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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  April 30, 2021 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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9:00 p.m. eastern, only here on cnn. really looking for wward to wat it. you can follow me on twitter and instagram @wolfblitzer. remember our new time at 6:00 p.m. eastern, monday through friday. e erin burnett "outfront" starts now. the federal investigation into rudy giuliani intensifying. rudy giuliani railing against the probe that led to an fbi raid to his home in office and could lead to big trouble for donald trump. the daily obtains a letter from the "daily beast" of gaetz. only one republican in the crowded field standing up to trump. is his message going anywhere? let's go "outfront."
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good evening, i am erin burnett. rudy giuliani is not backing down. trump's attorney says it is all politics. >> obviously the assistant u.s. attorney hates me and they hate trump which is the whole thing to believe that i am some kind of russian agent -- look at my career and my background and career. >> here is what we do know thus far. the feds are looking into whether rudy giuliani illegally lobbied on behalf of ukrainian officials while he was trying to dig up dirt on joe biden. this is a serious charge. on its own it could carry up to f five years of prison. they also can have the right to prosecute. so this is pandora's box.
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he's right about one thing, he did once have a very impressive career and then a stunning s stooping downfall. >> in a situation like this and tragedy and a lot of anger and hatred. i ask the people of the city not to have those feelings right now for ever. >> the days since this devastating attack led him to be called america's mayor. he's the mayor of new york city. . ladies and gentlemen, rudy giuliani. >> itf we are wrong, we'll be made fools of but if we are right, a lot of them will go to jail. so -- let's have trial by combat. and the insurrection ensued.
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outfront live in washington. alex, this is investigation is escalating. they got a lot of information already, what more can you tell us. >> it is escalating and quickly. the question what in particular the federal prosecutors are looking for is becoming clear. investigators are looking at rudy giuliani's mission. yanacovich made it clear that she thought rudy giuliani was out to get her. >> reporter: they were reportedly trying to zero in on the role rudy giuliani playing in ousting maria yanacovich.
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>> that warrant is completely illegal. >> reporter: on fox news rudy giuliani denied he was acting on behalf of ukrainians and blasted prosecutors' decision to search his home. >> it is illegal and unconstitutional warrant. one of many that this department of injustice tragically has done. >> reporter: rudy giuliani met with ukrainian officials as he attempted to dig up dirt on joe biden. his boss' chief political rival. rudy giuliani's conversations with ukrainian centered around their desire to move ambassador yanacovich. during the first impeachment of donald trump, yanacovich accused of rudy giuliani of mounting
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smear campaign against her. >> i do not understand mr. rudy giuliani's motive for attacking me or the allegations spread about me. >> reporter: rudy giuliani's effort worked. yanacovich was removed. >> why do you need her out of the way? >> i forced her out because she's corrupted. >> reporter: we know that one of rudy giuliani's main contact to dig up dirt for joe biden, he according to u.s. intelligence was a russian agent. sources told cnn, while rudy giuliani was working with various ukrainians the trump administration was warned some of the information given to rudy giuliani was from formal intelligence. it was hard to believe, rudy giuliani would have known serious concerns about the people he used to work with. erin. >> thank you alex. let's go to law professional of the university of north
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carolina and abby phillips, and the anchor of "inside politics" on sunday. let me start on what we know so far, professor, when you take all these pieces, how likely is
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it do you think rudy giuliani will be indicted. >> perhaps i can say likely. the fact that this warrant has been executed. prosecutors only have good evidence of some kind of crimes and they're looking for further proof of it to underscore their case. he was operating as a foreign agent without registering himself. the more he talks, the more he was reflecting his own guilt and i think the fact that the press now have histrionic devices puts him in possession of critical evidence. so abby, rudy giuliani and his allies are fighting back. they're now saying this is all politically motivated and it is all about trump and they're saying biden is lying. this is what they are doing. here is andrew rudy giuliani, rudy's son. last night on this show. >> you have proof that no other judges signed the warrant? >> i don't have any proof. do you have any proof that any of the judges would sign the warrant? >> well, i have faith in our system. many of those were trump's appointed judges. >> i read 200 affidavits.
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that's all i would say about that. i am shocked that the fbi would do this when my father and bob kos stel low, his lawyer were cooperating with them. >> it is corrupt or he'll throw anything out there to see if it sticks, right? the problem is putting the facts aside that shows it all to be not truth, there is a large population latching onto narrative corruption. p putting it out there is very dangerous, is it? >> yeah, they're putting it out there because they know there are a lot of people who'll believe anything they say but of course we all know the investigation began under the trump administration so the idea that it was concocted binomial den's appointee does not make any sense. these are the people spreading as motive election lies about the last election.
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this is part of the sort of big lie narrative that they sell to their supporters. many of them do buy it. a majority of republican voters buy a lot of what former president trump and what his allies say about the election and i would not be surprise about this, too. did rudy giuliani registered for what he was doing. what he was doing if there is anything in there that's illegal in any way is now going to be fair game, right? nothing illegal is protected by attorney/client privilege or anything like that. he had said everything he did was for donald trump. what do you think this means for trump? trump made it impossible to think of all this situation
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without trump in it and as you just pointed out quite rightly, whatever rudy giuliani was doing, he was doing it at the request of donald trump, that's why he was in ukraine. he was there, he was operating without actual -- president trump does not have the authority to name some private citizens to replace his state department, that was problematic. rudy was not just communicating with people that were pushing propaganda, rudy was trying to remove somebody who had the most ideal reputation, enormous integrity. when he talks about it, he basically is lying. as we just pointed out, he lies about every aspect of this case. every aspect of this situation. i think trump is going to go down with rudy the more rudy keeps lying outrageously a bt
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not just his conduct but the integrity of the justice department. >> abby, this is the thing. this does raise huge risk for trump. rudy knows a lot and he could be staring at the least. this lobbying registration thing of whatever people want to say about it. the term is up top five years prison. it would be serious if they go ahead with charges and trump got to be worried. >> trump has a lot of legal worries ahead of him. what -- that's the kind of you know black box that we don't have the answers to yet. i do think this is a different
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situation from what we saw with michael cohen. at that time when his office was raided. president trump was facing the mueller investigation and the impeachment. this time around it is not clear of what was out there. there are a lot of other cases involving financial dealings in new york that are a real problem for former president trump. >> thank you very much to both. daily beast obtaining a letter from matt gaetz who writes the republican congress paid for sex with multiple women including a minor. the reporter who wrote the story is here. a special option in texas, puts 11 republicans against each other. can the only candidate with this message win? >> it is time for us to move past donald trump.
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gaetz claims he did not pay for sex in ccluding with a mino 17-years-old. greenberg writes "from time to time gas money or gifts were made to several of these girls, including the individual who was not yet 18. i did see the acts occur firsthand venmo transactions. of course he's facing significant, significant likely prison time if convicted. "outfr "outfront" now, one of the reporters who broke this story at the "daily beast." i want to mention, i have not
4:18 pm
seen the letter from greenberg so we can't verify the story but i know you have a story so tell me more. we got this letter, we have several versions of it. one of them is handwritten draft. we got that handwriting verified by forensic document analyst compared it to other records that we were able to pull to greenberg. the letter, the confession letter written by the same person, we do know this came from greenberg. in this letter he says that he and gaetz also paid to have sex with women including a 17-years-old girl. >> so in greenberg's attorney declined to comment . greenberg is facing multiple
4:19 pm
charges from identity theft to sex trafficking with a minor. he's standing potential decades in prison and there are reasons to not trust what he said. the letter he wrote is detail about the girls' age and gaetz respond when gaetz was informed, oh my gosh, she's 17. you can't do this. you should have told her she was 18. and you had details when she turned 18 immediately. matt gaetz is back. she's back in this scheme. so putting all this together, what credibility do you put in the letter? >> well, we know some other things, too. my colleague, jose, have been reporting on this a couple of weeks. we broke the story there were venmo payments showed that greenberg paid these women and there is this 17-years-old, oh
4:20 pm
no, she's 17, he was shocked. he called gaetz and gaetz was shocked. a few months later we had the venmo payments. the blank in this case was the girl's nickname. we know greenberg paid that same girl a year ago, too. greenberg turned around with gaetz's money and paid it to three women including the 17-years-old girl. greenberg says he cut-off contact until she was 18, five months after she was 18 and they were right in contact with her. >> it is sick. if all this pans out as the investigators check it. a spokesperson for gaetz told us in a statement, i quote, congressman gaetz never paid for sex nor he had sex with a
4:21 pm
17-years-old. it does not add anything of substance and no evidence of the wild and false claims of representative gaetz, the story goes some way to show representative gaetz was long out of touch with mr. greenberg and had no interest of involving himself in mr. greenberg's affair. i want to give you a chance to respond to that statement. >> we pointed out "politico" story does not say greenberg was threatening to tell lies to any of his friends. he was saying everyone -- yeah, i think the falling out between gaetz and greenberg and it comes to a surprise as well. in the text messages between greenberg and roger stone that we have, greenberg repeatedly express surprise that gaetz is not trying to help him get this pardon.
4:22 pm
at the end of all these exchanges, roger stone tells greenberg the same thing. you know i still can't figure out is why matt gaetz would not help me. greenberg says "wow, he would not help." late march, matt gaetz, his campaign pays roger stone's company for strategic consultant. less than a week later we have the first "new york times" report and gaetz is ready to counter punch. >> it is really interesting context here. roger stone told our chris cuomo that he didn't help and never took any money from anybody or does not raecall any letter. what's your response from these
4:23 pm
denials from stone? you had a lot of specifics that would seem, obviously would make all the things i listed false. >> well, if you look at what stone says, they're narrow denials. i don't think he actually denied anything in the report. he has not said these text messages don't exist, they were out of context and there is no way they can no it because we have shown him all the texts we have. his denials were specific. i would like to point out that he seems to confirm some key elements here. he confirms that greenberg did talk to him about getting a pardon and confirms notably that greenberg did share with him a document that explains, stone
4:24 pm
characterized it as charges against him. that seems to comport with the document that is we have. >> it is fascinating stuff. as you say you got all these venmos. no one needs to rely on what greenberg says. they can go check and verify and it is going to be there, just emphasizing everybody. the prison time you will be looking at is a long, long time. >> all right, thank you very much. i really appreciate your time roger. >> thanks erin. next, voters about to head to the polls in texas to decide the soul of the republican party. so which message will prevail. >> president trump is still the leader of the republican party. this is not what the republican party should be. mitch mcconnell weighing into the cultural world of america's past. and what students in this
4:25 pm
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a fight for the future of the gop breaking out in special
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congressional election in texas that's happening tomorrow. 11 republicans running. only one is campaigning under trump's message. does he have any chance to win? >> president trump is still the leader of republican party. i don't think he's going to go anywhere ever. >> the big lies are what president trump said. it really shook me. >> reporter: the republican party playing out in a special election in texas. >> you are concerned of the directional party, what do you mean? >> it is time for us to move past donald trump. >> that was going to be my question. >> i don't like the man. >> a lot of people like us have been in a hard position in the fast four years, i felt like i had to vote for him because democrats have gone so far to the left. >> there are almost a dozen republicans running here to fill the house seat left by
4:30 pm
congressman ron rice who died after contracting covid-19 in february. >> i felt like i had to stand up. somebody needed to stand up and say this is not what the republican party shoild be. we got to go in the different direction. this is a democratic that's been launching republicans but showing signs it is turning blue. there are ten democrats running the race that's expected to go into the top two finishers regarding of party. >> the election was not stolen and no conspiracy theory or qanon and all bs. what's the reaction on the ground when you are speaking to voters here? >> i had people who were there on january 6th and shaken mad that i am saying all these sorts of things and what i am saying about donald trump.
4:31 pm
35% to the party that's open to this message that wants somebody to stand up and say this message. >> that's a small minority of the republican party. what is happening to your party? >> i don't know. i am really concerned about it. >> the other republicans here are firm on the donald trump's train. >> michael woods, what you are embracing here is maga. it is bad for the party and the country. >> i disagree wit. i don't think he has any chance to win. he's a great guy, a veteran but i believe president trump's agenda was great with the route we were going. >> reporter: trump endorsed congressman ron rice and widow
4:32 pm
susan rice who's running to fill her late husband's seat in a crowded field. rice has not fully leaned into maga in her campaigning but instead focusing on her husband's legacy. >> his priority were strong borders and life and individual lib liberty. >> reporter: i am voting for susan wright. >> michael woods, he's voting, republicans need to forget about trump. what do you think about that? >> well, i don't think he's going to make a lot of head way. i think too much of the party is still very much in grained with donald trump's values. >> reporter: mica debate that'l define the future of the gop. his campaign could help bill a blueprint for antitrump republicans in the 2022 midterm.
4:33 pm
>> i tend to vote democrat, i thought you know, i am not huge on a party, i am huge on what they are standing for. when you get a republican who's interested in changing the republican party going in, i thought that was good. >> reporter: there is a trump 2024 flag right over there. what goes through your mind? >> it almost feels like intent intentionally opressive. >> reporter: michael wood said the election was not rigged and he's telling the truth. that's controversial position to take in the republican party to take and the republican party right now is persuasive and the big lie of gop. >> thank you very much. i appreciate it. i want to bring in matthew
4:34 pm
doud, chief strategist for the 2004. matthew, looking at this race again, emphasizing at the top of his piece is happening because congressional representative died of covid. one of 11 is running on an anti-trump message. does that surprise you at all? >> no. it does not surprise me at all. i know this area very well, back when i had more hair and much younger, i did a state rep race for democrats in much of the area in the race. donald trump still has 85% of popularity among republicans. he's somebody that still represents what the party is. this is where the voters are. as i have said before donald trump is effective of where the voters are. the interesting thing about this race is why there are still some mystery, there are so many candidates running on both sides
4:35 pm
of the isle. a unique situation like many southern states where you can get 17% of the vote and get a run-off. that's likely. if you get 16 or 17 or 20% of the vote, you can be in the run-off. is there is enough sort of antitrump and the republican party, is there 15% or 20% among republicans who are tired of donald trump and want to move into different direction and believe truth matters and integrity matters. there may be in that race. 85% of the party has completely bought wholesale into the big lie and all of donald trump's, all the things he says and does. i think the results will be interesting because there are so many candidates running. >> i think the mac point you made is significant or even the long shot point go into a run-off, don't read more into that.
4:36 pm
when you talk about the republican party though, liz cheney, congresswoman is you were fire again. the latest issue drawing higher is her fist pump with president biden before his joint to session to congress. cheney issued this tweet in response to those slamming her for that moment. i disagree joe biden's policy but when the president reached out to reach me, i will always respond in a civil and respectful way. we are different political parties, we are not sworn enemies, we are americans. do you think liz cheney can remain in the current republican party? >> no, i think she has no influence at all. she may have some ideas that they buy into on foreign policies but even that, there is -- they're on a different
4:37 pm
track. does she keep her position in the party of the leadership? she may. she has no longer any influence in this party, the people like liz cheney are less popular than people like marjorie taylor green and the republican party today. that tells you everything you need to know about the republican party today and it is what's fascinating to me and all of these things as you know because you cover all of this stuff. the small story always tells a bigger narrative. the small story here is unless you are willing to lie to republican voters and not tell them the truth, you have no influence in the party and you no longer part of the republican party. so basically the table stakes for being a republican or leadership or of any influence at all nationally are even in states, you have to be willing to lie to their base and if you are not willing the lie, you have no part of the base. >> terrifying. thank you very much matthew.
4:38 pm
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the 1619 project was launched by the new york times, it reframes american history around the date of august 1619 which was when the first slave ship arrived in the united states. a fierce debate over the legacy that slavery has played in shaping this country. the biden administration embraced it and proposing to offer grants in states and local schools and incentivized them using the project in the classroom but it is not mandatory. joining me now is kamau bell.
4:43 pm
americans never decided that our children should be taught that our country is inherently evil. >> what's your response to that? >> well, yeah, voters did vote for it when they voted for joe biden and kamala harris and against one of the most divisive presidents in history. right now january 6th which is proof that we all don't have the same facts of what goes on in this country and mitch mcconnell's party is perpetuating the big lie even though that election had been over for months. voters voted against all that. mcconnell is trying to distract this from all this matt gaetz problem and all the marjorie taylor green and donald trump is still the leader of the republican party. this is all a distraction.
4:44 pm
he's starting the war for christmas earlier. >> a lot of these are distractions from serious issues. i think that's really important. let me ask you one other thing because i know a lot of people are talking about this and thinking about this. the original new york times 1619 project included a core claim that the u.s. reserve aleutian was launched to maintain slavery. they issued a clarification s saying it was not the primary motivation for colonies. t that can be part of a curriculum but not its core. please don't do this. we'll all regret it. what is your response to that? >> i mean me and everybody went to school is regretting the history we were taught where the sellers were the heroes and the
4:45 pm
natives were and we swept them off the land because they did not know what they were doing with it. there is still talk of different parts of the country where the slaves were happy and they had food. i regret all that. whatever we are talking about here, history has not been taught accurately in this country. if it needs anover correctness and focusing on that part, i am all here on it. >> the united shades of america could not be more timely. go you go to oakland. >> for intensive look at police brutality in america, here is a clip. >> is this moment different as far as where we are in america and specifically around law enforcement? >> for me is just this moment of being a black man in a police uniform. there are some problems, systematic problem that's been
4:46 pm
in the police for a long time that needs to be rooted out. you sit in this place do i fit in. sometimes you even ask the question. do i fit in a black man before i put on the uniform. >> i think that's just so fascinating to talk to them as human beings because that's what they are. every officer is just like every one of us citizens. i know you talk to a lot of police officers. you talk to police reform activists and many of them say law enforcement at its core are not inherently racist. when you have conversations with cops who are african-americans, how do they feel about that? do they feel it is inherently racist? >> yes, many black officers admitted. we have seen they're stuck in this position that the system is racist so for example, that man is a current chief of the police
4:47 pm
department, he still has to deal with the racist police union that protects its nebraighbors not the community. you can't change the system one person at a time. >> talk to me a little bit more, okay, ewe are out of time. i hope everyone -- we'll watch the new season of "united shades of america." thanks kamau, i love talking to you. a grocery chain made billions shutting down stores because they can't afford the pay for its front line workers. >> the u.s. is restricting its travel from india. sounds a little too late. another collapse.
4:48 pm
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4:52 pm
store in east hollywood, california, the value of the essential worker. >> they're right to pay for risking their lives. >> reporter: is what's on the line. they're trying to keep the store open. it's among the half dozen kroger stores the grocer announced it would close after cities like los angeles mandated temporary hazard pay, so-called hero pay to help front line workers for a few months during the pandemic. workers like her. >> i have three kids. >> reporter: she makes 15.37 an hour and will soon lose her job at this store. >> it's not fair for everyone. it not fair. >> reporter: kroger says the extra $5 for l.a. workers will cost nearly $20 million over four months. saying it is impossible to operate these stores. >> trust me, if it wasn't for the workers, if it wasn't for all of us, he would not be making $21 million. >> reporter: he's talking about
4:53 pm
the kroger ceo whose salary in 2019 was $21.1 million while his workers average 27,000. that's almost 800 times what his workers make on average. mcmullin and s&p 500 ceos made more money on average during the pandemic than before. data from my logic shows in 2020 while the u.s. hit record unemployment, ceos got paid about $14 million, an 11.5 increase from 2019. pay com software paid its ceo 3,000 times more than the average worker. general electric about 1400 times more. starbucks, 1200 times more. while workers say ceos certainly have tough jobs, they're not the ones that put their lives on the line working during the
4:54 pm
pandemic. she still fears bringing covid home from work and infecting her young children. grocery workers nationwide have died from covid. she wishes her ceo would think about that more. >> maybe he can put his hand on his heart and think a little bit about his workers, that we work so hard for the community. >> save our store! >> reporter: there is little sign which kroger that posted a $2.8 billion operating profit in 2020 will change it's mind about closing this store and the ceo class is on track for another record year for their pay. >> we'll be back! we'll be back! >> reporter: kyung law, cnn, los angeles. >> and next, the situation in india growing more dire tonight. bodies are burning and people are left fighting now for oxygen and hospital beds. the first survivor of alzheimer's disease
4:55 pm
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the u.s. just announced it will restrict travel to underra. hong kong and new zealand suspect the all commercial travel. the suffering is staggering and seen almost everywhere in the country. there is little hope right now that the situation is going to get better either. case numbers were up friday for the ninth day in a row. more than 386,000 setting another daily record according to cnn's tally from the health ministry and i just want to be clear here, that's the cases we know about, right? the testing there is not anywhere near wide spread, right? the true number is likely much greater than what i just said and funeral parlors are burning night and day. people have to get tickets, tickets to dispose of loved ones
5:00 pm
bodies and there are lines at crematoriums and people are competing for oxygen and hospital beds both nearly non-exist tablet. you're looking at the fortunate that manage to access oxygen on the street for a minute. access on the street. well, thank you for joining us. it time for anderson. good evening. we start with breaking news related to the investigation of rudy giuliani who is trying to defend himself after federal agents raided his apartment and office in new york seizing personal electronic devices in an investigation that according to the "new york times" is tied to his involvement with removal of former u.s. ambassador to ukraine, a focal point of the first impeachment you may remember. we'll have that story with a reporter who broke it in a moment. first, hours after giuliani told listeners to his radio show today this investigation is about hatred of him and the former president he once represented, sources close to the former president are now talking to cnn