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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  December 20, 2020 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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coronavirus vaccine distribution. they include now front line essential workers and people 75 and older. not just the elderly in long-term health care facilities. all of this comes as a second coronavirus vaccine is being shipped out right now to all 50 states. the first truckloads of the moderna vaccine leaving distribution facilities in mississippi and now the u.s. is the first country in the world with two vaccines battling the disease. meanwhile, congress may be closing in on a deal for millions of americans in desperate need of relief. among the still to be finalized details in the$900 billion package, money for small businesses. it's another dire time. another 2,500 covid deaths saturday alone. the u.s. is closing in on 320,000 americans killed. nearly 1 out of every 1,000 americans gone. that's more american lives lost
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than in any war fought involving u.s. troops and it happened it just ten short months. we have a team of reporters covering the latest developments. first, let's talk about the cdc subcommittee just voting on who will receive the next wave of vaccinations in the u.s. last week's vaccine rollout saw front line health care workers and those at long-term health care facilities receiving the first doses. natasha chen with us now. >> reporter: hi, fred. in the last 30 minutes or so, this advisory committee voted 13-1 on it is next two phases of who should be prioritized for this vaccine. as you just mentioned, we've already been seeing front line health care workers and long-term care facility residents getting this vaccine already. so, what we're seeing now is what they call the phase 1-b and 1-c they just voted on. let's look at that chart because what they're trying to balance here is saving lives, especially
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of the vulnerable as well as making sure society runs well. so, at phase 1-b, that's where most of the committee really agreed on this with no problem. we're talking about people age 75 and up as well as front line essential workers. that's, you know, teachers, firefighters, policemen, et cetera. the phase 1-c is kind of where we saw more debate among the committee members today because we're talking about 65 to 74-year-olds. we're talking about younger people with chronic health conditions. and that's where they were debating what exactly -- which conditions should be listed here as the priority. so, we're going to find out some more details about that. take a look at this list of essential workers. this is how it's going to break down between the next phase 1-b and then the people who follow that in 1-c. on the left side you have the front line essential workers, as i mentioned, emergency responders, teachers, et cetera, about a group of 30 million.
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and then following them, other essential workers, another 57 million people or so. so, a lot of the discussion today, you could hear in the ton of their voices, they were really hurting to even have to make these decisions. this is all being done because we have limited quantity of the vaccine to start with, but that it will ramp up eventually and hopefully get to the rest of the population in a timely manner, fred. >> so, while there are these categories, it doesn't necessarily spell out the time frame. i mean, for how long are we actually in phase one, since all places have not received the first doses even of the pfizer? and what's the expectation of when this phase two distribution would begin? are we talking weeks from now or days from now? >> well, that's a great question. i think everybody is eager to find out. what we've seen so far is thousands of people across the country have already gotten the
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first shot to the arm this past week and that's a good sign. what they're trying to figure out is if the vaccine distribution is still in some limited fashion, that's what these priority groups are really for. the secretary of health and human services, alex azar, estimates by the end of january we'll see 50 million people vaccinated but the problem, as you start getting to further and further groups is, for example, one of the committee members said today, when you look at the people with high-risk conditions, that's more than half the adult population of the u.s. and there clearly aren't that many doses of vaccine spread out across the country yet. a lot of that we'll just have to wait and see how fast it goes. >> interesting. still very complex and complicated. natasha chen, thank you so much. let's turn now to the actual rollout of the moderna vaccine. as of this weekend, nooerly 6 million doses being delivered in the next few days.
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cnn's pete is at a distribution facility in memphis, tennessee. tell us about the details of this rollout. it's a massive one. >> reporter: that's right. the moderna vaccine arrived here not all that long ago. in fact, two truck fulls came to memphis international airfield from mckesson, aboard the vaccine going to 3,000 facilities across the country. those are places like hospitals, pharmacies, cvs and walgreen's. the deliveries there begin tomorrow. this rollout, four times larger than the initial pfizer vaccine rollout of last week. 6 million doses in this shipment, as you mentioned. and the department of health and human services now says 20 million people could be vaccinated by the end of this month. this is a huge expansion of operation warp speed thanks in part to the moderna advantage advantage. the pfizer vaccine -- actually
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be stored in a refrigerator or freezer. a lot more flexibility for rural areas that do not have deep freezers. they don't need extra infrastructure. this is just the start of a massive movement. have you to think about the accomplishment here. two vaccines in just one week's time, now going out to all 50 states and all u.s. territories. fredericka? >> that's quite extraordinary feat, for sure. pete muntean in memphis. his location not only a big hub distribution, air and land for fedex, but also right near the memphis airport, so that explains the aircraft. happening right now, we're keeping an eye on capitol hill. that's where congress is now on the brink of a $900 billion coronavirus package that could be finalized within hours. cnn's manu raju is on capitol hill. any indication from senate leaders where this deal is? >> we're still hearing it's
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close and nancy pelosi is pushing for a house vote late tonight. we could expect a vote late tonight. this is a massive proposal. $900 billion they have put together over the last several days after months of not talking to each other, the two sides cutting a deal -- very close to cutting a deal that would do a number of things from people suffering from the pandemic, including $335 million for small business loans, $300 a week for unemployment benefits that would last for 11 weeks, $600 in direct payments for individuals that would be for people who make $75,000 or less and $600 additional. person in that family. we also expect vaccine distribution, more than $80 million for schools. this is a significant rescue package they are trying to iron out. it's taking time to draft it. they still need to get the final
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cost estimates. there are still some disputes including how much money to give to private schools. one major dispute has been ironed out, which is the role the federal reserve should play in intervening in the economy. that appears to be done. they're trying to finalize these final -- these outstanding details, release the bill text, try to get their members some type of review. they certainly won't have enough time to review it before there's a vote scheduled on the floor of the house and the senate. the big question, too, can they avert a government shutdown? at midnight tonight the government runs out of money. the leadership is trying to tie this $900 billion covid relief to a $1.4 trillion package to keep the government open through september. no one has even seen the details of that package either. they plan to unveil it and jam a vote through the house tonight. we'll see what the senate, a little more complicated to get it done in the senate. we expect it to potentially spill into earlier this week.
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people may have to wait some time but it appears a deal is finally close here. >> close is good, but not done yet. manu raju, capitol hill, thank you so much. to talk about all of this now, joining me from -- in washington, there you are. congressman, good to see you. >> hi, fred. how are you doing? >> i'm great. so, are you confident there will be a deal by midnight tonight? >> i feel confident. i think speaker pelosi and the others have done a herculean job of pulling together this package. we're at kind of a point the friday before christmas where if we don't deliver the stimulus package, it would be putting a lump of coal in everybody's stockings. that's completely unacceptable at this point. >> how concerned are you that averting a government shutdown may not happen?
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>> actually o that score, i think the negotiations have been going pretty well. and i think we are looking at a good chance of completing that in short order. i think the stimulus is taking longer because as manu alluded, it's a huge package. the text needs to be written for so many different programs and it needs to all get ironed out very quickly, but i do feel confident everything will come together by tonight. >> you wrote an op-ed on medium saying this, quote, without action, by the end of the month, 12 million americans will lose the unemployment benefits enacted through the stimulus including gig workers who are eligible for benefits for the first time and others who receive 13 additional weeks of benefits. many won't be able to pay their rent, mortgage, food depositories are already facing record demand, even in suburban districts like mine, and health care workers are seeing local
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hospitals filling up with coronavirus patients. do you feel like other members of congress have been attuned to these needs, these signs of desperation, or do you feel like it's been falling on deaf ears and that's why we're now at this moment, encroaching on some very critical dead bins? >> i think everyone is feeling the pressure, fred. it's funny, i just received some text messages about constituent cases. we have a school bus driver who's worked for the district for 20 years. as you know, a lot of the schools are closed. and so he's on unemployment and he's facing a cliff. i have another text message showing a waitress, who's now suffered three different shutdowns of three different restaurants where she worked also on unemployment and facing the cliff. those cases and those types of stories abound, as you know, and they're afflicting constituents
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across the country. so, right now as we talk about football sunday, for instance, we are at the 1 yard line. we can't have the senate republicans or anyone else fumble the ball. we have to get into the end zone and deliver this package right now. >> the president hasn't said a whole lot about this, nor has he said much about this cyber attack on u.s. agencies, and this morning congressman adam schiff, the chairman of the house intelligence committee, in which you are a member, said he doesn't think there's question question that russia was behind this cyber attack. then why, in your view, do you see president trump is taking a posture of protecting russia by instead suggesting it must be china? >> this is crazy. all the evidence is pointing to russia. it's the work of svr, also known as cozy bear. the persistent question with
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this president is why does he keep cozying up to the russians? why does he not want to call them out? why does he not want to make them pay a cost for this attack? i'm glad that joe biden has already made it clear that in his administration, there will be a cost, including sanctions, and we are going to make cyber security a top priority because this is a massive attack, fred. and the attack is persisting. it's even continuing today. and so we have to take this very seriously. >> what do you wish the response would be to this cyber attack? >> i think we have to do a couple of things. first, we have to hunt for the malware that's embedded within our cyber infrastructure, get rid of it, stand up new clean systems. two, we have to pass this ndaa, which the president, by the way, has threatened to veto, which gives the dhs, the department of homeland security, new
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authorities to keep our cyber infrastructure clean. and then third, and this is very important, we have to exact a cost on the russians for these repeated attacks on our cyber infrastructure. we haven't done so. even though we know the russians have wanted to make this type of attack on our supply chain repeatedly over the years, over the last four years. now is the time to take significant action. if we don't do so, we're just inviting more attacks. >> congressman raja krishnamoorthi, have a peaceful and happy holiday to you and your family. >> thank you. coming up, a teenager sentenced to four months behind bars for breaking coronavirus restrictions in the cayman islands. her family worried sick and desperate for answers. plus, a new form of coronavirus rapidly spreading across the united kingdom. experts say it's more transmissible. now countries all over europe
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with clinically-proven ingredients and his gum problems have vanished. (crowd applauding) therabreath, it's a better mouthwash. at walmart, target and other fine stores. with the pandemic surging, new covid vaccines rolling out and the u.s. under a massive cyber attack, the president of the united states, instead, remains focused on his desperate efforts to stay in office. president trump is reportedly lashing out in fury and frustration over the election results. people familiar with the white house clash say it involved the president discussing declaring martial law to overturn the election and seizing voting machines to inspect them. for more on this, let's bring in jeremy diamond from the white house. walk us through who was at this meeting and what happened. >> by all accounts, this was a raucous meeting at the white house with the president in the
1:20 pm
oval office with sidney powell who has floated these debunked conspiracy theories about the 2020 election and michael flynn to essential float these really outlandish and dangerous ideas about overturning the results of the 2020 election. we know that the president is, in fact, considering appointing sidney powell as a special counsel to investigate these voter fraud allegations in the 2020 election, despite the fact that her crazy conspiracy theories got her removed from the president's own legal team. and michael flynn, he a few days ago floated the idea of using martial law to essentially rerun the election in several debattleground states. that is also an idea we're told was discussed in this oval office meeting. now, there's no indication that martial law is going to be imposed, but certainly for that to be raised in the oval office is pretty wild and it caught the attention of republicans and democrats who have been criticizing it. listen. >> well, it's not going to
1:21 pm
happen. that's going nowhere and i understand the president is casting about, trying to find some way to have a different result than the one that was delivered by the american people. but it's really sad in a lot of respects and embarrassing because the president could right now be writing the last chapter of this administration with a victory lap with regards to the vaccine. >> it's irresponsible and dangerous but at the end of the day this is a country of laws. the american people have spoke. the election took place. >> another idea floated in this meeting was apparently an executive order that would permit the government to access voting machines and inspect them. again, no indication of how seriously this is being considered. you see mitt romney, not focused on the vaccine rollout or cyber attack carried out by the russians but, infed, focused on hyping up these baseless allegations of widespread voter fraud and continuing to try to overturn the results of a democratic election. >> jeremy, what's this about yet
1:22 pm
another attempt by trump, his campaign, to try to this time petition the u.s. supreme court even after they've already weighed in, other legal challenges were defeated but now a new method? >> reporter: yeah, dozens of the trump campaign and their alliea, dozens of lawsuits have been laughed out, thrown out of states across the country. we're seeing the president and his campaign attorneys continue to try to overturn the results of this elections. this time rudy giuliani announcing through the trump campaign statement they are petitioning the supreme court to overturn rulings in three pennsylvania state supreme court cases. they're asking for an expedited ruling despite the fact these are cases that were settled weeks ago. again, legal experts so far have indicated that this has no chance, little chance of actually getting anywhere, but once again, we're seeing the president continuing to try and engage in this kind of behavior, despite the fact that the electoral college has already voted and certified the results
1:23 pm
of the 2020 election. joe biden will be inaugurated in about a month. >> jeremy diamond at the white house, thank you. with me now to discuss trump's latest legal challenge to the election, former federal prosecutor and cnn legal analyst. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> so, this petition to the u.s. supreme court, i mean, is this serious or is this a futile exercise? >> it's a futile exercise, as jeremy indicated. they're invoking the supreme court that was already heard, that was a losing argument. they tried that with texas. they are not alleging fraud. they're kind of going back in time to attack pennsylvania supreme court decisions which, frankly, they could have done that a while back. and also i think importantly here, they finally got the idea that they needed to allege numbers big enough to make a difference because they hadn't
1:24 pm
been up until this point. the legal theory is really flawed. they're trying to use bush versus gore. that's a precedent which has long been really abhorred. although recently, aletta and kavanaugh and gorsuch have indicated some interest in using it again. here's the critical point. bush versus gore was very much limited to the nakts florida. that's why it's not good precedent. in florida, the count was still going on when that case came down. here, the count's already done. >> and while this latest petition will not center on voter fraud, instead, it will try to challenge the mail-in ballots, and we're talking about the attempt to overturn three rulings by the pennsylvania supreme court. and try to overturn the results of that state's election. what needs to be there in their
1:25 pm
complaint and in their petition? >> well, they need to show that there is some massive problem with the way the counting was conducted. and one thing that's important to note is that in election precedent, the courts are very unlikely to overrule votes that have been counted when the voters relied in good faith with votes in place. this is basically trying to hijack the entire elections as they've been trying to do with these hail mary passes. they need to show what exactly are the massive problems that took place. they don't really have that. and, frankly, even if the court were to entertain this, the supreme court under its original jurisdiction, they need to do fact-finding. they're not set up for that. they have to appoint a special -- this is not going to be a slam dunk legal issue they can just rule on. >> what about something that was
1:26 pm
being bandied about, considered during that white house meeting that is apparently getting a lot of press for being quite furious, that right-wing attorney sidney powell, the president might want her to be the white house special counsel to oversee any investigation of voter fraud. usually in terms of a special counsel, congress would appoint that person, but what is the distinction here with a white house special counsel? can the president do this? >> well, it's really a white house special counsel versus a doj special counsel the way mueller was, i suppose he can do and call her whatever he wants with the little time remaining in his presidency, so she would have power, i guess, to assemble a staff, start to investigate issues. it's hard to imagine what she would be doing given that the doj has already looked at it, even barr indicated that there wasn't any fraud to be found. so, he has the power to appoint his own white house special
1:27 pm
counsel. it's a real question what she would be able to do, which is really nothing. >> it's really about keeping the noise level up? >> absolutely. i think this is laying the basis for the next election cycle where you might see some of these issues take fruition and they could use it then. >> shan wu, we'll leave it there. have a happy and safe hole take season. >> you, too. up next, a new form of coronavirus spreading rapidly throughout the united kingdom. countries in europe are taking extra precautions but what about the united states? and flu symptoms.e cold so grab nightshift to fight your symptoms, get your zzz's... and get back to your rhythm. feel the power. beat the symptoms fast.
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this just in. new information on the pfizer vaccine as moderna begins to distributing its first shipments across the country. more than 556,000 doses have been administered in the united states, according to the cdc, which says 2.8 million doses of pfizer have actually been distributed across the country so far. the first doses were given out last month. meanwhile, countries across europe are banning flights from the uk following reports of a new and alarming variant of covid-19. this afternoon be up to 13 countries have issued some form of restriction on flights from the uk. in the u.s., new york governor andrew cuomo weighing in moments ago, slamming the u.s. government for not restricting travel from the british islands. >> we have about six flights a day coming in from the uk.
1:33 pm
and we have done absolutely nothing. >> cnn is in london with more on the situation there. >> reporter: fredericka, country after country now, rushing to ban travelers from the uk from entering their nations just one day after the government here announced there is a new variant of coronavirus that is common in london and parts of southeast of england. and that that new variant is up to 70% more transmissible. that's how much quicker it can spread. it is not more deadly, according to health experts nor is it immune to the vaccine, but it does spread faster according to the authorities here. of course, nations scrambling to stop british travelers from entering their countries italy, france, belgium, the netherlands, i can go on and on. i know our viewers have looking at a map of countries in red that have already put in restrictions to stop british travelers. more expected to follow suit.
1:34 pm
all of this after an 11th hour announcement by prime minister boris johnson on saturday nit where he said that new restrictions needed to go into place to deal with the spike caused by this new variant. london and all of these effected regions are under tier 4 rules, essentially localized lockdowns that went into place on sunday, banning people from leaving home. do not leave home, work from home, all nonessential shops must close and crucially, travel in and out of these regions is restricted. but many londoners are flouting the rules, breaking the restrictions. some feeling frustrated that the prime minister is acting last minute when he had been so adamant for days against the advice of the medical community to refuse to put restrictions into place. he was actually planning to ease restrictions for christmastime. now this absolute about-face, this absolutely u-turn at the 11th hour. the question is, will people comply? again, you also have to
1:35 pm
remember, these rules went into place on saturday night, right in the middle of the holiday weekend when people were already heading to the airport, already heading to the train stations. that's what many londoners did when they heard about these new rules. instead of staying home, they tried to rush out of the city. one british op-ed put it perfectly, the right rules, the right restrictiondz but at the wrong time and wrong way. >> while you were talking, we mentioned there were 13 countries banning flights from the uk. well, now add israel and turkey. they, too, have banned flights from the uk as a result of reports of this now variant strain of covid-19. thank you so much. appreciate it. up next, a georgia college student sentenced to prison for breaking coronavirus rules in the cayman islands. does the punishment go too far? i'll talk live with her grandmother. s expecting... -twins!
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an 18-year-old college student from georgia has been sentenced to four months in prison in the cayman islands. skylar mack was sentenced after attending her boyfriend's jet skiing competition there. visit hes to the island are supposed to self-isolate for two weeks. the island's governor stressed the importance they put on these protocols. >> all of us have to show individual and collective responsibility if we're going to effectively deal with this pandemic. and i particularly appeal to all travelers coming back to the islands. please, comply fully with the guidance and the advice that you're getting. >> so, skylar mack, the college student, pre-med college student in georgia, was originally sentenced to 40 hours of community work but the sentence was appealed by prosecutors. i'm joined now by jeannie mack,
1:41 pm
skylar mack's grandmother. good to see you. so, you know, first off, you have spoken to your granddaughter she she has been incarcerated. how does she sound? what is she saying? >> well, you know, some times are better than others but pretty much every call starts with, grammy, i'm so sorry, and a lot of crying and begging to come home and i'm really worried about her. she's not eating. she says she tries but she's -- she's pretty messed up right now. she's very sad. she's very, very remorseful. she can't believe she did something like this and she's also feeling like she's been made an example of. >> meaning she went to the
1:42 pm
cayman islands. apparently the protocol is for tourists. i'm reading from the regulations, a person who con a contravenes the regulations could have fine of $10,000 or imprisonment for two years. when a tourist comes there, they're supposed to be in isolation for 14 days. apparently she -- it's being reported she went there and within a matter of days went to the competition, right? she did not self-isolate. so, that is why she has been imprisoned for four months? >> correct. that is correct. she did just what you said. the issue we have is about five to seven days before skylar went, there was a couple from canada that went and she breached isolation -- they actually have videos and pictures of that couple
1:43 pm
breaching isolation at least, you know, 15 to 20 times, jurped the fence in their hotel to go to another hotel to swim, being on the beach, being in clubs, being at the grocery store. and they granted the fine, the law was still the same. the fine was different. at that point the maximum fine was 5k per person, and six months in jail. they walked away each paying $1,000 and going home. >> is the feeling of your family and for skylar that because they got away with it, she should have been able to get away with it, so to speak? >> i don't think getting away with it. we are all for paying the fine but they have never imprisoned anyone for breaching isolation. they have had local people actually breach quarantine because they're positive and
1:44 pm
they breach quarantine and all they do is send them back home. right now there's a 19-year-old university student, he lives in the caymans, he goes to school in the cayman. he flew home. the first day he breached his isolation. they isolate at home. all tourists, you can isolate where you are. once you breach it, you go into a government quarantine and you're responsible for paying -- it's a hotel and you're responsible for paying the hotel bill. they let him go -- >> so, i wonder -- sorry to interrupt you. do you feel like you're able to get any u.s. government help? what kind of assistance do you think you're going to get in order to get her out of this situation? >> well, i'm hoping that the federal government will step in. what we're hearing, our georgia senator and governor and attorney general, they're all very sympathetic and doing what
1:45 pm
they can. i did out of sheer desperation write to the white house and they promptly responded and said they were sorry, they were going to review what was going on. and then when they put her in prison, which stunned all of us, i wrote back to them and according to them they have turned it over to the appropriate federal government agency to do an investigation. i don't know if that will help or not. now, you know, skylar, the -- the people there are very verbal. there are people that say, why are you making an example out of an 18-year-old american when a lot of their tourism is americans, and why is this 19-year-old kid that lives here able to do whatever he wants to do because his mom happens to work for the government? and why did the canadians not have to pay? they were older than her.
1:46 pm
and should have known better. so a lot of them, while some are very angry and truly hate mail on her, some of them are saying, let's do this right. if we're going to do it, then do it. but you can't just single out an american and do her. and she's 18 years old. >> you're going to have to keep us posted on how things go. of course, we're wishg you all the best in what is definitely a very terrible, uncomfortable, sad situation. thank you so much. really appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back. year we. and with free curbside pickup at walmart... you can get the perfect gift up until the last minute. let's end the year nailing it. ♪
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alan began to crumble under the emotional weight of his diagnosis. >> they tried a minimum of 16 different antidepressants on me and none of them worked. at least half of them had the exact opposite effect. >> but worst of all were the nightmares. >> the only way i know to describe this is someone is holding me under water and i can't get my breath. panic, pure, extreme terror. and you don't go back to sleep after something like that. so, that's when they diagnosed me. you definitely have ptsd. >> tonight on "this is life," lisa ling explores the medical uses of psychedelics and examines how for some that lose that againics might hold the key to a healthier future. joining us right now, the host of "this is life," lisa ling. lisa, he sounds really
1:52 pm
traumatized and had been for a very long time. did it turn out that psychedelics was the answer for them? what are we talking about when we say psychedelics? >> well, fred, psychedelics are substances that are found in nature or made synthetically in a lab. and alan from the clip was talking about how he has started to produce mushrooms, the key ingredients in certain kinds of mushrooms and you heard he had taken about 16 different antidepressants. he took one every day or multiple pills every day for years and none of them worked. he started microdosing the mushroomses. he takes a capsule he produces himself every three or four days, not even every day, and he says for the first time in decades he is actually out of depression and no longer has ptsd as a result. >> wow. that's quite extraordinary. and his experience is going to be one that we'll all become
1:53 pm
more intimately familiar with this evening on your show. lisa ling, thank you so much. be sure to tune in on an all-new episode of "this is life request lisa ling" airing tonight at 10:00 p.m. only on cnn. this year's cnn heroes, an all-star tribute celebrated people fighting the pandemic and fighting racial inequality. here is anderson cooper. >> sometimes a photograph can capture the mood and the attention of the world. in june one image did just that. during protests on the streets in london, the events turned violate. a black lives matter was there to condemn statues and things got heat. one man, a white former police officer, wandered into the crowd and he started to get beat up. one of the black lives matter protesters, patrick hutchinson, saw he was in peril. patrick moved in, picked up the injured man, carried him through the crowd to safety.
1:54 pm
>> the biggest thing for me was making sure no harm came to him because i knew if harm had come to him, the narrative would just be changed and then the plame would be -- fall on the young black lives matter protesters. we made sure we got him out of there safely. >> patrick, a father and grandfather, and hopes the responsibility to do the right thing resides in all of us. >> we want equality for all people, all races, and right now we seem to be the oppressed ones. it's about time things were changed the world over. >> and you can watch cnn heroes an all-star tribute at any time on cnn go, cnn on demand and hbo max. thanks for being with me. i'm fredericka whitfield. the "newsroom" continues with bee anna golodryga in a moment. (vo) thirteen years ago,
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you are live in the "cnn newsroom." and breaking news at this hour -- the cdc director signs off on a second vaccine to combat the coronavirus. this one by moderna. that opens the way for that vaccine to go into arms. as of this morning, shipments of the vaccine are already on the move. trucks carrying millions of doses, that welcome sign. following news that already 500,000 americans have received a dose of the first coronavirus vaccine that was approved from pfizer. another form of relief may be on its way. this is congress. we are talking about senate majority leader mitch mcconnell saying he expects to have a deal on a $900 billion stimulus package nailed down in just a matter of hours. without it


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