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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  December 18, 2020 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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americans reported getting infected. we have had a 9/11 magnitude loss of life on three different days this week. the president stilling has not said a consoling word. fortunately science brings us a light at the end of the tunnel, actual shots of the vaccine. we just learned that nancy pelosi has received the shot. mitch mcconnell set he will, too, and urged all men to do the same. in moment we'll show you moments when the vice president, the surgeon general and our own dr. gupta got the vaccine. >> i felt totally comfortable today. so many people have asked me that. that's a fair question. things moved really, really fast here. i think sometimes that caused trepidation, but as dr. rice just said, the critical steps in
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determining why something is safe, does it work on all these different demographics, those were the steps not skipped. first to california where the crisis is beyond a simple surge. over the past week, the state has seen a jaw-dropping 270,000 new cases. the situation is so dire that southern california hospitals are at zero icu capacity. that's right, zero. with me to talk about the crisis is dr. christina ghaly, the director of the los angeles county department of health services. doctor, thank you for joining us. tell us just how dire the situation in southern california is right now. >> it's completely devastating. and this is the point that no one wanted to get to, but i think the reality people have to face is this is where we're at. the hospitals are full, the icus
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are full, the emergency departments are full. ambulances are having difficulty trying to off4r0d patients. all of this is an incredibly dangerous situation. what is important for everyone, is this will affect patients with covid as well as those without. >> what happens for patients who go to the hospital and may kneel an icu, but the icus are full? >> hops will do and are doing everything they can to take care of the patients who need that critical level of care. they're moving icus into nontypically bed space. they're setting it up in operating room, on medical/surgical wards, rooms that would normally care for one patient, now will have two patients in the room. they're expanding that care space out anywhere they can. the limiting factor isn't space,
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isn't supplies, it's staff. the people that work in an icu are highly trained. when there's not sufficient highly trained staff to care for the patients, you end up with a patient where you either have people without that high level of caring, or you have the highly level trained nurses, doctors, respiratory therapists taking care of more patients than you would otherwise. >> it sounds like you're saying in some of these cases right now, you may not get the care that you need or you may not get the care you would otherwise have and be able to rely on. >> that's right. that's exactly what we're experiencing here today. i know it's playing out across the state and the nation. the level of care that people are accustom to, that people want, that people get is just not possible when the hospitals are strained and overwhelmed as they are. again, that will affect everybody. people who are having a hard attack or a stroke, or someone
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who has a serious fall or injury, someone who gets into a car accident, it's going to be more difficult to get that highest level of care in the hospital system right now. it doesn't just impact those who are having trouble breathing from covid. >> that's a very good point. dr. ghaly, thank you for being with us, joining us from los angeles. >> thank you. now to those high-profile shots in the arm for a major show of confidence in the vaccine. as a neurosurgeon at emory university, draft sanjay gupta received his vaccine. >> we're both going to get the shot in our left arm, because we are right-handed, so it's the nondominant arm. it does strike me it's such an amazing scientific feat, yet it's such a mundane act. >> yeah, that was a piece of
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cake. >> ready? >> i'm ready. thank you. i feel good about today. >> i feel good. we're making progress, to be able to do this at grady, as we call it the grady, having trained here, it has been one of the highlights of my career to come back here and be a part of this continuing advancement at grady, so i'm -- >> i also am a bit afraid of needles, even as a surgeon. >> it's scary. you're not wincing at all. >> is it in? >> it's done. >> that's great. thank you very much. do you get thanked a lot for jabbing people. >> i do, actually. thank you very much, mary catherine. a vote of trust also seenty highest levels of government today. vice president mike pence was inoculated just after surgeon
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general jerome adams, who stressed how important it was to see an african-american person validate the vaccine publicly. >> as the u.s. surgeon general and a black man, i'm equally aware of the symbolic significance. as i have discussed with faith leaders as recently as last night, the creation is a gift from above, vaccines even ones that are 95% effective will not alone end this pandemic. we must now do the necessary work to go from vaccines to vaccinations. it will truly be the greatest tragedy of all if disparities in covid outcomes worsened because people who could most benefit can't get it or won't take it. >> we saw these leaders on camera getting the vaccine, then there was the absence of the nation's top leader, the president, moments before he vp got vaccinated, president trump
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was tweeting about the russia hoax, as he calls it. theres no word if or when he will get the shot. president-elect joe biden is set to receive his vaccine next week. joining me is e.r. dr. rashina bisset. you know, doctor, we've been talking with folks at hospitals celebrating the arrival of the vaccine, but today there's also some confusion in some states, including iowa, illinois, michigan and oregon, because the federal government has told them to expect fewer doses of pfizer's vaccine than promised. the delivers why aring bug summer out. is that something that's concerning at all to you? >> of course it's concerning, brianna we have governors and state officials who say yes, that i their allotments have been slashed, and who do we
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believe, and of course you throw pfizer into the mix, and pfizer is saying they have millions of doses ready to go, but they haven't received any word on the shipments being sent out. now, this is the largest vaccination program in this country's history, so of course, i do expect there to be some bumps looks the road, but this kind of confusion i think is just a complete lapse on the government's part. it just goes to add to the tally of the numerous ways they have mishandled this pandemic from the very start. >> so i understand that your hospital there, that you have administered all the vaccine you were allotted, and there are still frontline staffers who still need to get vaccinated. >> that's right, there are texas hospitals that ran out of the vaccine. i think it does seem as if the vaccine allotment has been decreased. those who signed up to receive the vaccine today and through the weekend are now waiting and
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hoping that a shipment comes in next week so they can be vaccinated. >> have you been vaccinated? or when are you getting vaccinated? >> you know, brianna i can't wait for the day i'm fully vaccinated. if it were a shot in the eye, i would still line up. there's nothing at this point in time that's going to stop me from becoming -- >> that's like my worth nightmare, what you just described. you've been having a hard enough time, even as i'm watching people getting vaccinated. you haven't had the first shot? >> i'm waiting. i'm waiting to hopefully getting my full vaccine. >> okay. so the u.s. right now is experiencing on average 216,000 new cases a day for the last week. i wonder if ire today we're back
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up to 100% icu capacity, now against into our phase two surge beds. in texas alone is seeing about 20,000 new cases of covid in a day. we have almost 10,000 people in the state that are hospitalized with covid. we're definitely feeling the brunt of the thanksgiving holiday travel, families gathering, and the overall spike in dough individual cases. >> dr. bichette, thank you so much. we wish you luck. we hope the vaccine finds you fingers crossed. the congressman jason crow will join me about why he cal 24
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we have new details today about the massive government attacks. the department of homeland security's cyber-arm says suspected russian hackers used a variety of tactics. in a statement, the agency says,
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and this is a quote -- cisa h has -- as well as critical infrastructure entities and other private-sector organizations. joining us now to discuss this is jason crow, congressman, first oaf, in general, i just want your reaction to this huge attack on the u.s. >> brianna, i don't think we can overstate how dangerous this is for our country right now. breathtaking is a word that comes to mind for me. that's why i referred to this earlier today as our modern-day pearl harbor. both the depth and breadth of the potential breach is
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incredible. it seems to have been going on for much of this year undefected. in fact, we probably would not have even detected it had not a private cybersecurity company almost stumbled upon the breach and wasible to unravel what was happening. it looked like our own agencies wouldn't have been ability to detect it. the administration is not doing what needs to be done to lead us through this crisis. >> as you mentioned there's still a lot that we don't know, but especially the laypeople out there trying to get this, what could this breach do? >> well, there are 17 different critical infrastructure sectors within the understandings. just one of those critical infrastructure sectors is the financial industry. it has over 800,000 financial institutions. we do believe the financial industries was one of the impacted industries. so what we believe the adversary did here is created a back door
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in a widely used software system that was used to manage i.t. systems. we think that almost 20,000 different entities, both private company and government agencies, downloaded and used that software and might have back doors into their system. that would allow the adversary to have complete, unfettered access within their i.t. network. it's extremely dangerous and it's going to be difficult to even stop it. we think it's probably still ongoing as we have this discussion, which could be very dangerous not just for our natural security and troops deployed downrange, bur our critical infrastructure right now. >> and right now the president isn't saying anything. he's been radio silent. what does that do? >> the president is still the commander in chief. donald trump is still the commander in chief for a few more weeks. instead of leading on this, communicating with the american
11:19 am
people, directing resources, what is he doing? number one, he has fired and gutted most of the senior leadership in the pentagon. number two, our senior cybersecurity official was fired a couple weeks ago for political reason, because the president didn't like what he had to say, and numb be they're, he's threatening to veto and probably will veto the defense bill, which actually as money, resources and toe address this very issue. so the president is not just not leading on this, but he's creating barriers and standing in the way of dealing with this in a way a commander in chief should. >> cnn has learned today the pentagon has canceled all transition meetings for a second day in a row. the defense secretary says they're just being rescheduled for two weeks and this was mutually agreed upon. the biden team said today that that's not true. are you concerned about what's going on? what's your impression of what's going on? >> yeah, i'm very concerned
11:20 am
about that. listen, transitions are vulnerable in the best of times when you're moving senior folks out of the positions, putting new people in. any transition, even when it's done well is a time of great vulnerability for our country. you insert a situation like we have right now where the president is not cooperating, that transition was delayed by close to a month, and they have cut off briefings for the folks that in just a couple weeks will be in the driver's seat of dealing with this crisis. it's a major problem. i'm very concerned about the incoming administration's lack of access to information, and how this is going to inhibit their ability to hit the ground running on day one. it needs to stop. the president needs to lead, donald trump needs to step up and do the responsible thing for our national security and start doing these briefings so we can have a safe transition. >> i want you to listen to something that mike at flynn
11:21 am
said about overturns the election results. >> he could order the -- the -- within the swings states, if he wanted to, he could take military capability and place them in the states and basically re-run an election in each of the states. that's not unprecedented. there's people talking about martial law. martial law has been instituted 64 times. 664 times. >> the secretary of the army and army chief of staff just issued a joint statement. they felt compelled to responsibility. there is no role in the military for determining the outcome of an american election. what is your reaction? >> let's just be real about this. michael flynn is a disgraced felon, regardless of the president's abuse of power by pardoning him. he was convicted or pled to lying to the fbi. he has no credibility in this
11:22 am
debate. i think the other thing, if we're talking about real talk right here, is i think we have to admit the fact that the president has senior folks around him that do not believe in democracy. they do not believe in enfranchising people, allowing them to vote, and michael flynn is one of those people. i don't put any stock in what michael flynn is saying. i do think it's good that our military leaders, those who actually believe in our system and upholding their oathing are correcting the record. >> congressman crow, thank you so much for being with us. >> thank you. the supreme court handles the trump administration a victory, but it may not be a done deal yet. a heartbreaking story out of wisconsin, where eight retired nuns died because of covid within a week.
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the supreme court has thrown out a challenge to president trump's bid to exclude undocumented immigrants from the u.s. census, this could affect the balance of political power in congress for the next decade. arian devoe talks to us about this. >> reporter: what this case was about trump's attempt to exclude
11:28 am
undocumented immigrants from being counted when, for congressional seats when those are divvied up next year. a coalition of states and aclu immediately challenged this, saying it was unconstitutional. the reason it's a big deal is because it's about how many seats these states could get. on top of that, it's about billions of dollars of federal funding. what the courts said today is we're going to dismiss this challenge, because the trump administration hasn't specifically said how many people or which people it's going to exclude. the cord set if you want to, come back when the numbers come out. so right now we don't have a controversy. the liberals on the bench dissented. justice breyer wrote though them and said the court should have thrown out the policy altogether right now. he said -- the plain meaning of the governing statutes, decades
11:29 am
of historical practice, and, demonstrates that aliens without lawful status cannot be excluded from the census solely on the account of that status. he went on to say the government's effort to remove from the apportionment base is unlawful, and i believe this court should say so. what happened today was a narrow victory for trump. it gets rid of this particular challenge, but isn't he comes out with these new numbers, these challenges can come up to the supreme court and the whole case will be alive again. we'll be watching for that. a. are. i ariane, thank you. with monumental events filling each other of every day, the biggest headlines, the u.s. had 9 deadliest day of the pandemic, and each day had
11:30 am
record highs from the coronavirus. the pfizer/biontech vaccine was authorized, delivered for the first round of doses for healthcare workers around the day. also a second vaccine is on the verge of being approved. bill barr announced his departure in a letter praising the president. it was revealed that suspected russian hackers attacked the u.s. government, president trump still has not weighed in russian president vladimir putin responded to a cnn investigation into the poisoning of a -- claiming that if the russians wanted to kill navalny, they would have finished the jobs. a nor'easter hit the east coast
11:31 am
to raise concerns about the tlifry of vaccines. sweden admitted the herd immunity strategy was a complete failure. it's the same one championed for months and months by right-wing media in the u.s. and then tom cruise sparked a debate after going off on crew members for violating code have i guidelines. french president macron tested positive for covid virus. and joe biden made more cabinet nominations. . senate majority leader mitch mcconnell finally acknowledged joe biden's win, which prompted president trump to attack him. republicans held a hearing on imaginary widespread voter fraud that predictably erupted, and a former police captain was
11:32 am
charged after he ran a man off the road and pointed a gun to his head. cnn reported on a vast and urgent effort for parts. mao neighbors in mar-a-lago told the president to go elsewhere, since the club agreed it would forbid residency other than short-term stays. finally the president was virtually silent about all the crises, instead tweeting about television and the election he says he won, but did not. what a year this week has been. and next, we will remember the lives of eight nuns, all lives in the same retirement home who died of covid within a week of each other. one of their sisters will join mess live, in a moment. ♪
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i'm proud to be part of aag, i trust 'em, i think you can too. trust aag for the best reverse mortgage solutions. call now so you can... retire better tragedy has struck a wisconsin facilities.
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eight of the sisters living at notre dame elm grove died from complications caused by the coronavirus all within one week. it was established as an orphanage, but later became a home for elderly and ill sisters. we have the provincial leaders. sister debra, i am so sorry for your loss. can you tell us about the women who you have lost and the lives them touched? >> thank you so much. it's been very, very difficult time for each and every one of us. and they're very special to us. these eight women's, sister evelyn, 94 years old, she taught her entire life, taught children, taught the sacraments
11:38 am
in school, loved to sing with them, and she herself always had a smile on her face, was willing to bring joy, sister alexa, she is was 96 years old, a musician her entire time. she actually taught music lessons well into her 80s. >> sister rose, a teacher for junior high, and we have a school here, notre dame school of milwaukee that focused on girls and boys at risk. cynthia boreman, she was a person who could fix and mend anything. she was a teacher, religious ed director, and served in alaska for five yearses as well as other community service.
11:39 am
she loved to do her arts and crafts. mike at marie, a missionary at heart, educator for 5 had years, finally sister lilian, who was 92, a poet, she taught for 22 years in the classroom, and administered to adults and after her retirement became a strong advocate for peace and justice. they're all leaders, all powerhouses of prayers and extreme wisdom figures. >> thank you for telling us about them. that is a huge loss when we hear
11:40 am
you describing these women and what they have achieved in their life. how many sisters live in your facility and how many have contracted the virus? we have 88 sisters in residence now. there are still some that have the virus we're not saying numbers or napes, obviously for privacy reasons, at this time, but they're receiving wonderful care, they're doing well right now, and we're hopeful they will get through this. >> this is a deadly outbreak you have seen at this home, also another one that follows another home in the nearby town of greenfield. how hard as it been trying to combat this virus and protect your sisters, even with the plea cautions you have been employmenting? >> it's been difficult trying to everyone.
11:41 am
you know, of course they're following all the contracts glips and head guidelines we have needed to do, but it's been a sacrifices for everyone. our sisters have not been able to go out as they would. they've had to forgo a lot of activities, we have jubilee celebrations every year, where we celebration the anniversaries of each sister's profession. again, we're in solidarity with so many others giving up many, many things though the sisters have given up a lot, certainly are grieving right now. >> i a many so sure they do.
11:42 am
we are so sorry this is what your community is going through, sister debra, but we are appreciative that you have come on and shared with us. >> well, thank you so much, brianna. thanks to everyone who has been so supportive and prayed for us and shared their stories and experiences with these sisters. it means the world to us. we want to continue to pray for everyone else as well. thank you. the. >> thank you, and we will be right back. research shows people remember commercials with nostalgia. so to help you remember that liberty mutual customizes your home insurance, here's one that'll really take you back. wow! what'd you get, ryan? it's customized home insurance from liberty mutual! what does it do bud? it customizes our home insurance so we only pay for what we need! and what did you get, mike? i got a bike.
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we wrap up the week with one of the more ridiculous political controversies in recent memory, and a language warning not segment we are doing here. there is some salty language. this controversy centers around the use of the "f" word by joe biden's incoming chief of staff. republicans raised quite the stink when she spoke to "glam r "glamour" even as she made the case for working with them. for calling on the country to it unite, dillon said in the primary you would work him. i'm not saying they're a bunch of f-ers, mitch mcconnell is terrible, but you couldn't witch for this ideal?
11:48 am
sh now o'malley dillon has apologized for that, because her boss will have to work, but the comment was met with outrage while trying not to look like an obstinate brick wall. senator marco rubio was offended. he tweeted talks about unity and healing, but you want to know what they really think. read how they were call a bunch of f-ers, the same marco rubio who insinuated that donald trump has a small penis, not in the context of arguing they should work together. >> you know what they say about men with small hands. you can't trust them. you can't trust them. >> then there was white house press secretary kayleigh
11:49 am
mcenany, who called the comments sick. it is worth noting that k kayleigh's colleague posted a pop emoji on the president-elect's head this week on social media, but they're outraged that joe biden's aide swore and called a name. the recording of trump bragging about sexually assaulting women that nearly derailed his candidacy in 2016, it doesn't top him from intending his presidency name-calling and cursing prolifically in private and public some of the words that he mass enjoyed using -- hatest losers, dummies, stupid, weak, pa they ecslobs, morons crazy, sons of -- dope,
11:50 am
sleazebag, flunky, psycho, and then this one that should really offend by the standard they said -- quote -- every time i speak of the haters and losers, i do so with great love and affect. they cannot they were offended by the president's language and sometimes his existence at one point. >> donald trump has shown himself to be a showman. i don't think he's a serious candidate. >> we need to bring him into the tent. donald trump is the last person who is going to do that. >> to me a racist statement is a racist statement. i want to make it clear i don't support what donald trump said. i think he said something very inartful, very inappropriate. >> i don't care how many states i have to go to, i don't care how long this process will take. i will never allow a con artist
11:51 am
to take control of the party of reagan. >> the conservative movement spent their career sticking it to working people. >> donald trump wants to sue people, he should sue whoever did that to his face. >> donald trump has been perhaps -- i don't mean perhaps -- the most as a rule gr pers -- vulgar person in terms of how he carried out his candidacy. but perhaps one of the most hypocritical things about the outrage over biden's campaign manager over cursing over them is it holds him to a standard that they don't hold the president to. just look at women who cited him, aoc and others. she is up in the air over her combative and insulting comments about many people in the senate,
11:52 am
including john cornyn, who it's worth noting ran an ad against a recent opponent, a former helicopter pilot who had been shot down by the taliban, for cursing. >> we're going to kick some serious [ bleep ]. you don't [ bleep ] with texas women. i don't give a [ bleep ]. are you [ bleep ] me? >> then there's senator john cornyn's way. treat people with respect. >> now, the message here from the gop is clear. boys will be boys, but women better not drop an f-bomb. next, signal ligenate majorr mitch mcconnell announces he just got his covid vaccine after we saw many leaders sit down for the shot. still very low hospital capacity. we're live from a hospital just ahead.
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vice president-elect kamala harris announced today she will campaign in georgia monday ahead of the two senate runoff races that will determine the balance of power in washington. with just 33 days until the inauguration, we're also learning how harris is preparing for her role as president-elect biden's right-hand woman. cnn's jasmine wright is joining us to talk about this, and
11:58 am
jasmine, we're learning that harris isn't looking too hard for inspiration, so how is she preparing for the vice presidency? >> reporter: the vice president-elect is really learning how to be in a supportive role. she hasn't had to do that in her of of offices as a leader. she's really doing three things to achieve that. first they are deepening their relationships, sources tell me, that they are talking nearly every day to grow that relationship. she was also deeply involved in the cabinet selection process, interviewing every eventual nominee. and through that process she's telling people that, you know, she is really getting to learn about biden and what he wants from a vice president. and in that relationship how she can push in private but really be a partner to him when they come out and when he makes a decision as a united front, as
11:59 am
they announce what they were doing. >> can you give us a sense of what harris' priorities might be as vice president? >> right, and so the incoming administration's priority across the board is to tackle and eventually control the coronavirus pandemic, and harris will have a role in that planning. but president-elect joe biden told jake tapper in an sbeer view -- interview said her portfolio will be things he can't do. he hasn't nailed it down, but whatever it is, joe biden's success is paramount to kamala harris, so she will do what is really given to her to help the administration. >> all right, jasmine wright, thank you so much for your great reporting and to our colleague dan merica as well for it. we appreciate it. our special coverage will continue right now with brooke
12:00 pm
baldwin. >> brianna, thank you so much. good to be with all of you on this friday. i'm brooke baldwin. let's get right to it. a second coronavirus could begin arriving in hospitals around the country as early as this weekend, and we all know that's not a moment too soon. the number of americans sick with this terrible virus just keeps going up and up. more than 233,000 infections reported yesterday alone, adding to a total this week that is shocking. more than a million and a half new covid cases reported over the last seven days. that is one in every 216 americans. here's another number for you. it was more than 3,000 deaths reported yesterday. the third time this week we have suffered a daily loss of life surpassing the terror attacks on 9/11. think about that. hospitals in almost every part of the country are being crushed by this virus. more than 114,000 people are sick with covid in hospital beds as i speak, and specifical