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tv   CNN Newsroom With Pamela Brown  CNN  April 11, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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committee retreat with dounors t mar-a-lago. trump called mitch mcconnell quote, "ad dumb son of a --." >> we need to get beyond that. i am pamela brown in washington. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. you are live in th"the cnn newsroom." we learned 187 million vaccine doses have gone into the arms of the u.s. moving nearly five times faster than the global average. the reality is herd reality is not here and the threat is n not over. paul sandoval has more details.
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>> reporter: if ever there is a critical time to double down in the state of michigan is right now. from covid-19 positivity rates not seen and hospitalization at the peak levels. it is not getting any better in the wolverine state. >> pandemic fatigue and unique challenge and very anti-coronavirus movement of about half of or population, people dpon't want to wear mask or vaccination, getting shots in arms is our defense. >> reporter: administration increasing vaccine allotments have been unsuccessful so far. >> we are asking for more help and more vaccines. >> reporter: governor whitmer to go remote and use sports to pause and people skip in-door dining the next two weeks.
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these are recommendations. the mandate is sweeping shutdown a year ago. >> what's happening in michigan today could be what's happening in other states tomorrow and so it is on all of us to recognize. we can squash where we are seeing hot spots in everyone's best interest. >> a special education teacher wants to see a more aggressive move from the state leaders making those requests requirements. >> i think it fell short that she didn't mandate it. we all opened up schools and schools are back. they had an uptake in the sports here. other michiganers like leigh banks stand behind the approach. >> she's doing her best. t it is a pandemic. when it comes down to it, people are going to take care of each other or themselves. jordan ross is frustrated that
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his peers are not choosing to. >> i see a lot of students know the issue is going on but they're choosing to hang out with friends or going to florida and things like that. that's a concern to me. >> reporter: nearly 1,000 covid-19 outbreaks are being chased to michigan and sporting events and k through 12 classes. our public health system is over overwhelmed. we are not able to get information on many cases nor are we able to identify their close contact. there is also the spread of the highly infectious covid variants, 2200 cases identified in michigan. experts say there is likely more. >> i spoke to white house principal deputy secretary pierre, not to send more vaccines to michigan. here is what she says on the
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white house's coordination. >> we have to do this in a fairway. we are in the middle of the process. this is not for the state to figure it out at all. we have been working closely with governors and state's local officials. that's something we have been doing on day one as we put forth a comprehensive strategy on how to get our vaccination program out there across the country. another statistic that i mentioned is 75% of people who are 65 and older have been, have gotten doses and shots. that's an 8% jump from when we started and that's so critical because as we know when we talk about covid death, 80% of those covid deaths have been 65 and older. we are doing the work that we need to be doing. we are continuing to talk with governors. we understand what's at stake here. this is a life and death situation. that's why we continue to ask people to do their part and get vaccinated when it is your turn.
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by april 19th, all adults over the age of 18 will be eligible. we are talking to governors everyday and being as helpful as we can. there are other ways to support that we have been out there when it comes to vaccination sites and vaccinators. >> so congress will be back in washington tomorrow with a busy agenda in front of them for the white house. the first order of business will be finding a bipartisan way forward on infrastructure. lawmakers will visit to discuss president biden's $2 trillion plan. the president has been meeting with his senior team today ahead of his monday's sit-down. what do we expect? and who's going to be there? >> pamela, the white house says tomorrow's meeting is a first of a series of conversations president biden will be having directly with lawmakers as he's
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looking to gain bipartisan report with his proposal. the meeting will include democrats and republicans and so far we know of two republicans who'll be in attendance. senator of nebraska and roger wicker of mississippi. both senators sitting in the committee dealing with transportation in the senate. republicans have said they are willing to talk about traditional forms of infrastructure like roads and rails and also bridges but they do not like that price tag. that $2.25 trillion price tag that the president proposed so far. they don't like the corporate tax rate being raised to 20%. the white house is willing to negotiate on this. they have not heard alternative suggestions they find suitable. tomorrow really represents the first opportunity to start hammering out some of those details. this is similar to the approach that the president took with the
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covid relief package. he invited republicans into the oval office to hear their ideas before he went alone without any republican support. one of those senators, one of those republican senators will be in the meeting tomorrow talked about how he's hoping these negotiations will be different. >> we are willing to negotiate with him on infrastructure package and this trillion dollar number is way too high for me -- i will just tell you. negotiation has to be something different from what we had on the rescue plan. the president should come back with a counter offer. he'll do that with the republicans meeting with him in the white house tomorrow. i think we can get some where. so that's something that republicans are hoping for and the president also has to worry about his democratic party and
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keeping democrats in line with this bill. you have heard progressive saying they want the president to go bigger and moderates like senator joe manchin don't want that corporate tax rate to go up 28%. they want it at a lower figure. these are all details that'll start to get discussed tomorrow in that meeting and in other meetings and the weeks to come. the president tomorrow in addition to this infrastructure meeting will drop by a virtual meeting that his top economic advisers will be having with the major ceos of autocom-companiesd technology companies to talk about supply semiconductors. this comes as a shortage of types of electronics. this is a big priority for the administration trying to work t with these companies to figure out how they can show up with
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supply chain here. >> arlette, touhank you very mu. the white house has their hands full dealing with surge of immigration at the border. here is how the vice president's role may change now that biden's coordinator is leaving. >> it comes to unaccompanied minor, we have to do what's right and what's the most humane thing to do. we kcan't have these children going back to treacherous journey. we are putting him into the process. we are making sure that we are vetting the relatives and the people that we want to connect them with in a really important way and critical way. we are expelling adults via title 42. that's something that's still happening and occurring. this is where we are and we want to make sure we are doing this in a legal way. we want to make sure that we are
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putting security first and we are doing this in a humanitarian effort. >> i get it. i have to follow up with the question of why is the border coordinators leaving in the midst of all this and is this going to fold into kamala harris's folder. can you help us understand what's going on there? >> roberta was always going to be here for a short period of time. that was always the conversation that was had and when this comes to the vice president and her role, her role is going to be doing the diplomatic effort of this and trying to figure out the root causes of what's happening and dealing with and talking to the president of mexico and northern triangle and so that's what her role is and something very similar that then vice president biden had during the obama biden administration. that's nothing new there. but, so that's the pathway that we are taking.
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>> former president trump with a blistering and crude new attack on the man who spear headed his agenda throughout the senate. how is the attack on senator mcconnell with republicans tonight? i am going to ask later. this is just into cnn. history made at augusta national. details on this win at the masters ahead. raise the jar to all five layers. raise the jar to the best gelato... you've ever tasted. talenti. raise the jar.
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. they have to accept his vendetta, is the gop so comfortable with that bargain? many statements were made to applause the people in the room. let's take a look at what he says about mitch mcconnell. he suggests that republicans don't fight as hard as democrats. if chuck schumer instead of that dumb son of a bitch mitch mcconnell, they would have never allowed it to happen. that insult to mcconnoell was greeted. what trump said was pence failed him from certifying the electoral college results and refusing to overturn the election. he made it clear he did not accept the results of the 2020 election valid. everybody should be calling the coronavirus vaccine, the
5:17 pm
trump-cine. we know when trump was in office and he took the vaccine, he did not announce it and did not promote he taken the vaccine. we learned about it a few weeks after he left office. curious to see his embrace of the vaccine. >> yeah, it certainly is. also he continues to be fixated on the lie that the 2020 election was somehow stolen from him. that seems to not being going away. is that a concern for republicans. after pushing that narrative help lose the senate georgia and arguably led to the deadly insurrection to january 6th. >> yeah, i speak to trump supporters all the time. essentially by pushing this big lie, this conspiracy theory, what the former president is saying his supporters should not have faced american democracy. we saw that in georgia and the weeks running up to the senate
5:18 pm
election. some considering not voting in the election for republicans because they did not trust how the system works. this conspiracy theory, this center, central big lie enables so much more of the sort of crazy sort of stuff we see, qanon and justification in some people's mind for the violent and insurrection on january 6th. that big lie is what is really infecting like a virus frankly so many other parts of the republican base. >> like a virus. thank you so much of your reporting. the no so friendly fire in the gop is making the divide between trump and non-trump republicans. i will speak to congressman charlie dent and ron brownstein, you are live in "the cnn newsroom." that one! and the world's best, and possibly only, schmelier.
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to be a fly in the wall, former president trump spoke to top republican donors behind closed door at mar-a-lago last night. a source from the inside tells cnn trump went off his familiar list of debunked claim, vote you are fraud, chat and election. his comments on senate minority leader mitch mcconnell got a huge roudnd of applause, callin him adam sob. the source tells us trump once again took mike pence, still not over the feedback that former vice president followed the u.s.
5:24 pm
constitution and certified the election results on january 6th in the midst of insurrection. and he's also the author of rock me on the water, the year los angeles transformed movie and music and television and po pol politics. so great to see you on this sunday evening. i love it when you guys can have a discussion. charlie, let's start with you. nothing of what trump says here is surprising. many of the republican party seem to be eating this up. do moderate republicans have any hope of getting this party back? >> well, i think many republicans who do not, who believe in the democratic p process and the rule of law and some sense of principles and
5:25 pm
ideas to govern by the party continuing the conduct of his statement of mitch mcconnell calling him a dumb sob. that was the former president himself. there is nothing surprising here that the president -- the republican party will continue to have these internal struggles about the future. the significant number of republicans, i would guess some close to 25% are not at all comfortable looking backwards as donald trump does. it is about the future. politics is about the future and this is not a type of party that they're comfortable with. they want a new movement or faction in the party or outside the party to try to get its attention. >> it is about the future but the bottom line is many republicans feel like they need trump for the future as they look ahead to 2022 or look ahead
5:26 pm
to 2024. as you know ron, trump pledged his commitment with the republican party to help with the house and the senate in 2022 according to a person that's close to him. should democrats be concerned of trump's role in this ? >> i was imagining few times when charlie is happy to hear the word "former" and listening to the latest rant from president trump. i think what he's saying is cpa exactly right. since the election who's uneasy of everything that's happening and uneasy of the role that he played and the january 6th insurrection who don't like the authoritarian and put the party in and the big question is what if anything do they do going forward. do they accept a subordinate role in a party where much of the gop, the majority of the gop
5:27 pm
is in fact allowing trump to maintain control. i am struck even as he's condemning mitch mcconnell, the fact that mcconnell in washington is running interference for the efforts of republicans in the state making it tougher to vote. mcconnell made it clear it is going to block any efforts to establish a nationwide floor of voting right. whatever rhetorical back and forth, they're still moving the party in a trumpian election. what do they do? >> what do they do? how do they fit into all of this? trump said last night that republicans don't stick together as well democrats. looking at the democrats right now, i mean biden passed covid relief bill with zero gop report. is this an opportunity that
5:28 pm
republicans could exploit if they play their cards right. >> to shape the infrastructure. many thinks that democrats and too expansive infrastructure and many democrats feel the way it is being paid for is not appropriate or in effective. i think there is plenty of opportunities for republicans to come in, counter proposal focusing on infrastructure including broad band and maybe electric vehicle charging stations. i can think of a bill and find some better pay for it, i can rattle off user fees and mile travel taxes on electric vehicles. there is probably about a trillion dollars worth uncollected tax revenue out there that needs to be collected. they are all sorts of things they can do and i am hopeful they'll come forward with a counter proposal. many democrats are not particularly comfortable with the price tag and the way it is paid for. >> we had them say it today on
5:29 pm
the sunday morning show that the price tag was too high that they would be willing to negotiate and there won't be that many at the white house and that bipartisan meeting. trump and other republicans, this is really interesting, they're criticizing arkansas governor hutchinson for vetoing the legislation, banning gender care for gender people for younger than 18. he says one reason o f the veto was government over reach. here is what he told jake tapper on "state of the union". >> we are going to be a narrow party that expresses ourselves in tolerant ways, are we going to be a broad based party that shows conservative principles but also compassion and dealing with some of the most difficult issues that parents faced and individuals faced. at some point i had to say i have got to remind my wonderful republican colleagues that we are the party of ronald reagan
5:30 pm
that believes in a limited role of government. >> i just thought this was so interesting, ron. what you have talked to about what's going on in the gop and the heart of what we are seeing and he's pointing out the disconnect, the gop claims of small government but their action on social issues contradicts that. >> as i have been arguing for a decade now, the fundamental lines of the party whether you welcome or fear the way america changing demographically and culturally and economically. the republican party before donald trump but enormously accelerated have become more and mor mord more dependant on the voters. and before that gay marriage, the battle line keeps moving
5:31 pm
further out. and that's one of the reasons even before trump came on the scene while republicans losing grounds and voters who are economically conservative. it comes back around, hutchinson raised the same question i did to charlie dent a minute ago. if you have a minority of the party that's uneasy with the gop taking or being pushed in that direction, what do they do? they follow their objection and go along or do they think democrats are worse or can biden peels some of them away by turning down the temperature and focusing primarily on economic opportunity through this infrastructure plan and what's coming next on the human capitol side. is there an opportunity for him to play among voters and their republican coalition or easy with the kinds of tendencies. >> good for governor hutchinson.
5:32 pm
he's right. >> the government should not be entering into complex and difficult medical decisions. now, i have two republican colleagues in the house who had transgender children. these are difficult issues. i talked to them about how they dealt with this issue as parents. this is really not a place for congress to meddle. nothing is trying to -- children have psychological or psychiatric problem as a result of their condition and so hutchinson nailed it right. the party limited government should be care fful. they need to move away from cultural issues and get back to embracing and the diversity of the country. and speaking a message to them that they'll support whether it is on the economy or the issues.
5:33 pm
>> real quick, go ahead. >> the problem is the coalition posttrump is more towards to voters who want republicans to meddle. >> this conversation will continue, it is not going to go away soon. thank you for spending apart of your sunday night with us, charlie dent and brent brownstein. coronavirus surging. what is it like to have it? a seattle woman recovered, sort of. a husband and daughter got sick, she says she's a long hauler now. i am going to talk to them, up next. but i know what time it is. [whispering] it's grilled cheese o'clock.
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a week after sarah's ho hospitalization, her husband was rushed to the hospital with covid after suffering seizures. their nine-year-old became ill but remain home with a high fever. the two of you put the personal face to this variant. we talked about it a lot. you lived it, sarah, walk us through your story. who got sick first and what happened from there? >> it was actually my husband and my daughter showed symptoms before i did. they got sick and it seems like a tummy bug in the beginning of
5:39 pm
february. and, when my daughter got a high fever of like 102, we said we should probably go get tested for covid because i am the director of a tutoring center. i see kids in person and i owe it to them to get tested. we went to go get tested and the morning that the results came back, my husband had that seizure and was rushed to the hospital. and they got rapid testing there and he came back as covid-positive and my daughter's test came back while he was in the hospital and my test came back positive. >> and what were the symptoms? it seems like it all went down fast, go ahead, jeff. >> what was weird was while we thought it was a stomach bug, we
5:40 pm
had none of the covid symptoms, none of us lost taste or smell. my fever was 99.3 i think. and during the whole course, sarah never had a fever the entire time. none of us were coughing or fever, okay, weird. stomach bug and three days later seizure. >> so you both ended up in the hospital? how did it get that bad? >> so he ended up in the hospital for a day because of the seizure and then couple days later i developed covid pneumonia and i was in the hospital for three and a half days. i have never developed a cough and the pneumonia was really
5:41 pm
deepen in my lungs so i never developed a cough, i never had a fever. doctors kept me in the hospital doing the remdisivir treat to try to bring my oxygen levels up because my oxygen levels kept falling really low. >> wow. so i was on oxygen for three days total in the hospital. >> that's so scary. >> and quickly you are still having issues. you are both out of the hospital. sarah you were telling me you still had issues, you considered yourself a long-hauler, you can't get vaccinated now. what's your message to people? maybe i will risk getting covid rather than getting vaccinated.
5:42 pm
>> please don't. so my message right now is please mask-up or double mask. stay away people who are not in your household. get tested if you even think you may have come into contact with someone who could be covid-positive or you feel a little funny because the u.k. have different symptoms than what we have been seeing in the last year. it is way easier to get a nose swab and find out if your positive or not than to try to tough it out. >> yeah.
5:43 pm
>> and possibly spread it further. >> of course. that's not what we want. >> that's my message. >> you were telling me in the break that one part of your brain is still dealing with inflammation because of this. and you can't get the vaccine right now. sarah and jeff, we wish you the best, thank you very much for sharing your story and bringing the reality of what this u.k. variant could do to you, thank you very much. >> thank you for having us. >> bye. a sneak peek into the new cnn series airs just a minute from now. "the people verses the clan," the series executive producer joins me is up next. james. as a musician living with diabetes, fingersticks can be a real challenge. that's why i use the freestyle libre 14 day system. with a painless, onesecond scan i can check my glucose without fingersticks. now i'm managing my diabetes better and i've lowered my a1c from 8.2 to 6.7. you can do it without fingersticks, too. ask your doctor for a prescription for the freestyle libre 14 day system.
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george floyd, breonna taylor and eric gardner and activists encouraged us to say their names to preserve their memories and justice. "the people verses the klan" tells a known story of a black mother who took down the kkk after the brutal lynching of her son inlabama. here is the preview. >> he never came back. vanessa says he took my money home. she says i am going to get him and we started laughing. yeah, you get him. everybody is assuming he's gone to my mom. >> as a woman of profound faith, she had a dream and a vision.
5:49 pm
she saw her son in a casket. >> joining us now is dthe producer of "the people verses the klan" and cornell brooks. thank you both for coming onto talk to us about this important film that's coming up on cnn. donny, it has been 40 years. so many people have never heard of the story here. why is it so important to tell it now? >> well, i believe it is important to tell the story now. her remarkable display of strength and courage and fighting for justice for her innocent son michael and i think this series confronts our past and the length to the present day in america, i try to
5:50 pm
illuminate some of these unsung heroes, the mother, the activists and the community who fight for justice and equality. >> all right, i mean this happened in 1981. that really in the grand scheme of things was not that long ago. not only was michael donald killed by the kkk but he was lynched and found hanging in a tree in a residential neighborhood against people of color. >> is that for cornell or myself? >> sorry, for cornell. >> this film lifts off a story of donald fighting for justice on behalf of his son, michael. this is one of 4,000 plus stories of lynching america. many of the victims whose names
5:51 pm
are not known, 4,000 plus people have been lynched. this is a story that goes back across time and again and again and again. african americans lost in the lives of lynch mobs and vigilante. what's powerful about this particular story is you have an african-american mother who's with the assistance of african-american attorneys and local law enforcement and most particularly the black community in mobile are her family relentlessly pressing the case for justice against all odds, and reluctant to hold the killer of michael donald accountable. in the context of american lynching, this case stands out because it was not that long ago and in fact this is essentially
5:52 pm
the 20th century lynching in recent memory that speaks to us in this present moment. >> and cornell, what do you hope people will take away from watching this story of michael donald and his mother of beulah may and where we are now in this country? >> it would be my hope that donnie and i put this together that mediupeople would look at example of beulah may donald courage and some of the courage to face reality that we had racial violence and desecrating our democracy and it would be my hope that we would watch this film honestly and candidly not only look at the past and the present and face the future. that would be my hope and i believe that this is a story that speaks to us in words and
5:53 pm
images that affect us profoundly as a country. >> i am looking forward to watch this. cornell and donnie, thank you. "the people verses the klan" starts tonight. (meowing) (clicking) and energizer ultimate lithium wins again! energizer, backed by science. matched by no one.
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history was made tonight hideki matsuyama won the first masters tournament. >> by the way, who predicted that? matsuyama is japan's first masters champion. >> he was introduced to golf by his dad at the age of four and became the first japanese amateur to compete in 2011. he entered this week and ranked 25th in the world and is leaving with a green jacket for a master champion. corey wire is joining me now on the phone. what a moment for golf? >> an incredible moment at augusta national. pam, hideki matsuyama was a bit of a rock star in japan but now he's going to be a hero for
5:59 pm
young kids all aacross japan. he was struggling quite a bit and had not won a single tournament dating back to 2017. this was his moment. one of the reasons that was different this time, there was not huge crowds of japanese. media members following every move and due to covid restrictions, he was painfully shy. he was much more relaxed and enjoying himself more. he told me the first masters he ever watched was five-years-old in japan when he watched tiger in 1997. that moment inspired hideki and now he'll return this iconic venue as a champion. this is coming three mopnths ahead of the summer olympics in tokyo. can you imagine walking out representing his country wearing that iconic green jacket. it is incredible to think about
6:00 pm
it makes history here at augusta georgia. >> thank you very much. >> such an inspiring story there. c congrats to him. thank you for joining me this evening. i am pamela brown, i will see you again next weekend . >> a body of a black man have been found. to control and suppress black people. >> it is as old as the constitution. >> klans are not running around with white seats over their head but it is still happening. >> people are horrified of the police. >> it is a modern day lynching. >> what are we going to do about it? we move forward with


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