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tv   Election Night in America  CNN  November 5, 2020 4:00pm-8:00pm PST

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challenge the activity those poll workers jumped in front of the volunteers to block their view so that they couldn't see what they were doing and it became a little bit dangerous. one major hub for counting ballots in detroit covered up windows with large pieces of cardboard and so they wanted to protect and block the counting area. they didn't want anybody seeing the counting even though these were observers that were supposed to be there. in detroit, there were hours of unexplained delay in delivering the votes for counting. the final batch should not arrive until 4:00 in the morning, and even though the polls closed at 8:00. so they brought it in and the batches came in and nobody knew where they came from. we've also been denied access to observe in critical places in georgia, in multiple swing states. counting was halted for hours and hours on election night with results withheld from major
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democrat-run locations only to appear later and they certainly appeared and they all had the name biden on them, just about all, almost all. they all had the name biden on them which is a little strange. i challenge joe and every democrat to clarify that they only want legal votes because they talk about votes and i think they should use the votes. we want every legal vote counted and i want every legal vote counted and we want openness and transparency. no mystery ballots and no illegal votes being cast after election day. you have election day and the laws are very strong on that. you have an election day and they don't want votes cast after election day and they want the process to be an honest one and it is so important. we want an honest election. we want an honest count, and we want honest people working back there because it's a very important job. that's the way this country is going to win. that's the way the united states
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will win and we think we will win the election very easily. we think there's going to be a lot of litigation because we have so much evidence, so much proof and it's going to end up perhaps at the highest court in the land. we'll see, but we think there will be a lot of litigation because we can't have an election stolen like this, and i tell you, i have been talking about this for many months with all of you, and i've said very strongly that mail-in ballots will end up being a disaster. small elections are disasters. small elections were disastrous. this is a large-scale version and it's getting worse and worse every day. we're hearing stories that are horror stories. absolute horror stories, and we can't let that happen to the united states of america. it's not a question of who wins, wen republican, democrat, joe, myself, we can't let that happen to our country. we can't be disgraced by something something like this
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happen. so it will be cleared up, hopefully soon. it will probably go through a process, a legal process. as you know, i've claimed certain states and he's claiming states and ultimately i have a feeling judges are going to have to rule, but there have been a lot of shenanigans and we can't stand for that in our country. thank you very much. >> what a sad night for the united states of america to hear their president say that, to falsely accuse people of trying to steal the election, to try to attack democracy that way with his feast of falsehoods. lie after lie, after lie about the election being stolen. no evidence for what he's say, just smears about the integrity of vote counting in state after state. when he wins the state it's legitimate. when he loses it's because the vote is being stolen from him. it's not true.
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it's ugly. it's frankly, pathetic. the president, for example, he assailed vote by mail. why he asked, why are the vote by mail ballots so overwhelmingly in favor of joe biden? we all know the answer. it's because the president told his supporters not to vote by mail. so democrats did it overwhelmingly and his supporters turned out in droves on election day. president trump has always been transparent about the smears and lies and strategies of falsehoods. we knew he was going to do this. we knew he was going to claim votes by mail were not real, but he's wrong. it's a lie. he's lying about the election. he's smearing the american people. he's smearing people who are working at polls and it's a disgrace. we knew -- we knew that the president was not going to lose graciously, if he lost, but frankly, watching him flail like this is just -- it's just pathetic. >> as he was talking i was trying to reach out to some
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senior republicans to ask when the intervention is going to happen because this isn't just partisan. this isn't just dangerous. it's nonsensical. it's illogical, and there are so many things to say, one of the things that i was thinking about listening to him now is how much we've listened to him for the past four or five months telling his voters, do not vote early. it's fraudulent, and now we sort of suspected it then. now we know the reason for that, so that he could have this moment in the white house briefing room. so he could say that the votes that are coming in by mail are fraudulent, and the reason is because he knew that democrats, because we are in a pandemic, were more apt to vote early by mail and to not want to want to risk their health and sometimes their lives by going to vote in person. he -- it's a setup.
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he set the country up. he set his supporters up for a moment like this which is completely false and you said sad. it is sad. i mean, i'm not an emotional person, and i am having trouble kind of keeping it together after listening to the president of the united states saying what he just said. >> this president clearly knows this that this is not going to end well for him and he believes that, and he's trying to take the rest of the country down with him. he's trying to take the voting system down with him and the democratic process down with him, and beyond being completely selfish it also is just wrong, and as you said, where is the intervention? i don't know where it is, and it probably should have happened months ago, because as you said, dana, he already told us he was going to do this and he's said months ago the only way i could lose this election is if there
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were widespread, massive fraud which we knew was not going to happen and now he is apparently -- he believes he is losing the election and the numbers are not heading in his direction and he's claiming that there is fraud everywhere in the country except for one place. the place where the vote count is narrowing in his favor in arizona. this is a complete farce and a travesty and it's incredible that he's doing it from the white house, but notable also, vice president mike pence nowhere to be found. >> the other point that you made earlier abby, which is the president would like us to believe, would like the nation to believe that there is this grand conspiracy in every state in the nation to take this election from him, and yet, somebody else gave him a list of republican accomplishments in his election to read from, rid? not one republican lost a seat in the house. republicans held on to the
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senate, a tremendous night of success for the republican party so president trump would have you believe that the elections went great for every republican in the country, almost except for him. so the diabolical democrats and big money, big media and big tech conspired and we all got together and we decided what we're going to do is we're going to help every republican win elections across the country except for donald trump. does that make sense to anybody except for the most fevered brain? >> unfortunately, the answer is is it logical? of course, not. did what you just make sense? absolutely. i'm trying to dissect it. i will say it again, one of the reasons why what we just heard and saw is dangerous and it's not just because he's the president of the united states. it is because there are so many people who absolutely love him and believe everything he says. so they are -- he and mostly his
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children on twitter are sowing the seeds of doubt in democracy, in a way that is -- it is going to make it very hard for his party, frankly, to come back from. >> you know, the president and his children especially are actively and openly inciting violence in this country. the president's son tweeted that trump will go to war over this election. the president said tonight that his supporters were so angry that they couldn't get into a place where they were tabulating votes that they would get violent almost. so it's intentional and it's dangerous and it really needs to stop. the votes need to be counted and the president needs to abide by whatever that result is. he signaled tonight that he is not going to be willing to do that, and that is dangerous for this country. >> it's time for some republican lawmakers to find their spine
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and talk to the president about what he needs to do for the good of the country. anderson? >> jake, thanks very much. we have never seen really other than -- i don't think we've ever seen anything like this from a president of the united states, and i think as jake said, it's sad and it is truly pathetic, and of course, it is dangerous and of course it will go to court, but you'll notice the president did not have any evidence presented at all. nothing. no real, actual evidence of any kind of fraud, talked about people putting up papers in windows. he talked about things that he'd seen on the internet. that is the president of the united states. that is the most powerful person in the world and we see him like an obese turtle on his back flailing in the hot sun realizing his time is over, but he just hasn't accepted it and he wants to take everybody down with him including this country. >> i think that the world is
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watching and they're watching an american president undermine democracy in the united states. it's painful to those of us who love america. it is painful and dangerous what he's doing. it is not surprising, of course, because he told us early on that if he didn't win he was going to say the election was rigged and maybe we didn't believe he would come out and do it in this way, but it is still startling to us to just hear the president from a podium in the white house undermine democracy, and as jake was saying before, i have to keep saying, if this was such a big plot by democrats, why didn't they do better? why didn't they do better in the house? why didn't they do better in the senate? the president makes himself the ultimate victim here. over and over again, it's about him and it's not about the fact that the other republicans did okay. it's about him and his family is complaining why isn't everybody coming out and defending him? why isn't lindsay graham coming
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out and defending him? because a lot of republicans, it is time for them to say enough is enough. >> rick santorum? >> no republican elected official will stand behind that statement. none of them will. they will stand behind elements of that statement and they will stand behind his comment about the polling and how he could make the argument that it was -- suppression, and dishonest. i mean, you can stand behind the lack of transparency when it came to allowing the votes to be canceled -- counted. there's evidence of that and he provided some evidence for that. there are certain things they will stand behind in that statement because they reflect the reality, but much of that statement was -- was not -- was not factual and was at times
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incendiary and not something that a president of the united states should say or any elected official -- >> you said -- >> -- unless you have evidence to prove it and at this time we don't and we won't until there is an investigation as to what will happen, and i've got to tell you, i sat there and i listened to him talking about the votes being taken away from him, and then he shifted to arizona and said hey, i win this thing if they count the votes. well, how can you say we have to wait and count the votes in arizona and i can win this thing, but if you count the votes in philadelphia you're stealing them? the reality is in pennsylvania democrats voted by mail and republicans voted by -- in person and it's because you asked them to do so. and so i think most people, hopefully, i just encourage people to listen because i know there are a lot of people who think this election is stolen
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and a lot of people think there's fraud and you know what? there may be fraud. we don't know that right now, and for the president to go out there and claim that without any evidence of that is -- is -- is dangerous, and i just would say to the president, you know, there may be -- there may be some validity in some of the things that you believe, but to go out there and suggest that this is rigged or that counting votes in my home state by clerks all over 67 counties and as you kept losing votes was somehow rigged? no. democrats voted by mail and that's why your lead went away. had they voted in person you would be in the same position we are right now. so i, again, it's just very disappointing and shocking at times to hear the president say the things that he said, and i am hopeful that -- that republicans will stand up at
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this moment and say what needs to be said about the integrity of our election, be tough, fight. i want him to fight. i want him to make sure that this election was held fairly, and i don't want him to draw these conclusions when he doesn't have the evidence to back it up. >> i just want to thank you for what you just said. first of all, it's not an easy thing to say given the polarity in the country, but as a dad, a american, as a democrat, as a human being, i appreciate you saying that. i hope that other republicans will also stand with you. you're right. all night, there are some things that there are things you guys don't like and you want to fight on those narrow issue, but to have the president of the united states take the position that he took and it's comforting to me that our system is holding and people are still counting these votes. we are still moving forward and i want to say i appreciate you saying that. at. >> governor of georgeia will count these votes. >> the secretary of state of george a i believe. >> yeah.
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so, look, i -- so what do other -- what does a mitch mcconnell come out and say? >> mitch mcconnell will say what mitch mcconnell said today and that's that we're going to count the votes and that's what every republican will say. people voted. you have to count their votes and if there are instances in which we find some sort of fraud or some sort of --? shenanigans that are being played, you investigate them, you get to the bottom of them and if they're substantial and there's this claim running out there that there's 130,000 votes and the president referred to it that came out of nowhere in michigan. okay. if that's true, prove it! go out there and find it and do it, and if it's true then you have a serious problem and then we attack it, but counting absentee ballots and counting mail-in ballots is not fraud. >> let's be clear. the president believes that an election is fraudulent when he does not win. that is what he believes.
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before the election in 2016 when he thought he wasn't going to win, he predicted that the election would be rigged, that the election was fraudulent. when he didn't win the popular vote he contended that the 3 million votes that he lost by were fraudulent votes and he impanelled a commission, a government commission to find those votes and they never could. so really what's -- this is incredibly disturbing, but it's not surprising. this is who he is. i have big differences with donald trump over policy, and you know, the same differences that i probably have with you over some of these policies, but what we've learn side how much our democracy relies on people of good will in high places respecting its tenets and understanding that it's institutions are absolutely essential and to its functioning and there is nothing more sacred than this institution, and he is willing to subjugate the institutions of our democracy to
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his own personal interest and that has been true from the beginning. this is just the latest and the saddest chapter and i -- and it's increasingly looking like the last one. >> i want to add something, gloria, if you don't mind. >> go ahead. part of what he said that's so terrible is that he's attacking actual americans who -- he said in detroit they're not letting republicans in. that's literally not true. republicans and democrats are standing shoulder to shoulder right now and counting those votes. it's unbelievable the level of lying that he's doing. you couldn't -- putin could not come up with a better attack on our democracy. >> well -- >> no, i couldn't agree with you more. >> let me say something that maybe -- let's just be really blunt about this. why is he talking about detroit? why is he talking about philadelphia? it's not subtle. it's race! it's race!
4:19 pm
it's donald trump's go-to play, and it's disgusting. so i just want to say that. >> i appreciate you teeing it up. it's unbelievable that he can say these cities are known for corruption, et cetera, et cetera. there's corruption all across this country in every institution, why are you singling out these two black cities? why are you denying the victory that these people have fought for? i'm upset about it because african-americans have fought so hard for the right to vote. i just want to finish. african-americans and our allies have fought so hard for the right to vote. this right for us to vote is precious. john lewis died this year. this is something -- we went and we got young, african-americans across this country to believe, to buy in, to stand in line, to do this thing and have the
4:20 pm
president crap all over their efforts it hurts and you can say he didn't mean it to be racial, but it feels racial to us. it's disgraceful. >> i've covered pol teitics a really long time and i've never witnessed anything like this, and again you're saying you're not surprised, but it's still stunning and striking on so many levels. you talk about the issue of race. i totally agree with you, but it's watching a president who is unable to accept loss or potential loss, defeat, losing is for suckers, remember that? if he can't accept it, so he has to find a way to undermine the process that has him losing is democracy. how can you do that when you are president of the united states? again, not surprising, but just shocking and very sad. >> let me go to jim acosta who is at the white house. jim? >> anderson, i think what we
4:21 pm
listened to just a few moments ago from the president it sounded an awful lot like an attack on american democracy and president trump fired the first shot in this attack on our democracy, and let me tell you, just based on what i've observed covering him over the last five years, what the president counts on often is that he can exhaust his adversaries. he can exhaust you to the point where you just give up. where you let him have his way and what we're seeing take place in these counting centers and these various states that are still up for grabs is the tireless work of our fellow americans counting the ballots. they're not getting -- they're probably exhausted, but they're not going to let that stop them from doing what they're doing, so i would say and this has been sort of my, you know, guiding principal guiding this president for the last four or five years is that you can't get so exhausted to the point you give up. you can't stop fact checking him and calling him out on the
4:22 pm
carpet. it sounded like somebody who is just a sore loser. he sees the writing on the wall and the writing on the wall says he's a one-term president, and as gloria was saying he doesn't want to be one of the suckers and the losers. he wants to be a winner and for the president winning is everything, but at this point, the math isn't there, as a trump adviser told me earlier today, the math isn't there. we need an act of god to change the course of this race. it's not happening, and so you know, my sense of it is that at this point the president and his team will try to lock things up. they're going to try to lock up the gears of this democracy in court, but they're fighting a losing battle when you have the president saying stop the counting in places like philadelphia and detroit and keep the counting going in arizona. as someone who has been involved in a court case with the president, that is the kind of legal argument that is just not going to cut the mustard, and my guess is that we're going to see more frustrated, sore loser-like
4:23 pm
pronouncements and declarations from the president over the coming days, but he's not in control of this. the voters are in control of this and our fellow americans are in control of this and the people who count the ballots and election officials who are in control of this and not the president. the constitution guides us through this process and established election law in this country guides us through this process. ballots will be counted and ballots will be certified and election results will be certified and the president, you know, he can try to stay in the white house come january 20th and joe biden can be sworn in over the four seasons in georgetown and be president down there. >> the president thinks he has won the game, but at this point, you know, he is as much a witness to all of this as we are. he's as much a bystander to all of this as we are. we have to count the ballots, guys. >> this is a country of laws, and though the president has said he is a law and order president, well, we will see about that. there are laws.
4:24 pm
this will go to courts. evidence has to be produced as rick santorum said. if there is evidence, judges will decide on that. much of what the president said tonight is without -- is not real evidence and if he has real evidence for it, that will be presented in court. the american people can see that. kaitlan collins standing by as well. kaitlan? >> anderson, not only were the president's comments undermining democracy, he also just seemed to express a complete misunderstanding of how elections work and particularly this election and how people have been saying for the last six months they expected tuesday to go and the days that followed and we've seen it play out exactly as people predicted, but the president seemed genuinely surprised that he was leading in some states on tuesday and he is now trailing in those states as millions more votes have been counted particularly from democrats given that the president encouraged his own supporters not to vote by mail for six months. when you wage a campaign against mail-in voting for the better
4:25 pm
power of the year before the election, your voters will not vote by mail and then you will get your vets on election day and not in the days that followed, but he seemed genuinely surprised that he was leading by a substantial margin and like pennsylvania and george a and now those margins have narrowed significantly as we've seen the vote comes in and be counted and perfectly legal. he said in georgia the process is being run by democrats. it's a republican secretary of state in georgia. i think the only thing the president said that was true there is that there is going to be litigation in the next several days. that is something we are certainly expecting from the trump campaign and he made clear, anderson, he is not planning on conceding this even as we are seeing what's happening in georgia and pennsylvania and still waiting to find out what will happen in arizona, and i just want to note the vice president mike pence has also been silent over the last 48 hours. he was not there with the president and it was just the press secretary kayleigh
4:26 pm
mcenany. he claims all legal votes should be counted. that is not what the president said and not by a long shot as he came into the briefing room. >> kaitlan collins, appreciate it. we are getting new numbers in from georgia and pennsylvania where the president's lead is almost gone. we'll go to both battleground states as the votes continue to be counted. goodbye cleaning, hello clean. now, braava jet mops right where you need it with an adjustable precision jet spray and an advanced pad system. and offers personalized cleaning suggestions unique to your home. braava jet m6 and the irobot home app. only from irobot. okay, so, magnificent mile for me! i thought i was managing... moderate to severe crohn's disease. until i realized... ...something was you okay, sis? my symptoms were keeping me... ...from really being there for my sisters. so i talked to my doctor and learned... that's us. ...humira is for people who still have... ...symptoms of crohn's disease after trying other medications. the majority of people on humira saw significant symptom relief in as little as 4 weeks.
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meanwhile, the vote counting continues and it does not look good for the president of the united states. he only has 213 electoral votes. joe biden has 253. you need 270. biden is getting closer and closer to winning this election. let's get a key race alert right now. take a look at these two states, georgia and pennsylvania. it's getting so, so close. in georgia right now with 99% of the estimated vote in, but plenty of votes outstanding. trump's lead which was once so, so significant is now only 3,486. he's 3,486 votes ahead of biden, 49.4% to 49.3%. 16 electoral votes in georgia. trump's lead has shrunk so dramatically. look at how close it is right now. in pennsylvania, trump's lead is
4:31 pm
also dramatically -- 94% of the estimated vote is now in so there's still plenty of votes outstanding and his lead now is only shrunk to 64,266 and at one point it was 64,000 and 49.8% to 48.9%. 20 electoral votes in pennsylvania, if biden wins pennsylvania, it's over. he becomes the next president of the united states. let's go over to john king at the magic wall. john, these are dramatic moments right now because it looks increasingly like biden is getting closer and closer to winning this contest. >> dramatic is an understatement. movement toward joe biden in both pennsylvania and georgia. he can be president just by winning nevada and arizona where he now leads. donald trump, the president of the united states, must win pennsylvania and georgia. must win, he cannot get to 270 electoral votes without these
4:32 pm
two states. let's talk about the commonwealth of pennsylvania, it's just more than dramatic. you see the lead. it is down to erie county, up here, the most corner of pennsylvania has flipped from red to blue. lehigh county, allentown, pennsylvania, has flipped from red to blue. more votes coming in and the president's lead is shrinking and additionally votes here from philadelphia as well and the city of philadelphia. this is where most of the outstanding ballots are still coming from the largest population center in the state and again, as they come in just watch what happens here. about 12,000 ballots came in more than that. joe biden of those got 10,839. all right? donald trump got 467. 87% of the ballots in philadelphia. time and time again when you see
4:33 pm
these ballots coming in, you see it here. 49.8 to 48.9 and 64,000 and we know there are enough ballots for joe biden to overtake this lead and if you want to see some of the drama and this is what the president is mad about. what we just heard from the president of the united states is just plain wrong, i'm sorry, and it's just plain wrong. yes. in the election day count he pulled well ahead and we all knew he would count the mail-in ballots cast. there are republican observers in every part of the room. the president was saying that's not true. they won a lawsuit to move a few feet closer. it's not that they can't see this, but let's watch this play out. midnight, tuesday as we went from election day into wednesday. 548,000 so more than a half million vote. it grows to more than 618,000 votes and it starts to come down, wednesday 3:00 p.m. in the afternoon and thursday morning, midnight and thursday at midnight as we change days and we see it come down 164 and you see it come down even more and
4:34 pm
here we are in real time, 64,000 votes and you saw erie county flip and allentown flipped, as well and still votes to count in philadelphia and the president's lead is shrinking. will joe biden overtake him? the trend line and dramatic. let's move down to georgia. again, the president cannot win re-election without pennsylvania's 20 electoral votes nor can he win without adding georgia to that, look at that, 3,486, while the president was on television, forgive me, lying about how the process works, votes chase manhattame i county and let's play out what has happened in recent days. the president called this a fraud. what it's call sied is democrac. make sure we have georgia loaded. and this is wednesday, midnight, tuesday midnight, election night and we're shifting into the early morning hours wednesday.
4:35 pm
the president yes, he's well ahead and by wednesday morning as they start to count more votes, the lead shrinks and 79,000 votes continues to shrink the 31,000 votes and comes down to 18,000 votes and change and gets to 12,000 votes and then we come back to real i'm and we're at 3,000 votes and the trend line has been unmistakable and as they count the mail-in ballots, ballots that were legally cast by registered votes are, the president's lead is shrinking and we know again that there are enough ballots left in georgia and 18,936 and a little bit of that could have changed and joe biden could win as long as he gets 53% of the ballots as it comes through the rest of the count. will he get that? we don't know. we need to count the votes and what's happening is democracy and vote counting and there is a democratic governor of pennsylvania and the democrats and republicans and these senators are counting votes and the president's lead is slipping and that's what he's mad about and wolf, just for the big
4:36 pm
picture, he's absolutely, the president must win, must win. joe biden does not have to. >> let's go back to philadelphia. our decision desk is updating us on the numbers in philadelphia right now. the new numbers that just came in 1,467. that's the updated number that we just got. >> right. >> that went to biden. he got almost all of the votes. >> i see, yeah. >> 467 in philadelphia county which is the same as the city of philadelphia right there. you can see how strong biden was doing. >> that was my mistake. i want to fix it to be fair to the president. i looked down at my notes, he got 1,467, but the math is still the same, 87% for joe biden and 87% for joe biden in the last tranche of votes that came in from philadelphia. we know there are more votes to come from the city of philadelphia and 89%, and this is the building block of the
4:37 pm
democratic vote in pennsylvania. there is no guarantee joe biden keeps on this path, but if you watch the path throughout the day, joe biden is getting 75% or more of the mail-in ballots and again, it's unusual to see a lead like that come down so much, but we are in an unprecedented election where the election day vote was counted first and that's all this red and the president and all those rallies in the final days. to his credit, turned out his vote, but the democratic vote was disproportionately in those mail-in ballots and the president's team has a right to challenge any of them and what the president said in the briefing is just not true. they're counting votes and they're counting legally cast votes and his lead is coming down. we're at 94% and we have a ways to go and i want to come over here to reinforce the point. if joe biden wins pennsylvania, game over. he has 273 and once you get to 270 once you're just adding on and the real way to look at this is where we are. biden can win with this and
4:38 pm
this. he doesn't need anything else. that doesn't mean he's going to win nevada and arizona, but he's leading there right now and the biden team is quite confident. the issue, wolf is when you come back here. there is no way, no way that the president we think will win north carolina and the president is going to win alaska and the president at the moment and let me see if i can touch it right this time, of course, not and the president is leading, maine does its electoral votes by -- let me bring it back out here and does it by congressional district and that's what we think the president is going to get. the question is can he get higher from there? he has to have this and this. there's no way. he has to have that and that and right now his leads are shrinking. >> those 20 electoral votes go toed by know. sarah murray is in philadelphia watching this unfold. what are you seeing and what are you hearing? >> i mean, that's right, wolf. there is a very slim lead right now, 64,000 votes and there are
4:39 pm
still a lot of votes outstanding here. in philadelphia county we know there are about 74,000 votes that still have not been counted and there's been this issue in allegheny county where they had to sort of pause and they'll resume some counting tomorrow. they have at least 36,000 votes outstanding and in bucks county, another big county philadelphia suburb they have under 25,000 votes still outstanding. so there are still pots of ballots to be counted. we're waiting for these mail-in ballots to be counted and one of the things we should keep in mind as we see this stuff slow to a little bit of a trickle is some of these ballots are contending with ballots that had an issue going through the scanner. so they may be dealing with thousands of ballots that they have to count by hand and if it doesn't have a secrecy sleeve it's not being counted and if it doesn't have a signature on the outside of the ebb vel open it's not counted and it will take longer to count them by hand. that is one of the things officials are contending with in these various counties. the other thing, of course, is
4:40 pm
just the sheer volume. we know places like bucks county and places like here in philadelphia they are counting 24/7, but they are trying to do this in a way that is accurate and is just taking a while, wolf. >> very, very interesting, sara. john, if we take a look at philadelphia right now, 80% for biden and only 18.8% for trump and that's where, look, 12% of the population of the whole state is in fill pill. >> think abo . >> and what sara just said put it into context, philadelphia, joe biden is getting 87% of the vote, and let's say he's getting 80% of the votes and sarah told us there are 74,000 ballots here. 74,000 ballots. >> another zero. >> thank you for that. joe biden is getting 80% or more right now. that right there when we come out to to the lead, and pennsylvania secretary of state says there are a quarter
4:41 pm
million, 250,366 mail-in ballots to be counted. 74,000 of them are there. move over to bucks county right here. you have another 25,000 of them are here. this is more evenly split in the total count, but we know earlier in the day with the mail-in ballots, you remember the distinction joe biden is getting a much higher percentage of that, and 36,000 there in blue counties where joe biden is voting overwhelmingly, and as sara noted you come to allegheny where there are 36,000 ballots, and getting a higher percentage of that so these ballots they're looking for, 250,000 and change are overwhelmingly in blue, democratic areas and ballots to be counted. 64, 266-vote lead and joe biden is on a pace right now not only to catch the president, but to
4:42 pm
pass him and we said earlier if he was getting 70% of that vote he would pass the president and pull into a 40,000-vote lead and the math for joe biden is actually better than that. if joe biden continues at his current pace he will not only catch the president and he would open the lead in the ballpark of 40,000 votes. >> if biden wins pennsylvania by 40,000 beats, trump beat hillary clinton by 40,000, 44,292, spfshgl spfs specifically. we would have to take note of that. 20 electoral votes and if biden wins those 20 votes it's all over no matter what happens in the other states. we're getting new numbers in arizona right now. we will update you on that. all of the latest information coming in. much more of our special coverage continues.
4:43 pm
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4:47 pm
all right. let's get another key race alert. take a look at these numbers right now. four contests, georgia, nevada, arizona, pennsylvania, look at how close the contests are right now. in georgia right now president trump's lead has shrunk so, so dramatically, it is only 3,486 votes right now and there are thousands of votes outstanding. mostly mail-in ballots. mail-in ballots that were promoted by the democrats. they wanted mail-in ballots during the middle of this coronavirus pandemic. the president opposed those ballots and he's paying a serious price for all of the hundreds of thousands of mail-in ballots still being counted. in nevada, biden is ahead by 11,438 in nevada. in arizona, biden is ahead by 58,953. trump is ahead in pennsylvania by 64,266, but that lead has shrunk dramatically, as well and almost all of the remaining
4:48 pm
ballots are the mail-in ballots coming in and the democrats and biden is winning those ballots dramatically right now. let's go over to john king and continue this conversation. john, you're looking at arizona right now. the biden lead has shrunk there in arizona. he still has a lead, but it has shrunk. >> so let's play it out. again, this is one of the states in georgia and pennsylvania we're talking about how the president's lead is shrinking. in arizona, this is back tuesday and into wednesday. joe biden ahead, and by 1:00 a.m. it was down to 185 and change and down to 15a 5 and 800, and wednesday 3:00 a.m. and down to 130 and as we went through the day, 10 dlok a.m. yesterday and 93,000 votes and it falls to 79,000 votes and goes to 69,000 votes and if you go to real time right now it is shy of 59,000 votes and it's the reverse of what we're seeing in georgia and pennsylvania, and
4:49 pm
it's the same question, they were asking can biden make it up and pass here? we're asking can president trump make it up and pass? we have to watch as we get the votes. maricopa county, as always, 60% of the state population. this is where we've been getting small batches of votes coming in throughout the day and this is where the president had narrowed the gap a little bit. if you're in the biden campaign, they believe as the vote comes in they'll hold it and you have to acknowledge the trend right now is that the president is narrowing this gap and this is a trend the president has won. let's go back in time with a four and a half-point race, and a three and a half-point race a year ago and you see maricopa county here and the largest population center and ready for trump five years ago. blue for biden right now and this is the battle for america's suburbs and biden has been winning it. it's pretty narrow, 58,000 votes and if biden holds this lead in nevada, he would be the
4:50 pm
president-elect of the united states without georgia or pennsylvania, but we're still counting. >> let's check in with kyung lau, she's in phoenix. what are you hearing over there >> reporter: well, we're just getting a response from a gop source that is looking at the very same numbers and this gop source is saying this is going very well. what they are looking at is the exact gap that you're talking about. how it is shrinking between the president and the former vice president. so as that number continues to shrink, certainly the mood among the gop here in arizona is rising. so what they are looking for, though. in about an hour and 15 minutes is what is going to come out of the department here at maricopa county, the elections department. they are still counting the votes. they are in just over an hour going to be releasing the latest ballot results and that ballot result will be very important on how the president is doing here in the state.
4:51 pm
we don't have an exact number of how many ballots will be coming out, but that is going to tell us which direction the president's going. so a lot of eyes here in arizona on that. and meanwhile, we've been talking about those protests. very calm protests out here. it is fenced off, this area, just to separate and bring some distance between the elections department and the people who are here, but it has been exceptionally peaceful throughout the day. a lot of families. a lot of flags. but this is what they wanted to see here if this was going to happen, that they were able to gather outside, have their say and then hopefully and peacefully go home. >> all right. kyung lah on the scene for us out in arizona. you know, john, it's interesting, when the numbers shrink in the president's favor, as they are in arizona right now, that's legal and that's totally acceptable. >> right. >> that's very, very good. but when the numbers shrink in georgia or pennsylvania, that's a fraud, according to the president of the united states. he makes no sense. >> no, a polite way to put it would be it's an intellectual
4:52 pm
inconsistency. the right way to put it would be it's just all politics and it's a shame, and you're right, it makes no sense. the president says keep counting votes as long as i'm doing well. stop counting votes if it takes away my lead. that's not the way it works. we count votes everywhere. if the president catches up. i want to show you. more votes in maricopa county. biden got 3,040. essentially a 6,000-vote pick-up for the president there. guess what, mr. president? we're going to count the votes. if they favor you, we're going to show that. if they don't, we're going to show that. that's how democracy works. where kyung is here. martin savidge was in chatham. all our correspondents are. we just talked to sara murray. they're just watching people. that's the key point about this. if you're a trump supporter, go online. most of these places have cameras. all of them are posting their results. this is happening transparently. there are democrats and republicans in every one of these rooms. if they see something wrong,
4:53 pm
they have every right to challenge it, but you have to prove it, you can't just say it. what you heard from the president was reckless. again, he said earlier stop the count. if we stop the count right now, joe biden would be the next president of the united states because he's leading in arizona and nevada and the president would stop what possibly would be a trump comeback. we don't know yet. we're still counting votes. biden thinks it will stay. this state right now is trending in the president's direction. would he like us to stop the count, just give it to joe biden? i think not. it makes no sense. i'll just leave it there. it makes no sense and is completely contrary of what he is saying here and here. and i just want to check because it has been changing, it stays the same. again, joe biden has been making up ground at a very steady pace. the president still ahead in georgia. jump in, please, any time. >> yeah. >> just want to check on pennsylvania again. it's the same. we're watching just to see, you know, these counties are counting votes and they report them when they can. in these places, out here in the west, arizona and nevada, they tend to do it more on a schedule. in georgia and pennsylvania,
4:54 pm
they're just doing it when a county has enough, they pop them up and head up to the website. >> you know, those 15 minutes -- that 15-minute speech that the president delivered in the briefing room at the white house, wasn't at a hotel, wasn't at a campaign rally, it was the white house speaking as president of the united states. you and i are former white house correspondents. do you ever remember a time, john, when a president would walk into a briefing room like that and make a statement that was so full of lies and so very, very dangerous that only america's adversaries, whether russia or china or north korea or iran, they would say, look, there's great political dissent. there's chaos in the united states. that's what we've been trying to achieve all these years, to weaken the american democracy. and that's what we saw. >> right. look, we covered the bill clinton white house at the same time during the impeachment. there were times when bill clinton walked into official rooms in the white house and lied about his personal conduct and his personal behavior. we can't put that under the rug. that's true. he was the president of the united states. he was a democrat. he said some things in those days that were flat-out lies.
4:55 pm
they were about his personal behavior and the investigation of him, so republicans out there will say he was trying to undermine an investigation of him. it's a fair point. but consistently attacking the institutions of american democracy, no, even as bill clinton was criticizing the investigation, he did ultimately after resisting for a while testify. this president of the united states is attacking the most sacred institution of american democracy, which is voting. that's all we're doing here tonight is counting legally-cast votes. >> and america's adversaries can sit back and smile. we're expecting new votes to come in from key battleground states very, very soon. stay with us. election night in america continues. ♪ ♪ i see you looking (uh) ♪ i see you looking (na, na, na) ♪ ♪ i see you looking (uh)
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5:00 pm
presidential battlegrounds are moving more and more in joe biden's direction. i'm wolf blitzer. the former vice president has nearly wiped out president trump's lead in georgia as more votes are counted and he's pushing even closer to the president in pennsylvania tonight. those are must-win battlegrounds for trump and they appear to be slipping away. meantime, arizona has moved in a different direction tonight as biden's lead there has narrowed. biden needs to win one or two of those states or nevada to increase his electoral vote count from the current 253 to the winning number of 270. trump is lagging at only 213. and tonight he's making false and dangerous attacks on the legitimate vote counting that continuous right now. here's a key race alert. look at these three states. in arizona right now, biden maintains his lead, 50.2%-48.3%.
5:01 pm
he's leading right now by 56,547. 87% of the estimated vote is in. 13% remains outstanding. 11:00 electoral votes in arizona. in pennsylvania, meantime, trump's lead has shrunk dramatically in pennsylvania. he's now ahead by only 63,725 votes. he's got 49.8% to 48.9% for biden. 94% of the estimated vote in pennsylvania is in. 6% is outstanding. 20 electoral votes in pennsylvania. if biden were to win all 20 of those electoral votes, he would be president of the united states. in georgia right now, look at this, trump's dramatic lead. it used to be in the hundreds of thousands, is now only 3,486. 49.4% for trump. 49.3% for biden. 99% of the estimated vote is in. 16 electoral votes in georgia.
5:02 pm
we're watching those races so, so closely. as we walk over to john king at the magic wall, i want to check in with gary tuchman. he's on the ground for us right now in atlanta watching what's going on. gary, i understand you have some new information. >> reporter: yeah, i want to start off by telling you, wolf, this building behind me is the state capitol in georgia. two people are working inside this building are the governor and the secretary of state. they are both republicans. they are in charge of the state election apparatus. president trump said it was democrats who are in charge of georgia's election apparatus. that is not true. that secretary of state who says he's doing everything by the book, trying to keep everything secure, has come out with some new numbers just a short time ago. he says there are still 18,936 votes to be counted. the reason that number is so interesting is because right now donald trump is less than 3,500 votes from joe biden. doing some very simple math, i can tell you that if joe biden gets 61% or more of those remaining votes, those remaining
5:03 pm
18,936 votes, he would move in front of donald trump, but those aren't the only votes left, and this is a very important point. there are far more votes to count because there are still thousands of provisional ballots to count, including 3,500 here in fulton county, the largest county in the state of georgia. the provisional ballots are used for those who go into vote. in georgia you have to show identification. if you walk in and don't have an i.d. or registered at two addresses or your name's spelled differently, you fill a provisional ballot, make sure it's okay and then you're allowed to vote. in addition, there are 9,000 overseas ballots from ex-pats and military members allowed to come as late as tomorrow. those can also be included in the count. i want to tell you what we're hearing, seven counties in the state part of that 18,936 number. most of them from democratic counties. one of them is clayton county where the atlanta airport is located. south of the city of atlanta.
5:04 pm
5,726 votes. gwinnett county, east of atlanta, 4,800 votes. one other county in the atlanta metropolitan area, cobb county, 700 votes. maybe as many as 20% from republican-leaning areas. forsythe county, 4,713 votes. lawrence county, 1,797. taylor county, 456, and floyd county, 444. so those are the seven counties that have the 18,936 outstanding votes. so important to emphasize you have the provisional ballots. the counties have until a week from friday to certify these ballots. so there's no expectation it's going to be done late tonight or tomorrow. it may take a lot longer, particularly with these provisional ballots and then the state certifies the ballots by the 20th of november. which is still quite a distance away. so the race is very close in georgia. joe biden's had a pace that's
5:05 pm
been greater than 61% picking up these votes checking out absentee ballots. he just needs 61% based on this number. one other thing i want to mention to you, wolf and john, is this. i've spent the election day in ohio. i've spent time here. i've been with hundreds of election workers in both those states. there are thousands of election workers across this country. they are republicans. they are democrats. they are independents. they are good americans. we as journalists can take the disrespect from politicians. we're used to it. but it hurts me, it pains me to see the disrespect, the anger from politicians directed toward this process when we see these amazingly noble people working during a dangerous pandemic to try and ensure that our elections are fair and safe. it's hard to watch. >> yeah, very well-said, gary. thank you so much for that. we totally agree with you. we know these people. they are wonderful, decent people. let's make some sense of georgia going on right now. trump is ahead, john, by 3,486. we just heard from gary, 18,936
5:06 pm
ballots are waiting to be counted. biden can easily get 60%, 70%, 80% of that. if he does been he's going to win that state. >> some people at home saying, wait a minute, what do you mean? again, we're going to keep making this point because it's important. they're counting now mail-in ballots. democrat disproportionately voted by mail. joe biden has been winning more than 06% 60% of the mail-in bal counted in georgia today. just keep on the track record he's on. let's look at several of the counties. clayton county, atlanta airport. south of the city. again, joe biden needs 60%, right? 60% of the votes. he's getting 85% of the votes in this county. this is the largest batch left. 5,726 ballots right here. if joe biden gets 60% of those, he's on track. right now he's getting 80% of those and it's just, i'm sorry, it's just safe logic to say the mail-in vote has predominately democratic.
5:07 pm
joe biden's going to hit that number there. let's move around and see a little more. dekalb county as counted. gwinnett county is on the list. 4,800. again, joe biden needs around 60% when you add them all up. well, that's about what he's getting here. in the mail-in ballots, he's running higher than that. you see that and think, okay, every reason to believe joe biden is going to hit the mark where he needs there. so let's move over. this is fulton county. they're done counting their mail-in ballots. you move over here to cobb county, 700. so a smaller number, but, again, joe biden getting 56% there. perfectly reasonable to assume if the benchmark for biden to continue the comeback is 60%, more than reasonable to see -- believe that he will get it there. the challenge comes when you move to some of these other counties. let's pick one up right here. this is lawrence county. on gary's list. a smaller number of ballots here, 1,797. the test for biden, matching your metric in the blue counties. can you match it in the red county? that is a test.
5:08 pm
so far he has been meeting that. and, again, people vote by mail, they stand in line and vote early or they vote on election day. in the voices by mates by mail, overwhelmingly democratic. democrats and republicans live anywhere. we'll see if it plays out again. we're going to count all these votes to the finish line. joe biden has been producing that metric in these red counties. getting 50%, 60%, some cases close to 80%. it's possible, but we'll count them. please. >> no doubt that the president was discouraging people from voting by mail. the democrats were encouraging in the time of the coronavirus go ahead and vote by mail. as a result, the democrats are doing much better with those mail-in ballots. >> it's an excellent point. i want for follow up on it. gary made a point about his time in ohio. i want to take one minute to play you out to show you it's just ludicrous what we're hearing from the president of the united states. this is thor county, 456 votes. much smaller than some of the other counties. every one of them counts, even
5:09 pm
if they're votes for the president. yes, we should count them all. again, here's the test. joe biden needs the big poll of almost 19,000 votes. 18,936. needs to get 60%. he has been -- again, even in these republican communities doing that. that's why we're going to count it. 3,486. again, the president's lead at one point was 200,000, right, in georgia? republicans are saying this is an outrage. it's not an outrage. it's democracy. i want to pull out and go back -- sorry about that. i want to go back to the state of ohio. this one's done. we've called it for the president. he won it with a pretty healthy margin. if you were with us tuesday night, early on we were saying, wow, might joe biden win ohio? why? because they counted the mail-in ballots first. they did it in a different order. pennsylvania and georgia are counting the mail-in ballots last. they did it first in ohio because the state law allows them to do so they posted them first and joe biden pulled out to a big lead and we all thought, oh, my god, is there a blue wave? joe biden's going to win ohio. and then they counted the election day votes.
5:10 pm
and donald trump pulled ahead in a fair, honest, legitimate -- >> same thing happened in florida, too. >> same thing happened in florida. so what we're seeing in these other states is just the reverse of the process because different states do it in different ways. but they're counting legally-cast ballots. in ohio on election night, joe biden benefitted from the early count. it looked like he was ahead. they run it well. it's a republican state. they counted it fairly and they got to the finish line. you make the same point about florida. that's all we're seeing in pennsylvania and georgia now. they're just doing it in reverse order. they decided because they thought they would have long lines, they didn't have the staff on election day. sent the mail ballots over here. deal with the election day crush and then we'll count those ballots. that's all it is. all legally cast ballots. states just counting them in different orders so the results are coming in a little bit differently, but it is a legal count. i just want to check on this again. 63,000. again, that lead was ten times that, it was above 600,000 at one point. and, again, that's not fraud, that's they counted the election day ballots first.
5:11 pm
good for the president. his rallies ran it up right there. and now they're just counting the mail-in ballots and they tend to be disproportionately in these blue counties, democratic counties, and joe biden is on a pace to catch up again. the way the ballots have been coming in so far it would not be inconceivable if joe biden were not only to pull ahead, but perhaps based on the math so far, somewhere of a ballpark of a 40,000-vote lead is possible if they keep coming in at the rate they're coming in right now. >> it's not fraud, it's democracy. that's what we're seeing unfold in all these various states. people went to the polls or they mailed in their ballots and now they're being counted and we're getting the result. sometimes it's good for trump. sometimes it's bad for trump and for biden, too. so we're just watching the count come in. >> watching the count. just to put the exclamation point on why. why does the president want to keep counting where he's losing and stop counting where he's ahead? because donald trump cannot win re-election if he loses those two states. he needs them both. if he loses either one of those states, donald trump cannot win
5:12 pm
re-election. that's why he's complaining about democracy in action. he just simply -- it's pure math. some of this is complicated. some tf it's arithmetic. donald trump cannot win if he loses those states. that's why he's complaining. >> a statement he's warning there will be a lot of litigation. we may even go to the highest court of the land. >> well, that part he drops. and that's the reckless part. the president just named a new supreme court justice. he has a 6-3 majority right now. he thinks because he's president judges are supposed to do what he says. that's not the way it works. now, he does have a 6-3 majority on the supreme court, but he has to make a case in a lower court that makes to a higher court, which is why i've been saying all day, whether it's a democrat in your catamount for a race for dog catcher or the republican is the president of the united states, don't listen to what they have to say. put it on paper and file it in a courthouse. let's see if they do that. if they have any evidence of this fraud, republicans around the country right now are saying they don't see it. they don't see anything like what the president is saying. again, you can talk about it all you want.
5:13 pm
if you want to sue, you got to put it on paper and prove it in court. we'll see. >> he said throughout the last months, the only way he can lose is if it's a rigged election. they would steal an election. then that was the only way possible he could lose. he said we think we will win very easily. well, he's not winning very easily. all likelihood is he could lose very easily. >> it's -- the count is not going in his favor right now and we're going to finish it to the end, but he sees the trend lines. look, his people know more about it than we do it they have people in all these counties. they know the math. they have their own data analytics teams. the reason the president is so hot and so mad is he's being told if they keep counting these votes, he's likely to lose here and possibly lose there. if that happens, joe biden is the president-elect of the united states. the president knows that. he's trying to stop the most trushz treasured process in the united states of america. >> will he go ahead and file these lawsuits and potentially go to the supreme court to try to prevent the will of the american people going forward? >> we will see that.
5:14 pm
look, i think in part republicans don't want him to, unless you heard senator santorum, from pennsylvania, won and loss close elections in pennsylvania. he knows personally how the commonwealth of pennsylvania plays out. he's been on the winning side and the losing side. republicans don't want the president to do this unless he can show them clear evidence of fraud, right? so what is the political dynamic? if you have a situation where let's just say you have something like this. i'm going to flip this. let's say you have something like this and then you have something like this. and this. and if there were ever to come down to the fact that the president somehow could come out on top here like this, and you have 270-268 and joe biden's president because of one state, right? i just did one scenario. if it's just one state and you can take one state away then you might see a lawsuit. what republicans believe is if it becomes more than that, if joe biden -- if the track continues and joe biden does something like that then you're at 306 electoral votes. if the president complaining about one state is not going to
5:15 pm
change the math in the end, right? so republicans are hoping that if the math is insurmountable that the president will back off. in any event, in any event, if the president has a legal case, make it. prove it. put it on paper. don't walk into a briefing room and spew things that even republicans say are simply not true. >> some republican leaders are already coming out against the president. larry hogan, the republican governor of maryland, has already criticized the president for what he said tonight. adam kinzinger, the republican congressman from illinois, has already criticized the president for what he said. do you think we'll be hearing more from the congressional -- the senate and the house leadership telling the president calm down, let the vote be counted? >> it will be interesting. we did see a tweet, i believe it was yesterday from marco rubio, republican senator from florida. a tweet from ben sasse saying count the votes, count every legally cast ballot. every legally cast ballot. look, there is going to be a debate in this country. republicans believe the president is going to lose. they don't want to talk about that publicly right now because of the chainsaw that he can be on twitter to them and because
5:16 pm
of his popularity with the republican base. look at this map. look at this map. you know, joe biden has more votes than anybody in american presidential history. you know who the second-ranked candidate for president is in terms of total votes ever in an election? it's donald trump. with 69 million votes. so if you are a republican, especially in any of those red states, but anywhere in america, it is still very risky to criticize this president because of his popularity with his people. but there is the beginning of the conversation in the republican party about the post-trump republican party. one joe biden factor in that is even if he loses, no one thinks he's going to go away. they think he's going to rail against this and he's going to say he was defrauded. he's going to say this never should have happened and keep open the pocket ssibility of ru in four years if he loses. every republican knows that. they have to make a choice about where to plant their flag in the early hours and then early days of a post-trump republican party. i think you will see more and more republicans deciding that's a bridge too far, we are not going to attack the most sacred
5:17 pm
institution of our democracy from the most sacred building in our democracy. >> this has been a day that we've seen such dramatic narrowing of the vote. let's go through these four states that we've been looking at from this morning until now. if we take a look at these key battleground states, how the numbers have shifted so dramatically. >> so let's start in pennsylvania. and as i do this, we don't get to do this very often. we're on tells aevision all the time. amazing people behind the scenes help us with this. i want to thank my team for helping me with this. our people have done a fantastic job here. this is the president has tuesday turned to wednesday. 12:00 a.m., midnight, right? the president's up by more than 500,000 votes in the commonwealth of pennsylvania, a state that was essential to his win four years ago. he's thinking i'm on the road to re-election. that looks great in pennsylvania. then he builds up, gets to 618,840 votes. it's getting even better as we turn into the morning after the election wednesday morning. these are all ballots cast on election day.
5:18 pm
then as the count continues, wednesday, 3:00 p.m., 435,000 votes. still a very healthy lead but it starts to shrink. then by midnight last night, tonight, 164,000, right? so that's almost 24 -- not quite. we're at 8:17. checking my watch. it's been a long three days. midnight as wednesday turns to thursday, down to 164,000. then thursday, 9:00 a.m., it's still about the same. then you come down here. it gets to 180. we keep coming through here. gets down to 75,000. that's 6:30 p.m. now from then to here pop you see the trajectory. a snowball coming down a hill and joe biden keeps picking up votes in the commonwealth of pennsylvania. >> so he's winning now by 63,725. we're told there are about another 250,000 mail-in ballots to be counted. >> if he wins 53%. 52.7% if you're exact.
5:19 pm
62.7%, i'm sorry about that. so, again, if you're watching at home, you see that and you think, well, joe biden can't get 62.7. let's say 63% of the vote. that's the number he's getting statewide. but yes he can because he's been outperforming that metric all day long. that is all the ballots. that is election day ballots, early voting ballots and the mail-in ballots that have been counted. but, again, as we just showed you when we came down here into philadelphia, he's winning 80% of the vote here. and as the mail-in ballots come in, even in the republican counties, even in places like this, we did this earlier tonight -- >> hold on one second. we're talking about philadelphia, sara murray has some new information. sara, what are you hearing about the vote counting in philadelphia? >> reporter: well, you know, wolf, look, here in pennsylvania, there are less than 10% across the state of these mail-in ballots that are still left to be counted. and philadelphia they are also just churning through these votes. we've told you before, we'll tell you again, they are working 24/7 here in philadelphia to churn through and to count these
5:20 pm
mail-in ballots. so they have, you know, about 72,500 still that they are trying to work through. and, look, this is a big pot of ballots. as you've noted, the lead in pennsylvania is shrinking. it's a big deal. they're continuing to work through the night because they want to get through this i think just as much as we want to get through this, but they want it to be accurate. the secretary of state earlier was talking to reporters and she said she felt that they were moving at a good clip. that there was potentially a way where we could see, you know, overnight or later this evening who is going to be the leader of pennsylvania. obviously that depends on how close the race is. we're still monitoring that. but i think it's very important to note we're under the 10 threshold of mail-in ballots across the state and just over 72,000 here in philadelphia. >> 72,000. thanks, sara. go ahead, john. i interrupted you. >> just do the basic math. there are 72,000 votes still in philadelphia, right? 72,000 votes here where the former vice president is getting 80% and actually in these mail-in ballots he's getting higher than that. the most recent twice in the
5:21 pm
last couple of hours we've gotten more ballots out of philadelphia and both times vice president biden has come in above that 80%. and again in pennsylvania, he needs 62.7%. every time you come in at 80 or 85 or 87, you lower the overall number. that's what's happening, they count the votes in philadelphia. you see that 60,000 vote lead right there, the former vice president can catch up pretty much just out of the city of philadelphia. then we know tomorrow they're going to count 35,000, 36,000 ballots in allegheny county and, again, he's already getting 59% in all ballots counted, including election day ballots. so when they count just mail-in ballots, the metric goes up and biden overperforms the 58. he's been getting 70% and 80% of these ballots as we count them throughout the day. so the trajectory right now is biden overcoming that lead. trajectory is one thing. we need to do the math and keep counting them. every time we see more votes out of pennsylvania, out of georgia, every time throughout the day today we get more votes, those
5:22 pm
leads are shrinking. and, again, the flip side is the president has cut a dent into joe biden's lead in arizona. we're counting them both ways. we're just counting votes. we'll follow them wherever they lead us. >> we're following the votes in georgia. let's take another look in georgia right now. >> sure. >> what's going on there. georgia, this is since thislook changed. right now trump is ahead by 3,400 votes. >> so let's go back in time. let's make sure on georgia we are. let's go back again, using as our starting point, tuesday's election day. we get to midnight. the counts are progressing in all these states. you see in battleground jaergeo the president of the united states is up by 372,000 votes. that's what they counted first. then let's move on. we get to 9:00 a.m. wednesday. the lead comes down a bit as they start counting counting ad
5:23 pm
ballots. you move to midnight, right? wednesday turned to thursday, it's down to 31,748 because these counties are doing what they do. they're counting legally cast ballots. and they moved on to the mail ballots at this point. 9:00 this morning, falls below 20,000 to 18,588. by 3:00 this afternoon, down to 12,828. so below 13,000. then 6:30 p.m., you get to 9,426. then you come back to real time now, that lead cut significantly again. and again, there's just been a steady progression of this as these counties and, again, gary tuchman for us a short time ago laid it out. 18,936 left. the bulk of them in places like this. places around atlanta where joe biden is getting a very healthy share of the vote. joe biden needs to get 59%. a little bigger than that. the votes still to be counted.
5:24 pm
59.2%. he has been overperforming that significantly. so, again, if the trajectory stays on its current path as they count those votes, joe biden will catch and pass the president of the united states in georgia. no guarantee of that, but that's the way it's played out all day long without fail. joe biden has been on that trajectory. he's headed in that direction. it may change as we count the votes. that's why we're here and we're going to keep going, but that lead has been shrinking, dramatically so, which, again, is why the president is so hot. as we come back up, the president of the united states right now knows the math and he knows there is no disputing unless he wins those two where his lead is shrinking and shrinking dramatically, without those two, it's over. >> let's take a look at pennsylvania one more time because we just got some votes coming in from bucks county in pennsylvania. if you take a look at that, you can see what's going on, let our viewers know what's going on in bucks county over there. you see what's going on. right now, we just got about 8,000 votes in. we're told that biden got 5,837 of those votes.
5:25 pm
and trump got 2,863. >> one more time? 2,000. >> trump got 2,863. >> mm-hmm. >> biden got 5,837. >> so there's you see it again, again, this is the most competitive -- >> he got 66%. >> right. >> of the vote that just came in. >> this is 66. so we've been saying all along, you know, biden has to get -- keep his percentage upright in pennsylvania. i'm going to double check these notes every time. biden has to get 63, 62.7%. anything above 62, 63 is good. this trajectory has been consistent. now if he's getting 66% here, he needed 62.7. every time you overperform, you push -- >> go to the state -- the numbers just dropped again. take a look at -- >> let's take this out of the way and come back out to statewide. there you go. now you're below 60,000 votes. and, again, the trend line here has been consistent because biden is consistently
5:26 pm
overperforming what he needs to perform with in the count of these mail-in ballots. >> can you find delaware county for us? >> sure i can. you come down to philadelphia -- that's montgomery county. chester county and get over to delaware county. the suburban collar is the building block of any democratic win in pennsylvania. it has to happen right here. >> and the numbers are coming in from delaware county and biden is doing well, very well just now as well. >> let me pop that up. do we have the numbers? >> waiting for them. we're told very encouraging numbers for biden out of delaware county. as soon as we get them, we'll put them up on the screen. >> we can just show it as we go. again, i'm going to come back out so you can see this. all this red, if you're watching somewhere else in the united states or around the world, you're not floamiliar, you lookt that map and think, okay, president trump wins pennsylvania. these are smaller counties. these are republican counties. you see 16,000 votes with 77%.
5:27 pm
that's impressive. the president run it is up in rural pennsylvania. here's the issue. come back over here, you just mentioned delaware county. much more populated. these are the crowded, populated, growing suburban areas around philadelphia. you see 184,000 here. if the democrat is going to win, any democrat, race for senate, race for governor, any statewide office or the presidency, democrats have to run it up in this blue part here. get a big margin out here to offset. and president trump is extraordinarily good, senator bob casey earlier today calling him the republican president of a lifetime how he run it s it ut here. >> we just got numbers from delaware county. trump got 807 votes. biden got 3,272 votes. >> 3,272 votes. >> 79.2%. >> so i'm going to leave it at 79, be kind to the president. i won't add the 0 t. 2. what have we been saying?
5:28 pm
joe biden needs 62%. if you're watching at home, you're saying that's outrageous. the mail-in ballots are so disproportionate democratic ballots. the democrats encouraged democrats to do that. the covid safety concerns. a lot of democrats took advantage of the expanded opportunity to vote by mail in this election. here is another example. they just keep coming in. if we see something to the contrary, we'll be quick to report it. just tell you the numbers. in one of the philadelphia suburban collar counties, 79%. 79%. the former vice president continues to overperform. he needs 62 -- 63% if you round up of these votes still to be counted. we've done this three times in the last half hour with different vote counts every time. he's been not even close, in excess of what he needs. what does that tell you? that lead keeps shrinking. if we stay on this trajectory there are enough votes out there if the former vice president keeps getting the votes at the
5:29 pm
percentage he's getting them now, he will pass the president of the united states and open a lead in pennsylvania. in excess maybe of 40,000 votes. >> 6% outstanding. trump's numbers are shrinking and shrinking. we're going to stay on top of them. we're going to update you. "election night in america" will continue right after this. ave y. these are all great. and when you get a big deal... ♪ feel like a big deal. ♪ priceline. every trip is a big deal. ♪ and a yoga mat, to stay zen ♪
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xfinity makes moving easy. go online to transfer your services in about a minute. get started today. all right. getting new numbers in from pennsylvania right now. and john, trump's lead is shrinking and shrinking right now. he's up by 53,221. 90% of the vote is in. 6% outstanding. plenty of votes outstanding in
5:34 pm
pennsylvania. >> not only plenty of votes mathematically but we know where they are, and many of them, most of them are in democratic areas. even where they're not, joe biden throughout this day has been getting 70% or more of the mail-in votes. i'm told the latest votes were in lehigh county. up to 90%. joe biden pulling away. you see the 52 on your screen and think, okay, joe biden needs -- i'm going to check the numbers again. as of a while ago, he needed 63%. he's been exceeding that in the numbers we've been seeing. that number is most definitely smaller. let's just use it. it's a higher bar than it needs to be. if joe biden keeps getting 62, 63% of the votes. he'll not only pass donald trump, he'll pass him in the ballpark of votes. lehigh, mostly red. if we went back in time. this is counting votes, okay? this is counting votes. that's georgia. let me bring up pennsylvania right here. let me make sure i have the right state. the numbers just in this county,
5:35 pm
okay? you see donald trump ahead as tuesday turned to wednesday. just this one county. lehigh county, pennsylvania. he builds it there. that's allentown, right? he build it is again. you see there? the trump lead goes up some more. this is counting election day votes. republicans voted on election day. now we move into wednesday. and look at the lead the president has. 51-48. we move into thursday. 50-48. it stays there. then here, you see it's 73,000 there but the percentage is coming down a little bit and you move a little bit more and it flips. and now we get there. and so you see the steady progression and count joe biden as they count the mail-in ballots just overwhelming, passing now in lehigh county, the same in -- >> we just got some new numbers from lehigh county in pennsylvania right now. put this down on the screen. take a look. trump just came in with an additional 2,416 votes. biden just came in with an additional 7,481 votes.
5:36 pm
he got 75% of that batch that just came in. >> right. and, again, so we've been saying all along, he needs 62%. again, this is 35, 40 minutes or so ago. if you're getting 75, that 63 i'm giving you is a wrong number. it's lower. let's keep it and use it as the bar for joe biden. he's exceeding it every time we get new votes. the president may turn out a stronger performance in one of these counties as we go through it. this is lehigh county, allentown, pennsylvania, blue collar territory. one of the places the president was leading early on. you can't say inevitable because we're not at the finish line yet, this is time after time after time as new votes come in, they've been roughly along this breakdown right here. if this keeps happening, i'm going turn this off. move it up in case we want to come back to it. this keeps happening wu now down to 53, a lead thought was more than 600,000 votes back at the
5:37 pm
beginning. and, again, the president screaming fraud. the president says to stop. the president wanted his votes counted on tuesday and in wednesday. those were election day votes. democrats disproportionately voted by mail because of the covid pandemic. his votes were counted first. the other votes are being counted now. they happen to be coming in disproportionately for joe biden because democrats voted by mail. >> let's not forget 20 electoral votes in pennsylvania. we can't stress enough that if biden wins pennsylvania, that's it, he wins the presidency. take a look at allegheny county where pittsburgh is right now. the county executive of allegheny county, rich fitzgerald, is joining us on the phone right now. rich, thank you so much for joining us. how many uncounted ballots do you have left in allegheny county? >> we have, wolf, about 35,000 uncounted ballots. and our ballots have been running about 80% to 81% for joe biden. and about -- a little over 19% for donald trump. >> when do you think we'll get the results of those -- those remaining ballots? those are mail-in ballots, right? >> they're all mail-in ballots,
5:38 pm
yes. they're the slow -- they're the ballots that weren't able to be processed -- one of the 28,000 of those is the batch that they got mailed to the wrong addresses and then they got remailed and because of a court order by a federal court, we're not allowed to begin processing and counting those ballots until 5:00 p.m. on friday. so our election department will begin -- our return board will begin processing those ballots tomorrow at 5:00. it's a slow process because they almost have to do them all by hand. to go and compare them to make sure that those ballots weren't -- that that voter didn't already vote. so probably not every one of those 28,000 ballots are going to be counted. some of them probably will be -- will be duplicates. there is another batch of about 7,000 ballots that have probably other issues. they got mangled in the machine by the bale and they also have to be painstakingly gone through. that process will begin tomorrow at 9:00 a.m.
5:39 pm
both of those processes are because of state law and court order, otherwise we would have been counting them today. >> do you know the affiliation of those ballots, democrat versus republican, what percentage were democrat, what percentage were republican? >> i don't know. we wouldn't know what that percentage would be, but what i can tell you is of the 300,000 ballots plus that have already been done in allegheny county -- and they're random. could be from the city. could be from the suburbs. it's just a random sample. they ran a little over 80% for joe biden and a little under 20% for donald trump. >> so, rich, this is john king. thank you for your time. i know it's a busy time. we have the county up right here. i just want to make a point to people and then i have a question for you. so you see this, 58.7 and hear from the administrator, joe biden's getting 80, 81%. that's the in the mail-in ballots. people voted in three phrases. mail in your vote, show up in line or you drop it off on
5:40 pm
election day. the president is saying, you know, there is all this fraud going on. all this nefarious conduct going on in pennsylvania. you mentioned some of these ballots. there is a question of whether they went to the right address and they're being corrected. other ballots opened up and worried about they're wrinkled so they wouldn't go through the machine. when these are validated, they're in a room and please correct me if i'm wrong, there is an election official, a democrat, republican, independents, transparent eyes. if anybody has any issues they can raise their hand and those questions have to be adjudicated, right? >> that is absolutely right. there are also cameras everywhere. they're being filmed. they're being watched. there are people that have been watching this process really throughout in the warehouse where we were doing the county. yes, tomorrow, we'll swear an election board in -- excuse me, a return board in at 9:00. they will then begin the process that will all be very public. the trump campaign, the democratic party, the republican party, the biden campaign, the libertarian party, everyone's allowed in there to watch and view that process. >> and so just quickly, i'm
5:41 pm
sorry, wolf, just one more. so this is the normal process as it plays out in every election. you're getting international attention right now because this is a presidential election and the president of the united states just stood in the white house briefing room and said there's cheating and fraud happening in the commonwealth of pennsylvania. this is the normal process and there are bipartisan eyes on it, correct? >> this is absolutely a normal process. whether you're running for school board or borough council or local mayor or county executive, every one of these processes is the same. we go through this, it's state law regarding the return board. there have been court cases. this is a little unusual that these 28,000 ballots were going to federal court and then the court ruled that we couldn't begin this process until 5:00, but, yes, this is a normal process. >> we're grateful to you, rich fitzgerald, the allegheny county executive. thanks for everything you're doing and everyone in allegheny county and pittsburgh are doing. we're going to stay on top of this story. obviously, the stakes are enormous. new numbers coming in from
5:42 pm
pennsylvania. new numbers coming in from arizona. they're about to come in as well. stay with us. "election night in america" will continue right after this.
5:43 pm
5:44 pm
5:45 pm
all right. let's take a look and see what's going on in arizona right now. bill weir is on the scene for us in arizona. bill weir, what are you seeing, what are you hearing? it looks intense out there? >> well, it is intense, both inside and out as a trump protest, the steel rally they're
5:46 pm
calling it, forms outside. this is democracy in the making right here. this machine, which does about 6,000 to 8,000 counts per hour. these are the folks in each of those little cubicals there. today joe biden lost about 10,000 votes in the state of arizona. for a number of reasons. trump won big in small, bright red counties, but then joe biden won by a much narrower margin in bright blue pima county. and then the apache county, the navajo nation, huge sweep for joe biden. 81% to 17%. so the biden lead now, around 57,844. but in just about 14 minutes we're expecting the latest dump from maricopa county. if it's anything like last night, it will be over 100,000 new votes. and if the margin like last night is a 17-point or greater advantage for president trump,
5:47 pm
that could mark a big comeback for the president here in arizona. >> very interesting indeed. john king is with us. let's take a look at arizona right now. we're waiting for a big batch of votes to come in right at the top of the hour. we'll see what happens there. bill weir just reporting those numbers are about to come in, but right now biden is ahead of trump by 56,833 with 88% of the estimated vote in. >> right. so the biden campaign is confident they're going to hold on here but, again, this is the reverse of what we're seeing in pennsylvania and georgia. in pennsylvania, georgia, we've seen a steady erosion of what were big leads for president trump. joe biden is now in striking distance. in the last 24 hours in arizona, we've seen a steady erosion of the biden lead where it's now down to 56,833. does it put the president in striking distance? it depends. so when we get the next big installment of votes from maricopa county, he's saying we could get as many as 100,000.
5:48 pm
that could tell us a lot. they're getting closer to the finish line now. if you get 100,000 votes out of here, the big question will be, you know, are we at 51 for joe biden in the county after? is that going up or down? this will determine the trend line here will determine the rest of the state. now you see, you know, there is a lot of red for the president here. much more when you come through them by county, you know, 99%. 88,000, so you're just about done here. 88,000 to win it. you come down here, just to remind you of the difference. 912,000. so we're just talking about night and day when it comes to the size of the population. 60% of the vote is going to come out of here in phoenix in the suburbs. the next biggest is pima county here. this is the scheduled largest county. 15% here. joe biden's getting about 60%, 59% of the vote there. made up a little bit of ground earlier today. but we're waiting here. this is the ball game. the next big installment out of maricopa county will tell us a
5:49 pm
lot. and, again, this would be a flip. this was a trump state in 2016. not by a lot. arizona has been evolving. it's long been a republican state, but it was competitive, 3.5 points four years ago. you see the 1.2 million to win, right? four years ago. we're at 1.4 million for biden right now. one of the things we're seeing consistently across the states, whether they're red or blue is that turnout is up across much of america. so we'll wait. we're 88% and the big bulk of the rest of it is right there. you know, if you're in the biden campaign, you hold this. anything biden takes off the table now, the president must win pennsylvania, must win georgia and then he would still need more. so then if you're biden, you're just, you know, trying to take things off the table. any chess piece you can remove from the board makes the president's -- the bar for the president even higher. and if the former vice president holds this, and holds this, he's president. >> nevada. >> nevada and arizona. nevada and arizona would get joe biden to exactly 270. even if what's happening in pennsylvania doesn't continue.
5:50 pm
even if what's happening in georgia doesn't continue. the biden campaign thinks it's going to be a much better night than that, but they also believe they will hold nevada and arizona. we need to see. >> got a question for bill weir if he's still there. bill, can you still hear me? i don't know i'm wondering, john, if the 100 now votes we're about to get from arizona, are they the mail-in votes or the day of votes, are they the early votes? >> i believe when we talked to the secretary of state earlier she said the majority of what they were counting were mail-in votes. >> that would be good presumably for biden spp. >> presumably, although we need to be fair to the president here. the last couple of times we've gotten substantial vote counts, i believe we can show you on the timeline here, the last couple of times we've gotten substantial vote lines out of arizona, let me flip to arizona so i can make sure we're on the right state and get you back to the beginning. you watch. these are maricopa county votes. the president has been narrowing
5:51 pm
the gap. 270,000. 207. sorry. tuesday turns to wednesday. then it drops at 1:00 a.m. 155,810. that's wednesday 2:00 a.m. then wednesday 3:00 a.m. it drops a little bit more. and then you come down here to 93 and you come down here a little further and then you come, you're dropping to 68. and now here we are in real time, 58 and change. this has been steadily dropping as they come in. again be this is the ball game. 60% of the vote. i just want to go back in time. it's blue for joe biden right now, but donald trump narrowly carried this as candidate trump, now he's president trump. he narrowly carried this four years ago. you see how close it is. when you see this blue, not everything blue is overwhelmingly blue. this is blue but it's competitive and the last couple of times we've gotten votes out of here biden's lead has shrunk. the president is getting votes. phoenix itself out here into the suburbs you move farther out there are a lot of republican votes in maricopa county. one of the he requests was how many suburban republicans would desert the president and go joe biden's way.
5:52 pm
that's what we'll sort through as we get more of these votes. there's no question trump won it, biden's winning it. the democrats are more competitive here but it's not like the president's not going to get votes. >> bill weir, the votes we're about to get in from arizona, mostly mail-in votes? is that what you're hearing? >> yeah, wolf, arizona has been doing absentee ballots automatically for years. most voters get them and most of those voters are registered republicans. it's sort of a flip of what we've seen nationwide. historically they said they would get their democrat absentees in earlier -- or later, last minute. and republicans would sort of fill up the whole time. but this year they got a bunch of joe biden votes early. they don't know how many trump supporters either showed up in person to vote on election day or sent in those absentee votes late, you know, right before the election. so that's what makes this so intriguing. we don't know how this is going to break. conventional wisdom would tell you just based on the
5:53 pm
demographics here in maricopa that joe biden should be getting the brunt of knees and that's probably why the associated press and another network called this state for joe biden already. but who knows the way this is -- the way it broke last night it woke everybody up to go whoa, donald trump got a 17-point edge in that last dump of 100 and -- i can't remember. it was over and 100 and maybe 15 thousand yesterday. 140,000 yesterday. and that went 57-40 for trump. so if those numbers come in again and it continues to erode joe biden's lead here, the democrats will certainly get heartburn. >> well, we get those numbers right at the top of the hour, 9:00 p.m. eastern here, bill? is that when they're going to release it? >> that's. and so it's -- i'm wearing out my refresh finger just in case they post a little bit earlier. if you remember tom cruise's nightmare in risky business, my
5:54 pm
nightmare is having to do math live on tv. but we'll dot best as we try to figure out how much of this new batch, what the percentage breakdown is for both candidates and to see how these trend lines are continuing. >> the good news is we've got people who are really excellent in math. bill, stand by. we're going to take a quick break. much more of our coverage. we're staying with arizona. we're about to get thousands and thousands of votes from arizona coming in. we'll share that with you when we come back.
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♪ we're seeing dramatic tightening in crucial presidential battlegrounds on this election night in america continued. i'm wolf blitzer. in the last few hours and minutes former vice president biden has severely eroded president trump's lead in both pennsylvania and in georgia and trump has narrowed biden's advantage in arizona. we're about to get an update on the vote count in arizona's most populous county at any moment right now. we're tracking every, every vote. in states that are still up for grabs. biden is aiming for new wins that would push him beyond the 253 electoral votes he already has to reach the winning number of 270. trump is behind with 213
6:00 pm
electoral votes. we'll see if those numbers change tonight as new votes keep coming in. here's a key race alert. let's look at these three states. in pennsylvania right now 94% of the estimated vote is in. 6% remains outstanding. donald trump continues to have the lead but it has severely, severely shrunk to only 50,671. look at this. 49.7% to 49%. the mail-in ballots are coming in very quickly right now, and those are way, way, way in favor of biden. we're watching pennsylvania oh, so closely. 20 electoral votes. if biden were to win pennsylvania, it is over. he wins the presidency with those 20 electoral votes alone. doesn't have to win any other states. let's take a look at georgia right now. trump's lead in georgia, look at this. it is down. it shrunk again. only 2,497 over joe biden.
6:01 pm
49.4% to 49.3%. 99% of the vote is in but there are still thousands of votes outstanding. we're looking closely at georgia and its 16 electoral votes. in arizona 88% of the estimated vote is in. biden remains on top. he's got a lead of 56,833, although that too has shrunk significantly over the past day or so. he has 50.3% to 48.3%. 11 electoral votes in arizona. i want to go over to john king right now because john, bill weir is in arizona for us. he just got a whole new batch of numbers. we're going to write down these numbers. bill, tell us what just came in in arizona. >> okay. the new numbers, wolf. out of maricopa. just doing quick math. now is 1,868,414 votes. that is -- i'm trying to do the
6:02 pm
math here. nine, three. 139,000. joe biden now has 144,000 votes, 28. to donald trump's 880,347. hopefully you guys can help me out with the percentages there on this new dump. but it is around the number we had expected. joe biden's lead is -- went up by 3,000 or so. the president's -- the president picked up about 50,000 votes. you got it? >> hold on for a moment. we just got the new numbers. just in from arizona right now. let's take a look. another key race alert in arizona with its 11 electoral votes. you see biden's lead has shrunk once again. it is now 46,257. he has 50.1% to trump's 48.5%. so it's gone down a bit.
6:03 pm
46,257, john king the lead for biden in arizona. he still has the lead but it keeps going down. >> and that's the point. again, as we're watching in pennsylvania and georgia, the president's lead is shrinking consistently. joe wide biden's lead is shrinking. maricopa county is a competitive county. 51 to 48 if you round up and these votes coming in are republicans who dropped off their ballots. there are a lot of republicans in maricopa county. doesn't mean former vice president won't win the county, doesn't mean he won't win the state but as these votes are being counted consistently last night and now today every time we get a bunch of new votes joe biden's lead has come down. a, in the county. and b, when you pull it out to look at statewide. again, 46,000 votes. you're still ahead. but that lead has been consistently shrinking which is why we need to get to the finish line. and just as we watch the dynamic in pennsylvania and in georgia, in these two states we're seeing the opposite. in these two states we're seeing as the mail-in ballots are counted the president's lead is shrinking. out here in arizona, which biden
6:04 pm
still leads right now, president trump has been gaining with every count of votes released over the past 24 hours. so we just watch it play out. you look at the popular vote, this is not how we pick presidents but i keep watching every time we come out to the full national map. joe biden has a 4 million-vote lead in the national vote. the democrats are making a statement when it comes to the country at large. republicans would argue a lot of that's coming out of california and new york. and that's true. but in the popular vote joe biden is pulling away. so let's just check on this one just again, it's important anyway, everything's still left on the board is important. but if joe biden can hold this lead and hold this lead in nevada, arizona and nevada would get joe biden to 270 electoral votes even as we wait to see if he will overtake the president in georgia and in pennsylvania. >> in maricopa county in arizona about 70,000 votes, john. write this down. just came in. we just got the exact numbers. very, very interesting what's going on. trump got 42,276.
6:05 pm
>> got it. >> that's what trump got. biden got 31,700. that's why his lead has shrunk. we're seeing in arizona the opposite of what we're seeing in georgia and pennsylvania. >> right. as bill explained last time we were there, they have a republican history in maricopa county. president trump carried the county last time. this is one of the most fiercely contested states in american politics right now. and just as we're seeing in pennsylvania and georgia, they're mail-in ballots, they're disproportion atlee democrats. in arizona as bill noted the history of absentee ballots, drop-off ballots, republicans have a strong tradition of voting that way and we're seeing the votes come in. >> trump likes what he's seeing in arizona. he's not calling that fraud. he's not calling it a hoax. he's saying it's great news that he's gaining votes in arizona. but if you go to pennsylvania or georgia he says that's a fraud and it's unacceptable, it's a crime. >> yeah, trump's definition of democracy is it's good if i win. it's good if i'm leading. it's good if it's going my way.
6:06 pm
he's still not leading in arizona. but you're exactly right. you point out it's ludicrous. i'm just going to call it inconsistent that the president says stop counting votes. he said it in michigan, which he has lost. he said it in wisconsin which he has lost. both of those states, election day votes he pulled out to an early lead. they're counting other legally cast ballots by mail and he lost and that's what's happening. move this away. that's what's happening as we come up. but again, to his credit the president is making up ground in arizona. we're going to count those votes because it is fair to count every legally cast ballot just as we will continue to count the votes here where the opposite is happening. they're counting legally cast paltz. the president's leads keep shrinking. 50,000 there. think about it, joe biden has a 50,000-vote lead in arizona. donald trump has a lead of 50,000 in a state that's much bigger. and it's consistently shrinking. this one, look at that, we're under 3,000 votes now. 2,497 votes. and again, this has been a steady march.
6:07 pm
from a couple hundred thousand votes to now 24 or just shy of 2,500 votes in the state of georgia. this is just -- it just has been slow and steady as they count the votes. but that is stunning. and again, the president must win georgia and must win pennsylvania. if he loses either one of those, his math to 270 becomes impossible. that's why this is so important. now, if it's close at the end there will be maybe a recount, maybe litigation. but the path of this right now, the trajectory of georgia is in joe biden's favor. we will see if it gets filip and again, just to circle back out here, again, the point i'm trying to make is we're counting all the votes. whether they benefit joe biden or whether they benefit donald trump. the president has a different view of things. this is the way it has always worked. that is, forgive me, what makes america great, and we'll keep doing it. >> these are all legal ballots, whether they're day of ballots, whether you vote early, absentee ballots or whether you do it by mail. this is all legal. it's part of american democracy. >> right. and this year it's a little more complicated because of the covid pandemic. right? states have had to figure out
6:08 pm
what to do. right? there's expanded mail-in balloting everywhere. different rules in different states. some states just has to be mailed by election day. other states it has to arrived by election day. we're going through all that. but yes, the option to vote has been greatly expanded because of the covid safety concerns. and you know what? this is -- i'll just usual a gentle words. infuriates you when you hear it from the president. what has been the end result? the end result has been more people voting. more people voting for him. more people voting for him, more votes for the president of the united states than he got four years ago. and more votes, joe biden now has the most votes cast for any american presidential candidate in history. higher turnout in a democracy is a good thing. then you count the votes. somebody wins. and yes, it's painful to lose. >> there are still plenty of votes outstanding. only 91% of the nationwide estimated vote is in. >> and it is possible -- again, the trajectory at this hour is in joe biden's favor. joe biden is knocking on the door of 270 electoral votes. that's a victory. it is still possible for the president of the united states to win re-election the same
6:09 pm
president who just a couple hours ago launched a vicious attack on american democracy. >> it was totally vicious and full of lies. it was unbelievable what he said. but in order for him to win, as you correctly point out, he's got to win pennsylvania, he's got to win georgia. >> right. and joe biden right now is winning more than the percentage he needs to win as the new ballots continue to come in. doesn't guarantee that he keeps it up but joe biden's trajectory right now is toward catching the president in georgia. you know, just several thousand votes left. but we have just watched this play out consistently. that's why i keep going back to it just to see if the number changes again. this for me, it's the wonder of the tool because this is a live data feed. so when election officials report results they pop up. you'll be watching something, as you're watching throughout the night here's the test. does that turn blue? does that turn blue? can the president flip one of those red? if those two out there, nevada and arizona, if they stay blue it's game over. joe biden is the next president of the united states. but these two, bigger prizes, more consequential. the president must win them
6:10 pm
both. there is just no way. you cannot get donald trump from where he is, which is 213 electoral votes, you cannot get him from 213 to 270 unless you win georgia and unless you win pennsylvania. so the math right now is at a critical point. and let's be honest. that's why the president is abandoning common decency and launching attacks on vote counting. on vote counting. and again, in this state he's been railing against the democrats who run pennsylvania for some time, about the covid response, about everything. he's been venting at them for some time. this is a republican governor who is a trump ally whose state is counting votes. period. >> and they're doing it well in georgia. they're doing it well in pennsylvania and arizona, nevada, all over the country. they're doing it the way a democracy is supposed to unfold. >> and we're under 50,000 in pennsylvania. 48,854. and again, every time we get new votes joe biden is above the threshold he needs to keep narrowing that gap, has the potential to win. if he keeps going -- if the
6:11 pm
votes keep coming in, the remaining votes come in at the percentage they've been coming in today, joe biden will pass the president and build a lead somewhere in the ballpark of 40,000, could be as high as 50,000 votes. there's no guarantee of that. there's no guarantee of that. i'm just saying if it stays on the statistical path it has been on throughout the day, and that has been consistent. it has been very consistent as it happens. sometimes things change. that's why we're waiting for more votes. and it's the same down here. we're getting to a much smaller universe of available votes here, but the lead has also shrunk sichbltly. 2,497. and just to remind people, many of the votes that are out are in places like this, clayton county, south of atlanta, they're up to 95 now but you see joe biden is getting 85% of the vote here. if that path continues. the question is, are there enough votes out there? mathematically yes. joe biden has to keep winning them at a high percentage. we'll keep counting. >> and it looks like he is winning those by a very, very high percentage. not just 60%. 80% of the vote that's coming in the mail-in ballots in georgia. he seems to be winning.
6:12 pm
>> he needs 57% and he has been consistently all day long in the ballpark of 80%. some counties it's high 60s. some counties it's above 80. but when you average it out he needs 57% and he's been above that bar consistently all day long as they count the mail-in votes. wolf, to that point i just want to follow up on this. he's been above that all day long even in places like -- even places like taylor county. even in places that are republican. even in places that the president is winning. because democrats voted disproportionately by mail. so they've counted the votes here. and the president, to his credit, is running up big margins in these republican counties. but when they count the mail-in ballots they're disproportionately cast by democrats. so even in places like this when they cast those ballots joe biden is getting 60%, 70% of the vote or more in those smaller batches of mail-in ballots. that's why he's catching up. >> go to clayton county if you can for a second. is we've got an update on what's going on over there. get your board up and we'll tell you. >> sure.
6:13 pm
i'll follow your lead. >> biden, 1,154. trump, 165. >> your eyes tell you -- >> 86%. >> your eyes tell you what you need to know there. you almost don't need that. i'll make my sloppy 8 and put it on the board there. 86%. this is consistently what is happening. now, clayton is a democratic county. it's a blue county. i'm going to move this down just a little bit so you can see what we're talking about here. here's the city of atlanta. if you've ever flown into hartsfield international airport, one of the world's most busiest airport, it's right here. it's in clayton county. this is metropolitan atlanta. it's growing. it's vibrant. it's diverse. and it is democratic. that's why you see the blue. and again, joe biden in this county is getting 85% of the vote consistently. even in a county where he's averaging 85%, when you count the mail-in ballots he's a little bit above that. he's a little bit above that. that has just been the consistent pattern. excuse me, broft accent coming out late at night. all day long as we go through
6:14 pm
this. >> there are still 5,726 outstanding votes in clayton county. 5,726. in clayton county. and we're told that we will get those results by midnight tonight. >> okay. so remember that number here. i'll remember it. 5,726. i'm going to come out of the county just to do this. okay? 5726. you just said that. right? >> yeah. >> he's been getting 80% or more of the vote. look at that lead. right there. you can get it right there. there are more votes. there are more votes in other counties. there are more votes in other counties. but 5726 we're expecting to get out of clayton county tonight, match that up to that 2497, if joe biden continues to perform at the rate that he's performing in these counties, those votes if he gets 80% of those votes, puts that at severe risk. and there are still more votes to count. >> yeah. in other counties that biden is doing really well in right now.
6:15 pm
georgia i think it's fair to say does not look great for the president right now. >> the trajectory is terrible for the president right now. it's not only not great, it's disastrous at the moment. again, we're going to count every last vote and sometimes it changes right now. i'll leave that up right now. but just to make that point -- >> just to make the point about georgia, a republican governor, a republican secretary of state. it's going to be hard for the president to accuse fellow republicans including his supporters like governor kemp in georgia, of being anti-trump. >> it's -- again, it's just ludicrous, to be polite, what we're hearing from the president. because you have a state -- and look, governor kemp if you remember, if you follow american politics, just a couple years ago when governor kemp was elected democrats were furious. he was the secretary of state when he ran for governor. democrats thought that their votes were suppressed. democrats thought back then this was not a fair count. so there are a lot of eyes on governor kemp. in addition to just this being a presidential election, his own history and the state's history, he's being watched closely and he knows it. >> if georgia turns blue and biden wins georgia and its 16
6:16 pm
electoral votes, has he blocked the president from 270 electoral votes? >> yes, he does. let's say if that one goes blue right here. let's walk through the rest here. i'm going to try to get this right. my fingers don't quite do it. look at that, there's a squus story right there. that's maine's second congressional district. maine and nebraska allocate electoral college votes by congressional district. that would get the president one. the president is leading in north carolina. let me just pull this back out, come out for me here. the president is leading in north carolina. we expect it to go that way. the president is leading in alaska. we expect it to stay that way. now you're coming across here. the president is leading -- i mean joe biden is leading here but let's just give it to the president for the sake of argument. where are you there? now, this would be the perfect storm if you will or the perfect disaster depending on your perspective. if the president won that one we could get a 269-269 tie. if he wins georgia -- if joe biden wins georgia and the president wins everything else, 269-269 which throws the
6:17 pm
election in that scenario, unlikely scenario, to the house of representatives. and so that is a constitutional crisis in the making. if it plays out that way. but remember, that's the giant if. joe biden right now is leading here and is leading here and the trajectory tells you he may get this one as well. but even if he doesn't, if joe biden holds those, he's the next president of the united states. georgia would be icing on the cake. >> a georgia win, though, for biden prevents trump from getting 270. >> prevents him from getting 270. there would still be the possibility of 269. >> if he won everything else. >> if he won everything else. and he's not leading. joe biden is leading here. joe biden is leading here. and joe biden is charging here. we'll go back to where we are so people see the fair perspective. but the president's leading but that lead is in dire danger. the president leading. that lead is in even more dire danger at this moment. there are more votes, actually, here. if you're doing a statistical -- a statistician would tell you that one's probably at greater risk than that one given the trajectory, i mean the math at the moment tells us this one
6:18 pm
could flip quite soon. >> he's got a lead right of 2500 votes. 2,497. that could change at any moment right now, and biden could take the lead in georgia. >> right. again, this is in some ways this is just a simple math exercise. what did we learn first? addition and subtraction. arithmetic. 57. 5726, right? joe biden gets 80% of those votes, then guess what? you're going to see this state flip from red to blue. then we count the rest of them. it could flip back. but this universe of votes alone in this one county, make sure this is not on. there we go. right here. >> clayton county. >> right here. clayton county. we have more than 5,000 votes coming out of here right now. joe biden would pull this out right here. those votes right there. if he keeps pulling -- if he comes in at 80% of those votes, that's going to get him in that striking distance. we're focusing on this one county because we expect them soon. this has just been a steady count, methodical build.
6:19 pm
2,497. the count continues. we will watch it. >> georgia's definitely within very, very strong reach for biden. pennsylvania as well. >> pennsylvania as well. and it's a bigger prize. it's the biggest prize left on the board. 20 electoral votes. and again, the president of the united states cannot win without it. if he loses pennsylvania and georgia, we're done. the president needs both of those. pennsylvania and georgia. joe biden can get there even if the president wins them, mind you, joe biden has an easier path. but here we are. we're below 50,000 right now. 48,854. and we know starting here in the largest city of them all, largest vote area of them all, is philadelphia. and we know we're still waiting for more ballots here. >> only 89% of the vote in philadelphia is in. >> you're looking for another 10% of the vote to come in and he's getting 80% of the vote. he does not need 80% of the rest of the votes out statewide but he's been getting consistently, joe biden has, 80% or more of the count in philadelphia. just going back through my notes just to make sure i have this right. in pennsylvania earlier.
6:20 pm
there have been votes since then. earlier in the night joe biden needed just shy of 63%. he has passed that several times since. i keep using it to be conservative. i'm using a higher bar for joe biden than he actually needs to meet at 63%. every time we get votes out of philadelphia he's above 80%. close to 88% the last couple of times they've come in. so joe biden every time we have counted votes has been higher. he has surpassed what he needs to get there. again, there's no guarantee that that continues. but it has been steady and methodical throughout the day. so we'll keep counting and see if some county surprises us. there are counties out here that are republican counties. there's a possibility one county will come in with a different number, if you will, slow the train. but right now the train is roaring toward that lead and there are enough votes out there to catch it. >> trump's lead is shrinking in pennsylvania and in georgia. but biden's lead in arizona is shrinking right now. we're going to get new numbers. that's coming in as well. we'll take a closer look at the votes left to count in virginia, pennsylvania, arizona. also we're going to talk to the arizona secretary of state.
6:21 pm
as election night in america continues. what's the name again? >>it's shiori. what? >>shi - or - i adam, emily and then... s-uh um... >>it's shiori. sh-ori. thank you, that's great. shiori (in japanese) there you go. >>yeah. (in japanese) wow, it looks beautiful! >>(in japanese) really?!
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i really like it.
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let's walk over to pamela brown. she's taking a close look at pennsylvania right now. the vote is coming in pretty quickly, isn't it? >> it sure is. all eyes are on pennsylvania. everyone is watching this count play out. and for good reason. because of how tight the margin is between president trump and joe biden. take a look at this. just today in pennsylvania they have counted more than 500,000 mail-in ballots. but they still have more to go. look at this. if you go through the timeline of the counting has been, if you see this morning over the five-hour span they counted around 200,000. but then when you go from 3:00 to 5:00 it slowed down. and here's why, i'm told, by a source familiar. because of that lawsuit filed by the trump campaign, that slowed things down. they had to stop for a couple hours. then they had to make some changes. that has had a ripple effect in the counting. but they've been starting to pick back up. and just this evening, as you can see, they counted around 100,000 ballots.
6:26 pm
now at 9:00 we're going to get more numbers. but things are speeding up. and i am told that the administration there in pennsylvania has been pushing every county to work through the night as much as they can and one person tells me no one has pushed back in the counties in pennsylvania. they know that they're up against the clock, that people want an answer. but they also want to do a diligent job. they want to get it right. and there are complexities involved when you're dealing with mail-in ballots, wolf. as you know, as we've been talking about. double ballots, checking a signature. there are a lot of different steps. so they're dealing with a large amount of ballots right now. more than 250,000. they're trying to get through. and they're getting through them fairly quickly across the state. particularly in philadelphia. wolf? >> yeah, that's very impressive job they john king. 20 electoral votes in pennsylvania. biden wins that, it's game, set, match. he wins. >> and so if you're the president of the united states you remember not all that long ago, a couple days, late tuesday night, you're leading by more than a half million votes and there you are right now at 48,000 votes. and again, pam just mentioned,
6:27 pm
we're waiting again on philadelphia. if you've been with us for a long time, we keep checking in here, but every time, we're at 89%. you've got 10%, 11% of the vote still to come in the largest area of the city. 12% of the vote. largest area of the state. excuse me. the biggest pool of votes come right here, philadelphia. you see joe biden getting 80%. he doesn't need that but if he gets it out of here it helps him cut in the lead. there are some more votes in the collars as well. allegheny county, pittsburgh, those won't be counted until tomorrow because of some legal, we talked to the executive earlier. he says they'll be counted tomorrow. but there's 36,000 votes out there. you look at that lead. 36,000 votes. the county executive told us joe biden's been getting about 80% of the mail-in ballots as they count them. it just tells you when you think about the blue counties and the pool of votes. but again, to make this point we got some votes earlier tonight from out here in mercer county. right? so you see this on the map. 63% republican. you think okay, when they count late votes here they're going to be for trump. they're not. because democrats are voting by mail. the election day ballot is -- election day voting is why the
6:28 pm
president is way ahead in these counties. and again, he did rallies near this. he did rallies in butler county right over here. the president's voters came out on election day. but joe biden's voters, there aren't as many of them in a conservative county, they voted by mail and we're seeing those ballots counted today. even here in mercer county joe biden was above the bar he needs to keep coming back to challenge that lead. so 48,000 right now. wolf, i've done this a couple times. i just want to go back and look at it again because when you look at this it is just stunning. let's get pennsylvania up here and let's go back. again, this was key to the president four years ago. so he sees that at midnight wednesday. tuesday, election day starts into the next day, wednesday. the president is up by nearly 550,000 votes. then that lead actually grows. 589,000 votes by wednesday morning. then you see it starting to shrink a little bit by wednesday afternoon at 3:00 p.m. then you keep coming through here, 11:00 wednesday night. look, they're starting to count mail-in ballots in many of these counties. thursday, this morning, it starts to shrink some more.
6:29 pm
you keep counting, 3:00 in the afternoon today it shrinks some more. down to 108 and change. you keep counting. 6:30 p.m. tonight, here you are at 76,000 votes. you keep counting you're at 63,000 votes. then you come back live to where we are right now. 48,854 votes. as you see, it has just been a steady progression as these counties, 67 of them across the commonwealth of pennsylvania, small and large, as they count their votes joe biden is overwhelmingly winning the mail-in ballots. which are the votes being counted today. because they did the election day count first. the president pulled out to a big lead because they counted the election day vote first. we've seen the flip side of this in other states as they count the mail-in ballots. joe biden is roaring back. and again, bucks county, still have more ballots to count here. joe biden winning 51% in the overall count. but that includes election day and a lot of trump votes in the votes that can come in here today. joe biden up 70%, 80%. saying when you move down here into montgomery county, suburban
6:30 pm
collar around philadelphia is where democrats need to get their votes. delaware county as well. jake tapper told me i'm supposed to call it delco and the locals will like me. jake tapper is a local. i'm not. but there it is. chester county here. in awful these counties joe biden has more than exceeded what he needs to do in counting these mail-in votes. and so as pam just noted they're trying to count more of them tonight. every time i look just to see if the numbers change. if you were with us when we're talking about it you'll see when we do because it comes in live when we report them. 48,854 votes in a state the president cannot lose. joe biden does not need pennsylvania. he would like it because of the statement it would be. if you come back out here to the national map, we remember why donald trump became president. because he won here four years ago, he won here four years ago, he won there four years ago. the so-called democratic blue wall. those states have been blue in every presidential election since 1992. donald trump turned them all red four years ago. that's why he's the president of the united states. right there. so far joe biden promised that
6:31 pm
he could crack the code and rebuild the blue wall. he has wisconsin. he has michigan. and it would be a celebration. joe biden was born in scranton, pennsylvania. moved to delaware. it would be a celebration in the biden campaign. it would get him to victory and it would be a personal victory if joe biden could turn that blue. >> he won all three of those states. and it's outrageous that the president said biden's wins in wisconsin and michigan were the result of fraud and cheating. there was no fraud, no cheating in michigan and wisconsin. and in pennsylvania it's getting closer and closer. if he recreates that so-called blue wall, he's going to be the president. >> and again, the president consistently as a candidate and now for almost four years as president has had a casual relationship with the proof -- with the truth. if he wants to prove those points, there are things called courts of law. he can go try to make those points in court. we will see if he does that or if he just talks about it. but remember, if we go back here, i healthy to make this point, i wish i didn't have to make this point is the way to say it. hillary clinton won the popular vote by a big amount.
6:32 pm
right? by a very big amount. donald trump to this day says that happened because 6 million people illegally voted in the united states of america. that is a lie. it's a lie. there's no other way to put it. so since the beginning, if you will, even in victory, even in victory president trump had to lie about why he didn't win the popular vote. and then he had the largest crowd in inaugural history, which is another lie. and here we are. here we are in what could be the decisive day or the decisive hours if we go into tomorrow of his re-election campaign and i'm sorry, he's lying again. >> and you remember after he took office he created this commission to investigate illegal voting, why he lost the popular vote. you remember what happened to that commission. >> yeah. they found nothing. just like i don't think they ever existed but you might remember a long time ago donald trump said he was sending investigators here because barack obama's birth certificate was a fraud, donald trump said. barack obama was born in hawaii. like many other things donald trump has said, that turned out to be a lie. >> yeah.
6:33 pm
and that commission disbanded after a few months because they couldn't find anything wrong with the vote in 2016 and it's simply outrageous. one interesting thing, during the campaign he would go out over these last few weeks and say joe biden is the worst presidential candidate in american history, it would be outrageous if i lost to the worst, the worst. look at the popular vote right now. and this is probably so irritating to the current president of the united states, that joe biden, who he says was the worst presidential candidate in american history, is beating him by 4 million votes and has won more votes than any other presidential candidate in american history and only 91% of the vote is in. still plenty of votes, especially in california, outstanding. so you know biden's number is going to keep going up and up. >> it's not inconceivable that that gets to 75 million or certainly close to it. you're right, they continue to count in cole cal. a california. and they count more slowly in
6:34 pm
california because they know a democrat is going to win. there are other races out there. they'll keep counting in california. if you remember the 2018 midterms some of those races took a week or so to get all the votes. there's nothing wrong with that. that's how they count the ballots. but yes, you're right, it's likely to grow. i just want to turn this on for a second to show you what we have in california. we don't pay attention to the states that are reliably blue. 8 million votes just in california alone and only 77% of the vote is counted in california. joe biden's told is going to go up as they continue to count the votes in california. washington state does mail-in ballots. they're counting as well. so yes, joe biden now has more votes today right now, and it will grow, than any presidential candidate in american history. >> we're getting new vote count in georgia. it's beginning to shrink and shrink and shrink. look at this. let's show our viewers. look at this. 49.4% for trump. 49.4% for biden. trump is ahead now by only 1,902 votes. it's a virtual tie that's going on in georgia right now.
6:35 pm
we're coming back. much more on georgia and pennsylvania when we come back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
6:36 pm
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let's get another key race alert right now. take a look what's happening in pennsylvania and georgia right now. trump's lead in pennsylvania dramatically narrowing right now. 94% of the estimated vote is in. trump has a lead of only 42,142. it was in the hundreds of thousands 24 hours ago. 49.7% for trump, 49% for biden. 20 electoral votes in pennsylvania. if biden wins pennsylvania, it's game over. he wins the presidency.
6:40 pm
in georgia right now it's a virtual tie. 99% of the vote is in but there are still votes out there. trump has a lead of only 1,902. 49.4% for trump. 49.4% for biden. 16 electoral votes in georgia as well. still votes out there. a virtual tie, john king. georgia and pennsylvania. let's go to georgia first right now. update our viewers on what you're seeing. >> let's pull it out right now. sorry, i was just hunting around to see in some counties. i don't need to say the word. just look at that right there. 1,902 votes. we continue to count the votes across georgia. and as we count them, the president's lead has gone from more than 300,000 votes now down to 1,902 votes. and so what are we waiting for? we know there are places where we still have votes out. we know they include a small number of ballots in fulton county. >> 5% outstanding. >> where atlanta is. we're waiting to see there are more ballots in cobb county. several hundred only but we know they're out there. and you keep coming across that's fulton, gwinnett county
6:41 pm
at 95%. a lot of this is coming from the metro atlanta area. this one looks like it's full, rockdale county. move over here, newton county they're done. just want to check down here again, henry county, looks like they're about done. but we've just seen this steady path of progress as votes have come in. and not just in the metro atlanta area. we've seen them come in over here as well. chatham county, a big vote count here is what cut the lead earlier tonight. so what's happening, wolf, is all of these counties -- and just to be clear, it's not just in the blue counties. even in the red counties joe biden is making up ground because in places that president trump is winning and winning convincingly, even there the mail-in ballots are going to the democrats. so we're watching this count. i keep clicking back to statewide because i want to watch it. inside the biden campaign. they believe soon they will catch him. because they know what votes are out and they know where they are. and they know that a fair amount of them are still here. and so this has been happening all night long. is it guaranteed? absolutely not. but again, you're watching this right now. and president trump cannot -- i'm just going to say it again.
6:42 pm
cannot lose georgia. his math does not work if he loses either georgia or pennsylvania and his lead in both states right now down 1,900 votes there. this one is just as shocking. this is a bigger state and it's now down to 42,142 votes in the commonwealth of pennsylvania. 49.7 to 49.0. and you see there's still 6% of the vote out. and again, a lot of this vote we know is in democratic strongholds and they're continuing to count. two states the president must win, pennsylvania and georgia. his leads are shrinking almost by the hour or even sometimes by the quarter hour. and we're just waiting to see. they're red on the map right now. if they flip blue, that doesn't mean it stays blue, but the president cannot allow -- if the clock runs out on this election and those are blue -- >> let's not forget, in georgia there's a republican governor and a republican secretary of state. so if the president is going to start accusing georgia of cheating and fraud, it's going to be hard when you've got a republican governor and a republican secretary of state. >> right.
6:43 pm
and again, as the president says that, if he or any candidate for any office at any level across the united states of america has a legitimate case to make, you can go to a court and you can file the documents to try to prove it. but what they're doing here in the state of georgia is what they're doing in all 50 states, and different states are doing it in different order. so you saw -- again, i'll say this. in ohio on election night joe biden jumped out to a big lead. they counted the mail-in ballots first. that was the process in the state. then the election day vote was counted. president trump caught up, won the state quite convincingly. here they counted the election day vote first. republicans by tradition and because of the president's rallying, to his credit, he traveled the country and he turned his base out and they came out. they counted those votes on election day. the mail-in ballots in georgia they decided they would count after. that's their process. that's what they've been doing today. and again, by the hour today that lead -- and starting into yesterday but by the hour today that lead has been shrinking and we're at 1,900 votes away and there are more than enough votes in play for the president to catch up without a doubt.
6:44 pm
there are 16,000 votes still outstanding. joe biden needs about 57% of those. he has been surpassing that bar, leaping that bar by a significant margin throughout the day. >> votes in pennsylvania coming in right now. let's look at pennsylvania. let's take a look. here's the state of pennsylvania. right now trump is ahead by 42,142. take a look at scranton. you can see where scranton is. blue. >> right there. >> the county right below scranton, i think that's monroe county right there. >> there you go. >> monroe county. it's a small county of about 1.3%. bring out the blackboard. we got some new numbers just coming in from monroe county. >> let's do it. >> biden. take a look at this. he's got 10,841. trump in monroe county has 4,129. biden wins by 70 -- i think 71.6%.
6:45 pm
>> so in class they tell you to round that up to 72. but again, consistently joe biden needs a smaller percentage than that. he does not need that many votes. i just want to check to make sure we get this right. we don't want to mislead anybody. this number is actually high because joe biden keeps exceeding it. an hour ago or so joe biden needed 63%, 62.7% of the outstanding votes. every time we have counted them since i checked that number, he has exceeded it. which means the percentage now is actually lower. but let's hold him to the higher bar. hold him to the higher bar. that again is more proof that every time we count votes joe biden is cutting into the math. so let's just turn this off. i'm going to move this up here. we can bring it back if we want to look at monroe county. stop it right there. and then come back and look again. 42,000 votes. again, that lead at one point was above 600,000 votes. and it seems shocking, especially if you're a trump supporter, how do you go from 600,000 votes ahead to 42,000 and change votes ahead? you do that by counting votes.
6:46 pm
>> we're waiting to see if georgia flips for biden. we're getting more numbers coming in. we'll take a quick break. much more right after this. stock slices. intb for as little as $5, now anyone can own companies in the s&p 500, even if their shares cost more. at $5 a slice, you could own ten companies for $50 instead of paying thousands. all commission free online. schwab stock slices: an easy way to start investing or to give the gift of stock ownership. schwab. own your tomorrow. oh my gosh you made it! oh shoes! i thought y'all got lost or something. did you put some ah, kale in the greens? oh thank you! we didn't forget about you! welcome to the family. thank you. wooooow.
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6:50 pm
and election night in america continues as we are watching the votes being counted. that's what the process is right now. if we listen to what the president says is going on, that is what's happening across the country right now. the votes are being counted. let's put up the latest breakdown of each state if we have it. or not. we're looking at arizona. we're looking at georgia. we have -- the president still has a lead, 1,902 votes, but that lead has been gradually getting smaller and smaller as we have watched over the course of the days as the votes continue to be counted. there are still votes being counted in georgia. in nevada, 11,438, joe biden is in the lead there.
6:51 pm
that had to be about 7,000 or so earlier this morning. biden's lead has grown somewhat throughout the day. in nevada awaiting more votes to be counted. then you saw arizona and pennsylvania. i want to put up a tweet, former vice president biden tweeted no one is going to take away our democracy away from us. americans have come too far, fought too many battles and done too much to make this happen. >> one thing the president is saying and the charges he is leveling and the court battles that will no doubt happen whether or not whatever evidence the president has and his attorneys have to present will be presented. but while that drama is going on, the very sort of mundane focused work of democracy of counting votes continues in each of these states, and it continues no matter what the president says, no matter what
6:52 pm
vice president biden says. it doesn't matter if it's a republican governor in the state or a republican secretary of state in the state or democratic one, the votes are being counted. >> yeah, there's a real nobility in that. i mean, if you believe in democracy, this is the day when people have the power. i mean, now it's the days, but this is the time when people have the power to have their say. and obviously the president is unhappy with the verdict that is forming. but this is how we bring change in america, and it's a sacred thing. and it is through the votes of people who sometimes wait hours to vote. and through all these people who volunteer because they think it is their patriotic duty to be there because they want to be part of this process. there's a real beauty to it no matter how much the president sullys it. there's a real beauty to it. >> that's what's so damaging
6:53 pm
about what the president did earlier, which is that all these people that david is talking about who are out there -- poll workers, government officials -- trying to conduct democracy as it should be conducted, and there may be problems, but you don't undermine the entire democratic process just because you think you may not win an election. and you know, we saw joe biden today who may or may not win going through having his briefing, briefing on the economy. and then you have the president coming out, and even his staff, according to our white house reporting, was really nervous about what he would say because they worried, and i think rightly so, that he was going to undermine his own case by charging fraud and that the e x election was being stolen, et cetera, et cetera. and that is exactly what he did. so, trying to spin this forward, how is the president going to relate to joe biden if joe biden
6:54 pm
would win? i can't even think about it. >> and i don't even want to think about it because it's kind of scary. but i think what's amazing in georgia, first of all it's the youngest ever republican governor who's very trump-like and likes trump. you've got a secretary of state and the election supervisor is republican. you've got triple red on top of this thing and he's still saying it's corrupt and fraud. facts matter. we shouldn't let go of the fact, the wonder and the amazement that we're talking about georgia. >> yeah. >> this is georgia that we're talking about possibly slipping away from donald trump, possibly slipping away from a republican president. why is that? you've got demographic changes there. you've got an entertainment industry that's brought a lot of liberals there. you've got a lot of people left louisiana because of katrina and set up shop there.
6:55 pm
you've got a big lgbtq community there and you've got a different center of gravity happening there culturally. then you've got the incredible organizing, stacey a brams and others who have gotten out there and they've built a machine to turn out votes. this is cultural change, political change and amazing thing is happening. that's not fraud. that's not fraud. that's america. growing, changing, transforming. >> 211,000 votes is what donald trump won georgia by, five points -- i believe it was five points four years ago. 211,000. now it's a tie. >> there are more people living in georgia. >> that's america. >> i've talked to people in georgia and their state has changed. stacey abrams lost by half a percent, something like that. so, look at the senate race in georgia and it's close to probably i think both of them are going to go to run off so
6:56 pm
that the united states senate is going to be decided. we're going to -- >> explain that because that's gotten lost -- >> the only state in the union. you hear about run offs all the time and you have them, for example, in louisiana which has what's called the jungle primary where your primary is on like bill cassidy ran for the senate in louisiana and he ran against a whole host of candidates. and unless you get 50%, you -- >> have a run off. >> you have a run off. but like in georgia like the many other southern states you have to get 50% in the primary, but georgia is the only one you have to get 50% in the general. they've had that for a long time, and i think it was an old jim crow keeping it in the democrats hands. well, now it's still there, and we have a special -- we had a special election where there were a whole bunch of candidates just like louisiana, jungle primary, and the top two candidates were a democrat and
6:57 pm
then the current senator who was reported to replace johnny isaac soon, kelly loeffler. and david perdue and osoff. and david perdue was at 50%, and just a few minutes ago -- >> and drug him down. the importance of that -- >> now you've got two races january 5th -- >> 5th that will determine president. so, there's going to be a ton of money poured into georgia. >> can i say something? can i say something? >> good investment right now. >> the way that he got pulled down though below 50%, grass roots organizers curing ballots. >> yeah. >> so, you've got democracy at work. >> that is a battle to come for georgia. >> yes. >> both democrats and republicans on the senate side. but the battle tonight, 1,900 votes is now with the president
6:58 pm
lead is at. do we know when more numbers are going to be coming in both for georgia skpals pennsylvania. earlier today the secretary of state said they would be done by the end of the day in pennsylvania. >> clayton county is supposed to be in my midnight. >> this is in -- >> georgia. >> really? >> and that could flip it, so that's a bit of a tease. >> it's about 70% african-american. >> so, it could flip it. that's what i mean. but, so, you know, things are coming in piecemeal. >> the other thing that happened today which also has gotten lost in all this is another record count of covid cases -- >> yeah. >> -- in the united states. yesterday had been a new record. i think it was 102,000 yesterday and today. >> and this is the reality that if joe biden gets elected president, this is the reality he's going to have to confront it. and what gloria said is really concerning. you know, one of the things i'll always remember when barack
6:59 pm
obama got elected president is just how helpful george w. bush and his entire team were with us. >> true. >> and it wasn't because we were so kind to president bush during our campaign. it was because he saw himself as a trustee of the democracy. he saw this as his obligation to ensure that there was a good and peaceful and productive transfer of power. it's more important right now than ever because we're facing a covid crisis. we have deep economic problems. and, you know, i mean, again, my prayer for the country is that there is a good solid transition. the heart of the augerings here are not very positive. >> it was 102,000 new cases yesterday, more than 120,000 today. >> staggering numbers. >> so, covid isn't going to go away. it could be a joint project if you had two people who wanted to
7:00 pm
work together on it. i mean, all of this which you're talking about reminds me. i just looked it up. when bill clinton became president, you know, they would leave each other notes in the desk there, in the oval office, and bush 41 said to him, you will be president when you read this note, i wish you well. your success is our country's success. i am rooting hard for you. >> our coverage continues in a moment. we may be on the brink of a major turning point in the presidential vote count. i'm wolf blitzer. the former vice president joe biden keeps gaining ground in georgia tonight. he's now in a virtual tie with president trump in that traditionally red state, and it's possible he will take the
7:01 pm
lead at any moment. biden also is slicing deeper and deeper into the president's lead in pennsylvania, another must-win for trump. it's a different story in arizona where biden's advantage has narrowed, but he stills appears to be on a firm path toward winning the 270 electoral votes needed to become president-elect of the united states. biden is now at 253. trump is at 213. and the votes keep coming. here's a key race alert. all right. here are the closest four states right now. take a look at this. georgia right now, president trump is ahead by only 1,902 votes. look at how close, a virtual tie right now. and any moment now, that lead he has could switch, could switch dramatically in georgia. in nevada right now, biden is ahead by 11,438 votes. in pennsylvania, trump is ahead
7:02 pm
by only 42,142, but that's dramatically lower than it was only hours and hours ago. his lead is slipping dramatically in pennsylvania. in arizona, biden's lead is slipping right now. it's at 46,257. it was much higher earlier, so his lead is slipping in arizona right now. a lot's going on. we're watching all this with john king over at the magic wall. let's talk about georgia and pennsylvania right now because it's possible the president could lose the lead at any moment now. >> if the president loses georgia, the best he can do is 269 electoral votes. the president needs them both to get above 270 which of course is the finish line. so, we're looking at this. this is so dramatic. 1,902 votes. 49.4 to 49.4.
7:03 pm
what are we looking for now? we're looking for the remaining votes. one of the place we know and they promise to get them to us by midnight tonight is clayton county. this is just south of atlanta. hartsfield international airport is right here. clayton has about 5,700, 5,776 ballots to count. if joe biden wins 72% of the votes when they're counted, he'll catch up to the president of the united states. he'll pass the president of the united states. right here more than 5,700 votes in a place where joe biden is getting 85% of the vote. and joe biden generally exceeds what you see for his county-wide vote. when they count the mail-in votes, pretty hard to kmeexceed that, but we'll see if he does. they've got 5,700. that's enough right there. statewide 16,000 votes still outstanding. right there, joe biden needs 57%. it's a little smaller than that now if he pulls in the rest of
7:04 pm
the votes. where else are they? small amount of votes in fulton county here. this is atlanta and some of the suburbs around here as you walk down and come through. this is up to 99. we saw earlier i want to show you rockdale county. even in a place you see him running very well here, last votes came in in rockdale county, joe biden got 803 votes. so, that's 77.9%. i'll give you the president's total in just a minute. president got 208 votes. let's fix that. why am i brnging this up in a county where joe biden is winning so big? because the challenge is because the president has the statewide lead to exceed that bar. even in places where joe biden is getting 70%, when they're counting the mail-in ballots he tends to do a little bit better than that everywhere. we're seeing that consistently across these counties. the metric all day long, the
7:05 pm
test with joe biden is is he getting the votes he needs at the percentage he needs to narrow the gap. it's now 1,900. it's below 2,000. we're waiting for theest are of the votes. on the track it is on right now, the expectation -- >> look at georgia just dropping in. >> 1,797. this has been a methodical cline for joe biden or if you want to call it a methodical decline for the united states. the president said it is because of fraud and cheating. it is because of math and counting ballots in a republican state. if the governor of georgia thought there was fraud, we would have heard from him by now. they're simply counting votes and we'll watch, 1,797 now, the president's lead because they counted the election day vote first. we went from tuesday into early wednesday. there we go. that's georgia. we'll keep an eye on that.
7:06 pm
we'll tell me if it changes. again, 42,142 votes in the commonwealth of pennsylvania where the president led by more than a half million votes. 600,000 votes at one point. there's nothing wrong with that. they counted the election day vote first. you see all these red counties. pennsylvania is a big complicated state, very rural state up in here. the president does extremely well in those counties. he turned out an impressive election day and mounted an impressive total. they started counting the mail-in ballots. democrats did that disproportionately. about a quarter million left to count. 250,000. 20% of those are right here in philadelphia. 20% of them, 72,000, joe biden is getting 80% of the vote in pennsylvania. you can get your calculator out. if he keeps winning votes at this pace here, then he's going to catch up to that. and we've been going throughout
7:07 pm
the day. the president is getting his votes. but joe biden, even when you go to places like this, we haven't had any mail-in votes yet. i just want to pull up a republican county. even when you go to places like this, today joe biden is getting 60%, 70% of the vote or higher even though he's not in the totals because in the election day count the president ran it up very successfully. but the democrats who live here voted by mail and those are the votes that are coming in. just like in georgia, this has been a steady progression away from the president's lead, joe biden coming up, 20 electoral votes, this is the largest prize still on the board. as i said, the president of the united states to get above 270, he needs this and he needs this. let's flip the math another way. joe biden right now is at 253. it takes 270 to win. that's 20. there's the most simple math of all. 253 plus 20 means joe biden is the next president of the united states. we'll keep our eye on the count
7:08 pm
in the commonwealth of pennsylvania. it's been a steady methodical shift. >> i want to go back to georgia for a moment. martin savidge is on the ground for us in georgia right now. martin, tell our viewers what you're seeing right now. where are they still counting these votes in georgia tonight? >> there are a number of places, wolf. we are likely to see the president's decline even more. rockdale county came in with votes, 803 went to vice president biden and 203 went to president trump. clayton county is the county with the most outstanding votes. 5,726. we are told they are going to continue counting til at least midnight. they believe in clayton county they will get through all the absentee ballots that they have outstanding or that need to be counted before or at the time of midnight. so, that's going to be a significant time.
7:09 pm
we should point out it's not going to be one sort of dump right at 11:59. they're updating on a regular basis maybe on the span of about every half hour. guinette county are not going to update their numbers until tomorrow morning sometime. and we know there are a number of other counties contemplating going into the night. but the smaller the county, the less likely they are going to do that. they simply don't have the staffing to go 24 hours. still we point out there is clayton county with the largest number. they are still counting. they expect to be counted tonight. the numbers from clayton county alone could flip the entire race as it stands in georgia right now. a remarkable story breaking every moment. >> you're in savanna, has anyone at all suggested fraud or any illegal voting, anything
7:10 pm
untoward going on. >> yes, there are trump supporters who have come out. they base it on conversations they say they've had with people and conspiracy theories. there's no official complaint. there was one that went to chatham county court here. the claim was there was a number of absentee ballots that came in too late, about 50 of them that may have been slipped into the tally. but county election officials were able to prove to the judge that didn't happen and that case was dismissed. that's the only legal case there was so far. there could be others to come in the days ahead. >> georgia a key, key state. martin savidge is in savanna for us. john, as we keep pointing out, georgia has a republican governor, a republican secretary
7:11 pm
of state and things are moving along. there's always a few little minor problems in any election. they've got to do a little recounting here and there, but nothing significant. >> to martin's point about the trump supporters, there's a process. i mean this with no disrespect. you can complain all you want. you can go to court. we'll watch that. we'll watch that. look, let's assume 1,797, the trajectory seems crystal clear. let's assume joe biden passes the president in georgia. it could be within grounds for a recount, number one. there are 8,000 possible military and overseas ballots. they mailed out 8,800. not everybody sends them back, but they have to wait. if this is a race that's within a few thousand votes no matter who's in charge, we're not going to be definitive in georgia but we have seen just an undeniable trajectory. the places where the votes are out, martin mentioned clayton
7:12 pm
county, look at it. the votes that have come in so far, 85% for joe biden. there are 5,700 votes to be counted. we're expecting to see that by midnight. he said gwinnett is going to wait until tomorrow. joe biden is just shy of 60%. when they count the mail-in ballots the numbers are much higher than that because the election day includes the president's vote there. and in the mail-in joe biden is consistently getting higher. 4,400 ballots here they're going to count tomorrow tells you whatever they're going to get tomorrow night that's a reserve of more votes for the former vt. we wait. this is a big piece of it here. we were waiting earlier in the day but we had more than 17,000 ballots here. they're up to 95% here.
7:13 pm
it's one of the smaller counties. these people, bless them they're working incredibly hard in overtime. they did most of theirs and this was one of the counties when they reported them that really started the exponential decline of the president's lead. that's what they're doing county by county across georgia counting the votes. they had a republican secretary of state. there are two senate races playing out in georgia right now. if there was widespread fraud, trust me people on the ballot -- this is personal. you're running for senate. you're running for house. you're running for county commission. you're running for anything. we would hear it. there's a process. if you have a complaint, make a process. fill out the paperwork. file it with court. file it with the election board. don't just talk about it. that's not a complaint. that's politics. >> an awful moment in american history when the president came out and made those allegations, totally unfounded and dangerous. >> i mean, what a nail biter.
7:14 pm
look at the margins in these four key battleground states. in georgia it is only 1,797. they are basically tied with 49.4% each, trump and biden. in nevada the voting continues. biden is ahead by only 11,438. trump has really chipped away at the -- i'm sorry. i'm thinking of arizona. in any case, 11,438. it's incredibly narrow. biden has expanded his slim margin there by about 4,000 today. in pennsylvania, 41,305 votes separate donald trump from joe biden. and as the votes keep getting counted, that lead keeps getting narrowed. and arizona, 46,257. as the vote counting goes on there, biden is losing votes and trump is ship chipping away. i have never seen anything like
7:15 pm
this. having one state this close, one thing. >> that's right. >> having four, this close. two days -- is that how many days it's been since election day? three, four, five, whatever it is. >> does it matter? >> it is unbelievable. and the stakes could not be higher. >> could not be higher. i want to say it's like having four floridas. but hopefully we will end up in a place where -- florida 2000 -- hopefully we'll end up in a place where these votes will get counted. they're doing it very slowly, very cautiously, very deliberately. nevada in particular, which is slower than the others. and we will get the answers. and we're going to get maybe some more news from arizona later. pennsylvania is working pretty fast, especially considering, as we talked about, this is really new for them. it's new for a lot of states to have this volume of mail-in votes. but the whole notion of mail-in voting is really new for
7:16 pm
pennsylvania. >> you're talking about my fellow pennsylvanians as if we're not the greatest -- >> well, even -- >> of course we're capable of a such a thing. >> even pennsylvanians have said that this -- that the state, the commonwealth, was behind on the whole notion of mail-in votes before 2020. and they're getting it together. there are problems. there's no question. and it was a little bit rough with the legislature and the democratic governor. but at least they're doing it in a pretty brisk way. >> do you know what i think about a lot as we go through this all together as a nation? the president is freaking out, frankly, over these narrow margins. but four years he won in pennsylvania by 44,000 votes, in michigan by 10 votes. >> right. >> wisconsin, 22,000 votes. so, the narrowest of narrow margins in three states won
7:17 pm
donald trump the presidency of the united states. the difference tonight though is that the numbers are moving. we're still counting votes and they're shifting on him, which i think is one of the things causing some anxiety over at the white house. but if you're the trump campaign tonight, what is going on in georgia is a nightmare scenario. it makes the math virtually impossible. and once that states flips, then you have the process of trying to find votes to flip it back. if you're trump, that's what makes georgia such a difficult situation for him. it's not over, but we are 1,700 votes away from joe biden potentially flipping that state and we could get more votes again tonight. that's a huge, huge deal. >> and by the way, it's georgia. >> yep. >> it is georgia. >> a state that hasn't gone democrat for president since 1992. >> democrats have wanted this. yeah. it's really remarkable. in recent times it's been the white whale for democrats.
7:18 pm
they think they're going to get it, not so much on the presidential level but statewide in a more progressive way. didn't happen two years ago. but considering how red georgia has been in recent decades, this demographic shift has been almost warp speed in the past several years. >> president trump on sunday in georgia before the presidential election believe it or not said i shouldn't even be here because, you know -- >> he said that in a lot of places. >> he said i have that all wrapped up. no, he didn't. and he rate we're going, joe biden looks like he will overtake donald trump in georgia. although we're not calling it and there remain all those other ballots, military ballots and the like. so, we might not get an official call from georgia for a few days. look at that. it's remarkable. i have to say also, this is exciting because it's votes being counting. it is the experiment of america. it is democracy. and oits not only working in one way. >> no.
7:19 pm
>> biden's margins are getting better for him in pennsylvania and in nevada and in georgia, but trump's margins -- it's getting better for trump in arizona. we're seeing how the counting of votes is really something to be celebrated, and it is being celebrated by everyone except for president trump and his minions. >> can i just say though that i like that we're counting votes. it's good that this is happening but it shouldn't be this way. some of these states should have been allowed to count these votes before election day. we're watching this happen in slow motion because the trump campaign pushed back on efforts to count early so we could get the counting done before we got to election day. that's really, especially in the state of pennsylvania, that's why we are -- the commonwealth of pennsylvania, that's why we are the way we are.
7:20 pm
>> the democratic governor wanted that, the democratic attorney general wanted that, but the republican legislature refused to let them count the vote-by-mail ballots ahead of election day. they would not do it precisely because they wanted to let president trump do this, claim victory by pretending these ballots weren't legitimate. >> counting early doesn't solve all of our problems. arizona counts early and we're still waiting. >> that's exactly what i was going to say. >> but ten pennsylvania is a very large state and it would have helped. >> there are fewer voters in arizona than pennsylvania. i guess that makes our point. arizona has much more of a history with mail-in voting, and they were allowed to start i believe two weeks ago to start counting the votes as they came in. and yet here we are still waiting for them to count the votes. so, it's volume. it's, oh, by the way, we're in the middle of a pandemic.
7:21 pm
>> right. >> and it's not been great nay in a lot of these states. but particularly arizona was very hard hit over the summer. and that has to be taken into account. maybe we haven't talked about that enough, that it's not just that we are in a position where things are probably happening slower because of the pandemic, but that these people who are trying to count the votes are doing it wearing masks, maybe wearing face shields, trying to be as careful as they possibly can for their own protection and the protection of others. >> dana, i have to say, you're more of an expert on this than i am. but two years ago, i think it was, when kirsten sinema defeated martha mcsally, that race took a long time to
7:22 pm
determine who won. and mcsally was ahead on election night 2018, and then they had to count all these absentee and vote-by-mail ballots. there are a lot of seniors in arizona, a huge community. a lot of people vote whether it's absentee or vote by mail. and it was days later that we find out that sinema had had defeated then-incumbent senator mcsally. we are used to this. it's just that the entire country wasn't paying attention to it, really just nerds that care about what's going on in arizona. >> the presidency didn't hang in the balance. this is the first time in a really long time the eyes of the country have been on arizona as a battleground state on a presidential level, a really long time. it was just a fluke that bill clinton won, and it was because of ross perot helped get him
7:23 pm
there. aside from that, it has been a reliably red state on a presidential level. again, as i talked about georgia, it's quickly changing demographics. in arizona, not just retirees, a lot of younger people. >> in addition to georgia being on the verge of flipping potentially to joe biden, we are going to have two run offs in january. that state is about to become the center of the political yes, sir. >> in georgia, yeah. >> in georgia. it is almost certain this margin is going to be so razor thin and then on top of that, you're going to have a really massive effort by both parties to fight over those two seats because that state is changing, as you said, dana, so quickly. and because there's so much activism in that state. after 2018 when stacey abrams lost the gubernatorial race, she has really helped activate the democratic base, especially
7:24 pm
black voters in the state of georgia. >> yes. >> and it's making a difference for democrats tonight. >> if joe biden ends up winning georgia, he will have stacey abrams and the communities that she has gotten excited and motivated, african-american community, young community, latino community, lots of different groups, he will have her to thank for the work. and similarly if joe biden ends up winning arizona, we talked the other day about the fact that joe biden according to exit polls, which are still, you know, early, show that joe biden won 10% of republicans in arizona. so, there was the mccain flake factor there. if joe biden wins arizona, the latino community in arizona came out for him in a major way. and there's a lot of talk about how donald trump has done better with the latino community in 2020 than he did in 2016, especially in places such as florida. but the latino community in arizona is a completely different story. and the activists there did a fantastic job in getting out
7:25 pm
their voters for joe biden. >> yeah, and that's exactly what you're hearing from democrats who are looking at the map and they're saying, you know, it is a little bit of a different story depending on where you're looking geographically, and they really look at arizona as a bright spot about their engagement with the latino community. but also about the issue of immigration and how it can work for certain segments of the latino population in that state in particular. there's a lot that needs to be unpacked there, but joe biden might be saved in the state of arizona by latino voters showing up, though, we should point out, he doesn't need to win the state of arizona to win. >> we are following these very dramatic developments in the vote count in the great commonwealth of pennsylvania. and we're standing by for new numbers in all of the battleground states. we're going to talk to paul casey after this. it's moving day. and while her friends
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7:30 pm
only about 1,775 votes separate joe biden and donald trump in the state of georgia. there's a virtual tie going on right now. let's discuss with director of the board of elections in clayton county right now. potentially that county could flip the vote right now. thanks so much for joining us. i know there are about 5,000 outstanding ballots in your county, clayton county. when do you expect the county to be done there, and what's going on? >> well, thank you for having me. yes, we have roughly 4,200 absentee ballots that we are working on counting. >> and when do you think we're going to get those results? >> we're trying our best to get it done by midnight. >> by midnight. are you going to wait to release
7:31 pm
all of them at the same time, or are you going to be releasing them as they come in. >> well, periodically, we are updating our website every 30 minutes. >> so, if there's 4,200 outstanding ballots that are going to come in, what is your sense, how many do you think percentagewise, rough estimate would go to biden and how many would go to trump? >> well, i'm not sure of how to make that determination. >> clayton downty is an important county, a suburb of atlanta. john king has a question for you. >> we have a seen -- shanna, thank you for your time. i know you're busy. we have seen in some of the early vote totals including your county in the mail-in ballots joe biden getting roughly 80% or more which is what he needs to catch up statewide. what's left are all mail-in ballots. >> we have absentee by mail ballots and provisionals. >> provisionals as well.
7:32 pm
the on election day vote has already been counted. >> that is correct. >> what about military ballots? >> they are still outstanding. >> you'd standing. but you have no idea how many military are outstanding. >> we don't know how many we'll receive but they have until 5:00 p.m. friday to submit their ballots back to us. >> thanks for the important work you and your team are doing, really grateful. appreciate it very much. let's go to the democratic senator from pennsylvania, senator casey, thanks very much for joining us. we spoke earlier today. you told us you believe biden will win the commonwealth of pennsylvania and you usuggested maybe by as many as 100,000 votes. senator, are you still confident about that assess snmt. >> yeah, wolf i am in both the assessment that he'll win and
7:33 pm
also an approximate fashion, the margin. it may be that he wins by less than that we get the same 98%, 99% of the vote count. eventually it will be right around 100. what we don't know right now is when he'll cross or overtake the president, but we'll see. >> we just got new numbers from pennsylvania. donald trump's lead right now, senator, i'm looking at the vote board over here, the lead of donald trump just went down. it's only 36,572 in pennsylvania with 94% of the estimated vote reporting. still a lot of votes out there. do you have a sense of how many votes are still out there? >> well not an exact votal for the whole state. just to give an example, the bulk of them are philadelphia, 70,000, allegheny county, 35,
7:34 pm
lehigh, buck, 22, and monroe, 14. all five are significant population counties but also a lot of votes to count. so, there could be others. as you know, sometimes a small county will report and they don't have -- they have some mail-in ballots and it's a county that the president wins but there's still a high number of mail-in ballots for joe biden. but the bulk of them obviously in philadelphia and suburban philadelphia or lehigh valley. >> john king's got questions for you too, senator. before i let him start asking you questions, do you think we'll know a winner tonight? how many absentee ballots are left to count? >> i don't see it happening tonight in terms of a winner. the only question is if more came in tonight, would that be enough to put joe biden in the lead. but i can't be certain of that.
7:35 pm
>> you understand the stakes, obviously, if joe biden wins pennsylvania, there's no path for joe biden to get to 270. i just want to walk through a couple of these. you just mentioned you believe there are still -- how many votes in lehigh county? >> i'm told about 25,000. there's still not counted yet. >> so, 25,000. we saw votes earlier from lehigh county. in these mail-in ballots, i want to make the distinction for our viewers. president trump did well everywhere. you see 46,000, 47,000 of the vote. earlier we got some from lehigh county and they were disproportionately for joe biden. that's what we've seen all day long across the commonwealth. i assume that's your expectation because they're mail-in ballots. >> yes, the biden percentage
7:36 pm
would be very high. it would be roughly 80. >> that's lehigh, roughly 80. you say 36,000. that's one county you get a basket of votes, that would cut it. philadelphia city itself, obviously they're at 89% now. but 11% in the city of philadelphia would be a ton of votes. what do we think the number is there now? >> the best number i have now is a little over 70. >> so, if you're thinking about 70,000 votes there where the former vice president is getting 80% or higher, just do it yourself. there are votes in philadelphia alone, wolf, that are more than enough. and you say there are other counties in the philadelphia area. we're still looking. do we think there are more in bucks county. >> yeah, some in bucks. the best estimate we have is about 22,000. >> 20,000 lehigh, 22,000 bucks. well excess of that, three times
7:37 pm
that in philadelphia. there's more than enough votes. the reason we're going through this exercise, and we appreciate your exercise, just to show the math that the president has a 36,572 vote lead right now. there are many ballots out there in the democratic strong holds. we're consistently throughout the day we have seen joe biden getting 70% or higher, often in excess of 80% in these counties. he doesn't need that high of a percentage to pass the president. tell me if you agree with this. the math we did earlier, if joe biden continued on the path he went on, he would build a lead of 40,000 votes. he's overperformed that. i got to 50, 55,000 votes. does that sound about right if it continues at the current trajectory? >> i think that's entirely possible based upon what we're seeing. >> you know, it's really amazing, senator. when you see what's going on right now. and especially, i want to get
7:38 pm
your reaction to what we heard from the president when he was making all these wild accusations, totally unfounded of widespread fraud and cheating going on including in the commonwealth of pennsylvania. what's your reaction to what you heard from the president when he was at the white house briefing room speaking to not only the united states but to the world? >> well, totally unfounded. there's no evidence at all for the charges he made. but this has been a repeated pattern. he foreshadowed this weeks ago, even months ago when he started lying about mail-in ballots, lying about the process. but the good news is despite all of that, despite all of the intimidation tactics, people are voting in record numbers and joe biden's going to win our state. he's going to be the president. >> you have no doubt about that. is that right? >> no. i don't. >> is it a surprise to you as you see these results coming in?
7:39 pm
were you always anticipating that biden would win in pennsylvania? >> well, i had a good sense because one of the problems that we knew after 2016 was your margins in a city like philadelph philadelphia in addition to allegheny county where pittsburgh is right over my lig right shoulder here, that often is enough to win the whole state with a few other counties added. but in 2016, we learned that you can still have big numbers there, but you have to be able to reduce margins in rural areas or rural counties. i think joe biden was able to achieve both, get higher numbers in the philadelphia suburbs as well as what will be a high number in philadelphia. hard to be sure exactly what he could win. he could win the city by half a million votes. a much bigger number in allegheny county as well,
7:40 pm
running ahead of '16. he was able to cut margins with some of the rural counties as well. so, the combined effect of that is a win in my judgment. and it's a win against an incumbent president, which is really, really hard to do. >> if biden does win pennsylvania, pennsylvania, michigan, wisconsin, that blue wall has been back on the democratic side which is so, so dramatic. thanks so much for joining us and good luck. >> thanks very much. >> senator bob casey of pennsylvania. right now joe biden appears to be on the verge of flipping georgia from red to blue for the first time in over 30 years. we're standing by for new numbers when election night in america continues. when we started carvana, they told us
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7:44 pm
we've got a key race alert. the lead of president trump in pennsylvania has dropped dramatically. his lead has gone down to only 26,319 out of more than 6.5 million votes cast. 49.6% to 49.2%, a 26,319 vote lead. 95% of the estimated vote in pennsylvania is still out there.
7:45 pm
remember, pennsylvania has 20 electoral votes. president trump cannot win without pennsylvania. john, this is expected. it's dramatic what's going on because that lead that trump has had in pennsylvania has basically collapsed. it is close to a complete lead. >> and again, what do we ask ourselves each time this happens. this has been a steady decline in the trump lead. every time we get new votes, we say is biden at or exceeding the percentage he needs to overcome that lead, a lead that was one point was 600,000 votes. now at 26,000 votes. we just had more votes from philadelphia. you know joe biden is going to win when it comes to philadelphia. so, i'll show you the board.
7:46 pm
11,993, right? so, joe biden gets that. so, you say the president needs votes here to keep the march from happening. well, here's what's happening. 1,740. so, that is 86.2. we keep saying joe biden needs to get 62%, 63% of the vote, every time we're getting the vote we're getting high 70s or in this case high 80s. this keeps happening. this is philadelphia. it happened just a short time ago. right before that we had votes come in in the suburb as well. we came down here in delaware county. very safe. more votes come in. joe biden is getting above 80% of those votes. keep adding them up. we get to 26,319. as we had with the conversation with senator casey. well in excess of what joe biden needs. he keeps narrowing the gap. we don't know.
7:47 pm
this is on a trajectory that seems at the moment to be unstoppable. every time the votes come in, you look, is the president performing high enough. he doesn't have to beat joe biden. he's in the lead. it's been happening for hours every time we get more votes, biden is above the threshold he needs. that lead shrinks. >> we've been speaking to senator casey all day today. not only will biden win in the commonwealth of pennsylvania. but he'll have a significant win, maybe 100,000 vote win. i don't know if it'll go that high. >> it's not as if he's making up these numbers or guessing and projecting. they know how many mail-in ballots were cast. they know these were disproportionately cast by democrats because they were requested by democrats. we knew it was going to be above 70%. there's no guarantee that a democrat casts a vote. more than 90% of democrats were going for joe biden as more than
7:48 pm
90% of republicans were voting for donald trump. when they saw the president pull out to that big lead, don't get me wrong, there were considerable jitters among democrats when they saw it was 600,000. did they have that many in the bank. but they knew they were going to narrow the gap. now we have the methodical count and here comes the methodical decline in the president's math. >> remind our viewers why those 20 electoral votes in pennsylvania are so critical right now. >> this is the easiest way to do it. again we are at a decisive tipping point because joe biden because of these other wins on the board including michigan and wisconsin, donald trump is president because of pennsylvania, michigan, and wisconsin. joe biden has taken back michigan and wisconsin which gets him to 253. you're on the road to 270. he can get it out of the west, but he can get it right there with an exclamation point and a statement. one state would put joe biden over the finish line. now joe biden might catch up
7:49 pm
here. we're watching that down below 2,000 votes. joe biden leads here and there. joe biden could get has high as 306. you would like to make a statement. you would like to get as many as you can. it gives you more political man date. if joe biden wins the commonwealth of pennsylvania, which is his birth state. he was born in scranton before moving to delaware. a, it would be a rejection of the president's math. b, it would get joe biden over the top. and c, for the democratic party it would be the moral victory of pennsylvania, michigan, and wisconsin. we're not there yet but that's the trajectory we're on. t lead for the president now. >> just curious if biden were to win pennsylvania, georgia, arizona and nevada, how many electoral votes would he have? >> that's your path to 306, which guess what. that's the exact total donald trump won on election night four years ago. there were two electors.
7:50 pm
when the electors met, there were 304 in the official count. but he won 306 on election day 2016. you can see the map here. 306. if joe biden -- it is a possibility that we end but with joe biden in the 306. and i can play that out for you f joe biden holds this, holds this, and houllds this, the presidentleading up in the 2nd congressional district of maine. we haven't called it yet. we have every expectation the president will hold on in north carolina at they're still counting votes in north carolina and the president is most likely, of course, almost certainly to carry the state of alaska. there's a possibility, a possibility. this is not done. this is not done. this is not done. and these are not done. but biden leads here. and he's climbing quickly here. so that is the possibility. that is the possibility on the table right now. it's the most joe biden can get, unless north carolina has a dramatic turnaround.
7:51 pm
that is most unlikely. we haven't called that state yet because we're still counting votes. going to be kvbticonservative a it. nobody in the trump campaign will argue with the statement the trump lead there is most likely to hold up as they count the final votes. >> georgia right now, remind our viewers how tight it is in georgia right now. >> let's go. >> because we expect by midnight to get a whole bunch more votes in georgia. >> here we go, 1,775. 1,775 votes in a state where, again, because of the early election -- the actual election day turnout, on election day, the tuesday vote was counted first. the president's lead, early on, was above 300,000 votes. it's now down to 1,775. and we were speaking just a short time ago to the executive here in clayton county, georgia, they have more than enough ballots to make up for that lead and they plan to report those ballots. just going to check, 10:51 right now, executive told us by midnight they hope they report most of the outstanding ballots there, clayton county, former vice president is getting 85% of the vote. even higher than that percentage
7:52 pm
in an installment in clayton county that came in earlier. more than enough votes here. we know, wolf, where the other votes are here. we're down to 16,000 votes. joe biden needs to win about 57%, 58% of the remaining votes. again, just like in pennsylvania, because these are mail-in ballots, disproportionately democratic. republicans tended to vote more on election day. democrats took advantage of the opportunity in covid times to vote early and by mail. we've seen this consistently even in republican candidate coun counties as we counted the votes, joe biden has been getting 70% or more, sometimes 80% as we go through the counties and the votes come in. again, clayton county is one of them, gwinnett county has 4,400 ballots to be counted. we believe they're done for the night. you're looking at a 1,175-vote lead. more than enough votes. 16,000 total. where they're from, a lot of them here in the atlanta and the suburbs around it where joe biden is not only winning in the
7:53 pm
today count of those mail-in ballots, he's off the charts winning. you just go to gwinnett county, for example, winning 58% that. that's wow, a great number to win. in the mail-in ballots that have been counted tote, joe biden is well in excess of that. the president's share of the vote came in on tuesday, people who voted on election day. we have the two strategies playing out, the president with his rallies including in georgia, got voters to turn out. the turnout for the president, the turnout, if you come out nationally here, the president is kpexceed his 2016 numbers by quite a mark. the issue is that the democrats, joe biden and the popular vote, because turnout is up in this leg election, you see more than a 4 million vote margin for joe bitebit biden. you have 50 states of high turnout including the state of georgia, 1,775. again, in excess of 300,000 tuesday night into wednesday morning. but as they count these mail-in ballots, just like in pennsylvania, the trajectory has been steady and consistent for hours today.
7:54 pm
and it just seems the statistician would tell you there's inevitability to that but we're going to count the votes. >> record number of votes coming in even in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. because there were new opportunities to do mail-in voting. >> right. >> and the president has himself at least in part to blame for the fact that biden is doing so much better with the mail-in voting than he is because he was besmirching mail-in voting saying you got to show up at the polls, don't trust the mail and all that. a lot of husband supporters believed him. >> right. you're looking at something here. the president from the very beginning said i don't want mail-in voting, don't want states mailing ballots to people, i think that's an invitation for fraud which we know is not true. washington sit tate is a republn state with republican secretary of state. utah, the state republicans win all the time. they have mail-in voting. many states have done this for years. now, this year, many more
7:55 pm
states. pennsylvania, where we're counting votes tonight, didn't have early voting four years ago. states had to adapt. the president mocked it, said it would be full of fraud, wanted his people to vote on election day. not like the president didn't turn out the votes. 69 million there. come back here, 62 million. the president is getting 7 million more votes than 4 years ago. democratic turnout is off the charts. >> only 91% of the national vote is in so far. all right. major changes almost by the minute with president trump and joe biden now neck and neck in georgia and the president's lead rapidly disappearing right now in pennsylvania. we're standing by for new numbers as "election night in america" continues. building an experience that lets you shop over 17,000 cars from home. creating a coast to coast network to deliver your car as soon as tomorrow. recruiting an army of customer advocates to make your experience incredible. and putting you in control of the whole thing
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presidential votes are being counted into the night in some kilo cases as this cliffhanger election keeps getting closer and closer. i'm wolf blitzer, we're waiting to see if former vice president joe biden takes the lead in georgia after moving into a virtual tie with the president in the state trump must win. and just moments ago biden cut deeper into trump's lead in pennsylvania, another battleground state the president needs to stay in the game. we're also watching those contests along with the races in arizona and nevada. as biden aims for wins that would simply lock in a white house victory. get this, he's only 17 electoral votes shy of the 270 needed to become president-elect. trump trailing the 213, is launching desperate and very dangerous new attacks on the vote-counting process at the heart of our democracy.


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