continues next. ♪ since pioneering the suv in 1935, the chevy suburban has carried many things. nothing more important than family. introducing the most versatile and advanced chevy suburban and tahoe ever.
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♪ we're getting deeper into the second night of the presidential election, awaiting more results in key battlegrounds. i'm wolf blitzer. tonight former vice president biden is looking to run up the score and seal a victory while president trump is filing legal challenges before the final outcome is known. with six states still too early to call, votes are being counted into the night, including in arizona and georgia. those key battlegrounds are
6:57 pm
preparing to roll out more vote tallies soon. stand by for that. this as biden needs 17 more electoral votes to reach the magic number of 270 while president trump is holding right now at 213. let's get a key race alert right now. we're looking at these three states. let's start in arizona. 84% of the estimated vote is in. biden maintains his lead of nearly 80,000 votes right now in arizona, 50.7% to 47.9%. in nevada, 86% of the estimated vote is in. biden is ahead there, but by only about 7,600 votes, 49.3% to 48.7%. look at georgia right now, how that gap has narrowed. 95% of the estimated vote in georgia is in. trump is ahead, but only, only by 37,000 votes or so. 49.8% to 49%, that lead that the president has over biden in georgia has really shrunk over
6:58 pm
the past few hours. let's go over to david chalian right now. we are taking a closer look at pennsylvania right now, david, as well. >> that third piece of the blue wall joe biden's trying to rebuild. take a look at the state of play. donald trump with 50.8%, joe biden trailing at 47.9%. that's with 88% of the estimated vote in, a lead for donald trump of 186,755 votes. now, here is what we know about the outstanding vote. those ballots that have not yet been counted, we expect that to be about 800,000 uncounted votes, our rough back-of-the-envelope number, not a precise number but the estimate of votes. we calculate what does each candidate need to win the state of pennsylvania. look here. joe biden needs between 61% and 63% of those 800,000 uncounted votes to overtake donald trump's lead and win the state of pennsylvania. donald trump only needs about
6:59 pm
36% to 38% of those uncounted votes to hang on to his lead and keep pennsylvania red. here is an important thing to understand though. that 61% to 63%, that is not out of reach for joe biden. the bulk of the votes coming in today, mail votes from democratic areas, they're going like 78% to 22% biden to trump. he has been getting really big margins in the vote that has been coming in today. so it is not out of the question that joe biden could indeed hit that target and overtake donald trump, but we have to count these 800,000 votes. it is a lot of votes. donald trump needs a lower percentage to hang on to it, so we will have to count them and see what is happening in pennsylvania as the count goes on, wolf. >> we will watch it closely together with you. john king is with us. you know, it is interesting. you have the popular vote. biden is ahead right now by 3.5 million votes on a popular vote nationwide. >> it is amazing in a sense that hilary clinton won the popular
7:00 pm
vote four years ago, donald trump won the electoral college. we are waiting to see if we get more votes. joe biden has the chance if he gets arizona and nevada. if he holds his lead he would be president-elect of the united states. the president is still in the hunt if late states break his way. trends are pointing biden's way but we have votes to count. when you heard david go through the state, each state is different. if you look at georgia and you are the biden campaign, you see that 37,000 lead. 37,322 vote lead for presume. that was 372,000 at midnight. you go back, you know, 11 hours ago, 10 or 11 hours ago it was ten times that almost. ten times that almost. the trend line in georgia have been going in biden's direction. as david noted and our gary tuchman on the ground has noted, many of the voelts still to vot in suburban atlanta.
7:01 pm
you see how well joend biden i doing. you say, okay, joe biden has a shot. down again, behind 372,000 at midnight last night. you have a shot as they continue the count there. if you go west, arizona, this would be a flip. if joe biden could win arizona, it would be a flip. it was a trump state in 2016. you have to go back to bill clinton in the 1990s for a democrat to carry this. you see right now 50.7%,. so 79,000 vote, wolf, it was 207,000 last night at midnight. biden had a big lead in arizona last night. it is shrinking as we continue to count the votes there. trump had a big lead in georgia last night, it is shrinking. tension in both campaigns as they watch the count out. when you look here, this is where the last piece of votes came in. the last time an installment of votes, it was from maricopa helping the president narrow the gap a little bit. the question as these come in, do the next batch of votes from
7:02 pm
maricopa, does joe biden do better and pull away more or does the president continue to narrow the gap? that is just a fascinating dynamic. in arizona, obviously critical here. we are still waiting to see if clark county, again it is frustrating for people at home. some of this can feel like groundhog day when you revisit the states and try to figure out who wins the presidency. arizona could decide it along with nevada and we've been waiting all day, the same total. clark county officials said maybe clark county is here, the largest county in the state. perhaps they said we will get more votes tonight, perhaps we have to wait until the morning. again, you are looking, clark county, 53% to 45%. you pull out here, 7,647 votes. we know there are still votes to be counted so obviously we need to watch this as well. again, it has been hours at the same total there. that gets a little frustrating. >> do we have any idea what is taking them so long to come up with more numbers? >> what they have said, erica hill is out there, and several counties said they have the numbers but they're deferring to
7:03 pm
the secretary of state whose policy appears to try to do it all at once. it is a great question. again, look, this is an election like no other. all of these officials are doing it in different ways. they're under enormous pressure. it is our job to watch them and to be skeptical, to ask them questions. we should also give them some grace. but at this time now, again, if you come over here and look at it, this is why there's so much pressure on the officials. you can understand while people watching at home, people in both of the campaigns, people in our business want to know the answers because right now since the big news of the day, it's been a long day but michigan and wisconsin projected for joe biden. remember, those are two of the three states along with pennsylvania that made donald trump president. that's why he is in the white house. these were democratic states all the way back to 1992. trump took them, biden takes this one back and this one back, which gets you to the math right here. 253 to 213, which means, again, if joe biden can do -- he's leading here and leading here. he holds those, he's the
7:04 pm
president-elect of the notunite states. you can understand the pressure and why people want to know can we speed up the count here and get it. again, we're in the pandemic election. it is like no other. in nevada they're mail ballots they're counting. we have to be patient and wait. doesn't mean you don't check in all the time and see but, you know, when you haven't updated your vote total all day understandably people are saying it would be nice to know what the trend line is in the state of nevada. again, if joe biden wins them, game over. i want to come back so people don't get the impression we're there yet because we're not. it would be a huge cushion. if biden can come back here and then hold here, then the president has narrowed the lead somewhat in arizona. this one is close as well. but biden only has to win one of these two if he somehow could pull ahead in georgia as well which is why, again, the chess game of the different dynamics in these states, especially you have a sense that the trump lead is shrinking here, they're still counting votes. the trump lead is shrinking here, they're still counting
7:05 pm
votes. the biden lead is shrinking here and they're still counting votes. nevada has been stuck all day. >> if he only got 270 he would be elected president of the united states. if he got 270 there would be an incentive for the trump campaign to file all sorts of legal issues to try to reverse that, if he got 280 or 290, that legal challenge goes down. >> right. let's play that out a little bit. let's say joe biden gets the minimum, he holds his lead in nevada and arizona and let's say the president of the united states holds his lead in georgia, north carolina and pennsylvania. let's say the president of the united states picks up maine and nebraska, allocate electoral college votes by districts, let's say the president gets that and alaska there. you are 270 to 278 which is -- >> 268. >> i'm sorry. 270 to 268. we have heard from the trump campaign, you know, legal challenges here. well, they would drop that if they get it obviously so you're not going here. they already said we want a recount here. we know they're looking here. we know they have their eyes out here and out here.
7:06 pm
so if it is 270 to 268, the challenge then would be do you pick one, do you pick two. remember, bush v gore they decided to fight over florida. there was thought of going to wisconsin, thoughts to look at other states. they decided to fight over one state to have consistency in the argument knowing it would go up through the federal courts. you didn't want to argue one point in one state, another point in another state and have those collide in the appellate process. if you have 270, 268 and you are the president of the united states and meeting with the legal team, you are looking, where do we have the best legal case, can we flip one. if something else turns true and we get a dynamic where joe biden can come back and do that and do that, that would be a statement there and a different dynamic. number one, if you flip more show you have to win a number of states. number two, even though this president is his own person, he makes his own decisions, defies his party and the elders in his party because it is his party, not their party anymore, it is his party. that would be a ton of pressure on the president if you get
7:07 pm
close to that to say one state is not going to do it, do not tie it up, this is america we counted the votes. but we're not there yet. the president's behavior last night makes you think about it because he is in a combatant move. our kaitlan collins saying he is calling governors in the states saying can you fix the count, is there a way things can change right there, not meaning fix the count. we'll see to see. >> as we are speaking, georgia, the count has narrowed once again. trump's lead has gone down. take a look at this now. he's 33,300 votes ahead of biden and remind our viewers where it was 24 hours ago. >> okay. so we can go back and show you this. this is a new function we have for you. we can go back to midnight. look at that. it is just stunning what has happened here. >> just tell our viewers. >> 372,407 votes at midnight when many of you at home perhaps went to bed. then overnight, 1:00 a.m. it drops to 249,497.
7:08 pm
they continued to count overnight. at 2:00 a.m. it is 118,000 and change. by 4:00 a.m. down a little more, 117,000. then as the count continues through today, 10:00 a.m. you get to 103,000. then 9:00 tonight we see it down to 39,000. then we pop out to where we are now and it is 33,000. so that has been a steady trend as they count the votes. so you're in the biden campaign headquarters, you are saying, what is still out, which counties have not finished the count. >> show us. >> you are in the trump campaign headquarters you're saying finish the count and get to 100 because it is not going our way. fulton county, the largest county, atlanta and suburbs around it, as you can see heavily democratic vote. joe biden is running it up and running up in the mail-in ballots they're counting today. we know democrats decided to vote more by male because of the pandemic. fulton county, joe biden is getting 70%. our gary tuchman is keeping high on this. dekalb county is lopsided to joe
7:09 pm
biden, 83%, and still 10% of the ballots to count. we know there are more ballots here. you come over to gwinnett, up to 95 and almost done but look at the vote totals there. you are talking about populated suburbs outside of atlanta there, 5%, has a way to go. another place we know that is voting democratic is over here, 87%, chatham county. again, joe biden getting 57% here. he needs higher than that in the average but there's more votes, possibility here as we count them. that's the issue right now. the president's lead again down to 33,000. it was 372,000 when we switched from tuesday to wednesday morning back at midnight. so the trend line has been against the president all day long. that doesn't mean joe biden gets there at the finish line, but right now in the biden campaign you're looking at metro atlanta. i want to check down here. columbus as well, some more votes here as well in a place where democrat -- again, you can tell by the number, not as big a population center but 89%. so still counting votes here.
7:10 pm
let's come across in the blue, 92% here, much smaller. for the bulk of the votes, the bulk of the votes are here in suburban atlanta and you are looking around saying are there places the president can make up some big ground. most of this, this is typical across america, and it is a tribute to president trump. he runs it up in the small rural counties but there's not the math. 71% here so still counting votes in dodge county. the issue is maybe you will pick up a few hundred which helps in a close race. every vote counts. but the bulk of this is going to happen in metro atlanta and we'll keep counting. >> 33,300. most of the votes they're counting are the mail-in battle as opposed to the day-of ballots. take a look at this. we will show viewers how tight the remaining contests are right now. in nevada, the former vice president is ahead by 7,647. in georgia right now, trump is ahead by 33,300 as we've been pointing out. in north carolina, he is ahead by 76,737. in arizona, biden is ahead by
7:11 pm
79,173. in pennsylvania, right now the president is ahead by 186,755. john, you know, we have covered a lot of these contests over the years. night two, this is not night one, it is night two. we have these races so close right now, it is pretty unusual i think. >> oh, it is highly unusual because we have two dynamics at play at once. this is the collision of the campaign and the coronavirus. again we have a record setting day today in terms of the new infections. we are not talking about that as much because we are talking about counting the votes, but because of the pandemic. number one, it is an evenly divided country. 50/48. the good thing about this election no matter who you voted for is turnout is up, participation, even in the middle of a pandemic more people voted. 71 million for joe biden. 71.5. 67.9, nearly 68 million votes for president trump. let's go back in time and look. hilary clinton carried the popular vote. president trump won the
7:12 pm
electoral college. both of these candidates are getting huge numbers. donald trump's number is past where hilary clinton was four years ago but not enough to win the popular vote. we have an evenly divided country fighting this out. you see this. you see this as you play it out. then we have the voting. it is so unusual. normally states can count faster. some states would have counted faster but most of the states have three different things we're dealing with, people who voted by mail in some states including the commonwealth of pennsylvania, did not have a lot of experience with mail-in battle. it was mostly a vote-on-election day state. you have all of the mail-in battle and in some states millions of them. then you have people who stood in line to vote early in the days before election day. they have to count those battle. then you have the people that showed up yesterday, traditional election day, day-of voters, at polling centers where people had to be socially distanced, where poll workers had to be spread out, people are wearing masks to keep people safe. because of that you heard fulton county election director with gary a short time ago. 25 people on his staff got
7:13 pm
covid. in the middle of the pandemic, the heroes are these election workers all around the country and the american people who voted in just remarkable numbers. because of the collision of all of those things, it is taking longer to count the votes. >> let's check in with jim acosta our chief white house correspondent right now. what are you hearing from inside the white house, inside the trump campaign? >> reporter: wolf, right now they are really focused on arizona. arizona and georgia. right now the feeling is inside the trump campaign, and this may be just wishful thinking at this point, but looking at the numbers as john king is looking at the numbers. they believe they can claw back arizona. i know we haven't called it, but other outlets called it. they believe they can claw back arizona, put it in the trump column, and then perhaps they're back in business. now, obviously we're waiting for those results to come in, but they believe those late returns potentially could put arizona back in the president's column. as for georgia, i talked to a trump adviser about this just a short time ago and this adviser
7:14 pm
said georgia is a big deal. georgia is going to separate -- this adviser said a few moments ago, georgia will be the difference between the white house and the outhouse for donald trump. he has to win georgia. if the president does not win georgia, this election is over for president trump, in the words of this trump campaign adviser. he talked to a super gop official close to the campaign, wolf, who said there is a feeling of resignation building inside the trump campaign and inside team trump that perhaps this election is slipping away. they just don't want to admit it at this point. they don't want to accept defeat in the words of this gop official. so, wolf, they are basically putting all of their eggs in arizona. they feel at this point they have to claw back arizona to stay in business, and then georgia is just make or break. if georgia slips away, not only are they going to be shocked by that they believe that that is essentially the end of the road for president trump, and then he will no longer be president of
7:15 pm
the united states come january. joe biden will win this race, in the words of this trump adviser. as this adviser said, the difference between the white house and the outhouse for donald trump, wolf. >> you know, it has been pretty extraordinary today, jim. we haven't seen the president come before the cameras today the whole day. he has tweeted a little bit. not much. he has tweeted a little bit. why haven't we seen him. we know biden went out and made a statement to the american people. why hasn't the president? >> reporter: you know, he has been in his social media bunker all day long. he has been tweeting out all kinds of things, all sorts of misinformation. we haven't been putting a lot out there because it is misleading and false in many cases so we're not going to put it out there. i will tell you talking to this trump adviser i was speaking with a moment ago who has been in touch with the president, you know, at different points throughout the day, this adviser says, you know, while the president understands how serious the situation is, how much skbrep arjeopardy he is in focused on winning, talking to
7:16 pm
his lawyers, talking to campaign officials, talking to relatives, trying to figure out some way to claw this back. looking at the numbers right now he knows joe biden is in the driver's seat. but as you know, wolf, the president has defied gravity before. he did this four years ago and there's still a belief, it may be a fleeting belief inside the trump campaign, that somehow they can eke this out. they need to claw back a state that's already been called by other news outlets. that would be pretty remarkable for the president to pull that off and at the same time they are just so nervous about georgia. they did not see this coming. they did not expect this to happen. they thought joe biden was doing very well in georgia y, but the did not think the election would come down to georgia. >> 24 hours ago he was doing great, up by about 350,000 votes now it is 33,000 votes, if that. stand by, jim. let's talk a little bit, john, about arizona first. the president thinks he can claw it back. is that wishful thinking on his part? >> well, let me take issue with
7:17 pm
the terminology. it is interesting when you listen to jim describe the mindsets and the words they use. claw it back. claw it back. last night the president said i'm going to the supreme court. that's how the president thinks. he cannot claw it back. they are counting votes. he can win. they can count votes and he can win the state of arizona. the president can't do anything about that. now that we have the people whose job it is, public servants who are counting votes. can he get there? absolutely. because as we said joe biden's lead was over 200,000 at midnight last night, down to 79,000 right now. most of the votes out will come from here but we will see. the last time we got votes from maricopa county it actually narrowed biden's lead. biden still winning maricopa county, but smaller. the president is catching up there. he has narrowed the lead there. then you come down to pima county. we talked to the secretary of state a couple of hours ago. there's more votes down here. again, joe biden is winning 60%. the question is in the two population centers, maricopa and pima when the rest of the votes come up, joe biden needs to run
7:18 pm
up the score because you do have these more -- they are smaller but you have rural counties where the president is winning. so 87% here. so these votes will come in. again, we don't know. they could be all democratic mail-in ballots but the odds tell you the president has been carrying these counties. when you go around the rest of the state, they're smaller counties. you won't get giant vote counts like in the other counties but, again, the president is getting 66% of the vote here. the president is getting 52% of the vote here. we move over here, the president is getting 74% of the vote in mojave county and you see 82%. look at the number here, 69,000, nowhere near what you get when you come into maricopa county and phoenix. but, but when you piece it together, that is how the president wins in states. he loses the cities, he loses the close-in suburbs. the issue is arizona is there's not as many places, not as many people. most of the people live here and here and here, the democratic county up here where joe biden is doing quite well, and they have votes to count. you look at the map and it speaks for itself.
7:19 pm
joe biden could get more votes here. we assume. but maricopa county is complicated. remember, if you go back in time four years ago the president carried this county. so it is a little more complicated. you see it blue right now. you just think it is not philadelphia. when we go to pennsylvania, you look at philadelphia, joe biden is going to get more votes as they count votes in philadelphia. this is more complicated because it is trending democratic. that's why joe biden is leading it right now, but there are plenty of republicans in maricopa county. that's why the last time the votes were given to us, the president narrowed joe biden's lead. this is most of the ball game but there are more votes out in the rural counties so it will be critical when the votes come in here. can the president claw it back? it is just a language they use that insults the integrity of the process, i'm going to go to the supreme court. he is calling republican governors and he is angry. this is one of the challenges for the president when jim was mentioning that because he is talking about georgia where joe biden is coming back right now. we don't know if he is getting to finish line. we are talking about arizona where biden leads although the
7:20 pm
lead is shrinking. they should be staying calm. however you have a republican president beating up the democratic governors all the time. it is a more difficult case to call the conservative trump-like governor of georgia, the conservative governor of arizona to tell them you doubt the integrity of their election process. you know, they're not going to stand for it because they're going to run for reelection some day and they have to defend their state even against the president. this gets interesting if georgia comes back in a way where the president doesn't like what is happening in arizona, he refl reflexively attacks the democratic governors. watch and see if he wants to go after trump allies in georgia and arizona. >> you heard jim acosta say the president is freaking out about georgia right now. if he loses georgia it is over as far as he is concerned. >> he should be concerned about georgia. you know, i guess if you are -- it is personal. one of the things we should give all politicians grace, and people who don't like the president out there will beat me up for this. it is stressful. it is stressful to run for
7:21 pm
office, whether you are running for mayor running for president. here you are at this point. imagine joe biden and donald trump tonight, and i'm sorry for the democrats out there who will say i'm being kind to the president. the president said horrible things last night. i'm saying as a human being he is watching the vote counts come in, and, again, you were ahead by 372,000 votes at midnight last night. you thought you had this but they're still counting votes. that's why, again, the president's words about this are reckless. this is a democracy. we count votes. we don't stop on election night. we count until we're done. but there's a chance, he should be nervous about georgia absolutely. that's why he has been on the phone all day. the question is, the ballots have been cast. they're sitting in secure locations, trained professionals are counting them. he can't claw his way back. he can watch and see what happens and, yes, have his people on the ground to have eyeballs on this just like the biden campaign down. hopefully we will get more votes and have a better picture. >> when he sees the number that biden has 3.5 million more popular votes than he.
7:22 pm
the race for the white house is now down to a handful of ballot-run states. election night in america continues after this.
7:23 pm
7:24 pm
7:25 pm
7:26 pm
and welcome back. our continuing coverage, waiting for more votes to come in from arizona, georgia as well, nevada hopefully by tomorrow we expect to have more. nevada right now joe biden is ahead by 7,647. in georgia, the president is ahead by 33,300, but that lead has been narrowing. in north carolina, the president is in the lead, 76,737. arizona, 79,173 joe biden is ahead. but that lead also has been narrowing over the course of the day. pennsylvania, 184,397, a lot of votes still to be counted in pennsylvania. back now with our team. let's look at arizona. anywhere from 600 to 650,000 votes outstanding, there were. we got a dump of 80,000 votes in maricopa county which did sort of narrow the lead. >> yeah, and i think rick would
7:27 pm
say this as well. they hit right on the nose the number that they think they need, but they need to continue it and hope that they continue to get 59, 59. there are, you know, there's no guarantee that's going to happen. i'm sure they're going to watch this next crunch with interest, but -- >> there are -- >> you talk to people on both sides and they expect this thing will narrow. >> there are enough uncounted votes in arizona it could go to president trump. >> absolutely. and the first kept hope alive for the trump campaign. there again, we're hearing encouraging signs, they think they're in this thing, they think they can pull it out. they think the same thing with nevada. again, the character of the votes in nevada are recently-dropped off votes. >> the lead in nevada for joe biden is 7,000. >> again, going back to sort of the nevada issue, because these are recently dropped-off votes, the big issue at the time that trump was driving in nevada was
7:28 pm
biden is going to close the economy, see what the europeans are doing, see what folks like biden are doing in europe. >> which in las vegas it is a huge issue. >> tourism, devastating on this economy for blue-collar workers in nevada. the fact these were recent voets votes, it was a big issue at the time. again, am i making the case for donald trump? yes, i am, but it is a legitimate case to make. >> it may be the one place in the country, and i think we were talking about this last night, where covid could actually work against joe biden. >> six electoral votes though. >> i mean these people are unemployed, tourism is down. they're scared, and, however, you do have an increase in latino voting and you will have to see how that plays out. you know, the democrats, i don't have to tell van this, have been very disappointed about latino turnout but they're hoping that will help them here. but, again, all of these numbers are quite dynamic and all
7:29 pm
everybody has to look at is say, okay, these are my voters because they voted -- you know, they voted late, they must be democrat. they voted early, they must be republican. that's not true. >> the reason it is all so weird, it is weird, this is weird. we are talking about arizona and you never had a situation where it could go this way. so it is conceivable that you do have a bunch of people who -- last time when you had hilary clinton, we assumed we were going to have a referendum on donald trump's bigotry. that was the entire view in the ma mainstream media. for some people it was a referendum on hilary clinton's perceived elitism. our view had been it is going to be a referendum on covid as a public health disaster mismanaged by donald trump. for some people it will be a referendum on the lockdown. that's what you got. >> we saw that. >> if you have a bunch of people who voted late and they are voting thumbs down on lockdown politics, you could have a big surprise tonight in arizona. >> we saw it in the exit polls.
7:30 pm
>> in nevada. >> yes, in the early exit polls that we started looking at last night and tonight, you saw that stark difference between, you know, the trump voters think it is a lockdown that has hurt the economy. the biden voters think it is covid. >> yes, i mean just to be clear, if the president wins arizona, wins nevada, then it is pennsylvania. >> yes, he also has to hang on to georgia. >> that's right. here is the thing. we don't know what is going to happen. >> true. >> after a while all of the speculation doesn't mean anything because this vote is coming in and we are going to know. but you do have a sense listening to the reporting from the white house tonight and just thinking about what is going on here of a campaign and a president that's sort of in a bunker right now because they're fighting on all of these different fronts. they need everything to kind of fall into place. joe biden seems to be on a march in pennsylvania.
7:31 pm
if he gets that piece -- >> it is done. >> -- it is over. >> or georgia, and a possible march in georgia. >> yes. >> right. there are so many different ways he can end this thing because he has 258 electoral votes right now. trump is sitting at 213. yes, he will get north carolina. alaska is hanging out. there are big pieces that he has to have, and a lot of things aren't going his way right now. >> and then you have on the phone according to kaitlan collins, on the phone talking to the governor of arizona, the governor of georgia and complaining because things aren't going the way he wants, because he has to blame them. now, you have always said, rick, sometimes the president gets in his own way, can be his own worst enemy, et cetera. he cannot acknowledge that perhaps some of this may be his fault. >> yes. >> these people worked really hard for him, no matter what occurs. >> one thing i don't think we're acknowledging enough. the system is working.
7:32 pm
all of these places, you've got democrats and republicans standing next to each other tonight, shoulder to shoulder, counting ballots. there's not fistfights. you had some people trying to get in say, stop the vote, take those people away. 99% of the people in this country, democrats and republicans, who worked their butts off against each other are in rooms each other helping the count to go down. that's a healthy democracy at work. if it takes them a couple more days, god bless them. it is important to point that stuff out. also good stuff has happened that we haven't talked about. we got the first female mayor in miami, the first trans state senator out of delaware, we got two openly getaway black congressmen, male congressmen. we got the first formerly incarcerated state senator in washington. american democracy continues to move and to grow and good stuff is going on. >> you also have a big growth of republican women serving in congress. >> no, look, i think it was a good night for republicans, you're right. there's still a bunch of races out there for republicans that
7:33 pm
they can pick up and we can pick up maybe as many as eight to ten seats in the house of representatives. no one was predicting that coming into this. >> that's the bad news. that's the bad news. >> and, you know, two interesting things is georgia could be, you know, armageddon for the united states senate. >> how so? >> because looks like -- >> two senators. >> looks like david perdue, who is barely above 50% right now, if he drops below 50% -- and given what we're hearing from john king and the outstanding ballots being primarily from the atlanta suburbs, perdue is going to drop below 50%, which means it will be a run-off and there already is a run-off in the special -- >> there are four people in georgia who thought they were getting their television sets back. >> no way. >> think of the money that was spent -- think of the money spent just north of there on jaime harrison to go after lindsey graham. you know, what, $75 million.
7:34 pm
>> more i think. >> there will be -- they probably can't spend $100 million in two months. >> they'll spend a bunch. >> but they'll try. they will absolutely -- >> but the reason why, the reason why is because you are going to determine whether or not joe biden can govern. that's for us. that's what that is going to mean. in other words if you get those two senators, joe biden has a shot to actually govern. otherwise you are handing the man an airplane he can't fly because the fear is that the republican senate will not cooperate with joe biden and we will be in a mess. >> well, i see that from your point of view. i think joe biden, should he become president, will be able to govern no matter what. >> i hope that's right. >> because you doesn't have to -- he the not going to get as bogged down with fighting with the democratic party. what he would be able to do is say -- and i think we were talking about this earlier, rick, is that you say, look, this is -- this is the land of the doable. this is what i can get done. let's be pragmatic. we have heard about it forever during this campaign, i work on both sides of the aisle, i know how to do it.
7:35 pm
>> he wants to do it. >> that's his nature. in a way, i don't want to be too pollyannish, i don't know if the republicans would want to work with him given the polarized time we lived in, but there might be a way he can do it. >> one thing i think he should be concerned about with the rep majority, and i have some experience with this having been with obama, is he needs to get an economic program, a real -- another recovery plan through. there's been stumbling on the stimulus program. there's a great deal of need. the economy is going to need to be jump started. you know, if mitch mcconnell, who is a seasonal budget hawk, decides he is once again concerned about spending and says, no, we're not going to go that way and hobbles his ability to step on the gas here and restore the economy, but we're getting ahead of ourselves. >> let's get back to the race. >> what about 2024?
7:36 pm
>> funny you should mention that. so another grouping of votes, a tronch. >> i love that word. >> hunker down, a word we will only use tonight. from arizona tonight, will that give -- yeah, and georgia as well. will that tronch in arizona give us much more of a sense? >> i think it will if it is, again, tilting in favor of trump by 59% or more. i think that would be a hopeful sign for him. if it is more modest, if it is more of a push, then i think, you know, the biden folks would take heart in that. so, yes, i think it will give us an indication. i don't imagine we're going to see responsible news organizations call arizona tonight. >> and georgia, what about? >> i think we are waiting for dekalb and all of the, you know, counties to come in. look, again, we are reading these tea leaves which have
7:37 pm
proven to be pretty accurate. but if they're late voters, you know, the assumption is -- and more minority voters, the assumption is they will be biden supporters. the question is what margin. if you look at these early results, you see that joe biden is really racking up tremendous margins in urban areas. so like that, i think, is the fear of donald trump. >> at this point though the legal challenges that the president has been talking about and that his people have been talking about, how much of it is just right now they feel they need to kind of give some sort of sense of momentum or some sort of a plan, they're going to see where things lay a day or two from now when all of the votes are mostly in and then all of that stuff will kind of filter through? >> yes, look, the white house is deploying teams of lawyers to all of the close states, as i suspect biden is doing the exact same thing, to protect their ground and to investigate what's going on, to watch these final
7:38 pm
votes being counted, to talk to people on the ground and see were there irregularities, what were they, is there an opportunity for us to squeeze votes here or there. so there's going to be a forens forensic -- lawyers out there doing a forensic analysis of how the vote was conducted and whether there's an opportunity to squeeze votes somewhere in probably ten states. >> are they on retainer or do they bill by the hour? >> yes. probably both. >> one thing i just want to put out there because i know for a lot of people, the fact that there's hundreds of thousands of ballots that are still missing because of the postal service just somehow not doing its job, i wonder how different thouis would be? i wonder, would we be done by now? would we all be home? we're going to have to recover from so many different things that happen, but having the united states postal service get
7:39 pm
politicized, possibly sabotaged and,000 we a and now we are sitting here and there are potentially 100,000, 300,000 missing ballots in america. >> you can't just say that. >> that's the fear. >> you are sitting here accusing the trump administration of putting boogie man up there to scare the american public and you are doing the same thing. >> i'm not doing the same thing. >> there's no justification for that number. >> i do have justification for the number. that is a -- there is a court case right now where they're being -- >> just because they're accusing somebody. >> i'm sear. if somebody goes into court. >> donald trump goes into court and you say it is bogus. you guys go to court and you say it is real. >> it ursually is. >> you can't do that. >> i think you would agree with me the mere fact that the united states postal service appears to be politicized and then when you have people in court right now saying -- and judges ordering a search for ballots, that is a horrific outcome for america. all i'm saying is it is --
7:40 pm
>> judges reacting to someone's complaint to prudently see if there's any validity to it is not -- does not say that it happened. >> rick, we have already -- i mean it has been demonstrated that the mail -- that the postal service had a problem, that the postal -- >> right, but it is the same thing as constitutiunting votes. it doesn't mean it is fraud. it doesn't mean people are doing things bad. >> it does mean there's a problem. >> just like there's a problem counting votes sometimes. >> there was a lot of pressure from congress to try to address this, to pump more money into it. the president was reluctant. he had his -- a campaign, major campaign donor take over the postal service. you put that picture together and you see what we're seeing now, and it does create -- it does create some unease. the point is, the point is -- >> you just say that donald trump needs evidence. i was hearing this discussion. >> yes. >> you need evidence. >> you can't -- >> what about -- >> i brought -- >> what about --
7:41 pm
>> i think i'm now on pretty firm ground if a judge orders a search for a couple hundred thousand ballots it is because they're missing. >> it doesn't mean you're going to find it. >> what about the automatic sorting machines, for example, which hurt mail delivery? if it is not political, it is incompetence, but something is wrong and we all know something is wrong. by the way, something is wrong with the way these -- with the way votes have been counted. we need to know, we need to change, now that we've seen how many people voted in a pandemic and how it increased participation with having more people being able to vote by mail. >> on both sides. >> on both sides. something has to be done. i know it was said 20 years ago after bush/gore, but something has to be done to make sure that it rises to the level of competency so american people can believe their votes count and are delivered. >> and there's nothing blocking the states from doing that.
7:42 pm
some states do, some states don't want to. >> i know people have looked into a federalized system. >> no. >> and it is not going to happen. >> if you want to create an opportunity for real fraud, you create one big, uniform system someone can hack into. the beautiful thing about our system, it is run by a bunch of local folks with volunteers. you try to put to a scheme together to create fraud in that system, you are really doing something. >> so you have different states with different ways of counting. >> keep it localized. >> you have different states with different ways of counting ballots and one takes five days and one three days because of what the state legislatures have ordered. some are republican and some are democrat. >> it is okay. i agree with the senator in this regard. i don't mind the differences. you are right, it would be hard to screw them all up at the same time, which is actually a good thing. >> yeah. >> but there is a voting rights act that has been shot down by the supreme court, that john lewis was beaten for and john lewis tried to work for, and the
7:43 pm
republicans, by the way, helped pass that thing. this was a bipartisan bill, one of the more bipartisan successes. the supreme court shot it down. there's an opportunity now for republicans and democrats to come together to get the voting rights done again to at least raise the floor. if we can't agree to at least raise the floor -- not top down coordination, but raise the floor something is wrong. >> the race for president in georgia is narrowing again. a check on the key battleground states in the white house next. experience. it is what separates knowledge from wisdom. you carry it with you - to prepare you for what's ahead. at university of phoenix, students with relevant life experience and eligible transfer credits save,
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let's get a key race alert, check in and see what is going on in georgia. right now 16 electoral votes. 95% of the estimated vote is now in. the president's lead over joe biden has shrunk once again. it is now down to 31,748. 49.7% for donald trump. 49.1% for biden. close race in georgia right now. we will watch it. in pennsylvania, the president's lead is 184,000 plus 58.8% to 47.9%, 20 electoral votes in
7:48 pm
pennsylvania. 88% of the estimated vote is in. in arizona right now joe biden's lead is just under 80,000, 84% of the vote is in. biden with 50.7%, 47.9% for trump. in nevada right now, 86% of the vote is in. biden maintains his lead of about 7,600 votes. 49.3% to 48.7%. six electoral votes in nevada. let's go over to john king. he is watching all of these races for us very closely. what is jumping out at you, pennsylvania right now? >> pennsylvania is one. i was looking at the commonwealth of pennsylvania. again, we have several states where things are trending, right. president trump's lead right now 184,397, 88% in. we are waiting. the biggest thing we are waiting for is right here, this is the largest county in the state, population center, 67 of them in the commonwealth of pennsylvania, philadelphia is the largest vote center and waiting. 70% right there and we know joe biden is getting 79% of the
7:49 pm
vote. philadelphia votes blue, will joend get 7 joe biden get 79% of what is left? we don't know. but when you look at what is left to count you look at that one first because you look at that margin and think you could get a number of votes right out of pennsylvania. arizona, trending towards the president. biden has the lead. georgia, trending towards biden, the president has the lead. watch what has happened in pennsylvania. you see the president's lead ate midnight, 548,200 votes. by 2:00 a.m. it had grown to 709,000 and change. 10:00 a.m. this morning it is starting to come down a little bit. 3:00 this afternoon, it is coming down a little more, 435, 231. look at that big drop this afternoon, 276,979. at 9:00 tonight you are at 195 and now we come out live reporting at 184,397. again, you are in the campaign
7:50 pm
headquarters and you see this trend. the more they count the outstanding votes the more your margin shrinks. still a healthy margin. 184,000. i just showed you philadelphia city. you are looking at montgomery being, one you move over here to chester county, joe biden's getting 56% of the vote. you still have 10% to count in here. that's what you're looking for, philadelphia, the suburbs around it. that's the biggest vote part of the state and allegheny county as well. >> philadelphia, 30% of the vote is outstanding. that's 70% that's in right now. that's 12% of the population of the whole state. >> and it's the biggest poll pool of democrats here. we showed you the popular vote turnout is up. you go back four years ago,
7:51 pm
hillary clinton gets 584,000. we know turnout is up. we know joe biden -- remember secretary clinton gets 584,000. joe biden at 457,000. we know that number is coming up. we know 30% of the vote is out there. will joe biden get close to 80% of the e are maining votes. you know it's the city of philadelphia. he's going to get a large majority of those votes, which is why again if you're in the trump campaign war room you're nervous. this is a big state. look how many votes have been cast. 3.2 million. 3 million there. we have a ways to go here. you look in allegheny county. this has been static for quite some time. we're missing 10% of the vote out here. biden has the lead, 59 to 40. there's no guarantee it comes in at the same rate. but one can safely assume you're going to have more democratic votes. the president does well in the smaller rural counties.
7:52 pm
some more votes there for the president. 95% of the vote in. you see he gets 75% of the vote. it's complicated. we're obviously going to look at philadelphia and suburbs and pittsburgh and the suburbs. that's where we know the most votes are. the question is if joe biden continues to narrow the gap, are there more for the president in the smaller counties. the president is getting 87% of the vote. you're not going to make up a ton of change here because it's a smaller population center. it's something in a close race. you want to count every one of them. these are some of the counties where the president does well. miss my county up to 95% here. you're looking, go through the whole thing. joe biden was born here in scranton. they're just about done there. that's what you do at this point in the race. you see the trend line. biden has been cutting into the president's lead since early this morning and the overnight hours. the question is with 182,000 in the commonwealth of pennsylvania, this would be game changing. as we speak tonight, joe biden
7:53 pm
is leading in arizona, leading in nevada. the lead in arizona is slinking. the lead is nevada is modest. president trump could win both those states. but if joe biden protects those two leads he's the next president of the united states. so, if you're looking at something like this, if you're joe biden, arizona might slip away. nevada might slip away. 20 electoral votes here. this more than makes up for both of them if you can get the commonwealth of pennsylvania. so, you're in the war rooms right now doing the chess. if we hold joe biden's campaign, hold arizona, nevada, we win. if we don't, where can we pick them up? they're watching georgia. you see the narrowing lead here. at midnight last night, that lead was 372,000 votes. so, the president's lead, joe biden has been coming in, those votes just like -- this is a common theme throughout the election. philadelphia and suburbs, the key if joe biden can come back in pennsylvania, atlanta and the ub is ushs, the key to whether joe biden can come back in the state of georgia.
7:54 pm
we know from the white house team the president is anxious about this. he's been talking to governors. there's a republican governor in arizona and george, democratic governors up here. the president's team watching the vote counts and deciding what they do next and it depends on whether he narrows the gap. he protects the lead where he has them. not called, not called, not called. you take them up, see the gray. we haven't called these states. we're showing you who's leading. we have to walk through and explain it. north carolina looked good for the president even though we haven't called it. georgia and pennsylvania, two states the president is leading but the leads have been shrinking almost by the hour. >> we're expecting more votes to come in from georgia and arizona. the margins are razor thin as the country waits for the results in this race for the presidency. is not the same.
7:55 pm
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-- captions by vitac -- because why be like everyone else? we're seeing extraordinary contests play out in key
7:59 pm
battlegrounds on this election night in america. i'm wolf blitzer. former vice president joe biden and president trump are watching every vote tonight as ballots are still being counted. we expect more results soon from two of the six states that are too early to call. we're talking about arizona and georgia. biden maintaining a lead in arizona, and now on the president's heels in georgia, states that went to trump four years ago. we're also awaiting results from pennsylvania and nevada in the hours ahead. biden is looking for the final battlegrounds that could put him over the top and reach 270 electoral votes. he has 253 right now compared to trump's 213. let's break down the votes in this key race alert. let's start at arizona right now with 11 electoral votes at stake. 84% of the vote is in. biden maintains his lead of nearly 80,000 votes. he's got 50.7% to 47.9%.
8:00 pm
in nevada biden also has the lead put only about 7,600 votes right now. 86% of the vote is in. biden is at 49.3%. trump is at 48.7%. 6 electoral votes are at stake right now. let's take another look at some of the other states that we're watching right now. pennsylvania, 20 electoral votes. it's a big prize. 88% of the vote is in. trump is leading by 182,000 votes over biden, 50.8% to 47.9%. in george right now, trump's lead has shrunk. it was more than 358,000 only last night. 49.7% for trump, biden 41.9%. 5% of the estimated votes outstanding. in north carolina, 50 electoral votes at stake. 95% of the estimated vote is in. trump has a lead, a nice cushion
8:01 pm
of 7,600 -- 76,000 votes of. 50.1% to 48.6% for biden. let's go over to john king at the magic wall. we're watch lg all of this very closely. you've got your eyes on several of these states. what are you looking at right now? >> i'm just wandering through some of these states where we see the trends happening here, george and pennsylvania, big leads for the president. back 24 hours, big leads for the georgia, commonwealth of pennsylvania. smaller leads right now. those trendlines going biden's way. go out to arz ar, big lead for vice pre night. it's shrinking some. i was looking at georgia a moment ago. see the president's lead, 31,748, 50 to 49 if you round the president's 49.7up. it's just important to remember that was 372,000, the president's lead at midnight last night. what has been happening? they're counting ballots.
8:02 pm
that's a big shift. but they're counting ballots and most of it has come right here. we're waiting for quite some time to see if we get more of it. i want to pull out some of these fulton county, up to 94%. you're trying to figure out where are the big areas. surrounding suburbs are the 94%. this has been the biggest boom for joe biden. this has been the biggest boom, and this is important. still at 90%. and he's getting 83% and just 300,000 votes to 57,000 votes. this is a big population center, big populated suburb here. dekalb county will go a long way in saying whether joe biden comes back. you look around, are there votes here for the president. we were told that halston county had some, they were at 90 then, up to 95 now. you're looking to see places. joe biden, atlanta, wrack up the votes. start ticking around on the map, this is what you do at this
8:03 pm
point to see, anything left out there. 95, very small population centers. we're going to pick up some. it's a dozen here, dozen there. sometimes that doesn't matter, but in a close race, it can. that's one of the things we're looking at. georgia is fascinating right now as is the commonwealth of pennsylvania when you pull this up here. you can go back and look at this. the presidency was much bigger than this last night and now you see what's happening. come out in the middle of the state, 86%, central pennsylvania. you know, it's more of an even split, but more votes to count here. the challenge will be here. i looked at all the small counties just to see if we get really tight late in the night, where are you looking for a few votes here and there. but the big story here is still waiting on philadelphia. i keep checking in to see when you do get votes out of philadelphia, you're likely to get a bunch of votes when they report because they're at 70% and they've been there for some time. you see the president's lead. you think can joe biden make that up. that's a big hill. 79% of the vote, 457,000 right
8:04 pm
now with a lot still out. if you're at 457 and that's 79%, if you continue you're talking about tens of thousands of votes. >> almost a third of the vote still available. >> right. so, as we go west away for more votes out of arizona, especially maricopa county. the last batch of votes reported in maricopa county, joe biden is winning the county. but the last batch of votes here sl shrunk. the president made up some ground. that's not a comfortable lead. so, you're waiting for more of these votes to come in. if you're in the biden campaign, you're happy about the progress in george. you're happy about pennsylvania. you have to be a little bit nervous about arizona. and i just want to come over here, wolf and say just where we are because it's been a long two days and this may take longer. this may take a third day, and it could take --
8:05 pm
>> nothing wrong with that. >> absolutely nothing wrong with that. remember the collision of the coronavirus and this campaign, it's made an arduous task to count the votes. the good people and they're counting the votes. we began the day, joe biden -- the president has not moved today. his number has not moved since sunrise on the east coast today. joe biden's number has moved, plus 29. he picked up this nebraska congressional district. he picked up two congressional districts in maine. and the biggest news on the day after the election as we continue to count the votes. 16 in michigan, 10 in wisconsin. those are two states that helped make donald trump the president of the united states. pennsylvania the other piece of the blue wall. you're looking at this now. if you're in the biden campaign and you're optimistic, you say we're leading there. only 7,000 votes. here you have a lead, shrinking a little bit, but you lead it. those two are enough. the expectation is out of
8:06 pm
nevada. clarke county, more votes tonight. we'll see. we will get more out of arizona tonight. will it be enough to project the state? we don't know. we have to see those votes. joe biden could get to the finish line right here. the question is does he come back here and here to have something on the sort of 300 if he doesn't get them all. maybe the math is a little different. let's come back to where we are now. will it be the case that the president defending this lead, keeps that, keeps that -- we know he's leading up here in maine's other congressional district, the second congressional district. so, if the president gets here, all places here, then we fight it out here because the president will get alaska as well. so, you could get the president completely within the realm that the president of the united states gets up to 268 and then arizona and nevada would settle the race. so, there's different scenarios. the campaigns are running through them now. >> let's check in with david chalian. >> wolf, we're take ago i look at arizona and nevada to see what to watch for as we get more vote over the next several hours
8:07 pm
from both of those states. in arizona, the current state of the race, joe biden in the lead 50.7% to donald trump's 47.9%. that's with 84% of the vote in. and after that last additional vote, joe biden's lead narrowed to 79,173 votes on top of donald trump. now, take a look at what we know about the outstanding vote. this is what we're waiting to see whrks the next delivery of a batch of votes comes in. this uncounted vote, 515,000, will go down. of this universe of 515,000 votes, we've calculated that joe biden needs about 40 to 42% of them in order to maintain his lead and flip this state that donald trump won four years ago. donald trump, for his part, needs to get about 55% to 57% of this universe of 515,000, our rough estimate of the total outstanding vote universe. he needs 55% to 57% in order to
8:08 pm
overcome joe biden's lead and hang on to arizona. not an impossible task, but certainly a bigger vote share than he is currently getting statewide in the total at 47.9%. we also are taking a look in nevada because we know in the next few hours we're going to get some results from nevada. take a look at the state of the play right now. it's been solid all day because they haven't been reporting votes. you see joe biden 49.3% to donald trump's 48.7%. that's with 86% of the estimated vote in. that's a 7,647 vote lead biden has over trump. we expect there are about 200,000 outstanding votes to be counted in nevada. that's just a rough estimate. assuming that is the right universe of uncounted ballots, joe biden would need 45% to 47% of them in order to hang on to his lead in nevada and keep this
8:09 pm
clinton 2016 state in the democratic column. donald trump would need about 52% to 54% of that universe of that 200,000 uncounted ballots in nevada. not sburly out of reach, but that would do it to overtake joe biden's lead in nevada and flip a state he lost four years ago. you see his current percentage is 48.7%. so, it's a little bit higher. he's got to get -- he's got to improve his performance when these 200,000 votes start to get counted from what it is statewide right now. but it's not completely out of his reach, so we've got to count those votes in nevada. >> thanks very much. >> it's a challenge, as david noted. donald trump has to turn in higher performance in both states than he is right now. the question is is it available to him. if you go back -- wind back about three hours, you would be a little bit more skeptical. but we saw the last votes come in from maricopa county, the
8:10 pm
president narrowed it some. you see this blue, this is one of the big changing states. these are the states in the sun belt that are changing demographically. joe biden did well with seniors. joe biden is winning the suburbs which revolted against president trump. you see the blue right now and you think this is 60% or more of the state's vote. joe biden is carrying it with 62%. basic math tells you joe biden wins the state but it's a little more complicated when you look at the history. this was once reliably republican territory. if you go back four years ago, the president not only carried maricopa county, he carried the state. it was a 4.5 point race back then. but this was a republican state. when you see it now and see the blue, that's advantage biden. they're in the lead right now. but there are a good deal of republican votes that could come in here when we get more votes for maricopa county.
8:11 pm
joe biden needs when we get more votes out of maricopa county, you want your lead statewide to be going up. last time it went down. we'll get votes from pima. we'll see local reports they stopped counting for the night. maybe they're done. we haven't gotten an update on that number. the expectation would be they would be democratic votes. then you see the smaller counties. sedona is here. perhaps they're done here for him. you move over here. we were talking to the secretary of state earlier today. she says there's more votes here. it's not big math but it adds up if you get a bunch of them. >> the numbers in pennsylvania narrowing a little bit now. we keep seeing it happen. let's take a look at the pennsylvania right now. you see the lead the president has, gone back 165,414. 89% of the vote in pennsylvania is in. that means 11% outstanding. >> two things we want to do. the first thing i want to do is check in. we're still at 70% in philadelphia. when i see the numbers move, the
8:12 pm
first thing you want to see is where did they come from? if they come from here, it's imperative joe biden makes a big move. he has to close the gap. it's not philadelphia. he's closing the gap some. in the biden campaign you're thinking we've got a shot at this. i want to go back in time to play this out. this is pennsylvania and you see, midnight, 548,000. the president looks like he's comfortably ahead at midnight. then you come through here to 2:00 a.m., he builds to 709,000 in pennsylvania. 3:00 a.m., it starts to shrink a little bit, 589,000 and change. by the time you here at 3:00 this afternoon, you see down to 435. then 5:00 in the afternoon, there you go, this is 6:00 in the trump campaign headquarters you're saying we have a problem here. the votes are coming and you get to 9:00. you're down to 195. you come back out live. i hit the map wrong. but come back out here now and you're live and you see what you get. you're down to 164,000.
8:13 pm
the trend line here is not good for the president. he absolutely -- this is 20 electoral votes. if joe biden takes this -- look at your math right over your shoulder here. we've been talking a lot about arizona and nevada. the two of those could put joe biden over the top. if we have to wait for those and we're waiting for these and for some reason joe biden could roll back and get that, forget about it. the president absolutely positively must hold his lead here if he wants to have a prayer, if joe biden takes the commonwealth of pennsylvania we want to count the others to get to the final total. but we will be past the finish line if joe biden could turn the state he was born blue. still counting the votes. >> we should get more numbers soon. jake, a lot of nail biters going on. >> that's right. we're all on the edges of our seats. let's check in with the campaigns right now. kaitlan collins is at the white house. kaitlan, what are you hearing? >> reporter: well, right now they're of course still waiting to see what's happening in arizona. we are hearing that the trump
8:14 pm
campaign is considering taking legal action in arizona and nevada according to two sources. they don't appear to have made a final decision on that but we are told internally that's something they are considering right now as those two states are very much counting votes. while we've seen a lot of legal challenges come out of the trump campaign today, they don't have much else to do as they're seeing their numbers continues to shrink, we should point out that a lot of the legal challenges seem to be long shots. they've been based on pretty thin case. and even it doesn't appear they could substantially change the dynamic of the presidential race. that is what the president has instructed husband aides to do, to pursue lawsuits in some of these states. he believes what is happening is unfair to him as he's made clear on twitter. the other thing to consider is the campaign does not have a lot of money and recounts like they said they want in wisconsin and the lawsuits they're filing are expensive. that is why we are seeing a desperate attempt by the trump
8:15 pm
campaign to try to fund raise money right now. we heard the republican party chair earlier asking for money. we've seen several emails and texts go out from the trump campaign. usually you get those in the last few days of the race. not after the race. of course the votes are still coming n. that is what the campaign is doing right now. that is what the president is sitting back watching as they're waiting to see what these numbers are going to look luke. part of these lawsuits is also a deflection technique because it can help slow down the votes in states where they think the president is going to lose. >> kaitlan what i don't understand is right now trump trails biden in arizona and nevada. so, it would be common sense to want to have the voting continue in those states because to stop the voting he would be behind. i understand that these aren't necessarily the most thought out litigation strategies, but why? why would -- i mean is there any grounds for any complaint or
8:16 pm
agree yans in those states? >> these litigation strategies are being thought out of by the moment, jake. we should make sure that is really clear to the people who are watching. you saw it in michigan earlier. they were already threatening legal action there and they hadn't called the state of michigan yet. the question is why would they do that. they haven't done it yet. they are only thinking about it. they are likely waiting to see how the numbers are going to play out and whether in about an hour we find out if this marnlen is going to get better for president trump or worse for president trump. we saw that happen with georgia. they announced they were going to launch this lawsuit that affects about 50 votes, 53 votes exactly. so, of course the legal basis behind a lot of these is not strong. >> to say the least. all right. kaitlan collins at the white house. thank you so much. let's go to arlette saenz. she is covering the biden campaign in wilmington,
8:17 pm
delaware. arlette, obviously nothing is more suggestive of the fact that president trump doesn't think he's going to win than the legal flailing that we're seeing coming from his camp. what are you picking up from team biden? >> reporter: well, jake, the mood inside biden's campaign right now is one of confidence, that 270 electoral votes that they are hoping to attain. they are watching these results that are coming in over the course of the night very closely in georgia. they're feeling good about the way things currently stand. they're keeping an eye on tho counties in that atlanta area where they are hoping they can continue to shrink the margin with president trump. and georgia is one of those states. the biden campaign has long said is an expansion state that they hope they could win to help complicate president trump's path to the presidency. you saw joe biden going in there
8:18 pm
in the final stretch of the campaign. the campaign also sent in their most powerful surrogate, president obama, that they were hoping to drive up some of that democratic support in that state that has been a reliably red state. now, looking over at arizona, the biden campaign is still feeling well about their prospects there. they've acknowledged that the vote could tighten a bit in that state, but they ultimately don't believe that their current standing will be overcome there in arizona. but so much of their strategy is still hinging on that blue wall. at the start of the day, they projected confidence about maintaining that strength -- position of strength in the blue wall. right now they have two of the three states that they were hoping to re-establish. they have won wisconsin and michigan, and they are confident and hopeful about the way things are progressing over in pennsylvania. and jake, it was just almost 24
8:19 pm
hours ago where joe biden stood on that stage right behind me and urged his supporters to have patience. and that is something he and his campaign continue to lean on as the votes continue to come in. >> arlette saenz with the biden campaign in delaware. it is -- let's chat about this. dana, one of the things we need to acknowledge is once again we still don't know who's going to be the president -- >> nope. >> the presidency hangs in the balance. joe biden is ahead in electoral votes and is leading in several states. trump is leading in georgia and pennsylvania. we don't know what's going to happen. the ways that these two candidates and their campaigns are behaving could not be more different. donald trump and this flailing -- this lawsuit flailing really suggests much more in terms of their own pessimism than anything we're seeing on the board. >> i totally agree with you. and we don't know who is going to be president.
8:20 pm
what we do know is we're going to continue to see waves of new vote counts coming in from the early votes, from absentee ballots, from these remaining really, really crucial states that both of these candidates need. but for right now, given the fact that wisconsin and michigan -- i think that was today. whatever today means anymore. called for joe biden. it gives joe biden a much more, many more options right now. the one thing i am thinking of as we are getting late into the night again and we are seeing more results not just from the presidential but also from the congressional races is how much democrats in particular are really, really relying on and hoping to get this win in the white house, not just because it's the white house and everything that goes along with it, especially since they so want to get donald trump out but because they feel that they really did not do well and
8:21 pm
failed across the board, not entirely, but in many, many races for the united states senate where democrats thought that they had it frankly in the bag not that long ago. and tonight we see republican after republican who was vulnerable eking it out for another term. >> yeah, i mean, it really makes me think about if there is a biden presidency what governance will look like in washington with this kind of divided government for perhaps maybe another two years, another four years. it's just that democrats for so long have focused so heavily on the white house because president trump is such a polarizing figure and because president trump really used the presidency as a bludgeon against his enemies, including his predecessor, trying to undo everything that barack obama did. they're very focus on the presidency, and it's important to them. but there are a lot of agenda items, big picture agenda items
8:22 pm
the democrats have on health care, on the economy that are going to require a cooperative congress. and it's going to be tough going, particularly if republicans are able to hold on to the senate and democrats end up with a narrowed majority in the house of representatives. it's just going to be tough going. this is not going to be the panacea, perhaps, that some democrats hoped for. >> particularly since this majority in the house is already averse ideologically and it will be even more apparent how diverse they are when it looks like the ma zwroir, as you said, is going to be slimmer. more republicans won seats in the house than any democrat, and frankly even some republicans and it dissipated. >> during the obama years when joe biden was vice president, he and mitch mcconnell were able to do deals together. there were many times that -- >> that's right. >> -- the senate and barack obama were miles apart and biden
8:23 pm
and mcconnell, old time senate deal makers, were able to sit down and negotiate. i don't know what the dynamics of this relationship would be like. i suspect that in some ways joe biden would appreciate being in the driver's seat and being able to tell the left of his party this is the only way i can do things. but by the same token, he's going to have a whole leftward flank that he needs to appease. >> that is definitely true, especially when it comes to the house of representatives. i also wonder -- i mean, mcconnell in the obama years was -- mcconnell is a strong partisan, but he was able to work with biden, in part because he also had other senators who were in some cases of like mind thinking of the senate as a statement, as the august sort of body that it's supposed to be. i think the senate has changed. dana, i don't know what you think about it. but it feels to me like so many
8:24 pm
of these senate republicans are in the trumpian mode. >> we're standing by for new numbers from some of the remaining battleground states that will decide this election. we're going to go live there next. stay with us. your co-pilot. still a father. but now a friend. still an electric car. just more electrifying. still a night out. but everything fits in. still hard work. just a little easier. still a legend. just more legendary. chevrolet. making life's journey, just better. it is what separates knowledge from wisdom. you carry it with you - to prepare you for what's ahead. at university of phoenix, students with relevant life experience and eligible transfer credits save, on average, eleven thousand dollars
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8:28 pm
. we're here at the magic wall. john king is here. we're checking what's going on in several of the key battlegrounds right now. i want to go out to arizona. kyung lah is in phoenix for us. what's the latest? what are you hearing? >> reporter: in just about one hour, wolf, what we are anticipating is there's going to be another ballot result. we're going to get another bit of data from maricopa county where they are diligently counting the votes. we anticipate that will be the last bit of ballot information that we're going to get for today. so, i kind of want to walk you through exactly some of the stuff we've seen happening in the last couple hours or so. i want to start here because these are the good people who are working here counting the vote, doing the important and at times the tedious job of american democracy. now, i'm going to have you
8:29 pm
follow me this way. the reason we're walking this way is because there has been a security situation here at the maricopa county elections department, and this security situation -- listen. step forward just a little bit forward. you can see a line of law enforcement here. the sheriff's department and a very large crowd. it is hard to tell exactly how large this crowd is, but you can see for yourself there are a lot of red hats. there are a lot of trump signs. and there is a lot of chanting. i want to remind everybody here that this is outside the very office where they are counting the votes where we are hoping to learn a little bit more about which way arizona's 11 electoral votes are going to go. a lot of the people inside there are going to do this very
8:30 pm
important work. this is what they're seeing. >> all right, kyung, be careful over there. 80,000 votes. that's the biden lead in arizona right now. 84% of the vote is in. john, stand by for a moment. i want to go to sara murray. she's in philadelphia for us right now, another battle underway there. what are you hearing? what are you seeing? >> i don't hear anything. >> sara, can you hear me? can you hear me, sara? we'll get back to sara shortly. let's talk about arizona and pennsylvania. >> you're in the biden campaign, if you haven't been with us the past two days, you say okay 79,000 votes, joe biden has a lead in arizona. that looks good. 84% of the vote in. however, joe biden's lead was a lot bigger than that. we can go quickly through it. let me bring that up.
8:31 pm
let me bring this out and make sure we have the right state here. if you go to arizona look just at midnight last night, so 24 hours ago, joe biden had had a lead in arizona of 207,000 votes. you see it's starting to slip as they count. these are east coast times, west coast, 155, 130, 93, then down to 79. now we come up to real time where we are, 79,173 votes. you're still ahead. that's what you want, but your lead has been shrinking as they count votes. it's working in joe biden's favor in pennsylvania and georgia but against joe biden in the state of arizona. joe biden is very close, 253 electoral votes. he's knocking at the door. he's 17 away, and he can get there with arizona and nevada. there are other ways too, but he's leading in arizona and nevada, which is why it's so important. kyung lah said they think
8:32 pm
they'll have more votes here in an hour. 60% of the vote in the state comes out of this county. the question is when they bring in more votes here, joe biden has to build the lead. if joe biden's lead continues to shrink that would be a warning sign. if joe biden's lead starts to go down here and they start counting votes up here, it gets interesting and we have to keep watching. >> it gets interesting in pennsylvania too. >> it sure does. sara is standing in the post important spot in pennsylvania. hopefully we re-establish communications with her. you look at this, 164,000 looks like a healthy lead. that lead was a lot bigger as well last night. that is one of the states trending in joe biden's favor, 51 to 48 if you round up. 3.2 million to 3 million and change there. but 89% reported. so, we're still counting and weight. if you can bring sara back in if we have her, 779% of the vote joe biden is getting in philadelphia. >> sara is ready.
8:33 pm
she's in philadelphia for us. sara, what are you seeing? what are you hearing over there? >> reporter: well, look, you guys, there is a lot of vote that's still coming in. but still a lot to be counted. as far as mail-in ballots, there are still more than 763,000 mail-in ballots that still have not been counted. that's a big deal. that could still be a game changer when it comes to this race. here in philadelphia county alone, there are 120,000 mail-in ballots that haven't been counted. you know the big counties are working overnight. they're trying to chug through these titles. it takes a while. in a sign it may be going faster than previously anticipated, the secretary of state said on another network tonight that she expects the vast majority of this counting to be done by tomorrow. previously she was saying it could still be a couple days, so it seems like that timeline is moving up. i can't say this enough. we haven't heard any big issues, any big problems. everything is going smoothly. it just takes a while because
8:34 pm
it's a lot of mail-in ballots. >> 763,000 ballots they've got to count. that's a lot. >> you're looking at just philadelphia here. these numbers are going to shrink as i do this. 763. let me clear that because it's confusing the way it just faded. 164,000 vote lead for the president of the united states. and the trend line over the last 24 hours has been dramatically in joe biden's favor. especially given that so many of those votes are here in the southeastern part of the state, we'll bring it up here. philadelphia itself as sara just noted, 30% of the votes still counted. this is an overwhelming democratic city. when they count those votes, joe biden is going to close the gap. not as many. they're up to 95%. joe biden likely to gain votes there. it's not guaranteed. you see the blue on the map. joe biden, chester county there. you see the blue here. see the blue in pittsburgh, allegheny county. joe biden has been picking up steam here with that many
8:35 pm
ballots still out. joe biden comes back and pulls ahead in pennsylvania. carry pennsylvania, just forget about it. >> the president's freaking out about pennsylvania right now. watching it very closely like george especially right now. pamela brown you're getting new information on pennsylvania. what are you hearing? >> one county that the president is focused on is eerie county. here's why. eerie county was a county the president flipped in 2016. it was one of three countys that helped him win pennsylvania. if you'll recall in october, the president went back to eerie. here's what he said. i wasn't coming to eerie, i have to be honest, there's no way i was coming. i didn't have to. then we got hit with the plague. hello, eerie. may i please have your vote. now let's look at the numbers. the trend line we're talking about in philadelphia. as you see right here, there's 17,000 votes left to count. these are early votes there in eerie county. the margin right now, trump is only ahead around 6,000 votes.
8:36 pm
and i just spoke to an official tonight in eerie county who tells me the trim line with counting the absentee ballots has been 4 to 1 in biden's favor. i'll let you put that in perspective. >> we've just seen again that matches what we've seen in other parts of the state. remember one of the reasons this is taking a long time and people are frustrated, especially if you have a high stake, you want to know who the winner is. remember a lot of people voted by mail, a ton of people. then there are people who voted early by standing in line. then there's the election day turnout. i know i'm repeating this throughout the day, but it's important to understand. that's why it's taking so long. especially a place like pennsylvania who doesn't have a history of this. eerie county, if joe biden can make up ground here. wolf, you know the territory well. you're from buffalo. this is blue collar territory, one of the places donald trump has made big inroads for himself and the republican party in recent years. >> pamela, you're getting new
8:37 pm
information on george as well. >> that's right. the campaign may not only be going for a recount in wisconsin. i'm learning from a source familiar with the legal strategy for the trump campaign they're eyeing georgia as they're watching the margin get tighter and tighter and tighter. there's talk about if donald trump losing in georgia and the margin is tight enough that the trump campaign will push for a recount in georgia. i spoke to a source saying trump is still ahead there, we could still pull it off. but that is a reality the trump campaign is facing now as they see their chances there dwindle. when it comes to a recount, this is how tight it has to be in georgia. it has to be less than .5% of a margin in order for the campaign to be able to push for a recount there. so, as we watch those numbers, it will be interesting to see how it turns out. >> and david chalian is getting new information on pennsylvania and georgia as well.
8:38 pm
>> we want to take a look at the state of the race and what is left to take. here is where things stand in pennsylvania. you were just talking to sara murray. donald trump has a lead, 50.7% to 48.1%. that's with 89% of the estimated vote in. that is a lead of 164,414 votes, trump over biden. that is a lead that has been shrinking. we think there are about 765,000 outstanding votes. 765,000 uncount votes according to the secretary of state's office. look at what joe biden needs to win to overcome donald trump's lead. he needs 59% to 61% of those 765,000 outstanding votes to overtake trump and flip pennsylvania blue. it sounds like a high percentage, but you just heard what pam said about eerie county. these absentee ballots are coming in 4-1. joe biden is getting sort of
8:39 pm
78%, 79% of these votes that are coming in right now from democratic areas with the mail vote. so, it's not impossible for him to hit that target. donald trump, for his part, only needs to hit between 39% and 41% of that remaining 765,000 bucket of votes left in pennsylvania in order to keep his lead and keep the state. but this is a totally achievable number for joe biden, so we'll just have to watch as the votes are counted to see if he can close the gap. in georgia, we are looking to see is donald trump going to be hold on to that lead. look at where he is right now. he's got 49.7% of the vote to joe biden's 49.1%. that's with 95% of the estimated vote in. that is a lead of 31,748 votes, a razor thin lead in the georgia race. what is left to count? about 90,000 outstanding ballots. that is according to the secretary of state.
8:40 pm
there are some models out there that think maybe there's a larger universe of uncounted ballots ballots georgia. i just want to go with our reporting from the secretary of state's office. they expect around 90,000 uncounted votes in georgia is what is left. what would joe biden need? he would need about 53% to 55% of those 90,000 votes in order to overtake donald trump and actually win georgia. i just want to tell you, all the vote coming in for joe biden today in georgia that has helped him close the gap, he's getting about an average of 71% of the votes that are coming in today. so, 71's a lot higher than what he needs there. 52% to 55% of those remaining 90,000 votes. donald trump needs only 44% to 46% of those outstanding 90,000 ballots. if he gets that range, he is likely to hold on to georgia and keep it red, wolf. >> more votes are about to come
8:41 pm
from from the handful of battleground states that will make or break the election for president trump and joe biden. our special coverage will continue right after this. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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we are awaiting more votes from arizona. a lot of interest in seeing what we can learn in the next few minutes in the state of arizona. florida, of course battleground state. we are looking at the -- at how joe biden's underperforming among latino voters according cnn's exit polls. 52% of latino voters in florida supported joe biden, a drop from hundred ton. joining me now cnn political commentator anna navarro. it's one thing to talk about the latino vote but as you talk about florida, there is such variety among the voters in that state, cuban, venezuelan, people from central america, nicaragua, puerto ricans who have left the island in the wake of the storm there. why do you think biden
8:46 pm
underperformed? >> yeah, you know, here in florida and frankly around the country, it's 31 flavors of latinos. when we talk about the latino vote, it can be very, very misunderstood and misguided to just try to paint it in one broad stroke. and i want to talk to you about that because, look, i think we allowed ourselves to define the latino vote yesterday by what happened in miami-dade where it cratered. it cratered for joe biden and it was an exercise, a four-year building by donald trump of working the community, of coming up here, of talking about socialism, talking about communism, drilling that in. and it paid off for him. in puerto rican vote, a little bit up the road, a few hours up the road in central florida, actually joe biden's numbers held. he got 72% there according to the exit polls and did much, much better.
8:47 pm
anderson, we spent all night talking about arizona. in arizona, 700,000 latinos voted. his total average in arizona was 75%. so, we've got to keep in mind -- i think we talked a lot about miami yesterday because it was shocking. okay, i felt like a doll who had the stuffing fluffed out of her when i saw those numbers. but the numbers around the country have been much better for joe biden than we are talking about. there's a new latino senator in colorado because of the latino vote. and the colorado seat flipped because of the latino vote. if joe biden pulls it off in arizona, it's in large part because of the latino vote and because we organize there. latinos organize there for ten years in response to joe ar piyo and to sb-1070. so, it's like a study and contrast almost what happened in
8:48 pm
arizona and what happened in miami. >> do you think the biden campaign focused on latino voters enough? >> i think they focused on latino voters a lot around the country. look, there were 135,000 latinos who voted in wisconsin. upwards of 75% -- 70% for biden. i think that in miami-dade, frankly, they were bombarded. and by the time they showed up here, by the time -- by the time joe biden had been elected the nominee, the -- the pie had been baked. and you also have to remember that here in florida, in miami, donald trump counts with the alliance and with the structure and ground game of marco rubio and of mario diaz bah lard and of rick scott and of governor ron desantis. so, the playing field advantage
8:49 pm
that assisted here, there's something about donald trump's idiosyncrasy and his message of his demagogue ri -- latinos in miami, so many of us are traumatized. we fled communism. you start talking to us about radical left and communism and socialism and it triggers an emotional reaction. it trig rs trauma and it triggers fear, past fear. so many of us lived it first hand. so, it's a very different scenario. and also keep this in mind, the latinos in miami keep on voting. miami is 3% of the national vote. >> yeah. >> so, what happened here was dramatic. it cost congressional seats. it cost two congressional seats for democrats who lost them last night here in miami and seats up and down the state legislature. but it does not paint a picture
8:50 pm
for what happened nationally for joe biden. and if joe biden becomes the next president that reaches 270 votes, back, now, with our panel here. we're expecting these votes. this last batch of votes, tonight, from arizona. probably, i mean, supposedly within the next hour. >> yeah. i i'm told, by supporters of the vice president, that they do expect, with each succeeding release, that this gap will narrow. they're of the mind that it's not going to narrow, enough. and i don't know that we're going to be in a position to judge that tonight. but, you know, we will see how pronounced the drop is. and if it doesn't happen, then i think -- >> you are hearing confidence from -- from biden supporters? >> yes. yes.
8:51 pm
but, also, an acknowledgment that the race is tightening, and it may continue to tighten here. >> yeah. i think they may be, in a way, more confident about pennsylvania than they might be about arizona right now. but, let's just point out that, all these races that we're looking at are dynamic. and we, you know, we're talking to both campaigns. and they're looking at different sets of voters that they think will come out for them, and we just don't know. we haven't covered an election like this, before. we don't know about all this early voting, and the counting early and the counting later. and so, it's kind of -- it's more dynamic than it's been i think in a very long time. >> it's also -- they showed the protestors and demonstrators there. a very big show of force. people can feel intimidated by that. but the crazy thing is they literally have opposite chants.
8:52 pm
count the votes. in michigan, it's stop the vote. >> or steal the vote. >> so -- so, i think, you know, tensions are high. people are upset or whatever. but the reality is nobody knows how this is going to work out. but what i think is interesting, you don't see biden supporters doing any of that. same stakes. same concern. you don't see large numbers of biden supporters going and trying to intimidate and challenge. you don't see biden supporters going and lawsuit, after lawsuit, most of them fifbl ori and silly. so, you can see the character of the candidates and the way the campaign is responding right now. >> i can't really disagree with that. i mean, the biden camp is very, very confident. i know the trump camp sees paths. they believe there are paths and there are. i mean, this race is not over,
8:53 pm
yet. but, you know, the biden folks have had an err of confidence. and if you look at georgia, which we may be getting tonight. and -- and look at how the numbers have -- have come down, dramatically and the average. and there's really nothing there that i would see, that would say, you know, the next tranche of votes is going to be any different than the tranches that came in, before. i just wanted to -- >> what's this insistence on lawsuits? and recount? even before you know the count. it seems, to me, that this is not how people who expect to win behave. >> not at all. >> they're -- they are kind of just throwing everything up against the wall, just in case. and it's -- that's how the biden campaign is very different. >> i mean, i assume comes from the president directly. >> oh, yeah. absolutely. >> yeah, hold on. i mean, don't give the impression the biden campaign
8:54 pm
isn't deploying people all over the country. >> absolutely. >> they are doing it, too. >> but they're not filing the lawsuits. >> they're -- they're filing because they have credible instances, in the case of pennsylvania. you have heard me say this before. there -- there is a credible claim that the secretary of state is breaking the law. you can say, well, it's not going to be material. doesn't matter. when someone's doing something like that, they have every right to go in and -- >> president's standing up for law and order. >> he is. he is a law-and-order guy. >> but, it does sound like, every time you see the numbers move, suddenly, a report surfaces saying in that state, they're going to -- they are playing whack a mole every time the -- >> it's not a well-coordinated effort. and i think, some of us who are very concerned are actually kind of surprised. you know, if you look at the fear for the democrats. you would have, you know, trump get within, as pete would say, mayor pete would say, cheating distance. and then, suddenly, have him come out and say i have won. the fear is republicans would
8:55 pm
line up behind him. the republicans did the opposite. they abandoned him when he did that. then, they thought there would be a blizzard of lawsuits. these lawsuits are scattershot. they're trivial. a couple may be serious but overall, overall, they're not that impressistive. then, there was this concern that you would have unrest in the streets. what you have is trump supporters out there harassing vote counters in mostly a quiet country. >> you know, if rudy argues these in court. >> quiet today. i mean, he was on twitter everywhere. >> all those who say donald trump is stoking. donald trump isn't doing any of those things right now. no, he's not. going to court doesn't mean you're stoking anything. you are defending your right. >> he hasn't stoked in 24 hours. >> but he was tamped down. >> arizona, one of the tightest make-or-break races.
8:56 pm
tonight, we are standing by to get a new vote tally, new tranche, if you will, as the election comes down to the wire. election night in america continues after this. experience. it is what separates knowledge from wisdom. you carry it with you - to prepare you for what's ahead. at university of phoenix, students with relevant life experience and eligible transfer credits save, on average, eleven thousand dollars and one year off their undergrad degree.
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all right. it is the stroke of midnight, here, on the east coast. and we are just getting started. welcome back to cnn's breaking-news coverage, election night in america, continued. i'm chris cuomo, along with my man, d lemon. >> can you believe, it's still continuing? and, chris, at this hour, we are standing by for a large batch of votes to be posted in arizona. that's where joe biden has a very narrow lead over president trump. that lead could get narrower, tonight, as we go on. >> arizona, very much in play. that's why we haven't called it. many over organizations have not. the grand irony at play is the president was upset that somebody called arizona, saying you got to count all the votes. yet, he


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