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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  December 8, 2020 2:59am-4:00am PST

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you can shop the latest phones, bring your own device, or trade in for extra savings. stop in or book an appointment to shop safely with peace of mind at your local xfinity store. . without substantial mitigation, the middle of january can be a really dark time for us. >> if we don't get the rate under control, we will have to go back to shutdown. >> president-elect biden is poised to introduce his new health team. >> we're assessing how many doses were ordered. what the timeline is for delivery, and what the current administration's plans are to deliver those doses. >> there's a summit happening on vaccines here today. pfizer and moderna will not be present at the event.
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>> the reason he's not talking about the pandemic, he's not interested in doing the job of president. >> this is "new day" with alisyn camerota and john bermmaan. >> this is "new day," it's tuesday, december 8th i believe. we begin with breaking news. this morning britain becomes the first western nation to begin inoculating people against coronavirus. a 90-year-old woman was the first to get the pfizer vaccine. back in the u.s., the u.s. will consider emergency use approval of the vaccine on thursday. states do not think they will receive enough doses to vaccinate top priority people. the "new york times" reports that the trump administration turned down an offer from pfizer to buy more doses. the administration says that is not true. as we wake up this morning,
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102,000 americans are in the hospital with coronavirus. that's a record. it's like the entire population of south bend, indiana in the hospital at once. an average of 2,200 americans dying every day. 2,200. for all that death and suffering, the outgoing president is consumed with just one person, himself. his energy, such as it is, is almost completely focused on throwing out the results of the election he lost. again, he's trying to undermine democracy to overturn an election in public as he holds maskless indoor events in small rooms in the white house. no public concern over a single life lost, but abundant whining about his own personal political loss. overnight, cnn confirmed that the president made multiple calls to the speaker of the house in pennsylvania about that state's election results. as far as we know, no calls to
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the family of the coronavirus victims, but masquerading as some kind of victim himself. this is not leadership. it's theater. deadly, undemocratic theater. breaking overnight, cnn confirms that president-elect joe biden will announce the nomination of retired army general lloyd austin to be his secretary of defense. that announcement could come as soon as today. we begin in the united kingdom. max foster live in cardiff, wales. >> i'm coming to you from over the border in wales where vaccinations started today. i can't tell you where i was this morning because they're keeping the vaccination secret concerned that people may turn up outside, queue up and try to get the vaccination. t there's not the same skepticism
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in this area as there are in other parts of the world. i saw front line health workers at the front of the queue for this vaccine. over the border in england, it was over 80s getting priority, including maggie, who made history today as a 90-year-old, the first person in the world to receive the pfizer vaccine outside of trial and here's her message for the world today. >> i say go for it. go for it. it's free. it's the best thing that's ever happened. so do, please go for it. that's all i can say, you know? if i can do it, so can you. >> coming in a close session to maggie was a gentleman, his name was william shakespeare, would you believe? what's in a name? >> i figured the third person will be james bond at the rate we're going. once people are vaccinated, what do they receive?
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>> they receive a card like this. it's just a card with details of the vaccine on it and when you received it. the reason it's getting quite a lot of attention is there's a debate here about whether or not this may be used as an immunization passport to give you access to places, to jobs, because you can go up to them and say i've been vaccinated, there's a huge political debate about that. there's something stealthy some people think is going on here. the government says there's not. i wanted to say to you something i noticed this morning, the vaccine doesn't come pre-prepared. you have to makes it on site as it arrives within hours, so actually the site here, they had to have a team of pharmacists in place, and they don't normally have to do that. it does show another level of the logistical challenge in getting this vaccine out. >> it is complicated. in the uk, it's just being administered in hospitals. that will change over time. it's quite a thing to see this
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actually happening now. people receiving the vaccine outside the test environment. such a milestone. thank you very much for your reporting. this morning 47 states in the u.s. are seeing coronavirus deaths rise. look at that map. everywhere in red on that map so you know is seeing an increase in deaths week to week, more than 10%. the deep red is higher than 50%. in massachusetts, hospitals are now scaling back elected procedures to handle the influx of patients. alexandra field is live at a hospital in wore chester that is now taking patients. >> hi, john. good morning. hospitals all across the country need relief right now. that's what's happening in massachusetts. they reopened a field hospital at a convention center that was used earlier in the pandemic. it's again accepting patients from all over the state in order to take pressure off of other hospitals. that as we see hospitalizations hit another record high across
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the country. >> a race against time in the united states as new dale lay cases of coronavirus surge straining in health systems. >> this is where death rates really skyrocket is when you start overwhelming icu staffs. they're exhausted already from the whole year. >> here in massachusetts, this field hospital in wore checeste already accepting patients. starting friday doctors will no longer perform any elective procedures that can be safely postponed within the state. across the u.s., over 102,000 people are hospitalized with the coronavirus. in california, as elsewhere, it's not only about finding hospital beds, but also having enough staff to care for the sick. >> the limiting factor, the most important factor here in caring for people who have the covid-19 disease are the nurses, the staff. that's what is short and that's
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what is different this time around than it was during our summer surge. >> reporter: michigan extending its restrictions on some businesses and gatherings for 12 days. >> right now 79% of all hospital beds are occupied. we cannot risk overwhelming our hospitals further. >> as the united states nears 200,000 new coronavirus cases per day, dr. anthony fauci warns that could increase in the weeks to come. >> the blip from thanksgiving is not even here yet, so we're getting those staggering numbers of new cases and hospitalizations before we even feel the full brunt of the thanksgiving holiday. >> in new york city, where almost 200,000 elementary students returned to in-person learning, the governor says indoor dining will be suspended across the state unless hospitalization rates stabilize. >> if we don't get the rate
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under control and you are going to overwhelm your hospitals we will have go back to shutdown. >> even with vaccines expected soon, health experts say now is not time to relax. >> while there is light at the end of the tunnel, the tunnel is not short. and if we do not double down now on the mass and the social distancing, we will continue to see transmission. >> officials in every state are working on their plans to distribute moderna and pfizer vaccines which will hopefully receive that fda emergency use authorization sometime later this week. meanwhile, health and human services secretary alex azar is assuring that tens of millions of americans will be vaccinated by inauguration day, january 20th. >> alex, thank you very much for that reporting. president trump will hold a summit today to try to tout the development of a vaccine, but representatives from pfizer and
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moderna are not planning to participate. cnn's joe johns is live at the white house with more. why is that? >> big event here at the white house. they're calling it a vaccine summit. we'll see some of the top officials in the united states government involved in rolling out the vaccines. some of the companies involved in it. we'll hear from some of the president's favorite governors, but it's also notable for who's not going to be here, that includes moderna as well as pfizer, the companies that created the vaccines. so why is that? the government says those companies are involved in the emergency use authorization process going on this week as a matter of fact, and it wouldn't look right, that's certainly true, but it's also true there is a report in the "new york times" today indicating that, in fact, these companies including pfizer, pfizer especially, did not give the government a bunch
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of this vaccine, a huge quantity of this vaccine because the government said it would not buy it. the government denies this report in the "new york times," but also says it wouldn't have been prudent to use government money on a vaccine that they didn't know at the time whether it would work or not. the president also is expected to sign an executive order today prioritizing vaccines for americans. this is part of his america-first initiative, not clear at all how he's going to accomplish that. no teeth in this executive order, but it does raise an important issue, and that is the question of whether there's going to be enough vaccine to go around given the demand across the world. the administration essentially saying there's nothing to worry about here, but as you know, the administration has said that before and it didn't always work out during the pandemic. back to you. >> joe, thank you for the
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becoming the first western nation to launch its vaccine program this morning, immunizing a 90-year-old woman who reports she feels great. dr. anthony fauci warns that the middle of january could be a really dark time for the united states. the first week of december has seen almost 16,000 deaths here in the u.s. more than 1 million new cases. joining us now is dr. peter hotez. great to see you. i'm curious about your take on
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the split screen here. so britain, vaccinating its first patients, and this morning, today, here in the u.s. senator ron johnson is holding this hearing with a doctor who is not an infectious disease specialist, i believe she's an internist. she's a skeptic of vaccines, but believes strongly in hydroxychloroquine, which the fda, as you know, retracted their emergency use authorization, and that's what she will be touting. >> yeah. it's quite a contrast. first of all, congratulations to the british people getting their first vaccines for covid-19. that's really exciting. this is what we're going to need ultimately to get our way out of this awful epidemic and the pandemic. on the united states side, the committee will be meeting december 10th on thursday. in a couple of days. hopefully the usfda can begin
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releasing vaccine through emergency use authorization a day or two after that. so maybe this weekend or early next week. it comes not a moment too soon because we're looking at reaching that same milestone tragically of 300,000 americans would have lost their lives in this epidemic next week. it's beyond heartbreaking. again, in the u.s. we still continue to court conspiracyi conspiracyists, the anti-vaccine movement. i think this person represents the aps, which is not the american medical association, i think it's a far-right political group of about 5,000 physicians, maybe other health care personnel that, you know, i have not heard of this group in a while. i remember in the past they were discrediting lyn ining links be and aids, saying aids was not caused by the hiv virus, linking
3:18 am
abortions to breast cancer. all sorts of crazy things. the point is u.s. congress has access to the world's greatest scientists. any one of the national academies, you know, including myself would be more than happy to come to washington to speak to congress. we would do it at our own expense. rather than tap someone from the national academies of medicine or national academies of science, they bring in conspiracy theory groups. it makes no sense. one of the stories of this epidemic is going to be that, yes, the coronavirus killed so far 300,000 americans, but it was enabled by anti-science groups that downplayed the severity of the epidemic, touted spectacular cures like hydroxychloroquine, which doesn't work, which tried to
3:19 am
attribute covid deaths to other causes so that people didn't believe this epidemic was real. they thought covid-19 was a hoax, especially in the middle part of the country where i am. it's ultimately death by covid-19 and death by anti-science. >> look, this doctor who is testifying today says there's no evidence that masks, lockdowns or social distancing work. i think this says much more about ron johnson and the republicans holding this hearing than it does about this fringe group. this tells you what ron johnson is thinking about it and where his head is here. the "new york times" was the first to report that the white house chose not to order more than 100 million doses of the pfizer vaccine when it had a chance over the summer. the white house disputes elements of this story, but basically they -- 100 million, they wanted an option to buy more later, but pfizer says we have orders in from other parts of the world, we cannot
3:20 am
accommodate more than the 100 million you ordered now. what do you make of this story? >> well, it makes sense in the sense that this technology is still brand-new. it's still not a mature technology in ability to scale up manufacturing. our vaccine, which is a much older technology in india with our collaborators in bio-e, they're producing 1.2 billion doses without breaking into a sweat. that's the advantages of the older technology. this is a new technology that can get to the clinic fast, but in terms of the ability to scale up, it's not as robust. we may have missed an opportunity there. we'll need at least four or five different vaccines in order to vaccinate most of the population of the united states or to reach that 60% to 80% threshold that we estimated is needed to
3:21 am
interrupt transmission of the virus. the first vaccines are a great start, but we'll need at least three or four other vaccines to add on top of those. >> joe johns was basically saying in his report that they felt it wouldn't be prudent to order more back in the summer before they knew if it would work. mind you, they did order 96 million hydroxychloroquine doses that they're now sitting on in the national stockpile. they spent millions of dollars on that. >> yeah, but it doesn't make any sense because, you know, the whole point of operation warp speed was to manufacture at risk. that was the term that government officials were always using. we'll scale up production of these vaccines without knowing if they work or not because if we have to wait until the end things will move too slowly. that was the whole reason for the warp speed part.
3:22 am
it's not the length of the -- it's not short-changing the clinical trials, it's manufacturing at risk. so by definition you knew you would have to purchase vaccines without knowing they would be effective. fortunately it's turned out both pfizer and moderna are. i think the others will be as well. so there's some piece missing to that story that i don't quite understand. >> dr. hotez, thank you very much for that information. >> thank you. president-elect joe biden will nominate the first black man to lead the defense department. we'll tell you about retired general lloyd austin next. service at the ready. at mercedes-benz, it's not just a job, it's our mission. from our expert technicians armed with state of the art tools and technology, to genuine parts made for the perfect fit.
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so i take garlique to help maintain healthy cholesterol safely and naturally. and it's odor free. i'm taking charge of my cholesterol with garlique. president-elect joe biden will nominate retired army general lloyd austin to be defense secretary. if confirmed austin would be the first black pentagon chief.
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cnn's jessica dean live in wilmington, delaware. this will be a historic nomination but there will be hurdles along the way. >> yes, there's a lot of things to unpack here, john. good morning to you. we're learning that president-elect joe biden will tap retired army general lloyd austin to become his next secretary of defense. austin was previously the commander of u.s. central command, as you mentioned if he is confirmed by the senate he would be the first black man to serve in this post. he's also going to need a waiver from congress because he's only been retired for four years. federal law states it has to be seven. these are rare, but they did issue one to james mad dttis dug the trump administration so that will have to work its way through congress and the senate. we're told biden reached out to austin over the weekend offering the job. he accepted. he had become the top contender last week. what it came down to, like so
3:28 am
many of president-elect joe biden's choices so far, is their relationship. biden, we're told, felt comfortable with him. trusted austin, and felt like they could work together very well. of course, that's a very important thing, relationships with joe biden in this case it turned out to be the same way. we are expecting a formal announcement of austin very soon. we're also told to expect more announcements throughout the week. so we expect to hear more economic picks as early as tomorrow. that could include the u.s. trade representative and commerce, more domestic cabinet picks by friday. as for attorney general, that's a big one that everyone is waiting on. that likely won't come until next week at the earliest. >> jessica dean, keep us posted. seems like we're learning much more every day. the pace is picking up. joining us now is cnn's political correspondent and errol lewis.
3:29 am
retired general lloyd austin, the first african-american leader of the pentagon. and joe biden filling out his cabinet in ways that could make history. but the austin pick comes time when there were people in the african-american community calling on more black nominations at the highest levels of the cabinet. your take? >> that's right. this is at least in part or should be viewed at least in part as a political response to some of the pressure that was coming from the head of the naacp and others who said that we helped take you over the top as far as winning the election on november 3rd. we now would like to see you acknowledge that by having top level picks in your cabinet who are african-american. this seems to be one of them. there is another historymaking aspect of it which is a nagging obstacle, which is the fact that
3:30 am
we don't have military leadership at the pentagon. we have civilian leadership at the pentagon. it's the law. it's policy. it makes sense. there's been problems in this country in the past when you have military and civilian leadership clashes over the direction of our military policy. that hearing that will have to be endured by congress, they'll have to ask some real questions about whether you want an on the ground commander running the whole military. we've run into problems in the past when we have done that before. >> margaret, this would require a waiver of the national security act because general austin is also recently -- only recently retired. i think 2016. why do you think biden did go in that direction? >> i think the reporting is accurate that he did have real personal comfort level with him from their mutual work during the obama administration. specifically on iraq policy. other than austin, this selection process was believed
3:31 am
to have come down to two other officials, michelle fornoy and jay johnson. i believe we can expect in this case a couple of things. one is this debate over waivers. the other will be a re-litigation of the obama's administration policies towards isis and iraq policy, which is something that republicans will want to bring up. he can expect a rigorous confirmation. another piece of this is going to be that while he's regarded as very smart, thoughtful, he's not regarded as someone with a tremendous amount of political expertise or comfort level in the public spotlight or as a public figure. so, you know, he has not always crushed every congressional hearing that he's participated in. and i think he's going to be put through the paces here. this is president-elect biden's choice.
3:32 am
it was a thoroughly thought through choice. now they're preparing for what could be, you know, one of the big first major tests of his ability to get nominees through the senate. >> coming up in a bit, we'll talk to retired general mark hurtling who was in his westpoint class. errol, the president said something which was not comedy but it's high on the unintentional come by scale saturday night at his rally in georgia about how hard he has been working. listen. >> i thought we could easily win. maybe for the first time in a long time i'd go take a nice little vacation for about two days and then we'd go back and instead i probably worked harder in the last three weeks than i have in my life. >> he worked harder in the last three weeks than he has worked harder in his life. this as we average 2,200 deaths
3:33 am
a day because of coronavirus and as far as we can tell has done nothing to address that. has done nothing to promote mask wearing. he held an event indoors at the white house yesterday in a small room unmasked. if anything, he's promoting bad practices that spread coronavirus. the only thing he seems to be working on, errol, there's the pictures from inside, nary a mask from inside this tiny room from the white house which we know is a hotbed of infection. he's working to overturn the election in public, throw out democratic votes. on the phone with republican leadership in various states exploring the different possible avenues for undermining democracy. >> yeah. these are two elements of the trump style that we have grown to see over the years. one is that trump is for trump. the president called himself at one point a war time president saying he would make war on the coronavirus. if that's the case, he clearly
3:34 am
has been absent without leave. he's been awol. he works for himself far more than the public good. that's why he lost the election. people sense that. he's not doing what he's supposed to do. so it's perfectly in character to see that over the last few weeks he's been working full time for himself, for his own interest, trying to throw out the election. it's not going to work. this is what we -- this was on the ballot on november 3rd. this is what people i think saw and it's why they said we have got to have a change. we have tens of thousands of people who are at deadly risk right now, you have a president who is at best indifferent, and at worse making things worse by making the white house into a superspreader site. it's quite remarkable. it should be over in under 50 days at this point, but it can't come soon enough from the standpoint of actually getting somebody and a team in place that will fight against this deadly virus. >> in fairness, he's also been
3:35 am
working on his golf swing, you know? we have seen him a lot doing that. >> you're right. >> he is also calling -- back to the other thing he's working on, overturning the election, he's calling these local state election officials and trying to apply pressure to them. even if he is not overtly asking them to overturn the results and subvert democracy, he's putting them in a horrible position. the pennsylvania house speaker had to put out a statement about a phone call this weekend because the reporting was that he was -- that president trump was applying pressure for the president of the house to -- the speaker of the house to overturn the results in pennsylvania. so the statement is trump never pressured pennsylvania house speaker brian cutler to overturn the results or seat rival electors. the conversations were briefings on changes our state supreme
3:36 am
court made to the state election law, the impact of those interventions and what steps are being taken now to challenge those changes. okay. that sounds like pressure about the election. >> yeah. there's a reason you don't see a statement like that from every outgoing president every time there's an election because this doesn't happen. but, look, the electoral calendar, the realities of the way elections happen in the united states is slowly but surely catching up to reality here. today is called the safe harbor deadline for states that have certified their results to make sure that congress counts those electors that way, the way the voters will was expressed. almost every state has now completed that process. there is like one asterisk on this which is an effort -- one effort out of pennsylvania to get the supreme court to throw out the certification. people don't believe that that is going to happen. the and so -- and georgia, as you know, joined kind of the movement towards this by doing
3:37 am
their third -- number three, third official count of results yesterday. so these doors are closing bit by bit. the process is moving forward. the electoral college does its thing. it's supposed to do its thing in six days from now. but it's just going to be an ugly drawn out process day by day until we get there. >> watch senior republicans to see how they behave over the next six days. watch and see if mitch mcconnell stands up for democracy and says he will abide by the votes of the electors. we know ted cruz said he will fight this. jim jordan wants to fight this on the floor of the house in january, which won't work. let's see what mitch mcconnell has to say about this. great to have you both on. >> thank you. cnn has an exclusive look inside crumbling hospitals where doctors say a government is covering up the true extent of the coronavirus pandemic. that's next. margaret your dell technologies advisor to listen, is to hear more than what's being said... and offer the answers that make someone feel truly heard.
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britain becoming the first western country to vaccinate people this morning. the first patient was 90-year-old margaret keenan of
3:42 am
northern ireland. while this offers hope the situation is far more desperate in other parts of the world. in venezuela, doctors tell cnn the numbers of coronavirus cases are a lot higher than the government admits and people are staying away from the crumbling hospitals fearing they won't make it out alive. isa soares received exclusive access to two of venezuela's hospitals where power and water is intermittent and medical supplies are scarce. >> reporter: doctors here tell me that venezuela is entering the second wave of covid-19 and doctors simply do not trust the numbers. there's a reason for that. there's only three government controlled labs in the country. what the doctors are telling me is that if the government control the labs, they control the numbers. if they control the numbers, critically they control the narrative. we wanted a sense of what was happening behind closed doors, what was happening in these public hospitals and whether they were buckling under the weight of covid-19 and what we
3:43 am
found is really a health care system on its knees. >> reporter: at this public hospital in caracas, remnants of this once wealthy nation lie strewn on the dirt floor. its shackle wards showing what the venezuela government doesn't want us to see. here covid-19 has unmasked venezuela's open wounds, and practically every floor of the hospital is empty, tells me this hospital worker who prefers to remain anonymous. it's a risk only a few dare to take. this is the covid-19 ward. only this part of it is functional. the rest is completely run down after years of mismanagement, so it's no surprise many would rather face the pandemic outside
3:44 am
these walls, choosing instead their homes over these decrepit rooms where darkness has literally taken over. >> this is the intensive neonatal ward, and the reason i'm holding up this light right here is because there is no electricity in this hospital. have a look around. bare bones. and what i have been told by doctors around caracas and outside of caracas, that this is the situation day in, day out. even in the morgue, death comes with shortages, there's no pathologist here, and with intermittent electricity, the stench is unbearable. imagine having to face a pandemic in these conditions. it's why doctors like gustavo are no longer afraid to speak up out. i have friends. they have been criminally charged. why? for protesting the conditions in
3:45 am
which they've been forced to practice. so he doesn't hold back. in venezuela, he tells me, there are only as many as recognized covid cases as the regime wants. with testing limited to three government controlled labs, it's impossible to paint an accurate picture. with regards to covid, he says, we don't know where we are. the government, however, claims the pandemic is under control, saying its strategy has worked. a government minder shows us inside a hotel where suspected infected patients are kept in quarantine for up to 21 days. it's a lockdown strategy employed by china, which is the government of nicolas maduro has been keen to extol. venezuelans have shown an immunity to the virus, says this doctor, towing the government line. the families of those who have died on the front lines may see it differently. 272 health care workers have
3:46 am
lost their lives in venezuela as of november 30th. at hospital vargas in caracas, you can see why -- they are overworked and underprotected. it's one nurse for this whole area here. this is evident all around. and as i walk this ward, i stop to speak to a patient's daughter. she tells me her frail 69-year-old father is here because of malnourishment, the same state-imposed malady we've seen across venezuela. his immune system is compromised, yet he shares this ward with a covid patient. his daughter tells me he needs iron supplements that the hospital simply doesn't have. look at this.
3:47 am
this is what they have to work with here, nurses and doctors, syringes, it's astounding. they've got nothing. there's a vast emptiness all around, and a sense of disillusionment and surrender. painful no doubt for those who saw this once oil-rich country as one of the wealthiest of north america, now teetering on the brink of survival. cnn reached out to the venezuelan government to comment for the comments we have seen in that report. to date, we have not heard anything. >> thank you very much for that glimpse into those deplorable conditions. here, police in florida raiding the home of a fired data scientist who accused state officials of covering up the extent of the pandemic. the raid was captured on tape. we have all the details next. kids, what do you want for lunch? pizza. tacos. pizza!
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developing overnight, a former coronavirus data scientist is speaking out to cnn after state police in florida
3:52 am
raided her home. rebekah jones was fired back in may. she has accused florida officials of trying to cover up the extent of the coronavirus pandemic, now they're investigating whether she accessed a state government messaging system without approval to urge employees to speak out about coronavirus deaths. jones posted video of this police raid on social media. >> there are children in here! what the [ bleep ]. >> open the door! >> they have a gun out! they have a gun out! i'm trying. stop grabbing the doorknob. >> open it now. come outside. >> who else is in the house? >> my two children and my husband. >> calm down. >> police, come down now! >> search warrant, come down the stairs! >> my children! he just pointed a gun at my children! >> jones tells cnn she believes the raid was orchestrated by
3:53 am
florida governor ron desantis who she publicly accused of mishandling the pandemic. >> this is just a very thinly vail veiled attempt to get back at staff who he has been fryari if left and right. >> jones says she lost access to her government computer accounts after she was fired. chuck yeager, a historymaking pilot died. yeager, a world war ii fighter ace became the first person to break the sound barrier in 1947. decades later his legend was commented shanks to the book and movie "the right stuff" which told of his exploits. nasa's administrator said yeager's death is a tremendous loss for the nation. chuck yeager was 97 years old. >> what a pioneer. >> what a life. >> yeah. >> 97, i think that is impressive on every level. britain administering the
3:54 am
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for you, for the whole family. trusted soothing vapors, from vicks so, the '72 dolphins safe once again. the pittsburgh steelers run as the only unbeaten team is over. it was washington that did it of all teams. >> yeah. it was a surprise comeback. the steelers looked like they were on their way to 12-0, but they blew their second largest home lead in franchise history. pittsburgh was up by 14 at halftime. that's when alex smith started to lead the comeback. smith going deep for cam simms. he had all in a one-handed catch
3:59 am
for 29 yards. that grab would set up washington's go-ahead field goal in the fourth. the steelers had a chance to retake the lead with two minutes remaining, but ben roethlisberger had his pass tipped at the line. it's intercepted. washington wins 23-17. it's their first victory against the steelers since 1991. the niners hosting the bills in their home away from home. josh allen dominated this one. four touchdown passes. bills win 34-24. first victory for them on monday night football since 1999. finally the jets firing defensive coordinator greg williams yesterday, instead of guarding the goal lines with five seconds left, williams called an all-out blitz in one-on-one coverage that allowed the raiders to score the game-winning touchdown. at the end of the day it's good for the jets, because they're in
4:00 am
line for the pick and can get trevor lawrence, but just a bizarre play call. >> i don't think the jets are very called. as for the undefeated miami dolphins. miami has "miami vice" and the '72 dolphins. andy scholes, thank you very much. "new day" continues right now. this surge is different. it's about health care capacity. >> joe biden announcing his health experts who will drive the fight against the coronavirus. >> he will have to get the ground running. >> this president gummed up the transition. >> the advisory board are hopeful that we will not run into a issue regarding a shortage. >> the "new york times" reported that the white house offered to sell the white house more doses of the vaccine over the summer but the white house passed up on that offer. >> it would be so tragic if lis


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