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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 6, 2020 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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joe biden is up 13,410 lead now over donald trump. he's been building that lead since he overtook the vote count in pennsylvania. now what our decision desk is doing, is doing the calculation to get to a level of confidence that we understand the exact universe of the outstanding battle that exist. in order to make a projection, our team wants to be at a high level of confidence that the number two candidate, donald trump in pennsylvania, does not have a mathematical possibility of overtaking the number one candidate. until we get to the highest level of confidence, that will is when he would be able to get to that level of confidence requires understanding exactly how many ballots are out, and where they are, and as you've been seeing with john king throughout the day, as you get vote totals.
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there are still pockets, but all of that should allow us to prepare for the fact that biden is going to pad his lead in pennsylvania, but again, we need to get a full understanding of what is outstanding so that we can get to the high level of confident that it in the vote count. that is when we will make a projection. they're thinking a lot about it. you have to be cautious and take it seriously, but especially not an easy decision to make, because if we call pennsylvania, those 20 electoral votes would make joe biden president-elect, so you want to triple-check and be cautious. as david said, the trajectory is
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inevitable, so unless something happens, we'll get there at some point, but why rush it? the president is saying frankly irresponsible things about fraud, and there is no evidence of that, so let's just let the democracy work. remember, at one point early on, that is the unique nature of this, he did a great job. four years ago pennsylvania was critical to his first election but if we keep counting these votes, here is the math he was talking about. there's about 124,000 mail-in ballots still to be counted statewide. we know 30,000 or so are in allegheny county, where pittsburgh is, overwhelmingly democratic votes. we know we still have doubts
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down here, philadelphia, in the city of philadelphia, joe biden is getting 80% in the mail-in ballots. it's overwhelming. we know there's a small amount left in montgomery county, chester county, these are the suburbs an around philadelphia. so as this happens right now, we're seeing this over and over and over again votes just came in from delaware county. , it says, the president, 289, a small batch of votes that came in here, 289 to 99 for the former vice president. this is a first time in a long time where we've seen votes come in where the president comes out ahead, so that's 190 votes, you get a shift in the lead. that's what we're going to do. we're going to count it.
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the overall trajectory is there. the lead that biden has from 13,374 to 13,220. >> so you just get -- why the rush to call it when you just -- that was a very moddist shrink in the lead. overall we have seen, if you take hours of vote counts, the trajectory has been -- what's the shame and what's the harm in being patient? we know that joe biden is getting more than 70% of the mail-in votes. in many of these counties it's closer to 80%. in philadelphia he's getting 85%, 87%. if joe biden got 70% of the outstanding votes, he would add nearly 50,000 to the lead, net. so that's why democrats are quite optimistic. they just want to get through the count.
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some of this takes time because of they're mail-in ballots, and some out here there were some legal challenges. so if you go back in time, make sure we have pennsylvania up here as election day turns. then it was 589 wednesday morning, then you start going through the day, wednesday 3:00 p.m. in the east, 435, and then the big drop by wednesday, 1 is:00 as they started again, moving from the election day count to the mail-in ballot count. that's what happened there. by thursday -- this is yesterday morning at 9:00. credit afternoon we're down to 108,000, then you see the inevitable trajectory as they count the mail-in ballots this is midnight, as we turn from then wednesday, then thursday, and then you see it there and
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you come down here, and now you come into real time. it was just a steady, methodical march. again, as they shift from counting the election day ballots to the mail-in ballots. >> president trump alleges there's something wrong with that. that's not possible but it's exactly the opposite of what happened in ohio to his benefit. >> in pennsylvania, state law. there's mail-in ballots, millions, you cannot touch them until election day. you cannot verify signatures. you cannot even take them out of the envelope to feed them in a nice neat stack. so they wait there. on election day they counted the votes for people who showed up first. but you make an important point, in these contentious few days. remember ohio, early on in this night they did it early on.
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how how has permission to canvass those first. they check the signatures. if anyone is going to challenge it, they do it then. so those ballots came out first. then they started counting the election day vote, and then the president came back and won. he's not complaining about this. it's just the same process, done in the reverse order. you made the key point moments ago, republican senator pat toomey says he sees no evidence of what the president is saying. this is not only -- it's a defining moment in the race. if this lead continues to build -- senator lindsey graham, the chairman of the judiciary committee, an attorney, iably
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hef's active in the military reserve, he says i think you will see real evidence of the fraud. he's the charm of a committee. it's not the way it works. if you have it, show it. otherwise, button it. it's not healthy for democracy, especially the chairman of the judiciary committee, that overlooks the laws. you can't walk into a courthouse and say i think somebody stole something from me. you have to prove it. you have to prove it. >> that's an important point. we're seeing increasing nom bers of republicans beginning to question what the president of the united states is saying. >> mitch mcconnell earlier today, likely to remain the senate majority leader, so there's still a question about that. congratulations to him for winning. he didn't want to touch the subject. he just said i hope they keep counting the votes. that's the right position.
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he would not say, i wish the president would turn it down. especially if this lead holds up and the president will lose, that means we have a transition to a democratic president, and transition at a challenging time. their words matter, especially the words of those in leadership. so good for senator toomey saying out lout. republicans say they're preparing possible legal challenge in michigan. in michigan it's nearly 150,000 votes. you're not trying to go to a position that and say, my goodness, we found 10 or 15 votes in detroit. it's 150,000 votes, nearly, 147,000 votes. what you're hearing is designed to generate outrage from the president's supporters, frankly
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to raise money for a legal defense fund right now. 147,000 votes, there's no legal strategy that overturns something like that. it's just ridiculous. >> in georgia, for example, there's a republican governor, a republican secretary of state. they're going to do a recount, but having a recount is necessarily all that unusual. >> having a recount is responsible when you have a very close election. the state law allows it, the trump campaign has apparently exercise it. there's a difference between exercise your lawful rights -- look how close this is, if it was the other way around, the democrats would be requesting a recount. they do a recount, something like that, the 1500 some some cases goes up to 1700, some cases goes down to 1300. that's generally what happens. something transposed something, something like that, and so
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you'll see a bit of a change, even a narrow lead like that, you very rarely see overturned, but why not? do it, but do it calmly and do it within the rules and don't jump up and down and scream foul. they're still counting the votes. joe biden has a lead in arizona, we're going to continue to count the votes. president's attacks on the sim are ridiculous, but again if he has i have, he has every right to prove it, especially in the hours ahead, if this grows this is more than enough to give joe biden the presidency. we won't be certain about this one for some time, but you see what color it is, a takeaway. that was a clinton state. that was a clinton state. that was a clinton state. we'll get more votes out there, this would be a hold.
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i just want to show you, wolf, we're watching this march, right, of the votes and they're coming in in small numbers. this is bucks county, so let me come down here, it's the more conservative democratic suburb, but the more contested one. >> he gets 60%. this is what is happening throughout the day. in a state where you have 1300, 1400 votes over the top there, joe biden advantage, this is
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what we're doing in a state where more than 6.6 million ballots have been cast. we're getting them a couple hundred at a time. >> his number just increased in pennsylvania, it went from 13,220 up to 13,558. it went up by a few hundred as a result of that. >> so as they trickle in, 800 from this county, 500 from that county. we're getting them in spurts, because these public servants are posting the results as quickly as they can. in pennsylvania, what we believe are left -- these are ballpark figures, but about 120,000 -- >> 112,000. >> thank you for correcting me. the president of the united states is getting 49% statewide, and well below 49%, as we count
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the mail-in ballots. is that mathematically impossible? no. is it a statistically probably? absolutely not. so the march of the math here is in joe biden's favor. we just need to wait to continue and finish the vote count. >> nothing wrong with being patient and running the count. >> i'm enjoying your company. stay as long as you want. >> we've been spending quality time over here. >> what day is it? >> i don't know. [ laughter ] >> it's friday, we're counting, math is fun. the votes are coming in. we're going to take a quick break, much more of our special coverage after this. (♪ )
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the president is right now behipped. joe biden with a margin of victory there. in nevada the same thing, except a larger margin. and in arizona joe biden up by more than twice that, 43,779 votes. things look good for joe biden, although not enough states have been projected in his column for
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him. jeff zeleny, what is the latest? >> reporter: joe biden has waited many years waiting for election returns since he first ran in 1972 for the senate, but none like this, of course. i can tell you, there's a sense of calm around advisers and indeed democrats watching all of this. they do believe they know where this is headed. we should point out they thought it would have been resolved by now. the stage behind me is where we expect joe biden to speak tonight he will also be joined by senator harris, who is also deep in history of her own. if they win, she will be the first woman elected vice president, the first woman of color of course as well.
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jake, i can tell you the biden campaign has declined to respond to every statement that the president has put out. they're not responding directly to every piece of litigation that they're doing. they're monitoring all of it, i'm told, with the lawyers in every state, but they are not responding point by point. that is certainly a change from some days ago when we had this back and forth. the biden campaign is quiet today, just watching the results. >> jeff zell anyone in wilmington, delaware, thank you. abbey, i have to say, it's probably wise, given the amount of stuff that the trump team is throwing against the wall to see what sticks for the biden campaign to not feel they need to respond to every item of jung that's being thrown. if you look at the transcripts from judges' rulings and transcripts in philadelphia. i mean, they don't have any evidence of any serious malfeasan malfeasance, and they're getting
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slapped down by judges. >> in fact, in pennsylvania before the election, the trump -- the republicans in that state trying to challenge some of the mail-in ballot rules, were asked to produce evidence, and they couldn't produce really any evidence. that's one of the cases that they were not successful in, challenging some of these rules about drop boxes and deadlines for how long you can accept mail-in ballots in that state. it would be hard for me to see what the biden campaign would even respond to. the president's latest statement is incredibly nonspecific. a lot of the other claims made the last several days have been already debunked by officials in nevada and arizona and elsewhere where they have been made. yeah, it doesn't surprise me at all that the biden campaign says we're not going to duke this out in press releases, see you in court, because ultimately the
11:23 am
statement say very little, the court foolings will say a lot if they're able to produce anything. >> and we were communicating that, in the words of this strategist, when you approach these things, there's the pr aspect and the legal aspect. this republican said to us, the biden campaign is running a clinic on how to handle the pr track, meaning they're doing a really good job. just stand back, don't say much, let it play out, and the issue that republicans have had since the minute donald trump became the nominee, they have to deal with and work around the words and actions of the president, which doesn't always follow the track. >> this is the problem. >> that's exactly right. i think kaitlan collins was talking about so much of the trump era has been marked by the president saying something false and his people trying to figure out some way in which the remark was kinda sorta near the naked of truth, in some way -- i just
11:24 am
read a transcript of a court hearing in philadelphia from yesterday, in which the republicans are trying to argue that the trump team was not allowed to which observers in the counting rooms. completely false, not true. the judge is asking the republican lawyer, well, were there any republicans there? were there any republican observers there? eventually the person representing the trump side of it had to confirm and acknowledge that there were a non-zero number of republican observers -- >> oh, my goodness. >> a non-zero number. >> they have to twist themselves into pretzels. >> a lot of these lawyers need to be careful what they're signing their names to. >> this doesn't cut it in legal
11:25 am
proceedings. they might be on stronger legal standings if they took a step back, but they can't, because the president has already gone out there and made wildly false statements about what's going on, and now they are forced to back it un. >> as they say, votes don't care about your feelings. new numbers continue to come in from pennsylvania, which could make the election for joe biden. our special coverage continues next. stay with us. okay, give it a try. between wisdom and curiosity, there's a bridge. between ideas and inspiration, trauma and treatment. gained a couple of more pounds. that's good for the babies. between the moments that make us who we are,
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pennsylvania is the focus now and probably until this race is called. i'm anderson cooper along with erin burnett. erin? >> joe biden's lead has been growing in pennsylvania today. you've been sigh it bit by bit creeping up. the question is how many ballots are left?
11:30 am
when will we know the outcome for sure? we'll start with kate. what's the latest? >> reporter: the counting continues. that is the latest we are hearing inside this convention center from philadelphia election officials. the latest is there will be updates to the count 2,000 to 3,000 votes, but then that leaves 20,000 mail-in votes to still be counted, including some of those mail-in ballots that have issues, that require an extra review, a secondary look, like date issues or signature issues, or simply could be overly creased and need to be fed into the machines manually. on top of that there is also 20,000, which is an estimate giving you.
11:31 am
20,000 provisional ballots they will be looking at that press conference we had a couple hours ago left quite a few questions, including how much longer will this counting take? they say there's no problem to report in process, but the process has definitely slowed. what they attribute it to is that this whole process with the ballots that have issues, with the provisional ballots, it takes time. this process has definitely slowed down, anderson. >> just to be clear, the ballots you're talking about, the 20,000 mail-in ballots, the 20,000 provisional ballots, that is just for philadelphia and the surrounding county, correct?
11:32 am
>> reporter: yes, that is just for philadelphia, philadelphia county, and that also does not include the segregated ballots, it is ballots received here aft after 8:00 p.m. on election day. they're looking about an estimate of 1,000 segregated ballots, but that's only for philadelphia and philadelphia county, the largest county in pennsylvania dealing with all these mail-in ballots still. >> provisional ballots are essential ballots of people who showed up on election day, there was some problem at the poll of finding their signature, something like that, they were allowed to vote. those votes are set aside to be rectified if necessary.
11:33 am
>> reporter: yeah, a perfect provisional ballot would be they requested a mail-in, the ballots didn't arrive, so they show up in person to vote. you're giving a provisional ballot until they check that you didn't vote by the mail-in ballot. they're reviewed, and then they will be counted if there's no issue with it. but it's safe to assume with those 20,000 mail-in ballots, those provisional ballots that will be reviewed, not all of them will likely be counted. >> let's go to brian todd who is in pittsburgh. brian, explain how many outstanding votes there are being counted where you were.
11:34 am
>> reporter: about 35,000-plus are being counted. where we are in allegheny county, in pittsburgh, in the western part of the state, the ball game is in philadelphia. this is where joe biden will try to drive up the margins and possibly put himself over the top in pennsylvania. we spoke to rich fitzgerald, the county executive of allegheny county, they have counted about 3,000 of the 35,000-plus ballots they have to go through. he did not give us results. he's promises the first results in about 2 1/2 hours. they are going to work through the night. they're committed to staying here, work at least until late tonight, possibly into early tomorrow morning, and they really are committed to drive this through and get this down.
11:35 am
we talk about transparency. these really cool. we're getting great access. this is where all the counting for the mail-in battle for allegheny county is being done. these are ballots mailed before election today, on election day, and some got here after. so i'm gov you have to my photojournalist zoom past me here. they're getting briefed on the next round of ballots. they just counted some damaged ballots, a little over 2,000 of though. then they'll start to count about 3,000 or more ballots from military members and overseas voters. that's what they're about to do right now. we're talking about transparency. in the foreground, these people are observers, live observers liking over counters' shoulders. talk about transparency. the county executive told us they have cameras everywhere.
11:36 am
jay is going to zoom over to those screens. you can see they've got cameras over the shoulders of a lot of these stations, including where they're storing them, where they're counting them, processing other votes so you talk about access to the counts, that's all happening here. rich fitzgerald told us a short time ago they've had no complaints, no problems with anomalies, anything like that. right here is where we have observed just untiling from where i'm standing, these people are counting damaged ballots and observers like five feet behind them, just behind the fences there. it seems to be working well. it's a slow slog. kate was talking to you about that in philadelphia. it takes time they've got
11:37 am
35,000-plus to go through. they say they'll go overnight, possibly into tomorrow, some results will trickle in in a couple hours, hopefully, and hopefully we'll see what the final count here in allegheny county, which is a crucial county here for joe biden. he spent a lot of time here in the latter stages of his campaign. brian todd, thank you very much. let's go to phil mattingly. the margin just got a little bit tighter in arizona, i believe. is that right? >> that's right. joe biden has a lead in several states, but arizona is one of those places where, unlike pennsylvania, unlike what we saw over the course of the morning, the lead is actually narrowing.
11:38 am
the billing question is, is there enough for president trump to catch up? >> and the lead has been shri shrinking this dribs and drabs. >> president trump, if you were trying to gauge where things stand -- i want to pull this out. what we know about what came in from this vote is president trump got 3,171 votes. joe biden got 694, from a percentage, president trump a little over 80%, joe biden at 17.5%. a couple things to put in as you look at the top line. president trump making up about 2,477 votes here, but the bigger issue is mojave county is about 3% of the population, but this is not where the outstanding
11:39 am
voting is. this is a republican count. you expect that margin to be higher. everybody is looking at maricopa county, we know roughly 142,000 outstanding for maricopa. here's where it gets dicier for the trump campaign. the last batch, president trump had a lead, but it wasn't the type of lead he needed. i'm trying to say here he needs to be hitting a specific ratio -- a specific margin every time votes come from, especially large batches of votes, to have an opportunity to close this gap. this gap right now he's falling short of that. what he had in mojave is good. if he could do 80% in maricopa,
11:40 am
he coop on trauld be on track, hasn't been. >> in maricopa, what is the difference between them, generally? >> this is the interesting thing. what we've been seeing in pennsylvania and georgia is the late vote was all counted as mail-in, and it was leaning so heavily democratic joe biden has been making up huge margins. arizona has been a bit different. the mix of the composition of the vote that comes in whether it was dropped off our mailed in, while joe biden is leading, can you flash back to 2016 and get a sense of the county. donald trump won this county back in 2016. it has been moving towards democrats, but even though joe biden is leading, president trump needs to do better than this. he needs to be hitting somewhere between 53 and 54% in everything
11:41 am
that culomes from here on out. the real ball game is maricopa, and today maricopa has not done enough. >> with 142,000 votes outstanding, it is within the realm of possibility this batch of 142,000 will radically favorite president trump, but if the recent example is any indication, i mean, the odds are it will be similar to this current -- >> yeah, i think that's a great way to put it. we don't know the composition of the vote. we note the trump campaign felt like the late votes game they have a chance, but from talking to two republicans in the state, he missed hi margin, they were pretty down after the last batch that came down. it would be a heavy, heavy lift to close the gap, but they're still counting. there are areas to president trump to pick up votes.
11:42 am
>> with 142,000 uncounted ballots in maricopa, that is the biggest batch of votes left? >> to simplify it, that's the ball game that will decide whether or not he has a chance. as i said, based on the last batch, both sides have been saying this seems to be heading biden's direction, but we'll wait and see. >> we'll have more shortly and keep counting the votes here. let's go to erin. we have news just coming in. republicans in pennsylvania seeking more relief from the supreme court related to the ballots received after election day. let's get to our pamela brown with the latest. pam, what is this? what does it mean? >> this has been an area under dispute for a while now. now lawyers for republicans in pennsylvania have gone back to the supreme court. what they're asking right now is for the high court to log, segregate and otherwise not take
11:43 am
any action for ballots receive after election day. they essential want the supreme court to weigh in and order pennsylvania to not include those late-arriving ballots, include today, to be counted toward the vote totals. what they're doing is citing the secretary of state's guidance as the lone of why this order needs to happen. they point out initially the secretary of state in pennsylvania released guidance saying that they lace arriving ballots in pennsylvania that were sent by election day but arrived after, they would be segregated. she updated that guidance, that it would not go to the vote totals. what we're seeing, my understanding, is it does not include the late arriving ballots. in places like pip, they separate them, and put them in shall -- shrink wrap them.
11:44 am
>> so let me, pam, saying a sense of where we are. you look at the margin in the state, as there's plenty of votes still outstanding of 13,662 in favor of biden. how many ballots were received after election day? my understanding it's 2 to 3,000. so it's a much smaller number. >> that's absolutely right. the senior of state has said that number is marginal. in other words, it will not determine the outcome. the republcans in this argument to the supreme court, they said otherwise. this is what they said -- given the results of the november 3rd election, the vote in pennsylvania may well determine the next president. it's currently unclear whether all county boards are segregating late arriving ballots. but you're right, it's a small
11:45 am
amount compared to the valid mail-in ballots that did arrive by election day, provisional ballots and the military ballots. so this is -- this appears to be part of this overall legal strategy we're seeing from republicans and from the trump campaign to file various lawsuits, to muddy the waters on issues on lawsuits that really aren't going to move the needle very much in their favor really. >> pam, thank you very much. i think it's important what pam said, as we try to de-muddy the water when we can, right now the margin is about 13,600 votes. if 35 ballots are constitution outstanding, the 2,500 to 3,000 does not seem like something it would move the needle. we have some developments on the front in terms of the legal strategy. let's go to our own jim acosta. what are you learning, jim? >> reporter: i think the big
11:46 am
headline is that the president is digging in. he is telling people around him that he would like to see these challenges of the count in these various states to continue perhaps into december, when the electors would certify their votes for president. that has the potential to drag this out for several more weeks. now, obviously these states are going to certify the results s. pass them on to news organizations and so on, and we believe to be able to report the winner, but the president is not accept that at this point. i will tell you, talking to my sources, erin, there are many people around the president who think it's just over. i talked to a senior adviser to this white house who told me it's over, but they have to be delicate about this. he has the biggest megaphone,
11:47 am
and they're trying to be careful to not disturb the delicate bird, if you will. also sources are quietly backing away from the president. what happened last night was an absolute disaster. he offered no evidence to back up the smaclaims, and they're nervous he is simply going too far, and at this point you're goings to see perhaps some officials not running to get behind the president, to stand behind him at some press conferences he may have over the next several days. i think the sense i'm getting from people over here, is the president wants to fight this out, but not everybody is on board with this. the other question that's been raised from people i'm talking to inside the campaign is there's just a lot of concern
11:48 am
about the voices the president is sending out, people like rudy giuliani, people like pam bondi, people like corey lewandowski. they're not seen as people who will calm down elected officials inside the republican party, who are raising questions about the president's concerns. i was told by a senior adviser there are some people inside the campaign, inside the white house, who would like to see more credible voices out there speaking on the president's behalf, making these kinds of claims. for now it sounds like the president is not in any mood to conce concede. >> so what does this mean? i have two election law experts here with me. rich, let me start with this breaking news out of pennsylvania, saying they want to make sure the ballots are segregated. i was trying to give a sense of
11:49 am
the gap, the size of the ballots, which is much smaller thanle margin is right now between the two in the state. and that margin, of course, is going to change. when you look at it as -- is this something that is legitimate and can move the needing, where do you fall? >> it definitely can't move the needle according to all current appearances. you can understand why, as a form of insurance they're going to pursue these claims, if they think there's any possibility those ballots could make a difference, but we knew that these would be a very small number. they seem to be an incredibly small number. it doesn't look like they're possibly going to affect the margin of the outcome in pennsylvania. so, even if the legal claim prevails -- and i think it's a plausible claim with this supreme court, it could be accept on the merits by the court, the number of ballots here is not significant.
11:50 am
>> and that is important. so when you look at the strategy, as jim is saying, right now is sort of like spaghetti, take it and throw it against the wall legally, just try absolutely everything you can. do you see everything right now that's both legitimate and could move the needle? >> does it have to be both legitimate and move the needle, erin? if you look at the legal strategy, it's hard to understand. i don't see anything happen that the change the trajectory. figure, the trump campaign brought a lawsuit in georgia, where they accused commingling ballots, unprocessed absentee ballots with -- and a judge threw that out. they brought litigation in pennsylvania appeared michigan arguing their observers should be able to get closer to monitory the vote count. okay, fine, it doesn't change everything.
11:51 am
when, in fact, this litigation does nothing to change the trajectory of the race. >> richard, right now since we're looking at a ballot cam, i want to make a point with that. the president is trying to say this is being done in secret, it's hidden, it's corrupt, all the words he's used, yet we've shown again and again these ballot cams. we just saw out in allegheny county, ballot cams, people standing five feet away, able to look over everything that is being done. the concept this is not being done in a transparent manner is completely and utterly false. >> yes, it's a great thing we have, all this transparency. transparency is what helps show people that sinister stories actually aren't true, and so i'm amazed that public officials in some of these places have done this job of actually putting web cams in there. it's about as interesting as watching paint dry. i have watched some of these. but you can sit there and actually watch the election officials processing these ballots, and, of course, as you
11:52 am
saw, there are observers from both parties in those sites being able to monitor what's happening. so we have a great deal of transparency. you know, there are some arguments at the margins, that pennsylvania appellate court accepted a complaint from the trump campaign that they should have a little more access. i think that's been given at this point. but overall we are running an incredibly transparent process and you can see it right there. >> it's incredible that we can see these things and it's so important, especially with these false claims being alleged, so important that we can all see it. thank you both so much. how how is the biden campaign handling these legal challenges right now? jeff zeleny is with the biden campaign in wellington where they're preparing to make an address tonight. what is their response, jeff? >> reporter: erin, it's so interesting. after going through a long campaign of the biden campaign responding bit by bit to
11:53 am
everything the president said, they are taking a moment of calm and not responding litigation by litigation because they believe there is no merit to all of these claims and they believe it simply would give it oxygen. what they are doing instead is looking ahead. as you said, the former vice president is scheduled to give an address here to the nation this evening from wilmington. he's going to, i'm told, really going to continue some of those themes, and his first test is tonight. he ran on a pledge of unifying the country, so his first test is doing that in a post-election period. i just spoke a few moments ago with a very close and long-time friend of the vice president, senator chris coons from right here in delaware. he said he believes the former vice president will take a bit of time and a bit of patience for republicans and for the president to accept the reality of this election if it turns out to be that president trump is not successful here. he said this to me. he said he recognizes the healing the country is going to need. it's going to be very, very
11:54 am
hard. i think he will be patient. so the question is how patient and how long will that go? since we are coming up on a friday evening here going through the weekend, it's the hope of allies of joe biden that come monday, come next week, if this they're still locked in the same position, that party elders and republicans and others begin speaking out about the need to move on and focus on coronavirus, focus on the deep challenges facing the country here. so this is a bit of a first test for joe biden in his ability to unify the country here. obviously, you know, some of it is out of his hands, but how he hand el handles the transition, the speech tonight, the tone is important. aides have not answered those questions, erin. as of now, they're planning on a speech in prime time tonight. >> thank you, jeff zeleny.
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there is a lot going on in a lot of different places, and we're watching it all. we're waiting to hear from election officials in georgia, their race there razor thin, and
12:00 pm
they are tweeting about ballots there. all the close races you see there on the right of your screen, let's start with phil mattingly. a number of tight races that are important to look at right now. what do you want to show us? >> first let's look at the big picture. we're paying attention to pennsylvania, we're paying attention to georgia, we're waiting on nevada. georgia just had 40 votes drop in. we're getting down to the end here a little bit. >> biden is at almost 74 million. he's at 73,985,000. >> all you can see is the margin here grow. joe biden leading the popular vote by 4,101,000