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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 10, 2020 8:00am-9:00am PST

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hello, everybody. top of the hour i'm john king in washington. thank you for sharing this busy day with us. three words from president trump this morning remind us he lives
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in a world of alternative facts and that he shows no hesitation about leading the country into crisis. we will win, he tweets to the nation and the world one week after an election he plainly and convincingly lost. we're used to lies about crowd size or his support for policies he opposes, but this is different and it's dangerous. the president and his team have every right to challenge any result they can prove as fraudulent but one week after election day they have offered no proof, not in pennsylvania, georgia, not any place on the map that shows joe biden is america's president-elect. 76 million americans voted for biden. many of them because they are tired of a president who lies and lies constantly. leading republicans so far are sproerti supporting the president's refusal to accept the results. two senate runoffs in january both in georgia determine if republicans keep control of the senate.
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vice president pence will join the weekly gop lunch today to talk strategy. the president-elect is left to plan a transition without the normal cooperation that, until now, makes america an example to the world. biden is speeding ahead with the coronavirus response team. today we will hear from him on another major challenge, health care and what he would do if the supreme court throws out obamacare. the justices are hearing arguments on that case right now. and the court's new 6-3 conservative majority could impact tens of millions of americans if it deems the affordable care act unconstitutional and frees insurance companies to do things like deny coverage to people with preexisting conditions. it's overshadowing such a consequential day at the court with the president lashing out against those him. the defense secretary mark esper was fired in a tweet monday. and our white house reporting team says more recriminations
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are being discussed. one most loyal cabinet member, william barr urged his prosecutors be on the lookout for election fraud. the top attorney on election crimes resigning in protest. a few republican senators are congratulating biden saying americans' choice is clear. but mitch mcconnell is standing behind the president. >> let's have no lectures about how the president should accept preliminary election results. president trump is 100% within his rights to look into allegations of irregularities and weigh his legal options. all this playing out, look there, as the united states registered the seventh straight day with more than 100,000 new coronavirus elections. and a warning, that 200,000
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cases a day could be right around the corner. this is the map that tells you joe biden is the president-elect. this is the map that president trump prefuss to acknowledge. since we called the election on saturday there have been more votes in pennsylvania. joe biden's lead is growing, 40143. now. hillary clinton did not cry fraud. come back to 2020. that's the state that put joe biden over the top. the lead, it's not a big one but it is growing. let's move to the state of georgia. more results coming in today from several counties. the president made up an amount, 20, 30 votes here but the lead 12,392 a lead that is sticking even though republicans are complaining about the secretary of state, a republican doing his job counting votes. move out to the west, in arizona, this is a place where biden's lead is shrinking.
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it is. as votes get counted -- that's the wrong state, sorry. but he's still almost 15,000 votes ahead, 14,746 in areside some ground but biden is in the lead. in nevada the lead again growing for joe biden as they continue to count late ballots. ballots cast legally, states decided count the election day vote first, many states did, and then count the mail-in ballots. despite this, many republicans standing with the president of the united states. listen and listen closely here. senator lindsey graham just re-elected, if the republicans keep control of the senate he's. at least at the moment he's chairman of the senate judiciary committee that enforces the laws in this country. listen to him closely talk about elections. >> i've had a microphone in my face all day, when is trump going to concede? i said when are you going to ask a question about the 2020 election? when are you going to take seriously the idea that every
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vote counts, you want an outcome. they can go to hell as far as i'm concerned. we need to come up with an oversight of mail-in balloting. if we don't do something about the ability to vote by mail we'll lose the ability to elect a republican in this country. joining us is manu raju, and evan prez. m manu i want to start with you, lindsey graham saying we need a plan to deal with mail-in voting. if more people vote mail-in like this election, they will lose elections. the vice president is coming up, publically the leadership supports the president, we know republicans privately are nervous about this moment. any indication in private the vice president will get any
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advice to tell the president to backdown? >> reporter: at the moment the republicans believe the president should mount the legal cases. but the republicans are acknowledging publically and privately there's little chance this will change the outcome. even lindsey graham who i spoke to yesterday evening before he made the comments last night on fox news acknowledged -- he said there's some instances in his view of possibly fraud but even said that amount is unlikely to change the outcome. so even lindsey graham seems resigned to the idea it's unlikely to change what will happen here. which is why he's also calling for an investigation into how mail-in voting has been conducted in the 2020 elections. he wants that to happen in the next congress. but other republican leaders, too, they're not going as far as the president in saying this is rigged, this is stolen. they're saying the president has a chance to make the case. the big question, john, if he loses in the court cases which many people expect, will he
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concede at that point? republicans up here are telling me, even lindsey graham, saying i will accept the court's decision. will the president accept the court's decision, even lindsey graham couldn't answer that question when asked him yesterday. >> one of the dynamics republicans say one thing publically in the president's favorite and other things privately about how the math is the math. if they think the president is going to back down -- his tweets say they will not, making big progress, results come in next week, make america great again, and then we will win. those three words, we will win, is a denial of the math. in the postthis morning, what is the down side for humoring him? no one thinks the results will change. he went golfing this weekend, it's not like he's preventing joe biden from taking power. he's tweeting about lawsuits. they'll fail, and then' eel
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tweet about the election being stolen and then he'll leave. so republicans saying let the president have his tantrum. no this is serious business. the president-elect deserves the cooperation of his predecessor, especially in the middle of a pandemic. why are they taking it so lightly? >> they realize the political position they're in if they try to go out and oppose a sitting president from their party. it should not be an issue, challenge, threat to their political careers but anyone with their eyes on 2024 or having the party come together and move forward and try to create some kind of future for the party, if they go out and cross the president, they know how vindictive he is, he got rid of his own appointed defense secretary, fired him by tweet, they know if they go out against the president, if they don't humor him, to quote this official, they're going to find themselves in the cross hairs. there's not a lot of political
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courage we're seeing from the republican party at this point. they realize if they want a future, we heard threats from the president's sons about the 2024 class in the future. if they want to run for president, re-election, you have two runoffs in georgia where republicans are on the ballot, they have to humor the president so he doesn't take down their party in a fit of peak. so i don't think there's much courage from the politicians who are realizing what's happening, see the reality, know the votes cannot be changed but they have a president who is, in an alternative reality, the votes can change and he can be president for another four years and they're not willing to bring the real reality in front of the president who's happy to live in his reality between now and january 20th. we have more evidence now of post election recriminations. the pentagon's top policy
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official, james anderson has resigned. this coming a day after the president fired mark esper. barbara, what's the deal here? >> reporter: a growing concern now i think it is fair to say, is it going to turn into a national security crisis? no one knows the answer to that. james anderson, the policy cheer at the pentagon resigning this morning. it had been expected. there is indication that perhaps the white house wants to put someone in who is more of a loyalist, the president's agenda between now and inauguration day, this is not even 24 hours into acting defense secretary chris miller taking over here at the pentagon after mark esper was fired yesterday. on the table is the critical question. esper is out, will the president now move to fire gina haskel, the director at the central intelligence agency and, of course, chris wray, director at the fbi.
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if those three officials do go, the concern is you are decapitating the actual career professionals in national security. does this embolden america's adversaries? does it show potential risk for u.s. national security? that's what i'm hearing around the pentagon, that there is worry about this. they are trying to say that every -- there is not chaos, top military officials say they're sending a message around the world that everything is steady as she goes, but as these officials continue to leave the administration, whether that narrative, steady as she goes, can really continue, and that is really heard by america's adversaries perhaps remains to be seen. as for the new acting defense secretary, less than 24 hours into the job, this morning chris miller is holding a secure, highly classified phone conference with top u.s. military officials around the world. his top commanders.
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introducing himself. that's what's clear. and trying to tell them what his plans may be for the way ahead. we are watching very carefully here at the pentagon to see who may be next. >> barbara star appreciate the quick hustle on that reporting. this is not just a presidential tantrum, this has complication. evan perez. the president tweeting twice, ballot counting abuse. and like the early vaccine i told you so, twitter had to flag that too. but the attorney general of the united states stepped forward yesterday issuing a statement, you can read it two ways number one the attorney general issuing a statement all my prosecutors be on the look out for fraud or read the caveats and cautions in it, if true, could potentially impact the outcome. he's doing this to keep the president happy and even bill barr knows there's no there-there. which is it?
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>> i think it's a combination of both, john. the memo that bill barr issued yesterday sort of ended an awkward silence from the justice department. for days and days, the president's lawyers, campaign, has been holding press conferences filing frivolous lawsuits claiming massive fraud while providing no evidence of such massive fraud that would make a difference in the election. and the justice department has been sitting here not saying anything. finally you saw a memo from the attorney general telling prosecutors they should look for these instances and they could do things like interview witnesses and so on, even before states certified their election results. that's the reason why richard pilger, the top elections crimes prosecutor in the building resigned last night, saying this is going against a 40-year tradition inside the justice department to not take these types of actions before states
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certify the elections. now we wait to see whether or not any prosecutors out there, john, will do this. will bring a case that will give the president something that he can work with, something he can go to the american people and say, see, there are these instances of fraud and therefore i lost the election. of course, john you know the election map there better than anybody. and you know there are not enough votes that would make this difference if they were able to find say a dozen or even say a thousand examples of fraud. >> i've been doing this for 35 years. never. not -- the margins are too big. it's a simple point, the elections are a week ago, if you see it fraud you see it election day or 24 or 48 hours after. if there was evidence there we would have seen it by now. up next for us, one state in focus, georgia. republicans there attacking one
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georgia republicans now blaming one of their own for this. joe biden's win. and they're trying to get rid of him before the senate runoff elections that will determine which party controls the senate. this fight is a glaring example of how desperate republicans are to keep their power. today updated tallies show us president-elect biden's lead is growing in this georgia. growing the lead because officials continue to count ballots they say were legally cast. but the republicans are furious saying the republican secretary of state needs to be more aggressive in challenging vote counts. two senators are going as far as to demand the secretary of state
8:21 am
resign. like the trump campaign the senators claim voting irregularities but offer no specifics about the problems. secretary of state saying he isn't going anywhere. the voters hired me and the voters will be the one to fire me. as secretary of state i'll continue to fight every day to ensure fair elections in georgia, that every legal vote counts and that illegal votes don't count. senators perdue and loeffler both face runoffs in january here. senator, it's great to see you. i'm betting you're glad you're not in washington anymore at this time. >> i'm enjoying atlanta, john. >> so you're on the ground in the great state of georgia and republicans are stunned because a democrat carried the state for the first time since bill clinton in 1992. doug collins the conservative congressman is leading the
8:22 am
campaign's efforts to fight the results. he said the secretary of state should announce a full hand count of every ballot count due to widespread allegations of voter irregularities, issues with poll watcher access and voting machines. are there any widespread allegations of voter irregularities in georgia? >> there are always questions that come out of any election, particularly an election as close as this is. and there have been -- if there's any game of widespread voter fraud, i have not heard about it, but i have heard of individual instances. i have a family member whose absentee ballot has yet to be counted. so i'm assuming it will be. but there are a number of votes out there that for whatever reason, a week after the election, have not been counted. like stacey abrams said in many
8:23 am
2018 when she lost the governor's race and didn't concede for days and days, every vote needs to be counted. she was right then and the press applauded her for that and they should have because we do need to make sure that every vote is counted. but as for any widespread fraud, i have not heard about that. >> let me amen your point. every vote should be counted. if those votes are counted and they change the result then donald trump will have carried georgia but to say while votes are being counted that there's fraud and irregularities and to call for the resignation of the republican secretary of state of state, that the two senators did, is beyond the pale? >> i know him, i know he's an honorable, professional man. he has 159 counties in georgia. we're a big state county wise and land wise. so he's going to make sure, in my opinion, that every single
8:24 am
vote is counted. that every county escapes any kind of overall accusations of fraud in the election. and i know he's working hard to do that. i have no idea whether or not there's any hard and concrete evidence on the part of our two fine senators in the letter they have sent to the secretary. but i do know that he's a hardworking, very professional person. >> i want you to listen here, one of your former colleagues in washington, chris coons of delaware close friend of joe biden he thinks his republican colleagues in the senate should speak up. take a listen. >> this is an uncertain time these next 71 days. i think it is time -- pass time for republican leaders to stand up and say we should accept the results of the election. the vice president is coming up, you remember the weekly senate luncheons on tuesday, vice president pence is coming up today to be in the room with the
8:25 am
republican colleagues. if you were still here in washington, what would you tell the vice president? or if you could pick up the phone what would you tell the president? i'm with you, if there are votes still to be counted they should be counted if they change the results, so be it. but the allegations of ballot fraud, counting fraud, irregularities, is that within the bounds or should they all calm down? >> if they have any hard and concrete evidence there is widespread fraud in any particular state, then i think the judicial system is well prepared to handle that and they need to pursue that. that's part of any election, john. but you're going to reach a point where vice president biden, let me get that straight, where vice president biden probably has enough electoral votes without certain states being recounted. that said, here in georgia, the majority of the senate hangs in
8:26 am
balance. and we've got to make sure that every vote is counted in the presidential election that took place a week ago to ensure that we're prepared to make sure that every vote is counted on january 5th in the two senate runoff elections that we have. >> i'm all for every vote being counted, sir, but you had to go into a runoff years ago, circling the map a little bit here, you know your state you know it's changing. you mentioned the abrams company, doesn't mean republicans aren't competitive, you have a republican governor, secretary of state, but the suburbs around atlanta, you lived this when you were running for elections, the suburbs are turning democratic, this is math. this is math. i am with you, every vote should be counted. and if you have any questions, put the paper on the table. prove the fraud. but this is just math. at what point does the president of the united states and georgia republicans need to realize, we lost this one. let's regroup and figure out how to be better next time?
8:27 am
>> if we did lose it, we're big boys, john, we can accept defeat. >> is the president of the united states behaving like a big boy right now, tweeting we will win. he can tweet i'm waiting, i want things recounted, my lawyers are going to be presenting documents with facts on them, we -- he hasn't done that. i'm sorry. >> i've agreed with some of his tweets through the years and disagreed with some of them through the years. this is an individual who is apparently confident there is irregularity and still has a chance to win. i appreciate the fact he's positive about that. if he's negative about it, then his challenge to the election is going nowhere. i think he has a right to do what's legally called for and required to ensure that every vote was counted, that widespread fraud did not take place. and we'll know that.
8:28 am
as you said, whenever vote is counted, if biden has won georgia then body cameras iden be declared the victor. we'll accept that, i have no issue with that. >> i hope the president comes to your way of thinking. look at the math, count them, double check it if you want but in the end math is math. thank you for your time, senator. >> take care. >> you too. the coronavirus is spreading across the united states at disturbing record levels.
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to put the world on pause. lindor. made to melt you. by the lindt master chocolatier. dr. anthony fauci calls the good news on a possible coronavirus vaccine, quote, light at the end of the tunnel. but remember that's still out there on the horizon. let's look at the current data, which is depressing as we try to determine how long the tunnel will be. if you look at the map, red and blue are -- red and orange, i'm sorry, are bad. there's a lot of it here. 44 states trending in the wrong direction, reporting more new infections now compared to a week ago. you see it is everywhere. six states holding steady. zero of the 50 states going in the right direction. if you go back one month ago, we were beginning to see trouble
8:35 am
but one month ago, 28 states trending up. two states trending down, and 20 holding steady. so the month-to-month trajectory is getting worse. this graph tells you everything. the first surge, summer surge and now this. this is a straight up now going up like an arrow above 120,000 cases a day, one day above 140. the seven day average is miserable. here, beginning to see this go up as well. the death toll has stayed flat, every one of them is a friend, neighbor, coworker, somebody in your neighborhood but it's trickling back up again. it's bad to be down here, worse now, trending up going up to 1,000 a day on average. beginning first wave, second wave, our third time up the hill, hospitalizations now about 60,000 on a day. the average heading up as well. we're about to pass the two prior peaks when it comes to hospitalizations. the news that pfizer's vaccine
8:36 am
tested well is good news but will not be ready for everybody by tomorrow. listen to the time line in the weeks ahead. >> i'd be thinking in december we would be focussing on vaccinating the most vulnerable. we'll have to look at the data and see which groups but focused on the most vulnerable. and then by the end of january we would have enough for all of our health care workers and fest a first responders and by the end of march, early april we should have enough of all americans, not just pfizer but the other vaccines in our portfolio. with us to share expertises and incites, dr. lina wen. grateful for your time today. it will be months and months before most americans have access to this vaccine and there's this dangerous spike in cases right now. walk us through that challenge. i would think psychologically a lot of people are going to think we got it, it's coming, i'm good and let down their guard at a
8:37 am
dangerous moment. >> that's right, john. so there is good news with the vaccine. i am cautiously optimistic because it is more than 90% thus far in preventing infection. but that's the key. we don't know a lot. we don't know whether the vaccine is effective in preventing hospitalizations, severe disease and death. we also don't know whether it's effective in certain populations like the elderly, and studies are just beginning in children, so children for example, are not going to be able to be vaccinated until probably mid to late 2021. and then there are all these other steps too in manufacturing, distributing hundreds of millions of doses of this vaccine that needs to be kept at a super low temperature, and in the meantime we have to keep up our guard. we're looking at another season at least or multiple seasons but certainly this winter season when we are on track to having maybe 2,000 deaths a day or
8:38 am
200,000 new infections just this winter. >> to that point, the president-elect, joe biden, has put together a team of experts that everyone i talked to in the public health community highly regards and think it's a good team. it's striking, the first bullet point is they would respect science, that that's breaking news news is sad. i want you to thereon dr. michael osterholm talking about where we are now and the dangers ahead. >> we are watching cases increase substantially in the country far beyond what most people thought could happen. it wouldn't surprise me if in the next weeks we see over 200,000 cases a day until we get to a vaccine available for all we have to deal with what's happening right now and that, by itself, is really going to be a challenge. >> as someone who has been involved in government decisions, i'm fascinated to hear your perspective on what now when you have a trump
8:39 am
administration, at least from the president, who's just decided to ignore the pandemic for months and the facts support that i'm sorry to say, now you have a new team that doesn't come in for 70 days. so what has to happen in this period, between the existing administration and the incoming administration to at least try to get a better handle on this? >> we can't count on the trump administration for any leadership at this point on the virus. they've had nine months and haven't done anything. but we can expect them to at least do their part to allow the incoming biden team access to their scientists, to data, to the types of planning that's already in place to get this vaccine widely distributed to start with. also, i think -- or president-elect biden needs to do a lot more when it comes to communicating with the american people. his speech yesterday was a very good start. he should do these fire side chats and explain to the american people because he doesn't have executive power but he does have moral authority and
8:40 am
he can help convince americans about the things we can do right now in order to protect ourselves and our loved ones and convince governors and mayor who do have the executive authority themselves so he can at least lay out a national framework and mayors and governors do their part in enforcing those necessary policies to contain the rapid surge that's happening now. >> you mentioned earlier children. there's a new study from the american academy of pediatrics, 73,883 new cases among children across the country from october 29th to november 5th. nearly a million infected as of november. what are relearning? is this counting numbers or are we learning new things about children and the coronavirus? >> well, we are learning that children can becomeinfected, they can be ill, the proportions of children getting seriously ill is lower than adults getting ill, but there is evidence that
8:41 am
children can spread coronavirus as adults do, especially older children so this is cautionary for all of us. it is so critical that schools stay open but if we want to do that then we have to limit the risks in other aspects of our society. i don't just mean closing bars instead of schools, not only that. but also what are the things we can do to limit informal gatherings. don't have play dates if you want your kids to stay in a school. don't have dinner parties if you want to keep our restaurants open. >> doctor, thank you as always. coming up the supreme court considers the constitutionality of the affordable care act.
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we're all putting things off, especially in these times. but some things are too serious to be ignored. if you still have symptoms of crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis even after trying other medications, it may be a sign of damaging inflammation, which left untreated, could get much worse. please make an appointment to see your gastroenterologist right away. or connect with them online. once you do, seeing the doctor is one less thing to worry about.
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need help finding a doctor? head to supreme court right now hearing oral arguments on the future of obamacare as insurance coverage for millions of americans hinges on the high court's decision. it is the third time the supreme court has heard a challenge to the affordable care act but the coronavirus pandemic placing more focus on the litigation. with me now is our cnn supreme court reporter. with the future of the election, obamacare and a new justice in the spotlight here. >> these oral arguments are
8:47 am
beginning to wrap up. i wanted to bring your attention to one interesting exchange that was chief justice john roberts at one point during the oral arguments he suggested even if the court strikes down one provision of the law or maybe two, the entire law shouldn't fall. he said that's, quote, not our job. another point it seemed like justice brett kavanaugh graagre with him on that. let me step back and explain why it's important. in 2012 it was roberts who upheld the law under the taxing power. in 2017, congress moved to bring that tax penalty down to zero. so the critics here, the trump administration, republican-led states, they rushed to court and said, you've gotten rid of the legal underpinning of the law and the entire thing must fall. all 900 pages. that's critical, john because that's provisions for preexisting conditions, it's the expansion of medicaid. that's why what roberts and
8:48 am
cavanaugh said was important. then we move to justice amy coney barrett. at one point she did touch on what was congress' intent in 2017, did it mean to strike down the whole law? that's why this exchange is really interesting. take a listen. >> well, what should we make of the fact that congress didn't repeal the provision? you said earlier repeal and then you corrected yourself and said zeroed out. you're asking us to treat it as if it functionally has been repealed but that's not what congress did. does it matter? >> your honor, i think congress understood how this court con trued 5000a as a choice and it would make the provision to zero out the tax and that was a reasonable thing for it to do. obviously it was operating under reconciliation procedures, that allowed it to make the change compliant with the byrd rule and cbo had told it that there was no material difference between repealing the provision and zeroing out the tax.
8:49 am
>> reporter: and, of course, amy coney barrett will be key there. so will trump's other two nominees, >> a fascinating case. we'll keep our eye on it. have to wait a couple of months before we know the answer? >> reporter: yes. >> very much appreciate the reporting there. those arguments play out. the uk announcing once a coronavirus vaccine is ready, it will not be mandatory there. ify. still a night out. but everything fits in. still hard work. just a little easier. still a legend. just more legendary. chevrolet. making life's journey, just better.
8:50 am
straight to capitol hill. senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell. >> the leadership team the next two years, we're ready to get
8:51 am
going, even though there's some suspense about exactly whether we'll be in the majority or not, which will be answered in georgia on january 5th. we have one member of the team that's new, senator rick scott from florida who will take over the nrsc. i am going to call on each member for a couple words, take a couple of questions, see you again after lunch. >> thank you, leader. congratulations to you and to all our members of the leadership team. a terrific leadership team and wonderful conference, very diverse conference. we have some great new members who we're excited to get to work, to take on the challenges that face the american people. and i think the election made it clear that people across this country reject the agenda that was put forward by the democrats. if you look --
8:52 am
>> listening to the new senate leadership team, most are existing members, mitch mcconnell, the majority leader for now. if democrats win the seats in georgia, the senate would flip to democratic hands. kamala harris breaking the tie. manu raju on capitol hill. this is the nuts and bolts, the boring stuff they do after an election, except it is not so boring in this case. the new leadership team is in this uncertain period, especially for republicans, when many of them are asked why won't the president accept the math. >> and most of them are willing to side with the president's legal challenge. i'm told behind closed doors now in that meeting, they really didn't get into details about the president's fight. they talked mostly about what they want to accomplish, assuming they can keep the senate majority. this is consistent with what we have seen throughout four years of the donald trump presidency, he engages in controversy, something happens typically the conference will side with the
8:53 am
president, they won't debate what he is doing privately, they may have concerns. not something that will come out in closed door meetings. as mitch mcconnell said on the floor, what we expect later today, the president is within his rights they view to file any legal challenges to the election outcome, even though many are very skeptical it would change anything here. the fact that joe biden has more votes in key states and has won the electoral college, the republicans acknowledge that's unlikely to change that. the question is with the republican leadership team, what will they do if the president loses legal challenges and refuses to concede the race. that's a bridge they have not yet crossed. they're saying they're willing to listen to what the courts have to say. what will they do if the president decides not to abide by what the courts have to say. john, they need the president's
8:54 am
support ahead of the georgia runoffs in january, need his supporters to come out, need the president to rally the base. in order for mitch mcconnell to retain title as majority leader, they need to ensure the democrats do not win those two seats. they need to keep the team united, one reason why you are seeing republicans side with this president, even if long shot legal challenges may not succeed, getting behind him for now. they need him on their side to keep the senate majority the next two years, john. >> correct me if this is not a factual statement. they're willing to protect, enable the president in his denial of the math because they want to keep their own power, fear if they break with the president, they'll lose it, fair? >> reporter: that's a fair assessment about how things are shaking out here. they have long viewed staying united with the president as the best way to stay in power. they've seen the president, the amount of support with their base, the fact he got 71 million votes, the fact that he is still
8:55 am
about 2.5 million votes in georgia, even if he may fall short in that state, they need those supporters come january 5th. one way to stay by him is not go after him, even if he is mounting long shot legal challenges, stand little chance of succeeding, and raising concerns about the foundation of this democracy, they're standing behind the president at least for now, john. >> georgia is going to be a fascinating laboratory how people in a competitive state view the discourse in washington, d.c. coming up, president biden prepares for a legal battle as president trump refuses to acknowledge election results, gums up the transfer of power process.
8:56 am
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who accepts medicare, without a referral. enrollment ends december 7th. call unitedhealthcare or go online today. [sfx: mnemonic] back to capitol hill. the majority leader taking questions. [ inaudible question ] >> what it says about america is that until the electoral college votes, anyone who is running for office can exhaust concerns about counting in any court of appropriate jurisdiction. it is not unusual, should not be
8:59 am
alarming. at some point we'll find out finally who is certified in each of the states and the electoral college will determine the winner, and that person will be sworn in on january 20th. no reason for alarm. [ inaudible question ] >> i don't think anything that's occurred so far interrupts an ordinary process of moving through the various steps that i indicated and allowing, if there is a new administration, it to work through the transition, all of the steps will be taken at the appropriate time. all of these steps will be taken
9:00 am
at the appropriate time. i'm going to go over and open the senate. we have another stakeout after lunch, i'll be happy to take your questions then. >> important breaking news. mitch mcconnell there speaking after a republican meeting. welcome vuriewers in the united states and around the world. you just heard from the top republican in the united states senate, he is trying to say don't worry, be calm, there's nothing unusual, those are the words, about president trump refusing to accept the results of the american election held a week ago. the leader rightly so says any candidate has the right to file allegations about the election process. he is right about that. one week after america voted, team trump says there are irregularities, but presented no evidence. the leader saying let the president challenge the results. up until the electoral