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tv   Early Start With Christine Romans and Laura Jarrett  CNN  April 26, 2021 2:00am-2:59am PDT

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a vaccine passport but not like the one you've heard before. new details overnight on when americans could finally start traveling to europe again. what does the body cam show of a deadly police shooting of a black man in north carolina? the family could find out today. goes to -- anthony hopkins. >> a huge surprise caps off the academy awards. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the
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world. we rehave reporters in paris an moscow and all around the world. good morning. it's monday. april 26th. 5:00 a.m. in new york. it's time to dust off the passport after more than a year. americans are likely able to travel this europe this summer. set to recommend the switch in policy for americans who have been fully vaccinated. >> what the world is saying they're looking at thest and the success of the vaccination program. looking at reduction in disease and while they know we're not done yet, they said those americans are safe to come to our country without risk of spreading covid-19. >> of course, that speaks to the need to keep vaccinating americans at a pretty good clip and that rate has slowed a bit in the last ten days. cnn's melissa bell joins us live from paris. good morning to you, melissa. how is this going to work? are there going to be vaccine
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passports or there will be some sort of certification? how will it work? >> well, for the time being, we have no particular timeline. no specific timeline. no real idea of how it's going to work. this was ursala mandalay saying they were looking at the moment and how they could translate american certifications of vaccination into something allowing americans once again to pass european borders. it's been more than a year now that europe's external borders have been closed to the rest of the world and few people have been able to get through to places like paris, greece, portugal. all the countries so heavily dependent on tourism. particularly american tourism. europeans are looking at those american vaccination rates, 42% of americans fully vaccinated, 28% having had one vaccine. much better than here, by the way. trying to figure out how to make it work. the problem is that the president of the european commission doesn't have control
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of europe's external borders. the second problem i can see is what the europeans are planning to do by mid june have a system that allowing europeans to get around europe. how do you translate that into something americans can use? but clearly huge desire to get it up and running. while europe continues to progress fairly slow with the vaccination campaigns, at least to be able to look beyond this catastrophic year economically to things like reviving tourism industry. clearly that's the motivation for europeans. how it's to be made to work is in the air. >> the documentation issue controversial. even within our own borders. so let alone going overseas. interesting to see how it shakes out. thank you. india shattered its own record for daily cases of covid for the fifth straight day. more than 350,000 new infections. all the worst-case scenarios from one year ago, people sharing hospital beds, running
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out of oxygen. all of that happening now. >> it means there's a greater chance that variants will develop that may escape the protection of the vaccines we have in the united states. that means those viruss, those mutant viruss could travel to the u.s. and cause real challenges here. >> so frustrating. now the united states is getting more involved in the india situation and anna is live in hong kong. what is happening in india, i mean, it seems nothing less than a nightmare at this point. >> reporter: yeah. it's nothing short of catastrophic. there are people literally dying outside hospitals. crematoriums have been working around the clock. the numbers you mentioned, as you said, a fifth consecutive day of a global record. experts believe the true number is so much higher because testing is limited and in rural areas and it's virtually
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nonexistent. the big thing is the acute shortage of oxygen in hospitals. we've spoken to hospital chiefs who said we're turning patients away unless they bring their own oxygen cylinder and can provide their own supply of oxygen. you have to remember that cylinders and oxygen concentrated they have skyrocketed in price on the black market. for everyday people in india, it is virtually impossible. the government has announced more than 500 oxygen generation plants will be set up around the country but it's too little too late for so many people living through this might mare rights now. you mentioned the international aid. the united states will be helping, germany, singapore. it's not getting there now. people need help now. the level of anger, christine, that has been generated at the government, at the prime minister modi is growing.
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interestingly the government has decided to try to silence its critics. it sent an emergency order to twitter telling them to take down dozens of tweets from journalists, film makers, lawmakers who criticized the mishandling, the competence of what is taking place right now. people in india are feeling abandoned. interestingly twitter did comply and remove some of the tweets, but to think that the government has the time to focus on its critics rather than what is unfolding on its doorstep when people are dying is terrifying. >> yeah. anna, thank you so much. we should point out, there's a trend here with populist leaders. trump, modi, erdogan presiding over some of the worst covid outbreaks in the world and trying to silence critics and reality, as well. anna, thank you so much for that. back here in the u.s. today, family members of andrew brown jr. may finally get a chance to
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see how he died. a north carolina sheriff said he wants police officers' body cam footage released to the public and plans to ask a court to order it. police shot and killed a 42-year-old man after deputies claim they tried to serve him with an arrest warrant in elizabeth city. >> with all the killings going on, i never expected this to happen so close to home, like, he left a close and tight knit family. with each other every day. talking to each other every day. my brothers and my sisters, we're what drove him as a person. we made him better. now i got to live every day my newborn without getting a chance to meet him at all. >> very few details have been released about this shooting, but the deputies involved have been placed on administrative leave. according to dispatch audio from that day, first responders can
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be heard saying a man had gunshot wounds to the back. a virginia sheriff's deputy shooting an unarmed black man who the deputy had given an a ride home the hour earlier. the deputy mistook the phone 32-year-old isaiah brown was using for a gun. brown was taken to the hospital but serious but nonlife threatening injuries. this video is disturbing, we want to warn you. >> drop the gun. he's got a gun to his head. drop the gun now. stop. >> before the shooting, a 9-1-1 audio brown is heard arguing with a brother. at one point, brown asked for a gun but the brother refuses. the unnamed deputy is on administrative leave and a state investigation is underway. upset for the ages at the oscars. the late chadwick boseman does not get the oscar many assumed he would win. hear the first reaction from the man who beat him next.
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and the award for actor goes to anthony hopkins. [ cheers and applause ] >> so a shocker to end oscar night. the show was heading for a climatic finish with the late actor chadwick boseman as the presumptive winner but the hollywood ending didn't go as expected. cnn's chloe melas joining now. they teed up the potential end of show tribute to chadwick boseman. it didn't happen. >> honestly, the show ended with a resounding fight. i've seen reactions on social media that said it might be the worst ending in oscars history. first of all, the show was already different. all of us remember oscars ending with best picture. like you said, they switched it up making us think there was
2:14 am
going to be an incredible ending, a tribute to the late chadwick boseman for his final role. he did not win the oscar posthuman usely. that's what all award season was. leading up to the big moment and tribute for him. it went to anthony hopkins, the oldest oscar winner ever at 83, but it was a huge, huge disappointment for everyone. but we are happy for anthony hopkins. take a listen to him. >> very grateful to the academy. thank you. i want to pay tribute to chadwick boseman, who was taken from us far too early. again, thank you all very much. i really did not expect this. >> at least he could read the
2:15 am
room. there was more diversity among the oscar winners this year. we have chloe zhao winning best director. we have youn-jung yun. she had a moment with brad pitt when she accepted. >> mr. pitt, finally, nice to meet you. very honored to meet you. [ laughter ] >> it's kind of nice, right? >> we all love her. her speech was so great! so endearing. i loved it. i couldn't stop crying. it's a great movie about a family from south korea who moves to the united states to make a life for themselves in arkansas. then she plays the grandmother who comes over to, like, save the family, essentially. brad pitt's production company produced the movie.
2:16 am
that was that moment where, you know, she had heard about brad pitt, he produced the movie and she's fan girling with him. flirting a little bit. they walked off stage together and there's photos of the two of them. she has her arm in his. it was sweet. i think everybody wants to see more of her. she was great. >> absolutely. and regina king who is amazing starting off the show with the powerful moment. listen. >> if things had gone differently this past week in minneapolis, i might have traded in my heels for marching boots. [ applause ] now i know that a lot of you people at home want to reach for your remote when you feel like hollywood is preaching to you, but as a mother of a black son, i know the fear that so many live with and no amount of fame or fortune changes that. >> how political did the show get this year?
2:17 am
>> it did get political. there were references to the derek chauvin trial. daniel kulia thanked fred hampton. many teem talked about the issues we've had with race and social injustice over the past year throughout the covid-19 pandemic. i would say the show got political but not in an overt sort of way. i think that it needed to be this way because for years the oscars has been criticized as being oscars white and lack of diversity. i think that despite the issue and maybe viola davis not winning like i think she should have, like chadwick boseman not winning, there was diversity with chloe zhao winning for best director. that was a huge moment as the first woman of asian descent to
2:18 am
be nominated and to win. you know, i would say that overall i just want to say that, you know, they were tasked this year the producers of the oscars with a huge undertaking. viewership has been down over the last few years. they promised it was going to be different and like this magical movie. i think there was too much hype. they built it up too much. they didn't show enough movie clips. that's my biggest thing. they talked about the movies but didn't show the clips. that's why we come to watch the oscars! so i don't know i give it, like, a 7. >> especially those who have children at home who may not have seen the movies. >> exactly. >> we use these as teasers of what to watch. yeah. before we let you go, you mentioned that one thing during the break that the fact they didn't have a host made a difference here. award shows have been struggling with these. what it you make of that? >> great question.
2:19 am
so, you know, i'm going to tell you what billy crystal told me last week. he has hosted the oscars nine times. he said it's a mistake to not have a host. everybody is kind of looking for that captain of the ship to steer us throughout the night. it would have been nice to have had a host, too, at the end of this awkward moment where anthony hopkins wasn't there to accept the award. to have someone to say something. you know, it would have been good. it kind of felt a little aimless at moments. regina king did a great job at the beginning but, you know, there needs to be a host next year. i think they should bring in tina fey and amy poehler. that would be good. >> all right. chloe, thank you so much for watching and getting up early with us this morning. i appreciate it. nice to see you. >> everything you need know if you didn't watch the oscars from chloe melas. thank you. you'll never guess who is singing joe biden's praises as he gets ready for his first address to a joint session of congress. that's next. that delicious scramble was microwaved? get outta here.
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stand up to cancer and lustgarten foundation are working together to make every person diagnosed with pancreatic cancer a long-term survivor. visit pancreatic cancer all right. new signs of an american comeback. optimism growing among america's business economists. two-thirds of economists in a brand new survey from the national association for business economics said the vaccine rollout and the new administration had a positive impact on their view of the economy. corporate america likes biden's economic agenda. they just don't want higher taxes to pay for it. at the same time, ceo's of major companies cashed in big paydays last year. hilton, nor wee gene cruise
2:25 am
line, and mgm fellowed workers. filing show hilton's ceo was paid almost $56 million last year. a spokespersoned told the "new york times" because the p pandemic, they restructured stock options. president biden is set to joint session on of congress on wednesday night. it will be different from past speeches of the sort. covid seating means 200 people instead of a thousand plus and two women behind him. that's never happened before. the agenda is clear here. jobs and the economy. jobs and the economy. and, oh, yeah, jobs and the economy. and an interesting dynamic you might never have expected a year ago. senator joe manchin is uncomfortable but congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez is pleased. >> the best politics is good government. i can't believe that people believe that if you just do it
2:26 am
my way it'll give us momentum to get through the next election. when you do something that everyone tags on to, i've seen good things happen, that people voted against it and took credit for it and went home. i'm not begin to be part of blowing up this senate of ours. >> one thing i will say is i think that the biden administration and a divided house definitely exceeded expectations that progressives had. you know, i'll be frank, i think a lot of us expected a more conservative administration. >> quite the juxtaposition there. a big tax hike for the wealthy. a tax hike on people not companies right now. >> and a tax hike on people who make more than a million dollars a year. that capital gains tax hike. tens of thousands of people safely packed into a concert in new zealand.
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if latuda could make the difference you've been looking for in your bipolar depression symptoms. we look up to our heroes. idolizing them. mimicking their every move. and if she counts on the advanced hydration of pedialyte when it matters most... do we. hydrate like our heroes. good morning. it's monday. this is "early start." i'm christine romain -- romans. >> i'm laura jarrett. do not skip your second vaccine dose. the cdc said 8% of americans missed their second shot. getting an accurate picture of what is happening is tough because states have to gather data from various other places. whatever is behind the drop off in second doses, health experts
2:32 am
said we need to reverse course and soon. >> if you have gotten your first dose, it's really important you get your second dose. i think some people are getting a little bit frightened by some of the talk, and, frankly, some of the misinformation on side effects and things of that nature. if you talk to most people who have gotten their second shot, the side effects are quite mild and temporary. in the vast majority of cases. the key to getting back to life that we used to know is vaccination. so far we have more than half of adult americans that have done their vaccine shots. that's great. but that also means that we have near half of americans that haven't done it yet. i think we're going to see a world where people have been vaccinated are going to enjoy a lot of freedoms. >> meantime, the average case count finally leveling off again falling back below 60,000 for the first time in a month.
2:33 am
one expert thinks the dip could be hear to stay. >> i think whereas the past trend when we saw cases decline, we were skeptical because we knew declines were as a result of behavioral changes. people pulling back more, taking more precautions. as soon as we let our guard down, we saw cases surge again. right now the declines we're seeing, we can take to the bank. i think we can feel more assured because they're being driven by vaccinations and greater levels of population wide immunity. not just from vaccination but prior infection. and the sooner everyone gets vaccinated, the sooner we can return to things like this. look at this. 50,000 people at a concert in new zealand. all the more reason to get that single dose vaccine back on the market. "early start" is covering the pandemic coast to coast. >> i'm polo sandoval in new york. one of the states offering j&j's vaccine after federal health
2:34 am
finishes resume administering it after a temporary pause. in new york, officials saying the one-shot vaccines is used for pop up vaccination programs among others. indiana is among the states recommending the j&j's vaccine being offered again including indianapolis motor speedway taking place over the weekend. i'm in new york. the city taking extra steps to expand vaccine access. mayor bill de blasio announcing that city-run sites will accept walk ins. no appointments necessary. he's encouraging sites not run by the city to do the same thing. encourage people to walk in to try to get a vaccine. he's said the city sites will drop their geographic restrictions, meaning you don't need to live in a specific part of the city in order to qualify for a vaccine at specific city sites. i'm in washington. the smithsonian said some of the museums will reopen starting next month. three museums including national
2:35 am
air and space museum reopening may 5th. another three, including natural portrait gallery on may 14th, and the national zoo, including the new baby panda cub on may 21st. it's been a rocky reopening for the nation's museums. they first closed for the pandemic last march. reopened again the following july. then closed again in november. the cdc is expected to offer new guidance on wearing masks outdoors, particularly for americans who are fully vaccinated. dr. anthony fauci tells cnn he believes the new guidance will come in the next few days or so and there will be new advice for the unvaccinated, as well. dr. fauci said it's clear the risk of infection outdoors is extremely low. some unsolicited dating advice. if you plan on staging a violent insurrection to overthrow democracy, your future girlfriend won't be impressed.
2:36 am
ro robert chatman told his match he made it to statuary hall and interviewed by the media after ward. the user replied, quote, "we're not a match." she sent screen shots to the chat to the fbi. he has been charged with four misdemeanors. >> so fake revolutionaries don't get the girl in the end. warmer weather, vaccinations, lifting restrictions good for business. customers are coming back but workers not so much. restaurants and bars added back about 176,000 jobs in march but the sector is down 15% or 1.8 million jobs from prepandemic levels. fast food chains are offering incentives. they're giving money to get employees back. mcdonalds owners are reevaluating the kinds of benefits employees want. taco bell is giving store
2:37 am
managers paid family leave. chipotle is giving some employees free college tuition. there are other challenges including consumers. the customers themselves. restaurant managers are dealing with customers refusing to wear masks, customers not adhering to social distancing guidelines, customers seating themselves in closed off areas. all conditions they said creating an unsafe work environment for employees. the same time many workers are look to leave the industry with better paying jobs in tech or finance. i mean, some of these stories of these restaurant managers are saying about, you know, customers coming in, they've been pent up for a year, they want things to be exactly back to normal and not exactly very nice about the service they're getting. >> i think that's why people find it so baffling to have to wear a mask outside when you're separated from people. when you come inside a restaurant and rip it off and put everyone at risk. it's really confounding. >> it is. seating in the closed areas i find bold. russian courts dealing the
2:38 am
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a possible time table for a meeting between president biden and president putin, in the meantime this morning russia courts taking aim at alexi navalny. fr fred pleitgen has the latest. what are the courts saying about navalny? >> reporter: well, one of the big blows that the organization got just a couple of minutes ago is the prosecutor here has suspended operations of navalny's headquarters throughout the entire country of russia while the trial is going on. the trial can't be overstated. it's extremely dangerous for the navalny organization and, also, for the anti-corruptive foundation, as well. one of the things that could be decided here is that his
2:43 am
organization could be labelled an extremist organization here in russia. it means they would have the same legal status -- get this -- as isis in russia. anybody who does any sort of work for them could end up in jail. anybody who retweets anything from the organization would end up in jail, as well. the interesting thing about this trial is the whole trial is actually going on in secret. i spoke to one of the lawyers who is representing navalny's organization and they got a bunch of documents early today. that's the nonsecret part. there's a lot of secret documents they haven't seen yet. then at the end of the trial, again, alexi's organization could be labelled extremist here in russia. it would mean many of the people working for that organization would have to stop working or possibly even leave the country. again, big jail sentences could e merge from that. certainly a big blow already as the headquarters has been ordered to stop working. if, indeed, his organization is labelled extremist here in russia, that would essentially
2:44 am
mean -- the words of one of navalny's allies here that fighting corruption here in this country would be labelled as extremist activity. >> yeah. fred, quickly, how are you getting the information if this is being done in secret? >> reporter: well, some of the information -- we're getting a little bit of information. not as much as we would like to get. what is going on is the lawyers are going in there. they're going into the hearings and coming out. they can tell us certain things. like, for instance, one of the lawyers told us he got a bunch of documents and showed us. he then said he was going to have to go into another part to look at the secret documents and those documents, obviously, the lawyers are not going to be able to take out of the court. the entire trial is completely closed to any sort of press. there's no real records from the trial either. the lawyers can only talk about certain things. it's a secretive proceeding even though some of the information is secret, some is not secret. >> fred, thank you so much for being there.
2:45 am
to the middle east now where tensions are rising again. posturing on all sides as israel remains in limbo trying to form a government after four elections. cnn is live in jerusalem. a wild couple of days. >> reporter: yeah. it has been a wild couple of days. i'm standing outside the damascus gate. it's calm here now but it's not the case over the past few days as clashes have broken out between palestinian protesters and israeli police. protesters angry at barricades that were erected in this plaza that prevented people from gathering, which is a popular thing to do during ramadan. the clashes got violent. last night the barricades were taken down. cheers by the palestinian protesters as part of an effort by authorities to calm the situation as tensions have been rising in jerusalem over the
2:46 am
past few days. not only the situation here but also incidents of violence between palestinians and israelis and a march by jewish extremists last week. at one point they were chanting "death to arabs." those tensions have traveled further south where militants in gaza have shot more than 40 rockets into israel over the past few days. israel has responded with air strikes and now they've also closed off the fishing zone around gaza. but, again, now these barricades have come down in the plaza, there are hopes here by the authorities it will calm the tensions down because it's been pretty calm in jerusalem for the past few years. the last few days have seen some of the highest levels of tension the city has seen in a few days. >> thank you for that. the wreckage of an indonesia navy sub missing for nearly a week has been found on the ocean floor. all 35 -- 53 crew members are confirmed dead. it comes one day after debris was floating in the bali strait.
2:47 am
the vessel was broken in three parts in places where the water is 930 yards deep. indonesia officials ruled out human error. looking at markets. you have asian shares closed mixed. europe opening mixed. stock index futures on wall street this hour -- a lot of news started. and it's a busy week. tesla kicking off earnings week. big tech stocks soared over the last year. wall street is focussed on what top executives say about the future. we'll hear from jerome powell on wednesday. just how much inflation the fed will allow is a big question for wall street. president biden addressing a joint session of congress wednesday night ahead of the first quarter gdp report on thursday morning. the forecast there, wow. 6.3% up from 4.3% in the fourth quarter. tech earnings probably crazy good but diapers are driving low-income families to the edge.
2:48 am
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the this morning a manhunt is intensifying in new york city after six attacks on four bronx synagogues since friday. evan mcmorris santoro has the latest. >> reporter: a disturbing story out of the bronx this weekend. authorities say four synagogues were hit with rocks in what they say could be related hate crimes. the attacks took place late at night or early in the morning. fortunately no one was hurt. authorities released this image captured by one synagogue security camera around 11:00 p.m. on saturday night. this shows the suspect in the crimes. the incidents have drawn swift condemnation from governor andrew cuomo and jewish groups throughout the city. it has people on edge, obviously. there were six separate attacks and four of them being
2:54 am
investigated as height crimes. the new york city police department said that number could rise as the investigation continues. >> thank you. maryland officials will review the cases handled by the former medical examiner. dr. david fowler was a key defense witness who testified floyd died of a sudden cardiac event. they called for investigation into fowler's medical license. this is not what you get at your average deli. border agents in texas uncovering more than $4 million worth of drugs disguised as what they call funky pickles. they found more than 200 pounds of suspected meth earlier this month hidden in a tractor trailer hauling fresh cucumber pickles. the department of homeland security is investigating. japan is trying to save the
2:55 am
summer olympics. the government plans to inoculate up to 10,000 people per day in tokyo and osaka. about 11 million people live in those cities combined. doctors and nurses from the armed forces will be deployed to temporary facilities. the games are scheduled to begin in less than three months. d'backs pitcher madison bumgarner throws a no hitter against the braves but it won't count in the record books. coy wire, where do you come down on this? >> yeah. a pitcher doesn't allow a hit in a seven-inning game as part of a double hitter. does it count? the question has never come up before last night. madison bumgarner allowed no hits in the second double header game. all are being shortened to seven innings due to covid-19. they ruled in 1990 that no hitters can be broken up and extra innings would not be considered official.
2:56 am
it still counts with them. they said it's unofficial. meantime, it over until it's over. ask the padres. they were down to the dodgers after six innings. they tied the game in the ninth. it took until the 11th inning for the padres to complete the epic comeback. there was a sacrifice fly. to put in perspective, before the game, they trailed by six or more. entering the seventh inning they had less than 1% of the games over the last half century. scary moment during talladega. going sideways and airborne. his car going toward bubba wallace but goes over the top. you'll see it there. wallace's car had minor damage but more importantly logano is able to walk away from the wreck
2:57 am
uninjured. after 21 seasons at baylor, hall of fame winner basketball coach is leaving for lsu. she won three national championships with the bears. the third most as a coach in history. she was announced as a member of the 2020 basketball hall of fame class and set to be inducted next month. finally, yesterday was a very good day to be kevin durant. the super star returned after a leg injury to score 33 points in a win. how about winning an oscar? the movie he coexecutive produced called "two distant strangers" won the academy award. they joined kobe bryant as the only nba players to win an oscar. he won back in 2018. >> yeah. ""dear basketball."" nice to see you. thank you, coy.
2:58 am
twitter had a field day with the news that the tesla billionaire will host snl may 8th. musk has faced real criticism for treatment of employees. yesterday he joked about people dying in his mission to put a man on mars. even some reaction from inside snl. aidy bryant proposing a tweet by bernie sanders. on mars, the ihelicopter successfully completed the fird flight and nasa calls it the fastest, farthest, and boldest flight so far. it flew for about 80 seconds for a total distance of 330 feet. it's been a big week for the space program. "perseverance" extractsed the first oxygen samples from mars and docked with the international space station this
2:59 am
weekend. out of this world in the space news department. >> very cool. thank you for joining us this monday morning. i'm christine romans. >> i'm laura jarrett. "new day" starts now. i'm john berman alongside brianna keilar. states may be banning vaccine passports but europe is granting them. plus, hospitals are buckling. crematoriums are overwhelmed as the coronavirus explodes in india. we'll take you now. just hours from now, the family of a black man shot and killed by police may see the body cam for the first time. and he's done more defending, kevin mccarthy. why he's targeting the workplace.


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