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tv   Early Start With Christine Romans and Laura Jarrett  CNN  April 13, 2021 2:00am-2:59am PDT

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♪ welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. this is "early start." i'm christine romans. >> i'm laura jarrett. it's 5:00 a.m. here in new york. this morning the twin cities crying out for justice as america faces another unarmed
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black man killed at the hands of police while another police officer is on trial just miles away. peaceful protesters out monday night in brooklyn center north of minneapolis, but as the night went on the curfew doing little. police firing tear gas and stun grenades as officials say protesters threw bottles, fireworks and bricks at police. more than 50 people were arrested in brooklyn center and minneapolis. >> it was the second night now of protests after officers killed 20-year-old daunte wright during the traffic stop. yesterday officials released the body cam footage and we want to warn you, this video is distu disturbing. >> don't do it. don't do it. >> i'll tase you.
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i'll tase you. taser, taser, taser. oh, [ bleep ]. i just shot him. >> the officer who fired her weapon identified as kim potter, she has been placed on administrative leave. a 26-year veteran of the police department who the chief of police says made a mistake. >> as i watched the video and listened to the officer's commands it is my belief that the officer had the intention to deploy their taser, but instead shot mr. wright with a single bullet. this appears to me from what i viewed and the officer's reaction and distress immediately after, that this was an accidental discharge. >> daunte wright's aunt on cnn not buying that. >> you don't mistake a stun gun from a gun. you don't mistake that. if i made a mistake like that i would be in a jail cell. they would be trying to put me under. that's not fair.
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we got several police officers in all of our family. i don't have nothing bad to say about them, but what i've got to say is she needs to pay for what she did to my family. my family's blowed is on their hands. my brother, my sister is hurting. how do we put life back together after this? some people say, oh, it's god's plan. that was not god's plan. >> vice president kamala harris weighing in overnight as well tweeting daunte wright should still be with us, daunte's family needs to know why their child is dead. they deserve answers. >> so this happening ten miles from where former police officer derek chauvin is on trial for killing george floyd. the defense about to get its turn this morning. the judge denied a request to sequester the jury and question them given the police killing of daunte wright. prosecution witnesses made the case that floyd died not from
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drugs, not from a heart condition but from chauvin's knee on his neck for more than nine minutes. cnn's sara sidner is at the courthouse in minneapolis. >> reporter: christine and laura, the defense is expected to begin its case in the derek chauvin trial today. we have already heard 38 witnesses from the prosecution, the prosecution ending its portion of the case and now we will listen to what the defense is going to say. we expect them to bring in people from different aspects of this trial, for example, a use of force expert or two, a medical expert or two, definitely expecting their case to be much shorter, many fewer witnesses than the prosecution and the judge said that he expects to give the jury friday off, but that we are expecting to hear closing arguments potentially next monday. so this case is about to wrap
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up. now, as to what happened on monday, we heard from one of george floyd's family members, one of the people that was closest to him, his younger brother philonise floyd. >> he was so much of a leader to us in the household. he would always make sure that we had our clothes for school, he made sure that we all were going to be to school on time and, like i told you, george couldn't cook but he will make sure you have a snack or something to get in the morning. he was one of those people in the community that when they had church outside, people would attend church just because he was there. nobody would go out there until they seen him. he just was like a person that everybody loved around the community. >> reporter: we also heard another prosecution witness both
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a medical witness and a use of force witness, both experts, both testifying to what we pretty much heard before, one, that george floyd according to the witness died because of the officer's actions and as far as use of force, that witness saying that it was not necessary in this case at a certain point. we have heard that over and over and over again in this trial. now the defense will make its case to the jury. laura, christine. >> sara sidner, thank you for that. the virginia attorney general launching a civil rights investigation after video emerged of a uniformed black and hispanic army medicine, lieutenant caron nazario being held in his car and downsed with pepper spray in the found of windsor. >> one of the things that i'm looking into it is whether there might have been a pattern of misconduct, of police misconduct, either by these officers specifically or more
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broadly within the department. because if so, then we've got more work to do to make sure that this never happens there again. >> one of the officers wrote in his report that he pulled lieutenant nazario over because his brand-new suv was missing a license plate when, in fact, a temporary plate was taped inside the rear window. >> attorneys for lieutenant nazario says he is gratified by the outporg of support and encouraged that his story resonates with so many that are willing to speak out. >> the officers told him they would destroy his military career if he tried. so we're also -- he is a little bit concerned about retaliation. he was terrified he was going to get shot. can you blame him? i think he was -- displayed admirable calm. it's what i would expect from the united states army officer to be able to remain that calm knowing that one wrong move and you're going to die.
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>> one police officer was fired for his role in that incident, cnn has not been able to reach joe gutierrez or the other officer for their representatives. a suspect is dead and three police officers wounded after a high-speed chase in georgia. a second suspect in custody. authorities say the car was going 111 miles an hour on the interstate and three officers were shot during the pursuit. it ended with the suspects crashing into a school and running away. police are not saying who you that one ses spect was killed. a big cinema chain closing its doors permanently after a brutal year for business. renae is not an influencer. she's more of a groundbreaker. just look at the way she's reshaping, and reimagining, her 4 acre slice of heaven.
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the latest now on the pandemic. 11 states have now vaccinated half of their adult populations with at least one dose. that puts the u.s. on track to reach that milestone nationwide this week, despite that some states find themselves forced to consider again the kind of restrictions they imposed a year ago. cnn has the pandemic covered from coast to coast. >> reporter: i'm paulo sandoval in detroit. the head of the cdc responding to the state of michigan's repeated requests to have the biden administration increase the number of covid-19 vaccines it's shipping to the state saying that that would be the best way to actually fight this most recent surge in covid-19 infections. dr. rochelle walensky saying that perhaps the state should consider a complete shutdown, similar to what we saw at the beginning of the pandemic. walensky explaining any potential benefit in a surge of vaccine amounts may not be seen or felt nor weeks and the state
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needs an immediate solution. >> reporter: stephanie elam in los angeles. for the first time for about a year for the majority of students they will head back to campus for in-person learning. it kinds with kindergarten and first grade levels heading back to school and tomorrow the second and third graders will be added into the fold and then on thursday the fourth and fifth graders will also head back to campus. the plan as it stands right now has middle schoolers and high schoolers heading back to campus later this month. >> reporter: i'm nick valencia in atlanta. nascar superstar bubba wallace is speaking up and speaking out about covid-19 vaccine hesitancy. wallace who is black is partnering with the north carolina health system which calls vaccine hesitancy the biggest barrier to ending the pandemic. wallace played a major role in getting the confederate monuments flag removed from the sport of nascar, he hopes to play a big role in also getting people vaccinated. >> thanks to nick and our other
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correspondents for those updates. in a blow to california moviegoers and concession workers 300 movie screens are fading to black for good. after struggling during the pandemic pacific theaters and arch light theaters will close their doors. many in hollywood mourning the the theater's closure on social media. the company thaungd it's employees, guests and members of the film industry for the years of support saying, quote, it has been an honor and flesh tour to serve you. connecticut making a push to get students back in classrooms. the state sin vesting $10 million of federal funding into a new effort to fight absenteeism. the program focuses on 15 school districts increasing the number of people who can directly support students and get number back in class. health officials growing increasingly concerned that youth sports may be spreading covid and for good reason. for than one in four parents gave their kids sports groups a fair or poor rating in enforcing covid restrictions. they were asked what they would do if their kid had covid during
2:16 am
the sports season, most said they would follow medical advice but 5% said they would let their children play if they felt well enough. not good. >> that 5% number terrifying. i have kids in youth sports. my personal experience has been it has been very, very good and parents have been so good about pulling their kids out, contact tracing, getting testing, you know, waiting, everyone has been so patient. that 5% of letting your kid play, that's troubling. bridging the gap, president biden hosts a bipartisan group of lawmakers to talk infrastructure. why this group is key to moving the proposal through congress. ♪ ♪i've got the brains you've got the looks♪ ♪let's make lots of money♪ ♪you've got the brawn♪ ♪i've got the brains♪ ♪let's make lots of♪ ♪uh uh uh♪ ♪oohhh there's a lot of opportunities♪ with allstate, drivers who switched saved over $700.
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president biden trying to get momentum behind his $2 trillion infrastructure plans now. he held a bipartisan meeting in the oval office monday, but it didn't include some of the usual suspects. cnn's jasmine wright is live at the white house this morning. jasmine, good morning to you. break it down, who was there and is any progress being made? >> reporter: this was really a first step. this was the president's first time to sit down face-to-face with lawmakers and discuss the bill as it was rolled out. you're right, missing was leadership, missing was high profile moderates like senator joe manchin and kristen cinema, instead a group of lawmakers who sit on infrastructure committees who will have influence on how to plan becomes a bill. let's be clear about something, this conversation came down to two things, the size of the bill and how it will get paid for. republicans pushed back against that 28% corporate tax hike that is proposed with one republican
2:22 am
senator wicker telling biden that if he tries to amend the laws that currently stands passed in 27 which is at 21% for corporations it would be nearly impossible, almost impossible he said to get republican support. they brought up things like user fees like gas tax to pay for t the white house said that that's not going to happen. also republicans pushed back on that everything else that comes with this bill that is not traditional roads, not railroads, not roadways, right? but one thing was very evident from talking to republicans and democrats afterwards, that while president biden is open to negotiating, he was open to hearing ideas, wanted to follow up, look, laura, he wants this plan to be big. bottom line. he wants to be transformative, he wants it to do that everything else that is not just traditional railroads and roads and things like that. so right now it's not clear, one, how far up republicans and honestly moderate democrats who
2:23 am
don't feel that good about the plan, how far up they're willing to go, but also how far down president biden is willing to go to meet them. >> jasmine, you talk about something that's not maybe something we traditionally think of as infrastructure, but a critical piece of this is chip manufacturing. they're called semi-conductors, i think the president even held one up at one point in a meeting yesterday and said this is infrastructure. it's a big part of life for all of us but if you drive a car, you play computer games, this is what you use to make them and now the white house is trying to boost america's role in this. tell us about this. >> reporter: that's right. that was really evident by that meeting. president biden sat with a bunch of tech ceos, really saying that congress was interested in investing in this domestically new industry really or industry that's been around that he wants to embolden it and that it is a part of infrastructure, right, because why, laura? because everything right now is going to come back to this american jobs plan. the white house will tell you,
2:24 am
yes, this plan is about making sure that people can pay for child care when they go to work and broadband, but it is also about making ourselves and different sectors of this country globally competition and this chip system is going to be one of those. as president biden continues to sell this plan we're going to see him meeting with different stakeholders in the private sector really to get their buy in, boosting his claim that this thing needs to get done. laura? >> jasmine, thanks so much. yeah, domestic manufacturing as infrastructure. that's the case the white house is making here and we know that investment in u.s. chip production is crucial. a shortage of computer chips has idled auto production in the u.s. in some companies. intel is in talks with companies that design chips for car makers to make those chips in intel's factories. the intel ceo said it could be producing chips within six to nine months. it would be critical to alleviate auto industry
2:25 am
production delays, limited inventory and factory shutdowns. right now a majority of chip manufacturing happens overseas, mainly in taiwan. right? where there's always the threat of chinese intervention. intel has been working with u.s. officials to boost american chip making since last spring. last month intel said it will invest $20 billion in two new chip making facilities, also plans to launch this new business unit to make chips designed by other companies and that could draw some business away from asian chip manufacturers, laura. policing in america on trial yet again as recent shootings spark pain and protests. that means... best burger ever. intuit quickbooks helps small businesses be more successful with payments, payroll, and banking.
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good morning, everyone. this is "early start." i'm laura jarrett. >> hi, laura, i'm christine romans. it is just about 30 minutes past the hour this tuesday morning. we begin in minnesota. facing twin tragedies in the twin cities, anger spills over late into the night. 1,000 members of the national guard to keep the peace called in after police killed 20-year-old daunte wright during a traffic stop. protesters in brooklyn center, just north of minneapolis, threw bottles, fireworks, bricks. police responded with tear gas. but peaceful protesters were out much of the day. >> on monday officials released the body cam footage of wright being shot. we want to warn you as we must too often here, this video is disturbing. >> don't. don't do it.
2:31 am
>> i'll tase you. i'll tase you. taser, taser, taser. i [ bleep ] -- i just shot him. >> the police chief calls it an accidental discharge, but that's a little comfort to the people who knew daunte wright including the mother of his young child. >> he just made you feel better when he came around and i'm just hurt that he's gone. like i can't believe it. i didn't get to say good-bye to him. just to see him again. >> cnn's josh campbell is live in minneapolis for us. josh, good to see you this morning. you know, i thought it was pretty interesting that authorities released the body cam footage so quickly and the cause of death and manner of death coming out really fast. >> reporter: yeah, very quickly, laura, indeed. that's not something we see in a
2:32 am
lot of cases where there's often this bureaucratic administrative period that they have to get through which obviously leaves a community asking questions about what actually transpired. nevertheless, even after the release of that video we saw last night a second night of protests with some demonstrators and officers clark outside of a police station in brooklyn center just outside of minneapolis. as you mentioned, it turned violent at some point, some of these peaceful protests hijacked by rioters who were launching bricks, bottles, fireworks at some of the officers, that leading the police to come out, launching tear gas to try to disperse the crowd. a curfew was in place, disregarded by so many of these demonstrators. again, the second night of that as we have been saying follows this tragic police shooting of 20-year-old daunte wright. again, talking a little bit about that video, one thing that we learned about yesterday from the police chief is that their assessment is that this was in their words an accident. an accidental discharge.
2:33 am
the police chief there saying that one of the officers had thought she was trying to deploy their taser, but instead grabbed her service weapon, fired one shot that ultimately led to wright's death, again, after that controversial traffic stop there. now, wright's aunt spoke out, taking issue, taking exception to the idea that this was somehow an accident. take a listen to her comments. >> you're going to sit here and people are trying to drag my nephew's name through the dirt. it don't mean nothing. it don't mean nothing. he didn't deserve to die. my nephew was a damn good kid. he loved his family and we loved him. accident? an accident? now, come on, now. everybody in in world saw that gun. you mean to tell me you thought it was a taser? i've owned an over 20,000 volt taser. they don't feel nothing like a gun. nothing like a gun.
2:34 am
so y'all tell me how would y'all feel if y'all got that call? that was my nephew, that was my blood, that was like my heart. my brother is my heart. katie is my heart. my mother shouldn't have to be burying her grandchild, my brother, my sister, they shouldn't have to be burying their son. >> truly heart breaking there, you can see, hear, feel her anger and anguish. the officer who now fired that fatal shot has been placed on administrative leave as this shooting remains under investigation. of course, this entire community, the twin cities, continues to remain on edge, yet another fatal encounter with a person of color and law enforcement here in the twin cities. >> the derek chauvin trial is ten miles away, another police killing of an unarmed black man, george floyd. tell us about that emotional testimony yesterday from floyd's
2:35 am
brother, it was just really, really remarkable. and what are we expecting in court today? >> reporter: absolutely. the prosecution in its final element of wrapping up its case called to the stand george floyd's brother, philonise floyd, who really talked about george floyd as a person. this is something that's unique here in minnesota, you don't often hear people come to the stand in an effort to talk about the character of the person that the victim was, but they have that on the books in minnesota and prosecutors availing themselves of it, bringing philonise to the stand, humanizing george floyd, talk being how he is missed, talking about how the community loved him. truly heartbreaking there. we're expecting later on today that the defense is likely to start its case. we are now moving into that second phase of the trial. we expect the defense to call use of force witnesses of their en, perhaps some law enforcement experts as well and medical experts to try to refute some of that damning testimony we have heard to far that paints a picture of what transpired here
2:36 am
last may where we saw -- everyone saw now in that infamous video with that officer kneeling on george floyd for over nine minutes. >> it will be interesting to see what kind of defense they put on after that parade of witnesses from the prosecution. thanks so much for getting up. all right. in washington the biden administration moving away from a campaign promise to create a national police oversight commission. an aide says the white house consulted with activists and police unions. they said a commission would actually stall momentum for broader legislation here. the priority now, pushing the senate to pass a bill banning officers from using choke holds or entering suspects' homes without knocking. >> knows no knock warrants have been a real problem. president biden's proposed corporate tax increase to pay for his infrastructure plan getting no support from the business round table. a new survey found a majority of its ceo members believe a 28% tax rate would negatively impact their businesses, but fact check here, economists point out
2:37 am
companies have been paying less for years even before the 2017 tax cuts. this is the effective corporate tax rates, tax as a share of earnings, it's been falling for 50 years and is at historic lows. at the same time public end spending on infrastructure has been at a bare minimum for years, hardly enough to keep up with maintenance let alone build out investments that make the u.s. more competitive. companies want the u.s. to have good infrastructure and more competitive. looks like they might be negotiating a bit trying to talk down that 28% corporate tax rate the president is talking about. one group urging lawmakers to raise the tax rate is targeting major companies with small tax bills. . >> tell congress it's time to put the people first and make corporations like fedex pay their share share. >> so this group tax march is lunching an ad campaign targeting fedex and nike. a report by the institute on taxation and economic policy shows nike and fedex paid little to no tax on 2020 on billions of
2:38 am
profit. fedex told cnbc it opposes a corporate tax increase. they say they plan to run a newspaper ad in oregon next week. secretary of state tony blinken touches down in brussels today, he will be joined by lloyd austin in talks with nato allies. both men will be looking to rebuild partnerships that dee rated during the last administration. iran will be a primary topic. a blackout at an iranian nuclear facility is posing a threat. fred flight again joins us live from ber minute. what more are you learning? >> reporter: we're getting new information, the iranians haven't officially commented on how bad the damage at that natanz nuclear facility is but it does seem like the damage to be considerable. we got comments in from the head of iran's parliamentary research committee. he said that several thousand centrifuges inside that research
2:39 am
center had become obsolete following that incident. that of course would be a lot. again, no confirmation so far from the iranian government but certainly does seem as though there may have been extensive damage to that facility. one of the things that the foreign minister said that night, he said repairs at that facility were already ongoing and an emergency power supply was up and running so there is no threat of any sort of leak of radiation or something else that could be harmful to the health of the people who work there and the people around there. meanwhile, the iranians continues to blast the israelis, last night the foreign minister writing a letter to the secretary general of the united nations calling this an act of war and saying that iran reserves the right to retaliate. obviously israelis for their part have not confirmed whether or not they were behind the attack, however, last night when prime minister benjamin netanyahu of israel met with lloyd austin the u.s. secretary of defense he did say that stopping iran from getting a nuclear weapon would be israel's and his main priority.
2:40 am
the iranians are saying they don't want a nuclear weapon. you're absolutely right. the big question is what does this mean for the talks in vienna to try to bring the u.s. back into the nuclear agreement and there the foreign minister of iran also said that iran would continue in those talks, in fact, just earlier this morning at a press conference he said that he believed that this incident strengthened iran's hands in those talks. both the u.s. and iran have said they want to get that -- they want to save, salvage the nuclear agreement. >> the timing is so important. fred, thank you for that. appreciate it. we'll be right back. you get unlimited datable, for as little as $25 a month. but when you bring a friend, you get a month for $5. so i'm bringing everyone within 12 degrees of me. bam, 12 months of $5 wireless. visible. wireless that gets better with friends.
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welcome back. two young children, one step close there are morning, to being reunited with their families. remember this surveillance footage of two toddlers from ecuador being literally dropped over the u.s./mexico border
2:45 am
fence? well, the girls, three and five, are now in the care of health and human services after 13 days in border patrol custody, but the number of children in custody at the boarder is actually dropping and quickly. it's time for three questions in three minutes with priscilla alvarez. great to see you this morning. thousands of children as you have been reporting are actually being transferred finally from border patrol custody to these shelters run by hhs and that's an improvement of course, but they're still in the care of the u.s. government not in the care of their parents. explain for our viewers why is it so hard to reunite these families? is it simply just a matter of having enough people, enough staff to make calls and do the background checks and all the things that are necessary? >> laura, that's right. the administration works with case managers and those case managers help children locate with parents or relatives in the united states, but to do so that requires vetting, background checks and making sure that that
2:46 am
child is going to a safe household. so on average that can take somewhere around 31 days. now, it's a faster process if it is a parent who is sponsoring the child and, in fact, the administration is trying to make that go faster through a fast track release, as well as encouraging parents to come forward. as you mentioned, the number of children in u.s. customs and border protection has dropped considerably. as of sunday it had dropped 45%. that indicates some level of progress because children are moving out of the jail-like conditions in border patrol facilities into shelters run by the health and human services department where, again, they have the shelter face and equipment to care for the children and ultimately those case managers that will get them with a parent and relative in the united states. >> just to be clear, when we are talking about reuniting children with their parents this is actually different than from the trump administration did breaking apart children and their parents. there is a whole another group of kids facing that crisis and that's like a little under 500
2:47 am
children if i'm not mistaken. we talk so much about this crisis on the border with mexico, but you've done such great reporting on how most of the migrants crossing over are not from mexico, they are from other places namely what's known as the northern triangle. now there is a deal in place with some of those countries, something that the president had made a priority, something he put the vp in charge of. tell us more about that. >> white house officials said yesterday that the u.s. secured agreements with mexico, honduras and guatemala to secure their borders. what that means on the ground is simply more authorities on these countries' borders so they reduce the numbers of migrant journeying to the u.s./mexico border. all of this is part of the biden administration's effort to address the root causes of migration in latin america and improve those conditions to ultimately stem the flow of migration but one of those steps here out of the gate is securing agreements with these countries so that they can bolster the security and reduce the flow of migrants that ultimately travel
2:48 am
from that region to the u.s./mexico border. >> and finally, priscilla, you have brand-new reporting this morning just breaking, if i'm not mistaken, dozens of democratic lawmakers calling on the biden administration to end reliance on this temporary overflow facilities to care for all the unaccompanied migrant children. what do they want the administration to do instead if they're not going to use these shelters? >> laura, they want reform and they laid out in this letter to the secretaries of the health and human services department and the department of homeland security. so some democrats have been critical of overflow facilities, otherwise known as influx facilities, because they are not state licensed and they have previously come under scrutiny, but the health and human services department will often rely on these facilities when their usual shelter network can't meet the demand of children crossing the u.s./mexico border alone. this year the administration did open a facility in texas in addition to other pop up sites
2:49 am
across the country. so the democrats here are asking that they look at these facilities and reform them. consider, for example, only allowing the duration of children -- i should say the length of stay in these facilities to be no more than 20 days. that there be regular oversight efforts and that they get the services that should be afforded to them, like legal service providers as well as in-person visitation. so they lay this all out in a letter. ultimately while the democratic lawmakers recognize the challenges facing the biden administration, they also want officials to take the opportunity to reform the system to essentially end reliance on overflow facilities. >> they will be facing increasing pressure from democrats in their own party. there is always the risk of getting sued as well. the aclu has not hesitated to be outspoken on this issue. we will wait to see what happens and know you will be on top of it. thank you. >> thanks. 49 minutes past the hour. he died serving his country, today capitol police officer william billy evans will lie in
2:50 am
honor inside the building he swore to protect. evans was killed april 2nd when a man rammed a car into him and another officer outside the capitol. he will be honored today in the capitol rotunda with a congressional tribute. evans' family said his death, quote, left a gaping void in our lives that will never be filled. a student is dead and a police officer injured after a shooting at a school in knoxville, tennessee. officers were called to austin east magnet high school after a report about someone being armed. that person was found in the school's restroom, when he was ordered to come out he refused and opened fire. at least one officer returned fire, the gunman was a student at the school, he died at the scene. authorities are not releasing his name right now. let's take a look at markets around the world this tuesday morning. shap shares have closed mixed and europe has opened narrowly mixed. wall street futures barrel budging here. they closed lower on monday, the dow finished 55 points lower, the s&p 500, the nasdaq also fellow little bit, but the next
2:51 am
big event is the consumer price index, that's due out at 8:30 a.m., it's a clue to how quickly pricing are rising as the economy reopens and recovers. some have worried there is this spike in prices that could force the fed to raise interest rates sooner than hoped. we will get clear evidence in a few hours. the scope of the economic rescue vast from stimulus checks to ee links relief, jobless benefits and fema overwhelmed with calls for covid funeral expenses. the hotline opened monday, families who lost loved ones to coronavirus can get up to -- funeral expenses help from fema up to $9,000 in assistance per burial. fema asked for patience while it works to correct issues. minnesota sports teams postponing yesterday's games after the shooting of daunte wright by police. andy scholes has this morning's "bleacher report." >> good morning, laura. so the minnesota twins, the timberwolves and wild all deciding that yesterday was not the time to be playing sports after what happened in their
2:52 am
community and the afternoon game between the twins and the red sox was the first to be postponed. the national anthem had already been played with players on the field warming up when the decision was made. the twins released a statement saying the postponement, quote, in the best interest of our fans, staff, players and community. the team also said it extends sympathies to the family of daunte wright. the nba made an announcement postponing the game from the timberwolves and nets. the monday night home game for the nhl's minnesota wild also called off. members of the spurs and magic locking arms on the court before their game last night, a moment of silence was also held before the national anthem and coaches across the nba speaking out about the events in minnesota. >> you keep hearing this cancel culture stuff, but, you know, we're canceling black lives and i think to me that's a little, you know, more important in my
2:53 am
opinion and it just keeps happening. we keep making mistakes on killing black people. >> it just makes you sick to your stomach. you know, how many times does it have to happen? as sick to our stomachs as we might feel, you know, that individual is dead. he's dead. and his family is grieving and his friends are grieving. and we just keep moving on as if nothing is happening. >> yankees outfielder aaron hicks pulling himself out of last night's lineup in response to the shooting after having a discussion with manager aaron boone hicks decided he was not in the right mindset to play baseball. >> aaron is hurting in a huge way and i think in a way felt like it was probably the responsible thing to take himself out knowing that it was
2:54 am
going to be hard for him to be all in mentally. >> aaron hicks no stranger to that minneapolis community. he spent his first three seasons as a big leaguer there playing for the twins. >> that's something. >> i think a lot of people feel that way. thanks so much, andy. >> whether it's sports or corporations, everyone has to make a stand. these are the kind of questions you're asking for your employees and your customers. where do you stand on this. thanks for joining us, i'm christine romans. >> i'm laura jarrett. "new day" is next. oducing nervif from the world's number 1 selling nerve care company. as we age, natural changes to our nerves occur which can lead to occasional discomfort. nervive contains b complex vitamins that nourish nerves, build nerve insulation and enhance nerve communication. and, alpha-lipoic acid, which relieves occasional nerve aches, weakness and discomfort. live your life with less nerve discomfort with nervive nerve relief.
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>> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world, this is "new day." it is tuesday, april 13th, 6:00 a.m. here in new york. poply harlow with me all week. nice to have you. >> nice to be here. why is daunte wright dead this morning? we know he was shot and killed by a police officer, but why? what does it tell us about race and law enforcement in america? what does it tell us about what has been learned the last year, ten years, 100 years in the county? the county medical examiner ruled daunte wright's death a homicide after police claimed the officer who shot him appears to have accidentally fired her gun thinking it was a taser. that is what the police say. we'll show you the body camera video of that deadly confrontatio


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