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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  February 11, 2021 2:00am-2:59am PST

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they're saying they're pulling it out of context. >> they're hoping to drum up emotion and get the last shots in against president trump. >> the evidence we've seen thus far is pretty damming. >> this is "new day" with alisyn camerota and john berman. >> we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and all around the world. this is "new day," february 11th, 5:00 in new york because we have that much to do. >> a special edition of "new day." >> it is. day three of donald trump's impeachment trial. it begins soon with house impeachment managers concluding their opening arguments. they will have eight hours to show how president trump incited the deadly insurrection at the capitol. they've revealed a series of never seen before videos. for the first time the american public saw vice president pence there and his family fleeing the senate chamber moments before it was breached. senator tommy tuberville confirming overnight that he told president trump over the phone that pence was being
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evacuated and still donald trump did nothing. senate jurors watched as nancy pe pelosi's staff ran as they were trying to break down the door. senators mitt romney and chuck schumer are caught on surveillance video narrowly escaping the mob. >> really amazing seeing mitt romney run like that. clearly officer goodman may very well have saved mitt romney's life. we have new reaction this morning and new reporting on what the house managers intend to present today. this is having an impact outside the senate chamber. cnn has learned more than 120 former officials are forming a new antitrump party, wing of the republican party. we're going to speak to one of the republicans later this hour. let's go to lauren fox on capitol hill. so many republicans, so many senators lived through this, you get the sense there's almost a
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level of shock this morning as the case is laid out before them. >> reporter: that's exactly right, john. that is going to continue today as house managers make more of their case. they'll have another eight hours to present evidence on the senate floor this afternoon. yes, this was a gripping, chilling account of what lawmakers went through but many of them just learning for the first time how narrowly they escaped an encounter with that mob. house prosecutors will finish arguments against former president donald trump today after using the second day of the impeachment trial to lay out their case giving the senate jurors an unsettling replay of the deadly capitol insurrection. >> the evidence will be for you to see and hear and digest. the evidence will show you that ex-president trump was no innocent bystander.
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>> reporter: providing a new view of the attack from both inside and outside. never before seen video. house prosecutors using footage, police body cameras and police radio audio. >> this is now officially a riot. >> and so they came, draped in trump's flag and used our flag, the american flag, to batter and to bludgeon, and at 2:30 i heard that terrifying banging on house chamber doors. >> reporter: watch the rioters searching the capitol for former vice president mike pence. this surveillance video showing the moment secret service evacuated him down a stairwell. >> after president trump had primed his followers for months and inflamed the rally goers that morning, it is no wonder
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that the vice president of the united states was the target of their wrath after pence refused to overturn the election results. listen to this man. >> pence lied to us. he's a tres son news pig. now the battle begins. >> reporter: another for chuck schumer and his security detail. >> they came within just yards of rioters and had to turn around. >> where are you, nancy? we're looking for you. >> reporter: the rioters targeting house speaker nancy pelosi who was evacuated to an off site location. >> we know from the rioters themselves that if they had found speaker pelosi, they would have killed her. >> they're banging on doors. >> reporter: her staff barricading themselves within a conference room within her office suite as they searched
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for her. >> one of the rioters is throwing him spotty three times against the door until he breaks through the door. luckily when faced with the inner door, he moves on. >> reporter: watch eugene goodman approach senator mitt romney in a hallway telling him to turn around to escape the mob. >> you know how close you came to the mob. some of you, i understand, could hear them, but most of the public does not know how close these rioters came to you. >> reporter: managers blaming trump for the attack pointing to his words in the months before the riots. >> it's the only way we can lose in my opinion is massive fraud. >> these false claims about election fraud, that was the drum beat being used to inspire, instigate and ignite them, to anger them.
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>> reporter: many republicans saying while the rioters committed crimes, trump did not. >> the not guilty vote is growing after today. i think most republicans found the presentation by the house managers offensive and absurd. >> reporter: senate democrats need 17 republicans to join them, but for now only five or six are likely to vote to convict trump. >> the evidence that has been presented thus far is pretty damning. i just -- i don't see how donald trump could be re-elected to the presidency again. >> reporter: the house prosecutors also replaying trump's rally speech on january 6th and slamming the former president for his silence as rioters carried out the attack. >> even when president trump knew, he didn't do anything to soften them. instead, he did the opposite, he
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fueled the fire. >> reporter: after that presentation by house managers yesterday, we asked senator john thune, a republican in leadership what he thought. he said he thought the house managers were doing a good job of connecting the dots. after they conclude their presentation today we expects that the former president's defense team is going to have 16 hours to make their own case. there is still potential that this could all wrap unon saturday night. we don't know whether or not there will be witnesses. that remaining a key question this morning. alison? >> lauren, thank you very much for all of that. joining us, cnn senior political analyst john avlon and laura jarrett. seeing that surveillance video, security footage, i guess, of the lawmakers fleeing for their lives and how close, how it could have gone so differently and so much more tragically. it was such a powerful moment.
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this footage hadn't been seen before. we heard lindsey graham. a lot of the republicans have spent a career warning about mob violence. they finally got to experience it in person in a horrific, indellible way and yet it seems to be because it's aligned with their side, they want to find a way to excuse it, deflect it. make no mistake, these folks had murder on their mind, some of them, coming for pelosi, coming for pence. how senators can't watch this and feel a sense of incitement to insurrection. >> what do they accomplish? >> one of the things was connect
2:09 am
the dots. are you going to be able to trace a line from the former president's intents to -- i thought she made a point when she brought up the fact trump supporters had tried to get there. what did he do? he didn't look away. he condoned it. he tweeted that out. then it turns out one of the people who organized that was at the january 6th rally. so i think connecting that through line was effective. >> john, it seems they're playing the long game. they recognize this may not go their way, republicans may not vote to convict, but they're doing this, it seems, for the record. they're doing this for the historical record. what they have done is just show
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the entire arc as they see it. >> this is the most digitally documented violent a tags mtd uds a -- it's important to get the historical record. they mentioned it was mike pence who called in the national guard and not the president. we'll let you know why that happened. that said, this is for history but it's so indellible if you're paying attention to the evidence. the question is why some senators are asking why they're being a kid held over from school doing this under duress. this is an attack on democracy. it is so visceral and real and they should know that. >> why aren't democrats calling witnesses? at least it doesn't appear as though they are.
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why not call officer eugene goodman. everyone is so riveted by that video of senator romney racing for his life through the halls. why not call the officer who saved his life? the video is compelling but hearing testimony from someone who put his life on the line is not something you could turn away from. if they're not going to vote to convict the president for some reason, that's a hard vote to take when you heard an officer describing what he went through. what's a harder vote to take today whatever happens to witnesses than yesterday. i continue to be surprised by the case that the house managers are presenting. we thought we had seen so much video. i continue to be surprised by the video that we hadn't seen yet. seeing mitt romney run for his life is chilling.
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seeing chuck schumer. mitt romney, who by the way, is pretty nimble. i've seen him play touch football. >> to see him run away, to see chuck schumer, it is very visceral. i was surprised by that. at the emotion that that elicited. laura, i have to tell you i'm very surprised by the political positioning that the house managers have used. i think it's incredibly defend defendant. >> praising pence left and right. >> this is mike pence being escorted down. you can choose mike pence or donald trump but you can't choose both here. i think that is a very interesting and, again, effective strategy to make them go on the record to vote against the life of vice president mike
2:13 am
pence. >> yeah. explaining that dichotomy, exploiting the fact that the gop is a fractured party right now as you mentioned. some people talking about breaking off to create their own party. charlie depp mentioned it to chris cuomo last night. the idea here -- you saw this also in the video of the chance of destroy the gop, right? there's a fracture here that trump was able to exploit but now house managers want to use it to their advantage, too. >> yeah. quick, john. >> yeah, no. the pence connection is so clear, particularly when you heard -- you say trump tweets that a guy on a megaphone outside the capitol reads the tweet and the chant to hang mike pence, calling him a traitor emanates out. that is the clearest cause and effect. it's just very powerful. >> then they build a noose. >> yeah. >> just to be clear, i did not see it coming.
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president trump had truly made them believe that their election had been stolen and that it was their patriotic duty to fight to steal it back. patriotic, a term he ugave thos who used violence for him. they were willing to say good-bye to their children. their supporters didn't rely on entering the capitol with guns haphazardly, they had maps of this building. >> so this was a key part of the presentation. impeachment manager stacy plaskett making the case that trump's team knew of the violent rhetoric. plaskett revealed that the permit was not initially authorized, at least not until trump's team got involved with the planning. so interesting to hear that. john avlon and laura jarrett back with us. laura, this gets to a question
2:20 am
ross garbar raised. that last direct time to prove that donald trump either knew, acquiesced, or wanted the violence at the capitol. how -- have the managers made that case? what more do they need to do to make that case? >> i think they've started that process but i bet you'll hear more. they want to put a bow on it and drive it home. he celebrated it, condoned it, his team was aware. they were tracking things that went on. delegate plakett said the date was moved up so it would happen surrounding the votes. they wanted it to have an impact. the question for the house managers to drive home and next for the defense team is how do you connect trump to the violence? how do you make sure that it
2:21 am
wasn't just that -- that his supporters would object but that they would do it violently. >> the 20 times he said fight, fight like hell, rudy giuliani fight like combat. are these hard things to tie together? isn't it sort of in plain sight? it seems to me you have to have blinders on to hear no evil, see no evil. >> we've had contested elections before. we've never had a mob attack the capitol. that's the fact pattern you can't get around. the house managers because of digital details can go steps further than that. in ways that are really key, right? we see trump pre-baking the idea of the big lie and his supporters and interviews on cnn, if biden wins, it's impossible. no way i'll accept it. we is see the messages looking forward to the january 6th rally
2:22 am
after trump spending more than $50 million to drive attention to it saying this message is not a protest, this is an act of war. we need to break glass. and people showed up ready for combat. they showed up with tactical gear. it turned out they took him literally and seriously. they came, some of them, with murder on the mind at capitol. >> how is trump's team going to get around the fact that he was celebrating it, saying remember this day. saying mike pence let us down while all of this is going on. so you can say maybe he didn't foresee the violence, but then he was certainly celebrating it while it was happening. if they want him to say peacefully despite saying fight, they have so much evidence of what happened afterwards. >> bruce castor and ted cruz are arguing. you know what you'll hear is, look, donald trump did stand up
2:23 am
there and say go swing a baseball bat. go throw wood through the glass at the capitol. if he did say that, he should get off scott free. that's what they're arguing. i'm curious to see if they work to pre-butt that and i'm curious to see how they address what i believe is a nonissue in true speech. the first amendment. he did not say to them go break windows physically. the reason it's easily imbut theed, laura, because this is an impeachment. no one has the guarantee of free speech in this way. >> he's the president of the united states, right? his speech has not been limited and certainly not on that day. he had an enormous platform and still does in so many issues.
2:24 am
it is a political process. no depositions. this is about twhamt senators can do here. there's no judge here. they have a lot of leeway when it comes to that. yes, you will hear that from the defense attorneys. we know from reporting that they're going to point to their own video evidence of democrats saying fight, democrats not backing down when faced with losing elections, but they didn't incite violence over months and months and months. >> it's nonsense. complete nonsense. the presidential leadership matters. presidential words matter. the fact they're relying on a 1969 case involving the kkk didn't make a free speech argument has a certain symmetry to it, but this is ridiculous,
2:25 am
the arguments they're putting forward. everybody knows in your heart of hearts if you have to go that far, that if a democratic president did what donald trump did, the republicans would be screaming bloody murder. >> benghazi, five americans killed on u.s. soil and they can't be bothered to watch the presentation. they say it's absurd. thank you both very much. great to get your perspective. now this morning a major development in the investigation into the death of u.s. capitol police officer brian sicknick. federal authorities say thanks to new video they have narrowed their list of suspects down to a handsful of people. they have a new theory about how he died. initial reports have been that he suffered a fatal reaction to an irtant like bear spray that
2:26 am
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new this morning, nearly 34 million americans have received their first coronavirus vaccine dose.
2:31 am
1 po 1.6 million administered yesterday alone. in places like new york, blacks and latinos received fewer than white americans. laura jarrett back with more. >> rossi is a small family-run pharmacy in brooklyn, but its modest frame belies the heavy load it's been carrying for the last four weeks. >> some of us are breaking down from the stress. >> reporter: after a mountain of paperwork, the moderna vaccine finally arrived. since then the pharmacist said the shop has been overrun with appointment requests. >> our rollout plan went out the window. >> reporter: his family has owned rossi's since the early 1990s, and he says he noticed his usual customers who live in this predominantly black and latino neighborhood weren't the ones scooping up the slots. who was coming? >> mostly patients from long island, manhattan, westchester. we can very clearly tell who's
2:32 am
here. >> reporter: how do you know? >> they're white and they look confused. >> reporter: rossi is like many other pharmacies and clinics now on the front lines of an equity crisis when it comes to who is receiving vaccines in such high demand and short supply. in new york city, critical data is missing on a little over 300,000 people who received one dose of a vaccine but have no reported race or ethnicity. in the available data the racial disparities are staggering. out of roughly 300,000 people who received one dies so far whereas 12% were nearly black. nationwide the cdc says black and hispanic people say they're almost three times more likely to die of covid-19 than white people. how is it that nearly two months into the city's vaccination effort the people who face some of the greatest risks from covid are still largely left behind when it comes to getting a shot?
2:33 am
>> there is some hesitancy, but i think beyond that it is concrete access. >> reporter: public health experts and experts say the first problem is the way most appointments are booked online. >> the challenges are for folks who maybe don't have access to a computer, who don't speak a language, it's challenging to do all of the things i talked about, sign up and get here. beyond that there's a lot of eligibility requirements. >> reporter: then there's the issue of where to go for a shot. they have promised to reach more minority communities and point to mass vaccination sites like this, yankee stadium, that's limited to bronx residents. it's a frustrating solution if you can't get there. >> this site isn't the most accessible to the folks in the north bronx. beyond that, right, taking off of work, coming in during the middle of the day. child care. asking people to come to a center and get what they need
2:34 am
instead of meeting them where they are. >> reporter: meeting people where they are, john, is something i heard over and over again not just from advocates like iva, but people who are having a heck of a time getting an appointment. what's being done? governor cuomo announced two new vaccine sites, one in brooklyn and one in queens that are supposed to vaccinate up to 3,000 people a day. the question is how do you make sure it serves the communities it's intended for and not the people outside. >> i am so glad you are reporting on this, laura. it's not just a question of how many but who at this point and that matters so much. laura jarrett, thanks very much. >> thanks. so a new record that dozens of former republican officials are talking about breaking away from the republican party forming this new party. we will speak to one of these republicans next.
2:35 am
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yet some say it isn't real milk. i guess those cows must actually be big dogs. sit! i said sit! it has to happen now. we are going to destroy the gop. >> let's go! >> destroy the gop. destroy the gop. destroy the gop. >> okay. that's house democrats revealing new video of trump's supporters chanting, destroy the gop. how are republican senators responding to that and to the repeated calls to hang vice president mike pence? joining us right now, cnn political commentators charlie dent and joe kennedy.
2:40 am
great to see you back for repeat performance by audience demand. great to see you guys. charlie, because you are a republican, when you hear the chants of destroy the gop, the senators, the republican senators would have to side with the insurrectionists who want to destroy them in order to let donald trump off the hook. this is mind bending. do they realize this long term might have some devastating consequences for their survival? >> i hope they understand that. that was one of the great tragedies or contradictions of the trump era. trump was really never a common sense conservative or center right republican. he was already an illiteral populist. that's where he was. that's where a lot of his supporters are, at least those who showed up at the mob rally. they're illiteral populists.
2:41 am
a lot of the supporters don't like many of the current occupants of the seats in congress. that's very clear to me. >> congressman kennedy, i was fascinated to watch the house managers yesterday stoke this division as a clear strategy as donald trump is not part of your party, the republican party. i'm not sure he's ever said anything nice about mike pence until yesterday. obviously the video has been stun. >> andy: stirring. if you saw it yesterday and my conversations with senators in
2:42 am
the past 24 hours, they say it's been very tough to watch. that means there is a choice, right? it is not just an impeachment trial for president trump, it is a trial for senate republicans to make a dhois. do you confront it as evidence? are you going to look down at a 35i7b8g and doodle and see what is coming before you and make a choice that protects our democracy. as of now looks like only a handful will. >> congressman dent, you know, john framed it i think really interestingly earlier in the program. is it also a choice between vice president pence's life and donald trump's acquittal? have the house managers successfully set it up as you can either be with mike pence and he had to run for his life and be ferried out of the chaim b bher. >> well, the most disturbing
2:43 am
part of yesterday's video were mike pence, his family, schumer and mitt romney being whisked out of the building while the mob was descending on them. that performance yesterday by the prosecution was simply over powering. when you contrast that with the defense which was so weak. somebody may have to invoke the mercy rule here if this trial continues. i'm hoping a few senators will be persuaded. probably not enough to convict. poor mike pence, he was at risk. they wanted to take him down. >> one second, congressman kennedy. what are you going to do about it is the question, charlie, in terms of the republican party. we understand you were part of a big conference call with 120 republicans. i would like to know exactly who
2:44 am
they are. what are your plans? >> the plan was this. i mean, the 120 people want a new direction for the party. united around some common principles like truth and honesty, democracy, rule of law, reason. i mean, that's partly what they're talking about. many -- i was in the camp of how about a new faction within the gop or new was fairly evenly divided. everybody wants a new division and that's where the group s. i don't want to speak for the group, i can only speak for myself. michael steele, charlie sykes, bill crystal among others, so we had quite a group who spoke and made their presentations and i -- as i said, evan mcmullen organized the event so i don't
2:45 am
want to speak to the group d dizzy -- does that worry you? >> that sounds great. we say about our country in our founding documents and through our rhetoric that we want to be able to represent people of all shapes and sizes and colors and kreeds and everything we can so you're going to have a divergence of opinions. members of congress are supposed to disagree. you're supposed to. you put yourself out there to run for office. that's what the entire system requires. that's what it demands. that's fine. but dedication to some principle like truth and honesty, that would be a good common ground to start. >> final thought, charlie? >> final thought? yeah, look.
2:46 am
i think whatever direction the party goes in the future, we have to talk about a center. they call them squishes or rhinos. maybe we start from the center and start picking people off from the right and even from the left. make it a center right, get some center left folks in here. that's how we should proceed. that's where many people were talking about, starting from the center. >> congressman dent. congressman kennedy. thank you both very much. >> thank you. coming up, a new investigation linking a far right group tied to the game. the waste that weighs you down. it also helps lower cholesterol and slow sugar absorption to promote healthy blood sugar levels. so you can feel lighter and more energetic.
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roger stone stopped to chat, take pictures. by his side what appeared to be body guards. members of the antigovernment far right militant group known as the oath keepers were called by their leader to provide security for high profile guests and speakers during the protests of january 5th and 6th. the man standing near roger stone and wearing a vip credential for the rally to save america is roberto minutea. hours after appearing to escort roger stone, he will be
2:52 am
impolite. instead the capitol a few seconds of vedideo have emergedf someone who looks identical to minuta. his wife says he was not inside. he has not been charged with a crime. >> we need to understand every single person wearing oath keeper insignia. >> they plant and coordinated ahead of the januarythth real tore. he was working to identify cap 208 rioters. >> it's pretty clear the oath keepers were at the really far edge of a lot of conflict that happened, a lot of the pushing with police. i think we're still learning the full scope and scale of their activities. >> minuta has not responded to multiple requests for comment at
2:53 am
cnn. a woman at the tattoo shop didn't want to comment. minuta was photographed walking near disgraced general michael flynn in december and then there's this, outside his own tattoo parlor in upstate new york. >> we're going to fight the unconsti unconstitutional orders. >> he was reopening in defiance of the state's coronavirus shutdown. rhodes even got a we the people tattoo. >> standing in defy nans. but in the end, decided to leave minuta alone. >> he knows his constitutional rights. seems he knows how and when and
2:54 am
where to do things appropriately. >> reporter: today his store has a padlock on the front door but appears the business is still open. customers welcomed to bring guns. drew griffin, northbound, at lap at that. >> know reporting and new reaction to the stunning presentation video like this. vice president mike pence evacuated from the capitol. what senators are saying about that this morning, next. i have a question for you. what are you doing today to reach your weight loss and wellness goals? we can't do this wellness journey alone right. find that right coach, the one that speaks to you and you'll hear that thing that you needed to hear. we've all got your back. team lisa, this week alone, has lost 4,000 pounds.
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2:59 am
in never-before-seen capitol surveillance videos, the managers demonstrated just how close the rioters came to many of the senators in the room. >> you were just 58 steps away from where the mob was. >> showing that tape over and over again, it's continuing to open wounds. >> if they have blood running through their veins, they have to have been moved. but that's a very different question than whether or not they're going to break with their political realities and keep them in power. >> everyone was engaged watching, and i just hope it changes some of their minds and some of their hearts. >> reporter: this is "new day," with alisyn camerota and john berman. >> welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. this is a special edition of "new day." it's thursday, februar


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