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tv   CNN Tonight with Don Lemon  CNN  December 4, 2020 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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help. go to the impact team put it together, a guide of resources at please help there, and list of organizations, resources, ideas where you can donate. and hopefully find help for yourself or a loved one. >> thank you, it's great to see you again. we hope tonight we have helped with answers, and we want to give a thanks to dr. fauci for joining us and also to susan frolik, and dr. wen and those who yoet wrote in with questions and videos. if you didn't get the questions answered tonight, news continues right now with don lemon. this is cnn tonight. i'm don lemon. you just heard our coronavirus town hall, and the news tonight is stunning. more than 278,000 americans are
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dead. coronavirus is now the number one cause of death in the u.s. this week, and we haven't even seen that post thanksgiving peak. the new model predicts almost 500,000 deaths by april. this pandemic is in a free fall right now. and the president doesn't care about it, joe biden who says he will ask americans to wear a mask for the first 100 days, saying tonight he doesn't think that will have to be mandatory. >> i don't think masks have to be made mandatory nationwide. i will do nefrg everything in my power to encourage people to do the right thing and demonstrate that it matters. >> i want you to listen what he says about the current president's misinformation. >> one of the things that
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bothers me the most is the wild assertions that the administration says it's going to go away, and inject bleach, all those things. >> who could forget the lowest low point. >> i see a disinfectant knocks it out in a minute, one minute, is there a way we can do something like that, by injection inside, or almost a cleaning. you see, it gets in the lungs. >> you know, historians will decide looking back what role that ridiculous display played in costing trump his presidency. but his mismanagement about the pandemic is still costing american lives. more than 278,000 so far. that as we are learning the trump administration blocked biden's transition team meeting
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at at the pentagon this week. and just days after his own hand picked attorney general risked this president's wrath by acknowledging what everybody know there is knew, there is no widespread voter fraud. >> does the intelligence show that foreign adversarities are amplifying the voter fraud allegations? >> there are. >> who is doing that? >> i can't tell you. >> but they are. >> yeah. >> and what is their objective? >> to under mine public confidence in the democratic processes. >> there you go, and chris krebs, a patriot, saying this. >> there are things more important than a four-year term. this american experience in democracy in general is fragile. you have to care for it, you have to neutral nurture it, and
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the attacks under mines confidence is very dangerous. i don't know what is next but we got to make sure we continue providing support to democracy. >> well, you have to care about -- you have to care and you have to nurture democracy. that is how you make america great. instead, this president is using the final days of his term to tie to burn down the free and fair elections and he is emboldening supporters to take the crazy train farther down the line. scott o'grady, a former fighter pilot on twitter, calling his election loss a coup, a coup attempt and sharing tweeting suggesting trump should claim martial law. and tweeting a petition
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declaring trump to call for martial law and order a new election. i want to you listen to me, okay. this is -- this is crazy. and i hate to be blunt. if you believe this, what does it say about you? none of it is true. all of it is being shot down by the courts. it's shot down by reality and facts. it's all not true. do not be hoodwinked by this. don't fall for the okayky doak. this is crazy. this is exactly the right word for it and i will add, dangerous do that. it's crazy dangerous. a former national security adviser calls for martial law to over turn the results of the he will election? come on, really? and a coup attempt just because
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his candidate last? the president of the united states repeatedly spreading such ridiculous claims. and twitter constantly marks his tweets disputed. >> they know it was a fixed election. it was a rigged election. they know it. >> that is a lie. and he knows it. he is deliberately lying to you. to the american people. to save his wounded pride. i don't know what that says about what he thinks about you. i know there are people -- i have heard from you. who believe it. it's nuts. it's not true. i'm sorry to tell you, it's not true. he is lying to you. the president and his number one defender, rudy giuliani, they are continuing to push doomed lawsuits, more than 30 of them. thrown out since election day. the latest is wisconsin.
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arizona, nevada, today. do they enjoy losing the same states over and over and over again for a month straight? like i said, this president, he just cannot accept the reality that he lost, even as more and more members of his administration are reading the writing on the wall. the cdc director admitting he is on his way out and praising the co-workers he will leave behind. >> they will continue to guide our nation's response to the pandemic after we're gone. >> even kellyanne conway admitting reality. >> if you look and the vote totals in the electoral college tally, it looks like joe biden and kamala harris will prevail. >> in the face of all this, the president taking out his hurt feelings on the republican
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governor of georgia and he is doing it on the rallies to support kelly loeffler and david perdue. they said he blasted trump in as a moran and nut job in a recent phone call, and people around the president are panicked about the run offs. gee, do you suppose this has anything to do with it? >> i want to you go to the governor's mansion. i want to you circle it. i want to you blow your horns. until ryan kemp comes out and orders a special session of the georgia led georgia legislature and then he can resign. and as far as i'm concerned, lock him up!
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>> lock him up! lock him up! >> wow. what about this? >> i think i would encourage all georgians to make it known that you will not vote at all until your vote is secure. >> okay. encourage people not to vote. that happened to the president. he discouraged them not to vote by mail. look what happened. you know, do your thing. like i said, expect peak trump crazy. listen to what the former president barack obama has to say about all this. >> this is not just about georgia. this is about america and this is about the world and it's in your power to have an impact. >> can joe biden meet the challenges that lie ahead, the
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so dr. anthony fauci is confirming that he accepted the
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offer to work with president-elect joe biden on the spot. the biden team is trying to move forward with plans. we learned tonight the trump administration is still blocking their efforts. we want to bring in our guests. hello, also, i think his razor broke this week because he is not shaved. it's good to see both of you. mark, so the trump administration blocked biden's transition team from meeting with their counterparts at the pentagon this week. this is not a game. they are monkeys arouing about the national security. >> that is no question about it. they are acting like the president's ego is bigger than the america's democracy. this is the christmas parties at the white house. this is the national defense. so for them to be slow walking
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this, is literally putting our country's security at risk just for the sake of making one person's ego happy. >> i will ask you a question i have been asking you for four years now, maybe five, i think i know the answer. but i will let you -- how can the gop support this and are they willing to own it? >> it's not the gop anymore, don. it's the trump party and i predicted before the election that he was going to run for 2024, and in an effort to maintain power over that coalition, to maintain the power that he has politically, become his party. so i -- it's clear to me he's going to go do all he can to disrupt the presidency, to continue the myth this was stolen from him and he wants to serve revenge, serve it cold and
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serve it in person. >> keerkeersten, i hear about v fraud, and then the case is thrown out. and they are giving false hope to people who actually believe that january 21 that's donald trump will be the president and that ain't going to happen and the election is not going to be overturned. what? what is going on? >> well, they're going to always think that president trump really won. so he's not a loser. he's a winner. they're going to always believe that the democrats stole the election, that joe biden is not a legitimate president. and president trump has raised now about $200 million off this grift. >> yesterday, $205 million, i
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think, yesterday. $207 million. >> largely from small donors, people he is lying to and people who are told a completely false story that are sending money in that he can do pretty much anything he wants to. it's really -- it is pretty mind blowing but i think there is a method to the madness, and there is one person who benefits from it and that is of course donald trump. but what -- >> i will let you finish. but when do you snap out of the haze or the dream or whatever it is, the zombie mode, when one case after another is thrown out. and i heard, listen, nevada, it's in court now, and nevada is thrown out, and arizona is thrown out, and so when do you wake up from your haze? >> i don't think -- i don't know
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that these people are in a haze. i think they consuming information they are fed that is completely false. so the person they trust is donald trump, and donald trump is telling them this. and they don't trust anybody, anything who parrots what he says. so they are getting -- they are believing the stories. the stories there were suitcases that were pulled out from underneath the table. >> that was debunked today. >> they get debunked when they never never hear the part where it's debunked. so i think the people who are responsible for it are the leaders and that is to the point of what mark was saying. this is a party of trump. this is a counterfactual, and is it possible that if the republicans and people at fox news said we are not going to go along with this, maybe it wouldn't have happened in they have some responsibility, it's
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not just that there is nothing they can do? i mean, whose fault is that? >> well, right on about that. mark, let's dig into it a little mitt bit more. joe biden is going to get buy in from the other side if he needs to get stuff done, and the president-elect would not say if he talked about the coronavirus relief. watch this exchange. >> mitch mcconnell has not signed off on the compromise bill. what makes you confident you will get republicans to go big once you're in office? >> well, because the country is going to be dire, dire, dire straits if they don't. >> have you reached out to mitch mcconnell? have you spoken yet? >> we will be in dire straits. >> why beat around the bush? why not just say yes or no? >> i think it's because mitch mcconnell is throwing up a wall.
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mcconnell doesn't want to before the georgia election, as long as he can slow walk the notion that joe biden is the actual president. i think that biden doesn't want to create a rift with mcconnell. but i'm absolutely certain -- >> he doesn't want to play into it. >> yeah, they have a long history and i know that biden is counting on that historical relationship once this georgia thing is passed and they have the senate figured out. either way it goes, it will be important. i don't think he wants to push it further. it's good for him to be doing. it's practical and smart. >> okay, speaking of practical. let's look at the evidence here, and stay on the subject, kooers
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it's a different senate than when we was vptd, and when he was vice president, the senate, many of the same people, refused to work with him. said that his boss wasn't born in the country. so they were going to make him a one-term president. refuse to work with obama. and saying what they did was wrong, they spied on them and they tapped him, whatever. and then now, refusing to say that he is the president-elect of the united states. he beat trump by more than 7 million votes. but people still don't believe it. what makes him think this senate is going to work with him? i think it will be great. he has to reach out. but is this the reality? is that ever going to happen? >> i think that if you're joe biden, what other choice do you have? you have to -- if you're sitting where he's sitting, his attitude is, i'm going to try to try to make this work. up to this point, there haven't
7:22 pm
been many good faith efforts coming from mitch mcconnell or coming from the republicans but because i have a long standing relationship with them, because i worked with them, maybe we can do something different. i don't know what else he can do. he tries it and doesn't get any where, i do think that i understand if you are joe biden, this is what you do and this is fundamentally who joe biden is. and is he really a man for his time? is he a type of person ma possibly could bring some type of bipartisanship in the country? >> absolutely. >> and if it's anyone, he can. and as president of the united states, he has a bully pulpit and a lot of the job is to
7:23 pm
change the way things aoperate, to change the way that people think about things. that is what he is going to try to two. >> that is what he ran on. i'm in the sure that is what 7 million people voted for. the core of the party was upset. he continually tried to work with republicans and they kept stone walling him. and that is when he had to do executive orders. what makes joe biden think things will be different? >> he has been there 40 years. he knows a lot of senators. he has worked with them before and given the stakes that once we got past the inauguration, there's going to be ten republican senators that will work with biden. >> i hope you're right. i don't see it. i do not see it. >> i hope. >> i am a glass half full person but i don't see it considering what we have been through in the
7:24 pm
past four years and the lack of reality we are living in, from a big part of the country, who -- >> keep the faith, man. >> three out of four trump supporters don't even believe he's the president. good luck, thank you. we'll be right back.
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president-elect joe biden has -- says he will not impose national mandates to wear a mask or get a covid vaccine but he will encourage means to do it voluntarily. the question is, will people listen? let's talk to valley jarret, the author of the book "finding my voice." thank you for joining. good to see you. i hope huh a good thanksgiving. >> nice to be with you.
7:29 pm
>> you know joe biden. he is planning to ask the country to wear a mask for the first 100 days. s a it is a big test to see the sway he has with the american people. don't you think? >> i do. i only wish that president trump had done the same thing when the pandemic first began. i think leadership is important. leadership from the top. sending a message we have to follow the scientists. it was hard i was so happy to h president-elect asked dr. fauci to stay on. >> 72% of americans say it bothers them when people around them in public do not wear masks. maybe he is leading with something most people can get behind. >> well, it sure bothers me, and no new york, you know, don, most people doer wi wear masks, and think that peer pressure makes a big difference, and everyone
7:30 pm
should encourage everyone they know to wear a mask, social distance, try to follow the science, so i am encouraged by the tone and the message coming from president-elect biden right now. >> i have family members who live in red states and they say at work, some people will not wear masks and when they call authorities about it, they don't even come. so if you're not going to mandate that, how do you change that? >> i think the tone does start at the top. part of the reason why they don't wear masks is they haven't seen their president wear masks. so i think modeling good behavior is important. and peer pressure is pont. and now we are seeing it's e-- and many people are saying, i watched the president. he wasn't wearing masks and now i know, i lost a loved one.
7:31 pm
i have been sick myself. swe have to continue to tell the stories not just from the top but every day americans who did not follow the signs and suffered the consequences after it and i'm worried about the hospitals being overtaken by this. we know health care workers have been working for months, putting them s themselves in arm's way, and we have no choice. we have to continue to set the tone and encourage people to follow the signs. >> valerie, the president-elect is getting pressure to get people of color in cabinet spaces. >> would you commit to nominating a person of color to the positions? >> it's each one of the group's jobs to push, to push the leaders to make sure there is greater diversity. what i can promise you, when it's all said. >> and down, you will see significant diversity.
7:32 pm
i'm not going to tell you know exactly what i'm doing in any department. but i promise you it will be the single most diverse cabinet based on sing race, color, underer that has ever existed. >> so he couldn't commit. but should biden name a person of color to attorney general of secretary of defense. >> i think he should just commit to make sure that his cabinet reflects a rich diversedy of the country. he has already broken all kinds of records now in terms of putting women and people of color in key positions and i know he is true to his word. i don't blame him for not committing to what he is going to do. what he has committed to do, i encourage people to continue to push but that please know, i know joe biden so well, i am confident he is going to stay
7:33 pm
true to his word and his coalition, the rainbow c coalition, will reflect the diversity of his country and he is off to a really good start. >> have a great weekend. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> i really want to you hear my next guest. i want to you hear the interview. i met a man today who said what a lot of people wanted to say about the pandemic and how it's been handled. he had to say it, if his father's obituary. think about that. and hear from him next. pet hai? with new bounce pet hair & lint guard, your clothes can repel pet hair. look how the shirt on the left attracts pet hair like a magnet! pet hair is no match for bounce. with bounce, you can love your pets, and lint roll less.
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every night for about ten months now, i have been reporting on the relentless toll of deaths from the coronavirus. every night i read numbers, number of cases, number of hospitalizations and number of
7:38 pm
icu beds. that is why i want to you pay atengs to my next guest. my next guest never wanted to be on the news. the obituary he wrote for his father. marvin james farr of scott city, kansas so honored, so direct, it cannot be ignored the way so many people ignored the numbers. his son courtney wrote this. he was born into america, recovering from the great depression and about to face word war 2. times of loss and sacrifice, difficult for most of us to imagine. americans would be asked to ration supplies and send their children around the world to sfwit die in wars of unfathomable destruction and he died in a world where many of his fellow americans refuse to wear a piece of cloth on his face to protect one another. courtney, thank you so much.
7:39 pm
i appreciate you joining us. i'm sorry for your loss. tell me how you're doing now. >> i'm doing okay. as best as i can. it's been a whirl wind few days. it's it's certainly not now i expected to be after my father's death. i had a deluge of positive messages. i never expected his obituary to reach so many people. >> let me read from it. you said he was proceeded in death by more than 260,000 americans infected by covid-19. he died in a room not his own being cared before for by people dressed in confusing ways and his died of covid 19 and his final days for harder, lonelier than necessary. and he was not surrounded by friends and family. so many of the health care works
7:40 pm
talk about the isolation of those sick from the virus. is knowing that one of the hardest parts? >> it was one of 9 hardest parts. when my father passed away two months ago, i was able to sit with here, and i was able to hold her hand and caress her face, and i was able to spend how muches with her at the end and i was able to comfort her the way she had comforted me so many times in my life, and my father, we couldn't do that. he was in isolation. >> and of course, it's hard for him, and for any of the patients when they -- being alone and being ill and sadly dying by yourself without your loved ones. that is awful. >> absolutely. and you know, i think we always think, someone -- we don't want someone to be alone at the end and my father, there was a staff
7:41 pm
member there with him, and i can never express enough thanks to think there was another human present with him when he passed and that gets into, the deaths are not just tragedyic for the families or the patients but also for the health care workers. we were able to say good-bye to my father the morning before he passed. we did it over a video call. and i'm glad i got to see him one last time to tell him how much i loved him, how much he mattered to me. but in the moment, what you want to do is reach out and hold his hand to touch him, and spend as much time with him as you can, and with patients in isolation wards, it's not safe. there is no way to do that, and we best make the best that we with. >> you can't to have human contact. i think it's important to talk about -- you said your father was an older gentleman.
7:42 pm
you said he had dementia, and you said -- it upsets you when people say, well, he was old and so, you know, go on. explain that to me. >> yeah, you know, i think one of the things i have seen mentioned so much this year of people who want to dis dismiss the disease, well, it's elderly who are dying. they were sick, they were probably going to die any ways. it doesn't mean the deaths are not tragic and they have to die the way they are. my father did have dementia. it was confusing the nurses he has known for three years are suddenly in different gears and face masks and different shields and gowns. it's hard for him to track that, and -- sorry, i'm just have to take a moment there.
7:43 pm
and it's -- so when i see people say that it's okay that he dies, it dismisses so much of the experience of his death. because it's tragic and it's traumatic for him that he's in this place where he is struggling to understand. it's tragic for us the family that we can't be with him, we cannot help ease his transition and it's tragic for the health care workers caring for him, and in this case, my father lived in the nursing home three years. the staff through there knew tim him. they had affection for him and the last thing they want to see is one of their residents suffer in isolation, and they want to aid the residents and their families as much as possible. >> and i also think it's dismissive of his life.
7:44 pm
as well, to say that he's going to die any way. not only his life but the people whose lives care for him. because you have a connection with him. you have a lot of support but some people online are accusing you of making his death political. you say the reality that his death was political. he died as part of a national crisis. is that why you wrote this? >> absolutely. it's -- and i think the reason i wrote that obituary, for many ways, because i couldn't be with him, i had days of worry, where i'm stuck at home because i can't be there. so i channeled a lot of that fear and sorrow and anger and frustration into writing his obituary and writing a obituary that was still honoring him, still honoring his experiences and who he was. but his death is political. you know, it is when our local
7:45 pm
city councils and state legislatures, when they are refusing to enact policies that can protect people, they made political decisions that result in people like my father dying. >> yeah, your father was a veterinarian and you write in his obituary, you said the science that guided his professional life has been disparaged and abandoned by so many of the people who defended on his knowledge to care for their animals and raise their food. how does it make you feel that so many people are denying basic science when it comes to fighting the virus? >> it's strange to me. i feel the seem and place i grew up, the medical professionals were held in such deep respect,
7:46 pm
the doctors doctors and nurses hometown were shot to be some of the most important members of my community and now i see where the same people who are putting their lives at risk to try to protect and save members of my town, i see where they are attacked on social media, and it's unfathomable to me. it violates everything about decency and care for others and they are lessons i learned. >> win say it's dismissive of his life and your lives and the people that love him, i want to put up this picture. it's a picture of you sleeping on your father's chest when you were just a baby and you wrote you didn't always see sieye to e and you will miss arguing with him. and i lost family members. family members don't get along. that is what families do but i doesn't mean you don't love them
7:47 pm
and won't miss them. but the love will be there forever. >> that is one of my favorite pictures of my father period. it's such a period picture. it's both he and i at peace. it's one of the best things we can hope for. >> courtney, you're a very brave man to come on and to write what you wrote, and i thank you so much. i am sorry for your loss. be strong and take care. >> thank you, sir, i appreciate that. >> thank you. belle right back. ts support. over twenty-five hundred wishes granted. over two million meals provided. over four hundred national parks protected. in fact, subaru and our retailers will have proudly donated over two hundred million dollars to national and hometown charities through the subaru share the love event. (vo) get 0% for 63 months
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vaccinations about to get under way, letitia wright is under fire for sharing an anti-vaccination video. among the completely unscientific comments saying that people will have to hope it doesn't make extra limbs grow, wright deleted her tweet. first saying if you don't conform to popular opinions, you get cancelled. and saying her only intention was to raise concerns about what we put in our bodies. but with all due respect, it's not being cancelled. it's about education, and clearing up concerns that people may genuinely have. we've seen our president attempt to use his office to try to fast-track a vaccine for
7:53 pm
political purposes. and in the tuskegee experiment, it was done on black men. and we need to look at just how deadly this virus is for black and brown people, as joe biden did today. >> the communities of color, it's a mass casualty event. we need to figure out how to get the vaccine to these communities. >> while we got the vaccines in record time under a president who only seemed to care about how they affected his political fortunes, the data shows they're safe and effective. take it from dr. anthony fauci, who said this tonight. >> was it too fast? no. because we had technological advances that allowed us to do
7:54 pm
things in weeks and months that would have normally taken several years. it didn't compromise any scientific integrity. the public has to know, the decision is not made by the administration or by the company. it's made by an independent data safety monitoring board. >> so the truth is, how quickly we can get past this pandemic depends on how many of us get vaccinated. it's why former presidents obama, bush, and clinton are volunteering to get their vaccines publicly to prove it is safe. help can't come soon enough. today marks the fourth day of record numbers of hospitalizations, and more than 2,200 deaths have been reported today alone. stay with us. who invented car vending machines and buying a car 100% online. now we've created a brand-new way for you to sell your car. whether it's a year old or a few years old.
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the coronavirus pandemic is spiraling out of control in this country. it's the number one cause of death this week. and experts warn that we haven't even seen the post-thanksgiving spike yet. more than 203,000 cases reported just today. and president-elect joe biden warning the country will be in dire straits if the country does not pass a relief bill. good evening to our panel. john, the u.s. is setting new records for the number of people hospitalized with coronavirus almost daily. more than 2,200 americans reported dead today. our president-elect is warning the crisis is getting worse. president trump is planning a massive rally, though. what is going on? >> i got to say, don, i think president trump is many of his followers come by their
8:00 pm
disbelief in science honestly. that is to say, they actually don't believe in the science. yes, there is some degree of political act going on. the president decided it was useful to make a distinction between the wimps and the nerds who were wearing masks and the real americans who were not. but given the number of people who are getting sick and dying, given the fact that republican presidential candidate herman cain waent to a rally and died, but the white house christmas parties, on the company trail before election day, and now in the runoff, they continue to do this. they gather without masks, some people wear them, but many, many people don't. packed in close together. they're asking for sup superspreading events and they're getting it, as they


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