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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  January 29, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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hi there and thanks so much for being with me on this friday afternoon. i'm brooke baldwin. you're watching cnn. let's start today with some encouraging news in the pursuit for more covid-19 vaccines. johnson & johnson is reporting the results of its vaccination trial. 66% effective in its global trial and 85% effective against severe disease and death, and i know you're sitting there thinking, oh, it's not quite as good as what we've seen in terms of efficacy from moderna and pfizer. well, yes, you are correct, but dr. anthony fauci says this vaccine though could be a game-changer. >> this is a single-shot vaccine
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in which you start to see efficacy anywhere from seven to ten days following the first and only shot. it is very, very good with regard to cold chain requirements, requiring only a refrigerator. it is inexpensive, and the company is capable of making doses in the numbers of billions. >> while the white house task force is focused on the vaccination piece of this pandemic, president biden is working today to help americans suffering financially. he is urging republicans to get on board with his $1.9 trillion relief package. >> so the choice couldn't be clearer. we have learned from past crises the risk is not doing too much. the risk is not doing enough. >> the congress isn't just divided over the relief bill. the republican party is showing more signs of fracture as former
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preponderance of the evidence donald trump seems to be keeping a firm grip on a number of people in the party, and we'll dive into that in just a little bit. first, johnson & johnson's new single-shot vaccine, its advantages and disadvantages, growing concerns over new covid variants. cnn national correspondent nick watt has it all. >> reporter: global trial data is in. johnson & johnson says its vaccine is safe and 66% effective at preventing moderate and severe illness. 85% effective against severe disease. >> there were essentially no hospitalizations or deaths in the vaccine group. >> reporter: some context. the flu vaccine reduces the risk of illness between 40% and 60%. >> our top line result is that we have 85% protection against disease that matters. >> reporter: johnson & johnson will apply for fda emergency use authorization mid to late next week. their commitment is 100 million
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doses for americans by june. >> which will -- we're very much on track to deliver it. our plan is to have supply immediately upon launch. >> reporter: yes, this vaccine was less effective than pfizer and moderna in trials, but -- >> but for many clinics out there, this is going to be the ideal vaccine to have. one dose, stable vaccine, use it. >> reporter: meanwhile, dr. fauci says those more contagious coronavirus variants might be dominant in the u.s. by march. the strain first found in the uk now confirmed in 28 states. >> this is a wake-up call to all of us. >> reporter: we will continue to see the evolution of mutants. >> the strain first found in south africa now found in south carolina. >> by the time someone has symptoms, gets a test, has a positive result and we get the sequence, our opportunity for doing real case control and contact tracing is largely gone.
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>> we are really ratcheting up a gene noamic surveillance capability and get that information in role tail. >> reporter: the university modlers say these variants might add up to an additional 58,000 deaths in america by may. of course, something else on everyone else's minds. when can kids back into school safely? this was interesting from dr. fauci today. he says tests are under way on the safety and efficacy in young people and he said late spring, early summer, some children will at least be authorized to get the vaccine, whether, of course, there's enough supply is a whole different story. >> right, as we've seen the last couple of months, certainly parents perking up hearing that. nick watt, thank you. >> reporter: yeah. >> i want to go back to the news about the j&j vaccine. with me a senior scholar at the
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johns hopkins universities. welcome back. >> thanks for having me. >> when you look at the efficacy of the johnson & johnson single shot, 67% and people think about moderna and pfizer. that's somewhere in the 90% plus efficacy range and think that's not -- that's not as good. what do you say to them? >> i say that's not right way to look at these vaccines. the reason why we developed a covid-19 vaccine is to stop severe disease and hospitalations and deaths and when you look at janson & johnson that vaccine looks really good. we got spoiled a little bit with moderna and pfizer and remember a couple months ago the fda would have approved something at 50%. i do think the vaccines will be the solution so there should be nobody thinking that this is not good for johnson & johnson or not good for the vaccine rollout. this is great. it's a single-dose vaccine.
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without a cold chain it's much more effective than a pfizer vaccine sitting in a freezer nobody can give. >> when we're at a point where we can choose between vaccines, pfizer, moderna and johnson & johnson, which would you choose? >> i got the pfizer vaccine because i was a health care worker but you have to look at each individual person what, are the risk factors for disease? do some head-to-head comparisons. people with pfizer vaccines may have allergies and there's issues there and certain vaccines are better for certain is up groups. we have to do studies to determine that. we give flu vaccines to elderly people versus children and the same might happen. the pfizer and the moderna advantages eents are more effective so everything else being equal you pick that. those are two-dose vaccines, johnston & johnson you're one and conand it's difficult toch
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make the -- >> are these vaccines going to work against all the various virus mutations? >> it depends on the variant. it looks like the uk variant is handled well by our advantages eefnlts the south african and brazilian ones might be difficult ones and we don't know much about the california variant but the important thing is not the number of symptomatic cases that are preveptd but does it prevent serious disease? the novavax data, the johnson & johnson, may not be able to block you from indianafected but block you from dying and being hospitalized so that's very good and we can think about updating vaccines if necessary, but the key to stopping the variants is to get our population as vaccinated as possible so they have nowhere to spread. even with reduced efficacy, the variant is not going to have an easy time if our vaccination rates go up higher so this thud really underscore to accelerate at no speed limit for this vaccine into people eats arms. >> good, good. we've also heard today from the
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governor of new york saying starting on valentine's day new york city restaurants will be allowed to open at capacity of 25%, this, of course, while schools are not even fully open. how can this be done safely? >> i think that with lower capacity requirements, with people having to wear face conversation, with a lot of mitigation efforts in place a 25% cans examinesity won't be the issue. the default has to be that schools should be open first. restaurants have done a lot to make their rp environment safer and in some tased they were providing sam and in others they weren't. i do think this is something that can be safely if mitigation efforts are hut in place. >> right now i should clarify
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about indoor dining at 25%. you can still eat outdoors. president biden has been touring this vaccination site. here he is at walter reed medical center. he is pushing to reopen schools in his first 100 days in office, right? that's a promise that he has made. dr. fauci now says that may not happen. what do you think needs to happen to make that a reality, or do you think it's just still unsafe right now? >> i think -- and this has been my position throughout the entire time of the pandemic is schools that should have been opened much earlier, like the cdc said, the fi-- schools are open for wrestling practice but not for call class, a switched priority and our data shows schools can be open safely if they are following mitigation standards, podding students,
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have face covering policies. it's not them sitting in the classrooms that's driving classes. it's sometimes the extracurricular activities like sondland skin homecoming activities or sports after school. this is something we need to do. this should be the default and what goes on in the european countries. schools are open while everything else is closed and we've done it backwards and children are suffering and date sax on our side. >> i hear you. i think some of this is majorly contingent on that $1.9 trillion covid relief bill that the administration and democrats would like to pass so it gets sticky. we're going to talk to a member of congress about that in a bit. doctor, thank you so much. >> we have breaking news this afternoon in the wake of the capital insurrection investigation. the fbi is saying the pipe bombs found near the capital back on january 6th were actually planted there the night before. the we have the new details
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coming in this afternoon. also, republicans in disarray as infighting and loyalty to president trump continue to many dom mate. and the gamestop roller coaster continuing. the stock soars after robinhood reverses course and lifts restrictions but small investors are still very angry. we have all of that. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin.
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welcome back. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. breaking news out of fbi. the fbi says the pipe bombs found near the u.s. capitol on january 6th were actually planted thereto night before. we're learning this as federal authorities have yet again increased the reward for information leading to the pipe bomber's arrest. the cnn just case correspondent jessica snider is following this for us. jessica, how did the fbi figure this out? >> they have been poring over the surveillance video and interviewing people for weeks, and this is a residential area where this happened so they have been talking to people in that area. the fbi concluding that both bombs were placed near the dnc and rnc buildings blocks from the capitol between 7:30 and 8:30 at night on january 5th, of course, the night before the insurrection, and authorities have been hunting for whomever placed these pipe bombs for more than three weeks now and today is the third time they have increased the reward for tips leading to an arrest. it's now at a whopping $100,000, and the constant raising of this
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reward really speaks to how much difficulty the feds are having tracking the perpetrator. they have got the pictures and they are now trying to hunt down who this is. now, they have released these pictures, and they are describing this person. they say they are wearing a light sweatshirt. their face and head largely covered, as you can see there, and new details we're getting. they say the suspect wore yellow, black and gray nike speed and turf shoes. the pipe bombs were eight inches long connected to egg timers with an explosive. the key here is the bombs they worked, they didn't go off, brooke, and law enforcement believes that that may have actually been a diversion because when the pipe bombs were found on january 6th, officers rushed to that location while the rioters rushed in, so law enforcement believing this may have been a sophisticated actor or actors who remain undetected at this point, brooke, three
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weeks later. >> speaks to the premeditation of this whole thing, though they will find him. they will find him. >> they will. >> jessica schneider, thank you. >> and a remember to you, join anderson cooper for a look at the origins of the qanon conspiracy. how did this fringe theory that becomes a movement that includes members of congress and what role did it play in the capitol insurrection? the cnn special report inside the qanon conspiracy airs sunday night on cnn. the divide in the republican party is growing deeper and deeper as conspiracy theorists like representative marjorie taylor green face no repercussions and republicans like liz cheney get lambasted for standing up. let's talk about that. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not an injection or a cream...'s a pill that treats differently. for psoriasis, 75% clearer skin is achievable...
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right now we're witnessing a civil war rage within the republican party. on the one side you have the moderates including those ten house republicans who stood up and voted to impeachment former donald trump over his role in inciting that deadly insurrection. on the other side you contract trump loyalists, those continuing to kiss the ring, so to speak, of their former leader despite all the calls for unity. included in this group, florida congressman matt gaetz who went after wyoming congresswoman liz cheney right in her own home state. >> we are in a battle for the soul of the republican party,
12:24 pm
and i intend to win it. you can help me. you can help me break a corrupt system. you can send a representative who actually represents you, and you can send liz cheney home, back home to washington, d.c. >> all right. this is where we're starting. bill kristol is the director of dead fending democracy together, a republican organization developed to hold former president trump accountable. welcome to you, charlie didn't, a cnn political commentator and former republican congressman of pennsylvania so welcome, and, bill, you're up first. so let me sum this up. you basically have a republican congressman going to a republican congresswoman's backyard to tell what turned out to be a crowd of republicans that this republican is a bad republican for wanting to hold trump accountable. help me wrap my head around this one. >> well, it -- liz cheney is not that moderate of a republican, a proud conservative republican in her voting record and she
12:25 pm
supported donald trump for re-election so nonetheless unacceptable. why? because she didn't vote to overturn the results and thought donald trump should be accountable for what happened january 6th, the same day, yesterday, the leader of the republicans in the house, not some fringe third-term congressman from florida who is kind of a flake and a shoebat, the leader of the republican party in the house went to pay homage to donald trump. we could talk about a civil war, more than a civil war there's a party which half of which is totally on board for trump, 10% is where charlie and i are which i can say is horrified or upset -- unhappy about trump's presidency and horrified by his behavior since november 3rd and horrified by the events of january 6th and amazed that they are trying to put that out and 30% not thrilled about trump or matt gaetz or marjorie taylor greene but unwilling to cut free. unwilling to hold president and his enablers accountable.
12:26 pm
>> let's talk about some of those priorities. you mentioned kevin mccarthy and his trip down south to mar-a-lago. charlie, this is for you. republicans are basically going pretty hard on liz chain, as bill points out a strong conservative. they want to remove her from her leadership position but then you have the likes of marjorie taylor greene who bullied a parkland shooting survivor and gets assigned to the education committee, and in the past has also expressed support for assassinating democratic lawmakers but she just needs a good talking to from kevin mccarthy? is please explain that to me. >> well, brooke, this is almost inexplicable. here, liz chain who stupid on principle did the right thing and she eats one being taken to the wood shed, and i think this is just -- it's so beyond the pale and then marjorie taylor greene who should have been told back in august when she won that primary that she would never be seated on a committee, that she would nod be welcomed into the
12:27 pm
republican conference and that the leadership will be working with the georgia state gop to defeat her in a primary in 2022, hey, welcome to congress. that's how she should have been dealt with. there's something terribly wrong that, you know, that marjorie taylor greene for some reason is not -- is not the one being excoriated and ex-communicated while liz cheney is under tremendous pressure from some of her colleagues who are showboating going into her district and trying to suggest somehow she's disloimp the fight is going to be engaged. people like bill kristol and i and others are going to stand up for the folks who have a lot of integrity and did the right thing and they should not be called on the carpet, and the leadership of the republican party should be standing up and defending liz cheney and the others for doing what they did. >> but so far they vice president, you know, and so far they are allowing marjorie taylor greene to continue to, you know, be a functioning member of congress on -- on this
12:28 pm
committee. we -- we went to one of her town halls, and this is what -- what one of her constituents had to say about marjorie taylor greene. >> my 23 years in georgia and years prior to that, she's the most serious candidate and would i follow her more than any other congressman or senator i've ever seen in office. >> bill, from her -- her constituents to, you know, the party leaders, are there just no standards right now in the gop? like as long as you support donald j. trump and as long as you are a member of the republican party, you're good? >> yeah, and how do you break that sort of -- >> how do you fwlak? >> you break that by standing up and say the truth about november 3 rkd the truth about the big lyrics the deep lie about election fraud and maybe not -- you know, maybe 80% of the people shrug that off and they are on their social media and don't believe you and maybe 5%,
12:29 pm
10%, 15% said, you know, i hadn't really thought about the that and you really try to bring home what marjorie taylor greene has said and done but the way to bring that home is for the leader of the republican party in the house and leaders across the nation to say this is unacceptable. >> what if they don't? what if they don't, bill? >> what's that? >> what if they don't? is it. >> then you have a party -- the extremists get stronger and stronger until people stand up to them. >> it's not even like, you know, what's happened in marjorie taylor's green is surfacing. when you look at axios and their reporting, they talked to greene's opponent back in the august runoff who had apparently had this whole conversation, speaking of party leadership, with kevin mccarthy and warned him back then about all this wild, you know, opposition research that they had against her, the then opponent said this and let me quote. i said she's bad for the party. i said she has real problems and does not represent at least what i think of as someone who would be allowed even in a big tented
12:30 pm
party. i mean, at some point have you to say no shoes, no shirt, no service. charlie, they knew this was coming and still she is a member. >> of course they knew. they had a dumpster full of opposition research on her that was horrible, and because of these extreme elements, whether it's marjorie taylor greene or the arizona state gop that's out there censuring honorable republicans, what they are doing is shrinking the republican party. the republican party is going to have a diminished base. yes, it will be more committed to these types of extreme views but a lot of very sensible normal people will re-register as independents or perhaps democrats and then -- then the party will just not have the ability to win national elections, and it's just a very sorry place for the party to be be, so i'm of the opinion, all for the big tent but i thought the big tent was more to move towards the center, not to move towards the fringes. that's a danger zone.
12:31 pm
you've got to stay -- you've got to stay in the lanes and not get out in the shoulders of the road and that's where i'm afraid the party is moving in too many cases. >> charlie didn't and bill kristol, guys, thank you so much. good to have you on. >> the white house continues to call for the quick action on the covid stimulus bill, but so -- even though democrats are in the majority, why are they having such a tough time getting this thing done? ♪ ♪ ♪ rakuten! ♪ ♪ cash back on the stuff all in my home.♪ ♪ i shop on rakuten. rakuten!♪
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the white house is insisting
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president biden's covid relief package is gaining momentum on capitol hill, but republicans are pushing back against its $1.9 prilion price tag. cnn congressional correspondent jessica dean is live at the capitol. we keep hearing from the white house and the press secretary, you know, this should be bipartisan, right. they want bipartisan support. the will democrats have to go this alone? >> reporter: well, that's the big question, broeck, floating through the halls here at the capitol. democrats are going to need 60 votes to get this thing through in the senate. remember, it's an even 50/50 split so that means in order to do this the traditional way they have got to pick up republican support so to that end we know there was a bipartisan call with eight senators, gop senators, eight democratic senators with the white house on sunday. i talked to some of those republican senators who were on that call. they said, look, we support some things in this bill like vaccine distribution and vaccine production. where things get hairy and they
12:37 pm
do not support parts of the bill is raising the minimum wage to $15. they want to target direct payments and maybe cap them so there's a long way to go, a long gap to bridge, full. now, for their part democrats really see this as their chance to go big. they do, after all, have the technical majority here in the senate, and they want to make good on some of these promises, so if they did that, could they move forward using something called reconciliation that they can do along party lines using this archaic budget process. here's when president biden said if he's willing to go forward that way earlier. take a listen. >> i support covid relief and support from the republicans if we can get it but the covid relief has to pass. there's no ifs, ands or buts. >> so you heard president biden there say no ifs, ands or b.u.s and that's the message to capitol hill. he wants this to get through no
12:38 pm
matter what. he's off said he wants bipartisan support but if he can't get it he's telegraphing to democrats to go ahead and democrats should move forward with reconciliation. beginning that process as early as next week. for their part republicans that i've talked to say that they really want to have their input on this bill. one republican telling cnn that this would be like starting a war if they were to move ahead without bipartisan support. we'll see what happens next week but a lot of moving parts to see if democrats will go at this alone or if republicans will be joining them. >> like starting a war from one republican. jessica dean, thank you very much. let's continue this conversation. with me now democratic congresswoman sheila jackson lee. thanks so much, congresswoman lee, for being with me. welcome. >> thank you, brooke. good to be you. good to be back. >> good to have you back. president biden, he just said, you know, the time to act on a relief bill is now, that there
12:39 pm
is no time for any delay. of course, your party controls congress by slim margins, and the white house. why can't chuck schumer get this bill through? like who is the real leader of the democratic party here? >> you know, isn't it interesting that all of us as democrats welcome bipartisanship. we're engaged with bipartisanship. in fact, the no-name caucus, the moderate caucus was real initiated by democrats in the house and they reached across to the united states senate. they reach across to republicans, and we have benefitted from their presence, but i believe that this is a test of who cares more for the american people. the can you tell me that you do not want to do a big covid-19 bill as evidenced by the very words of the secretary of the treasury, someone who knows numbers hand knows what the economy is about to face again, they said go big, and do that mean you don't want to do a
12:40 pm
massive federally nationalized vaccination program that's going to reach all americans you? don't want to see all schools open and child care centers open and teachers vaccinated and everyone else that's in the school system you? don't want to see people getting a leg up with a $15 an hour increase or minimum wage or the stimulus? all of that generated an enormous opportunity for the american people. >> an enormous opportunity, if i may, but a lot of republicans are looking at this number of 1.9 trillion. they would agree with you on all these things and it's a lot of money and they are thinking -- i don't know if they thought too much about it in terms of the last couple of years. in terms of a deficit you bring up schools. one of the promises from president biden then, then president-elect biden, you know, he wants to reopen schools, reopen schools, first 100 days in office and now the white house says that is in jeopardy if this covid bill doesn't get through. you know, they need the money to -- to do this. how do you respond to your
12:41 pm
constituents if this major campaign promise fallers? >> we can't threat faerlt, brooke, absolutely not, and my message to my constituents is that we will take the lead from the president of the united states. he wants it done. he wants it done legally and bipartisan. he wants it done where he collaborate as americans, but frankly it has to get done. i walk the streets of my district and listen to other members whose districts are completely different from mine. people are hurting all over america. they are hurting with different economic levels. people with fansy cars are in food lines desperate for some relief. people are still hanging on to an eviction moratorium. businesses are looking for a moratoriuming on foreclosed on, so here's myins spo. let's do it in a bipartisan american, but let's start up for the american people i'm on the budget committee recently appointed by the speaker. i would be engaged in reconciliation.
12:42 pm
do i want to use that tactic? of course not, by think i can convince the american people that what we're doing will either increase revenues or it will decrease spending and we won't touch social security. republicans have to understand that elections have consequences. they said it to us, and for now more than a decade senator mcconnell has blocked important measures needed for the american people that have been offered by democrats. we now look to work with him, but if we can't work with him we've go to go forward. people are hurting and i'm prepared with our leadership to do what's best for our country. >> let's talk about tactics because president biden and his aides are bristling over the growing scrutiny that they have been facing over the heavy reliance on the executive orders since he's been in office, 42 to be precise but, yes, they are taking time to roll back a lot of what former president trump did. yes, they are working hard to get this american rescue plan passed through legislation, but
12:43 pm
do you support, congresswoman lee, all of these three dozen eos he is signing? >> well, you have to look at what the intent is and what the message is and the impact is. frankly i believe that both the vice president and the president in this instance are legislators, patriots and people who want only the best for america. they have issued these executive orders, a lot of them as you said are rollbacks, but they are not prohibiting congress from moving forward, and moving forward on legislation and ensuring that what he has implemented become laws. >> but you have -- forgive me, but you have senate republican leader mitch mcconnell yesterday saying his early, early reliance on eos is really at odds with the democrat's pledge as a candidate to be a coniensus bird and even the "new york times" editorial board said ease up on the executive actions, joe. >> well, i think that if they
12:44 pm
would allow me to call him joe, the president is eager to set america back on her legs. she's been knocked down. show's been knocked by a president who promoted insurrection and i call him the insurrectionist president. she's been knocked down between contentiousness between the house and the senate and republicans blocking important legislation, 400les bills lang wished on the desk of mitch mcconnell, and he's ready to go and i would use that distraction by majority leader. majority leader should give his agenda and give to the president here's how we can work together. i can assure you joe biden would be at the table but right now i support the president's executive orders but i think we as members of congress must do our work, and there are a number of them that should actually be implemented by law, racial justice, legislation like hr-40 to commission the study of
12:45 pm
reparation proposals and actions dealing with labor laws. >> understand. understand. >> all of that, the environment, the climate change, but let's try to work together, brooke, but let's not use a distraction that we're not bipartisan or transparent. we're an open book. we're ready to work with republicans but we've got to get the job done. >> congresswoman lee, thank you. >> looks like gamestop will not stop as the army of reddit investors refuses to sirnd and the stock trading at robinhood makes a huge reversal. that is next. and if you wanto go pro like marshawn, don't let anything get in your way. here we go! yeah, appreciate you, man! go pro and get double the protein for just $2 more. when you shop with wayfair, you spend less and get way more. so you can bring your vision to life. for small prices, you can build big dreams. spend less, get way more. shop everything home at wayfair today.
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a new twist in the
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reddit-fueled taking the world by storm, game stop after robinhood reversed course and lifted restrictions it put on a number of stocks, including game stop. robinhood put those restrictions in place yesterday after they were in a massive rally fueled by wall street bets, calling on people to buy shares of game stop that were betting against or shorting these companies. robinhood's reversal comes after lawmakers and others accused robinhood for look ing out for its own interests. to make matters worse for robinhood the company raised $1 billion from investors yesterday as it was preventing retail investors or the little guys from trading game stop. robinhood ceo told cnn the company was just trying to comply with regulators.
12:51 pm
>> we're in historic situation where there's a lot of activity and a lot of buying concentrated in a relatively small number of symbols that are going viral on social media. we haven't really seen anything like this before. and to prudently manage the risk and the deposit requirements, we had to restrict buying in these 13 stocks. >> now, critics aren't so sure. the s.e.c. is looking into it as well as the texas attorney general, among others. let's talk about all of this with amy lynch, former s.e.c. regulator and front line compliance. nice to have you on. welcome. >> thank you for having me on, brooke. >> you just heard the ceo of robinhood. do you believe his explanation tore restricting these trades while also raising $1 billion from investors? >> well, it could very well be
12:52 pm
the case, because broker dealers need to maintain a certain amount of net capital and have cash on hand in order to cover their transactions. so it is very possible with the increased volatility and the amount of trading going on on their platform, especially with these very specific names. if those trades were to fail, they would be left on the hook. so the dtcc came to them and said you need to put up more cash to cover these accounts. in order to do that, they had to raise capital. >> if you are investigating this whole thing, what are you looking for? >> if i were still at the s.e.c., i would be looking at who was doing this trading, because we know the trades first started in order to squeeze out the shorts. the big hedge funds were out there, shorting these pandemic-type names, and these
12:53 pm
traders came into these chat rooms and decided, hey, let's get rid of these guys. let's trade up the volume, pump up the stock to an amount, to a level that it makes those short trades unpalatable for those hedge funds and squeezes them out of the trade. so if this is just a bunch of retail traders in these chat rooms, hanging out and conducting this activity on their own, then there's not much the s.e.c. can actually do about that. >> i was talking -- >> but if these transactions -- go ahead. >> go ahead. >> but if these transactions are being conducted by any professional players in the market -- in other words if there are other hedge funders doing this, or other professional traders then the s.e.c. has jurisdiction over those players and can definitely prosecute them for wrongdoing.
12:54 pm
>> right. that's the question, if they were involved in this whole thing from the get. amy lynch, we'll leave it, keep following it. it's just an extraordinary story this week. thank you so much. >> it is. thank you. breaking news coverage continues with questions about johnson & johnson's covid vaccine. what you need to know about the only single-dose shot in the game show far. what you'll need, and help you build a flexible plan for cash flow that lasts, even when you're not working, so you can go from saving... to living. ♪ let's go ♪ ♪ ♪ so you can go from saving... to living. these days you need more than an education. so that's what we give you. introducing career services for life. learn more at it's time for sleep number's january sale on the sleep number 360 smart bed. can it help with snoring? i've never heard snoring... exactly. no problem. ...and done. and now, save $1,000 on the sleep number 360 special edition smart bed.
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president biden today stepping away from the white house this afternoon to visit wounded military personnel at walter reed melt medical center. it is his first trip there since taking office and for the president it has special meaning. it is where his late son, beau, was treated for brain cancer and where he spent his final days. >> my son, beau, after a year in iraq, came back with stage four neoblastoma. you took care of him with great grace and dignity in his final days. >> he also got a tour of the covid vaccine site while he was there. fierce trump defender jim jordan has announced he will not run for the u.s. senate in ohio last year to replace retiring senator rob portman. spokesman for jim jordan says
1:00 pm
the congressman will instead run for re-election for his house seat. it leads no clear front-runner on what will be a very crowded field for gop candidates in ohio next year. i'm brooke baldwin. thanks for being with me. "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. we start today with potential good news in our health lead. third coronavirus vaccine could be authorized for emergency use in the u.s. in a few weeks. top line j & j vaccine was 66% effective, less effective from pfizer and moderna but dr. anthony fauci points out the johnson & johnson vaccine is 85% effective against severe disease and in the trial kept nearly everyone from ending up in the hospital from covid.