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tv   Election Night in America  CNN  November 5, 2020 1:00pm-4:00pm PST

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results may -- repeat -- may be announce said tonight. the pennsylvania secretary of state has a news conference scheduled for the next hour. we're also watching all the major undecided battlegrounds, pennsylvania, georgia, arizona and nevada. they're honing the keys to winning 270 electoral votes. biden is almost there with 253. trump has a steep uphill fight with 213. let's get another key race alert. and let's do it in pennsylvania. right now there's 20 -- 20 electoral votes at stake in pennsylvania. absolute must-win for trump. if biden wins pennsylvania it's game set and match, he's the next president of the united states. right now trump is ahead by 106,000 -- almost 17,000 votes. over biden 50.2%, 48.5%. right now 98% of the estimated vote is in right now.
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let's talk about pennsylvania. we know it's so important. if biden wins, it's over. he wins the presidency. but trump must win pennsylvania otherwise there's no way he could win. >> let's start here and then we can break down the vote and today could be the decisive day. we'll hear from the secretary of state next hour. shal update us on the vote total and the other thing is the push back from the trump campaign. we'll do the math right now. as you noted joe biden at 253 this hour, president trump at 213. that would do it. that would do it. joe biden thinks he can come back and get georgia. joe biden leads in arizona and nevada. that would be gravy if he could hold the commonwealth of pennsylvania. he's trailing right now but the president's lead has been shrinking every time we get votes. and many of them, most of them are in blue counties, philadelphia and the suburbs around it. this is why it's so important because if biden can do this and
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if biden can hold here and hold here not only is he winning but in the ballpark of 300 electoral votes. that was trump's total in the electoral college four years ago. biden thinks he can get there and match it. the rest of this looks to be out of reach, north carolina, alaska and maine's second congressional district. this is the biden campaign's best case scenario right now in their world. doesn't mean it's a guarantee. we're still counting votes here and here, still counting. if you come back to this map here, president trump must win pennsylvania, must win georgia, must hold north carolina, that would get him in place and then he could get there even that would get him knocking on the door. you see that. president trump if he wins pennsylvania and georgia, he has a couple of different paths, but he must win the two of those, and right now his leads are shrinking every time you count the vote. we're not at the finish line but joe biden is knocking on the door and has many more options.
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>> i want to check in with kate baldwin of philadelphia for us. she's getting some information. what are you seeing over there, kate? >> reporter: hey there, wolf. with all eyes on this largest county in the commonwealth of pennsylvania, philadelphia has updated its total of mail-in ballots counted. so the latest number that we just received the updated number is the number of outstanding mail-in ballots still out there left to be counted is estimated between 85,000 and 90,000. a significant number, still. for perspective they started the day with 140,000 mail-in ballots outstanding to be counted. they're now they estimate between 85,000 and 90. so they are cutting into that number but it's still a significant one. i'm also told by a source involved with the canvassing that they're estimating now, wolf, that they will in total wednesday, thursday, friday combined, have a total of 1,000
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of those ballots that need to be segregated. those mail-in ballots that came in after the election date deadline that they -- that are obviously contested. those segregated ballots philadelphia believes they will have 1,000 total, and those have not yet been counted, the ones they've received in. >> just to be precise are we talking when you say 85 to 90,000 ballots uncounted is that in the city of philadelphia or the county of philadelphia? >> reporter: that's where all this counting is going on. all of that is happening in this convention center beside me. that's that cavronous space where they're doing all of this counting. that is the total for -- the county commissioners run this site. they have between 85,000 and 90,000 mail-in ballots still outstanding, have not yet been counted. >> thanks very much. kate baldwin in philadelphia for
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us. he's behind by a little bit more than 100,000 votes. and if he's getting 80% in philadelphia county right now, that's a pretty impressive number. >> and the lead just went down a little bit more. it's 101,000 right now. yes, if you come back -- this is where we are in this race now. 97,900. let me clear this and bring philadelphia back up. the locals sometimes do get annoyed with us. philadelphia county is the census bureau -- kate says 85,000 more votes. think about that. if you've got around 85,000 votes in philadelphia, joe biden is getting 80% of the mail-in count already. imagine if he gets 80% of those 85,000 votes, just there if he's in that ballpark that would cut substantially into it just from philadelphia.
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now, we know we have other votes outstanding. places like montgomery county close to being done here. bucks county and look at that tail joe biden is getting 50 to 48. we do know in the mail-in ballots joe biden has been disproportionately winning. mail-int was the preferred voting strategy of democrats. we've seen that especially in the last 24 hours or so they've counted the mail-in ballots in pennsylvania. kate makes that point about the separated ballots. there's going to be a fight over this. local officials are trying to say because of the pandemic we want to count some ballots that come in as long as they're postmarked a little after the election. and pennsylvania republicans in the trump campaign are saying no way. so there could be another court fight over some ballots, which if biden wins by a very narrow margin this one is going to be in court for a while without a
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doubt. chester county up to 95%. touched on this one, montgomery county up to 95%. so you're waiting for philadelphia, those votes there. and then you come out here and this could be what keeps us waiting allegheny county also a ball mark 80,000 ballots to be counted here and there's also a challenge over some of those. officials say it's likely not to happen until tomorrow. this is little bit deceptive in the sense in pennsylvania all this red the president runs very strong in the rural counties of pennsylvania. you pop up up here at 74%, pop one up here at 73%, the president runs incredibly strong. senator casey was talking about that earlier. he runs it up and you see the numbers here. again, in the mail-in ballots joe biden has been doing well even in these red trump counties. as the counties report their
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votes, joe biden in many of these counties is picking up votes on that lead the president has. another place we're watching is here in erie county. we're from buffalo, new york. it's 50 if you round up to 49% for the president, but there's still 10% of the vote to be counted. this is one of the battleground counties, blue collar counties the democrats want to turn. 2016 the president carried just barely. if you go back to 2012 president obama carried this county twice. joe biden from scranton, pennsylvania, made a point to try to fight for erie. he's trying to present himself as a blue collar alternative to president trump. it's not a huge population center but a decent sized population center. erie county, bigger and more ballots still to come in. wolf, we're going to have to wait. and as we wait the key is right there you'll get a little bit more perhaps out of there but mainly here. 86% in the city of philadelphia.
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85,000 or so to go. >> let's check in with pamela brown. he's getting new information about pennsylvania as well. >> reporter: we just heard john talk about erie county and that margin is getting tighter and tighter. i'm talking about president trump's margin there in erie county has 64,089 versus 63,087 for joe biden. erie was one of three counties that president trump flipped in 2016. this is a county he thought he didn't have to worry about this election. but then covid hit and he went back, campaigned there in erie in late october, and he even admitted to the crowd i didn't think i had to come back here honestly but then as he called the plague covid hit, and here i am i need your vote. but with this trend they have some outstanding ballots that they say they're going to be counting tonight. and what we are told, don king and wolf, is that they expect to be finished counting tonight,
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all mail-in ballots remaining and those ballots have been 4-1 for joe biden. >> interesting indeed, john, and as pamela points out those mail-in ballots are skewing big time in favor of the democrats. >> and as i said sometimes when you pull out the map you look at pennsylvania, if you don't understand you'd look at this and say, oh, the president's going to win this state huge, look at all that red. these are much smaller rural counties. again, this is a place where we saw the president at one of his rallies at the end of his campaign here in butler county, and this is how he off sets democratic advantage in pittsburgh and philadelphia and the suburbs by running it up in these counties. but even in places like this where the president gets very high vote total, the democrats who live there, many of them voted by mail. as pam just noted in erie county up here you look at it on the map and it's red, so you'd think there are still outstanding ballots. you look at this and you'll say they'll roughly split them.
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in a normal election you sometimes see it that way, because if people are voting general absentee, this is not a normal election. a lot of democrats decided i'm going to vote by mail, and we're seeing just a lopsided advantage for joe biden. republicans chose, most of them to vote on election day or vote early, get in line. those ballots have largely been counted. the ballots that came in the mail or postal service or drop boxes. and we've seen that pretty consistently even in these trump counties across the commonwealth of pennsylvania and other states. the same thing is happening in georgia as we speak. and as they count those mail-in ballots the president's lead is shrinking, now under 100,000 in pennsylvania. i want to go back to understand the drama of this. this is pennsylvania. look at where we were. look at where we were as tuesday, election night gave way to wednesday. the president was up by more than a half million votes. he stretched it out even a bit more.
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435,000 and started to drop wednesday afternoon. then it dropped by wednesday night, by late last night we started to see this trend happening, but it has continued. every time they've added more ballots the president's lead has gone down. there we are in realtime now under 100,000. again, doesn't mean you can't stop that trajectory, but in the biden campaign they think this has snowballed down the hill, and they're going to keep picking them up as they go, and trump campaign they hope these red counties bail them out, but you can understand the anxiety in the trump campaign. you're hearing a lot of people say the trump campaign i think three days in a row has been in philadelphia crying foul. again, my advice to everybody trump supporter or biden supporter see if they actually go to court and try to prove anything. you see these circles. these are our population centers, and you see overwhelming the population of pennsylvania in terms of voting is down here. philadelphia and the suburbs generate a ton of votes.
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pittsburgh suburbs more. this is where the president does run it up. this is good state for president trump. we looked earlier he's not underperforming anywhere compared to 2016. it's just there's higher turnout. democratic turnout is up, republican turnout is up. that's why joe biden is in play as we come into the final hours of the campaign in pennsylvania. again, i keep looking up there just to see sometimes this is rolling target. 97,900 votes within reach for joe biden. he needs to execute as the rest of these ballots get counted. >> when you and i spoke to bob casey he pointed out there's still some 370,000 ballots that have not been counted in pennsylvania. if you look at them most of them are mail-in ballots that skew in favor of the democrats, potentially biden can narrow that 97,000 point lead trump has significantly if not overtake it. >> yes, he can. and senator casey his dad was governor. the casey family knows the state
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quite well. and luzerne, the president is winning there but democrats voted by mail. this is what you can't see when you look at the map. what we can see is these mail-in ballots. he's talking about counties like this where, again, the president is getting 67% of the vote, but in the mail-in ballots maybe there's a couple hundred, and they're coming in predominantly for the democrats even in the red counties. that was the point senator casey was making. out here this is place look at the numbers, largen county, east of pittsburgh, this is part of the trump base in pennsylvania. west moreland county is where the president tried to make the fracking argument, for example. you see 64-35, but even there what we're told by local officials the mail-in ballots are predominantly for joe biden because that's how democrats decided to vote to be safe. republicans also a tradition -- republicans have more of a tradition on voting on election day and that was exacerbated this year because of all the mail-in balloting.
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>> i want to check in with jeff zeleny. i take it we're going to be hearing from fairly soon the former vice president who's been in briefings on coronavirus and other issues. >> i'm being told any moment now we're going to hear from the former vice president really what he's been up to the last couple hours, and he been receiving briefings on coronavirus. the coronavirus numbers have been going up across the country, so joe biden and kamala harris have been receiving briefings on that as well as the economy. here in wilmington, going forward with their daily briefings even as they're keeping a close eye, their advisers are keeping an eye on what is happening in georgia, in pennsylvania in particular. i'm told by advisers the comments from joe biden are going to be similar to what he said yesterday. he's going to be talking about democracy, not going to declare victory at all but going to project optimism. the point is clear here. they're trying to show he's at
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work, he's being briefed on the challenges ahead should he get the job. a stark contrast, of course, we've not seen the president almost in nearly 48 hours talk to the white house about the daily challenges that are undergoing at this time. the stage behind me here you've been seeing in the backdrop it's been quiet the last couple of days. there's been some activity for sound checks, getting ready for something possible i'm told. the former vice president is not going to be speaking here. he's going to speak in downtown wilmington, but they're getting some stage ready in case they need it at some point. but that would only happen if this race was called and that has not happened. many votes still being counted. >> john, we're going to hear from biden. been getting a briefing on coronavirus. just want to point out yesterday was a record high number of new confirmed coronavirus cases in the united states. more than 100,000, and more than
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1,000 americans died yesterday from coronavirus. these are awful, awful numbers that we're seeing here in the united states. >> they are awful numbers, and i'm going to see if we can find it in the map here. we judge our presidential elections in red and blue. this is something we're not doing our election coverage and our election coverage has taken us away from the pain of the pandemic for a couple of days. maybe it'll take until tomorrow who will be the next president, who will inherit this in january. will it stay in president trump's hands or will joe biden pick it up? the deeper the red is the higher of the case count. confirmed cases per 100,000 residents. you go through them every day and go through the counties, it is numbing. as you note another record yesterday. the possibility to go over 100,000 again today or at least back into that ballpark, record territory. you're adding 100,000 new
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infections a day. it was the defining issue in the campaign, and one of the big questions here is if joe biden wins the presidency, donald trump is still president for three more months as this plays out. if donald trump wibs wins the presidency obviously he has four more years. it's just a simple fact the president himself has not attended a coronavirus task force meeting in months. the president doesn't even meet with the experts anymore. the united states is setting record new infections every day this week just about and the president of the united states was out on the campaign trail. our attention is focused on who's going to win the presidency right now. and the president said it's going to go away, we're going to stop talking about this. no, we're not. and it's not just here, too. people are watching across the world. this is problem and crisis for the american president who are that is. >> more than 100,000 cases, hospitalizations going up and at
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least 1,000 americans are dying every day right now. >> david axelrod, we're waiting to hear from vice president biden. we heard from jeff zeleny saying he's going to be projecting confidence, not declaring victory at this point but ready for the challenges if he does win. >> well, what a contrast between these two candidates at this moment in this process. you've got the president who seems cl seems cloysterred in the white house and you have vice president biden who is clearly projecting confidence and sense of transition, a sense this is going to come to an end and we are ready to move forward. and it is a smart thing to do to be out there to be reassuring people and sending signals of confidence that this process is about to come to an end.
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>> i think also it's about stability. to say that, you know, you may think there are -- there's chaos, demonstrations, whatever, but i am -- i represent stability here, peaceful transfer of power should it come to that. and i'm working for you. with my briefings not only covid today but on the economy, which he does regularly anyway. but i think they want to make sure the public knows that. >>m look, i'm excited to hear from him actually. it's the weight of the office as it's -- it's not there. we could still have some surprise ending. it's 2020. anything can happen in 2020, but i want to see how it lands on him. when he was a kid senator people said you'd be president, you'd be president and it looked like it was never, ever going to happen for him. and he went through personal tragedy after personal tragedy, showed up for the country over
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and every again and here in his twilight years he's getting this massive responsibility. >> the night barack obama got elected president i have such a clear recollection of going over to see him. and we'd been friends for a long time since he was a returning law student from harvard coming back to chicago. >> let's listen in. senator harris and i just completed briefings on both covid and the economic crisis facing this nation. and we're reminded, again, the severity of this pandemic. cases are on the rise nationwide, and we're nearing 240,000 deaths due to covid. our hearts go out to each and every family who's lost a loved one to this terrible disease. in america the vote is sacred. it's how people of this nation express their will, and it is the will of the voters -- no one, not anything else that chooses the president of the
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united states of america. so each ballot must be counted, and that's what we're going to see going through now, and that's how it should be. democracy is sometimes messy. it sometimes requires a little patience as well, but that patience has been rewarded now for more than 240 years with a system of governance that's been the envy of the world. and we continue to feel -- the senator and i continue to feel very good about where things stand. we have no doubt that when the count is finished senator harris and i will be declared the winners. so i ask everyone to stay calm -- all people to stay calm. the process is working. the count is being completed, and we'll know very soon. so thank you all for your patience but we have to count the votes. god bless you all and may god
1:23 pm
protect our troops. thanks so much. >> very short from vice president biden. >> the notion that he was saying i ask everyone to stay calm -- >> yes. >> -- really makes it clear that he understands what is occur [what could occur after any result is announced. and i think that is the message you're going to hear from him time and time again saying the process is working, just let it work, it's messy and please stay calm. >> it's also interesting because he's not -- he made it clear to not assume that he has won without even -- he could have not declared he's the winner but kind of acted as if he had won. he chose not to do that. i was thinking about if he had done that president trump watching what the reaction would have been. >> i think it sends a message when you start off by saying we had a briefing this morning
1:24 pm
about covid and you address covid, and it's almost a kind of quasi prejudice statement. and i think the unspoken message was we know where this is going, we're prepared, you know, i'm ready. so he doesn't have to. i think the body language, the nature of his statement says we're going through this, we know where it's going and we're ready to take off. now, we'll find out, but i mean increasingly it looks like that responsibility is going to fall to him. >> his acknowledgement when he said that 240,000, something about him saying that really hit me. the numbers have become numbing. but when they come out of joe biden's mouth they don't feel numbing. we get a couple 9/11s a week at this point.
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you can just tell this is going to be a different kind of president if he gets there. >> your point i was saying before about obama, you know, this was an incredible day when he won in 2008. it was a historic moment. there was a lot of jubilation, but when we went to see him the thing that struck me is he was happy obviously, but you could see etched in his face -- you could see the sort of weight of the office and the realization that this is all mine now. >> this is when he first realized. >> yeah, it was literally when the race was declared, ten minutes later a few of us went over to see him with his family. and i never saw that weight lifted off his shoulders in the 8 years that he was president. i never sensed it was always there, this constant companion,
1:26 pm
his responsibility. >> did you see that in the seriousness in biden today in a way? coming out of this briefing learning with a new number on the increasing number of deaths, the depth of the economic crisis. obviously he's known about it, but did you see that in a sense? >> i used to joke -- not joke. it wasn't a joke at all. i'd say obama had the worst set of circumstances since roosevelt. he is going to be -- biden will surpass that. the situation he's inheriting is graver than the one barack obama faced. and he's a serious person. he's a student of this, and i'm sure -- i'm sure that the gravity of the situation that he may well now walk into is with him. >> because he was there. >> yeah, he was there -- >> he was there when you got the bad news and now he's there looking at that all over again potentially. >> i thought it was the right
1:27 pm
tone. he cleary is very confident that they're going to win, and it's not a bravado. he feels very confident he's going to win. i think his people have convinced him the numbers are there for him to win, and so he is assuming the role. and as far as i'm concerned, he didn't say anything -- i'm just looking from the standpoint as a conservative, as someone who's been in the fight. there was nothing there that was a poke in the eye or that stirred the pot a little bit. i think his call for calm -- he called for calm generally, not saying you people are -- he was just saying, look, let the process work. >> i've been told cnn is reporting that some people around the president are concerned that seeing vice president biden speak, that the president is going to want to come out and echo the message of
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calm. just going to want to speak. they didn't characterize -- >> there was nothing there that pokes the president, not that the president doesn't have every right to go out and say something. i think it's very right for the president if he wants to say something today to say something. i don't think there was any intent to poke the president or prod him to say something. the campaign is over. the decision's made. we have to figure out what that decision is. i give credit frankly to both sides because you can say he's tweeting everything. yeah, he is but for donald trump he's being fairly restrained. >> i do think you have the eyes of the world on these tv camera, the eyes of the world on these devices. literally you've got billions of people around the world. so i think leaving a vacuum out there isn't good. because you have disinformation and a bunch of hysteria going
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on, and frankly the president isn't helping. so i do think biden coming out and give that calm that's now being shared around the world, that's medicine. that's medicine we need right now. >> jake? >> thanks so much. and it is very different to see what we're seeing from joe biden, calming the temperature, saying everything's going to work out, just let the system work. and the opposite from not president trump who they've kept safely ensconced in a sack in a basement of the white house so far. but there are conservative activists out there who are just alleging all sorts of -- they're just lying to put it bluntly. they're just out there lying. >> and i'm just pulling up because i took notes on what the former vice president said. he said democracy is sometimes messy and requires patience. obviously the latter is true. we all are experiencing that right now, the need for patience. but i don't actually think this is that messy. it's remarkable how unmessy and how clean this process is
1:30 pm
considering the fact we're talking about millions of votes -- well, tens of millions of votes, obviously hundreds of millions total. but when you look at these battleground states, it's a lot especially for places like pennsylvania, which has never had a culture of mail-in voting. and they were behind, you know, the 8 ball for a long time. people in pennsylvania even admit that. and this is the first time even prepandemic they decided to make mail-in voting more available. and the fact they're doing it rather quickly given the volume that they have is pretty amazing. >> yeah, it's just taking a little bit of time, and what's interesting is so many of our reporters who have been in the field all week have heard from all these election officials in towns and cities across it country and so many of them saying it's been a boring election day. they have not seen widespread problems. even the biden campaign, a lot of democrats who have been on the lookout for widespread
1:31 pm
problems, we haven't seen them really alleging anything crazy happening, so now we're just counting the votes and waiting to see what happens, and i was really struck by how biden in some ways, you heard rick say the campaign's over. biden seemed very much in a post election mind-set. i'm sure he was thinking about donald trump, but it was almost as if president trump was not a factor in what he was saying as he was going out there. >> exactly right. >> his mind is clearly in a transition mode. we're not quite there yet in terms of the numbers, but that's clearly where joe biden, it former vice president of the united states who has been in politics and in washington for decades, that's where he is right now. >> well, if he does want to do what he said he wanted to do as a candidate which is unite the country and bring everyone together, that's what he needs to do and not poke the bear. let's go to katelyn collins who covers the white house for us. what are you hearing from the
1:32 pm
white house, from the trump team? >> reporter: well, jake, all day yesterday and today i've heard president trump has wanted to come out and do just what joe biden did there. appear in front of the cameras, address the nation. obviously it's a safe bet to say they would say very different things than what joe biden just said there urging calm, counting every vote and waiting to see what the ultimate outcome is. but here's the concern for trump world. they've been trying to keep the president pum speaking publicly. they've been told let the attorneys handle this right now as we're waiting to see what's going to happen in somewhere like arizona. because if the president comes out they know his mezzage is not going to be much stronger than what it was 2:30 on wednesday morning especially in somewhere like a pennsylvania, like a georgia. so the concern that seeing biden go on camera is going to make the president go on camera. because that's often how he sees things, he watches them through
1:33 pm
the lens of the coverage seeing them on television. and we know he's been in the oval office today but has not been in public since that surly morning appearance at the white house. so the question is are we going to see from the president it seems far from determined over that the white house. but there is a concern seeing bidesen go in front of the cameras is going to make the president want to do the same thing. >> kaitlin collins at the white house. and i think one of the issues here is, look, whatever the president says it's not going to affect the counting of the votes. we have a system where states are in charge of this. states often give that power to counties, and the counting is going on. the question is will president trump's continued desire to inflame tensions by making patently false allegations about this election and about the integrity of our very democracy -- will that inflame his supporters so much that
1:34 pm
there will be violence? that is the real risk, and that is what the people around the president have got to think about when they keep him from going public because they don't want there to be americans physically hurt. >> remember five years ago on election night when we were discussing what the president would say, there was a choice beforehand in that moment. inflame tensions or kind of take a different tone, avoid stepping on some of these land mines. he chose to inflame tensions, and the reporting is it was against the advice of many of his advisers. the question is will it go even further? some of them showed up outside of the place where they're counting votes in arizona armed. so we're kind of there already, and now we're at the phase where their path is so narrow you're seeing a lot of desperation show up. the president's son eric trump
1:35 pm
asking just a few minutes ago on twitter where's the gop, really calling for republicans who are allies with the president to step up and defend him. and we're going to see a lot more of that. the president and what you're seeing from his children is a reflection of what the president wants. he wants people out there defending and echoing some of the unhinged things he's been saying. >> you know where the gop is, with the basic rule of democracy which is count the votes. >> right. >> i mean even the president's most ardent defenders in congress that we've seen and heard from on policy issues and even on some of the kind of personality things that the president has had, it's crickets for them. there is a reason for hat. and it is because what we're seeing is each state and commonwealth doing the job required of them. doing it well, doing it slowly. and one thing i want to add to what kaitlin was saying is although there are certainly
1:36 pm
people around the president keeping him at bay, keep him from going out, others i'm told are worried about he's ceding the presidential space. >> and all these election workers doing their jobs some of them republican, some of them democrats, the governor of georgia a republican, the governor of arizona, republican. lots of people just doing the work. there are republican and democratic observers in all these spaces. that's why there's not this rising up, this revolution of republican members in congress and senate because they know the process is working. and there are republicans in the room watching to make sure that it all goes fairly. pennsylvania is taking center stage in the evolving election drama. it could have its results tonight. we're standing by to hear from the pennsylvania secretary of state as election night in america continues. ♪ i see you looking (uh) ♪ i see you looking (na, na, na) ♪ ♪ i see you looking (uh)
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we're take agvery close look what's going on in arizona. >> this is the room where it happens. you've got democrats and republican observers. every time there's a discrepancy they have to agree and then kick it down the chain. arizona right now joe biden leads by about 68,000 votes. of course the ap and fox news have called this for the president. president trump would have to win those remaining votes by 17 points to pull things out here.
1:42 pm
last night in maricopa donald trump won those by 17 points. when the new numbers come out 7:00 p.m. local time here less than 5 hours we're going to see if that trend continues. is it a 17 point lead for him here? does that mean he's going to chip away at joe biden's lead as this count goes on? that's what everybody caress about. but maricopa county he may get those numbers but there's also counties which trend a bit bluer, so it is going to come down to razor thin margins here in arizona, wolf. >> thank you very much. john king at the magic wall. the secretary of state at arizona is joining us right now. thank you so much for joining us. first of all, how many ballots do you believe are still outstanding statewide? and how many of those are in the phoenix area in maricopa county? >> there's roughly 450,000
1:43 pm
statewide, and just under 300,000 are in maricopa county. >> that's a lot. when do you expect we'll get those results of those outstanding ballots in arizona? >> yeah, it sounds like most of the counties and wrapping up tabulation the bulk of tabulation by this weekend, maricopa county included except for some provisional ballots that they actually have until tuesday to resolve. and so we're going to know results soon. >> let me just press you on that. when you say soon, do you think we'll get more results today at least? >> oh, absolutely. maricopa county is posting their daily tabulation every day at 7:00, 9:00 for you gow gis. and they're going to continue to do that until they're done. so i think that after today and tomorrow we'll have a really
1:44 pm
more clearer picture on what arizona looks like. >> do you get a sense we'll get a significant number of ballots counted by tonight? >> well, they were able to get through 140,000 yesterday, so if they're keeping up that pace then, you know, that should be a good number. >> secretary, thank you for your time. i know you're very busy. i asked a version of this question yesterday so forgive me, but as you understand the country and world are watching right now because joe biden is at 253, and we're trying to take the remaining states off the board to see if joe biden win's the presidency. have there been any conversations about several updates a day so people can at least see a trend line, or what is the reason to do it one time a day? >> i have not had that conversation with them, so, you know, i think that every time they have to stop to upload
1:45 pm
data, it takes away from counting and i know they're just trying to get through those counts and provide a certainty to the public about when those updates will be provided. >> i know this came up yesterday, too, but we've seen the trump campaign understandably watching all of this, but also in a somewhat more curious way in pennsylvania, for example, complaining a lot and threatening to file suits. in wisconsin saying they would ask a recount. i know you're still in the middle of the count so no one could ask for a recount anyway. we did see some protests outside the maricopa counting center last night. there's disruption. are you worried at all about some of the anxiety you've seen at these counting center ss? >> certain we're worried primarily about the safety of the staff involved. as far as we heard everybody was safe. and i think what these protesters need to understand --
1:46 pm
>> i think we just lost -- >> that is what we're doing. >> go ahead, secretary. we lost you for a second. >> we're going to do that whether they ask us to or not, and their being there is causing delay and disruption and preventing employees from doing their jobs. >> do you see these incidents occurring elsewhere in arizona? >> we haven't seen them anywhere else in arizona, but they're out again today in downtown phoenix. >> and i take it it's okay in arizona for people to show up at these demonstrations armed with rifles and weapons, is that right? >> 100,000. >> that's the law. go ahead. >> in terms of -- as you look in terms of the pace of the count you're doing it your way. and different states are doing this in different ways. do you have any concerns in terms of provisional ballots
1:47 pm
being challenged or any other ballots being challenged? are you moving along smoothly because so much of this is on paper or mail? >> we're moving smoothly. ware at the place we're expected to be right now. we said from the beginning this is going to take time -- and turnout ahead of where we were this time two years ago. >> we're getting a bit of technical issues. we know the trump campaign has threatened various lawsuits in other states. have they threatened anything in arizona? >> we haven't heard anything at all, and really as far as we can tell there's not really anything he can challenge. here he wants the votes to keep being counted, so there's no reason to challenge that. enterms of recount, our recount margin is very narrow. and there's no basis to request a recount if oats not within
1:48 pm
those margins. >> and so i want to walk through it one more time. we've had a little glitch then connection now and again. >> how much of the vote do you expect to be out tonight, and who do you think we'll have if not 100%, 90% or more of the vote tallies counted? >> i don't want to put words into the mouths. yesterday they were able to tabulate 140,000 ballots. i would hope for a similar number today, but i can't commit to that on their behalf. the other counties are plugging away and updating their numbers when they have number tuesday update. >> secretary, based on everything you've seen so far when do you think we'll know the winner in arizona? >> i think if maricopa county keeps up the pace we saw yesterday in tabulating ballots that we'll have a much more clearer picture of where things standby tomorrow. >> by tomorrow morning,
1:49 pm
afternoon, evening? can you give us a better sense? we obviously are anxious that you guys do it but do it right. but we're just curious when we'll know. >> yeah, i would say by tomorrow evening when maricopa county does their upload tomorrow evening. >> because that's the biggest county, maricopa. >> that would be almost half the 300,000 outstanding ballots in maricopa county. it's relatively competitive. joe biden is nar low carrying it now 51-47. and here's the question. you see joe biden with a lead here. so if if we get 140,000 more today is it relatively unilaterally matched like this, but the president did narrow the lead. when you look at this and think joe biden's going to build, we don't know that.
1:50 pm
remember if you go back in time donald trump carried maricopa county four years ago. the suburbs have revolted against this president and some places here. if they get 140,000 today, that's about half. won't get you in the finish line but give you direction. >> of the 300,000 or so uncounted ballots so far, how many are like the mail-in ballots as opposed to the day of ballots? >> we don't have anymore day of ballots except for provisionals being counted right now. all the ballots being counted right now are the ones dropped off monday or tuesday. >> 300,000 in maricopa county. where else -- what about pima county? >> pima's got about 46,000
1:51 pm
ballots. yuma is down to 8,500. and pinel county has 41,000. >> show us those for a moment. >> here's pipe which is overwhelming right now 60-39 in pima. and then you move up here to maricopa we just stalked about, and you come this way. did we mention we have more in pinel county? >> no. >> okay, so you have more in gila county? >> oh, gila is very minimal, less than 500 in gila county. >> you said in -- there's still a significant amount.
1:52 pm
this is why they're -- >> they are 8,500. >> 8,500. you see again the president is carrying this county. in other states we are seeing even the republican areas the democratic preference to vote by mail or vote early is significantly higher. joe biden even in pennsylvania or georgia, even in republican counties the democrats have a lopsided advantage when it comes to those ballots. do you know or are you seeing the same thing in arizona? >> i'm sorry. you cut out a little bit so i didn't hear all of your question. the democrats here definitely had an advantage in early votes.
1:53 pm
and in the early votes that were actually turned in early, which is not normal. normally they're the ones holding onto them until the end and dropping them off those last couple of days, which is why we don't really know the ballots being counted right now. in normal they would trend democratic, and we're not sure if that's what's happening right now so -- >> that's a great point. and obviously we did see the last time we got an installment from maricopa county he actually narrowed the lead. the patterns you'd seen in the past are not necessarily playing out as the count unfolds this year. >> just want to button up, madam secretary, you haven't seen any evidence of any major irregularities, fraud, anything along those lines. so far everything has been almost completely smooth in arizona. is that right? >> yes, absolutely.
1:54 pm
>> that's good to hear. well, thank you so much, madam secretary. thanks so much for all your good work. grateful to you and the poll workers, this is important work. david chalian, you're getting some new information about arizona as well. >> state of play obviously 67,906 votes joe biden has in terms of a lead over donald trump 50.5% to 48.1%. we know two thirds of that come from the population center of maricopa county. out of those 450,000 votes joe biden needs 41% to 43% of them in order to hang onto his lead and win the state. donald trump needs 55 to 58% of what comes in of those uncounted votes to win the state. you just heard if indeed a trend is that the monday, tuesday ballots are leaning a bit more
1:55 pm
trump perhaps he can overperform his current statewide 48% and achieve that goal. we have to wait to see those votes get counted, wolf. >> we'll get numbers i suspect at some point. see what's happening in arizona. right now the pennsylvania secretary of state, by the way, is expected to speak soon as president trump's lead in the commonwealth drops to what are around 90,000 votes. it has just dropped again. 90,542 votes. not many left to be counted. we're watching all of this. election night in america continues right after this. you turn 40 and everything goes. tell me about it. you know, it's made me think, i'm closer to my retirement days than i am my college days. hm. i'm thinking... will i have enough?
1:56 pm
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2:00 pm
we're standing by for an update from battleground pennsylvania as our election coverage continues. i'm wolf blitzer. tonight former vice president joe biden says he has no doubt he'll ultimately win the white house and defeat president trump once all the votes are counted. right now all eyes are on pennsylvania where biden has been closing the gap with trump and threatening the president's lead as results from mail-in ballots are revealed. we expect pennsylvania's secretary of state to share new information this hour. we'll have live coverage. arizona, nevada, and georgia also could tilt the election one
2:01 pm
way or another. but pennsylvania has 20 electoral votes. that's enough to push biden over the top, above the 270 needed to win. biden has multiple opportunities to build on his 253 electoral votes, but trump who has 213 electoral votes needs to win pennsylvania in order to win re-election. it's time for another key race alert. and let's go to pennsylvania right now. the lead that president trump has over joe biden has narrowed to 90,542 and trump has 50.1%. biden has 48.7%. remember 20 electoral votes in pennsylvania. let's walk over to john king who's looking at pennsylvania very, very closely. we're going to be hearing from the secretary of state. we're going to be getting new numbers. but meanwhile the number has gone down. trump's lead to 90,402.
2:02 pm
>> this has been the case now for the past two hours. most of them are coming in from the democratic strong holds here. even as some of these republican trump counties begin to report they're leftover ballots we know across the country but especially the commonwealth of pennsylvania democrats voted disproportionately by mail. those are the ballots being counted now. the president's lead was 600,000 votes and now 90,000 votes. the question is there's swreery question joe biden has momentum. the question is does he have enough to get him to the finish line, will he just narrow this or pass? one of the places we're waiting for is the larnlest vote basket in the case. we've been stuck at 86 for some time. 12% plus of the state's population democrats believe they did a good job on turnout. we'll see what the final number
2:03 pm
is. 495,000 votes right now for joe biden. in places like milwaukee and detroit they thought four years ago they did a pretty good job in philadelphia. if joe biden can get up to that it puts him in that state. >> kate, what's going on? >> reporter: all right, so, wolf, the whole ball game now is how many ballots are outstanding and left to be counted. statewide the latest number we have is 340,000 mail-in ballots are outstanding. a big chunk of that is here in philadelphia. the latest numbers we have from officials here they estimate between 85,000 and 90,000 ballots still outstanding still to be counted. we also know in another large county, agagainy county, home of
2:04 pm
pittsburgh, the latest we had is that there are between 35,000 and 36,000 mail-in ballots outstanding. those will not be counted until tomorrow, dealt with until tomorrow. so that is where kind of the biggest chunks, if you will, when it comes down to the counties of where these outstanding mail-in ballots are yet to be counted here in the commonwealth. it also will be interesting to hear from the secretary of state if she has an update on the number of ballots that have come in after election day. those mail-in ballots that are to be segregated that are disputed that are kind of in dispute or being contested, if you will. we heard from allegheny county officials they have been told by the state and that was earlier today that just yesterday across the commonwealth the number of those ballots that came in after election day was 10,000 of those mail-in ballots that are to be
2:05 pm
segregated. it will be interesting to hear what the secretary of state has to say about those as well because when you're talking about the margins you and john are talking about, every single one of these ballots and votes matters. >> you're absolutely right, kate. thank you very, very much. we'll check back with you. normally you and i have covered a lot of elections, we've seen 93% of the vote, one person has a 90,000 vote lead. we naturally assume, well, that looks pretty good. it's almost over, right? >> right. because you crunch that math and joe biden needs to win 63% to 65% of the votes remain. well, he's not getting 63%, 65% of the vote total right now. normally you'd say forget about it except this is the unusual unorthodox election and joe biden has just said he needs somewhere between 63% and 65% depending on the exact number of ballots still out there. well, in the vote counted
2:06 pm
today -- in votes counted today joe biden is getting 78% of those votes. democrats voted disproportionately by mail. so you ghans at that number in a normal election you'd say doesn't work, the hill is too steep, no way you're going to get 63%, 64% of the vote when your count is at 49. however, just today joe biden is getting 78% of the vote. so he's exceeding what he needs in the votes counted so far. doesn't mean he gets them the rest of the day but there's reason for hope in the biden campaign. >> you heard kate say these are mail-in ballots skewed in favor of the democrats at least right now. stand by. we've got a key race alert. take a look at georgia right now. president trump's lead over joe biden is continuing to shrink. right now it is only 9,525. he's got a lead of 9,525 votes
2:07 pm
over joe biden, 49.5% to 49.3%. 98% of the estimated vote is in, but there's still several thousand votes outstanding in georgia right now, 16 electoral votes. john king, that lead keeps shrinking and shrinking under 10,000. >> so here we are 5:07 p.m. in the east. i wrote this down at 4:15. so less than an hour ago it was 12,465. that's the metric we're watching today. again, just as in pennsylvania as the mail-in ballots are being counted we said this at the beginning of the process and even as the polls closed on tuesday, republicans were expected to win the election day vote. people who voted they did and president trump jumped out to a big early lead here. democrats have are dominating and joe biden, the biden campaign have taken both pennsylvania and georgia, think of a snowball going down the hill. joe biden is picking up votes as they go. it's not a guarantee they pass,
2:08 pm
but let's see where they came in. we were waiting and still waiting. this is where it gets significant. we're waiting for 17,000 ballots to be cast here. this number has not changed. the numbers up here at least by look at it during the day this is chatham county, this savannah and joe biden is getting 58% of the vote right here. and this is key. >> let's go to savannah. right now martin savidge is on the ground for us in savannah. what are you seeing over there? >> we understand the secretary of state for georgia has scheduled a press conference about 25 minutes from now, 5:30. so we don't know exactly what he's going to say but clearly it's going to be something impactful for the election. chatham county here, they're still tabulating the votes. what they're doing right now is going through and looking at ballots that have been kicked out. these are ballots the machine has identified there's some
2:09 pm
problem with the ballot itself, and so you have republicans, democrats and also an independent who sit there and review. this isn't the old days where you hang up and look at it through the light. it's all on computer now. they won't say how many of these ballots have been kicked out, but of course they're trying to whittle down that list of 17,000. they also won't say how far down that list they've gone. what we do know is it's hoped at least by-election officials here they'll have a pretty good leg up on most of that number tonight. they will be updating to the secretary of state later. they won't say exactly what time. but also this county is going to have more ballots to look at and count tomorrow. primarily because as you know savannah is surrounded by a number of military bases. so they've got a lot of overseas ballots and here they have until 5:00 tomorrow to tabulate and count those ballots. so matter how much is tabulated tonight, they know they'll still have more to do tomorrow, and
2:10 pm
they hope it won't go into the weekend. wolf? >> yeah, let's see what happens tomorrow. every vote counts especially those military votes that are coming in martin savidge in savannah for us. thanks very much. we're expecting two major news georgia and from pennsylvania. these are two critical states which potentially could determine who's going to be the next president of the united states. >> they're essential states, and they're especially essential if you're the president of the united states who right now is looking at joe biden at 253 electoral votes. joe biden right now is looking at 253 electoral votes. donald trump, you kaept get from 213 to 270 without pennsylvania and georgia. it's impossible. so if joe biden wins either one of those states, he's the next president of the united states. joe biden has other roots. if donald trump wins them both that doesn't mean donald trump wins re-election because joe biden is leading in arizona, leading in nevada. those two states would get joe biden to 270. he's lead here, and he's leading
2:11 pm
here. those would get him to 270. we're not done counting votes here. just those would get joe biden there. so he doesn't need georgia, north carolina, pennsylvania, maine's second congressional district. let's come at this from a different perspective. joe biden is winning the rest of them. but the president is winning one of them and so here's what you get you. you get the president to 232. if the president wins here and here he's in play but he still has to win one of those. if joe biden takes away one of these it's just impossible. you can't get to 270. so the president must win pennsylvania, must win georgia.
2:12 pm
if he does that he has a path. everyone on the board still matters. if you're the president of the united states wondering do i get to stay for four moerz years it's essential. in those states georgia first, that was over 600,000, a little more than 24 hours ago. that over 600,000 and now down to 9,000 votes. the same thing is happening in the commonwealth of pennsylvania. inside of trump campaign they keep saying they have lawyers in both places. we know the president's been on the phone to the republican governor here, republican governor there. at the white house and trump campaign headquarters they're doing the math. they know. >> they certainly are. there's a lot of drama going on then race going on of the balance of power in the u.s. senate. dana bash is watching that for us.
2:13 pm
>> it's not just donald trump's lead shrinking in georgia but the incumbent republican. look at the screen. 49.9%. this is the first time the incumbent david perdue has dipped below 50%. in georgia a candidate must have 50% in order to avoid a runoff. right now david perdue does not have that. we are not sure where this will end up, but the reason we wanted to bring it to you is because it's the first time it has dipped there. and this is the other race we've been watching in georgia, two senate races remember there. this already is already going to a rup off according to cnn's count. that is the democratic raphael warnock, the republican kelly loeffler. democrats have 47 seats, republicans have 47 seats. remember democrats have to pick up four seats from republicans in order to take over the majority of the senate. and we'll see what happens at
2:14 pm
the end of the day. wolf? >> we'll watch it together with you, dana. very interesting race. january 5th looks like there's going to be two runoffs in georgia. >> think of all the money spent in the presidential campaign, the house campaign, the senate campaign, the campaign for governors. now you're going to have those two seats and they could determine the balance of power in the united states senate. we should buy a local tv station in georgia and buy it now. >> a lot of commercials going on in georgia. >> look, i'm laughing about this because this election could continue when it comes to -- we might be a day or so still and we do expect if it comes down to one state swinging it, watch for the president to mount legal challenges. so the presidentdential race even if we are pretty clear about what is happening, even if we're pretty certain about the final count, it's possible we'll have some court cases that keep us in limbo for a little bit. i want to go back in time and play this out for people because
2:15 pm
it is stunning to watch. again, it is a reminder if you're looking at this you're seeing the president. the president is saying things leak stop the count. that's just reckless and irresponsible. we live in a democracy. we count every vote. we knew coming into this mail-in voting, in person day voting, election day voting it is going to be complicated. and each statewide have a different way of doing it. a lot of those mail-in ballots have been left for last so they could deal with the crowds on election day. so let's come back here. this is wednesday. as election day tuesday gives way to wednesday, the president is ahead by 272,407 votes a:07 wednesday 9:00 a.m. it starts to zling a litt shrink a little bit. 6:00 a.m., down to 18,000 votes and get down to 14,000 votes, and then you come out live right now. again, the trajectory has been steady as they count the mail-in ballots, a lead that was once
2:16 pm
higher than 600,000 votes is now fewer than 10,000 votes. and again, the votes that are out are in democratic counties like chatham county where savannah is. and we know there's still some votes out here in the atlanta metro area. >> what we're seeing are some live pictures of the form vice president walking out. let's see if he says anything. he's with his wife dr. jill biden as well. i just want to listen in for a second. not answering reporters questions, getting into the vehicle over there. it's interesting he made that little statement a while ago. he had a briefing what's going on with coronavirus, the economic crisis in the country
2:17 pm
right now. he's been busy in those kinds of meetings, only seeing some tweets from the president of the united states. >> angry tweets from the president that are not factually based. the president said stop the count earlier today. if we stop the count earlier today joe biden is the president of the united states. if you stop the count right now joe biden wins arizona, joe biden wins nevada and joe biden is the president-elect of the united states. so the president should maybe think before he tweets, but that's not going to stop him. you just saw the former president joe biden, first ran for president back in the 98 campaign. 72.6 million votes and there are a lot of votes still being counted on the west coast, a still in new york state, everywhere but including in some
2:18 pm
big, blue democratic battlegrounds. joe biden is 3.8 million votes ahead in the popular vote. he's not president yet. democrats went through this four years ago and in 2,000. you can been the popular vote and not the electoral college, but joe biden has more votes than any other human being running for president of the united states right which is a pretty significant achievement for a man many of his own party questioned. 72.6 million votes. that number is going to keep climbing, so it's just a fascinating moment. now you're looking at this and you're saying these are the states we've called the red and the blue, and you're waiting to see if he wins there. if he wins there he's the president-elect. if he wins here he can get 306 electoral votes. he's using an economy of words. what he's trying to project is everybody hang in, everybody count the votes. i had a briefing on the economy, a briefing on covid.
2:19 pm
not saying much while the president of the united states today it's been interesting saying absolutely nothing in public except his words on twitter. as kaitlin collins has been saying earlier we do know he's complaining about some of these republican governors wishing they'd stop the vote. >> senator kamala harris, the vice presidential running mate. she's walking out, too. i guess she's not going to answer any reporter questions. we have no doubt he said we will be declared winners, and he added we will know very soon. so he's very, very confident about all this. and i assume if there is an outcome perhaps later tonight we'll hear a major address from him. >> as jeff zeleny reported earlier, they have a site setup for their victory rally.
2:20 pm
imagine the stress and anxiety. two men running for the highest office of the land so define very soon. very soon would be if we got to a place we could call this in biden's favor. we're not there right now. the question is are there enough votes still to be counted to continue it, and we know both of those votes are right here, southeast pennsylvania which is voting overwhelmingly for biden. can you get there? that's why you have to count them. this is now 9,525 votes and we know the outstanding votes are in places like this. fulton county, atlanta, the suburbs around it. this is a county earlier they said still had outstanding votes. even in georgia just like pennsylvania sometimes looks can be deceiving in the sense this is red. the president will carry it in the end, but we are seeing most democrats chose to vote early by
2:21 pm
mail. even in these counties there may not be as many democrats as republicans, but when they're counting these late votes they tend to be democratic mail-in votes. and again joe biden wins there, and he has many path tuesday 270 but he cannot lose that. he cannot lose that, and at this hour he's in danger. >> as you correctly point out pennsylvania wins 20 electoral votes. if biden were to win pennsylvania, lose everything else he'd have 270 electoral votes. we're standing by for news conferences in georgia and pennsylvania. the secretaries of state will be speaking, answering reporters questions. president trump's lead in both of those battleground states is slipping and slipping tonight. stay with us. our election night coverage continues right after this.
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2:26 pm
let's go live now to harrisburg where the secretary of state of pennsylvania is talking about the count for the presidential contest. >> though it's new under act 77 we can all vote by mail, it's the same processes we've all used for decades for absentee voting. so voters have to apply. they're checked against either the social security database or pendot database to make sure
2:27 pm
they're a qualified voter and they are who they say they are. they're checked again when the ballot is received they're actually an approved voter. very secure. there's really like the strength of the integrity of this vote is really un-paralleled. same when you go in person. you have to be registered, you go in, you sign-in the poll book. all these things are tracked. our voting systems and our databases make sure that no voter can cast more than one vote. it literally has a hard stop should anybody even try. and the counties, again, as i've talked about the amazing county election officials, they take this so seriously. they are such professionals. so, you know, i can just say really no matter how you chose to vote this year and so many pennsylvanians have, and it looks like it's really going to be great turnout when we finalize the numbers that every method is incredibly safe and
2:28 pm
secure. yes? >> you've said if i understand it correctly that enough results may be coming in tonight for people to have a handle on who the winner in the presidential race is. what's your basis for thinking that, and can you put a finer point on it, how long, what makes you say that? >> so the counties are continuing to count. and so obviously depending on how close the race is, that impacts whether you -- so you know the final results are not certified until 12 days after the election. there's no final results happening now anyway. what's happening now is having enough ballots counted to see who the winner is. the farther apart that is, the easier it is to tell. so it's very close in pennsylvania, right? there's no question. so that may just take longer to actually see who is winner is. but i can tell you that there's
2:29 pm
several hundred thousand ballots remaining to be counted. you can track all that, look on our website and you'll be able to see how we get to the conclusion. but either way i want to be clear that these are just the mail-in and absentee votes and the in-person votes. the overwhelming majority -- you know, a huge, huge majority of the in-person votes have been counted. we're in a very good place with the mail-in and absentee ballots but not quite there yet and there's going to be provisional ballots. what i've said all along is that the overwhelming majority of ballots will be counted by friday. i still think we're ahead of the schedule, and we actually already have counted the overwhelming majority of ballots. but because it's a close race it's not quite clear yet who the winner is. so, yes? >> you've mentioned provisional ballots a couple of times.
2:30 pm
how many of those have been cast statewide? and of those how many have been counted and reported? >> so very few have been counted. and because the -- that usually happens following the counting of the other ballots. so usually -- so counties are not going to start that until after they finished with the others generally. so we don't know yet. so provisional ballots i think we've heard from, you know, maybe two thirds of the county. so i don't have a firm number yet, and as soon as we do we'll be able to report those numbers. >> can you give me your best estimate? >> provisional ballots, i think it's still early yet. let's touch base again after i have more than the number that i have so far. >> no estimate at all?
2:31 pm
>> the context matters, so if i tell you a number that reflects 41 counties, it could be not reflective of the whole because it matters which counties they are. so we will circle back with you. yes? >> i know you standby the integritiy of the election so far. have you or any of the counties investigated any specific allegations of voter fraud? >> no. i mean i'm not aware of any -- i should say you probably heard some weeks ago that there was a gentleman in luzerne county who tried to apply for a ballot for his deceased mother. i don't know if you heard that, but that was several weeks ag. . that was the only incident i'm aware of in this year. yes, sir? >> i know you said a minute ago you guys have counted the vast majority of the in-person election day votes. can you give us a more specific
2:32 pm
sense how many of these are outstanding? is it fewer than the remaining mail-in votes? >> if you go to our website in the supplemental dashboard, if you look at like the pie chart it may be 99 are counted. there's a tiny fraction of precincts that aren't counted yet. it's a very, very small number. yes? >> the outstanding mail-in ballots that does include counties -- have all counties segregated the ballots that came in after election day? >> right. so the ballots that have been counted so far are the ones that came in by november 3rd. so all the counties are going to be segregating any that came in after november 3rd through
2:33 pm
5:00 p.m. november 6th. yes? >> secretary, there are seven precincts in allegheny county that aren't reporting anything yet. that includes election day in-person ballots. do you know what's going on there? >> no, i don't. but i'm happy to check with them afterwards. and i know what's going on in some of the other things but i don't know what's going on in those seven precincts. so thank you. we will reach out to them. yes? >> -- how many mail-in ballots may still be en route? >> do we know how many are en route? no. i can tell you that the numbers that have come in so far are a tiny fraction of what came in after the primary. and usually based on historic numbers you get the most ballots, you know, the day after election day and then it dwindles from there. so i don't expect to be a
2:34 pm
significant amount. not yet. we will know that once the counties do those -- because obviously those voter declarations had to be signed. and i think they will also be able to track the provisional ballot voters, the ones that didn't surrender their ballots, but that will take some time. thank you. >> should the county workers doing the count be concerned about their safety? >> so by safety you mean from the outside world or -- >> physical safety, yeah. >> the counties are really in the best position to assess that. we have a great commonwealth, a lot of diversity from, you know, very rural counties to urban counties. so it's really not a one size fits all assessment.
2:35 pm
we certainly talk to the counties and issue guidance and directives on security of, you know, the voting systems and the locations and all those things. but i think the physical security of the staff i would defer to the counties on. >> what about you and your staff? taking any special precautions? >> yes. i mean, we have security. we make sure we're safe and where our operations are are secure and safe. thank you. >> i was going to ask you about the late arriving ballots if you have any kind of idea how many there are? based on these questions i get a sense you don't know, but you did tell cnn today it was anywhere from zero in some counties to hundreds in others. can you be a little more specific? >> again, it's actually -- it's a lower -- it's a significantly lower number than we thought.
2:36 pm
but i think we heard from -- i apologize. i forget how many counties but it's a not a full picture yet. it's like a fraction of what we saw in the primaries. i think we saw 60,000 in the three days following the primary. it's not going to be anywhere near that. so once i have the full -- again, i think i have maybe, you know, two thirds of the counties. so i just want to make sure before i give -- but what i said was true. it's been -- there are some counties that got zero the day following and some counties that got in the hundreds, maybe 500. so that's the range i have now, but i just don't want to give you an overall picture until i have every county in. >> if i can double back on county mail-ins, i think you said in your remarks there were several hundred thousand outstanding, and we've heard some varying numbers on that.
2:37 pm
can you put a finer point on that at all? >> go to the website dashboard. it's constantly changing. it seems like as soon as i give a number there are county results that get update, and it's different than what i just said. >> what's the last number you were aware of? >> i think it's in the 350,000 prange, but again as soon as i say that you're going to go to the dashboard and you're going to say it's lower than that. >> on election night results in lancaster county were showing an amount lower than the amount requested. can you explain why that happened and if it was county specific? in lancaster county on election night specifically it was showing results for mail-in ballots well above the amount return and the amount requested. can you explain how that happened? >> you know, i can't remember
2:38 pm
lancaster county, specifically. what i can tell you is that some of the counties and lancaster so they're one of i think the two counties that have hard voting systems. some of the -- each voting system vendor has the way they translate with the data has worked slightly differently. as you know this dashboard and even the website, it's the first year that we broke out provisional ballots, mail-in ballots and in-person. so some of the reporting if the cou county's files were not done perfectly it might merge to the categories, might put things in the wrong category. so we've been working on all those quirks. but i know for example new york was off for a little while, but that is now corrected. that may explain what was going on in lancaster. most of it has been the county the may they sent us the files,
2:39 pm
the data was not in the right place basically. >> is there a way you can do that? >> well, it's fixed on the website and you can also -- i think i've said this prior but you can always go to the county websites. it's an easy way to double-check. >> what do you say to people since you're the person overseeing this election and you have clearly partisan views on the matter. >> my response is, look, these were four years ago and at the time i wasn't in any public service. i was a private citizen, it was a personal twitter account. so that. and then when i became secretary of state i took an oath then, and i took an oath to defend and
2:40 pm
protect the constuse of the commonwealth of pennsylvania and the united states. and partisan politics have no place in the department of state or county elections office for that matter. we work for voting rights and for effective administration. and i can tell you i will do everything in my power to make sure that every voter, every candidate and every party have access to a fair, free, safe and secure election. and i don't care what their background is, and and i don't what my background is. that's what we do at the department of state. thank you. >> the pennsylvania secretary of state holding a news conference. john, very significant numbers released. we're looking at pennsylvania right now. trump is ahead of biden by 90,542. basically she said go to the website and see what the outstanding ballots are.
2:41 pm
you're good at math. you've done the math pr. what percentage of the outstanding votes will he need? >> we know so far today in the count in pennsylvania is getting 78%. let's just say joe biden got 70%. if he got 70% of the rest of the ballot, if he got 70% that would be 228,443. that's a two, sorry. it's a little messy. then you start from donald trump's 90,000 lead. 90,542 lead, and then you add into that he would get 97,000. then he would be in the 188 and change. he'd be 188 plus, right? so if joe biden gets 70% of
2:42 pm
what's remaining he would pass donald trump by about 40,000 votes. he's getting 78% in the count so far today. that just tells you it's possible. that doesn't tell you it's going to happen, but we know he's getting 78% of the mail-in ballots they've already counted today. as they count the number left, as you said 326,348. if he gets 70% he would pass donald trump. >> basically what you're saying is if biden wins 78% of the remaining outstanding 326,000 votes he would win by about 40,000 votes. he would win the pennsylvania -- the pennsylvania contest right now. >> yes. and that would make him the president-elect of the united states. if he wins by 40,000 votes he doesn't even need 70%. >> in other words, biden would win pennsylvania by almost exactly the same number of votes
2:43 pm
that trump won pennsylvania over hillary clinton in 2016. >> if he gets 70% of what is remaining out there. and again, you're watching at home then come back to the statistic. if you're watching at home you look at this and say he's only getting 49%. why do you think he's going to get 70%? we don't know he's going to get 70, but in the votes counted in pennsylvania today he's above 70%. if he gets 70% for the rest of count he'll pass donald trump by about 40,000 votes. again, just for anyone who hasn't been with us for the last two plus days this is happening for a reason. republicans vote on election day. the president did a fantastic job with his rallies and that's why he's getting more votes in pennsylvania than he did four years ago. many of them voted by mail, some voted early getting in line. the election day ballots have already been counted, so donald trump's massive surge of votes
2:44 pm
have already been counted. that's why he jumped out to that big early lead in pennsylvania. now they're doing the arduous work of counting the paper ballots. joe biden today again is getting 78% of those ballots as they count him. if he gets 70% of what is left he'll win the commonwealth of pennsylvania by about 40,000 votes. >> she specifically said the secretary state of pennsylvania those 326,000 of outstanding ballots, they were all mail-in ballots. >> that's the universe that's left. and again, this can be confusing at home, but this is the unprecedented pandemic election. what they're counting is mail-in ballots lopsided with the democrats. joe biden is winning 78% of them. if he just gets 70% the rest of it way he'll win the commonwealth by roughly 40,000 votes. >> in addition to those 326,000 mail-in ballots, there are provisional ballots potentially
2:45 pm
that have to be counted as well. we don't know how many provisional ballots there are. let's check in with jake. >> joining me now is a republican senator from pennsylvania. senator pat toomey. thank you for joining us right now. we're watching intently your hometown of pennsylvania to report results. what do you make of where we are? who do you think will ultimately win pennsylvania? >> jake, obviously we're extremely close. and there's a path for either candidate to win pennsylvania at some point, so we don't know how this is going to turn out. the only thing we know st. it's going to go right down to the wire. it's going to be very, very close. but we suspected that might be the case, so no big surprise there. >> vice president biden has been projected to win wisconsin and michigan. he's obviously narrowing the gap in pennsylvania right now.
2:46 pm
why do you think president trump had a harder time in these so-called blue wall states in 2020 than he did in 2016? >> well, look, we know he developed some -- sorry about that -- ran into i think some challenges especially with certain demographics, suburban women being a clear example. highly educated white voters generally. the president's numbers declined. i think that's true in pennsylvania as well as other places. i suspect in the postmortem that's what we will discover. >> tell me what you're seeing in pennsylvania because there's a lot of noise about what's going on in pennsylvania, but it seems as though the election has been carried out efficiently -- slowly but methodically and with integrity in terms of the voting
2:47 pm
and the counting, whether it's democratic election officials, republican election officials or nonpartisan ones. what are you seeing? what's your impression? >> well, i think as a general matter entirely true. i think the vast majority of election officials in the 67 counties across the commonwealth have been, you know, as usual very contiscientious, honest an doing a great job. there are some significant concerns i have. as you know i think at the convention center in philadelphia where votes are being cast it is my understanding that even now or at least as of a couple of hours ago after a federal court order requiring that observers be given the proximity necessary so they actually can see what's going on, they were kept away, and even after the order requiring them to be given access they continue to be kept
2:48 pm
away. now, that's no proof there's something untoward going on, but is certainly doesn't give anybody any comfort. and can't for the life of me understand why in the first place it would be a decision to make it impossible for observers to see. and then why after a court order the order wouldn't be observed. one of the things that's really important in this process, for instance, is the segregation of the ballots that are coming in post-election. the pennsylvania supreme court went completely rogue and simply decided to disregard pennsylvania law, to violate the u.s. constitution and to make up a new law effectively that says that ballots can arrive for up to three days after the election dephyte the fact the statute is quite clear and to the contrary. >> so those ballots are supposed to be segregated so that if this gets challenged at the supreme court and the supreme court rules as i think they should that's a completely unconstitutional decision, those
2:49 pm
ballots wouldn't be counted. you can't take that step if it's not segregated in the first place. but how does one know if observers aren't there to witness it? >> well, i did ask i think about the incident you're talking about. and she did say that she thought that situation in philadelphia had been resolved, but that is definitely something worth following up on, and we'll tell our viewers -- >> jake, yeah, i think absolutely it needs to be followed up on, because i checked with the republican who's coordinating that process, used to work for me. i know him very well. he's a completely reliable and honest man. and he told me hours after the court order they were still not being given access to anything like a level that would allow them to observe what's going on. that doesn't encourage a sense of confidence in this process. and there's no good reason for that. >> i certainly understand your concern about that. but i mean, what we're hearing
2:50 pm
from president trump and from his offspring and from other individuals like rudy giuliani are it's not measured concerns expressed the way you just have wild allegations of vote theft, of allegations the election is being stolen, that votes are being -- allegations of votes being stolen, i don't want to belittle your concerns. absolutely worth being followed up on. my understanding is that all the ballots that come in after election day are being segregated because of your concerns and because of any formal u.s. supreme court involvement. so putting aside those two concerns that you've just expressed would you not agree that the histrionics we are hearing from president trump, from his children, from
2:51 pm
individuals like rudy guiliani are without merit. that no one is stealing an election. no one is inventing votes. that pennsylvanians voted with integrity and their votes are being counted with integrity. >> jake, you suggested we put aside my concerns and it is a little difficult to do that, right? if you're not able to actually observe what's happening, you don't know whether the votes are in fact being segregated. look, i can only speak for myself. i am not aware of any significant level of fraud that's going on. nobody has brought anything to my attention that causes me to say there is a huge case of fraud that needs to be immediately addressed. i am concerned about the lack of transparency, a lack of opportunity to observe what's going on, you know when someone goes down that road of precluding observation, it makes you wonder why that's not --
2:52 pm
that's not encouraging. so i hope that gets resolved. i think it is going to be very close. by the way i think we should probably expect a recount. under pennsylvania law that is permitted. if it is close enough, you know, i'd be very surprised if there isn't a recount regardless of how it turns out. these are all -- this is all part of our electoral process. the truth is litigation is part of it. i'd rather not see that but it's inevitable certainly in a close election. i just want to see this process, the most transparent possible process. then when we know it's over then both sides have to accept the outcome. >> all right. senator pat toomey of pennsylvania thank you so much. now to dana bash with new reporting. >> president trump is going to speak at 6:30 eastern tonight from the white house. we have been talking about the fact we've not seen him since the wee hours of the night/morning wednesday -- tuesday night/wednesday morning.
2:53 pm
and so he is now going to speak. a couple things. number one, as modern as the president is in how he communicates on twitter and social media, choosing to do 6:30 p.m. eastern is clearly no accident. he is also old school. he knows that is when the broadcast networks come on so it gives him a bigger audience probably in his mind. i'm not so sure that is necessarily true. the other thing is kaitlan collins was reporting that she was hearing from her sources that people around the president were trying to hold him back, to not speak, because they're worried about what will come out of his mouth. that obviously did not win the day. maybe it is more likely that one source that i talked to won the day, which is the idea that they didn't want to cede the stage to joe biden just yet. >> all eyes are on pennsylvania and president trump's lead has now dropped to 78,314 votes as
2:54 pm
election officials have gone through the more than 2 million vote by mail ballots cast in the commonwealth of pennsylvania, which overwhelmingly were cast by democrats. we knew that and reported that several weeks ago when that became apparent the president's lead in pennsylvania has narrowed and the more of these ballots that they count, the more that the division between trump and biden is narrowing. >> yeah, and this is really critical, because as we sit here right now, president trump needs to win two states. he needs to hold on to at the minimum two states -- pennsylvania and the state of georgia. as we've been sitting here on the air most of this afternoon, both of those states have been narrowing, narrowing, narrowing. and they are not trending in his direction. that could be one of the reasons why we're going to see president trump tonight, because he is clearly desperate to change the narrative around that although he can't change the numbers.
2:55 pm
and, also, with joe biden going out he's got to try to fight back in his own way. >> it's not just changing the narrative. he is going to lie about the fact that votes are being counted. he is going to try to depict the fact of democracy as nefarious, which it is not. we're getting new information right now about the biden campaign's plans for tonight as the race tightens by the hour, election night in america continues next. it's an important time to save. with priceline, you can get up to 60% off amazing hotels. and when you get a big deal... feel like a big deal. ♪ priceline. every trip is a big deal.
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3:00 pm
as election night in america continues, races in two presidential battlegrounds keep tightening. i'm wolf blitzer. former vice president joe biden has been making significant gains in both pennsylvania and georgia as more ballots are counted tonight. he is shrinking the president's lead in contests that are absolutely must wins for president trump. we'll hear from the president at the white house later this hour. you see the briefing room getting ready for the president of the united states.
3:01 pm
six states in all still too early to call in this nail biter of an election. we're watching arizona and nevada very closely as well as states that also have the power to decide the election. we expect an update from arizona tonight as we await new vote totals in these key races. it's all about the numbers right now as biden looks to increase his electoral vote count from the current 253 to the 270 necessary to win. the president trails with only 213 electoral votes right now the math clearly working against him. all that coming up. let's get a key race alert. pennsylvania right now the president's lead is shrinking and shrinking now 78,314. 50% compared to joe biden's 48.8%. 93% of the estimated vote is in. but 8% of the estimated vote is out. more than enough potentially for biden to take over. let's go to jim acosta over at
3:02 pm
the white house. we just heard moments ago that the president will go into the briefing room, make a statement, maybe answer reporters' questions. >> that's right, wolf. as you know, what's been on the president -- has been on his mind and that is he is very upset with the way things are going right now. he has been watching tweets, putting out statements calling into question the legitimacy of the election claiming the democrats are stealing this election from him. obviously there is no evidence of that but the president has been seeing his surrogates and his allies and aides going out making all sorts of statements while he has been sitting silently inside the white house. he wants to get in on the act. so as we watch these vote totals shrink i can tell you talking to trump advisers they're getting very concerned we are watching an incredibly shrinking lead by the president over pennsylvania and georgia and i talked to -- the picture being painted is
3:03 pm
bleak according to an adviser i spoke with earlier. quote, math is not on our side. we need an act of god to alter the course. this adviser said we need an act of god to alter the course. that is the concern right now because they are watching this lead shrink in pennsylvania and if joe biden overtakes donald trump, in the commonwealth of pennsylvania, it is the belief inside the trump campaign they won't say it outwardly but they will say privately that joe biden will become the next president of the united states. obviously we'll hear a different message from the president when the president comes out he is going to call into question what is going on in pennsylvania and what is happening in the remaining other states, you know, he is also, wolf, we should point out and so are some of his family members, white hot about what they see as a sort of lack of praise coming from other republican leaders and lawmakers. they -- the president's family has been complaining about this on social media all afternoon wondering where are some of the 2024 so-called presidents and why aren't they praising the president for what he did in
3:04 pm
this 2020 campaign? some of those 2024 hopefuls or suspected hopefuls have responded with their own tweets placi praising the president. i suspect some of that is on his mind. keep in mind, wolf, we reported this before and will again they are apoplectic about what has happened over at fox the calls they have made. the president has told aides he is very upset with what has been a very friendly network to the president. i suspect we'll hear some of that as well. he's been watching joe biden make these statements over the last couple of days calling for patience, calling for calm. this is a president who is doing the exact opposite. he wants to slam the brakes on what is taking place right now to save his presidency because right now the incredible shrinking level. >> the tweets the president has leveled over the past couple days, totally inappropriate.
3:05 pm
let's talk about pennsylvania right now. the lead trump has over biden is shrinking, 78,000 right now but it is clearly do-able for biden to take over and win the state. >> it is absolutely do-able. the lead that was above a half million votes if you go back a half hour ago is now 78,000 votes. it was 91,000 votes. we said if joe biden gets 70% of the remaining vote he will win pennsylvania by about 40,000 votes. if you look at this you say joe biden is not going to get 70% of the remaining vote but remember they're counting now vote by mail. they've already counted the people who voted on election day. that is the great trump surge. president did a great job. they are counting vote by mail right now. what got us from 91,000 to where we are now the smaller trump lead was the vote here in cumberland county. president trump is winning this county by 11 points. this is trump country in pennsylvania but some votes came in a short time ago and joe biden got 20,000 of the votes that came in in cumberland county.
3:06 pm
donald trump got 9,000 of the votes that came in in cumberland. we told you if joe biden wins 70% of the remaining votes he will carry pennsylvania by about 40,000 votes. he won 69% of the new votes that came in in a trump county. we know there are a lot of votes still out in blue counties. so you get 20,000 votes for joe biden, 9,000 votes for the president of the united states in a county the president otherwise is carrying quite convincingly. again, why is that? because the mail-in ballots are disproportionately democratic because that's how democrats decided to vote. so joe biden making gains in a trump county. if he is making gains in a very solid trump county you can guess what is going to happen when they start counting the votes in philadelphia and in the counties around it up to places like lehigh county where they still have votes to kouth and over here in northampton county where they still have votes to count. that was a county he actually won four years ago. in a county like this cumberland county where the president is winning, when they count the mail-in ballots joe biden is coming out on top in the ballots
3:07 pm
remaining which is why that lead went from 91,000 to 78,000, votes counted in a trump county did that. so joebld is winni biden is win mail-in votes everywhere across pennsylvania disproportionately so, on track to pull ahead. that is why the president of the united states is angry. what he is angry at, let's be clear despite what he says, he is angry at counting legally cast votes. >> show us erie county right now in pennsylvania. pamela brown is getting new information. look at how close it is right there with 90% of the estimated reporting in, pamela, what are you learning? >> i just got off the phone with the board of elections and i'm told that biden just pulled ahead there by 48 votes in erie county. i'll pull up the numbers here as i give the context around this. this is a big blow for president
3:08 pm
trump. this was a county that he flipped in 2016. he thought haed this county in the bag. he was going to win it again but then he went back to campaign there in late october and he admitted to the crowd he didn't think he would have to. he thought he had it but then covid hit and now he has to work for their votes. now we're seeing biden just pull ahead there. there are 3,000 votes left to count in erie county. i'm told by carl anderson there in the county it's been 4-1. as i am talking to sources close to the campaign they are telling me that basically they see where the story is headed there in pennsylvania that, you know, the lead is shrinking. as we look at these numbers more closely in erie this is what we have. we have biden at 64,576 and trump 64,528. so again, narrow lead there by biden, flipping erie blue as of now but, again, 3,000 more. those mail-in ballots they have left to count 4-1 for biden again, big blow for donald
3:09 pm
trump. >> it certainly is. it's awkward for him. erie county. >> so this is the value of good reporting. pam is getting the numbers before they're updated so we'll ome back and they'll be updated quickly i'm sure from the local elections officials. a, you see the numbers. joe biden has now pulled ahead in this county erie county a critical swing county, blue collar county in northwestern pennsylvania. but 48 votes. we'll see what happens. the same dynamic we just talked about in couple county, that was shaded red as they count the mail-in ballots joe biden is winning them disproportionately because democrats chose to vote by mail and we talked about this before the election and now we're talking about it two days after the election three ways to vote. vote by mail. get in line, vote early, or show up on election day and vote early. when you look at pennsylvania again tip your hat to the president. he turned out his people with his rallies on the election day vote. now what is left to count are the mail-in ballots and joe biden is winning disproportionately somewhere in the ballpark of 76% of the
3:10 pm
ballots that have been counted in pennsylvania today have gone to joe biden. 76% have gone to joe biden so far today. if he gets 70%, he will pull out to a 40,000 vote lead in the commonwealth of pennsylvania so the trend line is clear. the snowball is coming down the hill. we just showed you two counties where president trump was leading. we expect that to turn blue soon. this one down here he will continue to lead. he has an 11-point lead there still but the mail ballots are coming in, even in republican areas the mail ballots are coming in disproportionately democratic which is the engine right now powering joe biden as he shrinks the trump lead down to 78,000. if you go back to late tuesday night into the early morning hours wednesday it was above a half million votes now it is down to 78,000. >> if biden were to win pennsylvania the 253 would be 273 and he would be president of the united states even if he didn't win any other states. we're standing by to hear from the president of the united states as he watches, watches his lead slipping in both
3:11 pm
georgia and pennsylvania. looking at live pictures from the briefing room over in the west wing of the white house. we'll have live coverage. that is coming up soon. at t-mobile, we have a plan built just for customers 55 and up. saving 50% vs. other carriers with 2 unlimited lines for less than $30 each.
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3:15 pm
we are going to be hearing from president trump shortly. what do you expect? >> i don't imagine donald trump at this stage of the game is going to be a different donald trump. he's, you know, a contentious, combative person. he's not clearly coming out to give up nor should he. the votes are not counted. i expect we're going to see him say some of the things that we have read in his tweets raising questions about the propriety of
3:16 pm
the process, saying that there are legal avenues they'll pursue and expressing confidence that if they're all counted appropriately that he will win. i think this is a placeholder to keep this thing going for a while here >> i don't think he'll raise questions about the process. i think he is going to make accusations about the process. >> yes, yes. >> he will battle. he will fight. i think his people expect him to. they want him to. if you follow what is going around -- you know, social media is not a good representation at all in my opinion but from what i'm hearing from people, they are concerned. they want to fight. they want to make sure this is fair. you know, the idea that they want every vote counted, we want every vote counted but we want every ballot -- >> he doesn't want any vote counted. he wants to stop the counting. >> every valid vote. >> the definition of valid. >> i'm just telling you that's what we're feeling.
3:17 pm
if it is a legal vote, fine but we don't want votes that are illegitimate. >> but look. the president has said stop the counting. i mean -- >> you didn't catch my horse whisper last time my trump whisper. >> we have to do the trump translation tonight. >> i don't think he'll say stop the counting right now. >> so far -- >> he is going to go to war. >> there have been two cases of voter fraud and they're both republican in the entire country. >> the attorney general of texas prosecuted over a hundred voter fraud cases. so the answer to that -- >> not today. >> let me just say -- >> the last few years. >> right. out of how many votes cast? millions of votes >> i understand but don't say it doesn't exist. it exists. >> statistically insignificant. >> it may be. you know? >> i do think that what i'm hearing over and over again are folks are feeling like there is a lot of voter compression. we feel like you guys don't want us to vote. you feel like there is a bunch of voter fraud and cheating
3:18 pm
going on. >> if we are into voter suppression we did a lousy job because there was a record turnout. >> some people had to wait in line for nine hours. that is voter suppression. i want to say something else. your a he speaking for folks. let me speak for mine. part of the reason it is so insulting to have him come out here and talk about fraud, fraud, fraud, is because of the work that is being ignored and defamed. a lot of that work was done by african-americans. black lives matter, nobody talked about this, has gone from being a moment to a movement to being a machine. you now have organizations where you're talking about color of change, whether you're talking about moving for black lives, these are organizations that now have their own polling. they have their own voter turnout. they do their own ads. the black lives matter movement has become an electoral force and the reason why you're going to win pennsylvania is because of philadelphia and pittsburgh. michigan because of detroit. georgia because of atlanta. wisconsin because of milwaukee.
3:19 pm
african-americans have gone out here and fought and brought home a victory and now we're going to be accused of cheating and fraud by the same president that accuses us of everything else and so this rubs a lot of people wrong. it rubs a lot of people wrong. >> first off, trump is not accusing voters of cheating. he is looking at people within -- he is talking about people who are counting the votes. that is not all these organizations you mentioned. he is talking about the people who are in there doing -- not applying the law way they should. i'm not saying it's right or wrong. >> you can polish this turd all you want. >> it's not polishing. >> this is an insult to the people who have done the work. >> no it's not. that's not what it's about. >> it is going to incite people. to come out and incite people. >> that is the issue. >> i'm not saying you should do it. i'm just telling you what he is going to do. >> his son has tweeted you got to go to war. we're having an election here. we're not having a war.
3:20 pm
we're having democracy. as i said earlier you want to make legal challenges absolutely go ahead. make your legal challenges. but the votes are being counted and there was a great piece in the "new york times" by peter baker just now. the white house said, you know, jared kushner said what we need is our james baker who led the fight for the republicans in the recount in 2000. so peter baker, who's just written a book about james baker, went to him and said what would you do? he said, i would count the votes. this is different from 2000. i would say you need to count the votes. by the way, james baker did not vote for joe biden. >> listen, for the whole four years, you know, what concerned me as someone who has worked in the white house and i think i share this concern with people who worked in republican white houses, that the president's words matter and especially this president because he has such a
3:21 pm
zealous, devoted following. when the president says we're being cheated, when he says, we're being defrauded, that the presidency is being stolen from us, that is incitement. it is not warranted by the facts. he is inciting people. maybe he'll say something different tonight than he has said right along. but there is a real life consequence to what he is saying. >> i want to add to that. >> that is deeply irresponsible. >> the other thing that you're seeing is armed protesters going to disrupt, going to challenge people who are counting the vote. now, i cannot imagine what would happen. >> i'm going to talk and you can talk. >> you're saying armed protesters? >> let me finish my comment and you finish yours. i am not finished. >> people are not storming those places. they're standing outside peacefully protesting. >> senator, i don't interrupt you and you don't interrupt me. i am going to finish. >> you're characterizing it wrongly. >> now listen. >> all right. go ahead. >> you have armed protesters. they're going to disrupt, going
3:22 pm
to challenge. you just heard election officials in america saying, they are concerned for their safety. that was just on our air. saying they're having to bring security there. not for biden. not for black lives matter. but for trump supporters. and that is -- if you don't want to listen to what i'm saying, i'm telling you, that lands badly in our community. what say you? >> you're characterizing people who are standing there chanting as you would call it because you've been calling it for the last six months peacefully protesting who actually are peacefully protesting. they're not throwing rocks. they're not shooting anybody. they're not breaking windows. they're standing there saying count the votes. that's what they're saying. so to suggest -- >> why are they armed? some of them have guns. it's scary. >> because people have a right to carry firearms. >> i know they have a right to but why? what is the threat? >> people have a right to be there and carry firearms to protect themselves. >> if the shoe were on the other foot, if black lives matter, if black lives matter to where white people are counting votes
3:23 pm
i think you understand the level of concern -- >> right now the way donald trump is handling the situation number one. >> you remember when like four black panthers showed up a couple years ago at a polling place and fox news lost their frigging minds for years. >> losing minds here when conservatives are showing up. >> these are people >> i agree. >> they're counting votes. they're doing their job >> i agree. >> they're your neighbors >> i agree. >> they're poll workers. and now they have security and they're afraid and they're afraid to go do their job, which is to count the votes. they are being observed. they understand the stakes here just like all americans do. if they are afraid to go to work to count votes of all americans, what does that say if then the president, again, i know we make you the translator here for donald trump which is a hard job, but if the president then comes out and says this election is being stolen from me and they
3:24 pm
are cheating, what do you think will happen? will it get better? >> so i agree with you that, number one, what happened with bush v. gore didn't happen while the votes were being counted. the activity of fighting for the election happens after the votes are counted and you have proof of people doing things they shouldn't. you ask for recounts or you file suits. you go through the process of looking and getting and collecting information. doing the forensics to find out if there were votes fraudulently cast. or legal liability. that's when you fight. you don't fight because people do the process of counting the ballots. >> they are now. >> unless you feel that the ballots are being counted wrongly. and the case of the city of philadelphia who again you probably wouldn't have people screaming and shouting if they didn't, if they followed the law and let people actually observe
3:25 pm
and they didn't put boards up so people couldn't see. >> all that has been cured and corrected. >> it happened in the first place. that is the problem >> i have already agreed with you. anything that looks bad i don't like it because it takes away from the victory of the people who have won a hard victory. we are in a moment right now of real polarization. when you and i are yelling at each other on national tv that is real polarization and i think it is incredibly irresponsible of the president of the united states not to take note. when he says this thing is being stolen you saw what happened when he said liberate michigan. they're going to go and kidnap the governor just bauecause of tweet that said liberate michigan. when he says our democracy is being stolen we don't know who is listening and what they'll do. when those people show up they have a right to bring those arms but is it right to bring those arms? it puts a whole pall over the country and i am afraid in five minutes he'll make it worse. that is my fear. >> as i said at 3:00 in the morning on wednesday morning.
3:26 pm
when donald trump came out and used the word fraud i condemned that. it was the wrong thing to do. as far as i know every republican from folks like ben shapiro condemned it to, you know, mitch mcconnell. >> chris christie. that was well done. >> it was everybody condemned it. if he goes out tonight and says this election is being stolen i think you're going to see a chorus of condemnation. if he says i think there are problems here. we're going to investigate it. we're going to do everything we can to track it down and make sure that only valid votes are counted i'll raise my hand and say yes. >> do you think he can do that? that wouldn't be the donald trump we know >> i think the idea of the president of the united states with the seal of the presidency on the podium in front of him telling the country that there is something fundamentally unfair and corrupt about the
3:27 pm
voting process is an historic, would be an historically horrible thing >> i agree with that. >> we'll see. i hope he doesn't do that >> i hope he doesn't either. >> this is a freighted moment for our history and he will be remembered for what he does in these hours. >> jim acosta is standing by in the briefing room. jim? talk about what's going on. >> anderson, there is a scramble in here right now because this press conference was called, so suddenly, and now we're just trying to get in place. our viewers need to be reminded in addition to everything else going on with the election there are still covid restrictions in the white house briefing room. that is why when you look at the picture you are seeing a lot fewer journalists in place for this upcoming statement from the president. hopefully some questions from the president about what's happening right now. i talked to a trump adviser a short time ago and in addition to some of the gloom and doom they're feeling inside the campaign they're looking at joe biden catching up quickly in pennsylvania, looking at joe biden catching up quickly in
3:28 pm
georgia, there is also the prospect of a legal challenge of this campaign mounting legal challenges in multiple states across the country to try to stop this biden victory and in the words of this trump adviser not the way i want to win. so there are some inside the campaign who would like to win this the old fashioned way by tallying up the votes and see who wins who has the most votes. obviously some people inside the campaign and the president may be leading the charge on this who feel he is being robbed and so therefore he has to do what he has to do in court. now, obviously, you know, that is not in line with the facts. we heard the pennsylvania secretary of state speak just a short while ago saying, she has not seen any instances of voter fraud as we know historically. there is no widespread voter fraud in the u.s. but the president is going to try to bend reality, bend the facts, bend the truth in his direction in the hopes of trying to make something happen on the legal front. the other thing that is
3:29 pm
confounding this campaign and it is going to be a problem when they get into court for them is that they are arguing for the stoppage of counting in some states and arguing for the continuing of counting in other states. that is obviously something that is going to be a giant red flag, you know, pointed out by any judge when the trump lawyers go into court. so i suspect, anderson, when the president comes in here he'll want to make a statement. he is going to want to look like he is in charge. he's been watching joe biden go out and make these statesman like statements over the last couple days and the president wants i think to reclaim the mantle. reclaim the oval office to some extent here. and we'll wait and see if the president wants to take any questions. there's obviously a lot on our minds in terms of what we want to ask the president such as for example why not continue to count the votes? that is what we do in this country. we'll see what the president has to say about that. >> is it clear exactly what the president's current position is? because, i mean, he has tweeted out in all caps, stop the count. >> right.
3:30 pm
>> which is just stop the count of votes in some states that would not be good for him. is it clear to you what he, i mean, is he going to repeat that? >> i think so, yes, anderson. they do not have a consistent position. they want to continue counting in states where perhaps he might be able to eek out a win and stop counting in states where he is in trouble. you know, i think most americans will look at that and just see that as being something that just doesn't stand up. you know, but the president is watching the lights go out on his presidency right now. that is what we're witnessing in real time. as these votes are being tabulated and joe biden is catching up in pennsylvania and in georgia the presidency of donald j. trump is vanishing before our eyes. and there are limited options left for this campaign, limited options left for this president. we haven't seen a one-term president in some 28 years.
3:31 pm
george h.w. bush when he lost the presidency to bill clinton went out gracefully, became friends with bill clinton. they almost had sort of a father/son relationship. donald trump is not wired that way. he is not going to go down without a fight. that is what we're hearing from trump campaign advisers that he is going to fight this out to the end. the end game is to win the presidency and he is going to do it by hook or by crook and if that means flooding lawyers into the states all over the country and dragging this out, you know, like florida on steroids that's what they're going to do. now, i suspect, anderson, if we watch these votes get tabulated over the next several days and it looks like a biden blowout, that may limit the president's options politically and he may have republicans like mitch mcconnell and so on tapping him on the shoulder saying that's it. the jig is up. time to go. but at this point the president still has options. the networks have not declared things for joe biden yet.
3:32 pm
they want to stop that freight train from coming into the station. i suspect that is going to be the mindset of the president when he walks into this room shortly. >> are they still talking -- initially when the news was -- when wisconsin was in the headlines they were saying they were demanding a recount. it takes ten days i think to officially demand a recount after votes are in. are they still talking about wisconsin? >> they are still talking about wisconsin. i talked to a couple trump advisers who acknowledged wisconsin is not going to work out. that that margin in wisconsin is larger than what is realistic in terms of a recount. but as we've been talking about, anderson, the standard and strategy varies state by state. there was some talk of stopping the votes in michigan.
3:33 pm
joe biden is way ahead in michigan now. that doesn't work anymore. i think they are reacting minute by minute as we are to what is a biden presidency starting to come into shape, starting to come into the picture. and the president i suspect is very frustrated about this. we've been seeing the tweets. some in all caps all day long. some labeled by twitter as being false and misleading. and the president, you know, he hates that. he wants to get around that. coming out to the podium and having us take this on live television gives him a way of getting around those types of restrictions. and so i suppose in addition to the presidential seal slapped on the lectern there ought to be a surgeon general warning. what you are about to hear from the president of the united states may not be in line with the facts. may be hazardous to your democracy. may be hazardous to the counting of the votes. i suspect when the president comes out here we'll see a fair amount of bending of the truth an think we all have to be prepared for that. we can tiptoe through the tulips and dance around the truth, anderson or we can just say what
3:34 pm
we've seen over the last four years. this president will lie and lie and lie when it suits his purposes. i suspect we'll see more of that when he comes out here. >> jim acosta, the white house, thanks. back to jake. >> as we prepare for president trump to come out, it is interesting how much of the material that is coming from trump land somebodyiis being la deceitful or untrue or at least premature by social media companies >> i was just noticing that. >> whether it's youtube taking down videos that are promoting violence or twitter and facebook weighing in on all these false claims of election fraud. and, yet, the man leading the charge, president trump, is still the president of the united states, and he gets to speak to the world. >> he does. one thing i'll be interested to see is whether or not the president repeats what his all
3:35 pm
caps press release said today, which is stop the count. we were talking during one of the breaks about what would happen if let's just say in fantasy world all of the votes, they stopped counting right now. you know who would be president? >> joe biden. >> not donald trump. joe biden. so imagine if he got what he wanted. it just -- and the reason i bring that up isn't because it would ever happen. it is just to point out the absurdity of it because it is not really what he means. what he means is stop counting in the places my lead is shrinking and continue counting in the places i think i can make up the difference >> i think we should point out the absurdity of the whole idea that i suspect we will hear from the president because we've been hearing it from his children and from his allies that there is some sort of widespread fraud. there would have to be widespread fraud all across the country in all the states where he wanted to win. in wisconsin, michigan, pennsylvania, georgia, arizona,
3:36 pm
nevada. and it's improblem that would happen. and we know it's not true. even if it were true, would democrats have then lost the senate if they could orchestrate a massive fraud on that scale and lost seats in the house? >> not flipped one legislature. >> it does not make any sense. but we're in a position now where that's where their back is up against the wall. and if we do hear that from president trump tonight, i think people understand that's not the case but that he would be making that argument because he is worried that this is not going to go his way. >> and despite what we hear -- >> your point about stopping the votes from being counted, in arizona right now, they continue to count the votes. there are tens of thousands left. donald trump is picking up net votes. >> exactly. >> he is narrowing the margin. joe biden has a small lead right now. donald trump -- the counting is going on in this republican
3:37 pm
state with a republican governor and donald trump is narrowing. it's possible, again, i don't know what's going to happen with any of these states. it is possible donald trump will end up winning arizona. the counting is helping him. >> that's right. >> in arizona. so not only is it anti-democratic, and not only is it against how we do elections in this country, it's also stupid. because he might be able to win arizona because they're counting. >> that is exactly right. that was the point about the statement not making any sense and being inconsistent and not real. the other question that i have as we wait for the president to come out at any moment is what his posture is going to be just broadly about whether or not he really thinks he can win. the last time, the only time we've heard from him since election day began he says i won, which was of course not true. the sense that i'm getting from sources in and around the trump campaign is that they do not think that that is going to
3:38 pm
happen. they're seeing the numbers and the data kind of slip away from them. and what i don't know is whether or not that's been communicated to the president in a very real way. >> i have questions about that, too. in some ways it seems like the legal strategy is designed to show the president that people are fighting for him not necessarily being -- leveling with him about the uphill road that they face. so, i mean, i do question whether people who are close to the president, like his senior adviser jared kushner who is deeply involved in the campaign and others are leveling with him about what he would need to do to turn around the sort of trend that we seem to be heading toward especially in two states that he has to win -- pennsylvania and georgia. >> what is also odd and you and i were talking about this earlier and you were just alluding to it is that one of the president's offspring was out there on twitter saying, you know, where are all the 2024
3:39 pm
republicans, all the people who are going to run for president next time? they're not defending me. and they're starting to attack each other, going after senator lindsey graham for not saying anything. going after, you know, others. i get that they want to fight but there has to be something to fight for. >> there has to be something real there. so far it doesn't seem like there is. there is a lot of noise about the potential for fraud but no actual proof. >> the most they can come up with is in philadelphia there were questions about one particular convention area whether they can have observers there. i just went online and there is a live stream. >> not even if they can have observers but how close they can be to the actual vote counting. >> you just spoke to a republican senator from pennsylvania and that is kind of all he could come up with in
3:40 pm
terms of pushing back on what republicans are trying to say. >> wolf? >> all right, jake. thanks very much. you know, we're waiting to hear from the president of the united states, he'll be going into the white house briefing room making a statement and we'll see if he answers questions. before we hear that let's do a reality check where things stand right now. he is not doing very well. biden seems to be doing a whole lot better getting closer and closer to the 270 electoral votes he needs to be elected president of the united states. >> right. states are counting legally cast ballots. it is trending against the president and the president is mad. he is tweeting fraud. we'll see if he repeats that when he comes into the briefing room. perhaps we'll see a different tone. if you read his tweets he says the election is being stolen from him. no, they are counting legally cast ballots and the election is trending away from him. he could still win the presidency. the trend line is going the other way but he is complaining because the lead in pennsylvania is down and it was once above a
3:41 pm
half million votes. how is that happening? first they are counting in a different process. first they counted ballots cast on election day. president had a big lead. now they're counting ballots cast by mail. democrats disproportionately voted by mail. we showed you a short time ago i want to remind you cumberland county. the president is carrying this county. right after the secretary of state spoke they counted nearly 30,000 votes here. joe biden won 20,000 of them. donald trump won 9,000. so a net for joe biden of 11,000 votes in a republican county. all of the mail-in ballots even in republican communities are disproportionately democratic so joe biden got a net gain there. we'll come down to philadelphia. i'll put these up on the board for you. of the ballots cast, a little more than 4,000 cast, 3,629 ballots for joe biden. 742 for donald trump. that is above 80%. about 82%, 83% in philadelphia.
3:42 pm
so you see as the ballots are coming in this is what's happening. you count a few thousand ballots, joe biden gets 3,629, donald trump gets 742. then you come out to the state, that lead keeps shrinking. so that is what is happening as they count legally cast ballots in pennsylvania and in georgia. the president leads in both states now, wolf. >> let's talk about georgia right now. i suspect he'll mention georgia because look at that lead. the president had at one point, you know, hundreds of thousands of vote lead now it's down to 9,426. >> right. and they are still counting ballots here and we know there are more than enough ballots for donald trump, i mean for joe biden to come back. in fact, more than enough ballots right here in this one county, chatham. savannah. they expect, we checked on this a short time ago. they expect to have this up tonight. this is enough to either overtake or at least put him right back into contention. it is only 9,426 votes now. we know there are still some ballots left here in fulton
3:43 pm
county and we know there are still some ballots out here in gwinett county. we have seen counties come in in georgia as well. these are counties that the president is winning but when they count the mail-in ballots even democrats in these communities are voting overwhelmingly for joe biden. so donald trump still carries the red communities but the late ballots are going for joe biden. wolf, this is what the president is mad about because either he won't respect or is not paying attention to the process. let's go to georgia and get an example. tuesday night, election night into wednesday morning. the president is ahead by 3,072 votes. that is a big lead. the state told us we'll count mail-in ballots later. by wednesday afternoon it is down to 79 and change. by thursday morning it's down to 31,000 then you come up thursday morning a little later. it is down to 18,000. then you get to 12,000. now you come out in real time. it's down to 9,000. i can show you the same thing in
3:44 pm
pennsylvania. i can show you the same thing in most other states. that is what is happening now. that looks stunning right? in a normal election that would be wow. in this election we knew this would happen. they counted election day ballots first then went back and counted the mail-in ballots. that is what is taking more time and why we are still here on thursday talking about the election on tuesday because they are overwhelmed with the coronavirus pandemic but they are doing their jobs counting legally cast ballots. >> this is democracy action legally counting the ballots. that is what the people want. they want the vote to go to the winner of the ballots so who gets the most vote. the president comes out and starts saying they are cheating or this is fraud. that is totally unfounded and very disturbing in our democracy. it is ridiculous. >> he'll be standing in the white house when he says it as well. if he wants to send rudy guiliani or family members around the country to say things that is his right. it is not responsible or respectful of the process. he is going to do this standing
3:45 pm
in the white house saying that essentially the beacon of america's democracy the white house he is going to say he is being cheated. the state has a trump like republican governor. a republican governor who listened to him when he said reopen please during the coronavirus who did just what the president wanted. they are counting votes legally. now, again, if the president's attorneys -- the other thing about this, there are democrats and republicans in every room where these ballots are being counted in this state and other states. there are eyes on this from everybody. if they see something really wrong they can raise their hand. we've heard nothing. >> we are told he is about to walk out. you and i were both white house correspondents and spent a lot of time in that briefing room. i can't remember a time when i'm bracing for what i am about to hear from a sitting president of the united states speaking from the west wing of the white house. >> if you read his tweets and we've known this for four years the president has a very casual relationship with the truth and he likes to think he can bully and tweet people into doing his way. the leader of the united states cannot say stop the vote. i said this the other night i'll
3:46 pm
say it again. we are not in belarus. we count the votes. and the states are responsible for the administration of the vote and the states run by democrats run by republicans a lot of volunteers in these counties are counting the votes, doing their job, and so far we've heard minimal complaints of what is happening. again, the transparency of this is full and open and the president has every right to send people to watch. if he had a case to really make he would make it in court not in press conferences complaining about something they at least so far have no evidence to prove. >> these poll workers are working so hard. they don't work for the president. they work for the american people because they want our democracy -- here comes the president of the united states. >> thank you very much. thank you. good evening. i'd like to provide the american people with an update on our efforts to protect the integrity of our very important 2020 election. if you count the legal votes, i
3:47 pm
easily win. if you count the illegal votes, they can try to steal the election from us. if you count the votes that came in late we're looking at them very strongly but a lot of votes came in late. i've already decisively won many critical states including massive victories in florida, iowa, indiana, ohio, to name just a few. we won these and many other victories despite historic election interference from big media, big money, and big tech as everybody saw we won by historic numbers. and the pollsters got it knowingly wrong. they got it knowingly wrong. we had polls that were so ridiculous and everybody knew it at the time. there was no blue wave that they predicted. they thought there was going to be a big blue wave. that was false. that was done for suppression reasons. but instead there was a big red wave. and it's been properly acknowledged actually by the
3:48 pm
media. they were i think very impressed but that was after the fact. that doesn't do us any good. we kept the senate despite having twice as many seats to defend as democrats. and in a really much more competitive states we've -- we did a fantastic job with the senate. i think we are very proud of what's happened there. many more seats to defend. they spent almost $200 million on senate races in south carolina and kentucky alone, two races, and hundreds of millions of dollars overall against us. at the national level our opponent's major donors were wall street bankers and special interests. our major donors were police officers, farmers, every day citizens. yet for the first time ever we lost zero races in the house. i was talking to kevin mccarthy today. he said he couldn't believe it. zero races. very unusual thing. zero. and actually won many new seats
3:49 pm
with i think many more on the way. this was also the year of the republican woman. more republican women were elected to congress than ever before. that is a great achievement. i won the largest share of nonwhite voters in 60 years including historic numbers of latino, african-american, asian american, and native american voters. the largest of are in our history. we grew our party by 4 million voters, the greatest turnout in republican party history. democrats are the party of the big donors, the big media, the big tech it seems. and republicans have become the party of the american worker and that's what's happened. and we're also i believe the party of inclusion. as everyone now recognizes, media polling was election interference in the truest sense
3:50 pm
of that word. by powerful special interests. these really phony polls, i have to call them phony polls, fake polls were designed to keep our voters at home, create the illusion of momentum for mr. biden, and diminish republicans' ability to raise funds. they were >> it's never been used to the extent that it's been used on this last election. to highlight just a few examples, the day before election quinnipiac which was wrong on on every occasion that i know of had joe biden up by five points in florida, and they were off by 8.4 points and i won florida easily, easily. so they had me losing florida by a lot and i ended up winning florida by a lot. other than that, they were very
3:51 pm
accurate, and they had him up four points in ohio and they were off by 12.2 points and they also won ohio, the great state of ohio, very easily. "the washington post" said biden up 17 points in wisconsin and it was basically even. they were off by about 17 points and they knew that. they're not stupid people. they knew that. suppression. there are now only a few states yet to be decided in the presidential race. the voting apparatus of those states are run in all cases by democrats and we were winning in all of the key locations by a lot and our numbers started miraculously getting whittled away in secret and they wouldn't allow legally permissible observers. we went to court in a couple of instances and we were able to get the observers put in and
3:52 pm
when the observers were there they wanted them 60 or 70 feet away or outside to observe people inside the building and we won a case, a big case and there are others happening and lots of litigation, even beyond our litigation. there's tremendous amount of litigation generally because of how unfair this process was and i predicted that. i've been talking about mail-in voting for a long time, it's really destroyed our system. it's a corrupt system, and it makes people corrupt even if they aren't by nature, but they become corrupt. it's too easy. they want to find out how many votes they need and then they seem to be able to find them. they wait and wait and then they find them and you see that on election night. we were ahead in vote in north carolina by a lot, a tremendous number of votes and we're still ahead by a lot, but not as many
3:53 pm
because they're finding ballots all of a sudden. oh, we have some mail-in ballots are so one-sided and i know it's supposed to be to the advantage of the democrats, but in all cases they're so one-sided. we were up by nearly 700,000 votes in pennsylvania. i won pennsylvania by a lot, and that gets whittled down to i think they said now we're up by 90,000 votes and they'll keep coming and coming and coming and they find them all over and they don't want us to have any observers although we won a court case. a judge said you have to have observers. and they're appealing. we have a case that we want people to watch and they're observers and they're appealing which is interesting all we want to do is have people watch as they do the vote tabulations. likewise in georgia, i won by a lot. a lot. with a lead of over getting
3:54 pm
close to 300,000 votes on election night in georgia and by the way, it got whittled down and now it's getting to be to a point where i'll go from winning by a lot to perhaps being even down a little bit in georgia. a pipe burst in a far away location and totally unrelated to the location of what was happening and they stopped counting for four hours and a lot of things happened. the election apparatus in georgia is run by democrats. we also had margins of 300,000. in michigan, we were way up in michigan and won the state and in wisconsin, we did likewise fantastically well, and that got whittled down. in every case they got whittled down. today we're on track to win arizona. we only need to carry i guess 55% of the remaining vote. 55% margins and that's a margin
3:55 pm
that we've significantly exceeded. so we'll see what happens with that, but we're on track to do okay in arizona, and our goal is to defend the integrity of the election. we'll not allow the corruption to steal such an important election or any election, for that matter, and we can't allow silence of anybody to silence their voters and manufacture results. i've never had -- i've been doing a lot of public things for a long time and i've never done anything that's as inspirational by people calling, talking, sending things to us. i've never seen such love and search affection and such spirit as i've seen for this. people know what's happening and they see what's happening and it's before their eyes and there are many instances which will be reported very shortly. there's tremendous litigation going on and this is a case
3:56 pm
where they're trying to steal an election. they're trying to rig an election and we can't let that happen. detroit and philadelphia known as two of the most corrupt political places anywhere in our country easily cannot be responsible for engineering the outcome of a presidential race, a very important presidential race. in pennsylvania, democrats have gone to the state supreme court to try and ban our election observers and very strongly. we won the case, but they're going forward. they don't want anybody in there. they don't want anybody watching them as they count the ballots, and i can't imagine why there's absolutely no legitimate reason why they would not want to have people watching this process because if it's straight they would be -- they should be proud of it. instead they're trying obviously to commit fraud and there's no question about that. in philadelphia, observers have
3:57 pm
been kept far away, very far away, so far that people are using binoculars to try and see and there's been tremendous problems caused. they put paper on all of the windows so you can't see in and the people that are banned are very unhappy and have become somewhat violent. the 11th circuit ruled that in georgia the votes have been in by election day that they should be in by election day and they weren't. votes are coming in after election day and they had a ruling that you have to have the votes in by election day. to the best of my knowledge votes should be in by election day and they didn't do that. democrat officials never believed they could win this election honestly. i really believe that, that's why they did the mail-in ballots where there's tremendous corruption and fraud going on. that's why they mailed out tens of millions of unsolicited ballots without any verification
3:58 pm
measures whatsoever, and i've told everybody that these things would happen because i've seen it happen. i watched a lot of different elections before they decided to gain with this big, massive election with tens of millions of ballots going out to everybody. in many cases, totally unsolicited. this was unprecedented in american history. this was by design despite years of claiming to care about the election security. they refuse to include any requirement to verify signatures. identities or even determine whether they're eligible or ineligible to vote. people are walking in there. they have no idea. they're just taking numbers and they're writing down things and they're workers and doing a lot of bad things and we have a lot of information coming and litigation that you'll see that will shake even you people up and the officials are overseeing the counting in pennsylvania and other key states are all part of
3:59 pm
a corrupt democrat machine that you've written about and for a long time you've been writing about the corrupt democrat machine. i went to school there and i know a lot about it. it has not changed sense a long time ago. it hasn't changed. it's gotten worse. in pennsylvania partisan democrats have allowed ballots to be received three days after the election and we think much more than that, and they are counting those without even postmarks or any identification whatsoever. so you don't have postmarks. you don't have identification. there have been a number of disturbing irregularities across the nation. our campaign has been denied access to observe any counting in detroit. detroit is another place and i wouldn't say has the best reputation for election integrity. poll workers in michigan were duplicating ballots, but when our observers attempted to
4:00 pm
challenge the activity those poll workers jumped in front of the volunteers to block their view so that they couldn't see what they were doing and it became a little bit dangerous. one major hub for counting ballots in detroit covered up windows with large pieces of cardboard and so they wanted to protect and block the counting area. they didn't want anybody seeing the counting even though these were observers that were supposed to be there. in detroit, there were hours of unexplained delay in delivering the votes for counting. the final batch should not arrive until 4:00 in the morning, and even though the polls closed at 8:00. so they brought it in and the batches came in and nobody knew where they came from. we've also been denied access to observe in critical places in georgia, in multiple swing states. counting was halted for hours and hours on election night with results withheld from


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