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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  November 6, 2020 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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they are tweeting about ballots there. all the close races you see there on the right of your screen, let's start with phil mattingly. a number of tight races that are important to look at right now. what do you want to show us? >> first let's look at the big picture. we're paying attention to pennsylvania, we're paying attention to georgia, we're waiting on nevada. georgia just had 40 votes drop in. we're getting down to the end here a little bit. >> biden is at almost 74 million. he's at 73,985,000. >> all you can see is the margin here grow. joe biden leading the popular vote by 4,101,000 votes.
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track back to wednesday at midnight. donald trump was ahead by 548,000 votes. follow with me. you and i were on air at various points during the course of this process. then his lead went up to 585,000 votes, then to 35,000 votes. the election day vote was very strongly republican. the democratic vote went very heavily mail-in ballots, mail-in ballots were counted last. >> part of that is the president is as responsible for that as anybody. democrats were telling their people vote early, vote when you can by mail. the president was telling his people, vote on election day, don't trust this mail-in ballot stuff. >> and the election turnout for republicans around the country was huge. unfortunately for him, joe biden has gotten the most votes for that. but to your point, mail-in balloting has skewed so heavily
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democratic as votes have been counted and it's come out. we keep going and you watch how the margin drops. down to 182,000 wednesday at 8:00 p.m., down to 186,000 at 9:00, 133,000, 104,000. >> and to be clear, these are votes that had already been sent in that they are just getting around to counting. >> it is purely the construct of how the state counted. they counted the election votes first, then the vote by mail. ohio started off very blue to the point where everybody was looking around and saying, wow, ohio, we thought they were off of the swing state map after what trump did in 2016. it was super, super tight and then they started counting the election day vote and trump started winning ohio by 800 points. it was the inverse. what has happened in the last 24 hours is joe biden has eaten away and taken the lead. joe biden now leads by 13,362
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votes. is there a way to stop the bleeding and come back? the reality on the ground right now, primarily because of vote by mail, the mail-in ballots are left to count and report, but where those ballots come from is president trump has a problem in pennsylvania. that's been very clear now for several, several hours. you know why? you heard from kate. kate was talking about philadelphia. philadelphia had about 300,000 ballots than previously reported. philadelphia right now you look at this margin. you look at this margin, anderson, this is not mart engine that is translated in the vote by mail. when vote by mail has come in for philadelphia it has been 86, 87, 88% for joe biden. that means when this comes in, even if it's two or three thousand votes, that is in bulk going to joe biden. that's not just the case here. you can move to southeast pennsylvania into the suburbs. you saw something from bucks county earlier, allegheny about 300,000 votes outstanding. right now donald trump needs to win basically somewhere like 56%
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of everything that comes in from here on out to be able to win. that is not happening, and where the vote is outstanding, and that's all vote by mail, is a significant problem for him in this state. >> and 300,000 votes outstanding, 3,000 have been counted, those that have been sent in. we don't know where those are. in philadelphia, 20,000 mail-in ballots still to be counted, 20,000 provisional ballots still to be counted and there's about a thousand or so segregated ballots. >> you make a good point about allegheny. home to pittsburgh. they're going to win allegheny election by election. 58.7 to 39.7%. even in democratic strongholds where joe biden has a good margin, it's coming in much higher, and we know that's where the majority of the outstanding vote is in pennsylvania, and
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that is why joe biden right now is looking at pennsylvania and the campaign feels good, and the trump campaign has a problem. >> and what we've seen on these votes that have actually to be counted, joe biden's lead is just going to be growing. >> these votes have all been submitted, they've been cast. they are being counted and we're waiting for them to be reported out. when you look at the outstanding vote and you consider the fact it's all vote by mail, you're looking at this margin to grow by tens and thousands of votes, barring some unforeseen change, based on everything we've seen so far. >> and they're talking about the supreme court which is essentially challenging the county of some of the votes. that's affecting maybe 2,000 or 3,000 votes that were cured, i think, wasn't it? >> it's when they were cast, and not to get too into the weeds,
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but 2,000 or 3,000 votes is not going to matter if donald trump is losing by 400,000 votes. >> list ton the georgia secretary of state. >> we've had a clear line of communications with the media, the county election officials and our voters. our office will continue to give unprecedented access. the voters of georgia deserve transparency. georgia voters deserve accurate real election results. election workers around the state are working with integrity to ensure every legal ballot is counted and no illegal ballots are counted. right now, georgia remains too close to call. out of the approximately 5 million votes cast, we'll have a margin of a few thousand. the focus for our office and for
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the county elections officials for now remains on making sure that every legal vote is counted and recorded accurately. as we are closing in on a final count, we can begin to look toward our next steps. with a margin that small, there will be likely a recount in georgia. interest in our election obviously goes far beyond our borders. the final tally in georgia at this point has huge implications for the entire country. the stakes are high and the emotions are high on all sides. we will not let those debates distract us from our work. we will get it right, and we will defend the integrity of our elections. in some states, there are complaints about monitors not being allowed to watch the count. in georgia, this process is and
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will remain open and transparent to monitors. if any member of the public raises legitimate concerns, we'll investigate those. we are committed to doing anything and everything to maintaining trust in our electoral process here for every georgian regardless of partisan preference. thank you. >> good afternoon. i'm daniel gabriel, voter implementation manager. you keep putting your microphones where i put my computer. essentially right now, the outstanding ballots are about the same as they were this morning. not too much change on that front, but we do have more information on the provisionals and other ballots out there right now. let's just start with the margin right now. we're looking at 2,484,796 votes for president trump and
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2,450,381 votes for vice president biden and that gives us a margin of 1,585. that's where we stand right now as of 3:08 p.m. -- it's friday now. we do know that today is the deadline for the military that would have been postmarked by tuesday and wednesday to be counted in this state. we do have some numbers on that. on the overall side, we have 18,000, and eight of those ballots have been accepted. that leaves 8,410 that are still available to be received. now, again, i want to re-emphasize this. that does not mean there is a bucket of 8,410 votes to be counted. it means there are 8,410 votes
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that were counted and could be received by the officials today. somewhere in that range, we don't know how many that is. i do have a county-by-county breakdown. let me give you the highlights and i'll give you the details following this press conference. y'all usually want the big one, so we'll go with that. 86 are still out there, bibb. chatham where savannah is, 395. cherokee -- woodstock, 171. clayton county, 241. cobb county, 569. columbia county, 247. kaweda county, 89. dekalb county, 282. it's pre announced de-cab, not
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dekalb. fayette, 149. forsythe, 153. fulton, 956. that's the single biggest number, i believe, right there. gwinnett, 741. henry, 248. this is another fun one. it's not houston in georgia, its houston. houston county, 146. liberty county, 143. there's a military base there, so it's a little outweighted in size and population. roust county, 141, polling county, 145. richmond where augusta is, 244, home of the masters coming up soon. rockdale is 80, and i think that's all the biggest one. you can take that altogether and the balance will probably be 140 for all the counties i didn't
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name. i do have an initial provisional report from fulton county which is the largest one. the total provisional ballots received was 4,869. they accepted 3,603. that means they rejected 1,276 of the provisional ballots they had on hand. the biggest chunks of those means the voter brought their i.d. in, and that was 1,205 of those, and they voted outside of precinct. it means they were inside the right county but they were at the wrong precinct. that's 2,398. the unfortunate part for some of those voters and some of those candidates means they voted outside of precinct. that means they could only vote on the ballot that affected things that were shared with the other precinct. things like senator, those votes will count, but state house, those races will not. that's the difference when you vote out of county like that. we try to encourage people to be told to go to their correct polling location.
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the rejected ballot justifications we saw is out of county, 673. you can only vote provisionally inside your own county. not registered. these people were not registered voters, 583, and citizens 514. i was talking to our fulton county manager earlier. he said there were other changes moving on that as well as some of the absentees were damaged, they were duping. somewhere south of 300 that they were cut and using openers and they had to redupe and they'll be scanned and put in the tally today. not that one. you start to get crazy looking at all these spreadsheets. [ inaudible ] >> i don't think they've scanned and uploaded all those yet. justin, you can come back later. so the total number of provisionals in the state -- this is not the total number,
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this is we have the numbers from 134 of the 159 counties, and we have a lot of the large ones, but i don't think we have all the large ones. we have dekalb. clayton -- i think we might have all the big ones now. again, this is a moving target dealing with election workers doing lots of things at one time. we're very happy when we work together to get this information to the viewers and voters out there. and guess what? gabe didn't hit the sum on all these things yet, so we'll have to take a second while he does that on live television. that's the exciting reason you're watching live television today. >> just listening to georgia officials, this is the secretary of state, and we're getting a breakdown county by county for georgia. they said the official margin is 1,785. that -- 1,585. we're saying 1,603 because they
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have not entered the new official number, which we would update, is that right? >> our data has been straight from the counties. that's where we've been getting our data and traditionally the state will follow as it comes in. we'll have to keep our eye on that and see how it goes. i think there are a couple takeaways there that are important. one, we've known this, but this is going to go into a recount at some point. we also know there is still outstanding votes. so this lead right now for joe biden which is 603 or what the state says at this moment in time, there is a decent chance this will go up at some point. the reason why is the outstanding ballots we're waiting for comes out of the gwinnett county. they've been asked throughout the day to reach a count of votes. 58.3 to 40.4, mostly mail-in ballots. that margin could be better. that is kind of the main outstanding vote as it currently stands.
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what was also being discussed, and when the margin is looking at 1600 votes, may go up, may go down, all of a sudden, military ballots, provisional ballots, overseas ballots as well can be important. one of the things as he ticked through everything, one thing that click ford me was provisional ballots. he went to the wrong polling place, so you brought your i.d. and they basically have to kind of look at it afterwards, make sure it's okay and then add it to the count. he was going somewhat county by county, but one of the key points is, of the provisional ballots they have at this point in time that have been okayed, 633 of them is from fulton county. pull up fulton county. big democratic county, obviously home to atlanta, largest county in the state. 10% of the population. outstanding provisional ballots that have been okayed. without getting too complicated into where things are going right now, this is going to be
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razor thin. this is almost certainly going into a runoff, but the reality right now is given the outstanding votes they have, still waiting to get a better sense of where military overseas stands, there is a chance that joe biden is added based on where the location is and where they expect to come from. we'll see if they stick to trends. but the bottom line is georgia is razor thin and it's going into a recount. >> how long would the process of a recount be, do we know? >> i don't know offhand. i don't know offhand. it depends how the state operates. i think the one thing we know for sure, you heard the election official say right at the top that this will go to a recount. you have to know, too, everything going on in georgia right now. you have two senate races almost certain to go into runoffs. one looks like it's headed that direction. you're likely to have a recount here as well. go ahead. >> i was going to say, the differential is a very close race here obviously in georgia given the sheer numbers. you're talking about almost 5
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million votes which have been cast in total, only being ahead by this much is not much. the pool of votes still left to count -- if it goes by the same metrics that we've been showing, vice president biden's lead is likely to continue, it's just a question of how much. if it increases a tremendous amount, that may affect the call for a recount, but it seems like regardless of what it is, given all that's going on, all the concerns about fairness, it seems like georgia will go for a recount. >> and you heard the state officials make pretty clear that's where it's headed. you talk to the people on both campaigns, they seem to know that's where it's headed. if you work on the assumption that this is going to a recount, right now everyone on the ground thinks that's where it's going. when you go to recounts and i've covered several of them over the years, if you go to recounts it's not something where you see 10,000, 20,000 votes change.
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it's administrative errors, you might see a couple hundred votes max change, maybe a little less than that. joe biden, 1,603 would be a pretty significant change in a recount. if joe biden started pushing that up 2,000, 3,000, 4,000 votes, you get a little more comfortable in the biden campaign with a recount right now. it doesn't mean what they end up with will be the final total. recounts don't end up shifting votes by 10,000 or 20,000. recounts shift, if they shift at all, a small degree. >> there is a republican governor in georgia who i believe was the former secretary of state in georgia. we have more with phil at the wall as we continue to have more votes counted. we'll be right back. ur best fri. and now your co-pilot. still a father. but now a friend. still an electric car. just more electrifying.
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learn more at your local xfinity store today. republican legal challenge or the widening margin for joe biden that republicans are trying to narrow, 13,709 votes right now. just ticked up bit by bit.
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47 votes in the last few minutes. every vote counts. all eyes remain on pennsylvania. joining me by phone, the lieutenant governor of the state, lieutenant governor john fetterman. lieutenant governor, thank you for being with me. i have a lot of questions here and we'll see which ones you are able to answer. i'm trying to understand the scale of how many ballots were received after election day, technically now legal, but the subject of a challenge. we had that range being 2500 to 3,000, but we have new numbers coming out of montgomery and lucerne counties upping that amount to as many as 4,000 ballots. do you think there could be even more? that number is starting to get big enough, looking at the margin we have now, to possibly matter, so do you think we have them all or not yet? >> i spoke to officials in philadelphia, and it's a small amount. i don't think it was even a thousand out of philadelphia. if that's the big surprise that the republicans are pinning their hopes on, it's like, good luck with that. it's just not going to be a factor in this race as i see it.
12:26 pm
especially because the vice president's margin is going to grow. i mean, let's be honest, in pennsylvania, specifically pennsylvania, the use of a mail-in ballot in this election was as predictive to -- for democrats as driving a subaru. and joe biden's margins are going to continue to grow by a factor of 8-1 -- i mean, these are going to keep growing. i'm not concerned about those ballots that could come under the supreme court decision, and that was, i think -- that was the ace up their sleeve and it's a non-issue. >> let me ask you about one development on that front in terms of what you're doing with those balballots. i understand you don't think they matter to the outcome. the lawyers asking for you to segregate or otherwise not take any action on any ballots received after the election.
12:27 pm
again, that number is up to 4,000. i thought you were is he regase them, so is there anything new in this? >> it's nice of them to do that, but the secretary of state had already ordered long before the election that this was going to happen. this was anticipated. so their coup de grace is a legal maneuver that we have preemptively complied with over 3,000 votes, maybe, whether they count or not. so even if you take them out, let's assume they're successful, or you just say, you know what, we don't care, we're going to throw them out, it's not going to have a meaningful impact on the race. >> that answers those questions. now let me ask you about provisional ballots. the republican house speaker in your state, brian cutler, says it's his understanding there are 100,000 provisional ballots out right now in pennsylvania. that number is obviously significant no matter how you look at it. is that your understanding as well, lieutenant governor? >> it's not my understanding,
12:28 pm
but if there are, let me explain where i suspect the majority of those provisional ballots are. during the republican misinformation campaign about voting by mail, i think it confused some democrats, and there was a small but dedicated minori minority -- >> it sounds like we just lost the connection there. i'm going to try to get him back, obviously, anderson, because i think that's a pretty significant answer he's giving, right, because you do have the republican speaker in pennsylvania saying there are 100,000 provisional ballots and there should be no results until they're finalized. i do want to give the lieutenant governor a chance to answer that. you heard him try to put to rest any questions here that are out about ballots that were postmarked by election day but received after election day, that they're already being segregated, and even though that number is ticked up, he does not see any situation in which it would impact this race.
12:29 pm
>> earlier baldwin was saying there were 2100 mail-in ballots still to be counted and about a thousand sequestered ballots. what the lieutenant governor is saying, which i think is an important question he was stressing with you, was they had already been separating, segregating those ballots, and even if the supreme court was to say, you can't use them, it wouldn't really amount to that much given that there's maybe 3,000 or so of them statewide, even 4,000 of them statewide. >> even if it goes up a little bit, absolutely, absolutely. >> erin, i want to go to david chalian. i know you're trying to get the lieutenant governor back. david, we want to talk to you about the decision-making process in calling a race. where do things stand on that? >> listening to the conversations you were having, listening to the lieutenant governor, it's gathering all
12:30 pm
this information about what is outstanding that is most crucial to our decision desk and others in terms of its calculation. obviously, you see that 13,000 and change lead, that joe biden has 13,737 votes at moment that joe biden has over donald trump. as you know, anderson, you were talking to phil about, it has been a steady march from a donald trump lead as all this vote by mail comes in, as more of the democratic areas get that vote by mail in. it has allowed joe biden to overtake donald trump's lead, and we expect as more of that outstanding vote that we think a great majority is vote by mail and in some democratic areas, that that lead is likely to grow for joe biden and pad that margin he has there. that will be meaningful in terms of decision making once we also get a fuller understanding of exactly or as much of an approximation as possible what is outstanding, what that universe is. because our decision team has to get to a very high level of
12:31 pm
competence that the number 2 candidate in the race, right now donald trump in pennsylvania, doesn't have a pathway to become the number one candidate in the race and overtake joe biden in the case in pennsylvania right now. when the decision team can get to that very high level of confidence that that can't happen mathematically, that's when a projection gets made. >> when you talk segregation team, this is not me and jake and wolf sitting around, and erin saying, yes, let's call this thing. who is this decision team? >> that would be a terrible idea if that was the case. it's a really good question. >> first of all, we all can't be in the same room together. it's just a rule around here. >> it's a team of professional statisticians and some people that have long-time worked with making projections in races, but these are people who are sort of in their own room, purely looking at data coming in and
12:32 pm
doing the models to get to that high level of confidence place. i don't know what an expert you are in math, but these are people with real statistical expertise. >> don't talk to me like i'm a child. you know i'm terrible at math, so that's why you're talking to me. >> not at all. >> i know, i'm kidding. david, thank you so much. we'll continue to check in with you. we're getting word on new votes -- i shouldn't say new votes, they're votes that have already been cast, they've just been counted, so new ballots that have been counted, finally. let's go back to phil mattingly. i understand about a thousand of the votes that have been cast have now been counted. >> we have 6,000 new votes in pinal county. what you've been watching in the last 24 hours is joe biden's lead continuing to narrow. now he's at about 49%, those
12:33 pm
votes still coming in in pinal county. president trump getting 48.6% of the vote. what you're seeing, and this is a good example of what's going on, the small counties around maricopa still have an outstanding vote. we're seeing those come in, maybe not to completion, but at least some degree of what's outstanding. again, the ball game in this state remains maricopa county. we're waiting for about 400,000 votes in maricopa county. that will likely dictate how things go, and right now based on the last batch that came in and mart engine with which president trump was able to win that batch, the biden campaign would feel a little more comfortable about where they stand. but it underscores that there are red counties in this state, and those counties unlike what we saw in pennsylvania, unlike what we've been seeing in wisconsin, michigan, pennsylvania currently, are not
12:34 pm
leaning democratic just because of mail-in vote because of how arizona operates because they've been doing mail-in voting for a long time. the time those mail-in ballots were dropped off or mailed in. president trump is continuing to shrink the margin. i think the biggest question outstanding, if you look at the largest county in the state, biggest outstanding vote as it currently stands, is does president trump run out of time? does he run out of time or run out of vote? i would say he's probably 54% of the outstanding vote in maricopa to be able to close the top line margin right now. that's what we're waiting for. >> it's about 142,000 votes just in maricopa. >> yeah. >> do we know for the other -- >> we can tick through and see what's outstanding. you've got cochise county. you move into the rural counties, you have grand county up here.
12:35 pm
it's not a lot of vote. you may pick up a couple thousand votes there. we just did pinal. you can keep moving around, and the reality of this state is it's going to be maricopa and it's going to be how maricopa breaks. that is going to decide where arizona goes and whether or not it stays in joe biden's column and whether it stays in joe biden's column and whether president trump can close the gap. >> let's go to arlette saenz. you're with the vote counters in wilmington, delaware. what did you learn? >> they're hoping one of these votes soon will put them over the top of 270 electoral votes. joe biden has spent the day at home with his family and senior advisers watching these results and getting updates from his campaign as they've come in. but over the course of the past 24 hours, they have seen some hopeful signs, as you have seen
12:36 pm
joe biden overtake president trump's leads in georgia and pennsylvania. when it comes to arizona, the biden campaign has been arguing for the past few days that they believed that the margins might shrink a bit, but they ultimately don't believe his position in that state is going to be overcome. now, here at the chase center, you've seen a senior staff walking through the lobby of the hotel. you've also seen staff diligently working throughout the morning and afternoon trying to put some finishing touches here on-site where joe biden is expected to speak later this evening. in fact, up near the stage, you can see some jeeps with camping claire chairs in their beds, maybe where people can watch. the campaign is just standing by waiting to get more results, anderson. >> do we know what time vice
12:37 pm
president biden would be speaking, or it might depend on when things are called. >> it might depend on when things are called. the only guidance we've gotten for the time being is he's expecting to speak in prime time. we'll keep an eye on that in the coming hours as these results come in. >> arlette saenz, appreciate it. let's go to kaitlan collins in washington, kaitlan, what are you hearing from the white house? >> president trump is also watching television but a different reaction than what joe biden is having. he's complaining, he's frustrating, saying there is not enough people supporting him on television. he wants to make sure legal ballots are counted and illegal ballots are not counted. the conspiracies from the room that he says exist, but his
12:38 pm
campaign has not been able to offer any proof ifment. his deputy campaign manager in 2016 was in charge of leading these efforts as they go into these states, demanding recounts and filing lawsuits. we've seen them do that but it's kind of in this scatter approach, so now they're trying to put one person, singular, in charge of that, so we'll see how that goes. but they make it clear that is the route they're going. further evidence of that is the vice president and other rallies a rallies. president trump keeps filing this lawsuits, and we know the trump campaign does not have the money. judging that joe biden is going to be speaking on camera today, they are wondering if the president is also going to want to do that, but, of course,
12:39 pm
they're not really sure what it is the president would say if he did come out. anderson? >> thank you, kaitlan. we continue to follow the votes, we continue to count the votes. phil mattingly, let's go back to earth. >> as these ticked up bit by bit, you saw a narrowing of the margin in arizona. neal, let me ask you. we all saw what happened last night. it was a disheartening moment to understate it in terms of when he spoke. here. we don't know what he's going to say, if he's waiting for a call. there's lots of uncertainty there. but what does president trump do, nia? >> i think president trump does what he always does, which is inflame things, engage in conspiracy theories lies, which
12:40 pm
is what he's been doing so far. he lied and said if he didn't win, the election was rigged. he lied and said there was widespread cheating and voting, and now he's talking to his allies for evidence of lies, because he cannot admit that he lied. when biden comes out, the president will feel like he wants to come out, too, but i think we know from this president over this last many years what he will say. there is more about this idea that trump did something wrong with zero evidence. >> in a sense, the meatloaf being made, and it's a beautiful thing to watch, right? you've got ballot cams everywhere. you see these numbers ticking up by 47 votes in one moment.
12:41 pm
we're seeing a level of detail. you're seeing an official in georgia going to a podium and saying, wait a minute, i have to update my spreadsheet, and reading to the ones every vote and county. at what point does someone say to the president -- i guess the bigger question here is, can anyone successfully say to the president, it's time to which k watch. >> he has every right to challenge any irregularity he sees in a court of law. that goes up and down the system. i believe, for the sake of our democracy and for people who are conservatives who may wind up being on the other side of this, it's really important to follow that all the way through so that people can see that a judge can rule on something.
12:42 pm
calling on him to just quit, i think, is really dangerous. >> of course, nobody is talking about legal challenges. he's saying it's corrupt and if he doesn't win, people are cheating, leveling all sorts of things that are categorically false. that's what i'm talking about. >> but there's always a message component to this, right? let's look at bill nelson in florida in 2018 who filed 25 lawsuits when he lost to rick scott. that happens all the time. there is a legal component to this and a messaging component to this, which you fwautalked a. >> the messaging component is the problem. >> but the messaging component works for him. >> we're just missing one piece here, which is that what the president hasn't acknowledged in any way, democrats overwhelmingly participated in
12:43 pm
this election in voting by mail, right? so there is logic to the notion that he had leads in the states that were the first states tabulated, such as in georgia, such as in pennsylvania. then when the vote by mail got tabulated, it made sense that since we know those voters were very much a majority, a preponderance of them were voting for biden, that biden would get a lead-up in those states because of the method of voting. he thinks they're stealing an election. that is not stealing an election to make the votes cast the method by which they were cast, right? >> when we catch that, we will notice it. i feel like they should build
12:44 pm
more support with republic darnlz. sort of benchmark issues ply. we haven't seen republicans rally around that, and i encourage them to do that in terms of the legal case. it is important to point out, there will be an illegal decision at the end of this. don't be confused to see what is publicly being said. you can can -- he has made charges of everything you're saying, right? >> there are evidence of irregularities -- the party chair came out today and had a press conference and listed out some of the irregularities.
12:45 pm
some of them may have been by accident. that happens all the time. of course, and the question is are there enough of them? but to have confidence in the system, we all have to be on the same page. as you were saying last week, everybody has to have patience, wait until the process keeps playing out. >> which is why the president of the united states should not say, this rg rg. there is no one out there that wouldn't say don't jump to conclusions. follow the path of where these irregularities are and take them to court. don't presuppose it because if there is fraud, then you have a case to make. that would be my advice. >> carol, let me give you the
12:46 pm
final word. >> sure. i think the important thing is the legal, quote, unquote, strategy, which there does not seem to be much underpinnings to that is being used as a message strategy designed to undermine our system. that is what's so traumatic. i was on that call in the wee hours of the morning in 2016 when we were trying to make this decision, and barack obama called hillary clinton and said, you can't do this. we can't put the country through this. there is a point at which, you're right, let's follow the law, make sure you count every vote and put the country in front of yourself. that's where i don't think many of us think he has the confidence to do so while he's behaving in this destructive manner, at the same time, really damaging our democracy that, frankly, the american people who
12:47 pm
showed up during such powerful numbers during this coronavirus pandemic don't deserve that. >> thank you all very much, and we're going to go to arizona where the votes keep moving, as i say, hour by hour. biden's lead has been shrinking there. can president trump catch up? we'll be right back. good morning, mr. sun. good morning, blair. [ chuckles ] whoo. i'm gonna grow big and strong. yes, you are. i'm gonna get this place all clean. i'll give you a hand. and i'm gonna put lisa on crutches!
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his lead has been tightening. former vice president joe biden is ahead in arizona but trump is cutting in on biden's lead.
12:52 pm
kyung lah is standing by in phoenix. what is the latest? >> reporter: we are seeing other counties other than the one i'm in reporting. we are seeing continued tightening in this race. the latest numbers we have from the secretary of state shows that the separation between the former vice president and president trump is just under 40,000 votes here in arizona. that is 1.56 percentage points. so it's very tight. so when i speak to sources here in the state, political sources, both on the democratic side and on the gop side, they both say frayed nerves, it is exceptionally tight and it will continue to tighten and what they are looking at are the ballots coming out of here. you can see this machine has been going throughout the day here in maricopa county. this is where phoenix is. this is the county where you have to win. and what they are looking for are those margin jumps and those
12:53 pm
margin jumps, according to a gop source here, anderson, not quite big enough to help the president overtake the lead. but, we have one more data release tonight of ballots so we have to see what is going to happen in about five hours or so. >> i appreciate it. thanks very much. joining me is katie hobbs, arizona's secretary of state. secretary hobbs, thank you for taking time out to talk with us. i know how busy you are. how is the vote count going in arizona and when do you expect i guess to have a final result? >> it's really going as expected. we are around 250,000 left in the state and 137,000 in maricopa county. they are going to update more vote totals from today's tabulations tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern. and that should bring their total down below 100,000 ballots. they have been doing about 60,000 to 70,000 at a time and probably what we are looking at tonight and they have told us they expect to be counting
12:54 pm
through the weekend and should have pretty much everything, except for provisional ballots wrapped up this weekend. >> i want to be clear. 250 to 270,000 outstanding votes in the entire state and you said about 130,000 in maricopa county? >> yes. >> can you say some of the other counties that have high numbers left? >> sure. pinel is around 34,000 and maricopa and pima about 25,000. those i guess outstanding. apache county in the northeast corner is close to 10,000. then co-chief in the southeast corner is close to 10,000. >> you said the next batch you're expecting, kim was saying in several hours, is that going to be statewide or is that going to be from one particular county? >> the counties have been updating as they get update and
12:55 pm
posting their totals throughout the day. maricopa has been doing theirs at 7:00 p.m. arizona time daily and so that will be the biggest batch of ballots that you see being posted today. >> you filed an amicus brief. what is the latest on that? >> this is the called sharp yif gate lawsuit and our amicus brief focuses on the statutorily expectations that have to be met. they examined for expedited schedule and trying to delay it out and the state official canvass of the election reports. >> i appreciate your time, secretary of state katie hobbs. up next the latest on the battle count and the key battleground states. the latest numbers are ahead. par what you need.
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1:00 pm
all eyes on pennsylvania right now as joe biden's lead there has grown through most of the day and it continues to. the commonwealth 20 decisive electoral votes draw closer and the president's campaign launches a new legal challenge hoping to regain the advantage. >> that is exactly, obviously, what they are doing, anderson. if trends continue as we look at the numbers, it would be enough to put biden over the top. >> we will have the latest on the count there. three other states where biden is leading but no