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tv   The Electoral College Vote CNN Special Coverage  CNN  December 14, 2020 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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election. today president-elect joe biden will reach the key threshold of 270 electoral votes. president donald trump has been pressuring states to ignore the will of american voters. any moment now, new results will come in, and we'll bring it to you live. electors will cast ballots in colorado, district of columbia, maine, michigan, florida, idaho, north dakota, utah, west virginia and wyoming. joe biden now how 156 electors who voted for him, 106 for president trump. let's walk over to the magic wall. john king is watching all of this for us. i want to look ahead a bit. what we can expect this hour and in the next few hours as history unfolds. >> a couple interests states as we go through this ritual. it's in the constitution, often ignored, but just to reaffirm a
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joe biden victory. number two, to watch this history, and number three, just to rebut, if you need a rebuttal, the things in a the president trump is saying are false, that he won the election. he did not. by 5:00 tonight on the east coast, when california puts joe biden over the top official lip. this is not the only affirmation, but another affirmation that the elects was conducted quite well and joe biden is the winner. in the 2:00 hour, ten states plus the district of columbia, if you're looking for sort of the highlights. the president will get 29 votes in florida. remember joe biden thought he could make a play in florida. there was this was just a contested tough election. michigan, remember, we've talked about this. this is the third of the so-called blue wall. michigan will reaffirm essentially what joe biden said, i'm the blue-collar democrats who can flip those three states,
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critical to plump in 2016, win those back. 16 in michigan, 20 in pennsylvania, 10 in wisconsin, absolutely critical to the biden presidency. some of the quirks of the electoral college, two states, maine and nebraska, allocate their votes by the winner of congressional districts, so it's three for joe biden and one for president trump. maine comes up a bit later. we're having a sinks lesson today, learning about the quirks with maine and nebraska. most of all, we're watching this process play out. sometimes they sign a piece of paper, because they get sent to different locations. by the end of the day, that math there, 306 for joe biden, 232 for donald trump. again, this is a celebration of democracy, affirmation of the election. does it get as much attention
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most four years? because the president has recklessly attacked the system, again today, it's refreshing to see the system hold up. >> no faithless electors. sometimes there are, one, two or three, not a big deal, but so far everything is smooth. >> that is the count on your wall here. you with caulk in with us. 156-106 is where we have now. we have no doubt what will be the end. might it be one or two off? it could be. donald trump had 306 back in 2016, he with 304, because a couple electors decided, forget it. we're not expecting that this year. some states prohibit it, but it is possible one of the biden otrump electors will decide, gets some attention, make a statement, but no doubt joe biden is already the president-elect, will be reaffirmed by the electors.
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it's possible to get a faithless e elector, so i think we're likely to get this, but that's why we're here. >> history unfolding. jake, back to you. >> wolf, just some trivia for you. three of hillary clinton's faithless electors in 2016 actually voted for former secretary of state, retired general colin powell. on colin powell actually came in a distant third. but we don't anticipate that will happen this time. we're watching democracy behind the scenes. it's unprecedented as president trump refuses to accept the will of the american people and admit he lost, and he's trying to undermine democracy. let's check in with dianne gallagher in lansing, michigan. dianne? >> reporter: things just beginning to kick off inside the
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capitol building here in michigan, at 2:00 p.m. beginning. because things have been so sense leading up into a more hidden door at the capital with escorts, with police on foot, and on bicycle, as well as governor gretchen whitmer as this electoral college are expected to go to joe biden. now, look, the reason we're not inside and a whole lot of mu colleagues are, is because they want nobody can be in the capitol for security purpose. last night an e-mail went out to senate and house staffers, saying you can't cup to your offices today because of a, quote, credible threat of violence? in the hours today, there's been a republican members of the
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state house removed from his committees for refusing to say there would be no violence at protests he was helping to coordinate today. there's also been now the rpg speaker of the house sort of pour water on some who can't accept that president trump lost in michigan, that this could have a slate of republican electors come in and vote for donald trump instead. the speaker of the michigan house, again saying that's not going to happen. i believe this is a republic, if we had can keep it, and i intend to do so. rosa flores is in hall htallaha florida. >> reporter: our legislature joined us in this priority -- ensure -- >> i can take it, jake. >> rosa flores, please come in.
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>> reporter: hey, jake, i'm not sure if we have the live pictures, but i'm looking at them here now. the electors are meeting now in the senate chambers that you see behind me. you can see that there are individually seated, this is senate chambers, where senator would normally be seated. of course, that's because of the social distancing. now, i have heard from multiple electors who say they're not expecting any, quote, shenanigans or drama here in the state of florida. they are expecting all of the 29 electors here to vote for president donald trump. they described all the electors they selected as pro-touch republicans. of course, we know that president trump took the state of florida. that's what we're expecting to see here today. as you look at the senate floor, you can see there are a few things that are a little different because of covid-19.
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all of the electors had to be tested before going into chambers. i was told by electors they were not allowed to bring a guest, which is custom, which is supposed to be the way that it is. but if you look at the video offedof ed of the electors, you'll find governor desantis. what stands out to me, jake, he appears to be there with one of his children, which is what we were told was not supposed to happen because of covid. none of the electors were allowed to bring guests, which is usual, but because of covid-19 they were not allowed to bring anyone along. i talked to several electors who said they were disappointed, because they wanted to bring either a son or a daughter with them to have that experience. now, i can tell you that some of these electors are pro-trump republicans, hard-core
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republicans as they were described to me. one of them will probably be a familiar face, as you look through that room. the name is max i mo alvarez. you may remember his emotional speech speech s. >> rosa flores, thank you very much. it's interesting also, one of the response to say that crazy texas lawsuit, which tried to take away the electoral votes from michigan, wish wish, pennsylvania and georgia, came from the outgoing democratic governor of montana, who said we have early voting, too. we put into place all sorts of new measures because of covid, but for some reason you're not
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suing us, even though we did the same thing, in response to the covid pandemic. i guess that's probably because donald trump won montana. >> yeah, exactly. in montana, in places like north carolina, north carolina they extended the deadline where you could accept absentee ballots by nine days. nine days in that state. president trump won that state. we don't hear any complaints or efforts to try to overturn the results of that election. they made those changes because of the coronavirus pandemic. this is not about logic anymore. this is about the president wanting to say he has won. he is obviously not going to be able to do that, but i think that the idea that any element of this has a basis in fact has been long since thrown out the window. you know, 50 or 60 court cases ago, it's been thrown out. >> one of the things going on today, as we're watching this
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history, is the coronavirus pandemic and the first vaccines being administered to americans outside of the clinical trials. this is new york city, this is nyu langone health care center, and we're watches people get the covid vaccine from p pfizer/biontech. there's the like at the end of the tunnel, and something to watch. dana? >> we are talking earlier about the poetry, perhaps, symbolism of the fact that we're watches this remarkable moment of health care workers, the first recipients of this vaccine that was produced in warp speed.
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that is happening on the same day that a new chapter in politics and in government is beginning in an official, constitutional way with the electoral college happening. the split screen is quite interesting, and -- >> that's exciting. >> that's exciting. >> obviously we still have tough months to get through when it comes to the pandemic. there's mayor bill de blasio, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. >> there is. >> we have to husker down for a few months, so maybe the late spring, early summer should be closer to normal. >> if i canould just add, the ft we are here before the end of 2020, the end of this horrific
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year because of the pandemic, it is really remarkable. the fact that these health care workers, who are eager to show the world that they are getting it in order to make it normal and to make people feel safe about it is really, really important. >> yeah. it's such a great day for science, you know? and it's a great day for facts. i think that, you know, as you were just saying, the symbolism of these things happening on the same day is really important. science is what brought us here. researchers in the lab every single day working to find a cure, working to find a vaccine, this is the product of that. i think a lot of the same people who said you should wear a mask, take a vaccine, are the same people living in fantasy island about this election that we're also discussing today. but i think we have to redirect
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people. these are kind of parallel universes. it's facts and science, that's where we should be living, not in a fantasyland where you can do whatever you want, we have superspreader events and not be responsible, not wear a mask. we have good progress being made on the coronavirus, because we trust in science and facts. i think our democracy is going to survive today and in the days after because of the facts and because of the fact that people are also doing the right thing, stand i about the the constitution that has laid out the process by which this is all supposed to happen. >> and why i think that president trump deserved credit for operation warp speed and announcing the program that's helped bring the vaccine, we can't escape the fact that president trump has been on the other side when it comes to facts and the pandemic, downplaying it, making fun of
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mask wearing s. putting forth b b bogus also facts, and it's important to adhere to the facts, whether it's the election, or the pandemic. >> facts first. let's check in with alabama right now. they have just made their decision, nine electoral votes. we know where they went. watch this. >> based on the votes -- the results are as as follows -- for president donald jump transfer, nine political votes. for vice president pence, nine electoral votes. >> nine votes going to president trump in alabama. let's check in on louisiana. eight electoral votes there, also going to president trump. watch this.
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>> representative, the first congressional district proudly casts hi vote for presidedonald. we're awaiting several key states that were battleground states, but michigan is one of the states we're awaiting. >> they'll probably remain battleground states. i fee future presidential contests where we'll spend time in two states casting their electoral votes this hour. michigan is one of those states, the so-called blue wall that donald trump busted there in 2016. you have those three states -- pennsylvania, michigan and wisconsin -- michigan is the one that came back strongest to the democratic side. joe biden won michigan by more than 140,000 votes, i think. of those three states, certainly the widest vote margin that joe
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biden had in those states in his mission of rebuilding that blue wall. governor gretchen whitmer was one of the joe biden's contenders for his vice presidential slot. as you know, has been battling all year long, as it comes to the pandemic, with donald trump and his white house. >> hold on for a moment. let's listen in. >> 5.5 million people from all walks of life, from all 83 counties of our state, republicans and democrats and independents, cast their vote this past november. michigan has chosen a clear winner for the office of president of the united states, and for every elected office up and down that ballot. the people have spoken. it was a safe, fair and secure election. it was the kind of election our founding fathers envisioned when they created this democracy and built this country.
11:18 am
after today, the results will be final. it's time to move forward together, as one united states of america. now is the time for us to put this election behind us. over the weekend, the first shipments of the fda-approved pfizer vaccine left portage, michigan. [ applause ] >> right here, in a state built on innovation and grit, the safe and effect i have covid vaccine is being manufactured by michigan workers at a michigan business, to save the lives of americans everywhere. our state is at the center of the world right now, in a good way, and fedex and u.p.s. came
11:19 am
together to help distribute this life-saving vaccine, putting aside their competitive nature for the common good. if they can do it, i think republicans and democrats can do it, too. no matter your party, no matter who you cast your ballot for, we all have a personal stake in defeating and eradicating this virus together, so we must stay smart, we must mask up, and we must get to work. but at this juncture, we have a bit more work to do right here. sass such, nominations are now in order for the office of chairperson of the 2020 presidential electoral college. i'm going to recognize chueck bro -- chuck brown for a nomination.
11:20 am
>> david chalian, governor whitmer, several of them have faced death threats because they were simply doing what they were supposed to do, honor democracy in the state of michigan. >> yes. these threats -- there are the threats they're facing today in terms of the actual location, where this is taking place, at the statehouse, but also, wolf, remember that gretchen whitmer has faced threats before, a kidnapping operation that there are pending charges against people. you remember when donald trump tweeted back in the swing, liberate michigan, part of the pushback gets her stay-at-home order at the beginning of the spread of the coronavirus. thee been in the crosshairs she may be the best example of
11:21 am
houses askew things have become from the norm. she's faced the trump-supported anger seen across the country. she's faced it here again, and now presiding over this constitutional process to duly award the 16 electoral votes to joe biden and kamala harris, because they won the state, soundly, against donald trump, again with no evidence of any kind of fraud despite what we heard from the trump campaign. >> i would also like to appoint -- >> we're going to continue to monitor what's going on in two key states. we'll watch it unfold from lansing to tallahassee. we'll take a quick break. much more of our special coverage, right after this.
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showing you some live pictures of what's going on in florida right now. they just determined 9 winner in florida just moments ago, 29 electoral votes in florida. watch this. >> the ballots from florida's 29 presidential electors have been counted and verified. let the report reflect that
11:27 am
donald j. trump received 29 electoral votes. >> they also just concluded in utah. watch this. >> announce -- six electoral votes for donald j. trump. >> utah's six electoral votes for president trump. also moments ago in new mexico, watch this. >> mr. chair, madam secretary, vice president, five votes for president-elect joe biden and vice president-elect kamala harris. thank you very much. >> thank you, madam secretary. we now have the certificate to vote. new mexico and its five electoral votes. john, things are moving along
11:28 am
very much as expected. >> they are very much as expected. it's interesting to go from state capitol to state capitol. some are formal, some more amateur video, but that's part of different states do different things. again, to the idea, as we watch this play out, this is a state that president trump won. let's come out of the electoral map for a minute. he won quite convincingly. as we go through the states, including the states president trump won, it's a reminder there's no widespread fraud. the president deserves credit for this. there were polls that showed joe biden ahead in florida. and the president papercampaign hard, and they won the state. he's going to get his, too.
11:29 am
he'll end up with the states he won fair and square, including florida, including in north carolina, a place the biden campaign competed very hard against him. so as we count the votes to reaffirm joe biden, but it's also important to point out the trump votes. that's why they call them battleground states. that's why in the end there just is no doubt and today is just an affirmation, you were just showing michigan, 16 here. they went for president trump four years ago. they went for joe biden this time, fair and square. for all this talk, you hear of  the trump campaign, widespread fraud. joe biden won michigan by 151,000-plus votes, 151,000-plus votes. if you go back in time to to 16, donald trump won it by 10,000 and change. 10,704 votes. hillary clinton did not scream fraud when you had a very close
11:30 am
election in michigan. she did not. president trump somehow trying to suggest joe biden winning by 154,000 votes. what are you seeing in lansing, in all these other state capitals around the country, election officials, people from both parties to come together to do their job. yes, 7 million-plus popular vote edge, but today is about this, wolf. 232 for donald trump. >> you're absolutely right. john. stand by. we're following two major historic moments here in the united states. we're following the electoral college vote very, very significant, formally confirming what we all know, joe biden will be the next president of the united states. and we're following the start of vaccines. vaccinations here in the united states. these are important moments in american history. stay with us. advanced non-small cell lung cancer can take away so much.
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welcome back to the cnn special event, the electoral college votes. moments ago, the electoral college in minnesota just cast their ten electoral votes. watch this. >> members, the results of the ballots show ten votes for president, for joseph r. biden, and ten votes for vice president for kamala harris. jake, let's get back to you. >> wolf, thanks so much. you're looking at live pictures from the state of michigan. that state is getting ready to make its electoral votes official. so, secretary of state benson, it was a long road to get to
11:36 am
where we are now. tell us how you are feeling right now? >> it's a great day for democracy. every step of the way along that long road, democracy has won the day form the voters have ruled the day. their voice has been herd, so today is that final reflection and affirmation of the will of the people here in michigan and throughout the country. it's a celebration of the foundation of our republic and democracy that makes this great. >> as you know, this vote is happening until some dangerous circumstances. senate and house buildings had to close down because of security threats. in arizona they had to basically do it secretly. i guess, two questions for you. it's not the first time that there have been threats in your state during this contentious season i'm wondering if that
11:37 am
played a role. >> certainty, rhetoric particularly from leaders, can lead to violent actions by followers. so we have seen a reflection of that here in our state, but we have stayed environment eed vig. people in michigan can have faith that the process was fair and accurate and we'll continue to protect their voices and votes, despite what we have seen as an escalation of these threats in recent weeks. >> you had to deal with armed protesters outside your home last week, and electors are facing threats as well. what is it like, from your perspective inside this process,
11:38 am
as you and the people on the screen are carrying out this important constitutional duty until the threat of violence? and the great pride that actually -- also to absorb -- for people who voted before, and so you try to recognize those voices elsewhere that want to be heard and ensure that we're continuing to investigate evidence of fraud when presented, and we do our jobs, and stay focused. even amid challenging times
11:39 am
personally. >> and -- for trump as the president and some of the his allies wanting him to. does that give you confidence, with these votes, that is process is truly over? >> well, i did reach out to the speaker and thank him for his words and actions today, upholding the will of the voters and the democratic process. i'm hopeful we'll continue to move forward, and looking forward to improve our elections and ensure that everyone has that rightly placed faith in our democracy here in michigan and across the country. i'm willing to do that and hopefully our laterers will do that as well to confirm our democracy and the protection of the american people and get past this moment we're in of deep
11:40 am
division and come out of it stronger, with a clear sense. >> it's nice to hear you talk about a hopeful moment given when we're talking about threats of violence. you obviously have had to deal with an election during a global pandemic, but you do feel that once this is all past us, there will be a sense of normalcy? normal partisan differences, not the kind of denial of facts that we're seeing now? >> well, i hope that's the case. it certainly should be the case. even along the way, the truth has been the same. our elections are secure. the results of the election have been affirmed. the count is accurate. the security of the elections has been affirmed both by the attorney general of the united states and many others around
11:41 am
the state and t9 country. i hope to work from that same set of facts, and let's face it, that's the work the american people -- so i'm hopeful, and determined to move in that way, yet we also have to recognize the deep division that has occurred. so that people can feel affirmed. >> it's rather gusting that the threats are happening, but we appreciate your courage and your professionalism. wolf? all right. thanks very much. moments ago in charleston, west virginia, they cast their votes for the president of the united states, and the vice president of the united states, west virginia's five electoral votes went for president trump. watch this.
11:42 am
>> this goes the electoral college ballot. >> elector for the state of west virginia, cast may vote for donald jurks trump and michael r. pence for vice president of the united states. i will now sign as secretary of state. and in colorado right now, voters in that state chose president-elect joe biden, and now electors, and they also chose vice president elect kamala harris. watch this. >> colorado cast its nine electoral votes for joseph biden and kamala harris to be president and vice president for the united states of america.
11:43 am
they voted overwhelmingly for the president of joe biden. watch this. >> you have witnessed the three electoral college for joseph r. biden for president of the united states and three electoral votes from the district of columbia for kamala harris for vice president of the united states. they won that state and its four electoral votes. let's listen in third ballot is for donald j. trump as president, and the fourth ballot is for donald j. trump. >> idaho, its four electoral
11:44 am
votes going for president trump. we're following everything, but we're also following another major, major historic moment, the new coronavirus vaccine. jake, back to you. >> that's right, wolf. we are expecting soon a press conference from health and human services secretary alex azar and surgeon general jerome adams. they're speaking alongside faculty and administrators at gw medical hospital. as part of the ceremonial covid vaccine kickoff event, let's bring in sanjay gupta if we can. obviously we're still in the thick of the pandemic, really there is a light at the end of the tunnel. >> yeah, very much it feels that way.
11:45 am
i think it's sort of the contrasting sort of images. you've got the real, i think, honest hope of the vaccine that is becoming increasingly clear, and we're seeing people get the vaccine, we've seen health care workers in these places working so hard for so many months to get the vaccine. it's already being rolled out in some places to long-term care facilities. you also have the numbers that people have been seeing on the right side of the screen for the last several months, which will continue go to go up, jake. almost no matter what. the vaccine will make a big difference, but it takes some time for that to make a difference. we've been talking about this for so many months, but masks are almost more surgical. simpler, but more surgical in terms of the impact they could have right away.
11:46 am
not to take away from the excitement of this day, but hopefully, as people see that hope, they redouble their efforts so we can get over the finish line. >> important for people to remember, what we've been told is that it knock lace you from getting sick with covid-19, but it does not prevent you from having and being ability to infect others if you do have covid-19 until there's some maximum level reached in the united states, 65%, 70% in the united states vaccinated, it's not safe for everyone else for you to not wear a mask, even if you've been vaccinated. even after you get the vaccine, is it possible you can still get it and carry the virus?
11:47 am
the answer is yes. they don't know if it prevents infection. what they studied as part of this trial, they wanted to prove as far as the emergency use authorization, it can prevent people from getting six. that doesn't necessarily mean, jake, as they get more and more data, start to study more people, do surveillance testing, eastern antibody tests, that even if it doesn't prevent infection, it lowers the amount of virus so low that you're not transmitting as well? we don't know. that well could be the case, but you're absolutely right, this is a vaccine that can help prevent you from getting ill, which is critically important, but if you also want to keep transmitting it to others, we still have to wear a mask, vaccine or not. >> sanjay, we're seeing a lot of these sermonceremonial injectio
11:48 am
which is amazing to watch. do you think there's any value to see official getting this vaccine sooner or later? is that something that should be front-loaded, so to pet, in the interest of showing americans that the vaccine is safe, you ought to take it, because the highest levels of our government are taking it, too? >> i do, abby. this has been a ethical discussion, and i think there is value. in some ways, president trump getting the vaccine could be actually beneficial, because there's a lot of people -- there's been a lot of vaccine hesitancy among people who have also followed president trump, interestingly, but also black americans, if you look at overall vaccine acceptance rates, it's close to 60%, but lower for black americans,
11:49 am
closer to 53%. if you see health care workers, people who have cast ascientific eye toward this, have evaluated the vaccine on its merits, are making the decision for themselves and their families, i think that goes a long way. even going back to 2009, they did a lot of surveys, and found that people trusted their own health care worker, their doctor and nurse, more than anyone else in the equation. and sanjay, it's nice to see you smile when you think about the science we're watching right now as opposed to the bitter medicine you've had to deliver to us for so many months. but let's look forward. because what we're seeing today is the beginning, obviously. how do you feel about the plans because it is going to be a state-run situation? do you feel confident that
11:50 am
states across the country have what they need and have the plans in place so that the population that needs this will get it? >> you know, that's a really good question, dana. i think it's going to feel bumpy for people. i think in part because you have these moments in time and people immediately think, well, i should be able to get this tomorrow. that's the society in which we're used to living. so you're going to hear that it's not available for you yet, in fact, it may be months, and it's going to feel like a long time, especially after a day like today where you see people getting shots. also, you know, because it is state-run, states are going to have their own triage programs. one state can be very different than even a neighboring state. you may qualify near the front of the line in one state but not in another state, and, you know, that may feel a little disjointed as well. also given the fact that we're manufacturing and distributing almost as quickly as they manufacture, you may have these periods of time where the surge
11:51 am
demand can't be met. you know, they may not have manufactured as quickly or there may have been a quality control that was missed and it may slow things down. all that is to say the distribution and logistical challenges, we're going to see the potential pitfalls of that. i don't think it makes the vaccine any less safe or any less effective, obviously, but it may just feel like a slower rollout than i think a lot of people would like. >> okay, sanjay, we'll bring you back and talk to you in a couple minutes. wolf, back to you. >> thank you very much. michigan a key, key battleground state. 16 electoral college votes. they just decided what they're going to do. watch this. >> sergeant, has the tally been completed? >> yes, lieutenant governor. the electors have unanimously cast 16 votes for joseph r. biden.
11:52 am
[ applause ] >> there you have it, formal, the official announcement. michigan, a key battleground state, going for biden and kamala harris. john king, we can't overstress how important these three bal t ballot-run states were, pennsylvania, michigan and wisconsin. >> and, wolf, so you just saw michigan, pennsylvania, and wisconsin went earlier in the day. it's been a while since i've gotten to do this, but that was the reason. that was the reason on day one when joe biden announced for the democratic nomination at a time when there was a great deal of skepticism. was he the right man for the party at this moment to go up against donald trump? what did he say, i can win pennsylvania, michigan and wisconsin. i can peel away the blue wall that donald trump put up in 2016. he did it and you just had the affirmation with the state of michigan that, in fact, mission accomplished for joe biden. again, 16 in michigan now. we're going through this ritual. it's an affirmation. there is no doubt for the count
11:53 am
today. joe biden is official. it will be more evident as these ele electors vote. wolf, just a quick reminder when you come out, in michigan it was not close. stand by, we're going to take a quick break. we have live pictures coming in from george washington university hospital in washingt washington, d.c. covid-19 is being administered. a lot of americans will be getting in vaccine. this is a significant moment right now. let's let it breathe for a second. watch this. >> all right, barbara, nice, deep breath. one, two, three, a little poke. and all done. >> did it hurt, barbara? >> not at all. >> all right! first one. [ applause ] >> very, very nice. this is going to be happening not only in the george
11:54 am
washington university hospital but all around the united states. it all starts today. it's going to continue for months. very, very significant moment. we'll watch this, we'll watch what's happening in the electoral college. much more of our special coverage right after this. between ideas and inspiration, trauma and treatment. gained a couple of more pounds. that's good for the babies. between the moments that make us who we are, and keeping them safe, private and secure, there's webex. ♪ ♪ beautiful. finding the right words can be tough.n it comes to autism, finding understanding doesn't have to be. together, we can create a kinder, more inclusive world
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welcome to our viewers here in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer in the cnn election center. history is unfolding and we're bringing you the democratic process live as the electoral college votes for the next president of the united states. today electric t today electors at each state are lining up their votes for donald trump or joe biden. ele electors in seven states cast their ballots in moments. we're talking massachusetts, alaska, missouri, nebraska, pennsylvania and texas. joe biden has 199 electoral votes right now, donald trump as
12:00 pm
177. >> we're watching two now, the electoral college voting and the historic vaccinations happening around the state. sara murray is at gd hospital where alex azar and the surgeon general are watching some hospital workers get vaccinated. sara, tell us what you're seeing. >> reporter: that's right, jake, this is sort of the ceremonial kickoff for the trump administration, the success, essentially, of operation warp speed. doses of the pfizer vaccine got delivered here to the hospital this morning. they had about three minutes in order to unpack these doses to get them moved into the ultra cold freezers, and then they were dethawing one of those vials ahead of the vaccinations this afternoon, so there were remarks from the surgeon general as well as secretary azar, and now they're taking in the first five hospital workers at gd hospital who will get


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