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tv   The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  January 4, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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million views online. she tested positive for coronavirus in october and died three days after christmas. her brother says her legacy inspired him to become a teacher. to the family, deepest condolences. may her memory be a blessing. follow me on facebook, instagram, twitter. jake tapper. coverage on cnn continues right now. welcome to our viewers here in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer in "the situation room." we're following breaking news. top georgia election officials debunking completely president trump's election conspiracy theories after his truly shocking call to the secretary of state of georgia demanding he find the votes to overturn the democratically held results. in a scathing point by point
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take down awhile ago, one clearly highly frustrated election official said the trump team has intentionally mislead the state, senate, voters, and people of the united states, closed quote. also breaking now, president-elect biden campaigning in georgia now for the two democratic challengers in tomorrow's critical senate runoff election that will determine which party controls the u.s. senate. we are following breaking pandemic news. the u.s. death toll topping 352,000 people with more than 20.7 million cases and deep concern now about the vaccine rollout here in the united states. the cdc says almost 15.5 million doses have been distributed but just 4.5 million people have been immunized so far. let's go straight to the white house to start coverage this hour. chief white house correspondent jim acosta is standing by.
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jim, truly remarkable attempt by the president to overturn the election he clearly and decisively lost. >> reporter: that's right, wolf. he is out of control. president trump's attempted shake down of the georgia secretary of state has some of his own supporters worried what he will do next. one adviser said the president is being fed false conspiracy theories by a team of enablers, that darkened his mood in recent weeks. went on to say he is acting like a dictator that wants to burn things to the ground on the way out. down in georgia, state officials complain they're playing whack a mole, knocking down the president's false claims. one day after the president's unhinged attempt to fix election results in georgia, state officials are firing back with methodical debunking of mr. trump's bogus conspiracy theories. >> this is all easily provably false, yet the president
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persists. i will admit when i listened to audio of the phone call, the president brought it up again, heard it on a radio ad again today, i wanted to scream. >> reporter: scrambling to scam his way into a second term, president trump is lashing out at members of his own party that woents join his quest to overturn the election. tweeting it will go down in infamy as weak. some can't believe their own ears after the call to georgia's secretary of state brad raffensperger, aimed at cooking up a win in that state. >> all i want to do is this. i just want to find 11,780 votes which is one more than we have because we won the state. what are we going to do here, folks. i only need 11,000 votes. fellas, i need 11,000 votes.
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give me a break. >> reporter: he attempted to call 18 times before the one hour conversation over the weekend. >> people of georgia are angry, people of the country are angry, there's nothing wrong with saying that, you know, that you recalculated. >> mr. president, the challenge you have is the data you have is wrong. >> the data that he has is just plain wrong. he had hundreds of people dead that voted, we found two. >> reporter: even some gop senators place of business planning to side with the president and objecting to electoral votes have issues with the call. >> one of the things i think everyone has said is that this call was not a helpful call. >> reporter: other republicans like senator tom cotton refuse to join the effort, saying in a statement under the constitution and federal law, congress' power is limited to counting electoral votes submitted by the states. that drury buick fr-- drew rebu
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the president. vice president pence sidestepped the issue before the senate runoff in georgia. >> i promise you come this wednesday, we'll have our day in congress. we'll hear the objections. we'll hear the evidence. but tomorrow is georgia's day. >> reporter: all living former defense secretaries issued a letter saying it is over for mr. trump, writing the time to question results has passed. time for formal counting of the electoral college votes as prescribed in the constitution and statute has arrived. tell that to the gop senator josh hawley, who is leading the charge to object to election results in congress this week, the kind of action he once slammed during mr. trump's impeachment. >> the consequences to the republic of overturning a democratic election because you don't like the result and believe the election was somehow corrupted when in fact the evidence shows it was not.
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>> reporter: add to that, republican senator susan collins who said she thought the president learned his lesson after being impeached over a phone call. >> i believe that the president has learned from this case. the president has been impeached. that's a pretty big lesson. >> reporter: the president is scheduled to campaign for georgia's endangered republican senators at a rally in the state later this evening. mr. trump may want to consider how long he lingers in the state. fulton county district attorney released a statement saying she found mr. trump's phone call to be disturbing. the district attorney said she will enforce the law without fear or favor and that anybody that commits a felony violation of law in the state of georgia in her jurisdiction will be held accountable, wolf. tough talk from that district attorney. when you talk to the president's advisers, they say the president may think, for example, if he pardons himself that that covers him when it comes to federal
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law. he is running into a potential for being in violation of state law down in georgia. that's a big concern to the president and his team around him, wolf. >> potentially new york city and new york state as well, even if he were to pardon himself, even if he were to resign, let mike pence be president a few days, he would still be vulnerable to state and local charges. jim acosta, stand by. president-elect joe biden is in georgia campaigning for democrats in the senate runoff election. mj lee joins us now. tomorrow's vote will have tremendous impact on biden's presidency. >> reporter: that's right, wolf. the fact that we have both the sitting president and president-elect campaigning in georgia the same day goes to show how much is at stake in the two runoff races. we saw president-elect joe biden leave the stage, campaigning for jon ossoff and raphael warnock,
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and what he pleaded with georgia voters on is to repeat what they did in november. they handed him a historic victory in the presidential election, allowing him to turn georgia blue the first time in decades, and he really emphasized how much political power is in their hands come tomorrow. take a listen. >> voted in record numbers in november. your voices were heard, votes were counted. world of people prevailed. we won three times here. we need you to vote again in record numbers, to make your voices heard again and again to change georgia, to change america again. and this is not an exaggeration. georgia, the whole nation is looking to you. the power is literally in your hands, unlike anytime in my career, one state, one state can chart the course not just for
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the next four years but for the next generation. >> reporter: now, this was a political rally, but you could also tell that covid-19 was top of mind for the president-elect again. he slammed president trump and his administration's handling of the virus and also the vaccine distribution using the words, take a listen to this. >> i said it before, getting america vaccinated will be one of the most difficult operational challenges this nation has ever faced but we've known it for the last months. this administration has gotten off to a god awful start. the president spends more time whining and complaining than doing something about the problem. i don't know why he still wants the job, he doesn't want to do the work. >> reporter: now, wolf, it is
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worth pointing out that biden in this speech did not explicitly make mention of the explosive phone call that president trump made over the weekend, trying to pressure georgia officials to try to overturn results of the election in that state. however, he did make a point of saying there are some republicans in the senate who have taken an oath not to the constitution but to the sitting president, clearly this suggestion was clear. one more way for the president-elect to emphasize to voters in georgia just how much is at stake. wolf? >> so much is at stake. mj lee reporting for us. thanks very much. let more on this. joining us, chief political correspondent dana bash, phil mattingly, and kyung lah. dana, the georgia election official, gabriel sterling, he was an amazing fact checker. he went point by point totally, totally discounting the president's crazy conspiracy
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theories. watch this. >> the reason i'm having to stand here today is because there are people in positions of authority and respect who have said their votes didn't count and it is not true. the president's legal team had the entire tape. they watched the entire tape. from my point of view intentionally mislead the senate and voters and people of the united states about this. they said there are 2,423 that voted without being registered. let's be clear about this. you can't do it. they claim that 66,248 below the age of 18 voted. the actual number is zero. 4,926 past the registration deadline. again, it is zero. there's no shredding of ballots going on, that's not real, not happening. potential hacking of dominion equipment during a senate hearing last week, that didn't happen either. secretary raffensperger doesn't have a brother named ron raffensperger, that's not real. the president tweeted that as well. we see nothing in our investigations of the data claims that shows there's nearly
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enough ballots to change the outcome. this is all easily provably false, yet the president persists. >> that was quite a take down from a republican election official in georgia, dana. do fact checks like that make a difference to the president or for that matter supporters in the house and senate? >> no. they should. but the sad answer to that question is no. but the fact that mr. sterling took all of that time knowing that all eyes are on georgia right now because of tomorrow's pair of runoff elections, took the time to do what he did, to try to go point by point and counter point and try to prove what the president and his allies are saying is wrong, and taking it to the next level to say and by the way, you have to
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go vote tomorrow and talking about the very real dynamic and the way those two things are so intertwined was really remarkable and, you know, it just shows when history books look back, are written and people look back on this time, there are going to be people like him who made a name for himself by just trying as hard as he could to do the right thing. and i will tell you, i'm sure you are hearing it as well on the last point, the idea of concern that people aren't going to vote tomorrow, that isn't just local georgia officials. republicans who are very concerned about what it means for the balance of power here in washington are, you know, kind of holding their breath, waiting to see what the president says tonight down there because they're worried that anything he says could suppress their own
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vote and hurt the republicans on the ballot tomorrow. >> what happens in the two senate runoff elections tomorrow in georgia is so critically important. phil, we have seen a few prominent republicans push back on the president's efforts to overturn the democratically held election, including tom cotton, pat toomey, liz cheney. is this laying bare a deep split within the republican party now? >> wolf, i think it is viscerally ripping off the veil of what the republican party looks like. there are a number of republicans, at least 12 in the senate, more than 100 in the house made clear the postseason trump republican party looks like the current republican party, and loyalty to the president is crucial to that. rationale is that's what they hear from constituents. there are many bottlattles to c in terms of policy, all those things that have to play out.
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right now, i think you're seeing a personality litmus test and push back in the last 72 hours is most notable. over the course of the last four years, you haven't seen much of it, maybe a little bit. that person usually is broken down by 280 characters from the president's twitter account. instead, you've seen several lawmakers in the course of the last two days, seen a number of lawmakers, including lawmakers that have been loyal to the president come out and say look, this is a bridge too far. there are two things at play. one, this is as egg greej us as it gets. you cannot technically do it since it is traditionally ceremonial. there's also clearly players trying to position themselves for what happens next, how it plays out over weeks and months ahead means everything to the party in years ahead. keep in mind, this is all happening 24 hours from an election that's going to decide whether or not democrats have complete unified control of
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washington, and the fact this is playing out now goes to dana's point, not just on the ground in georgia, i am hearing it constantly from republicans on capitol hill. they knew this fight was coming. they knew it had to happen given where everybody stood during the trump era on policy. the fact it is right before the election will determine whether or not mitch mcconnell remains majority leader is not something republicans wanted. >> you're right. you're in atlanta now covering the two senate runoff elections tomorrow. in the phone conversation that was recorded with georgia secretary of state, president trump said, and quoting now, the people of georgia know this was a scam. how could all of this impact results in tomorrow's critically important runoff elections? >> start with what the election is. it is about persuasion -- it is not about persuasion, it is who can get out the most numbers on their sides. if you watch just one hour of
2:17 pm
local television, you see the ads and they're directed at getting out the base. we heard the candidates speak this way. that's what we've seen for weeks on weeks here. it is about running up the numbers among the faithful on both sides. we went and talked to voters who were democrats, talked to voters that are republicans today. it was really astonishing, the contrast here. all the democrats we spoke with had heard the news, they were eating it up. in some cases gleeful about it happening. a number of republicans that went to see vice president mike pence had not heard about the news. the sources they're looking at simply weren't covering it or covered it so lightly they didn't think it was that big of a deal. people told us they didn't think it was going to matter. so among the faithful who are going to show up, who the gop is relying on tomorrow, will it make a difference? the democrats we spoke with admit they don't think it will
2:18 pm
make much of a difference. the question is who is able to run up numbers on their side, wolf. >> critically important indeed. stand by. next, a stark warning from the ten living former defense secretaries as president trump steps up his brazen efforts to overturn the presidential election. i will talk about that with former defense secretary chuck hagel. plus, breaking news, troubling uk varniant reported n another u.s. state. we'll update you on that when we come back. robinhood believes now is the time to do money.
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the u.s. death toll tops 352,000 with 20.7 million cases. there's growing concern about the vaccine rollout and how many are getting shots in arms. >> reporter: hi, wolf, that's right. there's concern about new variants of the virus. andrew cuomo announced a man in saratoga county in upstate new york tested positive for the
2:23 pm
strain of coronavirus first seen in united kingdom. the man had not traveled recently which suggests just like in colorado and california, it is as experts feared, the virus has been circulating, we just didn't realize it until now. >> i feel like i have completed kind of a marathon, closed the loop. >> reporter: the any year bringing good news for some front line workers as they get a second dose of the covid vaccine. >> i am very, very grateful to just receive the vaccine in the first place. >> i will be 95% immune. that to me is the greatest gift i could ever have started the year off with. >> reporter: still, there are concerns about the slow pace of coronavirus vaccinations nationwide. some 4.5 million doses administered so far, about a quarter of the amount government officials promised. >> we are not where we want to be. no doubt about that. but i think we can get there if we really accelerate, get momentum going, and see what happens as we get into the first
2:24 pm
couple of weeks of january. >> the chief adviser to operation warp speed acknowledging the slow pace, insisting things are swiftly ramping up. >> over the last 72 hours, 1.5 million vaccine doses inoculated, even though there's gap in reporting, that's an important number. 500,000 a day. we are optimistic as we go beyond the holiday season that the numbers will go up. >> reporter: the fda is set to meet to discuss giving half doses of moderna's vaccine to people 18 to 55, which could make it available to twice as many people in that age group. urgency to get more shots in arms coming as infection rates soar. nearly 300,000 new covid-19 cases reported saturday, highest single day total ever. another roughly 210,000 added sunday. the virus' spread helped along by travel. the tsa reporting 1.3 million people screened at airport security sunday. a record since the pandemic
2:25 pm
began. >> it is terrible, unfortunate, but it was predictable that we were going to see the number of cases we see now. my concern is that it could get worse. >> reporter: sunday set another record for covid hospitalizations nationwide and in six states, including south carolina where hospitals in four counties were at full capacity. and a crisis in california. >> i haven't seen anything like this. >> reporter: hard hit los angeles county, one person contracts covid every six seconds, according to the l.a. mayor, eric garcetti. >> it is really rough. we're at maximum capacity most of the time. we have patients in the hallways. >> reporter: there's now growing concern the coronavirus variants first seen in south africa may pose a problem for vaccine response due to the mutations to the part of the virus that allow it to infect cells. this doesn't mean the vaccines developed won't be effective at all, but they could be less effective. this is something scientists are
2:26 pm
studying. >> that's a worry indeed. athena, thank you very much. let's get more from dr. paul offett, he is director of the vaccine education center at children's hospital in philadelphia. doctor, thank you for joining us. as you know, the cdc says 15.4 million coronavirus vaccine doses have been distributed around the united states, but just 4.5 million people have been immunized. that means more than 10 million dos doses are out there, being distributed, that have not been given to people. why is this proving to be such a huge challenge and how should it be addressed? >> it is a huge challenge because we've never done it. we need to create public health infrastructure that enables us to give millions of doses a day. right now, we don't have the infrastructure in place. we were late to give money to this. finally congress appropriated money to this effort.
2:27 pm
it is lalt te in the game. we need to give mass vaccinations in stadiums, synagogues, churches, auditoriums, set that infrastructure in place, and right now we don't have that infrastructure. >> i was wondering why the president of the united states didn't mobilize the u.s. military, activate troops, get national guard out there, and do this in stadiums, parking lots around the country, vaccinate people very, very quickly. >> it would have been helpful. i think we're learning, getting better at it. we've done roughly 500,000 doses a day. what pennsylvania wants is to set up clinics in rural parts of the state where there's pharmacy free zones. she wants to work with the federal government to give her the resources to do that. to date it has been frustrating
2:28 pm
for her. >> some experts suggest giving one dose of the vaccine to more people as a way to get greater portion to the population, at least partially vaccinated. quickly, based on data you study, do you support that idea? the two vaccines authorized in the united states require two vaccinations three or four weeks apart. >> i don't support that at all. what you found when you did phase three studies and get into the case of moderna, 30,000 people or in the case of pfizer, 44,000, there was a period of time, three or four weeks, one had gotten one dose before the second dose, there was some evidence for protection, but based on small numbers. you don't know how long the efficacy would last. i think it is a bad idea. we need to ramp up production and distribution and administration, knowing if we give two doses of vaccine, we get 95% protection. to do less than that would be disservice to the american
2:29 pm
public. >> potential lives are at stake in the united states. they have to do something and they have to do it quickly. thank you so much for joining us. thanks for everything you're doing. >> thank you. there's more breaking news in "the situation room." we have more on tomorrow's hugely consequential georgia senate runoff elections. we talk about it with the atlanta mayor, keisha lance bottoms. she's standing by live. liberty mutual customizes your home insurance, here's one that'll really take you back. wow! what'd you get, ryan? it's customized home insurance from liberty mutual! what does it do bud? it customizes our home insurance so we only pay for what we need! and what did you get, mike? i got a bike. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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we are following breaking news. president-elect joe biden wrapped up a campaign stop for the two democratic candidates in the senate runoff elections in georgia. we are joined by the atlanta
2:34 pm
democratic mayor, keisha lance bottoms. thank you for joining us. you just joined the president-elect as he urged voters in your state to come out in record numbers, once again, says the whole nation is looking to you now, the people of georgia, in this election. what's your message, give me a brief sense what your message to voters is tonight. >> wolf, it was only three years ago i was in the same predicament in terms of getting turnout in atlanta and it was a close vote. what it took was for people across the country to start energizing our city and that's what i see happening across the state. there's an energy that i felt in this rally today that frankly i haven't felt during this election cycle, so you can feel that people are excited and they recognize what's at stake, and to have the eyes of the entire country on georgia really speaks to who we are as parts of the
2:35 pm
electoral process. obviously we went blue in november, but i believe we can stay blue. it is about turnout. we're already seeing record turnout in this state and i think it is because of the energy coming from across the country. >> you just heard a top republican election official in georgia, gabriel sterling, i'm sure you know him, tick through numerous false claims the president made about the november election in that recorded one hour conversation he had with georgia's secretary of state. he also urges voters don't self suppress your own vote. how concerned should republicans be in georgia now about damage the president's rhetoric might be doing to voter turnout tomorrow. >> i believe that republicans in the state are divided. we know a number of people who usually lean republican traditionally voted for joe biden, and the fact that we have two senators who will not
2:36 pm
denounce what this president has said and in fact i read something before joining us, david perdue seemed to think the issue was the president was recorded. he didn't take issue with what he said. it is my hope those republicans and independents who flipped in november will listen and pay attention to the inability of the two senators to denounce what the president is attempting to do and they'll vote for jon ossoff and raphael warnock tomorrow. >> in georgia, by the way, as you well know, it is legal for one party in a phone conversation to record that conversation if he or she wants to do so. i want to listen to something georgia's republican governor, brian kemp, said about the president's attempts to pressure your secretary of state in that extraordinary hour-long phone conversation. listen to this. >> i'm not going to fall into
2:37 pm
the trap of this is a big distraction because it's not. people don't need to pay attention to it. nothing else matters for the next 24 hours. people need to do what the president and what myself and a lot of other people want people to do, that's to get out and vote for david perdue and kelly loeffler. >> what do you say, mayor, to the governor's insistence that the president's efforts to pressure the secretary of state is simply a distraction? >> how can we not pay attention to the president of the united states of america attempting to rig an election? i don't know what's more important to our democracy. we certainly have to pay attention to it and we certainly have to act accordingly when given the opportunity tomorrow to go and vote. donald trump only has a couple more weeks to be president of the united states, but you have two senators who will not denounce what he has said. and also at least one senator said that she will be completely
2:38 pm
focused on making sure joe biden fails. so it is time to move on as a country. the energy is here in this state. we have enough people who care about the election and future of this country to turn out and vote. many of these people did not vote in november. we are seeing thousands of those people turnout to vote. i think it will be a close one, but i believe they can pull it off and jon ossoff and raphael warnock can pull it off tomorrow. >> we learned, mayor, voting totals in georgia have smashed all previous records for runoff elections. over 3 million voters in georgia already cast their ballots by mail or in person and voting will continue tomorrow. what does that tell you about record numbers? >> it tells me people are paying attention and that people care. what i want people to remember,
2:39 pm
especially democrats across the state, we had a great early vote turnout in november and then on the election day, it didn't go our way. it is not enough to rest on the record number that already turned out. we all have to turn out. we can't take any vote for granted, can't leave any vote out there. so again, for independents and those who voted who traditionally vote republican, it is my hope they'll listen carefully to what donald trump has said and pay attention to the inability of the two senators who represent the state to denounce interference in the election process in this state. >> atlanta's mayor, thanks as usual for joining us. we'll stay in close touch with you. appreciate it very much. >> thank you. coming up, did president trump's phone conversation including a shakedown effort of
2:40 pm
georgia's secretary of state put him in legal jeopardy? we talk about it when we come back. de airborne? a blast of immune support that's more than just vitamin c. it's a unique crafted blend of vitamins, minerals, and herbs. it's what makes airborne your daily dose of confidence. without the commission fees so you can start investing today, wherever you are - even hanging with your dog. so, what are you waiting for?
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following breaking news today. a top georgia election official gabriel sterling point by point debunked president trump's election conspiracy theories. it comes after the president's truly shocking phone conversation, all recorded, more than an hour to georgia secretary of state, demanding he
2:44 pm
find the votes to overturn results of the election. did that phone conversation put the president in legal jeopardy? let's discuss with republican election attorney ben ginsburg. ben, thanks so much for joining us. what do you think, did president trump potentially commit a crime, either a federal crime or state crime, when he pressured georgia officials to find 11,870 votes. was he soliciting election fraud? >> well, he probably was attempting to do that, and what he did was certainly wrong and immoral, ethically challenged. whether he committed a crime is something a prosecutor would have to look at long and hard, those are difficult to prove. an element of the crime is whether the president thought charges he was making and things he was asking were true. and as we know, the president has not always been accurate in statements that he has made about the election.
2:45 pm
>> yeah, he probably believes the lies himself. based on what you heard from that one hour plus phone conversation, now a lot of us listened to the whole thing. could the president actually be held accountable for demands he was making? could he potentially if the prosecutors wanted go ahead and be charged? >> well, a prosecutor, and there are always local prosecutors who are a little overly aggressive and politically ambitious, can certainly bring charges on the basis of that. my guess is after looking at this for two, three, four months it takes to build a case, they'll exercise prosecutorial discretion and not bring charges against a call that was completely wrong to make because he's going to be out of office and he's already paying a political price for this. >> if you were the president's attorney right now, would you advice him, a, to potentially pardon himself before leaving
2:46 pm
office? he only has 16 days left. or resign and let the vice president become president and issue a pardon for him. >> if you look at it from point of view of better ruling, he would be better having the vice president pardon him. there will always be a question, it has never been litigated fully before about whether a president can pardon himself. i would suggest to him he does not want to be the test case for the self pardon. >> thank you so much for joining us. >> thanks. coming up, california's covid crisis worsens. the governor warns of surge upon surge of new cases. we'll be right back. policy you no longer need? now you can sell your policy, even a term policy, for an immediate cash payment. call coventry direct to learn more. we thought
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i'm john harwood at the white house, and this is cnn. the already dire covid crisis in california is getting worse tonight. the governor gavin newsom said a while ago that hospitalizations are up 18% in the last two weeks alone and icu cases up 22%, and icu capacity in some parts of the state has fallen now to zero. cnn's brian todd is joining us, and california went from being what seemed to be pretty much a success story from early on to being a global virus hot spot, and what is the latest? >> well, it did, wolf, and one expert said a tsunami of the virus cases in california and residents need to get to higher
2:52 pm
ground. we will look at how california got to this horrific stage after battling the virus successfully in the early stages. >> reporter: a grim look from the front lines. >> we are dying like flies, and we are at full capacity and we have no resources. we have no staff. our doctors can't even intu bba because they have like 40 patients each. it is like a war zone. >> reporter: the rates have reached alarming levels and the deaths per day have spiked n. l.a. county, the epicenter of the virus in the united states, the hospitals are so overwhelmed they are looking are at rationing care. >> we are able to get the equipment, because somebody else had died, and that sounds gruesome and horhorrific, but t is where we are today. >> reporter: in l.a. county one person dies of coronavirus as often as every ten minutes. as of the rates of infection --
2:53 pm
>> one person every six seconds contracting covid-19 here in l.a. county and the nation's largest county of 19 million people. >> reporter: and one hospital director said that her hospital is pushed to the brink of capacity and the density of population is one reason of spikes in los angeles area, and she cited the work patterns of many of the county residents. >> we have low income workers and essential workers working outside of their homes. >> reporter: in california, often more people are living inside of a given home, and one is pointing to the dynamics of working inside of the state. >> the hispanic culture have many generations within living, and it is coming to roost, and people are having to work multiple jobs. >> reporter: in the early stages california received praise with stay at home orders and closures
2:54 pm
of bars and restaurants, and in contrast, california allowed many to stay open, and why is california worse than florida? one points to the ratio of hospital beds per person. >> california has one of the lower rates of hospital beds. that is a good reason why we are seeing the hospitals overwhelmed more quickly than hospitals in other states that have more hospital beds per capita. >> reporter: one analyst says that those with longer stay at home longer than other states is a real factor. >> a covid fatigue is a real factor and folks have had to stay at home longer, because they live paycheck to paycheck. >> reporter: and they point to homelessness in places like san francisco and los angeles, and
2:55 pm
people are living in shelters and in tighter spaces, they say have contributed to the surge in california. wolf? >> it is so sad. brian todd reporting. more breaking news. and republican georgia officials are fighting hard against president trump's election conspiracy claims with a scathing takedown point by point of the president. research shows people remember commercials with nostalgia. so to help you remember that liberty mutual customizes your home insurance, here's one that'll really take you back. it's customized home insurance from liberty mutual!
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this is cnn breaking news. welcome to viewers here in the united states and around the
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world. i'm wolf blitzer in the "situation room," and we are following breaking news. election officials in georgia are debunking president trump's conspiracy theories in the call to the secretary of the state demanding that he finds votes to overturn his loss. and he accused one of the allies of intentionally misleading the state senate and the voters and the people of the united states, and we are also following breaking news from the joe biden campaign swing in georgia ahead of the crucial senate runoffs and rallying the voters telling them they have the power to decide the control of the u.s. senate. and breaking pandemic news as well. the u.s. coronavirus death toll is now surged past 352,000 with more than 20.7 million confirmed cases as the cdc


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