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tv   Election Day in America  CNN  November 5, 2020 7:00am-10:00am PST

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in atlanta where they've been at it nonstop all night, those ballots and others are all that stand between joe biden, president trump and the white house. and we could have answers very soon.
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and hello, again. thanks for joining us. the biggest county in what the biden campaign is hoping will be the biggest and most unexpected prize for them is wrapping up its count. we're talking about fulton county, georgia. the atlanta area. we're expecting to hear from officials shortly. we'll bring that to you live. erin burnett is with me today. >> everybody is waiting, now maybe fulton county answers. nevada soon more information. votes coming in from arizona and pennsylvania where hundreds of thousands of ballots still remain. the big question, of course, is will this be enough as these numbers come in to putt biden ahead over the 270 mark, obviously the biden margin is slim and shrinking, but we expect an update on that in the next few hours. >> the white house we'll be hearing live from our correspondents and expect to hear from a number of key news
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makers. we'll know perhaps from georgia momentarily. i want to show you how razor thin the margins are in the remaining key states. what a race this has been. nevada joe biden is ahead but only by 7,647. that's really unchanged. that's the numbers we saw yesterday as well. nevada, unclear exactly when we'll get new numbers from them. yesterday they indicated that, as a state, they would report numbers at 7:00 p.m. on each successive night. that is a slim lead for joe biden. georgia president trump is ahead but that lead is shrinking, ahead by 18,586 votes. we're expecting to hear from georgia officials with new numbers shortly. arizona vice president biden ahead with 36,390.
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all night biden's lead shrinking somewhat in arizona but still a lead of 68,390. north carolina, ahead 76,737 votes. and pennsylvania, this is just a fascinating race to watch in pennsylvania. president trump ahead with 135,072 votes, but a lot of votes still to be counted. a lot of votes still to be processed. and his lead has been shrinking, even today throughout the morning we've been seeing the president's lead come down little by little, 5,000 votes here. 6,000 votes there. we'll see how many votes have left to be counted p. we'll see who wins the all-important state of pennsylvania, if vice president biden wins pennsylvania, that could be it. that's the shape of the battlefield right now. remember it is changing by the moment. john king is here to walk us
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through all of it. the race tightening in three crucial states, pennsylvania, arizona, georgia. take us through it. >> let's walk through it as you noted. today could be the decisive day, joe biden needs to get to 270 to win the presidency. i'll start in pennsylvania, that alone would do it if joe biden can overtake the president. the president had a bigger lead, midnight tuesday night, it was giant, yesterday it was still significant. now is that big enough is the question. 135,702 votes lead the president of the united states in the commonwealth of pennsylvania. but joe biden has been gaining as the blue county, allegheny in the west, philadelphia in the east have been counting votes. the city of philadelphia now up to 81%. that tells t you a lot of votes still out in a place voting overwhelmingly for joe biden. these are the mail-in ballots, democrats voted by mail, joe biden has been winning.
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percentages like that, above 70% in all these counties in southeaste southeastern, pennsylvania. this is philadelphia. montgomery county, 95%. bucks county, 49.9 to 48.9. that's the most conservative of the suburbs. they're up to 89%. look at chester county, up to 95%. what we're waiting for most is the city of philadelphia. joe biden getting about 80% of the vote and they still have votes to count. big potential for joe biden and again if you're at 253, pennsylvania's 20 would put you over the top. we'll watch that as the count continues there. if joe biden can't get pennsylvania he needs two, and one of them we're watching is georgia. late on election night, tuesday night, donald trump was pulling out to what we thought was an impressive lead but as they count the mail-in ballots, especially, you see a lot of red. the president runs it up in rural georgia as he does many a
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see cities and suburbs in the met metro areas, textbook case. fulton county up to 90%. as they count the votes, more votes to come from here. they could come any minute. 72.5% in fulton county. that's what joe biden is doing, winning 7 and 10, 8 and 10 depending on the county of the mail-in ballots. the president's lead which once looked insurmountable is tlichking. you move to dekalb county, joe biden getting 83% of the vote that's been a big driver as they count the votes. so the question is, when you look at it now, 49.6 to 49.2. 18,586 votes, can joe biden make that up -- >> do we know how many votes are outstanding in georgia? >> the number has been trailing because they've actually been moving and making progress. we were told this morning -- we'll hear from the secretary of state, i believe in about 30
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minutes or so, he has a count. and then we'll hear from fulton county a little bit after that. i think by the end of the hour we'll get it cleared up. you hear 50,000 here then 20. so different counties are giving you different numbers. but they are moving in georgia, which is why today i think could be decisive. pennsylvania would put joe biden over the top bb william barr , get that, you come out here. donald trump had a big lead in pennsylvania, it was shrinking. the president had a lead in georgia, it has been shrinking. joe biden had a lead in arizona but it's the flip, it's been shrinking here -- >> john, kate baldwin has new information about voting in philadelphia. kate, what have you learned? >> reporter: anderson, more of an update. we're getting a sense of really how many ballots are outstanding. that's the name of the game at this point, really. here in philadelphia they
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updated some more numbers. last time i came out this morning, they were at about 140,000 outstanding votes, ballots that had not been counted. they're now at 120,000 votes that have not been counted -- >> are you talking statewide or just for philadelphia? >> reporter: philadelphia, i'm so sorry. this is in philadelphia. that would be wonderful if it was statewide we'd be really crunching the numbers down. outstanding we're talking about is philadelphia right now. >> that's a lot of votes. >> reporter: it's a combination of mail-in ballots and in-person voting on election day. some precincts still haven't actually reported them to the county. that's in philadelphia. it seems unlikely that they were going to be able to finish it up today. just as i have been watching this process play out for days. it's labor intensive. i've been inside the space
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they're going through and scanning these ballots, it takes a long time and they have it broken down into specific tasks so there is no margin for error. that's philadelphia. we're also getting a sense, anderson from bucks county, that very important -- john can talk about it as well, he has been -- very competitive suburban county outside philadelphia, they are reporting this morning, they still have 28,000 mail-in ballots to go through. but they are very confident that they're going to be able to wrap it up today. so there is a sense, while there are definitely outstanding ballots for sure, that there are counties throughout the commonwealth that either wrapped up their counts late last night into this morning or are confident they will be able to wrap it up. philadelphia is the biggest county, it's taking time, that's for sure. but they're getting a sense that there are other counties throughout the commonwealth that they're going to be wrapping it up. so there could be some clarity if not finality, i don't want to prognosticate that they will be able to do that, but some
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clarity which direction this is headed today. >> it's 150,000 votes still outstanding in philadelphia. do we know, in terms of, you know, statewide in the commonwealth of pennsylvania how many votes are still outstanding? >> reporter: i just looked. so the number of mail-ins that are still outstanding throughout the state. it has now gone under 1 million. that was kind of a marker that we were all waiting for. because we had learned from the secretary of state that they have had such a huge turnout in terms of mail-in voting this time, looking at 2.5 million mail-in ballots returned, which was a huge number, ten times as many as they had in previous elections. overnight they have gone down, i believe at the moment it's in the 700,000 -- >> wow, that's still so many, though. that's incredible. >> reporter: it's still so many, yeah. it's still so many.
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that's true. i've been pushing and asking what is -- what's going on in the process that takes time. they're not reporting problems, anderson. it's not hiccups at all. it's the volume for one. it's the fact that by state law they could not part processing, even pre-canvassing, they can't do that until election day, at 7:00 a.m. and it just takes time. there's also one step of the process in all of this that seems to be the most labor intensive that i finally kind of learned a little bit more about, which are -- i'll talk about philadelphia specifically -- several thousand poll books where people go into the polling station and sign their name to vote in person, that needs to be checked against the database of mail-in ballots coming in to make sure nothing is counted
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twice, that everything is accurate. that process of checking through the poll books, checking the mail-in database that's an intensive part of the process. it's just illustrative of where we are right now. that's going on. still two days after election day and it's still not over. >> i don't think anybody will take issue with them being accurate. that's the most important thing. so if it takes time, it takes time. as long as the votes are counted. kate baldwin, great information, thank you so much. john, let's look at pennsylvania. bucks county, i knew you would. >> any of what kate said, she said 20,000 ballots outstanding, something like that. the candidates are split in bucks county, we know as philadelphia has been counting the ballots, joe biden has been winning. but assume they split the ballots here, the evidence is joe biden is coming out on top
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on the mail-in ballots. but splitting the vote. kate said 120,000 mail-in ballots in philadelphia to be counted. we know joe biden is getting 80% of the vote in philadelphia right now. imagine that, 120,000 ballots, that's more than 90,000 votes for joe biden if the ratios keep up. think ballpark, 90,000 plus votes for joe biden, net. trump gets his share, joe biden is getting a net of 90,000 votes out of there. and you add that into that, 135,000 ahead. so joe biden could cut into the president's lead just with what we're going to get later out of philadelphia. how quickly we get it is the question kate keeps asking every 15 minutes or so. we know in these mail-in ballots in pennsylvania, joe biden is winning by a big margin. there are smaller counties up here, lieu certain county -- >> kate is saying it's about
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700,000 votes outstanding in the commonwealth. so if 120, 150,000 of them are in philadelphia, where are the others? bucks county, where else? >> you still have a number in the suburbs. you see the red. if you're a trump supporter or a biden supporter thinking we're roaring back, this is why we need to finish the count. we know even in a lot of conservative places, jefferson county, they're at 95% right now. you see it's not a lot of votes, 17,440 even in these conservative counties there may not be as many democrats, people who would vote for joe biden but people who are voting for joe biden did so by mail. so even in the smaller places when they count the mail-in ballots, joe biden is doing better in the mail-in ballots than the overall count. that's why we have to be patient. the key for joe biden where you see blue on the map, harrisburg, philadelphia, the suburbs, scranton, allegheny.
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they did a good job in allegheny, but still not to the finish line, 94%. where you see blue we know joe biden is getting the mail-in ballots he needs to run it up. but some of the smaller counties didn't start until yesterday. it's going to be an interesting day. you see that and think it's insurmountable, but when you think 700,000 ballots it's not insurmountable. an announcement out of georgia. the secretary of state said they have a little more than 61,000 outstanding votes left to count in georgia. >> you do the math. 61,000 you look at 18,586 is your lead. you think is that big enough to with stand that? it depends on where the ballots are coming from. you see a lot of red in the smaller counties of georgia. even in those places there might be fewer democrats but a lot of them voted absentee and by mail because of covid concerns. we know they decided to vote by
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mail or early in line. republicans like to show up on election day. now we have to take that evidence and count votes. we focus on metro atlanta but savannah, joe biden getting about 57, 58% of the vote. they have 13% to vote to count. you're getting down, you're in the 60,000 ballpark now. that makes it dicey for biden in the sense there's almost a 20,000 vote lead, joe biden has to win the overwhelming number of ballots but when you wander around the state, joe biden is getting 68% of the vote, richmond county. we have to watch this and count it. most of the atension is here in metro atlanta, want to see if anything is joupdated. i want to drop down.
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clayton, this is a place i didn't mention it enough yesterday and i should have. fulton, atlanta, dekalb, but look at clayton, you come to the south. they're at 84% count. and look, joe biden is getting 85% of the count. counting mail-in ballots and joe biden is getting 85%. down to 60,000 that lead is not untouchable. that's why we count them. >> if someone is writing this as a screen play. the notes would be you're dragging it on too long. nobody is going to believe it. it's fascinating. you just have to count the vote. >> it's important to make that point. the president tweeting stop the count. we're in the middle of a pandemic. this is my ninth presidential cycle, some elections take time, this is extraordinary because of the triple voting patterns, some people by mail, some people in person early, some people election day. the people doing this counting,
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the secretary of state in georgia i believe is a republican, some county officials are democrats, who cares. they're counting votes. >> these are not new votes, as some people have been saying. they're voting that have been cast they have to be counted and that's called an election. john, there's a lot going on in nevada, arizona that we're watching closely. so we'll get the update from you on that. we're getting an update on the sfa us the of votes in nevada. waiting to hear from officials in georgia as well. all that next. lips have a uniq. ...and unique needs. your lips are like no others and need a lip routine that's just right for you. chapstick® has you covered. chapstick®. put your lips first®. ♪ i shop on rakuten rakuten ♪
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we're getting an update on the
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so here we are still waiting and still uncalled four states will decide the presidency. one of them is nevada, there is breaking news there. i want to go to las vegas where sara sidner is. we lood look at the gap, biden slightly ahead, but so many questions in nevada of how many votes are even left to count. >> reporter: absolutely. you know, we're all trying to figure out who is going to get these 6 electoral votes that nevada has up for grabs. one of the issues is the mail-in ballots what they did this year is they sent out ballots to everyone who was an eligible voter. the reason they don't know just how many people are going to
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vote is because they don't know how many people are going to send those ballots back in and they did not have to get those ballots on november 3rd, in fact, they have until november 10th to actually get all the ballots, as long as people have them postmarked on election day or before. so that is what is causing some of the confusion here is to, you know, they have to wait until they get every single ballot in. as long as it comes in before the 10th, it was postmarked on or before the third, that ballot has to be counted. that being said we're expecting to get new numbers from here in nevada in about an hour and a half, we'll hear from the secretary of state, and then an hour after that we are expecting to hear from clark county officials as to what's happening here and why that is significant is about 70% of the voting population lives here in clark county, the home of las vegas. erin. >> and all eyes are on that
7:25 am
update. we're expecting that in about 90 minutes time. it doesn't get more razor thin that that battle in nevada amazing they don't know how many are outstanding. we get the numbers we know what they are now in places like georgia and pennsylvania where they had some lead time in terms of when ballots had to arrive but still that unknown in nevada. >> and the numbers have remained the same since the last time i was on the air, i don't remember what time it was, last night, the numbers that lead of joe biden's is very small in nevada. we'll watch that closely. let's go to john king. let's take a deeper dive into nevada. >> you don't remember the last time you left the air last night? day 47. look, we'll get through this. i'm making jokes about it but we need to applaud these people. louisvil love sara sidner's finally we get information. if you're a republican you think
7:26 am
how do we stop him, he's knocking at the door. everybody wants the numbers we get it. the world is watching this election. the world wants to know. so you look at nevada and say, as you noted at the top of the hour 7,647 votes that's a narrow lead for joe biden that's been the same. we got nothing new. it's frustrating because we want to move the race along and figure out what's the finish line. but coronavirus, all these maybes we'll wait today, hear information. so what are we looking for? number one, more votes. more of a count to see if joe biden holds the narrow lead or it starts to shrink for the president. the other thing is do they have a sense of the universe of ballots, how many have they counted today and how many are outstanding? they can count for five more days, but how big is that universe? can they call it? do we have to wait? or can they count it today?
7:27 am
close to 75% of the votes are going to come here in clark county. joe biden there, 53 to 45 in what we have so far. but we don't know how much is left in clark county. that's why the word we get today -- it is incredibly important. this is could be the decisive day but only if we continue the metrics in nevada, arizona, pennsylvania. you see the red again. 7,647 votes that's a biden lead in a clinton state. but the president is in play here. we saw the presidentjoe biden's shrink in arizona. other place to watch in nevada is washoe county. reknow is the population center here as you move to the north. this corner of the state is very conservative and the president has support --
7:28 am
>> john, it's sbraesiinterestin. i think it was rick santorum talking last night saying in places like reno, tourism is important, they have been hurting with coronavirus, and the question is how does that play among voters who want to see businesses come back, who want to see tourism come back. does that mean they don't favor joe biden's more conservative approach to dealing with the pandemic or more aggressive approach or do they favor president trump's approach? >> i think you're making a critical point. we talk about the national campaign we have all time, the coronavirus is the biggest issue in the country, the president was having rallies, joe biden saying that was irresponsible. but you're so smart to say let's look locally state by state. in south florida, for example, the attacks on socialism motivated a lot of latino voters in south florida.
7:29 am
some of the targeted accounts that might not work nationally work in certain places. the trump campaign's advertis g advertising, messaging was joe biden wants to lockdown the country, keep it locked down. that's a distortion of biden's views but it'll be interesting to watch. you go back four years ago -- this is a preliminary count -- it's consistent. vegas has been growing. the latino vote is critical to democrats but you also have, if you've been to vegas over the last 25 years the explosion of the suburbs around los angeles, once republican territory more becoming democratic territory. it's a cliche but it's true. all politics is local, this area has been devastated because of the economic fallout, the impact on tourism. you're raising a fascinating question, that's why when we get more results from clark county today we'll get to answer this. in some places there are local issues at play and that's one of the important ones. >> we're hoping to hear soon
7:30 am
from georgia officials. john, thanks. we'll check in about arizona next. you mentioned georgia. here's how many ballots we understand are outstanding 61,367 we are specific to the ones place because that's how razor thin and tight this could be. we're going to get crucial updates this morning from states like nevada also georgia, the secretary of state expected to speak any moment. let's go to atlanta and victor blackwell. razor thin looking at the outstanding ballots versus where we are on the gap between president trump and joe biden right now. >> and of that 61,367, as you say the precise number coming from the office of the secretary of state. the estimate from fulton county is 10 to 11,000 of those ballots are here, will be counted and we're expecting that we're getting close to an announcement here. they rolled out the podium here for a news conference that's
7:31 am
coming. i've seen members of the fulton county board of commissioners, the chairman as well. there is an announcement we've told should be coming at 11:00-ish. we'll stand by for that. of course the work continues here. we're told they've been working to process the last 3,600 ballots that have come in. but that was three hours ago. the work has not stopped here, but there were fewer people here earlier. there was a shift change, people are working here, they're taking some of the ballots to the opener machine. there are people here opening them by hand with letter openers. the goal is to complete the count of the mail-in ballots and the ballots dropped off in the boxes by 11:00 a.m. then they have to focus on provisionals tomorrow, ballots from the military as well.
7:32 am
that deadline is 5:00 p.m. on friday. but the expectation is this will be done. remember, brad, the secretary of state told us on election night, early in the everyoning, it was about 9:30, he said by tomorrow, georgia will be yesterday's news. we're now the day after that tomorrow and we're still waiting for the rest of the 60,000 plus votes to come in. >> so let me ask you, because i think the scene behind you, you know, what's it like in there, victor? people are -- it's full, people are counting. you know, people like to see this as the sign of a mess of american democracy. i prefer to see the sign of its strength and the amazing people that come together to do this. how frantic is the counting. they're late versus what they said they were going to deliver. they feel the pressure to get answers to the country.
7:33 am
>> it is hectic. let me get out of the way as i describe what's happening and what officials are telling me. they understand that the eyes of the country and the world are on fulton county right now to get the votes, a democratic strong hold, a democrat trying to close the gap with the president. so they are working around the clock. working overnight. let me describe what's happening. the people you see seated with the usps trays, they are the sorters. they're receiving opened ballots, there's a machine that goes through that cuts it open, the mailing envelope and the privacy sleeve. they pull the ballots out, look to see if the signatures match. if everything looks to be in order, if there is a problem, they raise their hand, alert a lead, that person comes over, sorts it out, it could go to adjudication if necessary. that's simply tedetermining the intent of the voter. they were supposed to fill out a bubble, maybe they put an x in
7:34 am
the bubble or circled the name. that happens in another space. after the ballots are sorted, those are the scanners, there are five scanners in this room, they're scanned into the machine, saved on a flash card. those are then transported to another facility, away from state farm arena where we are. and that's where they're tabulated. the expectation is they'll all be sent over by 11:00 and we'll finally get the last numbers from fulton county. as what it feels like in the room, it's hectic as you expect. what you can't see is the 15 to 20 cameras on the other side of where -- your vantage point but there's media here, of course, the scores of people working to finish the absentee ballot count. >> in a few moments we expect a live press conference from the georgia secretary of state. so stand by for that, because there could be significant updates. i want to go to arizona, though. tensions running high over the counting.
7:35 am
you were there last night, we all saw when you were at the counting center, so what -- where are we this morning? when are we going to get more information, because where you are, there are hundreds of thousands of ballots we still don't know who they're for. >> reporter: let's start with the counting process, erin but that's what's important here. here in maricopa county, including phoenix, maricopa is the largest county as far as population here in arizona so you have to win here if you want to win the state. approximately 300,000 ballots have yet to be counted here. they're going through the counting process. that is still continuing here in maricopa county. as far as the entire state we're at about 450,000 ballots that are still being counted right now according to the secretary of state's office. so that is still ongoing. we're anticipating that we'll have more results. the next batch of ballot results
7:36 am
here from maricopa county somewhere around 9:00 p.m. eastern time. not a hard deadline but approximately the time that we're anticipating that the elections department here is going to have a new update. and then i want to turn to what you were just talking about, erin. you're talking about the protests that we saw here. we were inside the entranceway is just over my shoulder, i'm in the parking lot this morning. we were inside the lobby and then we could hear a growing crowd outside. the security concern grew, the sheriff's department arrived here because they were chanting, among other things like pizza gate, they were saying let us in. let us in. so even though these were peaceful protesters, it was peaceful assembly, these were people carrying guns. so the sheriff's department did deploy and they wanted to make sure that the doors weren't breached. there's an impact here. not on the vote, let's be clear,
7:37 am
not on the ballot counting but out here in the parking lot you can see the red markers on each of those markers there's a small white sign that says the freedom of speech zone. this entire section to the left of these red markers, this is where they would like the people who peacefully assemble. and then over to the right where cars are driving in and out. the impact on this is that the people who are doing the ballot counting here, these are temporary workers. a good majority of them are retirees, they are older, they're temporary workers and they're paid minimum wage. so they're being ferried in from different parts -- where their personal cars may be here so they don't have to walk in the phoenix heat to continue the work of democracy. i spoke to a staffer here if this has impacted attendance or if there's been any sort of concern or sick out, they haven't seen it, erin.
7:38 am
>> that's impressive. of course, the guidance we're getting is that we're not going to really know the fate of arizona today. so, nevada, pennsylvania, georgia, these are the crucial states we'll know much sooner, perhaps in the next hours or so, anderson. >> it's fascinating. numbers in nevada we have not seen a change in the numbers in nevada since yesterday. so hopefully get -- >> static. >> yeah. talking about georgia, just moments from now the secretary of state is going to give a press conference about the -- how many outstanding votes are still there. we're waiting for that. we'll bring it to you live. let's go to david. let's talk about georgia and what a fascinating race we have seen over the last two days in georgia. >> reporter: it certainly has been. this is one of those sort of sun belt expansion states, the way the biden campaign campaign referred to it.
7:39 am
it's been a long part of the democratic party's project to play into where they're seeing demographic changes it and lean into the suburban revolt against donald trump. it is razor thin, anderson. i was listening earlier to the reporting. they think there's some 67,000 outstanding votes we'll see what the secretary of state says now -- >> it was plus 61,000. >> 61,000 this initial update. i was doing quick calculations, i think it means that joe biden would need roughly around the 70% range or somewhere in that of the remaining outstanding ballots to overtake the president's current lead. but you've seen the president's lead in the state just shrinking. and we know that the late ballots being counted, the mail ballots that are getting tabulated are just overwhelmingly a pro-biden group
7:40 am
of voters. so that is helping to increase the margin, 18,586 vote lead for the president in georgia. just remember, anderson. the president made a final campaign stop in the final 48 hours in georgia. and it was stunning to sort of see it when they put it on their schedule that a republican incumbent president would spend time in the final 48 hours in georgia. they were aware of how close georgia could be and also why the biden campaign sent barack obama there in the final day of campaigning. >> obviously so much depends on where those plus 61,000, 61,367 ballots still to be counted, where those votes came from in the state of georgia, is it urban areas, which is what we've been seeing in the states we're still awaiting for, david, often it's the big metro areas that they have so many votes that's where we're seeing the slowest results.
7:41 am
>> it's where, and it's what kind of ballot, is it a mail ballot because those two have been democratic pockets of vote. it's the combination of two you're getting the remaining ballots from pro-biden gee graph fi anyway. that's also a democratic advantage on top of it. so it could be that even in some more republican areas, anderson, if it's the mail vote it may not come in as pro-trump as the election day vote would, obviously. so it is both sort of the political geography. and we believe these are predominantly mail-in ballots. >> we're monitoring georgia to
7:42 am
see any information about the 61,367 ballots. we'll bring you more on that. we're listening in on some detail not particularly germane. let's listen in. >> the main thing we want to do, fast is great, and we appreciate fast. we more appreciate accuracy. accuracy is going to be the bedrock upon which people will believe the outcomes of these elections, be it on the winning or losing side, accuracy is vital and the key to all of our processes. i want to make sure we told everybody in this room, this state, around the country, this is the first time georgia used paper ballots in 20 years. we told people they could expect some results on election night, we got a lot out there. we got down to 280,000 yesterday, we are down to about 60,000 today. let me go through what i know we have right now. i brought my computer so i wouldn't screw it up.
7:43 am
brian county, 3,027. burk county, 494. chatham county 17,157. clayton county, 7,408. cobb county, approximately 700. floyd county, 683. forsythe county, 4,713. fulton county 11,200 gwinnett county, 7,300 harris county, 3641. lawrence county, 1,797. putnam 1552. taylor county 4,556 for a total right now of just over 60,000 votes approximately. we'll continue to go throughout the process today and into the evening if necessary.
7:44 am
the state overnight, full cton county knocked their numbers down to 11,000 one of the reasons our friends in chatham county is taking longer they have a unique system where the board of registration is separate from the elections division and handle different sides of the absentee ballots and reporting process. i think we're through that process today and i think we'll get the majority of the 17,000 in today as well. with that i want to thank you all for being here and answer any questions. we'll start with justin. >> can you explain to us why the number seems to be -- >> let's go to john king. this is important information. we have the breakdown, county by county of the votes still outstanding. and we're told he says that's not the secretary of state, it was an election official -- he said by today we should have all the votes in. what have we learned? >> there's a number of counties,
7:45 am
a couple hundred here, a couple thousand there. the biggest take, one of the counties we talked about earlier, clayton county, several thousand votes here, you're looking. where do you have 500, a few thousand? 60,000 total. several thousand here in clayton county, joe biden is getting 85% of the vote in this county. it doesn't guarantee joe biden is going to get 85% of the mail-in ballots. but you look and expect still several thousands -- >> 7,408. >> right. so your assumption is joe biden is going to make up some ground there. it's not guaranteed. you have to count the votes. but we know that democrats are more likely to have voted by mail. there's atlanta, the suburbs to the south, joe biden is getting 85% of the vote. the overall math is can you overcome with 60,000 votes a lead of almost 19,000 votes for
7:46 am
the president. to do that it's obvious, joe biden has to win a disproportionate number of the votes. so he mentioned clayton county and i believe forsythe county. >> yeah, that was 4,713. >> so that's a county where the president is getting -- has been leading. but again, the question is anderson, the president is leading in some of the counties he mentioned, especially the smaller counties, the question is is the president going to match. bring up morgan county, they're done. it's the president in these president going to get 65, 66% or the mail-in ballots, it may only be a few democrats voting for joe biden. but that's the hard part look at the numbers, that's a red county, blue county but we have to count the votes. as we watched the lead shrink, the president's lead in georgia shrink it's because democrats disproportionately did vote by mail. those are the ones they have to
7:47 am
count. >> a few more votes in georgia did just come in and the president's lead has shrunk by 400 votes in the latest. john, the election official was saying fulton county has 11,200 outstanding votes. that's the atlanta area, right? >> yes. and i believe that was the biggest number. >> that was. >> you're looking at 11,000 here. you have to count them because not always do the patterns stay. but we have seen a clear and consistent pattern in georgia, pennsylvania and elsewhere. when they count the maybes joe biden is doing just as good if not better than how he's performing in the county overall. joe biden is performing at 73%, if you want to round it up, again one of the democratic strong holds in the state of georgia. this has been the area, the circle, the star around atlanta, at lan a and the suburbs. you have the biggest basket of
7:48 am
votes still outstanding, 11,000 of 60,000 are here. if joe biden gets 70% of that, he's going to get 7,000 plus votes right there and the president gets his share. but in some of the counts i did the raw math and in some counts joe biden is getting a higher percentage in the mail-in ballots. if we look at the 18,144 that lead has been shrinking consistently. the question is, with 60,000 left is that enough for joe biden to overtake 18,144? that's what the next very tense and consequential hours are going to tell us. >> just from the order it seemed like fulton county was 11,200 i missed one or two of them but we net was7,300. >> you move up and around. so gwinnett, you look here. look at joe biden getting 58%.
7:49 am
in the trump campaign you're hoping joe biden's numbers come in lower but as you count the mail-in ballots, they're up to 95% right now. this is the suburban circle around atlanta where joe biden is making up the lead. so we have to watch it play out. they're being transparent about it and trying to get it done by the end of the day. i want to switch walls if i can. is this camera on? >> yeah. >> we come over here, the resources are a little stretched as we count this out. i want to show you the significance of this. we're saying 5,000 votes here, 6,000 votes there. people at home can get confused why this is so consequential. joe biden is at 253 but he's leading in arizona and nevada. that would be enough to get him to the finish line. but we have to be clear. as the votes have been counted out here, the president has been closing. so let's assume these two come off the map for a little bit, 253 we'll wait, count the votes. georgia it seems might get to the finish line before the
7:50 am
states o states out west. if the former vice president takes this back that gets him to 269, banging on the door. he's knocking on the door now. if he can get georgia he needs one more. maine's second congressional s district would be enough. he's leading right now. if you can get georgia you need one more, is it pennsylvania, arizona, nevada? we keep counting vote but georgia is a bigger prize than the two western states. the theory in the biden campaign, let me take a minute to play this out, if they can do it this way, get well above 270, get pennsylvania as well that gets them above 300. the president now saying i'm going to sue everywhere. the hope in the biden campaign, it's not just one state, perhaps there's a political dynamic that people get to the president and say you don't want to do this. i'm not sure he's going to take that course, he sounds combative
7:51 am
today on his twitter feed. but the biden campaign is hoping if they can get a couple of these wins and stretch it out, the political climate will change. but we're not there yet. that's why the progress for biden is important. as we go through the next consequential hours, georgia could be a huge part of the statement america is making here. >> can you play out the president's path. biden is leading only by some 7,000 votes -- i'm told we have to get a break in. we'll do this on the other side. >> i'll be there, i promise. >> if nevada and arizona go to the president, just ahead as we wait for these updated vote counts that we are getting today. we continue to follow the votes coming in. we'll have live reports from the correspondents covering the biden and trump campaigns. new reporting coming up. we'll be right back.
7:52 am
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7:56 am
so here's where we are right now. these are the contests that we are watching to see how this gets called, when it gets called. you just heard from election officials in georgia. joe biden chipping away slowly at president trump's lead. but there are still votes outstanding in georgia. 61,000. similar situation in pennsylvania. the biden campaign is hoping its narrow lead holds in arizona and nevada. as you can see there. pennsylvania what they're looking at so carefully you see that's the widest margin in favor of trump right now. but it's also where you have the most votes still outstanding. about 700,000 of them. so we have jessica dean in wilmington, delaware covering
7:57 am
the biden campaign. and caitlyn collins is in washington covering the trump campaign. caitlyn i want to start with you, as we are watching the numbers narrow and we are going to know more today, you have new reporting on just how trump and his aides see the path to 270 and how his aides see it is not the same as how the president sees it. >> reporter: they realize that path is getting a lot smaller by the day as the numbers are coming in. they feel good about what happened overnight in arizona. but increasingly what i'm hearing privately from campaign officials and people who work in the white house is that reality is setting in and they realize they are more and more by the day as these votes are coming in staring down a potential loss for president trump. because reality is setting in for them does not mean it's setting in for the president himself. he is still convinced that joe biden is stealing the election from him, that's what he's been telling people on the phone in the last several hours and
7:58 am
stunned by the fact he's seen leads in places like pennsylvania, michigan, wisconsin disminnish. as more and more absentee ballots are being counted. so what i'm told is the president has been on the phone, he is still convinced this is a fraudulent election and it's being stolen from him. that's what he's telling people. he's instructing people to go out and cast doubt on the way votes are counted in the key battleground states. you saw eric and laura trump appear yesterday in philadelphia for the press conference where rudy giuliani was threatening to bring a national lawsuit, not clear where they would go for that, as they are doing everything they can to throw everything at the wall and see what sticks. they're realizing there's a serious chance that donald trump could lose. the trump campaign did just hold a call. they're still confident they are going to win pennsylvania even
7:59 am
though we are seeing the president's lead there diminish significantly. they say that, quote, donald trump is alive and well. >> thank you very much, caitlyn. so now let's go to jessica dean following the biden campaign. so, jessica, how do -- how does the biden team see this right now in they have more than one path to 270. the fastest and easiest is it to it with one state, the state where the vice president is right now, pennsylvania. >> reporter: the biden campaign feeling very good, very confident this morning. i'm told by a senior adviser they believe they're going to win pennsylvania by a sizable margin when it's all said and done. that's what they think. they think they're going to hang onto the leads in if arizona, nevada, they see georgia as a real possibility and have been keeping their eyes on the democratic strong holds in georgia that are still counting ballots there. we have to see what the votes themselves say.
8:00 am
and that's playing out as the days go on. but from the biden campaign's perspective, they feel very, very good and confident that when all the votes are counted that joe biden will be the next president of the united states. now i'm also told by an adviser we do expect to see biden at some point today and then again, if and when this race is called. again we don't know when that might be. but they are trying to keep him out front and they continue to hammer home this message that every vote should be counted. again, their counter to what president trump is saying right now. but the biden campaign and the vice president himself saying every vote should be counted, that everyone needs to have patience and it was interesting to note yesterday, erin, when biden spoke here he talked about unity and bringing the country together. we can expect to hear more of those themes as the day goes on. >> very different strategies between the two men how to
8:01 am
handle this. jessica dean, thank you. anderson it's amazing. you look at all eyes on pennsylvania, jessica is reporting that the biden campaign thinks they're going to win it by a sizable margin. you take the gap that trump has now, but still 700,000 outstanding. a lot of the mail-in ballots have run towards biden. 60% biden still wins and that's a lower percent than he's getting in the lower counties. certainly the math shows their optimism. they've got reason for it at this point as we wait for the count. >> i loved jessica dean was saying earlier the fact there was below a million votes to be counted was a sign of progress. still 700,000 plus votes is extraordinary. the stakes are rising with every ballot counted, you see them counting in georgia and pennsylvania, the presidency hinging on a handful of uncalled states. a lot is happening. let's check back with john king.
8:02 am
the race continues to tighten. three crucial states, pennsylvania, arizona, georgia. let's look -- well, wherever you want to go. i'm interesting in arizona to see how things are tightening. >> we'll look at arizona first. it's the west coast i think we wait more for the count. joe biden at 68,390 votes ahead. you can look at that and say that's a healthy lead but that's a shrinking lead. we can play it out for you here. let me pull it up for you. when you go back and play it out, it's interesting. arizona, and let's go back, this is wednesday 12:00 a.m., biden with a 207,000 vote lead. 1:00 a.m., 185,000. at 2:00 a.m., it's down to 155,000. as they counted votes yesterday, 130, 93. down to 97. and then you come out to real-time now down to 68. if you're in the biden campaign
8:03 am
they keep saying they're confident they're going to win this but the trend line is going in the other direction. you come to georgia where you showed the pictures of the live counting of the vote. it's the flip side. the president with a huge lead on election night, way up there. and now it's down to 18,000 vot vot votes. 60,000 votes left. joe biden needs to win about two thirds of the remaining votes. 66%, depending on the exact number. he's 18,146 down. can he do that? if you look at that, you think two thirds he's getting 49% statewide. that's unreasonable, right? no, it's not. we don't know that joe biden can get there but we know 17,000 votes are here in chatham county where joe biden is getting 57%, 58% if you round up. but he's doing better than that in the mail-in ballots or he has been. let's let them count the rest but 17,000 are right here.
8:04 am
you come back to fulton county. 11,000 and a couple hundred of those votes are here. joe biden needs two thirds of the remaining votes he's getting above 70% here. move here to gwinnett county joe biden getting 58% total you have 7,300. so then you move out here. the secretary of state, the election official talking about if you move further down in atlanta here, fayette county is here, i think they're close to being done. you move here. come here. most of the other counties are done. but some counties we're waiting for votes, they're red. the question there is does the president add up to his total or does he not? we're going to watch 2k3w567geo. we're watching pennsylvania. 135000. 600,000 still out. we know as i walk here joe biden has been winning disproportionately, in some
8:05 am
cases 70% or more of the mail-in ballots. this could be the decisive day in this long count. you asked me about the president's path earlier. there is just no way the president of the united states cannot lose the commonwealth of pennsylvania. cannot lose the commonwealth of pennsylvania. if joe biden wins it, he's the president. he doesn't need it to win the presidency. biden does not. the president does. let me show you what i mean. because it is 20 we clear this out. the president is leading right now in maine's second congressional district. we start with the one. we don't know he's winning it but he's leading right now. the president we have full expectation when we finish the country in alaska the president will get that. say the president gets georgia. that gets him to 248. if the president comes over here, even if he comes back in nevada -- i mean, arizona he gets to 259. nevada gets him to 265. the president is out of options
8:06 am
then. youer up to 265. the only thing left on the board is pennsylvania. the president can't get to the finish line without pennsylvania. he has to win more than pennsylvania but once you get that 20 your math gets better. without that 20 you don't have a path. so you come back to joe biden who's at 253. again, if by the end of the day, we can say that, joe biden is president no matter how the rest of them end up. so pennsylvania with 20 is the biggest prize still on the board. if biden gets it game over and he's counting up from there. if the president does not win pennsylvania he's done. it's an absolute essential state for him as we watch the lead shrink. >> if biden holds arizona and nevada. >> that also gets him. that's it. you don't have to finish the thought. if joe biden is at 253 he holds arizona gets nevada, that's 270. the rest is gravy. you want a bigger win but, of course, once you get to 270 you
8:07 am
can't take it back. >> it's not clear if we'll any nevada by the end of today or arizona either. >> it is not. that's why if you talk about today as a decisive day the key point is when we get more out of nevada how much is it and what do they tell us about the universe still out there? come back to where we start. if arizona and nevada keep us waiting, which is conceivable. can joe biden get there without them? yes, with just pennsylvania -- >> although pennsylvania, that's -- 700,000 plus votes to be counted there, and also military ballots still coming in. >> right. so if by the end of the day they counted two thirds of those and joe biden surged past the president maybe the decision people feel comfortable enough to make a projection. we don't know that. we're going to be obviously incredibly cautious because of the states number one and the unorthodox nature of the
8:08 am
campaign. georgia would be another one. if joe biden gets georgia that gets him to 269. the big prize is pennsylvania. so can we -- your question, i think if you boil it down, is today the decisive day? we can't say that for certainty. we can't. we have to keep counting. there's the potential, if they speed up the count in pennsylvania a little bit and if we get georgia and if one of the southwestern states gets us more. perhaps. we'll at least know the trend lines. we'll have a better sense of the trend lines if joe biden overcomes the president's leads. we might not be at the finish line but we'll know the trajectory. >> john, thanks very much. erin, georgia. it just -- the whole thing is just fascinating to watch. >> there is no state that is more important than another right now. they're all equally juggling them in the air to see which ball is going to land first with
8:09 am
answers here. just moments ago, anderson and i, all of you watching the georgia secretary of state saying there are over 61,000 ballots that need to be counted in the state. the margin between trump and biden is razor thin. the question is when are we going to know what the numbers are. ? richard barren is the fulton county official, i know you haven't slept you're trying to get answers on this. i know we were anticipating an update from you around 11:00, do you have the final tally? >> we sent thumb drives over to our warehouse probably about 20 minutes before i got on this call. and we had -- we had scanned 140,083 ballots before i got on this call with you. we're close to being done.
8:10 am
i think within 2,000 at this point. >> so just to make sure you have the comparables right. you say 20 minutes ago you sent the ballots for tabulation, i would presume, right? >> yeah. we sent them over, yes. >> so the number we had from your secretary of state half an hour ago was you had 11,200 ballots outstanding in fulton you're saying that's down to about 2,000 is that right, apples-to-apples? >> i believe so. >> that's important. how long does it take for that tabulation to happen at the actual counting center? do you have a sense of that? >> once it arrives there usually is a low percentage of the ballots that get adjudicated by the vote review panel. once those are adjudicated, the tabulation doesn't take any time and then we just -- we publish those. so the results may be up already if not, it'll be momentarily. >> so momentarily, look, the
8:11 am
whole world is watching to see that from fulton county. one other question, though, richard, i know when you say you've counted all in about 143,000, you have about 2,000 left to go. i had the understanding that there was an additional group of ballots, provisional overseas military, do you know how many those are? are those included in your numbers? or is that a separate group that ends up mattering if this is indeed that tight? >> we'll talk cake care of any come in, right now we don't have any but we can receive some today and tomorrow. and the provisional ballots are being researched and processed now we'll tabulate those tomorrow. we have i believe 2,993 provisional to process. >> so then again just to make sure i have the math right because the math here may be so important. your overall sort of unknown
8:12 am
right now. you have a bunch being tabulated but your overall unknown is about 4,800, 4,900 correct? >> yes. that sounds right. >> thank you very, very much for laying that out so clearly. we'll be awaiting those results momentary. richard, thank you for your time. we're waiting for those to come up. that's crucial you have an exact sense what the numbers are. that is georgia, fulton county in atlanta. just ahead, pennsylvania's attorney general, on the legal challenges to the count there. we will be right back. my psoriatic arthritis pain?
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8:17 am
as you just heard, erin was interviewing an election official from fulton county in georgia. we are expecting to see some results momentarily from fulton county. that is the atlanta area. obviously that is very important to see where this racing is going in the state of georgia. let's go back to john king. what are the latest results? where do things stand as we wait for the latest batch. >> we think we'll get those
8:18 am
momentary. that's hugely significant. the president's lead is 18,146. erin was talking to the election director here, fulton county, the largest county in atlanta, about 10% of the statewide vote. it has at llanta and the suburb around it and it is voting for joe biden, more than 70%. when we last talked 11,200 votes there. the election official telling erin he expects 9,000 of them. they're at the tabulation center. so we'll get 9,000 more votes here. joe biden has been winning 70%. if joe biden won them all, you can cut that lead in half. so the question is joe biden is going to win, if we assume the trends continue as they have been overnight, the overwhelming votes of fulton county. how much does that lead shrink when the votes are tabulated? there are still a couple thousand in fulton county.
8:19 am
and in chatham, there's 17,000. i want to make sure i get my numbers right. which is going democratic. you see 58% to 41%. joe biden we know needs about two thirds of the remaining ballots. we'll see how many does he get of the 9,000 in fulton county and how much does that shrink, the percentage joe biden needs if he gets an overwhelming number of these 9,000 it cuts that lead down significantly then the math gets better for joe biden. we need the votes to know. >> you said chatham county, you might said 17,000 there's 1,700. >> i'm sorry, thank you for correcting me. i have a card in front of me, that's a smaller number then. >> now i'm being told it's 17,000 maybe i'm wrong. >> this is -- and look, in this time it's careful we'll correct each other and get through it together. that's what's hard we're at the decisive moment.
8:20 am
you have more votes to count here. the best part is the transparency of the officials coming out and tells us. when we get to fulton county this is incredibly important, 9,000 of the 11,000 votes that will tell us is joe biden continuing the trajectory he needs and is he exceeding? in this county he needs to exceed than what he does statewide. what gets hard when you look at red and blue, you say there's still votes out here, still votes to be counted here or here, or there's still votes to be counted here. you think the president is going to get those. yes, but we do know that joe biden in the mail-in balloting is doing well, even places he's l losing, he's doing better in that type of ballots. we're going to take this one step at a time. georgia alone cannot settle the race, don't get me wrong, but if joe biden takes georgia from the
8:21 am
president it makes the president's math difficult. you're talking 10% of the statewide vote, a place joe biden is getting in excess of 70% of the vote. even a higher percentage among the mail-in ballots as they're counted. when we get the 9,000 we have a good sense of if joe biden's math is continuing and if his path to cutting into that lead is continuing. and again, this lead has been shrinking every time we get a big report of a large number of votes from any of these counties but particularly atlanta and suburbs around it we've been cutting into the lead. this is why both campaigns are so anxious as georgia and pennsylvania are updating on the fly. the states in the west we have to wait. >> in some states pennsylvania, military ballots can be -- i think they have ten days or so in order to come in. do you have a sense, is it just through history, has that ever really made a difference? i'm not sure the total number of
8:22 am
military ballot in a commonwealth like pennsylvania. >> you can go back to 2000 in florida, settled by just over 5,000 votes. if you had a presidential race you're waiting until the last minute, 2000 is the only one you have to find every last ballot and in that case they fought over the ballots, the two campaigns did. it's not a question we'll settle today but we might have a better answer at the end of the day. looking at 18,000 georgia, several military bases here, a great military tradition across georgia and other states. a high tradition of military here. you're raising a question, if it's down to several hundred at the end of the day we have to wait and let the clock run out and see how many more ballots come in. if it's a couple thousand you ask officials what was the universe of ballots requested by the military. then you know. once you know the universe of ballots to come in you can do the math and see if it's
8:23 am
decisive. if it's not, then you know. >> in terms of north carolina looks pretty much -- i know you said it had been tightening a little bit but the president has a comfortable lead there. >> it's 76,737 votes. it's a very competitive state but one of the things you look for, unlike the other states, pennsylvania has been moving toward joe biden. president still ahead. georgia had been moving toward joe biden. president is still ahead. north carolina is stubborn. it's come down in fits and stars, but the president has a healthy lead. the indicator i take, you email people, call people in the state you ask them. but when you ask the two campaigns, the biden campaign said count all the votes but there's no sense in the biden campaign this one is going to flip. they hope it does, they want to count the votes but there's a lot of anxiety and anticipation when it comes to georgia and pennsylvania. when we move out west to arizona and nevada. i'm not going to -- when we're
8:24 am
done, i'm not going to get a text from the biden campaign saying why did you say that about north carolina because they think it's going to stay that way. doesn't guarantee it does we'll count the votes. we have reporters on the scene, talking to officials all the time. the campaigns know more than we do, they have people in the key counties, their own data analytics team. the biden campaign will say count the votes here but doing the math how do we get from 253 to 270, there's not a lot of talk about north carolina in the biden campaign. >> we are waiting some 9,000 votes from fulton county, the atlanta area. very interesting. as soon as they come in we'll go back to john to see how it changes things in georgia and nationwide. let's go back to erin. >> as you say, razor thin, 18,586 about i think the margin in georgia might have come down
8:25 am
500. but it's important and counting. i want to ask you nia we're getting in from caitlyn about the president. that the president's team has started to sink into them the numbers aren't going in their favor. you look at pennsylvania, it is going to narrow. and yet the president is defiant and in denial wanting new legal strategies, instructing his children to go out and cast doubt on the validity of the vote. and yet, we haven't yet heard from him physically speaking here about it. >> that's right. he's been tweeting a bit. i think we tweeted something a few hours ago, stop the counting now. you see a real divergence here. president trump thinking he can k create his own reality and those closest to him, his children, trying to carry that out. you see them in philadelphia trying to do his bidding. then you see the sort of
8:26 am
institutions here are aholding. the voting is continuing, primarily because if you're a republican official, on the ballot perhaps in the some of these down ballot races you want a legitimate process, you want the counting to continue. i think david perdue, who's on the ballot in georgia said he wants the counting be to continue. if it goes to a runoff he's fine with a runoff, he thinks he'll win in a runoff. so this is interesting to see the president try to do what he does, create his own reality, be on a fantasy island, invite as many people to that island as he can, and at this point it is down to a select few people with this president as he watches his lead dwindle in some of these states. this was his strategy to discount those mail-in ballots. i wonder if he is regretting, essentially telling his voters not to do mail-in balloting. now you see it's really making a difference in some of the states.
8:27 am
>> you're getting totally mixed messages out of the trump white house, david, right? you're getting trump saying stop, stop the counting. but then obviously they want the counting to continue out west. you have people like kellyanne conway saying if it takes three days or three weeks who cares. we want to know a winner. the messaging is all over the map. that does reflect a state of disarray. >> it does. let's make something really clear, erin. this notion that donald trump seems to be sharing with friends on the phone and his family member that is he thinks that joe biden is stealing this election because these votes are coming in. there is no stealing of this election going on. there's vote counting going on. and i just -- it is just amazing how much he has convinced himself that what he's witnessing, instead of being the very core of our free and fair democracy, right, a free and fair election, the core of our
8:28 am
democracy, the foundational principle, the critical building block, he is convinced that that process is somehow stealing the election because the vote totals in some of the states are going in joe biden's direction. but as you note in arizona they're going in trump's direction that's why you have kellyanne conway saying let all the votes be counted. it's just so -- i know it doesn't surprise anyone anymore but it is so disheartening to hear the president of the united states speak that way about the very thing that is at the center of who we are as a democracy. >> i also just wonder whether his team will -- they prevented him from coming out and speaking, right? we saw the tone of what we got on election night talking about stealing the election and cheating. will they prevent him from doing something that could be damaging at this point as the final votes come in? >> he made the initial statement and you saw republicans push
8:29 am
back on him. also i think what has been good is that his supporters, his followers haven't been out in the streets, haven't been really raising a are you cuss. you did have the incident in arizona but by and large some of the uprisings that people might have feared haven't happened yet. there clearly isn't a winner at this point. so we hope that continues after there is a winner declared but the president doing what he always does, being paranoid trafficking in conspiracy theories and having people with the last time trump advance the theories which, as david said, have no basis in reality at all. >> thank you both very much. next pennsylvania's attorney general is going to join us, give us the latest in the race there, give us legal developments and the votes outstanding. we'll be right back. some companies still have hr stuck between employees and their data.
8:30 am
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okay. all eyes on two states this hour, georgia we are expecting results shortly from the atlanta area. significant chunk of ballots coming in the atlanta area that we'll see what happens to the razor thin margin in georgia where the president is ahead by about 18,000 votes. and in pennsylvania ballots being counted, the margin there has been shifting, there are legal challenges flying. i want to go to the pennsylvania attorney general, josh shapiro. good to talk to you this morning. let's start with the big
8:35 am
picture. last understanding you have about 700,000 votes outstanding in the state of pennsylvania. where are you right now? >> that's probably more of a question for the secretary of state in terms of the exact number. but what i'll tell you is, she indicated last evening that she felt that the lion's share, the vast majority of these ballots would be counted by the end of the day today. and so, the people of pennsylvania, the people across america who are looking to -- some answers from pennsylvania should have a better sens of that by the end of the day. >> that's the bottom line. that's what people want to hear. we get to the legal challenges and other questions. let me ask you about allegheny county. the "the new york times" is reporting, attorney general, that 35,000 uncounted mail-in ballots are there in allegheny county, but that the election staff is taking the day off from counting them for other work.
8:36 am
can you explain to us why, if that is indeed happening? >> i can't confirm that. i can tell you the county executive has been on top of the count, on top of the ballot issues. i'm sure they have a very good reason for why they are handling it the way they are. they've had a good process. they've gone through the process and i'm sure they'll be reporting the numbers just as soon as they can. >> unable to confirm that. let me ask you about legal challenges from the trump campaign. they have indicated they're pursuing at least two lawsuits against your commonwealth of pennsylvania, asking the u.s. supreme court to intervene to stop mail-in ballots that legally arrived after election day from counting. so what happens from here? i know you've been segregating ballots. but what are you doing right now? >> let's talk about this, erin. the first thing i got to say, the campaign is over, erin.
8:37 am
the spin, all that stuff, let's be done with that. the fact is that the american people, the people here in pennsylvania, they voted. and now we are focused on counting those votes. i've said many times with you and on this network we're going to secure, protect and count all these votes. we're counting them now. it would appear that the trump campaign issued a press release and is moving to intervene in that matter before the united states supreme court. now what's really important for folks to know and why i think we have to take a deep breath and calm down is that on two separate occasions, the united states supreme court had this matter before them and refused to take it up. and the real question here, the real issue here is whether a ballot, that is postmarked by election day, and then received on wednesday, thursday, today, or friday, tomorrow, before 5:00, whether that can be
8:38 am
counted. that question is a question of state law that went up to our state supreme court, which is our highest court here in the commonwealth. and it was heard and decided by the state supreme court that those ballots are legal. and they will be counted. >> right. and, of course, there are other states that have the same laws. also laws set, as you point out, by gop legislatures. so trump's deputy campaign manager, justin clark, has said that bad things are happening in pennsylvania. democrats are scheming to disenfranchise and dilute republican votes. that's a baseless thing, i understand you're counting votes and counting everywhere. they have provided no evidence that any such thing is occurring. what is your response when things like that are put out there to cast doubt on results? >> erin, you kind of answered the question with the way you phrased it, which is there is no legitimacy to those comments.
8:39 am
my response, as the chief law enforcement officer of the commonwealth of pennsylvania is that we're following the law here in pennsylvania. we're counting these legal votes. i want to tell you what people are counting across pennsylvania, these are clerks, folks from our neighborhoods out there doing a great public service. what they're doing is, the ballots that were mailed a week ago, or two or three weeks ago because someone was afraid of covid and didn't want to stand in line at the polls or someone that dropped off their ballot at the dropbox, those ballots were arranged, processed and now they're being counted. there are every bit as legal as the ballots that were cast on election day. they will be counted here in pennsylvania. we will follow the law. we're not going to get into any kind of back and forth on the rhetoric or politics. as i said before, the campaign is over. now it's time to count the votes. what i will tell you is, we will
8:40 am
respect the will of the people of the pennsylvania. whoever gets more votes in that election will be deemed the winner by the commonwealth. and we will respect the will of the people. that's the law, that's how the process works and that's what we'll do here. >> attorney general, thank you very much for your time. despite these questions, anderson, he is still saying they anticipate a result by the end of the day today. >> again such an important thing to continue to point out. what we are seeing is, the votes being counted, it's not new people voting, new votes being cast. >> exactly. >> it is the votes being counted. >> new numbers from georgia. you had talked to an official from fulton county. the lead for president trump now from -- in georgia has gone from 18,146 to 14,857 that means the lead the president has in georgia has shrunk. back with john king. john, we had heard from an
8:41 am
official in fulton county that they were sending over about 9000 -- the results of about 9,000 ballots that they had counted. i'm not sure if this change is from all of those. do we know? >> it's 6,000 -- it's 4,653 votes for joe biden in the latest count. so as you noted, the impact of that, the net when you do the math is 3,289 cut off what was the president's lead. so the fulton county official told erin about a half hour ago they were about to tabulate 9,000 ballots, that's about 6,000 so we're waiting. there could be more but the trend line, again, is clear. again, down to 14,857 so just shy of 15,000 votes. every time one of these blue -- this is fulton county, which is atlanta and the suburbs around it, the suburbs around the blue, every time one of these counties reports new votes as they count the votes we see the president's
8:42 am
lead shrinking. in many fulton county, the former vice president is getting nearly 73% of the vote compared to 26% for the president. we knew there were 11,000. we could any second now get 3,000 more votes -- >> we should also point out he said there were about 2,000 or so still to count in fulton county. so there's, what -- yeah, so 2,000 more they have yet to count. but we should shortly hear about the other few thousand. >> he said 11,000, 9,000 went to the tabulation center so we're waiting for 3 more there. we're waiting for about 5,000 more votes from fulton county. every time fulton county reports more votes, joe biden is cutting and significantly from this -- into the president's lead. we're thinking 5,000 or more from fulton county. if you go through, again we're
8:43 am
also told there are still 7,300 votes to count in gwinnett county, joe biden is winning. we're waiting for votes there. come back out, doubled checked this -- >> you were right17,000. >> that's a lot of votes. think 17,000 votes here. joe biden is winning with 57, 58% of the vote if you round it up. he tends to be getting higher percentages among the mail-in ballots that's the bedrock of democratic support. assume he's getting 57, 58% of the votes. when the 17,000 of those, you have several thousand here in the blue suburbs in atlanta and around atlanta, you see the president's lead is below 15,000 we have an interesting few hours ahead of us as georgia now is starting to report more and more of the votes. if you go back to last night, midnight tuesday, the president had a giant lead. there's a reason he's tweeting
8:44 am
stop the count, he's watching what's happening and his people are telling him it's not good. >> given the votes left in georgia, it does seem by the end of today, we should have a much clearer mixture of what's going on in georgia. >> if it keeps the going the way it's going, joe biden needs to win about two thirds. that's a ballpark number they tell us 61,000 votes out there, we don't have exact numbers, nor do the officials we have to give them grace they're doing the best they can. but the secretary of state's office told us ballpark 61,000 vot votes. and joe biden needs to get two thirds roughly. he has been performing at that rate or better, anderson, as we count the vote -- >> kate baldwin has new information from allegheny county, let's go to kate. what have you learned in philadelphia? >> reporter: anderson, we have
8:45 am
confirmed that allegheny county, the home of pittsburgh, they are pausing on their counting of the outstanding ballots still out there today. we're talking about a universe of 35,000 ballots. allegheny county is putting a pause on it, in large part it appears, due to a poo 29,000 ballots caught up in a legal challenge over ballots that were issued, that were incorrect, and then new ballots were issued to those same voters. there's a legal challenge that this pool of 29,000 ballots is wrapped up in and because of that legal challenge there had been an agreement that those ballots were not going to be counted or, you know, gone through until friday, tomorrow, and after 5:00 p.m. there's also, then, 6,000 ballots that i'm told are -- were not able to be processed. and because of that, they were going to need to be gone through
8:46 am
manually with all of that in mind, allegheny county is not counting ballots today. they will be back in to resume work at the return board -- they'll resume their work tomorrow beginning at 9:00 a.m. there was an internal communication that we received from -- internal communication that we were able to look at that did say that the -- that -- i'll read you a quote here. that they said the election division staff will be using the day, meaning today, to do administrative work. i tell you, anderson, i spoke to a councilwoman in allegheny county, i just got off the phone with her, she said she wants to make sure everyone waknows thers nothing malicious going on here. if 29,000 votes can't be counted until tomorrow there's not a lot to do for the return board. she said it's frustrating, she would like to know what they're doing throughout the day she did not understand what
8:47 am
administrative work meant. she would like to get more information herself and thought it was frustrating there wasn't nor information out there. especially with the understanding that everyone's eyes are on pennsylvania. but she said to me clearly, this is not a vacation day. that's the latest from allegheny county, anderson. >> this is so important what's going on in pennsylvania. so just go over the numbers again. allegheny county, so 29,000 ballots, which are votes that have been cast, but there was a legal challenge to them. those have been set aside and there's a pause on counting them, correct? >> reporter: yes. there's a pause. the way it was described to me is because of the legal challenge that came, they came -- all parties came to an agreement that those 29,000 would be set aside and they would not be -- i'm just going to say dealt with, if not counted, until after the
8:48 am
deadlines for all mail-ins to come in, which we know is by 5:00 p.m. friday. they were not going to look at this pool of ballots until after that point. >> right. >> that is what we know with those 29,000. >> there was another group you said of 6,000? >> yes. there's another group of 6,000 ballots that, from my understanding, they could be counting today. they are ballots that were too creased, that they wouldn't fit into the scanner correctly. all of the little things that can trip up the process. it sounds like there's about 6,000 of those that need to be handled manually. they're also not being counted today as they're not doing counting today. that we will then assume will then pick back up when they get back to work with the counting tomorrow starting at 9:00 a.m. >> are there any other -- >> reporter: i should say, anderson -- go ahead. sorry. >> are there any other ballots
8:49 am
uncounted, you talked about the 29,000 set aside, the 6,000 with creases on them that are not being dealt with right now. >> yes. >> do we know how many other outstanding votes there are in allegheny county? >> reporter: i'm going to pull up my latest communication that i got to make sure we're fully accurate. the number that i have of outstanding is 35,413. and that includes the 29 and the 6. >> right. got it. >> reporter: so that's kind of generally speaking. it's all aproblem mats. the six include every number, but that's the ufrs they're looking at. just over 35,000 not counted. >> most of the ballots not counted in allegheny county are the 29,000 batch which there's a challenge on and the 6,000 that have issues with them as well.
8:50 am
that seems to come close to 35,000 number. good information there. >> reporter: that's exactly right. >> go ahead. >> reporter: of course. i was just going to say there are definitely questions of what are allegheny county election officials and return board, what kind of administrative are they doing today. but for sure you can rest assured they're starting back up tomorrow. >> we are getting new numbers in pennsylvania. let's take a look at that. put those on the screen. the president's lead narrowed by 14,000 votes less. john king is standing by. john, do we know where those votes have come from? >> the trajectory. i will walk you through it in a second. the trajectory tells you why the 35,000 votes in allegheny county could be decisive when you look at a lead now 121,000 plus, and
8:51 am
shrinking by the hour as more votes come in. allegheny county is what kate is talking about, pittsburgh and the area around it. you see how blue it is. joe biden is close to 60% of the vote. in mail-in votes he is doing even better. 31,000 could be very important getting closer to the finish line in this count. we should prepare viewers for this, especially because margins are tightening in many places, sometimes the state republican party, sometimes the trump campaign, they're going into challenge things. we're going to go through that. most ballots we are waiting for, in philadelphia, up to 83%. slight up tick. joe biden is moving up the map a little there. this is where the game is. i shouldn't use the term game, consequences are so important. this is where you have the biggest outstanding votes still to be counted in the city of philadelphia which again if i showed you how well joe biden was doing in allegheny county, he is doing even better in
8:52 am
philadelphia, 80%. this is where it will play out. that's why kate is there, even though she's reporting statewide. montgomery county, 95%. bucks county, even split. it is central philadelphia area we are waiting for the biggest number of votes. it has the biggest basket to move the numbers the most. there are other ballots we'll count throughout the day in the commonwealth of pennsylvania. you can seat challenges in the western part of the state. trump campaign is complaining in the southeast part of the state, especially city of philadelphia. expect this in georgia as well, expect it out west. this is so close. it could be a decisive day. the president's lead in a state he absolutely cannot afford to lose. without the 20, president trump does not win re-election. that's why it will get bare nuk e he willed. watch for the fights and contentiousness to increase. volume is already up. the dial will turn. >> and from what kate is saying, we're not going to be getting more votes counted in allegheny
8:53 am
county today, the 29,000 are basically on hold as are these 6,000 according to officials, the word that kate has there. john, we'll continue to come back to you. a lot of math happening now. lack of sleep for pretty much the entire country, things get messy. jim sciutto is here to breakdown the numbers and do the math. jim, starts with pennsylvania where we got new numbers. >> all right. get your calculator or pencil and paper or however you do math. i start with the proviso, estimates based on what cnn is receiving from states and they can change. we have seen that in pennsylvania there. until the latest update from pennsylvania, we had 605,000 uncounted votes in total from the state of pennsylvania. 30,000, takes it down 575,000 votes. if you take away those votes not delayed in counting tomorrow. this is the margin each candidate needs to makeup
8:54 am
ground. joe biden needs to win 61 to 63% of outstanding votes, do the math there, that adds up to somewhere over 350,000, up to 380,000 votes. donald trump needs to maintain 37 to 39%. that translates 223,000, 235,000, somewhere in there. these are estimates. gives you an idea of how those remaining uncounted votes have to breakdown to either give joe biden that state or president donald trump. georgia. 65,000 uncounted votes, again, an estimate. joe biden needs to win 63 to 65% of those uncounted votes to make up the current deficit in that state which is below 15,000. so biden of the remaining uncounted votes, doing rough math, needs to win between 40 and 42,000 of them. donald trump to maintain his lead in the state needs to win
8:55 am
22 to 23,000 votes. i should note, as you look at the margins in some counties, remember, these are urban areas, suburbs that tended to favor joe biden and mail-in votes which tended to favor joe biden as well. >> thanks very much. updated vote counts in critical battleground states are expected through the day. the latest with john king and the rest of the political team next. ways to keep moving. and at fidelity, you'll get planning and advice to help you prepare for the future, without sacrificing what's most important to you today. because with fidelity, you can feel confident that the only direction you're moving is forward.
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welcome to our viewers here in the united states and around the world. i am wolf blitzer. we're back in the cnn election center for a third day, awaiting another critical round of votes in the presidential race after tightening in key battlegrounds. former vice president joe biden aiming for wins in one or two more states that could seal a victory over president trump. at any moment, expecting new results from nevada where biden holds a lead. one of six states where the race is still too early to call. we're also keeping a close watch on arizona where biden's advantage has narrowed and georgia and pennsylvania where he has significantly cut into the president's lead. the big question, will biden add to his 253 electoral votes and move close are and closer to
9:01 am
winning the number necessary 270, or will trump find a path to add to his current count of 213 and keep the contest. look at pennsylvania right now. the numbers are shrinking again for president trump. he's got 50.3% to 48.5% for biden. he is ahead now by 116,000 votes. 92% of the estimated vote is in. 8% of the estimated vote is still outstanding. 20 electoral votes in pennsylvania at stake. and now in georgia, trump's lead has shrunk. he has 49.5% to biden 49.2%. 98 of the estimated vote is in in georgia. 2% still outstanding. 16 electoral votes at stake in georgia. in nevada, hasn't changed.
9:02 am
biden's lead, 87% of the estimated vote in. six electoral votes in nevada. in arizona, biden maintains a lead, although it shrunk a bit, lead is 68,390. 86% of estimated vote in. biden has 50.5%, trump has 48.1%. 11 electoral votes at stake in arizona. let's go over to my friend, john king. we're expecting any minute more results coming in from the key battleground state of nevada. >> that would be great. we spent all day yesterday, no criticism, call it what you will, frustration, we didn't get anything out of nevada. looking at the map, joe biden is winning popular vote convincingly, 253 electoral college votes, leading in nevada. that's one of the places. if he wins in nevada, even if we're waiting on pennsylvania and georgia.
9:03 am
this is why the state is so important. it was frustrating yesterday that we stayed here the whole time. 49.3 to 48.7. now the secretary of state and officials in clark county where las vegas is, most of the votes, 70 to 75% of votes come here, vegas and suburbs around them, what they were saying yesterday as we understand you're frustrated, this could be a decisive piece of the path to 270. we want to get it right. now we'll get some votes that will tell us a lot. clark county overwhelmingly most votes come from. as much as 75%, 70%. >> john, hold on. erica hill is in clark county for us. you're getting new information. what are you learning? >> reporter: wolf, what we are waiting for as john pointed out, what we have been waiting for for the last 24 plus hours is some updates. we have numbers for early in person voting. some ballots received prior to
9:04 am
election day and election day numbers. we are expecting it this morning. i keep hitting refresh on the secretary of state website. other updated numbers could include some of the mail ballots. remember, first time ever in this state every active voter was sent a mail in ballot because of coronavirus. not everybody has to return the ballot or vote by mail. there were two weeks of early voting at each polling location, including election day. drop boxes where you could bring that mail in ballot in. when we get numbers today, there are still more ballots coming in by u.s. postal service in this state through the 10th of november, as long as they were postmarked by election day, they will be received by the 10th. they have days to secure the signatures and then be added. final tally from those could be as late as november 12th. today what we hope for, more numbers that the counties, 17 counties in the state have sent
9:05 am
in in the last 24 hours. that's what we're expecting in clark county which is pivotal as john was pointing out. we were told yesterday by the registrar in an hour from now, 10:00 a.m. local time. some numbers we are getting will be mail in ballots. how many received at drop boxes, at 125 polling locations in this county on election day. how many were received or delivered by the u.s. mail on both election day and the day after and how many are left to still be processed that they know of. >> erica, keep hitting refresh. we'll get back to you. sara sidner is also in clark county. what are you seeing and hearing, sara? >> reporter: a couple of things. we expect to hear from the secretary of state to give us an update. the first one in a while. everybody is waiting on that. as you heard from erica hill we're going to hear an hour after that something from the clerk here in clark county. i want to mention we just
9:06 am
listened to a press conference from the gop here who has all of the claims about ballots, they're unhappy with being able to actually observe, they're talking about a lawsuit that they want to file in federal court over what they're saying is voter fraud. so they talked about that, didn't give a lot of details about what exactly they were talking about with the exception of one voter that came forward and said her ballot was taken and she was unable to vote herself because someone had filled it out. what we are waiting for for the rest of the population is 70% of the voters are here in clark county and so as clark county goes, generally the rest of the state goes. getting new numbers, bigger numbers from here will mean a great deal as to who gets the six electoral votes. to keep in mind historically, a republican has not won here, a republican president hasn't won here since 2004.
9:07 am
>> every electoral vote counts in a close battle like this. john, let's look at nevada now. you have clark county up there, maybe 75% of the vote there. >> that's why it is so important. when we get a trend here, this is interesting. remember when we talked about florida and miami-dade, it stunned democrats. but niche marketing, nationalized election environment. some local pitches worked in south florida to latino voters, cuba, venezuela, elsewhere. socialism. here it is lockdown, lockdown, lockdown. trump campaign believes they can come back here. pull out, look at the statewide numbers. 7,647 votes, not a big lead. they think they can come back. in vegas and reno, they argue this is not what joe biden says he would do, trump campaign messaging was that joe biden will shut the country down, have an economic lockdown. and vegas and reno has been
9:08 am
punished severely, all sectors of the economy. it is a key test in a part of the state that sara noted used to be a republican state or purple state. it trended blue. this is one of the clinton states joe biden is trying to hold. it is competitive, makes you watch. still can be competitive. i mention clark, other big population center. >> hold on, erica hill is getting more information. let's check in with her. i take it you refreshed. what did you learn? >> reporter: wolf, we're getting slight updates. remember, it was a tiny number of votes, 7,647 votes i believe that joe biden had in his lead over president trump. i continue to hit refresh on the secretary of state website. we're seeing his lead has increased a tiny bit. now it looks like one percentage point. some more votes are coming in now.
9:09 am
again, trying to do quick math in my head. still at this point about 8,000 votes separate them. couple hundred votes that we are seeing added to biden's column but this information will be coming in throughout the morning and i'm going to keep hitting refresh. >> hold on, erica. we're getting numbers here, too. take a look. key race alert in nevada right now. biden's lead increased to 12rks 042 over president trump. biden has 49.5%. trump has 48.5%. six electoral votes in nevada. it has gone up from 7,647 biden lead to 12,042, john king. when every vote counts, that's significant. >> what you're watching is trend lines. both candidates can get to the finish line without nevada. what you're looking at now with nevada, arizona, georgia, pennsylvania essentially left, north carolina isn't called, expectation is that will stay in the president's column, trying
9:10 am
to take a chess piece off the board, keep six. the biden campaign wants to keep them off the president's map, trump campaign trying to keep them from joe biden. you are moving up. what do you want happening? you want that to happen. 7,600. now 12,000. it is simple. you want trajectory. you want to build the lead, not shrinking. the president's lead is shrinking in pennsylvania and in georgia, and joe biden's lead was shrinking yesterday in arizona as we wait for new numbers there. that's the source of tension in the campaign war rooms. that's the direction you want to be heading. is 12,000 enough to get you out of the woods? no. we have a lot of votes to count. because it was unique election, everybody in nevada was mailed a ballot, we don't have an exact number. officials don't have an exact number. they're waiting for them to be returned. looking at ballpark of 200,000 votes to be counted. you get a couple thousand, joe biden's lead goes up. not enough yet. lot more votes to count.
9:11 am
in campaign headquarters, you move the needle, our direction or the other guy's direction, if you're biden campaign, you're happy with that. looking at a one point race in a state you thought you would win by more than that if not significantly more than that. i want to bring it out here. that's the popular vote. you come back here and look. it was relatively close. this state is trending the democrats' way, but it is not a guaranteed locked blue state. 48-46 three years ago. third party candidates had an impact in 2016. not so much in 2020. we'll watch it play out. biden campaign, this is six. you can look at the map. >> point out also, 87% of estimated vote in nevada is reporting. still 13% outstanding. that's open for a lot of change. >> that's what i mean. 12,000 is better than 7,000, you're moving the right direction, but by no means out of the woods as we wait for more votes. again, to come back to the math.
9:12 am
why does it matter? joe biden got to 253 yesterday when he got michigan, wisconsin, and nebraska second congressional district. if you hold nevada and keep your lead in arizona, you're the next president of the united states. and joe biden is closing the gap in georgia, closing the gap in pennsylvania. joe biden still has more options than the president. the president has fewer options. even if you just take arizona off the board, if joe biden gets that, it is one less. in the trump campaign, they're looking at a dwindling path to 270. anything joe biden takes off the board is not decisive in and of itself, makes the window for the president much more narrow. and it is a take away. this was a take away for biden. trump won it in 2016, take away, that was a take away. joe biden needs to hold it. clinton state. the president would like to take it away. >> david chelian has contacts in
9:13 am
nevada. what are you seeing? >> reporter: woflf, we have 12,042 vote lead for joe biden in nevada. 49.5 to 48.5%. 87% of vote in, wolf. here is what's important. that additional vote that came in from clark county, joe biden won about 64% of that vote. before it came in, joe biden needed about 46 to 48% of all of the outstanding vote before the update in nevada to hang onto his lead and win the state. well, he just got 64% of the votes that just came in, well ahead of where he needs to run. obviously more votes to count. but if that's the rate joe biden is winning the additional vote coming in nevada, he is performing much better than needed. >> and let's not forget, if you
9:14 am
look at las vegas, clark county in nevada, 70 to 75% of the vote right there. >> david is giving you the math, joe biden is exceeding his math now. that's the trend of the campaign now in georgia. he is succeeding the map, in pennsylvania esshe is exceedings map. it is critical to protect your lead. doesn't have to perform as well as pennsylvania and georgia to come back. 72, 73, 75% of the vote depending on turnout, turnout meaning mail in in nevada for participation. but this is it. if a democrat can run up a lead, that's what clinton did four years ago, run up the lead here 52-42, you look at that. looking at 53-45 now. the president higher than hillary clinton, but no third party candidate. it is definitely a two candidate race. if joe biden stays at 53, move it up a little in clark county, you stay in clark county, given
9:15 am
it is 70% of the vote, you'll likely win the state. >> look at arizona. we are waiting for more numbers from arizona. you point out, biden's lead shrunk a bit. >> we can show you that if you want to go back and look at it. let me punch up arizona. this is wednesday. went from tuesday into wednesday, midnight, east coast. you see 207,000 and some change. 1:00 a.m., starts to shrink. by 3:00 a.m., down, and we continue to count votes. more goes down again. then you come one more time, this is wednesday, 10:00 in the morning, down to 93. falls down wednesday night down to 79. then come out in real time where you are now, 68. so you have a lead. trump campaign is experiencing this in pennsylvania and georgia, the biden campaign is experiencing this in arizona. you post a lead, you get confident and watch it shrink as
9:16 am
they count votes. >> 86% of estimated reporting in arizona is in. plenty of votes outstanding. key race alert now in nevada. numbers changed a little now. biden's lead over trump in nevada is 11,791. reduced a little bit. it was 12,042. 49.5% to 48.5%. 87% of the estimated vote is in, meaning there's plenty of votes outstanding in nevada. can't read too much into that, john, the fact it has gone down a little to 11,791 from 12,042. >> no. you just watch as votes come in. it is good they're reporting. went all day yesterday without new votes from nevada. watch votes come in, we'll go all over the place. got votes in a red county, the president getting 76%, joe biden only 21% of the vote.
9:17 am
some of this is why the map has value if you watch at home. some of this follows along, red county, you get some votes. the president moves the dial a little bit. you look at the math, talking about less than 2% of the state population. the president needs to run it up here in all of the small counties. this way, nevada is a different state than much of america, this way it is similar. in smaller, rural counties, the president needs to run it up. you see him doing that, the question is for context, looking at 89% of the vote, president has 2100 votes. this is important for the president to run it up here and where we got votes here. but again, 15,000 votes, leading with 88%. this is a big county. 15,000 votes. come to clark county, 431,000 votes. this is where you need to win. this is the prize. if it is close, then all of the smaller counties matter, no offense to other counties.
9:18 am
but 75% of the vote, 72% of the vote is here. and another 15% of vote is here. and joe biden is winning. 72 and 15 in a state where 87% of the vote comes from these two counties, joe biden is leading in most. in red areas, the president has to win and run it up, still won't be enough. he has to be competitive here and here. you don't have to win but you have to be competitive and close. at the moment, the margin is not close enough for the president to win nevada. doesn't mean as we count the rest of the votes he can't narrow the gap. we'll get there. we'll see. >> another key race alert. additional changes in nevada. biden's lead, maintains lead at 11,458. went down a little bit. still at 49.5% to trump 48.5%. maintains a lead of 11,000 votes now in nevada. those six electoral votes in
9:19 am
nevada are important especially when you add up the six to arizona's electoral votes. >> i will come and do that math in a minute. going to show you, get a geography lesson for people that are not familiar with this part of the country. this is where these volts came in, lyon county. the president getting 69%. just for context, this is 2%, less than 2% of the statewide population. if you're the president, you have to run it up. you move to cars on city, littl bigger, you have to run it up. that gap is not as the president would need it most likely. you look at major population centers here and here as you go through this. this is why we do the math. this is why it is important. joe biden is 253. takes 270 to win. if joe biden protects this lead and this lead, he is president of the united states, period. once you get to 270, can't take
9:20 am
it back. doesn't mean he wouldn't like to win georgia or pennsylvania, but that's it, period. i want to give you a scenario. in the biden campaign, they're confident. they're closing the gap. believe they can win georgia. closing the gap here, even more confident, even though numbers are bigger here, more votes are out. biden campaign is expressing confidence to capture commonwealth of pennsylvania. that would be game over. the president can win without some other pieces, the president can't win without pennsylvania. let me give you a scenario, what if. doing some what ifs. the president leading in maine's second congressional district. say he gets that. if he can hold pennsylvania, he is leading in north carolina, what if joe biden comes back and wins georgia. in a calculation like that, especially if western states took longer to count, the president, we expect him to carry alaska. waiting for vote count there. this is where it gets interesting. if the president comes back in arizona, president can take
9:21 am
nevada, 269 to 269. election that goes to house of representatives. not saying that will happen. both campaign war rooms, that's what they're doing. when they see 300 votes here. 4,000 there, sitting around the campaign war room, electoral college chess board, trying to figure out who is getting what, what are our chances. biden campaign -- >> goes to the new house of representatives, not the current. >> would go to the new house of representatives. >> vote by delegation, not majority. in that majority, we're not done with with house math. current house of representatives, republicans have an advantage. still counting. expectation is they still would, but we don't know for certain. i did that as a scenario for people watching at home. that's why today is decisive, or could be, as we count votes. again, the president of the united states cannot win with this. everything else you move around the chess board, doing the math. if joe biden turns that blue, not that these don't matter. talked a bit about this yesterday in this environment, we heard reporters in nevada in
9:22 am
the trump campaign out there challenging ballots, legal challenges. they're going to talk now. i don't mean this as criticism, either campaign. people say things at news conferences about election integrity. it is what they say in court that matters. do you take a case to court, what evidence is on the record, and trump campaign has not done that in most places, they're talking about it here. once you do that and you make one argument here and different argument here, you cannot argument inconsistent if you expect it to go to the supreme court. you'll hear a lot of talk. listen to it. what matters is what they say in a court document. >> trump can't win without pennsylvania. biden wins pennsylvania and gets 20 electoral votes, he is the president. votes are still being counted now in arizona, georgia, and pennsylvania. we're about to get more results from battlegrounds. we're going to check in with the
9:23 am
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9:27 am
key race alert. two important states. starting in georgia. 98% of the estimated vote in georgia is in. look how close it is. president trump has a 14,100 vote lead over joe biden.
9:28 am
it is 49.5% to 49.2%. 16 electoral votes at stake in georgia. 98% of the estimated vote is in. in pennsylvania, 20 electoral votes, 92% of the estimated vote in. still plenty of outstanding votes. trump maintains a lead but down to 115,069 over biden. 50.3% to 48.5%. trump's lead has gone down significantly in the last 24 to 48 hours as you know, john king. talk about these things, talking about georgia and pennsylvania. these are key battlegrounds that could determine who is the next preds of the united states. >> they could. let's start with pennsylvania, the biggest prize. 20 electoral votes. i said earlier, i will say it throughout the day, the president can't win re-election without the 20. the math doesn't work if he loses these. 50.3 to 48. you see 92, you think under
9:29 am
normal circumstances, think if they split votes at that ratio the rest of the way, the president would be good. we're not having a normal election. what's being counted now are mail-in votes. they're disproportionately hugely coming in for joe biden. let's go back in time. remember the 115,000. let's go back in time in pennsylvania. let's go back to wednesday, midnight. election day tuesday gave way to wenls, the president was 548,000 votes ahead. then, 618,000 by 9:00 a.m. wednesday morning. then watch. throughout the day yesterday as ballots start to come in, down to 435, wednesday, 3:00 p.m. thursday, this morning. 1:30 a.m., early morning hours, down to 164. 6:00 a.m. this morning as sun starts to break through, 164,000. 11:00 a.m., down to 135. live now, down to 115. you get a sense of momentum for
9:30 am
biden and still have hundreds of thousands of ballots out. as they're counted, this is what happens. montgomery county, 96% is in. the percentage goes up, but in mail in ballots, he is winning higher percentage. bucks county, see two candidates splitting the votes. what matters mows, we're waiting for philadelphia, 12% of the statewide population. biggest population center, basket of available votes. still only 83%. you see joe biden, 488,000. go back in time. hillary clinton won 584,000 votes in philadelphia four years ago. joe biden now just 100,000 votes shy of that with votes still could be counted and expectation is that turnout will be up. it is not unreasonable to think joe biden will get very close or higher than that hillary clinton
9:31 am
total which is a game changing event as you count more ballots. >> still 17% in philadelphia county outstanding. that's a lot of votes. >> enough votes there. especially in surrounding suburbs still, plus they're waiting. there's a pays here because of legal challenges. talked about that earlier. there will be a lot of these, as leads shrink, they mount challenges. 35,000 votes to be counted in allegheny county. votes are there. joe biden is on trajectory if he keeps getting in mail ballots the percentages he got in the last 24 hours, the math is within possibility. you watch that 115 thoir,000 voe needs it. >> let's check in with kate bolduan. >> reporter: i wanted to give you an update on allegheny county which of course is home to pittsburgh, very big county in pennsylvania.
9:32 am
they have paused, a pause on counting today with outstanding ballots. the details are important. first, the number. there's about 35,000 outstanding ballots to be counted. within that 35,000, wolf, there are 29,000 ballots that are -- that cannot be counted until tomorrow because of a court order, because of a legal challenge that's been brought against that pool of 29,000 ballots, has to do with voters being issued incorrect ballots and reissued ballots. a legal challenge to that. there's a court order that that chunk of 29,000 ballots cannot be counted until friday. there's another 6,000 ballots, according to allegheny county officials include everything from partially damaged ballots to ballots overly creased, couldn't go through the scanner to ballots that had issues like
9:33 am
date or signature issues that all need to be reviews and handled manually. because of that, they will not be actually putting any more ballots into the scanners until tomorrow. county officials we spoke with were stressing this is not a vacation day, this thursday for all of the workers working around the clock to get votes counted. this has to do with the process of they need to set up one official said, even getting to the extent of moving chairs and tables to get them in place for this review board with the process that will begin tomorrow. that's what's happening in allegheny. while we were speaking with officials, we have some interesting new numbers i wanted to make sure that we get out to viewers as well. they also now tell us that they have in allegheny county 500 segregated ballots. those are ballots received, mail in ballots, received after
9:34 am
8:00 p.m. election day that can be counted if they're received by friday. in that county, they received 500 so far, just for some perspective. i also count interesting, we were told they believe they'll have between 10 and 15,000 provisional ballots. so there are ballots that are coming in that are out there that are going to need to be dealt with and the pool i find interesting because 10 to 15,000 ballots, officials said was about double the provisional ballots they had in the last election. they also said they heard from the state that they believe statewide when it comes to segregated ballots, wolf, received after 8:00 p.m. election day, those mail ins allowed to be counted by state law, up to three days after the election when received, they believe the statewide across the commonwealth, there will be close to 10,000 of the segregated ballots that need to
9:35 am
be dealt with. getting a much more interesting picture of what kind of outstanding bloallots need to b dealt with. it is not as simple as we know talking budg talking about legal challenges as receiving and scanning. there's a lot going on. >> you're working your sources. excellent reporting, kate. thank you very much. allegheny county, pittsburgh, almost 10% of the population of the state. >> looking if you have 35,000 ballots in limbo, that's often done when you have a court challenge, they have a court challenge, the party suing, challenging ballots wants to stop them being counted first. want a judge's decision, should they be counted. once counted, it is harder to get them off the books, higher legal bar unless you prove something definitive. they'll test that. the president has a lead of 115,000. there are tens of thousands out in this part of the state.
9:36 am
if you get to the point the president's lead is in the 20s, then the 35,000 ballots are essential to count. we have to wait a bit. depends what the rest of the map is from the rest of the state. it is a democratic strong hold, you see the blue on the map, speaks for itself. joe biden expects to win the majority and sizable majority of those votes. he will want them counted. state law says they can count them, trump campaign believes there's opening to go to the supreme court. this is complicated but could be important. this state could decide the presidency. there could be court fights even after pennsylvania gets to the finish line or close to the finish line. one of the things we're seeing because stakes are so high and the election is so tight, these are conversations from every election, provisional ballots. say you requested a mail in, then you don't trust to mail it, you show up election day, in the
9:37 am
books they say you have a mail in ballot. they let you cast it, put it in a stack of provisional ballots. or they think the address is wrong, there are any number of reasons they give you a provisional ballot. anyone can challenge it. this is arcane. happens in every election. normally doesn't matter because you don't have elections settled by 10, 20, 500 votes. in this case if we get to that point, we'll have a fight over 8:00 election night, over provisional ballots, challenge in allegheny county and more. these things happen in every election. there's more spotlight on them when they are happening late in a presidential election. we're at 115,000 votes. let's go back in time and watch how it played out. wolf, this has been stunning. we'll come back up to the top. again, this is a state donald trump is president because of pennsylvania, michigan, wisconsin. as of tuesday, gave way to
9:38 am
wednesday, up more than a half million. you think pennsylvania will stay in the trump column. but remember, the mail in uniqueness of the election, keep counting ballots. wednesday, 9:00 a.m. 618,000, feeling better. wednesday, 3:00 p.m., trending the other direction. thursday, 1:30 a.m., the trump campaign starts to say whoa. they know the data, and watching them counted, you see 6:00 a.m. and 11:36 a.m. today, thursday. come back into pennsylvania, you hit out of that into real time. every time we get new ballots in pennsylvania in the last 24 hours, the president's lead goes down. >> and it is significant. not just in pennsylvania but all of the mail in ballots because of coronavirus, in part, people decided to mail in ballots instead of showing up, waiting in long lines election day. trump is ahead by 115,000 in pennsylvania now.
9:39 am
but there's only 92% vote in. 8% still outstanding. that we estimated is 600,000 outstanding votes and a lot of that are mail in ballots. >> the ratio joe biden is smaller than needed yesterday. he needed two-thirds of the votes yesterday. because he is cleaning it up, now he needs in percentages are shrinking. it is more than within the realm of possibility. chester county, 95%. montgomery county, 95%. bucks county, 90%. you come down here, again, bit of a broken record. philadelphia is 12% of the population. democrats think they did a good job in voter turnout. we're only 83%. if you're 83%, 488,000 votes, the expectation is when the rest of that comes in, you're going to jump by tens of thousands of votes at a time the president's lead is 115,000. there are more ballots to count
9:40 am
around the state. we'll count them. today will be an interesting day. they're moving. we'll see by the end of the day. secretary of state said some will carry over to tomorrow, the question is by end of the day today, is he still in the lead, has joe biden passed him. how big is that margin, then doing the math of what's still out. >> pennsylvania is a blue wall, three states, michigan and wisconsin. biden has already won. now we are waiting for pennsylvania. let's go to georgia. that's so incredibly close right now in the state of georgia. look at this. 14,100 vote lead that trump has over biden. 98% of estimated vote in, 49.5 to 49.2%. check in on the atlanta area which is a big chunk of the state. >> fulton county, atlanta and suburbs around atlanta, you can see 72% for joe biden. bunch of votes from here
9:41 am
earlier. 6,000 votes counted. every time they did a big bunch of votes from atlanta, that's why it is dramatic. waiting for more votes from fulton county. you come here, fulton, dekalb, 83%. still counting where joe biden is getting 83%. gwinnett, the count is moving, but more to be counted. you move this way, and here, now they're up to 92% in clayton county. this is where you're looking. he is getting 85% of the vote in these counties or higher. the math continues. again, just like pennsylvania, the lead was overwhelming late tuesday night. now joe biden is in striking distance. >> we're standing by for a news
9:42 am
conference from officials in nevada where the vote is very close. special coverage continues next. yet some say it isn't real milk. i guess those cows must actually be big dogs. sit! i said sit!
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hello. welcome to election day in the united states of america. continued. reminder that biden and trump are competing to get to 270 electoral votes. neither candidate has achieved that. as of now, democrat joe biden has achieved 253 electoral votes, president donald j. trump has 213 electoral votes. it is a race for the last competing battleground states. let me tell you where they are. nevada. joe biden has a narrow lead, just over 11,000, almost 12,000 votes. in georgia, president trump has a lead, over 13,000 votes. in arizona, joe biden, a lead of almost 70,000 votes. in north carolina, trump a lead of 76,000 votes plus. and in pennsylvania, the big prize on the board, donald trump is 115,069 votes. those are narrow margins now. we are waiting for all of the
9:48 am
votes to come into determine whether or not we award states to trump or to biden. let's check in with the campaigns now. let's start with jeff zeleny in wilmington, delaware with the campaign of joe biden. jeff, there was a campaign call, a conference call with the campaign manager earlier today. how are the biden folks feeling, do they think joe biden ultimately will get to the magic number of 270? >> jake, they do. there's the same air of confidence there has been since election day ended. there's that same confidence because of the numbers, because of changes we have seen. there are five words from general mali dylan, campaign manager for the biden campaign. sent five words to supporters. stay patient and stay calm. that's her message. this is why. they're looking at all the numbers state by state. they do believe that georgia is going their direction. they do not know if they'll win
9:49 am
it or not. it is why they sent president obama there the day before the election. they saw good return in early vote. arizona is a place she had a bit of caution for people. she believes the margin there will narrow more. they believe the president will get more votes in maricopa county and phoenix. they do not believe the ultimate outcome will change. they believe by tomorrow they'll have an advantage because of votes in pima and tucson. she's saying don't worry, it will tighten and expand tomorrow. we'll see. we'll let the vote count take care of itself. pennsylvania is something they have their eye on. they're optimistic about that. bottom line, jake, they do not believe a winner will be declared today. at least tomorrow. the parking lot behind me which was a victory rally set for tuesday night is still here, gathering a bit of dust. they don't think they'll use it
9:50 am
today. still optimistic. >> jeff zeleny in wilmington, delaware. let's check in with jim acosta at the white house. jim, we hear be patient and be calm. those are not vibes i am getting from president trump, patience and calm. >> reporter: that's not the feel here, jake. we have not heard from the president so far out in front of the cameras but the president is making his presence known in social media bunker, tweeting in all caps. now a statement in all caps from the trump campaign from the president. we can show you what it says. he says if you count legal votes i easily win the election, statement from the president. if you count the illegal and late votes, they can steal the election from us. statement in all caps from the president. listen, obviously the president is continuing to question legitimacy of the election. you talk to aides and advisers, some of them tell you a
9:51 am
different story, some express confidence they're pulling it out, some tell you a different story. when numbers bumped up for joe biden in georgia, they said listen, the president is running out of options. this is an indication he is running out of options. talk about georgia, talk to a separate campaign adviser that said it looks increasingly bleak in georgia for the president in that state, a stunning development to think that president trump could lose the state of georgia. there's growing pessimism inside the campaign. still feel there's a chance there's a narrow path to the presidency, one more time for donald trump. that's how the president sees it. he is calling allies and family members, trying to gin up enough outrage out there to potentially by will of the president himself change the outcome of the election. one other thing to note, this is indication where things are heading and mentality that's taking shape inside the trump campaign, there are aides and advisers starting to talk about
9:52 am
potential not only that the president is going to lose the election but that he may mount some sort of resurrection run in 2024. this possibility has been discussed i am told inside the trump campaign by aides and advisers, some talked about it with the president himself. that obviously is something that's way off into the future, but it is an indication they're starting to feel like perhaps they're running out of time inside the trump campaign, jake. >> jim acosta at the white house. thanks so much. let's discuss this. before we do, i want to make sure people understand. we have been saying for weeks that this election was in all likelihood not going to be decided election night, that there were going to be tens of millions of vote by mail ballots that would need to be counted and in order to do so responsibly, it would take some time. we were told that by pennsylvania, arizona, nevada election officials, and that's exactly what we're seeing. >> turns out we're in a pandemic and because of that, this is a
9:53 am
pandemic election. things move more slowly but more importantly, people, a lot of people, millions of people took advantage of new laws in their states, including battleground states, to vote from their perspective more safely. that meant sending in ballots by mail or putting them in drop box. >> you know what we probably didn't realize as we were leading into this, we knew it would be a closely divided election, but the sheer number of battlegrounds that we have right now as we sit here, nevada, arizona, georgia, and pennsylvania, all still undecided is what is causing everyone to be so on edge. the margins in all of the states are very, very narrow. there's a lot of uncertainty about a small number of ballots, and it is causing people to feel anxious. the only resolution to this is to have the ballots be counted. >> exactly. that's why despite public
9:54 am
bluster from the trump campaign, despite the fact that they're trying to bend the narrative to prepare for the possibility that the president loses, that's just not what's going on here. there have been no reports of nefarious situations in any of these places which for the most part are really transparent. >> republican officials are observinok, the courts will sort out what's written in court filings, throw out things that are not on the level, but at the same time what i'm concerned about is disinformation universe that's continually being fed and created by the president and his allies. people are believing it. last night, in maricopa county, supporters showed up yelling about a sharpie conspiracy theory. these things are starting to matter. >> and we are following the count in all battleground states where they're about to hold a
9:55 am
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that's why i get up in the morning! i have a secret method for remembering all my hr passwords. my boss doesn't remember approving my time off. let's just... find that email. the old way of doing business slows everyone down. with paycom, employees enter and manage their own hr data in one easy-to-use software. visit for a free demo. we are back with continuing election coverage. i am wolf blitzer. right now, former vice president joe biden is gaining votes and momentum in three of the
10:00 am
battlegrounds that could decide if he wins the white house and defeats president trump. we're expecting more results out of nevada at any moment after biden increased his lead there a little while ago. he also has made gains in georgia and pennsylvania dramatically shrinking the president's advantage in those states. right now, it is too early to call races in states including arizona, another battleground that could potentially close the deal for biden. democrats looking to build on the 253 votes to hit the winning 270. the president has 213 electoral votes, and is mounting legal challenges as he sees his options narrowing and narrowing. let's get a key race alert now. let's start in georgia. 16 electoral votes, 98% of the vote is in. look how close. trump has a lead by 13,540


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