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tv   CNN Tonight with Don Lemon  CNN  January 5, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PST

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when you're a star, they let you do it. they let you do anything. you can grab them by the [ bleep ], you can do anything. >> that was the most revealing tape of all, and here's why. it was so appalling, so egregious, so unpresidential. it seemed like it would end his campaign. republicans spoke out against him. but then the hack of hillary clinton's campaign emails dropped, and before you know it, trump had bent the decency of republicans to his will, where it remains to this day. tonight trump isn't conceding. speaking at a rally in georgia, making all sorts of baseless claims and putting pressure on his party to support him. stay with us.
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president trump in georgia tonight on the eve of the crucial senate runoff election. still insisting he won the state in november. and that rally tonight revealing
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more of the scheme to steal the election and applying public pressure to vice president, the vice president, senators, other republican officials. but georgia's secretary of state emphatically saying that trump did not win in georgia. all this as the president and his republican supporters continue trying to steal the presidential election. and a white house adviser saying trump is in a dark place as he pushes conspiracy theories about his election loss. the adviser also saying it was crazy and a mistake for the president to call georgia's secretary of state, pressuring him to say trump won georgia in november. let's discuss now. cnn's white house correspondent john harwood, and our resident fact checker, daniel dale, who i'm sure has gotten no sleep in the last four years. good evening to both of you. john, trump is baselessly claiming that he won the election in a landslide. this is what he said tonight.
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>> georgia and pennsylvania and one other will get me there. and we have six, and maybe eight if you look at them. and we were leading all of them by a lot until like a miracle it started to quickly disappear. >> none of what he says is true. pretty much nothing that he says is true. it's clear that the georgia call was only one part of his plot. he needs other states too. >> well, he definitely needs other states. look, joe biden got 306 electoral votes. pennsylvania is 20. georgia is 16. if he was somehow able to flip those two states, joe biden would still have 270 electoral votes. that's why he says he needs another state. of course, he is not going to get another state. all those states have certified their results. joe biden is the winner, but he continues to babble on publicly
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and privately, repeating these ridiculous fantasies about winning the election. and he used them on the crowd at his rally tonight, although i must say, i wasn't there, but it didn't feel watching the rally that it was a particularly effusive or enthusiastic one. >> tried not to, but i did, and it would seem mostly grievance. i was when is he going to get to the candidates? mostly grievance and not really like he believed in any of it. it's worn thin. it's gotten old. daniel, you have been fact checking the president's rally tonight. what stood out to you? >> don, what stood out is that the speech was like it was from an alternate universe, that the president is not even remotely connected to reality. either he is lying. his brain has been completely captured by internet weirdos, or both. and frankly, as a fact checker, i'm bored. have you ever sat at a family gathering or at a bar on a date
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and had someone just talk your ear off complete nonsense for an hour and you feel like you can't escape? that's all of us right now, because that's the president right now. he said over and over that he won the election in a landslide. he lost the election. he said over and over the other siden gauged in mass cheating, stealing, forging, ballot dumping, none of which happened. he stood there and read -- this is not ad lib, this is reading from a teleprompter, read a bunch of imaginary statistics about voting in georgia and pennsylvania, wisconsin and michigan. it's all wrong, all debunked by fact check. >> all dismissed by the courts. on and on and on. i do think it's wto getting to some of the details of some of the false and misleading claims he made about the georgia candidates. for example, he claimed that raphael warnock talked about epping up the jails. he was talking about opening up the jails and releasing people
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who are arrested for marijuana offenses in particular, not just letting all criminals out. trump also said that jon ossoff is part of a crusade to defund the police. ossoff is on record for months over and over saying he opposes defunding the police. he wants police reform. so this was just a wildly dishonest speech. one of the most dishonest i've ever heard from a president. >> i'm with you. it's worn thin. the act is old, except that call, that date with that call, that was some good stuff. i never heard anything like it. i'm sure you guys will agree. i'm probably going listen to it again after i get off of work. thank you so much. i'll see you soon. listen, i want to bring in, now, jim messina and stewart stevens. he is the former chief strategist for romney's presidential campaign and senior adviser to the lincoln project. gentlemen, good evening. good to see both you have. stewart, i'm going to start with you.
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this is what president trump said about pence's role when they meet on wednesday. >> i hope mike pence comes through for us, i have to tell you. i hope that our great vice president, our great vice president comes through for us. he is a great guy. plus, if he doesn't come through, i won't like him quite as much. no, mike is a great guy. he is a -- he is a wonderful man and a smart man and man that i like a lot. but he is going to have a lot to say about it. you know one thing with him, you're going to get straight shots. he is going to call it straight. >> what is he talking about? because last time i checked, pence's job is purely ceremonial. >> yeah, this is another one of these complete fantasies that trump has. you know, there has been this other fantasy in the republican party that mike pence was somehow the last four years
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going to be the responsible adult in the room who would keep trump straight, who would hold on to some kind of government and service. that's all proven to be just a complete lie as well. mike pence began his career when he lost a congressional race when he was caught taking money from his congressional campaign to pay his mortgage. and it looks like he's going to end his campaign, his political career in another unsavory moment where he's trying to basically steal an election for donald trump. it's just -- it's absolutely appalling. and trump -- pence has to decide how he wants to be remembered here. but those who put faith in pence have been pretty well disappointed. >> wow. stuart stevens, bringing the receipts tonight. listen, jim, this is what we heard from president-elect biden today. >> politicians cannot assert, take, or seize power. power is given. granted by the american people alone.
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we're a nation built on honor. decency, dignity, and respect. that is who we are. >> so trump and his republican allies are attacking our democracy. does the president-elect need to fight back even harder? >> no, i think he's doing what he needs to do, and giving people the space to focus on georgia and not make this about him. and get ready to be the president of the united states. i think the bigger onus is on trump, and trump is doing exactly what he's done for four years. don, i loved how earlier in the show you showed the initial holly wood access tape. he said, i can do whatever i want. that's literally what he's done for four years. and now he's just incredulous that these people aren't following him. and you know what will happen from trump. but it's the other folks that i don't forgive.
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the 13 members of the senate, over 100 members of congress, who understand that what they're doing is subverting the will of the american people. it's treason, and they're still going forward with it. and you asked why, and it's pure politics. especially these senators. they are running for president in 2024. stewart and i are used to the iowa caucus being the first political event. this is the crazy caucus tomorrow, excuse me, wednesday, during this vote. the only person that anyone cares about, these republicans, is donald trump. he is making sure he's not trashing them. tonight, he's threatening the vice president of the united states to do whatever crazy, convoluted thing trump's whack-job lawyers want him to do. it's insane. >> right on. trump is trying to galvanize supporters to come to d.c. and protest in a show of either support or maybe intimidation. given what we've seen from the president recently, are you worried about what could happen when he riles up supporters this
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week? >> sure, i think you have to be worried about the propensity for violence of the supporters of trump. he emboldens them. and leadership matters. when you have a president of the united states who is encouraging people to really protest or riot against democracy. and, look, the ugly side of this is, yes, it's treasonous and yes, it's sedition, but it's also just about race. what they're really saying is african-american votes are illegitimate. that's the language they're using. if you add the votes up that they say shouldn't be counted, over 80% of them are african-americans. in one sense, this is sort of a jim crow caucus that is now formed inside the republican party trying to deny african americans the right to vote. >> is it voter suppression, or racism? or both?
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>> i think it's both. it's attempted voter suppression. the whole idea of jim crow was to stop people who should be legitimately able to vote from voting. they weren't successful on election day with that. these african americans voted. so now they're trying after the fact to disqualify their votes. it's how many jelly beans are in the jar before you can vote, only now it's after the fact. it's just straight-up racism, and it's a failure of the republican party to expand and be able to give legitimate reasons for the ma rt. >> of african americans to support them. all these republicans and their jim crow caucus, they're overwhelmingly opposed by african-americans in their own state. and now they're trying to take the votes away from others in other states. it's really just straight-up shameful racism. >> jim, let's talk about tomorrow, because more than three million -- three million people have already cast their ballots in georgia. on the one hand, president trump is sowing chaos and division. aye among georgia republicans.
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but on the other hand, his campaigning in the general election drove more voters out than people expected. how do you see this playing out tomorrow? >> well, back to stuart's point. for one second, don. the reason we're here in georgia is systemic racism. why is there a runoff in georgia? and has been for a while? because they changed the rules to ensure an african-american couldn't win in the general election by getting less than 50% of the vote. so the fact that we're here on the runoff election where there is going to be less turnout than the general election, which is exactly how it was designed is proof of stuart's earlier point. the question for democrats is, traditionally it's a 30/30 rule in georgia. you need 30% turnout to be african american. early vote it's 31%, which is a good sign for democrats. and democrats need 30% of the white vote, and we won't know that until tomorrow. i think it's going to be very, very close. while biden won georgia, perdue and loeffler both got more votes in the general, in the congressional races, republicans
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got 51%. in the state house races, they got 54%. so i think republicans have gone into this as favorites. but stacey abrams has done an unbelievable job building a ground operation that gives democrats a shot tomorrow. >> stacey abrams and also black voters matter as well. thank you so much, gentlemen. i'll see you soon. we'll see what happens tomorrow and the next day and the next day. the president is spending the last days of his term spreading lies left and right. why do so many americans believe him? really, why is that? is it all just a ploy to take down his toughest competitor? >> remember north korea, it was going to be a tremendous nuclear fight, and all this? what happened with that? i got along very well with kim jong-un. i don't think that joe's going to, based on what i've heard. but i got along very well with him. cartilage and bones. and unlike big glucosamine chondroitin pills.
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try move free ultra now. want to eliminate odors without heavy, overwhelming scents? we get it. introducing febreze light. it eliminates odors... with no heavy perfumes... in light scents you'll love. new febreze light. president trump using tonight's rally in georgia to spread more of his election lies and conspiracy theories faster than officials can debunk them. cnn business reporter donnie o'sullivan caught up with some trump supporters ahead of tonight's rally, and they're buying everything the president is selling. >> reporter: are trump and his supporters just sore losers? >> no, we haven't lost. >> reporter: so he'll be president for two more weeks? >> no. he will be president until 2024.
12:22 am
>> obviously trump is saying the election was stolen from him here in georgia. he doesn't trust the republican election officials here. does that cause a problem for this week's senate election? >> yes, i think it has. for several people. people have been demoralized and have actually told me they don't want to vote, because they feel like their vote isn't going to count. >> what do you say to people? >> i tell them, well, if the democrats are going to steal the election, we're not going to -- we're going do the right thing and we're going vote. >> reporter: will you accept joe biden as president? >> no, he'll never be my president. >> reporter: but you accept he's going to be inaugurated? >> no, i don't. >> reporter: how can that change at this point. >> there could be a civil war, you never know. >> reporter: you don't actually want a civil war, do you? >> i don't. show us the voting machines, show us the ballots. show us this was a fair election, or we'll never accept another vote again, ever. >> crazy.
12:23 am
the civil war view, by the way, was not a common thing mentioned at the rally, but it's concerning it was mentioned at all. so let's discuss now. former white house communications director anthony scaramucci is here. cnn political commentator ana navarro and amanda carpenter. it is just -- it's crazy. it's literally crazy. show us -- the guys that show us the voting machines, they have done all that, and you're still living in la la land. hello, all of you. anthony, president trump is spreading his lies on phone calls. he is spreading on twitter and at rallies. the most dangerous part, the fact that so many americans believe it. why? >> well, a lot of americans unfortunately are dissatisfied with the system. so they're prone to conspiracy theory. he likes creating that kind of havoc. but just remember one thing. this is totally pre-meditated. he knows exactly what he's doing. he knows he lost the election.
12:24 am
he said the same thing about ted cruz after the iowa caucus. he was going to say the same thing about the 2016 election, because he thought he had lost that election. so he's just repurposing that for right now. it's a money making scheme. it's designed to intimidate the republican party and effectively burn down the house, don. >> okay, i understand that. i mean, those people -- >> i disagree with that a little bit. >> i was going to say, most people are adults. go on. >> we shouldn't buy the idea that people are dissatisfied with the system. i'm sorry. these people, the republican base has been radicalized by ring-wing media for many years, quite frankly, before trump came along, to believe that the other side is bad, right? they're evil. they're socialists. they're pedophiles running some crazy cabal. they've been primed for this message. so when donald trump comes along and say they stole it, they say, yup, uh-huh.
12:25 am
uh-huh, because that's in their ear in this toxic cultural soup they had created in the right-wing eco sphere that starts a the bottom with a lot of talk radio and has been exploded by facebook and algorithms and even see on fox news all the time now. you can trace what is on "prime time" television to these eight crazy channels. that's what's going on. they come to the rally already having that in their head. that's not something donald trump is spoon-feeding them because they lost a job. sorry. >> hang on, hang on. hang on, hang on. what i was going to say is, i will, hold on, ana. i understand that people, if you say you have to respect -- no. those people are adults. they should know better. yes, the president is responsible for spreading misinformation. but as an adult, you have to take responsibility for your own beliefs.
12:26 am
those people are believing things that are provably not true and have been proven over and over and over to be false, and yet they still want to believe them. who do you think you are that you -- yes, you have the right to vote. and you should. but people don't -- the right only goes so far. no one has to show you a voting machine. as a private citizen. that's what authorities do, the people who investigate. that's their job, to investigate the election and to investigate if there's voter fraud and to give you the information. you can't say, show me this and that and that. that's called entitlement. that's not deserved or earned, just because you lose, it doesn't mean you have the right to those things. that's not how the world works. the other side lost. people lose all the time. and they don't demand that you show them any of that stuff. that is delusional, and that's entitlement, and that should be called out. you guys, go on.
12:27 am
>> listen, don, the ironic thing is those voting machines have been shown. there has been court cases. >> yep. >> joe biden has won georgia now three times. he's won in court, he's won at the ballot box. it's been audited. they have been shown. they have been investigated. but, listen, part of what is happening with this trump base, with this trump cult, when you are subject to a cult leader, and you put that over truth and over fact, it is a cult. whether you like the word or not, it is a cult. donald trump has been the president of that cult, of that base, right? so he'll tell cubans what they want to hear regarding cuba. he'll tell racists what they want to hear about discrimination and against taking a knee and all of those things. they like trump. it's a lot of what amanda had
12:28 am
said, but it's also the fact that he has courted that base. but let me tell you something. you know, i cannot respect the trump voter if they cannot respect the constitution. we cannot put respect for one man's supporters over democracy. and over the constitution. and over election results. and anybody who heard that phone call, and if you haven't, you should, should know that this is the kind of stuff that happens in venezuela. that happens in nicaragua, under left-wing dictators. i spent months hearing republican elected officials warn that voting for any democrat would mean that america would turn into venezuela. well, no. if they don't speak up against this abuse of power by donald trump, that is what dictators in those countries do, harass and attack and threaten their political opposition.
12:29 am
s that what those dictators do. >> i wanted to give anthony an opportunity to respond. anthony, what do we do? go on, what did you want to say? >> listen, i agree with ana. i don't want to sound like a cult deprogrammer. but people that are unhappy or dissatisfied with the system are prone to conspiracy, they're prone to cult leaders. and we got to fix the system. you have to acknowledge that 74 million people voted for him, that's more people that voted for him after he was impeached. that tells you there's something wrong in the system. yes, you guys are right that these republican leaders are taking advantage of it, these despicable people like josh hawley, but we've got to either break down that party, rebuild another center-right party, but the people are unhappy. >> is there a breakdown in the system or in the people or society? >> no, don, come on. there are so many have and have-nots now, don. just go look at the data. this is economic data.
12:30 am
>> i don't see this about haves and have nots. >> it is. it's identity politics and it's economics. >> you know, anthony, i got to tell you, there is no phrase that i hate more than identity politics because somehow when people talk about identity politics, when republicans talk about identity politics, they're talking about people like me. and people like don. they're talking about our gender, they're talking about our sexuality, they're talking about our skin color and our ethnicity. how about people who identify as second amendment voters, who want to vote for candidates who represent that? is that not identity politics? how about people who vote only based on abortion, and they want to vote for people who identify with the way they feel? is that not identity politics? >> i've got to run, ana. >> i don't agree with it, ana. i don't agree with it, anna, i'm just pointing out what it is. >> it's a stupid -- >> i got to go. >> trigger -- >> i got to go.
12:31 am
>> you know damn well it's a dog whistle. anthony, you're too smart for that. >> well, he worked for trump, so i don't know. >> oh my god. anthony! >> you worked for ted cruz, a full-on traitor. what are you talking about? you don't have any standing to say that. >> excuse me? excuse me, anthony scaramucci. i remember you going to the cameras and praising donald trump to the hilt. when i worked for ted cruz, you want to go there? >> you didn't work for him? >> excuse me, what was that? you really think i should answer to you? with my work history, when you were donald trump's communications person willingly? get lost. >> don't be a hypocrite on national tv. >> okay. >> i owned to the mistake of donald trump. try not to be a hypocrite on national tv. >> you were donald trump's mouthpiece. >> okay. >> everybody knew what kind of
12:32 am
person he was then as he has shown himself to be now. >> 74 million people voted for him, amanda. >> all right, i got to go, guys. >> this is the country you're living in. 74 million people voted for him. change their will. >> okay. thank you all. >> goodbye. >> i got to go. >> bye, guys. >> boy, that went sideways. thank you, all. every 30 seconds, another american dies from coronavirus. a vaccine is on the way, but delays are holding up the help that people really need. how does that impact how many more americans could die? 3 made-for-you formulas with 2% pha exfoliate and condition for soft, balanced skin. find the one. neutrogena® chances are you have some questions right now here are a couple answers... lysol disinfectant spray and disinfecting wipes together can be used on over 100 surfaces.
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a dire situation in the united states, as deaths and cases explode across the country, and concerns about a new variant spreading right now. vaccines aren't getting out as fast as officials hoped. the u.s. is averaging 200,000 new cases a day, an average of over 2,500 a day.
12:37 am
every 33 seconds, an american dies of covid-19. joining me now, dr. chris murray. the director of the institute for health metrics and evaluation at the university of washington. thank you, dr. murray. i appreciate you joining us. your current modeling, devastating. we could be facing 5,000 deaths a day by february if the government doesn't do more? >> it's certainly possible, don. you know, our forecasts, which we hope will be just as bad as 3,500 or so in mid-january per day, just awful, of course. could be worse, could be 5,000 a day. that depends on how each state responds to the surge and whether or not they take action by putting things in place, whether we wear masks as individuals. >> so doctor, the slow roll-out of the vaccine, it's the main issue here. what should the incoming biden administration be gearing up to do differently?
12:38 am
listen, i quite frankly don't think we have 16 days to wait, right? but, you know, they got to do something. we have to think positively in some way. what could they be gearing up to do differently? >> well, you know, we can benchmark what we're able to do every year with seasonal flu. we're able to deliver about 3 million vaccinations a day during the normal season, the flu period. so we should be able to get to that number. of course, these new vaccines require a stronger cold chain, it's new, new complexities. but that's what the biden team should be focused on, getting to that 3 million a day number as quickly as we can. and what we've seen in israel, they've scaled up vaccination incredibly fast, showing it is possible to get up to those levels pretty quickly. >> let's talk about these variants. what is so concerning about the new south african one?
12:39 am
>> well, there's the two new variants. there is the english variant and then there is the south african one. the south african one is concerning for two reasons. first, we've seen a surge of cases in south africa's summer, when it should be much quieter. that makes one suspect that it's more transmissible, and the fact this variant has become much more common amongst all the variants that are out there also adds to that concern. and it's the nature of the specific mutations in this variant, there's more mutations around what's called the spike protein, and that may raise its question marks, but we just don't know yet whether the vaccine will be as effective on that variant as the variants that were tested in trials. >> the world health organization says that they are expecting to see data this week on whether
12:40 am
the highly contagious uk covid variant is resistant to vaccines. pfizer and moderna are doing research of their own. what do you expect that data to show? do you have any idea? >> we're all making educated guesses. i think some of the people being involved in developing the vaccines have suggested that they think the vaccines will still be quite effective or as effective on the english variant. i'm pretty hopeful on that front that the vaccine will turn out to be quite effective against the english variant. >> what about the cases we're hearing of people becoming infected with the virus after having the first dose of the vaccine? texas congresswoman kate granger is the latest example. what does that tell you? >> if you dig into the details of the fda filing by pfizer, you see in the first ten days after being vaccinated, you don't have much protection at all.
12:41 am
after that point, the body has used the vaccine to mount an immune response. then you get the protection. so we shouldn't be at all surprised by cases that occur in the first ten days. that's exactly what we saw in the trials. it would be, you know, unfortunate after that point. but even then, these vaccines are incredibly effective, 95%, but that means 1 out of 20 people will still get infected. >> thank you, doctor. see you soon. be well. >> thanks, don. tonight, in one major american city, 1 out of every 5 people are testing positive. and ems crews are being directed not to take patients with little chance of survival to hospitals. we need the vaccines more than ever, but millions of doses are sitting on shelves. why is that? that's next.
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coronavirus cases surging across the country. but things are especially bad in los angeles. okay? l.a. county's director of public health says covid-19 hospitalizations in the county have reached an all-time high. and one in five residents, one in five testing positive for the virus. officials predict the death toll could soar to a thousand people per week, and they're calling this situation a human disaster. the city is also directing ambulance crews conserve oxygen and not bring patients to the hospital if they have little chance of survival. joining me now cnn medical analyst dr. jonathan reiner. doctor, good evening.
12:47 am
whoa, this l.a. news is shocking. ems making the decisions because of oxygen shortages and icu bed capacity. how is this happening in america, in los angeles, one of the largest cities and wealthiest cities in this country? >> we've been very poorly led. and this pandemic has been left to run its course. now we're seeing the end result of that. you know, when i was a resident years ago on long island, an airplane crashed. and the hospital where i was working got a ton of trauma patients all at once. i remember seeing a patient who still had a pulse, but who was deemed non-survivable, who was not treated. because in a major trauma like that, you have to triage patients. and we're starting to see that in an american city, in an american county, the most populous county. it didn't have to be this way. it's heartbreaking. >> oh, my gosh.
12:48 am
was that flight 587 you're talking about? >> that was avianca air, the colombian airliner. >> oh my goodness. so what a terrible position to put these ems medics in. these are the people who are on the frontlines, we talked about these, these essential workers who are coming into close contact with this virus every single day of their lives, many moments of their lives. they're having to make this life and death decision because of supplies. >> right. you know, they're running out of oxygen in los angeles county. oxygen. how could that possibly be? there are so many patients who need it. so we're going to learn a lot from this pandemic. we're going to learn about what the greatest health care system in the world lacks. and it's connectedness. we live in these silos, every city has a different silo of care.
12:49 am
and all the silos within cities. we need to become more connected. that's what new york did during the pandemic in the spring, connected all the health systems. that's what we're going to have to think about throughout this country. >> just a possibility, though, and i have to ask you, is that variant in l.a., could that be causing such a spread? because in the uk, springs spread to the point that they are now in lockdown. >> we don't know. we don't have the kind of robust genomic surveillance system to understand whether the reason it's spreading so ferociously in los angeles that it's a different variant, but, again, we need to learn from this, and we need to have a robust genomic surveillance to understand whether the virus is mutating. i'll tell you, though, that we have been talking for months about the necessity to lock down cities where the virus gets out of control, and politicians in this country have been unwilling to do that.
12:50 am
there's been this false dichotomy between the economy and the pandemic. when in reality, the best way to restore the economy is to put the pandemic down. that means in some cases having to lock down. we have to be prepared to do that. >> doctor, thank you. i'll see you soon. >> my pleasure. sure. polls in georgia open just hours from now. more than three million people have already voted. what we know so far about the race to control the senate. that's next. neutrogena® hydro boost. the #1 hyaluronic acid moisturizer delivers 2x the hydration for supple, bouncy skin. neutrogena®.
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in just a few minutes, it's special election day in georgia. so, let's discuss now. harry enten is here. cnn senior political writer and analyst? come on. really? >> more of an analyst, than you are. >> you are more senior than i am, too. so, harry, hello to you. >> hello. >> huge day, tomorrow. >> yeah. >> this georgia runoff races -- or this race, i should say, it's going to decide which party controls the senate. tell us more about how these races are looking. >> yeah, you are exactly right. we should set the stage here. coming into this election, democrats have 48 seats in their caucus. republicans have 50 seats. if the democrats win both those seats, and then you get vice president-elect kamala harris breaking the tie, they get that senate majority. and let me tell you, even at this late hour, don, these races are incredibly close. you can look at the polling
12:56 am
averages, in these states and what you see is a race that is within a point or two, in both cases. in both the special election and the regular election. perhaps, the democrats up by a smidgen but, really, it's within the margin of error. >> it is. how have the dynamics in these races changed from what we saw two months ago? >> two months ago, you might recall, georgia, georgia, georgia, was on my mind and it was ridiculously close. remember, the presidential race, joe biden won by a smidgen margin. the republicans, though, in those two senate races actually got more votes than the democrats. but basically, we are in the same spot where we were, which is georgia is now a swing state. these races are really, really close. i just don't know who is going to win there. >> okay. but, listen. it's georgia. traditionally, you said it's a swing state but traditionally it is a red state and it's an uphill climb for democrats. do you disagree with that? >> look. if you were to look, historically speaking, and you were to look at runoffs, right,
12:57 am
and you know both the first round the republicans got more votes, what would you think might happen? you would think the republicans would win because, seven out of eight times, republican candidates have widened their lead from round one to the runoff, right? but here is a thing to keep in mind. i think it's a good spot for democrats. if you look at the early vote, so far, in the state of georgia, what you see is that african-americans are, in fact, turning out at this particular hour. if you look at the early votes cast as of monday morning, they made up 31% of the runoff electorate. that's higher than november and that's very unusual. usually, black turnout drops, it's actually risen, this time around. >> uh-oh. well, there you go. in atlanta, though, atlanta makes up what, 50 some percent of the electorate. it's a big city tends to typically be democrat. >> particularly, that georgia, 6th congressional district. a lot of anti-trump republicans. we will see if those anti-trump republicans become democrats,
12:58 am
given everything trump's been doing recently. >> and we'll see if harry is right about any of this stuff. >> i'm particularly right. send me some dog photos. >> i promise i'm going to send you. >> in my phone. >> you texted me three times and i've been really bad. >> only twice. i'm not that desperate. >> twice, twice. thank you, sir. see you later. >> bye, don. >> bye, everyone. thanks for watching. our coverage continues. when we started our business
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