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tv   The Inauguration of Joe Biden  CNN  January 19, 2021 9:00pm-11:00pm PST

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in just 12 hours on the nose, joe biden will become the 46th president of the united states, time to hand off the special coverage to chris cuomo, the big star. >> you sound like me. >> i know. i'm trying to do it. >> just less so. it doesn't work as well. although i do feel like kicking you off the show like you do to me every night. so this is the day, brother. we're 25 seconds into inauguration day. >> uh-huh. >> of course on the east coast. do you believe that this is the day that will be the cap stone of this period? or do you think it is a
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necessary step in a process of change that we're nowhere near done with yet. >> i think it's a big day. you know. you never know when it comes to the person who is exiting the office. but i do think it is a big day and could be the day that the tide's turn. that doesn't mean the people who are believing the lies and things that drove them to insurrection on the capitol or to believe this president wasn't elected legitimately, joe biden, that doesn't mean that will change overnight but you can see the tides turning and maybe the beginning of the fever breaking. i have noticed less vitreal so far, less disinformation online so far, fewer attacks so far. and really sort of just a lowering of the temperature. will that hold? i don't know. i certainly hope so. by the way, i waup, watch.
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i listen to your radio show it's great i also listen to state-run media, i watch them sometimes and the conservative channels, i feel like in this moment should come with a laugh-track for all of the, you know, they're so, like, oh my gosh, i cannot believe that this is happening and they're not standing up for this. i was like, where were you with the, this lowering of the temperature call and the rhetoric and unity with this president when you made excuses for every single thing i did and then blamed the democrats for. >> see i think that piece is very important. i will tell the audience, don and i are waiting on news about pardons from the president. when it comes in we'll bring it to you. there's a lot of questions as we begin this inauguration day and while we're waiting for 245 we're discussing -- for that, we're discussing the relevance of this day.
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now, i do not share your observation about temperatures coming down. i think there's a little bit of a stunned period. >> i agree. >> on the right. state news. fox. the murdochs are every bit as vir lent as they've ever been. i must say, i'm surprised to hear the aggressiveness of immigration outside of the box by the biden campaign, now the biden administration, because it is really teeing up discord. you can fight the good fight and his fights are his own and we'll judge the efforts and messaging the same but this is in their wheelhouse of fear. which they're already driving. it's not trumpism, it's about fear. >> fear. the caravan is back. >> that's right, the brown menace is coming from gauatemal
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coming to the inauguration. >> i hope them hold them to it. >> here's my problem with the pardons, presidents always give pardons that piss people off. what makes this president different? one, the lonumber is lower, they've not getting as many pardons. our concern was he was covering himself with pardons, that, he's had multiple directly correlated to his own legal woes. we'll discuss legal woes tonight. that's a big part of the afterstory for trump. so i've heard this from people today, mild trump supporters and real republicans who are desperate to have their party back they are relieved. they wanted this to end too. now these are not elected officials.
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if they're elected officials they get a very different take from me, which is, i want you on the show again, when you come on, whatever we're talking about i'm going to ask you if there's an inconsistency between what you're saying now and what you said then. if you want to just own it and move on it ends, otherwise it will never end because that's the only way you don't wind up in the sale place again. >> i agree with you 100%, chris, about the whole stunned thing. here's why i think that there may be a lowering of the temperature. again, as i said, i gave you a caveat that have to see, is because people are stunned, because they are somewhat immobile in a way, they're like, i cannot believe this happened, is because the very foundation of what they believed, especially, maybe since childhood but especially over the last couple years, the very foundation of what they believe and what's been sold to them has all turned out not to be true. so imagine if you relied on, oh,
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there's going to be a ball being built. there's no wall being built. imagine if you said joe biden will never win the election. joe biden won the election. imagine if you were told the election was stolen and every single court you go to with a republican as a judge and even the supreme court they tell you no, this is bunk, and it's thrown outside. imagine you said you supports the police, you support law enforcement, that you were not in fact racist as you say the democrats have been painting out to be and all of a sudden you see it in front your face at the capitol. the very foundation of what you believe has shaken under your feet. that causes people to self-reflect, i hope. and possibly change. they may not come around 100%. they could do 50%. they could do 80%. i think every little bit helps, as i've been saying, i think every little bit chips away at
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reality. >> true. they're white extremists forget it, they got to take it up with god. if they're bigot out of ignorance you have a chance with education. they're white and frustrated and worried then there's opportunity. because the displacement is real. the problems with the system are real. but he didn't help you. that will be interesting. i will say what you always say to me got to go. >> the people who cheated you out of money like steve bannon getting pardons, the people saying this election was stolen, let's see if they get pardoned. >> i love you d lemon. >> love you c cuomo. >> good to share history with you again. happy inauguration day. >> all right, brother, be well. >> you too. it is now, as don said inauguration day, january 20, 2021, this day will be remembered as a period in history that will be studied for a long time. it is dark now, in the capitol,
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because of time, but also because of determination and disposition. we are in a dark time. i'm chris cuomo, i welcome you to cn n's coverage, live and late night of inauguration for joe biden. what will it augur in. that is what the word is, what will it bring for us. where are we when it comes to history? how will it be remembered in the writing and the telling? what will we turn from after these final hours of donald trump's presidency, what will his final accent be in the form of these pardons? what message will he cement for us and for all time once again on our watch now? stay with us, we'll watch together. joe biden will becoming the 46th president of the united states at noon eastern, 12 hours or few ticks less than now. kamala harris will be sworn in
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as vice president. that means something, the first woman, the first woman of color, first black-american, first person of south asian descent to hold that office. imagine just a nod that is to the potential of diversity if we were to harness everybody, white, brown, black, green, yellow, anyway you look at it, the more the collective draws from itself the more it becomes that melting pot. imagine what we can do together because we're killing each other trying to stay apart. we're learning tonight that trump is telling people who are still around him that pardons are coming, one of them will be steve bannon. remember him? former chief strategists, it will be one of his final acts as president, fittingly so. you should be reminded how this started, the ugliness, the calculation, the nationalism.
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this man is no political professional, he is the unwashed when it comes to politics and he used that as a calling card to pop ulism, to people, hard-working people, families of faith, he was never your friend. we've been cautioned that the decision is not final until the paperwork is not signed. trump is not about loyalty, he's about feelty. that's a one-way street. there's no guarantee he will do anything for anybody. you seen that in realtime. the full pardon list, likely a big one will be released at any moment and when it is we'll go through it. so for the state of play, let's check in right now with joe john. before we get to the pardons, let's deal with the moment. my brother, i look to you often in the field and at home for perspective. you've seen many things, you've never seen this. where are we? >> we are at a place, chris, in the united states where, number one, things have
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to change. number two, america is hurting and needs help. so the question is, whether joe biden and kamala harris will be able to rise to the occasion and deal with the crisis that the last administration could not effectively deal with wl and whether they can do that at the same time bringing people on both sides together. which is probably the most difficult thing. it's really not a, what you would you call it, it's not a small thing at all in the headlines to see that people are saying this is the most this country has been divided since the civil war, because it is. the spectacle up on capitol hill. of people invading, looking for members of congress, talking about hanging the vice president of the united states. we've got a long way to go
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and i don't think any of us has seen it as bad as it is now. about steve bannon, you talked a little bit about the feel ty there's also the issue of transactionality, if you will, involve the the president of the united states. now we don't know for sure whether the president, in fact, is going to go ahead and pardon steve bannon, but what we do know is that he's been talk ing about it, he's been thinking about it and we also know he would be conflicted, especially because steve bannon was locked up for cheating trump supporters, and that's what he would be getting pardoned for. on the other hand, there was a big blowup when steve bannon worked in the white house between him and the president. the president once said steve bannon had lost his mind. so it goes both ways. back to the transactionality
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issue, the president tonight has been talking to people about starting a new political party, he's thinking about the future, and who better to help him than steve bannon. that's the transactionality. >> interesting take, interesting take. and also there's metaphor value as well. right? the people that trump was supposed to help, they were exploited by steve bannon, according to authorities and now he may forgive him for that. although he was supposed to fight for these people forever, what about fighting against the guy allegedly stole from them. interesting tale between two cities an literally two societies, the trumps spending their final night last night now into the morning in the white house, across the street the bidens in the blair house, the vice president's resident, this will be as close as they come. once again, trump can read word that's are written for him but he cannot deliver on the intentions and he will not give
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a peaceful transfer of power and that is going to be a problem that stains and remains. joe johns thank you for the perspective as always. good to relive history with you. now a take what we have already seen with these pardons, former u.s. attorney great to see you, especially at this hour, we're waiting on bannon and talk on the possibility of him and what that means in a moment. what have we already seen that you believe is worthy of contrasting from what we've seen in the past because as we know pardons are always something people pick at with who they choose to pardon and why. what makes this different? >> we'll see if pardons come if steve bannon does get a pardon or not. we've already seen a number of pardons that are unusual in terms of number that are based on the president's connection to the person, opposed to a fairness deliberation over
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whether or not lieniency was merited, whether the charges were over blown, whether the person has shown contrition, all of the considerations you would think founders wanted a president to take into ask the in sker can size -- in exercising this unfettered power. take steve bannon discussion, it's never been, all evening and all day has not been about whether or not the charges were too stiff or if it was a miscarriage of justice it's all about what is in it for donald trump. has steve bannon been loyal to donald trump. that's not the way the founders intended for the pardon power to be exercised. it was supposed to be for folks who had, you know, a fair and just reason for their to be leniency directed towards them. that's why you have a pardon attorney in the justice department. all of that is bypassed as
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donald trump said is it in my interest to pardon this person or not. >> there's an interesting detail, donald trump son the exit here, battling the perception that he helped to incite a riot, an insurrection, so you would think he'd want the to stay clear of any suggs -- suggestion of the same. yet he may pardon steve bannon. let's listen. >> all hell will break loose tomorrow. it will be quite extraordinarily different. all i can say is strap in. the war room a posse. you've made this happen. tomorrow is game day. so many people said man if i was in revolution i would be in washington, well, this is for your time in history. >> now does that suggest, like, being somebody
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that the president wants to endorsot this particular time -- endorse at this particular time. >> well he's chosen to do it. by the way, when you pardon someone you have to look at not just the crime the sentence and contrition but the person as a whole. that's what pardon means. steve bannon said that dr. anthony fauci should be beheaded and his head put on a spike which was so odious that his lawyer disowned him and abandoned the case. based on the particulars of the case where he is a ljed to fraud trump supporters who want to help build a wall and broader view of this person whether or not he is entitled to or receive one of the greatest gifts the president of the united states can award to any individual citizen, it doesn't compute.
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>> let me ask you something, correct me if i'm wrong, i don't think whom trump decides to pardon can be used against him in prosecution going forward as evidence of intention, maybe, depends on the case. but if you were to, kind of diagram it, what do you think of the most obvious potential legal issues for this president going forward? >> with respect to pardons, do you mean? >> no. >> look, i think -- well, there are a number of case that's are pending against the president of the united states, civil and criminal. there's the case to which michael cohen his former lawyer pled guilt why and made a statement in open court that he was committing those actions at the direction of and in coordination of individual one, we know to be donald trump.
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we know the that attorney in manhattan has hired a forensic accountant to look at various things and also looking on the civil side, based on things he's done recently just since january 6th or few days before that, you have authorities in state of georgia looking if he interfered with the election there, i think there's decent evidence to make that a worthy investigation. attorney general in district of columbia is looking at various things in connection to the insurrection. the list goes on and on, a lot of things the president has exposure to, some of which would not be ab solved if he chose to self-pardon which is the big question. the other pardons are interesting in their own ways but the $64,000 question is whether or not he'll try to pardon himself. we don't know that yet. >> yeah, i think that would be maybe a bridge too far for him,
9:20 pm
because you have to believe it doesn't -- >> -- is there such a thing, i don't know. >> -- i know, right. the one over the river koi. he may well not want to go out on a loss and that probably would be a bigger loss for him in terms of what it means for his future. i don't know. it's all speculation. . we'll see. soon as we get word we'll bring you back with these pardons, thank you for your help with this. >> sure. >> let's bring in former white house council of president nixon who then testified against him in the watergate hearings. you've given so much council and we're waiting on the pardon of steve bannon and we've seen the ones before, i've never heard you answer this simple question, history will remember donald trump compared to nixon, how? >> ha ha. nixon's going to come out a choir boy next to trump. i think history will be reexamined vis-a-vis trump and mix nixon. they will look back on watergate
9:21 pm
with a very different view after these years with trump. this has been a game-changing presidency, given how low donald trump has taken the office. it's kind of a travesty. >> let's look at the counter proof. he's so wildly popular, even now in the republican party. nixon was part of a felony. trump never was. he didn't go out the way nixon did. and, you know, those are the two main things, right, his intense popularity among his party and the faithful and the fact that he didn't go out the way nixon did. why do you think trump is worse? >> well, first of all, trump has been corrupt from day one. he's been incompetent from day one. he has been the most ferocious liar we've ever had in the oval office and his incompetence is marked by the worst example being his handling of covid.
9:22 pm
but, so, i just think on every standard you measure a president, trump fails. that's where -- that's not true with nixon. nixon did a lot of good things. he has lasting policy from his environmental protection agency on domestic policy to his china policy, initiative of bringing china into the international community. so there's lots of things people look back fondly on nixon. they're not going to look back on trump. but chris, listening to the conversation on pardons, i got to tell you something. >> please. >> you got to look at the language of the pardon to know what we're talking about. when a pardon is granted, it isn't general aminu amnesty against any offense against the united states. example, i waited for days for the flynn pardon to come out and when it did i notice he tied it directly to the mueller investigation. so flynn doesn't have a pardon for any activities he engaged in regarding promoting the
9:23 pm
gathering on january 6th in the capitol that turned into an ugly mob with conspiracy activities. so you have to look at these pardons specifically. i drafted the hoffa pardon highly controversial one during nixon administration. that was highly controversial, i said to the attorney general john mitchell is it a conditional pardon. he said i don't know what you're talking about, what's a conditional pardon. i said i read no one in the teamster union wants hoffa back, it is in the agreement, he said can you put it in there. i said lincoln did. it's a strong precedent. he said draft the language, which i did and later hoffa bristolled that he had a conditional pardon and thought it was a fix that someone put it
9:24 pm
on him when it came from my knowledge of history. you have to look at these pardons to see what they say. >> really interesting. hard to believe trump would be architect of any kind of subtly that folds in what is the agenda of those around him. let me ask you something else as we wait for the news whether or not outgoing president trump decided to pardon steve bannon and who else we'll see. how serious do you think legal jeopardy is for trump going forward? >> well, it breaks down into a number of areas. of course, i think that the new york case that eminates from michael cohen's activities could be a tough case. he could say i was doing that to protect myself from my wife. i paid off a porn star so i wouldn't have a disruption in my marriage. i didn't have any intention of influencing the election and might settle that to a jury.
9:25 pm
prosecutors know what case they got and what they don't. the other cases we don't know what they have in si vance's office in the manhattan da's office but we know it's been vigorously pursued as it relates to his financial affairs. there's a lot of jeopardy there, he's certainly rounded all of the corners in his career, but looking at the most serious one he's facing is the quasi-political/civil case of impeachment. can a case be made against him that he incited riot and can he be found guilty in impeachment s sense. that's a political judgment. longer this takes to go to trial in the senate increases the jeopardy for donald trump because i think more will come out, more of the investigation by the feds into who all were
9:26 pm
involved and why they were involved is not going to hold well for him and i think that will increase his jeopardy and also will free up the senate to get some other work done while that case is being developed. i hope nancy does not send that over quickly but rather sits on it a while and lets other business get conducted. it's only going to build a stronger case in my estimation. >> they can do the both at the same time. >> i don't know about civil cases, defamationation cases are always tough. >> right. we'll look at them. there's a strategic play also. you don't have coordination of the prosecutions, they're different forms and venues. but every time you lose going after trump it makes it more of a victim and creates energy for the narrative that he has with his base about him somehow being persecuted. but john dean, if you can stay on guard for me and see if these pardons come in on our watch and we'll talk about them. can't ask for better than you as
9:27 pm
council on this night. very good to be with you and a pleasure and privilege to be living history with you once again. let's take a quick break. we're on late-night watch for breaking pardon news. what may be trump's last stamp on history before he walks out of the white house for the final time at 8:00 a.m. this is inauguration day. what will it augur in for all of us 1234 us? we'll see together. (computeus? we'll see together. (shaq) magenta? i hate cartridges. not magenta, not magenta. i'm not going back to the store. magenta! cartridges are so... (buzzer) (vo) the epson ecotank. no more cartridges! it comes with an incredible amount of ink that can save you a lot of frustration. ♪ the epson ecotank. just fill and chill.
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all right i want to bring in our next guests it's good to be living history with all of you at home and these three as well. today is inauguration day. at least on the east coast. and that's where it will happen at 12:00 noon in our nation's capitol you'll have a new president. is it the end of a bad period or beginning of a new one or not quite yet? where do we sit? >> yeah, i think it's not quite yet. there's certainly the end of this four-year presidency, donald trump, likely going to be judged to be one of america's
9:32 pm
worst presidents certainly in the modern times. so we'll see what is ahead. you already see him talking about starting a new party, obviously in the next few weeks we'll see an impeachment trial move forward in the senate, will he be skroingted. -- he be convicted if so he will be barred from running for president ever again. it's certainly too early to completely shut the door on all of the things we saw from the trump era. particularly the division around race and what he stoked and what we saw come to fruition on the capitol on that terrible wednesday. but listen, i do think millions of people will really breathe a sigh of relief when they see donald trump fly off to florida and joe biden take the oath of office and swell with pride as well when they see vice
9:33 pm
president-elect kamala harris take her oath and become in historic figure. listen, i think it's going to be a difficult period going forward because of what we've seen over these last four years from this president. >> quickly now to you kneea malika. personally as a journalist and person of color, where is your sense of fear? of anxiety? about what might happen with your role in society where does that sit this morning? >> well, listen i have a lot of latin-american friends a there's a sense of that anxiety from folks, they've felt a real fear and stress because of what this president has done, the language he's
9:34 pm
used, the idea of suggesting the progress of african-american and lati latinos must mean something for white people, scaring white people about progress that's been made. that's something i think is a terrible stain on this president and on the republican party for allowing it to happen, not just with trump but in years' prior as well. so, yes, am a worried about what comes ahead because of what donald trump stoked? didn't invent it but certainly did stoke it over the last four years. i think there's a lot of fear among lots of groups of people about what we're going to continue to see from an angry, white americans who feel like they're being displaced. there's a quote that says, when your person has privilege equality looks like oppression. that's the kind of language you hear from a lot of the folks we saw on the capitol.
9:35 pm
this idea of rights being taken away. sort of the language of slavery. that's how those folks feel. how you reach those people will be a big test for biden. maybe he can't. he'll certainly try and we'll see what he says in a few hours when he take the oath of office and gives his inaugural address. >> we'll see what he says and more importantly what he does. i brought it up with you because you have spoken about it very eloquently and been vulnerable on this point which is helpful for the audience to understand. it's not just talking about others but the people doing the job as well. so thank you. on the pardon-front, mark to you first, then to david about looking at biden as a snap shot where he stands and what he's looking at. but on the pardons, let's say he does pardon steve bannon, so what? you know, what can trump do that will hurt his reputation at this point? that will shopping. am i look -- >> that will shock. am i looking at it in the wrong
9:36 pm
way. >> those of us who say we have high morals look at the steve bannon situation and shake our head. however if you're a republican and a republican leader, perhaps somebody from more of the old-school republican party, you are very concerned because what you're seeing now is steve bannon and donald trump who do nothing but go forth and have a political strategy that is scorch earth. you look at donald trump who is leaving office, bringing bannon back into the fold with him, just imagine that. just imagine what these two will wreak havoc on the republican party in the next couple years. i think mitch mcconnell's speech he gave earlier today calling out donald trump i think mitch mcconnell saw this coming and is trying to make a break. >> david, joe biden has never seen any president take on the plate of problems that he will have set before him at noon eastern at the capitol. what is your take on what the
9:37 pm
stakes are, and what the most intelligent way forward is for his administration. >> i certainly agree, chris, that he's inheriting some terrible, terrible crisis. in fact, i would say the heaviest load of any crisis for any incoming president since franklin roosevelt. what roosevelt had that biden doesn't is he had strong majorities in the house and senate to help him govern, i think it's more of a uphill fight for biden. from your original question about is this going to be the turning of the tyding, i think what it is, it's the best opportunity we've had in four years to try to repair the system. there's no guarantees here but there's at least an opening here. it's not just about what biden does. it's also about what mcconnell does and what the republicans do. it takes two to tango in this situation. i was encouraged on that.
9:38 pm
today first of all by the speech, by mcconnell, when he said that the president provoked the riots. well the articles of impeachment says the president incited the riots. the difference between incited and provoked is a very, very small difference. >> especially in a political trial. >> absolutely. and so, you know, it seems to me mcconnell is sending a signal he is not just open he's leaning. that could transform what happens in the next few weeks. the other encouraging thing was that is biden reached out to mcconnell and to mccarthy on the house side, to go to church with him to them to have the families go to church together. you're going to have the four leaders, five leaders all together with their spouses going to st. matthews church. that's a good sign. there's a relationship there between biden and mcconnell that
9:39 pm
seems to be as much of a friendship as it is a working relationship and i think those things make a difference in washington. >> look, they can, again, once bitten, twice shy, let alone a million times bitten. >> absolutely. >> so we will see. but i appreciate the perspective from all three. again, sharing history with you guys will be a memory i will never forget. all right, this is it. this is the day. we'll be with you every minute. as soon as i get news you're the first person i tell. we'll be right back. these folks, they don't have time to go to the post office they have businesses to grow customers to care for lives to get home to they use print discounted postage for any letter
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let's be s1re let's be very clear this is not the way inauguration should happy. happy to have you with me on this inauguration morning. yes we should have a new 46th president joe biden. but look at the capitol. we tlooft humble brag. we don't get to say it any more. by the way, the capitol may look like this for weeks into the administration. why? because we can't trust each other. we can't even trust the people keeping us safe down there. now from washington we have a look at things right now, i have to tell you, that news hit hard, the vetting of the people who are on the detail the at capitol revealed a dozen members that they felt better safe than sorry should be removed.
9:44 pm
what's your understanding? >> yeah, chris, it's chilling. well, happy inauguration day. as you mentioned, 25,000 national guard troops in this city tonight, hotel that's would normally be full of inauguration-goers in normal times, full of troops tonight. as you can see here, miles and miles and miles of fencing and barricades, barriers, and barbed wire not what comes to mind when you think of peaceful transition of power but that's what president trump leaves behind in washington as he flies out of here in a few hours time. the results of a presidency seeped in conspiracy theory and hateful rhetoric. to is that point there is concern that all the online conspiracy theories and theorists we saw come to the
9:45 pm
capitol two weeks ago might return tomorrow. new reporting tonight from "washington post" based on a intelligence briefing they saw t qanon members potentially coming to pose as guard members to get into the perimeter here in washington and we're learning of more details of those who came here two weeks ago to stage that insurrection and new chilling details coming from fbi complaints go into detail how prepared they were to commit acts of violence and how they were even searching out for lawmakers on capitol hill. so very quiet evening, quiet night, quiet morning here in washington, d.c. but quite tense all the same, chris. >> donie, what is the primary threat profile they're on guard for? >> yeah, well, i mean, i think it is a lot of those people that
9:46 pm
we saw here on the capitol two weeks ago. right? it is people who have been radicalized online. you talk about isis. there's been a process of domestic radicalization happening online in this country for many years now. in particular over the past few years as trump is president we've seen qanon take over. people who believe that the democrats who are in this building behind me are part of a cabal and have stolen the election. some people genuinely seem to believe that. who have been brain-washed and who may come here and try to act out as we saw them try to do two weeks ago. it's people who have been so misled by this president, so misled by what they are seeing online and in trump-sympathetic media that they think it is embar rational to come act out and commit potential acts of
9:47 pm
violence. >> we'll see what happens soon enough. more importantly what does happen, is the response, not just on the ground, but how leaders take it on especially in that party. thank you, stay warm, stay safe. bring in paul, scott and hillary rosen. ina inaugusterate is all ninaugerate inauguration do you believe good things come of this any thyme soon >> of course they're going to get better. tomorrow we'll see dark clouds lifting for many people in this country who have been oppressed, scared, suffering, who have been getting sick. you know, i think there is a huge amount of expectations
9:48 pm
on the biden team and president-elect and vice president-elect. i've never seen such a seriousness of purpose with a new administration staff coming in. you know, there's really no time for celebrating. there's barely time for joy. they are so focused and so busy with all they want to accomplish. and i think we've really never seen that before. and i think it bodes well, actually for the american people because we're desperate for actual, good governing right now. >> so scott, let's talk about how your party comes out of the box. everybody's talking about senator mcconnell admitting that trump provoked what happened. he certainly didn't say that right after the event. what about the dan crenshaws, you know, the young future of your party. he didn't say it right now. he was quiet, mcconnell. he said it today.
9:49 pm
better late than never. when you say things matter. but i'm moving him out of it. he's not the only signal. you have dan crenshaw and holley and the tab bloids from the right pushing immigration and showing packs of migrants coming from guatemala saying they're on the way to the inauguration. is that where your party wants to be right out of the bat, just beat up on biden as fast as possible because they did it to trump s that the play? >> i think the play for the republicans is a couple things. number one they're going to have to continue to do what mitch mcconnell has been doing, that's telling the truth to the american people that joe biden won the election and he's going to continue to do that. he's obviously none too pleased donald trump and supporters launched an attack on our congress and on our constitution. we have to be honest about that basic threshold question if not
9:50 pm
how will they trust with position of responsibility ever again. step two is help joe biden get the vaccination process moving as quick as possible. that's the only way to get people back in schools and back to work. number three, i new the parties will have debates over other fracture and go down the list. most policy is likely to be made between the 40 yard line. until republicans tell the truth about the election and it's a death spiral for the party to continue to relitigate this election, i don't know how you goat the steps two and three in a meaningful way. >> didn't they botch step one. mcconnell is no shining example. he didn't say anything about the election early on. until he had to. he's master of the game. and the whole point is the game needs to change. talk about immigration. they are demonizing biden's policy they dent know what it is yet. what does it mean for the add mirs out of the box?
9:51 pm
>> i have been in part disappointed. i didn't expect -- the trump presidency is i expected the worst and it was worse than ai expected. part the fellow republicans reacted. i would have thought they would have had a greater duty to the constitution. better late than never. right? here's mr. mcconnell said from kentucky is speaking out. he's telling the truth. listening to scott jennings. that's a good thing. truth was the first casualty of the trump presidency. we have to come back to that. we will. you'll see a massive change. more truth and fewer lies at least from this new president coming in. you'll see more decency and less demonizing. more heart and less hate. the change will start at the top for the president. with the president. the new president tomorrow i do i live in hope. i believe the republicans will respond. some will. enough will. joe biden is the perfect person
9:52 pm
to reach out. >> i'll take a break. we're waiting on pardon news. to see if donald trump on his way out gives his party more more thing to own. a pardon of steve bannon. stealing from republican voters. what are they doing about that? we'll see together. it's inauguration day. what will it auger in for us? we'll see.
9:53 pm
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9:56 pm
word of more pardons by out going president trump have just come in. let's get the news at the capitol. what do we know? >> well we're getting in from information from the white house about the pardon. and i can tell you this, according to the white house, the president granted pardons to 73 individuals, commuted sentences of another 70. that's 143 acts of clemency by the president in the last hours of his administration. it runs down through some of the
9:57 pm
names. we have told you about steve bannon. that love hate relationship he's had with the former seen your adviser. who was charged with defrauding people who were sending min in to help build -- sending money to help build the border wall. he obviously has a pardon. here's other names. some are not surprising. a couple rappers. kodak black. lil wayne. elliot a top fundraiser for the trump campaign. paul ericson. a conservative police cal operative who was charged with wire fraud. the former detroit mayor. gets a pardon. charged with racketeering. and this is an individual who was connected to the espionage
9:58 pm
case dating back to 1986. those are a few of the names of the individuals. the top line is 140 individuals total get clemency from the president. on his way out the door here. 73 individuals had their got pardons and 70 actually got commutations. >> appreciate the news. as we go for analysis, let me answer a frequently asked question. clemency, pardon. commute. what's the difference? it's all clemency. it means mercy. under that umbrella you have pardons and commutations. commutation is a reduction in sentence. partial, complete. it can remove financial penalties. it does not remove the fact you were convicted of a crime. a pardon is a complete pass. now, as he was explaining a
9:59 pm
pardon can be tailored and a complete pass within a certain category. for instance he was reminding of general flynn. that was done as pardon only with specific inference to the mueller investigation. what does that mean? if they were to find some notion based on how little information we have is he was part of a conspiracy for what happened on january 6, i haven't seen anything. it's discussed politically. what he be pardoned from that? no. what do they mean for trump, for us. let's go to former u.s. attorney. i spared you the tutorial. you know it in your sleep. what do you make of the 73 pardons, 70 commuted sentences? >> i haven't seen the whole list. based on the things that were mentioned it looks like once again if you know the president of the united states and helped
10:00 pm
the president of the united states you got the benefit of the greatest gift you can get from a sitting president. that is a pardon. i note i have been looking on the internet, with respect to the pardon of steve bannon. there's write up with the pardons, it appears one of the sentences that comes in connection with with the pardon of steve bannon is he has been an important leader in the conservative movement and known for his political acumen. the conferral of pardon or kmup contamination makes no sense to me. >> makes all the sense. the only reason he wants to do this is he may need bannon going forward. the political acumen and role of mooch of cleavage of the conservative. they were honest in that. >> trump for a long time has
10:01 pm
said out loud what people keep to themselves engaging in corruption and steve bannon hasn't been convicted. charges are pending. the nature of the crime is a straightforward fraud. wire fraud under federal statute. anyone one of a number of district attorneys can take the file or do their own investigation and probably charge steve bannon for the same conduct in short order. >> that's an interesting take. now we look at what isn't on the list. who isn't. no rudy giuliani. no julian asang. who had been rumored to be in consideration. no donald john trump. no trump children or son-in-law. notable? >> i think so. just because there's been so much speculation about it. i ventured into the arena of
10:02 pm
prognostication and suggested that he probably would go for it. we have a few hours left. there is still some argument that he wants to mess with the story line of tomorrow's coverage. of all of you at the net works and bust into the coverage of the inauguration of joe biden. and maybe some of the more controversial pardons will come tomorrow. at the last minute. i have assumed the president trump has no shame. doesn't care about how things look. and wants maximum protection for himself and hide and family. maybe i'm wrong about that. >> so far he hasn't done it. i guess he could do it sometime before the inauguration. i think this was supposed to be their big final dump on the information. we'll see. here's what we know now, thank you very much for walking us through this. and what stand out to you. appreciate it. let's talk more about this. who's there, who isn't there. norm and john dean. we were talking about this
10:03 pm
before. john, he didn't pardon himself. he didn't pardon his kids, son-in-law. why not? >> not yet. first of all you have to put a caveat that he doesn't have to announce a pardon. it could be done in private and stuck in the pocket and we wouldn't know it until he was indicted and pulled it out for a defense. same with the kids. they can hold it tight. we assume he didn't do it, though. that's the only way i can be sthur on that. i can't give a definite. >> that's a good one. that's a sneaky move. if there was one thing we can count on with the white house it's a sieve. i'd be shocked if it didn't leak out if he did that. no rudy giuliani. yes, steve bannon. your take? >> bannon is a perfect inkapslation of everything that is wrong with the pardons that
10:04 pm
trump has done over four years and this wave of about 150 of them. bannon is a crony of trump. going back to the campaign. in that respect it's like the pardon of michael flynn. or roger stone or paul manafort. it's smacks of quid pro quo. if proven a crime that trump is trading, bannon knows an awful lot about him including the insurrection. is trump trading this pardon for silence on his part? the third seat is corruption. trump wants bannon's help perhaps on starting a new political party. that's the rumor today in washington. is he willing to over look the fact that bannon ripped off trump followers to line his own
10:05 pm
pockets. that's what he's prosecuted for. in order to get his help going forward. it stirnks like so many other pardons. it reeks to high heaven. >> if you want to join the trump party, it would be easy for you to swallow steve bannon was falsely accused. you were talking about somebody being someone who drafted these. in steve bannon's pardon it says that he is noted for his political acumen and has been a long standing member of the conservative party. >> that may be a mistake for a presidential award of some other sort they got in the language. it has nothing to do with a pardon. that may be press release material. rather than the actual language of the pardon. i also did a ballpark count on trump vs. the others. he's done totally about 250 k
10:06 pm
commutations and clemency. that's less than obama. who did a lot for criminal justice reasons. and about the same area just a few more than bush too. he's not doing high volume at this point. >> interesting. it's quality over quantity. does any of this matter for impeachment? >> i think it does. bannon is one who was stoking the flames of the insurrection. on his show. when there's reports he was discussing this with the president. talking about falsely how the election was stolen. working those trump followers in to a frenzy. and then you played it earlier. you referred to it earlier. very violent language the night before the insurrection itself. that seems to key people up.
10:07 pm
the senators who are going to be sitting in judgment of trump were the victims of that mob. they were the targets of the sedition. their lives came within a very close brush with danger perhaps even death. they are not going to look kindly on a pardon to an inrecollectionist. particularly one. i read the language about conservative party. trump doesn't want to refer to the republican party. it's a thread about striking out on his own. that will alien ate republican senators. >> thank you very much. appreciate you gentlemen. political take on this. se cup. frank brewny. ron brownstein. he didn't like himself. but i like the nugget he doesn't
10:08 pm
have to tell you. he could have a pocket pardon. this place is such a sieve. i can't believe that word wouldn't get out that he did it. are you surprised he didn't do it at least not yet? he has a few hours. >> i was talking to a friend of mine an attorney about this. he said exactly that. we might not know trump pardoned himself. or his kids or other people. until he needs that protection. i said surely that can't be the case. i haven't heard anyone say it. you heard john dean go ahead and say it. that is chilling and ominous. in addition to your point about the sieve that is the white house, and the trurp administration. he likes to brag about that sort of stuff. i can't imagine him being able to just kind of sit on a nugget. for too long. he likes to use those to inflame people and light our hair on
10:09 pm
fire. >> no shame in his game. what does this move mean in terms of where he's headed? >> it really is another gauntlet in front of everyone who believes he should be held accountable in both he's waving a red flag in front of the senators and both parties. basically daring them to act in any way against this corruption. >> the timing doesn't scream that he wants it in their face. he's releasing this early on inauguration day morning. what do you think the republican play is on this? be quiet?
10:10 pm
say nothing like you have all alopg? or the mcconnell card and talk about this. separate from trump. >> if they have been looking for a reason to separate and four years they haven't done that, i think they talk about it and site this and more as reasons why they are moving away. i'm suspicious they will move away. it's been four years and only take mcconnell for example. it's been in the last couple weeks he seems to have realized who trump is. or been willing to face that beast. i have gotten cynical about what republicans will and won't do when it comes to calling out trump. for what he's done and who he is. >> as a true republican, i have heard as you know i married into a republican family, and there are so many in your party and of the political faith of
10:11 pm
conservativism, who are also relieved today. they wanted this to end. they are embarrassed. they want their party back and hate being defined by trump. even though they do not like a lot of what they see as lefty radical policy. and whether or not biden can fight it off. is there a measure of relief. do you believe that will be measurable
10:12 pm
10:13 pm
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breaking news on this inauguration day. just minutes ago president trump pardoned 73 people. including steve bannon. whom he did not pardon as far as we know because as we learned you can have something that will call a pocket pardon. he could pardon himself, kids, anybody. and not disclose it. the way this administration has been a sieve in the white house as well, you have to believe we would know. and as has been said. trump likes to brag. but he is the short side of the story. today is the day that things change in america. joe biden will be president at noon today eastern. at our capitol. kamala harris will be vice president. what that change will mean and auger in we don't yet know.
10:18 pm
it is all happening under a cloud that you can't miss and we can no longer mistake. let's bring in one of my mentors, ledgendary news man. even you have never seen this. surrounded by 25,000 national guard men. non-peaceful transfer of power. happening in seclusion from the american people. because the american people must be on the guard for the american people. what do you make of it? >> i agree with people who say not since hoover gave up the presidency to roosevelt. have we seen the transition that makes a big difference in the country stand for. what happens in the country. what happens wpt relationship with the world. reagan said before his reelection in 1984, it's morning in america. i think we can all celebrate it without believing that everything will be fixed over
10:19 pm
night. it's not that we'll come together as one people. we won't. we're on the road to those good things in the future. >> how do you know? >> i know because i feel it and i feel i know something about the american people. something i had to learn in the last few years. because i never thought donald trump who i had known for 35 years interviewed him a long time ago. and which he called me rude and ignorant. i probably was both. and out to get him. which i wasn't as a reporter. then. times change. i know the majority of the american people shown in the last election get it. we want the country that we have had. we want the morals and the ethics. we want the way we associate with each other and the world that we had really from the time founding fathers put it together. so i just feel i don't know, i can't prove it. i bet on it. >> what makes the difference
10:20 pm
going forward? you see the polls for what they're worth. so many people voted for trump. still believe the election was rigged. even in the absence of proof. in any court. you see republicans already trying to demonize biden. i don't know why he wants to start any kind of immigration discussion right now. but they're jumping on that to go to opportunity of square one of the trump play book. what makes it better? >> what will make it better is we watch biden, what he says is great. he has a heart. we know that that's there. he cares about people. we know that's there. and he's a not insane. we know he's not insane. we listen and watch what he does. slowly the american people understand that we have a president that certainly a normal president and maybe better than that under the circumstances. i agree with you. there are people who think
10:21 pm
donald trump is a ma sigh ya. and follow him to the gates of hell and into it. might not be a bad idea. what do we do with them? i don't know. let's take the republican leaders oflt state of arizona. they continue to insist that the election was rigged and stolen in their state. and they're angry at the republican governor. who he certified what the election officials brought him as facts biden won the state. these republican leader in arizona are going to have a measure of censure two people. the governor and cindy mccain. i'm not sure why they're angry at her. her husband her late husband was a war hero. he was a great united states senator. he was a candidate for the presidency and lost it. but we honor john mccain.
10:22 pm
why they want to censure her is beyond me. i think they're mad. with a virus of some sort. if not rabies. that makes people like them unaware of existence in the country. i don't know what to do about that. i don't know how to reach them. maybe they are unreachable. the mess of the 74 million people who voted for trump. again i can't prove it. i'll bet you many of them in the last 80 days and watching him have already deserted him. they wouldn't vote for him again. i hope he does get convicted by the senate. so it's ironclad that he cannot run for the presidency or any public office federal office again. i feel we are on the right road. i can't prove it. >> well, as we always say, time will tell. one thing is for sure this is an inauguration. today there will be a change in america. what it yields we'll watch and watch together. always a pleasure.
10:23 pm
be well. . >> my pleasure too. >> it is 1:22 a.m. in the east. i'll give you a reason to stay awake. if you are in the east. if you are out west i'll give you a reason to pay attention. donald trump did something that his party will have to live with. not talking about pardons. i'm talk about something else that will tell you everything he has always been about. and the party will have to own. next.
10:24 pm
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when you have goodyear duratrac tires. when you have rancho shocks and an integrated dual exhaust. when you have all that, the last thing you'll need... is a road. the chevy silverado trail boss. ready to off-road, right from the factory. boy oh boy we have news just in. on this inauguration morning. it's about trump and you want to hear it. because if you voted for him. he was going it change things. it's a entamp.
10:28 pm
t it's a swamp. they have all the contacts. it's wrong. this lobbying. remember? he said you're right i'll change it. i know this game. i pay these people. im fix it. i'll drain the swamp. remember? a five year lobbying ban for administration officials. remember? this was his own rule. trump signed the order with his first week in office. because it was so important. now, you could argue it actually weakened some ethics rules put in place by the obama administration. but that's just facts. right? so this was about how it felt. okay. what did trump just do? take a guess. he just said that all his advisers who are leaving the white house can now lobby. he removed the ban. now you would say well, he did it the right way.
10:29 pm
he did it so while they're in government they can't lobby the administration. that wasn't the point. it was about the swamp the door they come in and out and use contacts for years and it's wrong. special interest. now he clears the way. to allow the officials to begin lobbying right when they leave today. he did nothing about the swatch. swamp. he never wanted to. that's the difference and now you know because of what he did with his own hand on his way out. maybe one of his last official acts. if so, it is a fitting one. perspective now from phil mud. we know what this is. let's deal with the broader concern about the end of the trump presidency. it doesn't end the risk. it doesn't end the anger. we have talked about this. you have the oath keepers being brought up on conspiracy charges. when you open the box and invite
10:30 pm
the ugly to come out into the open, you don't get people who are upset about paying mortgage and jobs and upset about culture issues. you get the extremist. and now we have them. how difficult is it to get them back into the shadow? >> it will be difficult. we have made one step that is if you want to get the people in the shadow you have to remove the person who gives them spark for action. i have been surprised how quiet this household is where i live since the president has been off twitter. the inability whether you are in an extremist organization over seas or organization in the united states, the inability to recruit without a megaphone is critical. obviously they there will be debates about the free speech aspect. it makes it easier when the megaphone is gone. what i find interesting, this also gives the federal government an opening to investigate more and to start
10:31 pm
looking into these groups more with things like fbi informant and what they did on january 6. some of the groups accomplished telling the government our sections are seditious. that proves we had a group that's violating federal law. that's probable cause. i can look at them. government has an open door to look. and it make it is easier. we'll be at this for years. we're taking a few steps. >> we have also been warned about it by people in your line of work and intelligence community. for many years. that was the eye popper. we were dealing with al qaeda and isis and taliban. domestically the big threat is extremist groups of white nationalist. eyes pop. no, no it's the muslim threat. it has to be. what do you think about where we are left at end of the presidency in terms of the
10:32 pm
threat going forward. >> there has to be another shift like there was after 9/11. i went into the bureau after 9/11. and there was a massive shift going on internally. not just in term of the official priorities but a culture shift. from going from a reactive criminal organization into one that is intelligence driven and focusing on at that time the foreign terrorism threat. it was hard. even in the fbi academ y cases the agents work on is looking at this. we have been so conditioned to think of terrorism as.
10:33 pm
>> trump people feel trump voters feel victimized. you are getting the benefit of the analysis. that much of the violence was perpetrated by people that weren't there as a extreme act of their political will. these were poisonous people here to do damage. here with real insurrectionist and incentive. they're hateful people. you are getting the benefit of that with this analysis of what happened january 6. this is a benefit that you never gave to people fighting for systemic injustice. every time you were told there were groups. hateful groups mixing in and using it as an opportunity. think about it. you get the benefit now. why? because we are one out of the
10:34 pm
many. the job in this country for one another is not to find ways to bring you down. you should be given the benefit of the doubt to fellow americans. especially in the interest of common cause. think about it. today is a new beginning. joe biden is facing huge challenges. as he preparing to serve us. are we going to make it better or worse? the responsibility is on him. not him alone. next. first up is this french onion dip. i'm going to start the bidding at $5. thank you, sir. $6 over there! going once. going twice. sold! don't get mad get e*trade and get more than just trading investing. banking. guidance.
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10:38 pm
it's going to be less than eleven hours history will be made. joe biden will raise his hand and oath to defend the constitution. 46th president of the united states of america. his words this afternoon will hopefully mark a new beginning to a better place. let's get perspective on that. good to have you. >> good to be with you.
10:39 pm
we're getting new details about what the president-elect schedule will look like tomorrow. it illustrates the contrast. we'll see between a president biden. and president trump. the man that he of course is replacing. so it's going to start with a church service. i reported earlier today he invited senate majority leader mcconnell as well as the rest of the congressional leadership to attend the church service with him. again, really going back to tradition. to relationships. we know that relationship with biden and mcconnell will be important. then from there he will be going for the actual oath of office. and the inaugural festivities themselves. his speech will reflect a theme of unity. something we have heard again and again. and arlington national cemetery. for a wreath laying with former president bush, obama and clinton. then following that, they will have a executive orders and
10:40 pm
appointees. he'll sign the orders we have learned from the oval office. that powerful visual showing president biden going to work. that's what they want to telegraph to the american people. after that of course they will celebrate with the special celebrity, fire works and all those fun festivities of the day. and learning more about what exactly he is hoping to do with the executive orders. to delve into that. we have talked about the in the last couple days. immediately he will rejoin the paris climate accord. and roll back the trump administration ban on majority muslim countries. he is also going to extend that student loan payment. they had stopped those for people struggling financially. extend the restriction on eviction. helping people who are struggling with covid-19. and finally that federal mask mandate. putting in place a mask requirement for all federal
10:41 pm
property. this is so important and worth noting. a press briefing by the new press secretary 7:00 p.m. tomorrow. on the first day we'll get a press briefing from the biden administration. they have promised to bring back daily briefings. and said time and time again she sees her job as building back trust. in the that room. in that press room. the press and the american people know what she is saying are facts. of course it's up to us to hold them accountable. she hopes she can do. again, just a lot of differences there. >> if you straight you get a straight take. if they play games they get trouble. that's the nature of the business. we're not here to be friends. quick thing. is there any concern in the administration about the hold up on early appointments? traditionally people get fast tracked so that the new administration can hit the ground running. senator haully given his invitation to what happened
10:42 pm
january 6. stopped the homeland security secretary. very vital. what is their level of concern? they are concerned. they have talked time and time again. they have expressed they want these people specifically in that's one of them. the homeland security secretary. they want him confirmed as soon as possible. they wanted that before what happened on january 6. the insurrection. they certainly want it even more now. you can expect to see much more of the public pressure campaign to get those key nominees confirmed. we saw a slew of hearings on capitol hill. that's just the beginning part of it. they have to get confirmed by the senate. and biden will take office. without any of the nominees confirmed. >> maybe an early test of the good faith of mcconnell? we will see. jess da dean, thank you. good luck going forward. i look forward to seeing you do
10:43 pm
the job. douglas brinkly and jeff green field. history will be made. which steps we take which direction we go. we don't know. let's talk history and political implications. no peaceful transfer of power. we can't claim that anymore. after january 6. where's that place us in history? >> that perhaps this was an ugly aberration. that we might be able to start a new day tomorrow. i think just the idea that kamala harris is being sworn in first woman vice president that joe biden is going to be talking about unity. that the great report we heard that the administration will be about the u.s. federal government is back. the government is your friend. the way kennedy had a moon shot or the fdr did social security. you'll see biden trying to motivate the country around
10:44 pm
fighting the menace of covid-19. and out of the vice president he did the moon shot for cancer. and he might be the right voice right now to pull us together to start the healing and america can move forward. we certainly have to be upbeat on inauguration day after the horrible licking our country has taken over the last year. >> yes. obviously in times like this, you can't avod the obvious. there's another cancer. it is grown very effectively in our culture to be sure. you make ha an interesting and eyebrow raising point. democracy can't be taken for granted anymore. there are too many people in the country that aren't just sick of parties. they don't believe in the democracy. we're seeing that in realtime. >> this is definitely in my view
10:45 pm
not a time for the kind of flower poetic inaugural we have been hearing ever since kennedy crafted that 1960 speech. this is not a time to talk about marching through the valley of despair. to the mountain of hope. from the open sea. that stuff doesn't make sense in the time when we have been in the situation where the very platform on which joe biden was the scene of the mob assault. that came close to being a mass killing. i wonder for all the talk of unity which is actually compulsory in the speech. some recognition that this democracy was put to a very big stress test. and it came through. but it was a i'm hoping if biden taunts that unity. he can talk about the need to acknowledge how the election was honest. to get passed the point in lies.
10:46 pm
mcconnell gave him a help. in the say if we want to talk about unity let's look at what we face. roosevelt had congressional majority. but you have a virus that prevents the economy from moving forward until and unless that's under control. he's going to be very dark days. that speech tomorrow has to be in my view a very blunt, forward looking specific set of what we're going to do to unify the country. in keeping people in their homes, in keeping food on the table and prevents people from falling into despair. that's the challenge and it's a tough road for an inaugural to walk. >> i'm with you. i think the buttonhole will be feel. i think it's going to be about empathy. when i think about one of the
10:47 pm
lessons in this administration is we didn't play to trump's -- expose trump's his absence of empathy. that he never really made it about people except to whip up an mouse. that is something joe biden can expose about himself. approximate americans know pain. they respect pain. when they see it in others. that's something we have gotten away from. we'll see soon. thank you for setting the table this morning. the nation is going to watch in inauguration. but so is the world. what will they think about this new president's message? moscow, teheran. pyongyang. live to london for the anticipation there. next.
10:48 pm
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10:52 pm
what the president will be in less than hours. it's good to be with you on a day like this to share history with you. the world watched aghast at what was happening in america an what did it means for the international community. where are people's hearts, minds and anticipation? >> it's so interesting, chris, obviously it depends where you are, but here in europe there's a sense of palpable relief. it's not jubilation or celebration, it's palpable relief that the world order has survived the chaos of the last four years. you can actually see that kind of reflected in some of the headlines in the newspapers today. i pulled a few of them to share with our audience. you look at a london paper like "metro" which says simply, at last, it's the back of donald trump. or one of britain's famous tabloid's that are obviously a
10:53 pm
little more colorful. well, that was a weird dream, depicting president trump in a straight jacket. and finally," the independent" says it's over with the silhouette of donald trump and the subheading, the curtain falls on the most tumultuous presidency in history. essentially now what european allies and others across the world are looking for say message that america is going to return to the ideals and institutions that really underpin the entire function of the world order. that's what people so desperately want to hear. i should stress, chris, i'm not trying to make out like everybody in the world is happy to see president joe biden taking office today. there are plenty of countries that really thrived under trump's presidency, that had a close relationship with him.
10:54 pm
i think for many authoritrians, dictators like kim jong-un, the dmz you mentioned the north korean death spot and president vladimir putin, and then countries like israel, gulf arab states like the kingdom of saudi arabia and united arab emirates. again they enjoyed close relationships with president trump and more complex relationships guys president obama. so likely they will have some reservations about the relationship going forward. but the main thing that we're seeing, certainly here in europe, chris, is palpable relief and, you know, how do we fix this ship and move on, not just for the u.s. but for the security and stability, frankly, of the world order, chris. >> understood. we are no island here literally or figuratively. clarissa ward thank you very much. so this is the day.
10:55 pm
we're living history together once again. we hope you stay with cnn. we're going to have live inauguration coverage, just getting started. you will have poppy harlow and jim shu taking it from here next. let's hope better things come for you and everybody in this country. god bless america. stay with cnn. did you know you can go to to customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? really? i didn't-- aah! ok. i'm on vibrate. aaah! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ keeping your oysters business growing has you swamped. you need to hire. i need indeed indeed you do. the moment you sponsor a job on indeed
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it is morning, i'm poppy harlow. >> and i'm jim sciutto. inauguration day in america, just hours from no, presidential transfer of power with yes deep divisions in this country, but also high hopes. the nation's capitol is on lockdown as joe biden is set to be sworn in as the 46th president of the united states. kamala harris will write her own page in the u.s. history books becoming the first woman, the first woman of color to be sworn in as vice president. >> a new beginning and a new administration facing enormous challenges. the nation reeling after the deadly siege on the u.s. capitol, a surging pandemic that has now taken the lives of more than 400,000 americans, and in his final hours as president, donald trump just granted a number of pardons including pardon for former chief strategist


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