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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  December 4, 2020 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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> i'm wolf blitzer, thanks very much for watching. i'll be back tomorrow 6:00 p.m. eastern for a special edition of "the situation room" and sunday night i'm by anchoring cnn's special coverage of the georgia senate debate at 7:00 p.m. eastern. "erin burnett outfront" starts right now. outfront next, trump's dangerous road show. he's about to go to georgia and broadcast his baseless claims about a stolen election as he calls the state's republican governor a moron and a nut job. plus joe biden with a warning about the trump administration's plan to sdrkt the vaccine to hundreds of millions of americans. covid is now the leading cause of death in the united states of america. and to stop the steel movement cashing in. how lies about the election are making the right wing money. let's go outfront. good evening, i'm erin about your nut, and outfront tonight, moron and nut job. those are the exact words of the
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sitting president of the united states about a sitting u.s. governor in his own party. this is according to two sources to cnn. why is trump calling georgia governor brian kemp names you'd be angry if your children used to pick on each other? well, because governor kemp refuses to go along with what trump is saying. >> look at what's happening in georgia. a lot of things are being found in georgia. to be honest with you because it's massive fraud. we are looking at things that are so bad in georgia. >> okay. again, the facts there, there wasn't anything so bad in georgia, no massive fraud there or in any other state. every ballot in georgia has a paper trail, every single one, and the state has counted the votes now three times. three times with the same outcome. but trump's lies, and i use that word very fairly because he knows that these are all lies. they come as vice president mike pence went to georgia today ahead of trump's visit tomorrow. pence is throwing around words like illegal an leaving the door open to trump winning. >> we're going to keep winning until every legal vote is
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counted. we're going to keep fighting until every illegal vote is thrown out. and we will never stop fighting to make america great again. >> every legal vote has been counted in dpgeorgia. not once, not twice, but three times, and they have lost, trump and pence, that vote three times. the doubt, though, that they keep sowing keeps being amplified by some of trump's allies. >> i would encourage all georgians to make it known that you will not vote at all until your vote is secure. >> basically telling their voters not to vote. and they're now even going so far as to wish harm to anyone who disagrees with them in their own party.
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>> i want you to go to the governor's mansion. i want you to circle it. i want you to blow your horns until brian kemp comes out and orders a special session of the georgia legislature, and then he can resign. and then as far as i'm concerned, lock him up! >> meanwhile, trump's attorney, rudy giuliani, has been barnstorming the country visiting state lawmakers, brings witnesses to a hearing in michigan. witnesses. one of them named melissa carone is an i.t. contractor for dominion voting systems. she has been deemed not credible by a judge. >> the poll book is completely off. completely off. >> off by 30,000? >> i'd say that poll book is off by over 100,000. that poll book -- why don't you look at the registered voters on there. >> so my question then is if --
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>> that's how many -- wait. what about -- what about -- what about the turnout rate. 120%? >> let's let representative johnson ask his question. >> my question is why -- we're not seeing the poll book off by 30,000 votes. that's not the case. >> what did you guys do, take it and do something crazy to it? >> rudy giuliani was even sort of laughing there trying to get it to stop. look, trump is all too happy to let this dangerous nonsense go on and on and on. while he does, his campaign was met with reality yet again in the courts today. nevada, michigan, courts again shutting down more desperate attempts to overturn an election. jeremy diamond is outfront live near the white house. jeremy, you have more reporting on how tense it is getting for republicans ahead of this visit by president trump. this is like the big rally post the election, and he's going to georgia. i mean they have got to be
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nervous. what can you tell us? >> reporter: yeah, and erin, these special elections in georgia are so critical to the balance of the senate. you know, republicans need to win at least one of these -- need to win one of these seats. democrats need to win both. and it could potentially swing the senate majority, which has been republican for several years now. look, in the lead-up to this, what we've seen from president trump publicly is going after the system of elections in georgia, calling it fraudulent, despite a total lack of evidence, and attacking the georgia secretary of state, who he's called the enemy of the people, and even the governor of georgia, whose endorsement the president gave and now says that he regrets. now we are learning from two sources familiar with the matter that the president behind the scenes has been even more caustic, calling governor brian kemp a moron and a nut job. and he's also questioned why kelly loeffler, the republican senator facing a special election, why she couldn't win an outright majority even though she faced a primary challenge
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from doug collins, who the president would have liked to have seen in that seat. so obviously a lot coming to play here as the president prepares to go t georgia. that's why sources are telling me republicans are on edge as the president prepares to arrive there. one trump advisor told me, look, if the president spends an hour and a half of this rally tomorrow railing against the republican governor brian kemp, that's not going to be helpful. that being said, they are hopeful that the president can help boost turnout by saying a few good things about david perdue and kelly loeffler, something they can use in television advertisements over the next month leading to the special election. but that is a big, big if, given what we have seen from the president over the last couple of weeks. now, erin, as all of this is happening, we're also watching something happening here at the white house, and that is the beginnings of an exodus of staff that is bubbling behind the scenes. you saw that bubble to the surface just yesterday with alyssa farah, the communications director. she resigned her position just a
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couple of months before joe biden is set to take office and that is said to be a sign that you are going to see more of those departures from the most junior to the most senior as people start to prepare for the reality that president trump will no longer be in office even as the president continues these baseless attempts to try and overturn the results. erin. >> jeremy, thank you very much. i want to go outfront now to the democratic mayor of savannah, georgia, van johnson. that is where vice president pence campaigned today. greg bluestein, and dan eberhart. greg, you've been talking to voters and you've got more reporting on the republican nightmare jeremy just laid out. what trump is saying, all these lies about the election, could keep voters away from the polls so they don't vote from this crucial senate election. >> i've seen evidence of that here on the ground in georgia. voters i've talked to at republican rallies throughout the week who are saying that they're actually torn. and these are republicans that are dedicated enough to show up at these rallies and yet they're
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torn about whether or not they're going to vote in january 5th runoffs to determine control of the senate. republicans are in this awkward position in georgia to reassure the base that even while president trump is promoting false, baseless claims of a stolen election, they should still go out and vote in a few weeks on all-important runoff races to determine how aggressive joe biden can pursue his agenda. >> dan, you're a georgia native. you've been telling me in very blunt terms that the president's top priority needs to be georgia, and not what it has been, 800 plus tweets trying to undo the election that he lost. when you hear greg's reporting talking to voters in georgia, how worried are you? >> well, it's certainly very problematic. if i was senator purdue or senator loeffler, i don't know that i would want trump to come. it just puts a spotlight on this air quotes rigged election and all this kind of nonsense versus
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needing their votes, needing these folks to show up again in january. you know, i quite frankly am pretty worried about what is going to happen and what turnout will look like. i think that we've been sending the wrong message and it might be coming back to bite us here in january if we're not careful. >> mayor johnson, in terms of what's happening on the ground, your city is the fifth largest in the state and your county went for biden 59-40 over trump. vice president pence was there today. he still picked savannah for where he chose to do that rally. do you see any reason why, any sign of republican momentum in your city. >> absolutely not. savannah is a beautiful place. 15 million visitors come here a year. i can understand why he would want to come here. the reality is that where we are, erin, at this point in time is we're getting tired of the juvenile tantrums of the president of the united states. the votes have been counted and counted and counted. and yet it's the same result. yet we keep finding ourselves in the same place. certainly what you said earlier,
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although brian kemp and i have had very significant, substantial policy differences, particularly around wearing masks, i don't appreciate the president of the united states calling our governor these types of names. we're trying to get beyond that at this point in time. >> i know no one is surprised, but i mean, you know, for a sitting president to call a governor a moron in that job is really absurd. so, dan, today we learned that america first action, which is the president's official super pac on its own, they sent you back $5,000 that you donated in october. and you had said that america first made a series of tactical mistakes. you've also, you know, said that the president needs to accept the outcome of this election because it's the right thing to do for the country. you're a long-time and major republican donor. you say you donated more than $200,000 to trump's election efforts. of course when he lost, you said he lost. now they're sending your money back to you. what does this tell you?
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>> it tells me that there's too much inside politics and not enough soul searching going on. my point with america first was quite simply this. you know, their strategy of hold the money, keep your powder dry in the summer so that we have money for the fall campaign was going to back fire. this is what happened in 2012. obama defined mitt romney and mitt romney never recovered. this summer biden built up a lead and trump never recovered so i feel like i'm proven right. they're trying to settle scores and play inside politics and inside the beltway stuff. but i think what really matters is being able to look in the mirror and say truth to power and say, look, this is the strategy, the strategy is not working. we need to reallocate, rearm, refire. my goal as a republican is to win elections. when we lost, i said we lost. i thought the strategy was bad, i called them out and suddenly i'm a bad guy internally. i think it's the wrong message to the wrong people at the wrong time. clearly i feel like i'm vindicated now and their
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strategy didn't work. >> well, it didn't work, they lost, which they obviously haven't admitted, but they lost. so mayor johnson, president obama made a last-minute trip to georgia to help joe biden and that state obviously turned blue for the first time since 1992 in georgia. today he was back headlining a rally, a virtual rally for jon ossoff and reverend warnock. >> the special election in georgia is going to determine ultimately a course of the biden presidency. i'm hoping that everybody understands the urgency of this upcoming election. anybody who's listening right now, you need to understand this is not just about georgia. this is about america and this is about the world. and it's in your power to in fact have an impact. >> so, mayor, our analyst, harry
4:13 pm
en ten, he found seven state runoffs, republicans gained more ground in those than democrats. do you think the odds are against you right now or not given the macro issue here? you know, the moron/nut job business? >> well, i think it's two things. i think, first of all, this is a different time. i think momentum is on our side. and i think the other thing that we have to remember is that a fair number of republicans might have gone in and held their noses and voted for joe biden. i think people recognize it's time for our country to move in a different direction. they're tired of the baby games. they're tired of us being gripped and not being able to move. i think that republicans, independents, i think they recognize here in georgia the significance of this time and so i don't think it's just democrats. i think we're in a momentum. we have turned blue for the first time, as you said, in 30
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years. and we're feeling really good about our chances. however, we can't take it for granted. we have to still push a very solid message and push back on all the negative and the inaccurate campaigning, particularly going on throughout our state. >> greg, i want to ask you about this reporting. jeremy diamond is reporting that president trump called governor kemp a moron and a nut job. let me be clear here, this is not out of the blue. publicly he's called kemp hapless and said he was sorry he supported him. so in the vein he is speaking this is quite consistent. but governor kemp, before the moron/nut job thing came out said he still stands with president trump. can you shed any light on this and what governor kemp is thinking, what's going on there? >> yeah, you can tie this back to the reason why senators kelly loeffler and david perdue are welcoming trump to georgia tomorrow. it's because this is a base
4:15 pm
turnout election. they can't afford to alienate any of the republican base. that means they can't afford to antagonize president trump. they're trying to get as many of those 2.5 million voters, about 2.5 million voters who voted for president trump in november to come back to the polls. by doing that, they have got to rally those core conservative voters who back him. he's the most popular republican in georgia. so you've got to keep on appealing to them. that's why they're walking this fine line. that's why the governor is not hitting back at president trump because he knows not only could it hurt the senate contenders but also hurt him in 2022 when he's running for re-election here in georgia. >> all right, thank you all very much. i appreciate your time. and next, an influential model cited by the white house projects that in the next three weeks -- in just the next few weeks, 3,000 americans will be dying every single day. this as biden is now warning that there is no detailed plan to sdrkt tdistribute the vaccin washington, d.c.'s attorney
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general, his office just deposed ivanka trump. what did she say? and republicans asking to overturn the election. >> how do we know that? >> you call me a racist -- >> you're a racist -- ll be roasted cauliflower tacos with spicy chipotle sauce. [doorbell chimes] thank you. [puck scores] oooow yeah!! i wasn't ready! you want cheese to go with that whine?? smells more amazing than ever. flings now so their laundry isn't that the dog's towel? hey, me towel su towel. more gain scent plus oxi boost and febreze in every gain fling.
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>> there is no detailed plan, that we have seen any way, as to how you get the vaccine out of a container into an injection syringe into somebody's arm. >> it comes as the influential ihme model, which has been cited by the white house, says coronavirus is now the leading cause of death in the united states this week. it projects deaths will go up to 3,000 people dying per day in january. that will be a record every day. the director for the center of immunity and dr. jonathan reiner, who advised the white house medical team under president george bush. joe biden being very clear, he's seen plans, and it doesn't sound at all like he's criticizing the plan of getting the vaccine from the manufacturer to distribution points. it's that there's no detailed
4:21 pm
plan he's seen for how they're going to get to take the vaccine and get that vaccine into people's arms. what is your reaction to that? >> it's challenging. we have to convince people to take the vaccine. many people who feel that the vaccine may be unsafe. there's no evidence of that. but we do need to persuade people to take this vaccine. i hope there are plans. i know i and my colleagues are trying to find ways that we can promote the vaccine, and the people who in charge of producing the vaccine and vetting it at the fda are solid people. i have full confidence in their ability to deliver a safe vaccine. >> dr. reiner, coronavirus is now the leading cause of death in the united states this week, the leading cause of death. so i know as a cardiologist you spent your entire career hoping for the day, right, when heart disease would not be the number one cause of death. so tonight it's not. >> yeah, it's heartbreaking.
4:22 pm
so every year in the united states, about 650,000 americans die of heart disease. so that works out to be about 1800 people per day. we're way above that now in terms of deaths per day from coronavirus. it didn't have to be this way. yeah, you're right, i worked every single day for the last 25 years to see the day where heart disease was no longer the number one killer of americans, but not this way. it breaks my heart. >> dr. lipkin, joe biden is telling cnn one-his first acts as president will be to ask americans to wear masks for 100 days. dr. carlos rio, one of the people behind the moderna vaccine, says that would save 66,000 lives. now, he's behind the moderna vaccines, but he's saying the universal masks is crucial, is
4:23 pm
going to save 66,000 lives over the next five months at least. that's a long time, doctor. >> we have been pleading for this for months. i was in china in january, and masks were everywhere, and they were able to get their disease under control. and their gnp is back up. this is something we should have done a long time ago. >> and obviously he can't mandate it, it has to be done on a state level. so that leadership has not been there. they're having parties at the white house right now with no masks. the vice president viz itted the cdc earlier for a briefing on vaccines. he was wearing a mask, as you see there. departure of what we've seen in the past. i presume dr. redfield insisted on it. during the briefing, the vice president addressed the cdc doctor. she was silenced in february.
4:24 pm
she accurately said the spread of the virus in the united states was inevitable and would cause severe disruption to our lives. that's somewhat she said, has been sidelined. today, here's what pence said to her. >> doctor, great to see you again. it's been a little while. but continue to follow your work and contributions here. >> it's withinbeen a little whi? it's been almost a year. but i continue to follow your work. what is he trying to do here? >> this is called revisionist history. let's remember that the vice president is the head of the coronavirus task force, and he's the person that silenced the doctor. on february 25th, there were 14 cases of coronavirus in the united states. and she saw the future, and she came out and warned the country to start talking about distance schooling, warned businesses to start talking about telecommuting. she told families to start thinking about bringing in some supplies. she said conditions were going
4:25 pm
to get harsh. later that day, alex azar said things were contained. the next day the president said the outbreak wasn't inevitable, and you never heard from her again. the message there to other scientists and the government was either shut up or be silenced. and it was -- it was heard loud and clear by scientists across the government. >> what is your biggest concern right now as you look at pfizer saying they've had more firefighting challenges at first than were expected? >> well, as biden has said, the logistics of getting this vaccine into people, these vaccines into people remains to be set up. but he's got a terrific group, we work with some of them over the past years. tony fauci has become legendary. so i'm confident we'll put this
4:26 pm
together. i would also say that the assistant director of the cdc, after whom one of the lead characters in "contagion" was responsible in 2003 and 2004 that the use of mask in communities was successful in reducing transmission. so we've known this for a long time and we should have implemented this a long time ago. >> as you point out, china's economy has been roaring, in part because they did that. only time will show how significant this may be in the course of history. thank you both very much. coming up tonight, don't miss our new coronavirus town hall on vaccines. dr. anthony fauci will be there and answer all those questions. that is tonight with sanjay and anderson at 9:00. we are learning new details about who is involved in a scheme to funnel money to the white house for team trump in exchange for presidential pardon. plus, whose office is
4:27 pm
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breaking news. we now know who was at the center of the justice department's investigation into an alleged presidential pardon bribery scheme. sources selling cnn that it involves washington attorney abby lowell, for funneling money to the white house in exchange for a presidential pardon. pamela brown joins me now with the latest reporting. so lowell is a high profile lawyer who has represented jared kushner and ivanka ivantrump. >> reporter: he's very well known in washington and beyond and he is among the people involved in this effort, this bribery for presidential pardon. abby lowell, this was back in the earlier days of the trump administration before he represented jared kushner and ivanka trump. he represented this california psychologist who had been convicted in 2014 of tax issues.
4:32 pm
and what this bribery scheme was, essentially, was for him to be given clemency for substantial political donation. this was all from these documents, these emails from the justice department that a judge released these court documents this yeek. they were heavily redacted. but abby lowell was among the people involved because he represented hue barris. there were others involved. there's a california billionaire who died in 2018. but there's a lot of questions that haven't been answered. we know from this case that someone reached out to the white house counsel's office making sure that the clemency request went to the right person. and there are these e-mails, but we are still waiting for more information. representatives for abby lowell, for broidy and hugh barris say
4:33 pm
they have no indication they are chin clients are under investigation or there is any wrongdoing. they spoke to doj and they gave no indication that he did anything wrong. doj released a statement saying no government official is the subject or target of this investigation. no charges have happened, and we don't even know this is an active or closed case. but there are certainly a lot of questions raised, erin, about this scheme that doj has been investigating, something that happened early on in the trump administration. this comes as there's a lot of focus on who the president will pardon in his final weeks in office. we know there's going to be a flurry of pardons. and even though this was -- these were efforts, this was an alleged scheme, we know that there was no pardon that has been granted to hugh barris. >> thank you very much, pam.
4:34 pm
and this coming as we know president trump has discussed and considered preemptive pardons for his family and each himself possibly. "outfront" now, a man running two investigations that no pardon can protect president trump, carl racine is the democratic attorney general of washington, d.c., as well as the new president of association of attorneys general. ivanka trump was deposed in one of your investigations three days ago, attorney general. we've been talking a lot about this over the years, as part of, you know, documentary work we've done with what's happening with the family profiting off of the business. so i want to ask you about that deposition. but first, if president trump did follow through with these pardons of himself, of his children, would it give you more motivation to push ahead? because you would be among the few who could hold them accountable if the feds couldn't? >> well, you're right when you say that our lawsuits, which are two civil lawsuits, not criminal
4:35 pm
lawsuits, are not subject to the president's pardon authority. in terms of what it would give us more motivation to go ahead, we're following the evidence in this case and following the facts. erin, as you well know, and what you have researched and covered before, is that the trump administration and indeed, the trump family, has sought to profit from the white house. and it started as early as the inauguration. we have developed compelling evidence that shows that the presidential inauguration committee was used as a piggy bank to deliver money to the trump hotel. and i'm happy to give you specific examples. >> so give me some of those, if you will, in the context of ivanka trump's deposition, where you took her -- you know, she was involved in this, right? the payments and who paid whom and how much, was she cooperative and give us an example that she has to respond to.
4:36 pm
>> sure. look, there are three examples that really stand out. one example involves the renting of event space. the presidential inauguration committee was charged $175,000 for use for event space that was actually double booked by another not for profit that was charged $5,000. compare a $5,000 charge to another not for profit, and $175,000 charge to the presidential inauguration committee. that's not market rate. another example is a $300,000 charge that presidential inauguration committee paid to the trump hotel for space that wasn't used. again, free money, going over to the trump hotel. lastly, yet again, another
4:37 pm
$300,000 charge for event space and room space utilized not for an inauguration committee event, but instead, for a family event to celebrate the kids of the trumps. again, not a presidential inauguration committee event, but one for themselves, and at exorbitant rates. what we have here, to be quiet honest, is a family that is used to using other people's money, opm, for their own purposes. you might remember the president's foundation in new york that was forced to shut down, forced to return $2 million because they use that foundation to pay off lawyers, lawsuits, and also to buy things like portraits of the president. they use other people's money -- >> yeah. >> -- that's unlawful. >> ivanka trump puts out a
4:38 pm
statement after the deposition with you and said i shared with them an email, which she posted, where i september instructions to the hotel to charge a fair rate, which they did. this is a waste of taxpayer dollars. what do you say to that, and was she cooperative and respectful in her deposition? >> i would have to say that ivanka trump was, indeed, professional and presented herself in a cooperative manner in her deposition. i think the tale that she's telling after the deposition is entirely misleading. what that email shows is what we tried to establish, and that is that ivanka trump was in the decision making loop as to what charges were to be made against the presidential inauguration committee. remember those three examples i just gave? >> yeah. >> well, those examples were
4:39 pm
examples that we know that she was aware of, we know that stephanie wallcoff raised alarms about the charges. and there is an email where ivanka trump says stop those charges? no. with respect to the claims of partisanship, we live in america. i can bring a complaint, they get a chance to defend it. our system of justice, a judge will be the final arbiter. that's where the justice will come. and let me point one other thing out, some of my colleagues in the democratic a.g. room brought a lot of lawsuits against the trumps in the last almost four years. abo about 130 lawsuits. we hop 80% of those lawsuits. that means that democratic and republican judges, courts of appeals, final neutral arbiters agreed that the administration was a lawless administration, that needed to be held to
4:40 pm
account. and that's why we're bringing these lawsuits. >> attorney general, i appreciate your time. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> pretty incredible statistic. tonight, another purge by the trump administration. the white house removing nine members of the pentagon's defense business board. why are they doing this? we have a few days until this all switches. and in their place, they replaced them with people loyal to president trump. corey lewandowski on that list. this is the latest effort to clean out the defense department in the final weeks of the president's term. brian, tell us what's behind this. you know, we understand this get rid of the defense secretary, because he didn't like the guy. but this is a board with a specific function, they purged the whole thing, they put in loyalists, even at this moment. any insight on why and what they're planning? >> reporter: not much insight as to what they're trying to do here. sit the latest purge in a series
4:41 pm
of oh moves the trump administration has taken in this lame duck period, you mentioned they fired the secretary of defense and fired the top policy and intelligence officials, installing loyalists this their place, several other positions have been -- people have been removed from, with loyalists gaining those powers and authorities. it's unclear the end goal. there was another board that was similarly purged, a policy board, people like henry kissinger were kicked off of it. it's unclear what they're doing. there's a resume padding going on here, folks adding to their cvs in the final weeks of this administration. but the defense business board, it does advise and counsel. it's not a paid position. but, again, the people who were removed from it, many were former military officers with deep experience in the defense industry, kind of being replaced with arch partisans, campaign officials, people who don't have that expertise. so it's raised a lot of eyebrows
4:42 pm
as to what exactly they see here that would merit kind of this jettisoning and replacing them with these partisan folks. joe biden could remove them in return, so now biden is faced with a decision of what he has to do. >> he suspect isn't going to ke lewandowski. ryan, thank you very much. next, our drew given confronts trump's allies. some of them are profiting from the stop the steal movement. [ overlapping speakers ] vice president elect kamala harris playing a major role in the transition. what does it reveal about her growing relationship with joe biden? tonight...i'll be eating a falafel wrap with sweet potato fries.
4:43 pm
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4:46 pm
tonight, president trump and his allies raising lots of cash over the election. but is the so-called stop the
4:47 pm
steal movement that's grown out of this, just a way for the president and others to make a buck? drew given is "outfront." >> stop the steal! stop the steal! >> reporter: they believe the election was stolen, believe their protests can stop it, and president trump can stay in the white house. and amidst the political fury, is an opportunity to make a buck. conspiracy theorist alex jones who showed up at a recent rally is just one of those embracing the chance to cash in, using the slogan to sell armageddon supply products. drew given with cnn. these alie alexander -- that's allie alexander. alexander has launched a stop
4:48 pm
the sale website seeking donations, and claiming he doesn't have time to start a stupid nonprofit or llc, so just send him the money, by bitcoin, pay pal, cash app. to be used, he says, to organize protests across the country like this one in atlanta. how much money are you making? >> zero. i'm dedicating my time and company. [ overlapping speakers ] >> you called me a wanna be like a racist mother [ bleep ]. you're a racist mother [ bleep ]. >> reporter: since alexander's money is going to him, he doesn't have to report how he spends him. but what he's collecting pails in comparison to the tens of millions being raked in by president trump. >> i've donated to the trump campaign. >> to defend him, yes. >> i donate money to donald trump. >> reporter: since election day,
4:49 pm
republicans and the president have taken in $207 million according to the trump campaign. fueled by a fraudulent belief the election was stolen, being egged on by an aggressive outreach campaign to supporters who received more than 420 everything mails since election day alone, purportedly from the president and his family, with messages like, my team has given me a list of patriots who stepped up to help us. i noticed your name is still missing. my father wants to know who is standing with him. democrats are doing everything they can to steal the election. >> you ever seen anything like this before? >> i've seen people try to raise money off of all sorts of problems, both fake and real, but never seen one like this connected to the elections and basically challenging the legitimacy of our elections and democracy. >> reporter: the emails say the donations are being solicited for the election defense fund,
4:50 pm
but read the fine print and 75% goes to save america, a type of pact with such loose rules, the president can spend it on personal experiences. john scott railton has been tracking the stop the steal messaging and says there may be lasting impact here beyond money. the potential beginning of a new powerful and easily manipulated political movement. >> i think it represents an interesting core of people and true believers. what's going to be the pivot? what are they going to get fed next as calls to action and what's going to happen with his contact list. >> it may be just the catalyst they need >> a stunning reporting. you are laying out how much the president can use for things like personal expenses. the am of money, $200 million,
4:51 pm
it suggests this is not going away on january 20th. >> reporter: and there is a lot of concerns. i have been talking to a lot of people about this on both sides of the isle and some experts, too. the president with all of this cash which is power in politics leads to become a president-elect alternative universe of people who believe he didn't lose the election. the concern is what does trump do with all that money and all of those supporters when joe biden becomes president. >> all right, drew griffin, thank you very much. incredible report there. next inside the close relationship between joe biden and kamala harris. #. >> look, there is not a single decision i made yet about personnel or how to perceive that i have not discussed with kamala first. ome planning. we look at how much you've saved,
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class to get to or something? [ muffled scream ] stop living with at&t. xfinity can deliver gig to the most homes. president-elect biden and vice president-elect kamala harris talking about their close
4:56 pm
relationship in an exclusive interview with cnn >> when there is an urgent need that i am not able to attend to, i have a confident to turn to her. there is not a single decision i made about personnel or how to perceive that i have not discussed it with kamala first. >> that's true. >> our doug brinkley, we know there is a long time link she knew his son and many times of that debate where she called him into account, that little girl was me and now they seem to be building a deep personal relationship. >> the chemistry between them is palatable. it comes from talking and
4:57 pm
sharing a value and determination how to lead 2021. remember everybody likes joe biden. kamala harris is a phenomenal woman. the job she did in california as attorney general as u.s. senator and she's both tough but also warmhearted. many ways she's like joe biden in those regards. what's at play here at most is, erin, biden liked the way he was treated by barack obama. they became close friends and working partners. he wants to do the same with ca kamala harris. there is a lot of goodwill going on between the both and it is coming across the screens on interviews. >> when they take office, they'll make history one of the few vice president becoming in chief, a vice president becoming president is not usual and the first woman ever to become vice president. it offers a glimpse into that
4:58 pm
process. here it is. >> as we mention that process a couple of months a lot of times talking about what he's looking for in a vice president. what i was struck by was how much time and efforts he devoted to it. >> the selector was the best person to be selected. >> he said you know you are the solution to my problem. >> i need your help and the country can benefit from your experience. >> it dawned on me. >> when you look at the ticket now, kamala harris is representing women for the first time ever in this position, how does this change how people see this and this relationship. i know it is very hard because you know we don't know what we don't know at this point but it is different, doug. >> oh, what a big deal. all that we have gone through in 2020 and not the least of ruth bader ginsburg dying and
4:59 pm
somebody like ginsburg fighting for women's rights for decades and now we have a vice president of the united states as a woman, it is historic and a big deal. one can only wish kamala harris the best. she's always in my mind somebody who's so smart. as we saw she goes after people in a prosecutorial deal. she has to know she's number two and joe biden is number one. >> doug, i appreciate your time. it is going to be a great show. i want everyone to watch it because it is interesting when you hear about dick cheney talking about those relationships. you don't hear about the most crucial relationship. it is the new cnn's film. "the president waiting," i am
5:00 pm
eager to watch this. thanks very much to join us. you can watch "out front" any time and anywhere, go to cnn. m "ac 360" begins right now. >> good evening, new records being set for cases, people hospitalized and dying. nearly 6 million residents in the san francisco bay area under stay-at-home orders because local icus are running out of capacity. a special cnn's town hall dr. gupta and i will focus questions about the vaccines. we begin tonight with the white house upheaval. our jim acosta is there. he did a reporting just now. this involves a president's staff, what's going on? >> we saw th