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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  February 2, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PST

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- [announcer]'s bedtime bible stories calm your mind and ease your spirit. download to get the #1 app for prayer and sleep. held row and well -- hello and welcome to our viewers, you are watching "cnn newsroom." i'm rosemary church. just ahead, two crises collide. winter weather causes vaccine delays in some parts of the u.s. as a strong nor'easter is hitting the east during the pan pandemic. progress towards bipartisanship or just delays to economic relief. we have the latest from washington on president biden's
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relations with senate republicans. alexey navalny has a hearing that could save him jail for years. we'll bring you any updates from moscow as soon as we have them . thanks for joining us. snow waking up to life threatening conditions. governors of states from new jersey to maine are warning of ongoing dangerous conditions, including more snowfall and the risk of serious flooding. new york's central park was hit by more than 15 inches of snow monday with more to come today. that puts this storm in the top 20 yy w biggest snowfall on record.
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track will operate revised
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schedule. the subway is set to resume above-ground service this morning. state-run covid-19 sites in new york and connecticut will remain closed today. new york's governor says to take this storm seriously. >> this is a serious situation. nothing to be trifled with. yes, we've been through it before. but this is a dangerous live threatening situation. i know people will say i they had to be rescued from a submerged truck. during blowing winds and blizzard conditions, rescue teams donned cold weather suits to save a man and woman from their four-door pickup. the truck had been hit by high winds, slippery conditions and rising water levels. firefighters struggled to remove the man from inside the truck eventually pulling him free just as the vehicle slipped below the water. the man was transported to hospital. cnn's meteorologist pedram javaheri joins us now. you forecast this yesterday. how long do you see this being the case? >> looks like the last day, rosemary. that's the good news here around the northeast. we do see the system very slowly
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moving out of this region across northern new england by later tonight and out of here by wednesday afternoon. the worst of it certainly behind us for much of the areas of the northeast. much of the areas of the northeast could see a foot of snow. 70 million americans underneath the weather alerts. 30 plus inches across portions of northern new jersey. summit station with 20 inches. 15 plus inches in central park. a top 20 event and records in central park have been going back sips the 1860s. we're talking about 150 years of recordkeeping and this is a top 20 snowstorm across this region of the united states. generally getting light to moderate rain with snow showers mixed in. around northern new england we could see ten inches of snowfall this afternoon and evening. rosemary talked about the
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flooding taking place. coastal flooding advisories in effect. some water levels are as high as they have been since superstorm sandy in 2012. not an event you see every day. tropical force winds at 30, 40, 50 miles an hour. still in that forecast. anything on the ground be is going to be going around. you can still see blizzard like conditions with clear skies and sunny skies above. all of that snow could be lifted up as often is what happens. parts of the midwest and around the snow and the forecast this afternoon, rosemary. a dangerous go around this area of the u.s. >> thanks for the heads up on that. appreciate it, pedram. president biden has said he would like to pass a coronavirus relief bill that has bipartisan support so he welcomed a group of senate republicans to the white house monday to hear their relief proposal. cnn's caitlyn collins has more
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from washington. >> reporter: president biden sitting down with ten republican senators amid contentious negotiations around his sweeping coronavirus relief proposal. >> no, i'm anxious for the talk. >> reporter: without taking any questions on the talks, biden invited the gop group led by senator susan collins of maine after they proposed a $600 billion counter offer to his $1.9 trillion package. >> happy monday. >> reporter: the white house downplayed expectations for the meeting while noting the republican proposal was less than 1/3 of what biden offered. >> what this meeting is not is a forum for the president to make or accept an offer. clearly he thinks the package size needs to be closer to what he proposed than smaller. >> reporter: no congressional republicans have signed on to biden's plan but the white house tauted west virginia governor's support for a bigger package. >> with what we've got going on,
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if we snthrow away some money, what. we have got to get people taken care of. >> reporter: the question whether biden will go big or be bipartisan. >> the question is to face crises now. if they want to work with us, they have better ideas, that's great. but to be honest with you, i have not yet heard them. >> reporter: democrats hold the majority, but only by a thread causing the white house to move quickly after an interview by the vice president antagonized one of the senate's most moderate democrats. >> i saw it. i couldn't believe it. no one called me. we're going to try to find a bipartisan pathway for it. i think we need to. we need to work together. >> west virginia senator joe manchin complained after vice president kamala harris went on local news in his state to sell
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the state which he saw as a pressure him. >> the american leaders deserve them to step up. >> the white house reached out but didn't say who called him. >> we've been in touch with senator manchin. he's a key partner to the president and the white house on this package but on his agenda. >> reporter: after that meeting ended republicans sounded up beat but noted they did not have a deal in hand. we got the white house's version where they said president biden will not settle for a package that does not meet the moment right now. they said they believed the plan he crafted was carefully crafted to do so. the question is whether they're going to go it alone, move forward with this reconciliation process where they would not need republican votes. the white house did mention that in their statement as a means to an end be. kaitlyn collins, cnn, white house. former u.s. president donald trump seems to have nailed down
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a legal team to defend him in next week's senate impeachment trial. he parted ways with five of his attorneys last week. a source tells cnn the new team's defense strategy will focus heavily on the constitutionality of the trial and not on the baseless claims of election fraud. gloria borger has more on trump's strategy that will be presented in a pre-trial brief later today. >> reporter: i have some information from a source who's familiar with their brief, and he said to me that the focus is going to be on what he called the unconstitutional nature of the democrat's impeachment witch hunt. so he said there will be four to five major themes. the unconstitutional nature will be the biggest, but when i asked about the rigged election and where that's going to be on there, the response was that will not be the, quote, focal point. >> well, cnn's jim acosta
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reports on some of the attorneys trump has hired for his impeachment trial. >> if you don't fight like hell, you're not going to have a country anymore. >> reporter: with little more than one week before a second impeachment trial, this time for inciting the insurrection, former president donald trump is working out the kinks on his team. it's likely trump has seen his new impeachment attorneys in action on television. shown defended roger phone and his sentence was commuted by the president. >> this commutation is a great tribute to president trump. >> castor made headlines for refusing to charge bill cosby for sex crimes adding to the coming impeachment spectacle saying that the big lie the election was stolen from him. >> to me it's really important as a country we come face to face with the facts and the
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truth. >> reporter: democrats will steer their case clear of the siege. they believe the former president is responsible. >> he regrets very, very much having not just been duped by the president but by being in a position where he allowed that duping to put him in a position of making decisions that he should not have made. >> reporter: another problem for trump, his ties to gop lawmakers that were still lying about the election including marjorie taylor greene who tweeted i had a great call with my all-time favorite potus, president trump. they're still trying to decide whether to punish the lawmaker insisting she be stripped of her committee assignments. even some of the gop agree the party needs to take a stand. >> i think republican leaders ought to stand up and say it is totally unacceptable what she has said. >> reporter: post trump era is getting more messy as they would
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like to go after liz cheney who voted to impeach the expresident. jen psaki said the new administration isn't paying much attention to the lingering trump drama. >> we don't spend a lot of time talking about or thinking about president trump here, former president trump to be very clear. i can't say we miss him on twitter. >> reporter: and a trump adviser said more attorneys would be added to the ex-president's impeachment team. they say he remains obsessed with the false conspiracy theory that the election was stolen from him. jim acosta, cnn, washington. the top senate republican has made it clear where he stands on marjorie taylor greene. on monday minority leader mitch mcconnell slammed greene for spreading wild conspiracy theories saying in a statement, and i'm quoting directly, looney lies and conspiracy theories are cancer for the republican party and our country. somebody who suggested that perhaps no airplane hit the
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pentagon on 9/11, that horrifying school shootings were pre-staged and that the clintons crashed jfk jr.'s airplane is not living in reality. this has nothing to do with the challenges facing american families or the robust debates on substance that can strengthen our party. mcconnell didn't mention greene by name but she got the message. the congresswoman shot back on twitter saying this, the real cancer for the republican party is weak republicans who only know how to lose gracefully. this is why we are losing our country, she says. u.s. house democrats are now calling on the republican leadership to strip greene of her committee assignments. cnn's ryan nobles has more now from washington. >> reporter: house and senate will both be back in session on tuesday and we're going to start to see this boiling tension between the republicans come to a head as they meet to talk
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about marjorie taylor greene. she's the congresswoman from georgia who is the supporter of president trump but who has also espoused a lot of conspiracy theories suggesting the parkland shooting was a flag and saying speakers like pelosi be executed. they are going to meet with her on tuesday as democrats are demanding she be removed from the education and budget committees. at this point mccarthy has been reluctant. democrats say if he doesn't, they will. still to come, an urgent message from the highest medical authorities. viruses can't mutate if they don't replicate, so vaccinate. but in some places that is easier said than done. back in just a moment. 's hydratn every time. face anything.
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dr. anthony fauci is urging people to get vaccinated as quickly as possible to stop more covid mutations from ee menching. this comes amid a push for more vaccines and news of a new way to get tested. cnn's nick watt has our report.
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>> production now ramping up on this, an at-home over the counter covid-19 test. 95% accurate. results in just 15 minutes. >> it can be used if you feel symptoms of covid-19 and also for screening for people without symptoms so they can safely go to work, to school and to events. >> reporter: meanwhile, in the still sluggish vaccine rollout -- >> this is just ridiculous. >> -- there's at least one way to speed this up. >> if we've got vaccines sitting on a warehouse chef, i mean, they need to be in somebody's arm. >> reporter: but just six states including his have so far injected more than 75% of the doses they've been given. today a forceful message from the feds. do not hold back for second doses. >> it does not need to happen and should not happen. >> reporter: unlike team trump,
1:23 am
team biden has pledged to give states three weeks' notice of when more doses are coming and how many. >> they have the predictability the doses will be there. >> fenway park now a vaccination site. >> we'll figure it out. we have to get everybody vaccinated. >> elsewhere in the northeast, a massive winter storm is getting in the way closing many sights in new york. >> it is very dangerous out there. >> here's the hope. after nearly 2 months there are finally fewer than 100,000 americans in the hospital right now fighting covid-19. but -- >> variants remain a great concern and we continue to attack them in the united states. >> that more contagious strain in the u.k. spreading here. >> we're more likely to see regionalized epidemics in the country. the two biggest places are southern california and southern florida. >> reporter: and all across the united states from midnight monday, you have to wear a mask
1:24 am
on mass transit. some localities are actually easing restrictions like here in los angeles. outdoor dining is back with restrictions, but it's back. nick watt, cnn, los angeles. well, the united kingdom is taking steps to limit the spreads of a covid variant first found in south africa. it's already had more than 100 cases of the new variant. health secretary matt hancock said the government is surging extra testing in affected areas. >> we've now identified 105 cases of this variant here. 11 of those cases don't appear to have any links to international travel. there's currently no evidence to suggest this variant is any more severe, but we need to come down on it hard and we will. we've already made sure that all these cases are isolating and that we've done enhanced contact tracing of all of their close
1:25 am
contacts. >> meanwhile, in germany chancellor angela merkel is putting a very specific date on it promising everyone will be offered a vaccine by september 21st. melissa bell is following the latest on vaccinations across europe. she is with us live from paris. good to see you, melissa. what is the latest on vaccination hopes and vaccinations from right across europe? >> reporter: real determination there from lang merkel after that meeting with big pharma representatives. it is a very ambitious target. let's be clear, for the time being germany hasn't vaccinated 3% of the population. italy, spain, poland have vaccinated more. no european country has vaccinated more than 5% of the population. that's how far they are behind compared to other countries.
1:26 am
k contracts delayed in terms of their signature and fears in their supplies in some parts of europe. clearly a determination to get things back on track. good news for the european union are the extra doses that have been agreed with astrazeneca and biontech . up next, why aoc is thinking bast the riots.
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well, monday saw an emotional and dramatic reveal from a u.s. lawmaker. congresswoman alexandria owe case yes cortez. she said she suffered sexual assault. she revealed that in an instagram post where she described the fear she felt during the capitol hill riot. >> the reason i say this and i'm getting emotional in this moment is because these folks who tell us move on, that it's not a big deal, that we should forget what's happened or even telling us to apologize, these are the same tactics of abusers, and i'm a survivor of sexual assault, and i haven't told many people that in my life, but when we go
1:31 am
through trauma, trauma compounds on each other. >> ocasio-cortez also described in detail how she experienced the capitol insurrection saying she thought she was going to die. federal prosecutors continue to file charges following last month's deadly riot at the u.s. capitol. they have now arrested one man who they say attacked a police line and in the process caused an officer to suffer a concussion. cnn justice correspondent jessica schneider shows us that video. >> reporter: prosecutors pinpointing one of the first rioters to breach the barricades. investigators say he wore a read maga hat and red hooded sweatshirt. he is seen ripping off his jacket and turning his hat around. prosecutors say it was a signal he was ready to fight.
1:32 am
samsel was part of the crowd that picks up the barricade and backs it up on to police knocking a female officer to the ground. prosecutors revealed in the court filing the officer's head hit the stairs behind her. samsel picked the officer off the ground, we don't have to hurt you. why are you standing in our way. that officer later blacked out and was taken to the er with a concussion. samsel was out on parole when he took part in the insurrection. he is wanted for assault. he is one of 175 federal defendants facing criminal charges for their role in the riot. at least 21 of those charged are current or former members of the military. >> right there. >> reporter: including 37-year-old joseph biggs, an army veteran who spouted enough rhetoric to get himself banned. >> this is joe big. >> biggs is one of the leaders of the far right proud boys
1:33 am
group. cnn's identified at least eight proud boys charged in the capitol attacks so far including two charged with conspiracy friday. it's the first riot related case to accuse proud boys members of working together to attack the capitol though prosecutors say the alleged conspiracy only began after they got to washington. some law enforcement sources now tell cnn the capitol riot investigation is the largest fbi probe since 9/11 incorporating a massive mobilization of fbi resources spanning field offices from coast to coast. the investigation also continues into the capitol police officer who was killed during the insurrection. ryan sicknick. tuesday night officer sicknick will lie in honor in the capitol rotunda. the same location overrun by the mob one month ago. his family has set up a go fund
1:34 am
me page to help the family with their expenses. jessica schneider, cnn, washington. and while the capitol hill investigation plays out in wash washington, the biden administration is pushing ahead with a legislative priority. covid economic relief. mr. biden's meeting with republicans went well but their offer is dramatically less than his $1.9 trillion plan. i asked cnn's steven collison how much pressure the president was feeling for his rescue plan to be bipartisan. >> democrats on capitol hill don't have a great deal of enthusiasm, actually, for the president's outreach to republicans because they argue that the size of the package, which you mentioned, $600 billion, is really far too small to make a meaningful dent in the economy and to really tackle the scale of the pandemic. so i think what we're seeing from the white house is two different messages. yes, biden is trying to reach
1:35 am
out. he's trying to live up to his bipartisan promises, but at the same time the white house is making clear that 600 billion is not anywhere near enough. >> and you mentioned this in your written piece. respected economists say the danger is not in doing too much but in doing too little. if this bill gets watered down just to satisfy a few republican senators to make this a bipartisan plan, does president biden run the risk of under delivering and ultimately failing to help those in need and jump start the economy? >> reporter: right. i think the ending pandemic, getting vaccines out as quickly as possible, mitigating the economic damage, alleviating the deprivation. millions of americans don't have enough to eat. that at the end of the day is going to be the thing that decides the fate of the biden presidency. he has a little time but not that much time. of course, there's a mid-term
1:36 am
election and only a year and ten months from now so, you know, i think biden knows that, he knows the stakes here not just for himself but for the rest of the country. turning now to amos could you courtroom where alexey navalny is attending a hearing which will decide his fate, navalny's defense team has moved to file new documents, including information about his health, officials say navalny should be jailed for violating probation while he was out of the country. he spent several months in germany after being poisoned with a nerve agent. outside the courthouse dozens of people were detained. navalny supporters have carried out large scale protests across russia in recent weeks. navalny could face up to 3.5 years in prison. cnn's fred pleitgen joins me now from moscow. fred, what is the situation
1:37 am
there right now? what has been happening since we last spoke? >> reporter: hi there, rosemary. well, inside the courtroom the judge that's now presiding over the case has decided not to allow any media or cameras into the courtroom. alexey navalny's team had filed for that to happen. he wanted the trial to be as open as possible. the judge has denied that. as you mentioned, the prosecutor has called for alexey navalny to be jailed for 3.5 years. it was a case he says was politically motivated but he was given a suspended jail sentence and essentially what the court is trying to do right now or the prosecutor is trying to do, they're trying to overturn that and turn that into a real jail sentence which would see him behind bars for 3.5 years. the big discussion that's being had there in the court is that obviously alexey navalny's team said one of the reasons why he wasn't able to attend the hearing he was supposed to go to because he had been hit by
1:38 am
novichok and he was recovering from that. the authorities say he believe he had already recovered and there was no reason for him not to show up. now outside the court you can really see how riot police have taken over the scene. you can see the entire street is lined by riot police. basically the entire area around the court is surrounded by police officers. they are virtually everywhere. they're clearing a park very close to us right now. we did see a lot of people getting detained. we saw some of that the last time we spoke, rosemary. we saw people taken into custody well over a dozen people that we ourselves saw. certainly on the fringes of this area, some of that seems to be going on. by and large you can feel there is a suffocating presence of riot police in and around the courthouse where this trial is taking place, rosemary. >> yeah, right. waiting for that ruling. frederick pleitgen there at the scene in moscow. appreciate it. still to come here on cnn, japan is determined to host the
1:39 am
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welcome back, everyone. soldiers have been out in force today in myanmar one day after the military seized power in a coup. people are cautiously trying to resume their daily lives as troops and checkpoints spread around the capitol. troops are standing guard outside a government guest house and at least some of the politicians detained in the coup say they are being held there. there are growing calls from within myanmar and from around the world for their release. cnn's will ripley joins me now from hong kong. good to see you, will. what's the latest on the coup and what's the military's likely
1:43 am
next move? >> reporter: well, they declared the state of emergency, rosemary. they continue to hold an unknown number of civilian leaders inside the government guest house. we've seen images of tanks, military vehicles, solders with weapons. clearly the lawmakers are not getting out of there as the military starts moving forward putting together its own government after essentially declaring the results of november's general election fraudulent without any evidence. the real story according to analysts is that the proxy parties that represent military interests which include financial interests when it comes to military owned companies or companies tied to top military officials, they received an embarrassingly small number of votes and the civilian party of the nlv actually received more votes giving the civilian leadership more power and in the eyes of the generals that controlled that country that was not acceptable. they say there was voter fraud.
1:44 am
they declare a state of emergency and for the next year they restructured things to try to get a situation more favorable to them. some analysts are even saying this has everything to do with power, with projection of power with reminding not only the elected lawmakers of myanmar but the people, the military that basically led the country under 50 years where any dissent was crushed to give this illusion of democracy over the last decade. the fact that the citizen leaders have been gaining more power which could potentially not be good for a number of reasons for the generals who are at the top is an indication of where the country may be headed moving forward, even if they might hold another election, they might try to find a way to guarantee the results are more favorable for the military than they were. military gaining control of key cabinet positions and had guaranteed seats in the parliament regardless of how the
1:45 am
election shaped out. there's growing calls from the international community, western democracies for the possible reintroduction of sanctions. however, china has basically issued a very benign response because myanmar is important. beijing saying they'll work with whatever government is in power. frankly, sanctions won't bite a whole lot when you have a open border with china. they can go forward as long as things remain stable. you'll see troops to make sure things remain stable. >> we'll watch this story very closely. will ripley bringing us up to date. appreciate it. iran's top diplomat said the u.s. is running out of time to rejoin the nuclear deal abandoned by donald trump. the u.s. secretary of state says america is a long way from staying eye to eye with iran.
1:46 am
>> if iran comes back into full compliance with its obligations under the jcpoa, the united states will do the same thing, but we are a long ways from that point. iran is out of compliance on a number of fronts and it would take some time should it make a decision to do so to come back into compliance in time for us to then assess whether it was meeting its obligations. so we're not there yet to say the least. >> in an exclusive interview with cnn's christiane amanpour, the iranian foreign minister said iran isn't interested in building a nuclear weapon, but he added there is a limited window of opportunity for the u.s. to re-enter the agreement. >> we acted in strict accordance with the nuclear agreement. now the united states needs to come back into compliance and
1:47 am
iran will be ready immediately to respond. the timing is not the issue. the issue is whether the united states, whether the new administration wants to follow the old policies of the trump administration or not. the head of tokyo's 2020 organizing committee says the olympic games will be held this year, quote, no matter how the covid situation will be. cnn's blake essay joins us from tokyo with the very latest. blake, how is this going to work exactly in the middle of a pandemic? >> reporter: yeah, rosemary, you're absolutely right, whether it's the ioc, japanese government or just within the last hour, hour and a half tokyo 2020 officials essentially saying that they are going to hold these games this summer no matter what and there is no plan b in place. how are they going to do that?
1:48 am
tomorrow they plan on releasing a series of play books which are going to outline some rules that athletes and other people involved in the games are going to have to follow in order to deliver a safe and secure summer olympic games. olympic officials have said vaccines will not be a prerequisite for athletes to participate but, again, there will be rules in place. just recently john coates, the ioc president, sat down with sky news, a cnn affiliate, to talk about the playbook and what it might entail. >> they must undertake testing, saliva and nose, within 72 hours of traveling to tokyo like we did in australia. they'll be tested on arrival. they'll be tested and if they continue to be negative, every
1:49 am
four days. >> reporter: specifically four athletes, their movements will be restricted. they will be transported to and from their venue for training and competition but that's it. they're also only expected to be allowed to show up five days before their event and then they must leave within two days of their event completing and the effort behind that is to make sure that there are as few people as possible in the athletes village at any given time. now as far as spectators are concerned, a decision on that isn't expected to be made until sometime in march or april, rosemary. these summer games will look very different than the past. >> blake essig, thank you for bringing us up to date on that. still to come, the latest trading frenzy on wall street is focused on silver. we will look at what's behind the huge demand.
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- [announcer]'s bedtime bible stories calm your mind and ease your spirit. download to get the #1 app for prayer and sleep. well, tony bennett is opening up about being diagnosed with alzheimer's disease. the legendary singer and his family are sharing their story
1:54 am
in an interview with aarp. he was diagnosed in 2016 but he didn't go public with the information and kept performing into 2020. the 94-year-old still sings and plays music at home. doctors say it helps stimulate his brain. bennett's family says he still transforms into a performer when he sings. he is planning to release new music this spring, a follow-up collaboration with lady gaga. we are just hours away from a new trading day on wall street, and right now we are keeping an eye on silver futures one day after prices hit an eight-year high. despite speculation, members of the reddit group wall street bets say they're not behind the rally. the group of amateur traders sent shares of gamestop and amc storming taking wall street by storm. cnn's anna sturtd joins us now from london to explain it all to us.
1:55 am
anna, what is going on with silver and what can we expect to happen tuesday? is. >> reporter: silver is perhaps the latest flashpoint. who's behind the trade? scoring comments on reddit's wall street bets today, plenty of users are saying this is nothing to do with them, not their call. it's unlike what we had last week which was a more homogeneous cacophony of buy amc, buy gamestop. some of the prices have slipped back but they're incredibly high. gamestop trading at $226. that's up 1200% on the year. amc was trading at $2 now up over $13. we are seeing still some high valuations there. moving on to silver, yes, they hit a really big high yesterday up over $30. that has slipped back a little bit. still very high. we saw where this began which
1:56 am
was big inflows into an etf called i share silver trust. it deals with silver. that has pushed up the price of physical silver. we saw that spill into equities as well. the share price of silver mining companies went higher as well. last week there were messages on wall street suggesting that people should buy silver. the biggest banks, not some little hedge funds, quote, unquote. this week it feels very different. lots of users saying buying silver will benefit the hedge funds they were battling against last week. some going as far to say hedge funds have co-opted the movement. where does this go? i think the problem here is no one really knows who these users are on reddit. you can't verify who is a retail trader and backing it up. that's going to be the problem going forward. >> anna stewart bringing us the
1:57 am
latest there. many thanks. thank you for your company. i'm rosemary church. "early start" is up next. you're watching cnn. have yourselves a wonderful day. many thanks.
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