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tv   Early Start With Christine Romans and Laura Jarrett  CNN  November 9, 2020 2:00am-2:59am PST

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overturn this election. it's time to get behind the winner of the race. >> while i may be the first person in the office, i will not be the last. >> this is "new day" with alisyn camerota and john berman. >> we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and all around the world. this is "new day," it is monday, jon. it is monday. we have gotten through the weekend and everything else has happened. >> it's one long day, but that long day has come to a conclusion, shall we say. >> it is november 9th, 5:00 in new york for a special edition of "new day," joe biden is moving quickly to create his administration as president trump refuses to concede. biden's focus today is the coronavirus pandemic, which is at record levels. the president-elect will lay out his plan to tackle the virus, and announce the names of a dozen experts who will serve on his coronavirus advisory board. this morning, we have new details about that pandemic plan, and what else biden will
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focus on in his first days in office. overnight, nearly 106,000 new coronavirus cases were reported in the u.s. that's the fifth highest day since the pandemic began. this past week has broken lots of records. 19 states are reporting record hospitalizations. >> so as of this morning, the outgoing president has yet to concede. not because he couldn't find time between the golfing and not dealing with coronavirus. sources tell cnn that trump advisers are discussing holding rallies so the president can make his baseless claims of voter fraud. his team has launched a number of lawsuits and has not provided any evidence. this morning, we have new details about who in the president's orbit is influencing his thinking and decision making in so far as it exists. we begin with the biden transition. cnn's jessica dean live in wilmington, delaware, the president-elect has a busy day today.
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>> yes, he does, john. of course the coronavirus pandemic was always central to biden's campaign, and now we're really getting a look, especially today with the new announcement of the advisory board of what it's going to look like in a biden presidency. >> after winning the election, president-elect joe biden now faces the challenge of tackling the coronavirus pandemic as new confirmed cases reach record levels across the united states. >> our work begins with getting covid under control. >> and he plans to start that work right away. promising to take the crisis more seriously than president trump. the biden/harris transition web site already laying out a 7-point plan responding to the virus. including free and reliable testing for all americans, and working with mayors and governors to implement mask mandates. the president-elect announcing a new coronavirus task force this morning, leading the effort.
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three cochairs, former surgeon vivek murthy, and yale university's dr. marcela smith. >> that plan will be built on bedrock science. it will be constructed out of compassion, empathy and concern. >> reporter: health experts say the biden administration will enter the white house at an extremely difficult point in the crisis. >> by the time that the biden harris administration takes over, this virus is going to have already run rampant through communities across the united stat states. >> reporter: as biden aims to fight the coronavirus, president trump is focused on fighting the election results, still insisting without evidence there's widespread voter fraud working against him. despite no proof to support allegations of widespread fraud or illegal voting in the united states, some of his top republican allies backing the president's refusal to concede.
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>> at this point, we do not know who has prevailed in the election. the media is desperately trying to get everyone to -- >> trump has not lost. do not concede mr. president. fight hard. >> reporter: biden's team says it's avoiding the distractions and will continue moving forward, and the president-elect is looking to use executive action to reverse some of the trump administration's policies on his first day in office. >> i think the white house has made clear what their strategy is here. they are going to continue to participate, and push forward these flailing and in many r respects baseless legal strategies. the people are the folks that decide elections in this rncouny and the people have spoken. >> reporter: the biden harris transition team has released the full list of its advisory board this morning for the coronavirus pandemic advisory board and on that list. rick bright. he is the whistle blower and who
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resigned his post at the national institutes of health after he said his early warnings about coronavirus were not heeded, not listened to, he's now going to sit on this advisory board. alisyn, quite a message from the biden harris transition team. they have pledged to listen to the scientists and expert. >> thank you very much for that breaking news. we have cnn political analyst, alex burns, a national political correspondent for the "new york times." also with us, cnn political analyst, margaret talev. we got news of who will be on the biden task force. there's a lot of names that viewers will recognize, a lot of people we have called upon for the past however many months we have been mired in all of this. so dr. rick bright, as she said, also dr. zeke emanuel. dr. selene who we have talked to
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many times. dr. michael osterholm and many many. what does this all mean? >> this is the now transition team's effort for president-elect joe biden to immediately move to establish credibility and not just to be having the discussions to begin this process, biden, as you know, has been briefed like on a regular basis, daily basis for several months now during the campaign, and has had kind of his begun standing up de facto which is becoming more formally this task force. this is that, but it is also an effort to message to the american people and to the scientific community some of the names and faces with established expertise, who can help him to begin to stand up, an effort to combat what we know are numbers that could double in terms of casualties by the time biden
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actually is sworn in. >> i'm struck by what they have done, which is release this, and how they did it, which is put out the release minutes ago. this is breaking news of who's on the advisory panel, alex, and this is the biden transition, the president-elect and his team to me announcing this morning that they're in charge or at least that they are working, that this is happening now. it is full on now, alex. what do you see. >> that's exactly what i see, john, the notion that there's any doubt about the outcome of the election or that joe biden somehow needs to wait for president trump to accept reality in order to start going about the business of becoming the president. that is exactly what this kind of announcement is intended to encounter. it's a signal he wants to go to work on behalf of the american people, and he doesn't want to
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put himself on the level of these really baseless, just totally fictitious complaints by the president about election fraud, election rigging, rather than a tit for tat with president trump about the j legitimacy of the election, it's treating the election as a matter of fact as a legitimate and clear outcome and moving on from there. i think it's sort of an open question whether that will be sufficient to get past this moment of friction with president trump. but it's certainly the body language from the biden campaign, from the biden transition. >> one other thing that the biden transition is to have televised updates and briefings about this. what the trump administration has done. >> but hasn't done for four months. >> that's the difference. they're stepping in, saying we're on the pandemic. we're here, we're the transition. we're working on the pandemic now. >> and i thought it was also very interesting on that note that current vice president
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pence is going to be meeting with the -- or leading the coronavirus task force for the first time since october 20th. so it's been a few weeks, and i don't know, maybe the biden/harris team is pushing the trump team to get more action or more on board, and so margaret, in addition to that, what else do we know about what the biden team's priorities are and what they're going to start working on? >> well, coronavirus is front and center but we know also that in the next couple of weeks, we're going to begin to see top in-house staff at the future white house to be announced and established, and then those cabinet appointees to begin being nominated or named in terms of their intention to nominate them. we will have a pretty good sense by the end of this month about who president-elect joe biden intends to put up for the
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defense department, the secretary of state. the treasury and so on and so forth, all the way across government, housing, education, health and human services will be another really important one, and i think, you know, there's not a lot of mystery here. biden and his team have been broadcasting for months, like what would he do if he were elected, what are the first things he would do if he took office. he said repeatedly, coronavirus is the top priority, that on day one he would rejoin the paris climate accords, he wants to rejoin the world health organization, that he would reinstate daca to give certainty to people who came to the united states as children, that there would be some degree of repeal or amending of the travel ban involving predominantly muslim nati nati nations, so he has a lot of work cut out for him. it's going to be a matter of connecting the dots from what he
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wants on day one of the administration. i'll say one more thing. when it comes to the coronavirus, i think the political messaging is really important. he is trying to signal that they are beginning the work of a transition team and a president-elect, but i think trying to get the health implications under control is also actually really important. again, if the white house, if this outgoing white house is not going to message to the american public, they do feel that there can be a public health service, and help them to control what they're going to be inheriting if they can begin messaging consistently to the american public the dangers and what needs to happen weeks now to come. >> look, saving lives doesn't have to wait until january 20th. he can begin right now. both of you have been doing terrific reporting over the last few days. i want to thank you both for the work you're doing. if i read your report incorrectly and i do with a fine-toothed comb, not only are we going to hear about coronavirus in detail today, but i expect as we did saturday night, we will continue to hear
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from the president-elect a message of unity. this aggressive, almost weaponized unity. what do you think is going to happen? >> well, john, the reporting that we have done about sort of the origins and arc of the biden campaign over the last couple of days, the victory narrative that is coming out of this election, i think is really reinforced joe biden's basic instincts to go in that direction and the first place, the idea that from the very beginning he saw his campaign as a quest for national unity and healing and that he ultimately won the election because at least based on the counts that we have now, he not only reclaimed those states up north in the blue wall that hillary clinton lost four years ago, but actually made incursions into red states like georgia and arizona with that inclusive message, and that is what i would expect to continue to hear from him. they think it's a powerful theme. >> alex, margaret, thank you both very much. president trump refusing to
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♪ rakuten! all right, this morning, joe biden, cnn, projects, is the president-elect of the united states, but they are still counting votes in these four states you see behind me that were very close leading into saturday. joe biden has expanded his lead in three of them. getting tighter in arizona, though not much vote left to count there. cnn's john avlon and the magic wall with an update. >> look, here in arizona, this thing is still tight. take a look at maricopa county. biden is up in the state, but the race has tightened. in maricopa, however, he has gained -- there have been 77,000 ballots left in the state. maricopa, his increase is 47,000. this is the key district in the state. this is where phoenix is.
2:18 am
so while the gap has shrunk in arizona, maricopa is where the action is at. let's take also a look at georgia because this is where biden's hoping to shock the world, and take a look at fulton county, because right now in the statewide, biden is up almost 10,000 votes, but they have been having some problems. they had to recount votes because of a snag in software issues in fulton county. those have been resolved. biden is up 10,000 votes in georgia. there's no automatic recount. they have to certify the votes and if someone is within .5%, they can expect a recount. that is expected. pennsylvania, this is the one that brought it home for joe biden, but there's still some outstanding votes. right now, biden's lead has increased to 43,000 in the state, but there are still outstanding votes here in allegheny, and even in philadelphia in this crucial area, so there are still votes coming in. this thing has been declared by
2:19 am
cnn. joe biden's president-elect, but these crucial states, particularly arizona and georgia, the vote count today and over the next few days could be determtive. >> -- determinative. >> the lead is only expected to grow, the same is true with nevada, georgia, most people think there aren't enough votes left in arizona to give this to donald trump, but we are counting and waiting to see. john avlon, thank you very much. margaret talev back with us, and elie honig, a former assistant u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york, and i want to start with what the trump team is doing, elie. first the lawsuits, we'll get to the political infighting there, but bottom line, the trump folks have tried to file lawsuits in places, tried to raise complaints and been completely unsuccessful in many of these filings. what do you see as their legal
2:20 am
strategy? what do you see as the merits of what they're trying to do? >> john, i think we may be giving too much credit with calling this a legal strategy. you know the expression, it's all over by the shouting, i think this is the shouting phase of the proceedings. the track record so far has been miserable. they have filed lawsuits really in all of the key states across the country. those lawsuits are getting dismissed almost as quickly as they're filed. dismissals in michigan, georgia, nevada, arizona, and i'll tell you, it's rare to see courts throw out cases this quickly, 24 hours, 48 hours, the fundamental problem is they just don't have proof. if they come up with proof of massive voter fraud, god bless them, but they have been trying since the day president trump lost the popular vote to hillary clinton, so what they're doing now is a combination of stalling for time and putting out a narrative that this was wrong, this was unfair. until they show us some substance, some evidence, and by the way, yelling at a rally and
2:21 am
tweets are not evidence. they've got nothing. >> except, correct me if i'm wrong, you think the one that may have some merit is the one about pennsylvania, so all of the ballots that were postmarked by election day, but arrived maybe in the three days afterwards, you think that that one could head to the supreme court, and that the supreme court could even rule in president trump's favor and then what? >> that's the one, alisyn, that i think may have some constitutional merit. i think it's unfair if those votes get excluded but the justices have signalled they may throw out ballots that arrived in pennsylvania between november 3rd and november 6th. here's the thing, the margins matter. the reason we're still watching, we heard john give a recount of the counts in arizona and georgia and nevada is because it looks like joe biden will have a margin of victory bigger than pennsylvania, even if pennsylvania somehow miraculously flips, he still, joe biden still will have over 270 and the margin of votes, in
2:22 am
pennsylvania, i think is over 40,000. the number of ballots at issue in that supreme court case looks to be way less than that. so as a practical matter, this is not bush v. gore territory. >> those votes haven't been counted yet. we already called the race in pennsylvania for joe biden. his lead is expanding. those are moot in terms of being determinative of the outcome, so whatever happens at the supreme court, that decision, given where things stand right now, would not have any impact on the outcome, whatsoever. so margaret, the gsa, the way the transition works is that the biden team is actually already had access to government space in some transition apparatus for months, however, to get all of it, the head of the gsa, emily murphy, the general services administration would have to sign off and say it's time. she has not done that yet. and by all accounts, won't do it at least until she thinks things
2:23 am
are more certain or donald trump backs off. what's the impact of that? what's going on here, hamargare? >> and this is, john, a trump appointee, but i think before we get ahead of ourselves in terms of how extreme the impact is going to be. this is still early days, and we have some road map for this from bush v. gore. this can wait a few weeks without devastating an incoming administration's ability to do its job, and i think the biden team anticipated that trump could potentially throw a bunch of road blocks or procedural hurdles into the transition. you would have to assume that, if you were the campaign, and had been paying attention for the last four years, and so, i think, you know, if it's january and we're still talking about this, there could be some implications but this is work right now that the biden team can continue putting together it's top white hou-- its top wh
2:24 am
officials, it top cabinet officials, before it gets to a point that it's deeply impacted by this, and then at the same time you can see they're looking at other things. they are still facing legal challenges. there's a certification process. president trump could still try to pull in governors or legislators to slow the process. it's not just the work of the transition that's actually getting the votes certified. these are issues they will have to contend with in the coming days. >> one practical thing it does slow down is the ability for the biden team to interact directly and openly with current civil service employees. if this is still going on in three, four weeks, then it's a giant deal. margaret talev, ellie honing, thank you so much for being with us. more than 100,000 new cases of coronavirus reported overnight. average death tolls rising. we'll give you the very latest next.
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. this morning the coronavirus pandemic is spreading across america at record breaking levels. nearly 106,000 new coronavirus cases were reported yesterday. that's the fifth highest day since the pandemic began. the trend map shows cases rising in 43 states. no states are in green, meaning headed in the right direction this morning. 19 states are seeing record hospitalizations. joining us now is cnn political
2:31 am
commentator, dr. abdul el-sayed, an epidemiologist and former health director. great to have you here, i don't know if you were listening but we had breaking news moments ago where the biden/harris administration has announced their roughly dozen experts that will be on their coronavirus task force that they will be relying on, and all sort of names we know, zeke emanuel, celine gounder, rick bright, all of these doctors, what will change as a result of that? >> well, you're going to see leadership that starts with science and then ends with public policy, and allows the transition in the administration to take the politics from there. this science and evidence-based leadership is what we have been missing since the beginning of the pandemic. unfortunately the trump administration has asked what is politically ideal for donald trump, and then tried to maneuver and massage the science to match that. having scientists who are credible, who are thoughtful,
2:32 am
leaders in their field who will not, in any way, take the science and try and massage it into a message but take that science and ask what it tells us about what we ought to be doing in our public policy. that's what we have needed since the beginning, and i think this is a reset button, if you will, and the opportunity to watch as over the next 71 days, the biden transition puts together a real plan that they can execute on day one, the date he swears that oath of office, and so this is just a real big change in the kind of leadership we'll see. that doesn't mean that covid will go away. that does mean, however, that we will have the tools and opportunity to take it on, and take down this pandemic in a thoughtful, evidence-driven direction, and so i think this is a really important refresh. >> i have to say, a lot of people's focus over the last week understandably was on the election. while they were looking at numbers coming in on vote returns, the numbers in the pandemic were ghastly, really
2:33 am
horrifying stuff. we had more than a hundred thousand new cases on a sunday. sundays are supposed to be the slow days, you're seeing the beginning of exponential growth, hospitalizations are back at their height from the summer. i am concerned and i'm wondering what your concerns are about when this will stop. this steep rise we're on right no, what's going to turn it around, and when. >> yeah, that's right, john. this is something that epidemiologists and scientists have been telling for a long time. once we got into the colder months in the fall, we would see an increase in cases, largely because people are going indoors. what people can do, though, is wear masks, what they can do is make sure they're washing and sanitizing their hands. what they can do is forego those extra added, nonnecessary interactions and they can stay socially distant. those things work. we know they do, and it's the fact that we have to keep focusing on them, and keep insisting upon them that is our
2:34 am
best shot. look, at the end of the day, this task force is going to be critical to turning the page on covid-19. it doesn't mean that covid-19 is all of a sudden going away. there are 71 days before that task force is actually advising an administration that's really in power. and for right now, we've got to insist upon holding ourselves accountable to what we can do to protect ourselves, our loved ones and our families. so, you know, just because the election turned out in one direction, and we've got evidence based and science based leadership, doesn't take us off the hook of doing the things we need to do to protect ourselves and our loved ones. we've got to hold the case growth down, even as we've got an administration on it way that really can bring in the kinds of resources and evidence-based leadership that we have lacked for a long time. >> dr. el s-sayed, thank you ve much. vice president-elect kamala harris making history.
2:35 am
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while i may be the first woman in this office, i will not be the last. because every little girl watching tonight sees that this is a country of possibilities.
2:40 am
>> senator kamala harris making all kinds of history this morning. she is the first woman to be a vice president-elect, the first black woman to be a vice president-elect, the first south asian woman to be a vice president-elect of the united states, so all kinds of history going on here all at once. joining us now, cnn political commentator, karen finny, a former senior spokesperson for hillary clinton's 2016 campaign. karen, if you will, just reflect on this moment. >> well, i have to tell you, it is -- i'm going to get emotional because it is emotional. you know, it was emotional, and you know, there was a point and we've had this conversation, where so many of us believed it should be a black woman, and there was questions about could it be a black woman, and then it became, why wouldn't it be a black woman, and then it was kamala. and i guess the thing i would say, this is a new chapter in the history of black women in
2:41 am
this country, and if you think about the arc of history of the fact that, you know, black people came to this country and we were slaves, and she will walk into the white house, a house built by slaves, as the first black woman vice president, the first woman president of indian descent, so there aren't even enough adequate words to express, but looking at little girls, i think, and little t-shirts that say my vice president looks like me, i think, is the best way to express it. >> and karen, you were part of a small group that met with joe biden before this election, as well as his selection committee to make the case for having a black woman as a running mate, and at the time when you met with him, was that considered a big risk? did you think, i mean, was there a feeling among the campaign or other advisers that that would scuttle his chances? how hard of a sell was that?
2:42 am
>> it was a tough sell because, you know, at that point in time, there was a lot of the conventional thinking about, and this is not to denigrate any of the other fantastic women that were being considered, but the idea is well, maybe it should be a safer kochoice, someone who would help in the midwest. we tend to play that game. our argument, we focused on the math, the message and the money when we made our case, and we, you know, pointed out the math. if you look at the way that where black women and where black voters have their strength, detroit for michigan, milwaukee, wisconsin, philadelphia, pennsylvania, and areas where we fell short in 2016, but where black people like women in particular could make the difference. and we talked about this moment in history and what in meant having, you know, a party so long saying this is our moment
2:43 am
to be leaders in this party, and if you to right that history and then we talked about this is someone who helped bring enthusiasm and energy and broaden the base of support and deepen the support for the ticket, and it's my understanding that that conversation sat with the vice president and i guess we started to help change some minds and then other black women around the country started coming into that conversation and lending their names to that conversation, so it was a -- not an obvious conclusion when we started back in april and may. >> well, kamala harris is the personification of shattering all kinds of glass ceilings in this case, and the personification of the diversity of america, but karen, you personally worked so hard to get hillary clinton elected president, and she was not able to shatter that glass ceiling, unable to go that final distance. sarah palin not able to get into
2:44 am
the white house or the administration this way. this is a significant step, as far as the united states has come, it's mind blowing to sit here and think that in 2020 that no woman has ever been president or vice president. and that's going to change now on january 20th. i mean, that is a huge difference, and i think, look, kamala harris, when she sat there or stood there on that stage and made the statement i'm not the last woman who's going to be or wasn't just talking about the vice president either. she was talking about this next, really, way too long and coming step in american history. >> yes, well, and think about this, john we had our first black president. we had the first woman become the nominee of the party and win by the popular vote, come just this close to winning the presidency, and now we have a black woman vice president, and one of the things i want young people to take from this is this is how progress works.
2:45 am
you work hard, and you keep at it, and it's not just you come out and vote one time, but you keep voting, and you stay engaged and that's how we make change happen and we're going to make sure that kamala harris and joe biden are successful. she is, you know, so important to so many women, but most importantly, i think she's going to be such a wonderful governing partner to vice president biden because she brings such a unique, lived experience, an experience of people who look like me, people who, you know, look different and look like this country who have, you know, maybe have immigrant parents and came to this country. she has all of this wealth of a different type of experience that will be at the top decision-making tables of our country. i mean, you're right, john, just the january 21st. it's going to be such a celebration on so many levels and so exciting. >> thanks for being with us this morning, sharing this moment. really appreciate it. >> thank you. talk about 2020, news, breaking
2:46 am
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tropical storm that made landfall in the florida keys early this morning. so where is it heading next? cnn meteorologist chad myers joining us now. what are you seeing, chad? >> that's a great question. this thing is just going to hang out in the gulf of mexico for days, maybe making landfall on friday or saturday. this is a very slow moving storm. the storm is 65 miles per hour, moved through the middle keys overnight, that's where the bulk of the precip was. we are still seeing miami-dade right now with the worst of it at this point in time. even to regional southwest
2:51 am
airport around fort myers. that's where the biggest weather is today. and it's going to be a 65 miles per hour storm for a while, and actually turn into a 75 miles per hour hurricane back out here in the gulf of mexico. wander around for days and finally make landfall, i guess, up in the northern part of florida or maybe over toward coastal louisiana, mississippi, over the weekend. it's just going to hang out there for days and days and days, not really go anywhere. this started before halloween, and then made landfall down in nicaragua and guatemala. very bad flooding in man panama well. cuba, the florida straits and across the keys late last night. it's just going to be a weather maker, even the potential for water spouts coming on shore in south florida. every time one of those bands comes on shore we'll have to watch that. >> thank you very much. leaders around the world are react to go joe biden's victory. what they're saying and who remains silent this morning? ♪ and body wash, just for men
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this morning, leader s from all around the world congratulating president-elect joe biden, a few have remained silent as president trump refuses to concede. cnn's rick robertson live -- nic robertson live at 10 downing street in london with the latest. nic? >> reporter: from the kremlin in russia, we hear they're not going to congratulate president-elect joe biden until the legal wrangling over who won the election is over, hearing roughly the same thing from china as well, saying however, they do believe there can be a
2:57 am
better relationship going forward or the possibility of it with joe biden, interesting here in europe, we have heard today from angela merkel, the german chancellor saying the transatlantic alliance hugely important between europe and the united states, really hopes that under joe biden's leadership that that can be strengthened, that europe, she said, recognizes it needs to play a bigger role. of course, angela merkel had such a tough time at the end of sort of some of president trump's statements about their commitment to nato, about russia's gas pipeline as well. so the germans really looking to firm up that relationship. we have heard it from the european union, the commission president there today saying that the transatlantic partnership hugely important, important right now for combatting coronavirus and the economic fall out from it. you have eu trade ministers, discussing how they can get rid
2:58 am
of some of the dangering tariffs and trade war between the united states and europe . we have heard from the irish foreign minister, talking about joe biden's irish roots and how that will be important. and that affects the prime minister boris johnson, because noting joe biden told boris johnson, you damage the good friday peace agreement in northern ireland which is so important in ireland right now, if you damage that, forget a good trade deal with the united states, which boris johnson hoped to get with president trump. he's not going to get that. he has to reframe his posture towards the white house. everyone is looking at that change positively for the greatest part. >> there will be big differences. that is for sure. nic robertson at 10 downing street. thank you so much. "new day continues right now.
2:59 am
>> his work starts right away. he's going to launch the coronavirus task force. >> the white house apparently planning this messaging blitz. this argument from president trump that the election was stolen from him. a claim that is unsupported by any evidence whatsoever. >> we should give president trump his day in court, let the process unfold. >> it's destructive to the cause of democracy to suggest widespread fraud or corruption. >> it's time to put away the harsh rhetoric, lower the temperature. see each other again, listen to each other again. >> announcer: this is "new day" with alisyn camerota and john berman. >> welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. this is "new day." it's monday, november 9th, 6:00 here in new york. our special coverage of this remarkable moment in history continues. and we have breaking news from the presidential transition. just a few minutes ago, president-elect joe biden appointed the members of his coronavirus advisory board. the chairs are former surgeon general yvette murphy,


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