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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  January 13, 2021 4:00am-5:00am PST

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first president in u.s. history to be impeached twice. and this morning, more republicans are turning on him. at 9:00 a.m., impeachment proceedings begin in the house. over in the senate, majority leader mitch mcconnell appears open to supporting this process. a source says that mcconnell, quote, hates president trump for inciting that insurrection and says he'll never speak to him again. at least five house republicans are publicly supporting impeachment, including the third most powerful house republican, liz cheney. more could come forward at any moment. we will keep you apprised of all developments. >> president trump this morning showing no signs of remorse about inciting the deadly mob that overtook the capitol. he is still using inflammatory rhetoric. the justice department confirms it's pursuing a slew of new cases, including charges of conspiracy and sedition. you know we've reached an inflection point when military leaders are reminding troops about their constitutional duty
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to uphold the constitution. metal detectors now being installed directly outside the house chamber, although some republicans have objected and fought with capitol police about going through those metal detectors. joining us now, is democratic congressman, jason crow. he was an impeachment manager for the first impeachment. he also serves in the house armed services committee. congressman, thanks so much for being with us. by sunset, donald trump will be the first president in history to be impeached twice. reflect for a moment on the historical significance. >> yeah, he will be impeached twice, because he needs to be impeached twice. you know, we know very well who donald trump is at this point. he is a violent and unstable man. we've actually known that for years. if people have been paying attention, they could have seen that we were heading in this direction. so this is less of a story about donald trump at this point than it is about his enablers, those around him, members of congress, his inner circle, who should know better, and in many cases
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do know better, as they tell me behind closed doors. >> as of this morning, five republican house members have come out and said they will vote to impeach the president. where do you think that number will end up? >> i just don't know. the numbers should be all of them. let's be honest here, and in fact, i've had many conversations, i was on the house floor last night for about an hour, just talking to as many republicans as i could. and i've talked to over a dozen who said that they know that they need to do this, that they should do this, that many of them admitted that donald trump is very dangerous and that he needs to have leave office as quickly as possible. but they actually are fearing for their own lives. they've told me this, that they fear for their own safety by their constituents and people in their district. and they don't know yet what they're going to do. i would like to see the number north of 15 or 20, whether or not we're going to get there, i just don't know. >> let me rapid fire, if i can, one by one, go through a few of the arguments that some are
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making against impeachment and quickly, for you, to refute them if you will or if you can. number one, there are just seven days left, what's the point? >> well, every day that donald trump's in office, every hours that donald trump's in office, the american people are at risk and our national security is at risk. i think he's proven time and time again that he's capable of doing very dangerous things. as we sit here right now, he has the commander in chief and the american people are less safe because of it. >> number two, impeachment is divisive. >> well, there needs to be unity and healing in our country, there's no doubt about that, but in every case, unity and healing requires truth and accountability. people around the world, dictators and despots and would-be autocrats, as well as the american people need to see that our democracy will not be intimidated, it will not be browbeaten. that actions have consequences and that's important for the rule of law and that's important for our healing as a nation.
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>> number three, that this will get in the way of the biden administration. >> you know, these false choices have been very popular for many years. it's the -- you can't do accountability, you can't enforce rule of law, and also, do things like infrastructure and health care and immigration. it's just not true. we can and must do both, just like generations of congressmen and women have for many, many years. we will uphold rule of law, we will uphold our democracy, and we also will fight the pandemic and we'll get done what we need to get done. >> you told me moments ago that one of your big concerns is about the enablers, who support the president or who have pushed the president or who have not stood up to him. and there are members of congress who continue to support the president and the things that he said. a little bit earlier overnight, congressman marjory taylor green, who has apparently in the house had some sympathies with qanon, this is what she wrote on twitter. she says, president trump will
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remain in office. the hail mary attempt to remove him from the white house is an attack on every american who voted for him. democrats must be held accountable for political violence inspired by their rhetoric. twitter put a warning on this. i'm shocked that, frankly, at this point, she still has a twitter account. but yard reaction to a statement like that overnight. >> there are, unfortunately, a handful of members of congress and miss taylor green is just one of them who are amorally bankrupt, they are depraved and they're frankly dangerous individuals. so we're looking at our options within the house, as to how we stop this. and whether this is an expulsion proceeding, a censure. you know, we can't let this stand. because this is exactly my point. donald trump is one thing. he's shown us time and time again who he is, but he doesn't do this without support. last wednesday, there were tens
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of thousands of people assaulting the capitol, over a thousand probably got in. and i believe that those people, most of them, truly believe in their heart that this election was stolen, despite the facts to the contrary, courts ruling to the contrary, secretaries of states and republican officials around the country saying to the contrary. and it's because there are a few depraved individuals who give oxygen to these conspiracy theories and legitimatize it. that has to stop and we have to figure out a way to get back to facts and stop these false realities that have been created for so many americans. >> metal detectors placed outside the house chamber yest yesterday, yet some republican members reportedly argued with the capitol police, who were enforcing the requirements to walk through those metal detectors? your reaction? >> you know, service is not about you. i learned that a long time ago.
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when you're in service, it's about doing what you need to do to protect others and those around you. an example is masks. we wear masks not because we want to, but because we have an obligation to others. we just had an assault on the capitol, an insurrection. and having metal tdetectors mak people safer, if it's what the police are recommending people do, let's figure out for a certain period of time, let's figure out long-term security measures, instead of fighting it and putting the officers at stress. that's the other thing, right now, the capitol police are under extreme, extreme stress. they just went through a very traumatic event. they were put into a position that they never should have been mutt into. that force is bending right now. and we don't want it to break, because we need them. we have terrorist plots underway right now. we have domestic terror threats that we're facing today and in the days ahead. we need this force to be whole,
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we need it to be able to do its job. and retraumatizing these officers is not the way to do it. >> how safe will you feel on inauguration day? >> i don't know yet. i'm still in discussions with house leadership, law enforcement officials. i've actually done my own interim security assessment, based on my background as an army ranger. i've spent years defending embassies sensitive sites and bases around the world in iraq and afghanistan. and i've walked the capitol grounds. i did last night, as a matter of fact. and did my own assessment and sending those notes on to law enforcement officials who are involved in the preparations and leadership. so i'm hoping to get there. i think we're on the right path and we are going to have a secure inauguration, but it's important that the american people and the world see us on that platform, out there, having the transition of power. and that's what we're going to do. we're not going to be intimidated by a mob, a violent group of fringe trump
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supporters. our democracy is so much bigger zpr and stronger than that. we'll go forward and be safe and have the transition of power and we'll do what's necessary for this country. >> you were an impeachment manager last time around. jamie raskin, congressman from maryland, constitutional law professor will be the lead manager this time around. he lost his son tragically a couple of weeks ago. took his own life, had dealt with mental illness. jamie raskin, his daughter, was inside the u.s. capitol. he had to ask his chief of staff to guard her with your life during the insurrection. and that chief of staff stood there with a fire iron to protect the door and to protect jamie raskin's family. talk to me about the symbolism of jamie raskin being the lead manager. and also, you've been so calm this morning. how angry are you about all of this? >> oh, i'm mad, don't get me wrong. just because i'm, you know, calm in this interview doesn't mean
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that i am not incredibly angry. i sure am. you know, there's symbolism to jamie being the lead impeachment manager, but there's also a great substance to it. i had a discussion with jamie last night on the house floor where we were voting. and i told him, jamie, i just, i can't believe the reservoir of strength and focus and discipline you have right now to go through great personal tragedy about a week ago, go through the trauma of the attack on the capitol last wednesday, and then to be able to pick up and focus and defend our democracy, but be on the tip of the spear of defending our democracy, is truly inspirational. it's a profile in courage. and frankly, it's an example of the leadership that's going to move our country out of this dark period and move us forward. and i just couldn't be more inspired than jamie's example right now.
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>> jason crow, thank you for being with us this morning. thank you for your efforts to keep you and your colleagues safe. walking the halls of the capitol and providing your own security assessment of where things stand. we really appreciate the work you're doing. >> thank you. >> we have new reporting coming in on the fractured relationship between president trump and vice president pence and the vulgar ultimatum the president issued to mike pence one week ago. cell phone repair. did you know liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need?
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at this hour, five republicans in the house plan to support impeaching president trump today. that includes the third-ranking gop leader in the house, congressman liz cheney. sources also tell cnn that senate majority leader mitch mcconnell believes impeaching president trump will make it easier to purge him from the party. joining us now are cnn political analyst, maggie haberman. she and her colleague, jonathan martin, broke the mcconnell story in "the new york times" and cnn political commentary scott jennings, who is a long-time campaign adviser to senator mitch mcconnell and can
4:16 am
help us understand his thinking. great to have both of you here. maggie, tell us your reporting about where mcconnell is this morning on his thought process. >> sure, so jonathan martin and i reported yesterday that senator mitch mcconnell is pleased by the impeachment proceedings that democrats are moving ahead with. he is not whipping votes in one direction or the other. he wants to see how it plays out, but he believes this moment will make it easier to purge the party of donald trump. and again, he is not saying where he is. i just want to make that clear, but this is notably different than what we saw with mitch mcconnell in the last impeachment, where he held the line very firmly against witnesses. he was very much whipping votes in the president's support, i think, that mitch mcconnell -- i know, and i think scott can speak to this better than i can, but he is furious about what happened, not just last week, but over the course of the last several weeks, since the election, including the fact that the president's conduct is widely seen as contributing to republican losses in senate
4:17 am
seats in georgia. but senators are flenraged on t attack by the capitol last week. they feel as if, the ones i've talked to, the president sent his supporters, again, these are his words, not mine, to his house to march on it and they're very offended by it. the fact that donald trump does not have his twitter feed to insult lawmakers is also something that mcconnell is aware of to scare them out of backing an impeachment vote. that's where it stands right now. i think it is one of the final things holding donald trump in check for the last couple of days of his term. >> i said this earlier, maggie, but when that report came out, it's hard to be surprised anymore in this day and age, but to me that was a political earthquake. to me, that is the entire political ground shifting, not under the presidency, as much, because there are only a few days left in the presidency, but under donald trump as a thing, as an historical figure, as a presence on eartd scott, you do mitch mcconnell, i get that, but
4:18 am
you understand mitch mcconnell as well as anyone i know. so what's going on here? >> well, i mean, and like you said, i don't speak for him and i do say that he's waiting to see what happens, but he's an institutionalist. he believes in the senate. he's a constitutionalist. he believes in the constitution. and as he noted in his floor speech just before the insurrection started, he'd work in that building for 36 years. and he said that was the most consequential vote to confirm the electoral college that he's ever cast. so i think that gives you some idea of just how seriously he took the congressional responsibilities to confirm the electoral college. i mean, normally, this is a p per perfunctory vote. so when you think that the president of the united states and responsible for whipping up a mob of people, on top of the phone call that he made to the
4:19 am
georgia secretary of state, which we've all forgotten about, but happened just a few days prior, it's obvious to anyone witnessing this set of facts that there was a clear, coordinated attempt to subvert the congress from performing its duties under the constitution. the president takes a very simple oath of office, preserve, protect, defend the constitution. you cannot look at the georgia call or what happened at the capitol last wednesday and conclude anything other than this. the opposite happened and the president was involved in it. and i think that's why cheney's statement yesterday summed up her position in exactly that way. so i think if you're someone like senator mcconnell and many, many other people who work in that building and look at the set of facts as i just laid it out, you would be very -- you know, you would be within reason to conclude that if this isn't impeachable, then what is. >> scott, take it one step further for us. do you think? what are the chances that leader mcconnell would vote to convict?
4:20 am
>> i don't know, to be clear. i think that, as i said, the -- everybody is looking at the same set of facts. i think unlike the previous impeachment, where republicans truly did not think what happened, as dumb as it was, what donald trump did, republicans truly did not think it had risen to the level of impeachment and certainly conviction. that was a strongly held republican belief. it didn't mean they condoned it, but they didn't think it got to that level. and in this particular case, you have direct circumvention of the u.s. constitution or an attempted circumvention of the constitution, and you have one branch of government essentially launching an attack on another branch of government. so this goes well beyond any, you know, dumb phone call shenanigans. so i think that the facts here are different. and they go well beyond what people thought in the first impeachment and so, i think a lot of people, not just mitch mcconnell, but a lot of people are looking at facts here that really aren't in dispute and asking themselves a very simple question. if this isn't impeachable, what
4:21 am
is? and how can you let something like this happen without a punishment of some kind occurring. which is complicated by the fact that we're at the end of his term, but still, doing nothing here, saying nothing would be to condone it. and i don't think anybody thinks condoning political violence is good for the future of our democracy. >> one more question to you on the procedure and on mcconnellville, if it were. if he feels this way, he could bring the senate back more quickly. he could get them in before january 19th, to do this. they could start the trial earlier. why doesn't he do that? and very quickly, what message is he trying to send in all of this right now? >> well, there are some senate rules about the pro forma session that they're in about how they would have to get out of that and any senator can object to that. so i think it's a little more complicated than you made idt ot there. but i think that the senate leaders and a lot of the senators believe and know based on a memo that was circulated by senator mcconnell's office that
4:22 am
you cannot duck this responsibility. that once the house does it, the senate has to take it up. whether that happens tomorrow or whether that happens monday i think is less relevant than the fact that they cannot duck it, they cannot hide from this, it has to be confronted. so i'm less interested in the timing, honestly, than i am in the fact that it has to be taken up. and the other issue is whether the senate business can be bifurcated to do impeachment at the same time they're trying to let joe biden install a government, which is not an insignificant thing. he needs a national security team, as a minimum, as we have seen these threats emerge around the country. >> okay. we'll digest all of that. maggie, let's get back to more of your interesting reporting. cnn has some of this, but i think your reporting puts a finer point on it, if you may, the conversation, the phone call between president trump and vice president pence before the insurrection and he basically warned mike pence and said, you can be remembered as a patriot
4:23 am
or you can remembered as a p-word. it's the p-word that he's partial to, as we know from the "access hollywood" tape. tell us more about this. >> sure, kaitlan collins alluded to this last week in reporting where she talked about how the president had used a, what i think she called a vulgarity with mike pence. as you note, it's a word the president is known to use all the time. they were having a phone call last wednesday and this was after days of the president really trying to work mike pence over to get him to expand his powers to something that mike pence had made clear to him he didn't have, which is to overturn the certifications by states and the electoral college vote, when it was going to be certified or ratified on wednesday just before this riot began. and they spoke by phone, this final conversation after hours of it before. and president trump told mike pence, you know, you can either be remembered in history -- i don't have the exact quote in
4:24 am
front of me, you can go down in history as a patriot or go down in history as a p-word. mike pence is deeply religious. that word offends him greatly, as we may recall from the "access hollywood" tape. this, i believe, added to why mike pence was so angry. and senator inhofe said when he saw pence on thursday, pence was furious and he couldn't really believe ow trump had treated him. i believe this is part of why. so they had their reconciliation meeting earlier this week, but that is a relationship that is never going to be the same. and yes, mike pence has political ambitions. yes, mike pence would like to run for president in 2024. sure, there's a political calculus here. but at the same time, i don't think people should underestimate just how much pressure and abuse donald trump was heaping on his vice president in the lead up to wednesday. >> mike pence's statement overnight didn't include the word "impeachment." i'm not suggesting that mike pence supports it wit, but it's choice not to include that word. first of all, the president's
4:25 am
opinion on these republicans turning on him overnight? >> not happy. the president has gotten angrier and more defiant over the last two days. i think he was emerging from the three hits of having his twitter feed, of having a pga tournament that he was really looking forward to at one of his clubs in 2022 canceled, and impeachment, he has become much more focused on impeachment over the last 24 hours and has become, as one adviser put it, defiant. wants to fight. has mused to some about testifying. you know, he's very angry. >> maggie haberman, scott jennings, thank you both very much for all of the insight. really helpful. >> thank you. >> did the domestic terrorists at the u.s. capitol have some help from someone, anyone, inside? what we know about the role of some sitting republicans in congress, next. (grandmother) thank you for taking me home. it's so far. (young woman) don't worry about it, grandma! this will be fun. two chocolate milkshakes please. (grandmother) did you get his number?
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developing this morning, the organizer of the washington, d.c. rally that proceeded the insurrection at the u.s. capitol says he had help from several republican members of congress.
4:30 am
cnn investigative correspondent drew griffin joins us now with much more on that. that's something, drew. >> reporter: it is. congressman mo brooks of alabama already facing calls for censure, john. but as the department of justice announces, it's looking for instigators of what happened. these three congressmen could be in much worse trouble than just a censure. the siege on the capitol started with a protest just like dozens of "stop the steal" rallies across the country since the election. >> 1776! >> reporter: and one of the main organizers, extreme right-winger, ali alexander, who says he was getting help from three members of congress. >> i'm the guy who came up with the idea of january 6th, when i was talking with congressman gosar, congressman andy biggs, and congressman mo brooks. >> reporter: that's right. alexander says these three members of congress actually helped plan the rally. paul gosar, andy biggs, and mo
4:31 am
brooks. >> it was to build momentum and pressure and then on the day, change hearts and minds of congresspeople's who weren't yet decided or saw everyone outside and said, i can't be on the other side of that mob. >> reporter: arizona congressman paul gosar has been working with alexander since the election, firing up crowds with lies about the election results. >> live free or die. >> reporter: gosar replied to or mentioned ali in dozens of tweets, including, i'll be in d.c. with @ali and the rest of america, adding, we will fight back against the leftists who have engaged in sedition. another tweet on january 6th. we fight for trump. on the morning of the siege, he would send followers this image, stating, biden should concede. i want his concession on my desk tomorrow morning. don't make me come every there. he prompt ly went to congress, stood up and opposed the certification of the electoral college results.
4:32 am
>> i rise up for myself and for 60 of my colleagues to object to the counting of the electoral ballots from arizona. >> reporter: the end of his speech interrupted by the very mob he helped stir up. denver riggleman has been warning about the impact of lies being fed to the public by america e america's own leaders. >> there's a massive issue here with disinformation and facts. and this information is being pushed by people in positions of power. >> reporter: andy biggs was near go czar on the house floor january 6th and met with president trump along with others protesting election results. even provided a taped mention, to be played at one of the arizona rallies. >> we're fighting for the freedoms that made this country great. >> reporter: biggs now strongly denies any involvement in the protest. his staff stating biggs can't even recall meeting with ali alexander. mo brooks is more direct.
4:33 am
>> today is the day american patriots start taking down names and kicking ass! >> reporter: this is the alabama congressman the morning of january 6th in washington, d.c. a few days later he told an alabama news service, i make no apology for doing my absolute best to inspire patriotic americans to not give up on our country and to fight back against anti-christian socialists. former congressman charlie dent says the actions of his former colleagues show it's time for a serious reckoning with the republican party. >> we have to rid ourselves of these radical elements. i would just recommend to every one of my republican colleagues, sometimes you have to risk your job in order to save it. well, this is the time. >> reporter: alisyn, mo brooks facing a lot of heat in alabama, put out a rambling statement saying his word were taken out of context. meanwhile, ali alexander, that organizer, he's gone in hiding,
4:34 am
but continues to raise funds. a fund-raising page for that "stop the steal" rally has raised $184,000, all based on lies. which means, alisyn, this danger is not over. >> drew, that's incredible reporting and we have two of congressman gosar's siblings coming up on the program about when and how he became radicalized. thank you very much for all of your reporting. joining us now is democratic congresswoman, pramila jayapal. she tested positive after hiding from the insurrectionists that stormed the u.s. capitol with her republican colleagues, who refused to put on masks when they were being handed out. good morning, congresswoman. >> good morning, alisyn. >> how are you feeling? >> you know, i'm doing okay. i have so mildish symptoms, i had a fever, chills, sore throat, kind of like the flu, just generally lousy feeling.
4:35 am
but i'm doing all right. and i hope and pray that i will be all right. but what really flenrages me in the way in which we were in a secure location, locked down, over a hundred people in that room, and republicans refused to wear a mask. and i'll just tell you, alisyn, i know that i was negative before that day, because i actually got a test on tuesday, and it was negative at the end of the day. and then wednesday happened, and i know i was exposed in that room. that's why i started quarantining as soon as i got out, thank goodness, i didn't put anybody else at risk. and now, obviously, i'm isolating here in d.c. i'll be voting by proxy, because i -- you know, obviously, i'm deeply involved in removing the president from office, making sure that that threat to national security is gone. >> and before we get to the impeachment, i just want to put
4:36 am
the names up of the republicans who we saw in that video refusing, laughing, they don't need a mask, no thank you. here are their names. this is georgia representative marjory taylor green, arizona congressman andy biggs, texas congressman michael cloud, oklahoma congressman mark wayne mullen, pennsylvania congressman scott perry, california congressman doug lamalfa. what do you think should happen to them? >> well, i think that -- i've already called for fines, significant fines to be levied. and last night, we passed in the rule to the 25th amendment resolution, the ability to fine members of congress who don't wear masks, and deny them entry to the floor or any other building if they're not following the public health guidelines. there are others who have been tweeting me who are sharing my ra rage across the country, who are saying, these people should not be allowed in congress, they should be sued. at this point , i just want to
4:37 am
make sure that any members of congress follow the rules that we set on the floor. this is not about them. wearing a mask doesn't actually protect you, it protects the people around you. and this is what they -- the callousness, the cruelty, the idiocy is a word i used in my statement is just beyond belief. we just had a terrorist attack, an insurrection attack, terrific trauma to the country and all of us who are involved, and then we get into this room and they are simply refusing to wear masks. and those are the ones you saw in the video with lisabl blatt rochester offering them masks. but there were others wearing them below their nose, acting like it was no big deal. over 400,000 people have died and it is high time these republicans took it seriously. >> i want to get your reaction to the reporting that drew
4:38 am
griffin just had. that there were people inside, your colleagues, your republican colleagues, once again, congressman andy biggs, congressman gosar, congressman mo brooks who may have been coordinating or communicating with some of the domestic terrorists, according to the terrorists. what's your reaction? >> well, i saw that video from the organizer ali, naming those three congressman several days ago, and that's why you see that there are some resolutions for censure. but honestly, alisyn, i think we need to go further. there is a clause in the 14th amendment that says that people who have committed insurrection, who have been part of the planning for an overthrow of the government, that they should not be allowed to serve in congress. that they should, you know, be taken out. of serving from congress. and i think that's what needs to happen, if this all turns out to be accurate.
4:39 am
that is certainly everything that i have seen on paper, is that there were members of congress and these are the three that are most often quoted, who were deeply involved in the planning, the calling for, and the inciting of these insurrectionists. now, you know, obviously, the number one person that did that is donald trump, the sitting president of the united states. who even as this was happening, alisyn, was delighting, according to reports, in seeing mobs, insurrectionists, with trump flags completely destroy the capitol and desecrate the capitol. the worst attack on the united states capitol since the war of 1812, with an intent to overthrow the government. and of course, white nationalist groups that have been deemed a serious domestic terror threat to the country. so i think that these members of congress and the president and all of those who were part of fueling, aiding, and inciting
4:40 am
this attack on the capitol, this overthrow of the government. by the way, with crowds chanting "hang mike pence," with stated plans on the internet and elsewhere that we are now finding out about, to take and kill nancy pelosi, now additional threats to continue these armed rallies and riots, which i think will turn into riots, to kill democrats. so i just think that this is about the most serious threat we face. and as i listen to some of the security briefings that we've had, i can't help but think that we are in the midst of a war right here in the united states. and it is against the rise of the confederacy, the rise of these very violent domestic terror groups that are white nationalist groups. all aided and fueled by the sitting president and many,
4:41 am
unfortunately, members of congress. >> and a reminder that also, president trump during this insurrection, was not fielding the calls from republicans calling, begging for him to send backup. begging for their lives. i want to talk to you about impeachment. this proceeding, this historic proceeding, is going to begin in less than an hour and a half. we have the names, as we know it, at the moment of the republicans, five of them, including the third highest ranking republican in the house, liz cheney. i'll put them up on the screen. these are the people who have publicly said that they will support impeachment. do you know of any other who we have not heard from yet? >> i don't know definitive names, but what i do know is that when you have the number three republican, and i have to give, you know, credit to liz cheney for breaking from kevin mccarthy and that side of the gop. the gop is cleaving before us as we see it. a
4:42 am
and, you know, hopefully, when people see her, that will give others some strength to also do the same thing. jamie herrera butler from my home state of washington, who also spoke up against the challenging of the electoral college votes, is another one that has said she will vote to impeach. and i'm really so glad that the country is finally waking up. this is not a partisan issue. the security and the safety of our country is at stake. and if donald trump stays in office for a single day longer, we are putting the safety and the security of our country at risk. and so i hope that there will be anywhere from a dozen to 20 republicans at the end of the day, but that is a hope, not a prediction. and i hope that then we immediately send those articles over to the senate. and that the senate takes them up immediately. i understand mitch mcconnell is saying that they're not going to convene. chuck schumer is going to use a procedure that allows him to ask for a convening immediately in a situation of security and
4:43 am
national security and emergency. but mitch mcconnell does have to agree to that, as long as it's before senator schumer becomes majority leader. we need this done today. >> and it sounds like the first step will be. congressman jayapal, we are so happy to see that you appear to be on the mend. that's a relief. thank you very much for helping us understand what to expect next. >> thank you so much, alisyn. it's good to be back. >> we'll talk again soon. so as president trump is consumed by his election loss and the second impeachment today, the coronavirus pandemic again breaking records for daily deaths. dr. sanjay gupta joins us next. [♪] when you have diabetes, managing your blood sugar is crucial. try boost glucose control. the patented blend is clinically shown to help manage blood sugar levels.
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all right. breaking news. 4,327 new coronavirus deaths reported overnight. that's a record. a horrifying record. joining us now, cnn chief medical correspondent, dr. sanjay gupta. sanjay, just to state it one more time. that is more americans dead in a single day from coronavirus than south korea has suffered the entire pandemic. than japan has suffered the entire pandemic. we did it in one single day. and i've got a feeling this is not the last time we're breaking that record. >> no, i can't believe it. we're coming up almost on the
4:48 am
one year anniversary of the first patient that was confirmed to have the infection in this country. that was late january of this year. here we are, breaking all kinds of records. several states breaking their records over the last day. and you're right. i want to show these graphics. these models that we've been following for close to a year now. these come from the imhe. basically looking at what the moderate case scenarios are and the worst-case scenarios. if we have it, we can put it up. basically, what we see when we follow this is a couple of things. one is that we're sort of on the worst-case scenario trajectory at this point. that shouldn't surprise people. you can see at that point where there's three lines that sort of break off. one goes straight up, two come down. that period of time is coming up. and that's basically saying, that's the are we going to continue to go straight up or are we going to come down? are states going to put in certain restrictions that may bring these death rates down. it's not going to be the vaccine
4:49 am
as we've talked about that will have an immediate impact, but right now we're heading into that worst-case scenario line. and i can tell you by mid-end of february now, that's when the numbers sort of peak. and they peak at these unbelievably high numbers, close to 5,500 people dying per day. it's hard to believe, that's the end of february. and the big question at this point, i think, is not so much is are we going to hit those nu numbers, sadly, but how long will we potentially stay there? will we plateau there for a period of time? right now the models are a little unclear. i've looked at a bunch of them, but that's what we're looking at right now. there's lots of things. weeks, months down the line that will have an impact. but these next few weeks, these next couple of months, as we've been talking about, are going to be pretty rough. >> sanjay, for my own mental health, it's very hard for me to stay put on that 4,300 number.
4:50 am
i have to pivot off of it as quickly as possible, to think about the individual people, it's hard to do that. and so i pivot right to the 27 million doses ss distributed. 9.3 administered by now. are we getting better at this. any acceleration in being able to administer these? >> i do think that's a note for optimism. i've spent a lot of time talking to people who are involved with vaccine distribution but i've also talked to people at the pharmacy level trying to understand what have been some of the limitations. when we put it all together, we have been getting better and we'll continue to get better. the big pharmacies, you know, have been largely responsible for inoculating people in these long-term care facilities. by the end of the month, that -- january 25th time frame, they think they should be done with that or pretty much up to speed.
4:51 am
hopefully being able to divert some attention to the rest of the country. you also have the situations now where you are starting to get these large mass vaccination events. i was talking to people in los angeles yesterday about dodgers stadium. things on the east coast as well. that's certainly going to help. the criteria have been expanded, if you will. we can put these up. basically you've heard this, but people over the age of 65 will now qualify as being in the priority groups in most places around the country. they're not going to put the second doses on reserve anymore so they were sort of holding back the second dose. the idea was we want to make sure there's enough doses but when you look at the manufacturing capacity, like a pfizer, they are saying they can do 2 billion doses in 2021. so you are 150 million doses a month roughly they say they can make. a lot of that is going to the
4:52 am
rest of the world. but the point is that the manufacturing capacity seems like it's going to be able to keep up. that was the big concern. would there be a problem getting some of these second doses out? that's less of a concern now. >> sanjay, thanks so much for being with us. i'm sorry it's under such horrifying circumstances this morning, but we appreciate you keeping us up to speed. break oefrg night, youtube taking major action against president trump. the video that finally pushed them over the edge, next. car 1. now we've created a brand-new way for you to sell your car. whether it's a year old or a few years old. we wanna buy your car. so go to carvana and enter your license plate answer a few questions. and our techno wizardry calculates your car's value and gives you a real offer in seconds. when you're ready, we'll come to you, pay you on the spot and pick up your car, that's it. so ditch the old way of selling your car, and say hello to the new way at carvana.
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4:57 am
let me show you. reddit, twitch, instagram, snapchat, tiktok, apple and the list goes on. youtube not giving us a lot of specifics on what was the straw that broke the camel's back here but here is what they are seeing. after review and in light of concerns about the ongoing potential for violence, we removed new content uploaded to trump's channel for violating our policies, and it now says he'll be prevented from uploading new content from a minimum of seven days. suggestion he may be cut off entirely. i think particularly with the president's twitter feed put off here and his facebook feed, he has lost his most common drum beat of misinformation and intimidation and i think that might be making it easier for some republicans to support his impeachment. >> just to be clear. youtube leaving old trump videos up, though? >> they are leaving those old videos up so there's a whole archive and library of misinformation there. they are interestingly, though,
4:58 am
turning off comments on those videos. so potential indication there that there was concern about maybe organizing or incitement in the comments under his videos by his supporters. but you're right. right now the channel is still live and there's a whole library of misinformation and intimidation and hate on there. >> stopping new lies but not doing anything about the old lies in other words from youtube so far. all right. donie o'sullivan, thanks for helping us understand this. your reporting has been terrific on this, and i'm sure there's more to come. what a day in the united states of america. in about one hour, the impeachment process begins the second impeachment of donald trump. "new day" continues right now. >> democrats are poised to impeach the president for the second time. only this time around there are going to be republicans getting on board. >> mitch mcconnell signaling that there may be some
4:59 am
opportunity for his conference to pick up these articles of impeachment and eventually convict. >> trump cost him the majority. he sees trump as an albatross to the party in the future. >> we're looking at significant felony cases tied to sedition and conspiracy. the gamut of cases we're looking at is really mind blowing. >> we're not going to negotiate with domestic terrorists. and that's who these people are. >> this is "new day," with alisyn camerota and john berman. >> good morning. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. this is "new day" and this is history. it is infamy for donald j. trump. by sunset he'll become the first president to be impeached twice. the process beginning very shortly this morning. this time, a growing number of republicans are turning on him. at least five republicans on board so far, including the third ranking republican, liz
5:00 am
cheney. we are watching that number grow throughout the morning, expecting more names possibly soon. on the senate side, an earthquake. this sanis an all-out political earthquake. mitch mcconnell is open to impeachment. a source says mitch mcconnell hates president trump for citing the insurrection and plans never to speak with him again. as of this morning, president trump is expressing no regret, and he is making new threats. >> federal investigators say they are pursuing thousands of leads on the identities of these domestic terrorists. so they can bring sedition and conspiracy charges against them. america's most senior military leader is issuing a rare statement warning their troops about their constitutional duty to reject extremism. metal detectors have been installed now outside of the house chamber after multiple house democrats told cnn they were worried about other members carrying firearms. we begin this histor


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